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[ ] This magazine is to inspire those involved with art and also to promote photographers & artists who would like to get their name out there! The photographs featured in the issues of this magazine are primarily made up of young adults who not only find photography a hobby, but also a passion.

Roberta Breda

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On the Cover “Odyssey” by Morey Spellman Photo inspired by the power of “The Odyssey”, it represents a story about personal travels, accomplishments, and adventures. Location: Cinque Terre, Italy Assistant: Alexis Satterthwaite Model: Self portrait

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Dear Readers I don’t know if you understand how much I adore creating this magazine. I am a photographer myself and I certainly love any opportunity to push my career forward, and to think I have the ability to help others achieve this is just as rewarding, if not more. I’m pushing Golden Age designs and content further and further; each issue gets more and more developed and stronger. I’m proud to say that year two of Golden Age is now behind us and now is the start of yet another inspiring year full of raw talent. Happy birthday to my lovely magazine and thank you all so much for supporting it. Love, Nikki Chicoine Editor in Chief


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Model: Alicja Jablonska


elzbieta kocieda

23 years old\\ Poland

How is photography important to you? For me photography is an art of exploration, searching and discovering everything. What fascinates me the most is the possibility of limitless creation, giving new meanings, finding other, hidden layers. It is a wonderful remedy for wants which come with completely ordinary days. For a couple of moments before pulling the shutter trigger, I move to a world so different and unreal, echoes of which still sound in my head... Photography is a special space where I can make my visions come true. I try to escape to the world of photography to make my life better and bring to it extra colours. Thanks to photography I’ve met many amazing people who showed me secrets, which they kept deep inside them. In my photographs I try to show different worlds, some areas of the world from my imagination and stories which I see when I close my eyes. For me the most interesting aspect of photography

is unlimited possibility of creation. In photography everything it’s possible, everyone can create their own worlds and stories. Thanks to photography I can express my feelings and emotions, shows my emotional side which often gives me true relief. It’s a kind of confession. Which is most important to you and why: lighting, subject, or location? I think that all of these elements are very important, which one is the most important? I can say that it depends from idea of our photo shoot. For me the most important of them is lighting, without this photography wouldn’t even exist. Lighting creates the right mood in pictures, it can be a clue for the interpretation. Skillful use of lighting gives us a lot of potential power of creation. We can easily hide any of shortcomings and emphasize significant elements. Thanks to lighting we can trace the way of watching our work, we can give to our viewers leads because of lighting.

What is your dream photography gear? My biggest dream, when it comes to photography, is to achieve fully intended effects on every photo shoots which I organize, create stories which will be really moving for viewers. Creating better and more emotional photographs. I dream about cooperation with talented, professional people, who could teach me how to become a better photographer and how I can improve my skills. I also hope that photography will be for me a way of life and my dream-job in the future. What keeps your interest in photography going? It’s definitely an opportunity to show feelings and emotions which I feel by pictures, the way of showing to other people a hidden, secret part of myself. Describe your work in 5 words. Fairytale, mysterious, emotional, sensitive and dark.

Model: Karolina Rumianowska

Model: Ola Brdak

Model: Ola Brdak

Where do you gather inspiration from? For me an inspiration for my works can come from absolutely anything but I supposed that mostly I gather inspiration from literature, music, paintings, whole widely understood art, movies, people, fashion, life and magical, unusual places. Sometimes when I discover some interesting place in one second I see the whole scene in my head, it happens also when I see someone on the street. Model: Karolina Rumianowska

Golden Age | 025

Model: Alicja Jablonska

Golden Age | 027

Les Fleurs and Les Filles

Photography: Silvia Maria Model: Elisa Campos MUAH: Elisa Campos Assistant: Lucas Cardoso

