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THE RIGHT PEOPLE READ GLASS NEWS Issue 104 | December 2019

Interestingly too, Jade highlighted a 26% increase in the number of aluminium fabricators offering sliding doors in the same period and spoke about the trend towards premium entrance doors. The total number of installers has dropped away very slightly from 13,281 in 2017 to 12,930 in 2019.

Presenting membership plaques to some of the 30 plus new CAB members in 2019

The summary messages were that more builders than ever are competing with installers and that the rate of change within the industry is the highest ever with consolidation throughout the supply chain.

Systems; OnLevel; Presstek; Promac; Prosale Automatic Doors; Safeguard Glazing Supplies; Saint-Gobain Glass; Soft Tech (England); The Design Solutions Business; The Rooflight Company; United Anodisers and Window Ware.


However, our focus has always been more on protecting, defending and promoting our members and ensuring added value for membership. We are continuing to develop our member programme and focus on listening to the membership. As a result, in 2020 we will extend further the number of added value events and services included in the membership fee or at a very nominal cost.

Echoing the positive vibes emanating from the Glazing Summit CAB has seen one of its highest level of approved new membership in its 25th Anniversary year. To date, we are delighted to have been joined by 30+ new members across the aluminium in building supply chain including: 3D Aluminium; Acorn Aluminium; Allied Glazing Systems; Aluminium Shapes; AOV (UK); Azon (UK); BSI Assurance UK; Contrasol; Crown Doors & Shutters; DUCO Ventilation & Sun Control; Epwin Window Systems; Fentrade; Glasshus Facades; Hoppe (UK); Kestrel Aluminium Systems; LP Window Controls; MBE Glazing

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Jade Greenhow, Operations Director, Insight Data, revealed some intriguing data at the Glazing Summit 2019 in Edgbaston Cricket Club back in September including a near 9% increase in aluminium fabricators from 2017- 2019. Given the 30 plus new members CAB have added in 2019 and the strategic moves many traditional PVCu companies have made into the near 100% recyclable material, it was perhaps an unsurprising statistic. The figures are also backed up by the high overall confidence levels in the last 8 quarterly CAB State of Market Surveys, especially surrounding investment in plant and equipment. The latest Q3 State of Market Survey results showed 43% net balance of CAB members forecast growth in Q4 and 57% net balance see growth in the year ahead. In Q3, a sizeable 50% of members saw sales volumes up by more than 5% on Q2. While we await a General Election, there is a belief that much of the current economic and political uncertainty has already been factored in by responding companies.


Council for Aluminium in Building ceo Justin Ratcliffe, looks back at an eventful year for the Trade Association and highlights the importance of defending, protecting and promoting a growing membership.






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EASY TO SELL! EASY TO INSTALL! Make more profit, the easy way! Become a member of Team Guardian today!

This product is both easy to sell and install. Here are some of the many advantages of joining Team Guardian™: Increased sales opportunities with sustainable all-year-round profits Full marketing support package available

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We supply our Team Guardian™ members with retail leads from our dedicated Guardian™ website Full technical support and in house training Add this brilliant new roof system to your portfolio by becoming an approved and registered Guardian™ roof installer and member of Team Guardian™ and watch your profits soar.

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The Guardian™ Warm Roof carries both LABC & LABSS approval throughout Great Britain which will give you an excellent sales advantage and extra peace of mind for your customers.

Visit our dedicated Guardian™ website for more info

Local Authority Building Standards Scotland


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November 2019 crossword solution:


Face To Face

6 BMBI 8 Doors

Let me start by wishing everyone a Very Happy Christmas. Yes, unbelievably it’s that time again and, it seems, in little more than the blink of an eye, the festive season is upon us again and here I am writing for yet another December edition of Glass News. Is this a year to really let our hair down and enjoy all that is on offer over the holiday period? Do you know, I think it probably is? After all there has been little to cheer about in 2019 and we can put all the blame at the door of our parliamentary system and our so-called representatives: the self-serving, inept and largely dishonest MPs. Whereas, once upon a time, I had respect for the government of the land and for the ministers and members that make up parliament, now however, after years of revelations about their greed and dishonesty, I’m really not sure that I shall ever think of anyone who sits in Westminster as anything but yet another freeloader. (I actually just typed ‘Westmonster’ and just maybe that isn’t far from the truth!) Am I being over critical and unfair in tarring them all with the same brush? Funnily enough that expression comes from sheep farming, where the animals’ sores were treated by brushing tar over them, and all the sheep in a flock were treated in the same way. All these politicians remind me of sheep: all following the same path of ineptitude. The sad thing is we look no better in the eyes of other countries than the banana republics we all used to turn our noses up at. We have made the UK a laughing stock in the eyes of the world with all our dithering but at least the USA looks just as bad! Democracy appears to be dead. Have a vote on any subject and, if you don’t like the result, just demand that you do it all again! Enough of my rants! Has 2019 been all bad? Not really. I have visited numbers of very interesting companies; ones that are innovative, progressive, ones that are investing for the future and being successful. There have been companies that have bucked the trend and, for them, 2019 has been a successful year. Can 2020 be a year that is successful for our industry? It’s

really all about confidence and whether purchasers, homeowners or commercial concerns, have the confidence to spend on goods. This may be financed from savings or borrowings. Current interest rates mean that borrowing is cheap and, conversely, interest rates are low to non-existent for savers. As long as the economy remains buoyant such that people are confident that they can save for the future and can earn sufficiently to furnish any loans, then there is no reason why 2020 shouldn’t be a good year for our industry. However, much depends on what happens on 12 December. What has been high on everyone’s agenda in 2019 is the whole question of skills and how we can maintain the skills that are in our industry. There are a number of initiatives devoted to helping in this area but I was disturbed to read that Andrew Harding,Chief Executive — Management Accounting, commented: “This is the second year we’ve run this research (Mind the Skills Gap research) and it continues to show there’s an apathy towards learning new skills and, more worryingly, a lack of desire to learn digital skills. The UK’s goal to be a leading digital economy cannot be met if the capabilities of its workforce aren’t up to scratch. Attitudes to learning and reskilling need to change — employees, employers and policymakers need to embrace the philosophy of learning, unlearning and relearning to support growth. A positive approach here will have a positive impact on UK productivity and economic growth.” In the research, nearly half of workers (49%) said they believe any portion of their role could be automated in the future, up from 38% in 2018. The research also indicated a growing appreciation of the need to integrate with technology and be agile, with 26% of workers saying they think working seamlessly with new technologies will be one of the most important skills. However, the number of workers wanting to learn digital skills fell in 2018 from 27% to 23% in 2019. Instead, the percentage of workers interested in learning soft skills, such as critical thinking, communications and problem-solving, rose from 23% in 2018 to 29% this year. Yes. Much of our industry can be automated but there is still a large part that relies on traditional manufacturing skills and ensuring we attract people to learn those skills is essential. I’m really not sure I can see a time when there is an automation system that will fit windows into a house!

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Glass News Interview: Martin Thurley


Glass News Interview: FIT Show


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Eye Spy: David McCabe, Northern Ireland

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Spot the Difference: Jason Baldock, Cornwall Crossword: Stan Parker, Buckinghamshire Congratulations to all our winners! Good luck in this months Time Out pages!


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The UK’s Leading Glass & Glazing Newspaper

THIS MONTH: Amy Jansen Marketing and Projects Manager, Boing Boing Group I’m Amy Jansen, a recent import from NZ and the Marketing and Projects Manager for the Boing Boing Group. Those of you who were at the FIT Show Gala dinner will know that I also moonlight as an Opera Singer.

IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU Where you were born and live, currently… I was born in Burnley, spent 25 years perfecting my Kiwi accent and now I’m living in Worcestershire.

Your education and the subject or activity in which you excelled… I have a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Vocals, Bachelor of Music, HONS in Classical Voice, a Masters in Operatic Voice, and am currently working towards an EMBA. I think I can safely say the subject or activity in which I excelled in wasn’t neurobiophysics.

Your favourite activities or interests… I bake a mean cake, I pretend to sew, and I’m currently developing a solo play that I plan to take on tour to prisons throughout the UK.

Your biggest regret in life… Is that I hadn’t started working on my own projects sooner.

Someone or something that inspires you… A few years ago, I was involved in a performance art piece by artist, Lee Ming Wei. The idea was simple. I asked visitors to the Auckland Art Gallery if I could sing to them, (“May I give you the gift of song?”) and if they said yes, we would sing a Lied by Franz Schubert. It was profoundly moving; listening

to an operatic voice in such proximity is a visceral experience. It was in those small exchanges with people I’d never met before, and would never meet again, that I discovered the ability to move people to tears, to laughter, to contemplation, and because of those moments shared with strangers, the desire to make the gift of song what I dedicate my life to.

The temptation you can’t resist… Daydreaming. I am forever building, planning and contriving projects and adventures.


YOUR CAREER When and how you joined this industry… For over three months I sent out dozens of CVs a day and applied for jobs all over the country in all sorts of industries with no luck. I saw a picture of a young man who had stood outside a tube station with a sign that said, “Aspiring accountant, looking for entry level job. Ask for CV”, and I thought – I can do that, and loudly, too! I designed a twometer pull-up banner that started with, “Amy Jansen. Aspiring singer still needs day job” and was followed by a potted CV and my contact details. The idea was that if I caught people’s attention singing then I would have a better chance of them reading my sign. I positioned myself in places that had high foot traffic in the morning commute times and waited to see what happened (it nearly got me arrested in Amsterdam which would have been an unexpected outcome). The last place that I tried it at was under the departure boards at Birmingham New Street Station. I sang for half an hour, packed up and within three minutes of sitting down in a café afterwards I got an email from some guy

called Gary Morton who had seen my plight on his twitter while playing golf in Portugal. I was in his office the next Thursday and by the following week they had created a position for me running their Service Department which lead to a further role creation of Marketing and Projects Manager.

The job you do… I am Marketing and Projects Manager for the three companies in The Boing Boing Group. Two of the large-scale projects I oversaw this year was our FiT Show debut, and the development and roll out of Central HUB, our customerexclusive marketing portal. Central HUB has been specifically created to offer our customers all the marketing collateral that we can offer them to help them promote and grow their business. The marketing side of my role is super exciting because we’re having a fresh look at how we can put the businesses out there to the industry and allows me to be all types of creative.

Your greatest achievement…

reworking of Purcell’s Dido and Aeneas was a real thrill. I will also admit to being pretty chuffed with getting a 20kg wedding cake safely delivered to the reception venue last weekend without falling victim to narrow country lanes or oncoming tractors.

AND YOUR FUTURE What you would like to do if you weren’t in this industry… I will sing: I will continue to put my energy into creating performance opportunities for those who don’t have the access to music that many have; I will continue to develop tools singers can use to make their practice and performance more efficient and enjoyable; and I will continue to facilitate the development of musicians who place community above commission.

A particular ambition… To become fluent in Te Reo Maori and New Zealand Sign Language.

I’m genuinely not sure I’ve got there, yet. I am very proud of the work I created as part of my Masters degree, and debuting as Dido in Unstuck Opera’s

The way you want to be remembered… At the very least she sounded good.

If you would like to appear in ‘Face to Face’, or would like to nominate someone else to be featured, simply email 4

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simple simple simple simple

to to to to

survey order install sell

secondary glazing

made simple. Secondary glazing is one of the fastest growing sectors in the glazing industry, and offers simple sales with great profits. Should you be offering it to your customers?

The decision is simple. 1219/0005

phone: 01234 240404 web:


The UK’s Leading Glass & Glazing Newspaper


BUILDERS’ MERCHANTS’ SALES FALL IN Q3 YEAR-ON-YEAR Total Builders’ Merchants’ value sales in Q3 2019 were down -0.8% against the same period last year. Following a relatively buoyant July, sales fell significantly in August year-on-year, before recovering slightly in September. The adjusted figure, which takes into account the difference in trading days, was down -2.3% compared with Q3 2018. Value sales of Heavy Building Materials declined marginally by -0.4% year-onyear, while Timber & Joinery was down by -4.7% over the same period. Kitchens & Bathrooms was among the strongest categories with growth of 3.2% in the quarter.

QUARTER-ON-QUARTER Compared with Q2 2019, Total Builders’ Merchants’ sales were up marginally by +0.2%. However, when adjusted for the four additional trading days in Q3, the figures showed a decline in sales of -6.0%.

Merchants’ sales of both Heavy Building Materials (-5.5%) and Timber & Joinery (-6.5%) fell significantly quarter-on-quarter. Emile van der Ryst, Senior Client Insight Manager at GfK says: “The reality is that the past three months have continued to be challenging for the industry. 2019 Q3 had one more trading day than 2018 Q3, but still saw a decrease of -0.8% in value. This is therefore the second consecutive quarter where we have seen a decline, following the -1.2% from Q2. “Year to date growth has slowed down from 2.1% in June to 1.1% by September, but we still see growth in core subcategories such

as Timber, Bricks, Plasters & Plasterboards and Insulation. The challenges of 2019 have however resulted in declines in other key areas such as Sheet Materials, Drainage and Roofing.” John Newcomb, CEO of the Builders Merchant Federation says: “Like the curate’s egg, construction results during Q3 have been good in parts. If the latest ONS figures are accurate, construction as a whole grew by 0.6% in Q3. This was driven by an increase in new work, which rose by 1.4%, but offset by poorer results for repair and maintenance work which was down by 0.8%. Within this, private housing RMI output – a mainstay of merchant sales – fell by £150m over the quarter. “Overall, however, 2019 is unlikely to go down as a classic year. In July, the BMF


downgraded its Forecast for merchant sales growth, and there is no reason to think this was not the right call. Anecdotal reports from merchants over the late summer and into early autumn have come to pass in the Q3 BMBI data. With the final quarter of the year dominated by a general election, I fear we will have to wait until 2020 to see evidence of the next upturn.” For the full report, including comments from the BMBI’s panel of leading industry Experts, please visit


December 2019 |


0345 2000 816 | | 0345 2000 816 | Tried, tested and trusted, the UK’s number 1 composite door supplier |

Tried, tested and trusted, the UK’s number 1 composite door supplier 1219/0007


APEER GOES PUBLIC WITH RADICAL ‘LIFESTYLE’ PROMO VIDEO FOR SILKA In the first salvo of a comprehensive promotional campaign designed to appeal to style-conscious homeowners, composite door and window maker Apeer has produced a radical new video supporting its heralded new Silka door range.

The UK’s Leading Glass & Glazing Newspaper


More akin to a rock video than anything previously produced to promote residential doors, links to the production, which is accompanied by a suitably hard-edged and memorable audio track, will be posted on a range of online ‘lifestyle’ media with an upmarket demographic appropriate to the perceived customer base for the Silka door range. The Silka video is the first of five being produced as part of a campaign designed to appeal directly to homeowners in support of Apeer’s retail installer network located throughout the UK. Videos will be accompanied by a range of print and digital brochures and other supporting material, in addition to SEO work to drive traffic to the consumer-focused website. A 25% increase in leads generated for Apeer retail installers is the key benchmark for the campaign. “The Silka video has tremendous impact and is perhaps more akin to an upmarket car production than a residential door,” explained Asa McGillian, Apeer’s managing director. “But as homeowners increasingly change their windows and doors as a lifestyle choice together with home décor refurbishments, rather than the stress purchase that used to drive sales, then so we must reach out and appeal to people on a similar level. “The clean, technical surface finishes of the Silka door and its componentry are beautifully captured in the video, which we believe will appeal to those looking for a similar styling vibe throughout their homes. Our other door ranges and Lumi frameless window and door range, will be treated with imagery appropriate to the styling of each product.” View the Apeer Silka video here:

Commercial aluminium systems specialist Jack Aluminium has partnered with Geze UK to create the first PAS24 approved automatic sliding door system. It’s been designed to fill a gap in the healthcare and care home sectors, where residents and care teams need the convenience of sliding doors, but safety and security is also paramount. The new system was first launched at The FiT Show in May on the Geze stand which was part of the Council for Aluminium Building (CAB) pavilion. Jeff Pearson, Sales & Marketing Director at Jack Aluminium Systems, explains: “We knew from talking to customers that there was a real market for an automatic sliding door system that could meet the high levels of security that these healthcare facilities need. “This new product resolves this issue for them. It’s available in single and double sliding door configurations. The doors are automatic so that residents, staff and visitors can easily enter the building. And it’s PAS24 approved and SBD compliant too – a great addition to our range of secure, communal entrance doors. “At Jack Aluminium, we create systems that design out compromise and this is another great example of that. It offers a highly durable and secure remote access door system that aids the functionality of a building.” The system uses Jack Aluminium’s JD47 Non-thermal Door & Shopfront system and Geze’s bespoke hardware. Geze is selecting a network of approved fabricators to supply the PAS24 automated sliding door system. Tel: 024 7646 7449




In the world of composite doors, colour, from timeless classics to cutting edge contemporary, is the number one growing trend. As the UK’s market leader in coloured and painted composite doors, DOORCO is pleased to announce a substantial increase in sales in this area. Dan Sullivan, MD of DOORCO explains: “This part of our business grew by around 75% in 2017 to 2018 and in 2019 we are currently seeing a 12% increase year to date compared with 2018. It has in fact become such a major part of our offering, we even have our own Creative Consultant, Jeyda, who is constantly on the look out for the latest trends in colour across the entrances of homes and businesses. “Taking it to the extreme, DOORCO customer Vista displayed a particularly colourful door at this year’s FIT Show. The door took inspiration from Sir Paul Smith with his signature stripes and incorporated a spectrum of colours and shades. These

“When it comes to colour, DOORCO customers can offer a literally unlimited choice of coloured and painted doors. Take your pick, challenge the norm and get behind the Art of the Possible with DOORCO. We’re keen to see what the most interesting door colour you’ve ever fitted is. Tweet us your pics!”

iconic multi-coloured stripes have leant themselves to a plethora of lively designs, including now making it on to an installed DOORCO door. “The idea of showcasing such a statement door, is to spark the imagination, show that any colour is possible if the customer requires something unique. By having two advanced paint lines in-house, and a skilled workforce, we are able to produce bespoke products, without having to outsource to secondary suppliers. This gives us complete control of what we do and allows us to be an innovative supplier, which is key in order to stand out in the current market. “The rise in popularity of two-tone doors, has seen colour on the outside, woodgrain effect on the inside. Just one recent example the DOORCO team have painted is a door with Anthracite grey on the inside and pink on the outside. “DOORCO is not creating the trend, but we have made sure we are fully prepared and equipped to react to this growing demand from customers. It’s no longer about simply delivering a grey door with a nice handle, the colour options are getting more and more varied. As a business at the forefront of delivering on these trends, it’s exciting to see where it might end! We would certainly predict that the traditional standard colours will be less and less in demand in the next few years, and a variety of colour options will keep the composite door sector strong for years to come. “When it comes to colour, DOORCO customers can offer a literally unlimited choice of coloured and painted doors. Take your pick, challenge the norm and get behind the Art of the Possible with DOORCO. We’re keen to see what the most interesting door colour you’ve ever fitted is. Tweet us your pics!” For more information: READER ENQUIRY NO: 1219/0010

December 2019 |


The UK’s Leading Glass & Glazing Newspaper


When it comes to selling doors, the best way to demonstrate how a door will look is to show how it will look. This is the philosophy that Midlands based Fabricator, Central RPL, took when developing their brand-new door designer which is being launched to help customers sell their two new composite door products – TimberCoreTM and ThermaCoreTM – more effectively.

“While every fabricator thrives to sell the best products, Central’s philosophy goes beyond that,” explains Amy Jansen, Marketing and Projects Manager at Central RPL. “We also pride ourselves on providing the knowledge, support and marketing collateral for our customers to succeed. So, when it came to the launch of our new composite door options, we wanted to make sure we also offered our customers the tools they needed to get the doors to market

effectively. We felt a door designer was the perfect tool for the job, however we wanted more than just showing the basic standard options on a limited range of properties, we really wanted to open this out. “Our new multi-level door designer allows the user to explore all the options available for both slabs. This includes all the designs, the stunning decorative glass options with side lights, fan lights and top lights, and the hardware options including Classic, Heritage, Architectural and Modern furniture ranges, locks and the latest innovations from Brisant Secure – Sweet and Ultion. It also creates a price through the design process which then generates a quote at the end. “Another important factor in choosing the perfect door is colour. Thanks to Central Inspired, our in-house painting service, the Central colour offering is comprehensive. Alongside the standard range of colours, the designer includes our most popular Central Inspired door colours as well as the ability

“With the door designer we hope to help our customers guide the end user through the process.”

to choose any RAL code. This means the end user can choose any colour for both the external and internal sides of the door and have the frame to match, and most importantly, the colours shown on the door preview will be the true shade of the chosen colour. “The door designer is not just a tool for the office. With the ability to brand the door designer with their company colours and logo, our customers can take an unpriced version of the designer to the end user’s house and go through the design process with them, bringing them into the process and offering them ownership from the start. And, with the ability to upload an image of the end user’s home, they can complete the design process by showing them what the door will look like once it is installed. “We understand that designing a new front door is a deeply personal thing for a homeowner as it is what greets family, friends and guests when they enter a home. With the door designer we hope to help our customers guide the end user through the process. For more information, call me today on 0121 500 0505 to talk through the options.” READER ENQUIRY NO: 1219/0011

DOORCO can supply colour, whatever your customers want it to be, in lead times that won’t slow you down.

T 01625 428 955 | December 2019







THE AWARD WINNING DOOR SLIDES INTO VIEW ALUMINIUM ROOF LANTERN The demand for the Korniche Aluminium Roof Lantern makes this Made for Trade product one of the most popular of 2019 with installers, builders and homeowners.

Loved by installers due to its fast, easy fitting and excellent strength through engineering the Korniche delivers unbeatable price points and bespoke sizes from 5 only working days from point of order! The Korniche brand has excellent marketing and customer service support. Generating leads for our trade customers through the Homebuilding & Renovating Shows and Real Homes magazine, featuring on media channels including the BBC making Korniche the Lantern of choice for many homeowners looking to build home extensions

Senior Architectural Systems has added further choice to its popular range of aluminium residential patio doors with the new PURe® SLIDE SL – a slimline version of the company’s patented sliding door which offers some of lowest U-values available. Developed to meet the growing demand for slim profile aluminium systems that offer wider views and maximum daylight, the new PURe® SLIDE SL features a narrow

50mm interlock. Despite boasting an interlock design that is nearly half the width of the standard PURe® SLIDE door, the new PURe® SLIDE SL still offers exceptional thermal efficiency, security and is available in the same large spans and weights Thanks to the innovative design of Senior’s patented PURe® system, which features an expanded polyutherane (PUR) thermal barrier, the new PURe® SLIDE SL aluminium door can achieve U-values as low as 1.08 W/m2K when calculated as a CEN Standard door. Further information is available via Senor’s website or by contacting the company’s regionally based team of technical sales advisors. Please visit or search for Senior Architectural Systems on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

The perfect roof lantern for the growing flat roof extension market – now is the time to become a Trade Partner and Installer of Korniche. READER ENQUIRY NO: 1219/0013



December 2019 |



WITH WARMCORE The Aperture Group has recently invested to offer more choice across its unique and added value WarmCore range. Robin Baker, MD of the core Aperture Business says: “My intention when I joined the team was to look closely at our product offering, refine it where necessary but most importantly, ask customers what they want and need, and then meet these needs. I’m delighted to announce that the first among these new product launches will be a new range of WarmCore Powder-Coated RALs and Woodgrain foils.

“The hybrid WarmCore aluminium system is now available in a choice of 6 new foils and 13 additional powder coated colours. The new range of ontrend foils includes Light, Ginger, Honey Oak in Super Matt, and Monument Oak, Amaranth and Macore in Matt. Our investment into a Graf Welder means WarmCore is also now fusion welded for unrivalled quality and superior aesthetics. We see WarmCore as a real jewel in our business and look forward to announcing more new developments to the range imminently.”

STUGA PRODUCT REVIEW – ZX5 AUTOMATIC SAWING & MACHINING CENTER Stuga built its first automatic sawing & machining center in 1999. Each new model has improved from the last with the latest being the ZX5. Launched in 2017 the ZX5 replaced the ever successful ZX4 which had been built since 2005. The ZX5 is the culmination of years of knowledge and experience built up by Stuga with a number of innovative features. The key feature is a new gripper system which has a very positive location on profile with


tooling that ensures the gripper locates and therefore references in exactly the same position on both sawing and machining modules. This not only creates perfect accuracy but also the strong grip allows the full power of the ZX5 to be exploited without gripper slip. The ZX5 is able to produce well in excess of 800 windows per week with accuracy and consistency. This is the fastest, most reliable and most accurate Stuga machine to date.



dormakaba LAUNCHES NEW STYLISH SECURITY SOLUTION OF ALUMINIUM SYSTEMS IS HERE Stylish with intuitive access control, the new Argus range from dormakaba is a contemporarily designed barrier system that allows fluid movement whilst providing a first line of access security.

If you’re looking for an aluminium system to give you a competitive advantage in the retail or light commercial sectors, take a look at Stellar.

The Argus range is the ultimate combination of efficient functionality and sleek styling, available in three models – Argus 40, Argus 60 and Argus 80. Featuring glass or plastic door leaves, the Argus 60 and 80 models also feature soft ambient lighting options to complement interior design and create a warm, welcoming entrance for authorised visitors.

Launched in 2019, Stellar is the brand-new aluminium window and door system from Epwin Window Systems. Designed from scratch, Stellar offers compelling advantages over rival aluminium systems and was designed with fabricators and installers in mind. It is the only aluminium system to offer a genuinely fully flush casement window and its frames are 30% slimmer than rival systems, giving a glass area that’s 12% bigger. Stellar is a pre-gasketed system with innovations such as the patent-pending

reverse butt joint that makes fabricating internally glazed windows simple. It uses approximately 30% less aluminium than comparable systems and is up to 20% faster to fabricate. And features such as patent-pending knock- | December 2019

in beads make installation much simpler too. For more information, visit, call 0845 300 93 56 or email READER ENQUIRY NO: 1219/0017

Through the new motor drive system, barrier operation is also whisper quiet, so that in busy lobby areas with multiple lanes the Argus is not intrusive, which helps create a more relaxed reception for staff and visitors. Through class leading power consumption, building energy efficiencies are improved. Flexible for a variety of applications, the passage widths are adjustable up to 1,600mm – so they are able to suit any building or access requirements. For increased security, the door leaves can also be provided up to 1,800mm height, whilst still retaining a 200mm ground clearance. Argus also contains highly efficient segregation sensors ensuring the door leaves move exactly before and after a person has passed through, not while they are inside. The Argus 40 sensor utilises a horizontal strip that is able to detect people from 300mm away, with an optional hip height sensor to optimise this. For more information, please visit READER ENQUIRY NO: 1219/0018



STYLISH, SECURE – AND FABRICATOR FRIENDLY With a range of six popular styles to suit traditional and contemporary properties, unparalleled security thanks to a rigid polymer sub-frame, high density core and tough GRP skin – plus exceptional durability and unrivalled aesthetics – nxt-gen composites from Distinction offer everything that homeowners want from a high-quality entrance door. And while the nxt-gen range has market leading kerb appeal, it is also designed to make life easier for fabricators, thanks to design features that reduce waste and improve manufacturing efficiency. Offering a significant reduction in machining time, nxt-gen doors come pre-apertured, so they only need sizing and prepping for hardware,

Lantern 2.0 from Atlas is the slimmest, lightest, finest looking and most energy efficient lantern that it has ever created. Slimmer than many other lanterns, the new Lantern 2.0 is the best roof lantern available on the market. It features a fully aluminium, thermally broken ringbeam, which has been reduced in size by 55% to make it lighter, better looking and more thermally efficient than ever.

a feature that reduces waste and is kinder to the environment in the process. In addition, a unique glazing system offers fabricators savings on glazing time, using half

the amount of glazing consumables, and features a bead that sits flush with the door’s surface for a crisp, clean look and stunning aesthetics.

Silka is presented with seven colour options, including a wide assortment of internal colour choices. Design variations can be viewed via Apeer’s online Doorbuilder facility, with orders then able to be placed through Apeer’s separate Doorbuilder ordering system.

viewed from both above and below. For continued external elegance, the height of the ridge top cap has also been trimmed by nearly 50%. Lantern 2.0 is perfectly proportioned with the internal ridge, transom rafters and hips all the same 40mm width. And, unlike some alternative systems, there is no boss or hood to intrude on the roof ’s slim-line ridge. Delivering everything that homeowners want in a roof lantern, Lantern 2.0 is a premium product that’s easy for installers to sell. Call 02838 327741 or visit READER ENQUIRY NO: 1219/0020

TO INFINITY AND BEYOND With continued demand for flush sash products, trailblazing Dekko Window Systems extended their Infinity uPVC collection with a brand-new door option. The Infinity Flush Door is Dekko’s unique stamp on Deceuninck’s Heritage Flush Door, and combines best-in-class weather performance and energy efficiency with the only dedicated open-out flush door sash on the market.

Unveiled at the 2019 FIT Show, Apeer’s smooth skinned Silka door range offers the aesthetic appeal of a premium aluminium offering, combined with the benefits of a double rebate, triple glazed 70mm composite, and at a much more competitive price point. Comprising eight door styles, including a striking solid version, the Silka range includes a choice of six stainless steel, and two all glass glazing trims – which are unique to the Silka collection – plus four further design options featuring unique horizontal lines.

The lantern features a refined ridge topcap, which is 25% thinner than before, to achieve incredibly slim sightlines when



The new Infinity Flush Door is available from Dekko in 30 different colourways as standard. With the option to have Dekko’s renowned Infinity finish with seamless welds, the Infinity Flush Door expertly complements the Infinity window collection and the complete Residence Collection which are all available from Dekko.

Apeer’s managing director, Asa McGillian, said: “We’ve had an overwhelming response to Silka since its launch at the FIT Show, thanks to its smooth matt finish that really does make it indistinguishable from aluminium. And thanks to its contemporary design and frameless glass options, it’s a great match for our Lumi systems as well!” READER ENQUIRY NO: 1219/0021




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NEW APPS EXTEND ADMINBASE INTO THE FIELD AdminBase is the chosen sales and management system of hundreds of UK window and door installers. Now a range of dedicated apps has extended the system to include field functions including sales, surveying, installation and remedial services. The AdminBase mobile apps allow these key tasks to be managed and completed in the customer’s home, with all inputs

sent automatically into the central system via the latest mobile computing technology. All entries are made using intuitive, simple inputs easily managed by even technophobic operators, with data sent and recorded centrally to ensure accurate records are available throughout the process.


WITH CUSTOMADE’S QUOTE-TO-WIN APP Quote-To-Win is the industry’s first lead and quote conversion app from Customade Group. Developed exclusively by a team of software experts, this groundbreaking app helps installers to seamlessly manage their leads and quotes so they reduce the amount of time spent on sales administration and ultimately win more business.

Suitable for all installation operations from a single user to hundreds of operators, via affordable monthly subscription, the AdminBase apps eliminate duplication and errors caused by transcribing hand-written notes, therefore reducing time, cost and the potential for mistakes at every stage. Apps designed specially for canvassers, sales representatives, surveyors, fitters and service engineers utilise simple forms that automatically take the user through preset stages of their particular function. The apps allow contract-legal signatures to be collected and transmitted directly back into the central AdminBase system.

