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Solar energy Gotland tops the sun league year after year

an island to suit every pallet Locally produced world-class culinary crafts

8 coastal gems ...well worth a visit or two


Wag your tail if you like non alcoholic ale! Easy Rider Bulldog from Gotlands Bryggeri. The first non alcoholic IPA in Sweden. Fresh with a pleasantly hoppy aroma and a well balanced malty sweetness. Available at your local supermarket!


Not only your best Day Party ever - we have great food too!



Det bästa av två världar Skärgårdsklippa eller rauk i sommar? Båda, säger vi! Snabbaste vattenvägen till Gotland går via Västervik och gör det lätt som en saffranspannkaka att kombinera två av Sveriges grymmaste sommardestinationer. Din officiella guide hittar du på

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“Around the world on one island”

SUDERSAND. One kilometre of Sudersand beach on the east side of Fårö. 6

Solar energy Year after year, Gotland vies for the top spot in terms of hours of sunlight in Sweden, so you could say that Gotland is the island of the sun. With close to 800 kilometres of unbroken horizon, sandy beaches and little coves, it is no wonder that beach life beckons. But there is more to this island than the sun and the beach. You will be captivated by the magnificent landscape, full of contrasts. From the wild and windswept north, to the flowering meadows of the south. Beside the magnificent landscape, there are plenty of things to see and do. Experience Visby’s exciting history, enjoy good food and take in the unique Gotland atmosphere. Come here to discover the many sides of Gotland – Around the world on one island.


DIGERHUVUD. Gotland’s largest field of sea stacks can be found on the west side of Fårö.


ISLAND OF CONTRASTS From magical Fårö in the north, via the many sights of Visby, to the shingle beaches and open vistas of the south. Gotland is an island of contrasts, where no part is like the other. There are rare flowers and plants, such as wild orchids and Adonis vernalis, sea holly and camomile. Many visitors also come here for the black gold – the delicious Gotland truffle. Animal life is different here as well. The island is home to wild ponies on the Lojsta moor, curious seals and unusual species of birds. If you are lucky, you might spot a golden eagle crouching on top of a cliff. But the most common animal is probably the hedgehog, Gotland’s own province animal.


Adventurous beaches 10

“Gotland offers seaside adventures for all.”

800 KILOMETRES OF COASTLINE TO EXPLORE Get the adrenaline flowing with kite surfing and scuba diving. Climb cliff faces, explore caves or let your horse stretch out along the water's edge on a deserted beach. But not everything has to be about speed and verve. Enjoy nature and the serenity of gliding through the water in a canoe, rent a bike or go hiking and let your heart lead the way. Perhaps you will discover some of Gotland’s best kept secrets?


The year in produce The combination of calcareous soil, a beneficial climate and a love of crops and produce, makes food from Gotland something altogether extra. Come with us on a culinary climb up Gotland’s food pyramid among truffles, lamb, dewberries, vegetables and flatfish.


“Thanks to the many hours of sunlight, crops and early vegetables are loaded with taste and sweetness.”

Gotland is an interesting island for culinary experiences – irrespective of the time of year. Thanks to the many hours of sunlight, crops and early vegetables are loaded with taste and sweetness, which is one of the reasons they are appreciated so much. As soon as winter has released its hold on the fields and meadows, the time has come for the first taste encounters. The wild sand leek is harvested in the early spring and is a flavoursome ingredient in delicious soups and herb butter. This smaller cousin of the leek grows everywhere on the Gotland meadow land and its close relative ramsons, or wild garlic, can be picked in forests across the island in the spring. A dish that is as simple as it is hard to top is freshly cooked pasta with ramsons pesto. A month or so later, in mid April, it is harvest season for another Gotland delicacy – asparagus. First up is the green variety, its tender stalks reaching towards the springtime sun. The photophobic white asparagus grows underground and, like its relative, can be harvested right up to Midsummer. A tasty early Gotland vegetable that is preferably enjoyed with clarified butter or a nice hollandaise.

When spring turns to summer, the pantry of Gotland throws its doors wide open. The selection of fresh produce is enormous. Eggs from free-range chickens, vegetables, rootcrops and herbs full of flavour, side by side on the shelves of the local stores and in the pots and pans of the restaurants. The sea provides flatfish and turbot, or ”butte” as we call it here. Meat from the lambs that peacefully graze the wild herbs that give the meat its characteristically good flavour, can be bought in food stores, as well as from the local farms. One speciality to try is the boiled, cured lamb, which is then coated in mustard and pan-fried. When summer comes to an end, the next harvest season begins. In the thicket of the forest, the exquisite dewberries are ripening. They particularly like the calcareous soil of the island and only grow wild. This relative of the blackberry and raspberry is particularly delicious with the local dessert of the province, saffron pancake. Autumn is also truffle time. When this subterranean fungus ripens, it gives off a distinct scent that enables trained dogs to locate it in among the hazel and oak trees. A flavour to explore for gourmet and gourmand alike. 13

HARVEST FESTIVAL SEPTEMBER 2-3 A must for the food enthusiast. At the beginning of September, the market month of Gotland, you are invited to a culinary feast of aromas, flavours and traditions. It is an event at which large numbers of food producers and artisans from Gotland mingle with curious visitors from near and far.

An island to suit every pallet Traditional classics or modern & trendy? Gotland has food to suit every pallet. Choose between small fish restaurants, romantic taverns, gourmet restaurants and charming crĂŞperies.

KRĂ–NET. Bar and bistro with a magical view of Visby town centre.


“Gotland has more restaurants per capita than almost any other part of Sweden.”

HIGH-CLASS CULINARY CRAFT Order a ”butte”, the local name for newly caught turbot with clarified butter and new potatoes, quench your thirst with “gotlandsdricke” and round off the meal with saffron pancake and dewberry jam – made from local berries that grow wild on the island. It is also well worth visiting one of the many farm shops where you can sample early spring vegetables and other local produce.


eatery tip On the following pages we have selected a few culinary oases from the numerous Gotland restaurants. Bon appétit!

Joda Bar & Kök – Open all year Enjoy a delicious brunch buffet, lunch or dinner. You can also order catering. Open 357 days a year.


– A meeting place

Vinäger has long been a Visby meeting place. The beautiful rear courtyard gives a sense of being abroad. An oasis in the city centre with a relaxed atmosphere and pleasant music. The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner with flavours from the Mediterranean. The bar offers exciting cocktails as well as beer, wine and champagne of the highest quality.

Kitchen & Table – Fun Dining Kitchen & Table is a restaurant concept developed by renowned chef and New Yorker Marcus Samuelsson, in collaboration with Clarion Hotels. The food is inspired by the big city’s multicultural mix of different cuisines, in combination with local Gotland produce and flavours, such as beetroot, lamb and asparagus. The atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming, attracting both locals and hotel guests.

Wallers krog – Intimate fine dining

It is not difficult to see why Wallers has become one of Visby’s most important eateries. At the intersection between personality and refined flavours, Wallers succeed in both setting the trend and providing fine dining. They attract couples on a romantic date, eyes sparkling over a tempting threecourse meal, as well as parties who fill their glasses from the carefully selected wine list. In summer, Wallers blossoms into the perfect place for anyone who wants to greet warm evenings as well as new friends on the lively terrace, or enjoy local flavours in the spacious outdoor restaurant. 16

Krönet – The best view in Visby?

From Krönet, you probably have Visby’s best view of the sea and the roof tops. Go there and enjoy food and drink from the four corners of the world, in continental and colourful surroundings. It is often packed by sunset, and you cannot book a table, but everyone still seems to find a place, and in the relaxed, happy atmosphere many people meet and mingle. In addition, next summer they will open their new Sangria bar, which is guaranteed to add to the continental feel. Just ask for Utsiktsplatsen (the viewpoint) on Adelsgatan and you will find the way there. They are open from lunch to midnight.

Gamla Masters – Jovial atmosphere

Close to Stora Torget in Visby, you will find the popular all-year-round restaurant Gamla Masters. It is equally popular for a girls’ night out as it is for business dinners, with an appetizing menu that offers classic bleak roe from Kalix, steak tartare and home-made meatballs. This intimate little venue offers a warm and homely atmosphere. This is a place to which you will most definitely want to return.

Gutekällaren – Classic nightclub Visby’s largest and most classic nightclub, housed in a strikingly beautiful building right by Stora Torget. Throughout the summer, the schedule is chock-a-block with artists. Dance the night away to the tunes of some of Sweden's greatest DJs. There are several dance floors for all types of music. Gutekällaren offers an extraordinary clubbing experience! 17

Bolaget – Convivially French

Bolaget is a convivial eatery located at Stora Torget on the site of the old Systembolaget. They serve delicious French-inspired dishes, cooked from local produce, to the music of Piaf and Aznavour. Sunny outdoor terrace with 60 seats and a large bar.

