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A case in point is the experience of homeowner Angela Arnall who had two PVCu structures with polycarbonate roofs that she wanted replaced by solid roofs. A quotation from an installer in the region and the job was done. A happy lady until she noticed some significant sagging in the roof and the whole structure coming away from the wall! As is so often the case, if it seems too good to be true, then it probably is, although the price quoted was still a chunky £13,000 with a £4,000 deposit.

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It’s an easy sell to the homeowner on price alone: tiling over an existing roof, adding some insulation and hiding the result with plasterboard and a skim does not meet Building Regulations and without a proper ring beam and independent support, the Cladover roof is unlikely to be supported by an existing PVCu frame. Regrettably, few homeowners will understand that replacing a polycarbonate or glass roof with a solid roof will require Building Regulation although it is their responsibility to know that this is required.


SAVED BY GUARDIAN WARM ROOF Writing in November’s Glass News, Editor, Chris Champion, highlighted some of the issues involved with Cladover solid roofs. The practise of ignoring the tried, tested and branded designs and offering Cladovers to the homeowner is both dangerous and dishonest.

Issue 69 December 2016






Is your supplier letting you down ? Detail of Cladover and movement of the structure

Mrs Arnall had other quotes and had approached Thomas Tonks Installations for the price of two Guardian Warm Roofs for her two conservatories, one a Victorian style and the other a Gable End. In the event, Mrs Arnall chose the slightly cheaper price and lived to regret it. She asked the original installer to come back and look at the roofs and put them right but, having made some half-hearted efforts she asked them to leave her property. Mrs Arnall’s next port of call was to contact Thomas Tonks and ask if he would come round and, admitting on his arrival, that she had got him round slightly under false pretences. She explained that she had chosen this other company purely on price and asked him to look at what they had done. One look at the sagging roof, bending PVCu profile and the gap where the roof was coming away from the wall was enough to send Thomas off to get 6” x 2” timber props to try and make it safe. Continued on page 10...



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Following on from my leader in November’s Glass News highlighting the issue of Cladover roofs, I have a nasty feeling this issue is one that will run and run. Regrettably, Mrs Arnall’s experience, as described in our Front Cover story, is not the only case and conversations with both Supalite and Ultraframe confirm that they, as well as Guardian Warm Roofs, are well aware of the problem. And not only aware but have also been involved in cases, or suffered through passing off, whereby installers are indicating that they are selling a bona fide solid roof, often quoting a brand, but then installing a cladover. This can only damage our industry in the eyes of the public particularly at a time when the replacement solid roof has become a popular solution to the ageing conservatory roof, providing strength and eye appeal and turning what was often an unuseable structure through cold in winter and heat in summer, into a genuine extension to the living space. Supalite Tile Roof is an example with Managing Director, Dave Watters, supplying a Witness Statement to Durham County Council Environment, Health and Consumer Protection. This was following a complaint to Trading Standards from a member of the public, and Dave was able to prove from the photographic evidence that the Cladover roof, which had been passed off as a Supalite Tile Roof, bore no resemblance to the genuine article. There is good and bad in this. Supalite provide a first class product and service and the Building Control Departments of local authorities are well aware of this, as is Trading Standards, so that must be good. However, if time and effort has to be spent proving a negative - in other words, proving that a Cladover is not a Supalite Tile Roof, that’s both bad and time consuming.

beam, unlike the case in our front page story where it was simply put on the PVCu window frames. Whether that Cladover roof is still in one piece or not, it is not the genuine article and it doesn’t have a certificate issued by Building Control. I have a strong feeling that more examples will keep coming out of the woodwork and my next port of call is LABC and Trading Standards to see what is, or could be done. From our point of view, it’s important that the industry is seen to be doing all it can to stamp out this Cladover blight, so that when it finally gets into the public domain, as indeed it must, we are seen as a responsible and caring industry. Guardian Warm Roofs has certainly shown their caring side, as well as that of their fabricator and installer, by their actions this month on behalf of Mrs Arnall. Meanwhile, on to other topics. My sojourn to various parts of the country, this month, and my visits to a variety of different manufacturers all seem to have one thing in common. Everyone seems to be providing a variety of colour options whatever the product but, whether the choice of colour is small or infinite, the consensus is that grey is the colour in vogue. It appears to be outselling everything except white but who is to say that situation will remain? For those old enough to remember the fad for Avocado bathroom suites, will the grey window, door, bi-fold, or whatever, become the cast off when trends change? Happy days if it does as it shows we have a sustainable industry! Finally, by the time you read this, the G Awards will have come and gone. From busily dusting off the Dinner Jacket for Friday’s event, suddenly it will be all over for another year and the winners will be basking in their success. I’m sure the event will be as successful as ever and I hope everyone will have been able to renew acquaintances and meet new faces.

In conversation with Ultraframe’s Marketing Director, Alex Hewitt, she too knows full well of the cladover problem and the issues it can have for the industry as, I am sure, are the other providers in the solid roof sector. The point is, this is ongoing. There will, I’m sure, be homeowners out there thinking that they have a branded solid roof and being blissfully unaware they have paid for some timber, tiles, felt, some insulation material and plasterboard and actually got a Cladover. It may not have collapsed yet or pulled away from the wall. It may have actually had a timber version of a ring | December 2016






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CONTINUE TO SOAR Intelligent investment has been imperative to the growth that Sternfenster has been experiencing over the past year. The industry giant has invested a record £4 million in developing innovating technology, whilst simultaneously building an impressive state of the art aluminium factory in Lincoln to meet ever-increasing demands. The build of this astonishing factory will result in 47 new jobs, meaning the local community throughout Lincoln will also benefit from the Sternfenster success. Sternfenster has demonstrated a commitment to achieving recognition as an industry leader. Their forward- thinking investments have successfully paved the way for future growth, with over £2 million worth of sales generated this month alone. One of Sternfenster’s major objectives was to expand and streamline their operations. A radical step was to ingeniously bring aluminium powder coating in-house. This allowed Sternfenster to not only reduce costs, but also to deliver much quicker lead times to their trade customers. This, combined with their significant aluminium factory expansion, has yielded a dramatic boost in sales. A phenomenal £800k worth of aluminium products have been sold in the past month, making aluminium sales exceed PVC sales for the first time. A huge triumph for Sternfenster. Furthermore, Sternfenster’s dedication to providing help and support for customers has been yet another attributing factor to their success. Sternfenster has understood that in an ever-competitive and saturated market, their trade clients need to stand out. In order to help boost sales for their customers on the

Sternfenster Installer Network, they have created an online hub which includes fantastic marketing materials, available exclusively from the industry leaders. Customers can access hundreds of useful materials, both print-based and digital, including brochures, leaflets, imagery and downloadable support. This has allowed them to upsell and communicate the key selling points of Sternfenster products, that have become so respected and admired throughout the industry. An additional benefit for customers who have joined the Installer Network is that Sternfenster provides them with access to exclusive enquiries generated by the fabricator. This has resulted in numerous installers signing up to the network and generating profit for both themselves and Sternfenster, creating a truly symbiotic relationship. Focusing strongly on improving the sales and lead generation support for their installers, the Sternfenster Installer Network, which was launched last month, is only the start of what Sternfenster has to offer for their trade customers. Overall, it truly has been a great month for both Sternfenster and the number of customers signing up to the network. With a superb product mix, a recognisable brand and ongoing strategic marketing support, this growth is sure to continue. Now, more than ever, is the ideal time to join the Sternfenster Installer Network. Offer your customers the best in class, call 01522 512 525 or visit www.sternfenster. com for more information. READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0004

VBH and Invisifold hosted a stand at the recent Grand Designs Live exhibition in Birmingham to promote the greenteQ Invisifold Slide & Fold door and window system. The stand featured Invisifold doors, a threepane Invisifold casement window and a threepane Invisifold conservatory window. The show was open to the general public for five days at the end of October and was very well attended with 63344 visitors to the hall. Many visitors to the Invisifold stand commented that they had come to the show specifically to look for bi-fold doors and were impressed at the flexibility of Invisifold. Stand staff demonstrated that Invisifold can be fully closed and secure, fully open to provide a clear opening or used just as a single sash passage door in the same way as a bi-fold or French door. VBH staff then explained that Invisifold differs from a bifold door in that the sashes are all operated independently and that they can also be positioned anywhere across the opening to provide ventilation without having the door fully open. This, along with the realisation that all the hardware is concealed when the door or window is closed, was the wow factor for most visitors. Invisifold is the only system that provides a slide & fold window and VBH report that the

two windows on show also generated a lot of interest and firm sales enquiries for their partners. VBH and Invisifold were supported on the show by systems houses Kömmerling, Rehau, Selecta and Veka, and by fabricator Flair Plastic Products, who is already manufacturing around five Invisifold doors each week. VBH Systems Sales Manager Rob Norman advised ‘Grand Designs Live gave us a perfect platform to put Invisifold directly in front of people who are looking for innovative new ideas for their self-build and renovation projects. We had an overwhelmingly positive response from the public, with visitors being impressed by the clean lines and versatility of Invisifold and the fact that windows are also an option. Many people hadn’t seen anything like it. Our door has achieved approval to the PAS 24 security test at BSI and complies with the requirements of Document Q for new builds. This is an important consideration for anyone considering a new build.’ Readers seeking further information on Invisifold doors and windows should contact VBH on 01634 263263 or READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0005

HOME IMPROVEMENT SECTOR ‘UP’ IN 2016 BUT ‘BREXIT UNCERTAINTY’ SIGNIFICANTLY DOWNGRADES FORECASTS FOR NEW BUILD – PALMER Palmer Market Research’s new report into the performance and prospects of the UK window and door industry, paints a complex picture of growth but also market contraction, as the UK continues its journey towards Brexit. Published this month [Oct], Palmer’s new market research report, The Window, Door and Conservatory Markets in Housing in Great Britain, argues that a flattening of the market in 2015 saw total volume fall by 0.7%. This was, however, offset by a shift towards higher-end products and higher value

installations, which delivered a 2% increase in installed value to £4.20 billion.

with a fall in value in 2017 and 2018 before a flattening through to 2020.

Palmer suggests that going forward, prospects are highly variable depending on sector and product offering.

“This is also likely to lead to a ‘cooling-off ’ of the housing market and a possible dip in prices, something which traditionally slows the supply of new homes. This may become more acute if first-time buyers opt to wait-out Brexit before getting on the property ladder.”

As in previous years, the home improvement sector continues to dominate, with a value of £3,242 million last year. Going forward into this year, Palmer suggests an above forecast performance, with growth at 1.5% to £3.28 billion by the end of 2016. But this is tempered by a significant revision of forecasts for the new build sector. Tipped for growth of 32 per cent over a five year forecast period through to 2020 in last year’s report Palmer now suggests that it will contract, by three per cent over the same period. Robert Palmer, Managing Director, Palmer Market Research, said: “After an initial tumble following the Brexit vote, consumer confidence has steadied somewhat. “We would suggest, however, that the uncertainty that will be generated as the UK negotiates its exit from the EU, is likely to dampen demand in home improvements,


Although, according to Palmer, for the most part unaffected by Brexit with capital spending already allocated, forecasts for the social sector, remain flat through to 2020. But as in previous years, Palmer suggests that there will be winners and losers based on not only market but product and material type. Aluminium remains tipped for growth, notably in the bi-folding door sector with pockets of significant opportunity throughout markets. Palmer also suggests that there has been a shift in the window sector towards premium products and away from ‘standard’ PVC-U installations. Forecasts for the entrance door market remain for growth, while Palmer suggests that last year also saw a resurgence in patio doors – up by 6%.

Palmer argues the conservatory sector continued its somewhat lacklustre performance last year, with a downward trend predicted through to 2020. This is, however, offset by the shift towards ‘family room’ type installations and growth in the replacements market. “What we’re seeing are a set of very different fortunes for different products in different markets. Certainly, aluminium as a material type and bi-fold doors remain in the ascendency, building share in new markets”, continues Palmer. He concludes: “Although Brexit creates a level of uncertainty - and quite what impact this is going to have on consumer confidence is, as we have seen in the months since June, difficult to predict - there remain some very sizeable pockets of opportunity but these are highly variable defined by not only product type but material type.” For more information log on at email or call 020 83908131. READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0006

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SIG WINDOWS JOINS THE GLASS AND GLAZING FEDERATION As part of its ambitious growth strategy, SIG Windows has joined The Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF); the leading industry body that represents companies that make, supply or fit, glass and glass related products in the UK and overseas. Following its official welcome into The Federation at GGF Members Day in Birmingham on the 29thof September 2016, Marketing Manager at SIG Windows, Sarah McCartney said: “We are delighted to be part of this successful Federation that promotes best practice and helps set the highest technical standards in glass. GGF Members’ Day was the first event that we have attended

as members, and we look forward to getting more involved.” Nigel Rees, GGF Chief Executive, commented: “We are happy that SIG Windows could join us in Birmingham to receive their Membership certificate. I am sure they will bring much to the Federation as well as deriving great benefit from joining the industry’s main trade body.” Working with leading brands, SIG Windows supplies high quality, energy efficient windows from a national network of branches. In addition to providing a comprehensive range of advanced glazing products that incorporate insulated frames, the latest security features, quality double-glazing and weather tight seals, the company prides itself on a rigid quality assurance scheme that provides a smooth firstfit for installers. For further information contact 01480 466777 or visit a SIG Windows branch. Alternatively, visit

Sarah McCartney and Steve Jones from SIG Windows receive GGF’s Membership certificate from Brian Baker, Immediate Past President of GGF (pictured right).



BOHLE SIMPLIFIES SHOWER CONFIGURATION Bohle has launched its new online shower configurator, which uses cutting-edge software to simplify shower specification. The innovative free to use online tool, employs a simple step-by-step process to collect all of the detail from measurements to hardware, needed to create a shower cubicle. Powerful software then converts this detail into a 3D model, also automatically generating CAD drawings, featuring all cut outs and holes, which can be saved as files and sent directly to glass processors for manufacture. Fully integrated at the backend with Bohle’s online shop, all hinges and hardware can then be ordered automatically, through customers’ existing accounts,

not only simplifying ordering but also delivering a significant time saving. Dave Broxton, Managing Director, Bohle, said: “The Bohle Shower Configurator simplifies shower specification and saves time in doing so saving tool but it’s also a great retail sales tool, because the 3D model provides such a good indication of the end product. “It helps you to get the design right, the values right and then when you’re ready to, allows you to press go on the order.

“The whole system is connected and because it’s connected, it significantly reduces the risk of error.” 6

“It also gives you CNC files for cut outs and holes, which can then be used by processors to manufacture the product – the whole system is connected and because it’s connected, it significantly reduces the risk of error.” For more visit the Bohle website www.bohle-group. com/en-gb email info@bohle. or call the customer services team free on 0800 616151 for more information. READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0009



Consumer demand for building work remained resilient in the three months following the vote for Brexit, new figures from the Federation of Master Builders (FMB) have revealed. Commenting on the results of the first UK-wide survey of the SME construction sector post-referendum, Brian Berry, Chief Executive of the FMB, said: “Ongoing workloads for construction SMEs remained remarkably resilient in the months following the referendum vote, suggesting that consumer demand – which accounts for the bulk of SME work – has held up far better than anticipated. Some of the other key indicators of SME activity, such as employment levels, anticipated workloads and new work enquiries, are all positive, albeit showing slowed growth compared to the previous quarter. If we all agree that construction is a “weather vane” industry, and demand for home improvement and new build homes an important gauge of consumer confidence, then our results chime with the cautious positivity demonstrated across construction and the wider housing market.” Berry continued: “That being said, construction bosses will be taking nothing for granted. Growth has softened compared to the buoyant first half of the year and some parts of the UK have gone into decline. In particular, London is flatlining which is concerning given that it is typically one of the strongest markets for construction SMEs. Our feeling is that the construction skills shortage, which we know is particularly pronounced in London and the south east, is starting to bite.” Berry concluded: “Our latest figures show that nearly two-thirds of SMEs are struggling to hire bricklayers and 55% are having a hard time sourcing carpenters and joiners. This highlights a different potential consequence of Brexit – the possibility that we will have a less flexible workforce. 12% of construction workers working in the UK are of non-UK origin, forming a vital part of a labour force that is already stretched. Given that the skills gap is only expected to grow over the next decade, it’s vital that talented tradespeople continue to come to the UK. For this reason, we welcome the Government’s u-turn on requiring companies to publish data on the percentage of foreign workers they employ. Such a move would send completely the wrong message to foreign workers currently living and working in the UK and those who might consider coming here.” READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0010

Following uncertainty around Brexit, the housing market has received a boost from the Government after Chancellor Philip Hammond revealed a £5 billion fund to support house building. The Chancellor said the cash would allow builders “to build more houses, more quickly, in the places people want to live”. The move follows comments from Lord Turnbull, former head of the civil service, who highlighted the need for at least 200,000 new homes a year just to keep pace with housing needs. Jade Greenhow, Operations Manager at Insight Data, who provide business data for the construction industry, welcomed the news; “After a nervous few months following the referendum, many building product suppliers have stepped up their sales and marketing activity to win market share from competitors. The latest news from Chancellor Hammond and Sajid Javid, the Communities Minister, is great news for the housing market and those in the supply chain. We welcome this new initiative.” Under the plans, the Government will provide a £3 billion fund to help small family firms build more homes and a separate £2billion loan fund will pay for further new homes by 2020 on surplus public sector land. The cash will be used to encourage builders to use more modern building techniques which can deliver homes twice as quickly as conventional builders. Jade added; “With renewed drive in the housing market it’s important suppliers have the latest market intelligence and know exactly who their target customers are – from large house-builders to the smaller family building firms.” Insight Data provides detailed information on house-builders, main contractors and smaller building firms across the UK, with full contact details of decision makers. The full construction database contains over 30,900 named contacts and is available in real-time, using Insight Data’s online software platform, Salestracker. For further information, contact Insight Data on 01934 808293 or visit READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0011

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NEW BROCHURES FOR A ROOFING GENERATION Prefix Systems have expanded their range of literature with a new updated WARMroof Product Guide, which sits alongside the consumer facing 20 page WARMroof Collection and the newly launched CLEARview rooflight brochure. Updates to the WARMroof Product Guide include several new 3D renders highlighting the insulated details of this true ‘warm roof ’ solution and other technical content, for what is widely regarded as the industry’s most configurable solid, tiled and insulated roof solution. The premium feel of the WARMroof Collection brochure has also resulted in a re-print, as trade partners look to capitalise on the considerable sales opportunities for

both new installations and conservatory replacement projects. The newly launched CLEARview rooflight that was showcased at the FIT Show, is yet another innovative product from the research and development function at Prefix Systems. With a unique drainage solution, triple glazing as standard and other important product features, CLEARview will help raise product performance considerably in the flat rooflight market, as detailed in the new 8-page brochure. The marketing support programme from Prefix Systems has seen considerable investment in the form of a new website, Opus brochure for the luxury aluminium-timber composite window, door and roofing system, along with branded sample bags. In addition, a new 6-page brochure for the impressive Verandah system, which was so well received at this years’ FIT Show, has been launched, which forms part of Prefix’s new Outdoor Living Range Collection.

"With their biggest ever FIT Show stand planned for 2017, the company looks set to continue with its impressive growth statistics."

Eager to build on their marketing performance, Prefix Systems has also just recruited Hannah Gilrane as marketing co-ordinator, who will be looking to pull together various marketing campaigns and to also implement several customer support programmes. With their biggest ever FIT Show stand planned for 2017, the company looks set to continue with its impressive growth statistics. Chris Baron, co-director of Prefix Systems commented: ‘We’ve invested significantly in our marketing programme over the last 18 months and our customers have enjoyed the opportunity in which to close more sales and with it better margins. With the appointment of Hannah to the marketing department, we’re looking forward to building our marketing identity further and supporting our trade partners with the tools to succeed.’ For a free marketing pack or for further information, contact the head office on 01254 871800, visit www., e-mail enquiries@prefixsystems. or add to their considerable following on Twitter @prefixsystems. READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0013

TECHNAL SYSTEMS PROVIDES STYLISH ENTRANCE TO MULTI-AWARD WINNING MOTORWAY SERVICES Despite being intentionally hidden from sight within earthsheltered structures, Gloucester Gateway Services continues to draw attention and win awards in the architectural world, with Technal systems forming a key element to their visible face, meeting the design team’s aesthetic aspirations as well as offering good daylight transmission and excellent acoustic properties. Located between Junctions 12 and 11A on the M5 motorway, the Northbound and Southbound sites were conceived by Birmingham based Glenn Howells Architects, and constructed by The Buckingham Group on behalf of Westmorland Limited. And with AFL Architects filling the role of delivery architects, Elite Aluminium Systems Ltd has fabricated and installed a package of Technal systems encompassing MX Curtain Walling for the main elevation and FXi 65 windows. To date, Gloucester Gateway has won the RIBA National Award 2016 together with the RIBA South West Award 2016 and the RIBA South West Sustainability Award 2016; as well as the RIBA South West Client of the Year Award. Principle Architect Glenn Howells has hailed Gloucester Gateway as a “game changer” for the motorway service industry, and described how the buildings embody the ideals of sustainable development. For the thousands of visitors who arrive each day, their first foretaste of the locally sourced produce on offer within is seen through the tinted glazed façade formed from Technal MX curtain walling. Here, on each building, Elite Aluminium Systems has employed the Technal MX curtain walling to produce an extended glazed wall, with the FXi 65 fenestration system forming multiple windows in back-of-house areas. Mark Longmore of Elite Aluminium Systems Ltd said: “There was an open specification for this important project and we primarily decided to employ the Technal MX Curtain Wall system because it could accommodate the 36 mm glazing units required to achieve the performance criteria. Due to the proximity to the motorway, the architects wanted to use two leafs of 10 mm heat-soaked toughened glass for acoustic performance – while the glass is also high performance neutral solar control, allowing clear vision whilst providing the required thermal properties. “The Northbound services were completed first of all and met with the council’s approval,


as a result of which the same project team, including ourselves, was awarded the work on the southbound site. There are some differences to the specification, but we again used the Technal curtain wall, and the FXi 65 windows in the service yard. Overall the project went very well.” A spokesperson for AFL Architects added: “The Technal curtain walling and window systems were chosen for the Gloucester Gateway Services project for a number of reasons. Their aesthetic was a good fit for this unique project and their products’ durability and robustness was also an important factor. The staff at Technal have a very accommodating and helpful approach and it was great to have them as part of the team to deliver this highly acclaimed project.” Undoubtedly from the elegant Technal framed entrance which greets visitors, right through to the environmentally friendly reed beds which deal with the rainwater run-off from the parking areas, Gloucester Gateway has created a unique approach to providing an essentially utilitarian facility; and done so in a way which appeals to both professionals and the public alike. Glenn Howells summed up: “This award is a celebration of the vision of the Westmorland family, owners of the services, who have turned the M5 into a community asset rather than a problem bringing pollution, congestion and noise.” READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0014

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The Future is NOW ! The strongest and most refined aluminium roof lantern has arrived No Silicone Sealant** All in One Glass Lock & Retainer


No Visible Fixings Innovative End Boss Allows Uninterrupted Sightlines BBA Approval pending Up to 6m x 4m

1216/0015 /madefortrade


* Discount limited to first order for a single roof, offer excludes glass. Offer ends on the 31st January 2017 ** Except between roof upstand and eaves beam.

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"I applaud Ross Darcy, Ian Sims and Thomas Tonks and the companies they represent for showing just one member of the public that the industry is both responsible and decent." Continued from page 1... Yes, it was a Cladover and at an exorbitant price if materials and labour are considered. Even with the props in place the structure was unsafe and Thomas warned Mrs Arnall to keep people out of the conservatories. Mrs Arnall then called in her own independent structural engineer who condemned the buildings immediately. Needless to say, contact was made with Trading Standards and the local council’s Building Department but, of course, the homeowner is responsible for Build Regulations and this was pointed out to her. All the more reason to choose a responsible company that ticks all the boxes.

Rooftiles overshooting the gutter and the walls distorting from the weight, all the way round

Cracking where the Cladover is starting to sag

Bearing in mind that Thomas Tonks Installations had not been chosen to do the job and had no requirement to help Mrs Arnall, that’s exactly what he did. Not only did he make it as safe as he could, immediately, he then contacted Ross Darcy, Director of Guardian Warm Roof as Thomas Tonks Installations is part of Team Guardian. Guardian Warm Roofs’ model in the UK is having 21 fabricators who, in turn, have 350 Team Guardian installers. “We realised Mrs Arnall had a serious problem and although we had not been contracted by her to fulfil the job we felt we should help her in some way. We are all well aware of this problem with Cladover roofs and the damage it can do to the industry as a whole and felt we should demonstrate a more caring side to this industry. Mrs Arnall was already out of pocket by £4,000 from her deposit and had two unuseable conservatories. Thomas’ fabricator is DoubleR Roofing in Northampton, owned by Ian Sims, and Ian was very quick to join ourselves and Thomas in trying to help Mrs Arnall.” Said Ross Darcy.

Further evidence of the weight pulling the structure from the wall

With the help of Guardian Warm Roof, DoubleR Roofing and Thomas Tonks Installations, Mrs Arnall will now have both conservatories refurbished with genuine

Structure coming away from the wall

Guardian Warm Roofs, correctly designed and installed and backed up with a proper Building Certficate. Thanks to their generosity and their working at cost for materials and labour, these three companies will ensure

Propped for safety

that Mrs Arnall’s loss of £4,000 is more than returned. There is, undoubtedly, a message here for the homeowner and no doubt for us all. However, as Editor of Glass News I applaud Ross Darcy, Ian Sims and Thomas Tonks and the companies they represent for showing just one member of the public that the industry is both responsible and decent. If there were awards for promoting the industry in the correct fashion these three would win, hands down. Homeowner Mrs Angela Arnall; Thomas Tonks of Thomas Tonks Installations; Joe Kearney, Managing Director, Guardian Warm Roof and Ross Darcy, Director of Guardian Warm Roof



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Don’t Miss Out Join Team Guardian™ Today Work with one of our fully approved Guardian™ Roof professional production facilities and receive full expert training and all the components you need to install it.

All Guardian™ Warm Roofs are designed and fabricated to exact building standards

Each roof is built to completion at the fabricators premises prior to despatch

Our manufacturing network can offer full technical support and on-site assistance

All Guardian™ Warm Roofs leave the facility ready for installation, including all components, fixtures and fittings

Contact us today and see how we can help you to make more profit by adding this innovative new product to your business.

Local Authority Building Standards Scotland

Certificate No: EWS320

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“If you’re not in Team Guardian™, you’re definitely missing out” | December 2016


TRADE NEWS CURTAIN WALL DRAINAGE SOLUTIONS FROM SENIOR ARCHITECTURAL SYSTEMS When it comes to creating sleek and uniform facades, the new mullion drained SF52 curtain wall system from Senior Architectural Systems provides the ideal solution. Offering invisible drainage, Senior’s SF52 mullion drained system has a specially designed drainage spout, which only needs to be used above splice joints. By enabling the system to drain through the vertical pressure plate, there is no drainage required on transoms. By removing the need for visible drainage slots, coupled with the system’s exceptionally slim sight lines, the mullion drained option offers even greater flexibility with the ability to be faceted to 20° - 10° degrees per side – without the need for additional adaptors. Ideally suited a wide range of applications, the system can also offer ease and speed of installation. The mullion drained SF52 is constructed using step cut transoms, which are sealed against an end seal placed into the mullion. The cut can be easily performed using a punch tool available from Senior Architectural Systems which allows the system to be installed without the need for sealing transom mullion joints. The new SF52 mullion drained system is fully compatible with Senior’s portfolio of windows and doors and is also capable of holding double or triple glazed units ranging from 28mm to 52mm in thickness. Interest in Senior’s thermally enhanced SF52 system has continued to soar following the product’s official launch in 2015, with SF52 now firmly established as Senior’s most popular curtain wall solution. Available as capped, silicone sealed or as a combination of the two for even greater design flexibility, SF52 has been carefully designed and developed to ensure that high aesthetics are equally matched by consistent and reliable construction quality, with no special machinery or tooling required for ease of fabrication. Suitable for ground floor or high rise projects, full design support and technical back-up is available and the range is also available via the NBS National Building Modelling (BIM) Library. Fully tested to CWCT sequence B and BS EN 13830 and with excellent weather performance, SF52 is also durable, recyclable and has a life expectancy of more than 40 years. For more information about Senior, visit



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MILA REWARDED FOR COMMITMENT TO HEALTH & SAFETY Mila has been rewarded for its ongoing commitment to Health and Safety with a 90% score in its most recent external audit and the achievement of a milestone 500 days without a lost time accident. Mila’s Operations Manager Joe Montague, who is responsible for Health and Safety within the business, believes that the current success reflects the focus which Mila has placed on implementing the most up to date systems and training. He says: “Health and Safety is a high priority here at Mila. There was already a good structure in place when I joined the company in 2014 but I’ve built on that using my 30 years’ experience in logistics, and we now have a system which extends not just to our staff but also to all those who might be

affected by our activities. That means that we ensure that our products and deliveries are safe for our employees, our carriers, our customers and even the wider public. “In 2015, all of our employees were offered Health and Safety in the workplace training courses and we are following those up with refresher courses next year, as well as giving specific additional training to the Health and Safety representative in each department.” Mila’s Health and Safety audit was carried out by JLT Specialty using the iAuditor based system and included a site inspection. An impressive score of 90% was achieved, and within weeks of that success, the company passed the 500 day milestone – representing more than 2 years of incident free working. Tel: 01327 312400 -


KOMMERLING’S MAINZ 05 SPONSORSHIP CONTINUES Kömmerling is now into year two of a 3-year sponsorship agreement with Germany Bundesliga football club Mainz 05, as main sponsor and they have already made a strong start to the season.

away win at Azerbaijan Gabala FC has seen the club move to the top of their group after two games. There’s a real hope that the club progresses to the knock out stages and a lucrative tie with a British club.

After a narrow defeat to Borussia Dortmund at the beginning of the season the club has now climbed the table and is now up to 9th in the Bundesliga, after recent wins against FC Augsberg and Weder Bremen. With the Kömmerling logo emblazoned on the front of their shirts, it has exposed the brand to literally millions of viewers and thousands of fans alike in Europe.

Kevin Warner, head of sales and marketing of Kömmerling in the UK commented: “We’re really getting behind Mainz 05 in the UK and also in other international markets, where football is prevalent as a popular sport. Our hope is that they progress to the knock out stages further exposing the Kömmerling brand and the opportunity for a match against British opposition.” For news and information about Mainz 05 visit For information on Kömmerling, call 01543 444900, e-mail, visit www. or follow them on Twitter @kommerling_uk.

Following a high placed finish in last season’s Bundesliga, Mainz were rewarded with a place in the Europa League and a recent 3-2



SELL WITH STYLISH NEW SHOWROOM Fast-moving aluminium fabricator the Window Outlet was already known for its quick lead times and quote turnarounds – but now, the West Country firm has taken its customer service commitment a step further, opening a stylish new showroom designed to help its trade clients sell. Situated at its Bristol headquarters, the welcoming space has been made available for installers to visit with potential customers, letting them see a selection of the extensive range of products The Window Outlet has to offer for themselves. In the room itself, they’ll find windows, doors and bifolds from AluK, Reynaers lift and slide patio doors, and Schueco bonded panel doors, as well as an Atlas glazed roof. “At the Window Outlet, we want to do our utmost to help our customers sell,” commented Ben Warren, Window Outlet MD. “Our new showroom has been specifically designed to showcase our products in the best possible light. When it comes to boosting conversion rates, there’s no substitute for a slick showroom experience –

and our premium aluminium solutions are sure to make a fantastic first impression”. The showroom is just the latest in a string of new developments from the fast-growing fabricator. With the popularity of highend aluminium door systems continuing to rise, The Window Outlet has recently added Schueco’s stylish Adeco doors to its range. Designed to deliver sleek, minimalist aesthetics and excellent all-round performance, Adeco doors feature a highly insulating foam core and double glazing for exceptional thermal efficiency. What’s more, The Window Outlet was recently named Start-up of the Year at the prestigious Business Leader Awards, recognition of phenomenal growth that saw the firm reach £1m turnover in year one, and be well on the way to £2m by its second birthday. Established in 2014, The Window Outlet has quickly risen to become one of the country’s largest aluminium trade suppliers, based in Bristol but with a reach stretching as far east

as Oxford. The fabricator has won respect throughout the industry with its signature commitment to 24-hour quote turnarounds, and the kind of short uPVC-style aluminium lead times virtually unheard of in UK glazing. For more information visit or call 0117 405 8488. READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0021

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THE BEST REPLACEMENT CONSERVATORY ROOF ON THE MARKET This product is both easy to sell and install.

Here are some of the many advantages of joining Team Guardian™: Increased sales opportunities with sustainable all-year-round profits We supply our Team Guardian™ members with retail leads from our dedicated Guardian™ website Full marketing support package available Full technical support and in house training

This product is in demand So all you need is a good, reliable supplier who can give you all the help and support you need to maximise the potential. Look no further than

Connaught Conservatory Roofs Limited. Add this brilliant new roof system to your portfolio by becoming an approved and registered Guardian™ roof installer and member of Team Guardian™ and watch your profits soar.

Call 01709 710100 We do more so you do less!