Available on desktop and mobile platforms, Quote-To-Win is easy to use, yet has powerful features built in to convert quotes to sales 24/7 and help installers to work smarter and achieve profitable growth. Installers can now easily nurture leads, send and track quotes and communicate with prospects. The app can be fully personalised and gives real time access to quotes, which are all conveniently stored in one place. Quote-To-Win automatically follows up potential customers and even sends reminders to them to help increase conversion rates. The app is part of Customade’s industryleading digital package, which has been created to give installers a competitive edge in a fast-evolving market. Call 01453 707272 or visit

For more information go to: READER ENQUIRY NO: 1219/0023


POLYFRAME DELVERS BEST MORLEY GLASS & GLAZING SL16 EVER HOMEOWNER GUARANTEE Polyframe teamed up with leading household brand Yale to bring the industry’s best ever homeowner guarantee. The ‘Polyframe Protection Promise’ is backed by Yale and delivers up to £6,500 in the event of a break-in through correctly configured Polyframe windows and doors. The launch marked a new age for British

homeowners, giving them total reassurance that their doors and windows are guaranteed to provide the very highest levels of protection. Polyframe is the only fabricator in the industry to offer this level of cover, which guarantees a £2,000 compensation

for homeowners and entitles them to up to £2,000 towards their home insurance excess, up to £2,000 towards repairs or replacements, and a refund of up to £500 on call-out fees. The Polyframe Protection Promise guarantee covers approved Yale PAS 24 and Secured by Design hardware configurations and Mila door hinges which are fitted to Polyframe’s windows and doors. The widest in the industry, the Polyframe PVCu range is available in a choice of five market-leading profiles from REHAU, VEKA, Halo, Duraflex and Eurocell. Call 01453 707272 or visit READER ENQUIRY NO: 1219/0025 | December 2019

The SL16 from Morley Glass & Glazing is a slimline ScreenLine® integral blind system that is ideal for use in composite doors and vertical sliding windows. The system’s 10mm slats make it the first integrated blind system that is suitable for use in a 16mm cavity. Based on the technically superior ScreenLine integral blind system from

globally renowned manufacturer Pellini, the Uni-Blind SL16 includes the slider controlled SL16S Venetian, as well as the SL16C Venetian with cord control, which is exclusive to Morley Glass in the UK. Both are available in white, beige and silver and come complete with the additional features that users have come to expect from the business, such as warm edge spacer bars as standard. All of Morley Glass & Glazing’s domestic blind systems, including solar and brushless motorised, are available for complementary delivery in an unrivalled 10-12 working days from 11am on any Friday. READER ENQUIRY NO: 1219/0026


EDGETHERM RS BY EDGETECH Edgetherm RS is the ground-breaking new rigid spacer from warm-edge experts Edgetech. Edgetherm’s innovative design seeks to overcome one of the biggest flaws of more conventional products. Over years, strong winds or sharply fluctuating temperatures can exert a pumping motion on IGUs, causing PIB sealant between the spacer and glass edge to migrate into the unit.

COMPLETE ALUMINIUM WINDOWS PREMIUM UPVC AND RESIDENTIAL DOOR RANGE aïr MOD-Series is a unique range of premium aluminium windows and residential doors, harmonised into one holistic system which offers boundless possibilities for homeowners. The name MOD fits the new concept – MODern and MODular. In the collection, there are MOD Contemporary, MOD

Flush, MOD Heritage, MOD Heritage Flush and MOD Tilt & Turn windows and residential doors. The collection perfectly suites with aïr widespan, bi-folding, sliding and lift & slide doors, making it the top choice for whole home projects, including new-builds, self-builds and large-scale renovations. The range

PIB is hugely important to ensuring unit durability over time – and the more PIB movement that occurs, the more likely a unit is to fail. That’s why Edgetherm RS has been specifically designed to prevent that migration. Devised and manufactured in the UK by Edgetech’s technical experts, the product’s innovative side-groove contains the PIB and channels any movement towards the secondary seal, not into the unit itself.

features flush sash and heritage options, with slimmer sightlines for larger glazed areas. As with all aïr products that are manufactured exclusively by Everglade Windows, aïr MODSeries uses extreme engineering to deliver impressive performance, captivating design and boundless possibilities. aïr MOD-Series is easy for installers to sell and fit. Having one simplified system means customers needn’t worry about learning multiple systems when selling the benefits to homeowners and equally, installers have just one technical manual to keep things simple. Tel: 020 8998 8775 READER ENQUIRY NO: 1219/0028

That same groove also allows for easier, more consistent PIB application, which in turn leads to higher productivity and reduces the potential for human error.


It’s a simple but ingenious solution to a common issue.

Jack Aluminium’s TRL90 Rooflight has reached an impressive landmark, with 10,000 metres of profile sold.

For more information, please visit products/edgetherm-rs/.


The fantastic success of the TRL90 flat rooflight is down to its single profile design. It takes just four lengths to manufacture a rooflight, making it a favourite of both fabricators and installers. Often the four lengths are cut from just one length of profile, keeping waste to a minimum. TRL90 flat rooflight has proven popular with customers, thanks to the design

which makes it easy to fabricate and easy to fit. It is popular with both domestic and commercial projects. The flush finish and modern, architectural style make it the perfect product for bringing extra light into spaces without adding height to buildings. Performance is top-notch, with frame U-Values of just 1.0 W/m2K and the system is compatible with double or triple glazed units.

One Collection windows and doors were launched by Everglade Windows following customer demand for premium uPVC products that offer more choice for more opportunity. When Everglade Windows asked installers what they were being questioned about most by homeowners, the things that came out on top were more colour options, extra design details and flush windows. One Collection has all this and more. One Collection first launched with 26 colourway options, which was met by a great response from customers, leading to Everglade Windows expanding the range to include an impressive 30 colourways as standard, with many others available on special order. To help installers to sell the benefits of One Collection, Everglade Windows has created a full series of sales and marketing support. The One Collection range includes OCOvolo, OC-Chamfered and OC-Flush windows and doors, along with the OCPatio doors, which are all PAS 24:2016 and Secured by Design certified and offer U-values as low as 1.2 W/m2K. Tel: 020 8998 8775





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is your imagination... ... is your



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ECOSlide is the award-winning vertical-sliding sash window from Victorian Sliders, offering a balance of traditional aesthetics, first-class thermal performance, and exceptional value for money. ECOSlide is extremely secure – unlike many competitor products, it uses top and bottom toughened glass as standard, and features an anti-jemmy bar. It’s versatile – available in a vast array of foils and any RAL colour, and offering the option for plant-on or run-through sash horns. It comes with ‘A’ Window Energy Ratings as standard, and A+-rated with an Argonfilled unit. It’s available with just a 7-day turnaround, and a 10-year guarantee. And best of all, you can benefit from all this, at any size up to 1300mm by 2400mm, for just £199.

If you want exceptional sash windows that don’t just meet but exceed all current legislative requirements, speak to installers’ choice Victorian Sliders today. For more information visit or call 01269 846200. READER ENQUIRY NO: 1219/0032



Reflecting changes in the composite door supply chain and growth in market demand, in 2019 DOORCO reported its prepping facility was up 40% on 2018, and that a third of all prepped doors were sold with glass.  

DOORCO’s bespoke glazing service is now an integral part of their business with customers relying on them for complex orders, to support volume production or to help with bespoke glazed door designs. DOORCO can

achieve this thanks to its huge stockholding and warehouse facility, and experienced glazing team.

Selecta Systems Sales Director, Andy Green, says that identifying and recognising customers’ needs is vitally important to both our customers and Selecta’s success. During 2018, a large trade customer’s requirement for a simplistic frame connection system, to suit their installer network, resulted in a brand new product development to accompany the Advance 70 System. This saw the design and 2019 launch of LINK70, a pre-glazed frame connection system, which makes for simpler and faster installation of pre-glazed frames on site. The innovative LINK70 Frame Connection System comprises of a 24mm straight frame connector, square post and variable angle frame connector and also a frame to cill connector. The introduction of LINK70, mostly for the trade fabricator, has helped to reduce an installer’s average installation time of a standard conservatory by approximately 20%. It’s these kind of customer focused developments that have opened up new opportunities to both the fabricator and Selecta. Create that LINK and find out how to #bepartofthefamily by calling us on 0121 325 2100 or by emailing

DOORCO’s commitment to keeping close to market trends by talking to customers regularly means they knew exactly what to keep in stock over 2019. Their best-selling glass lines have been the Clear, Obscure and Satin ranges so they’ve boosted stock accordingly. In addition to 40,000 door blanks, they now hold significant amounts of glass in a variety of permutations, so stock glass can be off-the-shelf, glazed or unglazed, and despatched from three days.


Quickslide heralded the launch of a true heritage window with the unveiling of its new Legacy VS, a next generation replacement vertical slider that offers a raft of period detailing, fully mechanical joints, extensive colour and foiling options - and of course, Quickslide's market leading manufacturing and quality of service. Developed in partnership with Spectus, the Legacy VS includes a highly authentic ovolo shape to the frame, bead, sash and cill, together with Georgian bars, run through sash horns, an external weather bar, a deep bottom rail and flush gaskets to emulate traditional glazing. With the Legacy VS, discerning homeowners have a choice of standard weld, seamless Graf weld or fully mechanical timber look butt joints, plus a wealth of colour options that includes a further four standard woodgrains to Quickslide's offer, including agate grey, English oak, nut tree and smooth grey. Colour matched wool pile seals are designed to ensure a perfect finish, and when glazed with 24mm IGUs, Legacy can provide Band A, Window Energy Ratings. Adrian Barraclough, Quickslide's chairman, said: "The launch of Legacy means we have further extended our established VS offering and cemented our position as the manufacturer of choice for replacement VS box sash windows."

More glass and glazing service developments will follow in 2020. READER ENQUIRY NO: 1219/0033




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THE SKY’S THE LIMIT FOR ICOTHERM 2019 has been eventful at Icotherm, no more so than because of the launch of its own hybrid solid roof, Icoview. Icoview had been a long time in the making. It had been on the R&D agenda for some time before we started developing it, as

we had to move to new, larger, premises, bringing its own challenges. But we are very proud of the product, and our customers our keen to promote it to homeowners. Our very first showroom sample attracted multiple

enquiries during the installation and is bringing regular monthly orders

A TOUCH OF COLOUR With the industry’s un-dimming demand for stylish colours and finishes, 2019 saw VEKA UK unveil a unique ultramatt finish that feels as good as it looks.

SPECTRAL uses next generation surface technology to create an extraordinary finish unmatched by any other matt PVCu surface on the market.

SPECTRAL has already proven to be a valuable sales tool for VEKA UK customers.

Marketing Director Dawn Stockell explains: “Available in Graphite Black, Anthracite Grey, Platinum Grey and Umbra Grey, SPECTRAL is unlike anything else in the industry. It uses ground-breaking technology to create an ultrasmooth, ultramatt finish with unrivalled performance benefits.

The Icoview option is available with glazed units of up to 4000 x 800mm and can be supplied in single units or multiple units side by side. Double Pods will offer a beam for additional strength and will give the ceiling a modern feel when left exposed. The glazing tracks and gaskets are preinstalled for ease, ready for the unit. All units must be squared edge.

“Having identified a trend towards smooth finishes that emulate aluminium, VEKA invested in R&D to develop this highly durable matt surface finish to appeal to changing customer needs. It is highly scratch resistant, has anti-fingerprint properties, and is extremely resistant to UV light, extreme weather conditions and harsh chemicals. Dirt can be wiped away with ease, for a product that stays beautiful for longer.

Icoview will fit most standard Icotherm roof system sizesand will require a check of roof loading calculation for compliance.

“By absorbing rather than reflecting light, SPECTRAL offers a denser, richer quality of colour, and because it is velvet to the touch, it feels just as good as it looks.” Email or visit



The Central RPL Lineal Range of Flush Casement windows has been one of Central’s most popular products in 2019, reflecting the demand seen in the market. Already making up around 12% of sales, the Lineal Classic and Lineal Heritage windows provide both top performance and stunning aesthetics for heritage and traditional applications.

These beautiful windows are available with either seamless, near-invisible welded corners, or in fully mechanical welded versions for a more engineered timber feel.

Central RPL has streamlined the process and are now offering the full flush sash package. This means installers can rely on Central’s expertise



and sell Flush Casements with confidence. Central RPL has made Lineal available on standard 5-day turnaround, in colours including the Central Inspired range, foils and wood effect, traditional and heritage hardware options, as well as multiple glazing solutions including astragal bars and even integral blinds. Aluminium shaped windows offer a massive opportunity for installers, but many don’t want to take on jobs, because they can’t guarantee it will make them money. AluFoldDirect has invested in latest technology so that arched and shaped windows are delivered with absolute certainty. With fully aluminium frames, super slim sightlines and larger glazed areas, these aluminium shaped windows give unique character to both renovation and new build projects.

READER ENQUIRY NO: 1219/0038 | December 2019

Cutting-edge technology is used to achieve the perfect arch, creating bespoke aluminium shapes to exact specifications.

Each window features slim aluminium frames, enhanced thermal efficiency, and they are available in any RAL or B.S. colour. To launch the new aluminium shaped windows, AluFoldDirect has gone back to Play School with a fantastic new video to mimic the legendary TV show. You can watch the video here: watch?v=7QphNeg7LOk&t=1s Tel: 01706 260700 READER ENQUIRY NO: 1219/0039



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Resurgence, the UK’s first PVCu doublerebated flush sash window system, has taken the timber replica market by storm. With unrivalled energy efficiency and four different fabrication

options, Liniar’s latest system provides the ultimate in versatility for fabricators. The Resurgence PVCu flush sash window from Liniar arrives in a wide range of coloured foils, including woodgrain

for a true heritage appearance and solid colours for a stunning contemporary finish. In addition to mechanical jointing, Resurgence was designed to use unique Timberweld® technology, providing a handcrafted finish whilst offering fabricators time-saving operations and a stunning timber alternative window.

MAKING ROOM FOR RÄUM Dekko Window Systems has continued to help ambitious installers target the high end of the market with their exclusive Räum aluminium collection. Offering ultra-slim sightlines, smooth operation and first-class thermal performance, the Räum collection includes luxury aluminium windows, entrance doors, bifolds and large-span sliding doors.

complete high-end package for today’s discerning homeowner. Registered Räum installers can also take advantage of Make It Yours, Dekko’s exclusive marketing support package. This high-end package includes dynamic and powerful point of sales material, showroom support and online content incorporating customer branding and their unique brand message.

With demand for aluminium showing no signs of waning, Räum provides the

SGM Windows is one of the first fabricators to manufacture Resurgence, and Director Stuart Bull has been delighted with the response he’s had so far. “The feedback from installers has been superb,” Stuart comments. “Everyone genuinely loves the look – and how closely it replicates timber.” READER ENQUIRY NO: 1219/0040



2019 has seen RegaLead come up with a total sidelight package, solving what to date has often been a major headache and money pit for installers when it comes to composite doors. Market data suggests that one in four UK entrance doors has or has had a sidelight, and if you add to these stats, the number of new sidelights being specified in refurbishment and new build projects, it’s a big, potentially profitable retail market. But traditionally it has been a market

full of technical difficulties and such a complex supply chain that installers have shied away.

That’s why RegaLead has reinvigorated this market so installers can add value by offering a package of products for sidelights, including custom matching decorative glass, standard sized composite sidelight designs, and the latest addition, our etched numbers and letters service. More developments on RegaLead’s sidelight offering to follow next year.


Buying aluminium windows, bi-folding, sliding, French and entrance doors is quicker and easier than ever before thanks to a revolutionary new development from industry leader REAL Aluminium. REAL Aluminium teamed up with top industry software developer First Degree Systems to design, develop and build the new online quoting and ordering system, which allows installers to quote and order REAL products anytime and anywhere when they are online. They can now save valuable time, increase productivity and access everything they need at any time of the day.

Quoting that once took at least 24 hours has been reduced to less than five minutes. The most exciting aluminium software development to be unveiled this year, it is a breakthrough for firms wanting to enter the aluminium market. As well as simplifying what was once a time consuming and complicated process of quoting and ordering, the software minimises the risk of error and allows installers to design and specify their projects with confidence. Call 01453 707272 or visit




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Style & elegance with Rio flush fit windows Your home is the heart of your family, creating moments you will treasure forever. Our stylish and elegant Rio flush fit offers inspiration and a modern look, creating a seamless alternative to aluminium and a quality finish to your home. Windows. Reinvented for modern life. | December 2019



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Quickslide, the company that popularised high quality PVC-U replacement vertical sliding box sash windows in the UK home improvement sector, is now offering the Legacy VS window to further extend the company’s penetration of the Heritage sector.

REHAU’s GENEO range of fibrereinforced windows has been awarded the prestigious Product of the Year 2019 title by specialist architecture publisher Callwey Architekturverlag. The range has been recognised in the windows category by a highly-respected judging panel from the architecture and media sectors. In particular, the judges were impressed with its use of sustainable materials to produce a window system with outstanding energy efficiency. The latest of REHAU’s innovative polymer-based solutions with high-tech fibrecomposite window profiles developed over the past decade, the GENEO system was launched earlier this year and features the latest iteration of REHAU’s RAU-FIPRO X material. The patented RAU-FIPRO X profile core allows maximum stability, without the need for steel reinforcement. By combining REHAU’s built-in IVS reinforcement system with an optimised profile design, there are no thermal bridges, allowing GENEO to achieve a U-value of up to 0.79 W/m²K and reduce energy consumption by up to 76%. The GENEO system has also been designed to easily incorporate a range of intelligent REHAU solutions, including Smart Guard security technology and its INOVENT intelligent ventilation system which is available in Europe. Because of the high-tech RAU-FIPRO material, floor-to-ceiling windows up to 2.80m tall and 1.60m wide can be created with specially designed composite material. These dimensions were once considered impossible without aluminium profiles. As a result, a new benchmark for coloured frame designs has been set too, with new heights of up to 2.70m available.

Quickslide has developed Legacy based upon Spectus Systems’ widely acclaimed VS after researching the market for more than two years for a window that could form the basis for what Quickslide Chairman Adrian Barraclough, says would become ‘the finest replacement vertical sliding box sash window available on the market today’. REHAU’s colour creative range boasts over 400 designs. By combining the aluminium cladding with a profile from the wood-effect range, designers can give their windows a classy look with the blend of Alu Top exterior and the wood effect interior. The colour creative range looks and feels like wood, but has the added benefits of being durable and easy to maintain. Peter Kotzur, REHAU’s Director of Marketing for Window Solutions says: “The GENEO has paved the way for architects to have more freedom than ever before to create the perfect windows. Our highlydeveloped materials expertise allows us to create flexible, smart window systems that meet the most demanding standards in terms of design and aesthetics. “The award is further proof of this, because homes that win Callwey Verlag awards are the acknowledged benchmark for quality in the German-speaking world.” For more information about the awardwinning GENEO fibre-reinforced window profile system, visit gb-en/pvcu-windows-doors--compositecurtain-walling/windows/tilt-and-turnwindows/geneo READER ENQUIRY NO: 1219/0045

Legacy is offered as a ‘true heritage’ window and one that builds upon the established credentials that the Spectus VS has long enjoyed with a reputation for being the benchmark for PVC-U vertical sliding windows. Quickslide has paid great attention to the exceptional detailing of authentic period aesthetics, which are the most important criteria for buyers of this style of window. Key aesthetic features include the authentic ovolo shape to the frame, bead, sash and cill with a wide range of detail customisations including Georgian bars, run through sash horns, external weather bars and a deep bottom rail together with flush gaskets that emulate traditional glazing, all of which have been researched to ensure authenticity. The period features, including Quickslide’s choice of standard weld, seamless Graf weld and fully mechanical timber look butt joints, belie up-to-the-minute glazing performance that provides Window Energy Ratings of Band A when glazed with 24mm IGUs, whilst the latest colour-matched wool pile seals ensure that every single window is perfectly finished. The system also adds a further four standard woodgrains to Quickslide’s extensive offer, including Agate Grey, English Oak, Nut Tree and Smooth Grey. The company’s in house colour-

We are delighted to be working with Spectus and a team of people that share our passion and commitment to what we do.” bonding and bending facilities will further extend the possibilities offered by Legacy. Additionally, Quickslide’s highly evolved commitment to customer service will also provide an additional edge in the market. “We have taken a great deal of time and care to add a VS that further extends the quality and performance offered by our established Renaissance VS, strengthening the position of Quickslide as a UK market leader for replacement vertical sliding box sash windows,” says Adrian. “Every element of frame fabrication and finishing is carried out in-house at Quickslide by a team of people that understand what they are doing and the importance of that to our customers. But we need a superb product to which we can add that Quickslide ‘difference’. We are delighted to be working with Spectus and a team of people that share our passion and commitment to what we do.” READER ENQUIRY NO: 1219/0046

NHIC MEMBER, TRUSTMARK SCHEME IN NEW REGUALTIONS GIVES HOUSEHOLDERS MORE PROTECTION FOR HOME ENERGY IMPROVEMENTS The government’s Energy Company Obligation (ECO) regulations to make homes in the UK more energy efficient AND improve quality and installation standards across the energy industry have been formalised by parliament. The new regulations (ECO3: improving consumer protection) now includes NHIC Member, TrustMark as the only Government Endorsed Quality scheme. It means any contractors operating within the ECO environment, completing energy improvements on homes need to be registered with TrustMark and working under the requirements of the TrustMark


Framework Operating Requirement (FOR), providing householders with high levels of confidence and protection. The revisions of the ECO regulations were laid in parliament on Thursday 31 October 2019, coming into force on 1 January 2020. All contractors carrying out ECO energy improvement works should be registered with TrustMark by the new year. The regulations also require contractors carrying out work to input information about the job into TrustMark’s Data Warehouse, that will act as a repository of information about work undertaken in and around the property.

It has been proven that people who live in a safe and efficient environment are mentally and physically healthier, so we would like to congratulate TrustMark for working hard on behalf of the home improvement industry to improve quality and surety of delivery around energy efficient home improvements. The NHIC advocates home modernisation in line with energy efficiency and climate emergency targets, and plays a major role in raising the standard and quality of the home improvement industry. For more information about the National Home Improvement Council please visit


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1219/0048 | December 2019



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The new online quoting and ordering system from REAL Aluminium has helped one installer to smash all targets and achieve an incredible sales conversion rate of 85% on REAL Aluminium windows, doors and glazed roofing products.

As part of Thermoseal Group’s strategy to become a world leader in warm edge spacer market, the Group has purchased a new 2 acre production site in Wigan – the location previously owned by Global Glass. The new site is on Challenge Way, Martland Park in Wigan, which is a stonesthrow from the Group’s other Thermobar and Thermoflex Warm Edge Spacer manufacturing and warehouse sites.

Leicestershire-based aluminium specialist A14 Glass Rooms has also seen a fivefold increase in REAL Aluminium sales this year and boosted profit margins since it began quoting and ordering REAL products online. James Greenway, director at A14 Glass Rooms, explains: “It’s been a bumper year for us, which in no small part is down to the incredible support package we receive from REAL Aluminium. The tipping point for us was when we switched to online quoting and ordering from REAL – it has made the whole process of quoting and ordering products faster, easier and far more straightforward. We once had to manually create drawings and then wait two or three days for quotes to be processed, but now we can configure and quote products ourselves in a matter of minutes. “First impressions are important when you’re attracting new customers and being able to produce professional looking quotes so quickly has certainly enhanced our image and helped us to convert a very high percentage of quotes into profitable business.” James first saw the REAL online quoting and ordering system when it was unveiled at the FIT Show and was immediately impressed with the ease and speed with which quotes and orders could be managed. Having decided to commit to the free software, he went along to a day-long training seminar where he learnt how to use it. “The system is really easy to use and I went away knowing exactly how to accurately price and order REAL Aluminium products and speed up what was once a timeconsuming process. No installer wants to

make mistakes, especially with a premium product like aluminium, and this system minimises the risk of errors by guiding you through each stage of the quoting and ordering process. Moving to the new software was seamless and we’re now using it to produce up to 100 quotes a month. It is an invaluable asset to our business and I would definitely recommend it to another installer.” A14 is one of a growing number of REAL Aluminium installers who are using the new software to help them take control of their quoting and ordering, save valuable time, boost efficiency and access everything they need at any time of the day. Every installer that signs up for the software receives a tailored training session with a software expert. The training sessions are free of charge and are designed to help them get the most of out of the cloud-based system. To find out more about REAL Aluminium and how the new software can boost your business, call 01453 707 272, e-mail sales@customade. or visit REAL Aluminium is part of Customade Group, which operates nationwide and employs 1100 people in multiple manufacturing sites across the UK. The group also includes Polyframe (PVC-u), Atlas Glazed Roof Solutions (glazed roofs), Virtuoso Doors (composite and PVCu door panels), Hourglass Seal (sealed glass units), Stevenswood Trade Centre (trade counters) and Fineline Aluminium (specialist glazing).

Thermoseal Group Challenge Way site will now see extensive reconstruction to provide further expansion for: warm edge spacer production; development of the Group’s Technical Centre and EN1279 test facilities, as well as enhanced facilities for the growing production team. “We have been looking for the ideal site for expansion of our production facilities

for a while now, so when this site became available so close to our current facilities, it provided the ideal solution.” says Gwain Paterson, Managing Director at Thermoseal Group. “This Challenge Way development has come just at the right time to ensure that we can continue to meet the increasing demand for our energy efficient product portfolio and meet the likely increase in demand from the UK market brought about by revisions to Document L – the current consultation document suggests solutions which may require the specification of triple glazing in new properties. Should this go ahead, the requirement for triple glazing will mean double the volume of spacer bar and fittings within each IG unit and so greater demand from manufacturers of premium high performance warm

edge products such as ourselves.   “The plan now is to sit down with the Wigan team and ensure that the Challenge Way site is designed and developed to maximise production and development of our products whilst providing the best environment for our staff. “I’d like to take this opportunity to thank our customers for their continued business and assure them that we are working to develop our energy efficient products and services to suit the changing market for IG.” Thermoseal Group supplies over 2,500 IG Components and a wide range of IG manufacturing machinery. Contact them on 0845 331 3950 or Intl: +44 (0) 121 331 3950. Alternatively, visit www.thermosealgroup. com or e-mail us on sales@



PATIOMASTER SOUTH EAST REPORTS STRONG SALES GROWTH PatioMaster SouthEast has reported a 12% year-on-year sales growth. Simon Spiers, Director at the company, said: “We are an independent, family-run company that offers customers the best of both worlds: the ability to buy locally alongside the reassurance of a nationally respected and proven brand. As the patio door market continues to grow, we’re the obvious choice for fabricators and installers in our region and this is reflected in our sales growth.”

discovering what sliding patios have to offer when it comes to the trend for big expanses of glass. The sliding patio door delivers on this better than any other option. The construction allows for wider glazed panels and fewer vertical frames to break the view. It means a sleeker, cleaner look that maximises the light, no matter what the size of the door.”

Simon reports that the sales growth comes across the entire patio door range, including the latest addition to the portfolio, the Tripletrack system, which offers up to 25% more open space than a conventional patio door.

While doors of all sizes are seeing growth, one noticeable trend is around colour. Simon says: “Anthracite grey patio doors are almost becoming the default colour of choice with our customers. It’s a contemporary colour that fits into the design palette of today’s consumers and remains the number one requested colour.”

Simon comments: “As the market reports show, more and more consumers are

PatioMaster South East is based in New Romney, Kent and serves customers


in London, Kent, Brighton and the surrounding areas. It offers rapid order turnaround, outstanding technical and product support and, of course, the bespoke, precision-made doors for which PatioMaster is renowned. The PatioMaster business model offers the reassurance of a national brand and high quality, cutting edge products with the personal service of a local company. As PatioMaster South East’s sales show, it’s a model that many installers are finding appealing when it comes to tapping into the growing patio door market. Tel: 0808 101 4143 - READER ENQUIRY NO: 1219/0051

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• Steel reinforcement is used where needed, to add additional structural strength.

Introducing the revolutionary PREMIFOLD WINDOW & DOOR SYSTEMS PremiFold

The revolutionary PremiFold window and door systems. The result is a PAS 24 certified and Document Q compliant slide and swing door system and separate window solution for the modern home.

• PAS 24 certified and Document Q compliant • No visible hinges and hardware. door solution. • PremiFold harness existing C70 and O70 Gold® profiles.

• Incorporates both double and triple glazing.


• Capable of achieving large spans. • Single leg glazing bead is highly secure and easy to install on site. • Steel reinforcement is used where needed, to add additional structural strength. • PAS 24 certified and Document Q compliant door solution.


INNOVATION & ENERGY EFFICIENCY PremiFold is the latest in a long line of product innovations from Kömmerling. It’s quite simply a revelation in the way in which you can open windows and doors, helping to maximise ventilation, without compromising on security. It’s a slide and swing window and door system that is simple and easy to operate for consumers. Kömmerling and parent company, profine Group, also lead the way across Europe with their lead-free Greenline compound that was developed over 12 years ago. In the UK some Systems Companies still use lead as a stabiliser in their PVCu compound. At profine, we understand the importance of the environment in terms of harmful materials, recycling and energy efficiency.

A trading name of Thermal Window & Conservatory Roof Systems Ltd.

01226 294555 or email: paul@therm AVAILABLE IN A RANGE OF COLOURS!

A trading name of Thermal Window & Conservatory Roof Systems Ltd.

Please call: 01226 294555 or email: T C www.thermaltra 94777 E R I D L A DE

HE T T H T I W Fax: 01226 294777 EC DEAL DIRS R O T T H DIREC DWIRITECTOHRE!S! Unit 17 Redbrook Business Park, W Unit 17 Redbrook Business Park, Wilthorpe Road, Barnsley S75 1JN


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BIRMINGHAM HOSTS THE FINAL PIGS OF 2019 The wet weather and floods that hit the UK in early November could not dampen the spirits of our industry as they descended on the Pitcher and Piano in Birmingham for the final PiGS get together of 2019. There were lots of familiar faces as well as lots of new attendees and it was good to see the great support for PiGS that has also travelled to Manchester, the FIT Show, London, Glasgow and Atlanta during the year. Andy Ball of Balls2 Marketing, organisers of PiGs, said: “Birmingham PiGs always attracts a great crowd and it was a fantastic night. The bar was absolutely buzzing and it looked like there was lots of good conversations taking place. It was a very fitting way to round up what has been another superb year for PiGs and we’re already looking forward to an even busier 2020.” Sponsorship is vital for the success of PiGs. Every penny is put behind the bar and used to get the party started. A huge thanks to: All Glass Facades, AluFoldDirect, Aluminium Plastic Systems, ATB Systems Ltd, Kubu by Avantis, BetweenGlassBlinds, Bison, Build Show, CAB, Carl F Groupco, Cura Glass, DGCOS, Edgetech UK, Emplas, ERA Security, Extrudaseal, Fenster, Fire Glass UK, The Georgian Bar Company, Glass Express Midlands, Glastrosch, Glazpart, Ikon Aluminium, Improveasy, Independent Network, Kawneer, Kömmerling, Korniche, Masterframe, MiGlass, Regalead, Selecta Systems, Stuga, Supalite, Thermoseal Group, Total Hardware, Unique Window Systems, VEKA, Whizzle, Window Ware, and PiGs press partners: Double Glazing Blogger, Glass News, Glass Times, GGP, Vision, Windows Active and Window News. The 2020 dates will be announced soon and anyone who would like to know more about becoming a sponsor should contact sarah@ or call 07540 049655. Updates on PiGS can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.


Andrew Charlesworth, Profine Group, Donna O’Reilly and Michele Statham, Selecta Systems, Gary Tamburro and Brian McDonald, Profine Group

Back left to right: Matt Thain, Brian Thain, Andy Green. Front left to right: John Evans, Carl Benbow, Mark Walker, Michele Statham, Donna O’Reilly, Richard Reeves; all from Selecta Systems

Glass News’ Christina Shaw and Mike Bygrave, Roseview Windows

Emma Leaney, Charlotte Mercer, Iain Britton and Chris Alderson, all from Edgetech

Katie Wilson and Jason Scrivens, Profine Group; Mat Gibson, Chase Taylor Recruitment and Emma Champion, Glass News

Chris Kemp Inagas; Stephanie Tague, InsidetheBox Marketing; Kush Patel, Emplas and Phil Dewhurst Junior, Georgian Bar

Mark Pearce, KJM Windows; Emma Champion, Glass News and Ryan Johnson, Emplas

Brouha’s Susie Sinden with Adrian Barraclough and Sandra Berg, Quickslide, and Phil Dewhurst Junior, Georgian Bar

December 2019 |


The UK’s Leading Glass & Glazing Newspaper

Samantha Hill, Thermoseal and Phil Dewhurst, Georgian Bar

Mick Davies and Dean Bradley, Glazpart

Nationwide’s John Whalley and Darryl Cashmore

Pete Colclough, Camden and Eilidh Hudson, Garnalex

Iain Britton, Edgetech; Mel Jones, Vita Hardware; Alex Walker, Energy Saving Glass and Mike Whittam, Promac Machinery

Thermoseal’s Samantha Hill and Ian Duckworth

Mandy Westhead, Glass Times and David Gomersall, Fire Door Systems

Sarah Knight, FIT Show, Phil Dewhurst Junior, Georgian Bar, Guy Hubble, RegaLead, Gary Tamburro and Katie Wilson, Profine Group

Steve Goble, Hegla UK and Glenn Bicknell, MI Glass

Lee Marriot, Anglo European and Andy Ball, Balls2Marketing

Ed Frater, Purplex

Lauren Doyle, Balls2 Marketing; Gerald Batt, Window News and Simon Owen, Balls2Marketing

Chris Champion, Glass News; Phil Dewhurst Junior and Kush Patel, Emplas | December 2019

Nickie West, FIT Show with Jason Scrivens and Katie Wilson, Profine Group

Christina Shaw, Glass News and Nickie West, FIT Show



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Wanting to provide ostomy patients with a better quality of life, a comfortable place to recover from surgery and neutral environment to gain their independence and confidence with their stoma, online-based charity Stomawise chose to provide holiday homes with Liniar’s low maintenance decking as part of its Caravan Appeal. WHAT IS STOMAWISE? Helping to educate patients, families and the general public about the ostomy journey, stomas and living with a stoma, Stomawise seeks to be a hub of easy to access information and support. With advice about pre-treatment, surgery and, helpful tips and


tricks about living with a stoma, Stomawise is an invaluable resource for those dealing with the different forms of ostomy. What is the Caravan Appeal? Founder John Walsh began the ‘Caravan Appeal’, funded primarily by donations. Working alongside the NHS and healthcare professionals, Stomawise provides patients who’ve recently undergone ostomy surgeries with a free week’s stay in one of its caravans. These caravans provide a comforting space for patients to recover from their surgeries, and also work well as a space for those with stomas to increase their confidence and regain independence.

