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Successfully introducing local people to local businesses

Deeside gazette thru the door : now exclusive to Banchory & Drumoak gazette Issue 19

Mid-Mar - April 2013

Deeside Edition Free Publication




Successfully introducing local people to local businesses

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A note from Sue… Can you offer a warm welcome back to Jane Robinson? Jane kicks off on page 3 with an article about a new gallery and studio in Banchory. Next time we will find out more about the talking newspaper and keeping fit with Sue Leftwich. It is the middle of March already! I love the brighter evenings and t is very nice to see people out and about. Some of you will be starting to think about preparing the garden again and of course there are already some snowdrops and crocuses and the odd daffy pushing their heads up through the soil. I took advantage of the 20% off voucher for Four Mile House and met an old friend for lunch. All I can say is the portion sizes are very generous and of course it tasted good too. Julie said the response to the discount was so good she’d like to offer it again until the end of April. So go on, treat yourself to a nice lunch or an early evening supper mid-week. I have a few new advertisers in this issue and I do hope you’ll find the time to support them and they will have something of interest for you. Laura Walker has launched a Fitness DVD aimed at the “elderly but able”. They will be available locally as well as online and come with an exercise band too! Would you like to promote your business on the pages of the gazette? I offer some lovely packages to suit all budgets. Editorial pieces and product promotion is available too. I would love the opportunity to help you with your marketing on Deeside so please do get in touch. My details are off to the side. Again, I’ve come to the end of my column. I do hope that April will bring you some “chocolate” and we’ll catch up again in May. So fill up your cuppa and enjoy this issue of the gazette. Until next time. Sue PS : Our next copy deadline is 12 April. 01224 - 318561 email :


In the North East of Scotland, we are fortunate to be surrounded by some of the most stunning scenery in the United Kingdom. And, just in case we should ever become too used to a ‘weel kent’ landscape, we have the glories of the Scottish weather and the ever-changing seasons to alter our surroundings for us. It’s a wonder we don’t spend the whole time looking out of the window. But with life being so busy, how often is it that we have time to fully appreciate the details of our extraordinary area? Not often enough, I suspect. However, a newly- established local photographer has kindly being doing just that for us. Elaine Conway recently graduated in Photography from Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen and since then has been taking landscape photographs in a most original and stunning manner. Wilderness, varying weather and seasonal changes are all ‘grist to the mill’. Her landscapes and seascapes are often based in the North East of Scotland, but she is inspired by natural beauty further afield too. Wherever she travels with her camera, her work manages to capture the mood, light, space, atmosphere and beauty of her surroundings in such a manner that she can create a unique interpretation of a place. But it is not only landscapes that interest Elaine. She has also concentrated on portrait photography, both group portraits and images of single individuals. Her interest in landscape clearly informs this side of her work, as she frequently places her portrait subjects in a natural setting rather than a studio. She has even ventured into the world of animals, taking portrait shots of everything from favourite cats and dogs to Highland cattle. In these days of digital photography when everyone is capable of taking ‘happy snappies’ on a daily basis, Elaine’s work transcends the everyday as she produces considered, carefully composed pieces that result in beautiful works of art. Based in Banchory, she has recently set up a gallery and studio from which to operate her business. For more information you can email Elaine on please do mention the deeside gazette when responding to adverts


Spring Cleaning The chimney, the drive, the oven: We couldn’t do without them, but many of us do try and get away without cleaning them! So why not call in a professional and save yourself some blood, sweat and tears! A chimney that serves an open fire should be swept annually to keep the fire burning efficiently and safely, and for around £40 it can be done quickly and competently by a trained professional. During a sweep, which takes around 45 minutes, brushes inserted into the flue dislodge soot deposits which are removed by vacuuming. Most chimney sweeps will also inspect your chimney from the roof for potential problems. Soot deposits can build up and obstruct the chimney, making the fireplace inefficient and potentially unsafe. Flammable creosote, found in soot, can also ignite and cause the chimney to catch fire. Members of The National Association of Chimney Sweeps are fully qualified and experienced, have full public liability insurance and issue certificates on completion of their work. The Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps trains, assesses and monitors its members to ensure that customers receive the best service. Cleaning your own oven is hard work, time consuming and dirty, but if you choose a professional instead, you’ll get a trained individual who can generally do a much better job in a fraction of the time! A typical clean takes 1 to 1.5 hours which will include the racks, shelves and pans as well as the interior and outside of the oven. It costs around £50, but do check exactly what is included in the price as many companies charge extra for items like grill pans. Members of The Association of Approved Oven Cleaners have completed training in Health and Safety and employment law, and do not use caustic or toxic products within your home. Weeds, moss and dirt are all too common additions to driveways and patios once they have been laid for a while. DIY jet washing can remove them but it is a messy, dirty job and can leave behind zebra striping and unsightly lines.

4 01224 - 318561 email :

A professional drive cleaning company will eliminate that problem by blasting the surface with high pressure water from rotary head cleaning equipment. The process removes weeds, surface grime, moss and algae and restores colour to once dull slabs and tiles. The job is finished by re-sanding the joints and a sealant can also be applied which will protect the surface and discourage weeds from re-growing. Cost depends on size and it is always a good idea to get more than one quote and to ask for references if available. So, spring into action and get those problem areas spruced up and gleaming! By Debbie Singh-Bhatti

the Oven Valet Oven Cleaners

Doing the jobs you hate! Bringing the sparkle back to your oven using non toxic, non caustic products in your home.

01330 823079 07920483233

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Founder and Director of Arting Around at Crathes Castle would like to welcome you to The Wishing Tree - a new and inspiring local Health and Well-being magazine for families in the North East of Scotland - Due out in JUNE 2013. Visit our NEW facebook page - The Wishing Tree and be part of a growing family of followers. If you would like to advertise with us please contact a member of the The Wishing Tree team on 07912 616623.

Arting Around now back open every Saturday and Sunday for drop in craft sessions 1 - 5pm. Birthday Party bookings available Monday through to Sunday -

‘Therapies’ Reflexology is the technique of applying pressure to specific reflex points on the feet which correspond with individual systems, glands and organs of the body. This complementary therapy can boost your health whilst also reducing stress and stimulating the bodies own healing mechanism.

Sylvia R Cant


Now practicing from within Banchory Business Centre, Burn o’ Bennie Road, Banchory. DayTime and Evening Appointments Free parking

Tel : 01330-820110 Mob: 07766 132 840

Margaret Waite Tel no: 07764 168 873

June Hodge Tel no 07715 454 165


First Time buyer


Buy to let Mortgage

With a combined career of over 30 years in Financial Services we have a wealth of experience in advising and meeting the needs of our clients We can source a mortgage for you from the Whole of the Market together with exclusive deals offered to brokers like ourselves through our association with Legal & General Mortgage Club. We will recommend the most suitable mortgage once we have assessed your needs and affordability, it will be the one that best fits your individual circumstances. We can also advise on and arrange protection for your mortgage. For insurance business we arrange policies exclusively from Legal & General. H0123702

Our main aim is to provide a flexible and personal service with evening and weekend appointments if required. Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up the repayments on your mortgage We usually charge £250 for arranging a mortgage, the actual amount payable will depend upon your circumstances. Please call or email to arrange a mutually convenient time to meet.

An eggs-cellent idea! Whatever the weather, children of all ages will love an Easter egg hunt. Try one of these ideas and have a cracking good time!

• For a simple hunt, put plastic eggs around the house or garden that children have to collect to win a prize, or hide small chocolate eggs for them to collect in a basket.

