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Girl, it’s your world! Pages of inspiration for your new Girl Scout year. What will you make happen?

Table of Contents G.I.R.L. Talk ............................ 4 STEM in the Outdoors ........... 6


STEM in the Outdoors


Happiness: Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Actions

Happiness: Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Actions .......................... 8 What Are Your WOW Goals?! ........................ 11 Which Camp is Right for You? ...................... 12 Lime Green Giraffe: Get the Scoop ...................... 14 Action! With Miss Media ...... 15 Badge & Sash: STEM Style ........................... 16 Adopt a Horse ...................... 17

12 Which

Camp Is Right For You?

F IND T HAT BADGE SCAVENGER HUNT Can you find all these badges in the magazine? Come back to check each one off as you discover cool things to do through Girl Scouts!

22 Coding


Girls the World Needs ......... 18 The Older Girl Experience .... 19 Coding Unplugged: DIY T-Shirt Weaving Activity .................. 22

K L A T . L . R . I . G

their real stories! We would love to hear gs across Greater Atlanta—check out thin zing ama g doin are you like just Girl Scouts comm@gsgatl.org. Scout year. Please send stories to mar abobut your experiences during the Girl Cadette & Senior Troop #17444 Troop 17444 enjoyed a tour of historic Tuskegee University. They learned about the famous scientist George Washington Carver at the GWC Museum and visited the National Historic Site "The Oaks," home of the famous educator Booker T. Washington... all while learning about college life and majors offered at the university, including the Veterinary Medicine program.

▲ Brownie Troop #17558 s money to help pay for a "We used our Cookie and Treats & Keep learned lots about marine We . rium Aqua gia sleepover trip to the Geor over trip and we loved it!" animals and habitats. It was our first sleep

Carrington B., Brownie, Troop #17127 "My favorite badge that I earned was the Clover petal as a Daisy. I learned how important it is to make sure that I do my part by picking up trash to help keep the environment clean, and I learned to appreciate recycling to help keep our community clean." ▲ Stella, Troop #17007 People may fear zombies, but they sure don't fear Girl Scout Cookies! Stella took her cookie business to the town of Senoia, home to filming of The Walking Dead.

▲ Junior Troop #17558 better on standardized tests. To earn our "We learned that students who read do to improve test scores. We created Mini Bronze Award we came up with a plan nts and distributed over 2,500 books." stude Summer Libraries for more than 800 Junior Troop #3337 Troop 3337 planned and hosted a paddling day for 60 Rockbridge Service Unit Girl Scouts and their families at the REI Boathouse at Stone Mountain Park. Grace D. took charge of presenting Safety Talks to all attendees. The highlight of the event was introducing 20+ new paddlers to the joy of kayaking and canoeing!

4 2019-2020 Program Guide

▲ Amelia F., Junior, Juliette s out of my comfort level. Being the "In any situation, I push MYSELF to do thing dule. I decide. I AM independent. I AM a best ME is my reward. I AM my own sche TTE strong!" Bronze Award recipient. I AM Girl Scout JULIE


▲ Artwork by Celine Justinvil, Juni

ZooATLGirlScouts-GreaterATL2019.pdf 1 6/10/2019 12:11:58 PM









www.girlscoutsatl.org 5

STEM in the

Outdoors Step outside for these activities. STEM can be fun anywhere, especially outdoors!

Build a Nature Structure Supplies: • Paper • Glue • Scissors • Pencils, Pens, Markers Build a Nature Structure Steps 1. Choose your structure prototype. It could be a house, tower, bridge, or another creative structure.

Think It ThrougH

Many projects you don't think are connected to STEM actually are when you use this process! Scientists and engineers use this process to tackle problems, create new and improved products, and learn about the world.





2. Sketch your design on a piece of paper. 3. Get outside and search for materials: sticks, leaves, sand, dirt, grass, rocks, water, etc. 4. Bring your prototype to life by putting it together.

CADETTE—THINK LIKE AN ENGINEER JOURNEY: Find out how engineers use design thinking to solve problems.

JUNIOR—THINK LIKE AN ENGINEER JOURNEY: Do three design thinking activities.

SENIOR—OUTDOOR ART EXPERT BADGE: Learn to see nature with an artist’s eye and create something helpful for the environment.

6 2019-2020 Program Guide







Pizza Box Solar Cooker Supplies: • Cardboard Pizza Box • Plastic Wrap • Scissors • Aluminum Foil

• Clear Tape • Black Construction Paper • Newspaper • Wooden Spoon


1. Have an adult help you cut along three sides to make a flap in the lid of the pizza box. 2. Cover the inside of the flap with aluminum foil. 3. In the box opening where you cut the flap out of, wrap plastic sheets around it so it looks like a window. 4. Inside the box, tape black construction paper along the bottom. Roll up sheets of newspaper to create a border around the cooking area. 5. Take your solar pizza box over to a sunny spot and place your dish inside. 6. Use the wooden spoon to prop open the flap at an angle so it faces direct sunlight. 7. Use mittens or a towel when you lift your dish out of your solar cooker.


TRY S’MORES! Gather some tasty graham crackers, chocolate bars, and marshmallows. Cook your favorite outdoor treat in a new and scientific way!

8. Now that you've learned the basic skills, how can you use these skills to learn more using the Think It Through process? What questions can you ask? • From what other things can I make a solar cooker? • Does a solar cooker cook as fast as a camp fire? • How does this solar cooker work? • What can I change about the design to make it work better?

JUNIOR—ECO CAMPER BADGE: Learn about minimal impact camping, from how to make a solar oven to cook your s'mores to planning meals with the environment in mind.


#tellusmuseum | tellusmuseum.org


- Audrey Hepburn



The most important thing is to enjoy your life—to be happy—It’s all that matters.

Want to spend more of your days being happy? Change up a few simple things in your life and see what happens.

Head Outdoors Just sitting outside to read a book or draw will lighten your mood.

BROWNIE—MY BEST SELF BADGE: Learn to pay attention to what your body needs and ask for health help if you need it.

JUNIOR—STAYING FIT BADGE: Figure out what fitness, food, and fun you need to stay strong for life.

SENIOR—WOMEN’S HEALTH BADGE: Find out how to make the healthy decisions that are right for you and what kinds of support exist to guide you.

8 2019-2020 Program Guide

Keep a Gratitude Journal Writing down three things you are grateful for in the morning is one of the best ways to start your day right. Forgive Yourself Think about the things you do well. Don’t replay the mistakes of yesterday. Exercise Go for a walk or participate in a sport at least three times a week.

HEALTHY FOOD FOR GLOWING SKIN - IT'S PAMPERING TIME! Avocado Face Mask Ingredients: • 1/4 ripe avocado • 1 teaspoon plain organic yogurt • 1/2 teaspoon honey Directions: Mash the avocado up in a bowl until it is smooth. Then mix in yogurt and honey. Stir together until you get a paste of uniform consistency. Apply the mask onto your skin for 10-15 minutes or until it dries out. Wash off with a warm washcloth.

CADETTE—EATING FOR YOU BADGE: Find out how eating well can help you both inside and out.

