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Local Pupils embark on Australian Exchange Programme Two pupils from Lathallan School, Johnshaven, are heading to the other side of the world for a school exchange programme. Izzy Harrison (15) from Banchory, in S4 and Sam Collins (17) from Johnshaven and in S5 are embarking on the trip of a lifetime to study and travel for six weeks.

Pictured are Sam Collins (left) and Izzy Harrison (right)

They will be immersing themselves in Australian culture as pupils of Caloundra City School just outside Brisbane and staying with host families. Both will be learning to surf during their stay and have visits planned to New South Wales and Sydney.

Hello again, With summer upon us, what better time to get out and about locally? Beautiful walk, tearooms to visit, tennis, cricket the park, festivals and fairs, lazy days and lovely long evenings. I have two competitions for you this issue. One to win tickets for AIYF and if you fancy ‘glamping’, then another opportunity awaits. I hope you are enjoying reading about local businesses and may give some of them a try. (Thank you to Jane for her hard work.) Grab a cuppa and get reading.

This exchange follows a visit back in Autumn 2010 from Jake and Rhiannon from the Caloundra City School. They enjoyed staying with the families of Izzy and Sam and participated in trips to Glamis, Dunnotter, Balmoral, Loch Ness and London. They also attended Lathallan School’s Mini Highland Games and a geography field trip.  Richard Toley, Headmaster of Lathallan School, “ We wish Izzy and Sam well on this exciting exchange programme and look forward to hearing of their Australian educational and cultural experiences. It will give them both a huge amount of insight into a totally different environment, which will have benefits for their future studies and careers. We are sure they will receive the same welcome in Brisbane that we were able to give to their exchange counterparts last year.”

After School Football - Session 2011-2012

Places can now be booked for Session 2011-12 starting in August.

Kingswells Community Centre Monday 1.30-2.00 2.00-2.30 3.30-4.15

Tuesday 3.30-4.15 4.15-5.00

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Pre School Tiny Tots P1/2 P1/2 P1/2


9.30-10.00 10.00-10.30 1.30-2.00 2.00-2.45

Airyhall Community Centre Pre School Tiny Tots Pre School Pre School +

Wednesday 1.30-2.15 3.30-4.15 4.15-5.00

Thursday Pre School + P1/2 P1/2 Contact Alison McLeod : 01224 - 314669

9.30-10.00 1.30-2.00 2.00-2.30 3.30-4.15 4.15-5.00 5.00-5.45

Pre School Pre School Pre School P1/2 P1/2 P3/4

contact the gazette : 01224 - 318561 email :

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Greetings Fellow Deesiders! During my career in the oil industry I always yearned to make a tangible difference to individual people’s lives. For the past 10 years I have been delighted to do exactly this, through private coaching sessions in Banchory with clients mainly from Aberdeenshire and Deeside but all over the UK, and through my seminars and writing.

All eye examinations covered by NHS Optical Coherence Tomography for early diagnosis of Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration and Retinal Conditions. Digital Retinal Photography Visual Field Analysis Large range of Designer frames and specialised spectacle lenses Accredited by RACH for Children’s Eye Examinations

Home Visits Free Car parking Open Late night Tuesday - 7pm & Saturday - 4pm Scott Gilmour BSc (Hons) MCOptom

5 The Courtyard, Cults, Aberdeen AB15 9SD

Telephone : 01224 - 863344

I’ve been writing for the granite city gazette for around 3 years with a break recently due to my own very busy life and other projects, and many people I know have been inspired and are happy with the changes they have made as a result. Many gcg readers have travelled to see me in Banchory and have been pleasantly surprised at how fun and effective coaching can be. I am now privileged to have the opportunity to write for the Deeside gazette and as it takes its first steps to becoming what we hope will be a very useful and enjoyable local magazine, full of local interest and raising awareness of some of the wonderful opportunities around us. So a warm hello to my fellow Deesiders. You can contact me through my website or direct by email on

Have you got someone you can talk to about

anything? Really ?

For a 20 minute FREE consultation to discuss how I could help you with this or any other aspect of your life please call

Amanda on 0845 226 2816

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Gold or Diamonds


I’m talking here about personal habits as our patterns of behaviour have a huge influence on many facets of our lives such as our time management, work life balance, our relationships, our finances, our views of the world (“If it’s not raining now it soon will be!” versus “Wow, have you noticed the colours in the hills today?”) Most of us have an assortment of unconscious patterns of behaviour ranging from continually checking our mobile phones for incoming messages to getting distracted onto social media when we’re supposed to be working to more obviously far-reaching issues such as repeatedly picking the wrong partners or filling our bodies with food or drink that doesn’t do us much good. Even those of us who rail against too much structure in their lives are driven every day by habits they may not be aware of and would be likely to deny if asked – but we humans are great creatures of habit and routine and sometimes we prevent ourselves from getting what we really want in life by habitually doing the same things again and again even if they don’t give us the results we want. One of the many ways I can help individuals break through barriers in their lives, whether those barriers are in their working or personal lives, is by clarifying with that individual what

their desired outcomes are and then working with them on better ways of achieving those results. And the process can generate a lot of fun and laughter along the way, as well as making a positive difference very quickly indeed. So if you have some habits that are holding you back in any area of your life, or maybe someone else tells you you do even if you yourself know this cannot possibly be true (J), please get in touch and I can offer you a free 20 minute consultation on how I could work with you. And as you will see from my website there are many other specific areas of life I can help you with – see my testimonials there for my strong track record – so don’t be shy, please get in touchJ I look forward to hearing from you. Have a wonderful summer!