• Add clues to make the search a bit harder. Alternatively, create a treasure map and mark each egg with an X.

• Young children will enjoy following a trail of paper bunny footprints, or a long piece of string to reach their prize.

• Add a fun educational twist using numbered cardboard egg shapes – children can collect odd or even numbers, or get the highest total to win a prize. You could also put the letters of an Easter-themed word on the shapes and challenge them to solve the anagram.

• Set up an ‘obstacle’ hunt. To win each egg, children have to complete a challenge, such as doing ten star jumps, singing a nursery rhyme, or completing a craft activity.

• If you have a mixed group of children, prepare individual checklists so they each find only what is on their list and no more – for example, two chocolate bunnies, three silver eggs and four fluffy chicks. By Alex Brown

All eye examinations covered by NHS Optical Coherence Tomography for early diagnosis of Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration and Retinal Conditions. Digital Retinal Photography Visual Field Analysis Emergency Eye Appointments Large range of Designer frames and specialised spectacle lenses Accredited by RACH for Children’s Eye Examinations

Home Visits Free Car parking Open Late night Tuesday - 7pm & Saturday - 4pm Scott Gilmour BSc (Hons) MCOptom

5 The Courtyard, Cults, Aberdeen AB15 9SD

Telephone : 01224 - 863344

Spicy Mexican Chopped


Serves 4 Preparation Time: 15 minutes (overnight marinade optional)

Ingredients The juice of one lime 60ml olive oil 3/4 teaspoon cumin 400g tin of black beans, rinsed and drained 250g of frozen sweet corn, thawed 1/2 a red chilli, seeded and chopped into small pieces 1 red pepper, seeded and chopped into chunks 1 plum tomato (or large tomato), seeded and chopped into chunks 250g bag of baby spinach 225g crab meat Salt and freshly ground black pepper


Method In a large bowl, combine the lime juice and cumin. Whisk in olive oil and season with salt and pepper. To the same bowl, add the beans, sweet corn, chilli, red pepper and tomato. Toss to combine. (You can let this mixture marinate overnight if preferred). Before serving, toss the spinach with the veggie and dressing mixture. Divide evenly into four portions. Top each with the crab meat and plenty of freshly ground black pepper. Serve with fresh crusty bread. 01224 - 318561 email :

A Garden View

Can You Dig It? Soil, mud, dirt or muck, call it what you will, but is yours any good and can you dig it? One of the most common ‘moans’ I get from gardeners is that “my soil is rubbish”. We’ll presume they mean it’s not great quality (and not that it’s full of litter), but I’m never quite sure what people expect from their soil. Probably a soft, stone free, sifted loam or maybe a dark, rich organic compost such as that found in a grow bag. The reality is that soil, like man, is never perfect. Sometimes too wet, too squidgy, too crumbly, or too firm, and, just like humans, the perfect soil takes hard work to maintain. Now I realise that some people were just born perfect, just as some loamy soils are too. But if you’re not one of the lucky ones, and your soil is more arm pit than Brad Pitt, here’s what to do about it. Like all things in life, there are extremes. I (being a horticultural extremist) had to go the whole hog and excavate the clay from my borders, replacing it with 40cm of topsoil, but unless you’re starting a garden from scratch, and have access to a digger, I’d recommend working with what you already have. I’ve only ever come across one soil type which I didn’t think possible to improve due to its shallow nature, so we just added soil on top to make it deeper.

Whether you have easy-to-dig sandy soil or moisture retentive clay, the addition of a few ingredients will help create a beautiful growing medium. If you are a novice gardener it’s simple, just add wellrotted (not smelly) manure, weed-free and lots of it. For those with clay soil, and more stamina, add horticultural grit to the soil and dig in well, then dig in manure and top off with a 5cm layer of manure to act as mulch. And for those who really can’t be bothered with digging, just add a layer of manure to the soil surface after feeding with a pelleted fertilizer. It’s not ideal, but the worms will drag it down into the soil, and it’s much better than nothing at all. You’ll also have more success in the future if you choose the right types of plants for your soil pH. Testing kits are available online and in garden centres. If you want to grow acid loving plants in a strongly alkaline soil, you can try the addition of sulphur chips, coffee grinds, pine based composts, or planting in tubs of ericaceous compost, but failing that, my advice is to move house! By Lee Bestall Happy gardening,


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‘Old age doesn’t come alone’ ‘Old age doesn’t come alone’, I have heard that said many a time. So what does actually happen during the aging process?

‘young’ for our age. There is one thing that can be done to slow the aging process down, that is EXERCISE!

Scientists have found that at the age of 30 we have reached our peak bone density, particularly women, and that bone mass starts to decline.

Fitness naturally brings about health. Exercising to benefit health is more important than simply exercising for weight loss. If we undertake aerobic activity, such as walking, jogging, running or cycling, we help to maintain a healthy heart, improved glucose control, strong bones and muscles in the lower body but more importantly feel absolutely great. Aerobic activity lasting longer than 20 minutes will start to utilise body fat as an energy source so is a good form of activity for weight loss, if necessary.

It is estimated that we lose 1% of muscle mass, per year, after the age of 30, which can lead to increase in body fat. Strength training can help to slow this reduction down; people of 80-90 years of age have shown significant gains from completing regular strength exercises. These are all changes which naturally occur, even if our routine and food consumption remains the same. Our lifestyle plays a major role in deciding if we look ‘old’ or

Exercising the upper body tends to fall below the radar when we consider being active, as we think of walking, or such

Back pain? Neck pain? Headaches? Confidence Weight Management Anxiety Post Traumatic Stress Eating Disorder Habits Insomnia IBS Depression Motivation Addictions Dental Phobia Obsessional Compulsive Disorder Panic Attacks Sports Achievement Anti-Smoking Anger Management Hypnotic Gastric Band

Brain Based Solution

Whatever your complaint, why not try chiropractic?* Professional, well experienced chiropractors situated locally at: *If you are unsure about chiropractic being the best choice for you, just call for a confidential discussion with the chiropractor.

Focused Hypnotherapy

(Moving from problem to solution - making positive changes)

Sam Luxford RGN RMN DHP HPD MNCH(Reg) CNHC Registered Therapist Solution Focused Clinical Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist Fully qualified and Accredited

23 Rubislaw Den North, Aberdeen, AB154AL M: 07867 936 505 T: 01224-329089


Suite G4/1 Banchory Business Centre Burn O’Bennie, Banchory AB31 5ZU Tel : 01330 826511 email : 01224 - 318561 email :

like, to be sufficient when we consider exercising. However, completing strength based exercise once or twice a week will also bring muscle and bone strength, blood glucose control and good posture. Strength training may also be called resistance training as there is usually some tool that resists the movement to make the muscle work harder. Hand weights, barbells, dumbbells, or a rubber tubing. I regularly use a resistance band similar to that which a physiotherapist may use. They are light weight, but come in several different thicknesses as muscle grows stronger, so a thicker, harder band may be used as time progresses and muscles grow stronger. Strength based exercises may all be completed sitting down and may not have to take up too much time. A 30 minute resistance programme is sufficient to start to gain health benefits, working all major muscles of the body are important to get a balance throughout the body. The seated posture is key, as we can then exercise into good posture. Having length in the spine first and maintaining that position with resistance is vital to see improvements in the way we walk and sit.

blood glucose control and burn more calories at rest. Complete it at your own convenience, the only equipment you need is a seat. The exercises are suitable for beginners, those who wish to add in strengthening exercises or for the older adult who wishes to do more. The DVD gives full explanation as to how to perform the exercise and there are subtitles for the hard of hearing. There is no music on the DVD in order that the instructions are clear; however you may wish to use your own music for variety. A lightweight resistance band is supplied in the DVD box in order that you can get started straight away. You bring the enthusiasm I will provide you with the smile. If you or anyone you know may benefit from the Seated Exercise DVD please go to: or to Also at DFS Sport, High St, Banchory