Discover all the wonders of the ocean –– visit by day or spend the night with your troop sleeping over with all the incredible animals of Georgia Aquarium. Either way, you’ll experience an adventure everyone’s sure to love and never forget. For Girl Scouts activity sheets, group pricing and information on how to book,* please visit www.georgiaaquaruim.org/gsga or call 404.581.4121. *Group Sleepovers on select nights only and are subject to availability.

Georgia Aquarium is a nonprofit committed to inspiring awareness and preservation of our ocean and aquatic animals worldwide.


W O W Goals?!

CADETTE—THINK BIG BADGE: Come up with a big goal and then take your cookie business to a whole new level so you can achieve it.

I want to… give my community a Little Free Library I want to… go to the Wild Animal Safari

I want to… get the Polaroid Original Camera girl reward



Earn Troop to Make it Happen Participate in these Programs

Treats & Keeps

Dream big!

What do you want to experience? It could be a camping adventure, a visit to the aquarium, or a big troop trip to Savannah. Maybe you want to give back to your community in a special way. Whatever your dream is… make it a GOAL. Then take steps to reach it by participating in both the Treats & Keeps and Cookie Programs to earn money to make it happen. You can do it!

Starts September 27th Learn More at TK.GirlScoutsATL.org


Starts January 1st Learn More at Cookies.GirlScoutsAtl.org

www.girlscoutsatl.org 11

Start Here

Which camp is right

It's summer! Which is the better view?

Which adventure sounds most FUN?

trying the challenge course

horseback riding rolling hills and open fields

Which is your must-do camp activity?

beautiful mountains

Which would you make?

a tasty meal cooked outside


nature art


Which is a must-have camp accessory? 12 2019-2020 Program Guide

a STEM project


for you? at home in my own bed

Camp Timber Ridge Offering summer day camp sessions for grades K-9. In Mableton, GA (near Six Flags). Includes STEM Center and Creative Design Center.

Where would you like to sleep at night? in a cabin with new firends

Camp Meriwether

Which new skill would you like to learn or improve?

how to produce a play

Offering sleepaway camp sessions for grades 2-12. In Luthersville, GA (50 miles SW of downtown Atlanta)

how to windsurf

Camp Misty Mountains Offering sleepaway camp sessions for grades 2-12. In Armuchee, GA (Northwest Georgia Mountains)

camp songs

A great campfire must have?

I can't wait for summer camp sign me up! s'mores

Registration Opens: Nov. 1st - Come Back to Camp Nov. 15th - Open Registration *Now 9 Weeks of Sessions* Learn More at GirlScoutSummer.com www.girlscoutsatl.org 13

GET THE SCOOP By: Joyce S., Lime Green Giraffe Co-Copy Editor + Co-Editorial Team Lead


Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta! There’s only one place that I know of where you can find a gaggle of young, inspired and admirably unique minds dedicated to growing both their characters and their passion for language. No, this isn’t wishful thinking or even an exaggeration; it’s just a typical Lime Green Giraffe (LGG) meeting. Although our name may sound odd, it is wonderfully one-of-akind and girl-created, like the group itself. After spending all of my middle school and high school years with LGG, I can truly say without a doubt, that our meetings are unlike anything else. On paper, our agenda sounds relatively normal. We usually begin with an icebreaker, then a workshop, then a game and sometimes snacks (my personal favorite), but the magic truly begins when we are asked to create. Whether it’s an individual activity or a large group game, we never fail to awe one another with our thoughts and ideas, and every time we collaborate, imagination floats through the room, so much, that you can almost feel it!

“The Lime Green Giraffe has not only provided me with more opportunities to write, it has allowed me to develop my leadership skills and expanded my awareness of the world.” Lillabeth B., Lime Green Giraffe Co-Copy Editor + Co-Editorial Team Lead

One of the reasons why LGG has thrived is that we as girls understand the importance of what we do and therefore we are not afraid to lead. Well, I won’t say we are all unafraid. I can still remember being petrified when asked to direct my very first photo for our photoshoot, but with the endless amount of support I received I

Join the LGG Staff! Explore creative and nonfiction writing, visual art, photography & leadership. ●

Open to all GSGATL girls, ages 11-17

New member applications accepted in April ●

Modeling opportunities for May and October photoshoots ●

“The Write Stuff” Workshop is open to ALL GSGATL girls, ages 11-17, in February ●

Discover More at LimeGreenGiraffe.org 14 2019-2020 Program Guide

was able to conquer that photoshoot and take advantage of so many other opportunities. Unlike other groups, LGG thrives on being girl-led, and thanks to our amazing adult volunteers, each girl on staff has the chance to lead and create as she grows into the intelligent young woman she was meant to be.

CADETTE-BOOK ARTIST BADGE: Try book artist techniques and focus on function and style, like how Lime Green Giraffe staffers explore all forms of creativity, including artwork for their magazine.

SENIOR-WEBSITE DESIGNER BADGE: Lime Green Giraffe’s online magazine inspires staffers to develop a familiarity with web design. Create your own website or blog, complete with eye-catching content and marketing.

FOR FUTURE LIME GREEN GIRAFFES: Earn the Junior Scribe Badge and the Brownie My Family’s Story Badge.

N O a I i T d e C M A iss

rtunity to he oppo t u elop o y s can dev t give a u h o t y , m s a r eers. Plu ! Learn nth prog ntial car eriences ight-mo te p e x o , e p g g d in n in it a k xc d spea onment ia? An e rview an iss Med dia envir te e M in m is fe g t li a in l Wh chang ough rea L.org. the ever coutsAT skills thr lS n ir io t .G explore a ia ic d MissMe commun dition at valuable u a to w d ho more an

With M


The best experience was being on National News! Miss Media has provided me with valuable experiences to continue to empower me to use my voice to create positive change within my community. -Ariella A.



I was able to speak confidently in front of hundreds and lead a panel with some notable women in Atlanta. -Temple L.



SENIOR-TROUP PERFORMER BADGE: Productions come in many forms. All require you to pick your performance style, find and develop material, rehearse, then— launch your production.

Being in an uplifting and supportive environment that encourages girls to support one another is sure to build one's self-esteem, and the Miss Media program does just that. -Demi S.

Girl Scout Discounts Available for The Nutcracker & The Swan Princess!


BARTOW HISTORY MUSEUM in Cartersville, Georgia

The Carlos Family in Honor of Thalia N. Carlos Presents

December 7–24, 2019 The Fox Theatre

Registration Required: Juniors - Sept 14 - Playing the Past Juniors - Oct 12 - Junior Jeweler Juniors & Brownies - Nov 2 - GA Native People A One-hour Family Ballet

February 13–16, 2020 The Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre

For more information, call 404-873-5811 x1207 or email groupsales@atlantaballet.com.

• Short driving distance from I-75 • Located in Historic Downtown Cartersville • Self tour group rates available for 10 or more Open Monday - Saturday 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. 770-387-2774 • BartowHistoryMuseum.org 4 East Church Street, Cartersville, Georgia 30120 www.BartowHistoryMuseum.org

Girl Scout Style MINI EARRING SET Show your silly STEM



side with these mini stud charm earrings.

Comfy with a STEM girl statement. Go iconic with this grey sweatshirt with racing stripes.

cial , fi f s o rel, patche le a p Ap rms, ailab v fo uni more a Sash. g & and Badge tsATL.or u t o a irlSc p.G Sho

RING SET Polish off your look with fun, glitter charm rings.

