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Big Bang Unico Red Magic. Case in vibrantly-coloured and patented red ceramic. In-house UNICO chronograph movement. Limited edition of 500 pieces.

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Distinctive. Powerful. Dynamic. The Jaguar F-PACE speaks for itself. With a new range of engines including an Ingenium 2.0 litre 4 cylinder Petrol now offering up to 250PS, along with the remarkable 3.0 litre V6 380PS Supercharged Petrol, capable of 0-100 km/h in just 5.5 seconds. A dramatic drive combined with everyday practicality. There’s no mistaking F-PACE for anything but a Jaguar. Al Tayer Motors Dubai, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah Premier Motors Abu Dhabi, Musaffah, Al Ain 800 MOTORS (800 668677)

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Retail Evolution by Namshi Dubai Cares Volunteers in Senegal


Portugal’s Golden Visa Program


Mr. Mohammed Hans Dastmaltchi, Chairman of Board of Directors, Liechtenstein’s Union Bank AG

Hetachain by Relam Investment World Green Economy Organization (WGEO) and Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) partnership


Thom Browne, FC Barcelona’s official uniform provider


Alain Crevet, CEO & President, S.T. Dupont Autumn-Winter 2018-19 collection by Sacoor Brothers


Holiday Season Gift Selections


Tod’s Fall Winter 2018 Campaign



Dirk Schönberger, Global Creative Officer at MCM







Wyclef Jean

The Q8, Audi’s four-door SUV-coupé crossover

L.U.C LUNAR ONE The 43 mm-diameter L.U.C Lunar One is a perpetual calendar model with a big date and an orbital moonphase. This 355-part self-winding L.U.C 96.13-L movement is powered by a micro-rotor. Proudly developed, produced and assembled in our Manufacture, it showcases the full range of watchmaking skills cultivated within the Maison Chopard.








McLaren’s Speedtail pays homage to the F1


The Ford Mustang Heritage


The Chopard Classic Car Rally Dubai 2018


Franz Linder, President of the Swiss watchmaker Mido


Omega’s Seamaster Professional Diver 300M


MB&F M.A.D.Gallery display Apical Reform kinetic art sculptures


Sue Youcef Nabi, Founder of Orveda


What’s new from Apple this season

The BootRoom Collection


Cabo San Lucas City


Tresind & Babel La Mer


Chef Martha Williams


Brach by Evôk Hotels

The Endeavour Perpetual Moon Concept models by H. Moser & Cie.


The LY 650 by Lexus








Jumeirah at Saadiyat Island Resort

How powerful is your passport? Discover the world of passports, sorted, compared and ranked. Learn how you can improve your Global Mobility Score by investing in a second citizenship. PASSPORTINDEX.ORG




ur final edition for 2018 showcases a spectrum of hand-picked stories across business, philanthropy, fashion, automotive, art and luxury travel. Our cover feature for this edition is the inspiring story of Wyclef Jean, from his humble beginnings starting with fleeing Haiti in search of a better life in America to struggling with dark days in Brooklyn and rising up to be an artist of critical acclaim (p.31). Wyclef credits his international success entirely to his approach of creating a movement uniting people with his music. The highlight of the automotive section is the iconic Ford Mustang (p.61). Having crossed a production milestone of 10 million units, the Ford Mustang is the car that truly represents the best in the Ford stables. We chart out the evolution of the best-selling American sports car in history, so you can understand why the Ford Mustang is not just a one trick pony. We had the pleasure of speaking with the President of the Swiss watchmaker Mido, Franz Linder, at the opening of their store at the Dubai Mall (p.69). Mido revealed its latest collection in celebration of its centenary year at the store opening, the Baroncelli 1918; a nod to the year in which Mido was founded. The Apical Reform collaboration with the unconventional MB&F M.A.D Gallery has elevated design to a new high and has led to the creation of two limited-edition mechanical art pieces (p.77). The limited-edition artworks will be on display from 12th November – 30th December 2018 at both AR Gallery by Apical Reform in d3 and MB&F M.A.D.Gallery in The Dubai Mall. In our travel section, we highlight Cabo San Lucas, one of Mexico’s top five tourist destinations thanks to its beaches, marine life, scuba diving locations, awardwinning resorts, and the iconic sea arch ‘El Arco de Cabo San Lucas’ or simply El Arco (p.89). Once a sleepy little fishing town where hardcore fishermen were pretty much the only tourists, Cabo San Lucas has today turned into one of the best resort destinations in Mexico. Our holiday gifting guide will help with the most challenging part of your yearend festivities, selecting the perfect gift for your loved ones (p.49)!

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Arton Capital is the leading global financial advisory firm providing custom-tailored services for immigrant investor programs to government agencies, certified partners and high net-worth individuals and families from around the world. Become a Global Citizen速 and Empowering Global Citizenship速 are registered trademarks of Arton Capital. 2018 NOVT / DEC 18



GC speaks with Namshi Co-founder, Hosam Arab, about the key to their success and the changing times of retail industry 19 NOV / DEC 2018



orn in 2011 as a unique online retail experience for the Middle East, today, Namshi has championed digital innovation, has a fiercely independent spirit and inspires its fashion loving customer to experiment with their style. Its vast product mix includes exclusive in-house collections, sports & activewear and globally-recognized brands, carefully curated for a style-obsessed following. Hosam Arab, the co-founder of this award-winning fashion e-commerce website is currently driving the company’s transition into becoming a household fashion brand across the region. We had a chance to sit down with him and discuss what the future has in store for Namshi and what we, as customers, can expect from them. How did you and the co-founders come up with the idea of starting an online fashion platform? What gave you the confidence to move forward with the idea? I had just arrived here in the UAE from the US where ecommerce was rapidly gaining traction, especially in the fashion segment. After landing in UAE, I quickly immersed myself into corporate life. However, within a couple of years, I realized that I wasn’t really cut out for a career in the corporate sector and so, I decided to resign from my job. I seriously evaluated my options about what I could do and looked at my potential, as well as market demands, available niches, and what options were available to me. I recollected my days in the US, when I was making purchases online, where the experience had amazed me at being extremely convenient. I looked around and discovered that there wasn’t much in terms of competition. Besides, there was nothing to say that consumers in the Middle East could be very different from the US consumers. In a clearly tangible sense, they all value convenience, and they all want their life made easier. We decided that the opportunity was right, specifically

for online fashion brands, given that fashion is an area where people in this region spend a lot of their income and their time. Middle Eastern consumers care about fashion and they care about looking good. We realised we could provide customers with an unparalleled shopping experience that would be immersive, inspiring, intuitive, impulsive and intelligent. That has always been something that was lacking in the region, and it is a realisation that I had since I grew up here. I know that providing a complete and rewarding buying experience to customers was never really at the forefront of the experiential focus of brands and companies in the fashion sector. I met my co-founders at the same time. So, when we came together, we had a common goal and vision of aligning our endeavors to bring fashion ecommerce to the region, in a significant way. We see ourselves as much more than just a platform for fashion brands. We see ourselves more as a fashion authority, as well as being an online destination for fashionconscious people. We set out with the clear aim of creating a fashion destination online, and the results and figures show that we made the correct choice. Our thinking and our way of representing brands resonate strongly with a growing number of customers. We showcase the latest fashion trends and we catch eyes, imaginations, attention and market share, with smart fashion statements, tastefully styled to be expressive and locally relevant. How would you describe your role as the CEO of Namshi? How does this differ from the role of a CEO of a traditional brick-and-mortar store? As we embarked on our journey, the first challenge laid in trying to convince young, motivated, ambitious people to join a startup. For many career-driven professionals, it was a risk, especially to join something that was unproven and untested in the region. So, it was

2018 NOV / DEC 20


very important to first be able to present ourselves in the right manner, to put forward the exact and honest picture of our dreams and hopes, to attract, and bring in the most appropriate talent that believed in our mission. Our people needed to clearly understand what we were after, so that they knew that they are getting into something that differs vastly from brick-and-mortar establishments. To begin with, it helped them to see that they were going to b e c o m p et i n g a g a i n s t p e o p l e w h o we r e wo r k i n g fo r conventional brands and companies, who were largely mature and less likely to take risks. To add strength to our new industry, we needed people who were willing to strive for career success in a different way, giving legs to their ambitions and wings to their dreams. For me, it was important to find that talent and to bring them

With a lot of major investments having come into Namshi, are you worried about how having more and more stakeholders could change the overall personality of the company that you co-founded? That is an important area of our business and your question regarding it is pertinent in many ways. From the outset, all of us cofounders of Namshi were clear that we would always have a clear direction and vision for Namshi that would always be in our hands. Our stakeholders are many and they often keep changing. It could prove to be quite catastrophic if we allowed this constantly changing group of stakeholders to control or have an impact on the direction, values and the overall environment of Namshi. So, the character and identity of Namshi has stayed the same from the beginning and it continues to remain the same today. How dependent are companies like Namshi on the capabilities of regional logistics companies? I must admit that our dependence on regional logistics companies is quite high. More developed markets have profess ion al l y c ompetent and depend able lo g i st ic s infrastructure, and in those markets, ecommerce companies like ours don’t need to be challenged by logistical nightmares. In our part of the world, unfortunately, we have to rely on the limitations of the logistics companies that we have access to. We have also had to build our own version of a primary logistics network. To ensure the best for our customers, we hired expert logistics talent and they have done wonders for the customer experience with Namshi. We have trained our customer interface, who is the delivery person, to handle every delivery and even every return with complete professionalism and a well-mannered interaction with the customer. That is why, we have now got one of the finest logistics systems and last mile delivery in place, ever ready to take up even the most complex logistics challenge and convert it into a happy experience for our customers.

on board, motivate them, get them to buy into my dream and dedicate their time and talents for Namshi, and keep them excited about what we are doing and where we are headed. Ecommerce and digital enterprises demand that those working in these areas are always abreast of the latest numbers and live data streams. Conventional brick-and-mortar companies don’t require their people to be that data-savvy or even much in contact with market dynamics, and their employees don’t need to react to market conditions. For us, that is the vital ingredient of our success. 21 NOV / DEC 2018

In North America, traditional retailers are taking a hit due to the more competitive nature of online business. Do you think at some point Namshi will outsell traditional in-store retailers in the Middle East? In my view, many traditional retailers in the US have not kept pace with the times and have not adapted themselves to the changing business environment or to present-day consumer demand; and they have suffered avoidable setbacks. They believed that their businesses would not be affected, and that their sales would hold steady, or even grow. They had quite a nasty surprise as ecommerce flourished and left many traditional retailers out in the cold. However, I would not blame it entirely on the ecommerce sector. It has more to do with the shift in consumer behavior and market demands. If traditional offline retailers can move forward in that direction, they might still be able to offset any losses and climb back on top of the game. In nearly all parts of the world, online consumers are demanding customization, attention, quality and much more. They want a more complete journey across all platforms, where they can complete a transaction to their satisfaction. So, whether they are online or offline, or present in both domains, if retailers in the Middle East are not able to adapt as quickly as


2018 NOV / DEC 22


they should, they definitely run the risk of being left behind. The shift to online has been very rapid here, and things will accelerate even faster in the days to come. At Namshi, we are up and running with our ecommerce success and have taken it to greater heights of customer satisfaction and experiential value. What are the major challenges faced by ecommerce companies such as yourself in the Middle East? Does it have anything to do with the consumer mindset or with regulations? Logistics is a challenge that still remains a daunting one in this market. We had logistical challenges when we started six years ago, and though we surmounted many of those challenges, there are new challenges that often crop up. We are learning how to deal with them on a day-to-day basis and we train our teams to address any challenge effectively. Another challenge is that a large percentage of consumers prefer to pay by cash. Many companies like ours are coping with cash transaction challenges in the best way possible, while ensuring transparency, security and customer satisfaction. Aside from that, regulations have not been much of a challenge because regulations support those who are doing a fair trade within the legal scope of things. Of late, we have seen a move towards protectionism. Some duties and taxes across borders are beginning to affect our bill transactions within the GCC. It has led to a few challenges in online trade transactions across the GCC. However, to a large extent, regulations have not hampered our growth. At the outset, it was difficult to convince consumers to get them to shop online. However, the growth of social media, better online communications and interactions, has led to a continental shift in consumer behavior. Their expectations are growing rapidly, too. Today, if merchandise is not delivered on the same day or the next day, then you get left behind in this highly competitive market. Do you see global players such as Amazon, Net-a-Porter and the likes as competitors? We can view them as competitors in the sense that all of us offer similar services. But in quite a different sense, they also drive up online traffic, which serves a common interest for all

23 NOV / DEC 2018

of us. Since more consumers have started shopping online with Amazon, Net-a-Porter and others, they are getting a good feel of buying online and its reliability. Thus, encouraged by their experiences, they are venturing to try out local players. So, in a significant way, the presence of these global players helped to get more people to go online and shop by language, and thus, it increased the size of the pie for all of us. Do you aim to eventually position Namshi as a global fashion platform? To go global, is it a matter of investing more in logistics, marketing or fashion inventory? Our business focus has always been regional, and we have centered it primarily in the GCC region. Our beliefs are that we know and understand the regional consumer, we have grown up here, we are very much a local company, and there is still a very, very long way to go in this region itself. Now, having said that, there is a demand for our products globally. For example, there is a rising demand from Arab expats who are living abroad. Also, the burgeoning crosscultural influences and with many Western and Eastern consumers experimenting with Arabic influences in fashion and accessories, some of our products have come into good demand in the global market. We are trying to position ourselves as more of a global player, while we continue to focus on the region. To ensure that we can cater to both markets and specific demands without letting either market areas lose out, we have ensured a larger assortment of offerings in our inventory. Amazon has recently opened physical stores with a high degree of automation in select locations in North America. Is this something that might be interesting for Namshi? Our aim is to be where the consumer is. Consumers are of all kinds, their moods are not constant, their demands change, their needs shift. So, if there is an increasing demand for being present in a physical sense for consumers at some point in time, we will definitely get there. Will it be a driver of our volume and sales, probably not, but as an extension of our offering to consumers, it may be a good way forward.



2018 NOV / DEC 24



Volunteers from the UAE join hands with a Senegalese village to build a community school


ince its inception, Dubai Cares, part of Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives, has been working towards providing children and young people in developing countries with access to quality education through the design and funding of programs that are “integrated, impactful, sustainable and scalable.” As a result, the UAE-based global philanthropic organisation has successfully launched education programs reaching over 18 million beneficiaries in 53 developing countries. Its latest initiative is the construction of a local community primary school in Tasset Peulh village in Senegal which will benefit 60 school children, 60 illiterate adults and 300 villagers. In early September, thirteen UAE-based volunteers, who represented nine nationalities, travelled to Senegal to set the foundation for the school. The volunteers were selected through Volunteer Globally, a Dubai Cares community engagement initiative that “allows community members from the UAE to experience first-hand the Dubai Cares’ work and the organization’s programs in developing countries and to also make a lifelong positive impact on the lives of others,” according to Abdulla Ahmed Al Shehhi, Chief Operating Officer, Dubai Cares.

