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Hello everyone, April is already here and I’m stressing as I make another house move at the end of the month. So much to do and to recycle! Wishing fellow movers a swift and easy exchange. I am delighted to introduce you to bob & lulu a new shoe and clothes boutique in Ashley for children. To help with your diy I welcome Austin Kelly and a second hypnotherapist called One Life to help with your every day stresses. From an entertainment perspective you can enjoy SNJO on 21 April and Bach Choir in May, or try out a new sport of lawn bowling at Cults Bowling or Seafield Bowling. Fancy a rummage at the local jumble then pop along to the Cults Scout Jumble Sale I got a parker knoll two seater sofa and his and her armchairs a few years ago - so definitely worth a look. Can you believe we are heading to the start of Term 4 of the school year - exam time, in preparation for future years why not get some help from Kip McGrath. Thank you to everyone who applied for delivery jobs - I now have a small waiting list which is great. There are some lovely articles to read in this issue and all your regular advertisers which I thank you for supporting. Go grab that cuppa and enjoy this issue.

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NOW OPEN bob&lulu is an independent children’s shoe and clothing

boutique previously known as Shooligans. Come in to experience the personal service and enjoy the quirky, fun shop. Stockists of: Ricosta | Richter | Geox | Start-rite | Lelli Kelly | Bogs | Bobux | Froddo | Moccstars | Fred & Noah | Hummel |XTI | Zoom Baby | Hunter+ Rose | Little Hotdog Watson | Kissy Kissy | Baby Mori | Rachel Riley

32 Ashley Road, Aberdeen AB10 6RJ T: 01224 594588

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* Professional, reliable trustworthy service, caring for pets in the comfort of their own home. * Disclosure Scotland checked and fully insured.

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Could you have anxiety even if you function to a high standard?

it’s often the case that people with High Functioning Anxiety don’t realise that they have an anxiety disorder that would benefit from treatment.

The physical symptoms of anxiety can include headaches, a fast heartbeat, sweating, shaking, stomach aches, tense muscles, chest pain, dizziness, breathlessness and problems concentrating.

This is a common scenario here in Aberdeen, with the increased pressures in the oil and gas industry. With workloads ramping up as the workforce continues to shrink, High Functioning Anxiety is a growing problem and one that I’ve been supporting numerous clients with through Solution Focused Hypnotherapy since the economic situation worsened.

These type of symptoms can be very debilitating and are what people typically associate with anxiety. However, some people experience very high levels of anxiety but still manage to struggle through life without treatment. With High Functioning Anxiety, you’re still able to get yourself up and off to work but are plagued by anxious thoughts, a racing mind and chronic insomnia. None of this is obvious to other people and as you’re still able to perform your job to a good standard,

My 33 years of clinical experience (including mental health nursing) means I’ve been able to help clients to overcome High Functioning Anxiety. The first step is to recognise that anxiety still requires treatment, even if you still seem to be coping okay with life. Think how much better life would be when you’re not fighting a constant battle with your mind!

*50% Discount For With First Initial Consultation Session This Ad Help To Understand Your Brain And Achieve Your Goals

Solution Focused Clinical Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist Established Clinical Hypnotherapy Practice for 8 Years General/Mental Health Nurse with NHS over 25 Years

Sam Luxford DHP HPD GQHP SFBT Sup (Hyp) MNCH(Reg) CNHC

• Anxiety • IBS • Goal Achievement • Weight Loss • Stop Smoking • More On Web Site...

At Aberdeen’s West End & Kippie Lodge Video Sessions Available


+44 (0) 1224 966854 +44 (0) 7867 936505

Sam Luxford

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ello I’m Daniell Paterson, Centre Director of the new Kip McGrath Education Centre in Aberdeen. Since opening in December 2017 I have enjoyed welcoming children and parents to our centre. At Bon Accord Square we have a team of fully qualified teachers who provide English and maths tuition for primary and secondary school children. Our successful approach offers children the opportunity to develop their skills and confidence in literacy and numeracy within a friendly learning environment. Every child follows an individual learning programme based on their unique needs. My team and I look forward to continuing to work in partnership with parents, carers and children and to sharing the success that each child has with us. To book a FREE assessment or for more information please call Kip McGrath Aberdeen on 01224 590111 or visit us on Facebook.

Rubislaw Quarry Apartments Development Kip McGrath Aberdeen South - 01224 590111 13 Bon Accord Square, Aberdeen Want to advertise contact Sue on 07813 964 875 or




ramp is a common and usually harmless condition where muscles suddenly become tight and painful. Mostly cramps occur for no apparent reason, but certain things can trigger them such as pregnancy, exercise or some medications.

During cramp the affected muscle fibres contract or shorten suddenly, causing pain. This spasm can last from a few seconds to several minutes. Afterwards the affected muscle might remain tender for a few hours. Most cases of cramp require no medical treatment and can be relieved by simply stretching the affected muscle. Applying warmth to the area can help too. Consult your doctor if you suffer frequent night-time cramps which affect your sleep, or if you have other symptoms such as numbness or swelling, which may mean you need blood or urine tests to rule out underlying medical conditions. Useful tips for night cramps Stretch your calf muscles before bed Sleep with your feet rested against a pillow to keep them pointing upwards If you sleep on your front, allow your feet to dangle over the edge of the bed so calf muscles are not tensed. Keep sheets and blankets loose. Wear bed socks to keep your feet toasty. Warm muscles are less likely to spasm. By Sarah Davey


Gel Manicure, Pedicure, St Tropez Tan, waxing or a pick me up massage or facial. 10% off with this ad...