Exercise brings with it far more benefits that simply looking young, great though that is. It helps us to maintain doing the things we enjoy doing as we get older, particularly as it is during our older years that we have the time, and inclination to be more active. Exercise also bring with it confidence, to be adventurous, to play with the grandchildren, to carry the shopping home, to go walking outside, to live independently. Some of these things we take for granted as younger adults. Targeted strength exercise will help us to know that we still can walk tall. The Seated Exercise DVD, from Laura Walker is just one of the ways you can maintain strength, improve bone density, regulate


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Aberdeen’s Sparkliest Charity Event Aims To Raise Even More For Local Causes Just By having Fun! The pinkest and sparkliest event in Aberdeen’s fundraising calendar - The Bling Fling Tiaras and Trainers Walk -

making a difference to breast cancer research and services at ARI and supporting those who face the life long difficulties that raising a child with learning disabilities can bring.”

is happening again on 19th May - and organisers hope that even more people will sign up to take part in its 5th Anniversary event.

She continued

The event combines a 5 or a 10k walk along the Old Deeside Railway Line in trainers, tiaras and as much bling as entrants can muster with a celebratory pamper party after in the Winter Gardens where entrants really get a chance to enjoy themselves with entertainments, therapies food and of course pink fizz!

This year Bling Fling 5 will take place at the Duthie Park on Sunday 19th May.

Since 2009 the event has attracted hundreds of women -and a few brave men every year who have walked, talked and partied their way to raising over £250 000 for breast cancer services at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary Aberdeen, equipment and services at the Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital and Archway, a local charity supporting almost 200 children, young people and adults with learning disabilities. Bling Fling was started by Aberdeen journalist Sonja and a group of friends after she was diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2008 and she explained why she wanted to do something: “The aim was to give friends and those affected by breast cancer or learning disabilities or both the chance to celebrate life and friendship and have fun while raising money for vital services. The money raised over the last 5 years is already


The great thing about Bling Fling is you don’t have to be super fit to do something amazing - just by coming along and having fun with friends you are doing something special. “

For those thrill seekers looking for something a bit more exciting this year there is also a Bling Fling Highland Fling bungee jump at Killiecrankie. Details of how to register for either events can be found on the event website www., email or telephone 01224 643327. For Further Information Contact: Janine Davies - Tel 01224 317060 Email: Sonja Rasmussen - Tel 07718140269

Need some flyers?

135gsm double-sided A5 size £90 for 1000 (within 7 working days) £108 for 2500 (within 7 working days) Call Sue : 318561 01224 - 318561 email :

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In Memoriam Benjamin Britten ABERDEEN BACH CHOIR Musical Director: Peter Parfitt Aberdeen Sinfonietta

Charity number: No. SC008609

Leader: Bryan Dargie Te Deum in C and Festival Te Deum in E - Benjamin Britten Cantus In Memoriam Benjamin Britten - Arvo Pärt An Oxford Elegy – Vaughan Williams Requiem– Maurice Duruflé Soprano– Lucy Hole Mezzo Soprano – Philippa Thomas Baritone and Narrator– Edward Caswell 7.45pm on Sunday 28th April 2013 St Machar’s Cathedral Tickets: £14 Concessions £12 Students £5 Under 16s free Available from Aberdeen Box Office or from choir members

Wheelchair Access. Large Print. (Braille Programmes: on request 2 weeks before concert)

Want to know more about your body composition, eating habits and physical activity?

Then, the Full4Health study is for you! We are looking to enrol children, teenagers, lean & overweight adults in the following age groups: · 8-10 years old · 13-17 years old · 25-45 years old · 65-75 years old The study involves 4 Breakfast Visits (3.5 hrs) at the Rowett Institute during which you will get a free breakfast and a selection of mid-morning snacks. Harnessing new insights into food, gut and brain interactions will lead to better understanding of our feelings of hunger or satiety.

The study is funded by the European Union Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement n° 266408

For more information or to volunteer, please contact us on (01224) 438691 William Buosi, Dr Daniel Crabtree, 14 01224 - 318561 email :

Bleed Baby Bleed If your radiators feel cold at the top and warm at the bottom, it is likely that air trapped inside them – a common problem that can be fixed quite easily by bleeding them. First, determine which radiators are affected. Switch your central heating on, and then check that each radiator is heated uniformly. Any with cold spots will need bleeding. Before bleeding, turn off the central heating to prevent more air entering the system.

Handyman Services  Everything from dripping taps   and general garden tidy‐ups   to fence building,  patio  laying,  home repairs……. all at  very  reasonable rates. 

Ian Arthur 

M: 07740683715   E: 

Bleed the radiator by inserting a bleed key (supplied with your radiator and available at DIY stores) in the bleed valve at the top of the radiator, whilst holding a cloth or small bowl underneath to catch any leaking water. With your hand wrapped in a cloth for protection, slowly turn the key anticlockwise until a hissing sound occurs. This is the trapped air escaping. Once the hissing stops and water starts to drip out (usually after a few seconds), close the valve back up. Repeat this process for all affected radiators. Turn the central heating back on once finished, and check your radiators after a couple of hours to ensure they have a uniform temperature, and that no water is leaking from the bleed valve. Do this once a year to keep your central heating in tip-top condition. By Debbie Singh-Bhatti




Competitive Prices We Take Pride In a Quality Finish Showroom By Appointment Only Tel : 01224 733402

Bathrooms Kitchens please do mention the deeside gazette when responding to adverts


Here Comes the Bride Every bride wants to look beautiful on their wedding day and this means that as well as choosing the perfect dress, you need to pay attention to hair and make-up.

These should reflect your personality and be worn with ease. A bride who rarely wears makeup is unlikely to be comfortable with a heavy application, and if you are used to a neat hairstyle a looser style may irritate. Go for make-up and hair trials. These will allow you to try out a number of ideas. Take along images of hairstyles and make up looks that you like, and take their professional advice as they will know what will work best. Specialists will also understand photographers’ requirements Weddings are often long events, so it is important that your make up has staying power. Some professionals use special fixing sprays. Creating the perfect base is an important element for longevity. The right shade of foundation is essential, especially when wearing a strapless gown. Matching foundation to your collarbone rather than your face provides consistent colour on body, face and neck.

CND Shellac Power polish (usual price £22) - £19 One Step gel polish (usual price £18) - £15

It’s probably best to highlight either your eyes, or your lips. Highlighting both can look too heavy. Eyebrows need definition and you should choose waterproof mascara. Flash photography can annihilate your blusher and make you look washed out, so take test shots before your wedding day to find out what works best. Your choice of hairstyle will be affected by your dress shape, and the length and texture of your hair. If you are worried about appearing taller than your groom, you may prefer not to choose a style that’s too high on top. A good hairdresser will want to know about your dress style, colour, and any accessories that you wish to wear in your hair in order to get a look that is totally complimentary. In addition to traditional veils and tiaras, sparkly clips and bands are available, or you may choose flowers to decorate your hair. If your hair is coloured, try your dress on with it to make sure the contrast is not too stark, unless you are seeking a dramatic look. Your final colour should be applied one to two weeks before.