Golden Age | 031

Golden Age | 037


gabriela camerotti São Paulo, Brazil

How did you become involved with photography? I was very young when I got my first camera. Actually, it was a bit of a traumatic experience, I was 8 years old and I went on a school trip to the Zoo. My dad lent me his camera, it was analog and not very expensive, but that didn’t matter, I fell in love with the possibility of capturing all the animals and the fun moments I was having. Sadly, when we were leaving I forgot the camera somewhere inside the Zoo and I lost not only my dad’s camera but all the photos I’ve taken that day. I can say now that, that moment was crucial in my life as a photographer because I felt like I had lost my memories of that day, and since then I’ve been focused on keeping memories and keeping my perspective of things alive by taking photos. Describe your work in 5 words. Delicate, Playful, Fragile, Sensual, Ethereal

What is your dream photography gear? Hasselblad H4D-200MS

Where do you gather inspiration from? I get inspired by all kinds of things that surround me in my everyday life, but I can say that there are themes that I’m more inclined to like such as girly stuff, everything vintage, horror movies, fantasy stories and dinosaurs, oh, I love dinosaurs!

further than just capturing a beautiful image, it gives me the chance to express my concept of beauty by choosing the model, the team, the location, the theme and taking part of the amazing process of a fashion photo shoot . In fashion photography I feel like I have the power to manipulate the world and make it as beautiful as I want it to be.

If you weren’t a photographer, what would you want to be? I’d have to work with something else that would enable me to tell stories through art, like painting or writing. Or I could just be a mermaid instead. Which genre of photography do you connect with most and why? Definitely, fashion photography. I found my passion in creating fashion stories because it goes Golden Age | 039

Golden Age | 043

Golden Age | 045

In the time of


Photographers: Aleksandra Kozub & Rafal Kwasniak (Karamell Studio) Model: Marta Pajak (Fashion Color) Makeup: Justyna Polska Hair: Dawid Mlynarczyk Stylist: Justyna Polska Designer: Marta Hankus


Golden Age | 051


Golden Age | 053


jenny jacobsson 34 years old \\ Sweden

Do you usually create concepts ahead of time or go for it while shooting? Very often I get inspired by a location or if I get my hands upon something that makes my inspiration fly. The concepts for my images are created right there and then, or sometimes it unfolds over time with that inspiration as a base. It’s not uncommon that I try to sketch the image in my notebook, making the image evolve as I plan the composition better, decide on the styling based on the feel of the image, if I want to add some movement, etc. Then I set out to shoot the preplanned image. I would say that half of the time the image turns out exactly like I planned, and the other half I change it up based upon the weather, wind, or other factors that affects the concept.

and images are as necessary to me as food, water and air. Seeing other amazing work out there probably helps fire that interest up though. But a piece of music or a story told can be equally inspiring to me and makes me want to capture that story.

there. The barren landscape, the wilderness, it all has a direct line into my soul. To me, the scenery there seems to be made for painting or capturing in a photograph and the atmosphere is vibrating of stories. Maybe it’s my Nordic blood that draws me there...

Which genre of photography do you find you have a hard time connecting with and why? I can’t think of a specific genre that I usually have a hard time connecting with. I would say that there are always pieces within each genre that I’m more or less attracted to, depending on multiple factors. Actually, it can even make me more intrigued when I find an image that I really fall for within a completely unexpected field. I like the positive surprise!

What keeps your interest in photography going? I’m lucky enough that I don’t need to set out to keep my interest in photography going. It keeps itself going. I guess photography

If you could travel to one place to take photos where would you go and why? At some point I just have to go to Iceland. There is no way I can go through life without shooting

Which is most important to you and why: lighting, subject, or location? Lighting, subject or location is all equally important to me. If one is changed, the whole concept can change. Most often my inspiration comes from a location, and then I plan the subject after the concept and then set out to get the best light for that story. Sometimes the planning is incredibly important to get what I want out from it, but sometimes the unexpected can be what really makes the image. I like to go out well prepared, but try to stay flexible and open to new possibilities on set. Describe your work in 5 words. Imaginative, narrative, expressive, and realistically surrealistic.