Alternative to eyelash extensions. Longer looking lashes lasting 6-8 weeks ÂŁ49 with Emma on a Thursday (incl eyelash tint - normal price ÂŁ65)

Gift Voucher Offers

01224 433111


19a Chattan Place, Aberdeen AB10 6RB, Scotland

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One Day... or Day One? 01224 329070

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Loft Insulation We all know that heat rises, so if your loft isn’t adequately insulated your home could lose as much as a quarter of its heat through the roof. This is why loft insulation is so important. There are four types to choose from. Mineral wool matting is sold in rolls and is laid between the joists, with a second layer placed at right angles to cover the joists. Rigid insulation boards can be laid in lofts used for storage. Laid on top of mineral wool, wooden boarding is then fitted on top of the insulation boards. Alternatively, floor boarding pre-bonded with insulation board is available. If your loft space is irregular use loose-fill insulation. Sold in bags, this is poured between the joists to the right depth. Finally loose, fire-retardant insulation material should be blown into loft areas that are hard to access. A professional should be hired for this job which takes no more than a few hours. In all other cases if you are experienced at DIY you should be able to fit the loft insulation yourself, but wear a protective mask and gloves if handling mineral wool. To get a list of possible installers go to the National Insulation Association website https:// or your local Energy Saving Trust advice centre www.energysavingtrust. [0808 808 2282]. By Debbie Singh-Bhatti


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Bleed Baby Bleed If your radiators feel cold at the top and warm at the bottom, it is likely that air trapped inside them – a common problem that can be fixed quite easily by bleeding them. First, determine which radiators are affected. Switch your central heating on, and then check that each radiator is heated uniformly. Any with cold spots will need bleeding. Before bleeding, turn off the central heating to prevent more air entering the system.

out (usually after a few seconds), close the valve back up. Repeat this process for all affected radiators. Turn the central heating back on once finished, and check your radiators after a couple of hours to ensure they have a uniform temperature, and that no water is leaking from the bleed valve. Do this once a year to keep your central heating in tip-top condition. By Debbie Singh-Bhatti

Bleed the radiator by inserting a bleed key (supplied with your radiator and available at DIY stores) in the bleed valve at the top of the radiator, whilst holding a cloth or small bowl underneath to catch any leaking water. With your hand wrapped in a cloth for protection, slowly turn the key anticlockwise until a hissing sound occurs. This is the trapped air escaping. Once the hissing stops and water starts to drip


A KELLY ELECTRICAL SERVICES LTD 62 North Anderson Drive Aberdeen AB15 5DB

architectural and building services ltd Extensions, Sunrooms, Garage Conversions, Roof Space Conversions, Renovations, Replacement Windows.

01224 317777

G-DEC - George Crichton

Professional Painter & Decorator Interior & Exterior Quality Products and Workmanship Tel : 01224 360739 Mob : 07921 136 467 10

Wallpaper Hanging Lining/Emulsion Hand Taping 20 years Experience & NVQ Advanced Craft

commercial - domestic - industrial - offshore installation - maintenance - repair

house rewires new builds rcd & consumer unit upgrades tv aerial installations eicr inspection & testing certification complete electrical solutions package hazardous area installation & maintenance

T: 01224 326834 M: 07917815601 E:

prompt, quality service with over 27 years experience


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sea symbolically to the city. The gesture was thought to keep sea-farers safe for the coming year. The ceremony of the Marriage of the Sea continues to this day.

Lo Sposalizio del Mare, or the Marriage of the Sea was an ancient ceremony which used to symbolise the maritime domination of Venice. It took the form of a solemn procession of boats, headed by the Doge's lavish ship, out to sea by the port on the Lido. In 1177 Pope Alexander III drew a ring from his finger and bade the Doge cast a ring into the sea each year on Ascension Day, and in so doing, wed the

A little bit of Italy... Little Belmont Street Struggling with your bookkeeping and paperwork?

The Aberdeen Bach Choir’s concert is an attempt at a musical reconstruction of Lo Sposalizio as it might have sounded in the 1630s. The first half will consist of madrigals and sacred music by Giovanni and Andrea Gabrieli, as would have been played and sung on the water during the procession of boats, and the second half will be a reconstruction of the church service held afterwards in the church of San Nicolo, on the Lido. The concert will be held at St Machar’s Cathedral at 7.45pm. Tickets are available from Aberdeen Performing Arts at £15, £12 for concessions, £5 for students and children under 16 are free.

We have been serving fine italian cuisine since 1977. Extensive à la carte menu for lunch and dinner.

5 minutes walk from His Majesty’s Theatre and Music Hall – special lunch and pre-theatre menus.

Freshly baked home mode home made pizzas with lashings of toppings. Tender pasta dishes full of tasty ingredients and luscious cream sauces. Seafood, prime steaks, chicken dishes, all with that extra touch of genius which is true Italian cooking!

Gift Vouchers Available

Let TSBS do the hard work for you! Open Monday to Saturday: 12 noon to 2.30pm & 5.30pm to 10.15pm

7 Little Belmont Street | Aberdeen | AB10 1JG

of Italy... A little bi A little Abitlittle of bit Italy... ...

in Little Belmont Street

Bookkeeping Services Little Belmon

We have been serving fine Italian cuisine since 1977. Little Belmont Street

Teresa Smith

Extensive à la carte menu for lunch and dinner.

