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oliday greetings from the entire Bloomington Gold Team!

We want to wish you and your families a very happy holiday season. (And to remind you that it’s not too late to get your order in for a new C7 as the family present!) The Bloomington Gold team has been working on new ideas, improvements and additions for our 2014 Event in Champaign, IL. Our goal is to add EXCITEMENT & FUN to the Bloomington Gold weekend. Look for announcements on additions to the Judging Program, changes to the Show layout, extended hours of both the Show and Auction, and much more! Stay tuned to see all the new facets of the 2014 Show!

Our goal is to exceed 1,200 Corvettes meandering though the countryside and back to the Event! The towns we toured in 2013 are already making plans to cheer the tour in 2014. Lastly, don’t forget Gold Membership - renew your Gold Membership or join as a new member for a Holiday gift! What could be a better gift to your favorite Corvette Enthusiast than giving them the chance to park their Corvette on the Show grounds as they socialize with friends at one of the many Gold Member Club events! Thank you for your continued support of Bloomington Gold and can’t wait till the last full weekend of June for some summer fun!

Guy Larsen President

We’re also working to ‘tune-up’ the show for 2014; more signage, more comfort stations, more tables in the shade, more display Corvettes, new seminars, and more… You can count on the Gold Tour returning with gusto! ….



Preview Only




SATURDAY 8:00am-6:00pm




The GOLDSTANDARD® Gold Certification

Mandatory Check-In

Mandatory Parking


Mandatory Check-In

Mandatory Parking

Judging 8:00am-6:00pm Judging 8:00am-12:00pm


Awards 1:00pm-3:00pm

SALES Corvette Auction

Preview 8:00am-6:00pm

Start 5:00pm







Corvette Parking/Displays




The Great Hall: Year Five

8:00am-6:00pm / Induction: 4pm



Corvettes (owner/dealer) Exhibitors

Preview Only 10:00am-5:00pm



Staging: 5:00pm








Greetings and Happy Holidays! Like me, I hope you are already looking forward to the 2014 Show where we can regroup and catch up. As you go to renew or join Bloomington Gold Membership, I have exciting news to share! Our member gift this year will be a Bloomington Gold Polo, exclusive only to Gold Members. In addition, we have once again secured a wonderful spot ON the 2014 Show Grounds for Members to park their Corvettes, as well as hang out at the Gold Member Lounge to regroup and refresh. If you are a Charter Member, your renewal will be sent out in February. If you or your Corvette Enthusiast are not yet a Gold Member, this is a wonderful time of the year to join, and treat yourself to the many beneďŹ ts of membership! Cheers! Jocelyn Young





By Cathy Winters, VP of Operations


ell, if you’ve read up this point, you’re probably aware the 2014 Bloomington Gold event is in full swing. I’m sure you’ve read all about the Road Tour (and how successful the 2013 tour was). You soaked in everything thing you need to know on how to register for Certification, Survivor and all of the other awesome GoldEvents which have made Bloomington Gold the greatest Corvette show in the world...The Granddaddy of Corvette Shows...truly the best... Okay, yes, the event grounds have changed. I was hoping to get a little bit more of the endless entertainment Bloomington Gold has to offer in ways of Mecum’s GoldAuction and the incredible bash we’re setting up to welcome the auction to it’s new Saturday evening spot. The GoldMembership, and how...Yep, the show’s the thing... as you may or may not know, Assembly Hall is to go under extensive renovations. For the next few years, the University of Illinois will be hosting an array of construction as the big face lift takes place. No, no, no...this will not affect our show in any way. In fact, the revised layout was structured to help attendees easily find that “must have” Corvette, Corvette merchandise, or Corvette part, all in one section of the show. Navigate the sea of vendors which will occupy our GoldMarket (now located in the West Parking lot. Easily locate the Corvettes for sale by owner in our GoldMine, the GoldClubs area or the GoldField, thousands Corvettes of every make and model on display. Vendor installations will all be located in one area, making them easily accessible and ready to serve. Hunt for that special part in one central, conveniently located area. The food court will be easily accessible, with plenty of shaded tables for your comfort and leisure. Easy, Right!?