We want you to look beautiful and feel good For booking or advice on our treatments contact Natalia Rubene

01330 826508 / 07796 170 022 Offers valid until 30 April 2013

16 01224 - 318561 email :

Conditioner is not recommended for your wedding day as it can make hair unmanageable. Products can be used to fix the style and add shine. Finally, when booking a hairdresser or a make-up artist, you should consider their personality. You may be feeling quite stressed or excitable during your preparations, so choose someone who can help create a relaxing, calm and fun atmosphere, so that you enjoy getting ready for your wedding day. By Susan Brookes-Morris

Looking for a Relaxed atmosphere Personal attention Weddings our speciality

Tel : 322000 Devonair Hairstylists 2 Devonshire Road Aberdeen (off St Swithin St)

Freelance Make up Artist

Based in Scotland, specialising and available for Weddings, all types of occasion make up, educational masterclasses (groups or one-to-one) and fashion editorial. Portfolios available to view:


Contact: 07772 713 706

Make-up Artist

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3000 copies of the magazine are delivered across Banchory and Drumoak and we need mystery houses within the distribution routes to ensure each delivery is carried out thoroughly. All you have to do is register as a mystery house and report to us by phone, text or email each month when you receive your magazine. In return, as a thank you, for each confirmation, the gazette will donate advertising space to a selected local charity nominated by yourselves. Each month the sponsored charity will be highlighted for you to see. To register call : 01224 318561 or email:

include Deeside Mystery as subject line, your name, address and phone number + a charity you’d like to support.

Recession! We chose to save money by cutting back on advertising

Currently things are quiet, so we will probably advertise when things pick up.

18 01224 - 318561 email :

please do mention the deeside gazette when responding to adverts


Let’s Talk Wine... M is for Minerality

1 1



2-4 2-4

5-9 10-19 20+ 5-9 10-19 20+


9% 8% 7% 6% 5% 9% 8% 7% 6% 5% Tel: 0845 5190 447 Tel: 0845 5190 447

3 Free Months Of Fees For All Landlords Joining Us in March & April

YOUR PROPERTY, OUR PRIORITY Tel : 0845 5190 447 238 Holburn Street Aberdeen AB10 6DB

Minerality and why wines can express mineral characteristics is hard to define both from a wine pro and also a scientific point of view and yet the phrase minerality finds its way into my tasting notes time after time. To me, it comes across as firstly as scent – rocks and stones and then as a taste, I suppose similar to that you find in some mineral waters and almost a sensation. It’s not fruity and can be hidden by oak and I do tend to find it in wines that express their origins and the soils that the vines are grown in. If you would like to go on the trail of minerality then a starting point would be Chablis in Northern Burgundy, the Chardonnay vines are grown on Kimmeridgian limestone. Riesling grown on the steep slate soils of the Mosel Valley in Germany can also give you the character or try a Gruner Veltliner from Austria or a Sancerre from the Loire. The flavour/sensation adds to the complexity and the length of flavour of the wine as well as the overall balance. It’s hard to put your finger on it but you know it’s there! Carol Brown T: 01224 312076 M: 07751 520987 Carol Brown is an Aberdeen based Member of the Association of Wine Educators and the Circle of Wine Writers and hosts a range of courses, workshops, dinners and corporate events. She will be hosting sessions at the Style Academy at the Glenmuick Estate in Ballater over the next few weeks.

L A C L Now you have 10 pages of local businesses... Local events, theatre listing, clubs and classes, notices. Keep trade local and start using and supporting local businesses today.

AT BANCHORY Saturday Storytime at Banchory Library Saturday 30th March 2013, 11:00 - 11:30 Cadbury Easter Egg Trail At Drum Castle Saturday 30th March 2013, 11:00 - 16:00 Cadbury Easter Egg Trail At Crathes Castle Saturday 30th March 2013, 10:30 - 16:00 Cadbury Easter Egg Trail At Drum Castle Sunday 31st March 2013, 11:00 - 16:00 Cadbury Easter Egg Trail At Crathes Castle Sunday 31st March 2013, 10:30 - 16:00 Cadbury Easter Egg Trail At Drum Castle Monday 1st April 2013, 11:00 - 16:00 Cadbury Easter Egg Trail At Crathes Castle Monday 1st April 2013, 10:30 - 16:00 Ranger Guided Children’s Walk: Its a Frog’s Life. At Crathes Castle Tuesday 2nd April 2013, 10:30 - 12:00 Ranger Guided Pre-School Walk: Spring At Crathes Castle Wednesday 3rd April 2013, 14:00 - 15:15 Bookbug Rhymetime for Babies at Banchory Library Thursday 4th April 2013, 10:30

AT ABOYNE... Bookbug Baby Rhymetimes at Aboyne Library Tuesday 26th March 2013, 11:30 - 11:50 Bookbug Toddler Rhymetimes at Aboyne Library Tuesday 26th March 2013, 09:00 - 09:30 Aberdeenshire Council Recruitment Day At Victory Hall Tuesday 23rd April 2013, 14:00 - 18:00 Arta Arnicane, Pianist At Deeside CEC Theatre,Aboyne Saturday 27th April 2013, 19:30 AT WOODEND BARN Friday 22 March Chris Dooks: Gardening as Astronomy 01330 825431 Free 9:30am–5pm Hygge : 01330 825431 Free Saturday 23 March Chris Dooks: Gardening as Astronomy 01330 825431 Free Sunday 24 March 10:30am–1pm Dancing on Sundays 01330 825431 £12.50 Monday 25 March 9:30am–5pm Hygge : 01330 825431 Free 4pm–5:30pm

Ranger Guided Children’s walk: Tracks and Signs At Crathes Castle Tuesday 9th April 2013, 10:30 - 12:00

Cool Art for Kids 01330 825431 £45 for four weeks Buy tickets at 5:30pm–8pm

Bookbug Rhymetimes for Toddlers at Banchory Library Friday 12th April 2013, 10:00

Barn Art for Teenagers 01330 825431 £45 for four sessions Tues 26 March

Propagation Workshop at Crathes Castle Saturday 20th April 2013, 09:00 - 17:00 Herbaceous Plants Workshop at Crathes Castle Saturday 20th April 2013, 13:00 - 16:00 Wedding Open Day At Crathes Castle Sunday 21st April 2013, 12:00 - 16:00


Read On Book Group 01330 825431 Free 9:30am–5pm Hygge : 01330 825431 Free 11am Scottish Dance Theatre: Innocence 01330 825431 £5 Wednesday 27 March 9:30am–5pm Hygge : 01330 825431 Free 10am–12pm

Third Stage 01330 825431 Prices to be confirmed Thursday 28 March 9:30am–5pm Hygge : 01330 825431 Free Friday 29 March 9:30am–5pm Hygge : 01330 825431 Free Sunday 31 March 10:30am–1pm Dancing on Sundays 01330 825431 £12.50 Monday 1 April 9:30am–5pm Hygge : 01330 825431 Free Tuesday 2 April 9:30am–5pm Hygge : 01330 825431 Free 2pm The Steadfast Tin Soldier The playful re-telling of Hans Christian Andersen’s poetic story uses puppets and creative lighting to bring props to life. Part of Puppet Animation… 01330 825431 £5 Wed 3 April 9:30am–5pm Hygge : 01330 825431 Free Thursday 4 April 9:30am–5pm Hygge : 01330 825431 Free 2pm Faerie Stories A magical blend of storytelling, music and puppetry to interactively introduce youngsters to the fairy tales that inspired Scotland’s Gaelic… 01330 825431 £5 Friday 5 April 9:30am–5pm Hygge : 01330 825431 Free Sunday 7 April 10:30am–1pm Dancing on Sundays 01330 825431 £12.50 Monday 8 April 9:30am–5pm Hygge : 01330 825431 Free 2pm When Shlemiel Went to Warsaw Solvenia’s Puppet Theatre Maribor’s highly stylised production about Shlemiel, who leaves his boring one-horse town to visit the excitement and… 01330 825431 £5 Tuesday 9 April 9:30am–5pm 01224 - 318561 email :