25 NOV / DEC 2018

It is estimated that approximately 38 per cent of Senegal’s Out-Of-School-Children (OOSC) are between the ages of 7 and 14 years. The-out-of-school children rates for children from rural areas are higher, at 49 per cent than those for children in urban areas at 21 per cent. This disparity reiterates the urgency and importance of the school premises for the Tasset Peulh village in Thies region in western Senegal. The volunteers contributed to tasks that included digging, lifting, pumping water, mixing concrete, reinforcing steel bars, and making and laying bricks. They also had several opportunities to participate in cultural education workshops designed to help them interact directly with the local families and to assimilate themselves within the local community for a truly enriching experience. Jennifer Hardie, a Canadian volunteer, said: “The experience of working hand-in-hand with a local community in Senegal is a memory I will always cherish, especially after I have seen how important this school is to them.” Yousuf El Abbasy from Egypt said: “I feel truly privileged to have been selected for this year’s edition and to have been given an opportunity to dedicate a tiny part of my life towards bringing real value into the lives of this Senegalese community,


and to work together with a diverse team from the UAE.� P r ior to t he mi ssion, t he volu nt eer s u nder went a comprehensive br iefing and sensitisation program that introduced them to Senegal and the realities on the ground such as the socio-economic background of the communities they would interact with and an overview of the activities they would participate in as part of the schoolbuilding mission.

Dubai Cares’ Volunteer Globally was previously in Senegal in 2016, when a group of 14 volunteers helped construct a primary school in the village of Keur Moussa Hann in Senegal which currently benefits 150 children, two teachers and 300 community members. Last year, 15 volunteers took part in a school-building mission in Phuleli village in Nepal, that benefited 150 children and 60 illiterate women within the community.

2018 NOV / DEC 26



Enhancements to laws in Portugal’s Golden Visa have allowed the program’s first applicants to successfully complete their 5-year PR requirement and apply for citizenship


ortugal; one of Europe’s oldest countries, opened its doors to foreign direct investments in 2012 with its Residency by Investment Program. Since then, the program has been internationally recognized as one of the most attractive of its kind with Portugal’s radiant landscapes, rich history, and architectural heritage. Today, counted down to five years later, the very first applicants who invested the minimum required amount are officially holding their PR cards and submitting their applications for citizenship. Portugal, which ranks in the top 5 welcoming countries in the world for immigrants, and the top favorite tourist destination in Europe, makes any foreigner feel like they’re

27 NOV / DEC 2018

right at home...and as of now they actually can be. With an array of enticing investment oppor tunities in the progr am, r an gin g f rom prestigious handpicked real estate projects to capital investments, these prominent individuals have paved their way to a European way of life. The Golden Visa program has placed Portugal on the map as one of the most desirable investment destinations worldwide, having brought over 4 billion EUR to the country so far. The appreciation of real estate prices has seen a continuous spike ever since the program’s launch, which additionally revitalized century-old buildings and brought life to cities all around the nation. Consecutive efforts by the Portuguese Government


to make the path visibly easier for Golden Visa investors h a s al so c ont r i but ed to t hi s si g ni fica nt mi lestone. Initially an investor would have to wait until year six of residency to be eligible to apply for citizenship. This however changed in July 2018, when the Government amended the country’s nationality law to permit anyone who had been legally resident for five years to apply for the passport right away. In parallel, on September 2018, the government issued Regulatory Decree, announcing a new regime of PR for Golden Visa investors exempting them f rom spending time in the country during the 5-year period between renewals. Essentially, a permanent resident in Portugal will no longer have to justify their

absence from the country, making the entire process simpler and more attractive to potential investors. Becoming a citizen of Portugal is the golden ticket into Europe. In addition to boasting an unmatched combination of quality education, health care systems, and citizenship rights, a Portuguese passport also allows visa-free entry to 163 nations, according to The Passport Index. Attractive and inspiring as ever with over 6,500 successful applicants, the enhancements to the laws now promise to boost and attract even more attention, a s investors continue to reap the benefits and exclusive opportunities of the nation. Times are truly exciting, both as an investor, and as a potential Portuguese citizen. 2018 NOV / DEC 28



Chairman of Board of Directors of Liechtenstein’s Union Bank AG talks about their newest venture into the world of blockchain by: Teresa Esmezyan


f you’re thinking of taking your business across international barriers with a flexible range of corporate solutions, wealth management and execution services, Liechtenstein’s Union Bank AG pushes the boundaries of excellence. By merging the solid foundation of a private bank with the agile mentality of a start-up, Union Bank goes beyond — challenges, boundaries, and the status quo. Earlier this year, Union Bank AG announced its newest venture to become the world’s first fully licensed and regulated bank to issue its own security tokens in alignment with Liechtenstein’s regulatory authority FMA and, subsequently, its Union Bank Payment Coin. Global Citizen joins Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Mohammed Hans Dastmaltchi (MHD) —the leader and visionary behind the Union Bank AG success story. With his profound expertise and solid background in the Banking & Finance Industry, MHD has been involved in more than 80 private equity transactions either as an entrepreneur, an investor or a banker. Driven by passion for innovation, MHD goes beyond boundaries and constantly discovers new investment opportunities. With the launch of Union Bank AG’s new cryptocurrency and their collaboration with Swiss Blockchain Advisory Boutique, Verum Capital, Union Bank AG is set to become the world’s first blockchain investment bank to

29 NOV / DEC 2018

drive efficiencies, reduce cost base and open up new revenue opportunities. It is very impressive to learn that you were only 17 when you started your own company which later became a fully licensed bank in Germany—making you the youngest co-founder of a German bank. What drove this passion at such a young age? I was fascinated by the mechanisms of the financial industry very early on. The complex relationships that determined the markets, the fluidity, the fast pace, and the drivers that made a business successful or unsuccessful. Also that, at a macrolevel, the financial industry played a key role in maintaining the workings of the global economy. The entire ecosystem as a whole interested and inspired me. What attributes or decisions have you made that you believe were pivotal in your success? I was – and still am – strongly driven by intrinsic factors: by the freedom, the challenges, and the purpose that I find in an activity itself. Any other gains, including financial gains, come as an added bonus. I think it is additionally as important to have a vision of the future and the ability to turn this vision into a set of clear, concrete goals. Add to that hard-work, resilience and persistence and you’ve covered a lot of what it takes to be successful.


Can you tell us about the value associated with banking in Liechtenstein? We want to build the pre-eminent blockchain investment bank and Liechtenstein is one of the best locations in the world for this undertaking. The Standard & Poor’s Banking Industry Country Risk Assessment places the Liechtenstein banking sector among the countries with the lowest risk in their banking sectors. In 2016, Standard & Poor’s also reaffirmed Liechtenstein’s AAA country rating. The country belongs to the customs and currency union of both Switzerland as well as the European Economic Area (EEA), which means that Liechtenstein has access to over 500 million potential customers. Finally, Liechtenstein’s government and regulator — basically the whole ecosystem — is very cryptofriendly. Union Bank is set to become the world’s first fully regulated bank to issue its own security tokens- how did this all begin? Our ambition to become the world’s first fully regulated and licensed blockchain investment bank is a result of our clients’ needs and pain points. When we began to seriously look at ways to solve their problems, Union Bank already supported ICOs and clients engaged in the crypto space. It was a logical step to leverage the new technologies to provide new solutions to these problems – in particular relative to the international trade of goods and services.

is designed to be used by our clients to transact business payment into, and out, of the markets in which Union Bank is active on behalf of its clients. What scalability challenges do you see with crypto? And what solutions would Union Bank suggest? There are a couple of issues with regard to scalability. Network limitations, data size, response time, and costs come to mind. However, a great number of experts are working on solutions. Suggestions range from simple workarounds to “complete redesigns” of the blockchain to eliminate scalability issues once and for all. Going into the specific details about each of these ideas would take more room than I have in this interview. But I have absolute confidence that all of the current challenges will be overcome as we move from mass awareness to mass adoption.

What can you tell us about the global evolution of crypto? The next important step in the evolution is the move from mass awareness to mass adoption. However, that is easier said than done. There are a lot of people working on this milestone – and there are a lot of opinions on how to tackle this best. I believe that in a next and immediate step, the blockchain must become more efficient and scalable. To this end we need to focus on strong interoperability: basically, different blockchains and networks need to be able to speak to each other and we need to look at how the blockchain can be used – really used – beyond money, markets and the economy. It will take us a while to get there. Longer, I think, than many proponents of Chairman of the Board of Directors, the blockchain anticipate.

There is hesitation with the volatility of the crypto marketplace- tell us about the measures UB will take in order to assure low risk? The volatility of the crypto markets is Mr. Mohammed Hans Dastmaltchi not relevant to our intentions. The Union Bank Equity Token What is the most exciting part about venturing into the will be issued as a tokenized equity stake in the bank. Also, fin-tech world? we will issue the Union Bank Equity Coin as a limited and The incredible and still unexplored potential of the blockchain exclusive offering for professional investors only. And our technology. We’ve barely scratched the surface of what we payment coin will be issued as a stable coin, the Union Bank can do with it. And I’m really excited to see what more Stable Coin, which is fully backed by a fiat currency – e.g. opportunities there will be in the future. the Swiss Franc. For both, the Union Bank Equity Token as well as the Union Bank Stable Coin, the volatility that is You are also involved in many philanthropic endeavours. associated with many other cryptocurrencies is therefore not Can you envision a merging of both worlds of an issue at all. philanthropy and blockchain in the future? Absolutely. A number of charities already accept bitcoin and In a world saturated by cryptocurrencies, what other digital currency donations. Even more important though distinguishes Union Bank Stable Coin from others? is the emergence of new philanthropic entities which utilize the First, the fact that it is a stable coin, backed by a fiat technology in innovative ways – for funding purposes, to ensure currency – e.g. the Swiss Franc – which eliminates the risk transparency or to develop entirely new forms of interactions of volatility. As important, however, is that the Union Bank between stakeholders. I don’t think cryptocurrencies and Stable Coin (UBSC) will be an integral part of an already blockchain applications will replace traditional philanthropy, existing, profitable, and current bank business: the UBPC but they will drive innovation and experimentation. 2018 NOV / DEC 30


FACING THE MUSIC From the new Netflix Original based on his life, to the powerful message behind his new single, Wyclef Jean is creating a movement with his music by: Teresa Esmezyan 31 NOV / DEC 2018



ometimes you encounter life stories that are so inspiring, you could picture an entire movie being crafted out of it. That is exactly the case for three-time Grammy Award winning artist, Wyclef Jean. The recently-announced Netflix Original film will tell the fascinating story of a child who fled Haiti to find a better life in America. The story of a young boy who didn’t allow his poverty to corrupt the richness of his imagination. A young man, who despite all odds of ending up imprisoned or killed, made it out alive, and to the highest realm of artistic success. A man fueled with such a passion to spark a change in the world, that

he returned home to Haiti to run for Presidency. An artist whose words touched millions of fans all around the globe for the last 30 years. The CG-animated film inspired by Wyclef’s childhood, personal journey, and musical evolution is just the start of the social movement he aims to create for the world to face the music that a change must come. From gun violence during his dark days in Brooklyn, to the rise in international fame of The Fugees in the 90s, Global Citizen digs deeper into the life of an immigrant that, with its twists and turns, thrived into the inspiring success story we know of today. 2018 NOV / DEC 32

You are considered a legend in the industry- what was it about your music that you think touched so many people? I don’t think I am a legend just yet—I feel like I am just getting started. But, I do credit my music touching people because I never made music to get famous. Music was a form of survival. I remember when we started with The Fugees, I said ‘We’re not going to make music, we’re going to create a movement’. We had to get up, get out of the hut, and do better for the sake of our people. And that was key, because really, music just comes and goes, but great music that touches and inspires people, is a movement. Netflix is going to turn your childhood into an animated movie. Do you think that is when your musical journey and inspiration begun? My parents left me in Haiti at a young age, so I didn’t reunite with them until I was about 10 when I came to America. And even though I was poor, I still had a rich imagination and was musically self-taught. My high school music teacher discovered me when I was 15 and put me in jazz. By 17, I was a Jazz Major, and today I can play up to 15 different instruments. Without that history and becoming a student of jazz, I wouldn’t be able to dive deeper into my love for music and be the producer that I am today. How was Wyclef back in the 1980s; different from the Wyclef today? I’m considered a black sheep; the one that wasn’t supposed to make it out alive. Wyclef in the 1980s was just one of those kids that could have been part of the statistics. I ran around with a certain group of kids, doing things we weren’t proud of. Some of them got shot, others ended up in prison, and I wasn’t headed towards a bright path either. My father felt that in order to save my life, he had to take me out of Brooklyn and moved me into Jersey. I’d say from 1980s to now, Wyclef has more wisdom. You were born in Haiti, moved and lived in the USA, and recently took a DNA test that revealed a 100% Nigerian descent. How does that make you feel about your identity? They say, you don’t know where you’re going if you don’t know where you’re from, which is why taking that DNA test was important to me. I feel I am very resilient with my identity, I mean I don’t know many rappers that could say that they decided to run for presidency. When I took that DNA test and found a strong Nigerian background, it made me understand how rooted I am in the motherland and allowed me to grab a lot of energy from that. Tell us about the message behind your new single “Baba”. The overall message of Baba is not to forget where we come from. At the end of the day when we look at it from a satellite point of view, we are all the same. We are all one. Don’t be fooled by those trying to separate us. We have more in common than we have in division. 33 NOV / DEC 2018


Aside from inspiring people with your music, you have also touched many lives through your philanthropic work. What causes do you feel most strongly about? When I was little, I remember every Sunday my family would make an offering for Haiti, so feeling a sense of responsibility for the community definitely comes from my mother and my father. Today, the cause that is dearest to my heart is helping orphans and children who don’t have a sense of belonging. I have witnessed this first hand and in turn was able to give many kids without parents’ scholarships in Haiti. The sad thing is, these orphans don’t get protected, so you have many cases of abuse, sex trafficking, both with girls and boys, and children being raised as slaves. I feel very strongly about this because if I never made it to the States, I could have ended up being one of these kids.

