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On the Cover “Sisterhood” by Vasso Vujovic Based on an old Serbian folk tale about two fisherman’s daughters who wanted to visit their mother in the mountains. As the father was against this (because their mother was a witch), he beheaded his older daughter and before he could kill the young one, she took her sister’s head and ran off into the mountains to visit their lonely witch mother. Models: Sara Arbutina and little Angela PA: Nikolett Mihaly

let t from e r e d i the tor !

Dear Readers After a long run of themed issues that were absolutely incredible, I wanted to give everyone a chance to submit to Golden Age again regardless of content! Fall is upon us and winter is slowly creeping onward, so please find inspiration in these photos to bundle up and take a journey outdoors even if it is too cold. Keep creating, keep your imagination vivid, and above all do what you love most! At last, let me welcome you to our 18th issue of Golden Age! Nikki Chicoine Editor in Chief

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190 Golden Age | 5


“Margaery of the Reach” Lauren Parker Photography

Golden Age | 7

“Mermaid” Arimbi Alessandra Naro Photography

“Untitled” Naman VermA Photography

Golden Age | 9

“Exhale” Jennifer Köhler Photography

“Untitled” Kelsey Elizabeth Anderson Photography

Golden Age | 11

“Cant Be Pure Again� Fatimeh Nadimi Photography

“Passion” Jessica Lutz Photography

Golden Age | 13

“Untitled” Luiza Potiens Photography

“227/365” Cassie Charity Froeber Photography

Golden Age | 15

“Untitled” Joane Olivare Photography MUA: Erika Moreno Model: Eloízia Melo Production: Gisele Guimarães

“a series of tubs with representation of the beautiful death� Carolina Aguero Photography

Golden Age |17

“Tides” Gerald Larocque Collaboration with Annya Karina : Recluse Model: Megan Rose @ AMTI

“The Deception of Peleponie” Sara Elizabeth Photography

Golden Age | 19

“Untitled� Michalina Wozniak model: Joanna Sobesto mua: Dominik Szatkowski dress: Sebastian Szczepanski

submit to our single photo feature by visiting:

Golden Age | 21

Anna Shen

25 years old London

MUA: R achel Wong

Golden Age | 23

my favorite photo

It was a wonderful early morning in Richmonf Park, where I spotted a group of deers. I’ve been wanting to take some kind of dreamlike magical image featuring deers ever since I moved close to the park. I brought my red dress with me in order to create some kind of fairytale character rather than just wearing casual clothes that would’t anyhow add to the image. I used a tripod a remote control to take an image and expanded the frame ult!

Golden Age | 25

MUA: Char lotte Rose

Golden Age |27

MUA: Ekater ina Novinskaya

Golden Age | 29

y d n a C


Photography: Rhatia Carr Murphy Styling: Annie Hertikova Clothing: Denier and Manera Hair & Makeup: Natalia Anakkar Model: Diana Savickaja by Elliott Brown Agency

Golden Age | 31

Hat: Topshop Dress: Denier & Manera Shoes: Juju

Golden Age | 33

Top: Denier & Manera Shoes: Juju

Golden Age | 35

Dress: Denier & Manera Earrings:H&M Shoes: Juju

Golden Age | 37

Dress: Denier & Manera Earrings:H&M Shoes: Juju

& hit RUN Photography: Anny To & Model: Allie Schell

Golden Age | 41

Golden Age | 43

Golden Age | 45

Belle June .com/photos/livelovelaughdr eam/

16 years old USA

Golden Age | 47

my favorite photo

This photograph was shot on the last evening spent at a small house on the beach one long-weekend last spring. I remember the dark gravel greeting us upon our nighttime arrival and my delight at the morning discovery, (as the sun slowly warmed the property,) of the treasures, such as this green house, that were blanketed by darkness the night before. This photograph reminds me of that weekend by the sea, and of the appreciation to those hidden things.

Golden Age | 29

Golden Age | 51

Golden Age | 53

Clarissa Costa http://clar

20 years old Italy

Clarissa Costa

Golden Age | 55

my favorite photo

This photo was taken in a confused period of my life, many things were changing and it is also thanks to photography that I was able to face the new challenges that life offered me. The photo is blurry and with a lot of noise, but it’s one of my favorites because of the dreamy atmosphere: it seems like it encompasses a fairy tale, a dream that may seem obscure, but actually it hides a lot of sweetness and hope.

Golden Age | 57

Golden Age | 59

Golden Age | 61

Dru Lester (Y3R Photogr aphy) .com/photos/y3r photography/

24 years old Jackson, Georgia

Golden Age | 63

my favorite photo

As of the moment, my favorite photo of mine would be “Ventilation”. This photo means a lot to me and signifies me deciding to quit being scared to try new things in life just because I don’t know the outcome. I’ve got to just open my heart, take a deep breath, and hope for the best.

