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Last year your 1% raised : Kingswells Scouts £1377.22 Girl Guides £1429.22 Kingswells Community Council Initiative £1541.33 ======================

This year your 1% will raise money for : JUST DANCE - Raising funds for the 2020 Dance show in Aberdeen Art Centre Tiny Too 2’s Group Raising funds to modify the garden to make it an all weather surface 1st Kingswells Scouts Raising funds for new equipment

The lovely Alison got in touch from the COOP and we met up to find out a bit more about the Pioneer Programme and how using your membership card (only costs a £1 to join) to buy COOP OWN BRAND products not only gives you a wee dividend to spend on your next shop but 1% goes towards not one but three local charities. Alison is determined that the Kingswells Community are going to get behind her three charities. You can opt to support one of the three/all of the three/ or support a charity elsewhere. But as you can see from last year the groups get a nice wee sum of money to help towards their cause! Alison is very pro-active and has set up a wee coffee group at the Community Centre who meet on the 2nd Wednesday every month at 1.30pm. Just for a chat or to discuss whatever you like. Alison is indeed extremely sociable and will bend over backwards to help you out. So let’s help her beat last year’s money raised. It costs you NOTHING other than a purchase of the card but you’ll get that back in dividends very quickly. If you’d like your club/charity to be put forward for 2020/2021 Fundraising - pop into the Coop and Alison will help you out.

Get in touch... Sue Gregory phone : 01383 279 355 email : kingswells@ web :

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Cover story ... Say a warm welcome to Heidi our Cover Pup! Suzanne her owner very kindly does a lot of distributing for me and sometimes you’ll see Heidi in tow. As this copy of the magazine drops through your letterox you’ll have between 25 to 19 days to go to Christmas. It would be lovely if it was a white one, to add to the magic. Here I am on Issue 40 - nearly 7 years I’ve been putting the magazine together and I do hope you enjoy it. Inside we have another gift guide which is full of ideas to help you shop locally. The Village Hotel has a great idea for Ate Days - check out the advert it’s fab! Kippie is having an Open Day at the beginning of the year an opportunity to pop over the by-pass and check out the facilities on offer and have a wee shot. Can’t get out to a class then why not keep fit with Laura online! Have you been thinking of replacing your front door or even your garage door then Abode and Garolla are here to show off their lovely products, or maybe a fence has blown down then call on the Handymancan. A big shout out to our other very regular advertisers too. It just leaves me with enough space to say thank you for 2019 - to the delivery team who go out regardless of weather. To you the readers for choosing to pick it up from the doormat and support the advertising and local community. I’ll be back with a new magazine for you at the start of February, please do get in touch if you have anything you would like included. Deadline is 25 January 2020!

Sue x


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Kingswells Primary School News Girls Science Needs You! A few months ago, all of the P7 girls were asked if they wanted to take part in a STEM competition. They were told they had to design a poster that would hopefully influence women to work for their company. About twenty girls put their names down but only four could go to the competition. All of the names were put into a hat and four pieces of paper were drawn out of it. A week or so later Abbie, Katie, Sofia and Grace were told that they had been chosen to go to the competition. Now we were a team! We had to pretend that we were managers of the company Aberdeen Engineering International. We had to design a poster, which had to include what jobs were available, benefits of the company and to be appealing to women as a career. The poster had to be size A3. Of course we knew we couldn’t just say we need females etc as that would be discrimination, so we had to be creative and think of what working women want. We would have to present our poster and have 15 minutes to speak. We did some research into numbers of women in STEM careers in the UK to help show reasons for the need to recruit more women. We focused on the strengths women have and why their skills would be suited to a career in Aberdeen Engineering International. The competition took place on the 28th of September 2019. On the way to the competition Looking to advertise ? Call Sue t : 01383 279 355

in the car we were all excited and a little nervous. It was hard to find because there were three or four different buildings. The staff from Oceaneering all introduced the different schools and themselves and told us the order of the day. First, each school was put into a hat and were picked out to tell us the order of who was speaking. Our school was last. After we had all spoken, whilst the judges decided the placing, we ate lunch. After lunch we were told the winners. Our school won! We were ecstatic! Then the judges couldn’t decide who was second and third because they said two schools were even. The second and third placed schools got £500 as prize money, and our school got £1000 as prize money! We will get to help decide what to do with the money. We would like to get some cool science or technology equipment which will help make learning exciting. All of the children involved got a goody bag which was very kind of the organisers. The staff said they were impressed with all of the pupils who took part.