Frimis Krog

– By the ruins of S:t Nicolai

Do not miss out on this oasis in the centre of Visby. Sit among the walnut trees in the lovely garden and enjoy their speciality: whole grilled Gotland lamb. If you take the steps down to Frimis cellar, you will be transported to the Middle Ages and the Bistra Haren eatery. Enjoy a medieval food experience you will never forget.

lindgården – Mediterranean garden

Enjoy classic high-level dining with a wine list to match. Lindgården was founded in 1968, making it one of Visby’s oldest restaurants with beautifully preserved dining rooms. In the summer, you sit among walnut and mulberry trees in the leafy park, giving you the sensation of being in a Mediterranean garden. If you are looking for somewhere to stay, they also have a beautiful small hotel with eight double rooms.

mango – By the beach

A short bicycle ride from Visby, by the sandy beach in Snäckviken, you will find the Mango café, bar and restaurant. Enjoy a coffee, waffles, smoothies, lamb, fish soup, hamburgers and other delights while gazing across the Baltic. They also offer mini golf, camping and a pool. Do not miss out on the themed evenings! 18

Gåsens Lada – Charming Burgsvik

Strands Veranda

At the Grå Gåsen guesthouse in Burgsvik you will find the cosy summer eatery Gåsens Lada, known from the successful TV show, ”Så mycket bättre”. Enjoy good food made from local produce in this charming setting with bare walls, thick beams and large picture windows. If you are lucky you might manage to pick a night when a well-known artist puts on a show or maybe some other fun event.

– Popular summer eatery Why not have a drink and marvel at the beautiful sunset on the horizon? This popular summer eatery offers both exquisite food and a first-class bar that turns into a lively dance floor as the evening progresses.

Supper – South American culinary delight

At Strandgatan 9 in the heart of Visby you will be transported to South America, with all its scents, impressions and flavours. In the cosy rear courtyard, inspired by Rio’s leafy alleys, you can enjoy exciting dishes and drinks that stimulate all your senses.


– Southern European delicacies

Located in the heart of Visby is a restaurant that will take you on a journey to Italy. The menu consists of classical Italian dishes with a personal touch. You can also enjoy the best delicacies, fresh pasta and Neapolitan pizza. The bar on the terrace is open late into the night and serves refreshing aperitivos as well as a large selection of wines and antipasti. 19

From the island soil grows the best of Gotland On Gotland you’ll find food and farm shops, cozy resaturants and cafés using only locally grown products. If you’re looking for more information about our fine Gotlandic products like where to find them on the mainland you can find great tips at:

Food crafting of the highest quality!

Arla Löthberg and Ludwig Balassa

Lum me lun da

Welcome to our unique, country-side shop. Our products contain the finest Gotlandian produce and fresh spices and are free from additives. Stop by and enjoy – you’ll feel the difference! Väskinde

149 Bro Airport


You’re very welcome to our farm shop in Väskinde. OPEN : Everyday from APRIL to SEP 10 am – 06 pm Väskinde Kaungs 519 0498-27 06 33 You’ll find our products at

You can also find our products at WisbyOst and Kvinnfolki in Visby. All year round.

GPS coordinater Lat 57.707575 Lon 18.408194

White Guide 2015: ”.... A spot-on and relaxed bar, outside and inside, and a French inspired menu that houses surprisingly much love and quality. Indoors the romantic dining room and the relaxed yet professional service add up to maybe Visby’s best atmosphere. ”

reservations: +46 498 21 50 80

Stora Torget 16 Visby

Hoburgsvägen 3 Burgsvik

Would you rather.. unwind with the family, meet with the board or carouse with the best of friends? However you choose, we will be sure to make your stay at hotel Grå Gåsen or restaurant Gåsens Lada joyful, delicious and pleasant. Welcome to Grå Gåsen! Reservations:

+46498-498 490

SUDERSANNAS. A pleasant oasis by Sudersand.

Flotsam and jetsam Gotland will keep surprising you, and beyond every headland, there is something new to discover. Maybe you will find some seashells that have been washed ashore, some fossils, a cosy cafĂŠ or something else you did not expect.

“High heels or sand between your toes.”

PAUSE OR PULSE Enjoy the setting sun from your recently pitched tent or dance the night away until sunrise. The nightlife of Gotland is nothing if not varied. Why not begin the summer evening at Kallis, one of the best venues after a day on the beach? But Gotland also provides the opportunity to do – nothing at all. Having the time to just rest in the moment and relax, letting your thoughts wander free.


8 coastal gems Alongside well-known beaches such as Tofta Strand and Sudersand, we have selected some real gems that are well worth a visit.



2. 3. 5.

1. Norsta Auren This gem at the northern tip of Fårö is a convex, lovely white and broad sandy beach with large dunes. Many hold it as the best beach in all of Fårö. It is often very quiet and peaceful here, even in high summer.

2. Ireviken 4. 6. 7.

On the north-west side of the island you will find the child-friendly Ireviken beach, where you can choose between sand or pebbles under your feet. Swimming and playing on the beach may well be complemented by the sight of a magical sunset from the restaurant by the shore.

3. Smöjen If the popular Blue Lagoon feels too crowded, you can always go to the Smöjen limestone quarry and beach on the north-east side of the island. A breathtaking setting with a large and a small quarry right next to the sea.


4. Sandviken The south side of Östergarnslandet offers a beach for both sun-worshippers and active people. On windy days, you can enjoy surfing on the massive waves that form here. If you need a break from the sun and beach, the small fishing village of Sysne is located a stone’s throw to the north. Have a cup of coffee or pick up some freshly smoked fish for your picnic.

5. Hideviken A Mecca for families with its sandy beach and shallow water that warms up quickly. There is also a nearby camp site and limestone quarry, where the intimate Hide Blues Festival takes place every summer.

6. Djupvik This family-friendly beach is located by Ekstakusten, which is classed as one of Gotland’s most beautiful. With the windswept forest at your back and the old fishing village just next to you, you have a fantastic view of the Karlsöarna and their mighty cliff faces.

7. Hörte A quiet and pleasant beach at the south-east part of the island. Shallow and child-friendly, with a playground, miniature golf and kiosk, as well as the perfect sand for building sandcastles. Located next to a quaint fishing village, well worth a visit.

8. Austre You will find this south facing beach on the southern tip of Gotland. Enjoy refreshing dips in the sea, views of Heligholmen or visit the beach in the early morning or evening and watch the amazingly beautiful sunrise or sunset. In addition, right beside the beach is a large grouping of sea-stacks to explore.


Ljugarn At the turn of the last century, the long sandy beach and the fascinating sea stacks were becoming increasingly renowned. Still today, happy visitors flock to the popular holiday destination of Ljugarn, attracted by beach walks, ancient monuments and its singular landscape. The little community also offers a wide selection of restaurants and plenty of action-packed activities. It is precisely its child-friendliness and activities that attract visitors to Ljugarn. There are plenty of opportunities for an active vacation, whether you like jogging along the kilometre-long beach, cycling on meandering country roads or fast-paced wind or kite surfing. Tennis enthusiasts will be able to play to their hearts’ content at the resort's four newly renovated outdoor courts and golfers can perfect their swing at Ljugarns GK (Ljugarn's Golf Club) in Ardre, a narrow and challenging ninehole woodland course. If you would rather experience the beautiful surroundings on foot, there are a number of hiking trails.

the beach is the old fishing village of Vitvär and close to that the majestic grouping of sea stacks in the Folhammar nature reserve. A walk along Strandvägen offers a string of impressive summer villas from the 1920s and Ljugarn harbour is ideal for an ice cream and a bit of “boat spotting”. Despite its size, Ljugarn has plenty of restaurants. For those with a good appetite, there are lots of nice restaurants and cafés to choose from, a couple of which are mentioned in the White Guide.

Everywhere there are sights where history makes itself felt. Just north of 26

Photo: Karin Leijon

“Among sea stacks and sand dunes”


Ardrebo B&B

Ljugarn cottages offer tranquil holiday accommodation in well-equipped and modern cottages located about 3 km from Ljugarn. Here you have the woods on your doorstep and are close to hiking areas and a golf course. The cottages can accommodate 6 people in 3 double rooms and have a spacious living room, fully equipped kitchen and bathroom with a washing machine.