GIRL ON A MISSION T-SHIRT Girl Scout, you’re always on a misson! Whether you’re designing a robot or conquering cybersecurity, announce your determination in style.

SENIOR—TEXTILE ARTIST BADGE: Do you dream of designs in different colors, textures, fabrics, or yarns? Choose a textile, find the right tools, learn some basic skills, and design away.


Includes three ways to play: a maze race, free style component, and using the STEAM book.


Unicorns may be mythical, but they are a source of wonder… just like science can be! Keep asking questions and exploring.

Girl Scout Kits are for New & Bridging Girl Scouts They include everything you need to begin the Girl Scout year. 16 2019-2020 Program Guide

Each Kit includes: • Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting • Insignia Tab • American Flag Patch • World Trefoil Pin • Membership Pin • Vest or Sash • Journey Book • Troop Numerals • Council Identification Set • Your choice of a FREE purple or black bag!

Did you know? Your troop can symbolically adopt one of the many horses that call Camp Meriwether and Camp Misty Mountain home!

Your Adoption Comes With: • Adoption Certificate


• Photo

Height: 14.2hh

• Fact Sheet

Breed: Red Dun Arabian Color: Red with a

• Invitation to a special Day at the Barn event!

dorsal stripe Favorite Activity: Jumping Fun Fact: When she was a filly, her owner won her as a raffle prize!

Coco Height: 13.1hh Breed: Mustang Color: Liver Chestnut with Blaze

Learn More at AdoptAHorse.GirlScoutsATL.org

Favorite Activity: Western Riding Fun Fact: Both of her parents were wild Mustangs.

BROWNIE—GIVE BACK BADGE: Find out how businesses give back. Set a giving goal and involve your customers. Give some of your cookie earnings to a great cause.

YOU are an unstoppable force. Take Action is all about you. YOUR passion. YOUR drive. YOU WILL: Inspire others around you, find solutions for a local or global issue, challenge yourself, and EMPOWER others as you show passion and LEAD others.


Juniors Earn Bronze Award! bronze.girlscoutsatl.org 18 2019-2020 Program Guide

Cadettes Earn Silver Award! silver.girlscoutsatl.org

Seniors & Ambassadors Earn Gold Award! gold.girlscoutsatl.org

The Older Girl Experience:

Why Girl Scouts MATTERS Through exciting hands-on learning in STEM, the outdoors, and entrepreneurship, Girl Scouts empowers girls to develop courage, confidence, and character to make the world a better place. The Girl Scout effect is proven: in the U.S., 90 percent of female astronauts, 80 percent of female tech leaders, 75 percent of current senators, and 50 percent of female business owners are Girl Scout alumnae. Whether participating in a troop or as a Juliette, girls can customize their Girl Scout experience to build the perfect high school resume, setting themselves above their peers as thoughtful and loyal leaders. Take a look at some of our future leaders and make a plan for your Girl Scout future! My participation in the Miss Media program has been invaluable. I am provided with endless opportunities to develop the necessary skills of building my brand and being able to project myself confidently though speeches. Girls Scouts has equipped me with the skills to aid me in making a substantial difference, not only in my community but on a global level.


My favorite thing about being an older Girl Scout is being part of older girl activities, like the Girl Training Committee. Older Girl Scouts are less common, and it means a lot to see an older girl stick with scouting.


www.girlscoutsatl.org 19

Coding Unplugged! DIY T-Shirt Weaving Activity Using Coding Style Instructions

What is coding? Coding and programming are growing in popularity. But what exactly is coding and programming? How can we apply these concepts to our everyday lives? Coding is a set of instructions (a language) given to a computer in order for it to function in the way that you want.

Coding vs. Programming Think of coding like a chapter in a book. Programming is the whole book. Coding involves writing many lines of code in order to create a software program.

1 2 3 4 5 20 2019-2020 Program Guide

e d o C e Th w o Foll Make sure you have [


A flat surface you can work on. Make sure your shirt can lay completely flat. Scissors


Old or new t-shirt. Make sure it still fits.

PLANNING Pinch collar in the front and back of shirt.


Match side seams.

REPEAT Lay shirt on a flat surface with side seam in the middle and front and back of shirt folded vertically. Determine how long you would like each strip to be. When the shirt is unfolded, the strip will be twice as long.

Start below the collar and cut diagonal strips, at least 1" thick, down the back of the shirt. Repeat this pattern with the rest of the strips until you reach the bottom of the shirt.


Start with three strips


Pull the second strip behind the first


Loop it over the first strip and pull it down


Pull the third strip behind the second (like step 2)


Loop it over and pull it down (like step 3)

Cut the last strip and tie a knot with the strip above to secure the pattern.


BROWNIE—APP DEVELOPMENT BADGE: Explore how computer scientists develop apps and brainstorm about how apps can be used to solve problems and help others. New "Coding for Good" badges available for all age levels.

www.girlscoutsatl.org 21



hi Parents & Volunteers This side of the Program Guide is for you adults. See how Girl Scouts can help a girl change the world, run a business, speak up for others, explore the outdoors, and be a STEMinist. Girl Scouts is the place for every girl. We’re thrilled for the new 2019-2020 Girl Scout year and the amazing Calendar of Events filled with opportunities to fuel her passions and discover new ones.

Hey girls, flip this Program Guide over for a girl-centric

magazine just for you. It’s loaded with local girl stories, hands-on activities, and interactive games you don’t want to miss.

Shop Online or in Stores ……...................... 3 Unleash Her Inner Leader …....................… 3 Invest in Girls. Change the World. …........…. 4 The 5 Skills: Shaping Your Girl’s Future ……..................... 5 New Badges …...................…. 6 How to Register for Events ….........................… 7 Events Calendar …..............… 7

get connected 2 2019-2020 Program Guide

Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta @GirlScoutsATL @GirlScoutsATL Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta


s e r o t S Introducing… the Adult Vest for Volunteers!

Badge & Sash Locations Mableton 5601 North Allen Rd., Mableton, GA 30126 Sandy Springs 7878 Roswell Rd., Suite K, Sandy Springs, GA 30350 Tucker 4898 Lavista Rd., Tucker Rec Center, Room 5, Tucker, GA 30084

Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta App Download to start earning rewards on in-store purchases. Available in the App Store or Google Play.

Unleash Her Inner Leader "I originally decided to become a volunteer because there was a gap in our community. My then 6-year-old daughter had just completed her Daisy year at a troop far away from our home, and there were no troops available close by. Two of my friends and I, with no experience, decided to start a troop. After some training and hands-on learning, we understood the mission of Girl Scouts. It has become my passion to ensure that any girl who wants to access the sisterhood, leadership and esteem building resources of Girl Scouts receives it. Our troop, and the subsequent troops in our area, have grown from just 5 girls to over 50! If just one girl soaks up what Girl Scouts offers her and uses it to make the world she touches a better place, then there is hope for tomorrow. I will continue to give my time, talents, and treasure to support this cause." -Anika P, Troop Co-Leader of Senior Troop 00831 You, too, can give more girls access to the sisterhood.