Golden Age | 057

Golden Age | 061


jordan schieber 15 years old \\ New York

Where do you gather inspiration from? I gather inspiration from art styles and fashion from the past. Some things that inspire my work are art deco, swinging london, and the circus.

How did you become involved in photography? In the fourth grade I took a class over the summer and loved it ever since. Describe your work in 5 words. Wistful, stately, simple, dreamy, delicate. If you could travel to one place to take photos where would you go and why? I would go to Palais Garnier in Paris. I think the grandeur of it is awesome, I think it would be a great place to photograph people

Which genre of photography do you find you have a hard time connecting with and why? I have a hard time connecting with self portraits. Obviously as I photographer I feel like I belong behind the camera. Besides that, I enjoy taking pictures of people who I am not familiar with, types of people who I don’t get the chance to see often. I don’t like taking pictures of things I am familiar with so taking pictures of myself is bland and unenjoyable for me. Which is most important to you and why: lighting, subject, or location? Definitely lighting, although subject and location help, the way the subject is lit determines the look and style I want to accomplish in my photos.

Golden Age | 063

Golden Age | 067

r e r e and


W n a emi

Photographer: Isabell N Wedin Styling/Clothing: Tuva Minna Linn, Odd lovin' Make-up & hair: Lovisa Fredriksson Model: Edlina A Photo assistant: Allis NettreĂşs Location: Dalby stenbrott, Sweden

70s Indian duster coat 50s chiffon dress Black Lapis Afghan Kuchi necklace

40s rinzu silk kimono

70s Indian cotton caftan Afghan kuchi jewelry

70s black maxi dress 40s kinsha silk haori

Golden Age | 079


kamila solarz

16 years old \\ Poland

How did you become involved with photography? Honestly, I don’ t know. I don’t even remember the concrete moment when it started. Truly saying, I don’t even want to think about any special story which never exist in my life. Friend of mine gave me passion, then was only better. Everything started two years ago when I just started like a typical man with a normal digital camera. But one day, something happened, I began to save money for professional equipment. Also, there was some moment when I started to change my mind and I thought about leaving idea of photography behind me. It was because I didn’t feel so confident for doing this in a professional way. But the feeling which was inside me whispered to me, and said, that is something important to me. I made a concrete choice. From this time, I made many appointments for new sessions. Both sessions, bigger as well as smaller ones gave me a chance to improve my photographic skills. I made pictures of my friends at the beginning. Today,

I have got bigger projects. Now, I can’t imagine my life without photography and I can’t see about something else. I notice you frequently work with a model, how important is it for you to connect with them on a photoshoot? Yes, my major specializationt is dealing with portrait and what I noticed is that getting on well with models is highly important here. Our plan is to tell some story and we can achieve it only if we understand each others. Contact with another human is the most important factor here. The reality is, the atmosphere which surrounded us, is visible on our pictures. If we can make that the second person open to us, shows us her/ his secrets and feel safety and freely, probably the true material will come and be the best material ever. Describe your work in 5 words. I do my best to make my pictures real, fragile, soft, delicate and heart-throbbing. I hope at least they are.

What is your dream in photography? That’s a corn / triteness, I’d like to do something what I’d really love, and what others love too. :) Covers of famous magazines, displays.. who doesn’t like it, do you? We shouldn’t forget about the most important thing, this is an ordinal feeling of a man. Your photography needs to be heart moving, needs to send some emotions, feelings and gives everything what is special, beautiful, what you can get and you always dream about. Which is most important to you and why: lighting, subject, or location? According to me, subject is the most important when I’m taking a photo. Lighting gives me an opportunity to bring out what I want to achieve so its almost behind model or even on par with the model. The location is not as significant to me. Sometimes it occurs that it is an important element for story but it is not equal to photographic subject and lighting

If you could travel to one place to take photos where would you go and why? That’s a definitely difficult choice. I’d like to take photos in some many places, where I could make whole reportages. However, the first thing which comes to my mind is Norvegia and Preikestolen. When I think about the cliff made of rock and such amazing view which I have never had chance to see, it makes me dizziness. This place is very special to me and journey as well as photos which could be made there are the fulfillment of my dreams.