01224 575127 5 minutes walk from His Majesty’s Theatre and Music Hall been serving fine italian c We have - special lunch and1977. pre-theatre menus. Extensive à la carte menu for lunch We have been serving fine italian cuisine since baked home-made pizzas with lashings of toppings. Extensive à la carte menu forFreshly lunch and dinner.

5 minutes walk from His Majesty’s T Tender pasta dishes full of tasty ingredients and luscious cream – special lunch and pre-theatre me

sauces. Seafood, 5 minutes walk from His Majesty’s Theatre andprime Musicsteaks, Hall chicken dishes, all with that extra touch of genius which is true Italian cooking! – special lunch and pre-theatre menus. Freshly baked home mode home m

Open Monday to Saturday 12 noon to 2.30pm and 5.30pm to 10.15pm Tender pasta dishes full of tasty ingr

steaks, chicken dishes, all with that e Freshly baked home mode home made pizzas with lashings of toppings. 01224 647777 Tender pasta dishes full of tasty ingredients and luscious cream sauces. Seafood, prime 7 Little Belmont Street | Aberdeen | AB10 1JG Open Monday to Saturday: 12 n steaks, chicken dishes, all with that extra touch of genius which is true Italian cooking!

40 7 Little Belmont Street 1977 - celebrating 40 years - 2017

Open Monday to Saturday: 12 noon to 2.30pm & 5.30pm to 10.15pm

11 www.poldinos

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7 Little Belmont Street | Aberdeen | AB10 1JG

| A

Spicy Mexican Chopped Salad Serves 4 Preparation Time: 15 minutes (overnight marinade optional)

Ingredients The juice of one lime 60ml olive oil 3/4 teaspoon cumin 400g tin of black beans, rinsed and drained 250g of frozen sweet corn, thawed 1/2 a red chilli, seeded and chopped into small pieces 1 red pepper, seeded and chopped into chunks 1 plum tomato (or large tomato), seeded and chopped into chunks 250g bag of baby spinach 225g crab meat Salt and freshly ground black pepper


21st Aberdeen (Cults) Scout Group

Saturday 26 May 2018 10am – 2pm

Scout Centre, South Avenue, Cults Admission: Adults ÂŁ1, Children 50p Please bring jumble donations to the Scout Centre from 21st to 25th May 1000-1200hrs or 1300-1500hrs or 1900-2100hrs


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Method In a large bowl, combine the lime juice and cumin. Whisk in olive oil and season with salt and pepper. To the same bowl, add the beans, sweet corn, chilli, red pepper and tomato. Toss to combine. (You can let this mixture marinate overnight if preferred). Before serving, toss the spinach with the veggie and dressing mixture. Divide evenly into four portions. Top each with the crab meat and plenty of freshly ground black pepper. Serve with fresh crusty bread.

Can’t read in the sun? Sun annoying when driving? Want to look stylish this summer? Let us help with sunglasses to your individual prescription from only £109 5 The Courtyard, North Deeside Road, Cults AB15 9SD T: 01224 863344 E: Want to advertise contact Sue on 07813 964 875 or


Why is stretching so important? There are many health benefits to undertaking a flexibility programme: Benefits of stretching: Improved range of movement at a joint. Whether the joint is your finger, elbow, knee hips or ankle we all need to be able to move them for our daily functions. Keeping them all moving is essential to healthy joints, muscles and mind. Increased muscle power. Due to good blood supply, and taking the muscle to its limit stretching a muscle will provide more muscle fibres to be working. When it’s as long as it can be and mobile, we will achieve more power from all the muscle fibres working when we move. Reduced post exercise muscle soreness. Given that a muscle will tear slightly when exercising, but builds stronger for doing so, a stretch will reduce the soreness of the muscle by bringing the blood supply into it to repair it. Reduces fatigue. Following exercise the muscle soreness can cause fatigue, but stretching will reduce or eliminate this possibility. Improves posture. The greater length the muscle is the better we are able to stand tall and move well. A body builder will increase muscle he reduces the ability to move so well due to too much tissue at a joint and little or no stretching in their fitness programme. There are 5 different types of stretches static stretching being one of them. But all of them we do at our Strength & Balance classes in Mannofield & Cults. If you would like to come to class, or have a class near you please contact Laura on 07773021851 Looking for a speaker at your group? Call Laura.


Not sure you’re doing it right as a mature adult? Older adults fitness, join us at our Strength and Balance classes. Do it right for your strength and balance M: 07773 021851 Mannofield Church : Wed 12-1 The Hub, Cults : Thurs 10-11 & 11-12

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Sell your home in 5 days* Discover the perfect new home this Spring


0845 302 6399

The Longcairn - 3/4 bedroom family home from £359,995 Have you ever wanted a home that grows with you, one that means you don’t have to move home, every time your family grows? From having a new addition to your family, to mum coming to stay or your teenager needing more space, the Long Cairn is a home that has been designed to be flexible to suit you. It’s easy to choose what suits you. The garden level in each option is the same and you can then decide what layout you’d like on the entry level and if you’d like an upper level, you can decide on the layout for that also.