Back at school we told our teachers and they were delighted with us. Our parents were also really proud of how well we had done. Now we love science even more! e :


Kingswells Primary School News

P6HC NextGen 2019 STEM Event On Friday 4th October 2019, P6HC participated in a NextGen 2019 STEM Workshop, where we learned about engineering and STEM careers. This included a mini exhibition, some presentations about “What is engineering?” ”A day in the life of an engineer” and “How oil is formed.” We also did a helipad and Lego challenge. At the mini exhibition, we learned what an oil rig looks like, how car engines work, different types of energy and how oil is formed. In the video about “What is engineering?” we learnt that we need engineers in everyday life with things we take for granted like phones or lights. What we learnt when we saw a slide show about “A day in the life of an engineer” is that we know the different types of engineers, what the different types of pipes under the sea for oil rigs are and what you do if you were to work on an oil rig. What we learnt when we saw a slide show about “How oil is made” is that oil comes from dead fossils or plant that are underground. Then comes migration when the oil moves up into reservoir rock and then after that it migrates again and goes to a rock which will stop it from going up to the surface. This is shaped like and arch so that people know where to drill when the oil comes up. What we did

during the helipad challenge is that two groups had to make a helipad out of paper and tape, and for the Lego challenge two groups had to build different structures that engineers use to collect oil out of Lego. We enjoyed the workshop because we learned about engineering in a fun and interactive way. Everything they said was clear and relatable. The videos were interesting and made a lot of sense to everyone. They made sure we understood everything. The helipad and Lego challenge activities at the end were most people’s favourite parts because they were interactive. We learned the basics of geology and engineering. We learned that engineering is not just computers and phones, it is also bridges and finding better materials for pipes and improving them. As part of the geology, we learned that oil is found in source rock and engineers know where to dig because of advancements in technology. Looking into the future, we think this workshop will help people develop and learn more about engineering and think about job options. When they showed us a video about engineering, it helped us see how far we have come but how many things still need to be figured out. The workshop made us think about how we need more engineers and how we could help in the future. By Sebastian, Lucy, Jack and Abhi


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Kingswells Primary School News

Science Club In Kingswells Primary School we have a science club for P6s on Thursday lunchtimes. We are lucky to have parent helpers and STEM volunteers to run this club. It has been running for three years now and they have even won awards for the great activities they do! In science club we learn about many different areas of science each week in a fun and interactive way. The volunteers bring interesting materials so we can get a deeper understanding and develop our interest in science. They keep us engaged during exciting explanations, fun activities and hands on experiments. Here are some things we have done in the past few weeks: We learned about atoms and molecules using M&Ms and paper plates, we had a hands on experience using circuits and an internal combustion engine, and we learnt about different types of energy using marbles. We think the skills we are learning are important life skills which can be transferred in other areas for school, work and life in general. Science club welcomes everyone. The science club volunteers and our school are particularly keen to encourage more girls to do science and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) activities. We look forward to every session in anticipation of what exciting area we will be looking at next. We hope this article will inspire more P6 children to come and join us in science club so we can open the minds of young people in Kingswells! By Holli, Tomas, Aaron and Lucy Looking to advertise ? Call Sue t : 01383 279 355

e :


Breathing, is it really THAT simple? “Breathing is good, keep doing it” is a phrase I regularly use in class. To which I often receive a retort of ‘Its better than the alternative’. There is a focus on breath in many exercise classes whether it’s the Pilates class I run in Mannofield to move with your breath, or in a cardiac class, like the one I run at The Hub, Cults, to measure your heart rate with the rate of your breath. Breathing becomes an indicator of the fitness of your body. If you’re out of breath your body is challenged. Moving your body in time to your breath is less challenging on your heart, but there are still oxygen demands on the body’s muscles. It’s your breath which allows the oxygen to get to the working muscles to make them work in class. With dysfunctional breathing causing reduced oxygen you’ll feel like you have no energy. We rarely think of our breath as an indicator to wellness. Breathing is a stabilising mechanism within the body. The pelvis is the centre of the body and the pelvic floor and diaphragm move in harmony. As you breathe in so the pelvic floor and diaphragm bow downwards. Just as when you breathe out the pelvic floor and diaphragm bow upwards. A good breathing technique restores good function within the whole body and in particular good pelvic health. For example, when you make a noise when you get out of a seat! Who does that, why do you do that? When did it start? Though there can be many factors to preventing a good breathing pattern, such as stress, environment, pregnancy, surgery, posture, illness to name a few. Adopting a good breathing technique may help many of these factors. After all, if the muscles are not getting the oxygen, it becomes difficult to do anything. It is a bit like making a noise when getting out of a seat. It is done because you are holding your breath to move. The diaphragm is being used as a stabilising muscle. So the breath is held as the standing movement occurs which may cause other issues. When you need to breath, that’s when the noise occurs, the diaphragm will stop being a stabilising muscle which causes balance to become an issue, or dizziness occurs on standing. Exhaling as you stand is a good breath pattern get into, 8