lucas rembas 22 years old \\ Warsaw

How extensive is your post processing? It depends on a type of photo. Of course most of photos require basic retouch like colors or contrast adjustments as well as color balancing or cropping the frame. Some of photoshoots need some more modification or special effects. Nevertheless, I prefer to prepare most of elements on a set so the postprocessing doesn’t consume too much time. Which genre of photography do you find you have a hard time connecting with and why? Definitely it would be photo reportage. I admire people who can catch amazing moments, who are in the right time and place to take photos. Of course it happens that I take photos on weddings and other events, but I am the most loyal to artistic photography. Any current projects you’re working on? Sure! My head is full of new concepts and some of them I write down as soon as they appear. At

the moment I am working on highly confidential projects that involve f/x make-up. Unfortunately, I follow the rule that until the photoshoots are done, nobody can know what it would be. Which is most important to you and why: lighting, subject, or location? Everything is important, I think. There’s no interesting photo without a good subject. Poor lighting usually means poor composition and lack of climate. The same is true for location. Depending on a topic I firstly search for a suitable place, then I check the lighting and finally decide where a photoshoot will take place. You work a lot from model, how important is it for you to connect with them on a photoshoot? Work with a model is very important to me. If you cannot get along with the model and you both are not on the same wavelength, there’s little chance

for a fruitful cooperation. I really like to meet new people and usually if the first photoshoot pans out, I invite the model to participate in my further projects. You hand make all of the props in your photos, how long does it take you to create the necessary things for a photo? In some photoshoots its enough to find a little flower which become a prop while in others I must focus more on planning and preparing beforehand. The idea is only the beginning; searching elements, modifying and fitting them to each other can take a lot of time. Most of the time the process involves creativity and I really enjoy preparing handmades because many new ideas come to my mind then.

Golden Age | 089

Golden Age | 095

Golden Age | 097


annya karina marttinen illustrator/graphic designer

Tell us a little background of yourself and why you began creating illustrations. My name is Annya Karina Marttinen and I am a 20 year old illustrator/graphic designer. I recently graduated with a diploma in graphic design where my program was heavily concentrated on illustration. My nanny has inspired me throughout my childhood years to paint by buying me art supplies such as oils, watercolours and canvas’s. She was an oil painter herself, painting portraits of ladies and dolls which influenced me very much. She also did a lot of miniature oil landscapes because of her incredible vision. I was always fascinated by this. Throughout high school I kept a journal in which I’d sketched and produced a lot of watercolour paintings. I did this for the fun of it and in hopes of producing something I would really be proud of. I remember my walls would be filled with paintings and sketches as well as poems. I started creating illustrations because I needed a means to express myself. I’ve

always tended to be a loner and found it difficult to create close friends due to my extremely shy nature which allowed me tons of free time and the desire to express myself through art. Later I started exploring acrylics and oils on canvas. When I graduated high school I started my program which led me to really think about illustration as a career. I was drawn to illustration in my program, not because I felt I was good at it, but because I found it the most rewarding and I felt the desire and vision of what my portfolio could look like and all the thing I wished to produce. I love being occupied and lost in something I love and that is why I chose illustration. It is a practice that I don’t ever have to put down.

I see you experiment through collaboration and multiple mediums, which is your favorite? Watercolour. This has been my favourite medium since I was very young, so I have practicing with it growing up as well as more professionally. I’ve been recently doing collaborations

to entwine watercolour with photographic imagery and have had some very exciting outcomes.