Your songs always tell a story and you have continued to push the boundaries of storytelling by writing your own songs for the last 30 years. Where do you want to take your fans next? I want to continue creating music with a message, and I feel like I am just getting started. I call this level: Chapter 2 of the Wyclef life, with the series in the “Wyclef Goes Back to School” album. What makes this series interesting is that we are recruiting kids in their last year of high school or from university and coordinating competitions to choose our next talent to be featured in the album. My greatest gift has been discovery, from Lauryn Hill to Beyoncé in Destiny’s Child. I’m excited for these discoveries to be unveiled in Chapter 2.

“We’re not going to make music, we’re going to create a movement” - Wyclef Jean

2018 NOV / DEC 34


Mr. Sultan Ali Lootah - Chairman and CEO of Hetachain 35 NOV / DEC 2018



Relam Investment launches Hetachain, a 3rd Generation Blockchain Technology that addresses the errors of its predecessors bringing Blockchain technology closer to mass adoption


elam Investment has officially launched its 3rd Generation Blockchain technology ecosystem, Hetachain, and it’s ICO. A super-fast hybrid blockchain network, Hetachain focuses on addressing the age-long scalability dilemma and pushing forth a truly democratically governed platform built for industry scale transactions while also uniquely designed for private users. With its array of features integrating a blend of public and individual adoption-focused design through a multi-chain system, users can use Hetachain for both public and private blockchain preference. The Hetachain ecosystem consists of smart contracts, Hetacoin, hot and cold Heta Wallets, Heta App Store, Blockchain feature-enablers and comprehensive solutions that enhance its applicability in smart banking, healthcare, e-commerce, trade, telecommunications, data management, investment, cash exchange, and remittance. Network congestion, slow transactions, high network fe e s , a nd h i g h - ener g y c on s u mpt ion h ave b e c ome synonymous with 1st and 2nd Generation Blockchain technology. Hetachain’s 3rd Generation Blockchain Technology addresses the errors of its predecessors by solving the problems of scalability, increased transactions per second and energy efficiency, and bringing Blockchain technology closer to mass adoption. “We are driving the whole world into a new ecosystem. Hetachain will be your enabler, your society, your business and your social life. Hetachain is designed to be a diversified ecosystem crossing various sectors such as; finance, healthcare, retail, trade, transport and will always upgrade with the changes happening in our societies. The ecosystem is empowered with a 3.0 Blockchain technology, and through it, we will provide our Smart Contracts, HetaCoin, Heta Wallet and other technologies,” Mr Sultan Ali Rashed Lootah, Chairman and CEO of Hetachain said. Sultan Ali Rashed Lootah also occupies the role of the Chairman & MD of Relam Investment. He comes from a distinguished and prominent family in Dubai where his father, Ali Rashed Lootah is Chairman of Nakheel, a leading

prominent property development company owned by the Government of Dubai. From 2012 to 2014, he was the CEO of the Mohammed bin Rashed Al Maktoum Foundation. He has also handled the role of Acting CEO and the Executive Director of Entrepreneurship Development at the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation from 2008-2012. As the Director of Information Technology in the Dubai Department of Economic Development, Mr Lootah also played a crucial role in formulating the department’s strategy and bolstering its overall efficiency. Sultan Lootah is also a member of the Mohammed bin Rashid Programme for Leadership Development. Under his guidance, Relam Investments recently made a high-profile announcement at the Natural History Museum in London. The launch of the unique business accelerator program “Relam Star” was attended by many leading investment experts, entrepreneurship organizations, tech and investment companies and young entrepreneurs. The Relam Star initiative is a new technology program looking to invest $50m to boost and support innovative, emerging and scaling UK tech startups. The fund will also offer access to subject matter expertise to help accelerate growth and reach a wider global audience utilizing their extensive network in the Middle East, Far East, USA as well as Europe. Relam Star recognizes the challenges of entrepreneurs with access to funding, an opportunity for assessment of their efforts as well as promotion and sales of their products. This program allows everyone to have access to this fantastic opportunity and support the mature and innovative startups in the UK market. “We at ‘Relam Investment’ believe that new ideas and innovations changing the shape of the world originate from the minds of young entrepreneurs,” said Sultan Ali Rashed Lootah, Chairman of Relam Investment in a comment on the launch of “Relam Star” Program. “We do not seek to attract wellestablished organizations or companies, but to attract new ideas that need a boost and the encouragement, especially nowadays, as we are witnessing worldwide major technical transformations in all sectors,” he added. 2018 NOV / DEC 36



An alliance between the World Green Economy Organization and the Global Green Growth Institute for promoting smart city projects


he World Green Economy Organization (WGEO) and the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) have signed a partnership agreement in Dubai to fast-track green investments into bankable smart city projects. The World Green Economy Organization (WGEO) is an entity that emerged in response to the priorities and concerns identified from Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development in 2012 as an organization intended to support emerging global actions towards the green, lowcarbon, climate-resilient development model. The organization promotes the widespread acceptance and increased importance of the green economy in the context of sustainable development and poverty eradication, by linking finance, technology, capacity-building and all other elements of the enabling environment for a green economy. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) government represented by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai launched the World Green Economy Organization (WGEO) in 2016 to be owned by a wide range of stakeholders, including State and Non-State actors, to promote the green economy agenda, and to serve as an international platform dedicated to facilitating public and private partnerships, and promoting international cooperation and knowledge sharing. Since its inception, the WGEO has become a global platform catalyzing change and driving creation of coalitions that enable economic growth and limit environmental damage, enhancing social inclusion and creation of jobs. Existing along similar lines, the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) is a treaty-based international, intergovernmental organization dedicated to supporting and promoting robust, inclusive and sustainable economic growth in developing countries and emerging economies. Championing green growth and climate resilience to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and Paris Agreement commitments, GGGI is a trusted advisor to governments in over 30 countries transitioning to green economic growth. The organization works on outcomes critical to achieving scalable development goals: greenhouse gas emission reduction;

37 NOV / DEC 2018

creation of green jobs; increased access to sustainable services; improved air quality; adequate access to ecosystem services; and enhanced climate adaptation. The joint initiative between the WGEO and the GGGI makes it possible for smart green cities and sustainable infrastructure projects to gain access to grants and investments through the WGEO Trust Fund. 60 bankable smart green city projects worth a total of US $1.1 billion are being delivered by GGGI to this initiative over the next 3 years. Each project benefits from the explicit support of host government, and as such present a competitive advantage to interested investors. Committed to supporting a transition to a green economy, the joint project between WGEO and GGGI will serve as a platform to identify, develop and fund long-term, high-impact bankable projects. Recognizing that people are at the center of sustainable development, the partnership between WGEO and GGGI aims to contribute to securing a world that is equitable and inclusive. Sustainable economic development means that the green economy must include the reduction of inequalities and bring multiple social, economic and environmental benefits to all citizens. “Smart green cities and sustainable infrastructure projects create unprecedented opportunities for long-term prosperity, leading to more vibrant and attractive markets, healthy economies, poverty reduction, and sustainable development,” says H. E. Mr. Saeed Mohamed Al Tayer, Chairman, World Green Economy Organization. “The World Green Economy Organization is uniquely placed to provide systematic and holistic catalytic support to the promotion of the green economy, meaning that it will handle all aspects of the promotion of green economy. Access to green finance through the WGEO Trust Fund is one among a number of practical value propositions offered by the organization”, His Excellency added. Dr. Frank Rijsberman, Director-General of GGGI says, “I see a tremendous opportunity in our collaboration from jointly setting up the process to managing the Project Preparation phase and developing green city bankable projects. I’m confident that our projects will attract the GGGI Member countries as well as WGEO investors to want to invest.”


H. E. Mr. Saeed Mohamed Al Tayer, Chairman of WGEO (Left) with Dr. Frank Rijsberman, Director-General of GGGI (Right) 2018 NOV / DEC 38



Thom Browne is FC Barcelona’s official provider of the team’s off-field uniforms


n October 3, 2018, the players of FC Barcelona arrived in London to play the Champions League match against Tottenham Hotspur wearing custom madeto-measure suits by Thom Browne. Back in July, Barcelona had announced Thom Browne as the official provider of the team’s off-field tailored and formalwear uniforms. Beginning with the 2018-2019 season and spanning the course of three years, the team will be outfitted by Thom Browne during Champions League and La Liga away matches. Josep Maria Bartomeu, President of FC Barcelona, said, “It is an honour for FC Barcelona to be associated with such a prestigious and widely recognised brand like Thom Browne. This partnership means that our players will continue to be influential both on and off the pitch. I would like to welcome Thom Browne, a standout player in the fashion world, to the Barça family.” The team members, including head coach Ernesto Valverde, arrived in London wearing the signature Thom Browne medium grey two-ply Fresco suit along with a white oxford shirt, tie, 4-bar cashmere vest and black pebble grain leather brogues. The eponymous founder of the brand, Thom Browne said during the announcement of the partnership, “I’m excited to be associated and work with the best athletes in the world, especially athletes that share similar values to Thom Browne. The uniforms represent the confidence in showing true individuality and enforce the meaning of representing a team as one strong unit. I have always felt that world-class athletes are the best role models and truly inspiring. The image of the players in the uniforms shows true confidence and individuality that will inspire the youth of today.” Thom Browne is widely recognised for challenging and modernising the suit by questioning traditional proportions. Browne’s designs consistently convey a true American sensibility rooted in quality craftsmanship and precise tailoring. He founded his business in 2001 with five suits in a small “by appointment” shop in New York City’s West Village and, in the years following, expanded his business to include complete ready-to-wear and accessories collections for men in 2003, and for women in 2011. Browne has also become known for his highly conceptual runway presentations which have gained global attention for their thought-provoking and dramatic themes and settings. His efforts have earned him several prestigious accolades, including the CFDA Menswear Designer of the Year Award in 2006, 2013 and 2016; the GQ Designer of the Year in 2008; the FIT Couture Council Award in 2017; as well as the Cooper Hewitt National Design Award in 2012. His designs have been recognised by museums around the world including the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art, the Victoria & Albert Museum, the Costume Museum at Bath and the ModeMuseum Antwerpen. 39 NOV / DEC 2018

Designer Thom Browne


2018 NOV / DEC 40


Dirk Schรถnberger, Global Creative Officer, MCM 41 NOV / DEC 2018



Dirk Schönberger has been appointed Global Creative Officer at MCM


CM, the German luxury lifestyle goods and accessories brand, with “an attitude defined by its German culture, Zeitgeist and the spirit of Bauhaus,” has appointed Dirk Schönberger as its Global Creative Officer; a role created specifically for him. He now leads MCM’s new Berlin Design Studio, where he has assembled a creative and product design team responsible for all of MCM’s creative brand development. Prior to joining MCM, Schönberger served for eight years as Creative Director of Adidas where he presided over several of this century’s biggest sneaker launches, including collaborations with Yohji Yamamoto, Raf Simons, Rick Owens, Pharrell Williams, and Kanye West. “MCM is a 21st-century icon of style, quality, craftsmanship, and modernity,” said Schönberger. “I am honoured to address a new generation of consumers who are opinionated, outgoing, and courageous in their expression of style. MCM’s inherent optimism, positivity, and transparency are the driving force of this brand, and I believe that together we can build a global powerhouse of German luxury.” Founded in 1976, MCM is now owned and run by one of South Korea’s best-known female entrepreneurs, Sung-Joo Kim, the youngest daughter of South Korean magnate Kim Soo-Keon. She learned the intricacies of the luxury industry by working for the US department store Bloomingdale, followed by a stint at Gucci, where she was responsible for developing its South Korean business. Her connection with MCM began in 1991 as a licensee, which she then purchased in 2005. She has set MCM an ambitious sales target of $2 billion to be reached by 2021. “MCM, whose prices are around the same level as brands such as Louis Vuitton and Celine, now makes around $700 million in annual sales — putting it on par with the likes of Versace. South Korea is home to the world’s biggest duty-free market with about $8 billion sales in 2015, and in such shops, MCM is the second-biggest fashion brand by sales after Louis Vuitton... MCM makes around 60 per cent of sales in Asia and the rest in Europe, Middle East and America.” - Business of Fashion magazine in a 2016 article. Schönberger as a German-born designer living and working in the country’s capital, with a keen sense of pop culture and a deep understanding of successful co-creation,

is uniquely positioned to fulfil MCM’s ambitions by capturing the youthful, contemporary spirit of modernday Berlin. “We are deeply excited for Dirk Schönberger to lead MCM with innovation and inspiration,” said Sung-Joo Kim, soon after appointing Schönberger. “As a fiercely imaginative German designer, he is the perfect person to present new takes on our heritage with elements of the modern cultural melting pot that is Berlin—fusing it all with the hyper-modern elements of our brand to be the leader in New School Luxury.” Born in Cologne, Germany, Schönberger developed an obsession with music and fashion at an early age. After graduating from Munich’s ESMOD fashion school, his first appointment was with the Antwerp studio of menswear designer Dirk Bikkembergs. After three years, he left to work as an independent designer in Antwerp and Paris under his eponymous label, Dirk Schönberger. A fashion label for men and women, Schönberger’s creations developed a distinctive, sharply tailored look that became his signature. His growing reputation led to him being named Creative Director of German brand JOOP! in 2007, where he oversaw the label’s entire creative output, from product design to advertising and retail. I n 2 010 , S chön b er g er move d to Ad id a s AG i n Herzogenaurach, Germany. In this role, he was able to incorporate his knowledge of design and tailoring with the spor ts equipment giant’s breakthrough technologies and expertise in sports functionality. Schönberger defined a broad visual language in his designs for Adidas Originals, Y-3, and Adidas Performance. Some of Schönberger’s notable projects related to the music industry include his designs for Mick Jagger and Keith Richards during their Rolling Stones’ “40 Licks” world tour, and for U2’s lead singer Bono during the band’s “Elevation” world tour. Beyond the design studio, Schönberger shares his professional experience and knowledge through dedicated sessions with students at the Royal College of Art in London and the University of Arts (Universität der Künste) in Berlin. Dirk Schönberger’s signature designs will be visible at MCM in early 2019. His first collection will be presented later in the year with Spring/Summer 2020. 2018 NOV / DEC 42



Find out what S.T. Dupont is about, and what to expect, from the maison’s CEO and President


s part of S.T. Dupont’s 140th anniversary, the maison opened its first flagship store in the middle-East region in The Dubai Mall. Alain Crevet, CEO & President of the Board of Members, had flown in for the ribbon-cutting ceremony where he was accompanied by Patrick Chalhoub, Co-CEO of the Chalhoub Group, and Sean Hepburn, son of the late Audrey Hepburn. Crevet has been at the helm of S.T. Dupont since September 4, 2006, when he was appointed President of the Management Board. After graduating from the French business school HEC, he joined Procter&Gramble’s beauty care division in 1985. He rose through the ranks to eventually

become Vice-President of Latin America. In 2000, he joined LVMH as President of Givenchy Perfumes and was a member of the Group’s Executive Committee. While there, he was instrumental in modernising and successfully re-launching the brand. At S.T. Dupont, he has kept the maison true to its mantra of producing “exceptional products for exceptional people,” while ushering in new technological innovations to keep its products relevant to today’s consumers. Following the ceremony, Alain Crevet was kind enough to sit down with GC to give us an insight into the illustrious maison that is S.T. Dupont.