Violin Maker Ian Greig Banchory

Violin, Viola and Cello Commissions Repairs & Restorations Sound Adjustments, Bow Re-hairs Student Violins 01330 820596 07816 089 501 Member British Violin Makers Association


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Competition We all know camping is a fundamental part of British holidaymaking, and a great way to enjoy a break away - card games, picnics and all. It’s just those soggy sleeping bags and campers’ cramp in an inevitably too-small tent that many of us could do without. These days however, as the term ‘glamping’ makes its way into any traveller’s vocabulary, the age-old traditions live on - but their setting has had something of a re-vamp. Yes, glam is becoming very much a part of the experience, with an elegant twist on the classic break: Up and down the country we are saying a collective goodbye to our mud-splattered, beaten tents as camping takes on a new form, tempting even the least outdoorsy among us on board.

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1. Stuc a’Chroin, Trossachs Yurts 2. Inside Stuc a’Chroin, Trossachs Yurts 3. The Lovestruck at Mhor 4. Terrace of The Lovestruck at Mhor 5. Interior of The Lovestruck at Mhor 6. Devanna, Roulotte Retreat 7. Karlotta, Roulotte Retreat 8. Roulotte Retreat at night 9. Inside Inshriach Yurt, Aviemore 10. Inshriach Yurt, Aviemore

WIN £100 voucher to use at any of the four Scottish Glampsites featured.

At Canopy & Stars (, there is a little bit of luxury for everyone. From delicately furnished gypsystyle caravans to moorings by the riverbank, and beautiful orchard cabins to tents with all the mod cons, glamour winds its way into every aspect of these rural retreats. Born out of founder Alastair Sawday’s childhood obsession with building treehouses - including one with such comforts as running water and a sofa - and a great desire to pass on to others the feeling of excitement and adventure that came from that, Canopy & Stars’ typically beautiful little homes are all kitted out with the cosy touch. Embroidered cushions, ranges, old steam kettles and antique pine fittings can be found housed in the most unlikely of exteriors. Nestled in the ‘Wilderness Woods’ of Sussex, a converted horsebox provides an unorthodox haven, while the warming glow of a traditional Kyrgyzstani yert tucked away in Stirlingshire gives home to a full wood-burning stove and comfortable armchairs, merely a canvas sheet away from the great outdoors. Surrounded by sweeping landscapes and good old fresh air, a middle-of-nowhere holiday gives the gift of time and some peace and quiet, but now without the aching muscles and restless nights we’ve come to accept as part of the camping experience - and also provides an ideal place to withdraw should the great British weather take a turn for the worst. Whether it’s ploughing through a stack of books, spending hours walking the hills, wining and dining, a little bit of tourism, shopping til you drop, it can all be done from a homely base with a touch of class - getting away from it all has never been so luxurious. Words : Laura McDonald Complete the entry on page 29 or log onto our website : Click on the competition page and answer the following question.

Q. What is the name of the company promoting Glamping? Entries close at 7pm on 10 August 2011 (the winner will be notified by 12 August 2011)

Garden View

This Month : Gone to seed!

Gardening is a hobby and, after a while, most people with hobbies find themselves experimenting. They get a bit creative and want to see if they can do something on the cheap, or for free, or simply find out whether it’s possible to do something just for the simple pleasure of trying. Seed collecting falls into this category for me. Most seeds are not particularly expensive to buy, so why would I or anyone else want to collect our own? Well I can’t speak for anyone else, but I get a real buzz from collecting seed, knowing that I can perpetuate a favourite plant without any outside involvement. Sometimes I’ll collect seed with a fair degree of certainty that I’ll be able to raise hundreds of little seedlings, and sometimes I do it for the challenge, as not all seeds are easy to propagate. If you want to have a go at seed collecting (and be warned, it’s a highly addictive pastime) then here are a few tips.

You will need: Large paper bags - I had real problems locating these until I remembered eBay. I bought 100 large bags for around £3. Plastic bags won’t do as they retain moisture and cause the seeds to develop fungus or go mouldy. Felt pen - for labelling. This is important as you will forget what you’ve collected even if you think you won’t! Box or trug - for carrying the bags of seeds around the garden. Small pair of scissors or secateurs – for snipping the heads. Choose a dry day with little or no wind. Select a healthy, pest and disease-free plant with seedpods which look as though they’re about to split. Label a paper bag (it’s much easier to do this first) then cut off the seedhead and turn it upside down into the bag. Place the bag into a dry place and wait for the seeds to ripen. Check regularly. When most of the seedpods have opened, tip out the contents on to a dry surface and separate all the seeds from any remaining bits of pod. Store the clean seeds in a small, labelled paper bag or envelope, in a cool dry place until ready to be used. Easy seeds to collect and grow

Garden & Landscaping Service Lawns & Garden Maintenance & Patios, Fences, Hedges & Decking

Friendly & Professional Free Estimates : 013398 82496

Nigella damascena (love-in-the-mist) Aquilegia (ladies bonnets) Papaver (Poppy) Digitalis Purpurea (Foxglove) Helianthus annuus (Sunflower) Cosmos bipinnatus (Cosmos) Lunaria annua (Honesty) You’ll soon discover many more. Happy collecting.

Lathyrus odoratus - Sweet Pea Deliciously scented sweet peas are a dream flower for every garden. These easy to grow annuals actually thrive on having their flowers picked, so you can have the pleasure of the aromatic blooms both inside and outside your home. Keep cutting the flowers because if you let them go to seed, flowers will no longer be produced. You can plant the seeds directly in the ground in March or April where you want them to grow and they will flower by July. However, for stronger plants, consider planting in the autumn or winter depending on your local conditions. This will help them flower earlier too. Sweet peas flourish in an open, sunny site with well-cultivated soil. They benefit from the addition of a small amount of well-rotted manure or organic compost. Feed with a weak solution of flower-producing fertiliser during the summer. Create a cane wigwam of twigs and raffia for them to scramble up and train the tendrils around it as they grow. These plants grow to between 1 and 2 metres and need support. A vast number of cultivars are available, although some are grown for their showy or unusual flower colours rather than their scent.