Golden Age | 65

Golden Age | 67

too Model: Paulina Wiatrak Mua: Dorota Rybacka (Niebieska Gwiazda) Photo and stylist: FairyLady

Model: Paulina Wiatrak Mua: Niebieska Gwiazda ( Dorota Rybacka) Photo: FairyLady (Paulina Maciejewska)

Golden Age | 69

Golden Age | 71

Golden Age | 73

Golden Age | 75


d n a r e v e N Photography/ styling - Hollie Peck Hair and Makeup - Hollie Peck Model - Elena De La Casas Whole Collection - Lucia Serra

Golden Age | 77

Golden Age | 79

Golden Age | 81

Golden Age | 83


Izabela Bartyzel Photography: Izabela Bartyzel (aka Fantomina Noir, Make up: Sara Conesa Llorente Hair: Macik Bednarek Model: Iris van der Sluis (

Golden Age | 85

Golden Age | 87

Golden Age | 89

Golden Age | 91

Janna Park http://www.jmpar

Hilton Head, South Carolina

Golden Age | 93

my favorite photo

This is my favorite image out of my whole portfolio. It displays exactly what kind of artist I strive to be. I want to evoke emotions and stun with a unique beauty. This picture is a visual guide to how I am feeling about life at the moment: free, powerful, and inspired.

Golden Age | 95

Golden Age | 97

Golden Age | 99

NomoreDrama Photographer: Joan Moll - Stylist: Helena Chambon @ C’est Chic Agency Makeup: Florence Bracaval @ C’est Chic Agency Model: Alec @ Flag Models Agency

Golden Age | 101

Dress: Francis Ferent Glasses: Paul and Joe Scarf: Vintage Retro Paradise Watch: New Look Ballerinas Stradivarius

Golden Age | 103

Jacket &bracelet: Retro Paradise Belt: 3 Suisses Peter Pan Collar Top 3 Suisses

Jacket: Vintage Retro Paradise Top, pants and bag: 3 Suisses Newlook necklace Shoes: Zaz

Golden Age | 105

Jessica Larue McCann

20 Years Old Purcellville, Virgin ia

Golden Age | 107

my favorite photo

This is a recent favorite of mine! I connect differently with my work so choosing a favorite was a little too hard and it doesn’t help that my opinion changes faster than the weather! My style of work drifts into this fairytale, woodland world that I’ve created really without knowingmy own quiet version of wonderland where I’m constantly barefoot and adventuring behind the camera and in front of it. I love this photograph for its simplicity. This was the first dawn shoot that I’ve ever done and standing knee high in mud while we tried not to wake whatever might have been sleeping in the water was an adventure in itself.

Golden Age | 109

Golden Age | 111

Golden Age | 113

Julia Levine

18 Years Old Ithaca, New Yor k

Golden Age | 115

my favorite photo

I would say this is one of my favorite photos that I’ve taken due to the nature in which it was taken. As much as photography requires a good eye and plenty of forethought, it also offers this mysterious type of chance. It’s in the chance occurrences of photography that I have found my photography to be the most interesting. To me these occurrences combine all the elements at once in order to create somewhat of an untouchable magical space. This particular photo was taken right as the sun dipped beneath a cloud, adding deep shadows to what was, a moment before, a fairly average looking pile of branches. Suddenly the scene transformed, becoming fairly dark and moody which allowed me to view the subject differently. Because of the chance lighting, the entire nature of the photograph changed, and I find this really fascinating.

Golden Age | 117

Golden Age | 119

Golden Age | 121

Kimberley Hill leyhillphotography

22 Years Old Br isbane, Australia

Golden Age | 123

my favorite photo

I love this photograph for the story behind it. My idea was to catch the sun rising at 5:45am and get some pretty photos in the golden sunlight. Things did not go exactly to plan and the initial sun rise was masked by the clouds. Although a little disappointed, I took the photos I needed and as we turned away to change outfits, the sun burst through the clouds and gave us the most beautiful show I have ever seen. I photographed like crazy to capture the sun while she made her brief appearance. This is one of the images.

Golden Age | 125

Golden Age | 127

Golden Age | 129

Linda Pochinda .com/photos/lindapochinda

20 Years Old Odense, Denmar k

Golden Age | 131

my favorite photo

My favourite photo of my own is from my series “Drowning in you� that I shot back in 2011 when I first started photography. Despite my very little knowledge of the camera I was holding in my hands, everything still managed to come together. The model is my beautiful friend Feline Hjermind.

Golden Age | 133

Golden Age | 135

Golden Age | 137

Lotte Elise Hansen

23 Years Old Sandefjor d, NORWAY

Name: Lotte Elise Hanse Age:23 Location: Sandefjord, N



Golden Age | 139

my favorite photo

This image is my favourite photo because I have created an image with both love and pain. My best friend is a very important person in my life, and this image is about our friendship and how we support each other in life.