Fax: 01709 525262 Unit 3, Lloyd Street. Parkgate. Rotherham. S62 6JG

Visit our dedicated Guardian™ website for more info

The Guardian™ Warm Roof carries both LABC & LABSS approval throughout Great Britain. Which will give you an excellent sales advantage and extra peace of mind for your customers. Registration No. RD320 | December 2016

Local Authority Building Standards Scotland



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ORIGIN NEW SHOWROOM LAUNCH – WARRINGTON Origin is pleased to announce that it has launched a brand new showroom in Warrington, Cheshire, showcasing its aluminium bi-folding and residential doors, windows and blinds. The 13,211sqft premises includes office space, training and meeting rooms, storage and its spectacular showroom, incorporating Origin’s uniquely designed Fit Show stand, making it Origin’s biggest showroom to date. Set across two levels, the vast space features a 90 degree moving corner post bi-fold door set, a four door bi-folding set, as well as fixed frame, gable and casement windows, of which are finished with a selection of Origin’s premium blind collection. It also features an impressive maximum sized top hung window which is 1500mm wide. With a long standing reputation for British manufacturing, exceptional quality and personal service, Origin expects its new facilities to provide an invaluable service to its existing clients and trade agents, as well as the

opportunity for new specifiers and residential customers to view its offerings and products first hand. The new showroom will provide a lead generation service for local Origin suppliers as it enables the Warrington sales team to demonstrate true product potential to homeowners, talk through the benefits, and direct them to local trusted Origin suppliers from there. For local homeowners, it provides a vital hub in the North to view Origin’s product range as a preliminary research tool. These potential customers will be able to test the doors and windows in-situ, hear about the latest designs and additional upgrades such as space age technology, Aerogel, a ground-breaking material exclusive to Origin, which makes the window capable of achieving a U-Value of 0.9 and energy rating of A++. The new facilities will enable Origin to improve its customer service by transporting its products across the country more quickly

and resourcefully. It will also station service engineers within the North to promptly address any technical customer issues, especially if they are required to go on-site. The showroom will also host Fitter Fitter training programmes to its trade partners from there, so installers can learn the most efficient and technically accurate way to install Origin’s bi-folding doors and windows, without having to travel to Origin HQ in Buckinghamshire. Ben Brocklesby, Sales and Marketing Director at Origin, comments: “We’ve been supplying our products nationwide for a number of years, but with the increased demand across the UK, we foresaw that expansion to the North of England was needed. Not only to ensure the future growth of the business, but to provide our Northern trade customers and agents with readily available service much more easily. “It has been an incredibly exciting development and we are delighted to see it

all come together. The new showroom will complement the company’s ongoing sales and marketing activities by allowing our customers, whether they be suppliers or homeowners, more choice and information. This investment ensures we can showcase all our products to a wide distributor network and provide our local customers with all the information they require to make an informed choice.” Warrington showroom location: Origin Global, Taurus Park, Europa Boulevard, Westbrook, Warrington, Cheshire, WA57ZT For further information on Origin, please visit


‘BREAKING NEW GROUND’: WORK STARTS ON SLIDERS UK 10,000 SQ FT FACTORY EXPANSION Work has started on a major extension of Sliders UK state-of-the art manufacturing facility factory and distribution centre, as the trade door specialist gears-up for continuing growth. Scheduled for completion by the year-end, the new 10,000 sq ft facility, will house a new purpose-built distribution facility and new lines, as Sliders UK continues the expansion of its rapidly growing product portfolio. Offering lead times of just two weeks, this has included the launch of four new products so far this year. This includes the Ultimate Evolution and Duraflex bi-fold doors, which were launched this autumn. They followed the launch of the Ultimate Imagine bi-folding door in March and that of the PremiLine PRO patio from Kömmerling to its Part Q approved Ultimate inline sliding door and bi-folding door ranges, in April. This is in addition to established offers from ALUK, Eurocell and Distinction. Operations Director, Alex Murphy, said: “We have seen some very significant growth, but it’s absolutely paramount that as we move forward, we do so sustainably. “We have a number of exciting developments down the line and the current expansion of

our facility gives us the future capacity that we will need to accommodate them and deliver growth sustainably.” PAS24:2012 and Part Q compliant, the new Duraflex bi-folding door is fully integrated with the systems company’s Diamond suite, featuring beveled and chamfered options. With suited hardware, 13 opening and closing combinations, three low threshold options and featuring Duraflex’s Q-lon, low line gasket, the system also achieves a DER ‘A’ rating and u-values as low as 1.1Wm2/K. Also Part Q approved, the Ultimate Evolution aluminium bi-folding door features ultra slim sightlines – even compared to the standards set by other leading aluminium systems. At the same time, an innovative fully adjustable jamb option, simplifies door setting and squaring, saving time on site. Murphy continued: “We manufacture a wide range of composite doors and aluminium and PVC-U bi-folding and patio doors – probably more than anyone else. But as a specialist, that’s all we do. Our lines are optimized for door fabrication, our people are trained in it and that combination means that our quality and services levels are high. “We continue to build our offer because we see the opportunities ahead for supply into trade and new build markets, for us its very much about controlled growth. The investment we’re now making gives us that. New customers are important but bringing our existing fabricator and installer base with us is our priority as we recognize that our growth is built on theirs.” For more information contact or visit the website at READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0024


ALUK (GB) RELOCATES UK HEADQUARTERS TO MONMOUTHSHIRE AluK (GB), a leading designer and engineer of aluminium building systems, has today announced that it has acquired a major site in Chepstow, Monmouthshire, to enable significant expansion plans. The multi-million pound investment, one of the largest industrial deals to take place in Wales this decade, follows three years of substantial business growth in the UK market. The new 350,000sq ft facility will increase assembly and production capacity, enabling AluK to meet the growing demands of its customers efficiently and effectively. The decision to move premises and acquire this larger site was essential to the continued expansion of the business and demonstrates AluK’s commitment to the UK market. Russell Yates, Managing Director, AluK, comments: “Over the past three years we have significantly expanded our business and have outgrown our current facilities in Newport. We are pleased to confirm that we have been able to acquire new facilities in South Wales, and are planning to move to the new premises in the first quarter of 2017.” Recent investment in the business has included the opening of a London Design Studio to bring AluK’s products closer to its

customers, whilst also providing a space for industry discussion and debate. Continuing this investment in the UK, the new South Wales Headquarters will include R&D, training and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, as well as warehousing, offices, and a showroom displaying the complete range of AluK systems. Russell continues: “The new site provides us with a fantastic platform for delivering continued innovation and exceptional product design, which will result in the launch of a range of new products to the Commercial and Trade & Residential markets early next year. To support these introductions, and our future business strategy, we have restructured our business, which is now split into two divisions to focus and specialise on each of the market sectors. The relocation to new premises marks the next stage in AluK’s growth and business expansion strategy. It presents the company with an opportunity to bring new and innovative ideas to both their direct and indirect customers, as well as provide expertise and support to the industry. READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0025

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Then you need to work with the best digital agency As a top performing company you work with the best products, the best suppliers, the best customers. It’s the same with your digital marketing. Purplex are the leading digital experts in the glazing industry with an army of developers, data analysts and online marketing specialists, fully accredited by Google. Web design and e-commerce that converts visitors into customers. SEO and PPC that drives traffic to your website. Content marketing and social media that builds trust and reputation.

Call Purplex on 01934 808132 or email LONDON OFFICE - T: 020 3137 9319 | BRISTOL OFFICE - T: 01934 808 132 E: /Purplexmarketing


/Purplexmarketing | December 2016




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Customer feedback is a hugely important part of marketing. Listening and responding is critical to any business that wishes to continue to improve and grow, with the results fed back into the business as part of a cycle of continuous improvement. Liniar’s Marketing Director Sue Davenport explains how surveys can help a company to understand exactly why end users choose its products. The results show that asking direct questions can elicit a constructive response, helping to build rapport and sometimes resulting in unexpected benefits.

SURVEYING OUR CUSTOMERS’ CUSTOMERS “At Liniar, we’re proud of our reputation for engaging with customers and taking on board their feedback – but due to the complex nature of the window supply chain, we were conscious that our communication didn’t always extend much further than fabricators. “We knew installers love fitting Liniar products, mainly due to anecdotal feedback through our customers, as well as the fabricators that also install themselves. We also get positive feedback on a regular basis through our social media channels – and a general lack of complaints is also usually a good indicator! “But we wanted to dig deeper. We wanted to find out exactly what people thought of Liniar products, warts and all, so we could address any recurring themes and pass the feedback onto the relevant department at Liniar. We also don’t tend to communicate much with the end user – the people who use our products in their homes every day – so this was an opportunity to do just that. “We set up two online surveys – one for installers and one for consumers – and emailed everyone in those categories who’d enquired about Liniar products via our website at

Sue Davenport, Liniar’s Marketing Director

SURVEY RESULTS “We were pleased with the response rate, which was above average for this type of survey and gave us enough of a pattern to gain some interesting insights. “We asked how respondents had come into contact with Liniar in the first place, how they had arrived at a purchasing decision, what was important to them when choosing products, what they thought of the Liniar products they had purchased or fitted and whether they would recommend Liniar overall – along with giving them plenty of opportunities for feedback and comments.

HOMEOWNERS RESEARCHED ONLINE “We found the majority (55%) of homeowner respondents had performed their own online research about the products they were looking for before finding Liniar and getting in touch – showing that our website was ranking well for the key search terms they had used to carry out their research. “Just 11% of those who’d found us online had gone on to choose an alternative brand instead, with 10 people not having reached the purchasing stage yet – giving us an opportunity to communicate with them once more in order to help their decision along.

THE POWER OF REFERRALS “The second highest source of enquiries from consumers was referral; Liniar products had been recommended to another 38% of homeowners by a friend or installer. In this case, after sending their initial enquiry, not one single respondent had gone on to buy an alternative brand – demonstrating the power of word of mouth referrals.

INSTALLERS MORE FAMILIAR WITH BRANDS “With installers, 72% of respondents had purchased Liniar products before; demonstrating, as we thought, that our brand name was much more familiar at installer level. The installer survey also highlighted a


few small issues, which were picked up and addressed in real time as the survey results came in. The speed of our response was received positively in each case, positioning Liniar as helpful and friendly.

CUSTOMER PRIORITIES “We were able to find out the relative priority respondents gave to the various selling points of products when it came to choosing the right one for them. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the top three requirements in both sets of survey results were Quality, Guarantees and Value for money – all of which are offered by the Liniar system.

ADDITIONAL BENEFITS “The survey brought other benefits too. One consumer had contacted us to enquire about windows, with the lead passed onto a fabricator customer. The fabricator hadn’t been able to get in touch, and the lead had grown cold – but the survey renewed the consumer’s interest, they made contact again and placed an order for a house full of windows. “In total we were asked by eight different people to renew their contact with a Liniar fabricator; without the survey these leads would perhaps have gone somewhere else.

95% WOULD RECOMMEND LINIAR “As well as identifying communication issues and dealing with any technical enquiries, the survey highlighted a pleasing statistic –

over 95% of homeowners who’d had Liniar products fitted would recommend them to their friends. This reflects fantastically well, not only on Liniar, but on our fabricators and also the installers who’ve fitted the products into homes all over the UK. Of course, we don’t rest on our laurels and are working to address the concerns raised by the other 5%!

STRATEGIC DIRECTION “The high degree of customer satisfaction demonstrated by the survey results has served to reinforce Liniar’s strategy to continue to create new products for our customers to sell to the existing customers on their database. The chance to offer matching products such as roof kits, roofline, decking and fencing gives installers a greater opportunity to cross-sell to the same customer, increasing both the revenue and the profit potential for each job. And buying through a Liniar Approved Fabricator offers peace of mind that everything will be of the highest quality – we don’t want to compete with our own customers by selling direct.”

SUMMARY Sue concludes: “Asking for feedback can be daunting; many businesses don’t want to open up communication in case they don’t like what they hear. But if you have confidence in your products and the ability to solve any issues that arise, the benefits can far outweigh any awkward conversations.” READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0027

December 2016 |


The UK’s Leading Glass & Glazing Newspaper




In characteristic Liniar style, the in-house technical experts at the innovative systems house have reviewed the legislative requirements for Document Q compliance and produced a flawless guide for the benefit of its fabricator customers. BEST OF ITS KIND Described as ‘the best of its kind’ by several of the first fabricators to get their hands on a copy, the Liniar Part Q Manual uses detailed illustrations and instructions to explain how to achieve compliance for every Liniar product in the range.

EASIER TO COMPLY The full-colour document makes it easier for Liniar fabricators to ensure compliance with Part Q security regulations for windows and doors, as well as helping them build their own products for testing.

DOCUMENT Q REQUIREMENTS The strict requirements of Document Q refer to all easily accessible windows and doors installed within new build dwellings and flats in England, together with excepted energy buildings in Wales – including extensions to existing properties and material change of use of a building, or part of it. For compliance, windows and doors need evidence to demonstrate the product has been “manufactured to a design that has been shown by test to meet the security requirements of British Standards publication PAS 24:2012/PAS 24:2016”, or equivalent enhanced security testing.

SAVING TIME, COST & EFFORT Paul Garforth, Technical Manager for Liniar, is delighted to announce the launch of the new guide: “We’ve already undergone the rigorous process of testing,” he explains, “so the new guide has been designed to save our customers time, cost and effort - providing they use the exact same components we used in testing. In many instances this will mean that no further testing is required – so all

“If customers also wish to carry out their own product testing, perhaps with slightly different components, then the multi-purpose details within the new manual may also be used for guidance in this situation.” | December 2016

Paul Garforth, Liniar Technical Manager

fabricators need to do is request a copy of the PAS 24 test certificate for each of the product types, which can then can be used to show compliance.”

MULTI-PURPOSE “Of course, if customers also wish to carry out their own product testing, perhaps with slightly different components, then the multipurpose details within the new manual may also be used for guidance in this situation,” comments Paul.

RAISING SECURITY STANDARDS The latest guide in Liniar’s growing library of high quality resources, the Part Q Manual is intended to raise quality standards in the marketplace by offering clear guidelines to the components and manufacturing techniques necessary to meet the strict testing process. Specifying the correct positioning of components, such as glazing platforms and run-up ramps, in a simple pictorial format, the guide includes cross section drawings to explain the internal elements and screw locations.

FULLY UPDATED Covering panels, standard and triple glazing options, the latest hardware solutions will be added to the guide on an ongoing basis to ensure that the manual contains the most upto-date information. Liniar customers requiring a copy of the new Part Q Manual can email marketing@ or call the Liniar Technical team on 01332 883900. READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0028



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Independent UKAS accredited testing laboratory and certification body Wintech Testing & Certification, is delighted to announce that following an update on September 12th, it became the first accredited laboratory to test to PAS 24:2016. Technical Director Mike Wass explains more: “PAS 24:2016 is the latest version of the test methods and acceptance criteria for the enhanced security performance of windows and doorsets intended to resist attacks normally associated with a casual or opportunistic burglar. It is one option specified for compliance with Secured by Design requirements and product certification schemes such as the WinMark. As with all Standard updates, PAS 24:2016 introduces a range of changes to reflect updates in market requirements and legislation. “Companies will need to test windows and doorsets to PAS 24:2016 at a UKAS Accredited Test Laboratory to ensure ongoing compliance. We’re delighted that

As part of our commitment to investment, we have recently added further test rigs in preparation for PAS 24:2016

Wintech is the first laboratory to gain UKAS Accreditation to carry out this test and are currently taking bookings for those looking to meet the latest requirements. Ongoing investment has seen us increase our number of test rigs with the capability to test windows and doorsets up to a height of 3.2m and a width of 3.5m, meaning we can test a vast range of products available on the market.” If you would like more information, or would like to organise some testing, call Wintech 01952 586580 or visit READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0030

MYGLAZING.COM HITS 100,000 CONSUMERS TARGET James Lee, Director of Marketing and Communications for the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) announced at the GGF’s Members Day event (held on 29 September), that (the GGF’s consumer website) surpassed its online and PR targets set last September when the site was launched. In his presentation in Birmingham’s Botanical Gardens, James highlighted the incredible success story of over the last 12 months and presented an array of impressive web stats and PR figures including; is now attracting over 5000 consumers per day and is also currently in the running for 8 different awards from several different awarding bodies including the Construction Marketing Awards (CMA) and the G16 Awards.

In addition to the web statistics, James also illustrated to the 135 Members’ Day Delegates the productivity and hard work of the GGF Marketing team and supporting agencies, who combined to create: • 9 new web sections


• Over 130,000 sessions • Over 42 million page impressions • Over 27 million “opportunities to view” in the consumer press

• 7 online features (including the blog, the national Window with a View competition and new Energy Savings Calculator) • 42 pages of advice, guidance and news • 18 free brochure downloads • 320 product images • 301 brand logos • 150 Window with a View competition images • 567 company profile pages • 122 news articles


The Teesside-based company hope the extension of their trading agreement with Synseal will further strengthen their steadily-increasing customer base and bolster sales of the best-selling roof system. The Global conservatory roof, which has been designed to be high quality, easy-to-fit and cost-effective, has been a massive success for Synseal – it is estimated that 1 in 4 conservatories fitted in the UK has a Global roof. Richard Gaunt, Director of Made For Trade, said: “We are delighted to see our relationship with Synseal moving forward

and am looking forward to it continuing for many years to come.” Made For Trade’s association with Synseal began in 2011 when Aanco UK Ltd, the original domestic arm of the company, chose to use the Global conservatory roof for their installations. Impressed by the system, a deal between the two companies was established and Global roof kits were the first product to be supplied by Made For Trade, the newlyestablished trade supply division of Aanco UK Ltd. Synseal’s CEO, David Leng, said of Made For Trade: “Enjoying exponential growth year on year, this successful fabricator has gone from a standing start, to now being our largest Global roof customer.” Made For Trade now manufacture and supply

conservatory roofs around the UK, alongside their other products; the SMART aluminium bi-folding door and their self-designed Korniche lantern roofs. It has been a successful few years of trading for the company, with unprecedented growth year-on-year leading to an expansive increase in factory floor space and employee numbers. For more information on Made For Trade, visit www. or for details on Synseal Extrusions, go to READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0032


On the success of the new website, James Lee commented, “It’s been a phenomenal year with so much activity on Our Marketing team has been very consistent with their work on the project and deserve a lot of credit, but we are also indebted to three specialist agencies who have helped us on the web development, consumer PR and search engine marketing. Next year we are aiming to double the online audience and of course redirect more homeowners to consumer facing GGF Members.”

• Over 100,000 unique visitors

Conservatory roof supplier Made For Trade are extending their long-term partnership with Synseal after signing an agreement with the PVCU extrusions giant for them to continue fabricating their marketleading Global roof for another year.


Leading Cheshire based installer Northwich Glass is enjoying a surge of leads and new business following its five-day appearance at the prestigious Grand Designs Live show. The event, held at the Birmingham NEC from the 19th to the 23rd of October, saw over 500 organisations showcase the latest and best home improvement products to an audience of thousands of industry specialists and end users. It was presented by Kevin McCloud, host of the hit Channel 4 TV show that inspired the exhibition. Vista provided extensive support throughout the week, sending staff including Business Development Manager Ian Smith to help man the Northwich stand, along with a demonstration model of its signature XtremeDoor. “We’re absolutely delighted by how well we were received at Grand Designs Live,” commented new Northwich managing director Mark Patrick. “The boosted brand exposure would’ve been worth the price of admission alone – but our stand was inundated with visitors, and we’ve picked up literally hundreds of leads. It’s been a fantastic experience for us.” “I want to thank Vista for their invaluable support at the event. I was hugely impressed with the dedication of the staff, and in particular Ian, whose enthusiasm really helped the whole team. It’s this sort of support that makes us so glad to be dealing with Vista. It goes without saying – the XtremeDoor is a fantastic product, leading in its class. But

that’s just one aspect of the service you get when you deal with Vista. They offer firstclass marketing material, extensive technical support, and so much else that goes on behind the scenes.” Vista MD Keith Sadler commented: “We were delighted to support Northwich as they showcased at Grand Designs Live. They’re a fantastic installer, committed to quality and exceptional customer service, and spend thousands of pounds with us every year. We look forward to continuing to work closely with them for a long time to come.” Founded in 1995, Vista Panels has grown every year it’s been in business, steadily expanding to become one of the country’s biggest and most respected composite and uPVC door manufacturers. Continuing the unbroken year-on-year growth it has experienced since it was established, the fabricator saw a 50% increase in fire door sales, a 30% rise in coloured composite doors and an 11% rise in contemporary-style doors in 2015. To learn more about Northwich Glass, call 01606 810 000 or visit For more information call 01516081423 or visit READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0033

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1216/0034 | December 2016




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NEW WEBSITE HIGHLIGHTS NETWORK VEKA’S ‘NETWORKMANSHIP’ Industry-leading installer support organisation Network VEKA has unveiled its brand new website. It has been completely redesigned and features a wealth of aspirational new photography, an idea-filled ‘LookBook’ and the means to generate valuable sales leads for member companies. The LookBook has already attracted a host of visitors thanks to its inspirational ideas, and advice on the latest trends from a team of interiors specialists and industry experts. Head of Marketing Simon James explains: “The new website was designed to offer a clean, straightforward and simple-to-navigate visitor experience. It goes hand in hand with an integrated consumer campaign which raises awareness of the Network VEKA brand and showcases the benefits of choosing a member. The increased number of visitors


to the new site will generate more leads, distributed to the nearest local member to follow up. “The consumer campaign has so far included a sustained social media campaign and online remarketing programme, run in parallel with our SEO and PPC activity. Stunning new photography has been specially commissioned and a series of videos created to explain the Networkmanship concept; an overarching term to describe all the credentials of our installers: professionalism, commitment and customer satisfaction. Print adverts and advertorials have featured in prominent consumer magazines such as Ideal Home and 25 Beautiful Homes, alongside brand building activity in major national newspapers.

“With Network VEKA celebrating its 20th successful year in business in 2016, and £1bn in cumulative sales, all our activities have been planned to reinforce its status as the pinnacle organisation of its kind in the industry; right down to the clean, fresh and professional look of the new website. Aimed at a consumer audience, it shows homeowners how to make the best of their property and explains how choosing a Network VEKA installer can provide complete peace of mind throughout the process. “There is a host of information and style advice – the site has an almost ‘magazine’ feel which makes it very easy to read – while also conveying all-important information about Network VEKA and its guarantees. The internet has fast become the first

Could your business benefit from tailored support like this?

Find out more about becoming a Network VEKA member by calling 01282 473170 or emailing

‘port of call’ for anyone researching home improvements and it is only fitting that the Network VEKA website should make the right first impression. It allows us to explain the #Networkmanship premise in a clear and engaging way, so that homeowners are already aware of our values before they even meet their local installer member. “A number of data capture areas allow us to find out more about visitors, and the products and services that would be most beneficial to them. In this way, their local member company can contact them with advice and services that perfectly suit their needs – rather than a generic offering. “Finally, we are able to demonstrate the organisation’s high standards with a customer review section, and installers can access the latest up-to-the-minute membership assets and resources through a dedicated trade area. These are exciting times for the Network, and this hive of marketing activity fittingly reflects that!”


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We’re here to help you, not harm you. Euroglaze will not encroach on your territory, set up trade counters in competition or compete for installation contracts.

Experience an intelligent framework

01226702568 30 YEARS






WARM EDGE WINDOW COMPONENTS ENGINEERED FOR SAVINGS SAVE energy with the lowest conductivity spacers – 0.14 W/mK SAVE energy with lowest Psi values


SAVE energy with reduced overall window U-values WARM EDGE WINDOW COMPONENTS

ENGINEERED FOR SAVINGS SAVE costs on the best futureproof window components

SAVE energy with the lowest conductivity spacers – 0.14 W/mK

SAVE energy with the lowest conductivity spacers – 0.14 W/mK

SAVE energy with lowest Psi values SAVE energy with lowest Psi values SAVE energy with reduced overall window SAVE energy with reduced overallU-values window U-values

Our spacers are the result of over 35 years of dedication to insulated glass.

SAVE costs on the best futureproof window components

SAVE costs on the best futureproof window components

High performance engineering plastic Perforation holes for effective passage of air

Pre-Desiccated Flexible

Foam We understand Our thespacers are the result of Pre-Applied over 35 years of dedication Adhesive conditions within a Side Tape Unique Gas Our spacers are to the result glass. of insulated Barrier Tape glazing unit and how each over 35 years of dedication component performs within the We understand to insulated glass. the lifetime of the unit. within a conditions Thermal Conductivity: Conductivity: Flexible This helps us to glazing ensureunit and how each Thermal Plastic window frame Pre-Desiccated Plastic window frame Wood window frame 0.135 W/mK FoamWood window frame 0.14 W/mK We understand component the performs within that the components we Pre-Applied thealifetime of the unit. conditions within Double Glazing 0.030 0.029 Adhesive Double Glazing 0.032 0.031 Side Tape Thermal Conductivity: manufacture and supply Thermal Conductivity: Unique Gas helps us to ensure Plastic window frame Wood window frame Plastic window frame Wood window frame 0.135 W/mK Barrier Tape 0.14 W/mK glazing unit andThis how each that the components we Triple Glazing are second-to-none. Triple Glazing 0.029 0.027 0.030 0.029 Double Glazing 0.030 0.029 component performs within Double Glazing 0.032 0.031 manufacture and supply Above Psi values based on BF Data Sheet0.030 Nr.27 Above Psi values based on BF Data Sheet Nr.29 the lifetime of the are unit. second-to-none. Triple Glazing 0.029 0.027 Triple Glazing 0.029 www.bundesverband-fl Thermal Conductivity: Thermal Conductivity: Lower Psi values achievable with Hot Melt This helps us to ensure on BFwindow Data Sheetframe Nr.27 Above Psi values based on BF Data Sheet Plastic Nr.29 www.bundesverband-fl window frame Wood window frame Plastic Wood window frame 0.135 W/mK 0.14 W/mK Above Psi values based Lower Psi values achievable with Hot Melt that the components we To discover more about Thermobar or0.031 Thermoflex Warm Component Double Glazing 0.030 0.029 Double Glazing 0.032 manufacture and supply To discover more about Thermobar or Thermofl ex Warm Component Supplier Edge Spacers and our 1,500 Glazing components visit Supplier Edge Spacers and0.030 our 1,500 Glazing components visit of the Year are second-to-none. Triple Glazing 0.029 0.027 Triple Glazing 0.029 arctic climate

Perforation holes gas for effective passage of air

ph A

C E RT I F I E D COMPONENT Passive House Institute

barrier tape

ph A

Perforation holes Available with or for effective passage without unique of air gas barrier tape

C E RT I F I E D COMPONENT Passive House Institute

ph A

Pre-Desiccated Flexible Foam

arctic climate

Unique Gas Barrier Tape

ph A+

Pre-Applied Adhesive Side Tape

C E RT I F I E D COMPONENT Passive House Institute

Available with or without unique gas barrier tape

C E RT I F I E D COMPONENT Passive House Institute


ph A+

C E RT I F I E D COMPONENT Passive House Institute

High performance engineering plastic

arctic climate

arctic climate

arctic climate

HighAvailable performance with or engineering withoutplastic unique

arctic climate

ph A+

C E RT I F I E D COMPONENT Passive House Institute 0845331 331 3950 +44 www.thermosealgroup.comororcall call 0845 3950 Intl. Intl. +44 (0) 121(0) 331121 3950331 3950 Above Psi values based on BF Data Sheet Nr.27 Lower Psi values achievable with Hot Melt

of the Year

Above Psi values based on BF Data Sheet Nr.29

us at Glasstec Reserve tickets for our To discover more about Thermobar or Thermofl ex Warm Join us Join at Glasstec Reserve tickets forParty! our Party!

Component At the show, we’re on: @ McLaughlin’s Irish Pub, Kurze Str 11, 40213 Düsseldorf Altstadt - Wed 21st Sept. Supplier At the show, we’re on: @ McLaughlin’s Irish Pub, Kurze Str 11, 40213 Düsseldorf Altstadt Wed 21st Sept. Stand B15 in Hall 17, Glasstec Exhibition, Düsseldorf (20-23 September 2016) Email or call +44 (0) 121 331 3950 Edge Spacers and our 1,500 Glazing components visit Stand B15 in Hall 17, Glasstec Exhibition, Düsseldorf (20-23 September 2016) Email or call +44 (0) 121 331 3950 of the Year or call 0845 331 3950 Intl. +44 (0) 121 331 3950 | December 2016

Join us at Glasstec

Reserve tickets for our Party!

At the show, we’re on:

@ McLaughlin’s Irish Pub, Kurze Str 11, 40213 Düsseldorf Altstadt - Wed 21st Sept.



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LISTERS. 40 YEARS IN THE MAKING. Let’s face it, the fenestration industry is hard work. Window companies are scrabbling over a very congested marketplace and unfortunately many have fallen by the wayside as the competition gets tougher and tougher. So to have 40 successful years under your belt is a remarkable achievement and that’s exactly what Lister Trade Frames of Stoke on Trent have achieved this year. Established in 1976 and operating from a shed at the bottom of the then owner’s garden, nobody could have foreseen the impact that Listers would have in the market place. Mark Warren, Managing Director takes up the story. “I joined Listers fabricating PVCu windows in 1987 bringing the workforce to just 3 people. PVCu was a relatively new product and we truly made hay whilst the sun shone, rapidly outgrowing and expanding our premises and eventually moving our factory into the centre of Stoke on Trent.” Over the following 10 years Listers focus on quality products and effective marketing saw sales blossom from an annual turnover of just £200k to over £3Million and employing over 50 staff. “We’ve had lots of competition over the years but our focus on building long lasting Trade Partnerships has always worked in our favour,” remarked Mark, “often being the first in the UK to deliver new products

and standards of service our innovation and strategy has always kept us ahead, strong and successful.” Listers have been recognised for their innovations many times over the years winning numerous top industry awards. Fast forward to 2012 and the Listers Director team completed a buyout which allowed them the flexibility to push forward once again. And the results were almost instantaneous with Listers recording record sales in 2013 and 2014. Listers put their success down to constant evaluation of the market, their customer’s needs and their product lines. “We couldn’t afford to stay as a “white window” fabricator otherwise we would have been swallowed up by the demand for more innovative products,” said Mark, “and we pride ourselves on offering the widest customer choice using some of the very best products on the market.”

2016 sees Listers reaching the milestone of 40 years trading. With over 120 employees, new showrooms, a purpose built factory, a fully serviced trade counter, an £11m turnover and of course, a vision of expansion for the next 40 years. And what better way to celebrate 40 years of trading?

A HUGE STAFF PARTY! In typical Listers style, they converted their entire carpark into a funfair with all the games, concessions, rides and entertainment

Listers staff enjoying the 40th Anniversary festivities.


We honestly couldn’t have achieved what we have without their help and this 40th anniversary bash is just a little thank you from all of the Directors to our team.”

you could think of, along with full bar and catering. “It’s an achievement for Listers to have hit 40 years trading and the thanks has to go to our staff for all of their support over the decades,” said Mark. “We honestly couldn’t have achieved what we have without their help and this 40th anniversary bash is just a little thank you from all of the Directors to our team.” It has been an impressive journey and what is immediately apparent is that Listers consider the last 40 years as only the start of what will become an even more remarkable history. Tel: 01782 391900


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Ground Breaking Warranty Scheme Eliminating remedials for hardware

Create your own door! Call for details about our online door generator for customers to choose their own bespoke door Stunning aesthetics Strong and secure



Thermally efficient Full suite of matching Liniar products, including Roofline Delivery on time, every time, using our own fleet of vehicles State of the art production facility – call us to book a tour


Outstanding marketing support

COMPOSITE DOORS authentic appearance & superior performance Call 0800 014 2769 Email | December 2016



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LETS ANYONE STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD Having visited Apeer Doors in Ballymena, County Antrim, during the summer, Glass News’ Editor, Chris Champion, explores the Lumi range of seamless glazing that is new to the market. Apeer is a well-known and respected manufacturer of composite doors and has built a reputation for providing a high quality secured by design, police approved door, with a double rebate for the ultimate draught protection coupled with a maintenance free finish. The choice of colours goes on and on and has proved to be a winner with the discerning homeowner who can choose from the Traditional, Contemporary or Modo Collections. As if this wasn’t enough the company launched, earlier this year, a range of windows, doors and bi-folds that took everyone by surprise. Enter Lumi. A range of seamless glazing products that are simply stunning. When Asa McGillian, Managing Director of Apeer and Lumi, was describing the Lumi concept of seamless glazing to an interested

customer, the reply was, “so you stuck some glass onto the face of some GRP profile?” Although, on the face of it, that pretty much describes the concept, not surprisingly it is certainly a little more complicated than that! With their completely flat, uninterrupted profile, these radically styled windows bring a wall of light to any home. Beautiful to look at? Certainly. But it goes much deeper than that. This intelligent piece of engineering is the first of its kind on the market, bringing all the design benefits of frameless glazing with all the strength, security and internal styling of more traditional windows and doors. Hidden under the ceramic colour lies the secret to Lumi’s strength - energy efficient triple glazing that has been structurally bonded to an internal core of high strength, glass-fibre reinforced profiles. While the external look is very important and can change the whole look of a home, so too is the interior. Lumi provides a consistent, high quality finish of architectural detailing that can have a surprising impact on the overall success of an interior. It is one of the only wood or PVC alternatives with an interior finish that can be matched across the trims, window boards and sills of all the windows, doors and bi-folds in a home. It’s

Lumi MD, Asa McGillian performs the coin scrape test on the ceramic painted surround of the Lumi glass

Lumi for the contemporary house.....

available in a choice of eleven styles, four of which are convincing and subtle wood grain finishes. Lumi is a simple way to upgrade a home’s interior while providing a stunning exterior, too. Looks are certainly key to Lumi’s success but the product range is backed up by exceptional energy efficiency designed to withstand the extremes of weather. It boasts an 80mm draught free double rebate system with a double gasket seal as standard and Lumi windows are among the most energy efficient on the market. This is provided by 50mm triple glazing made from 6-4-4 toughened glass, insulating the home against both cold and noise. The flush glazing completely hides the glass-fibre double rebate stormproof frame, offering exceptional U-values and unparalleled weather protection. The triple glazed unit can be supplied with two panes of low emissivity glass filled with argon gas for enhanced energy efficiency. One of the beauties of this system is that it isn’t just the windows, as doors, bi-folds and sliders can be added to give a cohesive look to the whole home. Lumi bi-folds might look like and behave like Lumi windows and doors, but they work slightly differently. Their 62mm triple glazed insulated glass unit is structurally bonded to a twin seal, thermally broken aluminium frame, with insulating foam inserts. However, they are one of the most energy efficient bi-folds on the market with excellent U-values. And they have achieved burglar resistance of WK/RC (DIN EN 1627) with Schüco multi point lock system with shoot bolts. If preferred, a liftand-slide door can be chosen, too. The highly thermally insulated aluminium Lumi Slider

Lumi composite door

Lumi French Doors

has perfect watertightness, excellent sound reduction and burglar resistance up to RC2 (WK2), and is second to none. The modular profile insulation achieves U-values of 1.1 W/ (m2K). With large opening widths and easy operation, Lumi Slider offers new system solutions for large projects and luxury homes. To complete the line-up, residential doors and French doors are also available making the whole Lumi range a complete system. With a choice of ceramic colours and a range of interior finishes, the discerning customer can customise their home in a beautiful, energy efficient and secure way. Any home boasting the Lumi system will definitely stand out from the crowd!

Lumi window in chartwell green


Interior finish Winchester


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new Flush Casement

new Chamfered system

new sculptured system

new Flush tilt & turn

The best of everything...

Now there’s no need to compromise. With Optima, every single window, whatever style, reaches its full potential. Unrivalled thermal performance, weather protection, security, strength and outstanding finish quality. Optima is easy to fabricate and a breeze to install. There’s no looking back with a system like this.

the best windows are made from or call 01952 290910 | December 2016




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QUALITY & CHOICE MATTER As roofline products increasingly become part of the window installers offering, Sarah McCartney, Marketing Manager for SIG Building Plastics outlines the importance of aligning yourself to a supplier that provides quality and choice in abundance. Of course, we all recognise the need for customers to invest in high quality doors and windows and we do our utmost to provide them with a wealth of options to meet their every requirement. Encouraging customers to invest in roofline at the same time is a smart move for several reasons. Not only is it an easy upsell and combines two jobs at the same time - thereby reducing time and labour costs - it’s a profitable way to grow your business too. Also, from the homeowners’ standpoint, it makes sense to upgrade the roofline elements simultaneously in order to match the aesthetics of their new windows and doors. Roofline is often regarded as the poor relation of roofing. However, it plays a vital role in helping protect the rafters of the roof by preventing rot developing and spreading, as over time this can affect the roof ’s integrity. Given that the roof is the most important part of the house after the foundations, the importance of roofline cannot be underestimated. After investing in quality windows and doors, the last thing your customer needs is a weakened roof and a nasty repair bill. For those of you unfamiliar with roofline, it broadly encompasses fascias, soffits and guttering. Fascias and soffits are the wooden boards surrounding the roofline, both around the front, sides and underneath the eaves. Over time, they can crack and the paint may peel away. Fascias are the most important boards as they are a load bearing structure that partially supports the bottom row of roof tiles, as well as carrying the guttering. Meanwhile, soffits fit between the fascia and the wall.


Guttering takes the full brunt of nature’s fury; helping channel rainwater and other precipitation away from the house and towards a safer drainage area. As all the water damage that was going to strike the home is instead absorbed by the gutters, over time they begin to sag, rust, and show holes. Hence, it’s vital that quality guttering is installed at the outset. Roofline components are usually made from softwood and so will decay and deteriorate over time, maybe even rotting from the inside which is never seen, however well maintained they have been. Replacement with materials such as PVCu is a much better solution then ‘over cladding’ - covering the existing rotten wood with a cosmetic cladding - as any wood left in place will rot faster, making further remedial work necessary in the future. Furthermore, their replacement also adds beauty and value to the house, as well as protecting it. Whilst roofline’s primary role is to ensure that the roof remains weather tight and to prevent birds and other animals from getting inside to nest, it also plays an aesthetic role too. Just like windows and doors, roofline products are available in various styles and colours to complement and enhance the look of the home, so it’s important to be able to offer your customers a comprehensive choice.

A woodgrain fascia that offers protection to the front, sides and underneath the eaves of the roof. Fascias are available in a range of styles and colours to complement both doors and windows and to enhance the overall look of the home.

Whether you’re a seasoned roofline installer or a complete novice looking to expand your offering, it helps to work with a supplier who can provide a wealth of choice across leading roofline brands. By selecting to work with this type of supplier,

you will be able to satisfy your customers’ aesthetic and performance preferences, as well introduce a broader spectrum of prices that will help boost your profitability. By putting your trust in a supplier who also has specialist roofline training and certification for branch and sales staff such as OSCAR accreditation, you will not only benefit from all the homework having already been done for you - leaving you with a readymade range to showcase to your customers - you will also benefit from excellent customer service, competitive prices, installation advice and consistent flexible lead times too. Whether you are looking to breathe fresh air into your offering, or whether roofline is already a staple part of your business, enlisting the services of a specialist supplier will help maximise your selling power and profitability - leaving you to do what you do best - and to ensure your customers get the quality and choice they deserve.

OSCAR, the first dedicated Certificate of Competence for roofline that is designed to raise installation standards throughout the industry. As well as enabling window contractors to quickly and easily become an approved roofline installer, it also enables roofline suppliers to advance the knowledge and skills of their branch and sales staff.

For further information on SIG Building Plastics contact 01480 466777 or visit READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0043

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Are you looking for a supplier with knowledge?


SIG Building Plastics combines specialist Roofline and Building Plastics businesses to deliver unrivalled service, products and expertise under one trusted name. Our friendly, local teams are ready to pass on expertise and impartial advice on roofline, rainwater and building products by leading manufacturers. ■

Expert Service

We partner with leading manufacturers and our staff undergoes training to maintain and improve the unrivalled service we provide.

