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I hope you enjoy the inspiration that is showcased in this magazine. In my designing I hope to make everything look asethic and feel clean, but also be exciting at the same time. I’m looking for this magazine to feature not only just photographers that you may know of from the internet world, but also some that you may not know exsist and deserve more attention for their amazing work. Please feel free to contact any of the featured photographers about their work, and just to get to know them! They are all wonderful, beautiful people!


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16 years old From Arizo




“I like to shoot people who have impacted my life. I want to capture how I am feeling and seeing that person in that moment. I like looking back through photos and having it all flood back to me, I enjoy putting a personal spin on it..�

Who are your favorite photographers and why? Some of my favorites are Alexis Mire, Allie Stoller, Francesca Woodman, Steve Skafte, and Nirrimi Hakanson. They have influenced me to see the world in new lights and ways. They all have such personal photography types, it’s inspiring to see someone put so much of themselves into a photograph. What is your favorite subject to shoot and why? I like to shoot people who have impacted my life. I want to capture how I am feeling and seeing that person in that moment. I like looking back through photos and having it all flood back to me, I enjoy putting a personal spin on it. What equipment do you use? I use a Canon EOS Rebel XSi with a 50mm lens and a Mamiya 7.


These are my three favorites, they are some of the most of my photographs for different reasons, they evoke diff

personal photos I have ever taken. I like the majority ferent emotions from me, they all are important to me.


Anne Morten

18 years old from Denmark


What do you do besides photography? School takes up most of my time, when I have time of I mostly concentrate on taking or editing photos, or simply just get inspired at flickr ;) other than that I play piano. and I’m trying to start making small movies, but that is kind of related to photography.

Do you think film or digital photography is better? I really love shooting both digital and film, but, to me, it’s two completely different things. You only have one chance with film so you have to really think about where and when to shot, and something like that really doesn’t matter in digital. But I really think everyone should try and shoot some film, because I’ve learned a lot in my digital photography as well. I don’t just shoot a million shots and see whether I’m lucky or not, I’ve started to really think about composition, lightning, color etc.

What equipment do you use? I just got a Canon 5D mark ii (!!!!) and it’s basically the camera of my dreams and I always shoot with my 50mm f/1.8 lens. Before the 5D I had a Canon 500D, which is a terrific camera as well. For my film photos I mainly use my Canon AE-1, which is wonderful as well. Other than that I have a Leica D-lux 5.

Would you ever consider starting a project (365 or 52 weeks)? I really considered doing a 365 once, therefore I tried making a Novembers-project where I took and uploaded a photo from each day in November, and that was really not very succesfull, because I’m too busy with school and I don’t think photos should be forced. But I really adore the concept so maybe once in the future I’ll try it out :)

e t i r o v a f y m e s u e r a a c e s b t i a s r t o r a t o o l P l h “ e p t f o t o u s s d o e n y i r k p x w e o l t l s a u j y y l e p th m i s r � . o g y n r i l o e t s a fe

Ashleigh Wa 19 years old from Northern California


What is your favorite subject to shoot and why? My favorite subject to shoot are people. Whether it’s candids, or creative portraits, I adore it. I’m the kind of person that feels that almost every picture could be improved with the right person in it. Taking pictures of people is a constant challenge, it’s never going to be just a matter of the settings in your camera, it’s a matter of your vision; and that to me is a driving force. Another thing about taking pictures of people, is seeing their reactions to getting their right angle, maybe letting them see themselves in a way that they don’t normally. When I take pictures of a girl who doesn’t think that she’s beautiful, and she cries because she finally see’s it, there isn’t much better. Do you prefer digital or film photography? I absolutely love both. I love how easy digital is, I love that my pictures are right at my fingertips because I’m a very impatient person at times. And I love that you can see how you’re progressing during the shoot, and how much freedom you have to make your vision come alive. I also love film though, how effortless you can not only capture memories but also the feelings that come along with those memories. There’s something fantastic about getting a developed roll of film and going back to whenever the pictures were taken, and feeling like you’re experiencing it all over again.