Vincent Michel, Alain Crevet & Antoine Joujou (Left to Right) How would you summarise the 140-year history of S.T. Dupont? S.T. Dupont is one of the oldest French luxury houses founded in 1872 by Simon Tissot Dupont. He was a supplier to the court Emperor of Napoleon III and Empress Eugenie. His speciality was travel cases, trunks and leather goods that were fully customizable and came filled with travel accessories. So you could make your travel cases completely bespoke with 43 NOV / DEC 2018

custom compartments along with custom-made containers for accessories such as perfumes. Later on, the maison began to develop other accessories such as our famous lighters, pens, cufflinks, and so on. What is the essence of the S.T. Dupont brand that is reflected in all your products? Our motto is ‘exceptional products for exceptional people.’


Alain Crevet, CEO & President, S.T. Dupont 2018 NOV / DEC 44


S.T. Dupont store at The Dubai Mall 45 NOV / DEC 2018


What we mean by exceptional is that our product must have a timeless design, it should be beautiful and slightly understated, and then there is quality. Our products must be wholly handmade and durable. For example, I still have the S.T. Dupont lighter that my father gave me as a gift when I was 18 or 19 years old. I also have the lighter that belonged to my father. They are both in perfectly good working condition even after 50 or 60 years. Our workshop is still in Faverges, in the foothills of the Alps, the birthplace of our founder. Here all our products are made by the hands of our artisans who are specialists in their areas of expertise. Moreover, we only use the finest materials. For example, we use only precious metals and six layers of natural lacquers in our premium pens. This is why they do not melt or get damaged when exposed to an open flame. Compare this to some of the pens manufactured by our competitors in the same price range, which melt when exposed to an open flame because they use a lot of injected plastic. For me, a true luxury item is about exceptional materials, exceptional design and exceptional durability. When you buy an S.T. Dupont creation, you are assured that it will be in perfectly good working condition generation after generation. To these core qualities, we also add technological innovation to make them relevant to today’s connoisseurs. For example, our lighters give a soft flame, but can also give you a torch flame. S.T. Dupont lighters are the only ones that have this patented technology. This was developed specifically to fulfil the needs of cigar smokers. Another innovation that we will be introducing with the upcoming products is connectivity.

within the lighter that is connected to your phone. If you forget your phone and walk away, your phone will start vibrating. You can even make the lighter vibrate or even ring using your phone in case you need to find the lighter. The phone also remembers the last location where you left your lighter. What was the inspiration behind the Picasso collection? Picasso was a huge fan of S.T. Dupont lighters and had a collection of them. When he was in a good mood, he would draw on one of his S.T. Dupont lighters and give it away to his friends or family as a gift. Since we have good relations with the Picasso family, and because of Picasso’s love for our lighters, they permitted us to reproduce some of his original artworks on our lighters along with the date as part of a limited edition. In the first edition, we reproduced ‘The Portrait of a Woman’ from 1963 limited to just 1963 pieces worldwide. It sold out almost immediately. For the upcoming edition, after consultation with the Picasso family, we decided to reproduce ‘The Dove of Peace’ from 1949, and we will be releasing it before Christmas.

What are your signature products and what can we expect from S.T. Dupont in the near future? Today our signature products fall under four main categories: ‘The Art of Travel’ which includes our luggage and leather goods, ‘The Art of Fire’ which consists of our lighters, ‘The Art of Writing’ which consists of our pens, and ‘The Art of Seduction’ which consists of accessories for elegant men such as cufflinks, cigar cases, humidors, cigar cutters, keyrings and so on. We are expanding these categories to include a newly developed range of slim products. We noticed that there was a demand for slimmer products, particularly among the ladies because they are easy to carry. The Silm range now includes the slim lighters, e-slim electronic lighters with USB charging, and an assortment of slim leather goods that we will be launching before Christmas. We have already started selling them in a few select boutiques, and they are doing extremely well. An entirely new product in ‘The Art of Fire’ category is our candle lighter called the Wand. Unlike regular candle lighters, ours produces a torch-flame and is available in 6 exquisite variants. Some of these new products will have connectivit y technology. For Example, the slim wallets will have in it a card similar to a credit card that will link it to your phone. The first product to have connectivity was a lighter that we developed as part of the special James Bond collection. As you may know, we have a very long-standing partnership with James Bond that goes all the way back to the 70s. They wanted us to include some special technological wizardry into the new collection. So we came up with the idea of installing a Bluetooth tracker 2018 NOV / DEC 46



Sacoor Brothers launch their Autumn-Winter 2018-19 collection dubbed ‘Fits your mood’


acoor Brothers, the Portuguese brand that makes Cristiano Ronaldo look so chic off the pitch, is a brand known for its quality tailoring, effortless style and innovative services and products. The brand presents its men’s AutumnWinter 2018-19 collection, dubbed ‘Fits your mood’. This year’s collection is comprised of three themes: The Introspect, The Explorer and The Intuitive. All three themes bring with them different motives and styles, “to ensure there is something for every man this season.” The men’s collection includes sartorial elegance as well as casual work wear and urban inspired pieces, including bomber jackets, trench coats, slick jumpers and everyday trousers. The Introspect is a stylish yet convenient theme this season with an intellectual focus. The colour palette takes inspiration from libraries, books and sports halls, with rich vintage tones that feel confident and premium. With brown rivalling black this season, tan and rich cocoa blends also emerge for a raw look. The Intuitive is “a fall back to trusting our intuition;” to using eco-conscious design and natural resources to create innovative yet chic and stylish products. Bio-degradable

47 NOV / DEC 2018

agricultural waste is transformed into new compositions and textiles for products and accessories. The Autumn tones this season have the expected rich yet fresh sensibility, as though they were sourced directly from nature and transformed into new compositions and textiles for products and accessories. The explorer is a delicate balance between ‘The Thinker’ and ‘The Intuitive,’ which sees the birth of a new wave of digital intellectuals which believe technology can make us think better. In this millennial centric, fresh and graphically inspired theme, one can see cloudy blues that are crisp, yet soft and perennial blues take on a purple tint that give a nostalgic feel to the collection. The other colours within the collection give a mid-century and modern workwear feel, and silver ash hues keep the look clean and graphic. Sacoor Brothers, in its 29 years of existence, has grown by defining trends and innovating services and products, and by setting itself apart by offering excellent tailor-made solutions; a characteristic common to each one of its shops all over the world. The brand has a long history in the region and is present in all the major malls in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.


2018 NOV / DEC 48



While it may feel like November has only just begun, planning for the holiday season has already started. Buying presents for friends and family should be fun, but there is always that one person for whom gift shopping is still a struggle. GC puts together the best gift ideas for these hard to decide situations.


WILLIAM & SON Games Compendium MR PORTER

BERLUTI Engraved Venezia Calf Leather Key Ring

49 NOV / DEC 2018

BALLY Stripe Wool Mix Scarf



DUNHILL Engine Turn Luggage Canvas Tote

DEREK ROSE Balmoral Herringbone Cotton Pyjama Set MR PORTER

CZECH & SPEAKE Leather Bound Manicure Set MR PORTER

GUCCI Jacquard Knit Wool Sweater MR PORTER

BERLUTI Engraved Venezia Calf Leather Key Ring 2018 NOV / DEC 50


ROB DIESEL Greenhat Robinsons

CHAMPION Robinsons

BALLY Galaxy Mens Retro Sneakers

BERLUTI Venezia Calf Leather Wireless Charger Kit

51 NOV / DEC 2018

BRUNELLO CUCINELLI Suede and Full Grain Leather Holdall MR PORTER


LONDON SOCK CO 15 Pack Stretch Cotton Blend Socks MR PORTER

PAUL SMITH Enamelled Silver Tone Cufflinks MR PORTER



THOM BROWNE Sunglasses Robinsons

2018 NOV / DEC 52


TOD’S FALL WINTER 2018 COLLECTION Say ‘Ciao’ to Tod’s Fall Winter 2018 Campaign


od’s, a label whose hallmark is high-quality leather and whose men’s section is headed by Creative Director Andrea Incontri, presented a wardrobe that is functional yet elegantly utilitarian. The collection is brought to life by the vision of photographer Craig McDean, who captures the distinguished natural feel of the brand in its new ad campaign. In the campaign’s visuals and behind the scenes videos, the leitmotif character is the Ciao, the universally recognised greeting that originated in Italy but which is now recognised universally. The gesture of greeting is ever present as a combination of a smile along with the movement of the hands; representing the spirit of the Italian lifestyle. A spirit that Tod’s Fall-Winter collection seeks to encapsulate.

53 NOV / DEC 2018


2018 NOV / DEC 54



Audi has launched the Q8: its four-door SUV-coupé crossover in the Middle-east region


udi Q8, the new flagship of the Audi SUV line, is the first SUV model designed by marque’s new head of design, Marc Lichte, and will introduce a new design language for the brand. The Q8 features numerous design elements highlighting its lineage to the legendary Quattro, as it combines the elegant body line of a four-door coupé with the spaciousness and ergonomics typical of an SUV. The Q8 is richly equipped, comprehensively connected and tough enough for off-road duty with a powerful, yet highly efficient engine. At nearly 5 meters long, 2 meters wide and 1.71 meters tall, Audi’s SUV coupé is wider, shorter and lower than its Q7 sister model. With a wheelbase of nearly 3 meters, it offers a competitively spacious interior with a generous interior length and headroom. The three-seat system in the rear can be slid forward and backward as desired and with them folded down, the luggage compartment under the power rear hatch increases to 1,755 litres. The Q8’s distinctive “single-frame in octagonal design is the new face of the Q family,” according to the marque. Its brawny radiator grille stands upright and combines with the front spoiler and highly contoured air inlets to create a self-confident look. Standard LED headlights to illuminate the road, with HD matrix LED technology are available as

55 NOV / DEC 2018

an option. The three-dimensional signature of the daytime running lights and the taillights have a digital character while a light strip connects the units at the rear. As in the Quattro, a black surface underlays this strip. The profile is dominated by the elegantly downward-sloping roofline which terminates at the inclined D-pillars. The latter rests against the Quattro blisters above the wheel arches that are capable of housing up to 22-inch wheels. The strong contours and athletically tight surfaces also echo the legacy of the Quattro. The spoiler, wheel arch trims, door trim strips and the diffuser are in a contrasting colour. The interior space features clean styling with a harmonious fusion of architecture and operating concept. All elements relate logically to one another, from the flat air vent strip to the wide console on the centre tunnel bearing the Tiptronic selector lever. In the dark, the contour light traces the distinctive design lines of the interior and provides backlight for the three-dimensionally lasered Quattro badge above the glove compartment. Interior options include customised contour seats with massage function and three-stage ventilation. Other options include an air qualit y package with ioniser and subtle fragrancing, custom ambient lighting, and a wide choice of


The Audi Q8 2018 NOV / DEC 56


premium materials such as Valcona leather and eucalyptus. The instruments are displayed in the fully-digital virtual cockpit’s 12.3-inch high-resolution display which can be switched between two views via the multifunctional steering wheel. The head-up display also projects important information onto the windshield, including detailed lane guidance for navigation. The star of the inter ior exper ience of the Q8 is undoubtedly the MMI touch response operating concept through which nearly every function can be accessed via two large displays. The upper 10.1-inch display is used for controlling the infotainment and the navigation system, while the 8.6-inch display below controls the air conditioning, convenience functions and text input which can be done comfortably and ergonomically by resting the driver’s wrist on the gear lever. Its operation is swift and simple with a tactile and acoustic click confirming when a finger activates a function. In addition, the natural language voice control allows the driver to operate the system handsfree. The Q8 boasts as much as 254 millimetres of ground clearance, as well as short overhangs, Quattro permanent all-

57 NOV / DEC 2018

wheel drive, hill descent control and the standard suspension with damper control, are standard for those occasions when the paved roads end. As an option, Audi offers the adaptive air suspension with controlled damping for either comfort or sport setup. It can adjust the ride height depending on the driver’s preference by as much as 90 millimetres. Another option is the all-wheel steering which can turn the rear wheels by as much as 5 degrees counter to the direction of the turn at low speeds to increase agility, and at higher speeds, it turns in the same direction as the turn for better stability. The Q8’s three-litre 55 TFSI engine produces 340 hp and is coupled with a fast and smooth-shifting, eight-speed Tiptronic that transfers the power to the Quattro drivetrain. The drive system also integrates Audi’s new mild hybrid technology (MHEV) whereby a 48-volt main electrical system enables long coasting phases with the engine deactivated and a start-stop range that begins at 22 kmph. Alternatively, it reduces consumption by up to 0.7 litres per 100 kilometres. The Audi Q8 is now available at all Middle East dealerships with prices in the UAE starting at 315,000 AED inclusive of VAT.