WHY LINIAR? For its most recent caravan purchase, the Stomawise team wanted to offer a space in the great outdoors that is low maintenance and durable – and that’s where Liniar comes in. Stomawise did their research about PVCu decking before choosing the company to go with and after finding Liniar decking kits on the internet and seeing how much

more aesthetically pleasing it was than the alternative, the choice was easy. In early October 2019, Liniar’s Jack Mayfield and Sam Johnson met with John Walsh for the installation of a Liniar deck onto its first caravan. The charity had chosen a stunning grey woodgrain PVCu deck on Liniar’s steel sub-frame, accented by forest green balustrades to match the caravan perfectly.

THE INSTALLATION On the morning of the installation the weather was a mix of cool, clear skies and absolute downpours. Jack commented, “While the weather was a challenge, the installation went really well. We had a few dry periods, but when it rained, it really came down!” “The installation wasn’t without other challenges apart from the weather. The access to the caravan site was restricted and required a patient driver to get the materials delivered.” John from Stomawise was delighted, not only with the deck but with the entire process, telling us, “We’re all really

impressed with the support we’ve received from Liniar and in particular Paul, Liniar’s delivery driver. He went above and beyond, helping to unload the kit in a difficult delivery situation.” The job was finished right before John Walsh was to head to Hamburg to lobby for additional funding for ostomy equipment to have on-hand in the caravan and for additional decks to be installed at its other caravans. Liniar’s decking comes in made-to-order decking kits and are designed to match perfectly with the company’s range of windows, doors and conservatories. It’s the ideal add-on for fabricators and fitters. Discover the Liniar range of partiallyrecycled PVCu decking with perfectly matching balustrades and stairs at www. For more information about the work Stomawise does to help people on an ostomy journey or how you can contribute, visit READER ENQUIRY NO: 1219/0053

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ESAB REDESIGNS PSF MIG/ MAG TORCHES FOR ENHANCED INDUSTRIAL PERFORMANCE IN THE STEEL WINDOW INDUSTRY The modernised PSF series of MIG/MAG welding torches from ESAB Welding & Cutting Products includes the new PSF 520W water-cooled torch. It features a 100% duty cycle rating at 500 A with both mixed gas and CO2, to take on demanding jobs in the steel window industry with wires up to 1.6 mm in diameter. The PSF 520W features a dual-circuit cooling system that brings cooling water all the way to the seat of the gas nozzle, as well as to the conductor tube. The torch stays cooler and more comfortable in high-heat and high arc-on time applications, such as pulsed MIG welding and using large diameter Flux-Cored wires. Additional benefits of reduced heat through dual-circuit cooling include better wire

feedability, longer consumables life, a more stable arc, lower spatter adhesion, easier cleaning and less risking of shielding gas turbulence. The PSF series also includes the PSF 420W water-cooled torch (100% duty cycle rating at 450 A) and four gas-cooled models (the PSF 260, PSF 315, PSF 415 and PSF 515) with ratings from 225 A to 450 A at 60% percent duty cycle. Cable length options include 3, 4 and 5 m. While the frontend has been completely redesigned, the wear parts remain fully compatible with the time-proven heritage PSF wear parts. This includes long-lasting contact tips made from a premium copper chromium zirconium alloy that resists wear so you can weld longer on a single tip.

ENGINEERED FOR EASIER HANDLING All PSF torches feature an ergonomic design that ensures a comfortable and firm hold

while helping avoid hand fatigue. The PSF 260 features a small, compact handle and rotatable neck so you can weld in more places without changing positions. The larger PSFs, including the water-cooled models, have rubberized soft-grip areas plus knuckle joints and spring supports that improve flexibility to reduce wrist strain. In addition to the premium PSF series, ESAB also offers an expanded and enhanced its series of MXL MIG/MAG torches for industrial-duty applications. ESAB boosted the duty cycle from 35 to 60% on aircooled models and, while the water-cooled models are rated at 100%. All MXL torches

feature knuckle joints, spring supports, an ergonomic rubberized soft-grip areas for handles on the MXL 341, 411W and 511W and a refreshed front-end design that accepts standard ESAB consumables. ESAB Welding & Cutting is a recognised leader in the welding and cutting industry. From time-honored processes in welding and cutting to revolutionary technologies in mechanised cutting and automation, ESAB’s filler metals, equipment, and accessories bring solutions to customers around the globe. For more information, visit READER ENQUIRY NO: 1219/0054




Working Days Lead Time Precision fabrication Reliable & efficient


Expert plan and estimating service

FREE Call: 01642 610799 GN - Roofs Half Pg advert 2020.indd 1 | December 2019


Quote turnaround within 2hrs


Competitive roof glass prices * Postcode restrictions apply

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DISCOVER A NEW WAY OF WORKING – DISCOVER BISON FRAMES Today’s installers often work with a wide range of suppliers which can prove challenging. As a result, manufacturers who offer both quality products and a reliable service are being sought more than ever. Marcus O’Boyle, Business Development and Marketing Manager at Bison frames discusses the benefits of partnering with Bison and the advantages it can offer to installers’ businesses. We are all familiar with that age-old business mantra ‘customer is king’. It serves to highlight the importance of customers in business. But in this ever-evolving, timepressed world ‘customer is king’ means more than just subscribing to good customer service – it means practising it too. In today’s competitive market, few companies can afford to let customer service slip as the knock-on effect can be felt throughout the supply chain, especially at installer-level. Goods that are wrong, late or even damaged affect not only your bottom line but also your

reputation. Call-outs, replacement costs and reputational damage will all have an impact on your business especially in an economic climate where everyone is choosing their suppliers more carefully. If you are one of the many installers who continues to experience poor customer service then perhaps it’s now time to act. At Bison Frames we continually invest throughout the business and have set up reliable systems to ensure we offer the highest quality products, quality checked and delivered on time and in full. This service commitment allows us to enhance the installer’s experience, profit and reputation. Furthermore, we support installers’ businesses at every level to ensure we meet the needs of our growing customer base.



We know that installers value a comprehensive product portfolio to allow them to offer a broad range of products into the consumer. The sale into the end-user is challenging. The customer of today is well rehearsed on what they want and unless you can show that you have something different to offer, the sale becomes even harder with just ‘me too’ products in your portfolio.

We offer a partnership approach to our customers. Not only is our product range one of the best in the business, we make sure we offer a high level of support too. For example, our GIN (Genesis Installer Network) has been designed to provide our retail installers with many growth benefits including qualified homeowner leads as a result of our targeted consumer marketing. On the other hand, some installers simply want a good product and a reliable service and we can certainly help there too. Every one of our products are manufactured to high, exacting standards and offer a fast turnaround so you can buy, supply and install products with complete confidence. Our industry needs customers to have peace of mind with a quality product and this is what the Bison team deliver.

Over the past few years we have witnessed an influx of products with very similar overall aesthetics with little to differentiate. But today’s customers are likely to demand something much more than a ‘me too’ product. Nothing is forever and replacement

is often inevitable whether driven by a desire for change in taste, improving thermal performance or simply because the product wears out. In the replacement window market, it is more likely to be the first two points, where consumers want something different while improving the energy efficiency of their home. The headline-grabbing products in Bison’s portfolio is The Genesis Collection: a range of meticulously crafted Aluminium and PVC-U window and doors that deliver the high-end products that today’s consumer is looking for and an added-value upsell for the installer. The Genesis Collection includes vertical sliding windows, flush casements, patio doors, entrance doors, bifolding doors and lantern roofs in a choice of PVC-U and aluminium. In short, the Collection offers everything the market wants: looks, performance, sustainability and value for money.


INVESTING FOR TOMORROW As a business, we continually invest to ensure we offer the latest products to satisfy our customers. As end-users become evermore educated about what’s on the market, it’s more important than ever to make sure that your portfolio features products that genuinely set you apart. We believe success isn’t just about meeting high quality manufacturing standards, a strong commitment to delivering a high level of customer service is equally important. To be successful we understand fabricators need to offer more, do more for their customers. Exciting new additions to the Genesis Collection coupled with Bison’s retail support and a comprehensive product / installer marketing schedule in 2020 means there has never been a better time to work with Bison Frames. READER ENQUIRY NO: 1219/0056

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ICOTHERM, 5 YEARS ON... Icotherm Roof Systems has reached the 5 years milestone, a feat for a company that started with just 3 people.

Originally only supplying what is now known as the Icoroof – our standard pitched roof, Icotherm now also offers solid roof options to suit all needs and tastes: Ico600, low pitch solution with a unique contemporary roof covering, Icoview, our very own hybrid roof and Icospan, the flat roof option, ideal for orangeries. Our success has not come to us on a plate, comments Anne-Marie Busch, Marketing Manager. We have invested heavily both in design and testing to ensure our roof systems perform efficiently, both thermally and structurally. Our complete range of roofs is building control compliant to make the installer and the homeowner’s life easier. 2019 has seen the introduction of highquality POS material support, with a

brand-new lifestyle brochure and hand-out, fantastic imagery, all to support our efforts to reposition our brand image to be more appealing to the homeowner market. We are proud to say that our customer base in one that values quality and performance, which allows them to sell true added value, and that our efforts are attracting the attention of strong retail names. In 2020 we will carry on with this effort, and bring yet more POS material, a new website, and maybe a thing or two that we cannot yet mention… ABOUT ICOTHERM: Icotherm Roof Systems is a trading name of Iconservatories Limited. Icotherm Roof Systems designs and manufactures a range of timber framed warm roof solutions for the trade. Our most popular solution, Icoroof – the pitched roof, has sold in the thousands since its inception in 2014. For further information contact AnneMarie at, or visit, 01204 773040.

Unpainted ridge beam for a beautiful touch to the inside of this gable




Discover the latest hybrid roof: Weatherproof in 2 hours Can be fully installed in only 8 hours

New cut tile service

Saving installers a lot of time on site

Nationwide deliveries



Within the UK

For a quote, please call us on 01204 773040, or email us on | December 2019




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Garnalex, the company that’s been attracting attention for the sheer scale of its investment in aluminium, and its ambition to re-invent aluminium windows and doors from the ground up for the 2020s, will launch its innovative Sheerline® window and door system in Q1 2020.

“Garnalex’ team of technical experts has redesigned the aluminium window from scratch, and the Sheerline system will revolutionise the way aluminium windows are fabricated, installed and sold,” says Garnalex CEO Roger Hartshorn. “We’re on a journey to transform fabricators’ and installers’ experience of buying aluminium systems and aluminium windows, by making them easier, faster and better to

Roger Hartshorn, CEO of Garnalex and the Technical Team

fabricate and install, and by making it easier to sell residential aluminium windows and doors. We also set out to create a very beautiful window, designed to appeal to installers and homeowners.”

Garnalex will begin extruding the Sheerline system in Q1 2020 at its state-of-the-art Nether Heage factory, on the grounds of the former LB Plastics site. The Sheerline name has close ties with both companies, as Roger explains: “LB Plastics, which is now part of the Garner Holdings group, originally registered the Sheerline name in 1971. Sheerline is the ideal brand for a new state of the art aluminium product range and I’m delighted this name is a nod to the two companies’ linked heritage.” Fabricators and installers can find out more about Sheerline from Garnalex and see #HistoryInTheMaking by signing up to Garnalex Ambassador workshops which start this December. The Garnalex window is fabricated quite differently from standard aluminium windows, so fabricators and installers will need to use special tools and bespoke software. We’re running these workshops so they can learn how, and visit the state-of-the-art factory. Contact Sales and Marketing Manager Eilidh Hudson at or visit www. for more information. Follow @GarnalexSystems and @SheerlineSystem. READER ENQUIRY NO: 1219/0059

DECEUNINCK’S HERITAGE COLLECTION IS A HIT WITH DEKKO’S CUSTOMERS Sales of Deceuninck’s iconic Heritage Collection are flying at Dekko Window Systems. The national trade fabricator says Deceuninck’s Heritage Flush Window and new Heritage Flush Door combine beautiful style with performance. Kurt Greatrex, Dekko Sales Director says: “Sales of Deceuninck’s Heritage Flush Window are going up and up – it’s a big hit with customers – and the new Heritage Flush Door is a fantastic addition. The door looks great and there are some superb design features like the double gasket mullion which gives outstanding weather

performance. Probably the best you can get on a flush door.” Deceuninck’s wide colour range is another benefit for Dekko. Kurt explains: “The Flush Window and Flush Door come in 30 colourways from stock, which is a great differentiator for Dekko. Colour has exploded with people moving away from shiny white windows and going for something different. We sell over 55% colour and rising – Agate Grey, Ultra Matt Grey and Cedar Grey are all very popular. We use a Graf welder for the Heritage Flush Window and Door and the finished product looks fantastic. Take a Deceuninck window in a beautiful foil made with the Graf welder, and it’s a real show-stopper! “Dekko is #TheHomeOfFlush and Deceuninck’s products give us a clear sales advantage. We’ve been with Deceuninck for 11 years and their products, support and service are invaluable.” For Dekko visit www.dekkowindows. com and follow @dekkowindows. For Deceuninck visit and follow @DeceuninckUK.

Deceuninck’s Heritage Collection is a hit with Dekko’s customers; pictured is the Heritage Flush Door



Anglo European, has said its customers are saving anywhere up to £200,000 a year by buyingin cut-to-size reinforcements direct, rather than going through their systems companies and cutting their own product. The figures based on customer modelling, reveal that larger fabricators, those manufacturing 1,500 frames plus, will comfortably save more than £100,000 a year in lower purchasing - but also manufacturing costs. The specialist supplier of galvanised reinforcements says that its research shows that even smaller customers should expect savings of around £10,000 a year, simply by buying reinforcement direct and an accompanying reduction in overhead. Paul Sullivan, Managing Director, Anglo European, said: “There are massive costs associated with buying reinforcements through your systems company. Unit price is higher, as sitting between the manufacturer i.e. people like us, introduces a handling fee. “But it’s the other costs for example, labour, wastage and skipping of material, which contribute to a far more substantial overhead.” Available for all leading PVC-U systems, in addition to the supply of full bar length, Anglo European offers cut-to-

Paul Sullivan, Managing Director, Anglo European

size reinforcement supply - delivered in only threedays from point of order. This it says is critical in supporting its customers in reducing overheads as Paul explained. “Cut-tosize bar length delivers incredible competitive advantage to our customers. They can take out labour and wastage instantly”, he said. “If you’re doing any volume you’re going to have someone on a saw. Throw in their salary and costs of employment and you’re looking at £30K a year. Buy-in cut-to-size reinforcement and that’s gone straight away.” The steel reinforcement specialist says that this means customers don’t have to tie-up capital in stock holding. Efficiencies in its own business have also allowed Anglo European to minimise its own operational costs and the price point of reinforcement to its customers. “We’re cutting reinforcement to size, for lots of different customers each and every day which means we can optimise usage. We don’t have lots of wastage”, said Paul. “That means that our

customers aren’t paying for steel they aren’t using.” Paul argues, however, that one of the biggest advantages of buyingin cut-to-size steel reinforcement is that its customers free-up floor space. “Whatever its size of your factory floor, your yard, warehousing - it’s never big enough. In buying cut-to-size reinforcement, space is instantly released without any increase in overhead”, Paul concluded. Anglo European is the UK’s leading manufacturer of steel reinforcements, couplers and bay poles for all leading PVC-U systems. Its products are manufactured inhouse in the UK using Britishmade steel, while it has also undertaken an extensive and continuous test programme. This means that reinforcements from Anglo European are manufactured in line with systems companies own standards and carry a 10year guarantee. For more information about Anglo European visit www.angloeuropeangroup. or call 0161 231 2354. READER ENQUIRY NO: 1219/0061

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SENIOR HAS IT COVERED WITH NEW FACTORY INVESTMENT As the popularity of coloured aluminium fenestration products continues to soar, Senior Architectural Systems has invested an additional £200k in its in-house powder-coating facility to improve the quality of its finishes. Senior already boasts one of the most technically advanced and environmentally efficient powder-coating facilities in the UK, and the latest investment is set to further enhance the service the leading manufacturer offers its customers. The recently completed improvement works include the complete overhaul of the existing vertical paint line, which has been updated with the latest parts, lubrication systems, control panels and track. Combined with Senior’s horizontal paint line, which is ideal for the quick turnaround of small batch coatings, the improved vertical paint line will now be able to coat on average 12,000 aluminium profiles per week. Commenting on the recent improvements, Senior’s production manager Mark Burton said: “As a company we are committed to giving our customers what they want, when they want it, and this latest investment in our in-house facility has been driven by the growing demand for powder-coated products. We have increased production levels and improved quality control which will help us deliver reliable results every time. The improvement works took place over the course of just one week and we are delighted to be back up and running and working on orders!”


Ideally placed to meet the requirements of larger commercial contracts, Senior has also seen an increase in demand for coloured doors and windows in the domestic residential sector. To support trade installers and their customers even further, Senior has developed its Signature colour guide to make it easier than ever to choose from the most popular shades. As Senior can powder coat its aluminium products in an almost limitless spectrum of colours, it is easy to create standard RAL colours or more bespoke designs. Senior’s advanced powder-coating offering also includes a number of high-performance finishes that help to boost the already impressive durability and strength of aluminium by giving the fenestration systems improved resistance from weathering and corrosion. Contractors can choose from standard matt, satin or gloss finishes or for a traditional metallic look, anodised and mill finishes are also available. In keeping with the latest architectural design trends, Senior is also able to provide guidance on the new generation of bespoke decorative and textured finishes, as well as specialist coatings such as those that offer anti-bacterial properties or higher resistance to exposure to UV light and humidity. For more information about Senior, visit or search for Senior Architectural Systems on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. READER ENQUIRY NO: 1219/0063

Retail installer County Windows has just completed the installation of 26 Optima windows, two sets of Optima French doors with side screens and a single Optima residential door in a stunning new build detached property in Herefordshire. Mitch Luckman, owner of County Windows, said: “We are delighted with the results of this build. It was a oneoff development from local developer S A Lancett Carpentry and Building, who we have been working with since the business was formed over 15 years ago”. The spec of the project was extremely high end. The use of Optima in anthracite grey with white interior delivered everything that was needed and more.” County Windows has been a Profile 22 installer for over 15 years and Mitch is clear how he feels about the Optima system: “It’s the best on the market. It’s great for consumers and it’s great for us as a business too.” Mitch says the Optima system’s aesthetics fit perfectly with all house styles and it’s a very popular choice with consumers. Optima also offers exceptional performance in energy efficiency, weather protection and security, to keep homes perfectly protected. As well as the aesthetics, Mitch also praises how easy Optima is to install: “The products are very uniform so the range suites together perfectly.” Mitch continues: “Optima is a well-designed system that is easy to sell, easy to install and offers a highend finish every time. We couldn’t ask for anything more.” County Windows is a family-owned company based in Malvern, Worcestershire.

Its commitment to installing quality products at competitive and realistic prices has seen it become one of the area’s most trusted names. County Windows purchase their Optima Windows and Doors from their manufacturing partner Central RPL, one of the Midlands largest, trade fabricators. Martyn Elwell from Central RPL, commented: ”We are able to support our retail installers’ projects in the commercial and new build markets with our experience and wide product offering. With Profile 22 as our partner, we feel it’s the perfect combination for installers who are looking at entering these markets to complement their existing retail business.” Optima from Profile 22 was developed to give fabricators and installers everything they need to compete in the market. As Mitch’s comments and the results of the Herefordshire development show, it’s certainly doing that for County Windows. Tel: 0808 101 4143 READER ENQUIRY NO: 1219/0064



After enjoying a successful outing at the 2019 FIT Show, integral blinds manufacturer Morley Glass & Glazing is getting ready for its second appearance as exhibitor when the 2020 show opens in May.

The business is hoping to impress visitors to the show with a 110m² exhibition stand, more than double the size of its 42m² stand in 2019, which featured interactive tools to highlight the benefits of high-quality Uni-Blind sealed units with ScreenLine integral blinds inside. Building on the success of the 2019 show, Morley will be proudly exhibiting its complete range of tried and trusted Uni-Blinds® options, alongside something a little different and entirely new for the business, on stand F25. In 2020 Morley will be introducing its new and improved smartphone app, created by home integration company Loxone, after being inundated with requests from customers


to help them easily incorporate integral blinds into electricpowered home automation systems as well as operate them from their tablet or phone. Ian Short, Morley Glass & Glazing managing director said: “When we originally decided to exhibit at the 2019 FIT Show it was mainly just to have a presence and meet existing customers. What our team was overwhelmed by was the number of new visitors to our stand. A lot of potential new customers and good quality leads were generated at the show; enough to keep our four team members on their toes for the full three days! Morley Glass & Glazing is the largest manufacturer of sealed units with ScreenLine® integral blinds inside in the UK. It provides its customers with complimentary delivery in just 10-12 working days when ordered by 11am on any Friday, as well as full technical, marketing and aftersales support. The

Plans for Morley Glass & Glazing’s 110m² FIT Show exhibition stand

successful £18 million company regularly manufactures over 2,500 integral blinds every week and recently reported 22% growth in turnover in the past 12 months. Morley Glass & Glazing will be appearing on stand F25 of the 2020 FIT Show when the doors to Birmingham’s NEC open from 12th to 14th May. For more information, visit READER ENQUIRY NO: 1219/0065

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WHAT MAKES SMART, SMART? There’s no doubt that smart has become a hot topic for the window and door industry this year but what’s behind smart – what makes smart, smart? Giovanni Laporta, inventor of the Smart Ready® smart standard explains what to look out for when choosing your smart partner.

in a window or door will need to be sent over significant distances through walls and floors. So special attention needs to be focused around this area, especially for aluminium windows and doors. Hug Technology® is a certified Smart Ready®’ technology partner, that has resolved this issue with new clever sensors and repeatable home hubs that simply plug into any power socket around the home and still maintains a great wireless connection to the home internet router.

There are an increasing number of smart products on offer now in the window and door industry, as suppliers grapple to deliver a solution to the growing demand. However, as the market develops, we mustn’t lose sight of what it is to be smart. It’s imperative we understand what it means to be truly smart and how you can tell which products are smart and which are playing at being smart. People often underestimate the difficulty of making things simple – but simple is the only way for products to succeed on a mass scale. Inventors and designers who genuinely deliver simple, need to start with the end user. Steve Jobs was well-known for telling his software and hardware engineers to create products they couldn’t live without.




So, what’s the smart answer for the window and door market? Simple smart products that have been designed with the end user in mind, concentrate on monitoring and reporting on the status of our homes, and not mechanically operating them, for now at least. We must start with what the majority of consumers want to buy.

The key to smart in windows and doors starts with the battery. You can only have certain smart features if you have the right battery and then the battery needs to last,

That’s why Smart Ready® promotes simplicity through a simple set of requirements and works with all certified suppliers to adopt mass market products, not smart tech that has no real and credible benefit to the homeowner. But what kind of things should you look for in a smart system?

“You can only have certain smart features if you have the right battery and then the battery needs to last, because if consumers change batteries in their device too often, the smart tech will very quickly become a fad.” | December 2019

because if consumers change batteries in their device too often, the smart tech will very quickly become a fad. However, developing wireless smart products with a battery with a long life is one of the most challenging technical issues to overcome. The minimum requirement for a battery in wireless smart products should really be no lower than 1000 mA. Making it more challenging still, is the fact long-lasting batteries need to be small enough to fit into aesthetically pleasing smart units and work within standard window and door profile features, while not disrupting the manufacturing process too much or of course the practical use of the window or door.

SMART CONNECTIVITY The next challenge is the range of wireless connection. A lot of current smart product hubs are found directly plugged into the router or sit close by the router for best connection results. Smart products for windows and doors are very different because they don’t sit next to the router – they are spread all over the house, often over multiple floors, and doors are at opposite ends of the house – so the wireless connection signal from the sensors fitted

Another feature guaranteed to get smart windows and doors noticed and into the mass market, is the smart alarm. The Smart Ready® certified system developed by Sac® and Hug® as well as a simple alarm, also has an early warning alarm system that lets homeowners know when a window or door experiences any level of tampering, alerting them before an intruder actually enters the property, rather than after, like with most other alarm systems. If the user is at home, this should prevent the burglary altogether. And if they’re not, the system can send a live text message or call a neighbour to ask them to check everything is OK. It’s an advanced system that meets all requirements of Smart Ready® and is going to disrupt the alarm and smart window and door market forever.

SIMPLE ISN’T EASY BUT IT’S A MUST Making products simple and useful is never easy, but it is without doubt absolutely necessary to ensure smart windows and doors have a future and reach the mass market in the most effective way possible. Simplicity works. Working with Smart Ready® certification standards makes it all possible. Say hello at




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CLAYTON GLASS DOUBLE TUFFX BRINGS UP ON ACQUISITIONS MODERN STYLE FROM APERTURE TO BRITISH HOLIDAYMAKERS Nestled amid the narrow lanes and open fields of Dorset lies a coastal oasis for British holidaymakers. Popular all year round, Hoburne Park is the latest recipient of high-quality products from glass safety specialist, Tuffx.

Clayton Glass Ltd have acquired both Global Glass manufacturing sites from Aperture Trading Limited, in a deal that will see the specialist IGU manufacturer take on the plant and equipment, goodwill, premises and workforce of these two established businesses, which also includes the Celsius brand. Combined, this will give Clayton Glass the capacity to manufacture over 50,000 IGU’s every week thanks to these additional sites in Blackburn and Huthwaite, supporting their main Co Durham and North Shields facilities. This strategic acquisition will also allow Clayton Glass to spread their geographical reach and realise operational efficiencies across all four sites. As an owner managed group, this acquisition of two brands will facilitate further investment in both businesses, at a time when Clayton Glass have just installed a third state-of-the-art automated IGU line at their existing site. Over the coming months the immediate plan is to grow each manufacturing facility to its potential, under the best practice experience of Clayton Glass, which has again been listed again as one of the 1000 Companies to Inspire Britain in 2019. The company was joint winner in the recent National Fenestration Awards as IGU Manufacturer 2019. Ryan Green, managing director and owner of Clayton Glass commented: ‘This strategic acquisition of the Celsius and Global Glass brands is a perfect fit in our long-term business plan. They will provide us with greater geographical reach and the opportunities in which to enjoy greater operational synergies across all the businesses.

The brief for this ongoing, phased project has been to supply over 250m2 of 10mm toughened clear glass, and 10mm toughened grey glass balustrade panels – installed to provide elegant finishes to the decking areas of hundreds of Hoburne Park’s on-site caravans. Standing at approximately 1m high, the glass evokes a sense of privacy without compromising the community feel residents and visitors enjoy from close-proximity living.

DEKKO’S POPULAR INFINITY COLLECTION GETS A BRANDNEW PREMIUM WEBSITE With continued demand for their premium uPVC window and door collection, trailblazing fabricator Dekko Window Systems has launched a brand-new, dedicated website for the Infinity Collection (www. The new, consumer-facing website showcases absolutely everything Infinity has to offer, including the marquee Infinity Flush Sash. Fully responsive and optimised to work across devices, the new site is designed to provide homeowners with all the information and support they need. Alongside product details, homeowners can download brochures and get inspired by a full gallery of quality Infinity installations.

The park had specified polished edges and dubbed corners, in part to ensure the safety of the numerate families and young children visiting each year. “We were excited to have been selected to supply to one of the country’s premier holiday companies” said Tuffx’s Managing Director Graham Price, “and proud to be affiliated with such a well known, family orientated industry.” Selected for their reputation for speed, reliability and consistent high quality, high concern for customer wellbeing makes Tuffx an ideal partner for commercial projects such as Hoburne.

Once visitors feel suitably inspired, the website will point them in the direction of one of Dekko’s many approved Infinity installers nationwide.

Graham continued: “Each of the caravans are individually styled with windows, cladding and doors giving personality to what starts out life as an empty shell. We consulted with out customer to ensure that we provided the most appropriate colour and finish to each unit, using glass which offered optimum safety, aesthetic appeal and ease of installation.”

“As homeowners continue to search for flush sash and timber alternative windows, the new site will provide a fantastic platform to really showcase the range. It will also provide a great lead generation opportunity, allowing us to put potential customers in touch with our valued trade partners across the country. We’re delighted to say that the website is already having a positive effect,

A leader in the glazing field for over 25 years, Tuffx have certainly brought expertise and contemporary style to the oldest establishment in the Hoburne group. First opened in 1912, the park can now continue to bring pleasure to many holidaymakers for years to come.

Kurt Greatrex, Sales Director at Dekko comments: “Without question, Infinity has become one of our fastest growing product lines, as more homeowners move away from standard white uPVC and look towards the premium end of the market. We are delighted to support that demand with a dedicated, consumer-friendly website for Infinity, and we thank Purplex for their support once again.

helping to generate enquiries and sales in a short space of time. “Ultimately, we wanted a site which reflected the premium qualities of the Infinity collection, and I firmly believe that’s been achieved.” The Infinity collection is manufactured using pioneering Graf weld technology to deliver its signature seamless finish across three designs; chamfered, sculptured and the range-topping flush sash. Add to this a full range of woodgrain and metallic finishes, as well seamlessly welded cills as standard, and Infinity presents a new approach to uPVC, better suited to highend focused consumers. With the success of the window range, the Infinity collection was expanded to include high-performance composite doors. The collection was then extended further with the recent launch of the new Infinity Flush Door, a door set which not only offers bestin-class weather performance and energy efficiency, but the only dedicated open-out flush door sash on the market. Dekko Windows Systems was founded in 2008 by Gary Torr and Kurt Greatrex, and is one of the UK’s leading fabricators of highend uPVC, aluminium and timber-alternative windows and doors. Their range includes the Infinity collection, Räum aluminium and the complete Residence Collection, becoming one of the industry’s largest manufacturers of the timber-effect range. For more information contact Dekko on 0161 406 0055 or visit READER ENQUIRY NO: 1219/0069

He continued: ‘This is also good news for the respective workforces in each business and we’ll be looking to bring our hands-on management approach to both of them, with a view to investing in each over the long-term. It’s also great news for the valued customers of all of our respective brands, as we’ll introduce a robust financial platform for the future.’ For further information please visit You can also add to their Twitter following @ClaytonGlass. READER ENQUIRY NO: 1219/0067



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CONFORMANCE CONVENIENCE FROM MILA Mila has added a new page to its website dedicated to conformance, so that customers can quickly and easily access any of the test certificates they need on Mila products ( It has created a virtual library which customers can visit whenever they need to demonstrate conformance on a particular contract and simply click to download the certificate they require. The library already includes things like the Kitemark certificates for Mila’s ProSecure and SupaSecure range of cylinders and security handles, Declarations of Performance for Mila’s ProSecure door hinge, and Mila’s own ISO9001 Quality Management certificate; with more accreditations being added all the time.