“I’m a very big dreamer, and I feel like in order to be something you have to see yourself as such.”

Who are your favorite photographers and why? I would have to say that the two photographers that have impacted me the most are Rosie Hardy and John Keatley. When I was younger, I remember getting my first camera and finding out what flickr was. One of the first people I found was Rosie Hardy, and her pictures fascinated me; and I can honestly say that she is the reason that I have been taking pictures for the last five years. Without fail she has inspired me to do more with my photos. As my tastes grew into my own I started to look more into other photographers where I stumbled upon John Keatley, who’s pictures embody everything I love about photos, his portrait work amazes me and he just inspires me to try ever harder to reach my goals. Would you ever attempt another 365? I actually plan to do another project very soon, possibly this new year. It pushed me so hard the first time, and taught me so much about who I am and it improved me so much. Though it was rough, it was so worth it.


19 years old from New York

When and why did you start photography? Just as most artists would say, I have always loved art growing up. In middle school though, I picked up a camera but just took pictures of friends. It was not until I started high school that I realized that I really enjoyed photography and started to pursue it more seriously. What are some your favorite and least favorite photos that you’ve ever taken? It’s hard to chose but some of my favorites would have to be the photographs I took during my 365 on my winter break. Being back home in my natural environment after my first semester of college really inspired me and gave me a boost of creativity. My least favorite would definitely have to be most of the color film images I created last semester for my studio class. I had a bad semester emotionally and just was not very into color film. I definitely did learn from color film as far as color correction goes and hope to try it again and hopefully be more successful this time. How do you feel you have grown as a photographer so far? Through my 365 and school I have definitely learned more technical wise. I have become more familiar with my camera, I have paid more attention to light, I have framing and depth of field in consideration. If you saw my portfolio to get into school, you would see a complete 360 in how my work has changed in the course of only 2 years!

What did you learn about yourself through your 365? I learned that if I set my mind to something, as cliche as it sounds, I can accomplish it. When people start a 365 they really don’t understand the commitment but I amazingly somehow stuck with it and produced 365 images... and a video! I actually thought about my 365 everyday and what I would do the next day so the project was always a priority in my mind.

Would you ever attempt another project (365 or 52 weeks)? Why or why not? I wouldn’t say a 365 just because I completed one so I know I can accomplish it. As much as I liked the project, I don’t think I would put myself through that again. But a 52 week... we will see. :)

s w a p y t t e r p


Photo by Anikki Giessler

Photo by Trish Angie Tan


Photo by Ashleight Walker

Photo by Trish Angie Tan

Photo by Sierra Ducote

Photo by Sierra Ducote

Photo by Ashely Collins

Photo by Ashleight Walker


sier Aristregui 18 years old from Northern Spain

What inspires you? Well, I usually say that I’m a sponge. I get inspired from everything, from music to feelings, paintings, books, movies, light... It’s not just about one thing, but, my biggest source of inspiration is Music. What do you do besides photography? I’m on my A-levels, so I have to study so much. Besides that I draw, Swim and runwith my dog in the forest, it feels so good to be in the middle of trees, listening the wind, and forget about everything. Who are your favorite photographers and why? I do have so many photographers, but my essentials are Annie Leivobitz whose fashion portratuires I adore and the atmosphere she gets in her work, and Lara Jade, since she started with an amateur camera and ended being a really remarkable photographer. Of course these are just a few, I also enjoy with Rosie Hardy, Lissy Elle, Joey L. and I admire them. What are your favorite and least favorite photographs? I will rescue you is my latest one and my favourite, I like the simetry on it and the way how each side looks. One of them is static, the other one is full of movement. Actually I don’t like almost my whole work, I tend to put so many elements on the image, that’s my biggest mistake, but if I would have to choose one I would say “Your Fault”. Would you ever consider starting a project (365 or 52 weeks)? Yes, actually i have been thinking about making one for a long time, but i have not done it before since it’s so hard being on the A-levels at the same time. Improvement and friends, that’s my goal on this. I don’t feel comfortable yet with my photography skills, so, it’s time to change that. Also I want to prove to myself that I can make such a big thing.

