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Dear Readers,

The season of change is upon us . As the temperatures drop, we cling to art to ease our troubles. So grab a cup of tea, coffee, or hot chocolate and a blanket and snuggle up and enjoy the creative minds of some young talented artists! Love, Nikki Chicoine (

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Single Photo Feature

Harriet Moar-Smith

Holly Kerchner

Raegan Bird

Jessica Prautzsch Model: Danguole Gulbinaite Skirt: DANGUALE

Sabrina Bertram

Madelyn Smith

Patrycja Kucharzyk

Ann Redden

Ann Redden| 17

"Photography has allowed me to get in touch with my creativity side. It has allowed me to see the world differently and see beauty in the small things. It started off as nothing more than a hobby but now it has become a necessity. I’ve met so many incredible people on Flickr and without photography, that wouldn’t have happened. Your photos allow you to show what is going on inside your head without needing words and that is a truly magical thing. I am always inspired; by other photographers, books, music. It has affected my daily life because when I’m not shooting, I am thinking of concepts but I think that, ultimately, I wouldn’t have it any other way."


Anna Neubauer

"Photography is like bringing the surreal world of my imagination to life. It’s like expressing my fears and thoughts in images, and telling stories without words. Art is and has always been an essential part of my life. My photographs describe who I am more than anything else. I started doing fine art about 3 months ago, being inspired my other photographers and not having the slightest clue of where it’d get me. And it was probably the best decision I've ever made. Photography has definitely changed my life in a hundred positive ways, like learning and discovering new things every single day, which is actually my motivation to keep doing what I love."


April Rose

April Rose| 29

"Every morning I wake up bathed in the dreams of the night. Every day I must put aside remnants of the day before, choosing who I will be only in the day to come; what I must do and what I wish to become. These wishes and emotions have never found harmony before photography became such a large part of my life. The conflicts between them no longer cause me pain, but show me beautiful things through my pain. Photography has shown me that the light always triumphs over darkness, both in the act of imagemaking and in daily existence. This realization to me has been invaluable. My camera has become my closest confident, teaching me to trust myself in relation to the world around me and to look for beauty even in places others may not find it. Being able to capture those secret moments inside my human heart has ultimately shown me significance in life and a quest to uncover the things that are unseen."


Chana de moura


"I guess I can say photography affects every point of my life. I’m kind of obsessed about taking pictures. I always tell people that I believe photography is my way to express what’s inside me. A path towards a kind of redemption which helps me to stand the sad things about this life. I try to find a way to the real beauty - the one our human eyes aren’t able to see. I try to enhance the simple things so the boredom I’ve known since I was a kid is kept a apart from me, it’s because when I’m taking pictures or doing art works (I’m an art student), it feels like I’m being part of something even greater than life itself. And as I do that, I feel a better human being, I feel like I belong. Everything I believe and everything I love makes me feel like creating. I love a lot of things, I guess I’m that kind of incurable romantic person. I love nature. I’m kind of obsessive with great mysteries such as death or life (or even the ones I’ve created in my head) and I also like to study about ancient myths. I love when I’m able to open my eyes and see how beautiful a simple life can be, I love my friends and I love springtime."

Chana de Moura| 39

Christian Benetel t

"Photography is incredible to me, it is special because it allows you to capture a moment in time that can never be replaced or changed. I love taking this to new measures and really emphasising certain emotions or moods. This allows me to tell stories, create worlds and connect to people who can relate to the pictures I create. I find that photography much like music or any art form for that matter has an incredible saving power, it has helped me sail through my highest highs and saved me completely from my lowest lows – not just my own pictures but also being able to connect to other photographers work. I think conceptual photography does this especially because it really exaggerates parts of human nature and everybody can connect with that on some level. Photography will always be a huge part of my life and I never want to stop creating."