Benefits? The many, many benefits include our ability to close two major arteries intersecting through our event (Kirby and 1st Street). Walk freely and safely through our event. Follow Bloomington Gold Avenue (1st Street)where we will line the street with groups of incredible, really cool Corvettes. Further down you’ll find the Chevrolet Ride & Drive, returning for its third successful year. And the pot of gold at the end; The Great Hall, entering its fifth and final year, displaying the best of the best in historically prominent Corvettes and the people who most influenced the Corvette hobby. The Great Hall runs for the entirety of the Bloomington Gold event with an induction ceremony at 4:00pm on Friday, June 27...a must see for any Corvette enthusiast. So, yes, not only did we make a location change last year to the wonderful city of Champaign (to the delight all of its grateful and appreciative residents), but for our second year in Champaign, we are going to throw in a complete revamp of our event layout. But as you can see from the map to the right and from all of the magnificent and undeniably undisputable advantages listed above; you cannot deny the positive affect this adjustment will make to the flow, to the look and feel of what is already the greatest Corvette show on the planet.




You’re right, a map can say only so, June 27-29, come on down...jump on up....swing on over to the University of Illinois grounds and experience the Granddaddy of Corvette shows for yourself !

NOTE: Map is tentative and subject to change. Check for updates.



The GoldTour will be the evening of Saturday, June 29. The tour will stage a Corvettes will caravan through beautiful Illinois countryside, until they reach h will first experience “Corvettes meeting Corvettes” as they pass the courthouse pass hundreds of other Corvettes - every imaginable color, make and model. B

By Corbyn S. Kern


kay, I might not be the best read Corvette person in the Corvette show industry. I may actually be the least knowledgeable person on Corvettes apart from my wife and kids...okay, my kids probably know more about Corvettes than I do, but they’re still not able to drive one, so I have that going for me. So, how does that make me the best person to write about the GoldTour? Well, let me explain that in enough words to fill this section.



The greatest part about the GoldTour is that you don’t need to know what makes the car move other than the basic, turn key, step on gas... and you’re gone...real fast. And once you take your place in line with the hundreds of other Corvettes, you feel part of something cool. Now, I should say I don’t own a Corvette. I have been pushing for the whole company car thing for a few years, but, well...I digress. For the 2013 GoldTour I was just a passenger. I know, that doesn’t sound exactly thrilling. But, when I tell you I was a passenger in the 2014 C7 Corvette, that may up my ante. And, just in case you’re wondering...IT WAS WICKED AWESOME! Ahem...continuing... So, there I am in the passenger seat of the 2014 C7...did I mention it was a 2014 C7? I did? Okay, I just didn’t want to forget to say it was the passenger seat of a 2014 C7.

at 5:00 and launch from the Assembly Hall grounds. From there, the historic Monticello. Winding through downtown Monticello, paraders e and begin the return trip.  The switchback creates the opportunity to Be sure to wave as you return to Champaign!

NOTE: GoldTour map is tentative and subject to change Check for updates.

So, there I second ride ever in a Corvette and I’m plopped down in the passenger seat of the 2014...okay, I’ll skip over that...and we hit the road. It was a chilly June evening, but the windows were down anyway. The wind blowing through, well, I’m bald, so I’ll say, the wind was blowing through the driver’s hair. The open road winding through beautiful Champaign County. As we round to top of a hill, there they were...our first view of what we were a part of; the Corvettes. Stretching down the slight valley and disappearing over the next incline, hundreds of Corvettes. Wow! I mean, it’s one thing to hear about it, but to see it. ... Just wow...

Then we started hitting the people waiting on the side of the road to get a glimpse of the once Guiness Book record breaking parade. Sitting in the back of pick up trucks, card chairs lining the gravel shoulder, these people flocked to the sides of the road to see me...okay, maybe not, but that’s pretty much how it felt. Wave after wave, smile after smile, it was quite the humbling experience. Now, like I said, I’m not the most knowledgeable Corvette guy, and may not completely appreciate the intricacies of horse power or cubic inches, blah, blah, blah...but, for that hour, in the passenger seat of the 2014 C7 (had to get that in again), on the legendary GoldTour, I felt like I was part of something really cool. BLOOMINGTON GOLD




