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VOl.1 Issue 9 August 2012




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Dear Readers, When I started the submission process for this issue, I knew I wanted as many people to be featured as possible. I’ve incorporated over 25 artists jammed into one issue, I hope you enjoy the diversity! Love, Nikki


008 Ali Bee 014 Dusty Dolls 022 Andrea Peipe 028 Autumn Partington 034 Bassam Allam 040 The Enchanted Forest 048 Ewelina Switalska 054 Road Trip 062 Jean Lin 068 Waiting for the Moon to Rise 076 Joel Robinson 082 Lindzey Stenson 088 Maddie Mills 094 Meagan McLendon 100 The Secret Tea Party Illustration 108 Patty Maher 114 Rebecca Mahoney 120 Ronnie Karfiol 126 Sammie Saxon 132 Sarah Loven 138 Sarah Nieman 146 Sarah Schug 152 Sophia Pellegrini 158 Weronika Dorociak 164 Single Photo Feature

Ali Bee “For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been on the shy side. But once I discovered photography, I found a way to be loud enough for people to not just hear me, but listen to me. Not necessarily with their ears, but with their eyes, feelings, and thoughts. Uniqueness always draws people in, no matter what it is. I love all the creative possibilities that photography comes with, and I aspire to push myself to experiment with everything that photography has to offer me.”

Ali Bee | 13

Dusty Dolls

Photographer: Allison Cole - AlliArts Photography Models: Jazmin Christy, Kennedy Dobson, Sophie Wilcock, Tiara Ladju, Yazmin Bourke Inspiration : Mark Hamilton

Dusty Dolls| 19 “When I started creating photos, it was all about emotions for me - to deal with them and freeze them in the form of a photo. And then I started looking around, seeing other artists creating levitation photos, double exposures and the like, and I wanted to do something like that too! And so, over time, things shifted towards the desire to realize a vision - creating something that started in my head. What I enjoy most about that, is watching an idea come to life, seeing that everything is possible if you want it to be!�

Andrea Peipe| 27

Autumn Partington “To create a photograph is to combine a dream with a feeling, forming something greater than I can see. Nothing is more liberating than using the world around me to invent my vision. I develop ideas in my own mind, but I am more often moved by something I see that elicits emotion. Creating what I once could only imagine is a wonderful accomplishment. Rita Mae Brownst states: “Creativity comes from trust. Trust your instincts.” Once I began trusting myself, and conquered my fear of judgment, my work grew to amaze me. That is why I love creating photographs.”

Autumn Partington| 31

Bassam Allam “Photography is the output of my thoughts; my mind is very restless; I love creating pictures because it’s the way that I can turn my thoughts into something real. I’m constantly making up concepts or trying to put the things I see in pictures. I always had a very strong interest in art, through photography I can be part of creating art myself, I can capture the beauty of what’s around me and tell stories without using any words.”

Bassam Allam| 39

The Enchanted Forest

Photographer : Erica Coburn Stylist : Carmel Daly Makeup : Emilia Kuczma-Porebska Models: Courtney & Brian @Absolute the Agency

Ewelina Switalska

“I love photography because it taught me how to see. I want to see the beauty in every little thing and show it. It’s my alternative to writing a diary. I’m inspired by fairy tales and my own emotions. I want to show more than just faces. Tell something more than just the obviousness. I have so many images in my mind which I’d like to share with the others.”

Ewelina Switalska| 53

Road Trip Photographer : Gabriella Corrado Models: Stephanie Corrado, Nali Kim, Hanna kim

JeanLin “From the age of fourteen, photography has been one of the easiest ways for me to express myself and the things that I want to open up to the world. I always find it so much simpler to channel my thoughts and sentiments through my photos, whether it be a concept that I am trying to convey, or a story that I want to tell. Now, wherever I go, this inspiration is constantly traveling with me, and taking the ideas that it forms and turning them into a reality has become as natural as breathing.�

Jean Lin| 67

Photographer : Jess Ruby Model: Faith H. MUA: Ashlynne Padilla Hair: Terriann Uccan Wardrobe: Tambourine Dreams Vintage

“I love creating photos because I feel like it has been the most accurate way for me to share my emotions, my dreams, my fears and my way of seeing the world. I create because it helps me feel like I’m creating the kind of world I want to see in real life and that motivates me to keep shooting and sharing what I make. I love being able to have a visual voice to represent who I am.”