In the residential part of the old village shop there are six unique rooms. The rooms are individually decorated in the style of the early 1900s, just like Ardrebo Kafé. A delicious breakfast is served in the café before it opens for the day. There is a bus stop right outside the door and bicycles are available to rent. +46 (0)498-493000

Pensionat Lövängen & Frejs Magasin Pensionat Lövängen was established in 1925 and is one of the island's oldest guesthouses. It offers accommodation in hotel rooms as well as cottages and apartments at perfect locations in central Ljugarn. Familyfriendly surroundings with plenty of activities. Close to both the beach and the pool as well as to the shop, bakery and restaurants. +46 (0)706-493011

Pighuset Tapas & Cava The best way to end the day. It is guaranteed to be relaxing as well as child-friendly. It has a Mediterranean feel with a lush garden, beautiful veranda and a pleasant atmosphere in the bar. A marvellous experience for both your taste buds and your eyes. Pick and choose from the tapas creations and the sparkling cava. Perfect after a day at the beach and for barbecues. Selected by White Guide. +46 (0)498-493412 |

Ljugarns Semesterby The holiday village with its heated pool is situated in a bright area of woodland just above the beach. In Ljugarn’s holiday village, you can rent anything, from your own cottage with an open fire to a tent right on the beach. The caravan park is located a stone's throw from the beach. Your accommodation could not be any closer to the beach. +46 (0)498-493117 |

Smakrike Krog & Logi

Ljugarns Strandcafé & Restaurang

People come to Smakrike all year round to delight in and enjoy the distinctive food each season has to offer. We make the most of Gotland's produce when it is at its best, and create amazing meals to remember. The six individually decorated rooms are all unique and have been inspired by the surroundings. Enjoy the proximity to the sea and let the serenity unfold. +46 (0)498-493371 |

The best beach venue for the whole family! With the sand between your toes, you can sit back and eat really good food for lunch and dinner. Or perhaps just enjoy a cold beer. The café also has home made treats, ice cream and mini golf. We suggest you start the day with a coffee and croissant after your morning swim. +46 (0)498-493378 | 27


Enchanting Fårö

It was not only Ingmar Bergman who was fascinated by Fårö, just north-east of Gotland. After just an eight minute ferry journey from Fårösund, you reach the 113 square-kilometre island that attracts visitors with its singular landscape, impressive sea-stacks and gorgeous, long sandy beaches, which are classed as some of Gotland's best. Popular excursions that work equally well on cloudy days include the grouping of sea stacks at Langhammars, Digerhuvud and Gamle hamn, Kutens Bensin for music and car enthusiasts and the Bergman Center for film buffs. For nature lovers, a visit to the lush and flowering Klintängarna is a must. Here you will find springtime cowslips and wood anemones and summer’s rich flora of orchids, including the early marsh orchid and the marsh helleborine. You should also take the opportunity to visit the thousand-year old Ava oak tree at Ava Gård, Helgumannen’s picturesque fishing village, or go for a walk along Dämba forest's nature and culture trail, with its interesting monuments and ruins. 29




nds bästa piz Gotla a za? r or

Prova Go

så får du se!



lbu godaste kane

HÄMTPIZZA tel. 0498-

22 37 33


Stor parkering • Stor uteservering • Havsutsikt • Pool 3 km lång badstrand • Lekplats • Gym

Välkommen till SuderSand StenugnSbageri

tel. 0498-22 37 33

Our guide will transport you 400 million years back in time, taking in remarkable fossils and stunning dripstone formations

Open every day 1 May – 30 September, and for bookings all year round

New cycle path Visby – C ave

45 min!

Show Cave One hour – for all ages






Cave Adventure Three hours adventure

For our youngest visitors 31

A treasure trove for children Gotland is a paradise for children. There is everything from soft, sandy beaches to actionpacked waterparks and an exciting landscape to discover. The island is full of activities and other fun things for children of all ages. We have listed some of our favourites.




Challenge your family! Cross FUN! off each thing you have seen or done. The first person to cross off ten things wins and can call herself/himself Gotland Champion. Good luck! 1. Stroked a lamb (with or without horns) 2. Seen a sea stack 3. Tasted a saffron pancake 4. Saw the ring wall 5. Swam in the sea 6. Found a fossil 7. Said hello to Pippi 8. Visited a museum or historic site 9. Took a ferry 10. Picked wild strawberries, raspberries or dewberries

At home with Pippi Who has not dreamed of visiting Villa Villerkulla? The house where our beloved Pippi Longstocking baked gingerbread biscuits on the floor and played the now legendary game "do not touch the floor.” The original house where SVT filmed the Pippi Longstocking films is located at the Kneippbyn summer and water park. You can also go to the theatre and meet constables Kling and Klang, Mrs Prysselius and Pippi herself of course.

Discover the kids cave in Lummelunda In the kids cave just north of Visby, children between the ages of 4-6 can discover petrified animals, fun stalactites and stalagmites and strange insects on their very own children's tour. A fun, educational and slightly strange adventure. In Lummelunda, you will also find Seriegården, a park filled with over 300 cartoon and fairytale characters in a variety of sizes.

Homely open air farm museums A visit to the museum does not have to be dull, especially if you visit the open air farm museums at Norrby or Bottarve. In the former you step right into the 1940s, with hosts dressed in typical period dress and a farm full of cuddly lambs, pigs, rabbits, chickens and horses. At Bottarve in Burgsvik, you travel right back in time to the 1800s with typical period settings and quaint small buildings. You can try your hand at living just like children did over a hundred years ago.

Swim in magical limestone quarries Swimming is often one of the most favourite of summer activities. An excursion to one of Gotland's water-filled limestone quarries is something that older children are sure to appreciate. Limestone quarries are enchantingly beautiful and infused with a feeling of tranquillity. Some of the most popular are the Blue Lagoon, Smöjen and Kyllaj.

Car crazy At the Gotland Veteran Car Museum there is something for the whole family. You can look at magnificent veteran cars, as well as drive go-carts, challenge your friends to a race with RC cars, try riding a penny farthing or driving electric and pedal cars.

Bring out your inner rider Horseback riding is an experience that is hard to top, particularly with Gotland’s majestic landscape as a backdrop. The island has several companies that organise horseback riding on everything from Gotland ponies to Icelandic horses. The Gotland pony is extra special since it has been present on the island since time immemorial.







The real house from the movies! Our newcomer

- Tiger Ride!

Fun with Bumper boats



Stay next-door to

THE FUNPARKS & VILLA VILLEKULLA the home of Pippi (Longstocking)

Book our family package - all inclusive!

ALWAYS AT LEAST 20% DISCOUNT on our popular family packages for two adults and two kids. They include accommodation, admittance to Summerland & Waterland, the Fun Club and our fantastic Restaurant Show. All you need to add on is your boat trip!



Stay at Gotland’s only five-star campsite! Sample prices for family in three nights; • Tent Village/ready and set tent SEK 5,505 (reg.price SEK 7,765) • Cottage (20 square meters) SEK 5,739 (reg.price SEK 7,825) • Camping cabin B&B SEK 5,739 (reg.price SEK 7,825) • Campsite, electrical hook-up SEK 4,140 (reg.price SEK 6,025) These prices apply when you book via website We assume no liability for price changes that are outside our control. Boat trip not included.

All in one place!

Shark River - a real hit!

Fun with Bumper cars!


Vibrant Visby 36

“Take a stroll among beautiful ruined monasteries, historical buildings and charming little cottages.”

A WORLD HERITAGE BEYOND THE NORM Step into a city centre with a unique culture, where old and new are united by the preserved 13th century ring wall. Visby is packed with cafés, restaurants and cosy, charming shops. Combine shopping with strolling around beautiful ruined monasteries, historic buildings and charming little cottages. In addition, the town is a gold mine for the culturally inclined. In addition to classic cultural heritage sites such as Kruttornet (the Gunpowder Tower) and Visby Cathedral, you can take a quick detour through the Love Gate to the Botanical Garden. Or why not enjoy a concert or a theatre performance beneath the impressive arches in one the town’s church ruins?


A feeling for fleece The fleece of the Gotland sheep is said to be the best in the world. At Ödin’s Tannery in Visby they have worked with this amazing material since the 1800s.

Stepping inside the old post-and-plank building by Almedalen, where Ödin’s Tannery is located, is to step into a store that exudes genuine craftsmanship. From the middle of the 19th century up until 1974, these premises constituted the actual tannery and centuries of craftsmanship has infused the walls with the pleasant scent of fleece and leather. Today, Ödin’s Tannery is run by Eva Bjersander, and she takes care to pass on the genuine craft tradition that is associated with Ödin’s Tannery to the next generation. With her colleagues, Tina and Maria, she purchases materials, sews clothes and home décor products, and runs the store. The shelves hold vests, hats, mittens and cushions from lambskin, all produced by the tannery. If you are interested in lamb or sheep fleece, they sell that as well, all selected by Eva herself. – We purchase fleeces directly from the farmers on the island. In addition to fleeces and leather goods, they also sell products that complement them, such as blankets of their own design made by the Klippan wool mill, as well as Danish wool slippers. What do you get when buying from Ödin’s? – Small-scale manufactured products of high quality. It also makes it more personal: We sew most of the things, but also stand behind the counter, which means the customer gets to meet the person who made them. We have a lot of ready-made products in the store, but if you need something bespoke, or in another colour, you can just order it. We adapt and tailor to the customer’s wishes.

WHERE TO FIND ÖDIN’S TANNERY Tage Cervins gata 3, Visby Phone +46 (0)498-210054 38

The small town that has it all Medieval narrow streets. Excellent shopping. Wonderful restaurants. A vibrant night life. All year round. Welcome to Scandinavia’s favourite destination!*

*Average score at Trivago

Visby Centrum is a collaboration of companies in central Visby. Our network has the purpose to develop, advertise and arrange activities in the town centre. We have the best job in the world. We love our little city.