Hygge 01330 825431 Free Wednesday 10 April 9:30am–5pm Hygge : 01330 825431 Free 2pm Puppet Stew: Puppet Making Workshop A chance for kids aged 3+ to make rod puppets, with help from the experts at Puppet Stew, and plenty of fuzzy, furry, shiny and colourful bits and… 01330 825431 £5 Thursday 11 April 9:30am–5pm Hygge : 01330 825431 Free 7:30pm Opera Bohemia: Madame Butterfly 01330 825431 £12 (£10) Friday 12 April 9:30am–5pm Hygge : 01330 825431 Free 2pm Red Kite: Making Superhero 2D Animations 01330 825431 £5 7:30pm Rohan de Saram and Benjamin Frith 01330 825431 £10.90 (£9.10; Students £4.50) Sunday 14 April 10:30am–1pm Dancing on Sundays 01330 825431 £12.50 Thursday 18 April 7:30pm

Peter Morrison: Broadway and Beyond, Volume Two 01330 825431 £12 (£10) Saturday 20 April 10am Mhairi Hall Trio: Contours of Cairngorm The Mhairi Hall Trio and Patsy Reid perform songs from their debut album, Cairngorm, a blend of classical and traditional sounds. A special strings… 01330 825431 £30 8pm Mhairi Hall Trio: Contours of Cairngorm 01330 825431 £14 (£12; under 16s £5) Sunday 21 April 10:30am–1pm Dancing on Sundays 01330 825431 £12.50 Thursday 25 April 7:30pm

Read On Book Group 01330 825431 Free 9:30am–5pm FOUND and Aidan Moffat: #UNRAVEL 01330 825431 Free Wednesday 1 May 9:30am–5pm FOUND and Aidan Moffat: #UNRAVEL 01330 825431 Free Thursday 2 May 9:30am–5pm FOUND and Aidan Moffat: #UNRAVEL 01330 825431 Free 8pm Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas 01330 825431 £14 (£12; under 16s £5) Friday 3 May

Invisible Empire 01330 825431 Free Friday 26 April 8pm Karine Polwart 01330 825431 £15 (£13; under 16s £5) Sunday 28 April 10:30am–1pm Dancing on Sundays 01330 825431 £12.50 Tuesday 30 April

Recession! We chose to save money by advertising locally with the gazette.

We have successfully raised our profile within a tightly targeted area and people appreciate how great our business is.

Result : more work, more

profit - and people are talking Just compare us to any other local publication! e : t : 01224 - 318561 please do mention the deeside gazette when responding to adverts


Music Theatre Live Entertainment

What’s On in April at His Majesty’s Theatre, Music Hall and Lemon Tree, Aberdeen Monday, April 1: One of Britain’s finest comedians and broadcasters, Marcus Brigstocke with his hotly anticipated new show The Brig Society, in The Lemon Tree Lounge, West North Street, Aberdeen, doors at 7pm. Tuesday, April 2: As part of the Puppet Animation Festival, Lempen Puppet Theatre Company presents The Fisherman and the Pearl, a production featuring puppetry, masks, story-telling and animation for fiveyear-olds upwards, in The Lemon Tree Studio, West North Street, Aberdeen, at 2pm. Tuesday to Saturday, April 2 to 6: On of BBC TV’s most popular and fondly-remembered sitcoms comes to the stage in Birds of a Feather, with Pauline Quirke, Lesley Joseph and Linda Robson, in His Majesty’s Theatre, Aberdeen, at 7.30pm, with 2pm Thursday and 2.30pm Saturday matinees. Wednesday, April 3: Bill Kenwright Ltd presents Wet Wet Wet frontman and solo artist and actor Marti Pellow, in the Music Hall, Aberdeen, at 7.30pm. Thursday, April 4: As part of the Puppet Animation Festival, Garlic Theatre presents There’s a Monster in my Piano, an offbeat jazzy tale for families (aged four years upwards) starring puppets, clowning, animation and a very highly-strung monster, in The Lemon Tree Studio, West North Street, Aberdeen, at 2pm. Thursday, April 4: As seen on BBC1’s Have I got News for You and BBC2’s Never Mind the Buzzcocks, Edinburgh Comedy Award Best Show nominee Tony Law: Maximum Nonsense, in The Lemon Tree Lounge, West North Street, Aberdeen, doors at 7pm. Friday, April 5: Long established as Europe’s most successful-ever exponents of retroinspired rock & roll, Showwaddywaddy prove their music still rocks after 38 years, in The Lemon Tree Lounge, West North Street, Aberdeen, doors at 7pm. Friday, April 5: All tease and no sleaze, with corsets, killer heels, stockings aplenty in An Evening of Burlesque, in the Music Hall, Aberdeen, at 8pm. Saturday, April 6: Seventy-five minute behind-the-scenes tour at Aberdeen’s iconic Edwardian landmark, His Majesty’s Theatre, in HMT at 10.30am. Saturday, April 6: As part of the Puppet Animation Festival, Thalian Kompagnons presents The Steadfast Tin Soldier, a fairy


tale for families (four years old upwards) about a faithful soldier and his adventures, in The Lemon Tree Studio, West North Street, Aberdeen, at 2pm. Saturday, April 6: Returning with his bluest show yet, Roy ‘Chubby’ Brown, still rude, crude and turning headlines into punchlines, in the Music Hall, Aberdeen, at 7.30pm. Saturday, April 6: Under The Noose EP Launch, plus support from Black Heart Beats, FaR and Robbie Flanagan, in The Lemon Tree Lounge, West North Street, Aberdeen, doors at 7.30pm. Monday and Tuesday, April 8 and 9: Bribes, mis-directed contracts, mis-allocation of public money, fiddled expenses, and panic in a hilarious and vicious expose of the corruption of petty power, The Government Inspector, in His Majesty’s Theatre, Aberdeen, at 7.30pm. Tuesday, April 9: As part of the Puppet Animation Festival, Puppet Theatre Maribor presents When Shlemiel Went to Warsaw, the story (for four-year-olds upwards) of lazybones and reamer Shlemiel who sets out for the city of his dreams to discover that sometimes home is best, in The Lemon Tree Studio, West North Street, Aberdeen, at 2pm. Tuesday, April 9: Star of Sky Living’s Psychic Sally on the Road, Sally Morgan, in the Music Hall, Aberdeen, at 7.30pm. Wednesday, April 10: Boasting Ex-Scorpions stars Herman Rarebell and Francis Buchholz, MSG stalwart Wayne Findlay and ex Rainbow/Yingwee Malmsteen’s Doogie White in Michael Shenker’s Temple of Rock, in The Lemon Tree Lounge, West North Street, Aberdeen, doors at 7.30pm. Wednesday, April 10: Delivering all the classic hits – Hotel California, Tequila Sunrise, The Last Resort – The Illegal Eagles: Heaven Heats Up Tour, in the Music Hall, Aberdeen, doors at 7pm. Wednesday and Thursday, April 10 and 11: Produced and directed by Ellen Kent, Bizet’s Carmen, starring international mezzo soprano Nadia Stolianova, in His Majesty’s Theatre, Aberdeen, at 7.30pm. Thursday, April 11: As part of the Puppet Animation Festival, Tortoise in a Nutshell presents The Last Miner, an immersive and original tale (for four year olds upwards) remembering an amazing life among the coal dust, using puppetry, light and shadow and an innovative soundscape, in The Lemon Tree Studio, West North Street, Aberdeen, at 2pm.