Business Support

We add value to your business through initiatives such as our marketing support our OSCAR/Certificate of Competence.

Core Range

We promise to have our roofline core range in stock - whichever store you visit. ■

Product Quality

Products are checked before leaving the manufacturers and we further guarantee product quality through our Quality Checked policy before it leaves the branch to you.

Visit your local SIG Building Plastics branch for more info or find more at | December 2016 ROOFLINE DRAINAGE SHEET MATERIALS WINDOWS






BMW Building Products – one of the latest companies to join pioneering installer support organisation, Network VEKA – has wasted no time in making the most of the benefits now available to it. The Chester-le-Street company was recognised at 2016’s Network VEKA Awards as Best New Member (North); an accolade that illustrates its commitment to quality products from The VEKA UK Group, flawless workmanship and attentive service. John Jefferson, Managing Director at BMW Building Products explains: “Over the past few years, we’ve taken several steps to further capitalise on more than three decades of success throughout the North East. “An investment of over £300k in a new showroom and factory expansion saw our turnover increase by 22% over a three-year period, allowing us to create several new jobs. We’ve continued that growth with a new site in Stockton, showcasing our conservatory range to the homeowner market. “Network VEKA has provided the support to take our already flourishing business to the next level. Our marketing, for example, now has increased impact thanks to the Network’s professional designs – personalised to incorporate our logo and contact details, etc. Combine that with the assurances we are now able to provide, and our offering to consumers is formidable.”

“The financial aspects of Network membership were some of the most attractive to us when joining”, John continues. “Customers know their investment is protected by a comprehensive indemnity guarantee from the moment they pay their deposit. It all serves to build confidence in our provision, and the All Checked online review portal further strengthens that trust.”

“We’ve made it easy with our three step transferral


But Steve thinks that installers will find the 70mm door particularly attractive because of

Panels Direct has worked with Distinction Doors for a number of years, so adding the 70mm composite door was a logical extension of the relationship. Steve commented: “We’ve built our name on offering exceptional products with exceptional service and the Distinction Doors range is exactly that: exceptional. There’s a reason why they’re the number one composite door company in the UK and it’s the reason why we supply their doors.” Steve concluded: “The market in 70mm doors is growing, which means they’re a great way to stand out and offer something different. Anyone who’s interested in finding out more about what they have to offer should get in touch today.” Panels Direct is based in Keighley, West Yorkshire. Founded in 2002, the company fabricates a comprehensive range of composite doors for the trade. Tel: 01535 604040 - READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0047

To learn more about BMW Building Products and take a virtual tour of their showroom, please visit: READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0045


Mark Swanborough, Certification Manager at Wintech explains: “There’s a common misconception about the work involved in transferring your certification to another supplier and whether it’s worth the effort. It seems to be one of those things that often goes under the radar but actually can potentially save companies a lot of money.

The door also offers beautiful aesthetics that means it has stunning kerb appeal. It features beautifully authentic woodgraining and a slim glazing cassette. It’s available in 14 door styles and four glazing styles plus a huge range of colours too.

Dave Jones, Managing Director of The VEKA UK Group commented: “BMW Building Products have proven fantastic ambassadors for Network VEKA within a short time of joining. They completely embody the organisation’s Networkmanship code of conduct, and their continued growth illustrates how customers feel complete peace of mind with them. I congratulate them on their awards success this year – here’s to many more in future!”

WINTECH MAKES IT EASY TO TRANSFER TO As a new year approaches, so too does the time many companies will renew their product certification. Wintech Testing & Certification is pleased to announce that it has made the process simple so that companies can switch to its WinMark scheme in just three easy steps.

The 70mm door is 25% more thermally efficient than other composite doors and also offers excellent noise reduction as well as a twin seal that improves weather performance.

how easy it is to fit. “Because it is over-rebated it becomes a direct replacement for the PVCu equivalent,” he said. “And it’s very tolerant because the airspace is concealed so any slight variation is hidden, unlike on flush fitting single sealed doors.”

programme. Step 1) Fill in an application form. Step 2) Provide all available product test data and copies of your existing scope of certification. Step 3) Wintech will carry out an audit at your fabrication facility. And that’s it! That’s all that’s needed to switch and yet it could save you thousands of pounds and a lot of hassle with the benefit of a more personable service. “The WinMark scheme can be used to demonstrate compliance with Approved Document Q and Secured by Design requirements. The scheme is available to all fabricators of window and door products. There are no call centres or satellite offices to get through in order to speak to the right person either, just call me today on 01952 586 580 or e-mail me


A famed 10 year insurance-backed guarantee is among the most significant advantages for Network VEKA customers – honoured in

the unlikely event that their installer should unexpectedly cease to trade.

Leading trade supplier Panels Direct has just added Distinction Doors’ 70mm GRP composite door to its range. Steve Miller, Panels Direct’s Sales Manager said: “We’re delighted to be adding the 70mm composite door to our range because it’s an excellent upselling opportunity.”


Circle three differences in the boxes above, fill in your contact details below and send your competition entry to: FAO: Miss Christina Shaw, Glass News Competitions, 12 Sunderland Street, Tickhill, Doncaster, DN11 9QJ. Entry deadline: 20/12/16.

Transfer your product certification in 3 easy steps

at mswan@wintechtesting. com and I can talk you through the process and confirm how easy it is to join or transfer to the WinMark.” If you would like more information about WinMark certification, or would like to organise some testing, call Wintech 01952 586580 or visit

Name: Tel: Address: Postcode: Email:


December 2016 |


The UK’s Leading Glass & Glazing Newspaper



– WITH A LITTLE HELP FROM BUSINESS MICROS Panels Direct has taken the next step in transforming its efficiency by creating two new online design and ordering portals for customers buying either composite or panel doors. The Keighley based company wants to make ordering as simple and user friendly as possible for customers so has turned to the industry’s leading provider of door portals Business Micros. Business Micros has already supplied Panels Direct with Evolution and EvoNet software to transform its production and operational efficiency, so the new portals were the natural next step.

“We still have a dedicated internal sales team to take orders on the phone but we think customers will much prefer to order online when it suits them and even to use the portal to demonstrate door designs and configurations to customers.” Customers receive personalised log in details which enable them to go online and design their chosen door, generate a quote and even place an order. The composite portal is already live and the panel portal will be live before the end of the year. Both will work on any device and on any platform so users can work on their laptop, phone or tablet at any time to suit themselves. The key advantage for Panels Direct in choosing Business Micros to deliver the portals is that they are fully integrated into the EvoNet software so that as soon as an order is placed, it is automatically scheduled into production and an acknowledgement is automatically generated. The team at Panels Direct can see the order coming in via EvoNet and can track it as it moves through the factory and out to despatch. Steve Miller, Panels Direct’s Sales Manager said: “We are transforming the business as we look to expand and raise our profile not just in Yorkshire but across the UK. “Part of that is obviously about efficiency and moving to a paperless office and factory but, much more than that, it’s about responding faster to customer demand and giving them the very best service. “We still have a dedicated internal sales team to take orders on the phone but we think customers will much prefer to order online when it suits them and even to use the portal to demonstrate door designs and configurations to customers.” Business Micros has provided online ordering portals for many of the UK’s leading door fabricators and all are tailored to the specific requirements of each business with bespoke features and designs. To obtain log in details and start accessing the Panels Direct portals, contact Steve Miller on 01535 604040 or 07999 973514. Further details on the Business Micros software is available at:

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MERCURY TURNS UP THE HEAT ON BIFOLD SALES DISTINCTION GLASS INTRODUCES NEW RETAIL BROCHURE Leading specialist fabricator Mercury Glazing Supplies Ltd has just reported soaring sales on its Smart Visofold 1000 aluminium Bifold door. Chris Reeks, Mercury’s Sales and Marketing Director, commented: “Our aluminium Bifold sales are rocketing at the moment – in the last three months our output has more than doubled on the same period in 2015.” Bifolds are the doors of choice for style-conscious homeowners and Mercury’s door ticks all the boxes when it comes to both aesthetics and performance. The Smart’s Visofold 1000 aluminium Bifold

door offers elegant slim sightlines coupled with highly engineered hardware designed to ensure years of reliable service. It features a polyamide thermal break that enhances the thermal performance of the profile and improves the overall U-value. It has high quality EPDM gaskets and weather brushes to aid weather resistance. It complies with the requirements of Building Regulations Document L 2010 and a Document Q specification means it can be used in new builds too. Security comes in the form of multi-point lock mechanisms on main opening sashes and shoot-bolt locking on floating mullions.

It all adds up to a product that’s attracting a great deal of attention, something that’s clearly reflected in the sales figures. Chris said: “The feedback we are getting is that the quality, finish and performance on this door are exceptional. In fact, one customer even said that it was the best bifold he’d ever had, which we were obviously delighted to hear.” Mercury’s service enhances the Bifold’s already impressive credentials. The company offers a ten working day turnaround on stock colours, which are White, Anthracite Grey and Anthracite Grey on White. It also supplies high quality marketing literature to help its customers in their sales processes. Mercury’s name has been built on offering the specialist products and customerfocused service that add value to installers’ portfolios. And as the sales figures on the bifold door show, more and more businesses are discovering that the reputation is well-deserved. Tel: 01452 383344 READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0050

IMAGO MAKES THE ‘BIG DECISION’ EASY FOR TIMBER DOORS With today’s engineered woods, anything is possible. In Vancouver, construction has just finished on the world’s largest timber building – and architects believe that wood will become the key construction material of the 21st century. For homeowners, too, timber allows huge flexibility as anybody who has watched Grand Designs will know. Timber looks equally impressive for refurbishments, extensions or cutting-edge architecture. That’s why AGB Hardware has engineered its Imago Lift & Slide system to make the most of this versatility. “Timber lift and slide doors are the ideal way for homeowners to fit wide-span glazed doors to their home,” says Marco Zen, UK and Ireland Sales Manager for AGB Hardware.

“We developed Imago to meet modern demands for homes that are filled with light and offer impressive panoramic views into the garden. With advances in engineered timber such as Accoya, there are even more opportunities for architects, joinery manufacturers and fabricators to make the decision to think big with their designs.” The cleverly engineered Imago hardware enables the creation of timber frames as slender as just 2cm, for large glazing areas that frame the view. This is combined with a light-touch, sliding door mechanism for fluid, silent opening and closing. AGB manufactures Imago is proving a popular choice with architects, thanks to the ability to extend the glazed area of the door. The architects behind CentroSoranzo, a social health facility near Venice, chose Imago because it meant they could fit even more glass into the area, so that guests to the centre can feel the benefits of being at one with nature even when they’re inside. In the UK, Imago Lift & Slide doors can be ordered by the trade as a ready-made, installation product. Marco confirms: “Several Imago Points, our network of joinery manufacturers, are making Imago doors to supply direct, helping ambitious installers to grasp the opportunities of timber doors.” READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0051


Distinction Doors launched the new Distinction Glass brand in early October to place the spotlight on its market leading glass range. And to support the brand in the marketplace, the company has just released a superb retail brochure. Chantel Roach, Distinction’s Marketing Director, said: “Our customers tell us our glass is a market leading offering. The retail brochure gives them what they need to make the most of that offering and showcase the range direct to the consumer.” The 44 page retail brochure has a high quality feel, with stunning photography showing the Distinction Glass range to its best advantage. There are sections on all 12 of the glass design families in the range, including the unique contemporary glass options specifically designed to suit contemporary door styles along with the four designs that are suitable for Distinction’s 70mm composite doors.

Chantel said: “We know from our customers that the glass is just as important a decision for homeowners as the door design and colour. With the Distinction Glass retail brochure we are helping to make choosing a pleasure.” The Distinction Glass range has the bestsellers from Distinction Doors’ previous range as well as the classics of the future. The glazing units have everything you’d expect from the market leader. The designs offer a range of brass and zinc caming with various textured and coloured glass options. All units are triple glazed so they are easy to maintain and offer exceptional thermal efficiency. And all units feature 6.8mm laminated

glass as standard, meaning installers can upsell to the Secured by Design option on Distinction’s doors without needing to place an order for special glass on an extended lead time. The glazing cassette feature the same oak woodgrain effect as Distinction’s composite door and have slim sightlines to keep the focus on the glass. All in all it’s a market leading offering from the market leading company. The Distinction Glass retail brochure is in stock and available now. Tel: 01226 352265


DEKKO GROWS PREMIUM DOOR RANGE WITH DECEUNINCK’S SLIDER 24 Fast-growing fabricator Dekko Window Systems has expanded an already industryleading door offering with the addition of Deceuninck’s Slider 24. Designed as a best-in-class sliding door solution, the Slider 24 was the result of exhaustive research carried out by Deceuninck’s R & D division. They extensively tested leading sliding doors already on the market, examining them in detail, with the aim of producing a product that surpassed them in all areas. The resulting door delivers A+-rated energy efficiency, PAS24-accredited security, and market-leading weather resistance performance – Slider 24 achieves Class E8A water permeability with a rating of 450Pa, Class A3 wind resistance of 1200Pa and Class A4 air permeability with a rating of 600Pa. Kurt Greatrex, Sales Director for Dekko commented: “Over the past few years, we’ve invested extensively in expanding our premium door offering, to the extent that it’s

now one of the most impressive in the UK. First, we introduced our Räum collection of top-of-the-range doors – and now we’ve increased customer choice even further, with another great patio door that offers superb weather resistance, robust security, and comes in a stunning range of colours. There’s huge appetite out there for this kind of product, and we predict Slider 24 will go on to be one of the most popular products in its class.” Dekko’s much-celebrated Räum collection is comprised of a number of luxurious highend doors, including the Glieten range of aluminium bifold doors and the Terassi range of patio doors. The Glieten 77 is the most premium bifold door in the Räum range, boasting PAS24 Secured By Design accreditation, along with air, wind and water resistance up to 600Pa, balancing performance with a sleek, stylish premium design. Dekko Window Systems was founded in 2008 by Gary Torr and Kurt Greatrex and has firmly established itself as one of the UK’s leading Residence 9 and Deceuninck fabricators. Operating from its 50,000 square foot facility in Ashton-under-Lyne, Dekko was recently named one of the 1,000 Businesses to Inspire Britain by the London Stock Exchange. For more information contact Dekko on 01614060055 or visit READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0053

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DISTINCTION GLASS RANGE FEATURES EXCLUSIVE CONTEMPORARY DESIGNS One of the highlights of the Distinction Glass range, launched by Distinction Doors in October this year, is the contemporary glass designs that have been specially designed to suit contemporary door styles. Chantel Roach, Distinction’s Marketing Director, comments: “Until now, glazing options that complemented contemporary door styles have been limited. We’ve changed all that with the introduction of our contemporary glass range which is really setting the bar in glass design.” The Distinction Glass contemporary glass range comprises 12 unique designs: Breeze, Glacier, Bloom, Odessa, Canvas, Radiant, Cubic, Echo, Eclipse, Tidal, Matrix and Nevis. Each design has the sleek, striking, modern looks that are needed to truly enhance a contemporary door style. Chantel says: “We know from our customers that homeowners are more discerning than ever. We are confident our contemporary glass range will have something for even the most designconscious consumer.” The contemporary glass designs are part of the Distinction Glass range. The range, which has been branded to place the spotlight on Distinction Doors’ market leading offering, | December 2016

"We are confident our contemporary glass range will have something for even the most design-conscious consumer.” has 12 glass design families. All glazing units are triple glazed, making them easy to maintain as well as improving thermal efficiency. Additionally, all feature 6.8mm laminated glass as standard, allowing fabricators and installers to upsell to the Secured by Design option on Distinction’s doors without needing to place an order for special glass on an extended lead time. Chantel concludes: “We know from our customers that door glass is just as an important decision for homeowners as the door design and colour. The Distinction Glass range features bestsellers from our previous range as well as the classics of the future. And in the contemporary glass range, we’ve created something genuinely new that fabricators and installers can use as a point of difference.” So if you want to stand out from the crowd when it comes to contemporary composite doors, give the number one composite door company a call. Tel: 01226 352265 READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0054



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DEMPSEY DYER STRENGTHEN DOOR OFFERING WITH DECEUNINCK’S SLIDER 24 Dempsey Dyer, the long-established fabricator with a reputation for excellence in uPVC and timber, has expanded its already industry-leading Deceuninck offering with the addition of the company’s Slider 24 door. Designed as a best-in-class sliding door solution, the Slider 24 came after Deceuninck extensively tested a number of existing products on the market, then sought out to better them. As a result, it’s a door that excels on all levels – delivering A+-rated energy efficiency, PAS24-accredited security, and huge aesthetic choice, available in 26 colourways. What’s more, the door offers market-leading weather resistance performance – achieving Class E8A water permeability with a rating of 450Pa, Class A3 wind resistance of 1200Pa and Class A4 air permeability with a rating of 600Pa. “We’ve been working with Deceuninck for more than 30 years,” commented Dempsey Dyer MD Peter Dyer, “and by now we know to expect something special when they bring out a new product. With the Slider 24 they’ve shown their typical dedication to product development – producing an all-round exceptional door that’s easy to install, looks fantastic, and boasts market-leading weather resistance.”


The fabricator has also recently begun offering Deceuninck’s Heritage flush sash - a vintagelook uPVC sash window that balances A+-rated thermal efficiency with PAS24compliant security, exceptional weather performance and convincing traditional aesthetics. Launched at this year’s FIT Show, the flush sash comes with the option for fully welded or mechanical joints, and, uniquely for a sash window, night vent functionality. Founded in 1977, Dempsey Dyer has expanded to become one of Yorkshire’s foremost provider of timber and uPVC doors and windows. The company’s relationship with Deceuninck stretches back over 30 years, with the two firms collaborating to produce Dempsey Dyer’s signature Beaumont window range, mechanically-jointed uPVC frames with an authentic woodgrain appearance. For more information call 01977 649641 or visit READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0056



Now nine years old, CoolSkin® technology has quite simply revolutionised both the panel door and timber-based composite door sectors, offering incredible levels of surface performance, whatever the weather. Leading composite door pioneers such as Endurance® Doors and Solidor, specify CoolSkin® for the vast majority of their respective door colours and woodgrains, with the reassurance of a 10-year warranty and considerable testing across the climatic extremes of Europe. The product harnesses a specialist VEKA substrate, along with a premium Cool Colors laminate foil from Hornschuch, one of Europe’s leading players in the sector. With exclusive trading relationships with both companies, the secret CoolSkin® recipe cannot be replicated by any other


company in the sector, helping to preserve the technical foundations of the CoolSkin® development. There are now eight different woodgrain finishes, along with nine solid colours and sheets can be mixed on rainbow pallets for ease of ordering. All of the laminate foils are a perfect replication of the foils used on PVCu window profiles, making for a far better finish, rather than having to rely on a poorly matching stained or embossed GRP skin. Mark Lofthouse, managing director of 3D Laminates commented: ‘Nine years ago we promised to revolutionise the panel door and solid core composite door sector with a far superior door skin. Today I believe we have achieved that and the relatively recent introduction of a VEKA

Entrance continues to support its fabricator partners by giving them the option to manufacture Approved Document Q compliant composite doors. Entrance is the totally-tailored composite door solution for fabricators wanting to make their own composite doors without the hassle and hidden costs. Entrance Managing Director Gregory Kelly says: “We want our fabricator partners to grow their composite door business and to do that they need to comply with all the latest standards. Our doors have been tested extensively at a UKAs accredited test lab, and have been awarded certification that make them Q compliant. That means they can be installed in new build and extensions where it is required. Many social housing providers expect Q too. Now fabricators using Entrance to make their own composite doors meet the standard at no extra cost.” Fabricators who want to make their own range of composite doors can buy everything they need in one package from Entrance. All they need to do is make the frame and assemble their Entrance composite door.

He continues: ‘Whether you are a manufacturer or installation company, make sure you ask for a PVCu door with CoolSkin technology, it’s the mark of a high quality PVCu door that’s designed to last.’ For further information on CoolSkin and 3D Laminates call 0113 273 6281, e-mail and ask for your free sample swatch or visit their website at READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0057

Fabricators who want their own range of designs and colours without the hassle and hidden costs out of their composite door manufacturing should call Entrance now on 028 3832 3693, visit or follow @EntranceCDS on Twitter. READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0058

ENDURANCE PLUS BROCHURE TO INSPIRE CONSUMERS Hot on the back of the successful launch of the premium Endurance® PLUS range, the company has just produced a consumer facing brochure, to highlight the number of key features that help make this the thickest, strongest and most secure composite door offering in the sector.

substrate will improve the performance characteristics of CoolSkin® further.

“Making composite doors is easy with Entrance,” adds Gregory. “Fabricators choose from our huge range of door styles, colours and hardware to create their own range and the marketing and POS to go with it. Then they order their combination online. We deliver all the components they need to make their composite door in a single package. It couldn’t be simpler. No sourcing or purchasing hassles. No worries about unbalanced stocks, or running out of stock. Exactly what you need arrives exactly when you need it. Our customers love the process because it simplifies their business, and they keep control of the process every step of the way.”

Boasting a 75mm 6-chambered Eurocell Modus outer frame with a triple seal, along with a 56mm solid timber composite slab that’s 27% thicker than some other composite doors, Endurance® PLUS has been designed as a top end composite door offering. By harnessing the BBA certified Kerto LVL timber core, with 20 individual laminations, this premium composite door will not bow, warp or crack and is offered with a comprehensive 10-year warranty and a life expectancy in excess of 20 years. The newly launched brochure for Endurance® PLUS highlights the distinct product features, including a number of security enhancements offered as standard, including a new 5-point multi locking system from ERA, four SFS Dynamic 2D hinges for lasting performance, along with triple glazed units. The proven Avocet ATK 3 Star Diamond cylinder, which comes with a unique ATK £1,000 security guarantee is also part of a premium product

offering that incorporates Secured by Design status on each door. Stephen Nadin, managing director of Endurance® Doors commented: ‘Endurance® PLUS is a premium composite door offering based on a solid timber core and importantly the only one that is BBA certified. The brochure highlights some of the key premium features that are offered as standard, as we actively look to promote the thickest, strongest and most secure composite door offering in the sector. He continues: ‘With a record breaking number of trade enquiries, we’ve quickly become the fastest growing company in the sector, thanks to a product that’s packed with features, our exemplary customer support and a marketing programme designed to deliver sales leads. For a FREE copy of the brochure or further information on the Endurance® PLUS range for complete door sets or for slab only manufacturing, please visit www., e-mail sales@ or call the sales office on 01652 462042. You can also follow them on Twitter @EnduranceDoors. READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0059

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True Innovation – Warm Aluminium

WarmCore signals the rebirth of aluminium doors and windows. At the heart of WarmCore products is a thermal core which significantly out-performs other aluminium systems. WarmCore is truly innovative and has raised the bar so high that it will set standards for many years to come. Available in any combination of 4 colours, white, grey, black and cream from stock, dual colours are not an issue with WarmCore and readily available on sensible, standard lead-times from BISON Aluminium.


Visit our website: Tel: 0800 321 7284 | Fax: 01226 707 947 Email: | December 2016



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Under their Aperture Solutions division, ODL Europe are now providing installers and fabricators a high quality complete composite door with direct deliveries from their factory in Liverpool. The door slabs, supplied exclusively by Capstone Engineering Ltd, are compatible with their market leading TriSys glazing cassette system and fully conform to fully conform to Pas24 - 2016 security testing standards. As Mark Towers, ODL’s Managing Director comments, “We have listened carefully to our customers over the years and realised that it was a logical step for us to offer a complete composite door solution in response to the demand that exists in the market. We are now in a great position to be able to supply doors immediately from our stock in Liverpool and ship orders nationally and internationally.” The move into providing complete doors was recently launched by the company on the 14th of November and they are now fulfilling orders for a range of clients with early feedback very positive about the venture. As well as providing composite doors, ODL Europe are very well known among installers and fabricators across the UK for their extensive components range which

includes everything from high quality glazing cassettes, spotlights, decorative glass, to contemporary enclosed blinds. The composite doors are built to equally rigorous quality standards including an impressive array of standard features, including excellent thermal performance via high density Polyurethane Core (PU). A Typical 6 panel solid slab as a Door-set would achieve 0.9W/m2K with a Typical ½ Glazed Door-set achieving 1.4W/m2K. Doors are fully trimmable (30mm top, 70mm bottom and 40mm on each side). Doors come in a wide range of standard colour options, giving installers and fabricators many modern or traditional creative options to offer their customers and as ever, the company are providing design and technical advice across the complete door range. Standard colours include red, white, blue, green, black, oak and rosewood as well as paint-ready Tan doors. door slabs come

“Our investment in providing the complete composite door solution means we are now positioned to provide an excellent door product, backed up a very high level of service, and professional aftercare, at every stage of the buying process.”

finished in 2mm GRP Oak grained skins which complements a traditional Woodgrain appearance and are accurately pigmented to match the required finished skin colour. The doors further incorporate high specification Laminated Veneered Lumber (LVL) timber with a low moisture content for added strength and resistance to Twist, Bow and Warping. The company have a large stockholding of the doors to enable the rapid order and despatch to allow customers full confidence in fast and accurate turnaround on orders, whatever the specific configuration of the door. Doors are shipped directly from the Bootle manufacturing facility and it is anticipated that an increasing number will be shipped to international destinations as well as into the UK customer base.

across their cassettes, decorative glass, spotlights and enclosed blinds ranges. With their sites fixed on developing their share of the composite door business to installers and fabricators in the UK, and with a new interactive website for Aperture Solutions being rolled out in the coming weeks, it looks like the move into doors is opening up a new chapter of growth for the business. If you would like more information about ODL Europe call: 0151 933 0299 or visit:

Mark continues, “We know that to be an effective supplier of composite doors to businesses competing on tight margins, we have to provide both low cost, but a product that is exceptional in terms of its quality and performance. Our investment in providing the complete composite door solution means we are now positioned to provide an excellent door product, backed up a very high level of service, and professional aftercare, at every stage of the buying process.” ODL and Aperture Solutions will be exhibiting at the FIT Show in May 2017 and are looking forward to showing off their new doors, as well as the many creative options offered by the modular component options



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SECTOR GROWTH WELCOMED BY KAT CHOOSES EVONET SOFTWARE COMPOSITE DOOR EXPERTS VISTA FROM BUSINESS MICROS Fast-growing composite door specialists Vista have welcomed a new report revealing continued growth in the UK’s residential door market, and predicting continued expansion throughout 2016.

KAT has invested in Business Micros’ EvoNet business management software as it strengthens its back office systems to keep pace with surging demand. The Macclesfield, Cheshire based company chose the hugely popular EvoNet solution because it is capable of integrating both the aluminium and PVCu sides of KAT’s business, allowing it to offer a more streamlined service to customers.

The study, authored by long-standing construction industry analysts AMA Research, suggests that the total market for residential doors grew 7% in 2015, attributing the rise to an increase in house-building and growth in home improvement more generally. The report also cited the importance of the continued trend towards higher-end products, driven both by the popularity of stylish, bespoke doors and a raft of legislation requiring improved security, thermal performance and fire resistance. Keith Sadler, Vista Managing Director, commented: “This is obviously fantastic news – and clearly borne out by our own experiences on the ground. We’re seen phenomenal growth over the past few years at Vista, driven by surging demand for robust, high-quality composite doors with an extensive range of aesthetic options. In 2015 alone, we saw a 30% rise in coloured composite door sales, and an 11% rise in contemporary style composite door sales. We’ve also benefitted from significantly increased demand for fire doors, seeing a 50% rise in fire door sales the same year.” “Everything we’ve seen suggests that this trend is set to continue – and at Vista, we’ve put extensive effort and resources into expanding capacity to accommodate that. Just this year, we’ve purchased our second edgebander machine, and invested £100k in a new CNC router that’s allowed to up production from 700 to 1,000 doors on a single shift.”

Keith Sadler, Vista Managing Director

Founded in 1995, Vista has grown every year it’s been in business, steadily expanding to become one of the country’s leading manufacturers of composite and uPVC doors. Its signature XtremeDoor, built using the industry-leading Nan Ya slab, a triple-sealed outer frame and a five-point lock, is widely acknowledged as one of the best composite doors currently available, extensively used in both the private and social housing sectors. Boasting unparalleled thermal performance, weather resistance and general robustness, the XtremeDoor withstood both hurricane-force winds and the Greater Manchester police during durability tests. For more information call 01516081423 or visit READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0063




Every order is tracked from receipt to despatch in what are now both paperless factories and automatic ordering of glass and auto batching of frames is optimising productivity. KAT already offers a ten day lead time on all of its aluminium doors and windows and has a reputation for efficiency and reliability. Now though, even further efficiencies are being achieved across its factories in Macclesfield and Newhaven and many of these are being passed on to customers. There is now, for instance, consistency across the entire ordering process in both aluminium and PVCu and there have been significant improvements in reporting and communication. As the work with Business Micros continues, KAT plans to add further EvoNet modules to its operation so that it can offer customers online quotations and ordering, and real time delivery tracking. Such is the efficiency improvement that KAT achieved 98%+ On Time Delivery in August and September. KAT offers its customers a choice of seven colour ways in aluminium, including duals, delivered in just two weeks for all product categories. To satisfy demand, KAT has almost become a mini systems company in terms of stock holding and stock management; and the integrated stock management module has been instrumental in this. In fact, KAT’s lead time to its customers is actually significantly shorter than that of many of the input components.

Innovative fabricator Whiteline’s latest product launch offers great business growth potential for PVCu installers. New Alumina from Liniar is a unique aluminium bifolding door system, in fact the first true aluminium bi-folds specifically designed to match fully Sculptured PVCu window and door profiles, foils and finishes. So, for the first time installers can supply a complete and consistent suite of products to enhance any home or building and all covered by a single 10 Year guarantee. Alumina’s aluminium construction delivers stronger, taller and wider bi-folds, with door sizes up to 1200mm wide and 2500mm high, ideal for larger applications where PVCu options just don’t go. Super energy efficiency, with U values as low as 1.2 W/ m²K, and maximum security options (PAS 024, Document Q and Secured By Design) meeting the demands of the most discerning homeowner. Woodgrain foils or colour matching, a host of clever features and effortless operation are the final touches to seal the deal.

Previously, KAT used separate software for its aluminium and PVCu divisions and relied on manual order processing, leading inevitably to duplications and carrying potential for human error. Now though, following the introduction of EvoNet with barcode scanning, KAT has not only automated its order processing and its invoicing, but has also achieved better stock control, production and delivery planning in both of its Macclesfield factories.

As ever, PVCu and Aluminium fabricator Whiteline is already in production and first to market yet again with Alumina, further improving their product range to customers and opening up even more selling opportunities. Tel: 01323 723724 / READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0064

The next benefit that KAT will deliver to its customers is the further reduction in its delivery time. From January 2017, KAT will offer aluminium glazing products on a seven working day lead time. This is made possible via working with Business Micros and its production planning module, coupled with a newly formed two shift system. Kat’s aluminium factory now works 16 hours, five days a week. Business Micros started working with KAT at the start of the year and a small, dedicated support team has worked on the project throughout. This has been particularly helpful in terms of providing consistent customer service and in building a strong partnership between the two businesses. Although EvoNet is available off the shelf, Business Micros typically tailors a bespoke version for every customer to reflect their priorities, timescale and of course budget; and, at KAT, this has been focused around achieving a seamless integration between the two Macclesfield factories. Paul Balfe, Technical Director at KAT said: “For the first time, we have the same system working across both our factories and across both our materials and that gives us a really solid platform from which to manage our future plans and expansion. Using the reporting function, we can now get an instant overview of how we are performing in both aluminium and PVCu, identify both problems and opportunities, and make better informed decisions both day to day and longer term. “Having seen growth in sales of our aluminium windows and doors of just over 60% this year and a doubling of our factory capacity, we now have the software infrastructure we need, not only to keep pace with that but also to ensure that we achieve the efficiencies which will enable us to continue expanding at a similar rate.” Business Micros has seen unprecedented demand for EvoNet this year from new and existing customers, with sales of the programme up 22% over 2015. Further details and demonstrations are available at: www. KAT has manufacturing facilities and showrooms in Macclesfield, Cheshire and Newhaven, Sussex. Further information is available at READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0065

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TIME FOR INSTALLERS TO EMBRACE THE TECH BOOM, SAY SOFTWARE SPECIALISTS WINDOWLINK In business, as in life more generally, the last decade has seen I.T. and technology shift from being a luxury to a necessity. Boosting productivity, securing sales, and helping firms present a slick, professional image, tech is more essential than ever – and yet it’s an area in which glass and glazing businesses have been slow on the uptake. Even in the last few years, the growth of technology has been stunning. Take personal computers as an example – in 2000, just 44% of households had one. By 2014, that figure had rocketed to 85%. Contactless payment is another innovation that’s appeared from nowhere and quickly revolutionised the way we live – more contactless transactions were made in the first half of 2016 than in the whole of 2015. Meanwhile, the internet’s staggering growth continues – it already connects more devices than there are people on earth, and is on course to be worth £2.5trn by 2020.

CONVENIENCE IS KING But it’s not just a case of there being more technology than ever – the tech boom has also drastically changed how we interact with it. Today, convenience is king. Where once technology often meant frowning at machines with complex manuals in one hand, screwdriver in the other, user-friendliness is now one of the overriding priorities of manufacturers, designers and developers. In 2016, you can benefit from tech with the tap of a card, the swipe of a smartphone or a few clicks of a mouse. In short, technology might be more important than ever, but it’s also easier to use than ever. And yet, in the glazing industry, it’s the thought that technology might be difficult and time-consuming to use that prevents thousands of businesses from taking advantage of its benefits. Tech is expensive and complicated to use, many installers think – better to rely on reliable old pen and paper methods and stick with what we know. In doing so, they’re missing out on something that has huge potential to make their lives easier and grow their businesses. In recent years, tech and software companies have paid close attention to the needs and priorities of fenestration firms, particularly installers, and invested extensively in designing effective, easy to use products designed to help them increase productivity and make more sales.

TAILORED, USER-FRIENDLY SOFTWARE HELPS INSTALLERS GROW Gloucester-based Windowlink, for example, have spent decades honing specialist software solutions aimed at making life easier and business more profitable for window, door and conservatory installers.

“We’ve specifically designed our marketleading applications to make it as easy as possible for sales teams to deliver professional sales presentations that can be adapted to any customer,” commented Mark Dudley, Windowlink MD. “Focus for windows and doors, and Vector for conservatories, allow installers to design products in life-like 3D graphics before a customer’s eyes.” “Really, what we offer is a versatile, engaging, and, above all, user-friendly twenty-first century alternative to the traditional sales brochure. We designed our applications to be about showing rather than telling. Vector and Focus take what would otherwise be a one-sided sales pitch and turn it into a collaboration between customer and installer. They immediately bring a sense of trust and transparency to the proceedings – the price of the proposed improvements is always visible, and both parties can work together to design a project that meets the homeowner’s budget.” “We’ve had some fantastic feedback from businesses who’ve used Windowlink software to boost sales and build their brand,” Mark concluded. “But we know there are still thousands of installers out there who have a huge amount to gain from intuitive, userfriendly products specifically tailored to their needs. It doesn’t matter if you’re sceptical about software, and have never used it before – if you would like to learn more about what Windowlink can do for you, we’d like to invite you to get in touch, or, even better, request a free software demo.” For more information visit or call 01452 348575.



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THIS MONTH: Kirsty Nettleship Marketing Manager, Bison Frames After spending the last 9 years working on different marketing projects Kirsty Nettleship is now the Marketing Manager for Bison Frames. She hopes to bring her marketing flair and creativity into the fabrications world.


Your greatest achievement… Probably getting onto the property ladder and owning my own home aged 22, especially in such difficult times. It was an opportunity not to be missed.

Where you were born and live, currently… Born and still living in Barnsley. I’m happy here and close to all of my friends and family. Taking this opportunity at Bison Frames means I can ditch the car and walk to work (in theory).

The mistake you’d like to correct… I see mistakes as an opportunity to figure out what went wrong and do better the next time around. Life’s too short to dwell.

Your education and the subject or activity in which you excelled…

The talent you would like to enhance…

As a child I could never decide what I wanted to be/do when I grew up. Even leaving school I was still unsure, luckily during my collage course I found that I really enjoyed the marketing element (which many of my peers hated). This has led me to where I am today.

It would have to be cooking, I’m a huge foodie and have a few specialist dishes I like to cook. The slow cooker is my best friend at the moment. Other than that, I eat food other people cook. (It’s ok though, I provide the wine).

Your favourite sports or interests…


Sport has always been something I prefer to watch, I’m rather clumsy so it’s better that

I don’t take part. I do, however get plenty of exercise walking my chocolate Labrador. (Actually, I think it’s her who walks me, she’s very strong and excitable).