Skulpturfabriken The old Gotland farm, Pilgårds, houses the Skulpturfabriken (Sculpture factory), owned and operated by sculptor and designer Stina Lindholm. Creations made from concrete and a restrained simplicity characterise Stina’s designs, inspired by Gotland’s nature and heritage. The farm has a store with a café and viewing garden, as well as the Vagnslidret Gallery with design and craft exhibitions.

Design & shopping If you like crafts and design, Gotland is a goldmine. In both Visby and the surrounding countryside, you can visit lovely stores, studios and galleries, filled with exciting art, home décor and crafts. Here is a selection of places well worth a visit.

Kränku Te & Kaffe

In the centre of Visby we find Kränku Te & Kaffe, an old-fashioned tea store in a state of constant change. They sell tea, coffee and sweets over the counter. They also stock chocolate, spices and a large selection of china with carefully selected products. They have over 100 varieties of tea and more than 30 in-house blends, where Guteblandning was the first, and it continues to be the most popular in their range. If you feel like having something warm, you can buy a mug of freshly made tea or coffee to take away. In 2015, Kränku were awarded Store of the Year in Sweden, at the Retail Awards held in Cirkus in Stockholm.


In the heart of Visby is Akantus with a lovely blend of new and vintage items, as well as antiques. They sell Gotland designers such as Tove Adman, children’s toys, rugs and Japanese porcelain. In the back of the store under the medieval arch, you will find Gotland furniture and other antiques, carefully selected by the owners themselves. Tradition and authenticity! +46 (0)498-212888 |

Tove Adman Tove Adman is known for her fine products in concrete and aluminium, which are now also available in graphic grey. – The sensuality of concrete enables clever designs, sometimes in combination with wood, says Tove. Her summer store is housed in the former garage in Östergarn, where you can also find limited edition products. The rest of the year, Tove’s designs are also sold by a number of stores on the island, such as Akantus, Bertholdsson & Holm and Margus, as well as at her online store. +46 (0)498-524 27 | 41

�Just wandering around I spot earrings and jewellery everywhere in nature.�

Inspiration from the wild, bleak and unruly In the cosy little store and workshop on S:t Hansgatan 26 in Visby, she creates her much appreciated creations that adorn both islanders as well as people from the rest of the world. Meet the award-winning goldsmith and jewellery designer Annika Gustavsson.


From recycled gold and ethical diamonds, Annika makes engagement and wedding rings by hand.

After 12 years in the finance industry, Annika felt that she had come to a turning point in her life. She was tired of fulfilling other people’s goals and wanted a break to explore her own. – I was curious about what life had to offer, and wanted to learn something new, fun and creative. I was scared to death of waking up with a gold watch on my wrist, wondering where all the time had gone, Annika tells us. Annika put her money where her mouth is and took a sabbatical to attend a one-year course in silver and jewellery design in Stockholm. Previously, she had taken a series of evening courses in tailoring, furniture restoration, photography and pottery before finally falling for jewellery design. – So I threw myself into it, quit my job and decided to go for jewellery design. The goal was to open her own store on the island. When Annika in 2013 had been presented with her journeyman qualification after four years of training as a goldsmith in Copenhagen and an apprenticeship with master Rolf Karlsson in Stockholm, she had – in addition to her knowledge of metallurgy and gemology, mathematics and pricing – also contacted around 30 retailers. Her jewellery was sold in Designtorget’s stores and she had also been awarded both the ”Precious Talent” award as well as the ”Young Designer” award. In December 2014 she achieved her goal when she opened her own store in a listed building on S:t Hansgatan in Visby.

She gets the inspiration for her jewellery from the wild, bleak and unruly landscape on Gotland where she grew up, as well as from the relaxed and trendy atmosphere of Copenhagen, where her career took off. Annika enjoys working with the contrast between oxidised silver, brushed gold and raw diamonds or gems. She describes her jewellery as a blend between Swedish purity and Danish elegance. A form that has been in her collection from the beginning and has become characteristic of her work is the Palaeocyclus, or button fossil, which is a 420 million-year-old coral from when Gotland was located by the equator. – There are so many things in nature that inspire me. If I just wander freely, not following the beaten tracks, I see earrings and jewellery everywhere in the forest and on the beach.

The button fossil is available as silver earrings, oxidised silver and gold.


The jewellery is designed, manufactured and displayed in the same building, located in the centre of Visby.

We manufacture the Ring Wall ring in gold, white gold and silver. We also do repairs and engravings, as well as producing jewellery. Welcome to our studio.

You can find us right outside Österport at Österväg 1, and on Facebook

We help you navigate the path to a secure real estate transaction Banking, insurance and real estate services under the same roof. This is what we call a comprehensive real estate agency.

We invite you to visit our offices in Visby or Hemse. +46 498-28 18 10,


Join in the fun, children and adults together, at the museum’s new swashbuckling exhibition. Roll across the seas on shipsfrom different eras, dress up as a Viking or a pirate, dig for hidden treasure, listen to dastardly tales and legends, take over the helm of the enormous cog ship and head for distant lands. Try your hand at stacking cargo on a ship, learn more about fish, fishing, ropes and knots. Welcome, me hearties!

! Children FREssEion admi

Open all year round! at Fornsalen (The Historical Museum) Strandgatan 14, Visby Sponsored by the shipping company: Rederi AB Gotland

CAFÉ Our new orangery and old stables house our café, where we serve home-made cakes, sandwiches, ice cream, waffles and other treats! Our prices: Coffee from SEK 15, Prawn sandwich from SEK 49. Welcome!

DESIGN & INTERIOR DÉCOR – gifts for every occasion.

Ridelius Eftr. Visby’s oldest store. Established in 1841. Gallery. Framings.

Gotlandic Craft Beer Through traditional craftmanship we create beers and other beverages. For all occasions, tastes and people. For more info about our products, tastings and visits: or call us at 072-585 85 55.

The hayloft became a fantastic 300 square metre store with a 6 metre high ceiling and a wonderful view of Tofta’s beautiful church. Our product range comprises approximately 2,500 items including: Cushions, throws, kitchen gadgets, garden accessories, pictures, lanterns, candles, gifts, decorations, sheepskins and much, much more.

Open: June 19 - Aug 18 daily 11-17 Rest of the year: Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays 11-16



Väg 140, beside Tofta church



The music scene on Gotland stretches from north to south with a wide-ranging offering of genres, that are performed at both small, intimate venues as well as at large concert halls, in gardens as well as in idyllic barns. See some of the venues for this year’s musical entertainment.


“The Chamber Music Festival offers classical music that perfectly complements the amazing acoustics of the ruin.”

So Much Burgsvik | Burgsvik

Ladan Hotel Stelor | västergarn

The same farm at which the TV programme Så Mycket bättre (So Much Better) is recorded, also plays host to the musical event, So Much Burgsvik. In the farm’s garden, Swedish artists perform live over four summer evenings. Ken Ring, Eric Gadd and Timbuktu are just a handful of those who have performed here.

The idyllic barn by Hotel Stelor offers both country music and more relaxed tones from well-known musicians. Previous artists include Tomas Andersson Wij, Sofia Karlsson and Daniel Lemma.

Wisby Strand | Visby

The atmospheric haybarn at Stora Gåsemora Gård is one of Gotland’s most beautiful concert venues. You can enjoy the sounds of famous artists, in the barn as well as in the expansive field. Lars Winnerbäck, Miriam Bryant and Timbuktu are just a few of the names from last year's programme.

Wisby Strand, in the heart of Visby, invites you to high-class concerts, club music, theatre and other forms of entertainment all year round. In the summer you can also enjoy entertainment on their outdoor stage. Bo Kaspers Orkester, Ulf Lundell and Carola are some of the artists who performed here.

Kallis | Visby In the unlikely event that you have missed that Visby’s old open-air pool each summer turns into one of Europe’s largest beach parties – 2017 is no exception! Previous years have seen house nobility perform, spearheaded by Avicii, Axwell, Nause and Otto Knows.

Gutekällaren | Visby One of Visby’s hottest nightclubs is located at Stora torget in Visby. Gutekällaren throws a party where the floor is pulsating with party people and a generous musical offering by both cutting-edge DJs and live music on stage. Daniel Adams Ray, Cleo, Movits! And Syster Sol have all played here.

S:t Nicolai | Visby One of Visby’s most impressive ruins is also a major theatre and music stage for both classical music and other genres. Many concerts take place in the summers, such as the Chamber Music Festival, which offers several days of classical music that perfectly complements the amazing acoustics of the ruin.


Stora Gåsemora | Fårö

Hamra Krog | Burgsvik In the French inspired music eatery Hamra Krog, summer concerts are held accompanied by the house band Hamra Kapell. Last year, artists including Christian Kjellvander, Amanda Hofman-Bang and Palle Sundin provided high-class entertainment.