Local Gardener with Royal ConNection Are you looking to sell or lease your home in 2011? Did you know that unkempt gardens can actually reduce your profit margin by up to 5%! It is known as the ‘kerb appeal effect’. So if you are thinking of selling or leasing let Anderson’s Groundcare Services Ltd help you sort the garden whilst you concentrate on the inside and put that 5% or more back into your profit margin. Remember first impressions count and your garden is the first thing potential buyers will see! We can help you with:-

* * * *

garden maintenance & tidy-ups lawns treated & scarified turf supplied & laid hedges supplied & cut

* * * *

trees & shrubs supplied & planted pruning and winter maintenance gravel supplied & laid slabbing & power washing

Anderson’s Groundcare Services LTD t : 01224 735533 m : 07923 976494 gcg : 10

BERI By Jane Robinson Household fuel bills have never been exactly popular, but as they continue to rise higher and higher, the costs of running a home are becoming even more serious. The price of fuel, both for vehicles and households, is a subject that is constantly in the news, and it is easy to feel helpless when we have to face our dreaded fuel bills. It would of course be lovely if a Fairy Godmother could drop by, wave her wand, and minimize our fuel bills once and for all. However, in the real world, while nobody is going to be waving magic wands around, there are people who can try to help through offering good advice on how to reduce fuel consumption. BERI, is just such an organisation. Banchory Energy Reduction Initiative is a community project which works in partnership with the local Energy Saving Trust and the Home Insulation Scheme. You might assume that as the bill payer, you know everything there is to know about how to save fuel, or you may have already looked at various schemes to reduce your energy consumption. However, in an industry that is continually

changing and developing new technologies and ideas, some of which are not only simple but cheap, you could find yourself surprised by the options available. BERI can point consumers towards reputable organisations that could advice on numerous energy-saving projects....for example, the installation of solar panels, help with condensation and dampness problems, the updating of heating controls and settings, how best to improve the insulation of lofts, walls or floors, how to choose suitable heating systems specific to your home, how to understand energy bills more easily, and generally save on heating and electricity bills. Who would have thought a ‘chimney-balloon’ could make much of a difference, or that radiator panels could be so effective and so easy to install? What is more, since there are loans and grants available for the installation of various systems, it is useful to have an organisation that can guide consumers around the finances of it all. Free confidential advice is on offer from BERI, and with trained advisors who can visit your home, it may well be worth taking the time to consider the options. You can find out more information from or you can e-mail It could make a difference.

contact the gazette : 01224 - 318561 email :

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Fakin’ It! How to fake a tan

Ever since a bronzed Coco Chanel returned from her Mediterranean holiday in the 1920s, the tan has been the hottest summer fashion accessory. Women go ga-ga for that golden glow. Unfortunately dermatologists do not...and frankly I’m not wild about contracting skin cancer either. There are many things I will do in pursuit of beauty but risking my health isn’t one of them. So what is a girl to do? The only sensible way forward is to fake it. But, how can we achieve that gorgeous ‘just returned from St. Moritz’ glow rather than that ‘I’ve just been Tangoed’ day-glo! Well, there’s no denying that for a completely flawless finish a salon or a spa is your best option. The full treatment may include exfoliation, moisturising and airbrush bronzing. You’ll feel like a movie star afterwards...the only downside is the price. However, for a special occasion it’s well worth the outlay. For those of us without bottomless pockets, we’re left with the DIY option. Don’t be disheartened. A good finish is not hard to achieve, you just have to follow a few rules. Set aside some time where you won’t be interrupted. Shave your legs, then exfoliate your skin with a body scrub in the shower. Pay special attention to rough areas like elbows and knees. Dry skin absorbs more tanning lotion and orange bits are so not sexy. Rub a little Vaseline over your nails and cuticles to prevent them from staining. For the most natural results, choose a fake tan just a shade darker than your normal skin tone. Apply the tanner limb by limb. Start with

your legs, smoothing the lotion over the shins and calves before lightly sweeping it over the ankles and tops of the feet. Move on to the hips, stomach and torso, then the shoulders and the arms: if you can enlist the help of your partner or a friend to reach the trickier bits, so much the better. For facial skin, use a preparation designed especially for this area.. Cleanse and exfoliate, but don’t moisturise as it may affect the results. You can apply a little moisturiser under the eyes as it’s more flattering to leave this area of skin slightly paler. Remove the tanner from your palms with a damp, rough flannel. Don’t forget to clean down the sides of each finger too. Finally, allow all areas to dry for ten-fifteen minutes before dressing and refrain from Affordable & professional indulging in beauty therapies carried out in any activity the comfort of your own home which may by a fully qualified and insured make you beauty therapist. Offering late week night and weekend sweat, at appointments. least for a few don’t want Loyalty Discounts streaks! Discounts for block bookings To make your appointment

call: 07767 639477


NEW - £10 OFF 1st treatment (in July and August quoting gazette on booking)

For a re-juvenating, uplifting, nourishing & hydrating facial come in and try our NEW ‘Vitalift’ - Non Invasive Face Lift treatment - Electrical Stimulation to restore firmness and tone. For more information/to book an appointment please contact Jenny at 89 Gray Street, Aberdeen AB10 6JD t : 01224 594777 e:

Home Health

by Colin Stewart

Many of us don’t have the opportunity, time or money to have a gym membership. Even if we do, actually getting there can be equally problematic. As a stay at home dad this was a particular problem for me. Irregular sleep combined with the fickle nature of toddlers, dinner time, cleaning and shopping left me feeling like I’d been hit by a train. Taking control of your health, fitness and wellbeing is a holistic endeavour which includes having energy, relaxation, exercise and time. Energy comes from ensuring your diet is balanced, drinking enough fluids and getting enough sleep. Relaxation is having enjoyable down time to unwind. Exercise is fairly self explanatory and all three are governed by the amount of time available. With the minimal equipment of a pair of trainers, shorts/ jogging pants, a t-shirt and maybe an exercise/yoga mat you can turn your own home, garden or local park into your gym. At home you can use your sofa/chairs, walls and stairs

Want to lose weight or get fitter? Need some help getting ready for a sporting event? Or do you just want to make that run for the bus a bit easier?

to make bodyweight exercises easier or harder through changing the leverages involved. Some may go the extra length and spend £4 on a gym ball which opens up another whole world of exercises. The more adventurous of us can use a set of goal posts or park bench and get even more variety. The benefits of physical activity are well known, but it can be confusing to know what to do. The American College of Sports Medicine recommends that “significant health benefits and reduced risk of disease” can be achieved by 30 minutes (accumulated) of moderate intensity activity, five to seven days a week. Moderate intensity means things like brisk walking, washing the car or gardening. As these 30 minutes can be accumulated throughout the day you can break it into manageable chunks. This means, that if you can walk a little bit faster throughout the day, and maybe commit to a few minutes of extra activity a day, you can be adding extra years onto your life. You already have all the equipment you’ll ever need.

Young or old, male or female. No gym, no problem. Home and outdoors training. Personalised programme. Individual and small groups. Weight loss and nutritional advice. Sports specific training. Martial arts for fitness. FreeformFMA – Personal Fitness Training Colin Stewart, REPs Level 3 Certified Trainer 07751 818 602

Free Entry

Airyhall Community Centre

Saturday, 27 August 2011 11am - 4pm

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Cafe serving drinks & snacks gcg : 14


Words by Laura Walker)

Personal Training (PT) is very often considered an elite service, which is only utilised by those who have exceptional wealth with the intention of running a marathon. However, for PT’s who run a business locally that is not always the kind of clientele we regularly work with. There are occasions when more practical exercises are needed to aid a better quality of life to an individual who may require confidence in their own physical ability to undertake daily tasks. People of all ages and capabilities would benefit from a personal trainer. Some people could improve posture which may aid in improved back care. A postural analysis would take place initially followed by a series of exercises to improve and strengthen the back to readdress any alignment issues which may be causing discomfort.

down from the floor successfully; to be able to reach up to the top shelf of the kitchen cupboards to reach for an item, to be able to walk to the local shop for the paper and milk, or simply to climb the stairs to go to the toilet. It is my experience that exercise builds confidence and with that the strength to both mentally and physically enjoying a good quality of life. Despite physical limitation conditions such as a stoke, or mental limitations such as Alzheimers, a PT can work with the client at their own pace, their own level of capability and enable progress in their physical ability. This may in turn also help the carer. Hiring a PT may seem extravagant at first but a qualified and experienced Trainer in the relevant discipline, can make a world of difference. Above all else physical activity makes each participant feel great. Personally, I leave all my clients smiling.

A personal trainer could aid in the recovery of a cardiac event whereby the exercise is able to improve heart strength and function in a way that will enable the client to build confidence in their own physical capabilities to peruse a good quality of life following their event. An aerobic fitness programme would benefit the function of the heart. Lifestyle can be an issue for many people, in that their lifestyle may be causing ill health. A Personal Trainer is able to discuss how to change lifestyle so that healthy eating and an active lifestyle is successfully achieved and maintained. This can also be of benefit to those living with or in the company of the client. A healthy eating plan can be developed along with activity which fits into the daily routine of the client. The greatest work a personal trainer can achieve is to work with an elderly client giving them the freedom to live on their own. Building strength and flexibility to get up and

contact the gazette : 01224 - 318561 email :

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A beautiful smile creates confidence and gives us a sense of wellbeing and improves our general health. State of the art techniques are used from white fillings, crowns, bridges, veneers, tooth whitening, invisible braces and dental implants.

Something to smile about in August

£100 off tooth whitening – Our state of the art system we use is the only whitening system in the world that will guarantee VITA shade B1 and is acknowledged as the technology leader. Telephone our practice today to book your initial free consultation to be assessed for this service prior to the treatment being carried out. New Patient Half Price Examination £30.00 instead of £60.00 During the month of July and August we are offering new patients who join the practice half price Examination including X-rays.

gcg : 16

Free Implant Consultation Dental implants are a permanent, natural replacement for missing teeth or dentures. Call us now to book a free, no obligation consultation.

Free Smile Consultation Have you ever wanted a beautiful smile but not sure how or how much? Book a no obligation cosmetic consultation and make the first move to a confident smile.

Range of Dental Inspirations Plans All our plans are designed to help you reach optimum oral health, helping you to look after the health of your mouth and keep it free from tooth decay and gum disease. Over time, patients who participate in a preventative programme of regular examination and oral hygiene visits are shown to have a much reduced need for treatment. We have a range of plans to suit every member of the family starting from as little as £7.00 per month.