The Audi Q8 2018 NOV / DEC 58



McLaren’s latest Ultimate Series model, the Speedtail, pays homage to the F1 and breaks records


cLaren has never built a vehicle like the Speedtail before,” says Mike Flewitt, Chief Executive Officer of McLaren Automotive. “As our first ‘Hyper-GT’, the Speedtail is the ultimate McLaren road car; a fusion of art and science that combines an astonishing maximum speed with an iconic central-driving position and a truly pioneering approach to bespoke personalisation.” With a pre-tax price tag of £1.75 million, just 106 Speedtails will be built and all 106 have been sold. The third model in McLaren’s Ultimate Series, following the P1 and Senna, the Speedtail is the first of 18 new cars or derivatives that McLaren will introduce as part of its Track25 business plan. While the Senna seemed to compromise on beauty to maximise performance, the Speedtail has one of the most beautiful “streamliner” silhouettes ever seen on an automobile with fluid flow lines, and yet, delivers record breaking performance. It can achieve the highest maximum speed of any McLaren to date at 403 kmph which exceeds the 391 kmph record set by the car it pays homage to; the legendary McLaren F1. The Speedtail’s record breaking performance was achieved in its ‘Velocity mode,’ developed specifically for the Speedtail. Velocity mode optimises the hybrid powertrain for highspeed running, while also tailoring the angle of the active rear ailerons. In addition, the Velocity Active Chassis Control lowers the Speedtail by 35mm, leaving the highest point of the vehicle just 1,120mm from the road surface. The petrol-electric hybrid delivers around 1,035 hp and facilitates an increase in vehicle speed regardless of engine speed. In fact, the Speedtail’s straight-line acceleration sets a new benchmark for a McLaren, with 0 to 300 kmph achieved in just 12.8 seconds. McLaren’s previous Ultimate Series hybrid, the P1, could reach this speed in 16.5 seconds. Pirelli has developed a bespoke P-Zero tyre designed to handle Speedtail’s extreme speed and performance capabilities. The Speedtail’s other performance enhancements focused on minimising aerodynamic drag by radically rethinking every aspect of the exterior design, and on drastically reducing the weight to just 1,430 kg. Every body panel is made of carbon fibre; retractable digital rear-view cameras replace traditional

59 NOV / DEC 2018

door mirrors; carbon fibre front-wheel static aero covers reduce air turbulence around the wheel arches; the number of shutlines have been reduced to a minimum; the patented, flexible, active rear ailerons ensure the continuity of the design while keeping drag to a minimum. The dramatic dihedral doors open to reveal an interior space where the driver is positioned centrally, with seating for two additional passengers set slightly rearwards, as it was in the F1. The entire interior of the Speedtail has been designed to cosset and embrace the driver and passengers, while the finest Scandinavian hide envelops almost every surface to pamper them with luxury. The driver sits on a custom-made carbon fibre seat while the two passenger seats are integral to the carbon fibre monocoque. The interior space is topped by a teardrop-shaped half-bubble, most of which is glazed glass, which creates an incredible sense of space. However, if the occupants prefer more privacy, or protection from the sun, the top part of the windscreen, the portholes, the doors, and rear-quarterlights feature electrochromic technology which allows them to independently turn opaque in an instant. Ahead of the driver is a state-of-the-art control system, with high-definition displays and touchscreens that sweep across the dashboard, allowing the driver to control just about every function. The only buttons are in the overhead panels and are milled from aluminium, and then hand-brushed and polished. The Speedtail marks a revolutionary advancement in the creation and usage of carbon. The Titanium Deposition Carbon Fibre fuses a micron-thin layer of titanium directly onto the weave which results in a chrome-effect shimmer finish on the carbon fibre without compromising on its strength or weight properties. Furthermore, the titanium can be anodised in any colour or used to create bespoke patterns. Thin-Ply Technology Carbon Fibre (TPT) is another worldfirst, developed in collaboration with Swiss watchmaker Richard Mille. It creates a stratified, shimmering finish with patterns similar to polished wood. It has been used in the overhead control panel, gearshift paddles and steering wheel clasp. It is also used in the making of the McLaren badge along with 18-carat white gold.


“The McLaren Speedtail is a vehicle unlike any other, not simply because of the astonishing visual drama, extreme speed and aerodynamic excellence that distinguish it, but because it sets unprecedented standards in technical luxury and bespoke customisation,” said Rob Melville, Design Director, McLaren Automotive. “The same boundless innovation and creativity that drives McLaren to push the limits of physical performance have challenged us to craft an exquisite interior defined by pioneering design and the absolute pinnacle of materials quality,” adds Rob Melville. The 106 individuals who have booked the Speedtail, are being offered the chance to add a unique finishing touch to

their car by selecting from a range of optional finishes for their car’s badging. This is just another way Speedtail is combining art with extreme performance. A set of three badges, two brand badges (front) and one name badge (rear), is available as part of the limitless tailoring opportunities available from McLaren Special Operations (MSO) for the Hyper-GT Speedtail. “Speedtail is centered around breathtaking beauty, luxury and craftsmanship. The gold badges add to a car whose jewel-like qualities already shine out and confirm Speedtail’s uniqueness as the luxury McLaren without equal”, says Rob Melville. Deliveries of the first Speedtails are expected to begin in early 2020.

2018 NOV / DEC 60

The McLaren Speedtail



We celebrate the roll-out of the ten-millionth Ford Mustang with a look back at its heritage, and at its future 61 NOV / DEC 2018


Ford Mustang 5.0 GT 2018 2018 NOV / DEC 62



his year, Ford produced its ten-millionth Mustang. Its sales crossed 125,809 units across 146 countries last year, making it the top-selling sports coupé worldwide for the third year in a row. Mustang is America’s best-selling sports car over the last 50 years according to IHS Markit. The popularity of the Mustang carries over into the digital realm where it was the most hashtagged car on Instagram in the Middle East in 2017, according to Synthesio. “Demand for Mustang continues to be very strong,” said Crystal Worthem, Marketing director, Ford Middle East & Africa. “With the updated 2018 Mustang shortly making its way to our region, customers will no doubt love all the great new technologies it will offer, including the all-new 10-speed automatic transmission, the new active valve performance exhaust, and of course, the 12-inch customisable digital instrument cluster which it gets from the Ford GT.” Other enhancements on the 2018 Mustang include a more athletic look, with new front and rear-end design that delivers a leaner and meaner look as well as refined aerodynamics; allLED front and rear lights; new shock absorbers, cross-axis joint in the rear suspension, and stabiliser bars that deliver better handling. The 5.0-litre V8 engine is more powerful and revs higher than any Mustang GT before, producing 460 horsepower and 570Nm of torque. The new 10-speed automatic transmission has a wideratio span, and its optimised gear spacing delivers better responsiveness and acceleration. The all-new instrument cluster can personalise the displays for normal, sport and track mode. All-new MyMode with memory function allows drivers to save their favourite drive settings, including suspension and steering preferences. The Mustang of today has come a long way from its humble origins. The birth of the much beloved “Pony Car” came about when two forces of nature aligned. One was the demographic group known as the Babyboomers who pursued a more active lifestyle than their parents. The other was Lee Iacocca, the

63 NOV / DEC 2018

then Ford Division’s general manager. He is credited with recognising the need to target the Babyboomers, based the success of Ford’s Thunderbird as well as a growing demand for sleek performance cars offered by foreign and domestic competitors. The USP that set the Mustang apart from its competition was that it was intended, from day one, to be a car for the working-class with a price tag of just US $ 2,368, which was significantly lower than its competitors. The average workingclass Joe could now own a sports car thanks to the Mustang, and this quality endeared it to the masses. To sell at the listed price and still make a profit, Ford used many of the interior, chassis, suspension, and drivetrain components from other Ford models already in production. This also reduced the learning curve at the assembly line and the cost of parts inventory for dealers. To make sure the word got out, Ford launched a highly effective media blitz across all mediums. The day the car was officially unveiled, at the New York World’s fair in 1964, some 2,600 newspapers across the US carried favourable mentions. It worked. The projected first-year sales target of 100,000 units was achieved in just three months, going on to break the singlemodel-year sales record with 318,000 sold. To achieve the next significant landmark, Lee Iacocca turned to Carroll Shelby, whom he had helped to build the iconic Shelby Cobra. Lee Iacocca wanted Shelby to return the favour by turning the Mustang into a muscle car. This resulted in the GT 350 Shelby of 1965, and with it, the birth of one of the most celebrated partnerships in automotive history. The poor economic conditions of the 70s and 80s turned Ford’s financials red with sales of Mustang at an all-time low. Ross Roberts, the General Manager of Ford Division at the time, announced that Ford would kill its Mustang. He was so inundated with hate mail that he was forced to reconsider. Ford decided to launch a fresh Mustang on its 30th anniversary


developed by a special inter-departmental team that was to take the Mustang back to its origins while bringing it up to date technically. In October of 1993, the regenesis of the Mustang was unveiled. It would go on to become the basis of every model since. Ford has recently announced that the Mustang will be the only non-SUV vehicle manufactured for the NorthAmerican market.

“Mustang is the heart and soul of this company and a favourite around the world,” explains Jim Farley, President of global markets, Ford Motor Company. “I get the same thrill seeing a Mustang roll down a street in Detroit, London or Beijing that I felt when I bought my first car – a 1966 Mustang coupe that I drove across the country as a teenager. Mustang is a smile-maker in any language.”

2018 NOV / DEC 64



Chopard brings the Chopard Classic Rally to Dubai for the second consecutive year


fter a successful first edition last November, the Chopard Classic Rally Dubai is back for a second run on November 9, 2018. The rally will again tour the wonders of the United Arab Emirates in the form of a classic car competition – an invitation only event that celebrates historically significant automobiles. The brand’s participation in many famous classic rallies embodies a unique relationship between Chopard and racing. “People say that lovers of fine cars also have a great weakness for fine timepieces and vice versa. Extreme precision and sporting elegance are important in both fields,” so said Chopard CoPresident Karl-Friedrich Scheufele, a dedicated classic car enthusiast himself, upon launching the first Mille Miglia collection in 1998. The close ties between these two worlds have been strengthened ever since, largely due to the impressive number of common denominators that naturally draw them together - the relationship with time, a passion for fine mechanics, as well as absolute concentration.

65 NOV / DEC 2018

Organized by Chopard, along with partners Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons and Emaar Properties, the Chopard Classic Rally Dubai puts to test the timing and navigation skills, driving abilities and the vehicles of the participating car enthusiasts. “Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons is once again proud to support the Chopard Classic Car Rally Dubai, which brings together some of the most exquisite classic cars in the world. In a way, the worlds of fine watchmaking and classic cars are intrinsically intertwined and there is no better way to celebrate that than through this magnificent race,” said Mohammed Abdulmagied Seddiqi, Chief Commercial Officer of Seddiqi Holding. Ahmad Al Matrooshi, Managing Director of Emaar Properties, said: “Chopard Classic Rally Dubai has come to be a definitive event that highlights not only the diversity of classic cars from personal collections, but also the passion of classic car enthusiasts in preserving and building on the proud legacy. Flagging off from Downtown Dubai, the event will put the spotlight on the dedication and navigation skills of the classic car owners with an event that displays the diversity of Dubai’s


Romain Dumas, French Race car driver and Chopard Ambassador, wearing the Mille Miglia GTS Speedblack 2018 NOV / DEC 66


67 NOV / DEC 2018


L.U.C 1937 Classic Rally Dubai Special Edition Watch

offerings. Through our partnership, we are underlining our commitment to events that add to the positivity of the community.” Starting from the iconic Burj Khalifa, set in the heart of Emaar’s mega-development Downtown Dubai, the rally map will follow a challenging itinerary throughout the UAE’s enchanting landscapes; from Dubai to Hatta. Winners of the rally will be announced during the awards ceremony that will be held on the same evening. French Race car driver and Chopard’s ambassador Romain Dumas will also take part in the Classic Rally, taking the challenge to a whole new level. “I’m very excited to participate in the second edition of this regularity rally in the UAE. I have no doubt it will be a memorable experience and I’m looking forward to a great rally”, said Romain Dumas. To celebrate this prestigious event, Chopard has dedicated to the Middle Eastern Classic racing enthusiasts a 20-piece limited edition watch - L.U.C 1937 Classic Rally Dubai Special Edition. Rare, understated and refined, this highperformance, high-precision timepiece features a dark chronometer and will be unveiled on the day of the race. 2018 NOV / DEC 68



GC speaks with the President of the Swiss watchmaker Mido, Franz Linder, at the opening of their store at The Dubai Mall


is the centenary year of the Sw i s s watchmaker Mido. The brand marked the occasion with the official inauguration of its first ever stand-alone store at The Dubai Mall. The store is expected to further the brand’s expansion into the Middle East region. The official ribbon-cutting ceremony took place in the presence of Franz Linder, the President of Mido, together with Rivoli Group representatives and the famous Taiwanese actor and singer George Hu. Mido also unveiled the limited-edition “Baroncelli Trilogy.” The Baroncelli collection is inspired by the Rennes Opera House and its incredibly rich aesthetic appeal and technical mastery. The three distinct designs of the trilogy embody the key periods in the brand’s history as well as its forward-looking mindset. Baroncelli 1918 is a nod to the year in which Mido was created and is limited to just 1,918 pieces. Its case is made of

69 NOV / DEC 2018

polished steel with rose gold PVD treatment with a polished and lacquered ivory dial. The stamped hour and minute hands adopt a rounded leaf shape. The strap has a glossy brown crocodile-look. Baroncelli 2018 marks the brand’s centenary and is limited to 2,018 pieces. It has a polished stainless-steel case surrounding a white polished and lacquered dial with a polished stainlesssteel bracelet with folding clasp. Baroncelli 2118, limited to 2,118 pieces, looks to the future. The anthracite dial features a sunray satin finish, which captures and diffuses the light to produce fascinating mirror effects. It is encased by polished steel with black PVD treatment. The small second’s hand is varnished in Bordeaux red. The strap is leather covered with Cordura fabric to make it exceptionally durable. Franz Linder was kind enough to talk to us, after the store opening ceremony, about all things Mido: past, present, and future.


What is the core philosophy of the Mido brand? If you look back at last 100 years, the most significant milestone of the Mido brand happened in the 1930s. Before that Mido made all kinds of fantastic watches like the ‘car radiator’ watches, ‘sport equipment’ watches and so on, which were very creative. Then in the 1930s, they decided to focus on a much more industrial approach to watchmaking. So, in 1934, Mido launched the Multifort collection which was technology-driven and was the brand’s first watch engineered for mass production. It was anti-magnetic, self-winding, water-resistant, and shockresistant. By combining these four elements in one watch, Mido opened a new chapter whereby innovation, functionality, quality and good value for money became the foundation of the brand, and one that is followed even today.

In the past, Mido was known as “the king of waterproof watches.” How has this legacy evolved? In the past, water resistance was the most important quality issue for watches, so we focused on it. Today water resistance is not a USP but is taken for granted. Today the precision in the production of components of the watches is the main area of interest. So, today we focus more on the quality of the movement and the materials. For example, a few years ago, we were the first brand in our price category to offer a watch with a silicon balance-spring. We decided to develop this technology because it provided better shock resistance and better anti-magnetism, which in turn delivers higher accuracy. Also, Mido has always been producing COSC certified chronometers.

How would you describe the qualities of a typical Mido customer? I think it’s not a matter of how you use the watches but more about what you are looking to buy. A lot of our customers want to own a high-quality product which can last for a very long time. If your product has true quality, then you know it is built for the long term. This is also why our designs are timeless.