Christian Benetel| 43

Daria Pitak

“"It' ’s a shame that we are not able to show other people in a simple way pictures and stories which we create in our minds. I have been always dreaming of pocket TV sets that could display such things. However, we can make something which is close to this. Through movies and photography. I have chosen second way. When I got my first little digital camera, I was running around and shooting everything, from various types of clouds to random people. It was really important to me and still is. Taking photos is like taking with myself a little part of magic which I have seen there. And then, when I open my Photoshop, I try to restore all of that magic. I have noticed that photography affects my way of looking at places, landscapes and primarily at people. I’m permanently, subconsciously looking for objects to photograph. And this is such a terrible pain, when I don’t have my photo camera or film with myself. ”"


reflection Model- Jade turnbull @ Glamrus modelling agency Photographer- Rebecca Elizabeth (

Filip Preis


" “I think photography is the best thing that ever happened to me. I started about 3 years ago. My uncle gave me a camera and I started to take photos of everything. I was practicing a lot and I became better. It tought me how to show hidden beauty. For me, the most important thing in photography is to show things which other people cannot see. To demonstrate ordinary moments and things in unusual way. Taking photos is one of the most important things in my entire life. Photography was with me since I was a little kid and it will stay with me forever. �"

Filip Preis| 73

Gurbir Grewal

"Photography has become too important to me for it has given me a medium through which I can show my audience how I see the world around me. Having never been a very open person, for a long time I found it very difficult to express myself in any way. However, I’ve recently let my imagery step in and speak for me. I have always seen great emotional depth in people and seeing beauty in nature is a given; by marrying these elements in to my images I hope to communicate the things always trapped in my mind’s eye. I also must acknowledge that I’ve ever come across a more inspiring community than that of the other young photographer’s I’ve met through my pursuits in photography. Besides developing my creative aesthetic itself through hours of research and practice nothing has affected my creativity more deeply than the work, encouragement, and critique of other artists. We are all invaluable resources for each other."


Gurbir Grewal| 77

Gurbir Grewal| 79

The Sketchbook Artist Kimberley Jenkins

What is your favorite Where do you find inspiration to create? Everywhere! Magazines and blogs tend to inspire me the most to create, as they are filled with soo much creativity and eye candy! Even though it’s not very profound to say it but also the bills and a little mouth to feed can be very ‘motivating’ to get creating. When and why did you begin creating art? I’ve created things for as long as I can remember, I’ve always loved to draw and create. I only started selling my creations and talents when I was pregnant with my first child as you can never have too many sources of income, especially with the added pressure of a child depending on you. Kimberley Jenkins| 81

What other mediums do you work with? I mainly work in pencil but I have recently started to edit my drawings digitally and I love it! I thought seeing as I’m a traditionalist at heart I would hate using a graphics tablet and photoshop for portraits, but it’s such a joy to see colour in my work even if it is just a splash. I would never have the courage to use watercolour on an original portrait so digital is the next best thing.. if I make a mistake I simply just go back a step. What do you hope to accomplish with your art? At first all I wanted to accomplish was just to have beautiful drawings that I am proud to call my own but now I really want to make a living from it also. To be able to love your day job is everyones dream, isn’t it?

If you could choose only one medium of art to use for the rest of your life what would it be and why? t would definitely be the humble pencil! It’s my goto medium. No matter what medium I use, it always starts in pencil as that is what I’m most comfortable with, it’s like an extension of my arm. What would you call your style of art? My style would be traditional with a contemporary twist. Slight contradiction there but especially since I’ve been dabbling with the graphics tablet I would say that style ticks all of the boxes for my work. To view more of Kim’s artwork please visit: www.thesketchbookartist. Kimberley Jenkins| 83

Kimberley Jenkins| 85

“"Ever since I was a child, art has been a form of joy, escape, coping, and magic for me. When I began my 365 project on March 1st, I was thrown into a mindset I had not visited since I was about eleven years old. A mindset where all that mattered was that I was creating art and adventuring. Returning to that outlook after all these years has been an incredibly emotional, uplifting, and empowering journey. Photography holds no end to its possibilities-with a photograph, you are solidifying a moment in time that can be shared with anyone. With it, you can convey ideas, tell stories, or simply remind yourself and others of the beauty that exists in the world. I have a very optimistic side to me that is contrasted by my lighter tendency toward cynicism. Photography nurtures my optimistic side and floods out the cynicism. Through this journey, I am getting to know myself better than ever before--I am learning who I am as an adult, and I am forming and choosing who I will grow to become. To say that I’m grateful to have found photography as a release would be a vast understatement." �


Kindra Timmerwilke| 89

Korinne Bisig

Korinne Bisig| 93

Being introduced to photography has definitely changed my life. I used to be less open with people and too afraid to let my emotions out, but this art has given me a way to express those feelings in a healthy way. Now, whenever I’ve had a bad day or I’ve been dealing with something, I can just turn to photography and I instantly feel better. There’s just something about being in front of the camera and creating a work of art that’s so therapeutic. Selfportraiture has also boosted my self-esteem. Art teaches you to find the beauty in everything, and because of that I’ve found the beauty in myself and come to love myself even more. Not only that, photography is helping me find my place in this world; helping me find who I am.