Available with†: • Sell your home in 5days* We are proud to be awarded

5 Star Home Builder

in the HBF annual consumer survey 2017

Showhomes open

Thursday to Monday 11.00am to 5.00pm

†The offer detailed is available on selected homes only. Offers are subject to status. Terms and conditions apply. See website for details, subject to contract and status. Images shown REPOSSESSED IF YOU DO NOT KEEP UP REPAYMENTS ON YOUR MORTGAGE OR ANY DEBT SECURED ON IT. Terms and conditions apply. Prices correct at time of going to pre

The Glenmore - A four bedroom home £395,000 - Plot 74

The Argyll - A three bedroom home £264,995 - Plot 84

• Living room with French doors to garden • Well-appointed stylish kitchen with Smeg appliances • Utility store for laundry equipment • Separate dining room • En-suite shower room and walk-in wardrobe to master bedroom • En-suite shower room and built-in wardrobe to guest bedroom • Fitted vanity furniture and large mirror to bathroom and master en-suite • Integral garage with light and power

• Spacious three bedroom home • Contemporary open-plan kitchen/dining room with integrated Smeg appliances • French doors to garden • Downstairs WC/cloakroom • En-suite shower room and built-in wardrobe to master bedroom • Built-in wardrobe to second bedroom • Fitted vanity furniture and mirror in family bathroom offers a choice of stylish finishes

Available with*:• Sell your home in 5days*

Available with*:• Sell your home in 5days*

reflect the varying styles and sizes of typical Stewart Milne homes and are intended to illustrate typical styles and finishes only. YOUR HOME MAY BE ress.

whenever and wherever they occurred to him; a method that he was seen to employ while recording and touring with Tommy Smith and his group. Sweet Sister Suite is a textured, measured and deeply layered work for trumpet and vocal that also features SNJO improvisers stepping out from the orchestra to take the spotlight.


he Scottish National Jazz Orchestra (SNJO) directed by Tommy Smith presents Kenny Wheeler’s ‘Sweet Sister Suite’

Saturday 21st April 2018: The Sanctuary at Queen’s Cross, Aberdeen AB10 1YN 07827 966735 - concertsstart at 19.30pm Jump into Spring with the Scottish National Jazz Orchestra and their special guests Laura Jurd, Irini Arabatzi and Brian Kellock for a celebration of jazz genius. Together they will explore a rarely performed work by master composer, the late Kenny Wheeler, and the repertoire of pianist, composer and arranger Mary Lou Williams. Kenny Wheeler was a Canadian-born jazz trumpet player who became a stalwart of British modern jazz and who participated in many adventurous configurations as a leader, composer and sideman. He is especially remembered for his long association with Sir John Dankworth, and for a string of successful solo albums for ECM, which featured collaborations with Keith Jarrett, Mike Brecker and Jan Garbarek. He was also noted for iconoclastic projects such as the Spontaneous Music Ensemble, and the exploratory Azimuth with John Taylor and Norma Winstone and was still making wonderful music in his final years. His last album, Songs for Quintet was recorded in 2013 for ECM at the Abbey Road studios in London. Kenny Wheeler was commissioned by Tommy Smith to write Sweet Sister Suite for the SNJO in 1995 and the work, written over a two-year period, was completed in 1997. Wheeler often composed by noting down ideas and fragments


Laura Jurd is an award-winning trumpeter who has made a significant impact on UK jazz with her band Dinosaur, and her outstanding work with the Ligeti Quartet. She’s also written commissioned music for BBC Concert Orchestra, the Northern Sinfonia and BBC Radio 3. Irina Arabatzi is an insightful and empathetic jazz singer who is becoming firmly established in the UK as a versatile and compassionate new voice. They take center stage in these performances of ‘Sweet Sister Suite’, one of Kenny Wheeler’s most evocative, detailed, and rarely played essays in modern jazz. Mary Lou Williams was an in-demand composer, arranger and teacher who worked closely with many of the great names of jazz including Thelonius Monk, Duke Ellington, Benny Goodman and Dizzy Gillespie. She was both popular and respected throughout her career, and her music was infused with sharp intellect, exceptional invention and deep spirituality. Williams’ music was at various times ambitious and visionary, but throughout a long career, she firmly maintained her lifelong commitment to “Jazz for the Soul”. Brian Kellock is familiar to jazz audiences as a gentle, genial figure whose playing is full of heart and loaded with unspoken emotion. He joins the SNJO to perform some of Mary Lou Williams’ most resounding tunes including, A Mellow Bit Of Rhythm, What’s Your Story, Morning Glory? and Jump Caprice. These wonderful tunes round off performances that open a new three-year cycle of concerts from the SNJO, and they signal very bright prospects for the future of jazz in Scotland. The Scottish National Jazz Orchestra is supported by Creative Scotland

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Garden View A Jar of Nostalgia

If you’re reading this you probably have an interest in gardening, but even armchair gardeners must be happy that spring is now well under way. May brings with it a wonderful selection of flowers, mainly in cool blues, purples, pinks and whites, and some great fragrances too, including the heady scent of Lilac. It’s an old fashioned shrub which has fallen out of favour, and for the majority of the year it looks relatively uninteresting – but the Lilac bush smells fantastic in a gentle May evening breeze. Mix this aroma with the scent of freshly mown grass and you have the most perfect spring fragrance, better than any airfreshener. After a long winter with more snow than I can ever remember, and yet more depressing news about our economy, I think what we all need is to enjoy a little nostalgia; I’m not talking bunting here, but bedding plants. Towards the end of the month is the time when bedding plants and other tender perennials can be planted outside. Thousands of people will flock to garden