Beata RydĂŠn 26 years old from Sweden


“In 2009 I bought my first DSLR and was a photo some other comissions. I never dared to realize a

“Since April 2011, I´ve been doing photography fo that I´m heading at the right direction, and n

ographer for a magazine in Gothenburg and took any of my visual ideas, they stayed in my head.�

or real. And now, for the first time in my life, I feel nothing will ever make me change my mind!�

What are you favorite and least favorite photos that you’ve ever taken? I take a lot of photos that I don´t like, but I rarely post them to my flickr or homepage. If I have to choose one from my flickr-page, I will have to say it´s “The flower effect” that was an image I created for the Teleidoscope-group on flickr. My favourites are always the ones where I feel I succeeded in visualising my idea. At the moment, my favorite is “Finding peace” because that concept means very much to me.

What is your favorite sub My ideas often comes from my th existing in this world and how we model in almost all of my works. It´s moment, though I would love to work

Who are your favorite photographers and why? Lovisa Ringborg, Vee Speers, Brooke Shaden, Lissy Elle, Karrah Kobus and Studio Seek. All of them have their own uniqe style. Their images are very special and imaginative. Images that gives you a magical feeling, images that show you something you don´t see in the ordinary world. Images that presents inner worlds, dreamworlds or simply shows you the world in a different way.

bject to shoot and why? houghts about being human, about e live our lives. I use myself as a s easy and works best for me at the k more with other people in the future.

Benedict Sche

19 years old from Minneso


ota tscheuer/

What else do you do besides photography? I enjoy hiking and running around in the woods camping, drawing and trying my hands in all forms of art, skiing (Nordic and Downhill), canoeing, cliffing, reading, soccer, being a kid while hanging with other kids, and laughing—I love that.

Who are your favorite photographers and why? Sally Mann, because her photos are like little pebbles that you forever want to carry in your pocket (I feel like I am subconsciously stealing this metaphor, but I’m not sure‌). As well as Alison Scarpulla, for the same reason.

“Nature is, by far, my

Skeleton branches, misting dirt trails, fr ability to get lost in it all. I’m currently d

interaction with nature, intimately and quiet

largest fire of inspiration.

rozen waterfalls, barreling waves, and my drawn to any such style that captures human

tly. I’m very much in love with quiet photos.�

Delaney Verger 19 years old from Florida


“I think there’s just somethi about photographing yourself. different person behind the len change the way you look or th through the pictures you can like telling a story about who

ing so genuine and interesting You can become a completely ns and I love how much you can he way you might be perceived take and edit of yourself. It’s o you are without any words.�

Who are your favorite photographers and why?

My favorite photographers change quite a lot. Recently I’ve been loving Savannah Daras’s photos because of her use of colors and her fantastic bokeh. I love Kelly Marie’s photos because they just always have such wonderful emotion. I adore Ally Jade’s photos because they’re so real and honest. She’s actually one of my main reasons for starting photography in the first place. It’s hard for me to choose only a few because so many different people and photographs inspire me on a daily basis!

Which is better, film or digital?

To be honest, it’s really hard for me to decide which is better. I adore digital just because you can do so much with it. The original photo can turn out to be something completely different than the outcome, and I don’t think you can create that same effect with film. But film has such a beautiful quality to it that you can’t recreate in a digital photo, no matter how much editing you put into it. I would love to experiment with film so I can truly decide that answer for myself.

Would you ever consider doing a 365 or 52 weeks project?

Yes, I would definitely consider doing a 365 project. In fact, I’m hoping to take one up as soon as the new year starts.

What equipment do you use?

Right now I use a Nikon D80 with an 18-135mm lens. I also use a Sigma 105mm macro lens occasionally. I stick to a tripod and a remote for self pictures most of the time.