at any age, and then you can use the muscles at the back of the hips, gluteus max, to get out of the seat. As this becomes a habit so we are less likely to lose it as we get older. After all the gluteus max is the biggest muscle in the body so we may as well us it to do the function it’s there to do, stand up. The diaphragm and core muscle are then engaged and working to stabilise the body in order to stand up. The diaphragm sits at the top of the core and if we can centre the breath we create freedom for the breath. Neck or back pain may come from lack of strength in the diaphragm. Sit for 2 minutes a day breathing in through the nose, with mouth closed, for 5 seconds and breathing out through the nose, with mouth closed, for 5 seconds. This will slow the breath to calm the heart rate and help you to use the breath and core muscles to stabilise on movement instead of holding your berate. Alternatively join me in a new Back Care Pilates class at the Squash Club on Wednesday morning from 10:0010:55am starting in 8th January 2020. I will be covering the breathing techniques in this brand new class.

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Latest News Readers are reminded that a full account of Community Council business and other local and Aberdeen news is available on our website kingswells connected.

Seasons Greeting from CHAIR of KCC

Dates for 2020 will be confirmed at the last KCC meeting of the 2019 on the 9th of December at Adventure Aberdeen. Why not pop along for a mince pie and a natter?

By the time this goes to press the festive spirit will be well and truly in full swing and I wanted to reflect on my first year in this role, mainly highs and a few lows, however despite some challenge our commitment to the residents, local business and groups in Kingswells has never faltered. Our engagement with and visibility to the community has improved significantly, feedback on the whole has been positive, crime in Kingswells remains low however there is still a need for us all to be more vigilant about securing our property. Most of all I enjoy the diversity and differing skills and experience of the current community council members and think this has helped us greatly with the council mandate and making Kingswells an even better place to be.

Finally we would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and prosperous 2020 and look forward to another new year as your Community Council representatives.

We are always keen to hear from other like minded people who want to make a difference to others in the community and you can participate in a number of ways e.g. full member, associate, volunteer or attendance at any of the monthly meetings.


Russell Ritchie Chair – KCC


Residents of Kingswells will have been made aware of the work to be carried out at the above locations through the medium of the local newspapers and social media. Work starts from 6th January 2020 and residents should be prepared for some major disruption

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and delays to travel especially at peak times. The new road to Countesswells and its junction with the A944 roundabout is scheduled for completion within a 3-month construction period and during this time will be closed to all traffic and pedestrians. The second phase of the works to the north side of the roundabout is programmed to start shortly after phase one is finished and is also programmed to take three months to complete. This work will mainly cause disruption to traffic travelling from Westhill to Kingswells and beyond. . Although the contract period for each phase has been agreed it should be borne in mind that work associated with roundabouts and underground services is notoriously difficult to programme accurately. This along with the time of year may cause some slippage to the programme of works. It is the intention of KCC to keep residents up to date on any such changes and to advise on any re-routing of traffic or diversions imposed by Aberdeen City Council.

Website Update and Social Media We are making progress with the development of the new Kingswells Connected website and we hope to shortly launch the first phase of this exciting community project. As a reminder Phase 1 – Kingswells Community Council section Phase 2 - Community Life section – One stop shop for living and working in Kingswells including events, community projects etc Phase 3 – Businesses –the ability for local business, organisations or groups to advertise or self-promote etc. Facebook – likes, usage and membership Looking to advertise ? Call Sue t : 01383 279 355

continues to increase in both the Kingswells community and Kingswells Community Council Facebook pages. We encourage anyone in the community to become a member of these pages to share and post information, advertise local classes, groups or business however please always bear in mind our page rules. This medium was set up for the local community to use, as well as the community council, to inform and share info relevant to Kingswells. It should be noted that the members of the KCC do not have the resources to post on your behalf, however if you need some help… Kingswells Primary used to run a drop in on the first Tuesday of each month and www. contact no 0779 9371329 is a charity catering for anyone who wants extra help with technology.