centres up and down the country over the coming weeks, and for some it’s their only pilgrimage of the year to the outdoor retail world. It’s an opportunity for the nurseryman (or woman) to display row after row of highly colourful plants, stacked, tray by tray like jars of sweets in an old fashioned shop. Each standing to attention, faces held high, their label pointing forwards and each doing their utmost to shout “buy me, buy me”. The flowers shine in the sunshine like the sparkling boiled fruit sweets in the jars, oh what is it to be, the bi coloured rhubarb custards, or the combination of blackberry and raspberry jellies? Choosing your colour scheme for this year’s bedding display (be that just the one hanging basket or a front garden that looks like a Victorian public park) is exciting, and a totally personal task. I’ve know it can cause arguments between couples, but have also known marriages which have survived successfully on the basis that “you plant your side and I’ll plant mine”. There are those who like a multi coloured cocktail of plants (a mixed tray of Petunias for example), those who prefer to stick to a muted pallet of 2-3

aberdeen area tree services landscaping garden design, fencing: supply, install, repair decking + construction removed, cut, pruned or replace demolition & removal of sheds/garages | pest control - wasps, rabbits, pigeons + roe deer | all services available for commercial + domestic

call george williams for excellent service and rates in aberdeen area :

m-07803 697 580 | t-01224 312611 |184 broomhill road, aberdeen (est 1988)


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‘sophisticated colours’ (usually purple, blue and white) and then those trying to achieve a Swiss cottage look who might plummet for just the one (perhaps a red trailing Ivy Leafed Pelargonium). But whatever your preference I don’t think it really matters, because buying annual bedding plants brings nostalgic happiness all round; it’s good for the nurseryman’s business, brilliant for passersby to enjoy, and most importantly great at making you feel happy at home. Happy Gardening, Lee

Garden Tasks for May Watch out for late frosts. Protect tender plants Earth up potatoes Open greenhouse vents and doors on warm days Lift and divide overcrowded clumps of daffodils and other spring-flowering bulbs

Lee Bestall

Westhill Fencing and Decking Decorative /security garden fencing; Lap panel fencing; Storm damage repairs and replacement; Wooden gates, steps, handrails and trellising; Bespoke garden decking designed and built. Over 15 years experience. Quality workmanship, reliable service, competitive pricing

Contact Roger Benton on 01224 791646 or 07711 501 795

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Cults Bowling Club, 293 North Deeside Road

Try Lawn Bowls This Summer!


he weather has finally started to warm up and it is time to consider some outdoor activities for the summer months. Bowls is a great game that can be enjoyed at any age and at any level you wish from a casual get together on a nice day or a friendly fixture against another club. There are many competitions and leagues as well for those who really get the bug! Cults Bowling Club would love to welcome new members whether they be complete beginners or returning to the game after a break. The Club is in a fantastic location just to the east of Cults village centre, lying between the North Deeside Road and the old railway line. It is a lovely quiet location and a positive suntrap whenever the sun does make an appearance. If you just want a chat about the club, come down on a Tuesday morning when the maintenance team will be working away. They are more than happy to talk to visitors about the club and how it works (if you time it right, you may get a rowie!).  If you would prefer to come when we are playing, our first event is the Opening of the Green on Saturday 14th April at 2:00pm, including afternoon tea. There is also a family event welcoming children, parents and grandparents on Sunday afternoon 10th June. Failing that just come down to the Club any evening and enjoy a drink in the bar and find out more about the game and the Club The club has a very informative website at where you can find details and reports of last year’s events and the socials held over the winter season. There are even some tips on how to play the game. Membership is very good value with a number of options available. Feel free to come down and just try the game before you join. If you need any further information then please contact John Fletcher at or on 07989 073722.


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80% of women are

affected by unwanted facial and body hair are you one of them?

Apilus Platinum Pure Electrolysis treatments can put YOU in the 20% Jenny, a former nurse, is an electrolysis specialist with 17yrs experience. » Permanently & rapidly eliminate ALL hair types of ANY colour » Twice as fast as any other epilator by optimising energy concentration in the hair follicle [saving you time and money] » Swift & concentrated treatments make it much more comfortable than conventional electrolysis » Permanent, low pain, quicker results - book your appointment below ...

First Apilus Platinum Pure in Aberdeen text/call

07843 054 393

89 Gray St, Aberdeen AB10 6JD A1 Poster - Electrolysis 2018.indd 1

02-Feb-18 8:39:30 AM

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CLUBS & CLASSES Seafield Walking Group

Alternate Wednesdays, leaving 9.15 from Countesswells Avenue. Coach transport. Long and short walks each outing. Contact Come and join our friendly 50+ group. FIRST WALK FREE! Aberdeen Choral Society Mondays fm 5th September at 7.30pm Queens Cross Church Hall.. Please come and join us we’d love to have you. All details on our website. Aberdeen Chorus of Sweet Adelines International - ladies Chorus singing 4 part a cappella in modern barbershop style. Monday evening from 7 -10pm at Curl Aberdeen, Eday Walk (just off Lang Stracht) New voices always welcome. Aberdeen and District RSPB Local Group A friendly group enthusiastic about the wildlife of the NE Various events throughout the year Aberdeen Italian Circle Thursdays (every 2/3 weeks) Time: 7.15 pm Rubislaw Church Centre, Beaconsfield Place Contact: 01224 635792 Aberdeen Embroiderers’ Guild First Saturday of month in Rubislaw Church Centre, Beaconsfield Place. Workshop 10 – 12.00 Meeting at 2pm. Visitors welcome. For info contact 07809557617. Aberdeen Model Railway Club Wednesday 7-10pm Ferryhill heritage center Email:

Aberdeen Orpheus Choir Wednesday evenings at 7.15 p.m. in the Hall of Crown Terrace Baptist Church, Windmill Lane, Some vacancies in the Choir. If you can read music and interested in choral music, Info: Jane Murray on 07967926758. Aberdeen Philatelic Society Thursdays, fortnightly fm 21st Sept 7.30pm Rubislaw Church Centre Beaconsfield Pl. Social mtg alt Fri am Aberdeen Pilates Man Thursday Int 6:30-7:30pm, Beg 7:30-8:30pm At Fitness & Wellbeing Development, Bridge House, Riverside Drive T: 07388842118 Aberdeen Round Table First Tuesday every month at 7.30pm (usually at the Cults Hotel) to plan a variety of events to aid the community. Information visit Aberdeen Strathspey and Reel Society Mon Jnr Orchestra - 6.30 to 7.30 pm, Snr 7.30 to 9.00 pm Hazlehead Primary School, AB15 8HB 01224 676482, e-mail or www. Aberdeen Velodees: Women only cycling group. Wednesday coached session + Weekend Rides. Join our facebook page or email for more info. After School Football - Alison McLeod Classes available at Airyhall + Kingswells for pre school children up to age 6

Befriend a Child Charity Shop 27 Holburn Street, AB11 6DJ, Aberdeen

To donate goods or volunteer contact 01224 930173 or e-mail


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CLUBS & CLASSES Airyhall Ramblers Group Every 2nd Wednesday @ Countesswells Road 9.15am Open to over 50’s A friendly, sociable group. Long & short walks available. Contact 07472686889 Association of American Women of Aberdeen (AWA) Open to women of all nationalities. Monthly meetings, activities for all tastes, annual fundraising for a chosen charity. For membership information go to Babies & Toddlers Fridays 10 - 11.30 during term time Gilcomston Church, use Summer Street door Contact: Gayle Veitch, or Rosie McKie, 01224 647144 Barney’s Ballroom Wed, 20:15-21:45 Cults Parish Church (main hall), Quarry Road, AB15 9ET Sat 13:00-14:30 & 14:30-16:00 Stonehaven South Church Hall, Cameron St, AB39 2HS 07342 789 965 Barre Fitness classes Monday at 10-11am at Granville Lane Scout Hut, Tuesday at Mile End Primary from 6-7pm Friday 5pm and 5.30pm at Fitness & Wellbeing Development on Riverside Drive. Beginners Ashtanga Yoga (power Yoga). Monday 6.30 till 7.30 and 7.30 till 8.30 (seniors). £7 Cults Kirk Centre Hub, 404 North Deeside Road, Cults. Call Simone 07985 384402 or email Childrens Highland Dancing Lessons Day: Various - After School / Saturdays Craigiebuckler, Holborn West, City Centre and Cults or 07972104774

Maggies Culture Crawl Where: The event starts-off at Aberdeen Sports Village, Linksfield Road, Aberdeen, AB24 5RU and concludes at Maggie's Centre Aberdeen, Westburn Rd, Aberdeen AB25 2UZ When: Friday 22 June 2018, 18:00 - 23:30pm More info on registering: https://www.

Clubbercise with Jessica Tuesday 8:30-9:30pm at Airyhall community Centre. All other classes listed on my Facebook page (Clubbercise Jessica Aberdeen). Contact no-07725672678 CTC Grampian Local group of the Cycling Touring Club. We provide cycle rides for all abilities and ages to local destinations and further afield. John B, Chairman, Tel: 01224 571984. Culter & District Pipe Band Mon/Wed 7.30pm-9pm Culter Village Church Piping & Drumming, all levels welcome Contact: Susan 07540 530705 DanceYoga Mon and Wed 8pm at Rubislaw Church Centre 07470449331 Hannah Nordlund DanceYogaAberdeen Dru Yoga Tuesday 7-8pm in Jubilee Hall, South Holburn Church. Thursday 10-11.30 in Girlguiding, Thistle Lane. One-toone sessions or small groups in AB15 5BB upon request. Ester 07757 304879 or Fitness with Laura Mon - 6-7pm Inchgarth Community Centre Wed - 6.15-7.15pm Tullos Primary School Fri - 10-11am Inchgarth Community Centre F: fitnesswithlaura or 07739181345. Flying Yogis Children’s yoga classes 3-5 Years Mondays 9:3010am, NEW CLASS- Wednesdays 1:30-2pm Kingswells Community Centre, Contact :Emma Dawrant 07789558865 or

LIST YOUR CLASS - FREE Basic Info ONLY in the following order Name of Class: Day: Time: Where: Contact: (FREE approx 30 words) if you wish more space then there is a small charge and it will be a boxed ad like this £12 per year for each magazine ... To list your class email: subject : Clubs/Classes

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Franco-Scottish Society, Aberdeen – promoting French and Scottish culture Monthly meetings on a Tues 7.30pm usually in French School, 1-5 Whitehall Place, Aberdeen. Talks mainly in French, but sometimes English. 01224 590903. Friskis&Svettis Jympa Wednesdays from 7-8pm (exercise to music). Low impact, suitable for all ages & abilities. Airyhall Community Centre Contact Jackie Tel 01224 713705 Friskis & Svettis Jympa Tuesday from 7.30pm - 8.30pm Airyhall Community Centre Call Katie on 01224981474/07889011337 or email Gordonians Hockey Club - Youth Coaching Tuesdays fm 29 Aug until end of May 2018 5.45pm - 7.00pm Astroturf Playing Fields, Countesswells Road AB15 8AR Ages P4 - S6 any school Contact John Mowat tel: 07525 811039