What are the challenges faced by Mido from the new generation of smartwatches? As I stated before, since the 1930s, Mido’s core values have included innovation, functionality, and longevity, but it also includes mechanical. These values dictate that our watches are high-quality mechanical timepieces. Micromechanics is beautiful, and it evokes emotion. It is an entirely different 2018 NOV / DEC 70


proposition than a Smartwatch which is purely technology driven, nor are they known for having a very long lifespan. Let me give you an example: the Mido Commander was first launched in 1959. We manufacture and sell the original model even today. So, buying such a watch is not just buying a beautiful thing but it is also a long-term investment. How can this be compared to smartwatches? So, I don’t think we will go into the manufacture of smartwatches because it is an entirely different brand promise than what we offer. What is the purpose of your standalone store here in Dubai? Even though Asia is the most significant region for Mido, Dubai, and especially The Dubai Mall are well known all over the world, particularly among Asian and European tourists. So, it is an ideal location to have our first boutique because we have tourists as well as the local customers. Visitors to the store can experience the real spirit of the brand as we have a wide range of products and services that are offered here. E-commerce, how relevant is it to Mido? E-Commerce today is a reality we have to face because there are people who prefer to buy online; so, we treat it seriously as a distribution channel. As in retail, it is our responsibility to offer the best online shopping experience we can. Some markets are much more advanced than others, but it is present everywhere in the world. For the Middle East region, we are not very active

71 NOV / DEC 2018

in the e-commerce sector as of now because this is not our strongest region. Our strategy is to first focus on those regions where demand for our brand is the highest. Please give us an overview of the essential and future models of Mido. Mido has five collections that we consider as our pillars. Multifort is the oldest one; first launched in 1934. Then we have Ocean Star launched in 1944, Commander in 1959, Baroncelli in 1976, and Belluna in 2008. Mido is not a brand known for manufacturing replica watches and vintage watches, but this year, as an exception, we made two. One for the Commander collection because it is an icon. It features dials from the 1970s encased in steel or rose gold. The other one is a Multifort inspired by the 1930s. Due to its long history, we made it a Datometer where we developed a special series of movements for the date indication. In Bazel, it had sold out. Vintage watches have a lot of fans. The Belluna collection always has finely decorated dials. It is too early to talk about the products launching next year. However, our strategy is based on these five families getting a design face-lift or evolving technologically. I can also tell you that we are working on a new collection inspired by an architectural icon, as in the case of other Mido collections. Mido takes inspiration from architecture for its collections because we share the same values of innovation, functionality, and timelessness.


(L to R) Franz Linder - MIDO President, George Hu-Actor & Friend of the Brand MIDO, Abraham Koshy - COO, Watch Division Rivoli Group 2018 NOV / DEC 72



The Endeavour Perpetual Moon Concept models by H. Moser & Cie. are aesthetic masterpieces combined with technical intricacy


. Moser & Cie. captures the mystery and splendour of the moon and its phases with two Endeavour Perpetual Moon Concept models. Nestled at the heart of the Concept dial, which features neither logo nor indices, is the eye-catching moon in a large window at 6 o’clock; a minimalist splendour like no other. The perpetual moon is not just an artistic masterstroke but also one of the most precise moon phases available, with one day’s deviation every 1027 years. On the steel model, the dial is made from Vantablack. Its ultra-black coating, regarded as the darkest substance of all, is used in telescopes and by the army as thermal camouflage. It is composed of carbon nanotubes that are vertically aligned next to each other and is capable of absorbing 99.965% of light. It is the darkest black dial to be produced yet. The black colour is such that it appears astral, abyss-like: An undeniable black hole at the centre of which shines the moon. The steel model has a hand-stitched black leather strap. A more sensual version features 5N red gold case with a midnight-blue fumé dial. Its deep lustres, with twilight tones, perfectly match the red gold of the case. A hand-stitched brown alligator leather strap adds the finishing touch. Both models have a 42 mm case with a height of 12.9 mm, Sapphire crystal on top, leaf-shaped hour and minute hands finished in the same colour as the case, and power reserve indicator on movement’s side. Both are limited to just 50 pieces.

73 NOV / DEC 2018

The Endeavour Perpetual Moon Concept is powered by the HMC 801 hand-wound manufacture calibre, equipped with an interchangeable Moser escapement. This calibre ensures the watch has a minimum 7-day power reserve, with an indicator on the movement side. The moon phase system is an extremely accurate display that can be set, read and predicted to within a minute. The system can be easily adjusted using a push-button on the side of the case. On average, the moon’s orbital period lasts 29.53059 days. To be more precise: 29 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes and 2.9 seconds. The concept’s intricate wheel train portrays this interval so precisely that the gap is a mere 0.23 seconds per day, that is to say, one day’s deviation after 1027.30 years, which makes it the most precise model available. The H. Moser Endeavour Perpetual Moon Concept represents technical complexit y, is the embodiment of understated elegance and is worthy of the finest Haute Horlogerie traditions. H. Moser & Cie. was created by Heinrich Moser in 1828 and is based in Neuhausen am Rheinfall. It currently employs around 60 people, has developed 12 in-house calibres to date and produces more than 1,500 watches per annum. H. Moser & Cie. manufactures parts such as regulating organs and balance-springs, which are used for its own production as well as to supply its partner companies in the MELB Holdings, an independent family group, based in the heart of the Vallée de Joux.


The Endeavour Perpetual Moon Concept model by H. Moser & Cie. in Steel with Vantablack dial 2018 NOV / DEC 74



Omega gives its Seamaster Professional Diver 300M a facelift with 14 new models 75 NOV / DEC 2018



mega ambassador Daniel Craig is set to play 007 for the fifth time and, as always, he will be accompanied by the Seamaster Professional Diver 300M. However, this time the 300M will be all new as Omega has given its ever-popular collection a complete facelift in 2018, with 14 unique models, of which, six are in stainless steel, and 8 are a mix of stainless steel and 18K gold. The size has increased to 42 mm and has been given a Master Chronometer Calibre 8800. Daniel wore an Omega on-screen in every Bond film since his debut in Casino Royale in 2006. The relationship between Omega and the British agent, however, dates back to 1995, when James Bond strapped on a Seamaster Diver 300M for the first time in GoldenEye. The spy and the watch have since become synonymous. Every detail of the exterior design has been rethought on the upgraded Diver 300M. The all-important rotating bezel is now made from ceramic with the diving scale in Ceragold or white enamel for longer-lasting whiteness and durability with a luminescent dot at 12 o’clock. The dials are also made from polished ceramic and finished in black, blue or sun-brushed PVD chrome colour. Most notably, Omega has reintroduced the wavy pattern, now laserengraved, which was a popular feature of the original design. All indexes have been raised, and the date window has been moved to 6 o’clock. The skeleton hands have been subtly reshaped and are either rhodium-plated, 18K gold, or blued. All 12 indexes and hands have been filled with Super-LumiNova to keep the

time visible in darkness. One of the Diver 300M’s most essential details has always been its helium escape valve. For the new models, the valve has been given a conical shape and has been patented with an ingenious new technology which guarantees that the watch will remain waterresistant up to 5-bar even if the Helium Escape Valve is accidentally opened underwater. The caseback reveals a wave-patterned edge, as well as sapphire crystal, through which you can see the METAS-approved movement. The bracelet can be either a traditional metal bracelet or an integrated black or blue rubber strap. The metal bracelet features a new ergonomic design and has been closely integrated into the case. It also features Omega’s patented extendable foldover rack-and-pusher with a helpful diver extension, to make extra room for the thickness of a diving suit. The diving equipment often includes magnetic devices. That’s why each new Diver 300M has been given a Master Chronometer Calibre 8800, built with non-ferrous materials that can resist the effects of magnetism. In fact, the movement and its watch have passed the eight stringent Master Chronometer tests set by METAS that include examinations under strong magnetic fields of 15,000 gauss. Of course, one does not have to be a diver to wear the 300M. It has graced the hands of many non-divers; from the swimmer Alexander Popov to tennis ace Martina Hingis and the legendary Sir Peter Blake, the captain of Team New Zealand’s memorable victory at America’s Cup. 2018 NOV / DEC 76



MB&F M.A.D.Gallery to display two kinetic art sculptures by Apical Reform


he observer is left mesmerised by the hypnotic and trance-like movement of the Stingray, while the Tornado is a metaphor for time; cyclic and yet, ever moving. This is not an excerpt from a commentary on one of Yeats’ mystical poems, but an appreciation of two kinetic art sculptures by Apical Reform created in collaboration with MB&F M.A.D.Gallery. The objective of the collaboration was to create two limited-edition kinetic art pieces that employ mechanical movement to create aesthetic beauty. Titled “Tornado” and “Stingray,” the two pay tribute to the pioneering spirit of the MB&F M.A.D.Gallery. A third piece entitled “Schermo” pays homage to the mechanical prowess of supercars and focuses on the play between light and movement. The artworks will be launched during Dubai Design Week and will be on display from November 12 to December 30, 2018, at Apical Reform’s AR Gallery in Dubai Design District (D3), as well as at MB&F

77 NOV / DEC 2018

M.A.D.Gallery in The Dubai Mall. Apical Reform, founded in 2011 by Amrish Patel, “is a collaborative design studio dedicated to creating immersive experiences led by art and innovation in production technology.” In just a few years, the studio has found a definitive creative voice, designing everything from collectable furniture and interior design to bespoke design-art pieces. The Stingray is the result of a synergy between art, mathematics, mechanics and electronics. Inspired by the rhythmic wavy movement of a stingray’s wings, this abstract kinetic sculpture pays reverence to one of the most graceful movers of the deep blue sea by accenting each gesture and movement in slow motion. The reflective finish adds to the aesthetic. Stingray has a reflective finish over charcoal grey and rose gold colour. It is available in 8 limited-edition pieces. The Tornado mimics the power as well as the rhythmic rise and fall of one of nature’s most beautiful natural phenomena.


The fluidity of a whirlpool is brought to life through precise design and engineering; through the precise geometric positioning of circular metal rings that are axially linked and set in motion to create a seemingly endless current. This distinct and impactful work of kinetic art is the centrepiece of the first collaboration between Apical Reform and MB&F M.A.D.Gallery. Tornado is made with 88 mirror-finish stainless steel pieces with a black gloss finish; only 88 examples of which will be produced. The distinct form of the Ferrari GTO 250, Aston Martin DB5 and Lamborghini Miura, inspire the Schermo. The static artwork appears dynamic as it responds to the movement of light, resulting in a surprising interplay of perception, depth and dimension, which leaves the onlooker surprised and captivated. The illusion is created with the use of precise perforations on a metallic plane. “The MB&F M.A.D. Gallery prides itself on being a haven for kinetic art and offering a captivating universe where mechanical masterpieces reign supreme. We are very pleased to welcome Apical Reform into our world and excited to showcase their pieces, which have not only been created exclusively for our Dubai gallery, but also seamlessly fuse technical expertise with artistic flair.” said Maximilian Büsser, Founder and Curator of MB&F M.A.D.Gallery. “Since childhood, I have been fascinated by moving objects, and that fascination grew into an appreciation of horology and kinetic design. MB&F M.A.D.Gallery is a pioneering gallery within the kinetic world, and we are thrilled to be working with them. I have admired them from afar and to get an insight into the mastery of their futuristic artworks, that are still deeply rooted in traditional craftsmanship, is both eye-opening and a childhood dream come true,” said Amrish Patel, Founder and Principal, Apical Reform.

Art sculpture TORNADO

Art sculpture STINGRAY 2018 NOV / DEC 78


Sue Youcef Nabi, Founder of Orveda 79 NOV / DEC 2018



‘Beauty is light’, Sue charmingly hums, looking better than ever at 50 years young, ‘and healthy is the new sexy’ by: Teresa Esmezyan


hile the entire biosphere of the beauty empire duels to travel back in time with buckets of wrinkle creams and anti-aging products, one visionary with a mission greater than remaining within the status quo, decoded the algorithm to everlasting beauty. Meet Sue Youcef Nabi, the creator behind the disruptive new-age luxury vegan skincare line, Orveda. If you have not yet encountered Sue, you have surely seen her momentous work and influence within the last 20 years, as the Former Worldwide President of mega beauty empire, L’Oréal. From her childhood in Algeria, to her breakthrough success in France, to leaving it all behind to pursue creating her own skincare line in London, one could confidently say that Sue embodies the courage, lifestyle, and the relentless drive of a global citizen.

doctor. Definitely not where I am today. The opportunities I had and the things I learned by leaving Algeria was the first step to creating the life I have now. It was my destiny.

How was it like growing up in Algeria? I had a great childhood. Back then, Algeria was a dream country, it was sunny, I was surrounded by my friends and my family. It was an era where I could be 100% North African, and at the same time, be super open to the Western culture and the world of business, travel and politics. During that time, people were open to different and foreign things. We were all obsessed with what was happening abroad, and we were hungry to learn about new cultures and trying new things.

How did your career at L’Oréal begin? I started at L’Oréal as a salesperson and spent 8 months in a small car trying to sell products to supermarkets across South of France. Honestly, this experience taught me a lot- you learn that you need to be very down to earth, you need to know how to dream. After that I went back to Paris, and became a Brand Manager for Maybelline which was just acquired by L’Oréal. My job was to make it European and launch it in European cities. It was an amazing experience. After that I was promoted as Global Marketing Manager for L’Oréal makeup which used to be a side category. After successfully growing it to become a main category with 10% growth a year, I was promoted to General Manager of L’Oréal for France, managing 400 people. By my mid-30s, I held the title of Worldwide President of L’Oréal.

Do you remember a pivotal moment in your life from that time that has continued to influence you today? I was around 14 when I had seen a beautiful model on the cover of a magazine my father brought from France. Since he was a painter, I asked him what it was that made this woman look so beautiful. He responded, ‘beauty is all about light’. This stayed in my mind until today. How can we capture light, how can we achieve the glow? And this has been Orveda’s goal from the beginning. If you would have stayed in Algeria, what would your life look like today? I would probably have done what my father wanted me to do. Either become an engineer in energy, like him, or maybe a

At 17, you left to study in Paris, how was it like to migrate on your own at such a young age? I remember my parents dropping me off to one of those student home centers, and I saw them crying. I was starting a new life in a country we didn’t know. It was a foreign place, foreign people, a different language, a different world. But I was very committed to make it work. When you have someone who invests in you, and invests in your future, you have no choice but to continue your efforts and succeed. I got my degree in Agronomy and Biochemistry in Paris, and then I did my masters in Luxury Business Marketing shortly after.

