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Spring/Summer Catalogue 2009

CONDITIONS OF SALE – PLEASE READ MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY Domestic Canada will ship as much or as little as you want. Some products require carton quantity. Please follow the case pack guidelines in the price list. All prices are net cost wholesale. We do not issue MSR. Back Orders We ship 98% within 3 business days. – Just ask our customers if you don’t believe us. If we back order product, we’ll generally tell you when to expect it. Returns & Claims If there’s a problem, just tell us. We’ll try to solve it on the phone. Report defective or delivery damaged product for return and credit. Consumer claims can be sent to us through pre-paid mail or courier. We’ll examine the product for a possible credit or replacement. Payment Policy - The first order is COD - Refused shipments will be charged a 25% restocking charge - Our regular payment terms are net 30 days - There is a $50.00 service charge on NSF cheques - Late payment will be subject to a 2% per month or 26% annual interest charge. - A $25.00 cheque certification charge will be added to the invoice where required. - A currency surcharge may be applied to invoices without notice. Domestic Canada will adjust the surcharge as required throughout the year Order Processing - Prices are subject to change without notification - Customer orders with incorrect pricing will be returned for correction and approval before processing & shipping


Domestic Canada is committed to providing products that enhance food-handling safety. Ten years ago Domestic introduced Demarle food grade silicone bake ware to the Canadian retail market. We then introduced BEST food safe silicone sealed whips, mashers and food brushes. Our unique food grade flexible cutting boards, Jaccard meat mallets, tenderizers and “safe hands” designed food mandolins are all designed to guard consumers’ health and safety. Breakthrough fused nano-technology heralded the introduction of our Swiss manufactured non-stick cookware. We guarantee no PFOA’s along with unparalleled cookware performance and durability. Domestic Canada is pleased to have pioneered this product trend in Canada. It is the symbol of our commitment to providing high quality safe products to kitchen retailers and Canadian consumers who buy our products. Print our e-catalogue online at: 57 Montrose Crescent Unionville, Ontario, L3R 7Z6 Tel: 905-477-5648 Fax: 905-943-9004 e-mail:

Spring/Summer 2009

Baking - Silpat & Roul’Pat

Demarle Silicone Bake Ware

Silpat, 13” x 18” DE 80-420295 Domestic Size Oven

Silpat, 11” x 8” DE 80-295205 Toaster Oven Size

Silpat, 18” x 26” DE 80-420620 Commercial Oven Size

Roul’Pat 16.5” x 24.5” DE 85-420620 Roul’Pat 31.5” x 23” DE 85-800585

ROUL’ PAT by Demarle - Professional non-slip pastry mat • Easy clean up • Long life durability hygienic silicone • Less mess because you dont need flour • Another great idea from the maker’s of Silpat. Cleaning Tips for Silicone Bake ware • Use a weak solution of PH balanced soap

• Wipe with a damp, soft sponge, then rinse with clean water

• Shake to remove excess water and dry in the open air • Note: the oily feeling after washing Silpat is normal.

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Spring/Summer 2009

Baking - Commercial Bakeware Order a Demarle catalogue for product details & pricing