Something To Smile About This Summer Inspirations Smile Plan £17.00 per month

Inspirations Student Plan £7.00 per month − − − − − − − −

One examination per year One oral cancer check All routine x-rays One hygiene visit per year Out of hours emergency cover Accidental Injury Cover Emergency cover away from home including abroad 10% reduction on routine dental treatment (excludes specialist treatment)

Inspirations Hygiene Plan £11.00 per month

− − − − − − −

One examination per year One oral cancer check All routine x-rays Two hygiene visits per year Out of hours emergency cover Accidental Injury Cover Emergency cover away from home including abroad 10% reduction on routine dental treatment (excludes specialist treatment)

Inspirations Maintenance Plan £14.00 per month

− − − − − − −

Two examinations per year One oral cancer check All routine x-rays Two hygiene visits per year Out of hours emergency cover Accidental Injury Cover Emergency cover away from home including abroad –– 10% reduction on routine dental treatment (excludes specialist treatment)

- Two examinations per year One oral cancer check All routine x-rays Two hygiene visits per year Out of hours emergency cover Accidental Injury Cover Emergency cover away from home including abroad − 10% reduction on routine dental treatment (excludes specialist treatment) − 50% off tooth whitening with yearly refills (min 12 month contract)

− − − − − −

Inspire Your Child Plan £8.00 per month − Routine oral health prevention including fissure sealants − Two hygiene visits per year − Out of hours emergency cover − Accidental injury cover − Emergency cover away from home including abroad

How Do I Join Joining the plan is very easy, simply telephone or visit the practice and we can set up a direct debit payment for you. There is no fee to join the plan and your membership will be effective immediately. Please call us today to book your appointment or for further information on any of our services. 01224 860220. We will be delighted to help you.

395 North Deeside Road, Cults, Aberdeen AB15 9SX Tel : 01224 860220 Fax: 01224 860229 Email:

A Good Read After the Armistice Ball – Catriona McPherson

The Last Polar Bears – Harry Horse

This evocative first novel by Catriona McPherson recalls a time long-forgotten - those missing years following the end of the First World War. Into this setting she brings a new detective character – the seemingly guileless socialite Dandy Gilver – and a scandal, the apparent theft of the Duffy diamonds.

The best children’s books, as everyone knows, work on two levels, appealing to both children and adults – and here is a case in point. ‘The Last Polar Bears’ by Harry Horse follows the adventures of Grandfather and his dog, Roo, as they journey to the North Pole in search of the last polar bears (and, perhaps, some ice cream, too), and will keep children gripped and adults chuckling all the way through.

Like all good detective stories, however, there is much more to the story – and to the characters – than meets the eye. In Dandy Gilver, McPherson creates a sympathetic and initially reluctant detective, whereas her villains and victims are by turns chilling and complex. The novel also explores the social norms and niceties of the time in real detail: one of the central twists of the plot is based on the carefully euphemistic language used by the doctor who attends to the Duffy family, and the shadow of war, and how it affected the young men of Gilver’s generation, is never too far away. McPherson strikes a balance between action, dialogue and introspection so that the reader just has time to think it out before being drawn into the next stage of the drama, and she also makes excellent use of the surrounding Scottish landscapes, which are drawn in loving detail. As the novel moves towards its conclusion, it becomes a real page turner. Appealing to crime fans and social historians alike, this is an excellent read.

The two explorers set out, with their equipment loaded onto a golf trolley, and sail away on ‘The Unsinkable’. When they arrive at the North Pole, they are met by hundreds of penguins, who observe them as they battle against setbacks to complete the last stage of their journey. Grandfather narrates the story in a nononsense, matter of fact way – it is Roo the dog who is the more fanciful of the pair – but the words only tell part of the story, and there is much more to be learned from the beautifully drawn pictures: the penguins’ general store in particular, is an absolute delight. Always treading that fine line between fantasy (the ice cream fields on the Great Bear Ridge) and reality (the note on the first page which tries to explain Grandfather’s insistence that there were penguins at the North Pole!), this is a marvellous story which will reward reading again and again.

Tooth Care for Kids Suki North Does the thought of visiting the dentist fill you with dread? Do you break out in the cold sweat of sheer terror? If so, then please don’t pass this fear onto your child. Your child must be relaxed about visiting the dentist for their future health and wellbeing. Good dental habits start young. Introduce your child to the dentist as early as possible by taking them with you when you go for your regular dental check-up. This will get them used to the sights, sounds and smells of the dental surgery. Your dentist may take a quick, casual look in your child’s mouth, ostensibly to count teeth, but also to check gently for any early problems. This will encourage your child to feel comfortable in the chair. Get your child used to cleaning their teeth start as soon as the first tooth shows through their gums. Brush gently with a special baby toothbrush. Supervise teeth cleaning until they prove they are proficient enough to do it themselves. Plaque-disclosing tablets stain the plaque so your child can see it. This is good for encouraging a thorough brushing routine. An electric toothbrush especially designed for children is very effective. Fluoride toothpaste is vital, fluorine in the water is a bonus, not a replacement.

Fissure sealants are well worth considering. This is a special film used to cover the vulnerable molars which have deep, hard to clean crevices. The sealant protects the tooth surface from decay. Sealants are quick and painless to apply and last for years. Regular dental check-ups are essential to prevent future, potentially traumatic, treatment. Help your child grow up with a healthy set of teeth and gums. Good habits created while the child is young will stand them in good stead for the rest of their life.

Most children have their entire set of 20 milk teeth by the age of three. Proper development of their permanent teeth depends upon the condition of these first teeth, so it’s essential to care for them. Milk teeth are small with thin enamel so problems spread quickly. Adult teeth start to grow by the age of six and most should be evident by the time they’re 13. Apart from accidents, there are two preventable causes of damage to children’s teeth; tooth decay and dental erosion. Both have similar causes. Acids from sweet foods and drinks, including fruit juices, eat into the tooth enamel. Water or milk are the best drinks for children.

gcg : 19


An evening of discovery at Rosehip and Tutu By Jane Robinson




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1. Stylish tartan skirts 2. Ball gown 3. Janet Shaw ((l) Sally Simpson (r) 4. Model with new tartan skirt 5. More of the Scottesque brand

