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Hi everyone,

Sue Simpson

How are you all doing? Did you have an overindulgence of chocolate over Easter? Did you wait till they went down to half price and grab a bargain? Or were you just totally and utterly restrained? I was very good and only had half an egg!

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With the lighter nights now in full flow a smile always comes on my face - it just generally makes me feel happier and allows you to do a little bit more with your day - why, I do not know - but it’s great anyway. Gillian and Ann are donning their cycle gear and travelling coast to coast - 140 miles of saddle sore - wishing the girls well on their adventure and thank you in advance if you care to sponsor them. The church is opening it’s door to Nosh and Natter - a great initiative to enjoy a bite to eat and a blether with some friends, hoping they ban mobile phones too. The Bach Choir are doing a concert in May if that’s of interest and the Cults Scout Jumble Sale is always a good one to attend. There will be the MayFest which is a bit more creative, look out for leaflets round and about - plenty for families to partake in. I was very sad to hear about Helen, one of our delivery team who passed away in December very suddenly. Helen was a keen walker and I’m sure you would have seen her going about the village. She will be missed. Sorry to end on a sad note, but go grab that cuppa and enjoy this copy of the ‘KCN’ - until the next time.

Sue x

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04-Apr-18 9:05:22 PM

COAST TO COAST CHALLENGE Good friends Ann Perrott and Gillian Dobeson met when their local Rainbow Guide unit was struggling to find leaders. From that point they discovered a mutual love of cycling, arranging weekly trips (weather permitting). Both ladies have family members who are or have been affected by dementia and discovered that research is seriously underfunded. Anyone who’s been in this situation will know how heart-breaking it is to gradually lose communication and be unable to share memories with the parent you have loved, it may happen to us one day. Ann and Gillian, along with family and friends, are planning on cycling a 140 mile Coast to Coast challenge in the North of England in June, hoping to raise funds for Alzheimer Scotland. If you would like to donate to the cause please search for Ann or Gillian at or use the following link - anngillianscoasttocoastchallenge-2e8def60 Any amount would be really appreciated.

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3 04-Apr-18 9:05:23 PM

Kingswells Primary School News Spectra Spectra is the festival of light. It was held at Marischal College, Union Terrace Gardens and St Nicholas Kirk in February. Schools from across the city took part in doing something based around Spectra. Inspired by SPECTRA, all classes at Kingswells Primary School took part in a whole school PROJECT about light which was shared with parents during an open afternoon. Everyone really enjoyed doing all the activities there was to offer in the topic. We have taken a lot of time and effort to produce this interesting project. P7 linked their learning about plastic pollution in the oceans to their light installation. The Marine Conservation Society came in to classes to present a very interesting talk to us about how much plastic is affecting sea life. We have learned about how long plastic takes to break up, if at all and have researched the issue of plastic in society and have found out amazing and interesting facts. Plastic is a bigger threat than you know and we took that into account when we made our sea creatures. Plastic is becoming more of a problem every day. Millions of pieces of plastic are being discarded. Each P7 Pupil used an empty 2 litre plastic bottle to design and make into a sea creature. They were sanded down and decorated them with UV (ultra violet) paint. We let them dry and hung them from the ceiling. We also made giant parabolas using UV wool on wooden frames to represent fishing nets. We learned about bioluminescence which is

4 KCN Issue 30 - Apr-May '18.indd 4

found in lots of sea life. They use it to attract food, protect themselves against predators and to find a mate. You may have seen a picture or two about it on the news or in Blue Planet 2. Bioluminescence occurs through a chemical reaction that produces light energy within an organism’s body. For a reaction to occur, a species must contain Luciferin, a molecule that, when it reacts with oxygen, produces light. To show this effect we used UV lightbulbs which made our installation glow when we turned all the lights out in class We have taken a lot of time and effort to produce this big project. By Aimee, Alliyah, Connie and Natasha P7

Minecraft – Arts Across Learning

Last week Primary 6 and 7 had a visit from Mark and Phil, who are technicians, and they taught us how to code on Minecraft, using

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04-Apr-18 9:05:25 PM

Python. Python is a coding application that allows you to programme everyday games (like Minecraft). It has a design philosophy that emphasises code readability, noteably using significant. We learned how to place certain blocks (dirt, wood, stone etc.) We were given a book of instructions of what code to type in to Python to control Minecraft. There were lots of different codes for different things, such as how to make flowers and TNT appear when you walk. We also briefly spoke about Raspberry Pi’s. Raspberry Pi’s is a series of small single board computers developed in the UK by

using fun and enjoyable activities. It is, as we all know, very important to be safe and Absafe taught us just that. When we arrived, the whole class got an interesting talk from Malcolm, the owner of Absafe, he told us about making dangerous consequences safer. After that we took a quiz on how to keep safe in our everyday life. After our talk we all split up into our different groups. One group went into the bedroom. We played a bullying version of ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? ’ We took it in turns to read out questions about bullying. The majority got the questions right. Secondly, we made our way to the road safety room. In there we watched a short film about three boys crossing the road and the last boy got run over. We had to right down the ways to make this event safer. We had a risk chart and we tried to get the risk down to green, which means totally safe, but the only way we could do that is to not do it at all. So we could only get it to amber.