Dough LIner DE FLX90000

Dough Cutter & Liner ED CUTTER50 ED CUTTER80

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Spring/Summer 2009

Baking - Domestic & Commercial Bakeware Perforated Aluminum Bake Trays

18” x 13” Domestic Size Perforated Bake Pan DE 330460-P45

Ceramic Baking Stone BM UC500

18” x 26” Commercial Size Perforated Bake Pan DE 460660-45P

Hardwood Pizza Peel 12” BM UC512 14” BM UC514

Bamboozle Pizza Peel 12” x 20” NA 78101

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Spring/Summer 2009

Baking - Silicone Bake Ware Made in Italy By Silikomart Mini Muffin ED SFO22N

Regular Muffin ED SFO23N

Jumbo Muffin ED SFO24N

Tartlet ED SFO15N

Marguerite ED SFO56N

Half Sphere ED SF003N

Mini Cake ED SFO26N

Tartlet ED SFO16N

Pyramid ED SF007N

Madeleine ED SF032N

Briochette ED SFO34N

Bordelais ED SFO50N

Jelliflex Berries ED SG06

Roast Pan ED SFT600

Relief Mat ED RE8

Loaf/Cake, 10 1/2 x 4” ED SFT330

Round Cake, 11” ED SFT128

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Flan, 11” ED SFT428

Savarin Cake, 9 1/2” ED SFT224

Kougloff, 9” ED SFT250

Spring/Summer 2009

Baking - Pantec Bake Ware Canadian made silicone bake ware Canadian made silicone bakeware. It’s key benefits are non-adherence, efficient and safe to use. These silicone products will give satisfaction to demanding cooks over thousands of uses. Freezer to oven convenience. Muffin 4 oz. PA SFSM24, (24 Mould) PA SFSM12, (12 Mould) PA SFSM1-6, (6 Mould)

Mini Muffin, 2 oz. PA SMMIN (24 Mould)

Crown Muffin, 5 oz. PA SFMC12, (12 Mould) PA SFMC6, (6 Mould)

Jumbo Muffin, 7 oz. PA SFMJ12, (12 Mould) PA SFMJ15, (15 Mould)

Mini Loaf Tray, 8 oz., PA SFMR8 (8 Mould)

Rectangular Muffin, 8 oz., PA RECT4 (4 Mould)

Pizza Baking Disc (10 ), 10” PA DISC10

Jelly Roll Pan, 3/4” edge PASFGR1

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Spring/Summer 2009

Baking Novacart Paper Oven Baking Moulds

Pie Mould WE NP247 WE NP207 WE NP170

Panettone Basso WE M155

Round Angel Food WE MC200

Round Shallow Tortina WE MBB185

Optima Fluted WE 680684

Rect. Loaf Tortina WE PM238/193/178

Round, High Panettone Alto WE P60/P70/ P134/P155

Panettone Alto WE 90/40

Rectangular Loaf WE EASYBAKE

Brioche Individual WE PBS-01 Multi Serving WE PBA 03S

Muffin Cup (Individual) WE 160F

Muffin Cups WE NTS-4 WE NTS-2 WE NTS-1

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Spring/Summer 2009

Baking Pani-mold Bakeware

Panimold is available in the following sizes: TB B0AG-B - 4 x 2 3/8 x 1 3/8” TB B1AG-B - 4 x 3 3/4 x 1 1/2” TB B2AG-B - 5 1/8 x 3 3/4 x 1 1/2” TB B3AG-B - 7 x 4 x 2 3/8” TB B5AG-B - 4 1/2 x 4 x 2 3/4” TB B6AG-B - 9 1/2 x 4 1/2 x 3” Replacement liners available. See price list.

Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls ED GLS1002A

6 1/4”




9 1/2”



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Spring/Summer 2009


Kitchen Essentials

Spreader 7 1/2” BM 925 11” BM 926

Spreader Pre-Pack BM 900D Content: See Price List

Chinois, SS strainer, 8” ED 814410 (stand available)

3 Sided Icing Comb BM 911

Scraper 3 1/2” BM 903 5 1/2” BM 600

Whip 8” Display BM 820D Contents: 24 x BM 820

Flour Sifter BM FD1

Citrus Press BM 180

Butter Ruler ID BUTTER

Dollies RW 1850

French Pie Roller 18” BM UC510 22” BM UC509

Cake Stencils BM CS

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Spring/Summer 2009


Kitchen Essentials REGENCY



For Non-Stick, Easy-Clean Cooking & Baking

Parchment Paper 20’ RW 230 (Wide) 30’ RW 1150 Natural 20’ RW 230N

Prof. Reusable, 17” x 13” Non-Stick Parchment RW 1125

Parchment Rounds 8” & 9” - RW 1100 9” RW 1109 10” RW 1110

Pastry Cloth RW 1050

2 yd. Cheese Cloth RW 450

10” Pastry Bags (6) RW 1075

Evendough Bands 4 Pairs RW 1275

Recipe Card Holder BM RP

Evenbake Cake Strips RW 1250

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Spring/Summer 2009


Kitchen Essentials

Teddy Bear SD 549232

Pot Watcher SD 578010

Moose SD 514555

Maple Leaf SD 513103

Ginger Bread SD 639148

Spillmat Oven Liner 16” x 23” RW 1130

Pastry Brush 1” BM 321 1 1/2” BM 320

Croissant Brush 1 1/2” BM 433

Chef’s Round Brush 1” BM 342

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Spring/Summer 2009


Best Whips

Light Side Whip

8” Balloon BM 820B 10” Standard BM 920 10” Standard NSF Rated BM 1020 12” Standard NSF Rated BM 1220