5 It’s an intriguing name....the sort of name that might just pull you into a shop out of sheer curiosity. In these days of globalisation, it is somehow very refreshing to see a shop that is utterly unique, inspired, and in this case, home-grown. Several years ago, Sally Simpson became extremely interested in clothes from the past. Having set up a business dealing in vintage clothing and ‘eco-fashion’, she began to see the importance and delight of re-using fabrics. Having acquired a quantity of oversized woollen skirts, she embarked on salvaging the fabric by unpicking the garments. She then started to design clothes using this cloth, and ended up with designs that were refreshingly new. Sally’s training in History of Art has given her a deep understanding of historical fashion. Armed with this knowledge, she set out to design garments using traditional materials and concepts, but designed for the present day. By cutting on the bias, using pleats and drapes and other tricks of the trade, she has updated the traditional tartan skirt into something that is shaped and moulded to suit and flatter the female form. Sally soon discovered the fabrics of JC Rennie’s of Mintlaw, a mill which produces the most enticing of fabrics for a world-wide market. Although these are woollen fabrics, they are

soft to the touch, and as some contain silk too, they drape and gather in a manner that works well with these carefully constructed garments. In addition to skirts, Sally now produces dresses, capes, tops and much more. Having joined forces with her business partner Janet Shaw, the shop is cultivating quite a name for itself as a place that produces modern, quality designs which draw inspiration from the past. Rosehip and Tutu is keen to work with good local designers, so in addition to using fabric from Mintlaw, they have also been complimenting their garments with Lois Carson’s ‘resin’ jewellery, which can be seen at . While Rosehip and Tutu offer many different looks for a wide variety of ages, and for both day and evening wear, it strikes me that if someone is looking for an unusual look for a special event, and they have a hankering for something Scottish, Rosehip and Tutu might just fit the bill. As so many of these designs use tartan fabric, they work superbly for weddings, Burns Nights, or formal dinners. If men can wear kilts, it is good news that at last there is a flattering female equivalent. Rosehip and Tutu is situated at 197 Rosemount Place in Aberdeen, but if you wish to see their designs from home, look up .

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M&S Living Room - Add colour to a living room with fresh new accessories such as cushions, rugs and curtains. All products shown, Marks & Spencer (0845 302 1234;

Homes and Interiors

332 North Deeside Road, Cults

Gyps Hiccup

Want to give your home a quick, easy and inexpensive makeover for summer? Interiors expert Katherine Sorrell offers 20 inspiring solutions

Appliqué Chin Lewis; 08456 0

Lime Rananculu Blue Anemo both Grey R

08445 616

1. Pop some fresh flowers in a vase. Even casual arrangements of garden flowers professional sanding machine and follow in a jam jar, milk bottle or enamel jug will the instructions carefully, before sealing, brighten up all but the most formal of staining, liming, waxing, bleaching or rooms. painting. 2. Light a scented candle or line up a set of 9. Adding or replacing a rug is another multicoloured tea lights. instant way to change the look of your 3. Change your cushion covers. For the most floor. Think bold texture, pattern or colour. up-to-date look, choose vivid but co10. In a girl’s room, suspending a corona over ordinating colours, in a variety of quirky the bed, with some sheer curtains draped patterns. around, will go miles towards that fairytale

20 Ways to get a fresh look for summer 4. Disguise a tired sofa or a boring bed with a pretty throw. 11. 5. Replace dated lampshades or light fittings. So quick, easy and cheap, there’s no excuse not to. 6. While you’re at it, check that your light bulbs are the right wattage for the room – 12. there’s nothing worse than poorly lit rooms, or ones that are so dazzling they look like a lamp shop. 7. Use paint to transform your home from top to bottom. Floors, walls, window frames, 13. skirtings, shelves, free-standing furniture and even kitchen and bathroom tiles can all be refreshed and revived with a lick of paint. 8. Flooring sets the tone for any room, and if your carpet is looking tired, you’ll be amazed at the effect a change can have. One option is to remove the carpet entirely 14. and renovate the boards beneath. To strip away old stains or surface coatings, hire a

room she’s always wanted. Flower lights wrapped around the bedhead are a lovely touch, too. A boy might prefer camouflage netting or a giant map of the world on the wall behind the bed. Create a fabulous display of pictures. Instead of dotting them around in an ad hoc fashion, frame them all the same and hang in orderly rows for super-duper impact. Look at your light switches. If yours are of the bog-standard, white plastic type, check out the alternatives – stainless steel, nickel, chrome, brass, even ‘invisible’ acrylic, with a rocker, dolly or even neat little push button switch. The same goes for switch plates, TV aerial sockets, even shaver and electric toothbrush plates. Do the same for door handles, blind and light pulls, cupboard and drawer pulls, and any other knobs or handles you can find.

sy Chandelier, £69.99, Gifts, 0845 373 1430;

ntz Cushion, £30, John 049049;

us in square vase, £18; one in glass bowl, £16; Rose by Jane Packer at Debenhams, 6161;




18. 19. 20.

Substituting ordinary ones with something interesting, tactile and good-looking can make a world of difference. Take down dodgy nets and preserve your privacy with stick-on plastic film instead. It’s easy to apply and much less expensive than having your windows sandblasted. Patterns range from lace to graphic spots. Flouncy, fussy curtains have to go. Replace with simpler versions (no pelmets, thanks). Practically every high-street store has readymade curtains at reasonable prices. New bath and basin taps will go a long way towards giving your bathroom extra pizzazz. Replacing them is a doddle for a plumber (or even a DIY dad). The most ugly-duckling bathroom can be turned into a beautiful swan with the right towels. Soft, neutral colours have a timeless look, while bold patterns are of the moment. The latest look for walls is to use specially designed stickers to create a graphic, funky pattern. Just peel and position for an instant new look. Last but by no means least, clean your windows – it really will add a sparkle to the room. Katherine Sorrell

Delgatie Castle

Delgatie Castle, best Castle, visitor experience winner is a unique Delgatie is a bestaward visitor and interesting castleaward with the winner. ambiance A of aunique lived in home. experience

The ‘Lairds Kitchen’, voted the 17th best place and interesting castle with theto have afternoon tea in Britain, offers a lunch menu building on its already excellent ambiance of aand lived in home. reputation for scones home-made delicious cakes. Delgatie Castle, Delgatie, Turriff, Aberdeenshire The ‘Lairds Kitchen’, Scottish AB53 5TD Tel: 01888 563479

Home Baking Award winner, offers a lunch menu, building on its already excellent reputation for scones and home-made delicious cakes. Why not pay us a isit today!