We have been allocated a large amount of flower bulbs from the Council. If you would like to help plant these around Kingswells or wish to obtain some for local group activities then please drop an email to uk. All we ask is that you take photos of these activities and post them to Facebook or send them into us on the email above.

Christmas Lights

We are delighted to inform residents that Kingswells now has Christmas lights! This project was one of the main objectives of your new Community Council.  It has been a very, very time consuming project and we often felt it was never going to be achievable with so many barriers put in our way, however huge credit must go to Councillor John Wheeler who fought our case within ACC, and Steve at Scotia e :


Access, the lighting suppliers, for his patience and co-operation on this project. A huge thanks also to Dave Simpson from our Community Council who has persevered with the project when at times it felt like we were getting nowhere!  There are 8 lights in total along Kingswood Drive.  There were only certain lampposts we were allowed to install them on but hopefully we have got the balance right and the lights, together with the Christmas Tree, will make Kingswells a very festive looking village during December.  Due to health and safety issues, it is not possible to have a grand switch on but please keep an eye on our Facebook page and the website for details of when they will be live.  We hope everyone will enjoy this festive addition to the village.

Grass Cutting

We are aware of the debris and grass cuttings left following maintenance of certain verges and paths by the council around Kingswells. This ‘mess’ is a symptom of the machinery and restrictions on manpower due to budget cuts which unfortunately means that the grass cuttings do not get picked up and subsequently block pathways and drains. We have raised this matter to the council, not only because it is unsightly, and blocks drains but there is a health and safety risk of people falling or slipping. However, we would ask that residents also complain if this continues to be an issue. Appreciate there is likely to be little grass cutting in the next few months, regardless the more this problem is highlighted consistently by residents may encourage a change or more common sense approach from the council.

Led Lights update

There have been concerns raised about the safety, environmental impact and more recently the dimness of the lights in question. For your information we have paraphrased the council’s response below, and it looks unlikely that these will be changed in the near future. Smart City 5G Strategy for Scotland

Cormack Park Opening

As many of you will have seen in the local media, Cormack Park, the new Aberdeen FC training complex and AFC Community Trust base, was officially opened on Thursday 31st October. Representatives from Kingswells Community Council were invited to attend, and it is an impressive purpose-built facility. It is still in the early stages, however it appears that this will be hugely beneficial for the local areas and communities across all of Aberdeen and further updates will be provided as and when they are available.


1. LED’s used by Aberdeen City Council are predominantly to 4000K, neutral white. This has an element of blue in it to achieve the neutral colour, but it is much lower than cool white units. We do not hold the information requested regarding the times per second that they switch on/off. 2. We can confirm that there is no intention at this time to make the lighting 5G. 3. It is the council’s intention to roll out and make every streetlight in the city ‘smart city’ compliant. This will involve using nodes connected to a LoRaWan Gateway and have sensors to monitor power usage, switching regime, diagnostics within the lantern and whether the column has been knocked causing it to become off plumb. As it is connected to LoRaWan , it is not video capable.

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4. The system used by the council is operated by Pinacl and Lucy Zodion. The council, as part of the procurement process has mitigated the risks as far as reasonable possible through stringent ongoing checks of the companies and the Councils own procurement team assisting with tight specification and terms and conditions. 5. To the best of our knowledge, having a smart streetlight adjacent to a property will have no bearing on property prices as the system is purely a street lighting monitoring platform.

Did you know that becoming a coop member is beneficial to you and the community? The lovely Alison Graham, manager and coop membership ambassador of our local shop attended the last KCC meeting and explained the benefits of getting a coop members card. In a nutshell you get 5% back on branded Coop products plus 1% of what you’ve spent on these goods and coop services goes to local causes in our community. See you all in 2020!


A huge thank to our local Co-op who have given us a further £1300 for the Community. This will be used to help improve our Village for the benefit of all.

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Seasonal Affective Disorder: How to Deal With Symptoms When the nights get longer and the temperature drops, lots of us experience a decline in mood. For some people, the winter months lead to a form of depression known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). This can be highly debilitating and goes far beyond the “winter blues”.

Hypnotherapy can help to reframe how you feel about the winter months. This can be important as the mind often reverts back to what seems familiar, and with SAD, this can mean repeating the pattern of symptoms when winter rolls around again. Hypnotherapy can break this pattern and react differently to the onset of winter. Alongside other forms of treatment, hypnotherapy can improve SAD symptoms.