Light Side Whip

The most often used tool in the kitchen, owners frequently purchase two or more. Small size and Best’s own extra slender eight-wire design offers optimum fingertip control in the tightest corners. Stainless steel wires; 5/8” diameter, silicone sealed handle. Dishwasher Safe.

8” Standard BM 820

Wood Handle French Whip

Stainless steel wires. Birch Hardwood Handles.

8” Standard BM 8SW 10” Standard BM 10SW 12” Standard BM 12SW

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Wood Handle French Whip

Not every cook responds to the look and feel of stainless; for these we offer warm wood – nature’s ergonomic answer to a good grip in a standard-sized whip. Smooth turned and lacquered birch hardwood, silicone sealed handle.

Spring/Summer 2009


Kitchen Essentials

Masher, 8” BM SC8

Masher 8” Display BM SC8D Qty: 18 x BM SC8

Masher, 10” BM SC10 Masher, 11” BM SC11

Coil Whip, 11” BM CW11 10” NS BM CW10T

Gourmet Blender KI B001

Pastry Pro KI P002

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Pro V8 Blender CR V8

Spring/Summer 2009


Kitchen Essentials

Spice Bags 4 bags RW 950

Slow Cooker Bags 8 bags RW 1020

Broth Soup Socks 3 Socks RW 825

Turkey S.S. Lacers 6 lacers RW 1525

Poultry Stuffing Bags 2 bags RW 875

Brining Bag 1 bag RW 1025

Boil n’ Wrap 1 Bag RW 850 Lobster Bibs 1400 (bulk) Lobster Bibs 1450 (1)

Turkey Frills (6) RW 1575 (1000) RW 1575B

Chef Grade Cooking Twine 210 ft RW 1670 1/2 lb Cone RW 1625-1/2

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Spring/Summer 2009


Best Whips

Balloon Style Whip Copper Handle

12” Whip BM 12BC

Heavy Series, NSF Rated

Copper & Wood Handle Whips

18” Whip BM 1812B

Elegant copper handle, blonde turned and lacquered birch hardwood; 7/8” diameter handle, all styles.

20” Whip BM 2012B

Balloon Series

The magic is in the ten wire shape: a wider circumference to whip up the airiest meringues and crèmes, or to finish any blending more quickly than a cumbersome mixer. Thick handle offers a solid grip for the serious soufflé and meringue chef looking for the ultimate mixability of a ten-wire balloon. The loop secures the wires near the working surface to better reach shallow ingredients. Stainless steel wires; 1” diameter silicone sealed handles. Metal & wood handles.

Heavy Series, NSF Rated 10” Whip BM 1012

Thick sauces, stiff batters, mashing, blending coarse ingredients – where a job requires muscle, The Heavy provides it. 8 /12 – gauge stainless steel wires and 1” diameter handle are proportioned/ weighted to perform for the chef of any strength.

14” Whip BM 1412 16” Whip BM 1612 18” Whip BM 1812

French Heavy Series

12” Whip BM 1212

The Heavy Whip

24” Whip BM 2412

Flat Roux/Gravy Whip The tool for working the bottom and corners of a pan and for a pefect deglaze. Stainless steel wires; 7/8” diameter metal or wood handle.

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Roux Series NSF Rated 12” Whip BM 12FL BM 12FLW

Roux Series

See Price List for additional sizes.

36” Whip BM 3612

Spring/Summer 2009


Best Commercial Whips

Origin of the Species The performance and durability of our home size tools evolved from the behemoths below, however they are hardly dinosaurs. Considered the “industry standard” for the last 40 years, they roam, wide ranging, the kitchens of the best restaurants, cafeteria’s and the food processors of the planet. Do gourmet housewares retailers buy these? Yes…for in-store fixtures and displays, sales to eclectic home decorators, and for purchase by the “professionals that shop their well-stocked shelves.”All Best whips and mashers are silicone sealed for the highest hygenic performance. Dozens of commercial sizes from 14” to 48” are always in stock. See Price List.