Sarah Gyde, Mila’s Marketing Director, says: “All of this information has always been available to customers but never in such a user-friendly and accessible way before. This new page sits in the downloads section of our website alongside all of our product literature and our iconic Key 8 catalogue, which is the most visited page on the site, meaning customers really can get all the product information they need from Mila now in one place.” Tel: 01327 312400 - READER ENQUIRY NO: 1219/0070

DISTINCTION DOORS SCOOP UP RECOGNITION IN THE BE WELL@ WORK AWARDS Expanding on their success in 2018, and in worthy recognition of their ongoing investment into employee wellbeing this year, on 2nd October Distinction Doors’ Health and Wellbeing team attended the Barnsley Council Be Well@Work Awards ceremony. Known internally as ‘Health and Wellbeing Champions’, the team comprises of Paul Hewkin, Gillian Sauermann, Mark Taylor, Earl McPherson, Krystel Wroe and Milan Tomic; each and every one of them committed to improving the lives of their colleagues. The event, held for 200 guests at The Civic Barnsley and hosted by the Mayor of Barnsley, celebrated Distinction as double finalists in the category for Best Workplace Health Initiative, showcasing both ‘Diet with Distinction’ and ‘Mental Health in the Workplace’ as leading examples of good practice, while ‘Health in the Workplace’ took them home a runner-up award in the Medium Business category. HR director Helen Lovack was thrilled that her colleagues’ efforts were recognised once again, following receipt of the Silver Be Well@Work in the spring: “Positive workplace health is such an important aspect of employment in any organisation, and we are incredibly fortunate to have the backing from | December 2019

Saint-Gobain Glass has launched a new video that promotes the success of the Planitherm Network featuring some of those who are already benefiting from the initiative. The Planitherm Network is designed to help fabricators and installers to win more work and increase their profits by upselling to homeowners based on the comfort benefits of different types of Saint-Gobain glass. The comfort benefits are enhanced security, reduced overheating, noise reduction and furniture fade protection, as well as energy efficiency, which can all be achieved by using the right type of glass. Saint-Gobain Glass has developed numerous resources for Network members to use to educate and inform homeowners about the difference the right type of glass can make to their homes. Four fabricators and installers share their views in the video about how being a member of the Planitherm Network has helped their business and their customers. Tracey Hill from Ideal Window Solutions Ltd said: “After us fitting the comfort glass for example, which helps to reduce traffic noise by 20%, we’ve had several customers come back to us and ask us to change all of their glass in all of their windows in their properties.

Senior Managers within Distinction. As a group, we are empowered to represent the wants and needs of all staff, and do so by maintaining a dynamic approach to introducing new ideas. “Experiences of mental health have touched the lives of many of our staff, and we are proud to be seen as an employer who is proactive in ensuring that people have a supportive outlet at work, should they need one.” Coupled for the first time with the Best Bar None Awards, Be Well@Work nominees spanned numerous services including schools, homecare providers and logistics companies. Helen finished: “Distinction always make a conscious effort to engage with all staff in the way that we do and it is important for us to continually maintain this level of consideration for their wellbeing. Poor mental and physical health can easily go unnoticed and it’s our job to stop this happening.” READER ENQUIRY NO: 1219/0071

“I would highly recommend using the Planitherm Network to other fabricators and installers just because you’re able to give a more transparent offering to the retail customer base in a very clear and concise manner.” Andrew Brown from The KJM Group Ltd, praised the marketing and training support provided by the Planitherm Network: “The Planitherm Comfort range of glass provides the homeowner with a user-friendly guide to choose the most suitable glass for their home. “As a Planitherm Network member we benefit from plenty of marketing support, which is great because it means we’ve got literature in the form of brochures we can pass out to our customers as and when they come into the showroom. “We also have training specifically for our salespeople, which is going to instil confidence in them so when it comes to talking to the homeowner, we’re passing on all the correct, accurate information onto them.” Jody Vincent from Emplas Window Systems Ltd, which works with around 150 installers around the country, is impressed with

Tracey Hill, sales manager at Planitherm Network member Ideal Window Solutions, who feature in the new video from Saint-Gobain Glass

the impact the Planitherm Network has had on the business. He said: “I think it’s great that the three choices of the comfort range have been put into layman’s terms that the homeowner understands without bamboozling them with U-values and G-values, so it’s worked really well with our customers. “It’s also helped us to grow our glass side of the business and it’s helped our installers grow organically as well.” Neal Harper from T&K Home Improvements Ltd said: “I would say look into the Planitherm Network and use it to your advantage. It’s great to be able to talk to a customer about something different, open up a line of conversation about more than just the standard window and door products we all talk about.” The Planitherm range comprises three options: Energy Standard for maximum energy efficiency; Comfort, which also offers enhanced security, noise reduction and furniture fade protection; and Comfort Plus for all these benefits plus solar control for sunny rooms. Energy Standard is ideal for standard windows in any room, but not ideal for south or west facing rooms with sunny aspects or large glazed areas. Comfort is particularly ideal for bedrooms, for a peaceful night’s sleep, or rooms overlooking busier streets where noise or security are a concern. Comfort Plus is designed for homes with large glazed areas, bi-fold doors, and south and west facing aspects, where overheating may be a concern. A key benefit of the Planitherm Network is the wealth of information on the website and access to sales and marketing tools to help fabricators and installers to start having different conversations with their customers and choose the right glass to meet their changing needs. To view the video, find more information or to become a Planitherm Network Member, visit planitherm-network-home/. READER ENQUIRY NO: 1219/0072



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FABRICATORS STILL IN THE DARK ABOUT PROFILE BENDING Force 8 has been in the profile bending business for over 30 years, and are still the only company in the UK using the single length profile bending system. Over the years they have stated the benefits of using this system, rather than welded bends, where only the length of profile needed for the curve or arch is bent, with the tails for the arch welded on separately. Fabricators are still surprised with the service that Force 8 offer for arches or special shapes, most have to supply the bending company with ready routed profile, Force 8 provide everything, even the routing to fit the fabricator’s hardware, which cuts down on time and effort and in some cases lead-times are cut by half, which makes a significant difference. Over the years Force 8 have continually invested to perfect their bending service. Demonstrating this, they have one of the few routing machines that will take a full arched frame, so routing can take place after the bending, improving accuracy. Also as far as they are aware, they are the only company using a hot oil system to make the profile pliable before it’s introduced to the formers to create the curve or arch. “We welcome any fabricator or installation company to take a tour of the factory and watch the process”, comments Dennis



Sumner, Managing Director. “To this day, most of our visitors are surprised by the lengths of profile that we can bend, and the scale of the operation. Visitors are impressed the most by the quality of the arches. One of our recent visitors was closely inspecting finished arced frames fitted with arched French doors, and noted that there was no gapping at the base of the curve of the arch. With a welded arched frame the weld has to be exactly 90 degrees, if not it creates a slight angle outwards, this has never been an issue with Force 8 for the simple reason its one continuous length of profile with no breaks”. After 30 years, Force 8 believes it has the perfect bending system and would welcome any company who uses another bending company to take a tour of the factory and inspect the quality of their arches and special shapes. “Our service is sharp and simple, we cut out all the hassle and make it easy for the customer, we offer the complete package” comments Dennis. For further details about Force 8, or to book a tour of the factory call 1016 477 1997 or visit their website at READER ENQUIRY NO: 1219/0073

ERA’s UKAS accredited testing laboratory plays an important role in the company’s new product development. It also offers an invaluable service to ERA customers developing their own new products too. The facility demonstrated its marketleading credentials recently as part of a UK first for the fenestration industry that involved a high level of collaboration involving VEKA UK and Modplan. The outcome of this unique collaboration between PVCu systems house, trade fabricator and security hardware expert is a 4-pane patio door that has achieved PAS24 2016 accreditation without the need for additional locking devices or points. The PAS24 2016 standard is more onerous than previous iterations of it and is therefore more difficult to achieve. VEKA’s Imagine 4-pane patio door was fitted with ERA’s Fab&Fix Pembroke locking patio door handle and its Fortress 3* Euro Cylinder. The project saw Modplan, a well-established fabricator and key customer of VEKA UK make the test frames that were required. Steve Bakewell, Head of Product Management at VEKA UK said: “We have been very pleased with the service we have received from ERA in this project. We believe this to be the first 4-pane patio door to be physically tested to PAS24 2016.” Modplan’s Engineering and Compliance team added: “The close collaboration on this project has resulted in accreditation

that will help us to differentiate ourselves from our competitors going forwards. Teamwork was the key here.” Both 2-pane and 3-pane versions of this product have now also been tested and have also achieved the same accreditation. ERA’s purpose-built premises on the i54 business park just outside Wolverhampton does not only house its UKAS accredited testing facility. The 135,625 sq ft site is also home to the company’s state-of-the-art research and product development hub, design team, manufacturing, warehousing and training facilities. Visit or contact the sales team on 01922 490 000 or email READER ENQUIRY NO: 1219/0074

STELLAR COMMERCIAL BROCHURE AVAILABLE NOW Epwin Window Systems has just released a new 36-page brochure on Stellar, its brand new aluminium window and door system, for the commercial sector. Mark Austin, Sales Director (Aluminium) at Epwin Window Systems, said: “Stellar was designed for retail and light commercial use and its intelligent design and superior aesthetics deliver a powerful competitive advantage. This brochure showcases the Stellar difference and equips commercial fabricators with the technical details they need. It completes the suite of Stellar marketing material that gives fabricators and installers in all sectors the literature they need to sell the system to their customers. It will also prove invaluable for architects and specifiers looking for more information on the system.” As the brochure explains, Stellar is suitable for housebuilders, for hospitals, care homes, schools and colleges. Construction or refurbishment, commercial or residential, heritage or cutting edge, it’s the low-rise aluminium window and door solution that excels in almost any environment.


And Stellar’s versatility is only the start. The aluminium window and door system is packed with benefits that add value to commercial fabricators’ businesses. Thanks to innovations such as the patentpending reverse butt joint that eliminates the complexity from making internally

glazed windows, Stellar uses approximately 30% less aluminium than comparable systems. It’s therefore more sustainable and less likely to generate waste and is also up to 20% quicker to fabricate. In terms of aesthetics, Stellar has the slimmest sightlines on the market –

Stellar’s frames are 30% slimmer than those of its closest competitor. Based on an internally glazed GGF standard window, with Stellar, there’s an extra 12% glass area, helping to create light-filled space. The system has clean lines and is the only aluminium system to have the option of a genuinely fully flush casement window. It has a contemporary style that works with more traditional architecture and thanks to a 36mm cill that replicates timber, it’s ideal for conservation areas too. In terms of performance, Stellar can reach a WER of Band A+ and achieve U-values as low as 1.2W/m2K with triple glazing. Early adopters of Stellar are already reporting on its impressive credentials. It means that commercial fabricators looking to gain competitive advantage should request a copy of the Stellar commercial brochure and take the first step to becoming a Stellar fabricator today. Tel: 0845 300 9356


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NEWGLAZE BOOSTS ALUMINIUM BUSINESS WITH VIRTU-AL Newglaze Windows Ltd is the latest in a string of installers to partner with Virtuoso Doors and close more sales with the Virtu-AL aluminium textured composite door in an aluminium outer frame.

a fraction of the cost. When we saw the Virtu-AL door, we knew that it would fill a gap in the market – it looks very high end and is virtually indistinguishable from the real thing. “The game-changer for us though was the fact that this door is available in an

Having seen a sharp rise in demand for aluminium, the Dorset-based firm wanted to expand its portfolio with a contemporary aluminium-look entrance door that provided better thermal properties than its costlier rival. Newglaze was impressed with the sleek looks of the Virtu-AL door, especially as it is the only composite door on the market to come in an aluminium frame.

aluminium frame. This has definitely helped us to win new business with those homeowners who plan to install aluminium throughout their property and want their door frame to match their aluminium windows for a cohesive look.” Newglaze has installed many Virtu-AL doors and every customer so far has chosen the aluminium frame. The frame perfectly complements the aluminium windows and doors that Newglaze sources from Virtuoso Doors’ sister company REAL Aluminium. “Being able to buy all of our products from one supplier is a huge advantage for us,” adds Stuart. “We benefit from fast lead times, reliable service and consistent quality – and crucially for us – from an established partner that can match the pace of our rapid growth.” With a stylish architectural appearance that’s virtually indistinguishable from aluminium, Virtu-AL looks and feels nothing like a traditional composite door, yet it benefits from all the characteristics of one. It incorporates realistic detailing to achieve a crisp, contemporary look, but without the price tag of aluminium.

Stuart Loader, Newglaze Windows’ managing director, explains: “We’ve been installing aluminium for many years and rising demand has meant that it’s now become the fastest growing arm of our business. We knew however that we needed to strengthen our range with a door that could replicate the crisp, modern appearance of an aluminium door, but for

The Virtu-AL door consists of a 4mm GRP skin on a robust 44mm composite slab to deliver the highest levels of performance,

energy efficiency and security. It is available in a number of standard colours and can also be sprayed to match any RAL colour in Virtuoso’s state-of-the-art in-house paint studio. Virtu-AL is part of a collection of high quality doors from Virtuoso Doors. Every door can be easily designed and built through Virtuoso’s door designer software – Gateway. The user-friendly software, which is available free of charge to Virtuoso customers, enables installers to quickly quote and order doors 24 hours a day. This allows them to view all their orders and quotes in one place at a time that’s convenient to them. Customers can sign up to Gateway at Virtuoso Doors is part of Customade Group, which operates nationwide and employs 1100 people in multiple manufacturing sites across the UK. The group also includes REAL Aluminium (aluminium), (Polyframe (PVC-u), Atlas Glazed Roof Solutions (glazed roofs), Hourglass Seal (sealed glass units), Stevenswood Trade Centre (trade counters) and Fineline Aluminium (specialist glazing).






per leaf

Including delivery


Call: 01642 610799 GN - Bi-folds Half Pg advert 20120.indd 1 | December 2019

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Up to 1200mm sash widths

Working Days Lead Time

Stock colours: White, Black, Grey, Grey on White


* Per leaf price is unglazed and may vary depending on size and specification of the door. Lead time is based on a standard colour. Postcode restrictions apply

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FOR ERG FOLLOWING FIRST YEAR WITH CONSERVATORY OUTLET Retail installation business ERG Scotland Ltd has broken through the £4m annual sales barrier for the first time in the company’s history, marking the end of a bumper first year as part of the Conservatory Outlet Network. The Invergordon-based business, headed up by husband and wife duo, Ian and Greer Joy, has been through an intense year of re-structuring and repositioning following a challenging 2018, and has now firmly established itself as a key player in the home improvement sector across the Highlands. Having operated for over 40 years, ERG Scotland’s directors made the decision to join Conservatory Outlet’s network of independent retailers in December 2018. The decision has proved hugely fruitful, with turnover rising from just over £3m at the end of 2018, to in excess of £4m in 2019 with several weeks of the year still remaining. Faced with challenging market conditions impacted largely by Brexit uncertainty, the sales team at ERG have looked beyond their previous experience to embrace new

“We’ve been hugely impressed with how the team has embraced new ways of working, seeking peer-to-peer support from their fellow network members and from our in-house support team to break through the £4m sales barrier with seven weeks still to go! They really are a shining example of a fantastic retail business and we’re humbled to have them as our customer.” 38

techniques, introduce an enhanced product offering (including the new Extreme uPVC range from Conservatory Outlet), and launched a multi-channel digital marketing campaign to boost enquiries.

Managing Director Ian Joy explains: “We couldn’t be prouder of our team this year. Following some tough internal decisions and big operational changes, we set an incredibly ambitious target for 2019 which

really raises the bar for our business, and I’m delighted to say they’ve absolutely smashed it. “The success we’ve achieved this year is testament to the hard work, tenacity and dedication of our fabulous team, together with the excellent operational support, advice and marketing expertise from the team at Conservatory Outlet. Next stop £5m!” Michael Giscombe, Managing Director at Conservatory Outlet, concludes: “We couldn’t be prouder of the success ERG has achieved since coming on board with CO last Christmas. We’ve been hugely impressed with how the team has embraced new ways of working, seeking peer-to-peer support from their fellow network members and from our in-house support team to break through the £4m sales barrier with seven weeks still to go! They really are a shining example of a fantastic retail business and we’re humbled to have them as our customer.” READER ENQUIRY NO: 1219/0078

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SASH WINDOW SPECIALIST QUICKSLIDE ADDS THE SPECTUS VERTICAL SLIDER TO ITS PORTFOLIO One of the pioneering fabricators of PVC-U sliding sash windows, Quickslide, has recently added the market leading Spectus Vertical Slider to its portfolio. Tom Swallow, Sales and Marketing Director of Quickslide, said: “We chose the Spectus VS because it is a market-leading system from a systems supplier we know can perform. We take care to choose suppliers we can rely on to deliver the right level of service, investment and support. We know from our existing relationship with Epwin Window Systems that that’s exactly what we’ll get.” Quickslide will be putting its own stamp on the Spectus Vertical Slider, which will be marketed as the Legacy Window. Unique features include its own astragal bars and six different woolpile colours, while by using its in house foiling, painting and profile bending facilities, Quickslide will be able to maintain the quality for which it is renowned. Katrina Earl, Head of Sales at Epwin Window Systems, said: “We are delighted to welcome Quickslide to the Spectus stable. Quickslide is an expert in the sliding sash window market and they have the

most exacting standards when it comes to authenticity and performance.” Quickslide was founded in 2004 to offer homeowners products that preserve their homes’ period looks but give them the benefit of modern day PVC-U. Tom Swallow commented: “The vertical slider market has grown in recent years as more and more consumers realise they don’t have to compromise on aesthetics to get the benefits of PVC-U. By choosing Quickslide, they’re choosing a company with a wealth of expertise and experience in this area.” Quickslide is based in Brighouse, West Yorkshire and prides itself on the product quality it offers. It has been recognised for its excellence and has won many regional and national awards including Fabricator of the Year, Business of the Year and Training Initiative of the year. The Spectus Vertical Slider is widely regarded as the best PVC-U sliding sash window there is. Quickslide is a pioneer in the heritage window sector. Together, they make a perfect partnership. Tel: 0808 101 4143 - READER ENQUIRY NO: 1219/0080

NOLAN UPVC CELEBRATES 30 YEARS OF SUCCESS This year marks 30 years of successful business for Nolan uPVC. Founded in 1989, the fabricator-installer with its head office in Carmarthen, has grown to become one of Wales’ most trusted window suppliers. Nolan recently switched to Deceuninck to ensure further growth over the next three decades. The company celebrated its anniversary with a staff party and charity golf day earlier in the year, raising £6,000 for The Nolan Charity Fund to support local causes. The anniversary was also marked with an integrated retail campaign spanning TV, cinema, print and outdoor advertising and social media. The campaign, which positioned windows as a focal point in homeowners’ lives, generated an 11% increase in overall leads and a 45% increase in web traffic. In October Nolan was also named a finalist in the G19 ‘Installer of the Year’ category.

According to Managing Director Nolan Nicholas, the secret to the company’s enduring success is an unwavering focus on quality and customer service: “There have been lots of changes over the past 30 years but our ethos has stayed the same – to put customers at the heart of our business through continued investment in staff, products and service. Customers come back to us because we deliver the highest quality in everything we do, from manufacturing and installation through to after-sales care. This autumn we switched to Deceuninck to further improve our product and colour offering.” “We’ve marked our milestone 30-year anniversary with a successful retail campaign and some great staff events. I’d like to thank our longstanding team for their hard work and continued support, and also thank Nolan’s loyal customer base.

As 2019 draws to a close, The Residence Collection are already looking towards 2020, with a view to leading the market in terms of tomorrow’s window and residential door design convention, across their R2, R7 and R9 pioneering product platforms.

R2 cutting a unique product trajectory for what is the ultimate contemporary PVCu window. R2 has the same product dimensions as the defining R9 window and door, yet with a square architectural edge and matching square glazing beads for double and triple glazing.

The Residence Collection was the first brand in the PVCu sector to develop a flush casement window, in the form of what still remains the only true timber casement alternative, based on traditional 19th Century window dimensions. The brand has also been fundamental in the adoption of dual colour finishes and still stands alone with foiled rebates and in the case of R7, seven different substrates.

While other companies are still playing catch up with ‘heritage inspired’ windows, R2 is likely to find its niche for a the ultimate urban PVCu window and door design, with genuine architectural appeal. When it comes to residential doors, then after a huge surge of interest in 2019, the new RD range of engineered panel doors will also experience further strong product adoption.

According to the influential brand, 2020 is likely to be a year where product differentiation is paramount, with R7 taking share out of 70mm window systems and

Sarah Hitchings, sales and marketing director of The Residence Collection commented: ‘Yet again in 2019 we have influenced the industry in terms of innovation, product design and genuine consumer

Thermaseal, the Essex based PVC-U fabricator and installer, has increased its sales thanks to Timberweld®. Timberweld is a patented, unique joint that makes perfect corners and creates an authentic timber-look butt joint effect on the outside and the inside of the window.

Graham Jerwood, Managing Director of Thermaseal, comments: “The market is moving towards more exclusive products. Using Timberweld, we can offer a more upmarket and authentic range of products, opening up new opportunities for us. Timberweld products now

“Reaching the finals in the G19s tops off a fantastic year for Nolan uPVC but we’re not stopping there. We have ambitious growth plans for 2020 – watch us grow!”



make up approximately 20% of our colour foiled business and we are faring better than most.” Alan Burgess, Timberweld founder and pioneer of the innovative technology, adds: “As Graham says, the flush sash market is growing – and growing fast! To supply this market, fabricators need to be equipped to produce windows and doors with the authentic timber-look efficiently and cost effectively. That’s what Timberweld was designed for.” To find out how you can start using Timberweld call 01376 510 410 or email perfectcorners@ and follow @Timberweld.

For Deceuninck visit www.deceuninck., call 01249 816 969 and follow @ DeceuninckUK. READER ENQUIRY NO: 1219/0081

For further information please visit www. residencecollection. and www. residencecollectiontrade. You can request a free brochure pack including the new Residence D publication via e-mail at journey@ or by calling 01452 348650. You can also add to their following on Twitter @ residence9 and engage with them on other social media platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and Houzz.


Learn more about Nolan uPVC by visiting and calling 01267 611 549. Follow @NolanWindows.

The Nolan team

appeal. R2 and the RD range are the standout products that we genuinely believe will influence the market in 2020, so don’t stand still, stand out!

Thermaseal windows with Timberweld® butt joints


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WHAT’S YOUR OPINION? Feel free to get in touch with your views on the industry, legislation, government, or even the newspaper. Contact Chris:

Dear Editor,

Dear Editor,

Throughout the year entrance doors are faced with keeping the elements out and in securing homes right across the UK. With composite doors now the main choice for discerning homeowners with over 50% share of the entrance door market, they are now under the most exacting scrutiny due to the large numbers of installations, each and every week.

The Glass and Glazing Federation since its very foundations has always aspired to be the voice to Government for the industry. This has been proven time and again over the last four decades, as the GGF worked with Government departments on Building Regulations, formed certification schemes at the Government’s request and through to lobbying for greater energy efficiency initiatives.

By definition a composite door is made up of different materials and combined are designed to look good, with the promise of an extended life span well in excess of 10 years. We know that installation companies generally prefer the timber core based composite doors and the challenge for our segment of the market is to carefully manufacture these doors to withstand the harshest of conditions. Water ingress has been a challenge for some, particularly to the foot of the door and in and around the glazing apertures. As this has been a known concern for many years it was for good reason that we introduced our unique Moisture Barrier System back in 2014 and subsequently, customer concerns plummeted overnight. Glazing apertures in composite doors all have the potential for water ingress and suppliers have different ways in attempting to mitigate this potential hazard. It’s an additional production process for all of us and we’ve found that aluminium tape to the aperture along with a wet seal once the cassette is installed, is the ultimate failsafe standard. I would suggest that the provision of a wet seal on all glazing cassettes in all composite doors is the most prudent way forward, based on our experience in manufacturing dating back to 2002. So surely as an industry we should be doing more to reduce product liabilities with a caring attitude to trade partners and with a duty of care ultimately to the end consumer? After all it’s our reputation on the line for the long-term. Yours sincerely Stephen Nadin Managing Director Endurance Doors | December 2019

Having witnessed and played my part in Government talks when the GGF was asked to help regulate the installation sector and set up FENSA, the industry’s original and main competent person scheme, it comes as no surprise that the Government has granted the GGF £50k to prepare the industry for the impact of Brexit. It is easy for some trade bodies to claim to be “the voice of the industry”. However, to have a justifiable claim to that title involves not just having a substantial number of member companies, but more importantly, such an organisation must have the scope and breadth of member companies and long term commitment from those companies to develop political campaigns. The GGF, fortunately has such quality and, additionally, the loyalty of the best companies throughout the entire supply chain. It’s an enviable but earned position. At present, I am a member of the GGF’s Political Strategy Committee. It’s made up of elected Members from the following sectors; manufacturing, processing, home improvement and installation. Being on that Committee, I see first-hand all the political work the GGF undertakes and the challenges we face. Not just GGF members but the entire industry. The GGF’s political activity includes, meeting and engaging with Government departments, taking part in debates in parliament, engaging with MPs, attending All Party Parliamentary Groups (on Fire Safety, Energy Efficiency, Training, Skills and much more) and responding to Government consultations. It’s a considerable output, requiring expert knowledge, great energy, drive and passion. For many years, the GGF has also built a strong network in the

CONSERVATORIES MODPLAN REVEALS HOW TO TAKE STRATEGIC ADVANTAGE IN THE CONSERVATORY ROOF MARKET With the continued growth in the solid conservatory roof market, trade fabricator Modplan has confirmed that their Leka Solid Roof System provides the perfect opportunity to take a strategic advantage.

political arena. This has resulted in productive relationships and alliances with like-minded trade organisations such as The British Energy Efficiency Federation (BEEF), National Home Improvement Council (NHIC), Construction Products Association CPA), Federation of Master Builders (FMB) and many more. The GGF political work is also very well channelled. For over 20 years they have worked with Dods – the leading political monitoring and communications company. In the last 10 years, the GGF has also employed GK Strategy, a political advisory and strategic political communications firm with far reaching and in-depth knowledge of the political world. Working with these expert companies has proved fruitful raising the profile, coverage and awareness of the GGF brand. With Brexit on the horizon, the GGF is clearly putting the Government funding to good use. An impressive new GGF Brexit Hub has been created - a micro-site housing latest news, key information, updates and guidance on areas such as technical standards, policy and legislation changes, freedom of movement of people and goods. The GGF has also issued special online newsletters, created web advertising and implemented social media and search engine marketing to complement the campaign. In addition, I understand that the GGF has mailed thousands of companies a 16 page guidance brochure on Brexit.

Justin Williams, International Sales and Marketing Director at Modplan explains: “Research shows the majority of fabricators and installers see the market for solid conservatory roofs overtaking the market for the typical glazed conservatory roof in the next few years. Then consider the fact that the number of solid roof installers is dwarfed by the number of aluminium/ PVC-U roof installers, so there’s more potential to take market share.” Justin is also clear about that the Leka Solid Roof System is the one to choose. He says: “Leka products provide a clean, contemporary solution in a way that other warm roof systems simply can’t match.” This is because Leka roofs are up to 40% lighter than other replacement roof solutions. This means that in most retrofit projects, the existing conservatory frames are able to take the weight of the Leka System without needing additional reinforcement. It opens up incredible solutions for consumers and installers because their imagination is the limit, not the product. Aside from the versatility it offers, installers value the Leka System because it’s easy to install, typically taking just two or three days, including removing the old conservatory roof. This is around half the time it takes to install a traditional solid roof replacement. As well as offering Leka Solid Roof System, Modplan also offers a complete range of conservatory roofs, so fabricators and installers can maintain a diverse product portfolio. Justin concludes: “Whichever conservatory roofing solution customers choose, they’ll benefit from our partnership approach that offers personalised support to help them achieve their business ambitions and help capitalise on opportunities in the conservatory roof market.” Tel: 01495 246844 -

With all this activity, combined with the GGF’s political planning and long standing reputation representing the industry, the Government’s recent confidence in the GGF, only highlights the Federation’s position as the voice of the industry to Government. I’m delighted to be helping to write that story. Greg O’Donoghue




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AND DOUBLE-DIGIT INCREASES EXPECTED FOR 2020, TOO Glass News’ Editor, Chris Champion, meets up with Martin Thurley, Group Managing Director of Liniar and Avantek Machinery, to talk about Group and its progress since Martin joined.

When I last sat down with you to talk about the company it was back in May 2017 and I well remember you saying that you ‘have a 5 year strategy in place and are working to that plan. However, adapting to change in the market is equally important and sticking rigidly to a plan in changing circumstances is never sensible. Listening to the market and our customers and providing steady growth and a steady ship is key. Are you still on track? Martin Thurley: I presume you are hinting that political turmoil and the never ending Brexit discussions may have blown us off course! In fact that is not the case. We set ourselves targets, as any business does, and we achieve those targets by working very hard and being flexible in the face of hazards that may present themselves. You have to remember that hazards are not the only things out in front of you, there are opportunities, too.

Martin Thurley

Martin Thurley (top left) with some of the senior operational management team at Liniar

Liniar’s parent company?

Martin Thurley: You have to bear in mind that the industry has had its problems and you often find someone else’s problem is another’s opportunity. We have definitely gained through other people’s problems but we have also taken the opportunity to invest during this difficult period. Many organisations cut off marketing spend during difficult times whereas that’s often the best time to promote your business. That, and taking the opportunity to invest for the future so that the business is in a position to capitalise on the situation once the market picks up.

Martin Thurley: Not at all. Quanex is hugely supportive and operational decisions don’t require any additional input on a day to day basis; even major decisions are usually just a ‘phone call away. The team in the USA is very easy to work with.

I suspect that may be a case of your producing the numbers required! That will always help a relationship… Martin Thurley: Of course. Performing and exceeding expectation helps enormously but we do need their support to achieve this. In all honesty, it is a very comfortable relationship all round but if we became complacent and we were to let things slip, that could all change. That’s why we have no intention of letting things slip!

It hasn’t really been an easy year for anyone…..

Again, I have to say, we are fortunate in the support that Quanex affords us. They fully understand that investment now will pay dividends as the economy grows. They have invested around £30m in us since 2015 on warehousing, showrooms, machinery, new systems and testing facilities. They purchased a top class manufacturing facility built by Roger Hartshorn and now managed and cared for by a strong senior management team. Quanex continue with that philosophy of managing depreciation – not falling into the trap of dilapidation. This whole facility is well designed and,

some may say, opulent. However, it’s not a case of making ourselves feel good by having a really nice building: it’s about maintaining standards and not letting things slip, even when the going gets tough.

Apart from investment, what else have you done to ward off problems over the continued Brexit fiasco? Martin Thurley: The whole essence of our business is providing not just reliable but excellent service to our customers. The whole Brexit situation has, for us, centred on having product available for the customer and we have, therefore, ensured stock levels are high. Actually, we’re back to the investment question! Laying up stock supplies requires considerable investment in itself and we have around 180,000 sq ft of warehouse space dedicated to stock. We have some 5,000 individual SKUs and Quanex have further supported us with a commitment to approximately £2 million additional working capital.

Basically, being adaptable to change is key? Martin Thurley: I think that is true. It isn’t a case of one person making a decision: it’s a team of senior management who all have input to the decision process. Watching the external influences, whether political, financial or market forces, is important. We consider issues and make decisions as a team, then implement them.

Has the decision making process changed since Quanex became 42

Resurgence Anteak

5,000 SKUs stocked

December 2019 |


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Extrusion lines in 2015…

…and greatly expanded by 2019

We know that of all the systems Liniar offers, between 60% and 70% of sales are from the 70mm system so that system is well stocked. Of course we have continued to develop products and launch completely new products such as PassiveHaus compliant windows.

Martin Thurley: Of course. But investment comes in many guises. Our aim is to maintain our 99% ‘on time and in full’ delivery of product and we run the factory at 80% capacity such that investment in new production lines and machinery runs in line with the order book, maintaining that 80% capacity, and there’s a good reason for that. We must be in a position to satisfy demand at any time to maintain our reputation for fulfilling orders and that 20% spare bandwidth can be brought into action if the orders demand it.

This presumably includes Elevate? Martin Thurley: Elevate came about through demand from our customers. They wanted a stylish lantern style conservatory roof, so we gave them a contemporary, eco-friendly product with straightforward installation. It is so important to listen to your customers and work with them. Everyone rolls their eyes when you talk about a partnership between manufacturer and customers, but it really is important! Elevate continues to be developed; we launched a square version with redesigned hubs which was, technically, quite demanding, earlier this year, and there will be yet another new variant coming in 2020.

