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Golden Age


[ ] This magazine is to inspire those involved with art and also to promote photographers & artists who would like to get their name out there! The photographs featured in the issues of this magazine are primarily made up of young adults who not only find photography a hobby, but also a passion.

SPRING 2014 Editor in Chief Nikki Chicoine

On the Cover


“Ophelia� by Angie Candell


Model: Sarah Matonis Location: Waynesburg, Pa


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Golden Age | 003

Post Meridiem I watch, breathless in a sea of star-grazed goodbyes your mouth like a nightlight moon-glowed, you firefly you throw your fragile body fiercely atop mine clinking against my surface soft and sweet, I cry knowing you know I am a clear stream my skin a solid mirror and you hate what you see. Night speaks in lavender blue to the walls until they match you and I we watch as our faces are painted with dusk words. We think if we fall asleep with our eyes open the room will blur and we will become a haze of once was. Jade Simone

CONTENTS 004 // Post Meridiem 006// Single Photo Feature 016// Drowned in Emotions 024// Have you met Miss Jones? 032// Memoirs of a Geisha 040// Ophelia 050// Where the Sand Meets the Waves 062// Brandi Douglas 070// Monika Juraszek 078// Connie McDonald 086// Dora Kontha 092// Elwira Kusz 100// Henrik Emtkjรฆr Hansen 110// Marilena Vainanidi 116// Nรกdia Maria F 124// Sophia Emilia Lupi 132// Viviane Gondek Schivenin 140// Constructivist


“A Sea Dream”

Taylor Chan

Golden Age | 007


Livia Masci


Elle Hanley


Cassie Charity Froeber


Houston Roderick

Golden Age | 011


Tuane Eggers /

“Victorian Tea Party”

Sarah Jessica Dunn


Drowned in Emotions Photographer & Stylist: Viet Ha Tran Model: Monica Sariego Make-up Artist & Hair Stylist: Simone Silva

Golden Age | 017

Have you met Miss Jones? Photography: Karolina Amberville MUA: Magdalena Skoczylas Hair: Aneta D Adufe Styling: Sandra Aji Model: Katie from Model Union

Golden Age | 025

Memoirs of a Geisha

Photographer: Anna Karnutsch Model: Giulia Xie Assistant/Make Up Arstist: Giorgia Ravagnani Collaborator: Soumya Benkacem

Golden Age | 037

Ophelia Photographer: Angie Candell Model: Sarah Matonis of Taxi Mgmt Location: Waynesburg, Pa

Golden Age | 045

Where the Sand Meets the Waves


Photography: Sam Williamson Hair and Make-up: Kay Corbett @ Hairball Alley Model: Rebecca Baillie @ Superior Model Management

Golden Age | 053


Model: Esca Niculescu MUA/Hair Stylist: Slene Yebra

s BRANDI DOUGLAS Sacramento, California


Model: Esca Niculescu MUA/Hair Stylist: Slene Yebra

Golden Age | 067

t Monika Juraszek Gliwice, Poland


Golden Age | 077


Connie McDonald New Zealand


Golden Age | 083


Dora Kontha Copenhagen, Denmark



Elwira Kusz Lublin, Poland


Golden Age | 097

a Henrik Emtkjaer Hansen Ribe, Denmark


Golden Age | 107


Marilena Vainanidi Athens, Greece


Golden Age | 115


Nadia Maria F

Bauru/Sao Paulo, Brazil



Sophia Emilia Lupi Boston, Massachusetts


Golden Age | 129


Viviane Gondek Schivenin Sao Paulo, Brazil


Producer/Art Director: Gisele Guimar達es

Producer/Art Director: Gisele Guimar達es

Producer: Daylane Cerqueira

Producer/Art Director: Gisele Guimar達es

Golden Age | 139

Constructivist Your voice is an oil-drowned newspaper sitting in a charcoal pit lit aflame like the innocents asleep under an Iraqi moon their skin a fleshy wildfire carpet, the world watches them like a dinner show and I watch you, asleep on a sail in a sea so full of man-made palm trees and strings of pearls. Thought I heard your voice in a letter you wrote me but instead saw the same tragedies from your bedroom window that became the side dish for your dinner each day. Each time a bomb goes off I want to tell you that you are perfect, that I am a moth still in love with a flame that played death like a harped hymn a handful of times. Instead, I let the stars take you. I let my world crumble like the eight stories of the Rana Plaza building. I fold my heart over and over until I have a whirlybird; each corner of this tiny paper world tells me you are safe, and I play this fortune-telling game alone while praying to something you always told me existed. The Times called me to say “they” were sorry, and I could not tell if it was for letting you taste the coconut sweet of a Thai sunrise or the blood screams that melted in your hands from the desert sun, or the chance to photograph the child finding solace in the Ganges. I remember thinking if I threw a stone far enough it would land at your feet. They should have been sorry for the hallucination fever and the poorly lit milk walled Emergency Room that I wish I could have stood inside to lie and say you will not be a ghost in a day’s time. Lie that I would take you home to a red, white, and blue nest. Lie that we would fall asleep to the sound of a bomb going off and I would tell you that you are perfect.

Jade Simone

Thanks contributors! Jade Simone, Taylor Chan, Livia Masci, Elle Hanley, Cassie Charity Froeber, Houston Roderick, Tuane Eggers, Sarah Jessica Dunn, Viet Ha Tran, Karolina Amberville, Anna Karnutsch, Angie Candell, Sam Williamson, Brandi Douglas, Monika Juraszek, Connie McDonald, Dora Kontha, Elwira Kusz, Henrik Hansen, Marilena Vainanidi, Nadia Maria F, Sophia Emilia Lupi, Vivane Gondek Schivenin.

Golden Age

Golden Age Magazine Issue 20  

Spring 2014 issue of creative photography magazine "Golden Age".

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