Korinne Bisig| 95

citrus beauty

Lilly Sophie K端hn

"I think Photography is much about mood and impression and about want to be understood. In a special way. I try to find myself through my pictures. Maybe I impress myself, but maybe I impress what I can't say. I search for something what I can't say with words, and this is my way. I can relax when I take photos and I love the moment when I look at my analogue pictures the first time after development. I like the thought of freezing youth and memories."


Lilly Sophie Kuhn| 109

"My passion is levitation and fine art photography. It’s a way for me to escape reality into an ethereal realm; where I can defy gravity, walk on water, play a different character, and make dreams come true. Anything I imagine I can create. As a young child, I was heavily influenced by my grandmother, a very talented storyteller who filled my cousins and I with the most vivid imaginations. In her stories my cousins and I were apart of the “cousin’s team; ” where we embarked on wild adventures, used our magical powers to conquer evil, and transported ourselves to any part of the world through a magic bubble. Her stories serve as inspiration for my work, and allow me to exercise my creative freedom. Every image I create is dedicated to my beloved grandmother, who gave me the gift of dreaming."


Mandy Rosen| 115

Marci e Pagliaro

"All my life, I have had an over active imagination but never had a real visual way of expressing it. Once I found photography about a year ago, I have been able to temporarily escape reality and become part of my imagination through images. My photos feed off my emotions; without it, I would not be able to express myself the way I do. It has really opened up the eyes to those around me so that they can see what I see, the the worlds hidden around every corner."


Marcie Pagliaro| 121

Margi Rentis

Margi Rentis| 125

Living in Athens, Greece and being able to travel to so many European countries for 5 years really opened my eyes metaphorically speaking and taught me to appreciate the beauty around me. Photography started out as a way of documenting other people's and my high school experience because I was part of the yearbook team. Photographing various school events made me realize that without photos, I wouldn't remember any of the places I've been to or the people I've met. Being able to creatively capture a moment in time or an emotion felt at that instant became a passion very quickly. Not only has it affected my life in a positive way, but I have somehow also managed to make those around me understand that keeping memories forever in a physical or digital form is truly a luxury. Now, I take my documenting to another level; making concepts, dreams, and crazy ideas come to life through photographs.


Margi Rentis| 127

Ripening Photography, makeup, styling : Natalia Lowicka ( Models: Kinga Borys, Ula Czochanska

Nicole Pag a n

w w w . n i c o l e p a g a n . c o m

"Photography has open me so many doors and dreams. It has made me a believer, a winner, a lover, a fighter, a thinker and a dreamer But above it all it has made me myself. Photography means the world to me It gave me the opportunity to fly to another country, to learn, to be a greater person, to trust myself. And made me know that I can accomplish anything I want in life.I now believe in myself and that I can be great Thanks to Photography."


Nicole Pagan| 143

In Golden Glow

Photographer: Nuala Swan ( Models: Kirstin Gribbin and Ellis O’Connor at Colours Make Up: Afuah Atuahene Hair: Mera Finlayson Shirt: Beaten Crimson

Rhiannon Connelly

Rhiannon Connelly| 153

Photography, to me, is the greatest form of self expression. It’s is my way of reaching out into the world and showing who I am, because I see each photo as a part of myself. Each photo is inspired by either my own life and journey or things that have moved me and fascinated me (like mythology and fairytales). The joy I get from creating a photo is incredible, I love the feeling translating a concept into something tangible. When I am working creatively I feel alive, you literally can’t wipe the smile off my face. I love being able to share my work with others and have them understand what I am trying to say. Photography has helped me to appreciate the small things in life, as I’m constantly looking at the world as if through a lens. It’s also helped me to realise that I’m capable of anything and that living a creative life is what I’m meant to be doing.