Your biggest regret in life… I’ve always been a strong believer that it’s better to regret something that you did do, rather than something you didn’t.

Someone or something that inspires you… My mum inspires me, after losing my dad age 11, she took on the role of both parents. Looking after myself and my younger brother, the house and holding down a full time job. Proving that no matter what the world throws at you, you can get up dust yourself off and make the best of a bad situation.

The temptation you can’t resist… I’d have to say food in general, I’m always hungry, talking about or eating food. My friends say I eat out more that I eat at home (oops).

YOUR CAREER When and how you joined this industry… I started working at Bison recently and I can already tell you that it’s a great company to work for. Everyone is really friendly, great at what they do and super enthusiastic! (Good on the cake, sweet treats front too which is always a bonus). Working within marketing departments for the last 9 years I’ve worked for book publishers, car manufacturers and a discount food website. I’m looking forward to applying my marketing and digital marketing knowledge into the fabrications world and hope that I can bring fresh ideas with me!

What you would like to do if you weren’t in the industry… I’m quite new to this industry…. So hopefully it will capture my interest for many years to come.

A particular ambition… To travel the world, even if it’s one destination at a time. I love travelling and there’s so many places to visit and things to see. I’m currently planning a trip to the Grand Canyon next year!

The way you want to be remembered… As the person you can always turn to, I’m happy when the people around me are happy!

The job you do in 25 words… Marketing is exciting, forward thinking and creative, I basically find new ways to tell the world about what we do.

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The UK’s Leading Glass & Glazing Newspaper

MERCURY GLAZING’S FLUSHSASH NOW AVAILABLE IN 30 VEKA VARIATIONS SHADES Leading specialist fabricator Mercury Glazing has just announced that its VEKA Halo FlushSash window is now available in all 30 of VEKA Halo’s new Variations colours. Chris Reeks, Mercury’s Sales and Marketing Director said: “We are delighted to be able to offer all 30 of the new solid and woodgrain colours on our FlushSash window. Coloured foiled profiles account for 30% of VEKA’s total sales, which indicates the quality and choice the Variations range offers.” Chris says that coloured foils are a particularly popular option on its FlushSash window. “When homeowners choose a heritage window they want to complete the look with a heritage colour finish and the Variations range gives them exactly that. Agate Grey is proving one of the most popular shades – it’s a colour that sits somewhere between Chartwell Green and Anthracite Grey so it works on a multitude of projects. Chartwell Green and Anthracite Grey remain perennial favourites, as do white foil and cream.” Mercury can fabricate windows with different foil colours on either side of the profile. It means the colour range has incredible versatility – in fact, there are nearly 900 potential permutations to choose from. To complete the high

“Its energy-efficient, five chamber PVC-U frame, which can be double or triple glazed, offers impressive weatherproofing and draughtproofing as well as preventing condensation forming and significantly reducing outside noise.” 42

EXLABESA LAUNCHES STEEL REPLACEMENT WINDOW Doncaster-based aluminium systems house Exlabesa has just launched the KS59 Window Suite, which has been designed with the steel replacement market in mind. Derek Hodgson, Exlabesa’s General Manager, said: “The KS59 offers a technically advanced framing system with slim sightlines and is perfect for a wide variety of commercial applications.”

quality finish, the company offers a choice of three base colours – White, Brown or Caramel – to ensure an aesthetically pleasing finish. And for complete peace of mind, the colours are covered by a ten year weatherability and colour fastness guarantee.

As Derek says, the KS59 Window Suite is perfect for a wide variety applications and can be used in punched hole, composite and ribbon window refurbishment schemes as well as new build projects, which gives it great flexibility.

Mercury added the FlushSash window to its range last year and it has proved a winning addition. The window emulates the heritage looks of a nineteenth century window that sits flush within its frame and is virtually indistinguishable from the timber equivalent, making it a cost-effective solution to the problem of ageing timber windows in historic homes. Yet while its looks are reassuringly heritage, its construction is anything but. Its energy-efficient, five chamber PVC-U frame, which can be double or triple glazed, offers impressive weatherproofing and draughtproofing as well as preventing condensation forming and significantly reducing outside noise.

The system is fabricated using a mechanical corner cleat which means easy and fast production. To speed up production still further, it can be dry glazed using clip in beads, something that also means quicker glass replacement. The system uses 28mm glass as standard and is suitable for top and side hung applications. Easy clean and egress options are also available.

Mercury has built its reputation on providing the specialist value added products that enhance every portfolio. With the option of 30 VEKA Halo Variations colour foils to choose from on its FlushSash window, it’s enhancing that reputation still further. Tel: 01452 383344 READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0070

The KS59 has an impressive set of credentials to its name. It has polyamide thermally broken aluminium frames for improved thermal efficiency and offers excellent weather resistance because it is fully drained using

either a cill section or an innovative face drain cap that features an internal baffle that stops wind noise and minimises the build-up of water. Trickle ventilation to Building Regulations can also be integrated. The system is weather tested to BS 6375-1, security tested to PAS 24 and operation and strength tested to BS 6375-2. It’s an impressive system from an impressive company. Exlabesa is one of the country’s most experienced aluminium systems houses. It has two extruders, two ageing ovens, a vertical powder coating plant and is one of the few companies in the UK to have an in-house anodising plant. This means the company can guarantee the quality of all its items as well as offer excellent turnaround times. Mill finish items typically take four working days and paint finish items typically take seven working days and all orders are delivered using its own transport for further reliability. So if you would like to capitalise on the opportunities in the steel replacement window market – or simply want to supply a window with steel aesthetics – call Exlabesa today. You’ll be in good hands. Tel: 01302 762 500 READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0071

DEKKO’S INFINITY FRAMES HELP EMERALD WINDOWS GO FROM STRENGTH TO STRENGTH Swindon-based Emerald Windows has quickly established itself as one of the leading home improvement brands in the South of England – and now, the fast-growing firm has begun offering Dekko Window System’s ground-breaking Infinity range of seamlessly-welded uPVC. Unlike normal uPVC window and door frames that feature a 3.5mm corner groove, Infinity frames are manufactured using a state of the art graph welding machine to achieve a choice of superior finishes – a totally smooth, seamless corner join on all laminated profiles, and a thinner, more subtle 1.5mm line on all non-laminated ones. “With its sleek-looking smooth-cornered frames, Infinity provides us with a valuable USP that really helps us stand out in the increasingly crowded uPVC market,” commented Emerald managing director Martin Brett. The decision to adopt Infinity comes as Emerald cements its relationship with Dekko - most notably by beginning to offer Deceuninck uPVC products through the Ashton-Under-Lyne based fabricator. “Deceuninck always carry 26 colourways from stock, and this in turn means Dekko are able to offer us a very fast turnaround on coloured windows and doors,” Martin continued. “Demand for coloured frames is increasing all the time so the combination of a wide colour choice and fast turnaround is very appealing.” Dekko Sales Director Kurt Greatrex commented: “Emerald are a fantastic company to work with, and a natural fit for our business. We’re delighted they’re now offering Deceuninck and our exclusive range of Infinity windows and doors, and we’re looking forward to working with them more closely in the weeks and months ahead.” Established in 1998, Dekko Window Systems is one of the UK’s most respected fabricators of aluminium and high-end uPVC doors and windows. The firm was recently named as one of the 1000 Companies to Inspire Britain in the 2016 London Stock Exchange report, and operates from a state-of-the-art 55,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Ashton-Under Lyne. Emerald Windows offer windows, doors and conservatories from their Swindon headquarters, servicing Reading, Bath, Bristol, Marlborough, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire and other areas within an hour’s radius of Swindon. For more information on Dekko Window Systems call 01614 060 055 or visit For more information contact Emerald Windows call 01793 700 142 or visit READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0072

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Warmer by Design


more thermally efficient than the competition Our WarmCore Aluminium windows combine the desirability and durability of aluminium with unparalleled insulation due to their unique thermal core. WarmCore windows come with multi-point locking, internal beading and are backed by a 10 year product guarantee Available as casement or tilt and turn windows, and with a flush sash option that brings the outer frame perfectly level with the opening part of the window - WarmCore windows are the perfect warm, secure and beautiful addition to any installer’s portfolio.


Visit our website: Tel: 0800 321 7284 | Fax: 01226 707 947 Email: | December 2016



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PROVIDING PRODUCTS IN A CLASS OF THEIR OWN Once again, this Lincoln based fabricator has proven why they are the industry giants when it comes to creating and supplying outstanding products to their trade customers.

homeowners, who can see first-hand how the design would provide a classic yet modern touch to their homes.

Sternfenster has added a new StyleLine Flush Sash Window, which has already received industry recognition and has been nominated for numerous awards. This sleek new product is set to help trade customers capitalise within the ever popular and profitable timber alternative market.


So how has this northern-based fabricator achieved such a slick design? Sternfenster has ingeniously incorporated the Deceuninck Heritage Flush Sash profile system, which proved popular in the 2800 series. Adapting from this, they have used the pioneering, seamless Quad Welder from Graf Synergy, becoming the first UK fabricator to produce windows with a seamless finish of the sash and outer frame. This revolutionary welding process eliminates the grooving stage, resulting in no loss of PVC at the corner joint for an impeccable finish.

Quickly becoming a favourite amongst homeowners and planning officers alike, the StyleLine Flush Sash Window masters function and form by combining an authentic look with exceptional performance. Designed for quality, it incorporates a seamless corner weld with flush external contours to ensure it looks superb in any setting, transforming both country cottages and modern builds like no other. This has allowed trade customers to upsell this revolutionary product to

An additional feature of this exciting new product is that there is no need to compromise on sash window size. These windows can accommodate a wide range of apertures allowing trade customers to meet homeowner demands. This has made it even easier for installers to meet the demanding expectations of customers, meaning more business and potentially more reviews. Sternfenster has understood that the market is evolving and has used its knowledge to design

STUNNING PRODUCT This stunning new product not only provides a unique yet attractive design, it also offers the best deal currently available in the market, at a competitive price from Sternfenster.

a product that performs in a class above the rest, whilst being competitively priced. Not only has Sternfenster ensured that the StyleLine Flush Sash Window has been manufactured to a superior standard, it has cleverly ensured it is available in 25 stock colourways. Complete with matching ancillaries, trims and accessories, this once again means that homeowners are provided with an outstanding choice, sure to suit their tastes and desires. Installers can also benefit from shorter waiting times as Sternfenster has a highly efficient manufacturing process. This means quicker leads times, regardless

of colour. Furthermore, a fantastic range of beautiful authentic ‘wood-like’ finishes promises a long-lasting aesthetic with a 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee, creating the peace of mind and trust that so many homeowners need to make a purchase. Installers can also inform their customers that although the design is smooth, there has been absolutely no compromise on security. The StyleLine Flush Sash Window has a night vent locking position which gives secure ventilation as well as full hardware compatibility. This gives the StyleLine Flush Sash Window unrivalled security, something other PVC windows fail to achieve. Alongside the excellent support and exceptional products that installers enjoy when they work with Sternfenster, they are also given access to an abundance of great marketing material, making it even easier to demonstrate the unique selling points of the product in order to sell to potential customers. Sternfenster has also intelligently shortened the time-consuming process of locating this marketing material by creating a contemporary and easily accessed online media hub. Here, the exclusive marketing materials can be downloaded in one single, organised location. With A+ energy efficiency, PAS 24 security and an unrivalled standard of weather performance, this window truly is outstanding across the board. Sternfenster is also running an exclusive introductory offer, so there really is no better time to start selling the StyleLine Flush Sash Window. Offer your customers the best in class. Call Sternfenster today on 01522 512 525 or visit our website for more information at READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0074


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Offer The Best In Class Competitive Trade Prices The UK’s First Seamless Welded Joint Meets A Classic Flush Sash Design

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TRUFRAME LAUNCHES A FRAME FINISH CHALLENGE! TruFrame has launched a frame finish challenge, to scour the nation for a better finished standard uPVC window frame, than those carefully produced using their unique 4-step hand finishing process, at their manufacturing facility in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire.

outside edges, ensuring uniformity of the corner grooves and the cleaning of all apertures for weld-build up, by 15 full-time, skilled craftspeople. Careful quality control procedures and a tight ISO9001:2008 certification also add value to this important finishing process.

Now approaching a regular 4,000 frame per week output, the company continues to employ a 4-step hand finishing process that has served them so well over many years. This process involves the checking and refinishing of the corner contours, levelling off the

While the company still harnesses the latest cutting and machining centres, they believe that it is in the very finer detail of frame finishing that makes all the difference, as managing director, David Firmager points out: ‘It would be easier from a production and quality

control point of view to eliminate this additional process. But I, along with our valued customer base, value the attention to detail, added quality and the fact that it’s part of our unique proposition at TruFrame. He continues: ‘Despite capital investment by many, I still know of poor frame finishing and quality in this industry. I fully stand by the quality of our products and would challenge any installation company to find a better finished frame!’ The company also boasts a dedicated software development team for developing customer software that ‘talks’ to the backend systems at the manufacturing end of TruFrame. Plus, as part of a TruFrame complete package, there’s a dedicated marketing team putting customer’s business plans in place, growing them and helping make them more profit. See the ‘Complete Package’ video on TruFrame’s YouTube channel to find out why so many companies are changing to TruFrame. For marketing information call 01664 410 140 or email the team directly on You can also add to their growing following on Twitter @TruFrame. READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0076




Christina Shaw

We realise the affect a surcharge will have on all businesses and we’ve taken time to construct and negotiate with suppliers a fair agreement that means we can minimise the % increase to be passed on to our customers.

• Apply to door blanks only


WHAT’S YOUR OPINION? Feel free to get in touch with your views on the industry, legislation, government, or even the newspaper.


Back in July, I wrote to you to set out DOORCO’s pricing strategy postBrexit. While others took immediate action to hike prices, we pledged to keep an eye on the currency markets to see how things played out. This is exactly what we have done and to date no DOORCO customer has had to absorb a price increase. We are committed to this positon but unfortunately, due to no immediate signs of recovery in GBP sterling against most other currencies, we have no option but to implement a price surcharge.

In contrast with other surcharges, one of which stood at 20% this week, DOORCO’s surcharge will:


See page 76 onwards...

Dear Editor,

• See customers having to absorb just 50% of the currency difference: as an example, at the time of writing, the currency difference between the pound and the Korean won is 17%. DOORCO will only apply 8.5% to customers. • Be reviewed quarterly

Contact Chris:

We hope this demonstrates DOORCO’s ongoing commitment to supplying customers a solution that works best for everyone, and is a stance that illustrates we are doing the best we can in what is a difficult situation.


Dan Sullivan, Managing Director, DOORCO

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The UK’s Leading Glass & Glazing Newspaper

Dear Editor, In a recent press release (Glass News weekly newsletter, 12th October) Liverpool fabricator Warwick North West says: “For years conservation areas were a ‘no-go area’ for PVC-U windows”. Indeed many that were installed on poor advice have had to be removed and the originals reinstated. That’s distressing for the homeowners and a bodyblow for the installer’s reputation as it’s often a big story in the local media. It’s bad for PVC too because it reinforces all the old prejudices. The facts are these. Planners use Article 4 Directions to determine whether they accept or reject proposed windows in conservation areas. This document, the planners’ bible, doesn’t specify material, it specifies dimensions. So the only reason PVC-U hasn’t been successful in conservation areas is because the windows don’t match the dimensions. Most PVC doesn’t look right for properties, because it isn’t. That’s why we designed R9 to match the most common dimensions used in Article 4. It looks exactly like timber windows because of its 100mm frame depth, its flush sash, its beautiful mechanical joints and its stunning traditional hardware. People are often astonished when they realise R9 isn’t timber. Conservation areas are a huge opportunity for installers. In fact, R9 fabricator Prescot Windows is having huge success with R9 in Liverpool’s 36 conservation areas. But you need more than a flush sash and mechanical joints to get windows approved for conservation areas. It’s all in the detail. One significant difference between R9 and other flush sashes, aside from these important details is the frame depth. Planners are looking to replicate what came out, not put a false face in. R9 is the real thing, that’s why planners themselves have been recommending it. Anyone who wants to know what’s required for conservation areas can look at Article 4 Directions for their local conservation areas. They’re accessible and the drawings have the necessary dimensions. Download our conservation brochure at for a full explanation. R9 is designed for conservation areas, and homeowners can see which installers in their area have completed installations in conservation areas and listed buildings using the postcode search on the R9 website ( So yes, conservation areas do offer big opportunities for installers – with the right window. That’s why our tagline for R9 is: Windows the way they’re meant to be! Sincerely

Dear Editor, I’ve embraced with great interest the latest summary findings of the Palmer Report, which shows that highend products and high value installations are the ‘only glimmer of growth’ in an otherwise flat market. Some installation companies may disagree, others will concur, but the general consensus is that the loftier elements of the industry are thriving. It’s great news for the industry and this includes the composite door sector, which has seen strong growth and investment for a number of years now. But a word of caution. The composite door market is quickly polarising between those cost effective and low price point GRP-based doors and the more feature rich, solid timber core based composite doors, such as our own Endurance® Doors product, which is enjoying incredible levels of growth. We’ve even launched a premium Endurance® PLUS range which harnesses a triple seal 75mm frame, boasts Secured by Design as standard and is we believe, the most secure and robust composite door in the sector. Innovation must continue to permeate through all four corners of our industry, as we look to satisfy the need for more high-end products, which is ultimately driven by consumer demand. It’s a welcome change in market dynamics and one in which could shape the future direction for many savvy installation companies, looking to adopt high value sales, with premium composite doors now high on the agenda. Yours sincerely Stephen Nadin, Managing Director, Endurance® Doors

Dear Editor, I have been in this industry long enough to remember the days when the boundaries within the supply chain were much more blurred than they are now. Lots of systems companies used to fabricate, it was routine for fabricators to install and some hardware companies even manufactured their own doors. As far as I was concerned though, that model had largely been discredited as the industry had given up the idea that it was good business to compete with your customers.

Dear Editor, The latest report from Palmer Market Research makes for compelling reading and highlights a clear trend towards higher end products, but also importantly for the patio door sector, an impressive reported growth of 6% in 2015. The market is also seeing an increase in product assessment, yet some companies are disappointingly taking a diluted approach with indicative desk-based testing, rather than one of a physical nature. A patio door offers a far greater passage of light than a typical French door combination and now the same level of security, through successful testing to PAS 24 and the achievement of the Secured by Design standard. In the past patio doors have been typically weak at the interlock and it’s at this important part of the door that Kömmerling has focused its research and development efforts. We’ve done much to develop what we believe was the industry’s first ever PAS 24 certified patio door that didn’t require unsightly plunge bolts, when our PremiLine PRO was launched back in August 2015. This was just before the impact of Document Q, which came into effect on the 1st October, 2015, raising security standards across the entire new build sector. Twelve months on and sales are strong, with the security benefits sold not only to security-conscious homeowners, but also into the important new build market. PremiLine PRO not only meets Document Q, but also the important criteria of Lifetime Homes and we’d like to see these collective standards adopted in all residential door applications. We’ve even recently gone on to physically test a 4-pane variant, which like the 2-pane variant flew through the testing with considerable ease. The patio door market is back into a period of growth and with a number of exciting foiled finishes and hardware options, the product development invested by companies is now returning in the form of strong sales. This eagerly demonstrates that even in relatively mature market segments, life cycles can be extended with clever product engineering and the latest PAS 24 PVCu patio doors certainly satisfy this premise. A word of caution though, I would suggest that both the trade and indeed consumers would like to see physical testing of all products as we have done at Kömmerling for a number of years. From a moral standpoint we couldn’t promote the security merits of our window and door systems without a physical test and we’re now offering a fully transferable, 10year £1,000 security guarantee with PremiLine PRO to back this up.

Instead, over the last ten years in particular, the industry has tended to reward those companies who are specialists at what they do – whether that is in system design, fabrication, hardware manufacture or installation. We’ve even seen a new type of specialist emerge – the third party distributor focused on trade supply.

But ultimately, wouldn’t the equivalent of Document Q and the Lifetime Homes standard in the private sector be a good thing for consumers and the industry as a whole, assuming we all physically test to PAS 24?

Until the last few months, I firmly believed that the Euroglaze approach of growing our business by actively helping our customers to grow theirs had become the accepted norm.

Kevin Warner, Head of Sales and Marketing, Kömmerling

Britain’s Brexit vote sent sterling into a spin. Since then its value has fallen by around 16% against the dollar. Some companies banged prices up immediately to gain extra margin. Brisant took on all supplier price rises in the first three months after the referendum, then absorbed half the increases – something we continue to do. We also promised that when the value of sterling rises or falls by a whole $0.05, our prices would change too by 2.5%.

However, in the trade fabrication sector, there is growing evidence of suppliers once again starting to encroach on their customers’ territory – whether that is setting up trade counters in competition with them or competing with them for installation contracts.

Dan Gill, Managing Director, Residence Collection

Dear Editor,

Now, with sterling over $1.25 our prices have come down immediately and automatically by 2.5% this Monday 14th November, as promised. Brisant customers can monitor sterling’s movements, and its impact on prices in real time atwww.brisant-secure. com/currency.php. It’s fair, transparent and there’s no hiding extra margin. Sincerely

Yours sincerely

As a specialist trade supplier, I can absolutely understand the frustration which is currently being felt. Trade customers surely want to feel that their supplier is standing shoulder to shoulder with them, not that it is jostling to get them out of the way. I would certainly be interested to hear from trade outlets and from installers who feel actively threatened by their supplier or who are struggling to overcome this new challenge. Martin Nettleton, Managing Director, Euroglaze

Nick Dutton, Joint CEO | December 2016



The UK’s Leading Glass & Glazing Newspaper

THIS MONTH: Mark Walker Marketing & Design Manager, Selecta Systems A long-time member of the Selecta ‘family’, man and boy, Mark has been with Selecta for over 23 years and is relishing and enjoying the most challenging and rewarding time of his career to date.

IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU Where you were born and live, currently… I was born in West Bromwich and have remained local and loyal to the surrounding area, living in Wednesbury for a large part of my life and never moving too far away from my roots. I’m still living in the ‘Black Country’ and often referred to as a Yam-Yam by my Brummie colleagues because of my accent!

Your education and the subject or activity in which you excelled… Being brought up on a council estate and having a standard education has never done me any harm. Gaining 9 GCSE’s, I excelled at Art & Design and was a path I wanted to follow at the time, although I’m finally fulfilling my personal ambitions but I’ve taken the slightly longer path! I’ve obtained NVQ’s in Customer Services and Management as well as being a qualified health and safety representative to NEBOSH level. I class myself as a good learner and can adapt to many situations and skills, which I have done so in so many circumstances my career.

Your favourite sports or interests… I’m a keen football fan. A season ticket holder at West Bromwich Albion for over 27 years, somebodies got to, and also still enjoy playing and coaching myself. I run, manage and coach a small U11’s football club, Wednesbury United F.C., which gives me an opportunity to pass on what I have learnt to the younger generation and give something back to the local community.

Your biggest regret in life… I must admit I don’t have many regrets in life as I wouldn’t be where I am now, enjoying what I do and have a lovely family. Things happen for a reason, good or bad. If it’s good, go with the flow, enjoy it and remain grounded. If it’s bad, dust yourself down and go again. You can’t change the past, but your actions can change the future.

Someone or something that inspires you… In business, there are lots of inspirational characters but I do like Richard Branson and how he became who he is today. This proves there are rewards for hard work, determination and passion. Outside of work, my family. These are the people that support, inspire and motivate me every day.

The temptation you can’t resist… I’ve got quite good willpower to be honest! Nothing springs to mind…

YOUR CAREER When and how you joined this industry… I came to Selecta for an interview in 1993 on my 18th birthday for what was a shortterm job! As they say the rest is history! I’ve worked my way through the business starting in the warehouse, moving to office based roles in sales, purchasing and trade counter. I used to pester an old manager for opportunities to move on until one day he gave in and I’ve never looked back since! I moved in to Quality and Health & Safety Management in 2000 and put processes and procedures in to the business whilst also auditing systems. This is where I gained valuable knowledge of Selecta. I set-up on my own in January 2007 as a Quality, H&S and Environmental

Consultant and retained Selecta as a client, owing to my experience of running the systems. I served four and a half years working for myself, of which I gained valuable experience working with a companies such as Cadbury’s, McCain, Severn Trent Water, Anglian Water and Balfour Beatty. Whilst working a day or two a week at Selecta, I was offered a full time role in the business in 2011, which I duly accepted, starting and leading a new Solar Division. It was during this time that I was more involved in the marketing and design, which I had had experience with previously, in a hands on role. My skills and keen eye for design were recognised and I was given the fantastic opportunity to become Marketing & Design Manager for Selecta in January 2014. It is a role I thoroughly enjoy and can be so rewarding.

The job you do in 25 words… Design and create all the marketing literature and materials. Write all press releases and editorials. Design, create and manage all the marketing campaigns.

Your greatest achievement… My son. Anybody, whom has children can relate to the fact that bringing a life in to the world and having a positive impact on their up-bringing and seeing them grow up in to a fine human being gives you a great sense of achievement and pride. In business, I think setting up on my own in 2007 which helped me to broaden my knowledge, thus giving me the experience and confidence to forge a career. I learnt a lot during those four and a half years that put me in a better position as an individual. I hope that some of my greatest achievements are still to come!

The mistake you’d like to correct… I’ve made mistakes and I’m the first to put my hands up! I’m an upfront and honest person and you shouldn’t and can’t proof read your own work – because you’re so transfixed and involved in it! The main thing for me is that you learn from your mistakes and that’s what makes you a better person.

The talent you would like to enhance… I wish I could have been a better footballer and played at a decent level – I’m too old for that now! I love music and don’t mind the odd bit of karaoke. I’d have loved to have been blessed with a better singing voice!

AND YOUR FUTURE What you would like to do if you weren’t in the industry… I like this industry and the people involved in it. It’s got a great feeling about it. After 23 years I couldn’t see myself in any other industry.

A particular ambition… To continue to develop as a person and within my role. I’m very passionate about what I do and strive to promote Selecta’s services and products as the best in the industry – one thing I firmly believe we already have!

The way you want to be remembered… As being passionate, striving for continuous improvement and always had the company’s best interests at heart. A real team player whom people enjoy working with.

If you would like to appear in ‘Face to Face’, or would like to nominate someone else to be featured, simply email 48

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Ground Breaking Warranty Scheme Eliminating remedials for hardware

Available to compliment a full range of Renolit colour foils as well as standard colours – in stock



Casement and EnergyPlus Casement Windows

Full suite of matching Liniar products, including Roofline Delivery on time, every time, using our own fleet of vehicles State of the art production facility – call us to book a tour


Outstanding marketing support

WINDOWS easy to fit at a price you will love Call 0800 014 2769 Email | December 2016



The UK’s Leading Glass & Glazing Newspaper



A beautiful and historic yet remote and weather-exposed building has been given a new lease of life thanks to Norscot, fabricators and installers of state-of-the-art PVC-U window systems from The VEKA UK Group.

1890s to house the vast art collection of a wealthy businessman. Later it became Ross Hostel, then Ross House, today acting as an occupied college and office building – part of the University of the Highlands and Islands' North Highland campus.

Abden House in Dornoch, on the east coast of the Scottish Highlands was built in the

“As is so often the case with old buildings, Ross House's existing timber-framed sash and casement windows were in a state of decay, and far past their best in terms of thermal insulation and weatherproofing”, explains Callum Grant, Commercial Director at Norscot. “We tendered for the job through Public Contracts Scotland and were pleased to win the contract on the strength of our ability to independently manage both fabrication and installation, and our offering of industryleading window systems from VEKA. “Working with educational institutions often holds strict time implications for contractors, dependent on term dates and the seasonality of the academic year. I'm pleased to report that we were able to deliver the entire 95 window project in the month from May to June, causing as little disruption to the college's staff, students and visitors as feasibly possible.” Norscot liaised closely with the college's Estates Manager and people who regularly use the building, to determine the details of the systems recommendation. “It was

important that the new windows were styled sympathetically to the heritage of Ross House, especially as certain historic internal features of the building were specified to be retained”, Callum continues. “Following a comprehensive on-site survey, 92 Tilt and Turn windows were fabricated using VEKA's M70 profile. The versatility of the system, both in terms of its non-intrusive styling and flexible methods of opening made it ideal for this job. The remaining three windows included two fixed casements and one circular 'bullseye' window, again using M70 profile, foiled white both inside and out.” Norscot is joint holder of installer support organisation, Network VEKA's Best in Scotland for Customer Satisfaction award. The company prided itself on attention to detail in the installation phase, as Callum describes: “To satisfy the college's specification to retain timber ingoes (the internal surrounds where walls are steppedin to meet a window frame), we pre-finished the required materials in white paint at our factory. This meant we could 'sign off ' full rooms each day, as opposed to installing the windows then waiting for a painter to complete the job. A first class fit and finish was ensured, while minimising inconvenience to building users.”

Anne Dods, Estates Manager for North Highland College commented: “We couldn't be happier with Norscot's work and the VEKA windows they have produced and installed. It's always a concern with period buildings such as Ross House that any kind of refurbishment will sap their history and character. That outlook, however, leaves you burdened with the upkeep of traditional fixtures and fittings, including windows that have long been surpassed in terms of energy ratings, acoustic insulation, security and weatherproofing. “This installation has given us the best of both worlds: a modern window system that offers unbelievable flexibility compared to the old timber-framed units, yet still complements this building of over 100 years. Being in a coastal spot, our staff and students are already feeling its benefits on cold, blustery days. We can't wait to feel the difference when the winter comes!” Tel: 01282 716611 - READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0079

‘REAL’ CHANCE FOR ALUMINIUM INSTALLERS TO SHINE IN NEW COMPETITION Customade is on the lookout for more impressive aluminium window, door and lantern installations that showcase great design, creativity and workmanship as its ‘REAL Aluminium Installation of the Month’ competition gathers pace. The Gloucestershire-based aluminium fabricator has already received a stream of entries from REAL Aluminium installers who are eager to be among the first round of winners in the competition. The REAL Installation of the Month competition was launched in October to reward Customade’s skilled network of REAL Aluminium installers and to help them to build a solid reputation as an experienced and award-winning aluminium installer. Customade, which has boosted its aluminium output by 63% in the last 15 months, is

inviting network members to submit worthy REAL Aluminium window, bi-folding door, sliding door, residential door, composite door and lantern roof installations into the competition for a chance to win fabulous prizes and gain valuable retail exposure. Claire Miller, Group Marketing Manager at Customade Group explains: “This has been terrific year for Customade and demand for our new range of REAL Aluminium products has exceeded all expectations. Our REAL Aluminium installers are creating a stunning array of installations throughout the UK and we’re excited to recognise and honour them in this new monthly contest. “As well as scooping a great monthly prize, our installers will also be treated to some fantastic marketing support from our team to help them promote their business and to really stand out as an approved and celebrated installer. I’m really looking forward to seeing even more fabulous aluminium installations being put forward in this competition and helping the winners to make some noise about their achievements within the retail market.” Every month, a lucky installer will win a £200 John Lewis voucher and a £50 Majestic Wine voucher, plus full use of the Installation of the Month logo to promote themselves as a top-ranking aluminium installer in their region. The winning installation will be showcased on the retail aluminium website – – to maximise the installer’s presence among homeowners and


drive traffic to their website. Winners will also earn themselves specialist trade and local press support and social media coverage via a homeowner targeted Facebook page. Entries can be submitted via Twitter to REAL_Aluminium using the hashtag #myREALity or on email to marketing@ REAL Aluminium was launched by Customade to shake up the supply of aluminium and make sourcing aluminium as easy as buying PVC-u. Customade’s purpose built 34,000 square foot factory exclusively manufactures the REAL range of aluminium windows, doors and lantern roofs and holds more than 100 miles of aluminium extrusions

in stock in four colours. In addition to making pricing, quoting and promoting aluminium easier than ever before, REAL Aluminium has slashed aluminium lead times to just two weeks. For further information, please contact Customade Group on 01453 826884 or visit


December 2016 |


Why do installers love Liniar? Isn’t it time you found out for yourself?

Great product range, backed up by fantasitc fabricators. Martin Dera, Homeworks Solutions Ltd

Good quality, consistent product and good support. Shaun Ridewood, Acura

Excellent product. Gary Copperthwaite, Mirfield Building Plastics

Good value, shortest lead time and a first class product all round. Adrian Bodman, JF Bodman Ltd

I like the frames and also the performance and accreditation. Anthony Shillingford, Vyou Ltd

Untitled-3 1 | December 2016

01332 883 900


21/11/2016 14:16



The UK’s Leading Glass & Glazing Newspaper

ATLAS INSTALLATION OF THE YEAR FINALÉ NEARS As the Atlas Installation of the Month competition draws towards the end of its second year, Atlas is urging any installers to send their December entries in before the closing date of 14 December. Installers are invited to enter their impressive Atlas orangery, lantern, conservatory, veranda, Lean-To, Flat Rooflight and Skyroom installations for their chance to scoop the very last winning place of this year.

With the onset of winter, rapid and effective onsite sealing of windows in temperatures as low as - 10°C is provided by advanced sealing foil technology from leading foam tape manufacturer, ISO-CHEMIE. Atlas Installation of the Year awards 2016

contemporary vision of the property and achieved the highest levels of energy efficiency for the spacious new extension.

The Atlas team

The competition has attracted more than 100 entries this year from Atlas installers but there is still time to enter an Atlas showstopper. Entries can be submitted via Twitter to @ Atlasroofjohn using the hashtag #AtlasShowOff or on email to marketing@atlasroofsolutions. The December winner will be announced in early January and will be entered into the Atlas Installation of the Year awards when the three finalists from 2016 will be chosen. This year, the Atlas Installation of the Year awards dinner will be held at the luxurious Vale Resort in the Vale of Glamorgan on Friday 20 January. Close to 200 people are expected to attend the event to honour the top Atlas Glazed Roof Solutions’ installers of 2016. Gareth Thomas, Sales and Marketing Director at Atlas Glazed Roof Solutions, said: “We’re in our second year of running this competition and it has been a huge success among Atlas installers. The standard of entries is absolutely fantastic and we’ve seen some truly imaginative installations. We’re excited to see who will win the last place of the year and we’re really looking forward to our awards night which, once again, promises to be a great occasion.” The latest round of winners has been announced by Atlas with Cardiff-based Secura Windows winning in September, double G16 Awards shortlister

Claire Long, Marketing Director at Sherborne said: “This is a breathtaking project and the client is so pleased with their newly transformed home. We just had to show off this very special orangery and it’s fantastic to win an award for it.” July’s winner was York-based Orangery Solutions for their impressive orangery installation on an exclusive new build property which featured a carefully proportioned grey on cream Atlas lantern with classic ball finials. The judges were impressed with how Orangery Solutions incorporated the Atlas lantern into a more traditionalstyle setting.

Orangery Solutions July winner

Sherborne winning in August and last year’s overall Atlas Installation of the Year winner Orangery Solutions winning in July. Secura Windows won in September with a striking 7 x 1.5 metre Atlas lantern, which brought a contemporary edge to a newly built orangery on a property near Cardiff. The judges were impressed with how the clean lines of the Atlas roof

Sherborne August winner (above and below)

Secura Windows September winner

complemented the property and brought space and light into the building. Nick Powell, Owner of Secura Windows, said: “This is the first time we’ve entered into the competition so we are absolutely delighted to win the award for this project. The lantern installation was very straightforward. It took just 48 hours to complete and it looks superb. The customer is delighted with their new orangery which has breathed new life into their property.” Farnborough-based Sherborne scooped the winning prize in August for a fabulous orangery installation on a recently overhauled ‘New England’ style home. The judges were wowed by the impressive design of the orangery, which incorporated a grey Atlas lantern, sleek bi-folding doors and a large glass balcony. The Atlas roof was chosen because it met the



Paul Nellis, Managing Director of Orangery Solutions said: “As winners of the Installation of the Year award last year, we’re very happy to be ranking in the awards once again. Atlas is always our preferred choice for lantern roofs and it’s great to see the roof working just as well on a property with a more traditional look. This was a very successful installation, which helped to sell the property and we have now built three of them on this premium development.” Winners of the Atlas Installation of the Month receive a £200 Screwfix voucher and a £50 Majestic Wine voucher, unmatched trade industry PR, plus entry into the award finals where one overall winner will be chosen as the coveted Atlas Installer of the Year at the gala event on 20 January. All entries receive an Atlas thermal mug when entering their completed installation pictures.