Volunteer with Girl Scouts today! Volunteer.GirlScoutsATL.org As a volunteer, you’ll introduce girls to new experiences and help them unleash their inner G.I.R.L. (Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-taker, Leader)™ to take the lead and change the world. www.girlscoutsatl.org 3

Nature is calling


The National Center for Civil and Human Rights is an essential incubator in the Scouting journey. Girl Scouts will be immersed in an interactive experience that connects the U.S. civil rights movement to the global human rights movements of today. Help us build moral aptitude in our communities and experience the spark that inspires all of us to take the rights of all humans personally.


ACTIVITIES FOR ALL GIRL SCOUTS Badge programs for Daisies, Brownies, & Juniors Volunteer and project opportunities, overnights, wildlife education, outdoor skills, and hiking

Girl Scouts now earn a patch during their visit, Admission + Patch is $16 (plus tax) per Girl Scout Group or individual rates available, Call 404.991.6975 to book your experience

9135 Willeo Road | Roswell, GA 30075 | chattnaturecenter.org scheduling@chattnaturecenter.org | 770-992-2055 x237

Annual Fund

Invest in Girls. Change the World. “It was easy for me to choose to support Girl Scouts because I believe in the mission – building girls of courage, confidence, and character. Our troop has been a place where girls can try things safely and fail, but have the support system to get up and try again. Girl Scouts is a place where my girls can dream BIG dreams and work to achieve them.” -Ayana S., Troop #01343 Co-Leader & Service Unit Director

4 2019-2020 Program Guide

Help girls do extraordinary things by donating to the Annual Fund! Each family is asked to make an annual donation of $35. Your investment goes toward camps, programs, financial aid, and volunteer training. Every gift, no matter how small, makes a difference in the life of your Girl Scout and the 35,000+ girls we serve. Donate.GirlScoutsATL.org Each household that donates $35, by Sept. 30, 2020, will receive a special color-changing patch!

5 e


: Shaping Your Girl’s Future Why do they matter? When your Girl Scout has learned these skills, she’ll be confident


and prepared for a successful future career. Think about it: When employers interview job candidates, they look for similar things. They want:

Someone who can set goals and meet deadlines. Missing a deadline can mean blowing a deal.

#1 Goal Setting

Someone who works well with others. Who wants arguments and complaining in the workplace? Not the boss.

#2 Decision Making

Someone who stays on budget.

#3 Money Management

A business can only stay open if it’s profitable.

Someone who is a go-getter and an innovator. An employee who raises the bar and discovers opportunities for improvement is valuable.

#4 People Skills

Someone who is honest, trustworthy, and reliable.

#5 Business Ethics

This goes without saying—but is always worth the reminder.

Sound like anyone you know? That’s your Girl Scout, using the 5 Skills she learned in the Girl Scout Treats & Keeps Program and Girl Scout Cookie Program.

Where Can She Learn These Skills?

Treats & Keeps Program

Starts September 27 Learn more at TK.GirlScoutsAtl.org

Cookie Program

Starts January 1 Learn more at Cookies.GirlScoutsAtl.org

www.girlscoutsatl.org 5

42 NEW



Trail hiking. Game coding. Rock climbing. Cyber sleuthing.

Girl Scouts are climbing to new heights with exciting NEW 2019-2020 Badges and Journeys! Visit GirlScoutsATL.org to Learn More

Coding for Good

Citizen Science ĺ?Ž




6 2019-2020 Program Guide

When Girl Scouts try the new Coding for Good badges they find out how to create computer programs, games, and apps that solve problems and help others. These badges are developed in partnership with codeSpark and Vidcode.

Older girls practice observation skills, collect data, and complete a citizen science project with interactive activities while working through the new Think Like a Citizen Scientist Journey developed in partnership with SciStarter.

Space Science


The sky is the limit for Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors as they work on the new Space Science badges. Explore space science and how the properties of light are used to make new discoveries.

Girl Scouts in partnership with the Cyber Innovation Center have developed three new Cybersecurity badges for older girls.

High Adventure

Bouldering, rock climbing, tree climbing, and snowboarding are just a few of the exciting possibilities that await with the new Snow or Climbing Adventure badges for Daisies through Ambassadors.

Put a bit more swing in your step. The new Trail Adventure badges have Girl Scouts of all ages participating in a variety of outdoor activities. Hiking games to backpacking trips are sure to keep you moving.


HOW TO REGISTER Registration for each event is handled by either the Program Partner sponsoring that event or Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta. Find specific event details on our website at
















Day at the Barn


Location: Camp Meriwether


Girl Scout Levels:

Start Date: 9/8/2019

Safe Sitter

The donation to participate in Adopt A Horse is $125; price increases to $150 after September 30. Additional $10 per girl for troops of 16 or more.

Location: Mableton Service Center

First Aid/CPR Training

Start Dates: 9/7/2019, 10/12/2019 Girl Scout Levels:

Ages 12+

Badge Connection: Babysitting Learn all the ins and outs of being a great babysitter, from changing a diaper to engaging small children in age-appropriate activities. Learn what to do in an emergency and how to run a successful babysitting business.

All program dates, times and locations are subject to change.

Location: Mableton Council Service Center Start Date: 9/19/2019 Girl Scout Levels:

Ages 13+ (11+ if able to perform chest compressions)

Red Cross First Aid/CPR helps non-medical professionals provide assistance. Gain an understanding of First Aid for a wide range of conditions. Learn to recognize and give aid to people with breathing difficulties or cardiac emergencies.

www.girlscoutsatl.org 7

Barn Blast Weekend

Girl Scout Day at the Braves

Location: Camp Meriwether

Location: SunTrust Park

Start Date: 9/20/2019

Start Date: 9/22/19

Girl Scout Level:

Girl Scout Levels:

Badge Connection: Horseback Riding

Wear your favorite Girl Scout gear and join the Girl Scout parade around the field at SunTrust Park. Purchase tickets at the Badge & Sash.

Spend the day at the barn working on our Horseback Riding badge. Girls may participate in the event if they have ridden 3+ times and want to increase their skills. Take a riding lesson and a short trail ride, learn how to care for our equine friends, help with evening feeding, observe horses in the pasture, and more.

Program Aide Location: Mableton Council Service Center

Junior/Cadette Badge Weekend Location: Camp Meriwether Start Dates: 9/20/2019 Girl Scout Levels: Badge Connection: Primitive Camping Learn to tackle outdoor activities without the comforts of home. Girls will plan and go on a primitive camping trip at Meriwether, including sleeping in a pitched tent. Objectives of this weekend are to plan a primitive camping trip, prepare your gear, make a camp meal, learn a new primitive camping skill, and go camping.

Girl Scout Treats & Keeps Program Start Date: 9/27/2019 Girl Scout Levels: Badge Connection: Entrepreneurship Girls take the lead by opening their own business! During the Treats & Keeps Program, Girls Scouts offer chocolates, nuts, magazines, and more to help fund exciting adventures—all while gaining a lifetime of skills. Learn more at TK.GirlScoutsATL.org

Mountain Jubilee Location: Camp Misty Mountain Start Dates: 9/20/2019, 9/27/2019, 10/4/2019 Girl Scout Levels: Girl Scouts and their favorite guys will enjoy primitive camping “festival-style” in your own tent or camper or one of our platform tents. Girls and guys will have the opportunity to join us in a variety of fun activities such as arts and crafts, climbing, canoeing, fishing, boating, hiking, horseback riding, and lots more.