Does aluminium come into your plans? Martin Thurley: Our Alumina door system has been well received and we shall continue to develop it. Alumina is a fully aluminium system featuring bi-folding, residential and French doors spanning up to 2.5m high, designed to offer A+ standards of thermal efficiency with foiled finishes – this was a specific design point to enable it to match with Liniar’s PVCu windows. If we look to widen the aluminium range and numbers significantly we shall probably look for an

Elevate Interior | December 2019


So expansion through acquisition is on the cards? Martin Thurley: Nothing is off the cards! We are a continually growing business and Quanex are certainly not adverse to acquisitions, given that the numbers add up. That goes for Avantek Machinery, too. The Avantek team supported our development of Resurgence, the UK’s first double rebated flush sash window, on the basis that it was easy to fabricate and install. It really is all about giving the customers what they need. We are also fortunate that we have been able to invest in CGI and that is proving invaluable. It means that new products can be shown to the market ahead of installations actually being made. It is changing how we approach marketing.

Surely all this investment has to have a pay-off down the line…

I mentioned the different forms of investment and by that I mean the investment in people, the reduction of power consumption which we have done by 10% and the reduction in working capital, again by 10%.

Does recycling come into this equation too? Martin Thurley: Recycling is very important and the advantages of recycling was talked about at some length at the Glazing Summit. Liniar is committed to doing the right thing and not just looking at everything as being commercial. We want to operate in a professional way and be able to sleep at night knowing that we have done our very best for suppliers, customers, our stakeholders and the environment. Our ongoing investment in energy efficient machinery, our reduction in power consumption and our scrap rate of 2.7% are all indicators of our seriousness in this area. The average scrap rate in the industry is nearer to 10%!

180,000 sq ft of warehousing dedicated to stock

We have scrap coming back from our fabricators and chop and granulate this using our on-site recycling facilities – we’re looking to expand this even more in 2020.

What about scrap from the consumer? Can you help with that? Martin Thurley: We may well look at acquisitions in the recycling area rather than developing it further on site. It is isn’t a simple matter of using recycled PVCu to make new frames. There are different grades of recycled product and having our outdoor ranges allows those lower grades to be used in those products – we’ve been a zero PVCu waste facility for more than 25 years as a result.

And the picture for 2020? Martin Thurley: You can only play with the cards you’re dealt. At the moment we don’t know what the result of the General Election will be, and Brexit is still up in the air – so we don’t know exactly what 2020 will bring. However, we haven’t found that the traumas of 2019 have been detrimental to us and we are looking for another double digit percentage increase next year. We shall continue to do our very best to design and produce the very best products, providing the best service possible to our customers. We have 506 people here who are dedicated to customer service. 2020 will be business as usual for Liniar and Avantek, going from strength to strength!




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FIT SHOW 2020 How will FIT Show as an annual event better service the industry? FIT Show very much started out as an annual show and we have learnt over the last six plus years that this is the formula that works for the show, and it’s what’s needed to secure its long-term success.  We’re conscious that we have a very real need to fulfill in the wider market place where visitors simply cannot wait two years to source new products, speak to suppliers or keep up-to-date with various training and development routes or legislative changes. FIT Show delivers all of this, and more, under one roof. FIT Show saves time off the tools sourcing all of these things individually and gives visitors the added benefit of being able to compare products and services, side-by-side.  From an exhibitors perspective, the ultimate goal for any supplier is to have one-onone time with customers and prospects. Exhibitions like FIT Show create a platform for manufacturers and service providers to engage customers and prospects with their products and services in person. From an installer’s perspective, exhibitions offer a one-stop-shop to meet with every link in the supply chain at once. Exhibitions reduces the overheads of visiting multiple sites and reduces the overall research time to reach a purchasing decision. They also provide unrivalled learning and networking opportunities, exclusive discounts and a chance to see the very best industry showcase.

There was a growth in overseas companies who exhibited in 2019, are you experienced the same trend for the 2020 show? We’ve had a lot of interest from overseas companies who see the power of FIT Show as a platform to engage with the UK market. We worked with sales agents in both China and Turkey after receiving a lot of interest from these countries in 2019 and will be doing the same for 2020. But FIT Show is very much a UK showcase and we want to see a solid lineup of homegrown companies when we open the

we can work with brands without blowing their whole marketing budget. We want people to think outside the box, support FIT Show on a smaller scale and just go for it in 2020.  

What changes can we expect at FIT Show 2020? doors next May. I would urge people not to sit on the sidelines waiting to see what everyone else does - the whole industry needs to throw its weight behind FIT Show  

What impact is Brexit and and the ongoing political uncertainty having on the exhibitor drive for FIT Show 2020? There’s no denying that this is a tough year to have reverted FIT Show to an annual event. Brexit and the impending general elections are being cited by some companies as the reason they are delaying their decision about whether or not to exhibit. But there comes a point when we just have to go for it. Brands need to ask themselves if they can afford not to connect with their customers, prospects and suppliers via FIT Show in 2020.It’s surely even more important in challenging times? I completely understand that marketing budgets for 2020 may have already been fixed before we made the announcement, but companies don’t have to have a large or expensive stand at FIT Show to make their presence felt and achieve the desired impact.. There are several ways that

I think the biggest physical change will be the actual footprint of the show which we are reducing from 15,000 to 8,000 m2 FIT Show on the larger footprint was not sustainable in the long term so we have made the decision to up the frequency but on a smaller scale. We want FIT Show to continue to be our industry’s flagship event - an annual showcase of the very best products, materials, technology and more. Bringing back the famed intimacy of the launch event. Companies who didn’t exhibit in 2019 will no doubt be relieved that they now have an opportunity to reconnect with the market in 2020. We’re aware that there is a general feeling amongst exhibiting brands that they should only do FIT Show if they have something new to bring to the market, but what this doesn’t account for is the percentage of new visitors that we drive to each Show - this might be the first time that they have connected with your business.  FIT Show 2020 will see a bigger focus on materials such as aluminium, timber and flat glass processing machinery and lifting equipment. We’re predicting smart home technology will be even more prominent in 2020. I anticipate that there will be a more prominent displays of both smart home technology and the use of virtual reality (VR) technology as a mechanism

to bring projects and products to life for homeowners. We launched our brand new voucher scheme in 2019 which saw a good number of our exhibitors running offers, competitions and giveaways for visitors and we are building on this for 2020. We’re launching a digital voucher scheme for 2020 which will make the whole process much slicker. This is another real benefit of exhibitions - we know our visitors are in the purchasing mindset and our exhibitors support this by developing fantastic FIT Show offers. We’re also going to be making our seminars more interactive by introducing audience polls and have been exploring beacon and app technology as a further mechanism to engage with our audience and help them get the most out of the show when they’re on site.

Why will FIT Show 2020 be a must attend event? FIT Show is your one-stop-shop to meet with every link in the supply chain at once. Don’t waste time, and money, visiting multiple suppliers at different times throughout the year - see them all at FIT Show, side-by-side. And don’t underestimate the power of FIT Show as an unrivalled networking platform - many a conversation at the FIT Bar or on a stand you hadn’t intended to visit could transform your business success in the future. FIT Show delivers the ideal platform for installers to explore various ways to diversify or expand their offering thanks to the range of brands, products and materials that are on show.  Visit FIT Show 2020 and take advantage of having everything you could possibly need to do better business under one roof. From the latest products and materials through to unrivalled learning and networking opportunities and exclusive discounts. To put it simply, without  industry support for FIT Show, we may find ourselves with a predominantly overseas offering winning business in the UK. There has never been a more vital time for FIT Show supporters to throw their weight behind the brand and do what we do best - celebrate an amazing industry. *Occupying halls 2 & 3 at the NEC next May (12 - 14, 2020), FIT Show and Visit Glass are set to return with the same award-winning formula that has helped to establish it as the UK’s number one, award-winning showcase for the glass, glazing, windows, doors and conservatories sectors. READER ENQUIRY NO: 1219/0086


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A TRADE FROM WOOD TO UPVC WINDOWS AT HELSTON COLLEGE Glazerite installer Collington & Company has put the finishing touches on a project to transform a draughty school into an energy efficient building. The two week long job at Cornwall-based Helston Community College saw 38 Halo Rustique windows installed. Sourced from Collington & Co’s fabricator, The Glazerite UK Group Ltd, the fully sculptured white windows replaced the deteriorating wooden windows, which were over 40 years old. Having served the area as a family run business for the last 50 years, Collington & Co were contacted directly by the school, and won the job based on their local reputation. Collington Surveyor/Estimator, Lloyd Harris, says: “The most challenging part was making sure that the new windows matched the existing finish. We used astragal bars on the windows to achieve

this, sourced from Glazerite, who we selected for this job because of the quality of product and the way they attach the bars to the windows.” The results are not only aesthetically pleasing, but have since benefited both the college and Collington & Co further too. Lloyd explains: “Since the installation, the school’s Maintenance Manager has told us that he’s been able to turn the heating down at the college, thanks to the energy efficient nature of the uPVC windows we installed. “Collington & Co has also since been contacted by a number of local people who have seen the installation and want the same for their homes, with many commenting on how timber-like and in-keeping with the originals the frames are.” Lloyd adds: “We work hard to provide high quality installs using the best products and services sourced from suppliers like Glazerite. This is the first commercial job we have worked with Glazerite on and their knowledge and support in the specification was invaluable throughout.”

Giovanni Sangiovanni, Sales Manager for Glazerite, says: “Hopefully this is the first of many commercial projects we will work with Collington & Co on. They have been a great partner to work with, and they take great pride in their work which has been demonstrated by the high quality workmanship on this project. This has resulted in a complete transformation for the college, both in terms of energy efficiency and aesthetics.”

Based in Helston, the most southerly town in Great Britain, Collington & Company employs 12 people and specialises mainly in domestic projects. They install windows, doors and conservatories across the south west of Cornwall, stretching from Falmouth and the Lizard Peninsula to Penzance and Land’s End. READER ENQUIRY NO: 1219/0087

From inception, to perfection Our technical strides ensure we remain the leading UK manufacturer of highest performance warm edge spacers. We supply the largest volume of spacer bar to the UK market. From initial design and compounding of raw materials, through the manufacturing process to delivery to the customer, our multiple award-winning team of specialists continue to enhance and develop new products for the window industry. We now supply over 2,000 insulated glass components. 1219/0088

Thermof lex ™ Warm Edge Spacer

Thermobar ™ Warm Edge Spacer Tube

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The UK’s Leading Glass & Glazing Newspaper

December 2019 |


The UK’s Leading Glass & Glazing Newspaper



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The UK’s Leading Glass & Glazing Newspaper



Firstly, what has 2019 been like for you, bearing in mind that it hasn’t been an easy year for anyone? And secondly, with all the uncertainty around Brexit, politics and the economy in general, plus that we may have a general election, what do you think is in store for you, personally; your company; the industry and the UK, in 2020?

John Crittenden Managing Director Carl F Groupco

Justin Ratcliffe Chief Executive CAB

David Leng Group Chief Executive Customade Group

Mark Atkinson Sales Director Hurst Doors

Helen Downer Commercial Director ERA

Despite industry and country-wide uncertainty that has underpinned the year, we can report a sales upturn in the aluminium window and door sector. In particular, growth of high specification doors, bi-folds and high-rise windows has resulted in strong demand for supporting hardware.

The Council for Aluminium in Building has enjoyed a successful 25th Anniversary year on the back of launching a host of new initiatives including closed loop recycling, curtain wall installer training and a raft of marketing initiatives including key support for the FIT Show and Glazing Summit.

2019 was good for Customade Group and we achieved strong sales volumes despite mediocre market conditions. With uncertainty continuing, we focused on staff, systems, processes and product innovations to counter future challenges.

Hurst approached 2019 with cautionary optimism and a clear objective to deliver a strategy of customer consolidation through initiative, support and heavy investment into plant, people and machinery. This attracted sustainable new business that exceeded our initial expectations.

Moving back to work in the UK, joining ERA and a whole new industry has made 2019 a big year of change for me. Despite a challenging trading environment, I’ve been struck by the optimism and energy of the team here, so I’ve no doubt we’ll make the best of whatever 2020 brings.

Over the past 12 months, the company has been through an extensive rebrand, designed to reflect the business it has grown to be and to help our customers sell our products within the market.

The number one priority is supporting our customers. Whether that’s being their go-to experts for sash window balances, gearing and hardware or helping them to tap into new markets with the ERA Protect smart security range, providing a great service is important to us. Fab&Fix is going from strength-to-strength as well, offering customers the ultimate upsell opportunity with its widest range of hardware designs and finishes ever. We all have a responsibility to the planet too, so I’m looking forward to our sustainable packaging hitting the market.

Brexit has resulted in uncertainty that has impacted the UK industry’s ability to plan for the future. Volatile exchange rates, along with raw material and freight costs, have meant prices fluctuate dramatically – this particularly affected the hardware sector as most products are purchased in US Dollars or Euros. As a commitment to our customers, we have invested heavily at Carl F Groupco to maintain supply in anticipation of Brexit, increasing stock by €1 million for the failed March deadline and a further €850,000 for October. Though Brexit has cast a shadow over UK trading, we have stayed firm to our principles and, looking ahead to 2020, we will remain committed to our focus on innovation, quality products, service and delivery. My thanks go to our hardworking staff, loyal manufacturing partners and customers.


We expect growth in 2020 having added more than 30 new members this year on the back of increasing interest in fabricating and installing aluminium products. Some 57% net balance of CAB members (at the end of Q3 2019) forecasted that their sales will increase in the year ahead with 65% net balance forecasting an increase in spend on product improvement closely followed by 55% net balance for plant & equipment. These two elements are crucial for the aluminium sector to continue its surge in popularity by seeking ever increasing manufacturing efficiencies and product advancement. Our sector, like all others, craves political and economic stability however that is achieved or delivered. If achieved, I believe this will lead to the go ahead for numerous building and infrastructure projects currently on hold.

Politics and Brexit have impacted, but we delivered for our customers with more product developments, the launch of a powerful lead generation package and an industry-leading homeowner guarantee for all PVCu window suites. In what was a flat year, we improved on our manufacturing performance to keep pace with demand. We made substantial investments into new IT systems and hardware, scanners and control systems and we’re introducing AI – all of which will help us deliver even better service in 2020. We’ve also strengthened our management teams and have invested in new equipment to enhance our manufacturing processes and further improve on the consistency and quality of products. However the Brexit negotiations turn out, we must look ahead to 2020 with optimism. We will continue to develop our staff and processes to improve our service and we’ll support customer growth through lead generation. We’ll also unveil another industry first in aluminium.

This has been well received by our customers and contributed to the business growing significantly in what’s reported as difficult trading conditions. With so many variables both politically and economically, I can’t predict what’s in store for 2020. All we can do is approach with the same cautionary optimism. Hurst is in a strong position and we will continue to consolidate our existing business and grow where we find opportunities. Given the unpredictable trading conditions, it is important to be pro-active and we have new products and innovations on the horizon, all designed to help and support our customers and drive the business forward.

In terms of personal goals, I’ll be part of the Peddle to Paddle team raising money for Hope Hospice in August so I’m really focused on smashing my fundraising target – all sponsorship welcome!

December 2019 |


The UK’s Leading Glass & Glazing Newspaper

Mark Walker Marketing & Design Manager Selecta Systems In a year overshadowed by Brexit, politics and economic uncertainty, there are very few success stories being flaunted within the media, with some certainly wanting to dampen the spirit of business and our country! I’m happy to say that Selecta have been one of the success stories of the last three years! So what have we done to buck the trend over the last three years? Where others have been seen to reduce their market visibility, with the ‘B’ word and economic uncertainty being a familiar excuse, we have actually increased our marketing budget and presence across all marketing platforms. With continued selffunded investments in new products, infrastructure and resources, this has put Selecta in a very strong position within the sector. There has also been a distinctive lack of trust, not only in politics, but also in the window and door industry supply chain. Fabricators and installers have recognised this – a trusting business partnership is paramount to their businesses success. Selecta’s strong business position has seen fabricators and installers realise Selecta’s strengths in the market and wanting to #bepartofthefamily.

Andy Green Sales Director Selecta Systems

Ryan Green Managing Director Clayton Glass

Gareth Jones Managing Director profine UK

Richard Gaunt Chairman Made for Trade

Stephen Nadin Managing Director Endurance Doors

2019 has certainly been a very positive and strong year for Selecta! There have been a number of self-funded investments in new products, resources and infrastructure, which have put Selecta in a very strong position moving forward. Conversions to our Advance 70 System during 2019 have reached record numbers again, surpassing both 2018 and 2017 figures.

Few could have missed our recent acquisition of the Global Glass facilities in Blackburn and Huthwaite, including the Celsius brand, as we look to build our geographical reach. Clayton Glass continues to grow and invest, with a brand-new line installed earlier this year, while recently we’ve again celebrated being awarded IGU Manufacturer of the Year in the NFA’s.

We’ve had a wonderful year at KÖMMERLING, helped by the fact that we’ve really ignited the brand and awoken what is a strong global brand. Yet there have been challenges industry wide that we’ve hall had to face, in partial blame to the current Brexit and political landscape in the UK.

The Korniche Aluminium Lantern has been a great success outselling all other lanterns of this type with sales increasing month on month and recently winning the prestigious C&O Award for ‘Best Rooflight & Lantern System 2019’. MFT has continued to grow apace even with the trauma of Brexit in the background.

I do however think that Brexit and politics have certainly had an impact on the whole UK economy, but to what extent on our sector is relatively unknown. Selecta’s success is 2019 is down to several factors. I try to keep the team focused on our business and customer base and not what is going on elsewhere.

We continue to promote #TheClaytonDifference as a point of differentiation and our business culture, along with a hands-on approach as an owner managed business will also influence the way we operate within Global Glass and it’s an opportunity I’m genuinely relishing for 2020. Given the Co Durham base for Clayton Glass, the new facilities in the North West and the Midlands will enable us to enjoy a greater geographical reach and customers of all our respective brands will be able to benefit.

Despite dampened market conditions, we’ve enjoyed a great 2019 with sales up 20% and other business KPI’s showing that we’ve performed extremely well, after introducing a number of new operational procedures. We’ve also changed the way we manufacture our solid timber core composite doors, particularly with the introduction of a wet glazing process to help eliminate customer call backs.

Unfortunately we do not have control over certain concerns happening outside our business, including Brexit and politics. We are just getting on with what we do and doing it well! Being independently and family owned with a strong management team and plan, we are in a solid position to adapt and deal with whatever situations we are faced with in 2020 and beyond. | December 2019

The very fact that we’ve concluded this deal in the face of an impending General Election and the frailties of Brexit, means it is very much business as usual for many, despite the media hype.

Our award-winning #ComeAlong campaign has resonated in all four corners of the industry and we’re going to build on this in 2020 with a new CSR initiative and an installer scheme. From a sales perspective a number of new partners have joined us, thanks in no small part to a newly structured and expanded sales team. Many of these new customers that have joined the KÖMMERLING family have done so with a desire to move more upmarket from their current budget or mid-market systems. These are moves to a German engineered brand with an outstanding reputation for product performance, innovation and quality. We have multiple planned scenarios relating to Brexit, but our focus will be on building upon the exceptional 2019, with an even better 2020.

Mid 2020 will see the NEW Korniche Bi-folding door in production after thorough testing and a little tweak here and there. Since being introduced at the Fit Show in May and receiving a huge amount of interest from visitors to the show, we have been inundated with interest so we are really excited about it. With 5 patents pending it really pushes the boundaries ...featuring internal hinges so no hinge knuckles visible inside or out so allowing continuous welded gaskets no shrinkage... the only items not designed by our engineers are glass, industry leading gasket and the Fuhr locking giving PAS 24 . Despite the politics of the time we expect the Korniche Lantern to continue to increase sales and MFT to keep growing.

We continue to be committed to helping our customers grow by offering an exceptional customer service experience and in helping them focus on closing more sales. We’re also investing in our consumer lead generation, passing more leads than ever to our nationwide network of Preferred Installers. Like everyone in the industry, we are faced with a number of economic and political challenges which will have a direct influence of consumer confidence. Yet our goal still remains in that we want to be the choice of the trade, when it comes to solid timber core composites. To achieve this, we’ll continue to invest in the business and this includes two major product launches in the coming months.



Gary Thomas Commercial Director Hodgson Sealants The year has been a defining one for Hodgson Sealants, following our first foray into the FIT Show and we’ll be again exhibiting there next year, representing the sealant sector. We’ve had strong year from a sales perspective and we continue to grow against a back drop of falling window, door and roofing sales in the consumer sector, at a time when we’re seemingly consumed with politics and real economic risk. As a hardened UK manufacturer for over 50 years, we’re well placed when it comes to Brexit and any associated implications. It’s also reassuring for our customers that we can supply such an expansive and proven range of sealants and associated products. Yet the focal part of the year has been the launch of the next generation HYSPEC® 25 hybrid sealant for the trade installer, which is paintable among other unique product characteristics. But from our perspective while Brexit and the economy are high on the political agenda, we cannot detract from our bold plans for 2020 and beyond.


John Park-Davies Managing Director IKON Aluminium Systems 2019 was our first year concentrating exclusively on one product offering; IKON discontinued shop front and curtain walling sales at the end of 2018. As a consequence of this strategy, IKON has focussed 100% on the design, manufacture and delivery of its vast and proven range of architectural louvre and ventilation products. Throughout the year, we have increased our like-for-like sales and improved profitability beyond expectations. IKON has invested extensively in plant, people and infrastructure to take the company to the next level. In these uncertain times I believe predicting the future is folly. Our plans for the upcoming year are to build on our business achievement and meet whatever 2020 throws at us. The facade sector is a tremendous market to be part of, and with new participants entering such a vibrant industry I am sure the New Year will present some very exciting opportunities.

The UK’s Leading Glass & Glazing Newspaper

David Jennings Spokesperson: CEO UAP Ltd

Gary Morton Group CEO Boing Boing Group

Martin Thurley MD Liniar – Group

Jamie Munday Sales Director Avantek Machinery

It has certainly been a challenging year, and Brexit plus the Grenfell Enquiry have had a major impact. Once we strip away those factors, I think we can all look forward to a positive 2020, as I believe consumer confidence will return to the market, and this will filter down to both new build and renovation sectors.

2019 has seen the Group expand activities - our FIT debut, TimberCore and Central Hub launches and our online marketing portal being highlights.

2019 has been an exceptional year for Liniar – proving time and time again that providing customers with high service levels and all the products they need, when they need them, is key to developing longterm relationships. We’ve continued to invest in infrastructure, facilities, machinery, new product development and people to ensure we continue to deliver 99% on time, in full as a minimum.

As a relative newcomer to Avantek and the Group level of support it receives, I’ve been blown away by the service we’re able to offer to fabricators all over the UK and Ireland. Having such a fantastic showroom has enabled me to demonstrate how the machinery works, and being able to deliver it from stock in many cases provides an additional ‘wow’.

The fire door market has been impacted by Grenfell and the outcome of this is that the bar for product safety has been set really high. We see this as a positive, as everyone in the supply chain must ensure that the products meet the required standards and are not solely built to the lowest possible price. During 2019, UAP acquired Intelligent Hardware and we expect to complete at least two further acquisitions during 2020. This is proof of the confidence we have in ourselves and the market, and also that shown us by our private equity partners.

Sales growth was strong in our PVC business, accumulating more commercial projects. After a tough first 6-months, our aluminium business is now performing well, mainly due to commercial activity. As for political uncertainty, I guess I’m like a lot of people. We need to just get it done and pick up any pieces. Fortunately, whatever happens, I won’t be greatly affected personally, thanks to a long life of living within my means!! From a business perspective, we’ve lived through this kind of thing before and endured. I’ve no doubt that we’ll do so once again. Sadly, I think uncertainty will run for some time and it’s this that could impact more seriously. People can deal with the known, but dig in when matters are left uncertain. Every cloud though… I’m convinced government funded infrastructure investment will see more commercial opportunities - something we aim to take a slice of.

We’ve been prepared (as far as anyone can be!) for Brexit for some time now – including a £2m investment into working capital, putting additional stock in our warehouse. The current political uncertainty has had very little impact on our day to day operations – we continue to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Looking ahead to 2020, we’re feeling very positive. Liniar is in a great position to continue the doubledigit growth we’ve seen in 2019, whilst developing the product range even further. Our parent company Quanex has committed to record levels of capital expenditure and we have many exciting times ahead!

There’s a real culture of learning here, not only through our apprentice programme, but within the business generally. Everyone is curious to discover new ways to delight customers, and create them in a proactive way. We really haven’t experienced any of the Brexit uncertainty often talked about, and I think that’s definitely down to the confidence our customers have in Avantek. I’m certain this will continue into 2020 and beyond; I’ve seen first-hand the benefits of collaboration between systems company, machinery company and software developer, which offers Avantek a real point of differentiation. Whatever happens politically, the team is well-placed to weather any storm.

December 2019 |


The UK’s Leading Glass & Glazing Newspaper

Chris Cooke Director Prefix Systems

Nickie West Event Director FIT Show

We’ve had a good year across all of our four branches with a wide product portfolio that includes glazed roofs, WARMroof, Verandah and our Opal range of aluminium windows, doors and rooflights. We’re one of the very few companies in the UK that can offer trade installers a wide range of roof and frame combinations, all backed by our awardwinning levels of customer service.

2019 has been both hugely successful and challenging for FIT Show. Our 2019 showcase drew our biggest audience to date, and our exhibitors reported that the quality of leads driven surpassed previous years.

This was recognised in the NFA’s where we again won Conservatory Roof Fabricator for the third time this year and recently our market-leading WARMroof was presented as the Best Solid Roof System in the inaugural Conservatory & Orangery Awards. Recognition by our industry colleagues shows we are a business that listens to customers and work in partnership with our suppliers. Like the rest of the industry we are faced with a changing political and economic landscape, yet we are well placed to help our customers deal with any potential changes, thanks to a product portfolio that continues to grow and some exciting developments planned for 2020.

The May event coincided with our decision to revert FIT Show to an annual proposition - this is possibly one of the most challenging years to have made the decision due to the political uncertainty that we are facing but a crucial decision to make for the long term assured future of the show. People are naturally being cautious, but I would urge them to support FIT Show as a vital fixture in their marketing calendar. We are receiving a huge amount of interest from overseas companies who see the strength of the UK market, we want to see the same level of confidence from UK businesses. I believe that 2020 is going to be challenging, but we mustn’t stand still and talk ourselves into a state of stagnation - we’ve got to invest during these times and keep doing business. The demand from the consumer is still there and the necessity for regular comms with your client base more important than ever. Montgomery as a business faces difficulties across some brands but equally some of our niche events and launches seem poised for great success. | December 2019

James Keeling-Heane Sales Director Senior Architectural Systems Like all companies, we’ve been working under the shadow of the stop-start Brexit negotiations, but I’m pleased to say that it has been business as usual here at Senior and 2019 has gone on to be a very good year for us. We’ve used the last 12 months as an opportunity to consolidate and strengthen our own position in the marketplace by investing in both our product range and in-house manufacturing facility. We’ve also launched our own Training Academy to help support our trade fabricators and installers. Our work in the commercial sector has benefitted from our collaborative approach with our architects and contractors, leading us to take on larger, more complex jobs, particularly in the growing PRS sector. Demand for our domestic product range has also continued to develop and we’re pleased to be working with more new clients in the residential sector. Looking ahead, we’ll continue to track the ever-changing political landscape but will do so safe in the knowledge that at least we have our house in order!

Matthew Mycock CEO Aperture Group It hasn’t been an easy year for us this year for obvious reasons, and we still hear industry speculation about our future as we head towards 2020. However, we’re on the right track and making good progress. We have a new management team in place who are committed to our customer centric vision for the business, and who are delivering truly transformational change to make Aperture Group the organisation we want it to be. It has meant making some tough short term decisions for long term benefits, but we have identified our core product offering and invested in product development to continue to build on this strong portfolio in 2020. The economic backdrop for the whole industry will remain challenging deep into 2020, and a differently shaped industry may even emerge as a result. At Aperture, like in other forwardthinking businesses, our transformation also extends across our cost base to ensure that we build a robust business that is fit for whatever the future may hold.

Alan Burgess Group Chairman Masterframe Ltd & Timberweld® Innovator It’s a known fact that in sales, a NO is as good as a YES. With an answer, it’s possible to move on. Job losses, redundancies and the whole uncertainty which surrounds Brexit have certainly taken a toll on consumer confidence this year. Regardless of Leave or Remain we have seen a weak government, unable to govern and facing challenges from MP’s who may not agree with the result of the referendum. Gridlocked, unable to move, in any direction, politicians must find a solution to this impasse. The day after we leave (or decide to stay) we can take decisions, decisions that will help our businesses, our employees, clients and consumers alike. We can take confidence that a decision has been taken and gets acted upon. Life will still have its challenges, however it should become clearer. We must close the Brexit discussions and move onto the next phase, ONLY then will the country be able to restore any level of confidence in 2020.

Nick Dutton CEO Brisant-Secure If the company has innovative products doing a job people need, there is no need to fear the economic downturn. Brisant has seen huge growth this year because our locks and security handles keep people safe, while being designed with style shown in the Sweet hardware range. We partnered with Salto to launch Ultion Smart, which offers all the 3 Star Plus Ultion lock security credentials, the elegance of Sweet along with being easy to use. It is fully integrated across all smart platforms, without losing any of the security features, which we consider to be fundamental. This has been applauded beyond our industry gaining a five-star review in the world’s top selling gadget magazine, Stuff. We look forward to 2020 as another year of growth. We have widened our range of Sweet hardware, to give customers greater choice and look forward to the country being in a more stable economic situation which will help everybody.



Angus Mackie Group Managing Director Vertik-Al

Iain McInnes Managing Director McInnes Communications Ltd

2019 has been a bit of a curate’s egg. A little quiet at the start under the gloom that enveloped the run up to Theresa’s false Brexit, and initially dominated with various debates over the technical performance of powder coatings.

The year has been a strong one across all of our respective clients, each one having been able to outperform the market from a commercial perspective. Operating with a number of established clients is also hugely rewarding, as we collectively work to build long-term success through strategic brand building and by means of powerful marketing communications.

We then had a post “No Brexit” boom in the summer with record breaking months which now seems to be spluttering out a little as we come into the mists of autumn, with political manoeuvring returning to the fore. Overall, we find ourselves 6% ahead of 2018, but it feels as if we have had to push ourselves so much harder this year. We can be certain that, whatever the result of the forthcoming election, the direction of the new parliament will have a huge impact on all our prospects in 2020. A hung parliament, a decisive move toward a hard Brexit, a second referendum will all impact our lives and businesses in different ways. Certainly, we live in interesting times. Buckle your seat belt and enjoy the ride!


Looking at the wider market and at the country in general, we are faced with an unprecedented situation in the form of relative economic instability and a brewing political storm. All markets need stability as this underpins consumer confidence and it’s something that’s hampering the industry in part at present. But with uncertainty comes opportunity and so with wise investment in a carefully orchestrated marketing campaign, companies still have a great opportunity in 2020 with installed values of most home improvement products on the rise. But it’s a year in which your marketing strategy could well be under the microscope if it isn’t coherent and robust for the challenges we’ll all face.

The UK’s Leading Glass & Glazing Newspaper

Sarah Hitchings Sales and Marketing Director The Residence Collection and Window Widgets Following on from a hugely successful FIT Show, we’ve had a wonderful year across both sides of the businesses through organic growth and with the introduction of new business. We’ve also got a wonderful corporate culture, which I do believe sets us apart from many. The Residence Collection has been buoyant through the launch of Residence Doors (RD) and our installer and manufacturing partners love the form and feel of these new, engineered doors, built with traditional profiles. R9, R7 and the new kid on the block in the guise of R2, all continue to grow. Window Widgets is not only the very foundations of our business, but it’s one that supports the vast majority of installers and fabricators with clever thought out solutions. Our CE Marked bayjacks perfectly reflect the trust that many of these big names in the industry have with us. While politics and economic uncertainties prevail, we do not fear change, after all we’ve been challenging the status quo as a pioneering business for many years.

Tracey Jackson Business Development Manager Howells Patent Glazing 2019 started with credit warnings from our insurance company, stating that there would be a massive impact on wellknown brand consumer sales. This followed a bumpy 2018, with the collapse of locally-based Carillion, which sent the construction industry reeling. This year has (so far!) seen four or five other reasonably-sized building contractors, some we have dealt with for many years, fall by the wayside. For us, Brexit is not a major factor as we don’t import or export but that does not mean we are going to come out of this unscathed. Our supply chain will take a major hit and this will be converted into additional costs which will have to be absorbed or fed to the chain. As for what is in store, who knows really! These are volatile times but we are strong and will remain stable. Hopefully an election, and by finally agreeing on a deal (the possibility of no deal really does not bear thinking about) we can all pick up the pieces and continue to do what we do best, make Britain great!