Rob Woodcox

Rob Woodcox| 159

**Rob is a recent winner of Canon's Project Imagination Contest "My entire life has been transcribed with the art of story. When I look back on what I have experienced, as I think many do, my life returns to me as a series of good, bad, beautiful, and ugly stories. Although these memories had concrete meaning at the time they took place, the edges have started to morph and change, becoming something entirely new. The things that shaped me at one point change and adapt to where I currently stand today, at a place where my vantage point has changed. As much as my life changes and becomes something continuously new, I want to change and renew others around me through the art I create. As much as my memories have shaped who I am today, my photography has begun to shape how I see the world, and how I change the course of its development. Through my lens I will create new stories that can conquer and defeat the negativity that lurks on this Earth and use the gifts God has given me to help people see themselves for who they were truly created to be. No matter what a person believes, they deserve to reach their full potential and learn how it feels to accomplish dreams. By bridging the gap between my creativity and my longing to help others, photography makes me who I am today." �


Rob Woodcox| 161

Samantha English


I’ve always been a person who talks a lot. I’ve always been able to chat my head off with people, probably even to the annoyance of some. I’m confident in speaking. However, I am also a person who feels like she has a lot of words and no way to say them. I over think myself, and many times the things I would like to voice get lost in the shuffle of my mind. I’m not confident in my voice. For someone who talks so much, I really say so little. The thing that I have always loved about art, though, is that it has its own voice, and it speaks louder than almost anything. What is amazing about art is that it reflects not only the creator but the viewer, and it changes something in both. The expression “a picture is worth a thousand words” is absolutely literal. Art can say as much as any voice can. What is most special about photography for me is that I found a voice in it that is different from anything else I’ve come across. I found an expression that is my own, and reflects me, and gets my words out. To me, there is nothing else in the world more wonderful and more rewarding. I love photography because I found my voice in a mixture of clicks and sliding tripods , and it makes me smile wider than ever before.

Shana Carrara

Shana Carrara| 171

"I found photography in a very dark period of my life. Photography took the pain away, it gave me hope, joy and my life back. It helped me find new aspect of me that I didn’t know to have. It has become a part of me, my secret place where I feel safe. When I create a story I have to deal with my emotions, my dreams and visions. I try to compress them into the photo so that everytime I leave a part of me in it. Photography has totally changed my way of looking inside and outside me, now every little detail counts. Now I can see."


Shana Carrara| 173

Sylwia Bajera

"I’m a not a talkative person. Why should I use sooo many words actually saying... nothing at all? I prefer telling stories with my photography. With no words. Less is more, as the saying goes. There are really many ways of interpreting photos, it depends on people’s personality and sensitivity. Photography helps us to see the invisible. You have no limits. It’s only a matter of your imagination. Pictures can take you to new world full of magic. It’s the best way to make your dreams come true. Now I know that the “looking” isn’t enough – I have to see. Different people can see something... “different” looking at the same thing. Photography is very important to me because it helps me to show my emotions and my view of the world."


Sylwia Bajera| 189

Kitsch Weekend Photography: Thomas Cole Simmonds ( Model: Abi Green ( Make-up/Hair/Styling: Angela Amelia (

Victoria Craft

Victoria Craft| 199


" “With photography you end up on all of these crazy adventures. I’ll go out with my friends to do a shoot and end up in a completely different county. Also you never know what the outcome is going to be when you take a photograph. Its affected me in the way that it acts as a reminder of everything Ive gone through & holds on to memories I am terrified of forgetting. ”"

Victoria Craft| 201


*Cover photo by Gurbir Grewal

Harriet Moar-Smith Holly Kerchner Raegan Bird Jessica Prautzsch Sabrina Bertram Madelyn Smith Patrycja Kucharzyk Ann Redden Anna Neubauer April Rose Chana de moura Christian Benetel Daria Pitak Liz Ke Rebecca Elizabeth Filip Preis Gurbir Grewal Kimberley Jenkins Kindra Timmerwilke Korinne Bisig Lea Sophie Lilly Sophie K端hn Mandy Rosen Marcie Pagliaro Margi Rentis Natalia Lowicka Nicole Pagan Nuala Swan Rhiannon Connelly Rob Woodcox Samantha English Shana Carrara Sophia Kahlenberg Sylwia Bajera Thomas Cole Simmonds Victoria Craft


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