Kutens Bensin | Fårö One of Gotland’s main cult venues where rock’n’roll and 1950s music takes centre stage. Seasick Steve as well as Bill Haley’s Comets have performed in this nostalgic Mecca. When there is no live music on offer, a tour of the 1950s cars and memorabilia is an unforgettable experience.

summer’s big

crime writing festival For the third consecutive year, Sweden's largest crime writing festival, Crimetime Gotland, will be held in Visby. From August 3-5, over 50 international and Swedish crime writers will attend the festival on the island. Elly Griffiths (UK), Jane Harper (AUS), Unni Lindell (NO), Torkil Damhaug (NO), John Ajvide Lindqvist, Camilla Läckberg, Katarina Wennstam, Malin Persson Giolito, Jens Lapidus, Mari Jungstedt and Anna Jansson are just a few of the authors who will be participating. Crimetime Gotland has been praised by both visitors, participating authors and the media. ”It is easy to get carried away by the euphoria. Paradoxically, it seems that the part of the book world that deals with violent death is the most vibrant,” wrote Dagens Nyheter. ”Wonderful authors, good crowds and a marvellous atmosphere. This is a fantastic festival!” said the queen of the crime novel Camilla Läckberg after last year's crime writing event. This year she is publishing her tenth crime novel in the Fjällbacka series, Häxan (The Witch), and is one of the authors at Crimetime Gotland in 2017. Also participating is the Swedish master of the macabre John Ajvide Lindqvist. – I am looking forward to talking about my new novel X – den sista platsen (X– the final place) and spreading a bit of existential drabness over the glamour of Gotland. And then I am always curious about finding out whether my readers exist in the real world, he says.

“Children's Crimetime in Almedalen is open to all.”

Jens Lapidus

CRIMETIME GOTLAND 2017 What? Sweden’s largest international crime writing festival with more than 100 events: personal meetings with authors, creative writing workshop, films, a stage for families and children, murder jaunts, outings, dinners, afternoon tea, etc. When? Thursday to Saturday August 3–5 2017. Where? In a festival area around Almedalen and Donners plats in central Visby.

Elly Griffiths

The festival will take place in week 31, Thursday to Saturday August 3-5, which is two weeks earlier than last year. – In 2016, the festival clashed with the start of the school year and people going back to work after vacation, so this year we are giving more old and young crime lovers an opportunity to experience the most exciting days of the summer, says festival head Carina Nunstedt. The programme includes everything from personal meetings with authors, walks in the footsteps of Gotland crime writers Mari Jungstedt and Anna Jansson, creative writing workshops, afternoon tea, authors’ afternoons and Children’s Crimetime with their own stage in Almedalen that is open to all. 48

Read more about the writers and buy a festival pass:

In 2015, a fast-paced, crazy and poignant comedy, Fåfängt frieri (A Vain Proposal), was performed.

A star-studded theatre experience To many people, a visit to the more than 800 year-old ruined monastery in Roma is a cherished tradition. Because for two months during the summer, this is the stage for an extraordinary theatre experience. Join us at one of Sweden’s most genuine theatres. The ruined monastery from the 12th century is in many ways an outstanding venue – for the audience as well as the actors. The Roma Theatre has presented different Shakepeare productions here since 1989. Many say that summer feels incomplete without a visit to the Roma Theatre. It is easy to see why. The plays, which are performed in and around the ruins, become part of the landscape and balmy summer evenings of Gotland, with the bleating of lambs all around and the swallows weaving overhead. The theatre magic that is created when dusk settles over the ruin is difficult to top, and it is a heartfelt experience that is appreciated by people of all ages. Several families arrive early to enjoy a picnic in the grass while the actors rehearse in the background.

Now, in the 28th year of the Roma Theatre they will be presenting Shakespeare's ”A Winter’s Tale”. The play is one of the last ones written by the bard and is a fairy-tale and comedy, filled with drama, gravity, dread and comical characters. This is also the first time a woman is in control. Maria Åberg, a star director in the world of British theatre, who is based at The Royal Shakespeare Company in London and has guest directed both at Dramaten and Malmö Stadsteater. With her is a large cast of professional actors from all over Sweden. Among whom we find for example Kim Sulocki and Vilhelm Blomgren. ”A Winter’s Tale” will be performed for two months from its opening night of June 27.


SHAKESPEARE’S A WINTER’S TALE A fabulous drama with both laughter and tears, both light and darkness. Directed by Maria Åberg, one of the foremost Shakespeare directors, currently working in Great Britain. Performed in the Roma monastery ruins on Gotland. Opening on June 27, performed until August 18, at 20:00. For more information and tickets: or phone +46 (0)498 503 36.

The Medieval Week, August 6-13 will be held for the 34th time this year. Its wide range of offers include music, theatre, fire shows, crafts, seminars, food and a large medieval market.


Family life in the Middle Ages

Medieval Week is a city festival that truly offers something for all ages and interests. We show that this popular week is not solely for enthusiasts, history nerds and people dressing up in period clothing. For many of the 40,000 visitors to Medieval Week, this is the high point of the year. This week is sacred to many, which is not surprising since the festival is truly unique. It is no coincidence that the event is organised in the medieval town of Visby – few places are as steeped in history with as many illustrious settings and buildings. During Medieval Week, the streets and squares of the town are filled with knights, jesters, merchants and completely ”ordinary” summer tourists. You will be struck by the welcoming and inclusive atmosphere around the event. It is an open environment filled with festivities, joy and fellowship, where many things are free of charge. – There are endless things to discover and experience, and you will acclimatise very quickly. Naturally, the week is best experienced dressed in period clothing, but it is by no means compulsory. But by the second day, many people do go to the market to buy their own medieval costume, says Björn Sundberg, Operating Manager of Medieval Week. The programme comprising over 500 small and large events is created by no less than 80 different groups. Together, they create an exciting blend of everything from the teeming market and the spectacular fire shows, to street theatre, concerts, performances and guided tours. The whole idea is about hanging out across generations and most events work equally well for both children and adults. The market even has a special area for the smaller family members. In terms of accommodation, the town offers both hotels, hostels, cottages and camp sites – 51

depending on your taste, preference and demands for creature comforts. If you want to go all-in, you can book a tent site on Medieval Week’s own camp site, a couple of minutes’ walk from the market. You can choose between the section for regular tents and the section for medieval ones.

THE 30TH ANNIVERSARY OF JOUSTING The jousting, celebrating its 30th anniversary, is not only the most spectacular and popular event of Medieval Week. These noble fights between the country’s most prominent knights take place throughout the summer, in both Visby and the Gotland countryside, beginning on July 6. Riveting performances for the whole family that are guaranteed to leave you wanting more and give you memories for life. Do not miss these medieval masterpieces either. Fire shows: World-class, sparking performance. Medieval Music: Wherever you walk in the town you will be met by jolly tunes from fiddlers and musicians. Medieval Christmas: For those who have not had enough, and would like a dose of the Middle Ages during a December weekend each year.

Lights. Camera. Action. Gotland. There is no doubt that Gotland is the source of inspiration for many Swedish crime writers. Several books have also gone from thrilling page turners to TV series and feature films that have been recorded on the island. Maria Wern is one of them.


“No matter where you point the camera, there are always beautiful, spectacular scenes to shoot.” Johanna Wennerberg, producer of Maria Wern

Detective Superintendent Maria Wern is one of the characters we meet in Anna Jansson’s crime novels, where we accompany her in her hunt for a murderer on idyllic Gotland. 2008 was the first time we were brought on a visual journey through the settings described by Anna Jansson in her books. Since then, five seasons of the TV series and ten feature films have been made, which have been seen in both Germany and Spain, the US, China and India. – Gotland as a location is inspiring, with its contrasts between the rural, traditional Swedish setting and the stories that take place there. The landscape is unique and very photogenic, and no matter where you point the camera, there are always beautiful, spectacular views to shoot, says Johanna Wennerberg at Eyeworks, Producer of Maria Wern. Anna Jansson was born and raised on Gotland and has gathered inspiration for her stories throughout her upbringing. Her novels feature murders in both Slite, as well as a gate in the ring wall and in a lift at Wisby Strand. Some of the places that inspire her the most include Ljugarn, Vitvär, Folhammar’s sea stacks and the Visby Botanical Garden. She can also understand why other authors in the same genre, such as Mari LJungstedt, have embraced Gotland.

– They have come here at one point, and fallen in love with the island. Making use of the locked room drama is appealing. If the murderer is on the island, there are few ways out of here – if any at all when the weather is harsh. We also have ever-present history in our ring wall and the ruins, says Anna Jansson. The production team at Eyeworks, who are behind the production of Maria Wern, always strive to record in authentic settings that are characteristic of Gotland. The scenes are shot all over the island, from Fårö in the north to its southern-most tip. But most scenes take place in and around Visby. – Both during the Stockholm and Medieval Week, we have had an opportunity to shoot in authentic settings and been able to use reality as a back drop, and it has enriched our stories. In one episode we shot scenes on the beach in Kyllaj that was supposed to represent Cyprus, and it worked beautifully. Both the team and the actors appreciate working on Gotland as it almost feels like being abroad, says Johanna.


OTHER DETECTIVES FROM GOTLAND Mari Jungstedt’s crime stories of which four have been filmed: - Unseen - Unspoken - The Inner Circle - The Dead of Summer Marianne Cedervall - Låt det som varit vila (Leave the past behind) - Av skuggor märkt (Marked by shadows)

Håkan Östlundh - Out of Darkness - Lawless Country - Sea Wrack - Terror - The Intruder - The Viper - The Diver

Golf Gotland 2 greenfee, 2 hotel nights and round trip ferry with car.