If you could go anywhere to take photos, where would you go? There are so many places I would to love to explore with my camera! I would love to go some place with woods or a forest. Someplace where I could document myself in different seasons. I would love to try self portraits in a city setting too though, like on the streets of New York. Really, I’m up to going anywhere new!

ALBUMS YOU SH A Rush of Blood to the Head Coldplay Surrealistic Pillow Jefferson Airplane

The First Days of Spring Noah and the Whale

Hunky Dory David Bowie

OK Computer Radiohead

Led Zeppelin III Led Zeppelin

This is Happening LCD Soundsystem

everybody else is doing it why cant we? The Cranberries

Edward Sha Magneti

Are you In The Gr

Brea Gem

Blood on t Bob D

HOULD KNOW Lover Boy Brett Dennen

arpe and the ic Zeros

Rumours Fleetwood Mac

n or Out? rowlers

Beatles for Sale The Beatles

Dark Side of the Moon Pink Floyd

Bookends Simon & Garfunkel

Easy Beat Dr Dog

The Creek Drank the Cradel Iron & Wine

Helplessness Blues Fleet Foxes

akers m Club

the Tracks Dylan

Hailey Cothran 18 years old from Oregon


When and why did you start photography? This is a pretty hard question to answer, but I feel like I got involved in photography around 8th grade. I purchased my own crappy pentax camera and then went on vacation to a woodsy area, and there I took many pictures...of mostly nothing. I think that’s when I realized I could use the camera in a creative way and create.

Who are your favorite photographers and why? My all time favorite photographer is definitely Jerry Uelsmann. Not only are his creative manipulations amazing, but he did them all in the darkroom! Unfortunately my high school got rid of the darkroom, but when I get my hand on a darkroom he is going to inspire me to try some techniques and hopefully create some manipulations.


nature with humans almos

one with what we all see and love bu

st makes them one with nature, and

ut maybe don’t pay much attention to.�

Jamie Wyma

16 Years old from Southern Califor


rnia 6/

“I got into light painting when I saw a picture of Picasso doing a light painting in a very old picture. I went on YouTube and watched light painting tutorials to see how to do it. I tried it that night and I fell in love with it. Now, it’s my favorite type of photography and I’m glad I’ve found my own style.”

“I feel like my photography has developed greatly over time. It’s hard to get the hang of light painting, but as you practice, you start to learn how light and dark affects how the photo will turn out. You start to know what techniques to use in order to make your picture look a certain way. I just improvise and invent as I go along and I learn by my mistakes. I still make many mistakes, but I know so much more now that I’m able to take some really great pictures.”

Would you ever consider doing a 365 or 52 weeks Project?

I don’t think I could do a 365-day project. High school, homework, and wrestling practice keep me so busy that I wouldn’t be able to take a picture every day. I could probably manage a 52-week project since I have more time on the weekends. Do you plan or free-style your shoots?

Sometimes I plan my shoots and sometimes I free-style them. I only plan my shoot when I get inspired and I have an idea for a picture. But sometimes, I have no inspiration or ideas. This is when I free-style my shoots. Sometimes, just running around crazy with glow sticks can spark some new ideas. What do you do besides photography?

Besides photography, I go to high school and I wrestle on the high school wrestling team. I also do kickboxing and jujitsu. I like to draw, read, and watch TV as well.

Madeline Thorn

17 years old from


m Virginia madeline/

“If I could go anywhere, I’d go t as a tourist and saw so many inc just dying to go back, find a Paris

to Paris. I went this past summer credible photo opportunities that I’m sian model, and take great pictures.�

What is in your future for photography? I’ve thought about having a real photography studio or doing freelance for National Geographic or something like that.

Who are your favorite photographers and why? My favorite photographers are Eve Arnold because of her fantastic portraits of Marilyn Monroe, Alec Von Bargen because of the fact that all of his pictures are taken with a simple point-and-shoot, and so pictures embody the principles of design, and julianbialowas on flickr because of his gorgeous but simple landscapes and typography.