Joel Robinson| 81

Lindzey Stenson “As long as I can remember, I always loved to play around with cameras. I remember when my dad got his first digital camera when I was about 7 years old, and he taught me how to use it. I would always be in charge of taking pictures of everything. And so I did. About six years later, I saved up enough money for my own real camera. I loved the sound of the shutter when I took a picture (and still do). Whenever I take pictures, I shut out the world. I let myself be me.�

Lindzey Stenson| 87

Maddie Mills

“Ever since I was little I’ve had a creative mind. Whether I aspired to be an artist, author, or fashion designer, my “when I grow up” dreams always involved something artistic and expressive. These were always just phases, but photography has been the one thing I’ve stuck with. I relish in viewing other people’s artwork as well as creating my own. Over the past year especially, photography has been like my diary. Anytime I feel an emotion, like alone, lost, depressed, happy, in love, free, I think of ways to make that emotion into an image. It keeps me sane.”

Maddie Mills| 93

Meagan McLendon

“I love coming up with characters and stories in my head and being able to portray them through the pictures I take. At the end of the day I just want to have fun, tell these stories, and hopefully captivate others with the result. I’ve always wanted to create the sort of image that can allow others to see some sort of magic, I think. A certain subtle magic that encourages people find enchantment in their everyday surroundings.”

Meagan McLendon| 99


pretty films, castles, epic film soundtracks, pink paper, fairy tales, gorgeous fashion collections. What is your dream working environment? A white room with a big white desk, mountains of pink paper, pretty vintage frames of my favourite art work on the walls, preferably with a salty sea view. When and why did you start creating art? I’ve always been a keen artist, from an early age, I used art as a form of escape to another world, one of mermaids, castles, neon hair and glitter. I’ve always kept sketchbooks, I’d take them everywhere with me. I decided to combine my love of literature and art and studied Illustration at undergraduate level. It’s something I want to wake up and do every single day, it makes me so very happy.

How do you go about setting up a design for an illustration? I scribble out ideas, sketch them out and then do mountains of scanning which I can tweak until I’m happy with everything. Where do you find your inspiration? I get inspired when I’m flicking through the pages of pretty magazines like Nylon and Lula, books like Wuthering Heights, The Virgin Suicides,

Explain your choice of subject to us. I love fashion illustration, that’s something my work has progressed into naturally, but I do love conceptual pieces for editorials too. What is your ultimate goal in terms of art? I’d love to illustrate for a band one day, it’s always been a dream of mine to do an album artwork. Collaborations are good. I’d also love to sell prints, zines and other pretties in a tiny boutique.

Do you have any upcoming projects that you’re working on? I have a few sweet projects in the works, mainly commissions for personal illustrations, more fashion illustrations and zines and also some lovely collaborations. “I love creating photos because it challenges me to look at the world around me with different eyes. I see what is there, and then I try to imagine what could be there – what story could be told with a location that might not have been told before, or might not have been told in exactly that way. I love bringing disparate things together that might not have ever come together before. I love the process of making the invisible, visible.�

Patty Maher| 113

Rebecca Mahoney _ my _ d40

“Taking pictures has always been a sort of second nature to me, but until relatively recently; taking pictures just meant meaningless snapshots. I’ve discovered a new love for photography through the art of creation- taking an idea from thin air and turning it into something real, tangible, and beautiful. My life is measured by the photos I’ve taken. They’re remnants of good times and bad times, of people and places and memories and ideas. I love photography not just because of the actual finished product, but because of the pieces of life itself it captures forever.”

Rebecca Mahoney| 119

Ronnie Karfiol

“What I love is the mystery and magic about capturing a moment which happened once, and will never happen again. It is true when I shoot a candid pictures, but even truer when I create a fantasy picture. The opportunity to use everything I have at my fingertips - location, props, and an actor/actress - and to turn it all into some idea that can speak its truth without saying a single word, I believe it is the most powerful phenomenon to acknowledge.�

Ronnie Karfiol| 125

Sammie Saxon

“I’ve always held a deep fascination for photography. I recall throwing a temper tantrum over my mother’s disposable camera when I was 5 years old because she wouldn’t let me handle it. I find the entire photographic process of my artistic work romantic. The timeless connection that exists between the photographer and his or her subject, and the intimacy required within the photography session to find beauty in a stranger and capture it. Freezing particular moments or ephemeral moods, recreating and capturing a dream or a vision, with a simple push of a button, I find it to be unique to photography.”