The flexible humidity variable sealing foil ISOCONNECT VARIO SD is now available in full surface self-adhesive variants, COMPLETE and COMPLETE DUO, providing high performance sealing of window and door frame connecting joints in cold conditions. This enables onsite installation work to continue even in poor weather or wintry environments, saving time and securing a high quality joint sealing solution, even if the foil remains exposed to the elements for up to six months due to construction work delays. ISO-CONNECT VARIO SD is part of a new generation of window sealing products that not only adapt to seasonal variations but also provide an excellent external weather seal that surpasses UK Building Regulations and airtightness in domestic and commercial buildings when used as an internal seal. The COMPLETE and COMPLETE DUO variants enable the sealing foil to be located in place and repositioned if necessary after initial application before the full strength of the adhesive develops and takes effect. Furthermore, the risk of leaks from poor or patchy adhesive application can be avoided while the foil can be plastered over immediately after installation, providing further time and cost saving benefits. The risk of soiling on windows, surrounding construction work and on the building itself due to residual adhesive is also significantly reduced. COMPLETE and COMPLETE DUO variants of ISO-CONNECT VARIO SD also comply with the specifications of the plastering guideline ‘Plastering window sealing foils’, which recommends a minimum bonding surface area of more than 75%. ISO-CHEMIE is one of Europe’s main producers of impregnated foam sealants, specialising in the manufacturer of foam products from polyethylene (EPE), polypropylene (EPP) and polyurethane (PUR) using the latest production techniques. The company’s UK technical and distribution operation is supported by a dedicated logistics service to ensure customer orders are completed as quickly and efficiently as possible (usually next-day delivery). More at

For further information, please contact Atlas on 02838 327741 or visit READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0082

ISO-CHEMIE’S ISO-CONNECT VARIO SD, available in full surface self-adhesive variants COMPLETE and COMPLETE DUO, can be installed onsite at - 10°C. READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0083

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The VEKA UK Group has announced the latest promotional item to be added to its Approved Installer Scheme’s online Marketing Hub; an A5 leaflet that can be completely customised.

The Marketing Hub’s professionally designed promotional materials have been among the Approved Installer Scheme’s most popular benefits since the initiative premiered at the 2014 FIT Show, with more than 650 installers and fabricators joining since its launch. Amy Grundy, National Sales Manager for the Approved Installer Scheme commented: “Installers love the Marketing Hub as it offers a means of presenting themselves in a truly professional style,

“All of the items on offer already have some fields that installers can populate with their own logos, contact details, and even elements of text. This leaflet however, represents the first time that businesses have ‘carte blanche’ – so promotions don’t have to be discount-led and images can be changed as desired."

with the kudos that the VEKA and Halo logos bring. The professional designs have been paid for, so the only costs are production and postage – a fraction of commissioning brochures, leaflets, display stands and vehicle graphics from scratch. “All of the items on offer already have some fields that installers can populate with their own logos, contact details, and even elements of text. This leaflet however, represents the first time that businesses have ‘carte blanche’ – so promotions don’t have to be discount-led and images can be changed as desired. “The request to offer a leaflet in this format came from an Approved Installer who is a regular user of the Marketing Hub. We love to hear installers’ ideas and feedback as it helps us to improve our service, and we were happy

to take this suggestion on board and implement it as soon as possible. It’s already seen a great uptake online." The Approved Installer Scheme is one of three industry-leading installer support programmes from The VEKA UK Group, alongside Competent Persons Scheme (CPS) Assure and Network VEKA; the pinnacle of the Group’s support offering. “We’re proud to be part of the most comprehensive installer support lineup in the industry,” Amy continues. “Our marketing provision is a great introduction to the support available from The VEKA UK Group and the Scheme is free to join; our only requirement is that installers can prove their membership of a CPS such as Assure, and that they use CE Marked VEKA or Halo products direct from

an Approved Fabricator or Supplier. The repeat business is beneficial for both parties and enduring relationships grow.” If you are interested in joining the

Approved Installer Scheme or simply want to find out more, call 01282 716611 or visit approvedinstaller. READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0084

Get the best business support in the glazing industry


Dealership Plus combines a comprehensive range of crucial services with Window Energy Ratings to save members time and money. Register your interest today and see how we can help you: IGU Manufacturers Benefits for you and your customers Cost savings on EN1279 Audits Issue your own WERs for customers

Cost effective and simplified WER creation Easier CE marking conformity Lead generation

To find out more call: 02476 995704 | December 2016



All your job admin in one place Reduces costs and saves time on: WER certification Competent Person registration Insurance Backed Guarantees

Or visit: 53


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THIS MONTH: Mark Neville Regional Sales Manager, Scotland & North England, Apeer Doors Mark’s original sales brief was very simple – to establish Apeer composite doors in Scotland. His gregarious and endearing personality has opened doors for Apeer throughout Scotland and his anecdotes both on and off the golf course will keep us amused for many years to come.


hoping they’ll take over the sporting mantle when I retire.

Where you were born and live, currently…

Your biggest regret in life…

I was born in Glasgow and moved to Dunblane when I was five. I had a fabulous upbringing there and have wonderful memories. I still play golf in Dunblane. I currently live in Cumbernauld, Dullator with my wife and two sons.

Your education and the subject or activity in which you excelled… I attended Dunblane Primary & High School. I enjoyed the social aspect of school but not the academic side. I liked to make people laugh and entertain them. I excelled at art and sports, mainly rugby, tennis, golf and running. I was especially fast when the bell went at the end of the day!

Your favourite sports or interests…

I don’t believe in regrets as I think the past has defined your present character. I would like to have had the opportunity to travel more when I was young.

Someone or something that inspires you… I know it’s a cliché but it’s my parents. I really admire how my dad overcame a challenging background to be a successful architect. I admire self-made successful business people who are true to their roots. And of course sports people like Jack Nicklaus and Sevy.

The temptation you can’t resist…

a change and I started with Vanplas 21 years ago. I moved to another company within this industry and I have been with Apeer Doors for 13 years.

The job you do in 25 words… I sell the Apeer and Lumi ranges throughout Scotland and North England. I meet existing customers and potential new clients to present and update information on our high end products.

Your greatest achievement… Becoming a father to my two amazing boys Aaron & Jude. And my hole in one last year and many golf trophies.

The mistake you’d like to correct…

That’s easy, crisps and more crisps, anything savoury.

I wish I had started a pension plan a lot earlier. And taken advice on changing my golf swing.


The talent you would like to enhance…

Definitely golf which I play as much as possible. I’m still winning trophies but not as many. I was at the Ryder Cup and it was amazing.

When and how you joined this industry…

I also love watching my boys play football and spectate at their running and golf events. I’m

I was working as a financial adviser at Prudential when I was headhunted. I needed

AND YOUR FUTURE What you would like to do if you weren’t in the industry… That’s a difficult one, an astronaut or professional golfer, I’ll just settle for professional golfer.

A particular ambition… I’d love to travel more and to visit Australia and do a safari in Africa. I’d also like to go to the Ryder cup again and see the Masters.

The way you want to be remembered… I would like to be remembered as a loving, caring, hard working person who is easy to get on with and a good laugh.

I would love to reduce my golf handicap to single figures again.

If you would like to appear in ‘Face to Face’, or would like to nominate someone else to be featured, simply email 54

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Connaught have been fabricating the Ultraframe system for over 15 years. That’s why we’re:


We can offer technical support, training and a full marketing package to help increase and develop your sales and more importantly increase your profits.

Nobody knows the Ultraframe system better than us and we can offer a full back-up service to help you: • Bespoke Software available to our trade customers • Structural report for every roof • 2 Hour quotation turnaround • Professional support and advice from our expertly trained fabricators • On site assistance • Free delivery to site • Training for your installers • 7 Day turnaround


New to our product range

Find out exactly how we can help. Call either Ritchie, David or Debbie on:


01709 710100 You’ll be amazed at how affordable the superior Ultraframe products are -

let us give you a quote today. LivinROOF


Probably the best prepped roof on the market - We do more so you do less!

Call 01709 710100

The Ultraframe Experts | December 2016

Fax: 01709 525262 Unit 3, Lloyd Street. Parkgate. Rotherham. S62 6JG




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FIT SHOW 2017:

GQA SUPPORTS FIT SHOW MASTER FITTER CHALLENGE FOR FOURTH YEAR RUNNING THE UK’S BIGGEST ALUMINIUM Now in its fourth year, the FIT Show’s Master Fitter Challenge will once again be overseen by the industry’s specialist qualifications body, GQA Qualifications Limited. The Master Fitter Challenge invites individuals and teams of installers to pit their skills against each other to become the winner of this prestigious award, introduced to highlight the skills and knowledge within the industry. Firstly, the installers must be MTC compliant by either holding a fenestration installation qualification or through CPS assessment. Installers can apply to enter by completing the application form accessed from either or www.

"Each candidate is assessed through different stages building up to the two-day finals before the winner is then announced." websites. Once the application is submitted, GQA assessors conduct a two-stage assessment; a telephone interview and a real-time site visit, before an independent panel confirms the finalists who will conduct a two-day live practical test assessment at the FIT Show next May. Sean Hayes, Technical Manager for GQA explains: “Each candidate is assessed through different stages building up to the two-day finals before the winner is then announced. The competition is based on skill, knowledge and professionalism, it’s not about how quickly the installer can complete the job. “Each day of the show, the installer will be tasked with a different element of installing products including a window, door, a roofing system and a bifolding door. GQA assessors will be on-hand to observe and score each fitter on their abilities, and how they utilising the products and tools they are given.” Sean adds.

Paul Godwin, managing director the FIT Show, comments: “The MFC is an important element to our event, not only from the installer’s perspective but by promoting best practice across our industry. The kudos gained from entering and winning the competition has in the past had massive benefits to the winners and the businesses they work for. “The FIT Show, GQA and the sponsors: FENSA, ALUK, Apeer, Glazpart/ Trufit and Atlas, who contribute towards making the MFC possible are fully committed to ensuring that installers get the best opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge base to enhance the industries profile. MFC is an ideal way of showing this.” Paul concludes. Entries for next year’s competition should ensure they fill in and complete their applications as soon as possible. Visit www. for more information or call GQA on 0114 272 0033. READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0087


Justin Ratcliffe of CAB: "For any company looking at expanding their interest in aluminium the FIT Show will have the widest range of products and services anywhere in the UK during 2017.”

With many of the UK’s major aluminium window and door systems manufacturers coupled with trade fabricators and supporting service companies, next year’s FIT Show will be the biggest gathering of aluminium suppliers ever assembled at a UK fenestration trade show. As the market surges towards aluminium window systems following the continuing popularity of bi folding and sliding doors amongst UK homeowners and residential specifiers, more than thirty companies are expected to feature aluminium framed products on their stands. However, the standout feature at the 2017 FIT Show is the large number of eminent window and door systems suppliers that are launching brand new products specially developed for the UK residential market, with an emphasis on home improvements. Such is the seriousness with which the aluminium industry is taking the UK home improvement


market that the aluminium industry’s representative body will have a substantial pavilion at the FIT Show to offer the fabricators, installers and specifiers attending the event advice on the extraordinary new wave of aluminium products being shown. Justin Ratcliffe, Chief Executive, Council for Aluminium in Building (CAB) said: “The surge in interest amongst homeowners in aluminium bi folding and sliding doors especially highlights just how much the aluminium fenestration sector has innovated through investment in customer research, R & D and product improvement in recent years. It is well known that homeowners like the almost limitless choice of colours, slim but inherently strong frames and the installed performance of windows and doors in aluminium. Our latest Q3 2016, State of Trade Survey clearly highlights sales growth in the year ahead’. “CAB is at the FIT Show together with many of its

members to present dozens of exciting new products, including brand new window systems, some seen for the first time anywhere, and we will have the CAB Technical Team on hand to answer any questions. For any company looking at expanding their interest in aluminium the FIT Show will have the widest range of products and services anywhere in the UK during 2017.” With almost six months to go companies representing all products groups and sectors are continuing to book stands at the FIT Show. Event Director Nickie West says that despite Brexit and the US election companies remain bullish and determined to present themselves: “The market appears to be bearing up with companies determined to complete their product development and launch cycles. Stand contracts are coming in at an impressive rate and we are heading for a full show,” said Nickie. READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0088

December 2016 |



FIT SHOW 2017 the BIGGEST event for the window, door and conservatory industry. Atlas, manufacturer of the highest quality unique roof solutions have signed up for the biggest FIT Show yet.

Don’t miss out on your chance to be part of something big.

N EC BI RMI NGHAM | 23 - 25 MAY 2 01 7


Get involved at

FITSHOW.CO.UK | December 2016


0845 0945 885 57



The UK’s Leading Glass & Glazing Newspaper


RELAX IN STYLE AT THE 2017 FIT SHOW Boasting five hotels within a 10 minute walk, as well as more then 18 cafes, restaurants and bars, over 50 retail outlets and even an IMAX cinema courtesy of the adjacent Resorts World entertainment complex, the venue for next year’s FIT Show is now not only more accessible for exhibitors and visitors, but it promises a lot more choice away from the exhibition halls as well. With the 2017 FIT Show just under seven months away, and with many exhibitors already planning on how best to impress the many thousands of visitors that are expected to flood through the doors at Birmingham’s NEC in May next year, the event’s organisers are heralding it as the biggest and busiest FIT yet. And while the new, more spacious home for FIT will undoubtedly allow the companies who have confirmed for the show to really go to town with the design of their stands, it also has a lot more options for those who want to relax and unwind over the course of the three day exhibition – including hundreds of first class rooms, a brace of luxury spas, gyms and even the UK’s largest casino – without having to stray too far from the hustle and bustle of the main event. FIT Show Event Director, Nickie West, said: “The main reason to relocate the FIT Show to Birmingham for 2017 was the fact that, with a 45% increase in visitors to Telford in 2016, it was clear that we needed room for the event to grow. “A lot of people will of course spend the majority of their time during FIT hard at

“Have you booked your FIT Show hotel yet? The NEC’s Resorts World entertainment complex is a stone’s throw away from a large selection of hotels.”

work in the exhibition centre itself, but with five hotels within walking distance, including the Hilton Metropole, Crowne Plaza and Genting, plus all the attractions at the nearby Resorts World, there’s so much variety in terms of accommodation for both exhibitors and visitors, the latter of which may very well want to spend more than one day discovering what the 2017 FIT Show has to offer.” To take advantage of specially discounted hotel rates for FIT Show exhibitors and visitors, contact Event Express on +44 (0)1905 732737 or send an email to reservations@ For more information on accommodation, please visit: www.

CONTRACTS, CONTRACTS & MORE CONTRACTS FOR FIT SHOW 2017 The FIT Show 2017 is now a little over seven months away. As excitement builds for the much talked about fabricator and installer trade show - one where the companies that produce and distribute the products, components and services gather to meet the people that sell, fabricate and install them the contracts continue to roll in. With 80% of the floor space booked at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) for next year’s show – that’s 47% more space than the total at FIT Show 2016 - things are heating up. It’s an exciting time for the fabricator and installer trade show with so many new exhibitors coming on board as well as many familiar faces returning to be a part of what Andy Jones, the Group Sales and Marketing Director for Synseal, called “the industry number one show.” Machinery company contracts seem to be dominating the FIT Show inbox the most at present with the likes of Tim-ing Centar, Bassra Machine Tools Ltd, Kaban, and WPR Taka all signing on the dotted line. But it’s also

Taking place 23-25th May 2017, to book a stand at FIT Show 2017 please contact Freya Humphries on: 07572 623457, or email: READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0090

been a busy couple of months for aluminium companies with names such as Alumil and Kawneer coming on board and adding their names to the list of aluminium companies who have already signed up for the show. Trade association the GGF Group and the UKAS accredited IFC Certification Ltd have both booked their spot for 2017, as has recruitment company Chase Taylor Recruitment and software company MBN International Systems Ltd. Other names to look out for who have all signed up include: SEA Group, MASCO UK Window Group, Lancashire Trade Frames, Lohmann Tapes, Architectural Vision Systems, DL Chemicals, Potterton Pacs Ltd, ODL Europe, Newton Steel Framing Ltd, and Brisant-Secure. “We’re absolutely delighted with the ongoing interest we’ve had,” said Freya Humphries, Area Sales Manager for The FIT Show. “Having already exceeded the amount of floor space available at the last show by almost 50%, and with the amount of contracts we’ve got currently coming in, it’s obvious how excited people are for 2017’s show at the NEC.” With an impressive 45% increase in visitors to this year’s FIT Show, with 8,500 window, door and conservatory fabricators, installers and other industry people making their way to Telford, the prospects are even greater for the NEC. Taking place 23-25 May 2017, to book a stand at FIT Show 2017 please contact Freya Humphries on 07572 623457, or email READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0091

TV PRESENTER NICK KNOWLES TO HOST FIT SHOW GALA DINNER Joining the ranks of previous FIT Show celebrity entertainers Ed Byrne and Nina Conti, one of the UK’s highest rated TV presenters, Nick Knowles, will be in charge of proceedings at 2017’s FIT Show Gala Dinner, set to be held in one of the halls at the NEC. Hosting more than 1000 guests, next year’s gala dinner invites attendees to the alleyways of deepest, darkest Paris to be a part of a Parisian Burlesque themed event. Just like with this year’s popular West End style gala dinner, guests will be wined and dined while stunning showgirls, Can Can dancers, mime artists, contortionists and living statues will perform to a backdrop of lavish drapes and intimate lighting. This all topped off with Nick Knowles as the evening’s compere. Best known for being the presenter of BBC1’s most watched and longest


running prime time factual television series DIY SOS, Knowles has many strings to his bow. Exclusively contracted to BBC1 as a presenter and writer for the last 10 years, he has also hosted prime time Saturday night quiz shows such as Break the Safe, Secret Fortune and Who Dares Wins. Not only that, he is also a successful screenplay writer having penned the Royal Television Society awarded Historionics. FIT Show Chairman, Matthew Glover said: “We look forward to having Nick be a part of our first show at the NEC. The FIT Show Gala Dinner has become a social highlight of the industry so who better to host it than one of the country’s favourite presenters? “The phone hasn’t stopped ringing with people wanting to purchase gala dinner tickets, and with the news that Nick is hosting, combined with the Master Fitter Challenge and FIT

Awards presentations, I have a feeling that while we’re still just under seven months until the show we’ll be sold out in the not too distant future.” Guests of the FIT Show Gala Dinner will enjoy a champagne reception, a delicious three-course meal with wine, and once the awards and presentation of £10,000 worth of Master Fitter Challenge prize money has ended guests can party into the early hours with some fun features and dancing. Full details of the FIT Show Gala Dinner may be obtained from Nickie West by calling 07818 218000 or via email on Taking place 23-25th May 2017, to book a stand at FIT Show 2017 please contact Freya Humphries on: 07572 623457, or email: READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0092

December 2016 |


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THE FIT SHOW GETS EVEN BIGGER WITH BIG TUESDAY! Continuously looking for ways in which to add more value to its already jam packed schedule, FIT Show 2017 will see the introduction of FIT Show BIG Tuesday. Giving visitors the opportunity to combine a visit to The FIT Show with their usual business day - which is really useful for those with busy schedules – FIT Show BIG Tuesday will take place on Tuesday 23rd May and will see show opening hours extended to 8pm. Offering a relaxed ‘after hours’ atmosphere – a time when some will argue the best deals are done – some exhibitors are already planning to include drinks and music on their stand in order to create a party atmosphere and take advantage of the extra hours. With the extended opening hours of FIT Show BIG Tuesday visitors will now have a greater opportunity to spend longer at the event without watching the clock. With as many as 300 exhibitors due to appear at The FIT Show 2017 over three halls of The NEC,

all visitors will undoubtedly need the extra hours to see everything. “With this year’s show set to be bigger than any we’ve done previously we wanted to make sure we accommodated everyone,” said Nickie West, Event Director for The FIT Show. “FIT Show’s BIG Tuesday gives exhibitors the opportunity to interact with its busy customers and do something fun for them.” With an impressive 45% increase in visitors to the last FIT Show, with 8,500 window, door and conservatory fabricators, installers and other industry people making their way to Telford earlier this year, the prospects are even greater for The NEC. Taking place 23-25th May 2017, to book a stand at FIT Show 2017 please contact Freya Humphries on 07572 623457, or email READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0093




A highlight of The FIT Show calendar, The Master Fitter Challenge is well known for incorporating the latest market trends, helping to raise installation standards across the board. As such, the inclusion of TruFit®, expanding foam edge installation tape from Edgetech UK is a perfect fit. TruFit® is part of the Glazpart Trade Counter product range and is being promoted by the distribution company as “filling the gap in the installer’s toolkit”. Master Fitter competitors will be told: ‘Don’t just fit it, TruFit it!’ and tasked with fitting a window more efficiently, quickly and cleanly with the pre-compressed foam installation tape. Dean Bradley, Sales & Marketing Manager at Glazpart said: “TruFit is a perfect fit for the Glazpart trade counter product range which has been developed to supply the installer with high quality products that save time and money by making window installation easier, faster whilst meeting the highest standards.” “These benefits and more will be demonstrated LIVE during The FIT Show 2017 as the Master Fitter Challenge competitors use the simple 5 step fitting process.”

Edgetech’s Technical Services Manager Karl Jones added: “TruFit was a huge hit at FIT Show 2016 and it has helped installers to raise their fitting standards to maintain the energy ratings of the windows they are fitting. “It fills the gap between the wall and the window frame to deliver a consistent air and weathertight seals that leaves a clean straight line for a distinctive finish.” Glazpart will be exhibiting TruFit on stand E50 at the Fit Show 2017 so installers can take a closer look at the neat modern finish and discuss time, cost and efficiency savings. For more information on TruFit, visit



ATTENTION INSTALLERS – WIN SHARE OF £10,000! Installers are already signing up to FENSA’s Master Fitter Challenge 2017 – the most prestigious skills competition in the glazing industry. So don’t miss out on your chance to win!

associated industry expert judges. The process includes a site visit for those reaching the second stage so entrants have to be at their best, in

For the fourth year FENSA is sponsoring the FIT Show’s Master Fitter Challenge – being held at the NEC, Birmingham in May 2017. 1st Prize is £5,000, 2nd Prize £,3000 and 3rd Prize £2,000. The finalists will be distilled from an entry list following a filtering process carried out by co-sponsor the Glass Qualifications Authority and | December 2016

real world conditions. The competition is free to enter and open to individuals or teams of two. Entrants must have a minimum two years of industry experience in the installation of domestic windows and doors. They must be MTC compliant through the FENSA MTC Card (or equivalent) or hold relevant qualifications. To enter (or for further information) go to http:// READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0094

The FIT Show is calling on all installers, manufacturers, system companies and suppliers to get involved in its new ‘Installation of the Year’ competition. Ahead of its 2017 show, which is set to take place 23-25th May at the NEC in Birmingham, the FIT Show has now officially opened entries for its inaugural ‘Installation of the Year’ competition. Whether it’s windows, doors, glass roofs, conservatories or orangeries, the much talked FIT Show wants to unearth the very best photography of product installations from across the sector. Launched via Twitter, the competition is now open to entries across the

commercial and domestic sectors. Each month, for the next six months, the FIT Show will be picking one ‘Installation of the Month’ winner who will be put forward for public vote to be crowned the overall ‘Installation of the Year’ winner. To enter, photographs can be submitted via Twitter using the competition hashtag #FITInstallation including a short description of the installation and the product(s) used. “We want to see and celebrate the very best that our sector has to offer,” said Matthew Glover, Chairman for the FIT Show. “So many installations take place in our industry that we thought

it would be a good idea to reward the best of the best” Each entry will be featured in the FIT Show ‘Installation of the Year’ gallery and every single entry will be collated and presented as part of a large wall mural installation at FIT Show 2017 where the overall ‘Installation of the Year’ winner will be announced at the gala dinner. So what do you win? Prizes for monthly winners include a FIT Show goodie bag and two tickets to the FIT Show gala dinner, and the overall winner will be awarded with the coveted ‘Installation of the Year’ title, trophy, and wall mural. READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0096




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REHAU AGILA DOOR ACHIEVES PAS24 APPROVAL The enhanced security version of REHAU’s new AGILA sliding door has achieved PAS24: 2016 accreditation, making it the ideal choice for installers in the new build sector looking for a stylish door to satisfy the requirements of Document Q. The AGILA sliding door is the first REHAU product in the UK to be supplied with bespoke REHAU branded hardware, giving customers the opportunity to offer a complete REHAU door

solution for the first time.

year guarantee.

There are two hardware options available within AGILA – ‘standard’ and ‘enhanced security’. The standard level option with 6 point locking meets the demands of the volume market, while the PAS24: 2016 ‘enhanced security’ option with 12 point locking and additional corner hooks can even achieve Secured by Design certification if required and offers end consumers the option of a 10

What makes REHAU’s enhanced security option really stand out is the fact that a single AGILA sliding door passed all three elements of the PAS24 test – mechanical loading, hard and soft body impact and manual intervention, rather than different doors being submitted for each element as is sometimes the case. Product Manager Clare Higgins explained the significance of this:

The AGILA door is being offered in white and a range of laminate options including Rosewood, Golden Oak, Smooth Slate grey, Anthracite grey and Black/ brown. Other woodgrain and solid colour laminate options are available to order.

But rather than accept corrosion as a fact of life, the Trojan Group’s Stainless Steel door hardware range offers a corrosion-free solution and comes with an impressive 25 year anti-corrosion and 10 year mechanical guarantee as standard.

Leading trade fabricators Climatec and Polyframe have just started manufacturing the AGILA sliding doors, and a number of other companies are lined up ready to join them, so installers will have a choice of suppliers across the UK.

Tony Chadwick, Trojan’s Group Managing Director says, “Failing hardware as a result of corrosion was becoming an increasing problem in the industry. Returning to replace hardware has a direct effect on an installer’s bottom line, so needs to be avoided wherever possible. Our Stainless Steel hardware solves the problem because of its corrosion-resistant properties. It seems that more and more of our customers are seeing the benefits of our Stainless Steel range for themselves as sales continue to increase rapidly and costly call outs are becoming a thing of the past.”

So if you want to reduce the headache of callouts due to failing hardware this winter, the Trojan Stainless Steel hardware range has the answer. Trojan Manufacturing Group Ltd is an ASSA ABLOY Group company. Tel: 01922 713 933 - READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0097


REHAU’s AGILA door made a big impact when it was previewed at the FIT Show and customers liked the contemporary aesthetics and the fact that it can be used to produce up to six pane configurations for the growing sliding door market. It has the benefit of large maximum sizes (up to 2.4m high and sash widths up to 2m) and, with a triple track option for openings of almost 6m, it allows a maximum amount of light into the room and ultimate panoramic views.

For many installers, the onset of winter means an increase in callouts as a result of failing hardware. Zinc and aluminiumbased hardware will start to fail sooner or later because the damp weather we experience in winter speeds up the corrosion process, resulting in disappointed customers, callouts and replacements that are costly to your bottom line.

Trojan’s Stainless Steel range includes door handles (available at three price points so there is a product for every budget), letterplates, door knockers, door numbers/ letters, escutcheons, T-bar pull handle variants and a central door knob. Products are available in Polished Gold (PVD), Brushed Gold (PVD), Polished Stainless, Brushed Stainless and White or Black powder coated over stainless, offering a perfectly suited solution.

“Achieving PAS24 accreditation with a single door really does show just how well the whole installation would actually perform under a sustained attack. Even more significantly maybe, we achieved it without the need for additional top or bottom dead bolts at the interlock, making our enhanced security option a really cost effective choice.”

Further details are available at READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0098

FIT AND FORGET INGENIOUS GUARANTEE FROM CARL F GROUPCO A ten year ‘Fit & Forget’ guarantee offered by Carl F Groupco for Ingenious’ Duplex and Professional multi-point door locks supports the distributor’s emphasis on service, reinforces the quality of the products and underlines the hardware supplier’s confidence in the range. As part of the guarantee for Ingenious’ lines, comprehensive support includes a dedicated on-the-road technician, in-house training for fabricators and fitters, if required, full guidance or management of testing

requirements and complete support through change over. Expanding on the company’s commitment to the guarantee, and its benefits to customers, John Mitchell, Technical Manager for Carl F Groupco said: “We go the extra mile to differentiate our service and offering a ten year guarantee for the Ingenious lines supports this philosophy. Customers have been particularly impressed by our capabilities which, in conjunction with Ingenious, provide full guidance and project management if security testing is

required. Barriers to adopting a new lock are often the corresponding paperwork and hurdles such as testing. By assisting in processes we are increasing the appeal of Ingenious’ locks.” Carl F Groupco is renowned in the hardware supplier sector for its service and this is reinforced by the ten year Ingenious Fit & Forget guarantee. The Duplex and Professional door locks provide a full range of options for PVC, timber and composite doors. Tel: 01733 393330

An impressive ten year Fit and Forget guarantee is provided by Carl F Groupco for Ingenious multi-point door locks. READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0099

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Each of the 2,500 Liniar profile windows that Garrard Windows fabricates every week is equipped with a Kenrick system. Garrard fits Kenrick’s Centurion four-point locking system as standard on the windows and also offers the Excalibur locking system with specially designed ‘Vevo’ branded bespoke shootbolts as a high security option. Kenrick brands the cover plate of the Centurion gearbox and Excalibur’s keeps with Garrard Windows’ ‘Vevo’ logo. Steve Leek, Garrard Windows’ Director, said: “Like any high-volume fabricator, we need to specify high quality components that don’t fail. We’re a longstanding customer

of Kenrick for the simple reason that its products consistently perform and don’t cause problems during service. Centurion and Excalibur are also competitively priced, which helps us to pass on cost savings to our customers. Both systems carry our Vevo logo, which helps to add weight to the quality of our brand. Equally important however is that Kenrick has maintained a reliable supply to us during our partnership and has the capacity to increase supply in line with our growth.” Garrard Windows is on course to achieve an output of 3,500 PVC-u frames a week. The firm is currently building a third 40,000 square foot factory near Aylesbury to fabricate aluminium frames. Its two existing factories will be dedicated to PVC-u manufacturing. PVC-u production is predicted to increase by 40% when the build is completed. Excalibur is a reliable multi-point locking system that benefits from a robust unhanded die-cast gearbox

and bi-directional die-cast claws. Secured by Design approved, it offers first rate security features, whilst being simple to install. Centurion is Secured by Design accredited and has been engineered to provide a reliable and adaptable locking system. It offers high levels of security and features steel shootbolts, an unhanded die-cast gearbox, adjustable mushroom cams and a night vent. Excalibur and Centurion are supported by a comprehensive suite of product literature which is tailored to the installer or end user. It also comes with its own security guarantee, which offers up to £500 towards the cost of replacing a damaged window or door and up to £600 towards the cost of replacing stolen property for a period of five years from the date of installation. Steve Williams, Kenrick’s Sales and Marketing Director, added: “In such a competitive market, we are delighted to celebrate a lengthy working relationship with Garrard Windows. Our Excalibur and Centurion systems have helped to deliver reliable security to many homes within Garrard’s heartland of the south of England and we are looking forward to building on this achievement and supporting Garrard as it grows.” Kenrick is a leading supplier of hardware solutions for PVCu, aluminium and timber window and door systems. The company has a proud heritage spanning more than 200 years, having been established by Archibald Kenrick who manufactured buckles and livery fittings. Kenrick’s range of top quality products includes the market leading Excalibur multi-point locking system, the fourpoint Centurion system and the Easifit and Espagnolette locking systems. Tel: 0121 553 2741

Kenrick has marked a decade of supplying hardware to Garrard Windows, one of the largest trade fabricators in the south. During the 10-year partnership, Kenrick has kept pace with growth at Garrard Windows and has supplied close to two million Kenrick locking systems.

I believe that quality is at the heart of Mila. Quality in our award-winning hardware, in our partnerships with governing bodies, in our relationships with suppliers, in our friendships with customers & in our market-leading services delivered company-wide by our knowledgeable team. Quality defines our values. It’s in our DNA. - Richard Gyde, Managing Director, Mila UK

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Leading hardware company Trojan Manufacturing Group has just added two new door knockers to its popular Stainless Steel range. The Slim Urn Door Knocker and the Contemporary Door Knocker increase the number of design choices on offer and help to bring Trojan quality to a wider audience. Tony Chadwick, Group Managing Director, said: “Our Stainless Steel range adds value to every fabricator and installer portfolio and these two new designs increase the value even further.” The two new door knockers offer a slimline contemporary design that will appeal to today’s discerning consumer. Both are face fixed, meaning there is no need to drill through the door, saving time in the installation process. Both suite with all the other products in the Stainless Steel range to provide a totally coordinated approach. Both are available in a full choice of finishes

“Our Stainless Steel range adds value to every fabricator and installer portfolio.”

including Polished/Brushed Gold (PVD), Polished/Brushed Stainless, White and Black. And, perhaps most importantly, like all the products in the Stainless Steel range, both new products come with a 25 year anticorrosion guarantee. Trojan’s Stainless Steel door hardware range has been one of the industry’s biggest success stories of recent years and the unprecedented sales growth has continued throughout 2016. The range solves the problem of failing zinc and aluminium-based hardware that leads to disappointed customers and callouts that are costly to a fabricator’s or installer’s bottom line. Tony says: “The Stainless Steel construction means no corrosion and it’s something our customers really value.” The range consists of door handles, letterplates, knockers, numerals, pull handles, central door knobs and escutcheons for a complete door hardware solution. Trojan is renowned for its quality and innovation. By extending its door knocker range it’s also demonstrating that it has its finger on the pulse when it comes to design trends too. Trojan Manufacturing Group Ltd is an ASSA ABLOY Group company. Tel: 01922 713 933 - READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0102



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TITON STRENGTHENS SECURITY WITH NEW OVERTURE FH FLAG HINGE Designed for PVCu doors, the hinge is available in standard and deep body versions, each with 3D adjustability. Capable of accommodating profiles with a step rebate of 14.5mm-26.5mm, each model is non-handed, as well as suitable for open-in or open-out doors. Designed and developed at Titon’s in-house AREA 24 hardware research & development facility, the new Overture FH supplements

the full range of door furniture available from the company, including Overture stainless steel handles and letter plates, as well as the Asterion 3-star cylinder and Maco range of door locks. Commenting on the new flag hinge, Tyson Anderson, Sales & Marketing Director at Titon, said: “The Overture FH is an excellent addition to our range of high security door hardware. It boasts a number of fabricator friendly design features, including fabricatorfriendly packaging and retained adjustment screws, allowing for quick in-factory and onsite work. There is also a fixing jig available to help speed up assembly on the production line.” The Overture FH provides excellent levels of security, is easy to use and built to withstand a heavy workload. Available in a wide range of standard finishes, the new flag hinge is also supplied with fixing screws, while there is a spares pack available in the event of pieces being mislaid on the shop floor or on site, all at a competitive price. The AREA 24 website can be viewed at, while more information about Titon and its range of products can be found at READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0103

THE WINDOW OUTLET INTRODUCES VENICE INSPIRED PURITY DOOR HANDLE BY REYNAERS Fast-moving Bristol fabricator The Window Outlet has expanded its industry-leading aluminium selection with the introduction of the new state-of-the-art Purity door handles from Reynaers. Conceived by Italian designer Leo De Carlo, Purity takes inspiration from his home city of Venice for its innovative and minimalist design. The hypoallergenic door handle is crafted from a recently developed, highly durable alloy called PURA, and coated using the BIOV (Bioecologic Ion Overlay) coating process. This means that it doesn’t use galvanic chrome like traditional coating methods, and therefore doesn’t create toxic waste, making Purity handles environmentally friendly to produce and 100% recyclable.

Clive Uppington, Window Outlet Sales Director, commented: “Aluminium has boomed in popularity thanks to its ability to balance sleek, elegant looks with worldclass performance – and as these stunning new handles from Reynaers prove, that’s not limited to just the core window and door products themselves. With Purity, we’re delighted to be able to offer a premium handle product suitable for use on the most high-end doors.” The Purity door handle can be found on Reynaers bi-folding doors and lift and slide patio doors, manufactured and supplied by The Window Outlet. They are available in a range of colours including Black, White, Gold and even Belgian Chocolate. The Window Outlet are famed for offering a 24-hour quote turnaround and quick lead times on all aluminium products. After only two years in business, the company is rapidly approaching the £2M turnover mark and has been awarded ‘Start-up of the Year’ at the prestigious Business Leader Awards 2016. The company supplies installers across the South West of England and beyond. For more information visit or call 0117 405 8488. READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0104 | December 2016

I believe that integrity & truth inspires long-lasting partnerships.

Titon has introduced the new Overture FH flag hinge to its range of high security hardware products, which meet the requirements of the PAS 24 security standard and complies with Part Q of the Building Regulations.