Symptoms include persistent low mood, low self-esteem, feeling tired all the time, not having any interest in day-to-day activities, feeling tearful, feelings of worthlessness and guilt, and high levels of anxiety/stress.

If you’re struggling with SAD symptoms and need support to get back in control, contact me today to talk about how hypnotherapy can help you to change the way you react to winter.

Experts aren’t entirely sure what triggers it but lack of sunlight and changing serotonin and melatonin levels in the brain are thought to be culprits.

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this Christmas

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Nosh + Natter


hristmas is coming around very quickly, and we are all set to enjoy our Nosh + Natter Christmas party on Wednesday 4th December. We are being entertained by the inclusive group Music 4U who are making a very welcome second visit this year. If you are free between 12.30 and 2.30 you will be very welcome to join us at Kingswells Church for a light lunch, a celebration glass of Prosecco and some great singing. Nosh and Natter takes place on the first Wednesday of every month from 12.30 – 2.30 and consists of a light lunch and some very enjoyable entertainment. It is held in Kingswells Church hall and everyone is welcome. We have a programme for 2020 which we hope will be varied and fun.

January - Quiz and Raffle February - singer Donald Vass March – In the Mood April – North East Scotland Music School May – All at C June – Salvation Army Timbrals July – Charlie House If you would like to know any more about Nosh + Natter, please visit our webpage or contact us on Facebook.


KINGSWELLS PARISH CHURCH CHRISTMAS SERVICES 2019 FRIDAY 6 DECEMBER Community Carol Service, 6.30pm at the Community Centre SUNDAY 22 DECEMBER Nativity Service, 11.00am TUESDAY 24 DECEMBER Christingle Family Service, 6.00pm Watchnight Service, 11.15pm Pre Service Music, 11.30pm Service WEDNESDAY 25 DECEMBER Christmas Day Worship 10.30am SUNDAY 29 DECEMBER Service of Lessons and Carols, 11.00am A warm welcome awaits you, your family, and friends at all our services KingswellsChurch

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News from Councillor Cameron... Where has 2019 gone? It seems no time since January and we are now almost at the end of the year with Christmas fast approaching and, in no time, it will be 2020. Back in July I raised the thorny topic of the state of repair of the roads in Kingswells when I had fortuitously had the opportunity to walk throughout Kingswells in a concentrated period of time leading up to the EU Parliamentary Elections in May. At that time, I commented that I was very disappointed to note the state of some of the roads in particular the lock-block areas, which since 2012 I have been working hard to have upgraded to a satisfactory state of repair. That they had deteriorated as little of no remedial work has occurred and even where “temporary patches” of bitmac were applied, these are now deteriorating. At the time I raised this as a matter of urgency with Aberdeen City Council and commented that with the rather bizarre cuts delivered in the Budget in 2019, Officers may not be in a position to accommodate my requests. Whilst I am often in Kingswells it is unusual to get the opportunity in a short space of time to observe the whole of the village, however in 2019 I have been afforded that chance twice, on this occasion as a result of the snap General Election. It was with regret I note that not only has little or nothing been done to rectify the situation but the deterioration is quite staggering. One road I observed to be fundamentally reduced to “rubble” was a cul-de-sac in Coldstone Avenue. I have raised this again with Officers and will continue to do so until there is resolution of this unacceptable situation. The most up to date information I have is that a paper in respect of these roads will be presented to the January 2020 meeting of the Operational Delivery Committee. Recently there was a Scottish Government housing exhibition entitled “Present Voices, Future Lives” which presented throughout Scotland. However, this did not include Aberdeen as a venue. This was a component

of a government project on Housing to 2040. Kingswells Community Council quite correctly brought this to my attention as our area is one where there is considerable interest on housing provision and a requirement for further provision. To that end it is perfectly reasonable to assume you want your voice heard on these matters. On the back of this I contacted the Scottish Government and I have a letter from the Minister for Local Government, Housing and Planning acknowledging my email and confirming his civil servants have noted Kingswells Community Council’s interest in engaging on Housing to 2040 and stating that any future opportunities to engage will be shared with the Scottish Communities Network. Hopefully this should ensure your voices are heard in future. During this year we have seen the completion and full opening of the Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route which has effects on Kingswells, hopefully mainly positive in respect of reducing many journey times both directly and indirectly for the residents of Kingswells. One potential negative was a degree of confusion for drivers travelling North on the AWPR and exiting onto the A944, with respect to the lane choices. The first time I personally used this exit I was a little uncomfortable as a driver. However, having had several opportunities to travel on the AWPR and to exit for Kingswells the route seems to be maturing, drivers who use the exit, and approach the roundabout on the A944, do not appear to be having the minor difficulties which were experienced initially. I hope you all share my view that this road has had a very positive effect for the residents of Kingswells. Whilst on roads, the recently announced extensive roadworks on the A944 and the Kingswells to Cults road potentially infers major and protracted disruption for drivers. When I was first elected to Aberdeen City Council as one of your representatives in 2012 you will remember the potential for major disruption as the infrastructure was developed for the Prime4 site.