They say that you shaped L’Oréal to become what it is today- tell us about your experience. At this point in my career, I decided to move the company away from the fashion world and into the Hollywood world. For the first time, actresses were being signed to represent a brand. I also started hiring new faces to make the company more inclusive to different races, ages, gender, and nationalities. This made the brand more acceptable in the Middle East, Asia, and 2018 NOV / DEC 80


the rest of the world. Growth was double digits every year. In 2009, I was also appointed CEO of Lancôme, during the crisis. Lancôme at that moment was a sleeping beauty, and I woke it by using the same recipe to make amazing products, hire amazing faces, make the brand even more sincere and inclusive. What was your driving force to succeed in such a competitive industry? Two things: strive for better and have patience. I was obsessed with being and doing better. Good was not enough, I was always working for great, for outstanding. And my second driving force is definitely patience. All the best things in my life took time. Did you learn anything about yourself in the process? I learnt that I was obsessed with finding ways to do things better. They used to tell me, Sue, you are like the Brazilian soccer players, we don’t know what it is exactly, but you are different, you have something that others don’t. I had a vision that was different. This is something I learned and nurtured at L’Oréal. And I also learned that I needed to bring more business skills into my personality, which was useful to navigate in the corporate world.

strengthen your body. Healthy is the new sexy. Is this how Orveda was born? The idea of skincare, and the concept I was aiming for was based on one thing: concentrated active ingredients that work with your skin, and not against it. In 2012, Lancôme became the #1 luxury brand in the world with double digit growth, and following that success, I decided it was time for a reinvention. Social media had just started back then, and I wanted to evolve with the times and do something completely different with my life. I figured there must be a way to help heal the skin without having to damage it. Beauty needs to be on the healthy side of things, and not the glamorous side of things. I strongly believe that skincare brands in 20 years will be all about health. That is how Orveda began.

In an era that did not yet accept the freedom of gender neutrality, you had the courage to be true to yourself and change your gender identity—all while in the spotlight. What inspired you to take such an important step? In the end, I believe that it is much better to just be yourself because it is simply less tiring than hiding it. I was inspired by all the new wave singers in London in the 80s who were already playing with gender fluidity, and decided that it didn’t matter who I was, as long as I was being the best version of myself. Scientifically, being true to who you are is the best energetic system when it comes to physics because of minimal loss of energy. This way I can concentrate my energy on ‘doing’ rather than ‘trying to be’. What do you think is the most important beauty advice? I think the main recipe to beauty is that time is your ally if you are kind to your skin and if you use the right products. Do not harm your skin, or your health, even if it’s to get quick results. Take the time to take care of yourself, and to reinforce and 81 NOV / DEC 2018

Orveda Glow Activator Healing Sap

What are you most proud of with your new skincare line? Generally speaking, luxury skincare products in this range, have active ingredients at about 2%. Our 18 products are completely vegan, and highly concentrated with active ingredients that range between 4% to 40%. Formulating this was a real challenge and it took me 3 years to achieve something I was very proud of. From the formulation, to the packaging, everything was created and re-created until it was at the highest standard of luxury and efficacy. I wanted to create a brand that was all about visible results. Products that would act on all dimensions of the skin: the texture, the tone, the glow, the transparency, hydration, wrinkles, fine lines. I wanted something so comprehensive that at the end of the day, our customers will always see a glowing, transformed, healthier skin. What is unique to the ingredients in Orveda’s line of products? I was inspired by ancient Ayurvedic principles when creating Orveda and decided to formulate the line using predominantly vegan and biofermented actives that are highly compatible with the skin. This includes naturally bio-fermented black tea, phytoplankton, prebiotics, enzymes and yeast extracts. Using the finest combination of concentrated, active, vegan ingredients, Orveda was designed to heal the skin, empower its renewal process, and works like no other product on the market on creating a youthful and glowing skin.


Orveda Glow Activator Prebiotic Emulsion

Orveda Eye Unveiler What is Sue’s motto? There is a saying “Patience is the mother of all virtues” and that is what I live by in my career, in my life, and even in beauty. Do you identify yourself as a global citizen? I am the global citizen. I was born in Algeria, studied in France, and truly built my career internationally. When I was President

I spent a lot of time working out of China, the Middle East, and the States. Today Orveda is a London-based British company, and the people in my team are from all over the world as wellwe have people from North Africa, Japan, France, Russia. We are all global citizens. You cannot have something that will succeed if you do not have a global vision. I strongly believe in the power of globality. 2018 NOV / DEC 82

APPLE’S XS A quick look at some of the new features on Apple’s Watch 4, iPhone XS and XS Max


Apple iPhone XS 83 NOV / DEC 2018

his September, Apple launched the Apple Watch 4 along with the iPhone XS and XS Max. Both phones have the same features, their difference being the battery and screen size. When compared, most apps show the same information on both screens, but content generally looks bigger on the XS Max. Therefore, we will focus on the XS Max model which offers the biggest screen on an iPhone to date at 6.5-inches along with a more durable glass. The OLED screen has a resolution of 458 pixels per inch and it supports Dolby Vision and HDR10, making it perfect for watching movies. The XS has improved speakers that deliver better stereo sound. Videos can be captured in 4K at 60 frames per second to deliver colours that look more natural and truer to life. The improved video capture is complemented by stereo recording, a new feature. The camera features Smart HDR, which snaps more photos than ever before when the shutter button is tapped. It then combines them to create a photo that doesn’t blow out bright lights or underexpose dark areas. It is excellent for high-contrast scenarios and for better Portraits. The Portrait Lighting feature lets you change the intensity of the blur on any Portrait. XS Max’s improved performance is powered by the new A12 Bionic processor which is Apple’s first 7-nanometer processor and houses 6.9 billion transistors. It is capable of processing 5 trillion operations per second making XS the most powerful smartphone in the world. For the users, this translates to better performance, while being more efficient than its predecessor. The processor also enables the Face ID feature, which lets the user unlock the phone just by glancing at it, slightly faster than before. It is still the most secure facial recognition system on any smartphone. The case now has a new gold colour option in addition to Space Gray and Silver. The edges have a high-polish gloss to it, but the back has a pinkish hue. The back of the phone is as minimal as ever, and the gold does tend to change tones in different lighting. The stainless-steel frame is smooth to the touch and is stronger than the aluminium one. The new 4×4 MIMO (multiple input, multiple output) framework al l ow s fas ter an d s tr on ger i n ter n et con n ecti v i t y w h i l e reducing the number of holes on the left edge of the phone from seven to four to make way for an antenna band. The iPhone XS Max has the biggest battery out of all the 2018 iPhones, with a capacity of 3,174mAh which should, under normal usage, be able to comfortably last from morning till evening.


Apple Watch 4

Apple Watch 4 The Apple Watch 4 has been lauded for two healthrelated features - fall detection and an ECG - that one hopes are not called into action. The fall detection function uses an accelerometer and advanced gyroscope to detect a fall in heartbeat and can even alert the paramedics if the wearer’s heartbeat falls below 40 bpm for at least 10 minutes. The ECG uses sensors built into the digital crown and the sapphire crystal back to detect the wearer’s heart rhythm and classify it as either normal (sinus rhythm) or irregular (atrial fibrillation) in just 30 seconds. The readings can be forwarded to the Health app which can then be shared with a doctor as a PDF report. A third health-related function, the Workout app, one of the USP of the watch from the early days, is now capable of

detecting the starting or ending of a workout even if the user does not launch or end the app manually. This feature is also available on all watch OS 5 upgrades. On the technical side, Watch 4 has an updated processor that feels faster and more responsive. The display is now edgeto-edge on the 44mm and the 40mm case versions which add up to more than 30 per cent bigger display than its predecessor. A larger display also means larger text and bigger buttons. The speaker is noticeably louder, a benefit when using the phone, interacting with Siri, or using the new Walkie-Talkie app for voice messaging. Watch 4 debuts new Infographics that allow the users to display up to eight ‘complications,’ or functions such as favourite contacts, health index, air quality index, and so on. Despite the larger display, older Apple Watch bands are compatible with Watch 4, as do bands produced by third-parties such as Nike and Hermes. Battery during regular mixed usage should give about a day and a half of battery life. The Series 4 starts at $399 and can climb to $1,249, for a version with watch faces and bands designed by Hermes. 2018 NOV / DEC 84



Lexus has recently unveiled its flagship yacht: the LY 650


riven by the vision of Lexus International President Yoshihiro Sawa to “explore new ways to deliver innovative and amazing experiences for our guests,” the Japanese luxury marque has ventured into the world of design, film, and other lifestyle experiences to offer its customers alternative opportunities to interact with the brand. As an extension of this strategy, Lexus debuted its Sport Yacht Concept in early 2017. Encouraged by the positive public response to the concept, Lexus has recently taken the bold step of unveiling its first commercial maritime venture by announcing the launch of its flagship luxury yacht - the LY 650. Based largely on the concept, the 65-foot luxury yacht joins the LS sedan, LX SUV and LC coupé as the fourth Lexus flagship model. The LY 650 will also be the first production maritime expression of Lexus’ design language: L-finesse. “We are pleased to unveil the LY 650 as our first flagship yacht that combines Lexus’ passion for creating amazing experiences with customers’ luxurious lifestyle desires and needs,” said Yugo Miyamoto, Chief Representative, Middle East and North Africa Representative Office, Toyota Motor Corporation. “The 65-

85 NOV / DEC 2018

foot luxury yacht, in its stunning interpretation of Lexus-inspired design and performance, represents the evolution of Lexus as a global lifestyle brand that is continuously seeking new and innovative ways to engage the customers’ emotions. As always, we would like to thank our fans for their strong confidence in the Lexus brand that pushes us to relentlessly craft every touch point around the Lexus brand and develop amazing vehicles – whether on land or water.” The Wisconsin-based Marquis-Larson Boat Group have been selected to build, sell, and service the Lexus yacht, primarily due to their extensive experience in bespoke boat building. Another reason, according to Lexus, is that Marquis-Larson’s master boat builders best complement Lexus’ renowned Takumi craftspeople. Several of the most attractive features from the 42-foot Lexus Sport Yacht concept have made their way onto the LY 650, such as the distinct style found in the pronounced bow, curved deck accents, and accentuated aft hips. Viewed from the profile, the elegant rise and fall of the yacht’s distinctly Lexus roofline flow into rising, broad hips of the rear section. It has a 19-foot beam form.


2018 NOV / DEC 86



The BootRoom Collection brings to life the dreams of Middle-East sports fans with exclusive sports memorabilia


or those who have ever dreamt of owning their own genuine signed Messi or Ronaldo football jersey, but were not quite sure how to get their hands on one, there is The BootRoom Collection. Co-founded by the British duo Craig McKelvie and Graeme Henderson, it is the Middle East’s first and only luxury Brand to offer exclusive pieces signed by famous players from the world’s most renowned teams such as FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Brazil, Portugal, Liverpool, Manchester, Arsenal and Chelsea; to name but a few. Currently focused on football shirts as its primary product, the company works with a trusted network of international partners to ensure its signed pieces are genuine, and that its products are packaged, framed and delivered to the quality expected of the luxury retail sector. McKelvie, the Founder and CEO of The BootRoom Collection explains: “We guarantee the authenticity of our signed pieces by connecting each item of memorabilia to a unique QR code that is visible on the product, and when scanned by smartphone cameras, it directs the user to an Instagram video footage of the “moment of signing” involving the renowned football player. We also work closely with our merchandising partners All Stars and Icons, who in their own right are international industry leaders in the memorabilia sector with unparalleled access to teams and players for exclusive signings.” The BootRoom Collection was a concept created “from fans, to fans,” adds McKelvie. The co-founders first met in Dubai in August 2013 and formed a strong personal bond over their mutual passion for football. After months of discussion around the perceived gap in the market for a luxury supplier of authentic signed sporting memorabilia, the duo decided to take the leap of faith and leave their current jobs to launch The BootRoom Collection in 2017 and have been “kicking goals” ever since.

87 NOV / DEC 2018

Graeme Henderson, the Managing Partner and Marketing Director of The BootRoom Collection has a career spanning over 20 years in the luxury retail sector. Born in Edinburgh, Scotland, Henderson graduated from Staffordshire University in the United Kingdom with a degree in Marketing and began his retail career at WH Smith in Bristol at the age of 16. He worked for various retailers in Britain while moving his way up to management, before moving to Dubai where he became Area Manager for Al Tayer Group in the luxury sector. This was followed by a sixyear stint at Bloomingdales as Home Store Manager and Deputy Store Manager. “For me, this isn’t work,” says Henderson about his new venture. “The BootRoom Collection delivers unique and highquality signed sporting memorabilia to the Middle East, pieces that bring joy and memories to sporting fans right across the region and will do so for many years to come. We’re fans ourselves and share the same emotions and experiences as our customers. This is our passion and what drives us forward.” Craig McKelvie similarly has a career spanning over 24 years in the retail sector. Born in Manchester, he began his retail career at Marks and Spencer in Manchester in 1996 before moving into the luxury retail sector with Harvey Nichols, where he worked as the Menswear sales manager in Manchester and at Knightsbridge. He then joined Al Tayer Group as Deputy Store Manager for Harvey Nichols Dubai and went on to become the Store Manager. “I took my passion for football and my passion for luxury goods and combined them to create a product that was uniquely special for sports fans,” says McKelvie. The BootRoom Collection signed memorabilia is currently available to purchase from Dubai International Airport, Gallery One and Virgin stores throughout the UAE.


2018 NOV / DEC 88



Once a sleepy little fishing town where hardcore fishermen were pretty much the only tourists, Cabo San Lucas has today turned into the one of the best resort destinations in Mexico


abo San Lucas, or simply Cabo in English, is a sun-sandand-sea resort city at the southern tip of the Baja California Peninsula. It has been rated as one of Mexico’s top five tourist destinations thanks to its beaches, marine life, scuba diving locations, award-winning resorts, and the iconic sea arch ‘El Arco de Cabo San Lucas’ or simply El Arco. As a well-known destination for both spring breakers and luxury travellers in need of a getaway, Cabo San Lucas is a vacation capable of catering to the needs of a wide-ranging spectrum of clientele. Visitors are spoilt for choice in terms of the number and variety of beaches on offer; from the serene waters of the Sea of Cortez with its romantic settings, rock formations, reefs for snorkelling and water-sports, to the spectacular waves of Zippers on the Atlantic coast, a surfing paradise. Archaeological excavations have shown evidence of continual human habitation in the area for at least 10,000 years. When the first Europeans arrived, they encountered the Pericú people, who survived by hunting and gathering. They called the location Yenecamú. Cabo San Lucas was formally founded on 1788 by

89 NOV / DEC 2018

Cipriano Ceseña who arrived from Hermosillo, in neighbouring Sonora. For much of its history, nothing more than a fishing village existed in Cabo. What may now be referred to as Greater-Cabo, consists of Cabo San Lucas and its twin city San José del Cabo which are separated by 30 kilometres and the coastal strip known as The Corridor. High season runs from November to May with Christmas being the busiest period. Spring Break in mid-March tends to attract college students and families. The Carnival in the February-March period also tends to be a busy period in Cabo. The Low season is June to mid-November. This season has the hot summer months of July and August and the tropical storm and hurricane months of September and October. Most of the activities in Cabo involve the water such as kayaking, sail boating, snorkelling and scuba diving. Cabo is known as the marlin capital of the world and also has one of the largest reefs in the world. There are many championship golf courses in the Cabo area that are challenging as well as beautifully landscaped.