Whip - Mayonnaise Whip, 36” Metal HDL BM 36HSS Whip, 48” Metal HDL BM 48HSS

Masher - Welded w. Reinforced Bars

Whip - Kettle w. Welded Ball

Two Bar Reinforced Masher 25” BM SC25HDR

36” 8” x 8” Ball BM 36KW

Masher 31” BM SC31HDR

48” 8” x 8” Ball BM 48KW

One Bar Reinforced Masher 25” BM SC25HD

60” 8” x 8” Ball BM 60KW

Masher 31” BM SC31HD Not Reinforced

25” BM SC25 31” BM SC31 Pizza Popper, 43” BM JB43

(Stay Cool Handle)

Mixing Paddle, 48” BM PD48

1 Piece Construction

Flexible Coil Whip, 48 ” BM CW48

Food Grade Welded, Flexible Construction

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Spring/Summer 2009

Kitchen Essentials

Simply Better™ Meat Mallets


Jaccard, the industry leader in meat tenderization, presents a line of consumer products that offer innovative and compelling solutions for the home. The Simply Better™ line offers improved designs to simplify food preparation. Chefs of any level will find that Jaccard consumer products provide superior results for home cooking. Meat Mallet - Aluminum Quad Face Plates Four Aluminum Discs; Flat, Fine, Medium, Coarse JA 200414A

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Spring/Summer 2009

Kitchen Essentials

Simply Better™ Meat Tenderizers


The Choice of Professionals! Meat Tenderizer Performance Up to 40% Quicker Cooking

Fast / Deeper Marinating

Even Cooking Throughout

Less Shrinkage

Chicken Pork Beef Veal Abalone Roasts Whole Turkey Wild Game Excellent

Super 1 Meat Tenderizer, 16 Blade ABS JA 200316 Super 3 Meat Tenderizer, 48 Blade ABS JA 200348 Replacement Blade/Row JA 16-BLADE

Very Good


- Reduces cooking time by up to 40% - Provides for deeper quicker penetration of marinades and rubs - Creates thin heat channels to ensure even cooking - Dishwasher safe

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Spring/Summer 2009

Kitchen Essentials Jaccard Mandolins


Jaccard 7 Blade Mandolin JA 200421 - Improved Stainless Steel main Blade - Patented Tomato Blade - Waffle Blade - 3 Sizes of Julienne Blades - 1 Grater - Preset cutting thicknesses - Bowl position settings in frame

BOTH MANDLOLIN’S OFFER “SAFE HANDS” FEATURES - Blade kits - Slip resistant legs for stability - Dishwasher safe - Safe Hand Guard

Jaccard 7 Blade Mandolin w. Unique Ceramic main blade JA 200441C - 18/8 Stainless steel construction - Patented Tomato Blade - Waffle Blade - 3 Sizes of Julienne Blades - 1 Grater

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Spring/Summer 2009

Kitchen Essentials

Professional Bron Mandolins Mandolin du Chef ED 15000 6 Blades including: 1 slicing, 1 wafe, 4 julienne (2,4,7 and 10 mm) - Safety guard - Reversible non-skid stand - 18-10 Stainless steel - Additional blades available

Replacement Main Blade ED 10212 Replacement Guard for ED15000 ED 10201

Classic Professional ED 38/39B -38 Blades built into frame -18-10 Stainless steel safety guard -18-10 Stainless steel construction -Built-in support stand

Additional parts available ED 19638 ED 10644 ED 11660 ED 3802 ED 39B

38 Blade 44 Blade 60 Blade S.S. Main Blade Guard (only)

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Spring/Summer 2009

Kitchen Essentials Kitchen Essentials

Bread Bag BM A10

Tea Pot Drip Catcher PKG 10 JM 501300D

8” Tortilla Press BM 807

Tortilla Server Case Pack of 12 HS 1019D HS 1019 (1) Asst. Colours

Spillmat Oven Liner 16” x 23” RW 1130

Kettle Lime Collector Card of 10 JM 514706D

Tea Pot Drip Catcher

Kettle Lime Collector

Original drip catch from Shulte-Ufer of Germany. This 18-10 stainless steel device ensures better teapot pouring without the mess. It’s the best!