One of the first pieces of casework I was involved with was to ensure that the roadworks on the A944 did not cause continuous disruption for 9 months, this was what the warning signs erected by the contractors suggested. A dialogue with Council Officers resulted in the signs only being in place when works were being undertaken. Yes, it did take 9 months from start to finish but was tackled in “bite sized chunks� with disruption minimised to times when work was being performed. I will attempt to achieve a similar result 7 years on to minimise the inconvenience caused to the residents of Kingswells, especially as you are beginning to see the benefits of the AWPR. Over the last few years there has been one major development which has resulted in opposing views in the community, West Kingsford Stadium. Phase 1 of this development has now been completed and Cormack Park is now open. Without making any judgmental comment on, whether or not, this development should have

been approved it is clear that this community asset may well be extensively used by current and future youngsters from Kingswells. I consider myself very fortunate that the constituents in Aberdeen City Council Ward 3, which includes Kingswells, have had the confidence to elect me twice as one of your Council representatives, To justify your faith in me I will continue to do the best I can for Kingswells and the rest of Ward 3. Thank You. I would like to wish you and yours a good Christmas and everything you wish for in 2020. Councillor David J Cameron Kingswells/Sheddocksley/Summerhill Ward, Aberdeen City Council E T 01225 346612 (office); 07876760760 (mobile)

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KINGSWELLS SOCIAL WALKING GROUP Why not make it your New Year’s Resolution to come and join us? Kingswells Walks are short, gentle walks of between one to three miles suitable for any age group. They start every Thursday morning at 10.30 from the Community Centre and return after about an hour with the option of a stop for coffee and a chat. The walks are led by local trained volunteers and are free. We go out every week, whatever the weather, except when extreme conditions make it unsafe or unpleasant. You don’t need any special equipment, just sensible, comfortable shoes and clothing suitable for the weather. It is an opportunity to make new friends and explore Kingswells and its surroundings. We are lucky to live in such an attractive area with a variety of pleasant walks. Some of you may already be reasonably fit and active and for you, we can walk at a normal pace, but there will always be a leader who is prepared to take beginners and slower walkers, or those with health problems, who prefer to go at a more leisurely pace. We have been assessed as Dementia friendly and suitable for the Move More programme of activity for people affected by cancer. Walking has many health benefits for us all, whatever our age or ability. These sociable, healthy, walks occur all over Scotland and are supported by Paths For All and Sport Aberdeen and are approved by the NHS. Bring along your family, friends, and neighbours too! We do hope to welcome you soon.

Cinderella HMT 30.11.19 - 05.01.20

Looking for something interesting to do?

The Gordon Highlanders Museum would like to welcome more Volunteers to our Tea Room, Reception, Education, Museum Guide and Maintenance roles.

To find out more please contact:

However, if you don’t fancy walking, there are all sorts of other activities for people of any fitness level, or with disabilities, of any age and gender, organised by Sport Aberdeen. They use a variety of different venues around Aberdeen. You will find all the information on their website: Any further information may be had by phoning: Ann on 01224 749521 or Kenneth on 01224 746658


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News from Councillor Delaney... As Christmas approaches and we look forward to a new year, it’s a time to reflect on the past 12 months. Avoiding the doom and gloom spread by the much loved and sadly departed Rikki Fulton in his hilarious “Scotch and Wry” sketches we need to look back on all the positives of 2019 and not dwell on the bad stuff, since it’s all too easy to remember! We need to remember those who passed away and the joy they brought to our lives and try not to dwell on the gap their passing has left. As I look back on 2019, I lost a close friend, gained a new family member, had a memorable summer break, evicted a colony of pigeons “squatting” (or should that be squawking) under our solar panels and watched our son embark on the great adventure known as secondary school. There was a lot in between, but you get the drift… Talking of “drift”, what kind of a winter are we likely to be facing and does the council have it all