8 2019-2020 Program Guide

Start Dates: 9/28/19, 10/26/2019 Girl Scout Level: Girls will discover more about their leadership abilities and develop an understanding of how to work with younger Girl Scouts in small groups. Girls will increase their communication and planning skills while learning how to develop an activity or lesson plan.

Magic of STEM Day

OCTOBER 2019 STEM Robotics Weekend/Day Program Location: Camp Timber Ridge Start Dates: 10/4/2019 (Weekend), 10/5/2019 (Day) Girl Scout Levels: Badge Connection: Robotics Journey Come explore the world of robotics through hands-on activities! Through interactive activities, each age level will explore what robots look like in everyday life, learn the components of a robot, and experiment with a variety of robots. Juniors and up will build a robot from start to finish while younger participants will have the chance to interact with the GSGATL Robotics team.

2-Day Breast Cancer Walk Cheering Stations Location: Atlanta Area Start Dates: 10/5/2020, 10/6/2020 Girl Scout Levels: Badge Connection: Community Service Cheer on the 2-Day Breast Cancer Walkers on their journey. Make signs and cheers and join your Girl Scout sisters along the route.

Location: Camp Timber Ridge Start Date: 10/26/2019 Girl Scout Levels: Badge Connection: Think Like an Engineer Journey Join us on a magical adventure combining your love of STEM with popular literature! Girls will engineer catapults, wands, and much more. Experience the magic of chemistry in physical and chemical change experiments. When not exploring elements of STEM, girls will participate in themed activities surrounding popular fantasy literature and Halloween.

STEM Expo: Worlds of STEM Location: Delta Flight Museum Start Date: 10/26/2019 Girl Scout Levels: Badge Connection: STEM Badges Jump into STEM by visiting four different "worlds" involving STEM. Girls can choose from many interactive activities that include options from robotics and cybersecurity to science, nature, and animals. Girls can complete activities toward multiple STEM badges. *Older Girl Experience will include a Roundtable Breakfast.

Serendipity Location: Camp Meriwether Start Dates: 10/11/2019, 10/18/2019, 10/25/2019 Girl Scout Levels: Serendipity Mine & Me event gives girls the opportunity to spend a weekend away with their mom, aunt, grandmother, mentor, or any special woman of their choice without any distractions. Serendipity is held at Camp Meriwether, near Newnan, GA and is the picture-perfect setting to re-connect.

Day at the Barn Location: Camp Misty Mountain Start Date: 10/13/2019 Girl Scout Levels: The donation to participate in Adopt A Horse is $125; price increases to $150 after September 30. Additional $10 per girl for troops of 16 or more.

Stay up to date with all of the latest programs at Events.GirlScoutsATL.org www.girlscoutsatl.org 9


Girl Scout Night at the Georgia Aquarium Location: Georgia Aquarium Start Date: 11/2/2019 Girl Scout Levels: Badge Connection: Animals

NOVEMBER 2019 Horse Badge Event

Celebrate Juliette Gordon Low’s birthday with your Girl Scout sisters. This will be a special Girl Scouts-only event with badge connections and a time to swap your birthday-themed SWAPS. Families are invited to attend this special night.

Art Expressions Through G.I.R.L.

Location: Camp Misty Mountain

Location: Camp Meriwether

Start Date: 11/1/2019

Start Date: 11/8/2019

Girl Scout Levels:

Girl Scout Levels:

Badge Connection: Animals

Badge Connection: Artist

Designed to align with the Junior Horseback Riding badge, girls will learn about the types of riding and the tack and gear essential to each. Girls will learn appropriate horse safety: how to approach, groom, and care for a horse in ways that are healthy for the horse and safe for the rider.

Girls will explore what art expression means to them. Brownies will dabble in the world of pottery and painting. Juniors will find their inner artist by working with visual arts and music. Cadettes will explore their literary artistry, completing this badge by exploring the world of bookbinding by creating their own journal.

Outdoor Journey Series 1: Camping

Outdoor Badge Frenzy

Location: Camp Misty Mountain

Location: Camp Misty Mountain

Start Date: 11/1/2019

Start Date: 11/8/2019

Girl Scout Levels:

Girl Scout Levels:

Badge Connection: Camper

Badge Connection: Camper

Working on the Outdoor Journey? Come join us for a weekend of camping skills. We will focus on the skills you will need to build a shelter, cook over a campfire, select a campsite, and live by the Leave No Trace principles. This weekend will complete the camping portion of the journey.

Camp like a girl! The weekend will include activities such as learning how to build a shelter, hike with intention, live by the Leave No Trace principles, cook over a campfire, and build your own outdoor first aid kit. We will work with the girls to make sure they have an understanding and appreciation of the great environment that is around us. Horseback riding also available.

10 2019-2020 Program Guide

Daisy Day Location: Camp Timber Ridge Start Date: 11/9/2019 Girl Scout Level: Badge Connections: Outdoor Art Maker and Buddy Camper Looking for a camp experience for your Daisies? Expose girls to the magic of Girl Scout camp and the great outdoors. Girls will get to spend a full day at camp trying a variety of camp activities including canoeing, arts and crafts, hiking, singing songs, and playing games. This event is a troop or family event.

Day at the Barn Location: Camp Meriwether Start Date: 11/10/2019 Girl Scout Levels: The donation to participate in Adopt A Horse is $125; price increases to $150 after September 30. Additional $10 per girl for troops of 16 or more.

Girl Scout Summer Camp Registration Opens Start Date: 11/15/2019 Girl Scout Levels: Badge Connection: Outdoors The 2020 Sleepaway & Day Camp season is now open for registration! Unleash your inner G.I.R.L. (Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-taker, Leader)™ at Summer Camp. Discover sessions and register at GirlScoutSummer.com

Mountain Leadership Institute The Mountain Leadership Institute (formerly called the Jr. Volunteer Program) is for older Girl Scouts and adults interested in volunteering at weekend camps during the school year. Attend 2 training sessions to learn how to lead programs at camp such as arts and crafts, canoeing, outdoor skills, and songs. These training seminars are designed for you to progress personally, professionally, and as a team. We’ll take intentional time to discover what makes great leaders, what skills you need, and where your strengths and weaknesses lie. The trainings are designed to be a progression; please attend both Sessions 1 and 2 before applying to be a camp volunteer.

MLI—Session 1

MLI—Session 2

Location: Camp Misty Mountain

Location: Camp Misty Mountain

Start Dates: 8/23/2019, 2/21/2020

Start Dates: 11/15/2019, 4/3/2020

*Focused on Horses Session 1, Same Dates

*Focused on Horses Session 2, Same Dates

Girl Scout Levels:

Girl Scout Levels:

Working With Girls: Learn what it takes to keep girls engaged, how different learning styles require different teaching techniques. Learn how to facilitate events and how to be a great role model. Learn how to create the “magic” of camp that girls of all ages love.

Leadership Skills: It is all the small things that make going to camp great. Session 2 will focus on leading programs. From canoeing to crafts, and songs to outdoor skills, learning how to help others master a new skill is what this session is all about.