Thursday, April 11: Royal Scottish National Orchestra present Concieto de Aranjuez, with conductor Gilbert Varga and guitarist Miloš Karadaglićs and a programme which includes Respighi, Rodrigo, and Martucci, in the Music Hall, Aberdeen, at 7.30pm. Friday, April 12: Relive the 60s with original artists singing their greatest hits, in The Solid Silver 60s Show, with the original voice of the Searchers Mike Pender, Dave Berry and Wayne Fontana, in the Music Hall, Aberdeen, at 7.30pm. Friday, April 12: BRIT Awards Best Female Artist 2008 and chart-topper Kate Nash, in The Lemon Tree Lounge, West North Street, Aberdeen, doors at 7.30pm. Friday to Sunday, April 12 to 14: Nickelodeon’s Dora the Explorer LIVE! takes to the stage and with the help of the audience and some courageous friends, she uses her map-reading, counting, musical and language skills in the Search for the City of Lost Toys, in His Majesty’s Theatre, Aberdeen, at 4pm on Friday, 10am, 1pm and 4pm on Saturday and 10am and 1pm on Sunday. Saturday, April 13: As part of the Puppet Animation Festival, Clydebuilt Puppet Theatre presents Rapunzel, a tale for fouryear-olds upwards, with specially recorded music, beautifully-made rod puppets and Steve Smart’s masterly puppetry skills, in The Lemon Tree Studio, West North Street, Aberdeen, at 2pm. Saturday, April 13: An evening of song, laughter and legendary stories in the Patsy Cline 50th Anniversary Tour, featuring Sandy Kelly and George Hamilton lV, in the Music Hall, Aberdeen, at 7.30pm. Saturday, April 13: Back with a series of gigs in the UK, to coincide with the release of the band’s highly anticipated ninth studio album, Big Country, in The Lemon Tree Lounge, West North Street, Aberdeen, doors at 7.30pm. Saturday, April 13: With Blitz Entertainment, Aberdeen Performing Arts presents a HOT murder mystery dinner. . . set in the stifling heat of Egypt’s Valley of the Kings amid an expedition searching for the tomb of Rhamalot III, at 1906 restaurant in His Majesty’s Theatre, Aberdeen, at 8pm. Sunday, April 14: Featuring 10CC classics and some of the hits the band co-founder also wrote for other artists, 10CC’s Graham Gouldman & Friends, in The Lemon Tree Lounge, West North Street, Aberdeen, doors at 7pm. 01224 - 318561 email :

what’s on round and about Monday, April 15: Ivor Novello award winning songwriter, former singer in Orange Juice and successful solo artists Edwyn Collins, in The Lemon Tree Lounge, West North Street, Aberdeen, doors at 7.30pm. Wednesday, April 17: An Evening with Stars from Strictly Come Dancing, starring Pasha Kovalev and Katya Virshilas plus their stunning dancers in the Music Hall, Aberdeen, at 7.30pm. Wednesday to Saturday, April 17 to 20: Aberdeen Students’ Charities Campaign presents Spital Shop of Horrors, when plant genetics create a brand new breed of plant at Duthie Park’s Winter Gardens, the cute little shrub proves troublesome when it comes to her voracious appetite, in His Majesty’s Theatre, Aberdeen, at 7.30pm on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday and at 5pm and 8.30pm on Friday, with a 2.30pm Saturday matinee. Friday, April 19: Famed AC/DC cover band Hell’s Bells, in The Lemon Tree Lounge, West North Street, Aberdeen, doors at 7.30pm. Saturday, April 20: Visible Fictions presents The Mark of Zorro, in a thrilling escapade of swash-buckling fun, in The Lemon Tree Studio, West North Street, Aberdeen, at 7pm.

Saturday April 20: Singers, Dancers and the ever –popular Bucksburn and District Novice Juvenile Pipe Band deliver a feast of Scottish traditional culture with the Scottish Fiddle Orchestra, in the Music Hall, Aberdeen, at 7.30pm. Saturday, April 20: Penning songs which have been responsible for the sale of over 360 million records worldwide including over 30 chart-topping hits such as The Air That I Breathe and When I Need You, singer and songwriter Albert Hammond, in The Lemon Tree Lounge, West North Street, Aberdeen, doors at 7.30pm. Sunday, April 21: On what would have been his 80th birthday, Steve Robertson’s family and friends present a programme of musical and comic entertainment which meant a lot to him in, A Wonderful Guy, in His Majesty’s Theatre, Aberdeen, at 7.30pm. Tuesday, April 23: Singer-songwriter King Charles, whose sound has been described as everything from psychedelic rock to folk-pop, in The Lemon Tree Lounge, West North Street, Aberdeen, doors at 7.30pm. Tuesday to Saturday April 23 to 27: The chance to meet dead people from the history books with Horrible Histories, presenting The

Terrible Tudors at 7pm on Tuesday, 10.30am on Wednesday, 10.30am on Friday, 1.30pm on Thursday and 2.30pm on Saturday, and The Vile Victorians at 1.30pm on Wednesday, 10.30am on Thursday and 7pm on Friday and Saturday, in His Majesty’s Theatre, Aberdeen. Wednesday, April 24: Tumult in the Cloud present as double bill of plays about young lads at crucial points in their lives, inspired by the Iliad and Glasgow’s knife culture, Fleeto & Wee Andy, in The Lemon Tree Studio, West North Street, Aberdeen, at 7pm. Thursday, April 25: Scottish indie-rock trio, The Twilight Sad, take their anthemic rock music to The Lemon Tree Lounge, West North Street, Aberdeen, doors at 7.30pm. Friday, April 26: Not an exercise in nostalgia but a revolt against time and a faithful recreation of the sights and sounds of Led Zeppelin at their awesome best, Letz Zep, in The Lemon Tree Lounge, West North Street, Aberdeen, doors at 7.30pm. Saturday, April 27: With the top grade 1 pipe band St Laurence O’Toole Pipe Band, a concert of Scottish music by the

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Invite your friends, family or school to breakfast to help sick children in hospitals and hospices across the UK


fantastic prizes


HOT LINE 0845 600 1924 Wallace & Gromit’s Big Breakfast raises funds for Wallace and Gromit’s Children’s Foundation, which supports children’s healthcare throughout the UK. Registered charity 1096483. Company number 04659630. © and ™ Aardman/Wallace & Gromit Limited 2013.

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Make A Gift That Will Make A Difference

Easter Revision Classes

DAWGS finds loving new homes for abandoned and unwanted dogs, and for those whose owners due to frailty or ill- health find they can no longer take care of them.

Higher, Intermediate and Standard Grades covered. Two Day Intensive Recap, Exam Techniques and Study help.

We have given thousands of dogs a second chance over the last 15 years. We receive no statutory funding and rely on donations and legacies to fund our caring work. Recent legacies have helped fund emergency vet bills, emergency kennel care and animal behaviourists and trainers in special situations. Please help us give more dogs the chance to live out their lives in a safe and loving home through a donation or legacy. For more information contact:

in Aberdeen City Centre.

Application Form Discount Code Gaz10.