the Raspberry Pi Foundation to promote the teaching of basic computer science in schools. It is a credit card sized computer. It’s available anywhere in the world, and can function as a proper desktop computer and can be used to build smart devices. Overall, everyone thoroughly enjoyed it and it was a great experience. P6 and P7 all learned something new especially if they hadn’t been on Minecraft before. P7

Next we went into the train safety room. The leader of this activity pretended to drop her phone on the train rail and she chose one of us to go retrieve it. When they went onto the train track the light went on and a colossal noise went off. This showed what it would be like to be on real train tracks. They advised

Visit to Absafe On the 21st of March, P7EH from Kingswells Primary went on a visit to Absafe. We did a lot of great activities and we all had a great time. The Absafe team taught us how to be safe by Looking to advertise ? Call Sue t : 07813 964 875

KCN Issue 30 - Apr-May '18.indd 5

us to not go onto train tracks for anything. e :

5 04-Apr-18 9:05:27 PM

Ever! We then took a corners quiz and we had a question and answers. We went to the corner with the answer we thought was true. We found out that a train weighs the same as eighty elephants. We also found out that a train has to stop 20 football pitches away from their final destination. Will you promise to never get anything from train tracks? Then we went out for lunch and got to go outside for a bit. We watched a show of Tracy Beaker indicating us to be safe and aware with our social medias. Then we played a game to try and keep our online passwords safe from the Vikings.

Then we went to have another quiz. Our scores had improved by then as we had a lot of important and helpful information in our visit. We got a few 27/27 scores and we all cheered. We really enjoyed Absafe. It was a great experience. It made learning about things we don’t know a lot about fun. We would all definitely recommend going. It is so important to be safe and hopefully we can make all occasions amber or green. -Grace and Maryam

Then we went into the kitchen where we had to spot all the dangers in there. After a while we spotted an aerosol can and got told that the dangers of inhaling it is equivalent to having a drug. It is called solvent abuse. We watched a video about people who are being affected by this or even dying. After the kitchen we went into the living room and we talked about fire safety. We also had to pick out the dangers in this room. We watched another video about people lying about house fires and putting other people in danger by making hoax calls.

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Gazette Mar 18

7 04-Apr-18 9:05:37 PM

Latest News

Readers are reminded that a full account of Community Council business and other local and Aberdeen news is available on our website at

Meeting Dates KCC meets on the 2nd Monday of each month at 7pm at Adventure Aberdeen, Fairley Road, Kingswells Everyone will be made welcome. Please come along and let us know about any issues you may have. Year of Young People 2018 The Scottish Government has made 2018 the Year of Young People as part of a year of themed events A global first, the Year of Young People 2018 is aiming to provide a platform to showcase the personalities, talents and achievements of Scotland’s young people. The year of Events is giving young people, aged 8 to 26, the chance to try new opportunities, to influence decision making on issues affecting their lives and be involved in cultural and sporting opportunities across the country. Young people have been involved in designing the programme, with more than 500 signed up to volunteer as Year of Young People 2018 Ambassadors. If any Young person is interested in getting involved in their local area the website http:// will give you all the information you need to take part in a wide variety of events and activities. Please see for local discounts, information, things to do, rewards . . . and more 8 KCN Issue 30 - Apr-May '18.indd 8

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04-Apr-18 9:05:44 PM

 Questionnaire To Improve Communication With Residents And Facilities In Kingswells Please rank our methods of communication in the order of importance to you. Enter 1 for most important to 6 for least important. If you would not use any method, please leave it blank. Method












Please specify any alternative methods with their rankings

Response to KCC questionnaires can be low. What can KCC do to encourage you to share your views? Is there anything you would like from KCC that we don’t provide? What are the 3 main priorities you would like to see to improve the village of Kingswells: 1 2 3 Any other comments:

___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ Looking to advertise ? Call Sue t : 07813 964 875

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e :

9 04-Apr-18 9:05:45 PM

The Questionnaire Kingswells Community Council would like to improve the way we communicate with you and to ensure we identify the issues most important to you. Can you please spare a few minutes to let us know your views? The questionnaire is available online at If you don’t have access to the internet please complete the form, tear off the form and pop it in the post box in front of the Community Centre in the Village Centre. Alternatively, post to Kingswells Community Council, 3 Corse Avenue, Kingswells, AB15 8TL. Thank you for taking the time to complete this form.