Delgatie Castle

Delgatie Castle, best visitor experience award winner is a unique and interesting castle with the ambiance of a lived in home.

The ‘Lairds Kitchen’, voted the 17th best place to have afternoon tea in Britain, offers a lunch menu building on its already excellent Delgatie Castle reputation for scones and home-made delicious cakes. Delgatie Castle, best visitor experience award winner is a unique

Open 10am-5pm

and interesting castle with the ambiance of a lived in home.

Delgatie Castle, Delgatie, Turriff, Aberdeenshire AB53 5TD Tel: 01888 563479 Delgatie Castle, Delgatie, Turriff, Aberdeenshire AB53 5TD

The ‘Lairds Kitchen’, voted the 17th best place to have afternoon tea in Britain, offers a lunch menu building on its already excellent reputation for scones and home-made delicious cakes.

Child Admission free July & August

Tel: 01888 563479

Photo : Russian dance company, Kaluzhsky Suvenir will perform at this year’s festival


Aberdeen International Youth Festival (AIYF) has announced its full programme for this year’s festival. The announcement comes as the festival reveals that over one weekend alone during the event more than 1,300 performers will be in the city taking part in a variety of top class shows. The festival takes place over ten days in the summer from Wednesday July 27 to Saturday August 6 and includes performances in many of the city’s most prestigious venues including His Majesty’s Theatre, the Music Hall and the Beach Ballroom. A full extended programme of shows will also take place with performers travelling to Inverness, Perth, Montrose and Arbroath as part of AIYF’s ‘extended festival’ initiative. Pitfodels will be set alight by an International Showcase Evening on Friday July 29. The vibrant orchestral, music theatre and dance show will take place at the International School and will see artists from three continents take to the stage. Artistic director and chief executive of AIYF, Stewart Aitken, said: “The festival is a

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great opportunity for Aberdeen and the North-east to be showcased as a vibrant and creative region that is committed to supporting young people and the arts. We are really pleased that we are able to offer an even bigger programme of extended venue shows as well as our city centre programme to fans of the festival. ” For details on all of AIYF’s shows please visit the website on:


In conjunction with the granite city gazette AIYF is running a competition for two pairs of tickets to the International Dance Gala held at His Majesty’s Theatre on Thursday August 4th. To enter please answer this Q: What are the dates for this year’s festival? To enter please e-mail your answer with full contact details to: OR Complete the entry on page 29 or log onto our website : Two winners will be picked at random. The competition closes on Friday July 22 at 5pm. Winners will be contacted by the festival office and ticket collection/delivery will be arranged.

Light and tasty summer fare

Beet Salad with Feta Cheese

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(Any cup will do as a measuring cup. The beauty of a salad is you can make as much or as little as you want...just keep the same proportions and you can’t go wrong)

Spoon the beet mixture onto the centre of a salad plate and top each portion with about 1 tbsp of crumbled feta cheese and about ¼ cup of the dressed greens. Serve right away.

Whisk together 3 tbsp olive oil and 1 tbsp lemon juice then toss the salad leave in this dressing in a separate bowl.

Season to taste with the sea salt.

Cut the lemon in half and squeeze one half into the bowl, gently stirring to combine and checking the flavour to taste.

Slip the skins off the beets. They should slip off easily, but use a paring knife on any stubborn spots. Cut the beets into 1cm / ½-inch dice, and toss in a stainless steel mixing bowl with enough olive oil to coat them.

1 lemon

Maldon sea salt, to taste

Remove from oven and let cool for 20 minutes or so.

Place beets in a roasting pan or on a flat baking sheet. Drizzle with a little extra virgin olive oil and sprinkle with sea salt. Roast for 3045 minutes, depending on the size of the beets. Test for tenderness after about 30 minutes of cooking by piercing the largest beet with a knife. If the knife easily enters the beet with only a small amount of resistance, it’s done. And the smaller ones will be, too.

Tear or cut the beet tops from the beets, leaving about an inch of stalk attached. Wash and dry them thoroughly.


½ cup extra virgin olive oil

1 cup baby green salad leaves, rinsed and dried

¼ cup crumbled feta cheese

1 bunch golden beets

1 bunch red beets


Serves 4 as a starter or 2 light lunches Preheat the oven to Gas mark 6 / 200C

Light and tasty summer fare

Beet Salad with Feta Cheese

Crosby Kitchens

survived the test of time when many others haven’t. When high street kitchen retailers were previously unheard of, Crosby reached out to customers through merchant groups and dominated the market. Even the members of British royalty have been rumoured to own a Crosby kitchen.  The exciting new showroom primarily stocks Crosby Kitchens, but also offers solid surface worktops, and electrical appliances, by manufacturers such as Neff, Siemens and Hotpoint.


A major retail supplier, is celebrating the opening of its flagship UK store in Bridge of Don, Aberdeen, with the launch of a stunning new kitchen range, focusing on the kitchen as a stylish but practical, multi-use space. Hugh Craigie, managing director, believes that recession-induced ‘cocooning,’ where consumers consider ‘staying in’ as ‘the new going out,’ has given the kitchen new leases of life as both a lively entertainment centre and a solid family base.

Oven Cleaners

Doing the jobs you hate! Bringing the sparkle back to your oven using non toxic, non caustic products in your home.