Partnerships with our customers are about more than just hardware. They’re about understanding each unique fabrication or factory set-up, tailored product & delivery solutions, achieving long-term business goals together, listening, caring & providing a service that goes beyond the sale. Integrity & truth defines our partnerships. It’s in our DNA. - Vicki Sanders, Head of Sales, Mila



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MARKET CONFIDENCE DESPITE BREXIT ‘FEARS’ Promac Group has said UK glass processors are confident about the future, with twothirds of those polled planning investment in machinery within the next two years. The survey of UK glass processors and IGU manufacturers at this year’s Glasstec, found that despite initial fears about Brexit, UK visitors to the international expo were continuing to invest in new equipment and machinery. According to the poll 49 per cent of respondents said that they expected to see ‘significant’ growth through to 2018. A further 14 per cent said that they expected to see ‘sustained’ if more modest growth, while 32 per cent, said that they were ‘unsure’. Five per cent suggested that the market would start to contract by 2018. Of the total of those polled 68 per cent of respondents said that they expected to make investment in new machinery within the next 12-months. Joe Hague, Managing Director, Promac Group, said that there appeared to be a high level of optimism among glass processors. He said: “Brexit was obviously the subject of significant discussion but the sense was that the industry in the UK would see continuing growth and that people were prepared to invest in it. “We would suggest that this is in part down to the availability of money and very low rates of interest on commercial loans but Sterling has also recovered some of its post-referendum losses and there’s a general recognition out there that this is a good time to invest.” Hague reported brisk business at the show with cutting-edge technologies from Promac’s glass processing supply partners on show, including Forel, Goldglass, Macotec, Mappi and SoftSolution. Products on show included Forel’s high-speed insulating glass production line. Capable of producing a residential IGU every 20 seconds, its features include coating removal (edge deletion), flexible spacer application, grid insertion/application, argon gas filling, and


secondary hot-melt sealing. Showcased for the first time at Glasstec, it also features a new gas filling analyser, which scans and assesses gas levels inside the IGU, ensuring their performance. Forel also showcased its Vertical Laminated Glass Cutting Line, which delivers a step change in factory layout design by processing cut to size laminate glass in the vertical axis reducing footprint whilst increasing output, plus its new Sorting System, which scans, collects, sorts and then racks cut glass, optimising production. Mappi, another leading flat glass machinery manufacturer from the Promac ‘stable’ profiled its latest ATS EcoConvection Series glass tempering technology. Float glass cutting line manufacturer Macotec, showcased its new Master Shape 3.7FR automatic glass cutting table, the Strato Active automatic laminated glass cutting table, plus its automatic cutting lines. Glass spraying technology specialist Goldglass showcased its highly efficient and easy to use MRC 2350 CL, which uses automatic shape detection to deliver high quality paint finishes to glass. Suitable for use with organic and ceramic paints, it can also be used to paint composite doors. For more information log on at email or call 01788 577 577. READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0106

Bohle has showcased the latest innovations in glass-processing technology during a series of Innovation Days.

to the live demonstrations to see firsthand how the coolant cleaning technology can save them time and money whilst increasing output and improving quality. One visitor bought the demo Sedimentor on sight stating it would pay for itself within six months by avoiding cleaning downtime alone.

Held at Bohle’s Greater Manchester HQ, the ‘drop-in’ event pulled in visitors from all parts of the UK and Ireland over two-days, as the glass processing consumables, machinery and tools specialist, profiled a raft of new technologies and cutting-edge innovations.

The days also featured master-classes in manual glass cutting from Ursula Bayer, one of Bohle’s master glaziers, [see twitter @ BohleLtd for video].

This included practical installation demonstrations of Bohle’s Slidetec Optima 80 internal sliding door system, which supports weights of up to 80kg, while eliminating pre-drilling of glass, using smart clamping technology. One of the highlights of the event was Bohle’s new free-to-use, shower configurator, which simplifies shower specification. Customers can simply log on to the Bohle website and design professional shower enclosures with a complete list of components, 3D illustrations, cut out details and even export files suitable for CNC cutting equipment. Other product highlights included the Scratchaway scratch removal system; Bohle’s highly flexible belt grinding machine, Versalux+; Pico drilling machine and Aqua Power Drill+, plus its Liftmaster B1 lifting system. Bohle’s sedimentor offering also attracted significant interest with visitors flocking


Dave Broxton, Managing Director, Bohle Ltd, said: “The turnout that we have seen over the past few days is indicative of the appetite that exists among glass processors for new technologies. The sector has always evolved and it continues to move forward at pace as innovation delivers new possibilities and applications. “What’s been great about the Innovation Days is that our customers have had the opportunity to try first hand, some of the systems, tools and machinery that we offer, but also to catch up with other colleagues from the industry and to share experiences. For more information Bohle’s glass processing consumables, tooling and machinery ranges please visit the website email info@ or call the customer services team free on 0800 616151.


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Promac Shop on-line Do you need a replacement part in a hurry? For the first time you can now order your parts, spares and consumables on-line at You don’t have to wait until the next day, you can now order 24-7, and be assured of a first class service from a name you can trust. Productive and profitable manufacturing relies on machinery that is running. Promac go the extra mile to make sure customers receive genuine approved replacement parts - all backed by manufacturer guarantee - quickly and efficiently to ensure downtime is kept to a minimum. Promac is focused on giving customers what they need. 1216/0108

PROMAC, where good just got On-Line

3c Hadrians Way, Glebe Farm Industrial Estate, Rugby, Warwickshire CV21 1ST

T: 01788 577577 F: 01788 567938 E: | December 2016



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EXPRESS BI-FOLDS CHOOSES HIGH VOLUME EMMEGI QUADRA MACHINE Express Bi-Folds has invested in a brand new high volume Emmegi Quadra L1 sawing and machining centre to keep pace with its dramatic growth.

durability. We currently have two Classic Star saws and have replaced a Phantomatic machining centre with this bigger and more capable Quadra L1.

The Leeds based company arguably already has the biggest factory in the UK manufacturing aluminium bi-folds and sliding doors, windows, entrance doors, curtain walling and roofing systems, but with a multi-million pound investment in a brand new 27,000 sq ft showroom starting to pay dividends, it has chosen the flagship Emmegi machine to enable it to increase its volumes still further.

“The team at Emmegi (UK) gave us great advice and have helped to ensure that the integration of the machine into our overall operation has been fairly seamless. “We have built our reputation on quality and efficiency, so having a machinery partner that understands that and gives us the backing we need is really valuable to us.” Express Bi-Folds has a 130,000 sq ft manufacturing space in Leeds and provides a comprehensive supply only service to trade customers, as well as a full delivery, installation and after care service to the retail sector. It fabricates in Smart, Reynaers and Schueco and supplies products from stock in four standard colours

The 12 axis Quadra L1 can cut, machine and notch window, door and curtain walling profiles all in one operation so it is faster and more efficient than the existing machining centres at Express. It also provides extreme levels of precision and accuracy, with 360º machining of profiles and continuous processing and automatic profile rotation reducing the amount of handling required by operators. It can machine in any of Express Bi-Fold’s aluminium systems with little or no profile related tooling required and is freely programmable from its own software system without any specialist set up. Changeover between systems is minimal and, with a rotary machining head featuring up to six spindles, it is even possible to process bars of different

profiles in the same loading and machining operation. The motors automatically adjust to profile size as well and, because each item is processed before it is cut, there is no minimum size. Emmegi boasts that the Quadra L1 can do the work of a team of men and at Express it has

NORWICH ALUMINIUM CALLS UPON RELIABLE KOMBIMATEC ONCE AGAIN Being reliable is a valuable trait to have - especially in the aluminium glazing industry. It’s valuable because it provides the opportunity for repeat business, just ask Kombimatec. The Luton-based machinery manufacturer who specialises in supplying machinery for processing UPVC and aluminum profiles impressed Norwich Aluminium so much so that they were called upon for their services for a third time. Alerted to the reliability of Kombimatec having seen their machines at work in various other window factories, Alex Warren, Norwich Aluminium’s Managing Director, got in touch and it was at this point that the working relationship began. On the market for a new CNC Router, after shopping around Norwich Aluminium decided to revisit its relationship with Kombimatec. Acquiring one of its AMC308 Automatic CNC Machining Centres, besides the fact that the machine was reasonably

priced and could be delivered within two weeks Alex was most impressed with the continued high level of customer service. “We were shopping around for a new CNC Router but in the end it made sense to go with Kombimatec because we had dealt with them previously,” Alex stated. “Aside from the machines always being reliable and good value for money, their customer service has always been good. Not only that, we received the machine within two weeks and it was installed in a single day.” Commenting on the function he favours the most, Alex added, “The biggest benefit for us is that it allows us to router very close to the edge of the profile without fear of drills slipping.” Kombimatec’s AMC308 Automatic CNC Machining Centre features a colour touch screen, USB port and comes with four adjustable pneumatic clamps. With electronic variable speed control that ranges from 0-12000 rpm, its more technical features include a precision 8mm collet, pneumatic rotating of the work piece 90-00-90 degrees with adjustment for immediate angles, longitudinal stroke 2600mm, width stroke 180mm, and depth stroke 140/90mm two hand safety control. READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0110


been easily integrated into the manufacturing operation with only limited amounts of training required. Express Bi-Fold’s Managing Director Stephen Bromberg said: “We have relied on Emmegi machines here for many years and have always been impressed by their quality and

With a workforce of around 260 and a delivery fleet of more than 80 vehicles, it produces around 150 bi-folds and 200 windows every week. The impressive 27,000 sq ft showroom was officially opened this year by property expert Phil Spencer and features a number of full sized show homes and fully equipped room sets showing off Express BiFolds’ complete range of products. Tel: 02476 676192 - READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0109



Earlier this year Stoke-on-Trent’s Hanley Trade Frames invested in two new pieces of machinery from Haffner Murat to support continued growth. Six months on, the company is reaping the rewards of the investment in the SBA-2 Machining Centre and the SMR-4 Four Head Welder. Steve Thomas, Director at Hanley Trade Frames, comments: “Our investment has ensured that we can continue to deliver the quality and reliability we’re known for. We’re delighted by how much the machines have brought to our business.” Hanley invested in the SMR-4 Four Head Welder, the fastest and most accurate in-line welder on the market. Steve comments: “We invested in the SMR-4 because we knew it would deliver reliability, alignment, accuracy and quality. That’s proved to be the case and it’s adding great value to our fabrication process.”

they’d receive. Steve explains: “Over the years we have purchased numerous Haffner machines and we have always been impressed. Dave Thomas of Haffner is upfront, reliable and honest and we trust his approach.” Hanley Trade Frames currently manufactures around 250 frames per week from their Stoke-on-Trent premises, a figure that has grown steadily over the past couple of years. The company has developed a reputation for its quality products and proactive service, a reputation that looks set to grow even further as a result of this investment. Tel: 01785 222421 -

The other addition to Hanley’s set-up was the SBA-2 Machining Centre, an essential machine for large scale fabricators. Steve says: “We invested in the SBA-2 to drive quality and efficiency and reduce wastage. It’s improved processes right across our fabrication and we’re very pleased with the difference it has brought.” Hanley chose to invest with Haffner because the team knew they could trust the advice


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GED’s new TWIN-HEAD robotic PVC corner cleaner allows for: • complete cleaning all the way into corners • consistent, repeatable movements • multiple angles of attack and presentation of tools at unique and previously unattainable angles The RC-2000 Robotic Cleaner is certain to revolutionize window fabrication for decades to come. Call Chris Wale, European Business Manager, for more information.

+44(0) 781.577.6089

Safety guard not shown.

or email: or visit

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Glazing installers can now buy top quality DGUs online 24/7 in just a few clicks using the innovative MyGlassolutions service from leading sealed unit manufacturer GLASSOLUTIONS.


FrameXpress was once again commissioned to supply some of the highest performance products on the market for a unique project in the SE. The project originally started life as a planned decked area, but subsequently grew in concept to become a large Garden Room that could be enjoyed as a separate space away from the main home. The completely self-contained project incorporates bifold doors with modern integral blinds and a thermally efficient glazed roof with active blu glass for easy maintenance and year round use. One unusual aspect to the Garden Room was a large tilt and turn window, which was incorporated at the far end of the project as a means to provide additional ventilation and an additional access/ point. Ian Davis, Sales Manager at frameXpress considers the growing consumer trend to personalise properties continues to be an area of great potential for builders and installers with the combination of performance and aesthetics, that is improving lifestyles and ultimately adding substantial value. Ian comments, “There has been a noticeable increase in original projects such as this, with consumers wanting to increase the value of their properties whilst still being able to enjoy the investment they have made to the full. New performance innovations that have been achieved in glass over the last few years have stimulated the domestic sector. “It is obvious that by providing striking product design options we are giving our customers greater scope as there are


substantial financial benefits for homeowners. Here, they have gained a totally separate area that will provide them with a personal haven to use all year round, which is a real advantage that can be inherited when they decide eventually to sell their home.” Insulation and security remain important aspects for investors with frameXpress customers regularly mentioning solar reflection, noise reduction and year round use when discussing new projects. Ian Davis comments, “Using thermally efficient glass roofing systems together with the Optima system or our aluminium option provides customers with complete reassurance in relation to business growth and referrals.” Ian concludes, “Dynamic design, thermal efficiency and every day use are also extremely attractive to second generation investors, who have previously been disappointed and are now hoping to add true value to their properties.” frameXpress is a leading manufacturer of windows, doors and conservatories with an established reputation for excellence across the industry. With a broad product portfolio that includes the most modern pvc-u and aluminium systems as well as Composite Doors and the Guardian Roofing system, customers have confidence in the entire portfolio. For more information visit the website READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0113

Using MyGlassolutions is easy and it is perfect for small independent glaziers and self-employed installers. Only a simple one-off registration is needed and, once online, customers can configure their DGUs to meet their exact specification, get instant quotations, place orders and track their orders in one place. Orders are fulfilled through the established GLASSOLUTIONS sealed unit manufacturing plants and branch network, ready for collection in-branch or delivered to customers as required. MyGlassolutions enables glaziers and installers to specify DGUs which feature any of the Planitherm low-e glass products, including Planitherm Total+, along with float glass, conservatory glass and special glass types to achieve sound insulation or solar control. All standard thicknesses are available and, as with all GLASSOLUTIONS’ sealed units, they come with a 5-year guarantee. DGUs are the latest addition to the extensive range of products available through MyGlassolutions, joining stock glass, mirrors, backpainted glass and pattern glass, plus laminated glass for shopfronts and balustrade glass. The service is already attracting strong interest from tradespeople throughout the glazing and building industries as online purchasing becomes a greater part of their everyday lives.

Rosie Carr, marketing manager for MyGlassolutions, says: “Making our sealed units available through MyGlassolutions is the latest evolution in the service which is gaining huge popularity amongst those customers who want to make the shift to an online quotation and ordering system for their glass. “It gives smaller independent glaziers and installers easy access to our sealed units that are used by customers large and small right across the country. Our four sealed unit plants, in which we already manufacture thousands of DGUs every year, are now fully integrated with MyGlassolutions which means customers can have total confidence in the same high quality products whichever way they choose to buy their sealed units.” To register for your free MyGlassolutions account please visit: myglassolutions. READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0114

A STAR FOR TUFFX GLASS Specialist toughened safety glass manufacturer TuffX have most recently given an old High School in Rhyl a revamp. A more modern vibe was given to the schools floors by creating glass balconies to act as hall ways for the staff and students. The school no longer needs to be closed off when walking through the main entrance so looks and feels more contemporary and welcoming. Installers contacted TuffX and explained they needed glass that was suitable for balconies and completely safe for pupils and staff. TuffX recommended that their 11.5mm clear Toughened Laminated Glass would be perfect for the job. They supplied the installers approximately 80m2 of the glass in various shapes. This particular toughened safety glass was suggested as it is safety glass that holds together when shattered. In the event of breaking, the glass shatters into small particles and is held in place by an interlayer cast between two other layers of glass. This would be ideal for a school as if broken, the glass can be replaced easily and will reduce the risk of injuries. Toughened Laminated glass does not shatter like annealed glass. TuffX manufactures their toughened laminated and laminated heat strengthened

glass in-house on state-of-the-art machinery to meet all current industry standards. They produce the glass up to a maximum size of 4000mm x 2200mm. Head teacher of Rhyl High School reportedly said “We wanted it to be about learning on view, so there’s loads of glass, nothing’s hidden...You can’t walk through here without seeing through every classroom and through every area.” As well as its specialist toughened glass expertise, the company is also renowned for its customer-oriented approach. This is demonstrated in its nationwide delivery service with a standard turnaround time of four to five working days. Express service can also be requested on application. For further information on the range of products from Tuff X please visit http://www. or alternatively call 0845 3 400 200 to discuss project requirements. READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0115

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ISO 9001:2015 IN THE BAG FOR EDGETECH UK Edgetech UK, the voice for energy efficient glazing, is one of the first companies in the industry to be accredited with the updated quality standard ISO 9001:2015, proving the company’s dedication to offering the best products and service for customers. The quality review came out in August and the ISO 9001 standard was changed this year to meet the increasingly complex way that businesses work. “The updated standard ISO 9001:2015 much more closely reflects the way Edgetech already manages its quality service systems,” says John Stark, Works Manager at Edgetech UK. “Our quick response to achieve the new standard has put Edgetech ahead of the game.” The criteria for ISO 9001 is to make sure that businesses are consistently offering good products and services to their customers. The standards are regularly updated to reflect improving business practices. The newly revised standards have a big focus on risk and risk assessment. Edgetech already has an extensive risk assessment strategy in place and ensures security of supply for customers by manufacturing and storing products locally with the added back-up of manufacturing facilities in Europe and the US. Feedback from customers has been positive. They consistently receive a quality product with a quality service.

Managing Director Chris Alderson and Works Manager John Stark in the Edgetech Manufacturing Facility.

“When a new revision comes in, we compare the new guidelines with our existing systems to check there are no gaps and develop plans to implement new requirements.” As well as maintaining product quality, the new ISO 9001 requires that all in-house processes undergo rigorous checks during audits, including environment, logistics, training and health & safety. Every process involved to get an order dispatched to customers is assessed to ensure companies offer consistently a top-quality service for customers. “The new ISO standard looks at quality management across the entire business and is encouraging more leadership engagement and supply chain management too,” adds John. “These are both things that Edgetech already does well, with annual audits with suppliers and active involvement from the whole Edgetech team.” This early ISO 9001:2015 standard for Edgetech proves its commitment to a complete and quality service for customers. READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0116




IMPROVED viewing of chimpanzees at an ape and monkey sanctuary in Wales is provided after specialist security glass was supplied by manufacturer Romag.

Although the fall out from Brexit is predicted to hit big ticket items like conservatories, according to market analyst D&G Consulting, the conservatory market will still see some growth in the period 201618. Companies that can offer choice will be ahead of the game and when it comes to product offerings, glass and glazing specialist SafeGuard really has customers spoilt for choice. Currently dealing with the three major glass suppliers: Guardian, St Gobain and Pilkington, SafeGuard can supply roof glass to suit every individual customer need whatever roof glass solution you are looking for, SafeGuard has it covered.

Two panels of 39mm thick low iron laminated glass have been installed to provide the viewing windows for the newly built 100 sq. m chimp house at Wales Ape & Monkey Sanctuary in the Brecon Beacons. Hundreds of visitors are now able to watch the chimps at play on the platforms, hammocks and logs while the animals can better interact with people from behind the safety of the glass. Registered charity Wales Ape & Monkey Sanctuary is home to dozens of chimps,

gibbons, monkeys, baboons, lemurs, mandrills and several other animals rescued from zoos, wildlife parks and private owners as well as monkeys from labs in the UK and outside Europe. The bespoke glazing was specifically designed for the building to combine high performance, maximum strength and the highest safety and security levels, while maintaining optical quality. Sara Brittain, national sales manager at Romag, said: “The sanctuary required a tough, cost effective commercial glass solution for its new extension. Our glass has been designed to provide this and will contribute significantly to a much better upclose and personal viewing experience for the many visitors.” Low iron float glass is strengthened and toughened using advanced thermal treatment processes, which creates a tough surface with optical properties that allow light transmission of up to 97%. This compares to normal architectural float glass that typically has a light transmission of 90%. Tel: +44 (0)1207 500000 -

Romag glass has improved viewing at the Wales Ape & Monkey Sanctuary in the Brecon Beacons. | December 2016


Nick Welsh, Managing Director of SafeGuard explains: “Due to its demanding nature –not only from a safety perspective, but from a heat loss and cleaning perspective too – we stock a wide range of Intelligent and Solar Control Glass to satisfy the requirements of our roof glass customers. We hold a position that is rare if not unique in this sector as we buy glass from each of the major glass suppliers. This allows us to offer what we believe to be the best of the best, including Guardian Blue and Guardian Sun, Pilkington Activ and Activ Blue/Neutral, Saint Gobain Bioclean Natura as well as the high performing Sunguard Super Neutral range.

“Sealed units have become a highly technical product in recent years. The vast range of coatings available for improved insulation, solar control, noise reduction and even selfcleaning glass offers many opportunities to optimise the appearance and reduce building heating costs. At SafeGuard, our facility includes Forel and Lisec sealed unit lines (the former with Gas Press and Soft Solutions Quality Scanner), Cooltemper FireJet 2500 x 4200 toughening furnace, Hegla Optimax cutting line with Double Sided Loader, online laser marking and upgraded edge deletion and Hegla VSG33M laminated cutting table, in order for us to offer the very latest in sealed unit innovation for any roof glass requirement. Our capability and commitment to great customer service is why we supply to many of the UK’s leading rooflight, orangery, conservatory, home office and extension manufacturers and retailers in this specialist area.” For more information on the Roof Glass product offering from SafeGuard or anything else in their product range, call 01733 555040 or visit READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0118



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THE BIG 2017 MARGIN OPPORTUNITY? REGALEAD LAUNCHES COLORLINE – THE COLOUR MATCHED PROFILE KIT SERVICE FOR COMPOSITE DOORS Guy Hubble, RegaLead’s Joint Managing Director gives Glass News’ Editor, Chris Champion a sneak preview of the UK’s first dedicated facility for colour matched profile and home to a brand new industry painting service: ColorLine

RegaLead has certainly come a long way. I well remember coming to RegaLead when it resembled something out of Dante’s Inferno – the heat, the lead furnace…. Come on, it wasn’t that bad, but yes, the company has changed, radically. Our traditional core business has evolved significantly over the last decade. We now offer 5000+ unique products making us the largest supplier of decorative components to the glass and door industry in Europe.

And now paint. Is it a natural progression for you? We’re already in paint. Paints and coatings have been a significant part of our business since 2009 and we’re now one of the world’s largest specialist glass coatings provider.

You describe ColorLine as a service, rather than a product. How will it work? Does the fabricator buy the profile from you? Surely that’s a big issue with the number of different colours that are available….

State-of-the-art colour laboratory

The real progression is that we’ve evolved from being a pure coatings and paint manufacturer to applying our own products - and associated understanding - to launch a new service. It’s an example of true vertical integration. Take the electric car manufacturer Tesla: it’s their original product, the battery that has allowed them to develop the cars for which they’re now known. Similarly, it's RegaLead's own experience with developing our own paint formulations that has given us the ability to now paint profile. Another definition is 'dogfooding' which I'll let you research yourself Chris! Basically the move allows us to really get under the skin of the profile painting process with all the testing, refining and experience that brings,

Sample kits for customers

Stock colours for DOORCO and Distinction composite doors


Coloured profile swatches for customers

so we can walk in our customers' shoes and provide a fit for purpose solution to this difficult, niche area.

RegaLead has always struck me highly strategic when it comes to new product development, so what is it that you’ve identified that has driven the launch of ColorLine? Our business has always been focused on supplying products and services that add value to glass, windows and doors and while the composite door market has increased its colour range massively in the last few years, nobody has really tackled the thorny issue of matching or complementary coloured frames. In the UK, one in four windows and doors are now coloured, with particular emphasis on doors, so to us, it makes sense to have offer an industry service for matching coloured or complementary frames. Independent research backs up this view. We recently commissioned a study that showed us as many as two thirds of door installers want this service.

Not if we supply a kit – a goal post of profile to make the doorframe which can be cut to the correct size and, to pre-empt your next question, the profile is mechanically jointed as welding would obviously effect the paint. Currently we are offering Eurocell (031 and 032), Deceuninck (2800 and 2500) and Kommerling (C70 and O70) profiles with more being added monthly. That kit can be provided in, literally, any colour and has pre-end milled mechanical joints which makes life very easy for the fabricator and has the added benefit of having a traditional timber look.

Are you stocking every colour? Surely not. So you must be making to order… It’s a mix of the two. We stock any of DOORCO’s or Distinction’s colours, off the shelf, and we can supply the three-part kit within 5 days. In the case of RAL or other paint colours, this is supplied in 7 days. It’s important to note that colour matches are made against the genuine painted door skin as opposed to the nominal RAL codes from the suppliers. There is a Delta E variance with any colour and we are keeping this to a Delta E of .01.

Talking of tolerances and variances, what makes painting of PVC-U profile so different from painting doors? Presumably the same issues apply such as providing the key for paint adhesion… It does, but it goes much further. Anyone who has experienced painting different items in the home environment knows that the colour can look different on different surfaces and textures. The same paint applied to a GRP door and a PVC-U profile will, not necessarily, match. What we have done, is to buy various popular profiles from the system suppliers and have foiled the profile using a specially formulated material we discovered in North

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Every piece of each job is kept together throughout the process

• Pre-painted profile supplied in a three-part kit form to match any DoorColour or Distinction shade within 5 days; RAL and other paint colours in 7 days. • Colour matches are made against the genuine painted door skin as opposed to nominal RAL codes from suppliers. • The profile has a unique tan foil finish to accurately match the colour and finish of the door, thanks to a specially formulated, paintable foil that has been tried and tested in the North American market. • Supplied in profile lengths which can be cut down removing requirement for fabricators to assemble frames and then send them out for painting. • Pre-end milled mechanical joints for ease of fabrication and greater aesthetics to achieve a traditional timber look. • Currently available with Eurocell (031 and 032) Deceuninck (2800 and 2500) and Kommerling (C70 and O70) profiles, with more systems being added monthly.

Precise weighing and mixing for a perfect colour match

America to both provide the correct keying and background colour, and to ensure the colour match between the frame and the door.

So a year of research and development has culminated in this new facility. You’ve put your money where your mouth is when it comes to investment to support ColorLine. If you are going to launch something completely new, you have to invest time and money and the commissioning of the UK’s first dedicated facility for colour matched profile at our 4,000 sq ft facility in Manchester represents an investment of £150,000. Add to that the investment in research and finding the right people to drive the programme and the sum is not insubstantial. We’ve interviewed people in Dubai and flown people in from Poland. Specialists in the chemistry or paint and colour matching are not that easy to find.

Kit end-milled and mechanically jointed for traditional timber look | December 2016

Can we talk a bit about the inhouse laboratory that supports this venture? It is very impressive indeed and it seems that all the research you have undergone has resulted in a state-of-the-art facility. It is just that….state-of-the art. The colour laboratory is staffed by experienced colour matchers and we have the latest DataColour analysis equipment to ensure accurate matches to other paint systems and palettes. We can take a piece of paper, textile, timber, metal or whatever and match the colour that’s on it. It is very accurate indeed. As you’ve seen, the mixing is very scientific and weighed out to very fine tolerances and the paints on the shelf have an automatic agitation device to ensure that sediments do not change the shade.

Matching paint to a specified colour

Joint MD, Guy Hubble, shows the specifically designed and branded packaging

Individual touch-up aerosols are filled in the laboratory

As far as the process of painting a door frame is concerned, each job is individual and follows a set procedure around the facility, together with its individual order form. The

The recently installed SCHUBOX® - CATALYTIC IR DRYING SYSTEM at RegaLead's new painting facility

whole kit is kept together at all times. The profile is picked, cut and end-milled and prepared for painting. The products are sprayed together and dried in the Schubox® catalytic IR drying system for profiles, a world first. The profile is packed for transport in special designed boxes and every care is taken to ensure the product arrives with the customer in pristine condition.

All very impressive and it’s certainly true that a matching door and frame looks the part. Thanks Guy. So Regalead’s maxim of adding value to glass, windows and doors through decoration, is still very true. READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0119



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The VEKA UK Group has overhauled its successful Variations colour range, consolidating its offering to VEKA and Halo customers into one unified suite. The industry-leading suite has now been expanded to 30 solid and woodgrain finishes.

“Foiled sales now account for 30% of the Group’s total output – that constitutes more than one coloured window in every four made using VEKA and Halo profiles.”

An analytical approach to Variations' colour selection has seen The VEKA UK Group's percentage of foiled sales grow to outperform the industry norm by a significant 5%. “Coloured profile is currently the industry's biggest growth area”, explains Dave Jones, MD of The VEKA UK Group. “We've been thrilled by how enthusiastically the first iteration of Variations has been received by homeowners and installers alike. Foiled sales now account for 30% of the Group's total output – that constitutes more than one coloured window in every four made using VEKA and Halo profiles. “Acknowledging the fantastic take-up for the original Variations suite, we've built on the hallmarks of what had already proven a winning formula. So, besides streamlining our VEKA and Halo colour offerings into one central collection, the new Variations range 'upgrades' what customers and homeowners already know and love. “There are now 30 solid and woodgrain finishes on offer, and the opportunity to select

a different foil for either side of the profile. That’s nearly 900 different permutations, and the versatility doesn’t end there! We offer a choice of three profile colours – White, Brown or Caramel, which offer pleasing aesthetics.” By showcasing traditional colours that are seeing a renaissance, as well as more contemporary shades, Variations has met with success in all sectors of the market. “Chartwell Green's recent popularity for retail premises, and the prominence of grey windows in commercial buildings has led us to broaden our offering in those bands of the colour spectrum”, Dave continues. “Minimum order quantities remain unchanged at just one pack, allowing customers to take on one-off jobs using coloured foils without having to pay for and then store excess, unused stock. Lead times are minimal as our most popular colours are kept in stock, with others available at ten days or four weeks.” The VEKA UK Group is issuing new Variations finger swatch books, providing fabricators and installers with a comprehensive yet easy-to-use overview of the new range, in a handy format. Equivalent RAL codes are listed for each shade, making it simple to colour match other aspects of any given project to the window profile. To learn more about The VEKA UK Group's NEW Variations collection and request your swatch book, please call 01282 716 611 or email READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0120


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It’s It’s

Your Your wIndow wIndow We’ll help you toWe’ll make it better... help you It’s not just the finishing touches that make to make it better... Spectus windows special, but the wide range

It’s not just makes the finishing touches that your make of ancillaries it simple to make Spectus windows special, but the wide range window, your way. More options. More of ancillaries makes it simple to make your flexibility. More sales, window, your way. More options. More Learn more about NEW ancillaries range flexibility. More the sales, for Elite 70. Learn more about the NEW ancillaries range forone Eliteof70. With the largest ranges of purpose-made accessories on the market, you can’t go wrong. With one of the largest ranges of purpose-made accessories on the market, you can’t go wrong.

free product free pack product pack


Learn more about the NEW ancillaries range for Elite 70. more Orderabout the product pack today byrange for Learn the NEW ancillaries Elite 70. Order the product pack today by email: email: | December 2016



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Rob McGlennon, Deceuninck’s Sales Director gives Chris Champion, Editor of Glass News, a tour of Deceuninck’s facility at Calne and talks about developments within the company. 26 colour options and available now

Having had the grand tour, Rob, the impression I get is more towards the facility being a laboratory than a manufacturing and warehousing plant. It’s very ordered, tidy, and there is a distinct lack of people. I’m glad that’s the impression we give because that’s a pretty accurate description. It is a very well organised company and one that has embraced the opportunities afforded by technology. The lack of people is because of the efficiencies that have been introduced, a good example being the warehouse where picking and despatch are all governed by bar code generated by the customer’s order. And that goes for stillages of profile to individual bar lengths.

It is almost working backwards in the process but if we take the warehouse as the example, it is not only vast but clean and operates almost silently. It’s an impression that has stuck with me since my visit! Deceuninck prides itself on service to the customers and the most important thing we can do is efficiently satisfy their orders. Online ordering that generates the picking information through barcodes means that our warehouse staff are operating in the quickest and most efficient way. As for silence? Good rubber tyres must be the answer!

It is clear that substantial investment has been made at Calne. Is this a sign of confidence in the UK market?

Rob McGlennon, Sales Director, Deceuninck

And that’s a warehouse!

It is certainly a confidence in how Deceuninck has progressed in the UK and an indication of the company’s standing in the global market. Our latest accounts are for 2015 and they showed substantial growth. The growth was down to integration of a company that Deceuninck acquired, new customers and improved operating efficiencies. Something you have alluded to already.

in 2016. If raw materials costs and foreign exchange were not conspiring to hurt Gross Margin across the board at an extrusion level post Brexit, then life would be easier for all in the supply chain.

A 16.6% growth giving sales of Euros 644.5m, an EBITDA of Euros 54.4m, a 54% increase, and a net result of Euros 13.3m, up by 27%, speaks for itself. That result is significant when you consider that a market contraction in Russia has effected the growth in the US, UK and Southern Europe. We fully expect further growth on the back of innovative product launches and superior service to our customers

If we’re talking innovation, is Deceuninck’s colour options close to the top of the list in importance? It is certainly of major importance and the reason goes back to our service to our customers. While others offer coloured profile, we offer it off the shelf. It can be ordered as simply as standard white profile. And it isn’t a case of having to order a stillage as we will sell it in single bar lengths. This may sound like the obvious service to offer but it is a very significant advantage for our customers. Big investment has made in our Foiling Hall with additional lines and more to come. Buying complete stillages is expensive and takes room for storage. It may also be a case of having a one-off job to fulfil and having that coloured profile in stock ready for another order in months, or even years into the future. It is simply not economic.

That’s a very powerful argument. Is it 26 colourways that you stock? 26 colourways is our basic range for Colour Express and the Heritage Colour Collection but we aren’t just talking profile. It also includes matching ancillaries, trims and accessories for the 2500 range. Deceuninck is always a complete suite. It must also be remembered that our 26 different colourways include coloured interiors as well as the standard white option, and it provides an excellent palette of options for the customer.

The high quality finish is there for all to see


We all know that colour is growing in popularity but has the range and service you offer shown concrete results yet? December 2016 |


The UK’s Leading Glass & Glazing Newspaper We can see the results not just in our increasing sales per customer but also by the new customers we’re attracting. Basically, we know that Deceuninck fabricators and installers sell 50% more colour than other brands and can sell colour as easily as if it were white!

While colour may be the flagship for you, what other innovations are you offering to your customers? Stock, as far as the can see - this is only one aisle!

The first thing to say is that we have been fortunate to have a modern and complete system in the Traditional 2500, while other competitors have had to play a certain amount of catch up. Our Traditional 2500 double glazed windows achieve an A* 10 energy rating, providing superb thermal insulation. Our best triple glazed windows achieve A*25 energy rating for the best in energy efficiency and comfort in the home. The Deceuninck system is exceptional and, we believe, #BestinClass. On top of that we have the stunning Slider24 sliding patio door. It’s a star in a commodity market. We’re about innovation, performance and looks, so our challenge to our designers was to develop a sliding patio door installers would love to sell and homeowners would love to buy. A patio door that would leave competitors standing. We demanded the best in weather and energy performance, strength and security. We wanted outstanding performance and stunning looks to match our famous pretty windows. With Slider24 we got everything we asked for. We now have a door that ticks all the boxes. Next is our PVC-U storm and flush sash windows and doors that strike the perfect balance between energy efficiency, security and comfortable living. We call this our Heritage Window Collection.

I also saw the fully reversible window in the showroom. Is that new, too? It’s our ‘new kid on the block’! The Fully Reversible Window is designed for tower

Roy Frost, Managing Director UK for Deceuninck shows off the Flush Sash

Extrusion Hall

blocks, social housing, hospitals, care homes and any other commercial projects where cleaning the outside from the inside is the only option. Our new Fully Reversible Window is described as a ‘tender breaker and margin maker’!

Deceuninck is no different. Where we do differ, however, is that we have handed the responsibility to a third party so results aren’t skewed.

At the risk of sounding over enthusiastic, I should also mention the Monorail which has a two pane span of 4.5 metres and a three pane span of 6 metres. It’s ideal for the contemporary look that also gives a great view. There’s also the Slide and Swing which unlike Bi-folds, doesn’t encroach into room space when opening and closing.