Local Development Plan The new Local Development Plan (LDP) will guide development in the City up to 2031. We are now at the beginning of the five yearly review process. The first stage of the LDP Review Process is the Pre-Main Issues Report. During this stage ACC will consult community councils and developers to determine significant issues in the City. The public will be consulted later this year, but if you have any views you want KCC to take forward please let us know. You could use the questionnaire or come along to one of our meetings. The comments made will influence the preparation of the Main Issues Report later this year. The Main Issues Report lists the main issues facing the city and suggests a range of options to address these issues. This is where the public will become involved in the consultation. You can get more details from the links to Development Plan on

New Members The membership of KCC has changed significantly over the last year. We would like to thank the outgoing members for their service and welcome the new members. Restrictions on the rules governing KCC limit the number of members that can be co-opted on to replace the outgoing members, and we now have four new associate members. All community councils in Aberdeen will be elected in October, so this temporary restriction will be resolved then. We can have any number of associate members, so if you are interested please come to one of our meetings and have a chat.

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The physical symptoms of anxiety can include headaches, a fast heartbeat, sweating, shaking, stomach aches, tense muscles, chest pain, dizziness, breathlessness and problems concentrating.

This is a common scenario here in Aberdeen, with the increased pressures in the oil and gas industry. With workloads ramping up as the workforce continues to shrink, High Functioning Anxiety is a growing problem and one that I’ve been supporting numerous clients with through Solution Focused Hypnotherapy since the economic situation worsened.

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02-Feb-18 8:39:30 AM

e :

13 04-Apr-18 9:06:05 PM

KINGSWELLS CHURCH NEWS Our Minister, Rev. Alisa McDonald, took her last service with us on Sunday 25th March. Alisa is moving to be the Parish Minister at Barnhill St Margaret’s Church in Broughty Ferry. Alisa brought a freshness of approach and a depth to our worship and praise: her message has always been inclusive, recognising the importance of all sectors of our community irrespective of colour, race and sexual orientation. Her legacy is a freshness of spirit, a better understanding of what God expects of us, and the promotion of a compassionate regard and unconditional love of all people. We feel sadness at her leaving, but rejoice with her in anticipation of this next phase of her life as a parish minister. While we wait to start the recruitment process for a new minister, services continue as usual on Sunday mornings at 11am. We will have a number of visiting ministers leading worship, and this will add variety to our services. Activities for Young Church and Creche also continue as usual, and you will be assured of a warm welcome at our services. A new initiative starting on Wednesday 4th April is NOSH and NATTER. This is a lunchtime friendship club which will meet in the church halls from 12.30 to 2.30pm on the first Wednesday of each month. A soup lunch, entertainment and fellowship are offered to everyone on the community. Please come along and support this initiative which has been made possible through funding received from the Kingswells Co-op Community Fund. The church website has had a makeover and information on services and events can be found at or on our Facebook page Church

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wee reminder from Adventure Aberdeen about its Community meeting room. This is within the main body of the building and is hireable by community groups at a very competitive rate. The room is the old gym hall of the school and can accommodate up to 25 people comfortably. The room has a mixture of formal and informal seating, a large screen and digital projector, public wifi, a kitchenette with urn, microwave, dish washer, crockery, there are two toilets, one with disability and baby changing facilities. The room has disability access. It can be booked at any time but is Little Belmont Street generally more available in We have been serving fine italian cuisine since 1977. Extensive à la carte the menu for lunch and dinner. evenings.



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7 Little Belmont Street | Aberdeen | AB10 1JG

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| Aberdeen

04-Apr-18 9:06:14 PM

Archway Opens Its First Charity Shop In Rosemount


he charity, which was set up almost 25 years ago, supports almost 200 children, young people and adults with learning disabilities living in the Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire area through 5 communitybased respite and residential units.

Let Me Bring the Spa to You! Depilation, Eye Treatments, Tanning, Make-up, Manicure/Pedicure, Facial Therapy, Body Treatments + Group Pampering

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The shop, at 95 Rosemount Place in Aberdeen, offers a wide range of good quality clothing, handbags, decorative and household items. It is already receiving positive feedback from local shoppers. Janine Davies, Fundraising Manager at Archway said: “We have had lots of positive comments about how the shop looks and the quality of the items we have for sale. Our managers and volunteers are doing a fantastic job and we would like to thank them and all our new customers for their support.” The shop is open Monday – Friday 10am – 4pm and Saturdays from 10am- 1pm. Donations of good quality clothing, household items, books, handbags and would be welcome. For further information you can contact the shop directly by email charity. or call 01224 465116.