01330 823079

07920 483 233

Competition Entry Coupon AIYF Competition

Glamping Competition

Name : .................................................................

Name : .................................................................

Address : .............................................................

Address : .............................................................



Postcode : ...........................................................

Postcode : ...........................................................

Please enter before Friday, 22 July 2011

Telephone : ......................................................... Email : ....................................................................

Please enter before Wednesday 10 August 2011

Telephone : ......................................................... Email : ....................................................................

Q : What date does the festival run?

Q : What is the name of the company promoting ‘Glamping’?

A : ...........................................................................

A : ...........................................................................

Please do not onpass my details.

Please do not onpass my details.

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Send to : Glamping Competition, 4 Kenfield Cres, Aberdeen AB15 7UQ

Send to : AIYF Competition, 4 Kenfield Cres, Aberdeen AB15 7UQ

The Crosby dynasty originated in the 1930s and has

the Oven Valet

the one stop business shop ... Compu-Care

Call Neil 07929 860 721 PC Repairs and Upgrades Aberdeen based. No call out fee. Collect and return service. New systems available. £15 ph standard pc repairs. £25ph networking/internet

Small Business, Small Space, Affordability, Building up recognition, Resulting in new customers... fm £12.30!

Philip Garden Painter & Decorator Tel : 735341

M.G. Decorating Tel : 013398 87445

Free Quotes No VAT

Exterior/Interior Wallpapering Varnishing Free Estimates

Buoyancy Swim Tel: 01224 318651 Mobile: 07906 863246

Granite City Power Washing Services Call Pete on 07835 263882

Mob : 07902178825

Using a chemical-free restoration process Footpaths * driveways * patios * decking * slabs *concrete Free quotations and demonstrations - reasonable rates Friendly local service, 7 days a week 20% discount with this advert

Adult and Baby, Adult and Toddler Swimming Lessons held at Camphill School, Bieldside, AB15 9EP. Contact – Julie McQuillan email:


Home Cleaning Services

• • • • •

Home/Flat Cleaning Daily Cleaning Office Cleaning New Building Cleaning Moving In/Out Cleaning Call us now for a no-obligation quote :

t : 07531 449 722

e : w :

gcg : 30

Copy Deadline ... 19 August for the September Issue

the gazette Tel : 01224 - 318561 Attract local customers for your local business. Book space on this page for as little as £12.30 plus vat ... Whole year £123 plus vat Display adverts fm : £30+vat

• • • •

Interior & Exterior Painting Paper Hanging Specialist Ames Taping & Artexing Coving & Trade Finding

Scottish Decorator Federation

T : 01224 749170 M : 07731 411615 E :

Federation of Small Businesses - Deeside Tolls on Forth and Tay Bridges Abolished Lobbying victory for the FSB in Scotland, when the Abolition of Bridge Tolls (Scotland) Act 2008 came into force and tolls were finally removed from all bridges in Scotland. Scotland now has no tolls on any of its bridges. Small Business Bonus introduced in Scotland Following intensive lobbying by the FSB, the Scottish Government introduced the Small Business Bonus, which saw around £135million cut from 150,000 small firms’ business rates – with many paying nothing at all when the scheme came into full effect in April 2009. Overturning red tape on young workers The FSB forced the Government to overturn plans to impose burdensome new checks and registration requirements for employees who have responsibility for under-16s in the work place.

Government cracks down on late payments. Following pressure from the FSB, the Government announced all departments would pay suppliers in 10 days and then launched a new Code of Practice to set out clear policy on the payment of business. to be brought back into public ownership. The FSB after consistent lobbying won a victory on the tourism front, with the announcement that the Scottish tourism website,, is to be brought back into public ownership. Scottish Ministers have also announced that a task group is to look into skills and training issues, such as the establishment of a ‘hotel school’. Banks agree for accounts to be switched more quickly The FSB called on the banks to make switching between banks easier and faster. As a direct result of FSB lobbying, the banks agreed to allow clients to switch accounts from one bank to another within five days.


Largest UK Pressure Group 20,000 Members in Scotland 3,000 Members in Aberdeen City & Shire

Membership Benefits

...Free 24/7 Legal Advice ...Free Tax Investigation Insurance ...Free Business Banking ...And so much more

For more details visit

20 AQUITHIE ROAD, KEMNAY. Tel: 01467-643917



Free Advice & Quotations. Evening Surveys Available Gas Detection Intruder Alarm Systems, Wired or Wireless Fire Alarm Systems, Wired or Wireless Fire Extinguishers & Blankets - Supply Only or Supply & Fit Electrical Wiring & Re-wiring Smoke & Heat Detectors - Supply Only or Supply & Fit Carbon Monoxide Detectors - Supply Only or Supply & Fit Portable Appliance Testing CCTV Door Entry Systems Window & Door Lock Replacement. Safes and Cabinets Electrical Cabling & Accessories Safety Signs & Equipment

For Peace of Mind At Work or Home

Call Us Now

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Opera & E nchantment

Opera on the Lawn

ABERDEEN MUSIC HALL Saturday 13 August 9.30am-4pm Sunday 14 August 10am-4pm


2 MILLION POUNDS OF ART FOR 3 POUNDS Banchory Aberdeen Opera Company perform this fully costumed unstaged journey through castle, garden and lawn with a medley of your favourite operas: Carmen, Marriage of Figaro, Aida, Magic Flute, La Traviata and many more.

at Crathes Castle, Saturday 27th August 2011

- Events GM Beautiful Music‌Magical Surroundings A B E R D E E N

Tickets available now from Aberdeen Box Office Aberdeen Music Hall Tel: 01224 641122


in association with

Possibly the best place to enjoy a picnic this summer

Full details on:

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Community magazine for the Deeside Area - Aberdeenshire

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