Golden Age | 141

Golden Age | 143

Golden Age | 145

CREDITS: title: SLEEPING FLORA photo: Martyna Wlodarczyk ( ) model: Clara Murawska style: Martyna Wlodarczyk mua: Martyna Topuziak hair: Martyna Topuziak clothes: Portobello Vintage Butik help: Szymon Czajka many thanks to the Czajka Family for allowing me to shoot in their beautiful house.

SLEEPING FLORA Martyna Wlodarczyk Photography and Styling: Martyna Wlodarczyk ( ) Model: Clara Murawska Hair & Makeup: Martyna Topuziak Clothing: Portobello Vintage Butik Assistant: Szymon Czajka *Many thanks to the Czajka Family for allowing me to shoot in their beautiful house.

Golden Age | 147

Golden Age | 149

Golden Age | 151

s e u l B r e d Laven

Photographer: Megan Gisborne Model: Megan Train Hair Stylist: Claudia Golden Age | 153

Golden Age | 155

Golden Age |157

Golden Age | 159


Michela Riva

Photography: Michela Riva ( ) Model: Sophie Vinci Make Up &: Cecilia Carbonelli Hair: Alina Brichese @ The Beauty Room

Golden Age | 161

Golden Age | 163

Golden Age | 165

Golden Age | 167

Echo PHOTOGRAPHER Rhian Cox STYLIST Rhona Ezuma MODELS Eve, Sinead & Megan @ Bookings Models MUA Serena Locatelli HAIR STYLING Sharon Robinson

Golden Age | 169

Megan wears Jacket, Timberland

Sinead wears Choker, Maria Piana Jumper, Roberto Piqeras Skirt, Ksubi

Golden Age | 171

Megan wears Shirt, Agi & Sam Skirt, Ganni Tights, H&M Shoes, Kickers

Golden Age | 173

Sam Williamson .com/photos/sam-williamson


Golden Age | 175

my favorite photo

This photograph is from a series I’ve been working on sporadically for the last few years. I am so inspired my nature and I often feel sad when I see the way it is treated in our modern world. This series explores the connection between human beings and nature and I try to show that we are part of nature rather than it being a separate entity. It is one of my favourite images because of what it represents and also because it features trees which I love and my good friend Ellis who I met through this shoot.

Golden Age | 177

Golden Age | 179

Golden Age | 181

Chorozidi Valeria https://valer

26 years old Gr eece

Golden Age | 183

my favorite photo

I always want to tell a little story with my images, what is behind the girl in the picture, and what her story is. “Dream onâ€? is my favorite photo at this particular time. It has a hope that nowadays is lost; it motivates us to dream, to not lose ourselves, to believe in fairytales, and to believe in magic that comes from within. The red bow symbolizes hope, the black ribbons symbolize our fears that hold us back sometimes, and the clouds symbolize the infinity that we have no limits‌ all we have to do is believe. So maybe we believe.

Golden Age | 185

Golden Age | 187

Golden Age | 189

Vasso Vujovic

16 years old Subotica Ser bia

Golden Age | 191

my favorite photo

My favorite photo of my own would have to be the one titled Suburban Doll. It is the result of a collaboration with a really dear friend of mine, and also, it is the result of a lot of planning and working, so it makes me very proud. It has been featured on Vogue Italia as well, so it makes me feel like my work is validated.

Golden Age | 193

Golden Age | 195

Golden Age | 197

Victoria Söderström Korinne Bisig

Korinne Bisig

Luiza Potiens

Celeste Ortiz

Sophie Pearl

Kamila Solarz

Anna Shen

Erika C.

Celeste Ortiz

Zoé Polouchkine

PHOTO A DAY blog feature

Victoria Söderström

Kolby Knight

Maddie Kaplan

Emily Roper

michalina wozniak

Anny To

Kim Hill

Janna Park

Julia Winter

Paulina Jarzembska

Alessandra Gregori

Emily Roper

Anna Shen

Dru Lester

Golden Age | 199

We Just wanted to give the chance to show the diversity of our beloved contr ibutors in this issue. It is extror dinary to see that we all shar e this passion wor ldwide.

Thanks contributors! Lauren Parker, Arimbi Alessandra Naro, Naman Verma, Jennifer Kohler, Kelsey Elizabeth Anderson, Fatimeh Nadimi, Jessica Lutz, Luzia Potiens, Cassie Charity Froeber, Joane Olivare, Carolina Aguero, Gerald Larocque, Sara Elizabeth Rogers, Michalina Wozniak, Anna Shen, Annie Hertikova, Anny To, Belle June, Clarissa Costa, Dru Lester, FairLady, Hollie Peck, Izabela Bartyzel, Janna Park, Joan Moll, Jessica Larue McCann, Julia Levine, Kimberley Hill, Linda Pochinda, Lotte Elise Hansen, Martyna Wlodarczyk, Megan Gisborne, Michela Riva, Rhian Cox, Sam Williamson, Chorozidi Valeria, and Vasso Vujovic.

Golden Age | 201

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