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e :

17 04-Apr-18 9:06:20 PM

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At a time when mass redundancy due to the financial failure of employers is a timely topic, it is worth reviewing an oftenoverlooked right of employees: their entitlement to protective awards. When collective redundancy situations arise, employers must consult with the representatives of affected employees before they start the process.  If they fail to do so, the employees can be entitled to up to 90 days pay, called a ‘protective award’.  Where an employer becomes insolvent, the government can make these awards through a fund called the National Insurance Fund (commonly abbreviated as ‘NIF’) which is, partially, designed to cover these situations.   While it is not guaranteed that everything owed to you will be paid, the main payments that you can claim are up to 8 weeks arrears of wages, statutory notice pay, holiday pay, and redundancy pay.   A limit applies to the maximum rate of pay per week that can be claimed under all of these headings, and that rate is currently £489/ week.  If an employee earns more than that, the NIF will only pay out at that rate, leaving some of their claim unpaid.  Before the NIF will make any payment, however, an employment tribunal must order that you are entitled to the protective award.  While company administrators or liquidators will usually tell employees all about claiming pay, notice, redundancy and holidays from the NIF, they rarely inform employees about the right to claim for a protective award.  Raeburn, Christie, Clark & Wallace would be happy to guide you through this often stressful and difficult process. For more information please contact a member of the employment team.


18 KCN Issue 30 - Apr-May '18.indd 18

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04-Apr-18 9:06:24 PM

Kingswells Community Centre Committee

Invites you to our ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Tuesday 24th April 2018 7.00pm @ Kingswells Community Centre All Kingswells Residents WELCOME!! Hope to see you there!

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e :

19 04-Apr-18 9:06:27 PM

News from Councillor Delaney... Hopefully we’ve now seen the last of winter and can look forward to some warmer weather. It was a long winter, made so much worse by the “Beast from the East” and, bad as it was, we fared so much better than many other parts of the country. On a positive note, things can only get better, but not until after the backlog of potholes have been cleared! It’s pretty much par for the course, but I do feel the council, in an attempt to balance the books, employs false economy when it comes to road repairs. We have some decent pothole repairs over the past year or so, but the quality has not been consistent and anecdotal evidence suggests standards are slipping once more. The crumbling road surfaces at various locations in Kingswells have been reported and I await responses. The list of roads and pavements which are to be resurfaced during the next financial year is likely to be published mid April. Of course potholes has not been the only issue we’ve faced in recent weeks. Last month we saw flash flooding across the North East with a particularly concerning situation arising in Old Skene Road and John Arthur Court. As water levels rose rapidly, the street drains were unable to cope and a lot of water began streaming down the road. As bad as this was, the primary risk was to homes in John Arthur Court as water careered down the slope. Luckily there was no damage to property and nobody was injured, but this was primarily down to the resilience of local people pulling together in a crisis and helping out their neighbours. The council also sent a team to assess the situation and distribute sand bags. They are to follow up with works on the street drains and the main culvert and these are expected to be completed by the time you read this. Ongoing issues with overflowing rubbish at the recycling facility at the Park & Ride remain unresolved. The council has yet to take a decision as to whether this facility will remain now that the “new” household recycling service has settled down and recycling rates are up. If it is retained we need more regular pick ups, a case I have already made. Regardless, people dumping rubbish next to the recycling bins does not help the situation. Now back to the long running saga of poor broadband connections in the north of the village. It may not seem like it, but works are indeed ongoing and the majority of unconnected homes should be able to get fast broadband connections within the next few months. Concraig Park, the largest unconnected street, will be done over the next 3-6 months. Unfortunately, like the rest of the programme, there’s no details of timescales for any of the other streets. I have made Openreach aware of a handful of properties in Wellside Circle, Wellside Place and Derbeth Park which were not completed along with the rest of the homes in these streets. They have confirmed these addresses are indeed on the programme. Other than that, half of Derbeth Grange has still to be done and I’m chasing that up once again. If you are still awaiting connection, please check out your address on www.scotlandsuperfast. com periodically. Don’t be put off if it says they are having difficulties and nothing is expected