Sammie Saxon| 129

Sarah Loven

“I am in love with photography, and the process of creating pictures. There are different reasons why I do it, one being that I have a passion for it- plain and simple. I want to create and experiment, and learn more everyday. I love fashion photography, and hope to continue working in that area for a long time. The creativity and composition that go into making a fashion portrait unique keeps me ever striving to become better at what I love. But the most important part of photography, to me, is capturing special moments (or making them special) with the camera. I will forever love looking over what I have captured in life so far.�

Sarah Loven| 137

Sarah Nieman

How does going to school for art influence your work? I haven’t really figured that out yet. Being in a creative environment like I am so inspiring, but I haven’t found it influencing my work itself yet (at least, not that I’ve noticed). However, I’ve only just completed my freshman year, so we’ll see as I go through another year or two! Explain your style to us. I don’t think I have one specific style overall, but I think I do between media. My watercolors tend to be bright and colorful, my oil paintings more monochrome but never normal colors either. What is your favorite subject? Your favorite medium? Portraits and figures. I don’t have a favorite medium though; I tend to go back and forth between oil paints, watercolors, charcoal, and my camera. I don’t think I could ever pick just one. Which piece is your favorite and why? My favorite piece tends to be my most recent, but right I keep going back

to the self-portrait palette knife painting I did earlier this summer, and I think that for a while that one will remain one of my favorites. How do you become inspired to create a new piece? Just by finding something that I want to create. Inspiration is always around me, but I don’t always

know what I want to do with it. When did you realize that creating art was what you loved? Junior year of high school. I have been taking photographs since freshmen or sophomore year, but junior year I took Photo 1 and Photo 2 and then I attended NH Art Allstate

with 59 inspiring artists from around NH and it made me realize that that was what I wanted to do. What are you trying to portray in your artwork? Movement and beauty. What’s next for you after you get your degree? I hope to be able to continue on with my photography as my

career and fine art on the side, and having a double major in Photography and Painting I think will help me do that. Or whatever I want to do in the art field really. Do you have any upcoming pieces, if so what are they? I do actually! Currently I have two self-portrait oil paintings in the works, and I really

want to do one or two more before I head back to school. To view more of Sarah’s work please visit her website:

Sarah Nieman| 145


“Creating photos is like holding your thoughts, moments and memories visual. To feel free with this love and discover another person in yourself, the creative and crazy one. Make other people happy and feel proud of yourself for what you’ve created. Building something and grow with it. To catch themselves, how it’s revives you, how much passion you put behind it. That’s why I love to photograph. It’s selecting a constant feeling of happiness.”

Sarah Schug| 149

Sophia Pellegrini “When I first started taking photos 5 years ago, it mainly functioned as a daily catharsis... I would wander along the creek in the woods in my backyard for hours, cameras around my neck, with a tripod, extra lenses, and props in hand. Over the years, photography has become more to me than a form of release and self-expression. Creation has always been in my blood, and photography satisfies that constant itch. It urges me to find beauty, truth, and purity in everything-- conventionally beautiful, classically banal, or otherwise.�

Sophia Pellegrini| 157

“I began photographing in age eleven. I tried my possibilities in macro, but taking photos things and nature didn’t give me such a big satisfaction as photographing people, what I started to do a few years later. And here they are – made by love and patience. Photography is the biggest obsession to me, I devote this a lot of time and I try to improve in this way. One day I’m gonna live in Paris, I promise!”

Weronika Dorociak

Weronika Dorociak| 163

Carmen BLU

Luisa Lacsamana

Vilde Indrehus

April Rose

Emily Thomas

Lulu Lovering

Lyubov Nelogika


*Cover Photos by Patty Maher

Ali Bee Allison Cole Andrea Peipe Autumn Partington Bassam Allam Erica Coburn Ewelina Switalska Gabriella Corrado Jean Lin Jess Ruby Joel Robinson Lindzey Stenson Maddie Mills Meagan McLendon Natasha Patty Maher Rebecca Mahoney Ronnie Karfiol Sammie Saxon Sarah Loven Sarah Nieman Sarah Schug Sophia Pellegrini Weronika Dorociak Carmen BLU Luisa Lacsamana Vilde Indrehus April Rose Emily Thomas Lulu Lovering Lyubov Nelogika _ my _ d40

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