Nicole McK

16 years old http://www.flick


d from California

What did you learn about yourself through your 365? My 365 was hard, as I’m sure anyone will say if they’ve completed one. Some days y just plain exhausted from hours of homework. I learned that I could push myself to more self-confidence. As I took mostly self-portraits, I had to learn to ignore the s matter what other people say but after my 365, I really understood what it meant.

How do you feel you have grown as a photographer so far? My 365 really helped me grow as a photographer. It was my starting point and l when I first started taking pictures. I learned by my mistakes and reading around don’t feel like I’ve settled into any particular style, I’m still floating around.

What is your favorite subject to shoot and why? Would it be incredibly narcissistic if I said myself? I’m not very good at explaining ideas in my head. When I take self-portraits it feels a lot more personal and almos want to take in my head and just work with that. I often times don’t even fully und

What inspires you the most? Poetry. Poetry in trees, in light, in stolen moments. There are words hidden everywhere just waiting to be found and captured just the right way. And no matter how many people bottle them up, they will always be different. Photography allows me to save these moments in a way I can’t do with words. When and why did you start photography? My best friend and I used to always take silly (and now slightly embarrassing) photos when we were younger but I didn’t start taking photography seriously until I was around 16. I had just discovered Flickr and was amazed by all the incredible photographers out there. I soon realized that I didn’t have to simply dream about taking pictures, I could make that dream a reality. I asked my uncle, who is a professional photographer, what would be a good first camera to buy and in response he gave me his “old” camera (a Nikon D70). I was ecstatic and immediately after I got it, started a 365.

you just don’t feel like taking picture, maybe you’re sick or you feel ugly or you’re o do what seemed impossible if I only just made the effort. I also learned to have strange stares I received. Before my 365 I believed in doing things you love no .

looking back I can see my progress. I was completely clueless about everything d the internet (although I preferred to just dive in). I’m definitely still growing and I

g my ideas to other people, or at least out loud, so it’s much easier to just keep my st as if I’m in on some secret. For me, it’s easier as well, to have an image of what I derstand it, I just work with the feelings and emotions I’m imagining.

Painters to

Kelly Vivanco

Duy Huynh

Eric Fortune

Martha Mayer Erlebacher

o check out

Esao Andrews

Bao Pham

Jeremy Enecio

Mary Jane Ansell




elya Markova

28 years old from Siberia

“I like portraying people the most. People’s emotions are unique, their eyes are just amazing and can hide a lot of secrets which can be revealed in the photo.”

Where do you see yourself in the future for photography? It’s a very difficult question. I’ve loved photography the only way for me to show a story which was born I’ll be able to have my own exhibition. I think for

Do you plan your shoots or free-style them? I usually plan my shoots. Different pictures appear in my m are not pictures but words.

Who are your favorite photographers and why? I have a lot of favourite photographers. The photo Margaret Cameron, John Robert Parsons, Francesca know these photographers I was inspired by famous Millet and, of course, Viktor Vasnetsov. I think it was and lightning. Whereas the former showed me that

since I was a child. Photography has always been in my head. I’m still doing it and I hope that one day an artist being known is the most important thing.

mind and I need to bring them to life. Sometimes these

ographers who greatly influenced my work are Julia a Woodman and Brooke Shaden. Before I got to painters such as John W. Waterhouse, John Everett s them who taught me the basic rules of composition I can do whatever I want and there are no limits.

Rostam Am

22 years old from New Yo


ork i/

I learned most of flickr and from trial a tons and tons of for flickr descriptions or then just go out and

My favorite photographers are probably Alex Stoddard, Karrah Kobus, Brad Wagner, Annie Leibovitz, Sean Armenta, Tim Walker, and Rosie Hardy. Most of my faves are from flickr and to be honest I haven’t really seen much other work. I do really like Ansel Adams, too, but I wouldn’t necessarily say hes a fave :)

my ‘technique’ from and error. I would read rmspring answers and r refer to google and d try different things.