Original kettle saver from Schulte-Ufer of Germany. This 18-10 stainless steel device collects hard water lime deposits, for improved drinking water.

Card (10)

Box (10)

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Spring/Summer 2009

Kitchen Essentials

Grosche Glass Tea Pots, Cups & Warmer Temperature Shock Proof, Borosilicate Glass

Merlin Tea Pot w. Infuser 1200 ml BT GR139

Stockholm Tea Pot w. Infuser 500 ml BT GR132

Glasgow Tea Pot w. Infuser 1000 ml BT GR140

Sahara Tea Pot Warmer w. Candle BT GR138

Berne Tea Pot w. Infuser 800 ml BT GR141

Surrey Tea Cup w. Infuser 270 ml BT GR137

Kent Tea Cup w. Infuser 400 ml BT GR142

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Spring/Summer 2009

Kitchen Essentials

Salad Preparation & Serving

Xtra-hands Candy Apple Red PJ 5CA

Butternut PJ 5BU

Tropical Banana PJ 5TB

Cloud PJ 5CL

Snow PJ 5SN

Tropical Breeze PJ 5TBZ

Black PJ 5BLK

Blueberry PJ 5BL

Tropical Passion PJ 5TP

Wild Ivy Green PJ 5WI

Berry PJ 5TBY

Tropical Mango PJ 5TM

Breast Cancer Pink PJ 55BCP

Spin ‘N Stor - package of 4

Tropical Kiwi PJ 5TK

RG 900 1) Spin

2) Drain

3) Store

4) Or Serve!

Stainless Steel Salad Bowl 9” diam x 2 3/4” ED BF4012

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Spring/Summer 2009

Kitchen Essentials Cutting Boards

Bistro NA 74008

Custom branding is available. Please call for more information.

Wine Carafe NA 74005

Rooster NA 74007

New Folding Feature

Micro Tops (2) NA 50151 Kosher - NA 50168

Chop & Chop Jr. (1) NA 50152

Chop & Chop SR. (1) NA 40128 Dough Mat (1) NA 30021

Chop & Chop Reg. (1) NA 50150

Chop & Chop Reg. (4) NA 50160 Kosher - NA 50168 (3)

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Spring/Summer 2009

Kitchen Essentials

Fridge Fresh & Produce Fresh

Fridge Fresh EE 7108

Produce Fresh EE 7304

Home Refresh (Not Shown) EE 7254 • An effective environmental solution to odours and moisture • Prevents cross-contamination of food smells & flavours • An all-natural product - made of volcanic rock • Keeps fruits & vegetables fresher for longer • Rechargeable for limitless re-use

Little Titan Scrub Pad Little Titan Scrub Pad Pre-Pack of 150 pads ST 150D • Multi-purpose scrub pads • Safe for non-stick cookware • Colour coded for use • Removes cooking grime • Durable, long-lasting fabric • Mildew resistant backing Colours not exactly as shown.

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Spring/Summer 2009

Kitchen Essentials Kitchen Essentials

BLUE Small Medium Large

SK TB001 SK TB002 SK TB003

Pink Small Medium Large

SK TP001 SK TP002 SK TP003

Kiwi Small Medium Large

SK TK001 SK TK002 SK TK003

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Spring/Summer 2009

Kitchen Essentials

Jaccard Ceramic Knives


Professional Ceramic Knives for Everyday Use. Eliminates transfer of metallic ions that can alter the taste and smell of fresh foods. Precision-engineered design provides superior strength. Lightweight, balanced design reduces muscle fatigue. Easy-to-clean, non-stick blades. Ergonomic, soft grip, slip-resistant handle provides unparalleled balance and comfort. Blade guard included. 3” Pairing Knife JA 200613 4” Utility Knife JA 200614 5” Utility Knife JA 200615 5 1/2” Santuko Knife JA 200820 6” Chef’s Knife JA 200616 6” Bread Knife JA 200616B 8” Chef Knife JA 200821