20 KCN Issue 30 - Apr-May '18.indd 20

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04-Apr-18 9:06:27 PM

within 12 months. This is a standard message which only changes once the service is up and running! Sadly I’m going to end on buses as not everyone may be aware of the expected withdrawal of Stagecoach’s 210 service from 7th May. This service was subsidised by Aberdeenshire Council for the benefit of their own residents. Unfortunately its withdrawal is likely to have an impact on Kingswells residents as the service ran eight buses a day through the village, terminating at ARI. The significance of this announcement cannot be quantified until we know what’s happening with the replacement for the No 94 shuttle bus, something I will hopefully have informed you about separately before you read this! As always, please get in touch to raise any concerns you may have. I hold monthly surgeries in Kingswells Community Centre and regularly attend the meetings of various community groups in the area. I would of course be more Councillor Steve Delaney than happy to receive an invitation to attend Home Tel: 01224 694469 any groups I am not currently attending. Work Tel: 01224 346614 Regards Steve Delaney

Email: Web: Facebook: CllrDelaney Twitter: CllrDelaney

Westhill Fencing and Decking Decorative /security garden fencing; Lap panel fencing; Storm damage repairs and replacement; Wooden gates, steps, handrails and trellising; Bespoke garden decking designed and built. Over 15 years experience. Quality workmanship, reliable service, competitive pricing

Contact Roger Benton on 01224 791646 or 07711 501 795 Looking to advertise ? Call Sue t : 07813 964 875

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e :

21 04-Apr-18 9:06:29 PM

Animal Blessing Service Craigiebuckler Church Hall Springfield Road ABERDEEN

Sunday, 3rd June 2018 3pm The Service will be conducted by the Rev Kenneth Petrie All animals with their human companions welcome


1 Issue £76 3 Issues £205 6 Issues £387 Why not spread the cost over 12 months - 6 issues of the magazine for only £36 a month... Kick start your new business in the Kingswells Community News

07813 964 875

Domestic, Commercial & Industrial Installations ¾Lighting Design & Installation ¾ Additional Sockets, TV & Phone Points ¾Fuse Board Upgrades ¾ Inspection, Testing & Certification ¾ All Aspects of Electrical Maintenance & Repairs

No Job too small! t : 01224 791914 e :

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04-Apr-18 9:06:29 PM

Why is stretching so important? There are many health benefits to undertaking a flexibility programme: Benefits of stretching: Improved range of movement at a joint. Whether the joint is your finger, elbow, knee hips or ankle we all need to be able to move them for our daily functions. Keeping them all moving is essential to healthy joints, muscles and mind. Increased muscle power. Due to good blood supply, and taking the muscle to its limit stretching a muscle will provide more muscle fibres to be working. When it’s as long as it can be and mobile, we will achieve more power from all the muscle fibres working when we move. Reduced post exercise muscle soreness. Given that a muscle will tear slightly when exercising, but builds stronger for doing so, a stretch will reduce the soreness of the muscle by bringing the blood supply into it to repair it. Reduces fatigue. Following exercise the muscle soreness can cause fatigue, but stretching will reduce or eliminate this possibility. Improves posture. The greater length the muscle is the better we are able to stand tall and move well. A body builder will increase muscle he reduces the ability to move so well due to too much tissue at a joint and little or no stretching in their fitness programme. There are 5 different types of stretches - static stretching being one of them. But all of them we do at our Strength & Balance classes in Mannofield & Cults. If you would like to come to class, or have a class near you please contact Laura on 07773021851 Looking for a speaker at your group? Call Laura.

Looking to advertise ? Call Sue t : 07813 964 875

KCN Issue 30 - Apr-May '18.indd 23

Not sure you’re doing it right as a mature adult? Older adults fitness, join us at our Strength and Balance classes. Do it right for your strength and balance M: 07773 021851 Mannofield Church : Wed 12-1 The Hub, Cults : Thurs 10-11 & 11-12 e :

23 04-Apr-18 9:06:30 PM

great river t’ai chi

Kingswells Class

New block starting Easter 2018 Kingswells Community Centre T'ai Chi is a powerful meditative exercise practised by millions throughout the world. It helps co-ordination, breathing, and balance, and is a proven way of maintaining health and energy. In these classes we will teach the Yang style Short Form, Chi Kung warm-up exercises, and partner work to introduce the basic forms and principles of T'ai Chi. The classes are friendly and supportive and suitable for all ages and abilities, no previous experience is necessary.