*Focused on Horses: Take your love of horses and apply that to leading girls with that same love. Working with horses and girls is a skill, and the Mountain Leadership Institute will teach you how to combine the two.

www.girlscoutsatl.org 11


Daisy/Brownie Pony Pals Weekend Location: Camp Meriwether Start Date: 11/15/2019 - 11/17/2019 Girl Scout Levels: Badge Connection: Camper This weekend we are hosting two one-night options for you to come try out camping and to get to spend the day at the barn. We will build our courage and practice caring for our animal friends, including a mom-led mini trail, grooming, feeding, games, and more!

Pony Palooza Location: Camp Misty Mountain Start Date: 11/22/2019 Girl Scout Levels: Badge Connection: Camper and Animals This is the winter weekend to focus on everyone's favorite thing... ponies! Campers this weekend will have a chance to not only ride, but also learn about grooming, horse care, horse behavior, and all the things that go into the world of equine activities. Brownies, Juniors, Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassador troops are welcome for this horse-tastic experience!

DECEMBER 2019 Becoming Yourself

2020 JANUARY 2020

Location: Camp Meriwether Start Date: 12/6/2019

Girl Scout Cookie Program Begins

Girl Scout Levels:

Start Date: 1/1/2020

Badge Connection: Practical Life Skills

Girl Scout Levels:

Girls will experience a weekend full of learning about themselves while gaining many life skills. They will discover what it means to be their true self, gain confidence in making friends, explore how to create a healthy lifestyle, support each other in proper sportsmanship, and consider the importance of proper etiquette.

Badge Connection: Entrepreneurship Participate in the Girl Scout Cookie Program to learn super useful life skills, gain a ton of confidence, and discover the leader inside of you. Selling cookies also means earning troop money to make big dreams a reality—sweet! Learn more at Cookies.GirlScoutsATL.org

Girls Getaway - Weekend or Day Location: Camp Timber Ridge

Winter Wonderland - Cabin

Start Dates Weekend: 12/6/2019, 1/24/2020, 2/14/2020

Location: Camp Timber Ridge

Start Dates Day: 12/7/2019, 1/25/2020, 2/1/2020

Start Date: 1/10/2020

Girl Scout Levels:

Girl Scout Levels:

Badge Connection: Journey of Choice

Badge Connection: Camping

During this event girls will complete two of the three parts of their journey! Girls can expect to spend the weekend working on fun activities that meet the objectives of the Girl Scout Journey they select. Check out the full event description online for more details

Come experience camp in the winter! We will create snow for a snow ball fight, explore the forest at its quietest, and see how our wildlife lives this time of year. Girls will participate in winter crafts, learn winter survival techniques, and explore areas of STEM and creative design through hands-on activities.

Holidays Around the World - Cabin Location: Camp Timber Ridge Start Date: 12/13/2019 Girl Scout Levels: Badge Connection: Camping Come learn the traditions of Christmas, Kwanzaa, and Hanukkah. Through a variety of hands-on activities, girls will learn the traditions of each holiday, explore the history of the holiday, and create holiday-related art projects. During the evening, we will sing traditional songs and participate in a cabin-decorating contest based on the holiday of your choice.

Rodeo Girls Weekend Location: Camp Misty Mountain Start Date: 1/10/2020 Girl Scout Levels: Badge Connection: Animals Rodeo Girls is where it's at! Join us for a weekend of rodeo skills. After you get the basics of stopping, starting, and steering you will be challenged with barrel racing and roping. Girls will ride in a western saddle and use their skills to guide their horse through our western obstacle course. Girls will experience two riding and two ground lessons. Please be prepared for a ride on Sunday morn­ing before checkout.

Winter Camp Location: Camp Misty Mountain Start Date: 12/13/2019

Outdoor Journey Series 2: First Aid & Emergency Prep.

Girl Scout Levels:

Location: Camp Misty Mountain

Badge Connection: Outdoor

Start Date: 1/10/2020

Do you miss Summer Camp? Do you want to come check on the project you started with your cabin? Are you wondering whether Summer Camp is right for you? Join us for Winter Camp! It’s like Summer Camp, only colder. We will revisit the times we had over the summer and look forward to the exciting ideas we have for next year. We will run typical camp activities and highlight the best parts of Summer Camp in one weekend.

Girl Scout Levels: Badge Connection: First Aid We will continue our Outdoor Journey series this weekend with First Aid and emergency preparedness. How do you take care of yourself and prevent injuries when you are camping or backpacking? What should we do if someone goes missing or gets hurt, and we don’t have any phone service? We will spend the weekend exploring emergency protocols and earning our First Aid badges. www.girlscoutsatl.org 13

Mountain Magic


Location: Camp Misty Mountain Start Dates: 1/24/2020, 1/25/2020 Girl Scout Levels: Mountain Magic is a weekend of learning Girl Scout program and outdoor skills. After participating in outdoor skills training, get a massage, go horseback rid­ing, hike in the woods, or just relax by the campfire.

Bling Your Booth Design Weekend - Cabin Location: Camp Timber Ridge Start Date: 1/31/2020 Girl Scout Levels: Badge Connection: Entrepreneurship Spend the weekend before cookies arrive designing all your cookie booth marketing materials in our Creative Design Lab! You will have access to Cricut machines, sign makers, heat presses, and more. When not in the lab, spend time with your Girl Scout friends playing games, doing crafts, and making culinary masterpieces with Girl Scout Cookies.

FEBRUARY 2020 Cookie U Location: TBA

Write Stuff Workshop

Start Date: TBA

Location: Mableton Service Center

Girl Scout Levels:

Start Date: 2/8/2020

Badge Connection: Cookie Business Stay up late with Cookie University and complete the steps of your Cookie Business badge. After earning your badge, enjoy all of the fun activites.

Fairy Magic

Girl Scout Levels: Love writing?! Want to learn new storytelling tricks and have fun with other teen writers? Join the GSGATL’s own Lime Green Giraffe for The Write Stuff writing workshop, where you will meet professional writers, sharpen your writing skills, and meet other girls who love writing as much as you!

Location: Camp Meriwether Start Dates: 1/18/2020, 1/25/2020, 2/1/2020 Girl Scout Levels:

Girl Scout Day at the Capitol Location: Georgia State Capitol

Badge Connections: Clover Petal and Household Elf Join us for a magical weekend full of camptivities, crafts, team ­building, and family bonding. The girls will learn the importance of respect and the value of being a good friend. Become your best self by using the skills from the program activities you participate in this weekend. Our weekend will also focus on creativity while meet­ing our camp fairy, Sparkle.

Start Date: 2/11/2020 Girl Scout Levels: Badge Connection: Government Join Girl Scouts from all over Georgia for a day inside the government. Meet your legislators and learn how to advocate for new bills and laws.

Stay up to date with all of the latest programs at Events.GirlScoutsATL.org 14 2019-2020 Program Guide

Culinary Arts Weekend

Space Adventure Weekend - Cabin

Location: Camp Meriwether

Location: Camp Timber Ridge

Start Date: 2/14/2020

Start Date: 2/21/2020

Girl Scout Levels:

Girl Scout Levels:

Badge Connection: Cook

Badge Connection: Space Science

Come experience the world through your taste buds! Girls will learn about seasonal and locally grown vegetables, knife skills, the basics of culinary arts, and dishes from other countries and regions. Girls will also experience and gain many life skills like communication, team building, and confidence in the kitchen.

Come blast off as we explore the Space Science badges and the night sky. Your weekend will be filled with learning about NASA, exploring careers in space, finding out how robotics contributes to NASA's success, and understanding our night sky. Girls will spend time in the crafts area, maker space, and STEM center.