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Spring/Summer 2009

Kitchen Essentials

Thermal, Colour Changing Technology

Cooked-Per’fect Complete (Poultry, Beef and Fish) BP 15099



Lincolnshire Egg Poacher SP 11001 (1)

Egg Per’fect Timer BP 15086

Pasta Per’fect BP 15088

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Spring/Summer 2009

Display (48) SP 11048D Ask about our custom logo service

Kitchen Essentials

PepperMate Ceramic Mills

- Durable ceramic grinders - Adjustable grinding mechanism - Easy top load - Convenient, clear storage cap - Comfortable turning “handle” - Available in Black or White - Also useful for grinding Flax Seed Peppermill, White PM 723W

- Innovative S & P Mills - Thumb activated, pump action - ceramic and stainless steel construction - Bottom refill feature - Dimensions: 5 1/2” x 1 1/2”

Peppermill, Black PM 723B

Filled with Peppercorns and Sea Salt

One Handed Pepper and Salt Mills PM 523

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Spring/Summer 2009

Kitchen Essentials

Crousset Organic Cooking Salts Artisan salts are blended with fresh Qubec grown organic herbs to enhance their full flavour. Beautifully packaged to enhance retail sales

Our collection of artisan salts include: Citrus Sea Salt CS SEA04 Wild Mushrooms Sea Salt CS SEA06 Herb Sea Salt CS SEA09 Smoked Salt Powder CS 1SEA06 Gomashio CS 5SEA02 Black Olive Sea Salt CS 6SEA07 Maple Salt CS 5SEA08 Lavender Salt CS SEA03 Tex-Mex Salt CS 5SEA13 Aromatic Sea Salt Assorted (5) CS COFO1 Canadian organic herb cooking salts.


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Spring/Summer 2009

Cooking: Savour the Flavour TSP Organic Spice

2 Piece Assortment

Organic Savoir Fare marjoram and sage

Organic Sweet Heat cinnamon and ancho chile powder

Organic Sun Shine lemon zest and orange zest

6 Piece Assortment

Organic Sweet Basics

Organic Green Basics

Organic Spice Basics

• allspice • anise seed • cardamom • korintje cinnamon • cloves • nutmeg

• basil • dill • oregano • rosemary • tarragon • thyme

• coriander • cumin • fennel seed • ginger • mild chile pepper • turmeric.

Open Stock Available: See Price List

Page 30

Spring/Summer 2009


Party Essentials

Wine Whisk, 8� BM WW8

Wine Bucket ED BA9004

Party Shaker 750 mL ED GLS4002 1.75L ED GLS4003

Wine Bucket ED BA9064 Wine Bucket Stand ED 5090660

Ice Bucket/Lid ED BA9017

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Spring/Summer 2009

Kitchen Essentials Cobb BBQ System

Cobb Premier BBQ System CC C734 - Barbecue, Roast, Smoke, Grill, Cook, Bake and Broil - Cooks for 3 hours using only 8-10 charcoal briquettes - Internal temperatures of up to 260oC - Carry Bag Included

Roasting Rack CC C736

Griddle (non-stick) CC C737

Stainless Steel Wok CC C732

Fry Pan CC C731

BBQ Brush BM 431

Gravity Tongs 10” BM 451 12” BM 452 15” BM 453

Page 32

Spring/Summer 2009

Kitchen Essentials

Tibos Electric Crepiere Tibos Crepiere, Satin Finish ED CEBPB2 Beach Spreader, 7” ED ARH18 Beech Spatula, 15 3/4” ED ASH40

Truffle Slicer ED RT1020

Passion Crepiere ED CEFIA2

Raclette, Prof. ED RACL02

Page 33

Knife for Raclette ED CAR01

Spring/Summer 2009


Swiss Diamond Reinforced Non-Stick Cookware

• PFOA Free • Superior Nano-fused technology • Magnetic Induction Capable (in some pans) • Non Induction pans are safe to use with ceramic, halogen, electric coil, gas, radiant top stoves Note: Induction pans are not suited for gas ranges • Up to 200,000 Diamond crystals in each pan for a non-stick cooking surface that will not crack, blister, or peel • Superior heat conductivity • Lifetime non-stick performance • Cast aluminum pans will not warp • Ergonomic handle for comfort & balance • Oven safe (Including handles) to 260ºC/500ºF • Vented, heat tempered see through glass lids • Metal utensil & dishwasher safe