For more details call Alistair on 01224-745359, or email: For more information about T'ai Chi and us, see our website:














01224 740885


24 KCN Issue 30 - Apr-May '18.indd 24



Check out our website

04-Apr-18 9:06:40 PM

Kingwells Health Walks Please come and join us. Kingswells Health Walks are short, gentle walks of between one to three miles. They start every Thursday morning at 10.30 from the Community Centre and return after about an hour with the option of a stop for coffee and a chat. The walks are led by local trained volunteers and are free. We go out every week, whatever the weather, except when extreme conditions make it unsafe. You don’t need any special equipment, just sensible, comfortable shoes and clothing suitable for the weather. It is an opportunity to make new friends and explore Kingswells and its surroundings. We are lucky to live in such an attractive area with a variety of pleasant walks. Some folk may already be reasonably fit and active and for them we can walk at a normal pace, but there will always be a leader who is prepared to take beginners and slower walkers, or those with health problems, who prefer to go at a more gentle pace. We have been assessed as Dementia friendly and suitable for the Move More programme of activity for people affected by cancer. Walking has many health benefits for us all, whatever our age or ability. Health walks occur all over Scotland and are supported by Paths For All and Sport Aberdeen and are approved by the NHS. Bring along your family, friends, and neighbours too! We do hope to welcome you soon. However, if you don’t fancy walking, there are all sorts of other activities for people of any fitness level, or with disabilities, of any age and gender, organised by Sport Aberdeen. They use a variety of different venues around Aberdeen. You will find all the information on their website: Any further information may be had by phoning: Ann on 01224 749521 or Kenneth on 01224 746658 Looking to advertise ? Call Sue t : 07813 964 875

KCN Issue 30 - Apr-May '18.indd 25

* Professional, reliable trustworthy service, caring for pets in the comfort of their own home. * Disclosure Scotland checked and fully insured.

Seafield Walking Group

Alternate Wednesdays, leaving 9.15 from Countesswells Avenue. Coach transport. Long and short walks each outing. Contact Come and join our friendly 50+ group. FIRST WALK FREE!

Maggies Culture Crawl Where: The event starts-off at Aberdeen Sports Village, Linksfield Road, Aberdeen, AB24 5RU and concludes at Maggie's Centre Aberdeen, Westburn Rd, Aberdeen AB25 2UZ When: Friday 22 June 2018, 18:00 - 23:30pm More info on registering: https://www.

e :

25 04-Apr-18 9:06:41 PM





Indoor Bowls


Coffee & Conversation 55+



Private Hire



Arts & Crafts – Parent & Toddlers (Room Upstairs)


Alisons Football PRE-SCHOOL Gentle Exercise

1.30-2pm 2-2.45pm


Alisons Football P1/P2


5.30-6.30pm 6.30-7.45pm 8-10pm

Girl Guiding Girl Guiding Badminton 71 Club

4-5pm 5-6pm 6.15-7.45pm

TUESDAY 9.15-11.15am

Parent & Toddlers

SATURDAY 9-9.30am

Private Hire Alisons Football P1/P2 Beavers Tang Soo Do Badminton Adults £1

9.30-10.10am 10.10-10.50am 10.50-11.30am 11.30-12.10pm 12.10-12.50pm

WEDNESDAY 1.30-3pm 3.10-3.55pm

Private Hire Zumba Gold- Active 55+

SUNDAY 11-12.30pm 5-6pm


Kingswells Karate P3-P7


2-2.30pm 2.30-3.30pm

No booking required! No booking required!

No booking required!

No booking required!


No booking required!

1.45-3.15pm 3.30-4.15pm 5-6pm 6-7pm 7-9pm

No booking required!

No booking required!


Kingswells Karate P1-P2 Marie Law Pilates BEGINNERS (Room Upstairs) Kingswells Karate Adults (12+) Marie Law Pilates IMPROVERS (Room Upstairs) Clubbercise No booking required!

THURSDAY 9.15-11.15am

Parent & Toddlers


Walking Group

5-5.45pm 5.30-6.30pm 6-7.30pm 6.30-7.30pm

11.45-12.45pm 1.50-3.50pm 6-9pm

Alisons Football PRE-SCHOOL Alisons Football TINY TOTS Art Group- Adults (Room Upstairs) No booking required! Private Hire Alisons Football ASN Alisons Football PRE-SCHOOL ACC Public Library Fortnightly Ian Wilsons Football P3-P4 Ian Wilsons Football P1-P2 Cubs Danscentre Ballet Danscentre Danscentre Danscentre Danscentre Danscentre Grade 1 P3

Preschool P1 Ballet Modern P1-P2 Ballet P2 Ballet P3 Modern

City Church Service Kingswells Karate P3-P7 Kingswells Karate Adults (12+)

No booking required! No booking required!

01224 741806

Private Hire Whist Club (55+) No booking required!

Girl Guiding

26 KCN Issue 30 - Apr-May '18.indd 26

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04-Apr-18 9:06:42 PM

sea symbolically to the city. The gesture was thought to keep sea-farers safe for the coming year. The ceremony of the Marriage of the Sea continues to this day.