Girl Scout Day at Lockheed Martin

Day at the Barn

Location: Lockheed Martin

Location: Camp Meriwether

Start Date: 2/17/2020

Start Date: 2/23/2020

Girl Scout Levels:

Girl Scout Levels:

Badge Connection: Mechanical Engineering

The donation to participate in Adopt A Horse is $125; price increases to $150 after September 30. Additional $10 per girl for troops of 16 or more.

Visit Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company to learn more about space and airplanes! Work with others to solve engineering challenges, see different components of an aircraft, and meet female engineers and other professionals working for a high-tech company.

Junior Horsemanship 101 Weekend Location: Camp Meriwether

Saddle Sample Location: Camp Misty Mountain Start Date: 2/21/2020 Girl Scout Levels: Badge Connections: Animals and Camper Join us for a weekend of hanging out with the ponies! As a beginner horseback rider, you’ll get to groom your new best friend, give him a colorful makeover, and go on pony rides in the arena. Come join us and our four-legged friends for this exciting session. Girls will experience 2 riding and 2 ground lessons. Please be prepared for a ride or lesson on Sunday morning before checkout.

Start Date: 2/28/2020 Girl Scout Level: Badge Connection: Junior Horseback Riding Calling all Junior horse lovers! Spend the day at the barn working on your Horseback Riding badge. This event is designed for Juniors who have never ridden or who have ridden only a couple of times. You will take a riding lesson, learn how to care for our equine friends, assist with evening feeding, observe horses in the pasture, and more.

MARCH 2020

Take Action Weekend Location: Camp Misty Mountain

Cooking Adventures

Start Date: 2/21/2020

Location: Camp Meriwether

Girl Scout Levels:

Start Date: 3/6/2020

Badge Connection: Take Action

Girl Scout Levels:

Are you ready to take some action? We know these projects are difficult to plan, and even once you have a plan, they can be difficult to see all the way through. During this event we will work with your troop to use their interests and passions to select a Take Action project, put their own spin on it, and carry it out in one weekend. Troops may choose a Take Action project with a community partner; if this is the case then your troop will travel to that partner's facility on Saturday to work on your project.

Badge Connection: Cook Step into the exciting world of cooking by learning kitchen basics. Girls will learn how to create a healthy snack and a simple meal, while learning what it takes to provide the proper nutrients for your body. By the end of the weekend, you will have learned how to support your friends in the kitchen and how to promote healthy eating habits. www.girlscoutsatl.org 15

EVENTS Survivor - Cabin or Platform Tent Location: Camp Timber Ridge Start Date: 3/20/2020 Girl Scout Levels: Badge Connection: Camper Are you the ultimate survivor? Come experience the challenge course, learn about fire building, make a shelter, learn about navigation, cook outdoors, and of course, participate in canoeing and archery. In the evening, participate in a scavenger hunt complete with Camp Timber Ridge’s own Tribal Council.

Brownie Sprites - Cabin or Platform Tent Location: Camp Misty Mountain

Let's Go Camping - Cabin Weekend or Day Location: Camp Timber Ridge Start Dates: 3/6/2020 (Weekend), 3/7/2020 (Day) Girl Scout Levels: Badge Connections: Camper and Outdoor Art Jump into camping with a weekend learning about camping basics while exploring nature. Learn all about rolling a sleeping bag, setting up your campsite, packing for a day hike, and how to dress for the weather. When not working on camping basics, girls will explore art using natural materials.

Gold Award Ceremony

Start Date: 3/20/2020 Girl Scout Level: Badge Connection: Brownie Badges This is a great introduction to camp for Brownie Girl Scouts. Exciting outdoor activities include canoeing, camp crafts, campfires, and much more. We will plan activities so that at the end of the weekend girls have earned at least one outdoor badge and are ready to tackle more. Even if the girls have already earned the badges, it is a great weekend to bond as a troop and explore the 1,000 acres of adventure at Camp Misty Mountain! Horseback riding can also be added.

Sleepover Under the Stars

Location: TBA

Location: Gwinnett County Fair Grounds

Start Date: Spring TBA

Start Date: 3/21/2020

Girl Scout Levels:

Girl Scout Levels:

Badge Connection: Highest Awards

Badge Connection: Troop Camper

Celebrate the Highest Awards as you witness the 2019 Gold Award Girl Scouts receive their pins! Hear about the incredible impact these recipients have had on the community during their journey to the Gold.

Pack your tent and sleeping bag for a night under the stars. Enjoy food trucks and a movie at sunset. Participate in an attempt to beat the Guinness World Record for most people simultaneously making s’mores.

Wizarding Magical Creatures Location: Camp Meriwether Start Date: 3/13/2020 Girl Scout Levels: Badge Connection: Think Like An Enigneer Jump into the world of Magical Creatures while perfecting your wizarding skills! Learn to care for magical creatures while spending time in the barn, doing a riding activity, and participating in feeding stations. Become a better wizard and find out which “house” you belong in by completing fun experiments, brewing potions, and learning new magical skills.

16 2019-2020 Program Guide

Daisy Brownie Overnight - Cabin or Platform Tent Location: Camp Timber Ridge Start Dates: 3/27/2020, 3/28/2020 Girl Scout Levels: Badge Connection: Camper Looking for a preplanned one night camping experience? This is the event for you. Girls will get to spend a full day at camp trying a variety of camp activities such as canoeing, crafts, nature hiking, songs, and games. On Saturday night, girls will get to participate in a talent show and enjoy a s'more.

APRIL 2020 Cadette/Senior/Ambassador Equestrian Weekend Location: Camp Meriwether Start Date: 4/3/2020 Girl Scout Levels: Badge Connection: Animals This weekend we invite Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors to come out to the barn and learn what it takes to be an equestrian professional. Talk with current professionals such as a vet, farrier, or body worker. Take a ride in the arena and on the trail. You can even try your hand at designing a jump course!

Day at the Barn Location: Camp Misty Mountain Start Date: 4/5/2020 Girl Scout Levels: The donation to participate in Adopt A Horse is $125; price increases to $150 after September 30. Additional $10 per girl for troops of 16 or more.

Outdoor Journey Series 3: Outdoor Adventure Location: Camp Misty Mountain Start Date: 4/17/2020 Girl Scout Levels: Badge Connection: Outdoor This weekend is designed specifically for our older Girl Scouts. Want to canoe across the lake and camp on the “far side?� Do you want to spend the whole weekend training on the challenge course? Do you want to backpack into the mountains around camp and explore the high country? This weekend is for you to get out of your comfort zone and adventure in the outdoors! Our staff will help guide you to the outskirts of our 1,000-acre property.

Mount Up Location: Camp Misty Mountain Start Date: 4/17/2020

Daisy Day Location: Camp Meriwether

Girl Scout Levels:

Start Date: 4/11/2020

Badge Connection: Outdoor

Girl Scout Level:

Mount up and experience an advanced trail ride. Girls will attend a morning arena lesson, then return for an afternoon of hiking and horses. Half the group rides a pony to our farthest unit, while the other half hikes there. The entire group will cook lunch over a campfire, then switch activities for the return trip to the barn. Please note that girls must be intermediate or advanced horseback riders.