Would you consider your work to be conceptual or decorative? I would consider my work to be both. They create a story either subtle or my work always has a concept or underlying feeling behind it which is conveyed through the visuals or more strongly in the title. I would say that the basis of my work is conceptual but decorative in a way that is the icing to the cake. I’m very quiet so I feel compelled to have concept that shows off who I am or what I want to say as my only means of expression. When you’re not creating art what are you doing? Going on adventures or laying around in my room conquering video games with my boyfriend as well as accompanying him on his shoots. We love to explore so a lot of my time is spent typically in forests or near lakes and waterfalls. I tend to enjoy a quiet setting so when Im not working away I am somewhere recluse.

Golden Age | 101

Where do you draw inspiration from? I get my inspiration from nature, interesting faces, quiet spaces, dolls, and memories. A lot of my inspiration comes from wandering thoughts of my imagination while traveling or lying in bed at night. Fairytales are an inspiration to me as well which translates it to me coming up with dreamy fairytale stories and settings in my mind which turns into an illustration or a series. Describe your work using 5 words. ethereal, whimsical, dismal, feminine, dreamy.

What are your typical tools you use to create your illustrations? Have you considered others? I typically use watercolour on paper with tiny brushes as well a mechanical pencil. I have explored oils, graphite, acrylic and digital but through exploration of these other tools I was led back to the original I fell in love with. I do love oils and I went on a 6 month period of using just oils, but the moment I picked up watercolours again it was a nostalgic feeling. I do explore others from time to time but generally I like to harmonize my work by using my favourites.

Golden Age | 103

Golden Age | 105

Arctic Photographer: Lea Sophie Models: Zoe West & Helena Zay Hair Stylist: Angie Phipps Wardrove: LVB Closet

Golden Age | 107

Golden Age | 111


natascha van niekerk 32 years old \\ South Africa

Do you usually create concepts ahead of time or go for it while shooting? I usually have a very clear concept in my head before I go out shooting, with specifics about model, pose, wardrobe and final outcome, but will still be flexible with the idea on the day. How did you become involved with photography? My dad always loved photography so that motivated me to get my degree in photography after finishing high school. Having a photography education definitely has its pros and cons... firstly it makes you very strong technically, and also gives you confidence in your abilities, but on the other hand its sometimes difficult to let go of your ideas about how photography “should” be used. What is your dream photography gear? I think I’m probably shooting with my dream photography gear... my process is very simple so I shoot with a Canon 5dmarkii and a 50mm lens. I would love to have a sturdy underwater housing though!

Which genre of photography do you find you have a hard time connecting with and why? I am the least attracted to a documentary style (even though I have great admiration for documentary photographers!) I’m just not that photographer that takes my camera everywhere and likes photographing events and the like. The camera is an artistic tool for me, something that helps me give expression to concepts and emotions. If you weren’t a photographer, what would you want to be? I think I would enjoy being an interior decorator. Which is most important to you and why: lighting, subject, or location? Those are very difficult options for me to choose from, because they all play an integral part in the final image... In many of my images the subject interacts and almost becomes part of the location and I love beautiful, soft lighting. Golden Age | 115

Golden Age | 119


nicolas bruno

20 years old \\ New York

Do you usually create concepts ahead of time or go for it while shooting? I will generally dwell on various concepts or invented visuals in my head for a length of time. Eventually the thoughts will find their way to paper, and at times become mixed and matched to create something completely different or pertain to a more cohesive idea. I will explore for days on end to find the setting for the shot - whether it be the forest, an abandoned building, or a barren field - then, the photographic ritual begins. What keeps your interest in photography going? The world of photography has thrown me into a life of discovery, discipline, and self reflection. In my few years of photographing, I not only have learned how to create images, but I have also acquired many other skills and abilities that I would have not been introduced to without photography. I have grasped this growing medium by the horns and will continue to break its boundaries as my technique and creativity continues to grow.