Hole 9, Visby GK. Play golf on Gotland together with friends and enjoy a great golf ex-


perience. Enjoy golf in a scenic setting at Visby Golf Club, one of

Monday - Thursday

Sweden’s most beautiful golf courses and stay comfortably at Scandic in Visby harbor. After a day on the golf course, relax in the hot whirlpool at the hotel and dine in one of Visby’s many culinary restaurants.

BOOK GOLF PACKAGE, SEND MAIL TO: The golf package includes: 2 days of greenfees at Visby GK. Accommodation at Scandic Visby 2 nights in a double room incl. breakfast buffét. Free access to the hot wihrl pool, sauna and relax throughout your stay. Round trip ferry with car.

2490 SEK

Friday - Sunday

2990 SEK Price from per person. Price does not apply week 26-32.


#visbygk I I

Welcome to book your teetime Phone +46 498 200930

SLITE GOLF CLUB IS LOCATED ON A HISTORIC GROUNDS AND BOTH SILVER TREASURES AND VIKING AGE SETTLEMENTS HAVE BEEN FOUND ADJACENT TO THE COURSE. The Aner stream runs thorugh the area, rich in water most of the year. Orchids and unique plants can be seen in the surroundings and birds reside in nests within shrubs, trees and ponds. The golf course is designed by Peter Nordvall and characterized by a close relation to nature that utilizes the surroundings and provide a challenging course that is appreciated by beginners and experinced golfers alike. The course is constantly evolving to provide an 18-hole course of the highest caliber. A gem in Swedish golf!

0498-22 61 70 Othems Klint 430 624 46 Slite

Participating islands Alderney, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Falkland Islands, Faroe Islands, Frøya, Gibraltar, Gotland, Guernsey, Greenland, Hitra, Isle of Man, Isle of Wight, Jersey, Menorca, Orkney, Rhodes, Saaremaa, Saint Helena, Sark, Shetland Islands, Western Isles, Ynys Mon and Åland.

Island Games The official Island olympics

From June 24 to 30 we invite you to a genuine sporting extravaganza on Gotland. It is time for 24 of the world’s islands to fight it out in the prestigious NatWest Island Games. Get ready for a week of exciting contests, great atmosphere and, hopefully, victory for Gotland. NatWest Island Games was arranged first in 1985 on Isle of Man in the UK. The aim was to create an event to strengthen the ties between islands around the world, where athletes were given an opportunity to compete internationally. At the time, the games were intended as a one-off event for the 700 contestants from 15 islands, competing in seven different events. But the games were such a huge success that the organisers decided to turn them into a recurring event.

The NatWest Island Games now takes place every two years and this is the second time Gotland has been given the honour of hosting them (the last time was in 1999). To participate in the games, you must be born on one of the member islands or have lived there for at least 12 months before the games. The number of contestants has grown to 3,000 athletes from 24 islands, who will fight it out in a total of 14 events. The events are chosen by the hosting island. Get ready for a multi-sport event and a public celebration that is hard to beat, with scores of events, activities and expectant visitors in Visby and its surroundings. 56

ISLAND OF SPORTS By tradition, the people of Gotland are acknowledged as excellent event organisers with a large portion of hospitality and consideration. So it is perhaps not surprising that Gotland is an appreciated location for sporting events, training camps or matches, all year round. The Island of Sports initiative is a partnership between the Gotland sports movement and the island’s tourist industry for the promotion of small and large events alike.

EVENTS Badminton Single, double, mixed & team Arena: Rackethallen, Visby Basketball Arena: ICA Maxi Arena, Visby Table tennis Arena: Södervärnshallen, Visby Archery Recurve & compound Arena: Rävhagen, Visby Cycling Road & MTB Arenas: Central Visby and Östergravar. Football Arenas: Fårösund, Fardhem, A7,

Dalhem, Stenkyrka, Väskinde, Visborgsvallen and Gutavallen. Track and Field All events Arena: Gutavallen, Visby Golf Arenas: Slite GK and Kronholmen (Visby GK) Gymnastics Various events Arena: Sävehallen, Visby Swimming All events Arena: Solbergabadet, Visby Shooting Various events

Arenas: Svajde shooting range, Art. hallen and Hejdeby shooting range. Tennis Arenas: Slite and Rackethallen, Visby Triathlon Arena: Kallbadhuset, Visby Volleyball Beach & regular Arenas: Visborg Sportscenter and Rävhagen, Visby

NATWEST ISLAND GAMES 2017 IN NUMBERS: 3,000 participants 1,000 stewards & volunteers 28 venues 24 participating islands The games have been held on 17 occasions including this year's event. It costs 0 SEK to watch all the events and matches. 57

Photo: Freddy Müller

Gotlands ing! n r y h t u l e Cyk

Would you like to develop your competition or event? We inspire and help companies and associations develop and run competitions and other events in the Nordic area. We organise the world’s largest enduro race Gotland Grand National, Classic Weekend with the Gott liv trade fair on Gotland and in Linköping and Vierumäki Grand National in Finland, which will begin in 2017. We also help Stångebroslaget in Linköping and 1572 MTB Challenge in Motala with their races.


We enjoy anything that provides challenges, good health and experiences!

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Tottes bussar Visby Besides a regular bus service and travel programmes, they also provide value-for-money trips around the Nordic region and the rest of Europe. You travel in coaches of the highest standard, stay in good hotels and participate in well organised events. The drivers and tour guides make every trip a memorable experience. +46 (0)498-216276

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2016-12-15 13:02

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Meetings to remember Activities – Conventions – Conferences – Incentives – Congresses CONTACT US

With more than 10 years’ experience in the meeting and event industry and thousands of successful events, we dare to say that we are the best partner for you on Gotland. We take you on an adventure beyond the guidebooks and let you experience the island in the most authentic way. Visit us at

Most inspiring

Meeting-place in the Nordic region It is not so odd that Wisby Strand a few years ago was designated the most inspiring meeting-place in the Nordic countries. They have everything in place for a successful conference or congress – with a unique location and the amazing view of the Baltic Sea as an added bonus. 60

“The venue hosts more than 220 large and small conferences annually.”

The idea of building a conference hall in Visby was raised as early as the eighties. After years of discussions and inquiries, the Gotland municipality finally gave the go-ahead in 2003. Four years later, Wisby Strand welcomed their first visitors and on March 31, 2017, they celebrate their tenth anniversary. Over the years, Wisby Strand has become something of a year-round driver of tourism on Gotland. The centre annually hosts more than 220 large and small conferences and congresses, as well as a wide range of concerts, stage performances and shows from January to December. Holding a conference on Gotland is something special. The change of scenery and continental feel are much appreciated, and the island is perceived as being further away than a mere 35-minute flight or three-hour boat trip. Many describe how a sense of unity develops, enabling the participants to focus more on the task at hand compared to perhaps in a larger

city where distances are greater and distractions more numerous. A bonus is the many accommodation options a short walk from Wisby Strand, as well as the foremost summer oasis next door, the Kallis Beach Club. Wisby Strand is a flexible venue in many ways. Since opening ten years ago, they have strived to create a venue that is always top-of-mind and where both visitors and staff enjoy themselves. Achieving this requires a comprehensive approach, where everything from food to service and logistics is first class. – Without a high service level and skilled employees that always deliver, the amazing location is irrelevant. Our aim is for every customer to leave us smiling, says Carl-Johan Stålhammar, CEO of Wisby Strand.


For a successful visit Gotland Excursion offers excursion arrangements for cruise passengers and complete tour packages for tour groups, business conferences and alternatively arranged tours. Our competence, flexibility, in-depth industry experience and local knowledge ensure the best possible tour package solution based on your wishes! In cooperation with:

All with great experience of shore excursion, port agency and stevedoring.


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Vi kan Gotland

Want to know more about Gotland?

Johan Målare a different inn

As soon as you step through the robust wooden door you sense the genial and slightly mystical atmosphere. You feel the breath of history and the entire building is warm and welcoming. Join us for a tour of a different event centre and inn, Johan Målares Hus. Beautifully located in Ryska Gränd, just next to Visby Cathedral, is a medieval warehouse with a history that goes back to the 13th century. The building got its name from the renowned artist and painter Johan Bartsch, who lived here in the 17th century. His works are preserved in several of the churches on the island, as well as in “Gamla Residenset” in Visby. Over the centuries, the building has housed different activities and naturally, the ravages of time have left their mark. When Patrik Rees purchased the building in 2012, it took a few years of restoration before the inn could open its doors. – There is an enormous amount of trust and responsibility involved in managing such an old and illustrious building. Therefore, all the restoration was done very carefully and with a sense of respect for the building and its history, says Patrik Rees, owner of Johan Målares Hus.