Page 34

Spring/Summer 2009


Swiss Diamond

See Page 39 for FAQ

Square Casserole GM 66282

Square Saute Pan GM 66283 GM 6620

Square Grill Pan Low Rim GM 63281

Breakfast Pan GM 6224

Round Fry Pan GM 6420 GM 6424 GM 6426

Square Grill Pan GM 66281

Oval Fish Pan GM 6538

Fry Pan w. Helper Handle GM 6428 GM 6432

Choice of lids available (See Price List)

Page 35

Spring/Summer 2009


Swiss Diamond

Sauce Pan w. lid GM 6716 GM 6718 GM 6720

See Page 39 for FAQ

10.2” Saute Pan w/o lid GM 6726

Roasing Pan GM 63225

Roaster/Lid GM 61033

11” Saute w. Lid GM 6828

Saute Pan/lid GM 6724 GM 6728 GM 6732 - Metal handle

Stew Pot GM 6824

Page 36

Stock / Soup Pot GM 6128 GM 6124

Spring/Summer 2009


Swiss Diamond

14.5” Wok w. lid & Rack GM 611361

See Page 39 for FAQ

11” Wok w/ Lid GM 61128

12.5” Wok (Lid Available) GM 61132NL w/o lid GM 611321 w/ lid

3 Piece Set GM 6008

6 Piece Set GM 6006D

See Price List for Details

7 Piece Set GM 6007

10 Piece Set GM 6010 GM 6010B

Page 37

Spring/Summer 2009


Swiss Diamond

See Page 39 for FAQ

11” x 17” Double Griddle GM 64328

Double Burner Grill GM 643281

Magnetic Induction Cookware

Induction (IND) pans are not suited for gas ranges

11” Fry Pan/ Helper Handle GM 6428IND

10” Round Fry Pan GM 6424IND Magnetic Induction Stove ED G1B • 110 Volts • 1600 Watt • Dimensions: 12 1/2” x 13 3/8” x 2 1/4”

Page 38

Spring/Summer 2009

Swiss Diamond

Diamond Reinforced Non-Stick Cookware

Does Swiss Diamond surface contain “TEFLON”? NO! The Swiss Diamond coating does not contain any Teflon taking into consideration that “Teflon” is a trade mark, made and owned by “DUPONT.” What is the meaning of PFOA? “PFOA” means (Perfluorooctanoic Acid) and is an agent used in the manufacture of PTFE which is the component that gives non-stick properties to the surface of the cookware and many other consumers’ products. It is certainly right that the “PFOA” could be hazardous to the health if not properly eliminated in the fabrication processes while manufacturing the PTFE. Do Swiss Diamond products contain “PFOA”? NO! The inherent slippery, non-stick properties of Diamonds Crystals when amalgamated into a nano-composite (mixture of extremely thin particles), means we use a minor amount of PTFE in our products, much lesser than any other non-stick products. The reasons are that the amalgams of real Diamond Crystals require such high temperatures that any particle of PFOA which is contained in the PTFE will be totally burned out so that NO PFOA can be traced on Swiss Diamond Products. Does the Aluminium cast of Swiss Diamond cause Alzheimer sickness? NO! It is published that Aluminium could cause disases such as Alzheimers. Due to the hardness and thickness of Swiss Diamond, Diamond crystals and high-quality nano-composite coating, the food items, NEVER will be in contact with the Aluminium cast and thus there is absolutely no risk and no health concerns to be observed. FACTS: Swiss Diamond products, exceeds largely the quality standard given and required by the World’s authorities. Are there any further health concerns to be observed when cooking with Swiss Diamond? NO! As long as you handle your Swiss Diamond cookware with care: 1) Do not overheat it 2) Keep it clean after use 3) Use it for cooking only, not as long term food storage box.

Page 39

Spring/Summer 2009

57 Montrose Crescent Unionville, Ontario L3R 7Z6 Tel: 905-477-5648 Fax: 905-943-9004 e-mail:

Domestic Canada Catalogue Spring Summer 2009  

Domestic Canada Catalogue Spring Summer 2009

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