What is your dream photography gear? Right now, I feel blessed to just have my Nikon D600 with my two lenses (50mm and 1824mm). I would be ecstatic to have a 35mm lens, but I would rather spend money on props. In the near future I plan to launch a crowd funding campaign to help me afford a large tank that I can shoot an underwater series in. It’d been a dream of mine ever since I started shooting. I have no real desire or use for lighting equipment besides a flashlight or a couple of candles. Having a lot of expensive gear isn’t necessary to create a great photograph. Although, I wouldn’t mind a lifetime supply of smokebombs… How extensive is your post processing? I try to keep the post production process limited to necessary tweaks and alterations. I favor the process of layering selected shots over each other and piecing elements together, which allows me to create multiples of props and other on-set subject matter. This process is very important to me, for there are actions that

I cannot physically execute while simultaneously shooting or modeling for the photograph. Which is most important to you and why: lighting, subject, or location? Location. I keep a log of locations that I may come across when I’m exploring the woods, walking through abandoned buildings or driving around. Upon discovering a location, my brain either parts in the direction of applying an already imagined idea to the setting itself, or I begin to spark new ideas off of the visual stimulus of the environment. I believe that my photographic ritual tends to mirror a theatrical performance - and you can’t have a show without a stage, right? Describe your work in 5 words. Am I awake, or dreaming?

Golden Age | 123

Golden Age | 127

y e s s Ody Photography: Morey Spellman http://www.f Models: Morey Spellman, Elizabeth Gadd, & Jeremy Glick Assistants: Noah Friebel & Alexis Satterthwaite

Golden Age | 133


olimpia koziej-kula 24 years old \\ Poland

What keeps your interest in photography going? I seek to find new inspirations every day. While going somewhere, I look out for a new location of a photo session and when I like something I go straight to planning the way to use it. When I’m carrying out one idea, I come up with another and try to fulfill it, too. This constant search for something new makes photography so fascinating to me. Also the very fact that I can constantly develop and see my development generates great motivation for further work. I get to meet new, wonderful people all the time; with their help and actually thanks to them I can work on photography. How extensive is your post processing? My post processing normally involves enhancing contrast, colours. I don’t interfere in the photos too much. Nevertheless, I pay attention to colours while I’m taking photos. Just after the session, I get down to editing a few photos so that I can see the effect as fast as possible. I’m so impatient ;)

Which genre of photography do you find you have a hard time connecting with and why? I admire the photographers who do documentary photography. In my opinion, it requires the greatest amount of courage as well as good reflexes. What’s more, it occurs to me that it is quite stressful as we can never know what the reaction of a person who’s being photographed is going to be. I especially like documentary portraits of people. I myself don’t have enough courage to approach a stranger and take a photo of him or her. And if a given situation seems especially interesting to me, I take a photo without people’s knowledge, hiding. But who knows, maybe I’ll find the courage after all ;) For now, I’d rather admire photographs taken by others. Which is most important to you and why: lighting, subject, or location? The subject of a given session seems most crucial to me. Above all else I want the girls I photograph to look beautiful. This is my first priority. Apart

from that, I look for delicacy and mysteriousness. Location is important to me as well. Most of all, I like photographing in the open air, close to nature. However, it doesn’t matter to me if it’s in glorious sunshine or under a cloudy sky as either creates a completely different atmosphere in the photos. Is photography your future career, if not what is? I would like to work on photography as long as possible. It gives me joy and a sense of fulfillment. Portraits of women are what I like doing most. The most wonderful moments are those when after the session someone writes to me saying they haven’t expected they can look so beautiful. These are the greatest compliments to me. At such moments I feel I’m helping someone to discover the beauty they cannot notice on their own. And this is fun! :) Apart from that, I study sculpture and that’s my other passion. In the future, I would like to find professional fulfillment in those two fields. Golden Age | 139

Describe your work in 5 words. Feminine, delicate, elusive, enigmatic, peaceful.