But Johan Målares Hus is no ordinary inn. The idea behind it is to provide a venue where you and your friends, colleagues or family move in and are cared for throughout your stay. From transfer through to cooking and wine tasting to outings and activities. We see companies that look for an exclusive setting for their conference, kick-off or meeting, groups of friends on a golf or fishing trip, or families having a wedding. There are plenty of possibilities and the wishes of the guests govern the setup. Inside the one metre thick limestone walls we find six double rooms and a cosy lounge where carefully selected antique furniture is blended with fresh flowers, candles and replicas of Johan Bartsch’s paintings. Hidden beneath bedlinen in fabrics from the period are Hästen beds that ensure a good night’s sleep. The plastered walls have been painted with tempera grassa in 63

different earthy colours depending on which direction the room faces. There are no TVs to distract you, but they provide WiFi for anyone who needs an online connection. In the kitchen vaults downstairs, professional chefs cook in the open kitchen, either by themselves or together with the guests. The food is enjoyed at the chef ’s table in the kitchen or in the adjacent wine cellar, surrounded by bottles from both the old and the new world. Johan Målares Hus is open all year round and services parties of up to 12 people. The wine cellar seats 24 guests.

Accommodation in Visby In among meandering alleyways, illustrious buildings and scrambling roses, history is ever present. In the world heritage town of Visby the medieval blends with the modern in a natural fashion. Below are some of the accommodation options in the town.

Almedalens hotell

Hotell Gute and Breda Blick

Enjoy a beautiful sea view over Visby’s medieval town centre. The hotel offers 19 rooms and is located right by the promenade. +46 (0)498-271866

Gute is a family hotel located in the town centre and with cosy rooms. Breda Blick has a turn-of-the-century atmosphere, and is located by the Botanical Garden and the sea. +46 (0)498-202260

Hotel Helgeand Welcome to a quiet stay by the cathedral. Hotel Helgeand has 17 rooms of different sizes and prices. The hotel sports its own spa with a hot spring, relaxation room and sauna. They provide parking and a conference centre. The hotel has a breakfast buffet, cooks simple lunches and has its own bar. +46 (0)498-291230 |

Scandic Visby


Family-friendly hotel opposite the ferry terminal with a 5-10 minute walk to the town centre. Restaurant. Gym, outdoor pool, sauna/relaxation room and jacuzzi – free for overnight guests. +46 (0)498-201250

Stay by the sea and the beach in a scenic setting close to everything the town has to offer. Stay in comfortable, self-catering cottages/flats or in Bed & Breakfast rooms, including bedlinen and breakfast. +46 (0)498-201260

Hotell Strandporten A beautifully located boutique hotel in the centre of the world heritage town of Visby. The rooms are uniquely furnished with a harmonious atmosphere. They also have rooms with a balcony and a sea view where you can look out over Almedalen. All bathrooms are fully tiled with limestone from the quarry in Burgsvik. +46 (0)498-20 33 13 64

…or the countryside Billowing fields with grazing sheep, enchanting fields of sea stacks and miles of sandy beaches. If you are looking for somewhere to stay in quiet surroundings, Gotland offers a smorgasbord of suitable options. Here are six of them.

Suderbys herrgård Västerhejde Lovely garden, small comfortable ensuite rooms, a nine-hole pay-andplay golf course. Perfect location in the middle of the island’s west coast and only eight kilometres to the medieval town of Visby. Restaurant with daily specials, conferences, function room, lamb barbecue evenings, etc. +46 (0)498-296030

Pensionat Warfsholm A guesthouse from the turn of the last century on its own headland 30 kilometres south of Visby. Charming double rooms, dining room, bar, library and jetty. Comfortable double rooms in the wing in the garden as well as self-catering cottages with all mod cons. Close to world-class golf and within walking distance of Karlsö ferry. +46 (0)498-240010 |

Tofta Strandpensionat Tofta Strandpensionat is a familyowned guesthouse at a fantastic location right by the well-known Tofta beach. Come here for a vacation, conference, wedding or just to enjoy the sunset from the terrace. +46 (0)498-29 70 60

bunge hostel Close to activities all over northern Gotland. Hostels, B&Bs, flats, caravan and camp sites. Full board for groups. +46 (0)498–22 14 90 |

Fårö Kursgård

Farm cottages

Stay in a relaxing and beautiful setting among mile-long sandy beaches, windswept pines and enchanting sea stacks. Fårö Kursgård provides everything from conference rooms and Bed & Breakfast, to family rooms with separate entrances and self-catering cottages. All at reasonable prices. +46 (0)498-224133 |

Modern high-quality cottages with a Gotland feel and expansive gardens. Built in beautiful locations all around Gotland near nature and the sea. Open all year. +46 (0)73-500 0414 | 65

Clarion Hotel Wisby Personal and passionate

Located in the middle of Visby’s oldest areas we find the illustrious Clarion Hotel Wisby. The 700 year old building has been a hotel since the middle of the 19th century and the setting has been carefully maintained and restored. Welcome to a vibrant meeting place where medieval meets modern.

Room for all Clarion Hotel Wisby has 212 hotel rooms of various sizes and prices – anything from standard single rooms to superior rooms and suites with a little added extra. Depending on which rooms you choose, you have a view of the beautiful town, the inner courtyard or the sea. All rooms are fitted with all the mod cons you can ask for and we also have rooms for the disabled.

Gotland meets Manhattan In our restaurant Kitchen & Table, renowned chef Marcus Samuelsson has developed a concept based on the term Fun Dining. The dishes on the menu blend influences from Manhattan with local Gotland produce. An exciting culinary experience in a unique and congenial setting.

Relaxing oasis Beneath the arches in the hotel’s basement you will find the oasis that is Selma City Spa Wisby – a place for relaxation and recuperation. Enjoy a relaxing massage, refreshing facial and full-body treatments, sauna and a pleasant dip in the temperate pool.


Festive meetings In the spring and summer, opportunities open up in the 300 sqm large pavilion, in the medieval garden of the hotel. The venue takes 200 dinner guests or 400 cocktail guests and everything from weddings and birthday parties to various company events are held here. The Pavilion is also used for concerts, art exhibitions and other bespoke events.

A natural living room The heart of the hotel is the Winter Garden, where the medieval walls of the building meet the modern domed glass roof. A natural living room where both hotel guests and locals meet for coffee or a nice drink in the bar or in front of the fireplace.

CLARION HOTEL WISBY Strandgatan 6, 621 57 Visby +46 (0)498-25 75 00 Distance: Visby airport 3.5 km, the ferry terminal 1 km.

“A quiet oasis for relaxation in a medieval setting.”


Number of hotel rooms: 212 (398 beds) At the hotel: Seven meeting rooms, banqueting room, Selma City Spa, Kitchen & Table, the Captain’s House, the Winter Garden and the Pavilion.

Book a holiday home on GOTLAND with NOVASOL • Sweden’s largest provider of holiday homes • Holiday cottages and apartments on all of Gotland • Free Security package included with all bookings

Sweden’s largest provider of holiday homes

WWW.NOVASOL.SE • 031- 304 55 70

One chain - two hotels • 124 rooms • sauna & pool • mini gym • lobby bar • roof top bar

Best Western Strand Hotel • • 0498-25 88 00

• 99 rooms • garden • free parking • quiet location

Best Western Solhem Hotel • • 0498-25 90 00

A closer vacation NOVI RESORT is located in the north of Visby, in the midst of nature. Our next door neighbour is the ocean with the beautiful, unobstructed horizon. Everything is close! Let us give you a few examples: Beach 30 m. Restaurants 0 m. The medieval city wall 1 km. The ”Love Path” 100 m. Airport 3.8 km. Golf course 3.5 km. Outdoor Gym 20 m. Ferry terminal 2 km. Swimming pool 0 m. Fishing village 2.1 km. Conference rooms 0 m. Nearest limestone ”rauk” 2.5 km. The list is long, and we could go on. Welcome to NOVI Resort. We will bring you closer.


IHREBADEN Ireviken 30 km north of Visby

The sandy beach between the majestic cliffs is 2 km long. Our hostel/guesthouse and popular restaurant have been on this site for 75 years. What more can you ask for than great food, a comfortable bed, WiFi and a private terrace facing the sea. The beach is 40 metres away and the sunset is free. Come and meet our other lovely guests and experience the unique landscape. The hostel +46 (0)498-22 47 31

The restaurant +46 (0)498-22 47 39

STAY BEST AT SCANDIC Family’s holiday favorite

Stay comfortable at Scandic Visby, opposite the ferry terminal with free access to the outdoor pool, gym and relax area with whirlpool and sauna. Double room | Family room | Suite | Pool & Relax | Restaurant | 5-10 min from city center.

Färjeleden 3, Visby. +46 498-201260

VISBY GUSTAVSVIK Stay next to the sea and beach in Visby.

Visby Gustavsvik is beautifully situated by the sea, 3 km north of Visby harbor. Here, family and friends can hang out in a relaxing environment close to the city range. Enjoy the tranquility and let your children play freely in the large green areas. The area invites to beautiful lazy days of vacation. Stay comfortable in Bed & Breakfast rooms including linen and breakfast or in cottages/ apartments with self-catering. Each room, cottage and apartment has a own furnished patio. Visby’s city center is easily reached by a walk or bike ride by the promenade along the sea. Room | Cottage | Apartment | Reception | Bike Rental | 3 km north of Visby

Gustavsviksvägen, Visby | +46 498-201260 | |




14. 13.