Mike Bygrave Marketing Director Roseview Windows If I had to sum up 2019 in one word, it would be “unpredictable”. Clearly that’s a result of Brexit and the uncertainty it has caused. But unlike financial and foreign exchange markets, peaks and troughs in sales haven’t followed the pattern of news. As a trade fabricator with a nationwide customer base, we speak to a lot of people. Most have said the same thing – it hasn’t been a bad year, but it has been strange; one week will be great, the next dead. The only thing consistent is the inconsistency! The good news is that sales figures are up, which – given the unpredictable market – is a little surprising. At Roseview we haven’t sold significantly more windows than 2018, but the average values have been higher. That means that – despite what’s going on in the news – the high-end market isn’t just holding up, it’s growing. That, plus the fact that one way or another there should be some resolution to the Brexit fiasco next year, bodes well for 2020.

Steve Haines Sales & Commercial Director Stuga Machinery Limited In 2019 Stuga installed eight ZX5 automatic sawing & machining centers throughout the UK. The ZX5 is capable of producing 800 or more British style uPVC windows and doors in a forty hour week and is the fastest, most accurate and most reliable sawing & machining center Stuga has ever produced. Stuga was flat out throughout 2019 and there was no obvious issues caused by the political situation. 2020 is going to be similar to 2019 as the order book is already full right through until the end of July and more orders are expected yet. Concerns regarding the economy, Brexit and the construction industry in general have not stopped Stuga customers from investing in high-end equipment like the ZX5 which in itself is quite an expensive product. Stuga put their success down to offering consistently good service and back-up on a day to day basis from friendly and knowledgeable staff both at their Norfolk HQ and in the field. The company prides itself in facing up to and resolving challenges wherever they occur.

December 2019 |


The UK’s Leading Glass & Glazing Newspaper

Jason Thompson Group Managing Director The Glazerite UK Group Ltd In spite of reduced consumer confidence and political uncertainty, 2019 has been another successful year for Glazerite. We’ve hit record profits and sales, and poured over £1 million into the business, with investment in new machinery, site expansion and our fleet to accommodate our plans for the future. We, like the industry as a whole, will still be facing these continued challenges into 2020, and will need to navigate an increase in overheads, as well as rising costs in the material supply chain. As we gear up to our 20th year in business, we will be consolidating our offering with new products and services, including a focus on smart technology. We will continue to support our installer partners in achieving their own business goals with reduced lead times and business support packages that are stronger than we’ve ever had, thanks to development and additional resources within our teams. Personally, I’m excited about the opportunities 2020 may bring, and I’m especially looking forward to helping Glazerite maintain its position at the forefront of the industry.

Martin Hitchin CEO REHAU Windows Looking back over the past 12 months, despite the challenging market conditions, REHAU has had a considerably good year. Our ability to be agile and restructure based on market challenges has placed us in good stead. What’s more, we are continuously looking to excite the market with new innovations, and the launch of Rio flush fit has certainly been testament to this. We are proud of how professional and hardworking our customer base is and in return we want to reiterate that they are in safe hands with REHAU. Our priority for next year will be refining our proposition to the end consumer and reinforcing the rollout of our flush fit family. In addition, there will be significant investment in areas such as REHAU Connect which will provide additional services to make lives easier and businesses more successful. As always, sustainability will also be high on the agenda following essential major investments into our recycling capabilities. Inevitably the uncertainty of Brexit means that it will be a tough market out there, however we are confident that our place in the industry is strong owing to REHAU’s reliability, quality and heritage. | December 2019

Roy Frost MD – GJB Group, including Listers Central, GJB Window Systems and ‘The Big Trade Counters’ 2019 has been a great year for the group with sales 23% up at £27.3m. I am proud that we have created 45 new roles at Listers in Stoke-on-Trent and at our Essex based facility in Rayleigh to underpin the group’s growth in premium PVCu windows and doors and our Designer Aluminium Range. Our trade customers continue to develop and embrace our new products and USPs, many now also use our free and instant quotation app ‘Easy Connect’. We have created 80 plus customer bespoke marketing packages helping our customers stand out. Helping our customers sell is at the heart of our strategy. 2019 has been a mixed year for the market. Modern consumers are clearly kicking back against the national brands with their dated direct sales models, with the savvy local installation companies looking stronger than ever before and I expect that trend to continue. 2020 offers a great opportunity for our customers to engage with the modern consumer with the most modern products and up to date proposition in the market.

Russell Yates Managing Director AluK 2019 was actually a pretty good year for AluK. We certainly outperformed the market, with growth of around 15%, an increase in market share, and a number of new fabricators coming on board with us. We’ve strengthened our position in the trade sector thanks to a mix of exciting new products and impressive service levels, and achieved similarly impressive growth in the commercial market where we’re winning substantial amounts of new work via our project teams and in partnership with fabricators. Having said that, there are lots of investment decisions currently on hold in the commercial market, and I think any resolution of the Brexit impasse in 2020 is likely to trigger a surge in activity. That could have an impact on the whole of the fenestration supply chain, and businesses will need to be agile and well funded enough to be able to flex their capacity in response. There are challenges as well as opportunities ahead.

Jeff Pearson Sales & Marketing Director Jack Aluminium Systems It’s been a very strange year for the country, and we have had a real mixed bag of feedback from customers. Some are doing really well and have found that projects they are working on and partners they are working with, have adopted a ‘carry on regardless’ attitude. Others have seen large commercial and publicsector jobs that were ‘in the bag’ being put on hold until we finally get a ‘decision’ – although on what I’m not entirely sure! Despite the political mess that the country has been going through over the last few years, there is the positive that there is still a strong manufacturing industry here in the UK, driven by an army of SME businesses. Looking ahead to next year, there are some exciting things planned for Jack Aluminium. We’ve expanded our warehouse space with a new unit and we’ve got some new launches planned for 2020 too. As for the politics, who knows where we will be after 12 December, but regardless of the outcome, I am sure those fantastic SMEs will continue to drive the industry forward.

Richard Gyde Managing Director Mila Given that this is a market where the uncertainty over Brexit is having such a major impact on consumer confidence, Mila has performed remarkably well in 2019. Sales are up and a continued focus on controlling costs has meant we have been able to maintain the all important investment in new products. I think we all want to be able to move on now, but I’m cautious that any kind of hard Brexit in 2020 could still have a disproportionately negative impact on the hardware sector. A fall in the value of the pound, for example, would mean more expensive imports and a rise in commodity prices which inevitably mean surcharges for customers. While I still see lots of resilience in this market, there are inherent risks for underfunded businesses even from a potential Brexit boom, so there will be challenges ahead for many. However, there is always room for optimism and in the hardware sector I think that will be driven by the growth in smart tech and Mila will be making some major announcements on that in the new year.



Nick Bailey Business Development Manager Business Micros 2019 was Business Micros’ 40th anniversary year and it’s not just been about celebrating our success but about recognising the outstanding contribution made by our amazing team. The uncertainty in the market caused by Brexit has translated into increased investment in software, as fabricators have looked to us to help them reduce costs and increase efficiency. As a result, we’ve reached record levels of turnover once again, and have been able to continue our investment in new product development. From a personal point of view, having moved into the BDM role at the end of the summer, I am now looking to drive further improvements within the business. That means improving our communication with customers to increase awareness of our existing range and launch our next generation of new products very soon. We’re very confident about the year ahead and we will be making a significant announcement about our future early on in 2020. I am also getting married next summer, so 2020 is certainly going to be a busy and exciting year on many fronts!


Dean Hodges Managing Director BM Aluminium I’m delighted to say that 2019 has been another record year for BM Aluminium, with turnover and customer numbers at their highest ever level. That obviously reflects the growth in the aluminium market as a whole, but is also an indication, I think, of how LogiKal is cementing its status as the first choice software for newcomers to aluminium as well as long established fabricators. Looking ahead, there’s no real sign of the market deteriorating, and I can see lots more potential for us as the number of traditionally PVC-U customers adding aluminium to their product ranges continues to increase. The biggest trend we’re seeing currently is in machinery investment with our team completing 20% more CNC machine links this year compared to last. We’re also carrying out more bespoke work than ever before and customisation is now the real buzzword amongst fabricators who want us to help them create a software set up using LogiKal which gives them a competitive edge in terms of optimisation and efficiency.

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David Thornton Chairman The Window Company (Contracts) 2019 was another of growth for The Window Company (Contracts). We saw no discernible downturn in work from our major social housing clients, and a big increase in work in high end new build projects. The initial market shock from the Brexit vote has long since faded and, while it hasn’t exactly been ‘business as usual’, it’s certainly been ‘business as best we can’. For me personally not being part of the EU will feel like a loss rather than a gain, but we do need a resolution of the current stalemate so that businesses like ours can make longer term plans. While we still don’t know what lies ahead politically or economically for 2020, our priority will be prudence and financial stability. We are doubly aware of our margins and will certainly not be buying any business or accepting work with dangerously low profit margins. Nonetheless, we are budgeting for further business growth of around 10% and so far we have seen no evidence of a reduction in orders or a drop off in the level of tender enquiries.

Simon Monks Managing Director VBH (GB) Ltd

Carol Slade Managing Director Masterframe

Ian Searle Director MI Products

We grew as a business in 2019 in terms of sales and product range expansion, and also in the development of internal processes to enhance our Customer Service offering. Our position as a true hardware innovator has been reinforced.

Well one thing’s for sure – 2019 has been a very interesting year. With so much going on in politics and the constant talk of Brexit, it’s easy to get into a negative way of thinking and lose sight of the positives that we are seeing in our industry.

2019 saw the launch of the FX15 – MI Products’ genuine Part M low door threshold.

We made great progress, despite ongoing political and economic uncertainty, by understanding market trends. This remains key to our success in 2020 and beyond. Adapting our product development priorities according to the requirements and buoyancy of different sectors leads to sustainable growth, even in uncertain times.

At Masterframe, the big change this year has been the specification updates on the trade ranges, creating our own exclusive minisystems. Extreme care and attention goes into every detail of our windows and I’m sure it’s this level of quality which has helped to deliver a successful year for us.

Ongoing development of greenteQ products to suit ‘Lifestyle’ aluminium products enables us to enjoy great success in this still booming sector. Solutions for Bi-Folding and Lift/Slide doors have been particular highlights in 2019. Smart products, colours and added value selling tools will continue to be at the fore next year. With our Q-Smart door handle, greenteQ colour-matched furniture suite, and our nononsense Q-secure home owner guarantee, we’re active in all of these areas. VBH is ready to support our customers through whatever 2020 brings.

We are seeing a real trend for new-build developers wanting to replicate traditional style, and what better way to do that than with the right window. Some of the projects we’ve been working closely on with customers really are phenomenal and proves that there is a real appetite for high quality, value for money homes. This is positive news for us, as a fabricator of premium sliding sash windows, and puts us in a good position for an equally successful 2020.

The 15mm upstand means that it complies with Building Regulations (ADQ), helping installers complete new build projects that are suitable for those with limited accessibility. It means that not only will more homes be more accessible for those with disabilities, wheelchair users and elderly residents, installers have been able to reach the new build market with the confidence and knowledge that they’re compliant. The success of FX15 in 2019 means that we’re dedicating 2020 to the year of accessibility and highlighting the importance of changing the lives of the third of a million people living with disability who said their home is not suitable for their needs, (Equality and Human Rights Commission inquiry, 2018). Next year sees the 2020 Paralympics in Tokyo, which is the world’s best showcase of people living with disabilities, proving that supporting people with better access both inside and outside their homes creates a better society for everyone.

December 2019 |


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Roy Harrison Head of Sales Camden Group

Martin Nettleton Managing Director Euroglaze

Craig Miller Managing Director Alufold Direct

Yogesh Gopal, Managing Director at Everglade Windows

Dave Jones MD VEKA UK

Ian Cocken, Director of Sales and Marketing, aluplast

2019 has been a year of positive affirmation for Camden. With numerous award nominations and successful trade shows, the market’s telling us that our drive for increased sustainability is exactly what’s needed across the industry – and our proactive lead on this is being supported.

2019 has been a challenging year for companies like us who are fabricating exclusively in PVC-U. The market is undoubtedly down, and our turnover has reflected that, but we’ve increased our customer numbers and have remained profitable.

Even with the uncertainty around the ‘B’ word, 2019 has been a fantastic year for AluFoldDirect customers. Many of them have experienced incredible growth, simply by recognising the opportunities that aluminium offers and having the confidence to say ‘yes’ to aluminium projects, no matter what the size.

2019 has been a great year for Everglade Windows. We’ve been hard at work, developing new products and investing heavily so that we have a great foundation to build on in 2020 and the next decade.

It’s not the most exciting answer, but looking ahead to ‘what’s in store for 2020’ I’d say simply ‘business as usual’.

In what’s been a challenging market, we’ve seen growth – and most importantly - our customers have seen growth.

Yes, there is caution around Brexit right now, and we’re as prepared as we can be for that. Many companies are holding back and waiting to find out what’s going to happen next. However, drawing attention away from the B-word and back to sustainability, waiting is not a luxury we can afford our planet. This is something we can each have influence on and action is needed now. Camden have already started on this journey, recycling almost 50,000 tonnes of waste PVCu over the past 5 years and developing the greenest product range on the market. Meanwhile others are also starting to follow suit. I’m hopeful that 2020 will be the year we’ll see lip-service turn into real action and change across the whole sector.

What these difficult market conditions have done though is stress tested the business and demonstrated just how robust the processes and systems we’ve put in place over recent years now are. That, I think, bodes really well for us in the future – whether that comes in the form of continuing economic uncertainty or a Brexit led honeymoon period followed by a period of sustained recovery. In 2020 we plan to invest in some exciting new products to broaden our offering still further and in additional machinery so that we can increase both capacity and productivity. We know that we are achieving market leading efficiency and delivering outstanding customer service and, if you add in our growth in customer numbers, then I am very confident about the year ahead. | December 2019

By delivering certainty to installers, with aluminium windows and doors delivered in one week unglazed, two weeks glazed, right first time, on time, every time, we’ve taken the pain out of fitting aluminium glazing. We’ve built on this foundation with our free Aluminium Installer Training Academy, Aluminium Glazing Projects Service and the newly launched range Aluminium Shapes. For high-end, premium products like aluminium glazing, I think there will always be a market. Whilst some may have stalled plans waiting for the Brexit result, the best thing we did was carry on investing and delivering certainty for customers. We’ve got some really exciting plans for 2020 to give even more installers the confidence to grab their piece and grow with us.

We held our 13th consecutive Trade Customer Conference, with the theme of Progressing Your Business for the Next Decade, reflecting how much the industry and world around us has changed and looked ahead to the next. We launched nine new products, including two new premium product ranges, One Collection uPVC windows & doors and aïr MOD-Series aluminium windows & doors. The response we’ve had so far has been astounding. We’ve seen a 14% rise in uPVC orders, and a 50% increase in coloured uPVC orders, showing a big appetite for premium products – something that is helped by our £100,000 machinery investment. We’ve opened doors to customers to take advantage of new markets, so we and our customers have plenty of great opportunities for growth going forward. Not only have we got the next decade to plan – we’ve got a great big celebration to organise too as we’ll be celebrating our 40th birthday in 2020!

December is a good time to reflect on what we’ve accomplished – not just in 2019, but over the last 50 years. The global VEKA Group was established in 1969, and has since grown from just 8 staff, to 5500 staff worldwide and a €1.2billion turnover. Having worked here for half that time, I’m very proud of everything we continue to achieve, including the investment in product development that saw the innovative Imagine Vertical Slider and ultramatt SPECTRAL finish unveiled this year. VEKA Group is still run by the same family with the same values, so our customers can rely on the same quality, service and stability not just next year but for the next 50 years – whatever the political landscape. When it comes to the practicalities of Brexit, VEKA UK runs its own onsite mixing plant and holds an impressive amount of stock, so customers will be largely unaffected, whatever the outcome.

Brexit is a challenge in the sense that it has created uncertainty and we have taken a decision to increase our stock holding to insulate our customers from potential short-term delays in the event of a hard Brexit because it’s prudent to do so. However, whatever the format of Brexit, it’s going to be about paperwork and once whatever has been agreed has been agreed, we’ll fill out the forms which have to be filled out and that will be the new normality. If we can get over that hurdle and get a decision, then I’m confident about a return to meaningful growth in the coming year because the latent demand is there. We continue to invest in our offer. Jet Black, Woodec – finishes are driving the market forward. We saw foils make up 40% of sales in 2019 and I believe we could comfortably hit colour sales of 50% this year [2020].

As I said… not very exciting. In fact, VEKA UK is brilliantly boring in the best possible sense.



Joe Hague Managing Director Promac Group

Andy Ball Managing Director Balls2 Marketing

What’s absolutely apparent is that regardless of the sector you’re in, models of doing business are changing and need to change.

Despite the uncertainty, 2019 has been a good year for both customers and the team at Balls2 Marketing. Sales results for our customers are up significantly in 2019, with many showing record figures. For us, the agency has grown, and we now have 13 people in the team. We won the Chartered Institute of Public Relations Small Agency of the Year in the PRide awards in September.

If you’re going to generalize, you’d say if you’ve been in aluminum 2019 has probably been ok, if you’re in PVC-U it’s been a harder. It’s about market change and how well businesses are adjusting to it – and that’s regardless of Brexit. The specific challenge right now, is the availability of finance. It’s there to a point but banks aren’t willing to fund full purchase costs, so support to source and secure finance is key. Political uncertainty doesn’t help this - that’s something we can agree on whichever way you voted on Brexit. But I come back to that requirement to change and adapt and to make sure that models of doing business are fit-for-purpose. That includes us and everyone else. We’re going to be focused in 2020 on making sure that our offer is right, and that we deliver the right platforms, underpinned by the right technical and service support.


As well as the core business, we are also organisers for the top networking group in the industry People in Glazing Society aka PiGs. The Joinery Network was launched in March and we are founder members of the cooperative. The Joinery Network supports joiners looking to supply accredited windows into new build and extensions as the demand for timber windows increases. In 2020, our team is ready to support companies looking for additional growth and profitability with expert strategy, PR and digital marketing. Finally, 2020 marks a milestone for the agency, it will be 10 years since Sarah and I set up the business, so I predict a party!

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Steve Dixon Sales Director George Barnsdale Limited In terms of the domestic market, one word that seems to sum up 2019 is caution. We saw a dip in activity leading up to the March 31st and then a flurry of activity as withdrawal from the EU came and went and people that were holding off with their projects decided to go ahead. For us, the commercial projects have continued to progress fairly well primarily in London and Manchester as investment seems to have continued at the top end of the market, much of it from foreign investors. Looking ahead, with the general election and Brexit looming, there are likely to continue to be challenges politically and economically to varying degrees depending on the outcome in December. Another hung parliament is only likely to add to uncertainty and stalemate. For George Barnsdale, the Greta Gunberg/ Attenborough effect is an opportunity because we deal solely in timber and architects are increasingly looking to incorporate sustainable building materials into their designs.

Rob McGlennon MD Deceuninck UK

Ryan Johnson Managing Director Emplas

Paul Sullivan Managing Director Anglo European Group

With around a 10% decline in the windows market year-on-year and political turmoil, some companies have had a difficult 2019. In ‘uncertain’ times, many must hope for more certainty and growth.

2019 was challenging in the sense that volume has been accompanied by volatility in demand.

Things have been tough for a lot of people. There’s pressure on prices and on costs with fabricators feeling it most.

In contrast, the sun is shining on Deceuninck. Deceuninck fabricators have had another great year and our 20% yearon-year growth reflects our successful investment strategy in product and colour. Colour sets Deceuninck and our customers apart - we now keep 30 colourways in stock – and 20 more on short lead times. My advice for 2020: move away from white windows and commodity pricing and sell colour and flush sash windows and doors to the premium sector. Offering a premium range to homeowners who appear happily resistant to ‘uncertainty’ gives access to a significant opportunity. While the mass market delay spending, better-off homeowners happily spend on products like heritage and colour. We’ve invested so our fabricators will continue to see real growth in 2020. And with all products manufactured in the UK and high levels of stock of all 30 colourways, we look forward to helping them grow in good times and bad.

This has had the potential to create a challenge in production. The multimillion pound spend that we have committed to machinery, our processes and the consequential visibility our processes give us, have made this manageable. It’s a reaffirmation that our strategy to invest in automation has paid off, giving us the ability to flex with customer demand, without compromising quality and service. It’s also where, as an investment-led and family owned business, the stability that we’re able to bring to market, is an advantage. Brexit has created uncertainty and consumer confidence has been lower as a consequence. As an installer that creates enough challenges. You don’t want to have to be second guessing if your supplier is still going to be there in a few months’ time. We will continue to invest and put back into the business, something which is critical in underpinning our own – and more importantly – our customers growth in the year ahead.

I don’t know if that’s down to Brexit entirely or in part the cycle of the economy (although I suspect continuing uncertainty isn’t helping). Anglo European has, however, continued to grow in 2019 and we expect that to continue into 2020. If things are good you can perhaps overlook the cost of your reinforcement. If they’re more difficult you’re more inclined to review them. We offer fabricators big savings by buying cut-tosize reinforcement direct, as opposed to bar length from their systems company. For bigger fabricators it can be as much as £200,000 a year. That’s straight back on their bottom line. Our focus in the coming year will be to accelerate our independent test programme and have a series of product development announcements planned. With two major acquisitions under our built in the space of two-years, we also intend to expand our offer as and when the right opportunities present themselves.

December 2019 |


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Dave Broxton, Managing Director, Bohle

Ian Woolley Sales Director Hitech Blinds

Having had unexpected heart surgery in September, I’m personally happy just to be here!

We’re conscious that it’s been a difficult year for many of our colleagues in the industry. We haven’t felt that so directly as a specialist supplier.

Putting this aside, what for me has been most damaging about Brexit is the continuing uncertainty. If the withdrawal agreement passes and we leave in January, I believe there will be an economic bounce with improved growth. There’s a lot of retained investment out there where people haven’t perhaps had the confidence to invest in property because of a lack of clarity about what’s going to happen – but I genuinely think that once things are decided one way or another, we’ll see a release of latent demand. Commercially for Bohle the coming year is going to be about focussing on our core values: service; expertise; quality; professionalism and responsibility. Manufacturing more of our own products, including sliding door systems, balustrading and hardware, will also give us potential to grow further, while dedicated product development will also support us in becoming a far bigger player here in the UK.

We’ve seen growth of around 40% on 2018. Integral blinds are a very strong fit with aluminium and bi-fold door installations. Things may have been supressed and might have otherwise have delivered even more growth because of the continuing indecision that surrounds Brexit but supplying a specialist product, which supports installers in adding value and margin to their offer, we perhaps haven’t felt ‘the pain’. As to the election, I just don’t really see it helping. What all that means for 2020 is difficult to call but because of where we sit in the market and because integrated blinds provide installers with an opportunity to build in margin, I’m confident that we will deliver at the very least the same level of growth this year as we did last year - and that’s what we’re investing for. | December 2019

Steve Collett Trade Sales Director Cotswold Trade Aluminium 2019 has gone to plan, in fact we’re pleased to say it has totally exceeded our expectations. Personally, I think these are exciting times! With over 25 years selling into the industry, it’s so nice to be involved in a business with such great opportunities for growth. We can plot our own course and adapt to market changes, quickly. I think the industry, and in particular those offering more ‘traditional’ products could well be in for a challenging 2020. As such, I think we’ll see the divide between those who adapt and change, and those that can’t, wont or don’t, become more apparent. Standing still won’t be an option, in the current climate, this will essentially be going backwards! As a business, we will continue to evolve, keeping a close eye on the market, and have forecast 2020 for steady and manageable growth.

Roger Hartshorn CEO Garnalex We’ve seen paralysis in parliament brought on by Brexit, a cooling global economy brought on by Trump’s trade wars, and a PVC-U window market down an estimated 10%. But the swing to aluminium is accelerating. More fabricators and installers than ever are selling aluminium to appeal to a growing premium sector. 2019 was a year of investment for Garnalex £9m so far. We’ve built a state-of-the art-aluminium extrusions factory in Derbyshire, recruited the best technical and operational people in the industry, designed Sheerline®, a new, innovative, high-performing, beautiful residential aluminium window and door system, and we’re ready for its launch at the end of Q1 2020. Our 2020 mission is to revolutionise how aluminium windows are fabricated, installed, sold and supplied. In particular, coming from a background in PVC, we aim to supply aluminium on much short lead-times – designed to suit customers, not suppliers. Fabricators and installers who want to be first to market with Sheerline can learn more at our Ambassador workshops.

Andy Everett National Account Manager SWISSPACER UK 2020 won’t be without its challenges, but our outlook is optimistic. Although the current uncertain economic and political climate is likely to continue with the upcoming election and a Brexit deal still not agreed, conditions should improve once we have more clarity. The glazing market has been challenging for some years, but demand for thermally efficient windows can expect a boost next year, with climate change a hot topic and high on the political agenda. The take-up of the Passivhaus standard has also gathered pace in the UK. This is particularly positive for SWISSPACER, as our high-performance warm edge spacer bars are used in over 75% of all Passivhaus windows and sliding doors. We are also excited about SWISSPACER’s new range of innovative solutions for glass, part of a long-term strategy to diversify and offer UK customers a wider choice of premium products. The first products, including a glass canopy and a balustrade system aimed at the growing high-end residential market, have already generated positive feedback from fabricators and installers.

Mark Bromley CEO Avantis For Avantis, 2019 has seen the launch of Kubu and the industry is certainly embracing the change. Smart’s been around for years. Think about how long we’ve had ‘smart phones’ and ‘smart TVs’ – long enough that referring to them as ‘smart’ feels excessive. But the industry hasn’t really embraced it until now. Smart needed to be simple, affordable and able to sell in volume. That’s why we created Kubu. Kubu can be mass fitted to doors as standard, is easy to both install and use, and is low cost. Because of these reasons, we’ve seen more and more fabricators and installers embracing Kubu. In 2020, we expect to see smart technology fully penetrate the market, benefiting everyone in the supply chain. Kubu gives fabricators the opportunity to go smart as standard. Fabricators can offer installers a cost-effective way to sell smart doors. Installers can meet the demands of homeowners who want to be fully integrated and connected to the Internet of Things. With Kubu locks now in circulation, we’re leading the smart home revolution in the glazing industry.



Lis Clarke Operations Director GGP Group, BFRC 2019 has been one of our best years yet. We’ve reinvigorated the BFRC brand to strengthen our visibility whilst laying foundations for exciting plans next year. We’re delighted to have attracted a lot of new business this year, but interestingly we’ve noticed our existing client base has also been very keen to extend their certification to cover new products. 2020, it’s difficult to judge what leaving the EU will have on our industry. The government are introducing ambitious regulatory plans to drive improvements in energy efficiency and applying pressure on businesses to reduce waste, recycle and encourage consumers to choose energy efficient products. It’s absolutely key our industry is prepared for those regulatory changes and seek guidance from industry bodies through potentially difficult market conditions. We still see plenty of opportunity to serve the supply chain however. Consumers are particularly focused on energy efficiency and climate change and BFRC supports businesses in promoting performance over selling on price alone which subsequently encourages consumers to reduce their carbon footprint.


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Frank Allain Operations Director GGP Group, Installsure

Chris Beedel Director of Membership GGF Group, FENSA

2019 has been an interesting year. We have felt some resonance from the continued uncertainty surrounding Brexit, seen capacity reducing within the wider insurance market and some Insurers leaving the market altogether.

We started the year with the same uncertainty that we’ve had since 2016, so it was business as normal for the FENSA community! We’ve obviously kept a close eye on any political ramifications but the broad outlook for FENSA is that the market has performed as we had expected it to in 2019 which is what we’ve heard across the wider industry also.

Nevertheless, we have pushed forward with several positive measures including our full rebrand. Our core IBG business has remained buoyant and we are seeing record numbers of installers register with us for their insurance needs. On balance, I’d say 2019 has been a pretty good year in many respects! As for 2020, personally, I don’t see the Brexit situation being resolved cleanly any time soon. We could see a decrease in consumer confidence/ spending and of course, the home improvement industry often takes the hit. That said, the wider political and economic backdrop has been in a state of uncertainty for several years now yet both the glazing and insurance sectors within the UK continue to lead the way globally. So, whilst the general forecast may be a little gloomy, Installsure will enter 2020 with a renewed energy and focus to ride out the storm.

On a personal note, my 2020 diary is already filling up with exciting opportunities to explore new products and services for FENSA Approved Installers. FENSA will be 18 years old in April and by then our installer community will have completed its 14th million installation. So we head into next year with big landmarks ahead and a really positive outlook for the next 12 months. As an industry, and the UK overall, I cannot predict the future other than to say we are a very resilient sector with great products for which there will always be consumer demand. That’s not going to change anytime soon.

Adrian Barraclough Chairman Quickslide

Simon Scholes Managing Director VEKA Recycling

Danny Williams Managing Director Pioneer

Like most I suspect that whilst sales have been more stable than we might have expected, it has been difficult to accurately predict. Our focus for 2019 has been on retaining volume and increasing the specification for foiled, painted and enhanced products, which has resulted in a positive year overall.

2019 has been complicated. During our first year at the company’s new HQ in Wellingborough we have had to combine the establishment of what will be the most advanced recycling plant of its type in Europe, with the dayto-day needs of running an established business.

2019 has actually been positive for Pioneer although the market overall has been flat and difficult to predict. We decided early on to go on the offensive and not wait around to see what the idiots running this country decide – or otherwise – to do with Brexit. We therefore embarked upon an aggressive marketing and sales strategy with new PVC-U and aluminium product ranges added, and delivered through an increased sales team. It’s worked, with some excellent gains with installer customers that take a similar attitude to ours – we cannot afford to wait and see what Brexit brings.

Government uncertainty is always an issue but we’ve used the year to rework much of our operation including investment in new machinery and premises, backing this with increased staff development and with new IT systems now fully operational. Crucially, we have some excellent new products, including a new VS, which of course remains at the heart of Quickslide’s product offer. Brexit? Well we’ll still have holes in our buildings that need filling and as long as we do then we’ll have a business and we are anticipating a positive 2020. Much of what we have done has been to ensure we are in a position to take advantage of any market conditions, subject of course to anything the new government throws at us of course. Everyday there’s something exciting happening at Quickslide, which we love.

Against this backdrop we have seen growth compared with 2018 and expect our strongest ever year in 2020, as the systems and processes come fully on line and we settle in to doing what our business is intended to do, to fully recycle PVC-U window and door frames and return the material to the market. The decision to make the investment in the UK was taken in the full knowledge of Brexit, although nobody anticipated the trials and tribulations. VEKA Group continues to see the UK as a significant and positive market, a view taken for the long term. Inevitably the market will embrace recycling but in the meantime we must position ourselves as a business to be as flexible as possible to remain resilient until stability returns. Either way, 2020 will be a great year for us when everything drops into place.

Whilst we will finish 2019 on a positive note, for 2020 the industry needs conditions that will create a positive market, that will give the industry overall a positive trading environment and one that will allow us all to plan and budget reliably. The dithering by the selfserving politicians of all political persuasions has cost us dear and has hurt industry incalculably. Once we know what is happening I predict a very positive effect in the marketplace.

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Graham Price Managing Director TuffX Glass

Asa McGillian Managing Director Apeer

Gareth Williams Managing Director Distinction Doors

Mark Westbrook Director Framexpress

Dan Sullivan MD DOORCO

Jade Greenhow Operations Director Insight Data

Despite the continuing uncertainty TuffX has continued to increase sales and product output in direct response to greater demand. We believe that this is stimulated by offering a range of products for which there are fewer alternatives, and because of a contraction in the number of suppliers in the industry.

Putting Brexit to one side we have had a great year – growth in all areas including Apeer residential doors and our Lumi windows and doors. For Apeer, our new product Silka, designed to take advantage of the growth in aluminium windows, has been well received whilst the new Lumi double glazed replacement window has brought in immediate sales.

We have had a strong year, listening to our customers and concentrating on the day-to-day processes across the entire business to improve our service.

With an uncertain market, it’s always good to hear that installation companies are doing well, and for lots of our customers, that’s exactly what’s happening.

Although DOORCO has reported another record year, with lots of effort and energy applied the usual DOORCO way, 2019 has been tough. External influences like increased competition and a race to the bottom on price and the stop on GRP fire doors supply have hit us all. Internally, DOORCO’s learning to live in our new skin while undergoing company growth has meant we’ve dropped the ball in service at times.