JKA Aberdeen Karate Tuesday & Thursday (all grades) 7pm Kincorth Sports Centre 01224 826174 JKA Aberdeen Tiger Cubs Childrens Karate Sessions Thursday 5 - 7 year olds Kincorth Sports Centre 07762 560630 or 01330 833688 Kaimhill Strollers Thursday at 9.15 over 50s walking group which meets Community Wing of Kaimhill School. Walks average 6 miles cost of £4 includes use of our minibus. Contact Dick on 01224 782109 or Doris on 01224 316775. Kaimhill Yoga Group Wednesdays 9.15-10.15am. Friendly and fun. Suitable for all. Injury and illness cared for. Kaimhill Learning Centre, Pitmedden Terr AB10 7HR.

Granite City Chorus Scotland’s leading male barbershop chorus Tuesdays 7.00pm to 9.45pm Woodside Church Hall AB24 4DQ

Mainly Music at Gilcomston Wednesdays 10 - 11.30 during term time Gilcomston Church, use Summer Street door Contact: Katie Rose, or Rosie McKie, 01224 647144

Granite City Guerrillas Dodgeball Team 16+ Mon 8pm – 10pm at The Jesmond Sports Centre, Bridge of Don (Mixed session) Wed 8.30pm – 10pm at The Danestone Community Centre, Bridge of Don (Ladies only) Contact:

Mango Choir (mainly Gospel style) Mondays, September to April 6:30 to 7:30 at Mannofield Church Alistair Stark, 01224 318536, No experience needed, no auditions.

Granite City Scottish Women’s Institute Every 4th Wednesday 7-9pm (Sept to June). Ruthrieston Community Centre, 532-536 Holburn Street, Aberdeen (car park to rear). Just come along or tel the secretary 01224 587590

Mannofield Parent & Toddler Group Monday, & Friday 1000 - 1130 @ Mannofield Church Facebook Group - Mannofield Parent & Toddlers

Hatha Yoga Thursday 9:30-10:30 am - Ashley Road Aberdeen £7.00 per session Info & bookings : Adriana 07799845716 - limited spaces Italian Classes in Cults (Aberdeen) from Beginners to Advanced level Summer Sessions in Italy Enrica Conti Tel. 07786827714 Jazzercise aerobic classes, Mon + Tues 6.15pm South Holburn Parish church hall, Wed (6.15pm) + Sat (9.30am) Broomhill Activity Centre. Contact Judy 07757216968 or


Mannofield Yoga Thursdays 7.15-8.15pm Mannofield Church All welcome including beginners Contact Jenny at Metafit. The Original Metabolic HIIT Workout. Wednesday 8:15-8:45pm,Mannofield Church. Facebook @Metafit With Gemma. Tel 07793 431578 MummyFITT. Wed- 12-1 o at Danestone Community Centre and 10-11 on a Friday at Cults parish church main hall on quarry road. Contact 07540790348 /

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NCT Waddling to Toddling group Mondays, 10-11.30am - (from birth to preschool) St Francis of Assisi Church, Deesdie Gardens, Mannofield. £2 donation requested. Email: parentsupport. Rhythm Time Multisensory Music Sessions Ruthrieston West Church Tuesdays: 9.45am, 14mnths 3yrs + 10.25am 0 - 12mnths + 11.05am 0 - 12 mnths Friday: 9.30am 14mnths - 3yrs 10.10am 14mnths 3yrs 10.50am 0 - 12mnths Rubislaw Baby Group Tuesdays, 9.30am – 11.00am Rubislaw Church Centre, Beaconsfield Place, Aberdeen £2.50 per session Suitable for: Birth to walking 07747 830386 email: Rubislaw Playgroup Mon, Tues + Thurs 9 30 till 11 30 + Frid messy play session 13 30 till 15 30 Rubislaw Church Centre, £10 per session Suitable for: 21/2 years to school age 07747 830386 e: Rubislaw Toddler Group Wed, 9.30am – 11.00am Rubislaw Church Centre, Beaconsfield Place, Aberdeen £3.00 per session (includes snack) Suitable for: Walking to 21/2 years 07747 830386 email: Scottish Country Dancing Summer Socials - RSCDS Summer Socials every Wednesday from 2nd May to 29th Aug at Curl Aberdeen. 7:30pm - 9:45pm. All welcome but not suitable for complete beginners. or 01224 636128 Scottish Country Dancing classes for Children after school at St Joseph’s, Kingsford, Braehead, Craigiebuckler Church Hall or at City Moves on a Saturday morning. or 01224 636128 for more information.