Golden Age | 145

Model: Agnieszka Michulec

paulina wawrzoszek

21 years old \\ Poland

What keeps your interest in photography going? Every day I find interesting face, place or cloth that inspires me and gives exact idea for the new photo. Off-hand I start to sketch that idea from my mind in the notepad. I love to create final photos based on my concepts and that makes I fall in love with photography more day-to-day. How extensive is your post processing? I love conceptual photography and I want to show it in my portfolio, so post processing is very important for me. Most of this time I focus on colors enhancements and adding some magical flavor to my work. Describe your work in 5 words. Capturing frames of my dreams. Which genre of photography do you find you have a hard time connecting with and why? Definitely photojournalism. I love to prepare all details

before the final shoot. The choice of place, styling, model and composition is one of my beloved part of the work. I want to take photos from my imagination. In photojournalism not everything depends on me. If you could travel to one place to take photos where would you go and why? I love to photograph animals. In most cases my cat is a model but lastly I had a chance to take some photos with horse and its beautiful owner. Safari trip is what I dream of. I think working with beasts could be fantastic adventure. Of course, it couldn’t miss the beautiful model on the foreground. Is photography your future career, if not what is? Despite I’m an IT student I would like to be a professional photographer. Now, when I don’t have to work I would like to make my portfolio stunning. I think IT and photography are close enough to combine them in the future. Golden Age | 147

Model: Karolina

Model: Roksana Struczewska

Model: Magdalena Kleszcz

Model: Magdalena Ferdyn

Pompeii Photography and Styling: Fredrika Staf Model: Twyla Doone



20 years old \\ France

What is your dream photography gear? The gear is not important to me, what matters is to create, but like many young people of my generation I think my dream gear would be an analog camera. I received a Bilora Box 1C recently I hope I can make it work. Describe your work in 5 words. Silence. Struggle. Tension. Delirium. Double. Where do you gather inspiration from? In literature, old black and white movies, but mostly from my experiments. I try to transpose my own world into images.

If you could travel to one place to take photos where would you go and why? In a country with some tensions, in which art, life and death seem to be an idea which gets deeper in people’s mind, and this mix fascinates me. Which genre of photography do you connect with most and why? I don’t really know which sort of photography I feel close to, but I know which one I don’t: aesthetics. Anything that insists on beauty under a theme or the expression of a lyrical feeling. Actually, I feel closer to a literary genre: the Greek tragedy.

Is photography your future career, if not what is? I don’t know, whatever will be, will be!

Golden Age | 163

Golden Age | 167

Golden Age | 169


S. khan photography 17 years old \\ Canada http://www.f

How did you become involved with photography? I came across the work of Nizaad on flickr ( photos/nizaad/) and I fell in love immediately. I loved the way she used her camera to create pieces of artwork- a concept I had never been to exposed to before. The idea that I could interact so dynamically with my images was thrilling and inviting. Having been a formal drama student, I was quickly at ease with being the main character to the story I wished to entail in the image. I have been creating conceptual images for over a year now, and I still have a long way to go. All the same, I love every moment of it. It has become my therapy. Do you usually create concepts ahead of time or go for it while shooting? I have started developing my ideas ahead of time before I go out for a shoot. I usually create a rough sketch that I continuously refer to throughout the editing process so that I don’t lose the original concept I had in mind. However, it is always fun to just let go and

see how the moment and location comes together to create itself. Where do you gather inspiration from? There are so many things that inspire me, other photographers for one. There are many talented artists out there, such as Brooke Shaden and Shelby Robinson. They always inspire me to keep going, to keep trying. Other than other artists, anything has the potential to provoke a new concept. Be it trees, shoe laces, or even a piece of glass, it is what I interact with in my environment and how it impacts me that influence the stories that develop in my mind. Usually, it is simply my emotional state and how I feel that pushes me to create. What is the one thing you wish you knew when you started taking photos? Don’t be afraid of what others think, especially once you start to share your work in social forums online. The appraise or dispraise of others should not be your source of motivation, rather, it is how you feel about the image that should make the difference.

Describe your work in 5 words. Bold. Dreams. Magic. Emotion. Escape. Is photography your future career, if not what is? I have kept art throughout my life and will always keep it in my life. However, in the future, I plan on working in the medical field and possibly working in a hospital as a researcher. I do, however, plan on maintaining photography on the side. Maybe one day I will start a print business!