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under control? That’s a common question but the answer is far from straightforward as are right to expect the council to deliver a decent level of service and keep the city moving, but we also need to manage our own expectations as to what is reasonably possible for them to do as they can’t be everywhere at once. The difficulty arises when the snow keeps falling and they have to start on the main routes all over again, not getting near residential streets where people are struggling to get their cars out or to get to the bus stop. It’s the type of situation where my much loved and long departed grandfather used to say, “athing in yer favour’s against ye”. Sometimes we don’t see a snow plough and we really need one. We can either get on our high horses and blame the council or of course we can do something about it. But it’s not just about clearing our own paths and driveways. It’s also those of elderly and less able neighbours. And it’s about

helping each other to clear the cul-de-sac if the plough hasn’t made it, so everyone can get in and out. It’s often hard work but it does usually give you someone else with whom to vent your anger about the council, which can be most therapeutic! Kingswells is by now gearing up for the festivities. The Christmas Tree and lights will be brightening up the village centre on these dark, cold days thanks to the usual dependable volunteers. Next up is Kingswells School Christmas Concert and the very popular Kingswells Church Carol Concert which was absolutely packed last year. This year’s event featuring the Bon Accord Silver Band and Bucksburn Academy’s Ukulele Orchestra as well as contributions from the Cubs and Brownies will, I’m sure, be equally well received. This is an event I enjoy as it brings out the best in folk (even the out of tune, tone deaf ones like me). It brings the whole community together in



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Available in the Kingswells Area Responsible dog owner and ex Veterinary Nurse. One to one walks on lead £8 (weekends included). I can also offer a pet sitting service if required. References available and fully insured.

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easily contactable by email or telephone and I hold regular surgeries at Kingswells Community Centre. Please check out the local press or my website for details.

song and fosters a great spirit of community, friendship and goodwill to all.

affected by these changes and I hope you achieve an outcome you can reconcile with.

Next year is going to be a particular difficult year for church goers in Kingswells following plans unveiled by Aberdeen Presbytery proposing the closure of Kingswells Church. It is a decision based upon reducing congregational numbers and future plans to amalgamate congregations and sell of a number of “surplus” buildings.

May I close by wishing you a good Christmas with family or friends and a happy healthy Regards New Year. Who knows what the next decade will bring, Steve Delaney but it will surely be something different for every one of us and it’s likely be a mixed bag like the last one! It’s enough to get you singing the old Abba song, “Happy New Year” (out of tune of course!) – How the last 30 years Councillor Steve Delaney have flown by… Home Tel: 01224 694469

For some it may offer a pragmatic way forward in but for others it will be seen as a loss of identity and will be unwelcome and unsettling. In this respect my thoughts are with those of you who are

As always, please get in touch to raise any concerns you may have. I am

Work Tel: 01224 346614 Email: Web: Facebook: CllrDelaney Twitter: CllrDelaney

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Hearts Charity Burns Supper of Gold Friday 7th February 2020, 7pm Aberdeen Beach Ballroom

£55 per ticket

[Our nominated charities]

Starring: Robert Lovie - Paul Anderson - Jim Brown - Jennie Chalmers - Shona Donaldson - Gordon M Hay - Rae Jappy Pam Rotheroe-Hay

For booking and information contact: Tel : 01224 318448 or 07721 834 098 Organised by Charles, Eleanor and Fraser Henderson

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Kingswells SWI President Margaret Farquhar welcomed members and guests to an open night and introduced Barbara Forbes and her basket of blethers, she took everyone on a journey through life in the doric using her props from her basket ,a great evening with lots of laughter enjoyed by all. November 12th,members enjoyed an in house demo on book folding. Competition winners, 2 Sweet Muffins 1st Jeanette Boslem. 2nd Stella Gauld 3rd Mary Anderson. Photograph of a Pet, 1st. Mary Anderson 2nd Caroline Shand 3rd Jeanette Boslem. Meetings are held in the Kingswells Church hall on the second Tuesday of the month, 7.30 - 9.30pm new members welcome.. Margaret Bruce

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The Petroleum Women’s Club of Scotland Can you imagine what it is like to be constantly on the move around the world… finding yourself in a different town, a new country, perhaps with a new language and culture. It can be

very hard when far from home and without the support of family and friends to make contact and settle in to the new posting. Or, it could be that you have been here for some years and suddenly find yourself with more time on your hands… children leaving home etc. This is where the PWC comes in. For nearly fifty years now the Club has been providing support, friendship and social contact. There are women from 26 different countries who meet once a month for a general meeting where there is usually a speaker or demonstration. There are also many activities on offer… you can join the