El Arco is the iconic landmark of Cabo, and as the name suggests, is a natural rock arch formation. It is located at the southern end of Cabo San Lucas. This area is particularly picturesque and is flanked by some of the most beautiful beaches and rock formations. This area is particularly popular with couples looking for a romantic spot to see the sunset. Sea lions also frequent the area. However, there are few, if any, vendors or facilities in the area. The best way to get there is by water taxi from the marina.


San José del Cabo is the “Old Town” often referred to as Cabo San Lucas’ more elegant twin sister. Situated just south of the airport, it exudes traditional Mexican charm. Ideal for those seeking respite from the party-laden streets of Cabo, San José invites visitors to leisurely stroll around the lovely plaza, tour beautiful churches, feast on the sea’s bounty, or to shop for souvenirs. Some of the best restaurants in the region can be found here.

2018 NOV / DEC 90



Several species of whales make their way to the area every year thus making whale watching an extremely popular activity in Cabo; an absolute must-do activity according to some visitors. Generally, the best time to spot whales is between December through April, with January through March offering the chance to see baby whales as well. The best tour operates offer boat tours with expert marine biologists serving as guides. When whales are spotted, they give expert commentary and drop a marine hydrophone into the water, so guests can listen to the animals singing. Most tours span two and a half hours and are offered several times a day, but the best chance of seeing the whales is in the late afternoon.


As home to the legendary Baja 1000 off-road race, a visit to Baja would not be complete without exploring the unique landscape of this region. Visitors can take a scenic nature walk through the desert with friendly local guides to learn about the area’s native flora and fauna such as the massive, ancient cacti, caracaras, foxes, deer, and chipmunks that call this harsh and arid landscape home. Another option is to hop onto an off-road ATV vehicle for a ride across the sands. Visitors can also choose to go on a camel safari with local guides or even a horse to explore the desert.

91 NOV / DEC 2018



The Resort at Pedegral is a premier luxury resort encompassing 24 spectacular mountainside and oceanfront acres at the southernmost tip of the Baja Peninsula where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez. The beach resort is reached via the 300-meter long Dos Mares tunnel, the only privately-owned tunnel in Mexico. It separates the resort from the hectic downtown centre of Cabo, which is at a walkable distance while simultaneously being secluded from it by the mountains to give the resort an atmosphere of serenity and tranquillity. The resort’s well-trained staff are omnipresent though very discrete and have received high praise from guests. The resort has 66 luxurious bedrooms and suites with features such as plush bedding, handcrafted Mexican motifs, relaxing rainfall shower, private terrace, infinity plunge pool, with spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean. El Farallon, the signature restaurant, offers an exquisite dining experience on the rocks above the waves. The Luna y Mar Spa, created by Sylvia Sepelli, features ten private spa treatment rooms offering organic treatments inspired by the lunar cycle, the sea, and authentic Mexican folk healing. It also offers Pilates or tennis on Laykold courts that overlook the marina and the Sea of Cortez.


Part of the Relais & Châteaux and Auberge collections, Esperanza, Auberge Resort is popular with Hollywood celebrities and is ideal for those seeking a luxe beach retreat that is away from the area’s party scene as it is located about 15 kilometres north of Cabo. The property has a private beach along the tranquil sea of Cortez, an open-air sculpture garden and an oceanfront infinity pool. The resort offers five exceptional restaurants, including the resort’s signature Cocina del Mar, which specialises in seafood dishes. It offers casitas, suites and villas featuring a modern take on Baja styling with hand-carved woodwork, original artwork and a mostly off-white colour palette. The casitas are the property’s standard guest rooms, which offer personal concierges, beds with netting drapes, daybeds for lounging and terraces with hammocks. The Spa is an award-winning facility, celebrated for its naturally restorative coastal desert environment and hand-crafted botanical treatments administered by skilled therapists employing natural, indigenous healing agents to create enriching luxury spa treatments. It also offers high-end amenities like steam caves, outdoor showers and soaking tubs. There are VIP couples’ treatment rooms, along with a stunning garden. The spa also offers in-room and beachside cabana massage services as well.

2018 NOV / DEC 92


WATERFRONT BABEL Babel launches its waterfront property at La Mer in Dubai


abel, recognised for its signature twist on Mediterranean classics since 2009, has recently launched its waterfront property at La Mer in Dubai, featuring a contemporary fusion of Lebanese flavours, with an array of seafood specialities. The restaurant extends over two levels of different indoor and outdoor spaces. The interiors are chic and minimalistic with hints of history highlighted by the seafood bar with a sandstone wall in the background, etched with ancient Mesopotamian writings. The second floor features a prominent bar area, and a spacious terrace section, making it the perfect spot to enjoy a quiet meal over shisha and drinks, particularly in the cooler months. The Babel experience starts with warm and comforting homemade bread served alongside delectable dips. The olive oil is extracted from Lebanese green olives pressed on traditional stone mills. Plates are garnished with authentic Lebanese pine nuts and sumac. A full mezzeh is available for guests to share with friends and family, which features reinvented classics such as Hummus, shrimps Beiruty and an artistic kebbeh selection, alongside famous Lebanese dishes. Using the highest quality ingredients, guests are treated to an extensive menu of cosmopolitan seafood dishes such as Sashimi Salmon, Fattet Shrimps and Calamari à la Provençale. Devour these as you sip on an inspiring selection of grape and bubbly. The desserts menu includes Astha bel Ashta (astha icecream topped with astha and rose jam), Knefeh, Jazrieh to name a few. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner, from 12 pm until midnight, with complimentary Valet Parking available at the restaurant entrance.

93 NOV / DEC 2018



Dubai’s favorite modernist venue redefines the Indian culinary experience


rèsind, the critically acclaimed Indian fine-dining restaurant, is all about reimagining the highlights of traditional Indian cuisine within an experiential setting. A young and dynamic team of chefs under the able guidance of award-winning Chef Himanshu Saini, have skilfully crafted a new culinary experience that engages all of the senses. Credited with reviving the unique concept of Guéridon service, in which live cooking is performed at the guests table, the menu showcases traditional dishes from the sub-continent presented with a futuristic approach. Trèsind’s menu is a gastronomical journey through the culinary legacy of India. Each dish has been carefully crafted in line with its cultural heritage and with authenticity. At Trèsind, the original essence of each Indian dish is retained by including tastes from particular regions, presenting a multi-sensory culinary explosion. Use of traditional Indian spices, textures and ingredients with modernist cooking techniques, Trèsind is at the forefront of showcasing the robustness of Indian food, at par with international standards, while having set new benchmarks. Ideas like the modernist chaat trolley, wild mushroom chai, chicken khurchan with roomali roti and mint chutney or birbal ki khichdi reflect the uniqueness of the well-regarded cuisine, while presenting its vast repertoire. Using both classic and novel mixology techniques and presentation, the beverage repertoire at Trèsind has been handcrafted to compliment the food as well as offer an engaging experience to patrons wishing to enjoy the perfect drink. 2018 NOV / DEC 94


Chef Martha Williams 95 NOV / DEC 2018



Chef Martha Williams, the Western Cape native who is putting Cape Malay cuisine on the culinary map


estern Cape’s renowned Five-star Plettenberg Hotel, a member of Relais & Châteaux, is home to the immensely popular Cape Malay Restaurant. Serving Cape Malay cuisine, a fusion of spice-rich and fragrant east-Asian cuisines that developed in the kitchens of the Cape’s South-east Asian community during the Seventeenth century, is growing increasingly popular with South Africans and visitors alike. The restaurant is helmed by Western Cape native Chef Martha Williams. She was recently invited to cook at the Cape Malay Food Festival at Vasco’s, Hilton in Abu Dhabi. She presented a special Cape Malay menu with classics such as Bobotie, Tomato Bredie and Masala Fish along with desserts such as Malva Pudding and koeksisters. “Food is an incredibly important part of Cape Malay culture. Our food reaches into a rich history, and our culinary traditions have travelled down foodways stretching around the world,” Chef Williams said during the event. Chef Williams was born in a small town in Western Cape. Excellent culinary skills run in the family as her mother was a renowned cook. Her mother’s culinary talent and passion were inherited by Chef Williams. A chance meeting with the owner of a Chinese restaurant opened the doors to her first venture as a professional cook. While there, Chef Williams’ exceptional talent was discovered by Liz McGrath, the owner of the Plettenberg Hotel. Chef Williams first worked as a griller for five years at Plettenberg’s Cellars-Hohenort restaurant before being promoted to Breakfast Chef. After just two years, she was the head chef. Chef Williams studied under Cass Abrahams, considered the foremost expert on Cape Malay culture and cuisine, following which the Cap Malay restaurant was opened at the Plettenberg. Since then, with the growing reputation of the restaurant, so has the reputation of Chef Williams. She has been invited to present her specialities at several culinary events and exhibitions, within South Africa and abroad. GC had the pleasure of a brief chat with Chef Williams. She was also kind enough to share with us the recipe to one of her signature dishes. From being influenced by your mom’s cooking at an early age to becoming the Head Chef at Cape Malay restaurant, what has your journey been like? My journey was hard and tough, but I overcame every toughness. I started in a Chinese Restaurant in 1994 as a trainee in the hot kitchen, and the owner got very fond of me and saw my potential in cooking. From then on, my journey as a chef started. How would you describe Cape Malay cuisine? We have heard that it is very similar to Indian cuisine. It is similar to Indian cuisine but varies in the spices used. Cape

Malay cuisine is a product of the early Indian and Maly settlers, and is constantly changing and adapting to the influences of the times. Cape Malay cuisine is always spicy, aromatic and full of flavour. What are the spices traditionally used to prepare Cape Malay food? The spices that I use for my food is the dry, whole spice and the fresh spices. How do you source the ingredients? Are they readily available? Some of my ingredients are readily available, but most are purchased and sourced from a local market. If you had to share one cooking tip with us, what would that be? My cooking tip is to always keep in focus if you want to reach your goal in cooking. What is your go-to Cape Malay food? My go-to Cape Malay food is Bobotie. This is a one of a kind dish for the recipe is from the slavery days of Africa. Which is that one Cape Malay food that we must try making ourselves, and would you, please share the recipe with our readers? Prawn Curry is one dish I would recommend everyone to try. Here’s the recipe Ingredients: 1 large onion, finely chopped 1 spring curry leaves 3-4 green chillies Oil 2-3 teaspoons garlic and ginger paste 2-3 teaspoons mixed masala 1 teaspoon turmeric powder 6 medium-sized jam tomatoes, peeled and pureed 500 g prawns, shelled and alimentary canal removed, but keep tails intact Fresh coriander leaves Method: Stir-fry the onion, curry leaves and chillies in a little-heated oil until the onion is golden brown. Stir in the ginger and garlic paste. Add the masala, turmeric and tomatoes, and braise for a few minutes before simmering until the tomatoes are fragrant. Add the prawns, cover and simmer for another 5 to 7 minutes or until the prawns are done. Season with salt and sprinkle with fresh coriander leaves. 2018 NOV / DEC 96



Brach, the new boutique hotel from Evôk, invites guests on an exploration

97 NOV / DEC 2018

vôk Hotels, the emerging French hospitality group, last month opened the doors to their second property. Brach, neighbouring the Trocadero area in the heart of the 16th arrondissement in Paris, is designed to be an immersive experience for visitors discovering the French capital. Designed by renowned Architect Philippe Starck, Paris’ newest boutique style hotel has a total surface area of 7,000 square metres over eight stories that have been reimagined in the form of an immense glasshouse. The avant-garde design draws inspiration from the modernist architecture of the 1930s. “Brach is not a hotel, but a unique place of life and culture where poetic mysteries and fertile surprises feed the imagination. Sensual and rigorous, minimal and unconventional, Brach is reigned by raw and modernist romanticism, warmed by multicultural influences from Africa, Asia and South America. It is an unusual place that invites guests on a journey, on an exploration,” said Philippe Starck, Chief Designer The hotel offers a total of 59 rooms and suites. From the first to the sixth floor are 52 bright rooms ranging in size from 24 to 42 square metres. A mini concept store replaces the minibar, and the selection of books and novels are renewed every literary season. On the fifth and sixth floors are seven suites varying from 60 to 200 square metres in size, opening onto terraces with views over the rooftops of Paris. All are equipped with a Norwegian bath, and one also has a Jacuzzi. Deployed across all eight floors of this glass structure are its swimming pools, sports club, bar, restaurant, grocery store and pastry shop that can be availed from morning to night. The sports & health club is inspired by the boxing clubs of the 1930s. On the rooftop terrace is a restaurant serving healthy cuisine, bar and patisserie. The restaurant is a gateway to the world of Brach, located on the ground floor and accessible to all. “I do not know if it’s the cuisine of today, or of tomorrow, it’s just the cuisine I want to do now,” says chef Adam Bentalha who established his expertise in the most renowned kitchens in Paris: the Ritz, Shangri-La, Royal Monceau and Prince de Galles. As the head chef at Brach, his philosophy is simple: cooking can be healthy and balanced without losing flavour and indulgence.


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Jumeirah at Saadiyat Island Resort set to open this November with a strong commitment to sustainability

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umeirah at Saadiyat Island Resort is set to become an icon of understated luxury and sustainable tourism. Just 10 minutes from downtown Abu Dhabi, the hotel cohabits with mangroves, dolphins and turtles. In fact, “during the turtle nesting season, there will even be a special opportunity to see the Hawksbill turtles on the 9km sweeping beachfront,” said General Manager, Linda Griffin. In partnership with Trust Your Water, the hotel has also committed to being plastic bottle and plastic straw free. The Hotel has a total of 293 rooms, including eight villas with private pools, and 70 suites. The rooms are modern and light, overlooking 400 metres of pristine, unspoilt beach

101 NOV / DEC 2018

and tranquil waters. Six suites offer panoramic views thanks to the floor-to-ceiling glass walls which can open up to enjoy the sea breeze. The spa has 14 treatment rooms, a Moroccan Hammam, and a VIP couple’s suite with a private entrance. The hotel boasts eight food and beverage outlets: White offers a chic all-day buffet with live cooking stations. Mare Mare serves authentic Italian summer food. TEAN serves mezzes and grills next to the beach. Al Majilis, for rich roasted coffee and patisseries. The Lounge, for afternoon tea or sundowners. Offside is a sportsbar with booths. The Pool Bar offers all-day drinks and snacks poolside.


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