After such a busy 12 months, it feels like our feet haven’t touched the ground this year. Along with hosting The Marketing Festival at The FIT Show and the triumphant return of The Glazing Summit in September, we’ve introduced our new Builders Merchants database, worked hard to develop our services and have expanded our team in many key areas.

In line with our sales growth and new product developments we have continued to invest heavily in new production equipment, spending around £1.5 million between this time last year and early 2020. We are benefitting from recent changes in the supply chain for large span conservatory roof glass and legislation relating to toughened laminate, and demand for flat rooflights and thermal walk-on glass floors continues to grow. I believe I share the view of the majority that the delays in fulfilling Brexit have been unnecessarily disruptive and we need this resolved. Despite TuffX performing very well many of our customers have found it difficult and the long-term damage to building and construction as well as the glazing industries, will affect all of us negatively.

In line with increased sales Lucie Miller has joined us in the South East of England and just to keep us on our toes, our new factory is up and running with new machinery – including an additional glass toughener - fully commissioned and fully functional. And as we speak, we are finishing off ambitious marketing and sales plans for 2020 which we expect to continue our growth into Q1 and Q2 in the New Year. Being located on the island of Ireland means that Brexit has significant additional interest and it is important that the border is kept open for our trade with the South. But we have built a good foundation for the future to ensure we are well placed to weather anything that is thrown at us. | December 2019

We have invested heavily to support the growth we have seen in the prepping of door slabs. Stock availability across all products has increased, including glass. Glazing of our doors have almost tripled this year. 2019 has been very positive in my first year as MD, and it has been an interesting time! Our investment – we have two further CNC machines being installed shortly – and with this and other infrastructure improvements we can support further growth for 2020. However, the inertia and inactivity since the Brexit vote was taken remains the biggest issue and is still significantly damaging businesses; there is an urgent need for stability. Distinction buys in dollars and the unrest has had an impact – the quicker the UK can stabilise the better. Training our people with skills building will be a continued focus for us during 2020, and we have ring fenced the budgets for this. But whilst we wait for Brexit to finally happen, our focus is to remain agile and on what we do best, and keep doing that well.

In 2019, we’ve worked hard to deliver the service that customers need. For each customer, that’s different, because we work with everyone from one-team installers to large housing developers, and everything in between. With 4 hour quotes, higherspec windows as standard, 48-hour delivery on white windows, 5 day delivery on standard colours, the Patiomaster range and expert technical support from our team, we’ve got the mix of products and service to deliver exactly what they need. By continuing to support customers with these intiatives, Framexpress has had a record year. Going forward, we’ll continue to deliver the best service and offer customers a helping hand whenever they need it. 2020 is the year of Club Framexpress. It’s a new package of exclusive sales and marketing support that gives customers all the information they need to get the most out of working with us.

It hasn’t been a classic year, but one we’ll learn more from than previous years, where everything goes your way. Losses stick with you longer than victories, and so our 2020 plans are already in place from an improvement stance with new developments. What hasn’t changed in 2019 is when the going gets tough, team DOORCO’s commitment to the cause is outstanding. Good people are key to any business success, and we’ve excelled in recruitment of key new team members, who’ve already contributed. 2020 is looking positive, founded on an industry-leading team set to ring the changes and make DOORCO stronger and better.

Whilst the Government was unable to deliver Brexit in October, businesses have continued in their preparations - looking for the continuity and security offered by services like Salestracker and our live prospect database. This year, we were proud to partner with respected brands like Emplas, CMS and Pearl Window Systems, highlighting the strength of our offering. Whilst there’s so many unknowns going into 2020, our recent Brexit report revealed that 69% of the industry’s top 500 are positive about the overall outlook for the industry. As business owners look to identify new customers and new markets, and set a course of action for the year ahead, accurate prospect data and marketing intelligence will be incredibly vital.




VBH WINS PRODUCT INNOVATION AWARD Hardware specialist VBH has extended its recent run of success by winning the Product Innovation category at the 35th running of the prestigious Medway Business Awards. The MBAs were set up in 1984 to fanfare the rejuvenation of the Medway area following the closure of the Royal Naval Dockyard, which caused massive unemployment in the Towns at that time.

FENSA MAKES IT EASIER THAN EVER FOR INSTALLERS TO JOIN In an effort to ensure a hasslefree application process for its new members, FENSA has announced the launch of a brand new membership application form designed to simplify the process of becoming a FENSA Approved Installer. The streamlined application format features a five-step process developed to make joining FENSA easier than ever, for both new members or equally those moving across from other Competent Persons Schemes. Any members making this switch to FENSA from other schemes also enjoy the guarantee of there being no additional joining fee.

“The new FENSA online form takes less than 5 minutes to complete and, combined with the fact there’s no application fee if you’re switching from another competent person scheme, we’re seeing substantial numbers signing up to become a part of the FENSA community.” 60

These recent changes to the application process form just part of the latest IT developments at FENSA, which have resulted from the launch of its Installer Portal in September and the success of the FENSA TV advertising campaign which began airing earlier this year. Since its launch, the TV campaign has generated a substantial increase in the number of FENSA certificates issued, and also in the number of ‘Find FENSA Installer’ searches received through the website of what is now the largest and best known Competent Persons Scheme in the industry. “Over the past 6 months, homeowner interest in FENSA has rocketed off the back of the TV campaign,” says Chris Beedel, Director of Membership at FENSA. “They now understand the importance of a FENSA certificate and what it means. As a result of the increasing popularity we’ve streamlined our joining process to help installers win more work by being FENSA Approved.” FENSA Customer Service Manager, Rachel Culpan, added: “Our application process has always been straightforward but now it’s the most efficient it has ever been. The new FENSA online form takes less than 5 minutes to complete and, combined with the fact there’s no application fee if you’re switching from another competent person scheme, we’re seeing substantial numbers signing up to become a part of the FENSA community.” READER ENQUIRY NO: 1219/0090

This is the first time that VBH has entered, and the judges were impressed with what they saw during their visit to the company’s Gillingham head office in September. The award is in recognition of VBH’s greenteQ product development, particularly on Lifestyle products that include Clearspan bi-fold gear, Clearlift Lift/Slide hardware and associated Aspire handles, all of which are on display in VBH’s offices.

Gary Gleeson, Marketing Manager at VBH says, “VBH have been in Medway since 1982 and it’s wonderful for the company to be recognised in this way. It’s a big pat on the back for the whole VBH team, and is particularly satisfying for those who, like me, are proud to call the Medway Towns home.” The winners were announced at a gala dinner at Gillingham FC’s impressive Priestfield

Stadium banqueting hall on 15th November. Gary adds, “We’re being recognised for the quality of our service, customer tools, and our products. That’s a winning combination.” More information on how VBH’s services and products can make your working life easier can be found at, or by calling 01634 263 300. READER ENQUIRY NO: 1219/0091

BEDFORDSHIRE WINDOWS INVESTS IN FOM INDUSTRIE ADIR C CNC MACHINING CENTRE FROM HAFFNER MURAT Trade and retail fabricator Bedfordshire Windows has just invested in a FOM Industrie Adir C CNC Machining Centre from Haffner Murat. The investment will help the company meet growing demand for its aluminium bifolding doors. Tom Pitts, Director at Bedfordshire Windows, said: “We’ve seen demand for aluminium bifolds increase considerably so we took the decision to bring manufacturing in-house. The Adir C CNC Machining Centre ticked all the boxes on what we needed from our machinery and we are delighted with the purchase.” As well as the quality and capabilities of the Adir C CNC Machining Centre, Tom also praises the support his company received from Haffner Murat. “The service and support we received from Bryan Dando and the whole Haffner Murat team was superb. They’ll certainly be our first port of call when we make our next investment.” The Adir C CNC Machining Centre is part of a wider programme of expansion for Bedfordshire Windows. It currently supplies trade customers within a 50 mile radius of its Kempston base but has plans to spread its reach further. To help it achieve this goal, the company has already moved into a new 7,000 sq ft manufacturing plant and has plans to expand its aluminium range. The Adir C CNC Machining Centre has proved incredibly popular since Haffner

Murat brought it to the market and one look at its credentials explains why. It is a 3-axis controlled unit that speeds up production, improves quality and is extremely userfriendly. With the current growth for aluminium products, it’s a machine that allows fabricators to compete at every level. Like all Haffner Murat machines it comes with the reassurance of expert installation and full training so it can start to deliver return on investment from day one. Finance packages are available subject to status and part exchange is an option. As Bedfordshire Windows’ experience shows, the combination of a high-quality machinery from Haffner Murat and efficient service is a compelling proposition. Tel: 01785 222421 READER ENQUIRY NO: 1219/0092

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Visit 1219/0093

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ANOTHER STRONG YEAR FOR WINDOW WARE With new products, highprofile industry recognition and an unwavering commitment to service excellence, Managing Director Sam Nuckey reflects on a solid 2019 for awardwinning Window Ware. With Brexit still unresolved and a Christmas election on the cards for the first time since 1923, it’s safe to say that this is not the finish to the year that everyone was expecting. But rather than dwelling on the crazy political climate or the Brexit crisis, we’ve been reflecting on what has undoubtedly been another productive year at Window Ware. Having set the bar high with our business development and service in 2018, our team has worked hard to go one better this year. With the successful integration of hundreds of new products, several high-profile award nominations and improvements to our already award-winning service, I think it’s fair to say the team has definitely delivered in 2019! By growing and enhancing our product offering with carefully selected window and door hardware, factory tools, fixings and consumables, we’ve ensured we are ready to help our customers stand out from the competition. Take our new partnership with Avantis for example. This gives fabricators of all sizes access to another tried-and-tested SBDapproved multi-point door lock, plus the option of upselling to their new smart-equipped door lock, Kubu. Kubu gives fabricators a way of making their doors more


desirable with smart capabilities that are affordable enough to offer as standard and simple enough to fit in volume. We believe it’s an attractive proposition for door manufacturers and one we’re keen to champion with fellow Kubu launch partners Dekko and Emplas. We also became the exclusive UK distributor for reXon, a proven range of CE marked silicones and sealants. We strengthened our 20-year partnership with Yale by adding the new Lockmaster 21 range to our inventory and by becoming the only hardware supplier to offer more than 115 different Yale door lock variants. We’ve also invested a lot of time into expanding our aluminium hardware provision to support the growing number of fabricators looking to diversify into this area. Giving our customers an extensive choice of products is only part of what makes for a successful supplier. A first-class customer experience is just as important. That’s why, as well as extending our range, we’ve also focused on improving our already renowned service levels and options. Over the last year, we’ve upped our OTIF score by 0.7% and increased our order accuracy by 0.2%. So, what does this mean for our customers? It means they can trust us more than ever to deliver the right products, safe and secure, on time and in full! With plans for 2020 well underway, our aim is to continue this development by improving our service levels further and working even closer with our

Brought to you by Window Ware, the leading UK distributor of window & door hardware components Tel: 01234 242724 Email: 62

customers to ensure we’re delivering everything they need and more. In the months to come, we’ll continue to carefully monitor and measure all aspects of our performance to deliver the most reliable and efficient service, as well as build on our close working relationships with fabricators and honour the loyalty and trust our customers show us every working day. In the face of continued uncertainty as we head towards 2020, we KNOW fabricators and installers can confidently rely on Window Ware for their hardware needs whatever the future holds. By remaining honest and open, always looking for new ways to improve our processes, as well as optimise our costs and even pass on savings where possible, we’re sure we can achieve success together. Any Window Ware customer can be confident with us as a supply partner and know that we work to protect and support your business as if we were part of your team. If you can’t say the same about your current supplier, then maybe it’s time to find the right supply partner for your business! If you’d like to work with an award-winning hardware supplier, call Window Ware on 01234 242724 or visit READER ENQUIRY NO: 1219/0094

Window Ware, one of the UK’s largest suppliers of window and door hardware, factory tools, fixings and consumables has just launched a brand-new product catalogue, and it’s bigger and better than ever before.

the last two years in terms of gradually developing and honing our product range in line with our customers’ needs. That’s why when we create our biennial catalogue, it’s a great chance to take stock and fully realise the progress we’ve made.

The brand-new catalogue features no less than 714 individual new items and as many as 30 new ranges added since the last issue. In fact, the page count for this latest catalogue stands at 480, which is over 150 pages or around 30% more than the 2017/2018 issue.

“Better still, some of the new ranges featured in the brochure have set new records in terms of opening sales, with Regal heritage hardware and reXon silicones proving to be our biggest success stories over the last 24 months.”

Window Ware’s ever-expanding product offering is all part of a continuing mission to bring fabricators and installers more choice than any other UK hardware distributor. Their aim is to simplify supply chains, meet market trends and fulfil emerging wish-lists. The catalogue’s new bi-fold door hardware section and flourishing aluminium hardware range all aim to satisfy demand and serve growth areas in the market. The leading UK hardware distributor has also worked particularly hard on bringing in products that are PAS 24 compliant and SBD certified. This is to support fabricators in meeting not just Approved Document Q security regulations for new builds, but also the high expectations of increasingly security-conscious customers. Head of Internal Sales and Marketing, Sarah Binns comments: “It’s easy to overlook just how far we’ve come over

In response to customer requests, the brochure has been given a glossy cover to improve durability and increase resistance to fingerprints, dirty marks and spillages. Once again, this latest catalogue is available in two fit-forpurpose sizes: a larger-scale A4 edition, plus a compact carry-anywhere B5 format for installers and repair specialists who work out of a van. Also, back by popular demand is the actual-scale rule which is printed onto the spine of the catalogue to deliver makeshift measuring capability. The catalogue also features a new profile cylinder measuring guide to help customers order the right size first time, every time. To view the electronic version of the 2019/20 catalogue, or to request a copy by post, visit For more information call Window Ware on 01234 242724 or visit READER ENQUIRY NO: 1129/0095

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AVIA THE FIRST EVER SMART LOCK EVERGLADE WINDOWS ARE AN ULTION TO GAIN SOLD SECURE APPROVAL SMART LOCK LAUNCH PARTNER Avia, by Mighton, has become the first ever smart lock to have its mechanical security approved by Sold Secure, the UK’s Premier test and certification company for security products, owned by the Master Locksmiths Association, a milestone that follows recent accolades from the British Standards Institution (BSI) and European Telecommunication Standards Institute (ETSI) and one that underlines not just the strength of Avia’s software security, but its hardware credentials as well. Avia, which was the first smart lock to achieve the Government’s Code of Practice for consumer Internet of Things (IoT) security, has been raising the bar for smart lock integrity since it was unveiled at CES 2019 in Las Vegas. Designed to work with Apple’s HomeKit security ecosystem, widely regarded the most secure platform available, Avia also utilises a TS 007 3-star / SS312 Diamond cylinder that helps to ensure peace of mind for homeowners.  Sold Secure, a scheme that is dedicated to reducing the risk of crime through the rigorous assessment of security products, subjected the Avia secure smart lock to a series of gruelling tests, at its purposebuilt laboratories in Rugby. These included

efforts to compromise the lock via manual attack testing including amongst others drilling through the test door in order to short circuit Avia’s electronics, an attempt to access the wires that power the lock’s electronic thumbturn and a more traditional cylinder ‘snap’ test. Mighton chairman, Mike Derham, commented: “When we set about developing Avia, one of our primary objectives was that it had to offer the very best levels of security for both its electronic and its mechanical elements. Consumers will only trust smart products to protect their homes if they can be assured that their homes are as secure as possible to counter both hacking and physical attacks. Thanks to BSI accreditation earlier this year, Avia is leading the way on IoT security and now, with the latest approval by Sold Secure, we have shown that it is also incredibly resistant to traditional methods of attack.”  Sold Secure managing director, Dr Steffan George added: “We’re delighted to have approved the mechanical security provided by Avia where it has met the criteria for SS301 Silver approval. It is the first smart lock this approval has been granted to.” Mighton’s Avia is the first Apple Homekit smart lock to be developed for handle operated multipoint systems and is available to trade customers from Mila, or to homeowners direct from the Avia website. Avia allows homeowners to check on the status of their entrance door via the Avia App, and unlock it either with iPad, iPhone Apple Watch, fob, keypad or even traditional key. Excitingly, an option for facial recognition is expected soon. READER ENQUIRY NO: 1219/0096

London’s No. 1 fabricator, Everglade Windows, is no stranger to being ahead of the trend – which is why they are a launch partner for the Ultion Smart lock. Everglade Windows has added the lock to its range to help installers meet consumer demand for integrated smart technology throughout the home. “Homeowners are increasingly adding smart technology to their homes, with the likes of smart speakers, integrated apps and other gadgets. Ultion Smart is the next step for smart home technology,” Bhavik Dabasia, Technical Director at Everglade Windows, says. The Ultion Smart lock can be used in three ways: voice activation, Bluetooth and a key. The lock can be linked to Amazon Alexa, Apple Homekit and the Danalock app, where homeowners can lock and unlock the door and check their door’s locked status. The app also allows handsfree operation, with auto-unlock activating when homeowners

approach the front door and the auto-lock activating when they’re safely inside. There’s also the handy Twist Assist feature which does the job of a key. Simply nudging the dial on the handle will cause the 12 volt meter to turn, with no thumb-turning or lever lifting required. “We were really impressed with all of these features,” continues Bhavik. “But what makes Ultion Smart more appealing is that security and style is still covered. The lock has Ultion 3-star Sold Security and the curved finish of Sweet door furniture for a complete handle solution. “To help installers meet the demand from homeowners looking to make their home smarter, we’ve launched Ultion Smart on a variety of doors from Everglade Windows.” To find out more, call Everglade Windows on 020 8998 8775. READER ENQUIRY NO: 1219/0097

FULLEX CELEBRATES 20 YEARS WITH SECURED BY DESIGN This year, Fullex is celebrating 20 years as a Secured by Design (SBD) member. The leading manufacturer of high-security multi-point locking systems for composite, timber, PVCu, steel and aluminium doors had the honour of being the very first company to join Secured by Design in 1999, when SBD developed a product-based police accreditation scheme. Today, all Fullex products are Secured by Design and PAS 24 approved, including the respected and widely specified Crimebeater range of multipoint locks. Jon Cole, chief operating officer for Police Crime Prevention Initiatives, said: “The Police Service set up Secured by Design in 1989 to combat the significant rise in burglary caused by the lack of basic security in buildings and estates built during the housing boom of the 1960s to 1980s.   “We started working with industry bodies and manufacturers to tackle the variations in the quality of the product being sold against the product that was originally tested. This work led us to develop a product-based police accreditation scheme 20 years ago – the Police Preferred Specification.  Fullex was | December 2019

the very first company to join SBD in 1999 and have been working with us since then to keep our communities safe. “To date there are more than 800 SBD member companies producing more than 7,000 crime prevention products across a wide range of industry sectors. Our Police Preferred Specification accreditation is awarded only when businesses meet the rigorous police security requirements.” Speaking on behalf of Fullex, technical sales consultant, Ian Southall said: “Security is critical to our product development. We have always been known as a ‘belt & braces’ brand and when the chance to work with the SBD team arose, 20-odd years ago, we welcomed the opportunity to improve security standards right across the industry. We’re incredibly proud of our long association with SBD, and the part we have played in raising the bar and changing preconceptions of hardware security.” Tel: 0161 796 7268 - READER ENQUIRY NO: 1219/0098



NEW ORDERING OPTION FROM EUROGLAZE Euroglaze, Rehau’s longest serving trade fabricator, is making it even easier for new customers to place online orders by extending its use of First Degree’s Window Designer software. Whereas previously new customers had to wait until they received a dongle key from Euroglaze pre-loaded with all their pricing data to place orders online, they can now simply log on directly to the Euroglaze Window Designer account via the cloud. This, says Euroglaze’s Managing Director Martin Nettleton, is making it easier for new customers to try out the legendary Euroglaze quality and service for themselves with no long term commitment and no cost*. He explains: “Window Designer is a really user-friendly design and pricing option which we know trade customers really like because it is fast and accurate. For existing customers, we load Window Designer directly on to their servers for them, but for new customers we will just send them a username and password and they can get started with us straightaway using the pricing data which we have stored in the cloud. “If trade customers like what we do, as we know they will, they can come on board with us and, unlike the previous dongle system, if they have a number of different branches or trade counters, they can even share the login so that branches can quote and set up jobs on our system ready for the head office to place orders online.” Existing or potential customers who want to do more with Window Designer than just price jobs, or who don’t have the high speed internet access required for the cloud based option, can still request a dongle key from Euroglaze and the Customer Service Team will send one out to them direct. Euroglaze’s IT Manager Graham Park says that Euroglaze has done extensive testing of the system with trial customers to ensure that it is simple, fast and reliable and gives potential customers access to the complete range of Euroglaze products which includes a vast range of window and door styles in Rehau profile, including new composite doors featuring a Doorco slab. More details are available via the website: or from the customer service team at:

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JOEDAN CHOOSES BM ALUMINIUM AS ITS SOFTWARE PARTNER Over the past 35 years, the Joedan Group has established itself as a leading player in the aluminium and PVC-U market with respected brands including Joedan, Wessex, Micron and Coastline. It is a fabricator, installer and trade supplier of its very own accredited Joedan® aluminium system and operates across retail, trade and commercial markets. One of the key areas where Joedan has distinguished itself from its competitors has been in taking control of as many of its own design and manufacturing processes as possible – from the moment the raw material is supplied, to the point at which the finished product leaves its Gloucestershire factory. The group’s reputation has been built on efficiency and quality, and there is a huge emphasis within the business on staying in control so that it is always in a position to deliver on the promises it makes to customers. When Joedan reviewed the software requirements for its commercial aluminium system therefore, its priority was to identify a customisable product which would allow it to create a bespoke database for its own product range and be better able to create its own design and manufacturing efficiencies. It chose the market leading LogiKal software solution, exclusively distributed and supported in the UK by BM Aluminium. This decision was driven largely by the fact that LogiKal can seamlessly link quotations through order processing and design and ultimately all the way to manufacturing. Because BM Aluminium was able to work with Joedan to customise its LogiKal set up to exactly suit how the company operates, it meant that Joedan could maximise control and achieve important efficiencies at every single one of these stages. For example, BM Aluminium has helped the IT team at Joedan to programme a bespoke database for the Joedan® commercial aluminium system which includes within it all of the company’s third party hardware and gives them full control of their order entry processing. The order processing team can also now create library positions within LogiKal which speed up

their work and, in turn, use these to create cross sections which save further time within the drawing office. BM Aluminium has successfully linked the software to Joedan’s two FOM LMT65 multi-spindle machining centres and preprogrammed all of its routine CNC preps delivering additional time savings and improved material optimisation. A further element of customisation has come in the form of bespoke reports which Joedan is now able to generate from within LogiKal, for example on margin/ cost analysis, material cutting optimisation and fabrication worksheets, which are minimising paperwork and improving the business information available to the management team.



Since the installation of LogiKal, BM Aluminium and Joedan have established a strong and successful partnership and are working together to ensure that LogiKal delivers on the company’s requirements as it continues to grow. For example, there are already plans to link Joedan’s new ERP system to LogiKal via an export link created by BM Aluminium in order to optimise the effectiveness of both programmes. BM Aluminium’s Managing Director Dean Hodges commented: “As this project shows, there is a huge amount of flexibility built into LogiKal so that it can be tailored precisely to the needs of every fabricator we work with. Customers can obviously choose from a wide range of off the shelf modules, but our team are highly skilled in customisation and enjoy the challenge of creating something which is truly bespoke.” Dan Cowl, Software and IT Director at Joedan, endorses that view: “BM Aluminium haven’t shoehorned LogiKal into our operation. Instead, they have worked closely with us to understand exactly what we wanted to achieve and have delivered a software package which we know will make a real and ongoing contribution to our overall efficiency.” More details are at: and READER ENQUIRY NO: 1219/0100

Exlabesa Building Systems has just launched its new stylish website at highlighting its comprehensive range of aluminium systems. Aesthetically, the new site offers an updated, modern format that immediately attracts viewers’ attention. Paul Benn, General Manager at Exlabesa, said: “Our new modern website has been designed to showcase our wide range of architectural aluminium windows, doors and façades and is both intuitive and easy-to-navigate. Visitors can browse the site from any device as it’s fully responsive across all platforms.” The new website features information on all Exlabesa’ products so visitors can understand more about the depth of the company’s product range along with informative product downloads. For additional security, there is a passwordprotected customer area where Exlabesa’s customers can log in via a secure portal and download technical documentation, sales support material and additional collateral whenever they need. Exlabesa Building Systems is one of most experienced aluminium systems houses who extrude all their products in the UK. It’s range of aluminium systems adds value to every sector and is the obvious choice for any fabricator looking to make the most of the opportunities in the aluminium sector. Tel: 01302 762 500 -




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When it comes to IT upgrades, the catastrophic TalkTalk hacking incident in 2015, the global cyberattack on the NHS in 2017, and several more recent and well publicised ransomware attacks on big name suppliers in this industry, have probably done more to drive investment in hardware than any amount of positive PR messaging from Business Micros could ever have done. And that is before you even take into account the technology requirements now being imposed on businesses by the new Making Tax Digital regime. The fact is that we have spent years trying to persuade customers of the benefits of increasing their investment in hardware to match their investments in software, so that they can eliminate costly and avoidable downtime, but sometimes we have had fairly mixed results. When an old laptop or PC finally dies or outdated devices fail because they can no longer cope with the latest software upgrades, the knock on effects in terms of production and customer service can obviously be massive, but some companies simply overestimate the lifespan of their existing equipment and don’t set aside sufficient budget for regular renewal. However, now that the threat of cybercrime has become a real and present danger for many, we are noticing that ageing hardware is finally coming under increasing scrutiny from companies focusing on areas of vulnerability within their businesses. That is having a positive and very welcome effect on investment and in turn on the overall stability of their IT infrastructure. After 40 years in this industry, Business Micros really has seen it all when it comes to IT set ups, and we will always do our | December 2019

utmost to help customers keep even the most creaky systems operational and stable. But, the reality remains that companies who

make a conscious decision to increase their investment in hardware as well as software are giving themselves a real competitive

“There are a number of very good hardware providers operating in this industry who provide excellent service at an affordable price and Business Micros of course gives customers the opportunity to spread their software costs over an extended period.” advantage – and not just in terms of protecting themselves from cybercrime. What they are doing is eliminating the downtime from hardware failure which causes such massive disruption to production if batches can’t be sent to machines and to customer service if quotes can’t be processed and sent to customers. Customers choose Business Micros software because it provides them with efficiency and timesaving solutions, so it makes no sense at all to compromise that efficiency by running the software on hardware which is simply not up to the job. Our advice then is to take a longer term view and always to budget adequately for hardware and software together, with the view that this is as an investment and not a cost. There are a number of very good hardware providers operating in this industry who provide excellent service at an affordable price and Business Micros of course gives customers the opportunity to spread their software costs over an extended period. Building strong and lasting relationships with your IT suppliers benefits both parties. Customers can easily and cost effectively add any products and services they need to their package if they have budgeted in advance and of course that means they can eliminate any risk, while spreading the cost. By Nick Bailey, Business Development Manager, Business Micros More details at:




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VEKA UK Marketing Director Dawn Stockell discusses the changing digital landscape and how VEKA’s new website has been designed to meet the needs of an ever evolving industry. Some people might think of manufacturing and fenestration as traditional, ‘bricks and mortar’ industries. But here at VEKA, the skills required are increasingly digital. Training and development programmes mean our teams are always learning new digital skills, and technology and software is kept completely up to date, so we stay ahead of the curve in a competitive market, making it easier for our customers to do the same. We run a state-of-the art factory with technically advanced onsite PVCu mixing plant and testing lab, as well as a completely automated high bay system connected to our digital ordering system. Within this high tech mix, I believe VEKA’s website is one of the company’s most valuable assets (alongside our people and

products!) – which is why we’ve recently invested in a completely new design and build. It means that customers can find out everything they need to know about VEKA UK and its systems, at any time.

was developed with our customers firmly at its heart. In the global VEKA Group’s 50th anniversary year, we know we must continue to provide everything our customers need, to maintain our industry-leading status.

a -15.75% decrease in bounce rate which suggests that the information provided is holding readers’ attention and people are finding the results they’re looking for without deterrents.

A competitive web presence has become a core business requirement in all industries and fenestration is no exception. We’re seeing increasing numbers of people going online to find the goods, services and information they need. In fact, between Jan 2018 and 2019 the number of internet users in the UK increased by +0.6% or an additional 369,000 people!*

Using visitor data from our old site and drawing from digital best practice learnings; we developed a site that is easy to navigate and supports an array of visitor types. We know that hardworking fabricators and specifiers don’t keep a ‘9 to 5’ day, so the website gives 24 hour access to all the relevant resources, presented in such a way that they can be downloaded and used immediately with absolute confidence.

We created a dedicated downloads area for the new site - with a free text search facility and simple-to-use filters - which means it takes just moments to access the information you need. Navigation through the site is also more direct, so individuals from all industry sectors know exactly where to go.

Our investment in the new website is a response to the way that the industry and the digital landscape around us is changing. Compared to, say, 20 years ago - when searching for something online via your phone was unheard of - it’s reported that 77% of the UK’s adult population now uses a smartphone, and people spend an average 5 hours 46 minutes online per day (on any device). It was important to us that the new site was not only easy to use, but also fully mobile responsive and just as intuitive to navigate in this format as on a desktop computer. We’re incredibly proud of the new site, and while it may well say VEKA in the URL, it

We’ve simplified access to VEKA documentation, brochures and technical downloads by adding a filter functionality, and they are more readily available to all, rather than being tucked away in a ‘customers only’ area. This has already proven to be a popular update, as our ‘year on year’ (YOY) web comparisons show a 52% increase in downloads and a 146% increase in users’ first interaction to downloads. The new site has demonstrated a raft of successful results so far; we’ve seen a 22.88% increase in users and a 25% increase in new users (YOY). The site has also demonstrated

One of the most innovative features is the intuitive dashboard area. Registering for the site allows you to personalise your dashboard by saving your favourite documents for quick access, as well as selecting brand and product preferences for suggested items. When signed in, the dashboard will automatically display your recent downloads and send notifications when a document you’ve saved has since been updated. In this area you’ll also find the direct contact details of your BDM, as well as receiving personalised messages from them here, so you’ll know when they plan to visit or if they’re away. Everything on the new site has been created with customers in mind, including the homeowner area which gives consumers a better understanding of who and what VEKA UK ‘is’, so they are aware of product brands VEKA, Halo and Imagine’s countless benefits when it comes to choosing an installer and investing in home improvements. This is the second of two purposeful websites we’ve built in the last six months (this new VEKA UK site follows the success of the new Independent Network site) and we’re delighted with the results. Take a look for yourself, at *According to We Are Social and Hootsuite’s ‘Digital 2019’ report.



December 2019 |


When you partner with Roseview you’re not just buying industry-leading sash windows, you’re getting a lot more. You’re getting what 40 years experience has taught us—that installers want products, service and support they can rely on. That’s why partnering with Roseview for sash windows is the smart choice.





01234 712657


Q3 2019

STATE OF THE MARKET RESULTS In addition to the 57% net balance of CAB members who forecasted growth in the year ahead, there was a clear confidence in capital expenditure with 65% net balance forecasting increased expenditure on product improvement, followed by 55% for plant/equipment, 35% for R&D and 30% for both e-business and customer research. Encouragingly also, there was a slight increase in the proportion of firms forecasting to operate at over 90% capacity utilisation in the next quarter, 35% (29% in Q2) and for the year ahead, 45% (35% in Q2). While 80% net balance of members expected labour costs to rise over the next 12 months, 50% net balance forecasted labour growth over the same period (62% in Q2).

KEY THEMES AND ACTIVITIES Key Themes in 2019 for CAB and its membership have been Closed Loop Recycling (pilot scheme) and developing

The UK’s Leading Glass & Glazing Newspaper

Expected Sales Volumes

Nearly 150 attended the CAB Regional Members meeting at the Imperial War Museum, Manchester on 24 October

a CAB Aluminium Curtain Wall Installer training programme (CSCS) in addition to general fabricator/installer Training Days that will lead to CAB Skills Cards. The programmes which are due to be rolled out in early to mid-2020 have one key aim which is to improve competency and drive higher standards throughout the sector. The need to update members about changes in standards, regulations and best practise

has never been more relevant and CAB’s bi monthly INSIGHT technical newsletter is very often an agenda item for internal member company meetings due to its robust coverage of content pertinent to members across the aluminium in building supply chain. Crucially members get the opportunity to input into standards updates which form an important part of the Association’s response.