6 Small Holdings Lang Stracht Aberdeen Tel 01224 208989 email:

Call Marie 07400107756 or

Scottish Charity Number: SCO22666


20 Aquithie Road, Kemnay 01467 643917 Email FREE ADVICE & QUOTATIONS / EVENING SURVEYS AVAILABLE We pride ourselves on value for money Intruder & Fire Alarm Systems We specialise in Wireless and Wired Intruder Alarm Systems,

Fire Alarm Systems, Fire Extinguishers, CCTV, Door Entry Systems, Fire Risk Assessments and Fire Extinguisher Training. We fit External Electric Sockets for Garden Tools and Garden & Christmas Lighting. Lights and Heating for Greenhouses, Sheds and Summer Houses. Our shop in Aquithie Road, Kemnay stocks a large variety of light bulbs, including 60w/100w bulbs

For Peace of Mind at Home or Work ..... CUMMING FIRE & SECURITY .....Call Us Now 01467 - 643917

26 01224 - 318561 email :

clubs and classes...

2367 (Banchory) Squadron - Air Training Corps

The Air Training corps is a uniformed youth organisation supported by the Royal Air Force. For young people aged 13 and 17. Mon & Thur 7- 9.30pm McCombie Cadet Centre, Woodside Road, Banchory Awana A free childrens club (Nursery to P7) Wed, 6.00 7.30pm Banchory Christian Fellowship Church, Burn of Bennie, Banchory Banchory & District Bridge Club For new people coming into the district, we can help with a bridge partner Tuesday, 6.50pm for 7pm start Burnett Arms Hotel, Banchory Banchory & District Round Table For men aged 18 - 45 years Thursday, 7pm for 7.30pm Every 1st and 3rd Thursday, Banchory Lodge Hotel, Banchory Banchory Boys Football Club Last Sunday of the month, 7pm Caters for children from last year in nursery to P7 for Saturday training sessions from 10 - 11.30am at KGV Park Banchory and then for development and competitive teams from U8 to U19 levels Banchory British Legion Banchory Community Badminton Club All abilities and ages welcome, Friday, 10-11.30am, Banchory Sports Centre Banchory Cricket Club Cricket available from 8 years of age through to seniors Burnett Park, Banchory Banchory East Badminton Club For age 14 years and upwards. Mon, 8-10pm, Banchory Academy Games Hall Banchory Gymnastics Club Girls from Primary 2 upwards. Waiting list in operation Tuesday , 3.30pm 5pm Banchory Sports Centre Banchory Singers are a mixed voice Community Choir. Meet at the community centre at Banchory Academy Raemoir Road Banchory AB31 5TQ each Wednesday evening during school term time. 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm. Further info about the choir can be found on Banchory Senior Citizens Club Meet during school term times. All ages welcome. The choir is always interested in new members; if you are a Bass, Tenor, Alto or Soprano and would like to join the choir then the easiest way is to turn-up at the Banchory Academy PRF room (near the Sports Hall) on Wednesdays at 7:30pm. Practice lasts for about 2 hours. 01330 - 822977 or 825495 Banchory Sports Centre Banchory, AB315XP Phone: 01330 825269 E: Banchory St Ternan Football Club Tuesday, Thursday , 7 - 9pm Games on Saturday 1pm Milton Park, Crathes Banchory Stonehaven Athletic Club For ages: 9 years to adult Monday Mackie Academy, Slug Road, Stonehaven, AB39 3DF Banchory Trampoline Club. We teach from Pre-School to youth, from beginner to excellence. Sessions most days at Banchory Sports Centre. Contact; John Wills at

Birse Community Trust Exists to promote the common good of the inhabitants of Birse Parish and deliver wider public benefits. The Old Schoolhouse, Finzean Birse Community Trust Exists to promote the common good of the inhabitants of Birse Parish and deliver wider public benefits. The Old Schoolhouse, Finzean Campfield & Glassel WRI 1st Tuesday of each month. September - April, 7.30pm , Glassel Hall, Glassel City of Roses (Sweet Adelines International) Ladies singing group. Being able to read music an advantage but not necessary Mon, 7.15-10.00pm Drumoak Church Hall, Drumoak Corse SWRI Tuesday, Evening , 3rd Tuesday of the month Corse Hall, Corse, Lumphanan Deeside Childrens Music Group From 9 - 15 years, Thursday, 4pm - 5.30pm In term time only, Aboyne Academy, Aboyne Deeside Community Transport Two community minibuses for hire by community groups and non-profit groups. Both 17 seats and wheelchair adaptable. Charges are £1.00 per mile (as at July 2012), with a minimum invoice of £20.00. Deeside Gliding Club Instruction available to all ages groups (subject to a minimum weight / height) in flying gliders. New members welcome Deeside Heritage Society Disabled access. Members and guests welcome. Tea and Coffee available. Third Wednesday of month, September to March, Bowling Club Pavilion Deeside Musical Society We cater for ages 16 years onwards, but depending on productions we also cater for children e.g. if we are performing a pantomime. Fees £40 per session, concessions £30. Monday, 7.30pm Aboyne Academy Community Centre Deeside Orchestra Any age from 16 years and upwards. Tuesday, 7.30-9.45pm Victory Hall. Ballater Road Aboyne Deeside Hillwalking Club An informal but active group, based around Banchory who focus on climbing munros and corbetts around Scotland. Minimum age 18 years We have a programme of events throughout the year, meeting approximately every 3rd weekend Deeside Rugby Football Club Membership is open to all abilities and ages. Games and training at Woodend Playing Fields, Banchory. For Matches and Training Times www. Deeside School of Dance All types of class and singing and drama from 3yrs to adult Mon-Sat, Hill of Banchory South Banchory

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clubs and classes...

Deeside Youth Musical Theatre Age range 10 - 17 years. Theatre and musicals group performing one show per year usually in March Thurs, 6.30 - 8.00pm Deeside Community Centre Deeside Steam & Vintage Club Promotes the collection of steam and vintage machinery. Various events in the summer months from tractor runs to our annual rally The Deeside Village Hopper service is open to everyone! A scheduled service running Mon-Friday. Please call for details 013398 85222, or see: Deeside Writers First meeting free. £2 per meeting thereafter. Annual membership £10 Tuesday, 7.30pm 3rd Tuesday of the month Woodend Barn, Banchory Drumoak & Durris Playgroup Tuesday-Friday mornings, 9.15am-11.15am Crossroads Nursery, Slug Road, Banchory Drumoak Durris Crathes Bowling Club Fees: Outdoor £50. Indoor £10, Juniors £12, Young Bowlers £25, Hats £1.50 Hat nights / Afternoons Tues & Frid 7pm or Wed & Sat 2pm. All ages welcome. Bowling Pavilion, Off North Deeside Road, Drumoak Durris Junior Agricultural Club Fees - depends on the age. Ages 14-26 to compete in competitions Varies, Usually 7.30pm Kirkton Hall, Durris Durris SWRI Disabled access. Fees £12 per year. Monday , 7.30pm 2nd Monday of the month Kirkton Hall, Durris Finzean : The Jolly Singers Finzean Hall Weds. 7.30 – 8.30 Bach to Berlin, via Berlioz and Burns. Small group (mostly a capella) welcomes non readers. Louise 01330 850323 Finzean SWRI Thursday, 7.30pm 3rd Thur of every month from Sept until April Finzean Hall, Finzean Fitness for the Over 50s Monday, 11am - 12.30pm Weekly, Sept to June, Victory Hall, Aboyne Footstars A fun football and fitness activity for boys and girls aged 2-6 years. Currently running sessions 7 days a week in Banchory, Stonehaven and Westhill www. Friends of Durris Forests We work closely with Forestry Commission Scotland to monitor the use, accessibility and state of Durris Forest and its outliers. Girlguiding - Banchory 3 Rainbow Units aged 5-7, 4 Brownie Units aged 7-10 and 3 Guide Units aged 10-14 but due to Waiting Lists we would like to open further Units when we can get the Volunteer Leaders Banchory Morris Men Telephone 01330 822320 Lively dancing with stick, bells, etc. (and not just English, we also do Scottish dances at Crathes Village Hall - 815pm on a Tuesday. Noahs Ark From Bumps to 3 years of age. Mums have opportunity for a coffee and a blether! Friday, 10am-12 West Church Hall, Banchory