Badge Connections: Outdoor Art Maker and Buddy Camper Looking for a camp experience for your Daisies? Expose your girls to the magic of our Girl Scout camps and the great outdoors. Girls will get to spend a full day at camp trying a variety of camp activities such as canoeing, arts and crafts, hiking, singing songs, and playing games.

Brownie Sprites - Cabin or Platform Tent Location: Camp Timber Ridge Start Date: 4/17/2020 Girl Scout Level: Badge Connections: Cabin Camper and Hiker Come and enjoy a weekend full of fun and exciting outdoor activities including the giant swing, canoeing, camp crafts, and campfires. This is a great program for troops that want to discover camp for the first time.

Canoe & Kayak Small Craft Safety Location: Camp Timber Ridge Start Date: April TBA Girl Scout Levels: Badge Connection: Outdoor Recognize and respond to small craft emergencies and provide appropriate rescue techniques. Learn how to select a canoe, canoe strokes, and parts of the canoe. Small Craft Safety Canoeing & Kayaking Certification will be issued, valid for three years. Meets the American Camp Association program aquatics standard 20 and boating training guidelines, established by the New York Department of Health.

Stay up to date with all of the latest programs at Events.GirlScoutsATL.org www.girlscoutsatl.org 17


Splashin' into Summer! Location: Camp Meriwether Start Date: 5/15/2020 Girl Scout Levels: Badge Connections: Camper and Night Owl Start your end-of-school celebration by beating the heat at Camp Meriwether! Come splash around in the water with a full weekend of aquatics programming. We will have time for cooling off in the pool, canoeing, playing yard games, and splashin' through the Slip 'N Slide. Let’s get excited to see what summer has to offer!

MAY 2020

Outdoor Blast Location: Camp Meriwether Start Date: 5/15/2020

Penelope's Glamping Weekend Cabin or Platform Tent Location: Camp Timber Ridge Start Date: 5/8/2020 Girl Scout Levels: Spend Mother’s Day weekend with your daughter enjoying a variety of the activities that camp has to offer. Spend your day canoeing, playing on the adventure course or lounging by the pool. All activities are included along with some crafts. Premium craft activities will be available for an additional fee at camp. Your exciting weekend adventure will wrap up with s’mores and a talent show.

Aqua Palooza - Cabin or Platform Tent Location: Camp Misty Mountain Start Date: 5/8/2020 Girl Scout Levels:

Girl Scout Levels: Outdoor Blast is a time-treasured outdoor training event. Time is available for relaxation, enjoying meals together, and renewing the passion and energy so important for Girl Scouts. Attendees will leave with new skills or improved expertise. Pre-registration is necessary.

JUNE / JULY 2020 Girls Lead in Law Location: State Bar of Georgia Start Date: TBA Girl Scout Levels: Badge Connection: Government

Badge Connection: Outdoor Water, water everywhere! Join us as we kick off our aquatic season in style. We will be breaking in the canoes, kayaks, and paddle­ boards. We can also take a joyride around the lake on our pontoon. We will have the pool up and running for some competitive pool games and relay races. Bring your swimsuit and get ready to kick off the summer the right way! Horseback riding may be added.

Join the Georgia Association of Women Lawyers as you learn about a career in law. You’ll meet judges, prosecutors, and defense attorneys. Navigate the preparation process of a criminal trial and take a tour of the Federal Courthouse.

Girls Run the Board Room Location: Deloitte

Day at the Barn Location: Camp Meriwether Start Date: 5/9/2020 Girl Scout Levels: The donation to participate in Adopt A Horse is $125; price increases to $150 after September 30. Additional $10 per girl for troops of 16 or more.

Start Date: June TBA Girl Scout Level: Badge Connection: Entrepreneurship Girl Scout Cadettes! Join Deloitte’s IMPACT Day to learn about a career in business, learn awesome new skills, play games, and eat good food.

Stay up to date with all of the latest programs at Events.GirlScoutsATL.org 18 2019-2020 Program Guide

Girls Man the Shark Tank

Leader Daughter - Cabin or Platform Tent

Location: Citigroup

Location: Camp Timber Ridge

Start Date: July TBA

Start Dates: 8/29/2020, 9/12/2020

Girl Scout Level:

Girl Scout Levels:

Innovation is the key to success in business today. Companies and individuals who have the creativity to brainstorm a fresh idea, invent a new product, or provide an original service are soaring above their competitors. Citi Atlanta’s Girls Man the Shark Tank event is your chance to make your mark and let the world in on your brilliant ideas!

Calling All Leaders! Come spend 25 hours at Camp Timber Ridge bonding with your daughter. You will get to participate in activities such as swimming, canoeing, giant swing, archery, and more. The highlight for leaders who return year after year is the enrichment time Saturday afternoon. Sign up for informative sessions to get your troop energized for a new year.



Discovering Your Future

Outdoor Adventures

Location: Camp Meriwether

Location: Camp Meriwether

Start Date: 8/7/2020

Start Date: 9/11/2020

Girl Scout Levels:

Girl Scout Levels:

Badge Connections: Public Speaking, Business Etiquette, and College Knowledge

Badge Connection: Outdoor

Where will your future take you? Spend the weekend pondering where you will go in your future and the steps that you need to take to get there. Learn about business etiquette, participate in public speaking, and gain insight into higher education options. Gain the knowledge that you need to begin planning your amazing future!

Calling all outdoor lovers! Come experience the great outdoors and all Camp Meriwether has to offer. Girls will discover lots of new ways to enjoy the outdoors, such as field activities, learning new camping skills, and the art of exploring. Girls will also be able to learn about the true beauty of flowers, and their many functions.

Girl Scouts Love State Parks Weekend Back To School Event - Cabin or Platform Tent

Location: Various Locations

Location: Camp Timber Ridge

Start Date: 9/12/2020

Start Date: 8/21/2020

Girl Scout Levels:

Girl Scout Levels:

Badge Connection: Outdoor

Want to celebrate those accomplishments of the summer and get ready to go back to school? Come join us here at Camp Timber Ridge for a back-to-school celebration. Let’s work together to provide an awesome weekend filled with setting goals for the upcoming year and learning coping strategies for test anxiety and stress—along with enjoying your favorite camptivities.

What better way to have an adventure than checking out the fun activities at the various state parks in our area? Bring the whole family and try your hand at something new or stroll a favorite trail.

Eco Adventure Weekend Location: Camp Meriwether

Night Explorers

Start Date: 9/18/2020

Location: Camp Meriwether

Girl Scout Levels:

Start Date: 8/28/2020

Badge Connection: Eco

Girl Scout Levels:

What is nature? Being prepared and knowing your surroundings is extremely important when looking through the lens of ecology. This weekend is designed to teach girls to understand their environment, how to protect nature, and to learn Leave No Trace skills while camping. Come grow in kindness and environmental awareness.

Badge Connections: Space Science and Night Owl Have you ever wondered what camp was like after dark? Then come and experience camp like never before! Take part in fun after-dark activities while building and focusing on what it means to be on a team, overcoming your fears, and creating healthy relationships. Spend your time learning how to work as a group in the day and sthe night.

www.girlscoutsatl.org 19

Profile for Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta

2019-2020 Program Guide - Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta  

2019-2020 Program Guide - Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta  


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