• Plastering • Taping • Tiling • Artexing • Cornice Work

• Contract and Private

book club, join ladies who lunch, go ten pin bowling, go walking or play bridge/canasta. There are craft and gourmet groups, a dinner club… you can meet other women for lunch and a movie. Each year a local charity is selected, and over a quarter of a million pounds has been raised. The PWC is open to women whose own, or partner’s, income is derived from the Oil & Gas Industry. Membership is now available for Associate Members - Women with no oil industry connection, but who would like to meet new people and try new activities. Anyone interested in knowing more can log on to the website – and contact us at or you can contact us via our e-mail address We welcome new members for a coffee morning once a month. Why not join us?

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Classes weekly – age 2 to 7 [Free Taster Sessions Available] Banchory AM – Saturday Airyhall - AM Sunday Craigiebuckler - AM Sun

Westhill - AM Sunday Cults - AM Wed/PM Thurs

Gordonians Hockey Club - Youth Coaching

from 26/27 Aug until late May - Children attending any school Copper Squad (typically age 6-7) TueS - 5.45 - 6.45pm Bronze Squad (typically age 8-9) TueS - 5.45 - 7.00pm Silver Squad (typically 10-11) - TueS 5.45 - 7.00pm Gold Squad (typically 12-13) - Mon 5.45 - 7.00pm £100 for the entire season (family discounts apply) RGC Astroturf pitches, Countesswells Road, AB15 8AR Contact John Mowat tel: 07525 811 039

50’s Fitness Ways Pilates - For Back Care Monday - 10:00-10:55am - Squash Club, Mannofield * Wednesday - 10:00-1055am Squash Club, Mannofield Thursday - 18:00-18:55 - Mannofield Church 1-2-1 Back care programmes available

For more information contact : or * New from 8 January 2020

Barefoot and Twisted Heated Yoga Studio

Strength & Balance Seated Exercise Class

Classes daily

Flow, Yin, Aerial, Yoga Trapeze, Barre, pregnancy and kids. Mats and props provided. Schedule and booking

Strength and Balance Heart Health Aerobic class 10:00-11:00am - Thursday - The Hub, Cults 1-2-1 Cardiac Rehab programmes available List your class - FREE Basic Info only - Name of Class: Day: Time: Where: Contact: Stand out from the crowd Boxed ad like above - guaranteed every issue £36 per year for all 3 mags. Send to: subject : Clubs/Classes

12:00 -1:00pm - Wednesday - Mannofield Church 11:00 -12:00pm - Thursday - The Hub, Cults 1-2-1 Falls Prevention programmes available

Aberdeen Buchan Association Meetings for 2020

Sat 11th Jan at 1pm Aul’ Eel Lunch at the Northern Hotel Wed 22nd Jan 7pm Burns Supper Tickets for these contact Gladys on 01224 723722 Wed 5th Feb 7.30pm Charlie Abel (Accordion music and Song) Wed 19th Feb 7.30pm John Steven (Vocalist with backing tracks) All Welcome meetings held at Craigiebuckler Church Hall.

Yoga with Alison The Wallace Practice, Seafield Road = Wed 6.15-7.15pm Yoga Basics Wed 7.20-8.20pm Hatha Yoga Fri 9.15-10.15am Yoga Basics Mannofield Church, Gt Western Rd = Thu 7-8.15pm Hatha Yoga

Contact for booking and info: 07743 776 654

Thank you for reading the magazines - have a fabulous festive period x

Kingswells Community Centre It’s coming up to the time of year again when we’ve got past Christmas and New Year and we want to take up a new activity or get a bit fitter. The Community Centre offers a number of classes in the evening and weekends, that are on your doorstep. Please see our Facebook page @kingswellscentres for more information on days and times.

Tuesday evenings

Wednesday evenings

Come along whatever your skill & try out

Keep fit in the dark with glowsticks

Various evenings

Tuesday, Wednesday & Sunday evenings

Various types of dance classes held at Webster Park

Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday evenings Classes for all levels

Two types of karate

Sunday Morning

Held at Webster park

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Kingswells Community News Issue 40  

Community magazines for the residents of Kingswells in Aberdeen.

Kingswells Community News Issue 40  

Community magazines for the residents of Kingswells in Aberdeen.