Lo Sposalizio del Mare, or the Marriage of the Sea was an ancient ceremony which used to symbolise the maritime domination of Venice. It took the form of a solemn procession of boats, headed by the Doge's lavish ship, out to sea by the port on the Lido. In 1177 Pope Alexander III drew a ring from his finger and bade the Doge cast a ring into the sea each year on Ascension Day, and in so doing, wed the

The Aberdeen Bach Choir’s concert is an attempt at a musical reconstruction of Lo Sposalizio as it might have sounded in the 1630s. The first half will consist of madrigals and sacred music by Giovanni and Andrea Gabrieli, as would have been played and sung on the water during the procession of boats, and the second half will be a reconstruction of the church service held afterwards in the church of San Nicolo, on the Lido. The concert will be held at St Machar’s Cathedral at 7.45pm. Tickets are available from Aberdeen Performing Arts at £15, £12 for concessions, £5 for students and children under 16 are free.


Kingswells SWI President Margaret Farquhar welcomed members and introduced Neil Diack from Mark Shaw funeral directors , who gave an amusing and interesting talk on An Undertaker’s World. Competition Winners

architectural and building services ltd Extensions, Sunrooms, Garage Conversions, Roof Space Conversions, Renovations, Replacement Windows.

01224 317777

Item made from a headscarf 1st.M. Bruce 2nd.N. Campbell 3rd. A. Nicol. Cheese Scones 1st.K. Hendry. 2nd. P. Stuart. 3rd. M. Bruce. Meeting are held in the Kingswells church hall on the second Tuesday of the month new members welcome . Looking to advertise ? Call Sue t : 07813 964 875

KCN Issue 30 - Apr-May '18.indd 27

Aberdeen School Session 2017 - 18 In Service Days

Term 4

Tuesday 8 May 2018

16 April 2018 - 6 July 2018

Term Starts - Monday 16 April 2018 May Day Holiday - Monday 7 May 2018 Term Ends - Friday 6 July 2018 e :

27 04-Apr-18 9:06:46 PM


Easter – Summer 2018 MONDAY

THURSDAY 3.40-4.30pm




Just Dance Hip Hop Boys P1-P3 Just Dance P4-P7


Just Dance Tap Adults Beginners Just Dance Tap Adults Intermediate


4.45-5.45pm 6.45-7.45pm 7.45-8.45pm

No booking required!




TUESDAY 10-11am

Baby Sensory 0-13 months


Baby Sensory 0-13 months



Baby Sensory 0-13 months



Baby Sensory 0-13 months





Marie Law Pilates INTERMEDIATE Yoga


Highland Dance

WEDNESDAY 9.30-10.15am 10.20-11am 3.40-4.20pm 4.20-5.20pm

5.20-6.30pm 7.30-8.45pm

Just Dance Mini Movers 3-4 yrs Just Dance Mini Movers 22 month-3 yrs Just Dance Tap Beginners P1-P2 Just Dance Jazz Level 1 Just Dance Tap Level 1 Just Dance Jazz Adults Dance Workout



SATURDAY 9.30-11.30am 10.15-11.15am 10.30-11.15am 1-4pm

Just Dance Jazz Level 2 Just Dance Tap Level 2 Just Dance Jazz Level 4 Just Dance Tap Level 4 Just Dance Tap Adults Advanced Gillians Pilates Advanced Gillians Pilates Intermediate Just Dance Pre-school Just Dance Jazz Level 3 Just Dance Tap Level 3 Just Dance Jazz & Tap Seniors

School Outdoor Football Changing Rooms Highland Dance Junior Intermediate Highland Dance Junior Beginners Continental/Postal Outdoor Football Changing Rooms

01224 741806

28 KCN Issue 30 - Apr-May '18.indd 28

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04-Apr-18 9:06:47 PM


e Ab


een Carpe rd


WE WILL TAKE THE STRESS OUT OF YOUR HOME IMPROVEMENTS and supply all the services to see the job through start to finish

GardenDesign Design Garden

TreatedWood Wood Fencing Fencing Treated

Our promise:

Grass Cutting Cutting Border Border Edging Grass Edging

To provide our customers with the highest standards of quality, efficiency and professionalism

ShrubPruning Pruning/Trimming Shrub / Trimming HedgeCutting Cutting Hedge


Full Joinery Services Doors - External & Internal Finishings, Skirtings & Facings Wood Flooring & Laminate Fitted Kitchens Decking

FOR A NO OBLIGATION QUOTE OR ENQUIRIES CONTACT: T: 01224 248247 Les: (M) 07961 557 430 Doug: (M) 07983 744 727

TreeWork Work Tree

• Custom Made Summer Houses & Sheds • Property Maintenance • Office Refurbishments • Partitions & Suspended Ceilings Cei eilililing ngs ng

Aberdeen Carpentry WORKING TOGETHER


50 YEA



Liability Insured Competitive Rates Reliable Liability Insured & Friendly Free Estimates Competitive Rates Private &&Friendly Reliable Commercial

Free Estimates Private & Commercial

Turfing Turfing

Landscaping Landscaping Planting Planting Bark/Chips Bark / ChipsLaid/Supplied Laid /Supplied GardenClearance Clearance/Tidy Garden /TidyUps Ups.