Raemoir WRI For any age, Tuesday, 7pm, Third Tuesday of the month, Dalvenie Gardens Resource Centre, Raemoir Lane, Banchory Rotary Club of Banchory Ternan Open to all rotarians. Wednesday, 6.15pm for 6.30pm The Burnett Arms Hotel, Banchory Royal Deeside 41 Club Friday - First Friday each month Burnett Arms Hotel, Banchory Royal Deeside Railway Preservation Society Railway restoration & working railway. All welcome Mon,Tues, Fri, Sat, Sun, Daytime Light and heavy volunteer work available Milton of Crathes Visitor Centre, Crathes Saltire Tae Kwon-do Academies Age specific programmes. Ninja Kidz (4-6 yrs), Dragon Warriors (7-9 yrs), Juniors (10 - 12 yrs), Youth/Seniors (13+yrs) and Korean Kickboxing www. Scottish Accordion Music Group Sunday, 2nd Sunday of month Kirkton Hall, Durris Splat 0-5 s Music Group Children aged 0 - 5 years invited with carers. Fee: 50p per family. Disabled access and facilities Wednesday, 2pm - 3.15pm Term time only Drumoak Church Hall Tai Chi Aberdeenshire For information about classes, tuition for groups or individuals, view the website. Instructor member of Tai Chi Union for Great Britain Take a Seat Adapted seated classes of Tai Chi (Tai Ji) and Chi Gung (Qi Gong) for people who are unable to stand to exercise Tarland Film Club Monthly films chosen by you. BYO snacks/refreshments. Open to those aged over 18 years in the Tarland area. Held in the upstairs room at the MacRobert Hall. Email:, or telephone 07880 935803. Facebook under ‘Tarland film-group’. Tom-Toms Singing group for Mums and carers with little ones from birth to 4 years. Fees £2 per family per week. We run 2 sessions ; 10 - 10.30, then 10.30 - 11 am. After each session refreshments are available. This is a busy group and you are advised to call first. Banchory Ternan East Church Halls, Station Road, Banchory Details from Tooters Music classes for young children in 3 age groups, Tooter Tots 0 - 2, Tooters 2 - 5 & Toots P1 & P2. Activities include singing, games, movement and instrument activities. Upper Deeside Art Society Annual fee of £18.00, individual workshop fee of £20.00. Talks cover a range of arts related subjects, while the workshops cater for a variety of mediums and subjects. Friday, 2pm Monthly, also monthly Saturday workshops Aboyne Bowling Club White Crane Tai Chi Classes in Tai Chi (Tai Ji) and Chi Gung (Qi Gong). Established 2000 7pm Banchory classes held on a Monday, 01224 - 318561 email :

Woodside Playgroup For children aged 2years 10 months to 4 years Daily, 9.30am-12 noon 12.453.15pm Burnett Park Pavilion, Banchory Script to Screen & Stage Drama & Film classes for children of 7-12 years of age. Aboyne Class held in Victory Hall Thursday 4pm-6.30pm Banchory Classes held in Banchory Guide Hut 4pm -6pm & 6.15pm - 8.15pm Tel:01339 886265 email: Strachan SWRI Ladies Over 50+ ÂŁ16 annual fee. Meet every third Thursday of the month. 7.30pm at Strachan Village Hall - Sept to May Tel : 01330 850442 for info. Aberdeen Patchwork & Quilting 01224 310379 The group meet monthly. Consisting of both beginners and more experienced quilters. We have speakers, demonstrations, workshops etc and would welcome new members. usually every third Wednesday in the month at Rubislaw Church Centre - 19.30-21.00 Facebook at aberdeenquilters or e: Soft furnishing class in the Inchmarlo Hall Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning. I take 10 persons in each class and they can make anything from a cushion, blinds, curtains or re-covering dining room chairs. Classes run in school term approximately 10 weeks. Contact Moira : 01330822984 Rotary Club of Aboyne and Upper Deeside Meets on Monday evenings, alternating between the Boat Inn Aboyne and the Glen Lui Hotel Ballater. Guests welcome. For more information see us on Facebook and/or contact Mike Powell on 013398 86369 or

11am - 4pm Boys Brigade HQ, Crimon Place, Aberdeen.

2013 market dates: 27th April 25th May 29th June

27th July 26th October 31st August 30th November 28th September 14th December

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30 01224 - 318561 email :

Protect your pet This year’s National Pet Month runs from 1 April to 6 May. The campaign aims to tell people about the benefits of having a pet and create awareness of how we should care for them. It also highlights the role and value of working companion animals, such as guide dogs. There will be pet-themed events all over the country during the month, including open days, fundraising events, shows and fun competitions. Last year’s campaign raised around £12,000 for local charities. You can find out what’s happening near you at A free pack for event organisers and lots of useful tips are also available from the website. Of course, one of the main ways we can keep our furry friends healthy and happy is by getting them regularly vaccinated against infectious diseases. For the first few weeks of their lives, puppies and kittens will be protected from infections by their mother’s milk, as long as she has been regularly vaccinated. However, after this time they will need regular

vaccinations. Puppies are normally vaccinated at eight and 10 weeks, and kittens at nine and 12 weeks, with an initial course of two injections. They will then need to be given a booster 12 months after their first vaccination, and regularly throughout their lives. Older pets may need additional vaccinations as their immunity can decline. Here are the main diseases that pets are routinely vaccinated against: Dogs – canine parvovirus, canine distemper virus, leptospirosis and infectious canine hepatitis. Dogs may need a kennel cough vaccine if they will be spending some time in kennels. This protects against parainfluenza virus and bordetella bronchiseptica. If you are taking your dog abroad, they may also need to be vaccinated against rabies. Cats – feline infectious enteritis, feline herpes virus, feline calicivirus and feline leukaemia

virus (if they are at risk). Rabbits – myxomatosis and rabbit haemorrhagic disease (RHD). Many of these diseases are now thankfully very rare, but if an animal does catch one, they can be difficult and expensive to cure, or even fatal. Some can also be transmitted to humans. Your vet will give you a card to record when vaccinations are given. They should also remind you when boosters are due. Going to the vet on a regular basis, also means that they can keep an eye on your pet’s general health and spot any potential problems early on. Remember – prevention is better than cure!

By Alex Brown

W.A.G.S. dog grooming salon

offers the latest techniques in clipping, scissoring and handstripping. Indulge your pet with our massaging Hydrobath and spa treatments. Our brand new boutique features deluxe pet clothing and accessories from Puchi Petwear, Pet London and Oscar and Hooch. Your dog will be sure to love our selection of Bella's Homemade Treats!

Burn o' Bennie Banchory AB31 5QA

Tel: 01330 822474

please do mention the deeside gazette when responding to adverts


Old Skene Road, Kingswells, Aberdeen, AB15 8QA Tel. 01224 740318 Email.


Your lunch or dinner bill Monday to Thursday during March and April 2013

Voucher can be used once only and only one voucher per table. Voucher cannot be exchanged for cash. Valid until 30 April 2013 CODE -DG

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Community magazine for Drumoak and Banchory