I can sense a real excitement and enthusiasm in you! And why not? The Deceuninck range is a salesman’s dream. Beautifully designed by top class designers and in stock and ready for sale. Add to that the simple and fast ordering and rapid picking and despatch provided by the most up to date technology, gives everyone

here in Calne and around the UK, great confidence in offering it to our fabricators.

It’s not as if you are new to this industry but, at the risk of sounding patronising, you seem to have a new lease of life… I’ve certainly never been happier. Working with a team of very dedicated and clever people and being backed by the technical and financial power of our parent company in Belgium, is very reassuring. Our job in the UK is to provide a service that is second to none, both for our customers and for prospective customers to see. It’s a competitive market and product, service, financial stability and support for our customers are all very important.

You’ve mentioned support for the customers and it seems the support package, in marketing terms, is very impressive. It is a very carefully thought out package designed to give our customers the very best opportunity to build their businesses. We recognise our customers’ desire to build their own brands and we give them complete support to do that. Often companies are so intent on promoting their own brand that they forget that their customers have their own agenda. Helping the customer to achieve their own aims is an essential part of our support.

You have given me a copy of the survey and the results. I’m not sure I have ever experienced that degree of openness before. The survey is based on a large number of customers and is comprehensive. Firstly, we have nothing to hide. Secondly, it is clear that the large, medium and small customers have slightly different needs and we recognise that. And thirdly, the three main priorities are the high quality of products, the availability and that they are delivered on time. Deceuninck scores particularly high in those area, scoring between 8.9 and 9.1 out of 10. Would we like 10 out of 10 scores? Of course. However, we are realistic in that you are only as good as your last order. Few, if any, companies would claim to be perfect and we are determined to continually improve in all areas. This isn’t ‘Strictly’ with four judges holding up 10 cards!

Many thanks for the insight into Deceuninck, Rob.

I suppose an obvious question is how do you know if you’re getting it right? The stunning Slider24 | December 2016

Most companies will conduct some form of Customer Satisfaction Survey and




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The VEKA UK Group has overhauled its successful Variations colour range expanding the offering to 30 solid and woodgrain finishes.

“Coloured profile is currently the industry’s biggest growth area”, explains Dave Jones, MD of The VEKA UK Group. “We’ve been thrilled by

how enthusiastically the first iteration of Variations has been received by homeowners and installers alike. Foiled sales now account for 30% of the Group’s total output – that constitutes more than one coloured window in every four made using VEKA and Halo profiles.” Minimum order quantities remain at just one pack and lead times are minimal as most popular colours are kept in stock, with others available at ten days or four weeks.


Christina Shaw


To learn more about The VEKA UK Group’s NEW Variations collection and request your swatch book, please call 01282 716 611 or email READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0123

OPTIMA: THE MOST ADVANCED WINDOW AND DOOR PRODUCTS AVAILABLE IN THE UK TODAY Optima from Profile 22 was launched earlier this year and is enjoying the fastest take up ever recorded for a new window system. Developed from the ground floor up to offer the most advanced window and door suites available in the UK market today Optima is produced using the most advanced extrusion technology to offer superb surface finish and precision. The Optima Chamfered System and the Optima Sculptured System allow the production of a huge number of options

including a brand new Flush Casement. The systems offer a 6 Chamber Outer Frame and a 5 Chamber Sash providing optimal thermal performance and rigidity with the capability of U values as low as 0.8 W/m2K with appropriate Argon filled IGUs. Around these basic structures will be the widest range of ancillaries and add-ons of any system on the market to allow the production of windows in every style, for every property. READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0124

SPECTUS UNVEILS MAJOR NEW ANCILLARIES RANGE Spectus has delivered a major boost to fabricators and installers with the launch of 40 new ancillaries. From bay jacks to frame packers, Georgian bars to drip bars, couplers, lugs and architraves, the new Spectus ancillary range gives fabricators and installers more choices than ever and more opportunities to finish every single job exactly the way it is meant to be, in looks and functionality. In the extended range, fabricators and installer can now find: no fewer than seven new bay pole assembly items – including three different external covers – a completely new section


of ten finishers including four sizes of architrave, seven new coupling items and a host of other essential bits and pieces, every one that can make a difference between nearly right and spot on. The entire new ancillaries range is featured in a new brochure, which also includes a clear and comprehensive wallchart, available from or to download it visit READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0125

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SENIOR SETS THE STANDARD WITH ITS PURE® DOORS & WINDOWS Awarded a UK patent earlier this year, the PURe® range of energyefficient aluminium windows and doors from Senior Architectural Systems combines design flexibility with exceptional thermal performance. The new patented system is the first on the UK market to benefit from an enhanced thermal barrier manufactured from expanded

polyurethane foam (PUR). Traditionally used in cladding and insulation products, the innovative use of PUR as a thermal barrier in windows and doors gives the PURe ® range the potential to achieve U-values as low as 0.71W/m2 K when calculated as a commercial CEN standard window and 0.93W/m2 K when calculated as a CEN standard door. Ideally suited for a wide range of applications, the PURe® aluminium windows are available as tilt and turn or casement windows. Senior’s innovative door range also features a choice of the PURe® FOLD and PURe® SLIDE options. For more information on Senior’s revolutionary PURe® range visit READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0126

WHY CHOOSE LINIAR MODLOK™ BI-FOLDING DOORS, FROM PEARL? Liniar’s ModLok™ bifolding doors offer a totally unique option, thanks to the patented exoskeleton design giving them unparalleled strength, security and durability. No other PVCu bi-folding door has been tested to over 127,000 full opening cycles; and with low U-values, PAS:24 and Secured By Design accreditation, the Liniar ModLok™ is in a class of its own. Ideal for large openings, ModLok™ bi-folds enable you to open up an entire wall of a room – creating space and letting fresh air and natural daylight flood into your customers home. Whether it is a bedroom with Juliette balcony, a kitchen-diner, a conservatory or an orangery, Liniar ModLok™ bi-folding doors can provide a stunning alternative to


WARM EDGE TECHNOLOGY The impact that Edgetech UK, the driving force for energy efficient glazing, and Super Spacer® has had on the development of warm edge technology in the industry has been

patio or French doors. Available in a wide choice of opening configurations and colours, the Liniar ModLok™ bi-fold has ultraslim sightlines, providing rooms with a clean, modern appearance. Safety features include the innovative low threshold option for family friendly and wheelchair use. What’s more, Liniar bi-fold doors offer high energy efficiency,

phenomenal. On average, more than 300 million metres are sold annually to around 90 countries with different climate zones, from Alaska to Dubai.

combined with the best security features on the market – bringing you a modern space-saving solution for your home that will definitely give it the ‘wow’ factor.

It has also been proven to speed up production for IGU manufacturers, because it doesn’t need to be cut into bar length form or have desiccant inserted. By teaming up with machinery manufacturers, Super Spacer has revolutionized the IGU manufacturing process. Using the latest high-speed automated line, IGU manufacturers can now produce a unit every 20 seconds. 2017 is another milestone year for the product, as Edgetech celebrates 10 years of manufacturing Super Spacer in the UK.

Pearl provide all bi-folding doors installation ready so you can be assured of a service second to none. READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0127

Super Spacer is still the only warm edge spacer bar that carries an unchallenged, 40-year guarantee.

300 million metres of Super Spacer are sold annually to around 90 countries


SELECTA – BEST PRODUCTS OVERVIEW The Advance 70 continues to demonstrate to the industry its superb benefits as a window and door system. The flexibility and excellent capabilities of the system are now coming to the forefront of current and future innovations as the Advance 70 EASi-FOLD Door demonstrates. The revolutionary new take on bi-folding doors, Advance 70 EASi-FOLD Doors have certainly raised the interest and obvious potential of the system. The exciting part is that there is more to come from the Advance 70 System with the imminent introduction of a Flush Fit Sash and an 80mm | December 2016

Traditional Frame. Both these new products are integrated into the existing Advance 70 System meaning no extra machinery, tooling, stock or hardware just the addition of a profile section! The Advance 70 changes the way you run your business, making you more effective and efficient. The Advance 70 revolutionises the way you fabricate and sell windows and doors.




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THE LANTERN ROOF HAS EVOLVED Create light, airy spaces with the new Stratus fully thermally broken roof lantern from Synseal. Purpose-designed from the ground up to conquer both style and thermal efficiency, we dare you to find an aluminium roof lantern you and your customers will love more.

CASEMENT WINDOWS FROM PEARL - CREATED WITH THE FITTER IN MIND Created with the fitter in mind, installing a Pearl window couldn’t be easier – and by installing it along with Pearl’s fully matching Liniar doors and roofs, its thermal efficiency and aesthetics are hard to beat. Add to that offering your customers a perfectly matching coloured range with a single point of guarantee, there’s a whole variety of benefits to Pearl Windows. Pearl’s window designs are built with the installer in mind – so all our windows are simple to fit, saving you precious time on the job. Better for the environment and better for family living – your customers will love knowing their windows are free from lead.

warm throughout the winter months. Available in 2-way, 3-way or contemporary design models with sizes up to 3m x 6m, Stratus is ideal for homes looking for the perfect balance of simplicity and style.

With a state-of-the-art factory based in Bolton, you can rest assured the Pearl team are on hand to help with any installation queries you may have.

Tel: 01623 444350 READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0131


A CONTEMPORARY TWIST modern foiled finishes of anthracite grey for example. The flush sash window is very much the ‘in vogue’ product at present, with TruFrame quick to point out that Refine™ is not just a product destined for more

period inspired properties, but also more modern properties and apartments, along with everything else in between. Like all the windows and doors from TruFrame, Refine™ also carries Secured by Design, the first window of its kind to achieve this important accreditation and as a 70mm system, there’s also the re-assurance of a complete range of matching cills and ancillaries. Security is further enhanced with Yale friction stays and shootbolt locking system as standard, plus a Lifetime Guarantee from Yale offering considerable financial compensation should the shootbolt fail against any attempted break-in. Tel: 01664 410140 READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0132


With innovative thermal break technology making it up to 65% more efficient than conventional aluminium roof systems, Stratus will keep homes cool in the summer and

The latest multi-chambered technology delivers an A+10 Windows Energy Rating, the highest achievable – keeping your customers’ fuel bills down.

TRUFRAME’S REFINE™ WITH TruFrame’s Refine™ window and door range boasts full mechanical joints in the frame, sash and mullion, plus has now received a contemporary twist with the introduction of new hardware, helping to compliment the more

Every element of Stratus has been designed to be

exceptional. From the low profile 20° pitch for minimal sightlines, to the 66% smaller ridge supported solely by hip rafters, this is precision engineering at its best.



REHAU’s AGILA sliding door got great reviews when it was shown for the first time at the FIT Show in April, with visitors particularly liking the slim sight lines, the triple track option and the large maximum sizes.

What was particularly popular was the bespoke REHAU branded hardware on the doors which means that it can be promoted in the retail sector as a complete REHAU product alongside a package of REHAU windows.

Since April, REHAU has also been busy achieving PAS24 approval on the enhanced security version of the hardware, so that it now meets the requirements of Approved Document Q for new build as well. The new door is available from a network of fabricators including Climatec Windows, Polyframe, Solar Windows and Interframe with more names being added to the list all the time. Installers buying the AGILA door also have access to stylish new consumer brochures and marketing support material to help them win sales.


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Mila reinvented the window espag handle this year with the launch of its innovative GRIP range in ABS polymer.

Standing for Green Reliable Intelligent Polymer, it can justifiably claim to be the UK’s first truly ‘green’ mainstream window handle, having been certified by the Carbon Trust to have a carbon footprint which is 60% lower than conventional zinc and aluminium alternatives. It is also stronger than these conventional handles – outperforming them in side by side performance tests, and it comes in a GRIP CleanTouch anti-microbial option to make it ‘clean’ as well as green.

There is even a choice of 210 RAL colours thanks to the GRIP Colour option, which allows customers to order their handles to match their window profile or complement their interior design scheme. There is a GRIP version available for any retail or commercial application and a competitive pricing structure to help Mila customers to win business. Further details are available at



ADDED TO REHAU PROFILE RANGE REHAU now has 24 colours and finishes in its REHAU TOTAL70 range, having added Windsor, Silver Birch and Smooth Basalt Grey to the range in the summer. With grey remaining the dominant option across the coloured profiles sector, REHAU has given its customers a new way to differentiate themselves with stylish taupe coloured

Windsor and grey tinted Silver Birch aimed squarely at retail buyers and smooth Basalt Grey aimed at commercial buyers who want an alternative to smooth Anthracite and smooth Slate Grey. Crucially, like the rest of REHAU’s foiled profiles, these colours are available in low minimum order quantities and with consistently reliable lead times, giving

fabricators the flexibility they need to be able to maximise new sales opportunities. REHAU has produced new colour swatches to help customers promote the colours and a clever new ordering guide which features a user-friendly matrix showing all of the standard and non-standard colours available across all of REHAU’s profiles and ancillaries.


SPECTUS CHALLENGES ALUMINIUM WITH PVC-U FLUSH TILT & TURN The Spectus Flush Tilt & Turn PVC-U window has a similar look to aluminium but with significant benefits including thermal performance and cost. With U-Values as low as 0.8 W/m2K (WER A++) achievable, window openings up to 1,450mm wide X 2,300mm high, and many other unique features, the Spectus Flush Tilt & Turn is ideal for new-build apartments, housing, hotels, health education and public buildings, where aluminium or composites might otherwise have been first choice. Its sleek external flush styling and square edge appearance gives it a close visual match to aluminium, especially with the smooth grey foiled finish on grey base as

a stock option, but the profile also benefits from Spectus’s extensive range of 28 other foils – one of the widest ranges of any PVC-U system. As well as the obvious cost saving of PVC-U over aluminium, the Spectus Flush Tilt & Turn’s exceptional thermal performance can be achieved with Argon-filled triple glazed units, rather than expensive Krypton-filled units, and without insulation in the profile or expensive special reinforcements. READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0136

HOMEOWNERS TURNING TO ALUMINIUM TIMBER COMPOSITE WINDOWS Homeowners are moving away from PVCu windows as they switch to more sophisticated products that look modern and offer greater thermal efficiency. AluWood Windows, specialist manufacturers of aluminium clad timber window systems, engineers a window system which combines modern looks with practicality. It’s aluminium outer skin looks extremely stylish and is easy to maintain, leaving the window looking great for longer. The system is cleverly designed with timber on the inside, creating a cosy and homely feel. | December 2016

The flush casement can be both top or side hung, as well as fully reversible, making it a versatile window system that can be used for both domestic and commercial projects. The timber on the inside provides added insulation, whilst the aluminium on the outside gives the window robust durability. Interest in AluWood’s window and door system is growing, if you’d like to become an AluWood fabricator, call 01955 641303.




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ENDURANCE UNVEILS REVOLUTIONARY COMPOSITE RANGE In September, Endurance® Doors unveiled Endurance® PLUS, a revolutionary range of premium composite doors that boast a 75mm Eurocell Modus frame with a triple seal, along with a new 56mm timber composite door slab, which is 27% thicker than a typical foam-filled GRP door. Much like the standard Endurance® Doors range, each door slab features the pioneering Moisture Barrier System which is bonded to the base of each door to eliminate any risk of water ingress. These door slabs are then hung with four SFS Dynamic 2D hinges for lasting performance and durability. Hardware specification has also been increased with a new multi-point locking system from ERA boasting 4 hooks instead of 2, ensuring this new product

passes the new PAS 24:2016 standard with ease. Glazed units are triple glazed, while the proven Avocet ATK 3 Star Diamond cylinder is offered as standard with the ATK £1,000 security guarantee, while Secured by Design accreditation underpins the overall premium, high security proposition. Tel: 01652 659259


PROFILE 22’S OPTIMA FLUSH CASEMENT IS PERFECT FOR PROVIDING HIGH PERFORMANCE IN HERITAGE PROPERTIES The market for flush casement windows is booming as owners of period-style homes and other buildings understand that they may also enjoy the performance offered

by the latest windows whilst protecting and complementing the key heritage aesthetics of their property. Now Profile 22 offers the perfect solution for this key sector for the end customer, the fabricator and the installer with the launch of the Optima Flush Casement Window. Attention to detail is superb: Optima Flush casement windows replicate more accurately the key details so important to the owners of heritage properties such as mechanically jointed sashes, dummy sashes, deep bottom rails, period cills and glazing bars and authentic hardware including monkey-tail handles and dummy peg stays.


Known for being a brand that tends to break the rules when it comes to product development, Liniar introduces Alumina. Developed by the same team of experts, Alumina is a true aluminium bi-folding door system - designed to match perfectly with innovative Liniar windows. Beautifully sculptured and foiled on one or both sides, Alumina matches perfectly with the full Liniar product suite. Available in 1 to 7

pane configurations, Liniar’s new aluminium door can accommodate larger individual sashes – up to 1.2m wide and 2.5m high. To ensure the highest security, Alumina features a suite of hardware following the same principles as the Liniar ModLok bi-fold system – passing PAS:24 and Secured by Design requirements with ease. The Alumina by Liniar bi-folding door is also extremely thermally

efficient with U-Values as low as 1.2 w/m2k. An innovative combined lock and thermal inserts means the lock itself acts as a thermal break and boosts energy efficiency. Tel: 01332 883900 E: READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0139

SMARTGLASS ULTRA 86 SETS THE CONSERVATORY STANDARD Clayton Glass continue to push the technical boundaries in conservatory glass with the recent launch of SMARTGLASS® Ultra 86. This glass sets new standards in terms of solar control and with a G Value of just 0.14 it’s some 18% better than the nearest competitor. Its use is therefore recommended for the most demanding of conservatory installations. SMARTGLASS® Ultra 86 is the very pinnacle in terms of glass technologies

for conservatory, lantern roofs and glazed roof areas and currently is unsurpassed in the UK market. It reflects an impressive and sector leading 86% of the sun’s rays, while still offering a 15% visible light transmission, with a U-value of 1.0 W/ m2K. This new SMARTGLASS® Ultra 86 development is available in an ultra-blue tint with true self cleaning and warm edge technologies, which is the standard across the SMARTGLASS® range. It’s also available in 5-7 working days direct to any UK postcode and with the additional option of a pre-midday delivery. Tel: 01207 288200

A huge choice of authentic period colours is available from Epwin’s state-of-the-art finishing plant in addition to enjoying compatibility with a huge range of Optima components and ancillaries. And with standard 24mm IGUs an A+ Rating and U-value of 1.3 W/m2K are easily achievable. READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0140



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ROOF ASSURED BY SARNAFIL BENEFITS FROM THE ‘FLAT IS BACK’ REVOLUTION The Sarnafil single ply membrane, available via the Roof Assured by Sarnafil, network of approved installers is proving a gamechanger for self builders and renovators, attracted by this environmentally friendly and high performance flat roofing solution. While flat roofs have for many years suffered from poor reputation, the high performance, long lasting and aesthetically pleasing single ply membrane has kicked back and ‘flat is back’ is now the hot topic for flat roofing solutions.

The Roof Assured by Sarnafil approved installers can also benefit from the fact that the Sarnafil single ply membrane ticks all the boxes when it comes to meeting regulations, performance and longevity. A cost effective fit and forget roofing solution that is rapidly growing in popularity. READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0142


IT SLIDES, SWINGS & FOLDS Earlier this year, Kömmerling launched the patent pending, PremiFold window and door system, which brings together unique hardware and the proven fivechambered C70 and O70 Gold® window and door profiles. PremiFold is a revolutionary slide, swing and folding system for window and doors from Kömmerling and offers homeowners a new way in which to enjoy the world outside. Using standard casement profiles, along with a unique hardware design, fabricators can easily manufacture the new PremiFold system with several specific


A Pearl composite door offers the homeowner peace of mind, with its enhance security features, thanks to its rigid polymer sub-frame, high density insulated core and high impact resistant GRP skin. For extra peace of mind, our doors achieve the Police ’Secured By Design’ endorsement, having passed rigorous enhanced security testing. enhancements from Kömmerling, while fitting and installation is simple and straight forward. PremiFold offers a new way in which to open windows, offering a far greater level of flexibility and increased

ventilation, with the sashes moving independently of each other. The system has no visible hinges, can accommodate double and triple glazed units and there are no technical limitations as to the number of sashes, while the door system now boasts PAS 24.

Not only are our doors secure, they are second to none when it comes to the stunning aesthetics. Our range of colours, style and glass options will make your homeowners door truly unique and be the envy of the neighbours! Our doors also provide the ultimate in energy efficiency.

Tel: 01543 444900 READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0143


STYLISH, BEAUTIFUL VERANDAH FROM PREFIX Prefix Systems launched their traditional aluminium Verandah during the summer, as they look to expand their impressive outdoor living range collection.

colours and options available. A classic option with PVCu glazing bars is also available, which satisfies the requirements for a simplified version with 25mm polycarbonate.

Verandah is a fully bespoke system that can be installed in under 4 hours and can achieve a broad range of designs including straight lean to, splayed end bars and ‘L’ shapes around corners, all with variable roof pitches.

Double glazed units are offered as standard and there’s the option of a gutter system or bar overhang detail without guttering. Lead time is just 10 days and there’s the added facility to have the post and eaves beam delivered as one complete goal post, for even easier fitting on site.

Traditional aesthetics grace the Vernadah with detailed post, column covers and decorative brackets, while a superior crackle black finish is offered as standard, with other | December 2016

Tel: 01254 871800 READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0145



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IMPRESSIVE AÏR Since its 2013 launch, aïr has taken the home improvement market by storm and it shows no sign of stopping. The most impressive range of high performance bi-fold and lift & slide doors perfectly suits the design-savvy and branddriven consumers of today. Wider panes with slimmer frames can help to transform any living space and aïr’s superior performance offers the best energy efficiency and security. This year, the design got even better. aïr lift & slide doors now have a sash interlock that’s

40 percent slimmer than average sliding doors. The maximum sash weight is 300kg and they can be up to 2.7 metres high, with a 2.5 maximum sash width, so homeowners can make the most of captivating views. aïr continues to grow and manufacturer Everglade is looking to grow their network of aïr Accredited Retailers. If it sounds like the brand for you, get in touch. Tel: 020 8998 8775 READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0146




Launched at The FIT Show 2016, the Yale Revolution Window Hinge, distributed exclusively in the UK by Sealco, is the single solution that meets specifications of housing associations, property developers and commercial owners alike.

The humble front door is the face of your home. It’s the last thing you see when you’re locking up before going to work, and the first thing you see when you get home. It’s the first impression that meets any callers to your home. With a Pearl Liniar door you can ensure it’s a good one. Whether your customer is looking to add some character to their home, or they are looking for some traditional style, a Pearl Liniar door is sure to have the perfect solution. Liniar’s uPVC residential doors are available as opening in or opening out, and are designed to match perfectly with the window range to create a co-ordinated and attractive appearance for your home. With matching sidelights to let in more light, decorative glazing options, handles, letterboxes and knockers, you can

personalise your front door to your exact preferences.

It also makes it easier for fabricators, who only need to stock one hinge for two application options, regardless of window size.

Liniar residential doors not only provide a great aesthetic and are lead-free, but have also been designed to offer excellent levels of security. Security is a vital component of all Liniar products and our doors are fully accredited to meet the appropriate standards, including PAS 24:2012 and Secured by Design, also being fully compliant with the latest relevant sections of the Building Regulations.

The hinge can be switched between antiblowback and easy close functions at the point of installation, depending on customer requirements. The restrictor has been designed so that opening functionality can be decided on site without the costly and time-consuming delays of removing the sash. The hinge allows window sashes to be fully rotated for easy cleaning and maintenance whilst the the integral locking system ensures that the window cannot be opened suddenly or in error to improve safety. Sealco stocks a wide range of top quality window & door hardware from all the leading brands and offers free next day delivery on order overs £50 through-out the UK. Tel: 01324 610710



TECHNIC-AL RD1 ENTRANCE DOOR RANGE The Technic-AL RD1 Entrance Door range is the striking new collection from AluFoldDirect. The range offers impressive performance as well as stunning design, filling a gap in the market for installers. AluFoldDirect’s research found that aesthetics were just as important for end-users as top security and energy efficiency expectations for entrance doors. That’s why this range has been developed, to meet customer demand for high-end design and superb performance. Technic-AL RD1 Entrance Doors feature a thermally broken aluminium frame, filled with an engineered, thermally insulated timber door blade, completed by a unique 5 stage paint process.


There are nine distinctive designs available, each named after a cosmopolitan European city, including Bonn, Bruges and Maastricht. Made-to-measure RD1 doors are available on three-week lead times in the seven most popular colours with fully bespoke colours and dual-colour options taking a little longer. To download a brochure, visit


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VBH has unveiled greenteQ Q-Star, its TS007:2014 1-star rated profile cylinder. Q-Star is the latest addition to VBH’s own greenteQ range and sits alongside Gamma, the company’s standard 6 pin anti-drill product.

Both ends are marked with the greenteQ ‘Q’ mark and a star to clearly denote it as a TS007 1 star approved cylinder. The side of the cylinder is also stamped TS007:2014 and with the VBH item number to aid identification as a TS007 product.

Q-Star was previewed at April’s FiT Show and VBH advise that it met with a great deal of approval from fabricators and installers.

Each cylinder is supplied with 3 keys with an attractive Q-branded black fob.

The cylinder features effective protection against bumping, picking and drilling, and is designed to be used with a 2-star door handle to provide full 3-star protection to TS007. VBH will be introducing a greenteQ 2-star handle later this year. Both sides feature a sacrificial break point to hamper attempts to gain entry by snapping and extracting the cylinder. The key will still operate the cylinder after snapping at these points, giving the user the opportunity to gain access to the dwelling while a replacement is arranged.

Marketing Manager Gary Gleeson says ‘Unlike some cylinders, both sides of Q-Star include all the security features. This means that the fabricator needs to stock just one product regardless of whether the cylinder is being fitted to an inward or outward opening door. Those who have seen Q-Star love the look and feel of the black key fob, and agree that it reinforces the message to the end user that Q-Star is a quality product.’ More information on Q-Star can be downloaded from or can be requested by calling VBH on 01634 263300. READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0150


Deceuninck’s innovative Slider24 patio door achieved an industry first for security in 2016 as the only sliding patio door on the market to meet PAS 24 requirements for two, three and four panes. Its accreditation for enhanced security also means that two, three and four panes are compliant with Document Q. This is in addition to its top weather and energy performance, achieving 450Pa in water permeability, 1200Pa in wind rating, and an A+ Door Set Energy Rating (DSER). Slider24 is available in Deceuninck’s wide colour-from-stock range on the same short lead times as casement windows. Installers can choose from 26 colourways, including

matching trims and ancillaries, and install colour windows, doors and sliding patio doors at the same time. Getting a patio door in any colour other than white, Rosewood or Golden Oak normally means an eight week lead time because most system companies only stock a few colours. Slider24 has set a new benchmark in patios and unsurprisingly, has been an instant hit with Deceuninck customers in 2016. To sell our #BestInClass Slider24 patio door, call Sales Director Rob McGlennon on 07818 383 385. Follow @DeceuninckUK. READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0151

A REAL GAME CHANGER: COLORLINE FROM REGALEAD, THE COLOUR MATCHED PROFILE KIT SERVICE FOR COMPOSITE DOORS 2016 has been the year of colour. In fact, in the UK, one in four windows and doors are now coloured with particular emphasis on doors. But while the composite door market has increased its colour range massively, nobody had tackled the thorny issue of matching or complementary coloured frames. That all changed at FIT 2016 when RegaLead launched its colour matched profile kit service. ColorLine comprises pre-painted profile supplied in a threepart kit form to match any DOORCO or Distinction shade within 5 days, and RAL and other paint colours in 7 days. The unique tan foil finish accurately matches the colour and finish of the door thanks to a specially formulated paintable foil, and most importantly, colour matches are made against the genuine painted door skin as opposed to nominal RAL | December 2016

colours. ColorLine is supplied in profile lengths which can be cut down removing any requirement for fabricators to assemble frames and send them out for painting. The pre- end milled mechanical joints make for ease of fabrication and stunning aesthetics that achieve a traditional timber look. It’s not often that our industry gets a truly unique new product or service offering, one that will literally open the doors on a brand new added value market. ColorLine is doing just this. Tel: 0161 946 1164 READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0152



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FRAMES CONSERVATORIES DIRECT GAINS SUFFOLK TRADING STANDARDS APPROVAL Suffolk-based Network VEKA member, Frames Conservatories Direct has further bolstered its reputation for high standards and quality service by attaining Approved status from Suffolk County Council Trading Standards. The Bury St Edmunds company underwent a thorough vetting process from Trading Standards and online trusted-tradespeople directory Checkatrade to demonstrate its credentials in a number of crucial fields. The two organisations are collaborating on a scheme that will help consumers find traders they can trust and rely on throughout Suffolk. Network VEKA similarly ensures companies meet a high and exacting set of standards to gain membership, and continually monitors homeowner approval and other indicators to ensure those levels are maintained. Presently, customer satisfaction scores average around 97% compared to an industry norm of just 83%. Frames Conservatories Direct joined the pioneering installer support organisation in 2013; soon being recognised with the

Network VEKA Award for Best Newcomer in 2014 and Overall Winner in the two years since. Adrian Lewis, Managing Director of Frames Conservatories Direct commented: “In an industry where consumer trust is paramount and the shadows of shady salesmen from the 1980s and 90s still loom large, we are proud to be accredited by organisations that offer homeowners an informed and trustworthy choice. “Our Trading Standards Approval shows customers that we are financially stable, appropriately insured, and have all the necessary accreditations and qualifications to deliver an impeccable and dependable service. We look forward to supplementing the sales leads we receive through Network VEKA with the Suffolk-specific queries this will generate. The assessment was rigorous, but – as it shares so many of the criteria integral to our Network membership – I’m proud to say we took it in our stride.”


FROM GLAZING INDUSTRY PEERS The race is on for companies in the glazing industry now that the National Fenestration Awards (NFAs) shortlist has been announced. Sponsoring the IGU Manufacturer 2016 category is Edgetech UK, the driving force for energy efficient glazing. Charlotte Davies, Head of Marketing at Edgetech UK explains: “The NFAs are really refreshing because the people who have day-to-day dealings with businesses in the industry are invited to get involved. They vote for the companies that truly deserve credit for the service they offer all year around. “They are a real measure of how a business is seen by the industry and Jason, AKA Double Glazing Blogger, has done a brilliant job of bringing them to the forefront of the glazing awards agenda. “We’ve chosen to sponsor the IGU Manufacturer category to support recognition of the IGU Manufacturers delivering a quality service to the industry at a difficult point in the supply chain. They deserve extra credit for delivering increasing performance, application and cost saving requirements being placed on them by market conditions.” Three of the finalists in the IGU Manufacturer 2016 category are Edgetech customers. Charlotte continues: “It’s fantastic to see our customers on the shortlist for this award – I just wish I could have three votes!” Jason Grafton-Holt, co-founder and Director of the National Fenestration Awards, added: “It’s great to have Edgetech on board for this year’s NFAs. We want to work with some of the industry’s leading companies, and


Edgetech receive their 2015 NFA for Spacer Bar Manufacturer. (L-R: Edgetech Marketing Assistant Krishma Nakeshri, Double Glazing Blogger, Cofounder and Director of the NFAs Jason GraftonHolt and Head of Marketing at Edgetech UK, Charlotte Davies)

as previous winners, Edgetech are a great addition to the growing NFA family.” Edgetech won the 2015 NFA for Spacer Bar Manufacturer and has made the shortlist again this year. NFA Voting for all categories is open now until 30 November 2016 and the winners will be announced on 5 December 2016. Charlotte adds: “I would urge everyone in the industry to take 5 minutes to cast their vote in this year’s NFAs, especially if you have dealt with a company this year that has proven real excellence in their field.” The NFA winner’s event will be held in early 2017. READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0154

Pictured (L-R): Network VEKA MD John Ogilvie, Gisela, Matthew and Adrian Lewis, MD of The VEKA UK Group Dave Jones

To learn more about Frames Conservatories Direct, including its community and charity work in the Suffolk area, visit

The new Network VEKA website, with dedicated areas for trade and consumer visitors is now live at READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0153



A brilliant innovation in door design has scooped the inaugural Product Design in Wood award at this year’s British Woodworking Federation (BWF) Awards. Howdens Joinery and Norma Doors were presented with the award for their quick fit internal door system that halves the time to fit a traditional joinery door. James Taylor, technical design manager at Howdens Joinery, said: “The fitting of a typical joinery door has probably not changed in over 100 hundred years. We wanted to bring to market a door that is both simpler and quicker to install when compared to a traditional UK joinery door. The Quick Fit Door developed by Howdens Joinery and Norma Doors has halved the time taken to fit a door and may have changed how all doors will be fitted in the future. “Instead of trimming the door down to size in the traditional way, the Quick Fit Door can be reduced in width by moving the stiles

in and out to the desired size then securing with screws top and bottom. The fixings are carefully positioned to ensure no conflict when installing the door furniture, simply sliding in and out of the centre panel. “Currently available in two sizes, these doors cover all required finished sizes and anything in-between, giving additional benefits in terms of a reduced stock holding.” The Product Design in Wood award is a new category in 2016, recognising excellence in technical expertise, application and innovation in joinery product manufacture and design. Iain McIlwee, chief executive of the BWF, said: “The BWF awards provide us with the opportunity to showcase some of the most gifted businesses and individuals in our industry who make some of the most exciting products and projects that can be achieved using wood. “The judges of this award category described the Quick Fit Door as

being both practical and innovative, making installation seamless and rationalising stock types – they said it was pure genius in its design.” The annual BWF Woodworking Awards were hosted by one of Britain’s most famous Olympians, Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Edwards. The Product Design in Wood award was sponsored by Teknos. Read more about the Quick Fit Door at: uk/choose-wood/casestudies/quick-fit-internaldoor-howdens-and-normadoors. READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0155

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Ground Breaking Warranty Scheme Eliminating remedials for hardware

ModLok™ Patio Door – in stock



Standard and ModLok™ Bi-fold Doors fully fabricated

Full suite of matching Liniar products, including Roofline Delivery on time, every time, using our own fleet of vehicles State of the art production facility – call us to book a tour


Outstanding marketing support

BI-FOLD DOORS designed for installers Call 0800 014 2769 Email | December 2016



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MILA WINS MARKETING AWARD FOR SECOND YEAR IN A ROW Mila’s marketing team were once again in the spotlight at the G-16 Awards when their campaign to launch the innovative GRIP espag handle was named Trade Marketing Campaign of the year. Picking up the trophy from Milton Jones, Sarah Gyde, Mila’s Head of Marketing and Customer Experience, said: “We won this same award in 2015 for the launch of our ProSecure door hinge and we never imagined that we could repeat that success.

It was a wonderful surprise and a fantastic endorsement of all our efforts at Mila to create strong and distinctive campaigns.” Few in the industry can have missed Mila’s launch of the GRIP handle – the campaign included the ‘handles grown on trees’ advertisements illustrating the fact that the handle is endorsed by the Carbon Trust, the multi-coloured Mila stand at the FIT show to launch GRIP in 210 RAL colours and the powerful PR campaign communicating

the anti-microbial properties of GRIP CleanTouch. It is three marketing awards in a row now for Mila, since they also picked up the Digital Marketing Campaign award at the FIT Show Awards as well. Sarah Gyde added: “All of Mila’s marketing is a reflection of the quality which runs throughout this business. We always aim to be the best and to set the very highest standards in this industry and I like to think that our award-winning marketing demonstrates that.”