10. 8.

11. 3.







Accommodation close to the sea all over Gotland Of course, you should stay beside the sea when you visit Gotland! Hearing as well as feeling the sea winds. You choose what type of accommodation you want. We offer camp sites, cottages, guesthouses, hotels or hostels. Here you will experience that little bit extra. Always with a personal touch. You are welcome to book accommodation with us – right beside the sea.

1. Sudersand Resort Phone: +46 (0)498-22 35 36 Website: Email:

7. Mulde Gård och Fritid Phone: +46 (0)703-71 49 84 Website: Email:

2. Fårösunds Semesterby Phone: +46 (0)498-23 23 00 Website: Email:

8. Tofta Camping Phone: +46 (0)498-29 71 02 Website: Email:

3. Åminne Fritid & Havsbad Phone: +46 (0)498-340 11 Website: Email: 4. Kalkpatronsgården Borgvik Phone: +46(0) 498-520 87 +46 (0)739-87 83 79 Website: Email: 5. Ljugarns Semesterby & Camping Phone: +46 (0)498-49 31 17 Website: Email: 6. Pensionat Lövängen & Frejs Magasin Phone: +46 (0)706-49 30 11 Website: Email:

9. Toftagården Phone: +46 (0)498-29 70 00 Website: Email: 10. Tofta Strandpensionat Phone: +46 (0)498-29 70 60 Website: Email:

BOOK NOW! 13. Lummelunda Hostel Phone: +46 (0)498-27 30 43 Website: lummelundavandrarhem. se Email:

11. Visby Strandby Norderstrand Phone: +46 (0)498-21 21 57 Website: Email:

14. Lickershamn Holiday Village Phone: +46 (0)498-23 23 00 Website: Email:

12. Snäcks Camping Phone: +46 (0)498-24 79 55 Website: Email:

15. Maven Stugor Kappelshamn Phone: +46 (0)709-58 60 52 Website: Email:


Attraktiva Oskarshamn Attraktiva Oskarshamn attraktivaohamn


I morgon ska jag träffa Pippi

Bad på Böda Sand

Härlig shopping i Glasriket

Finns det häxor på Blåkulla?

Färgstarkt boende nära klarblå vågor


Alltid värt att skriva hem om


Kunglig glans mitt i centrum


drömmar Förverkliga familjens

Hav, en underbar skärgård och genuin småländsk natur. Och så förstås det fantastiska kulturlandskapet i Bråbo. Oskarshamn erbjuder många olika upplevelser på flera plan.


en stora fördelen är dessutom att Oskarshamn är strategiskt belägen vid Smålandskusten. Med Oskarshamn som bas kan du ta dig till Astrid Lindgrens Värld, Kalmar Slott, Ölands härliga stränder och Glasriket på en timme. Och så tar det inte så många minuter att köra de få meterna till färjan i hamnen för vidare transport till Gotland. Många toppar upplevelserna i regionen med ett besök på mytomspunna och mystiska Blåkulla, Blå Jungfrun, och blir mer eller mindre förhäxade av nationalparkens skönhet. Inte så konstigt att många väljer att övernatta i Oskarshamn, en plats som har närhet till allt du vill uppleva.

Astrid Lindgrens Värld

ll ja ti



Foto: Philip Håkansson

Foto: Curt-Robert Lindqvist






Färja till Öland


Latitud 57 Foto: AOAB

Stensjö By





Bada i lyx på designhotell

Sjöfarares favorit nära hamnliv



de på Boka ditt boen om oskarshamn.c

Blåkulla (Blå

“To many people, this fifth season is the best time on the island.�


Late summer warmth When the summer approaches its end, another Gotland takes over. To many people, this fifth season is the best time on the island. A weekend in September becomes a perfect break from the stresses of day-to-day life, when you can relax and enjoy the almost deserted beaches. 77

“A sense of just being in the present, no chores or obligations.�

The island beyond summer the promenade From Kallbadhuset in Visby harbour to Snäck in the north, there is a five kilometre meandering promenade.


visby cathedral. The cathedral in winter.

AN ALL-YEAR-ROUND EXPERIENCE Many would argue that autumn is the best time on the island. The air is a little fresher, the sea mightier and nature more tangible. The warmer sea water makes the weather warm and mild. It is not unusual to see people swimming long into September and playing golf in November. Gotland is also a highly ranked fishing destination. The wild population of sea trout is unique in the Baltic Sea and coastal fishing is more or less free. Winters on the island also have plenty to offer. Visby in the winter will guarantee a Christmas mood. Visit a Christmas market and shop for presents in peace and quiet, enjoy some nice food or relax in nature when it is perhaps at its most beautiful.


Fly with BRA directly to Gotland We know how amazing Gotland is, and want to make it easier for you to travel here. BRA flies between Visby and 9 destinations in the Nordic countries. All year round you can fly from Stockholm / Bromma, Gothenburg and Malmö and during the summer also from Ängelholm, Norrköping, Sundsvall, Umeå, Östersund and Helsinki. Book your trip through Welcome here more often – see you on board! Helsinki Umeå June 22-- Augusi 13 June 22-- August 13 Östersund July 2 -- August 6 Sundsvall June 27 -- August 20 Stockholm /Bromma Norrköping June 29 -- August 13 Gothenburg Year around

Ängelholm June 22 -- August 13

Summer season



The airline Focused on Gotland What you may recognise as Gotlandsflyg has, for a year, been part of Sweden’s new domestic airline BRA (Braathens Regional Airlines). Much remains the same, but some things have also developed. One of THE things that makes the BRA airline unique, besides having the most satisfied customers in the country, is that they have no national head office. Instead, the company comprises 13 local branches, one in each destination that they service. On Gotland, BRA employ 45 people, all of whom live on the island. The local connection and involvement is considerable and they aim to always have Gotland in focus and being an airline close to its customers. A company that really understands the needs of both the locals and the region. BRA is a proud

sponsor of Gotland’s sports and social associations, support several of the much appreciated cultural events on the island and actively participate in various networks that promote the island’s tourist industry and businesses. In addition, some of the offers in BRA’s loyalty programme are local and linked to centres and companies on the island. Currently BRA operate three year-round routes from Visby Airport to Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. Summer sees the addition of seasonal routes to Helsinki, Umeå, Sundsvall, Norrköping and Ängelholm. New for 2017 will be the summer destination Östersund. On all their morning flights, BRA offer a complementary breakfast, full of locally produced delicacies.


BRA'S TIPS FOR A LESS EXPENSIVE FLIGHT: 1. Book it in good time. The earlier you book your flight, the less it will cost you. 2. Join the loyalty programme or like BRA on Facebook, and you will not miss out on any offers. 3. Travel at the right time. Monday to Wednesday is less expensive than weekends, lunch time costs less than morning or evening.

More Gotland

Information on what is happening in Visby throughout the year. @visbycentrum

If you cannot get enough of Gotland and want to know more about what is going on, what you must not miss and how to get there. Here we have gathered some of our favourite sites that may be of use to you, both before your trip and not least during your stay.

Popular site with information and calendar with activities and events all across the island. @gotlandnet @visitgotland Lovely inspiration where two holiday Gotlanders share their best Gotland gems. @gotlandstips Tips and inspiration on Gotland, as well as offers and tickets to activities and events all around the island. @destinationgotland @destgotland

Visby Map app App for iPhone and Android that guides you through Visby’s history and sights while also showing you the nearest toilet, WiFi or beach.

Do not miss

The Gotland Museum Gotland’s largest news site, for anyone who wants to stay updated about local news during their stay. @helagotland

Winner of the Grand Tourism Award 2016 @gotlandsmuseum

Tourist Office/

Move to gotland!

Visit the Tourist Office for personal tips or the website for more info and inspiration about Gotland. Visit the Tourist Office in Donnerska huset, in the centre of Visby. On Instagram you will find a new Gotland profile every week, showing you their side of the island.

INSPIRATION GOTLAND/ Inspiration gotland offers free guidance all the way if you are planning a move to the island. Visit the website for information and inspiration about Gotland as a place where you can stay forever. @inspirationgotland @inflyttarbyran @gotland365

@turistbyrangotland @inspirationgotland @gotland365


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14 2






More information at More information at


book your ferry tickets and accommodation with us! This summer, we will offer up to 18 departures a day between Nynäshamn, Oskarshamn or Västervik to Visby, from 95 SEK one way. We can also offer good-value car and caravan packages, such as five people+RV at SEK 1,195 one way. Gotland has everything from smaller family-owned holiday villages to larger, modern resorts and hotels. Plan your trip and book online at - the island’s largest booking website for ferry tickets, accommodation, package tours, events and activities.

Welcome to Gotland’s largest booking website! NYNÄSHAMN • OSKARSHAMN • VÄSTERVIK • VISBY

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