What Every Owner Should Know When Looking to Have Their Corvette Restored: An interview with Dave Glass, D&M Corvette Specialists With hundreds of Corvette restorations during over 30 years in business, including restoration of the 1953 Corvette for General Motors, Dave was the perfect resource to provide REView readers tips on how to find the right shop to restore their Corvette. What questions should I ask about the restoration shop? The customer should research their car and the restoration shop, just like if they were building a home or a home addition. • How long has the restorer done this? • What awards or accomplishments have they achieved? • Have their restoration Corvettes attained Bloomington Gold Certification or other awards? • Why should the restoration shop get the job? Should I ask for references? Definitely. And ask for a reference from a customer from as far as 3 -5 years back. When you get one, ask them: • How has the restoration held up? • Did the restorer stand behind work done if there were any issues. • Did they instruct you on proper care of the restoration? Should I spend the money to restore this Corvette? First ask, why are you restoring the Corvette? Is it for investment or for emotional reasons? Will it be worth the total investment you are making when the restoration is complete? How long should it take? Of course this varies depending on a variety of factors. A restorer should always review the Corvette before giving you a time frame. Generally speaking, a full restoration will take 6 mos to 1 year, and can be longer if parts research, engine rebuilding, etc, are involved. What unknowns can there be that could cost extra? There are ‘hidden’ items that can be unveiled once the restoration begins; examples can be excessive frame damage or rot, hidden body damage, incorrect engine or a failing engine. All of these can add weeks to the restoration process.

10 12


Is it better to go frame- on or frame off ? It is really a matter of what is appropriate for the Corvette project and what the customer wants as the end result. A ‘frameon’ restoration can be a more modest expense and may be more appropriate for a Corvette that may not be a high-dollar collectible Corvette when complete. Can I supply OEM parts I find? Most restoration shops will say ‘sure’, as long as the parts are correct and do not hold up the process. In fact, this usually ingratiates the owner in the project and makes them more knowledgeable about the final product. Additionally, it can keep research hours of the restoration shop down and hold the total expenses down. Paint is what everyone sees when it’s done. How do I decide how much to spend on a good-better-best choice in paint? What do you want to do with the Corvette when it is done? Drive it to cruise nights and fun events? or, take it through national judging? This will dictate whether you may want period correct paint applied or another type application. What is your opinion on keeping the Corvette stock, vs slightly modifying vs making a resto-mod? Again, what are you planning to do with the Corvette when restoration is complete? Do you want to take through national judging events? or drive cross country on a trip? Or drive to cruise nights? Are you restoring as an investment or because you just want to enjoy the Corvette? These questions steer you to what modifications if any, you may make to your Corvette in the restoration process. Thank you again to Dave Glass, Owner D&M Corvettes Specialists, for providing these helpful tips on restoration. If you have questions, or a car you would like to have restored, Dave can be reached at 630-968-0031 or visit their web site at www. . Be sure to mention you read his article in REView!

ON A ROLL WITH THE STING RAY Such a roll, it was only necessary for Chevrolet to make evolutionary changes to the 1964 Corvette. Included were the coupe’s backbone window, illiminated were the two simulated air intakes from the hood, though their indentations remained. Rockerpanel trim lost some ribs; wheel covers were simplified; and the fuel filler/deck emblem gained concentric circles around its crossed-flags insignia. Bloomington Gold is proud to welcome the 1964 Corvette as the GoldYear display. With record breaking sales for Chevrolet, the 1964 Corvette is a must see in the evolution of the ever growing popularity of the Sting Ray. On display Friday, June 27 thru Sunday, June 29. Contact Alan Knuckey at 309.888.4477 or



Introducing a brand new series of classes for 2014!


his one of a kind school is for novice or experienced owners, buyers, sellers, collectors, writers, restorers, dealers, appraisers, or judges. You won’t want to miss our classes this year! Some topics in the works are C5-6 Engine Performance Upgrades, Cleaning & Detailing, Factory Assembly Procedures, Collecting & Investing and C1-3 Restoration Techniques.

For upadtes on seminars, dates & times, check our website after January 1 Registration opens February 15. BLOOMINGTON GOLD