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Princess from Outer Space


Photographer : Stanislaw Jagiello ( assisted by Donovan Alonso-Garcia, Maxime Gobert and Laurent Gilles Stylist : Kate Aronsson-Brown @ C'est Chic Agency ( Make-up : Carmela Renato ( and Sarah Lyonnet Hair : Christophe Lambenne ( Models : Jessie @ Flag Models Agency (http://www.f, Leen Geysen, Nathalie Franรงois & Morgane Walbrecq Special thanks to Ben, Marine & Nathan.

dress by Jean Paul Knott

coat by Marjorie Vermeulen skirt by American Vintage shoes by Orane & Enora bags by Bellerose, Niyona, and Louise Leconte

dress by Agnes B cardigan by American Vintage shoes by Robert Clergerie

jacket and shorts by Christian Wijnants shoes by EXIT dress by Jean Paul Knott shoes by Robert Clergerie


samantha pugsley 24 years old \\ North Carolina

I noticed you’re about 2/3 through your 365 project, what do you feel like you’ve gained so far by starting the project? I think there are too many things to count. I’ve grown and learned so much since starting my 365. There are technical aspects such as better understanding my camera, lighting, angles, etc. And then there are so many emotional ones. I have more confidence in my ability to create. I’m no longer afraid of failure because I now know the journey is more important than the final product. I have the courage to do things I’d never thought I’d do like go topless in a field, walk into an abandoned house, or ask people to model for me. Which is most important to you and why: lighting, subject, or location? Location. For me, there is absolutely nothing like finding the perfect place to shoot. I often find myself hiking through the forest, venturing into decayed buildings, driving with nowhere to go, all for the opportunity to

find that place that to me. And when I I feel immediately and compelled to

speaks find it, inspired create.

Which genre of photography do you connect with most and why? I connect most with Fine Art photography. In this genre, I feel like I can call myself more of an artist rather than just a photographer. Fine Art allows me to create for myself using the vision that I conjured. It isn’t restrictive like other types of photography. Since its sole function is simply to create art, my final product can be whatever I want it to be. Describe your work in 5 words. Creative, Fantastical, Quiet, Dreamlike, Symbolic. Do you usually create concepts ahead of time or go for it while shooting? It’s honestly both. I keep a sketchbook of concept drawings. I have tons of them. Some are simple and others are wildly elaborate. But there are days

where all I want to do is wander. And when I find that location, I don’t wait for a concept to come to me. I grab my equipment and start creating. Where do you gather inspiration from? Nature inspires more than anything because it provides me with endless, ever-changing locations. Other photographers like Brooke Shaden, Kyle Thompson, Patty Maher, and many others. There’s an incredibly talented community of fine art photographers out there. Interacting with them and seeing their latest works, keeps me plenty inspired. I’m an avid reader of the fantasy and science fiction genre. Immersing myself in the tales of other worlds keeps my imagination fresh. Also, daydreaming plays a huge role in my inspiration. Letting my mind wonder always proves fruitful for new concepts.

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victoria söderström 29 years old \\ Sweden http://www.f

What keeps your interest in photography going? I have a lot of small stories I want to tell and I’m far from done. Expressing myself, telling stories and questioning the society drives me forward.

Describe your work in 5 words. Timeless, psychological, mystical, conceptual and poetic. How extensive is your post processing? To me photography is a way to collect material and arrange as much as I can. Then I use post processing to visualize the ideas I have in my mind. I like to create rather than capture moments and a big part of what I create is done in post processing. Post processing has no limits and that’s what I like the most about it.

If you weren’t a photographer, what would you want to be? I have a BA in psychology and I’m interested in helping and understanding people. Besides being a photographer my work is to make this world a better place. What is the one thing you wish you knew when you started taking photos? That the camera equipment isn’t that important. To me creativity, imagination and passion are more important. Which is most important to you and why: lighting, subject, or location? All of them are important but if I have to choose I would say the subject.

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