Tel: 01327 312400 - READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0157

A MOMENTOUS YEAR FOR PROFILE 22 AS OPTIMA TAKES NEW PRODUCT OF THE YEAR AT G AWARDS In the perfect celebration of the company’s 40th anniversary and what has now become the most momentous year in the company’s recent history, leading window and door systems brand Profile 22 has won the New Product of the Year category at this year’s G Awards. The prize was awarded for Optima, Profile 22’s ground breaking new window systems launched to widespread acclaim at this year’s FIT Show in April. In making their decision the G Awards judges commented: "An incredible achievement to get from concept to production in such a short time. This suite of profiles seems to provide an answer to most window needs." Clare O’Hara, Managing Director of Epwin Window Systems Division, which owns the Profile 22 brand, said the G Awards New Product of the Year title was a tribute to the teamwork that delivered the most comprehensive suite of new systems the

industry has witnessed, in record time. “Our sales figures and other professional KPI’s tell us that we are way ahead of our expectations for Optima but there is nothing like winning a G Award to cement that success,” said Clare. “It was a great occasion for our team and many of the customers that worked with us to help deliver Optima; it was the ultimate 40th anniversary present.” Profile 22 Optima represents the largest and most significant launch by a window systems company for at least a decade. This is true in terms of the size and complexity of the product offer; of the comprehensive systems and support facilities provided for customers and users of the products; and of the investment in manufacturing infrastructure, all of which were key issues considered by the G Awards judges. The launch of Optima signals a commitment by Profile 22 in respect of its customers but

also the market per se and its belief in the future of the UK window and door industry, especially the home improvement sector. In fact every one of the brand’s fabricators has converted to Optima from the systems they

replace in less than 8 months, an extraordinary achievement in wider industry terms. READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0158

G16 TOP TRAINER QUICKSLIDE TEAMS UP WITH DALE CARNEGIE G16 Training Award winner Quickslide is reaping the benefits of taking its Quickslide Academy training programme to a higher level thanks to a partnership with the worldrenowned Dale Carnegie organisation. The Yorkshire fabricator not only picked up the prestigious award at this year’s event, but has also seen profits rise to record levels, cash flow significantly improving and even accident levels – and insurance premiums – dropping since teaming up with Dale Carnegie, as MD Michael Connor explained: “It’s more about mindset than making windows but the benefits are very real. It’s about stepping right outside your comfort zone and thinking about behaviour and relationships with colleagues, customers and everyone you deal with. We have always put great emphasis in training at all levels but this has been a complete transformation.” More than 40 of Quickslide’s staff have already undergone training with Dale Carnegie via tailored courses at its Brighouse HQ as well as at centres run by the organisation. The fabricator already operates its Quickslide


Academy training programme of performance and improvement courses. Last year, it set out its aim to create “100 problem-solvers” in its workforce with a series of courses up to a year in length, aimed at quality, efficiency and continuous improvement.

Dale Carnegie Training, founded over a century ago, operates in more than 80 countries, delivering workplace learning and performance training to companies of all sizes, including some of the world’s biggest and best-known corporations.

Quickslide has so far invested over £35,000 in courses with Dale Carnegie, including: • How to Win Friends and Influence People • Relationship Selling • Leadership Training for Managers • Sales Bespoke in-house course • Away Days – Strategy and Strategic thinking • 360 Degree individual appraisals Quickslide is best-known for its acclaimed Vertical Sliders, and the company has been instrumental in bringing this former niche product into the mainstream of the retrofit and new-build markets, but it also manufactures a wide range of other styles of windows and doors in PVC-U and aluminium for trade and commercial customers.


December 2016 |


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2016. Make it your year Order the funniest new book for everyone in sales – and for anyone who wants to be.

YOU’VE PLENTY OF TIME TO KISS What better way to cap off an amazing year of improvement than by turning back the clock to the late 14th century and the forests of Nottingham in central England. You’ll recall that Mr Hood and his band of merry men were robbing from the wealthy and enriching the poor. Riding into one hamlet with their Archer Recruitment Roadshow they cantered past a row of chocolate-box cottages that were made all the more striking by their magnificent oak front doors; each of which was bearing a hand-drawn target. Even more startling was the arrow that sat within the centre of every target, scoring a perfect bullseye. Robin called for the Mayor and asked to be introduced to whoever was responsible for such a splendid display of marksmanship. Looking a little sheepish, the Mayor summoned Brendan; the Village Idiot. Leaping from his steed to grab Brendan by the hand, Robin asked how he had developed the skill to score so many perfect bullseyes. “Er, simple really”, said Brendan. “I fired the arrows and then drew the circles.” If we can be certain about anything that’s befallen us during the topsy-turvy year we’re about to shrug off, maybe it’s how easy it’s been to overthink and overcomplicate the way we’ve handled turbulence and uncertainty in our working and personal lives. Perhaps it’s time to take a leaf out of Brendan’s book. How about keeping it much more simple? Sure, we’ll always seek to manage, analyse, strategise and understand - largely because we’re mere mortals and it can be very satisfying to make sense of the complex and unknown.

But to get from good to great, we can’t afford to let simplicity escape from our lives. The simplicity that comes from a clearly articulated ‘why?’. The simplicity of remembering that who we are being is as important as what we are doing. The simplicity that comes from being as comfortable with not knowing all the answers as we are when we do. Leadership steps up when logic and analysis don't apply. As with all things, it’s the balance in our lives that’s important. We need to manage and we need to lead. The rather attractive thing about leadership is that its essence comes from our authentic self; what we believe, not from the hard graft of business school or years of experience in the field. People can - and do lead without formal training. It starts with being clear on our ‘why’ and that of the organisation to which we belong. It's the simple things people remember. The simple action or the simple word. It's the simple things that become absorbed in a culture. It's the simple, clearly spoken truth or belief that inspires - not the complex facts or data. And when people are inspired, new possibilities emerge. Great leaders have an ability to make things simple. To bring clarity even in chaos. To focus, and have others focus, on what really matters. Management can be complex. Leadership can be very simple indeed. So make time to KISS. Because you have it if you want it…..time that is. Imagine there’s a bank that credits your account each morning with £1000, carries over no balance from day to day, allows you to keep no cash balance, and every evening cancels whatever | December 2016

“Focus on getting better rather than wishing it was easier. If Britney could get through 2007, you’ll cope with missing a few sales targets. You’ll never control the way the wind blows but you can adjust the set of your sails.” “You don’t have to settle for things as they are now. Only dead fish go with the flow.” “Having the will to win is important in sales. Preparing to win is what really makes the difference. Learn to become pitch-perfect.”

part of the amount you’ve failed to use that day. What would you do? Yep – you’d withdraw every £.

“Cold calling is stressful, daunting and unsettling - and there are no shortcuts. But you’ll crack it if you can hang on after everyone else has let go.”

Well, you’re a customer of such a bank. It’s called the Time Bank. Every morning, it credits you with 86,400 seconds. Every night it writes off, as lost, whatever of this you have failed to invest to good purpose. It carries over no balance. It allows no overdraft. If you fail to use the day's deposit, the loss is yours.

“Lighten up and have fun. Sales is the best job in the world if you don’t take it too seriously. The best salesmen and women never really grow up - they just learn how to behave in public.”

There’s no going back. There’s no drawing against tomorrow. So whenever you fail to embark on a new initiative such as KISS, because there isn’t enough time, remember that what you do with what you’re given is up to you. It’s never about not having enough time to do things - it’s all about whether we want to do them. Have a fabulous Christmas and an even more improved, empowered and resultspacked 2017.

A Year Of Improvement initiative from Glass News and GAP

Paul Sowerby is Group Sales & Marketing Director at Rockdoor manufacturer GAP UK Ltd, and author of My Name’s Paul And I’m A Bullshitter; a brave new personal development book and seminar programme for sales and business development professionals.

To order your copy, go to and enter code 0116/0001

By Paul Sowerby READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0160



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THE FACTS | December 2016




SIXTH EDGETECH GOLF DAY RAISES OVER £5K FOR OXFORD SARCOMA The sun eventually shone over De Vere’s Staverton Park Golf Club, just in time for play at Edgetech UK’s annual Dealership Golf Day on 11 August. The day of friendly competition began with bacon sandwiches and coffee at the clubhouse followed by a welcome from Managing Director at Edgetech UK, Chris Alderson. The 16 teams then tackled the 18-hole course before regrouping for dinner in the evening where trophies were presented to the winners of the golf competition and a charity auction and raffle was held in aid of the Oxford Sarcoma Service at the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre. The individual winner was Mark Bowskill of Masterglass GB, picking up a stunning trophy, whilst second place was taken by Kevin Averiss from Hourglass. James Keeling-Heane from Senior Glass Systems came third. First place in the team competition was Team nine - Nick Gibbons, Customade; Andy Archer, JCL Glass; Glyn Moorhouse, Oakland Glass; and David Stockton-Chalk from Promac. Paul Young, Ryan Morris and Gareth Laing from Cleartherm came second and Team two with Chris Champion, Glass News; Chris Thompson, Glazerite; Mark Harrison and James Keeling-Heane from Senior Glass. The Charity Challenge cup was taken by Bill Stopford of Nova Group; Nearest Pin winner was Keith Nethercott of K Seal Glass and Mark Sutherland from Nationwide Windows won the Longest Drive. Each year Edgetech chooses a charity to support at the Golf Day and this year’s was very close to our hearts. The Oxford Sarcoma Service at the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre

LegalEAGLE The Edgetech team present the money raised to the Oxford Sarcoma Service at Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre (L-R Advanced Nurse Practitioner Vicky Wren, Edgetech MD Chris Alderson, Associate Advanced Nurse Practitioner Wendy Perrin, Edgetech Sales and Marketing Director Alan Fielder, Theatre Scrub Nurse Deborah Melson, Visiting Fellow Suran de Almeida and Professor Max Gibbons).

has been helping Ian Fielder, Edgetech Sales and Marketing Director Alan Fielder’s son. During the evening guests were given a short presentation on the amazing work the Oxford Sarcoma Service does and how they have helped Ian. The money raised was presented to the Oxford Sarcoma Service in October by the Edgetech team. Chris Alderson said: “This year’s golf day was lots of fun and a great opportunity to catch up with customers. And I think it’s excellent that whilst doing that, we also raised £5,530 for a charity very close to our hearts at Edgetech. “I would like to thank everyone who joined us on the day and give special thanks to those who donated prizes for the raffle and auction and dipped their hands in their pockets to win them! “Next year is Edgetech UK’s tenth anniversary manufacturing in the UK and celebratory events are set to replace the usual golf day format – watch this space!” READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0162

A SPOOKTACULAR END TO A SPECTACULAR YEAR FOR GM FUNDRAISING The busiest, biggest and best year yet for GM Fundraising closed on a high at the end of October, as 300 plus supporters attended the Witches & Wizards Gala Dinner in Stratford-upon-Avon. The event was a resounding success, raising over £41,000 for Hope House Children’s Hospices. “It has to be said that 2016 has certainly been a very busy year for GM Fundraising and all its supporters, and the Witches & Wizards dinner was the perfect end,” says Gary Morton, chairman of GM Fundraising.

“Being Halloween weekend, we went all out on the theme and the guests embraced it too with an amazing turnout of costumes – including a whole patch of Mila pumpkins! Count Magicular, zombie buskers, devils, and ‘Dobby the House Elf ’ provided entertainment throughout the evening, as the witches and wizards danced long in to the night. “For once, the auction was probably the highlight of the night. We drafted in the incredibly entertaining Jonny Gould to run it and thanks to his lively banter and the generosity of the guests, we raised an incredible total of £41,550 – the most, per head, we have ever raised from any dinner we have hosted. As always, the proceeds go directly to Hope House Children’s Hospices to help them support children diagnosed with life-limiting illnesses and their families. “Thank you to all those that contributed to the dinner and everyone that attended, from myself and the GM Fundraising committee – from now on to be known as ‘The Addams Family’!” READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0163



KNOW YOUR EXCLUSIONS FROM YOUR LIMITATIONS More and more manufacturers and distributors are including clauses in their supplier contracts which seek to exclude any liability under the Sale of Goods Act 1979 in relation to fitness for purpose and satisfactory quality; but do they really stand up in court? Unsurprisingly there’s no shortage of case law on the subject, but as always the decisions turn on the specific facts of each case, leading to uncertainty, confusion and many firms just “chancing their arm.” In principle commercial entities are free to negotiate their own terms, including such exclusion clauses. However most, if not all, manufacturer and supplier contracts are “standard” and not freely negotiated, immediately putting the clauses on a dodgy footing. Secondly, when it comes to glass, defects are naturally invariably latent and invisible, obviating the installers opportunity to inspect and check the units prior to installation, adding to the inequality of bargaining power.


ABOUT Philip Harmer Philip Harmer is a Business Lawyer and partner at Stormcatcher Law specialising in employment and business legal services. His real world experience in construction and property as well as car sales, repair centres, and finance and leasing, give him a true commercial outlook to the business of law pertaining to commercial and company law including employment, anti-bribery, competition and ethics, anti-money laundering, consumer law and trading standards, for the small and medium sized businesses, as well as PLCs and large firms.

Contact Philip

Tel: 0333 700 7676

Third, interpretation of these clauses is strict and all too often the wording is insufficiently precise to do what they were intended to do and as such any ambiguity will be determined against the party seeking to rely upon it.

tricky given that it could lead to lowering production standards.

After all is said and done, the clause is subject to the Unfair Contract Terms Act “reasonableness test”, which could be

While one can “never say never” the future for these clauses in the glazing industry looks fairly clear and less than rosy.

If you have any questions or queries about the column subject, Philip is happy for you to contact him by ‘phone or email and he will impart his wisdom absolutely free. So please, take Philip up on his offer. The ‘Call Saul’ column will try and bring you news and views on current and impending legislation to help you keep ahead of the game. And why ‘Call Saul’? Those aficionados of TVs Breaking Bad will understand! Chris Champion Editor READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0164

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THE FACTS | December 2016



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Promac Group has appointed Rob Hopper as its new National Sales Manager for aluminium Machinery.

Having entered the industry in his early twenties, Rob has decades of experience in the supply of parts and machinery services, including successful management and sales roles. Most recently this has included his role within the Promac Group as its Spares and Consumables Manager.

This has become a growing part of the Promac Group business, which now offers more than 3,500 parts and consumables with more than £1.8m of products in-stock and immediately ready for shipment. Rob said: “It’s a really exciting time for the Promac Group and the industry as a whole with some really innovative new products coming onto the market, which deliver some great efficiencies and new


“This includes 3-4 Axis CNC machining centres, the Adir C, Modus and Dali, from FOM, plus some very high specification double mitre saw systems, which deliver exacting tolerances, greater cutting ranges and overall output performance.” Rob’s appointment follows the promotion of business improvement specialist Alison Benson to a new role as Group General Manager earlier in the summer. Joe Hague, Managing Director, Promac Group said: “We have been working hard to identify opportunities to drive higher levels of customer service and support and are developing some key personnel to support that process. “Rob has done a fantastic job building our consumables offer and with those systems in place and now established, it’s a great time for us and for him to move back into and bring that expertise and insight into a national sales role.” For more information log on at email or call 01788 577 577.




Two new recruits have joined the Sales Management team at leading aluminium systems house Exlabesa. Lyndsay Elliott is the new Regional Sales Manager for the South East and Simon Dorney is the new Regional Sales Manager for the North West. The team is headed up by National Sales Manager, Paul Benn. Paul comments, “We’re delighted to welcome Lyndsay and Simon to the team and further strengthening our focus on sales support and development. The growth in the size of the team as a result of their appointments

"As a previous fabricator, I know firsthand the excellence of Exlabesa’s products and the benefits they bring to fabricators and contractors." reflects the high level of importance we attach to providing excellent customer support across all areas.” Lyndsay Elliott is no stranger to the Exlabesa profiles having previously headed up an Exlabesa aluminium commercial fabricator for some years. She said, “As a previous fabricator, I know first-hand the excellence of Exlabesa’s products and the benefits they bring to fabricators and contractors.

I am delighted to join Exlabesa and look forward to working with fabricators throughout the South East.” Simon Dorney will be no stranger to many having worked in the fenestration industry since 1990. On becoming part of the Exlabesa team Simon said, “I am delighted to have joined a progressive company. Their products and constant innovation will make a real difference to aluminium fabricators in terms of choice and ease of fabrication. We are witnessing considerable growth in the aluminium market in recent years and this is an exciting time to join such a prolific systems company.” Tel: 01302 762 500 READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0167

December 2016 |


The UK’s Leading Glass & Glazing Newspaper



A FAMILIAR FACE JOINS INSIDE THE BOX Industry marketing expert, Stephanie Tague (Wright), has joined Inside the Box Marketing, helping to support the continuing growth the business has seen over recent years. Stephanie, has over 20 years’ experience in the fenestration industry and joins Inside the Box as PR Manager. With a manufacturing and engineering background, Stephanie has a high-level of knowledge of the market, developed from being involved in product concepts and NPD, all the way through to the creation of aftercare and maintenance services.

their brand awareness by strengthening their PR and marketing strategies, along with taking on several internal projects, including the continuing promotion of Pace Resourcing, the training and recruitment specialists, and a consumer focussed venture.”

Chris Globe, owner of Inside the Box commented: “Stephanie’s reputation and likability in the industry was a major influence for this appointment. Having worked with a long list of prominent branded companies, such as; Avocet Hardware, Gretsch-Unitas, Quickslide and the Laird Group, she has a wealth of skills, experience and knowledge which will benefit our clients immensely.

Stephanie added: “I am so pleased to be joining Inside the Box. Having worked with Chris through his clients previously, I knew the business was being subjected to some exciting and interesting growth. I love variety, and a diverse range of clients already exist at Inside the Box, making my role even more challenging, but thrilling at the same time.”

“Steph, will be responsible for evolving our existing client-base, helping them to develop READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0168



MILA CUSTOMERS BENEFIT FROM NEW APPOINTMENT IN CHINA Mila customers are benefiting from the appointment of Steve Johnston as the first Head of Global Sourcing for its parent company Arran Isle Ltd. Based in the Ningbo region of China, right in the heart of Mila’s biggest manufacturing area, Steve is working with the company’s dedicated team there to ensure the consistent quality of all Mila products supplied into the UK.

up of a new joint Quality Improvement Task Force across the Arran Isle group to share the vast amount of knowledge which exists about how the suppliers operate, with the aim of reducing the costs and incidence of noncompliance.

Steve is an expert in his field, having spent 15 years earlier in his career working directly for Mila in the Far East, and most recently having enjoyed a successful spell with merchant giant Travis Perkins. He has already been instrumental in the setting

Steve said of his new role: “Mila already has a very impressive quality performance set up here, built on the fact that it has 10 year partnerships in place with many of its suppliers. Moving forward, I’ll be looking at ways in which we can help those suppliers to perform even better and deliver the incremental improvements in quality which will make a difference to customers.”

Mila has a team of 16 operating directly in China and has its own testing facilities enabling it to check everything from material specification to plating finishes before products are shipped to the UK, so already puts its suppliers under intense scrutiny. However, Steve’s appointment will strengthen this still further and his focus is very much on driving Mila’s continuous improvement agenda. Tel: 01327 312400

30 YEARS AT MILA Mila’s technical salesman Andy Haynes has just celebrated his 30th anniversary with the company and on the way has become one of its most popular and valued members of staff. Although he started out working in Mila’s warehouse, Andy proved himself a natural salesman very early on and has spent almost all of his time at Mila out meeting fabricators and installers, talking to them about hardware and helping them to get the very most from the Mila range. Andy thrives on building relationships with customers – finding out about their businesses and working out how he can solve

a problem they are having or help improve their way of working. His product knowledge is unrivalled and, as well as knowing the intricacies of Mila’s complete hardware range, he can also claim to know many hundreds of different profile and hardware combinations. For this reason, Andy has long also been responsible for product training within Mila, passing on his knowledge and enthusiasm to new members of staff. Mila’s Managing Director Richard Gyde congratulated Andy on his anniversary saying: “Our customers all know that they can rely on Andy. If he can help, he will. If he hasn’t got the answer, then he’ll find it, and he won’t rest until he’s come up with a solution to fix any problem. “We launched our ‘Celebrity Service’ programme at Mila earlier this year aimed at empowering everyone within the business to deliver service which puts a smile on customers’ faces but, in truth, that’s exactly what Andy has been doing for 30 years already.” Andy is Mila’s fifth longest serving member of staff, just pipped by Richard Gyde who has celebrated 35 years with the business, Robert Gyde who is close behind with 34 years and Chris Harding and Dave Horton who between them have been with Mila for 65 years. Tel: 01327 312400 - READER ENQUIRY NO: 1216/0169 | December 2016



New Customer Service Team Leader Role at Origin The opportunity has arisen for a passionate and inspirational Team Leader to join the Customer Service team at the UK’s leading specialist of premium quality aluminium doors, windows and blinds. Established in 2002, Origin has grown rapidly, and now operates globally, with offices in Dubai as well as manufacturing facility in North America. Based in High Wycombe, Bucks, the main purpose of this role is to provide excellent customer service support, including quoting and ordering in accordance with agreed business plans. The Team Leader will be required to achieve sales and KPIs through their team, providing a hands-on approach with individual members through excellent communication and coaching skills. In turn, you will be part of a family run business that provides a motivational and safe environment to work in, including excellent training opportunities, and a generous salary and benefits package.

For full information on the role, please visit the Careers page on

To apply, please email, and attach your CV along with a covering letter to support your application. Doors





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Fill in all the answers in the grid from the clues below, fill in your contact details below and send your competition entry to: FAO: Miss Christina Shaw, Glass News Competitions, 12 Sunderland Street, Tickhill, Doncaster, DN11 9QJ. Entry deadline: 20/12/16. Across


1 Turn round on the way to a leisurely walk (6)

2 Looking lighter makes paint go further (7)

5 Early start to get the Spanish fish (3)

3 Al is hung over – he’ll grow weak (8)

7 Heavenly helper strangely entangled (5)

4 A package deal in which the old take part (4)

8 They bring comfort and joy to Carol (7)

5 Earth, water, air, fire – a component part (7)

9 Old boy back in the mire – stupid person! (5) 10 I turn red, disturbed by an unwelcome visitor (8)

6 The fat that sheep carry but all in no particular order (7)

12 A craftsman displaying a variety of traits (6)

7 Ship tea about – it’s valuable! (5)

14 Hear about scattering tinsel ? (6)

11 A task well done (4, 4)

17 If reside around a hearth – it’s cosy (8)

12 A short week to draw back and make things difficult (7)

18 The pigs go wild for the fruit of the vine! (5) 20 After taking loo rest they take private property (7)



Compiled by Tony Lazenby

13 Shine and shine again you little star! (7) 15 Approve a busted red nose (7)

21 Short of something and careless we hear (5)

16 Williams statements of money owed? (5)

22 Owing to the Israelite? (3)

19 Plunder and get rid of a big strong bag (4)

23 We’re taking a bit of a risk to stick meat together (6)


Name: Tel: 20

Address: 21

Postcode: 22





9 7








3 1





8 8
















WIN £10




WIN £10

Spot which page the image below appears on and enter to be in with a chance of winning!



Fill in all the answers in the grid, fill in your contact details below and send your competition entry to: FAO: Miss Christina Shaw, Glass News Competitions, 12 Sunderland Street, Tickhill, Doncaster, DN11 9QJ.

Fill in your answer and your contact details below and send your competition entry to: FAO: Miss Christina Shaw, Glass News Competitions, 12 Sunderland Street, Tickhill, Doncaster, DN11 9QJ.

Entry deadline: 20/12/16.

Entry deadline: 20/12/16.



Name: Tel:

Name: Tel:








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1216/0173 On time and on bu dget!


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WPR Profile Wrapping Machines Plus Taka Adhesives Your Foiling Solution 1216/0175 Adhesive Solutions Limited Telephone: 0844 335 8439 Email: 95


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FREEFOAM RCI AD FEB 16.QXD_Layout 1 24/02/2016 11:24 Page 1

f! o o r e n o r ing unde


The Complete Roofline Solution


designed to work together

3 Fascia 3 Soffit 3 Rainwater

Liniar fabricators provide a ‘one-stop-shop’ to cater for every possible installation requirement. From wonderful windows, delightful doors, exceptional conservatory roof

Freefoam is the leading manufacturer of PVC-U & PVC-UE roofline products.

kits and inspired installation products – Liniar supplies the lot. The Liniar collection offers a whole host of benefits: •

Beautifully colour matched across the range

Unbeatable energy efficiency

A single point of guarantee

Installation guides and videos

Marketing tools and resources

A comprehensive range of low maintenance, long life products sustainably manufactured and designed for construction professionals backed by an industry leading Lifetime Guarantee.

For more information visit

Tel: 01604 591110


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To find out more about the Liniar range go to, email: or call 01332 883900 Untitled-9 1


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Christina Shaw




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Cost Effective Solution



for Constructing Conservatories on Poor Ground Conditions

• • • • • • •

Tel: 07966 663 207 | Email:




Arisands Ltd, 11 Axholme Court, Bolton BL6 5HQ



0113 236 0800

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5 Star Warranty

Homeowners Guide

Welcome to your new windows & doors Product Maintenance & Warranty Homeowners Guide

hinges and Kenrick door cylinders. • 10 Years Casement Warranty on Total Hardware friction stays and espags, Trojan window handles and Kenrick shootbolts.

Order Number


Number: This forms the

traceability of


warranty, not completing

(found on the

this section will



label on the frame)

fail to validate

your warranty.



0041 - JAN16




Ground Breaking Industry First! 17/02/2016 •17:33 Online Warranty

Registration Scheme – Direct to the Manufacturer – Reducing Remedials!

• 25 Years Anti-corrosion Warranty on Trojan stainless steel, chrome and gold door handles and stainless steel letter plates. • 10 Years Door Warranty on Fullex door locks, Trojan flag hinges and Kenrick door cylinders. • 10 Years Casement Warranty on Total Hardware friction stays and espags, Trojan window handles and Kenrick shootbolts.







online within be registered products must warranty. r: the following Doors Note to homeowne invoice to validate your extended date of Number of Composite Doors 30 days from Number of PVC 0037 - DEC15 - A5-8PP PEARL WARRANTY BOOKLET (HOMEOWNER)_V25.indd Windows warranty 1 10 years profile Number of Casement stainless and doors n warranty on With your windows 25 years anti-corrosio 10 years owners and letter plates. steel door handles on all other items listed warranty mechanical warranty 10 years mechanical door handle Stainless steel Shootbolts letter plate Stainless steel Door cylinders Flag hinges Casement handles warranty om/registration years mechanical 10 -hardware.c www.trojan warranty Friction stays 10 years mechanical Espag rods Door lock www.totalhardwareltd. registration however this manufacturer, sale by the window of international hardware at the point of warranty offered from a select group maintenance adhering to the affects the standard term back up direct together with This in no way comfort of a long information). terms and conditions homeowner the e guide for more does allow the rs standard warranty, and maintenanc (All manufacture see your operation please manufacturers. times, all at guidelines apply


Date of Purchase:

Manufacturers Receipt / Invoice




Installation Company:


25 Years Anti-corrosion Warranty on Trojan stainless steel, approved•fabricator” red by a “Liniar been manufactu warranties. chrome and gold door handles and stainless steel letter plates. and doors have following extended Your new windows eligible for the • 10 Years Door Warranty on Fullex door locks, Trojan flag you are therefore


Warranty Booklet



• Online Warranty Registration Scheme – Direct to the Manufacturer – Reducing Remedials!


Ground Breaking Industry First!

tration Warranty Regis

Quality Window & Door Hardware | It’s In Our DNA

5 Star Warranty


5 Star Warranty

17/02/2016 17:32


Ground Breaking Industry First!

The UK’s leading distributor of window & door hardware

Innovative Mila branded products, designed & developed in-house

Here’s how the process works...

Market-leading brands including Siegenia & Yale



Over 10,000 product lines in stock for next day delivery

As a ground-breaking industry first, Pearl Window Systems are pleased to announce the launch of an online warranty registration scheme direct to the manufacturers, for the following products:

On completion of the installation you will have the option (subject to terms & conditions of sale) to give the home owner a completed warranty card. For the extended warranty to be registered this card must be completed in full by you the installation company. The unique “manufacturers order number” is the traceability for the future extended warranty. The home owner can validate the warranty online within 30 days of the purchase following the links at the bottom of the warranty card.

Comprehensive range of support services including sales & marketing advice, technical support & an in-house Test Centre

• 25 years anti-corrosion warranty on Trojan stainless steel, chrome and gold door handles and stainless steel letter plates. • 10 years door warranty on Fullex door locks, Trojan flag hinges and Kenrick door cylinders. • 10 years casement warranty on Total Hardware friction stays and espags, Trojan window handles and Kenrick shootbolts.

Once completed online this triggers the extended warranty with that specific supplier as you would see with any white goods or TV purchase. Tel: 0800 014 2769 | Email:

USEFUL NUMBERS British Plastics Federation (BPF) Tel: 0207 457 5000

Glass & Glazing Federation (GGF) Tel: 0207 939 9101

British Standards Institution (BSI) – Standards & Publications Tel: 0208 996 9001

GQA Qualifications (formerly Glass Qualifications Authority) Tel: 0114 2720033

BSI – Assessment & Certification Tel: 0845 080 9000

Health & Safety Executive (HSE) – Glass & Related Industries Phil Smith, HM Principal Inspector Tel: 01782 602300 David Appleton, HM Inspector Tel: 0115 9712800

BSI – Product Certification & Testing Tel: 08450 765600 BBSA (British Blind & Shutter Association) Tel: 01449 780444 Building Research Establishment (BRE) Tel: 01923 664000 Council for Aluminium in Building (CAB) Tel: 01453 828851 Dekura Tel: 01952 201631 Door & Hardware Federation (DHF) Tel: 01827 52337 Double Glazing & Conservatory Ombudsman Scheme (DGCOS) Tel: 0845 053 8975 Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme (FENSA) Tel: 0207 645 3700 Get Britain Building (GBB) Tel: 0870 162 0936 | December 2016


Proskills – Head Office Tel: 01235 833844


Proskills – Glass & Related Industries Neil Robinson – Tel: 07917 015 322 Recovinyl (via Axion Consulting) Tel: 0161 355 7618 The Glazing Ombudsman (TGO) Tel: 020 7397 7200 UK Green Building Council Tel: 0207 580 0623


Veka Recycling Tel: 01322 38721 Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP) Tel: 01295 819 900


Wood Window Alliance (WWA) Tel: 0844 209 261

Christina Shaw




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WINDOWS, DOORS & CONSERVATORIES Is your supplier letting you down ?


Home to the

range of products

A new generation of vertical sliders

from only

£365 per leaf




Tel: 0800 138 3838 Email: Unit H1 Bromcliffe Park, Monk Bretton, Barnsley S71 5RN

Lowest price anywhere

Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors


Over 99% of orders on time & complete


Up to 1200mm sash widths 1216/0187

Available in any colour, alongside stock colours : White, Black, Grey, Grey on White




V Visofold

Quick quote turnaround


U /madefortrade



* Offer is based on a like for like comparison

Tel: 01642 610798 Fax: 01642 671026

1216/0188 5 Star Warranty

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Homeowners Guide

Welcome to your new windows & doors Product Maintenance & Warranty Homeowners Guide

hinges and Kenrick door cylinders. • 10 Years Casement Warranty on Total Hardware friction stays and espags, Trojan window handles and Kenrick shootbolts.

Installation Company: Manufacturers Receipt / Invoice

Order Number


Number: This forms the

traceability of

your warranty,

not completing

(found on the

this section will

10 years mechanical Door lock



Friction stays Espag rods

your warranty.



Registration Scheme – Direct to the Manufacturer – Reducing Remedials!

• 25 Years Anti-corrosion Warranty on Trojan stainless steel, chrome and gold door handles and stainless steel letter plates. • 10 Years Door Warranty on Fullex door locks, Trojan flag hinges and Kenrick door cylinders. • 10 Years Casement Warranty on Total Hardware friction stays and espags, Trojan window handles and Kenrick shootbolts.






Ground Breaking Industry First! 17/02/2016 •17:33 Online Warranty


however this manufacturer, sale by the window of international hardware at the point of warranty offered from a select group maintenance adhering to the affects the standard term back up direct together with This in no way comfort of a long information). terms and conditions homeowner the e guide for more does allow the rs standard warranty, and maintenanc (All manufacture see your operation manufacturers. at all times, please guidelines apply

0041 - JAN16



label on the frame)

fail to validate

online within be registered products must warranty. r: the following Doors Note to homeowne invoice to validate your extended date of Number of Composite Doors 30 days from Number of PVC 0037 - DEC15 - A5-8PP PEARL WARRANTY BOOKLET (HOMEOWNER)_V25.indd Windows warranty 1 10 years profile Number of Casement stainless and doors n warranty on With your windows 25 years anti-corrosio 10 years owners and letter plates. steel door handles on all other items listed warranty mechanical warranty 10 years mechanical handle door Stainless steel Shootbolts letter plate Stainless steel Door cylinders hinges Flag Casement handles warranty om/registration 10 years mechanical www.trojan-hardware.c

Warranty Booklet



Date of Purchase:






• Online Warranty Registration Scheme – Direct to the Manufacturer – Reducing Remedials!

25 Years Anti-corrosion Warranty on Trojan stainless steel, approved•fabricator” red by a “Liniar been manufactu warranties. chrome and gold door handles and stainless steel letter plates. and doors have following extended Your new windows eligible for the • 10 Years Door Warranty on Fullex door locks, Trojan flag you are therefore



Warranty Regis


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Ground Breaking Industry First!



5 Star Warranty


5 Star Warranty




17/02/2016 17:32


Ground Breaking Industry First! Here’s how the process works... ONLINE WARRANTY REGISTRATION


As a ground-breaking industry first, Pearl Window Systems are pleased to announce the launch of an online warranty registration scheme direct to the manufacturers, for the following products:

On completion of the installation you will have the option (subject to terms & conditions of sale) to give the home owner a completed warranty card. For the extended warranty to be registered this card must be completed in full by you the installation company. The unique “manufacturers order number” is the traceability for the future extended warranty. The home owner can validate the warranty online within 30 days of the purchase following the links at the bottom of the warranty card.

• 25 years anti-corrosion warranty on Trojan stainless steel, chrome and gold door handles and stainless steel letter plates.



• 10 years door warranty on Fullex door locks, Trojan flag hinges and Kenrick door cylinders. • 10 years casement warranty on Total Hardware friction stays and espags, Trojan window handles and Kenrick shootbolts.

Once completed online this triggers the extended warranty with that specific supplier as you would see with any white goods or TV purchase. Tel: 0800 014 2769 | Email: 98

December 2016 |


The UK’s Leading Glass & Glazing Newspaper

Is your supplier letting you down ?





st price anywhere Lowe

Conservatory Roofs


Classified 129-5 x 75mm.indd 4


18/05/2016 14:46


2.8m x 2.9m


25mm Opal Poly



3.4m x 2.3m

Active Blue Glass


inc. Box Gutter

Christina Shaw


£1270 +VAT

Over 99% of orders on time & complete



Active Blue Glass


Quick quote turnaround


Very competitive roof glass




3m x 2m





Going to any lengths, where the only corners cut are perfect ones.




* Offer applicable to new customers on your first roof only. ** Based on a like for like comparison. Ends on the 30th January 2017

Tel: 01642 610799 Fax: 01642 615854

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Balers • Compactors • Granulators • Wood Burners • Can Crushers Whether you’re looking to recycle, reprocess, control Cardboard • Plastic Film • PVC • Glass • waste, Aluminium • Paper • Cans/Drums or compact your we can supply a system to suit. • Universal Windows

• Window Ware

• Window Fabrications

• A & B Glass

• Euroglaze Windows

• Anglian Windows

• Garrard Windows

• Window Warehouse

• Arden Windows

• Origin Frames

• Leamore Windows

• Window Centre

• Mercury Glazing

• Anglian Home Improvements



Whether you’re looking to recycle, reprocess, control or compact your waste,

we can supply customised systems to suit. Telephone: 01295 816733 Email: | December 2016

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insightdata business is better with insight

100 @insightdata

insightdata business is better with insight @insightdata

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FOLDING SLIDING DOOR SYSTEM True Innovation – Warm Aluminium 1216/0200

Tel: 0800 321 7284 Email: Unit H1 Bromcliffe Park, Monk Bretton, Barnsley S71 5RN


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F K Moore Ltd


The leading manufacturer and distributor of coverhead screws and fittings to the glass industries Super-Clips & Finger Pulls Mirror Corners & Clips

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UK’s Widest Choice Of Coverhead Screws

Tel: 01843 593 440



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NEED TO TARGET INSTALLERS? 15,000 circulation!

Find local installers and the elusive white van man, with Glass News. We distribute to trade counters, as well as posting copies to a database of installers.


1216/0205 1216/0204


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Then you need to work with the best PR agency As a top performing company you work with the best products, the best suppliers, the best customers. It’s the same with your PR. Purplex is the No.1 PR agency in the glazing industry with a team of journalists, writers, researchers and account managers. We raise your profile, build your reputation and position you as a market leader. Brilliant media and editorial coverage. Thought leadership that shapes perceptions. Expert writing and technical content, in print and online.

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Windows Doors Conservatories  Roofline Decorative Cladding (Tile alternative)

You can visit anyone of our 31 depots and simply call in and pick up whatever you need, whether its windows, doors or conservatories (including fully fabricated conservatory roofs by Ultraframe) as well as a full range of VEKA products.

Check out our vast range of cladding (a fantastic alternative to tiles, and easier on the pocket too) - in store today.

We also stock a huge range of roofline products - all ready to take away.

Plus, there is free delivery on all orders over £25 (in England and Wales).

Or why not just buy online? You can also pre-order your products and pick up next day!

We make it easy to get the job done!

Let National Plastics become your trade partner - today!



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