f f a St

t h g i l t o p BRIAN PEARCE

f f a t S

GUY LARSEN President


“Hot Car for an Old Guy to be Driving...” by Gail Manahan

A JOCELYN YOUNG VP Business Development

CATHY WINTERS VP of Operations

GAIL MANAHAN Operations Manager Judging

CORBYN S. KERN Director: GoldAdvertising

Lori Worman Exhibitor Sales/Sponsorships


JOE REMES Field Operations Director

ALAN KNUCKEY GoldClubs, GoldYear, GoldTour Director

sk Brian Pearce about this quote. We’ll just say he did NOT get a ticket from the officer who said this during Brian’s brief “stop” along Interstate 55 on his way to the Bloomington Gold offices in November! Brian is the C3 Division Director for Certification and lives in Naperville, Illinois with his wife, Cindy, and their two children, Justin and Brianne. Brian is now semi- retired after spending time in the Army and then a long and successful career with Xerox. He keeps busy attending as many Corvette shows as he can... often as a judge. Cindy works with special needs children in the Naperville area. Oh, and Brian now goes the speed limit! Brian first started coming to Bloomington Gold way back in 1984 because he bought a 1982 Collector’s Edition Corvette 350/200 that had only 42 miles on it! He brought it to Certification and received Gold! After a conversation with David Burroughs in 1985, he was asked to be a Certification judge... and he has never looked back! He became a Division Director (Senior Judge, first) for the C3 in 2002 and is now the go to person for the C3 team. Although Brian is incredibly organized, he gives his C3 team all the credit for doing such a great job over the years. He is very proud of his team. Brian has an extraordinary knowledge on the Certification process because of his almost 30 years of experience. He is very dedicated to Bloomington Gold and the integrity of Certification. And yes, he still owns that ‘82 Corvette, which now has only 700 miles on it! One of Brian’s favorite Bloomington Gold memories is from the Earthquake ‘88 show, which was held in Bloomington at the Mclean County Fairgrounds and Illinois State University Bone Student Center. He particularly loved the Special Collection. But he also remembers how incredibly hot it was on Saturday- a sweltering 107°! And on Sunday... the temperature only reached 88°!! How appropriate for 1988. We appreciate everything Brian has done for Bloomington Gold and look forward to many more years working with him!! Thank You, Brian!



WILLIAM LOCKE Director: The Great Hall


t h g i l t o p LORI WORMAN

f f a t S


A Perfect Balance of Experience & Passion. by Gail Manahan


ew to the Bloomington Gold team in 2012, but certainly not new to Bloomington Gold, Lori Worman participated in many events as a previous member of the Mid America Motorworks team, where she worked as the Director of Events prior to coming to Bloomington Gold. Lori Worman lives in Effingham, Illinois with her husband Dennis and their two children. Their daughter Brianne is the 4th grade teacher at St. Thomas Grade School in Newton, and son Taylor is a senior at Indiana State University. Lori has a degree in Organizational Leadership from Greenville College. In addition to her role for Bloomington Gold with Exhibitor Sales and Sponsorships, Lori works full time for the First National Bank of Dietrich. In her spare time, you will find her working part time at the Village Wine Shop in Effingham, or working out at the gym. She currently serves as the co-chair of the Effingham Central Business Association, and enjoys promoting and marketing the Effingham community. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, traveling, and taking weekend excursions with her husband. Lori’s passion for the Corvette was first ignited when she joined Mid America Motorworks in 1987. Throughout the years, she has had the great privilege of meeting many of the legends of the American classic sports car. Two of her most memorable meetings were with the first chief engineer Zora Arkus- Duntov and designer Larry Shinoda. Lori stated “I’m truly in awe and amazed by the creative minds of these two men as they helped shape and define for the world what the Corvette is today. “ She still has that passion for all things related to the Corvetteengineers, designers, owners, businesses- and will not hesitate to share that enthusiasm! We are excited to have Lori as a member of the Bloomington Gold team and look forward to her contributing to its continued growth and success!




Don’t hesitate...don’t be slow...rooms fill up fast for the Bloomington Gold ecvent.. The following is a list of official host/partner hotels for Bloomington Gold. Please remember to mention you are attending Bloomington Gold when making reservations to obtain special event pricing.


Res. Phone #

Miles from Event

Comfort Suites



Country Inn & Suites Courtyard by Marriott

217.355.6666 217.355.0411

3.8 3.7

Eastland Suites & Conf. Center Hawthorn Suites by Wyndham

217.367.8331 217.398.3400

4.3 5

Hilton Garden Inn



Holiday Inn & Conf. Center



Holiday Inn Express



Homewood Suites



La Quinta



Quality Inn & Suites



Or contact the Champaign County Convention & Visitors Bureau at 1.800.369.6151 for lodging information.

Visit our website at for a complete list of available local Champaign, Illinois hotels or contact Gail Manahan at 309.888.4477 or more information. 309.888.4477 18


Contact We want to hear from you! Let us know your thoughts, questions and comments for future issues of the Gold REView at 309.888.4477

GoldREView / December 2013  

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year! Tick, tock goes the we watch 2013 slowly close, we are inching our way toward the June 27-2...

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