JOINT ALFED & CAB ALUMINIUM RECYCLING CONFERENCE PAPERS NOW AVAILABLE! Aluminium is an infinitely recyclable material that is an important part of the circular economy. A September 2019 workshop explored how the circular economy was implemented in practice and featured some of the latest developments in the supply chain. It looked at the recycling of 6000 series alloys in the construction sector and highlighted our pilot closed-loop recycling scheme to promote the sustainability credentials of its members, as well as learn more about the A|U|F aluminium recycling scheme for windows, doors and curtain walling that has been running in Germany since 2010. The presentations from this well supported free event run at the Telford Campus, University of Wolverhampton can now be found from a link on the home page of our website at


Speakers at the joint Alfed CAB Aluminium Recycling Workshop facing an interesting Q and A session at Telford Campus, Wolverhampton University

Naoki Woodward of Ramboll Facades discussing Regional Facade Trends at the CAB Regional Members meeting

December 2019 |


The UK’s Leading Glass & Glazing Newspaper

Geraldine Fleming presenting on Collateral Warranties at the CAB Regional Members meeting in Manchester on 24 October 2019

Members of the CAB Training Committee discussing the new CAB Aluminium Curtain Walling Installers course being launched in Q1 2020

CAB’s Events and Marketing activities have continued to develop in 2019 with a new domestic website launched in the middle of the year at . It is vital for any Trade Body to be visible and accessible for its existing members to be able to meet with. CAB has also had a key presence at major industry events this year including the CAB Lounge and Pavilion at the FIT Show 2019 (May), event partner/exhibitor at The Glazing Summit (September), supporter of the Conservatory & Orangery Awards (October) and being one of the judges for the Construction Marketing Awards (November).

and as a trained lawyer and QS. A full programme for 2020 will be announced shortly, but 2020 topics will include the following areas over 4/5 seminars across the country:

CAB AUTUMN PROGRAMME The CAB Regional Members’ meeting on 24 October 2019 at the spectacular ‘Imperial War Museum North’ in Manchester kicked off a dynamic autumn programme and included a short seminar on ‘Collateral Warranties’ presented by Geraldine Fleming, Operations Director, Driver

Trett. The main mini conference element included speakers Naoki Woodward, Director, Ramboll Facades and Simon Misra, Creative Director, Agency Spring together with members of the CAB Training Committee presenting some of the new course content for the CAB Aluminium Curtain Walling Installers course (CSCS). Nearly 150 members and guests attended the conference and dinner.

CONTRACTS SEMINAR ‘HOW DO WE GET PAID’? Geraldine Fleming returned to present the fifth contracts seminar of 2019 on12 November in Birmingham entitled, ‘We’ve done the work – now how do we get paid’. The seminar series which remains one of the most popular elements of the CAB annual programme is all about defending members’ positions and enabling them to better protect themselves. Geraldine does this through a mixture of up to the minute case studies and scenario building drawing on her wide experience with Balfour Beatty

• JCT Contracts • Design Liability • Legal Updates • Commercial awareness for site-based staff • Contractual nightmares • Quotations workshop • How to review the terms in the subcontract order (subcontracts from hell)

MARKETING SEMINAR: ‘SOCIAL MEDIA & WEB ANALYTICS’ This essential marketing workshop day in Birmingham on 11 November welcomed two experts in their field. Firstly David Glenwright - Head of Training, JC Social

Media considered ‘Posting with intent building an effective social media strategy’. From coming up with engaging and relevant content, to using search tools to identify and reach out to specific prospects and opportunities, he left attendees with the skills, knowledge and confidence to both grow and demonstrate the effectiveness of their social media presence. In the afternoon Pritesh Patel - freelance Digital Marketing consultant looked at ‘Website performance & measuring what matters’. In this ‘hands on’ session Pritesh demonstrated how marketers and directors could use website data to help them understand which parts of their marketing efforts were working and which parts were not. CAB will soon be launching its full 2020 programme which will include new events and activities to create an even stronger set of member value propositions. In times of uncertainty especially, every membership pound sterling must work even harder but the message remains the same as always, that our sector supply chain companies are ‘stronger together’ in CAB. For more details on our work or to find out how to join CAB contact:, telephone the CAB office on: 01453 828851 or go to:

New CAB Training Schemes for aluminium curtain walling installers and fabricators will be introduced in early 2020 | December 2019

The CAB Regional Members meeting in October 2019 was held at the spectacular Imperial War Museum in Manchester




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At the glittering inaugural Conservatory & Orangery Awards on October 30th the Korniche Aluminium Roof Lantern picked up yet another independently judged award - Best Rooflight and Lantern System and even though not launched yet achieved a finalist position in the Technical Innovation Category for the Korniche Bi-folding doors composite clip-in bead system which when launched in 2020 will be a huge benefit to installers.

The C&O Awards are a response to the continued growth in consumer demand for additional living space and the high-quality products now available from our industry.

BBC’s Louise Minchin presenting Ashley Gaunt, Head of Design at Made for Trade the C&O Award


Made for Trade identified the demand for a purpose built roof lantern for flat roof extensions which inspired the company to develop the Korniche - a product that offers the consumer a strong yet beautifully proportioned glazing solution whilst delivering a product for builders, installers and stockists that is both highly profitable whilst being fast and easy to install on site.

“Having achieved the Professional Builder Award for Innovation earlier in the year. This award cements the Korniche Roof Lantern as best in class - applauded by those who have installed the product for it’s simplicity, strength and engineering and now recognized by an impartial panel of industry experts.” December 2019 |

The UK’s Leading Glass & Glazing Newspaper


Judges’ Comment:

“We couldn’t fault this product in any way. It ticks all of the boxes!” Having achieved the Professional Builder Award for Innovation earlier in the year. This award cements the Korniche Roof Lantern as best in class - applauded by those who have installed the product for it’s simplicity, strength and engineering and now recognized by an impartial panel of industry experts The Korniche Lantern continues to be well received by the consumer - Made for Trade ensures the brand is highly positioned within the industry and provides excellent value in marketing support. MFT also goes to great length and expense to build trade partner demand for the Korniche brand by exhibiting at Homebuilding & Renovating Shows throughout the year, the products also profiled through BBC renovating programmes and showcased by presenters on social media channels! With such a buzz around Korniche Aluminium Systems now is the time to become a Korniche Trade Partner and installer - without doubt the best value aluminium products in the market today.

Korniche - The Fastest Selling Lantern | December 2019





Prefix Systems did the double at the National Fenestration Awards, with the most votes for Conservatory Roof Fabricator 2019 and with marketing coordinator, Hannah Gilrane, nominated as Social Networker 2019. In the hotly contested Conservatory Roof Fabricator 2019 category, Prefix amassed 81.6% of the vote, one of the highest polls in the history of the National Fenestration Awards. Similarly, Hannah Gilrane achieved 60.81% of the votes for Social Networker 2019. The statistics for the National Fenestration Awards showed that there were 350 nominations, 5,565 votes cast and 26 different categories, in what has been the largest turnout since the awards began. Chris Cooke of Prefix Systems commented: ‘We’re thrilled with the win and we’re humbled with such a large percentage of the vote. This reflects the fact that we care as a business across all four branches and that people value the way in which we do business. He continued: ‘We’re also delighted for Hannah who has done such a wonderful job in bringing our social media activity to life. Finally, I would also like to congratulate all the other finalists and winners of the respective awards.’

The UK’s Leading Glass & Glazing Newspaper

VISTA VICTORIOUS VEKA CROWNED AT NATIONAL NFA RECYCLING FENESTRATION AWARDS YET AGAIN CHAMPION Leading composite door manufacturer and PVCu panel supplier Vista has won the Fabricator/Manufacturer of the Year award at this year’s 2019 National Fenestration Awards (NFAs). The Wirral-based company beat off stiff competition from 19 others for the prestigious award and received a huge 46.96% of the vote. It’s the second time Vista has triumphed at the NFAs, having picked up the Composite Doors Manufacturer of the Year for its best-in-class XtremeDoor range in 2016. And the company was also nominated in the Composite and Panel Door Supplier award in the 2017. “We’re absolutely delighted to win Fabricator/Manufacturer of the Year and be National Fenestration Award winners once again,” said Ian Smith, Vista’s Business Development and Marketing Manager. “We were up against some tough competition so to come out on top and receive almost 50% of the vote is brilliant and testament to the hard work of our team. The award recognises fabricators and manufacturers that push the boundaries when it comes to product choice and customer service and, thanks to constant investment, Vista has continually improved its product range and processes. The factory has also seen £750,000 worth of machinery investment since Vista’s last NFA triumph, to cope with increasing demand. And with Vista set to celebrate its 25th anniversary next year, the award comes at the perfect time. “With a big milestone just around the corner, winning this award is a timely reminder of our history in the manufacturing of fenestration products.” added Ian. “Our PVCu infill panels have stood the test of time and are still going strong and our GRP XtremeDoor is fast becoming an industry favourite. Our 25th anniversary is huge and going into it as an award-winning business is where we want to be.” For more information on Vista, call 0151 608 1423 or visit

For further information please visit or contact the head office for a free brochure pack on 01254 871800, alternatively you can e-mail You can also add to their following on Twitter @prefixsystems. READER ENQUIRY NO: 1219/0106



The National Fenestration Awards has named VEKA UK as the overall winner in the 2019 Recycling category. VEKA Recycling is the arm of the ‘VEKA family’ responsible for processing end-oflife PVCu windows and virgin offcuts back into raw materials ready for manufacture. VEKA Recycling MD Simon Scholes explains that this operation is not only for VEKA customers, but for all brands of PVCu systems: “We don’t care where it comes from, we care where it’s going! “We work incredibly hard to make sure that PVCu doesn’t end up in landfill. And there’s no reason it should; we can process it to such a level of quality that it can go back into new window and door frames, effectively closing the loop on the process. “I’m delighted that we’ve won our category of the 2019 National Fenestration Awards. Apparently there were more than 350 nominations submitted this year, and 5565 votes cast to decide the eventual winners, so to have been recognised and rewarded in such a huge campaign is really something to be proud of. “Last year, VEKA Recycling moved from Kent to our new 5.7 acre Wellingborough site, with investment of more than £8m. This created more than 50 new jobs for people in the area and means we have the capacity to recycle a potential 25,000 tonnes of PVCu per year. Ongoing investment and development means the plant has the potential to become Europe’s most technically advanced specialist window recycling facility. “The beauty of the service for fabricators and installers is that we make it as easy as possible – you don’t even need to remove gaskets, hinges or hardware. We accept previously installed frames as well as virgin offcuts, and we reduce them and then

“The whole VEKA Group is well known for being a responsible and ‘safe pair of hands’ right from innovative new product design, to sustainably processing and recycling windows that have seen better days.” transfer component materials for further reduction and separation. PVCu is then further processed at Wellingborough and returned to market for re-manufacture. “The Wellingborough plant is the third to be built by VEKA Umwelttechnik GmbH, the specialist recycling subsidiary of the global VEKA Group. The family-owned group pioneered PVCu recycling in Europe with its first plant opening in Behringen, Germany back in 1993, and then another in France in 2006. The combined capacity of the three plants is set to exceed 100,000 tonnes of PVCu windows a year. “The investment in plant and technology at Wellingborough is a clear sign of VEKA Group’s commitment to sustainability and to the UK market. The whole VEKA Group is well known for being a responsible and ‘safe pair of hands’ right from innovative new product design, to sustainably processing and recycling windows that have seen better days. “In VEKA’s 50th year, it’s a real pleasure to have not only been shortlisted, but to have been named the winner in an Awards campaign that is based on the genuine votes of our industry, rather than a small panel of judges. It confirms to me once again, that we’re on just the right track in supporting customers.” Tel: 01282 716611 - READER ENQUIRY NO: 1219/0108

December 2019 |






The Builders Merchant Building Index (BMBI), a joint enterprise between GfK, the Builders Merchants Federation (BMF) and MRA Marketing, has been shortlisted for the Best Use of Research & Insight award in the prestigious Construction Marketing Awards (CMAs). Having previously won an award for Best Product Launch in the 2017 CMAs, the BMBI’s nomination in the Best Use of Research & Insight category, which celebrates research and insight that has made a real difference, highlights the continued success of the index and its recent achievements. One of the main objectives of the BMBI was to become a leading source of reliable RMI data for construction, recognised by Government, economists, business and the media, within five years of its launch. Four years on, this was achieved ahead of target. Since July 2019, BMBI has been a regular feature of the Government’s Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) monthly construction update. The BEIS update includes highlights from the BMBI report alongside other leading data providers, such as the Office of National Statistics, IHS Markit, the Construction Products Association, Experian and the Bank of England. BMBI, a brand of the BMF, has achieved extensive media coverage over the past twelve months, securing more than 200 appearances in trade media across the wider construction market. It also reaches national media, including a reference in The Sunday Times. During 2019, BMBI’s expert panel also became the construction industry’s authoritative voice on Brexit with BBC News seeking to interview BMBI Experts on their preparations for Brexit and its likely effects on their businesses. BMBI is the most reliable source of data for RMI, the UK’s housing repair, maintenance and improvement market. The index is based on data from GFK’s Builders Merchants Panel, which analyses sales by value from over 80% of the sales of the UK’s generalist builders’ merchants. Fourteen leading industry brands, the BMBI Experts, speaking for their markets, explain trends and issues and add insight and context to the data. The CMAs are the only awards of their kind and are a national measure of excellence in construction marketing, research and strategy. View the full CMA Shortlist 2019 at For more information, or to download the latest BMBI reports, BMBI Expert comments and Round Table debate videos, visit

READER ENQUIRY NO: 1219/0109 | December 2019

Each month our special correspondent Danny Williams* replies to a reader’s letter...

I read the trade magazines from time to time and it seems that everyone is making money and growing their businesses, despite Brexit and all the other rubbish that the politicians are throwing in the way. In fact it sounds like some of the BS the politicians spout. What’s the truth in your mind Danny? TA Cumberland You make an excellent point TA. As you wrote in I happened to be engaged in a small, subjective audit myself, calling round to our installer customers and asking how they were doing and what their thoughts were on the market. Obviously I have their order profiles, most of which show that their orders are down, but interestingly many felt the same as you, that everyone else seemed to being doing OK and that they must be doing something wrong. This false belief that the market is untouched by the trials and tribulations of Brexit and politics is distinctly unhelpful. With one or two exceptions just about everyone in the trade is down on last year, and I believe across the country. Even serving the usually iron-clad London and South East, had we at Pioneer not been proactive in going after new business, we would be further down than we are. I believe our general installer customer base, throughout our catchment area from the Midlands to the East Anglian coast and the South Coast across to the Dorset border,

is 15/20 per cent down; and had we not got off our backsides we would be far worse off than the 5/6 per cent decline that we have experienced at Pioneer. The problem with all the disingenuous BS combining together to present a united happy face is that it may lead companies without the resources to research and evaluate the market accurately, to make poor business decisions, believing that they are making errors when actually, it’s pretty much across the board. If owners understand that the majority of companies are having a difficult time, it allows them to avoid knee jerk decisions and plan for the recovery that is likely to take place when Brexit is sorted and confidence returns. And it helps to remember that inevitably there will be a massive spending spree in the public sector after the election as whoever gets in is compelled to put at least some of their pledges into action. Yes, there are companies out there that have increased sales, such as a handful of systems firms that have picked away at the Synseal carcass for example, whilst aluminium sales have also improved. But at the sharp end, it’s been bloody hard work for the majority of retail installation companies, many of who are also suffering from reduced margins as they resort to the panic response of discounting to remain competitive. There are more ways to skin a cat people…it’s profit you need to keep your business going, not loss-making sales!

“If owners understand that the majority of companies are having a difficult time, it allows them to avoid knee jerk decisions and plan for the recovery that is likely to take place when Brexit is sorted and confidence returns.”

“My advice to you is increase your sales and marketing activity, chase the jobs you have quoted for rather than leaving it to the homeowner and actually, leave nothing to chance. A simple phone call that you might not normally make, could get you the job.” My advice to you is increase your sales and marketing activity, chase the jobs you have quoted for rather than leaving it to the homeowner and actually, leave nothing to chance. A simple phone call that you might not normally make, could get you the job. Make sure you don’t lose installations because the punter preferred the handles the other company offered. And take a good hard look at your existing customers to see if they might be interested in a new resi or sliding door - who knows where that might lead? This country has been in a bloody mess for three and a half years TA, so of course business has suffered. And I sincerely hope that by the time you and my other reader see this, there will have been a positive outcome from the General Election. By then it will be too late to do anything more about it this year, so have a cracking good Christmas. I am an optimist by nature and actually, don’t worry too much about 2020. We will make it work, one way or another. Because we always have. Cheers everyone!

* Danny Williams is managing director of Chelmsford based Pioneer Trading and has been involved with all aspects of the windows and doors industry for 30 years. His activities include manufacturing a full range of windows and doors in PVC-U and aluminium, an IGU facility, retailing and commercial contracting.



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SPONSORED BY GQA AND BUILDING OUR SKILLS GQA Qualifications is the only issuer of CSCS cards for the Glass and Fenestration industries. Building Our Skills is a strategic campaign designed to help bridge the growing skills gap in the Fenestration Industry

NEW EUROPEAN MARKETING MANAGER FOR CR LAURENCE CR Laurence has appointed Annette Godfrey as European Marketing Manager. Based at the company’s UK head office near Manchester, Annette leads the marketing department across the company’s architectural fittings and surfaces divisions.

Annette has a wealth of experience to bring to her role at CR Laurence, having begun her career in 2000 in B2B marketing. She has worked across a range of industries including flooring adhesives, automotive and clothing for both trade and consumer markets.

For CR Laurence Annette will deliver a range of marketing initiatives to support increasing sales and raising the profile of the business. This will include developing and maintaining working relationships with stakeholders and creating multi-channel marketing campaigns for trade and consumer audiences. Simon Boocock, Managing Director of CRL Europe, commented: “Annette brings a breadth of experience to the European Marketing Manager position and is therefore well placed to take the CRL glazing division forward.” Tel: 01706 863600 READER ENQUIRY NO: 1219/0110




Circle three differences in the boxes below, fill in your contact details and send your competition entry to: FAO: Miss Christina Shaw, Glass News Competitions, 19 Heather Close, Tickhill, Doncaster, DN11 9UU. Entry deadline: 20/12/19.

Name: Tel: Address: Postcode: Email:


Mates in Mind highlights mental health statistics as a stark warning to employers of the cost to workers and businesses if workplace mental health is not properly understood. Following the release of the Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE) annual figures for Great Britain, the


Managing Director of Mates in Mind urges employers to ensure that they are investing in their people rather than paying lip service to addressing mental health. This comes as the HSE reports the number of cases of work-related stress, depression or anxiety (new or longstanding) in 2018/19 has remained at 600,000

cases – the same as reported for 2017/18. The HSE has stated that in 2018/19 stress, depression or anxiety accounted for 44% of all work-related ill health cases and 54% of all working days lost due to ill health.

The report highlights that the total number of working days lost due to this

condition in 2018/19 was 12.8 million days, equating to an average of 21.2 days lost per case. James Rudoni, Managing Director of Mates in Mind said: “This latest report by the HSE further reinforces the importance of our charity’s aims to drive change across UK workplaces and immediately support employers to

improve the mental health of their workforces. It is evident, acknowledging the rates of lost working days, that the sustainability and productivity of our businesses are being impacted by mental illhealth. With International Stress Awareness Week and the

release of these new HSE findings falling within days of each other, the need for employers to ensure they provide a workplace culture with prevention in mind has become ever clearer. READER ENQUIRY NO: 1219/0111

December 2019 |


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ALUK THE LATEST BIG INDUSTRY NAME TO PARTNER WITH BUILDING OUR SKILLS CAMPAIGN International designer and engineers of Aluminium building systems AluK is the latest big industry name to partner with the Building Our Skills campaign: Making Fenestration a Career of Choice. Speaking about the partnership, Technical Director Nick Cooper explained: “I first became aware of the Building Our Skills campaign through conversations with Mick Clayton, CEO of GQA Qualifications with whom we are an Approved Centre.” “At the FIT Show in May, I met up with the team managing the campaign and it was immediately evident that we should get involved. Their drive to try and attract newcomers to the Fenestration industry in order to reduce the widening skills gap, and to introduce new and exciting opportunities to upskill the existing workforce, perfectly matches our own outlook on things.” “We’re proud to offer our own academy to train people on fabrication and installation, so to join in with them and be partners to their own Practical Training Academy and the new Inspiring Talent Academy is a really exciting prospect for us.” “We have also committed our Chepstow headquarters to be one of the Inspiring Talent Academy exemplar facilities, and we look forward to welcoming students who




visit us in 2020, and to playing our part in encouraging them to make Fenestration their long-term career of choice.” “I am also delighted to appoint three people from AluK to become ‘Champions’ for Building Our Skills, across our company, and to deliver the message and the opportunities through our customer and supply chain network.” “Darren Burford from our AluK Academy Training and Support Department, Leigh Cooper our Academy R&D Facilities Manager, and Steve Watkins, Head of Projects, will take up these positions. Steph Tague, the head of Building Our Skills, confirmed the partnership, saying: “It is a real sign that you have a credible plan to try and bridge the skills gap when a company of the calibre of AluK gets on board and wants to play such an active role. We are delighted and can’t wait to get working with them on the many exciting initiatives that we have going.”

John Crittenden has celebrated thirty years with the ‘Carl F’ hardware distribution organisation. On 1st November 1989 he joined Carl F Petersen as Managing Director. He went on to oversee the business through various changes in group structure including managing the European hardware business for Carl F International and D Line. In 2010, he managed the successful merger that saw the formation of the current limited company, Carl F Groupco. With the support of his management team, he looks forward to continuing to grow the business focussing on core values of delivery and service. Since joining the organisation, John has overseen the company’s expansion from three people to over 40 members of staff. During his thirty years at the helm he has also seen an increase from 1,000 products to over 7,000 hardware lines featured in the prestigious Carl F Groupco hardware catalogue. Commenting on significant milestones since joining the company, John Crittenden says: “In 2005 we expanded our offer and introduced Carl F direct – this sister company to our hardware operation is an

Building Our Skills has a range of campaigns running designed to help attract new people to the industry and to retain key staff already in place as a way of bridging the widening skills gap. These include the ‘Inspiring The Future’ campaign in association with FENSA, ‘Challenging Workplace Stereotypes’ in association with the FIT Show, and ‘Working With The Military Careers Service’ in association with GQA Qualifications. READER ENQUIRY NO: 1219/0112

e-commerce business supplying tools for the fabrication and fitting sector. Five years later, we successfully merged with Groupco – this was a major landmark in the history of the organisation: by combining forces, we considerably strengthened our position in the industry to become a major player in the UK’s hardware distribution market. “Over the years, we have played to our strengths of technical support and OTIF delivery targets. Excellent relations with leading manufacturers have also put us in a strong position to give input into new product development and to launch our own brand ranges, most significantly, SmartSecure in 2016. “Customers keep less stock now, which means that we need to be ever more efficient in stock planning, provision and delivery. At the start of my career, the lead time for a brass window handle was 32 weeks, now 32 hours is simply too late: we recognise this and we focus on delivery.” John pays testimony to a highly committed workforce at the company’s distribution centres in Peterborough and Cumbernauld, and field personnel UK wide, who have all played their part in the expansion of the organisation. Follow Carl F Groupco on Twitter using the handles @Carl_F_Groupco and @_SmartSecure

John Crittenden, Managing Director of Carl F Groupco celebrates thirty years with the ‘Carl F’ hardware distribution business

At the start of my career, the lead time for a brass window handle was 32 weeks, now 32 hours is simply too late: we recognise this and we focus on delivery.” READER ENQUIRY NO: 1219/0113

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Fill in all the answers in the grid from the clues below, fill in your contact details below and send your competition entry to: FAO: Miss Christina Shaw, Glass News Competitions, 19 Heather Close, Tickhill, Doncaster, DN11 9UU. Entry deadline: 20/12/19. Across 7 Another error in day tax? It’s astonishing! (13) 8 To be awkward, a poet may charge out his work in this way (8) 9 Snakes, as the last thought of a letter writer (4) 10 Led last attack and played for time (7) 12 The French oppose the Spanish and get even! (5) 14 Hygiene problem with your old fashioned little cottage (5) 16 First light, that’s when nurse is in action! (7) 19 A furnace created by a student in the family (4) 20 These people are prisoners a lot at times (8) 22 Photograph something and have a break? (4,1,4,2,2)

Down 1 For a spindle get Alex round (4) 2 Journey with an old unruly bad man (6) 3 Sounds like this messenger delivers Indian food (7) 4 A fast food outlet for sheep and cows (5) 5 To go round a scene in confusion (6) 6 These seers make money it seems (8) 11 It’s right up to date and really hot (8) 13 Could be the day to arrange sea duty (7) 15 Sounds like it might help us get to grips with his musical works (6) 17 To talk round a chap from Madrid perhaps (6) 18 To pursue some purchases (5) 21 To give out in the form of a remittance (4)

Name: Tel: Address: Postcode: Email:


4 2


1 3




2 5

3 4




2 4



9 3


WIN £10




Spot which page the image below appears on and enter to be in with a chance of winning!

WIN £10



Fill in your answer and your contact details below and send your competition entry to: FAO: Miss Christina Shaw, Glass News Competitions, 19 Heather Close, Tickhill, Doncaster, DN11 9UU.

Fill in your answer and your contact details below and send your competition entry to: FAO: Miss Christina Shaw, Glass News Competitions, 19 Heather Close, Tickhill, Doncaster, DN11 9UU.

Entry deadline: 20/12/19.

Entry deadline: 20/12/19.


Name: Tel: Name: Tel: Address:







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British Plastics Federation (BPF) Tel: 0207 457 5000

Glass & Glazing Federation (GGF) Tel: 0207 939 9101

British Standards Institution (BSI) – Standards & Publications Tel: 0208 996 9001

GQA Qualifications (formerly Glass Qualifications Authority) Tel: 0114 2720033

BSI – Assessment & Certification Tel: 0845 080 9000

Health & Safety Executive (HSE) – Glass & Related Industries Phil Smith, HM Principal Inspector Tel: 01782 602300 David Appleton, HM Inspector Tel: 0115 9712800

BSI – Product Certification & Testing Tel: 08450 765600 BBSA (British Blind & Shutter Association) Tel: 01449 780444 Building Research Establishment (BRE) Tel: 01923 664000 Council for Aluminium in Building (CAB) Tel: 01453 828851 Dekura Tel: 01952 201631 Door & Hardware Federation (DHF) Tel: 01827 52337 Double Glazing & Conservatory Ombudsman Scheme (DGCOS) Tel: 0845 053 8975

Proskills – Head Office Tel: 01235 833844 Proskills – Glass & Related Industries Neil Robinson Tel: 07917 015 322 Recovinyl (via Axion Consulting) Tel: 0161 355 7618

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The Glazing Ombudsman (TGO) Tel: 020 7397 7200


UK Green Building Council Tel: 0207 580 0623 Veka Recycling Tel: 01322 38721

Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme (FENSA) Tel: 0207 645 3700

Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP) Tel: 01295 819 900

Get Britain Building (GBB) Tel: 0870 162 0936

Wood Window Alliance (WWA) Tel: 0844 209 261


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Your business is evolving constantly, but the chances are your current marketing agency hasn’t evolved with you. To move to that next level, you need a marketing agency that not only understands your business and products but knows your market and how your customers think too. Purplex is the leading full-service marketing agency and has been building brands and delivering serious sustainable and profitable growth for clients since 2004. EXPERTS IN… Brand Development Marketing Strategy


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ine fl o o r r ia in L e s Choo ons llati

ing insta h tc a m y ll fu r fo

ers a perfectly t, offer custom ow replacemen ucts. nd wi od pr for e ine ot ofl qu ro iar Next time you by choosing Lin n tio lla ta ins colour matched

Your complete hardware solutions partner

Available from Liniar fabricators nationwide and now selected branches of Travis Perkins! Thicker and stronger Fascia boards 20mm thick instead of the usual 16mm, for strength and ease of fitting. Pre-marked protective tape Not just scratch-free – tape is pre-marked for quick cutting and installation. Consistently flat Manufactured with the latest extrusion technology for a consistently flat board. Perfect colour match High quality foils that perfectly match with Liniar windows, doors and roof kits. Fire Rated Replacement boards, capping boards and flat boards are all certified Class 1. Guaranteed All Liniar products are covered by the Liniar 10 year profile guarantee.*

For more information contact us at:

The Liniar roofline range is designed and manufactured by Liniar in the heart of Derbyshire.

0161 796 7268

Find your nearest stockist by contacting now!

1219/0119 01332 883900


* small print: exclusions apply to certain products – see for full details.

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MINI-PILING 1219/0122

Cost Effective Solution



for Constructing Conservatories on Poor Ground Conditions











NEXT DAY DELIVERY Tel: 07966 663 207 | Email:

BIRSTALL 0113 236 0800

ROTHERHAM 01709 558 986

GATESHEAD 0191 731 9770

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N 10,000 THA PR RE O


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Balustrade systems

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f: 01706 863 860


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Emmegi (UK) Limited Unit 14, Spitfire Close Coventry Business Park - CV5 6UR Coventry Tel. +44 2476 676 192 - Fax. +44 2476 677 381 -

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CURA Creator / WhiteBox Inspire and convince yourself and your customers of the right type of glass for the right application.

We’ve got you covered

entilated Fully forventilated for e performance lifetime performance

Icotherm Solid Roof lets you get the job done faster

Delivered to site 70% pre-assembled

Simple to order, easy to fit

Fully ventilated for lifetime performance

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Fully building control compliant

Most jobs are watertight in 1-3 hours


CURA Glass. Your independent glass wholesaler

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Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors FROM ONLY





Quote turnaround within hours

Precision fabrication

Up to 1200mm sash widths

Expert plan and estimating service

Reliable & efficient


Stock colours: White, Black, Grey, Grey on White

per leaf

Including delivery




Quote turnaround within 2hrs Competitive roof glass prices




Working Days Lead Time

Working Days Lead Time GET A QUOTE TODAY:


Call: 01642 610799 * Per leaf price is unglazed and may vary depending on size and specification of the door. Lead time is based on a standard colour. Postcode restrictions apply

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Call: 01642 610799 find us on facebook

* Postcode restrictions apply Bison-GlassNews-classified.pdf 1 16-May-18 11:56:08 AM

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Going to any lengths, where the only corners cut are perfect ones.

82Classified 129-5 x 75mm.indd


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secondary glazing C

made simple.

Whether its solid or glass roofs choose the best, choose Connaught!








simple to survey | simple to order | simple to install | simple to sell Secondary glazing is one of the fastest growing sectors in the industry, and offers simple sales with great profits. Should you be offering it to your customers?

Same day Quotation’s

7-10 day turnaround

Free nationwide deliveries

Guardian solid roofs

In-house training for installers

Ultraframe solid roofs

Sample’s and literature supplied

Ultraframe orangeries

Structural reports on request

Ultraframe lanterns

The decision is simple.

Find out exactly how we can help!


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Your business is evolving constantly, but the chances are your current marketing agency hasn’t evolved with you. To move to that next level, you need a marketing agency that not only understands your business and products but knows your market and how your customers think too. Purplex is the leading full-service marketing agency and has been building brands and delivering serious sustainable and profitable growth for clients since 2004.



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MEASURE Surveying. Quoting. Selling.


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Leading manufacturer of PVC-U & PVC-UE roofline products

Fascia • Soffit • Rainwater Follow us on


01604 591110


ALUMINIUM 1219/0148

Whether you’re looking to enter the profitable world of aluminium or already working on multi-million-pound commercial projects you can trust us to work with you to deliver the finest tailored aluminium façade systems. For more information on how AluK can help you lead the way: | 01291 639 739 Experts in Aluminium 1219/0145



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The UK’s Leading Glass & Glazing Newspaper

FIND ONE THAT FITS Your business is evolving constantly, but the chances are your current marketing agency hasn’t evolved with you. To move to that next level, you need a marketing agency that not only understands your business and products but knows your market and how your customers think too. Purplex is the leading full-service marketing agency and has been building brands and delivering serious sustainable and profitable growth for clients since 2004.

EXPERTS IN… Brand Development Marketing Strategy Reputation Managment Lead Generation

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