Mike Duffus Tel: 01224 732872 Mobile: 07742 761 763

Mike Duffus Tel: 01224 732872 Mobile: 07742 761 763 E-mail: E-mail:


21st Aberdeen (Cults) Scout Group

Saturday 26 May 2018 10am – 2pm

Scout Centre, South Avenue, Cults Admission: Adults £1, Children 50p Please bring jumble donations to the Scout Centre from 21st to 25th May 1000-1200hrs or 1300-1500hrs or 1900-2100hrs Looking to advertise ? Call Sue t : 07813 964 875

e :

29…7aR3Dhj70kUlVGBdoeSy3YlC3SR5SW2NRSyLCBRSCAbQIzhaCTJScGJpJIoSD7TTC8QQVnHj58g KCN Issue 30 - Apr-May '18.indd 29 04-Apr-18 9:06:48 PM

04/03/201 Pag

Aberdeen City Libraries @ Kingswells Community




Aberdeen City Libraries deliver a fortnightly service to the Kingswells community on Fridays from 2.50 pm to 3.50 pm in the hall at Kingswells Community Centre on Kingswells Avenue. A selection of books and DVDs, suitable for all ages, are available for loan and library staff are on hand to answer enquiries and assist with reading choices. Reservations may be placed for stock that is not on display. Theme events will take place at libraries throughout the holidays; further details are available at For further info : Home Service Library tel. 01224 498930

Woodburn Walkers

Enjoy the countryside, meet new friends, keep fit - join the Woodburn Walkers. Age 50+ Transport - Hire Bus, Fortnightly - Tuesday’s Starting point Hazlehead Park Time 9am for 9.15 Average Distance 7 miles contact numbers are 01224 640882 and 01224 318075.

Indoor Carpet Bowling Come along and give carpet bowls a try... indoor carpet bowling held at the Community Centre. The group is needing to swell it’s numbers so they can have a decent game every week. No experience required just come and give it a go. They do have spare bowls and nothing in the way of special clothing or equipment is required. In the first instance to gain more info and words of encouragement contact : Ian Sim Tel: 01224 741178 / Mob: 07535221718

Whist at Kingswells Do you enjoy a game of cards? Then come along to the Kingswells Community Centre on Thursday afternoons from 2 to 4 pm for a friendly game of Whist. Any queries to Helen: 01224 744429 30 KCN Issue 30 - Apr-May '18.indd 30

m-07527 801575 or

Mondays at Kingswells Church Hall, 19:30-21:00

Suitable for all abilities. Please contact Britta for further information, see contact details above.

Kut Loose Hair Design tel: 01224 647096

11 South Mount Street Rosemount Aberdeen AB25 2TN Open Tuesday -Saturday 30 years experience Wash cut & dry £20 Tint cut & dry £35 Foils cut & dry £49 Perm cut & dry £32 Quote this advert to receive a discount for new clients.






CompuCare 07929 860 721



Pc & Laptop Repairs (No Apple). New Systems Available. Collect & Return Service. £20 per Hour. £7.50 Call Out Charge.


George Cormack Painter & Decorator T: 01224 827081 M: 07840 650 853

40yrs experience, free estimates, no job to small and no vat.



Check out our website


04-Apr-18 9:06:50 PM

AberdeenFC advert 2018.pdf

















Village Hotel Aberdeen | Prime Four | Kingswells | Aberdeen AB15 8PJ Looking to advertise ? Call Sue t : 07813 964 875

*T&Cs apply. See website for details.

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e :

31 04-Apr-18 9:06:51 PM

for Phil ...Neil ...Ryan ...Kevin ...Nigel ...Richard ...Peter

At Phil Anderson Financial Services we offer flexible meetings to suit you, whether it’s during the day, evenings or weekends. You can visit us at our new Westhill office or for your convenience we can even meet at your home. Get in touch now: your local adviser is UK Pension Adviser of the Year (Finance Monthly Awards) Ryan Yule 07980 895014 web | email Westhill Business Centre, Arnhall Business Park, Westhill, AB32 6UF 01224 330570 office Phil Anderson Financial Services Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

KCN Issue 30 - Apr-May '18.indd 32

04-Apr-18 9:06:55 PM

Kcn issue 30 apr may 18  

A community publication for the residents of Kingswells

Kcn issue 30 apr may 18  

A community publication for the residents of Kingswells