I would absolutely consider doing a 52 week project, maybe after I figure out all of the technical things and master lighting so that I can concentrate on growing my actual content and ‘art’and nothavetoworryabout that stuff on top of coming up with concepts. The 365 seems so daunting! Maybe in the future, but certainly not in the immediate.

“I definitely enjoy models far more than self portraits. I think there is something special about working with someone else, which is a large part of photography in my eyes. I also don’t photograph well so I prefer being behind the camera :)�

Sara Q

18 years old fro


om Pennsylvania

You’re almost done yo While many people attempt a 365, few finish, and of tho really admired people who did shoot everyday, and I kn more connected to my medium. Most days I really ha friend that is always there. Sometimes I don’t want it the end of the year, I am going to be extremely sad for a whi gressed, and proud that I was able to shot everyday. It is it will be a hard

our 365 now, what’s next? ose, not all of them shoot everyday for a year. I have always new that it was the only way for me, as an artist, to become ate my 365, but some days I really love it. It has become a ere, but regardless it always is. I think when I lose that at the ile. But I will also be extremely proud of how far I have propossible that for a while, I will still shoot everyday, because habit to fall out of.

Who are your favorite photographers and why?

T i m Wa l k e r, a n d B r o o k e Shaden are only two, but it is their styles that I pull from the most. Both of these artists create photos that are not obser vational pieces, but setting up a shot to use colors and textures and certain models to create a whole dif ferent world.

What else do you do besides photography?

I d e s i g n an d c onst r u c t cl ot h i ng . Most of my gar ments, li ke my photos, h ave a c on c e pt w it h t h e m . As of n ow, I pl an on goi ng to c ol l e ge for f a s h i on d e s i g n . Wh i l e t h at i s w h at I e nj oy d oi n g m ore t h a n a ny t h i n g , I a l s o re a l l y l i k e s h o ot i n g my ow n g ar m e nt s , b e c au s e I k n ow w h at t h e c on c e pt w a s for t h e d re s s , and I am able to pull that concept into the photograph.


20 years old http://ww

ri Wright

from South Carolina

“I love shooting people, especi in front of a camera. In the beg el all the time, but that got things about photography now is model(s). It’s about the experi

ially people who know how to act ginning, I used myself as a modso boring. One of my favorite the interaction I have with the ience, not just a final image.�

Who are your favorite photographers and why? I have to admit, I’m not that familiar with photographers. I’ve always wanted to go into the film industry, so I’ve always been inspired by filmmakers, rarely photographers. Joe Wright is constantly one of my favorites, but Alfred Hitchcock and Stanley Kubrik are two legendary classics that I will constantly be inspired by. My most recent project though involves harsh flash, and my inspirations for that series are Juergen Teller and Terry Richardson.

Do you plan your shoots or free-style them? I generally plan shoots with a vague idea but no specifics at all. I will have a few images or themes to inspire me, and I share those ideas with the model so they know what I have in mind. Then I just figure out what I want to do in the spur of the moment. Elements that occur during the moment of the shoot, like the model or the location, inspire me, so I don’t find it necessary to have a definite plan.

When and why did you start photography? I started photography just over two years during my freshman year in college. I’m from a sports-oriented family and wasn’t really able to pursue art until then. I started photography, because I was at an extremely unstable moment in my life. I started by using my point-and-shoot digital camera, then I “borrowed” my parents dslr. I realized that photography made me happy during a difficult time. It’s a long story, but essentially, photography saved my life.

COMPLETE LIST OF Anikki Giessler Anne Mortensen Ashleigh Walker Ashley Collins Sierra Ducote Trish Angie Tan Asier Aristregui Beata Ryden Benedict Sheuer Delaney Verger Hailey Cothran Jamie Wyman Madeline Thornton Nicole McKeon Lelya Markova Rostam Amighi Sara Quigley Tori Wright

**Cover photograph done by Ashleigh Walker


Golden Age

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Golden Age - Issue One  

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Golden Age - Issue One  

issue one of a new inspirational photography magazine!

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