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Silver CITY Singers Mondays 7.20 - 9.30pm AGS Former Pupils Club 86 Queen’s Road AB15 4YQ Tai Chi (Taijiquan) & Health Qigong (Chi Kung) Mondays 7-8pm and 8-9pm Aberdeen Unitarian Church contact Matthew Knight Email: The Mixing Bowl Aberdeen A food interest group for the community. Meets monthly in term time at St Devenick’s church hall, Baillieswells Rd, Bieldside Further details: Vinyasa Yoga Monday during term time 930-1030 Rubislaw church Centre 1 Beaconsfield Place Contact Facebook page @pranayogawithsarah Woodburn Walkers Every seond Tuesday @ Hazlehead Park - Contact 01224 640882 and 01224 318075. A walking group open to all over 50’s . Yoga classes Tue 17.45-19.15 AYC, 8 Bon Accord Sq. Wed 10.15-11.45 Queens Cross Church. Thur 10.00-11.30 Queens Cross Church. Moira : 01224 648475 e: moira.chicometrics@ Yoga with Deborah Thompson Wednesday 7-8pm. Tel: 07821704826, Cults Kirk Church Hall on Quarry Road in Cults, deborahthompsonyoga@ Zumba with Sharon Wednesday 7.30 - 8.30 At Broomhill Activity Centre 197 Broomhill Road AB10 7LN Contact - 07578299963

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Animal Blessing Service

the oven valet

Craigiebuckler Church Hall Springfield Road ABERDEEN

service with a sparkle*

oven cleaners

Sunday, 3rd June 2018 3pm The Service will be conducted by the Rev Kenneth Petrie All animals with their human companions welcome 28

01330 823079 07920 483 233

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Archway Opens Its First Charity Shop In Rosemount


he charity, which was set up almost 25 years ago, supports almost 200 children, young people and adults with learning disabilities living in the Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire area through 5 communitybased respite and residential units. The shop, at 95 Rosemount Place in Aberdeen, offers a wide range of good quality clothing, handbags, decorative and household items. It is already receiving positive feedback from local shoppers. Janine Davies, Fundraising Manager at Archway said: “We have had lots of positive comments about how the shop looks and the quality of the items we have for sale. Our managers and volunteers are doing a fantastic job and we would like to thank them and all our new customers for their support.” The shop is open Monday – Friday 10am – 4pm and Saturdays from 10am- 1pm. Donations of good quality clothing, household items, books, handbags and would be welcome. For further information you can contact the shop directly by email or call 01224 465116.



Tel: Email FREE ADVICE & QUOTATIONS EVENING SURVEYS AVAILABLE Intruder Alarm Systems, Wired or Wireless Fire Alarm Systems, Wired or Wireless Fire Extinguishers & Blankets Electrical Work - All Types Smoke & Heat Alarms Portable Appliance Testing CCTV & Door Entry Systems Window & Door Lock Replacement. Safes and Cabinets Safety Signs & Equipment

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07813 964 875 mail@ STOP PRESS: Albury Outdoor Sports Centre open on 14th Apr, for tennis, putting, bowling and croquet. Centre run by volunteers in partnership with Sport Aberdeen. Albury Rd. Aberdeen, AB11 6TN Tel 01224 571683

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the one stop business shop ... CompuCare 07929 860 721 Pc & Laptop Repairs (No Apple). New Systems Available. Collect & Return Service. £20 per Hour. £7.50 Call Out Charge.

George Cormack Painter & Decorator T: 01224 827081 M: 07840 650 853

40yrs experience, free estimates, no job to small and no vat.


Aberdeen School Session 2017 - 18

In Service Days Tuesday 8 May 2018

Term 4 16 April 2018 - 6 July 2018 Term Starts - Monday 16 April 2018 May Day Holiday - Monday 7 May 2018

Kut Loose Hair Design tel: 01224 647096

11 South Mount Street Rosemount Aberdeen AB25 2TN Open Tuesday -Saturday 30 years experience Wash cut & dry £20 Tint cut & dry £35 Foils cut & dry £49 Perm cut & dry £32 Quote this advert to receive a discount for new clients.

Next deadline 27 May for June/ July magazines.

Term Ends - Friday 6 July 2018


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Domestic, Commercial & Industrial Installations ¾Lighting Design & Installation ¾ Additional Sockets, TV & Phone Points ¾Fuse Board Upgrades ¾ Inspection, Testing & Certification ¾ All Aspects of Electrical Maintenance & Repairs

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e Ab


een Carpe rd

WE WILL TAKE THE STRESS OUT OF YOUR HOME IMPROVEMENTS and supply all the services to see the job through start to finish

Our promise: To provide our customers with the highest standards of quality, efficiency and professionalism

Are you interested in walking the Scottish hills? Cults Church Hillwalking Group and Mannofield Church Hillwalking Group are walking together several times during 2018. Our walks give shorter and longer options, sometimes including a Munro. If this range of walks appeals to you, why not join us for individual walks or for the season? Our early walks during 2018 are: Saturday 28 April Cairnwell-Carn a’ Gheoidh-Carn Aosda (OS Map 43) Saturday 26 May 2018 Glen Dye to Clatterin’ Brig (OS Map 45) For more details contact: Robin 01224 905316 hillwalkingclub.html/Mannofield hillwalking and Rambling Club


Full Joinery Services Doors - External & Internal Finishings, Skirtings & Facings Wood Flooring & Laminate Fitted Kitchens Decking

• Custom Made Summer Houses & Sheds • Property Maintenance • Office Refurbishments • Partitions & Suspended Ceilings Cei eilililing ngs ng

Aberdeen Carpentry WORKING TOGETHER

FOR A NO OBLIGATION QUOTE OR ENQUIRIES CONTACT: T: 01224 248247 Les: (M) 07961 557 430 Doug: (M) 07983 744 727



interior / exterior /plastering/water damage fixed price quotations - no VAT 19 Craigiebuckler Place

tel : 01224 - 316898 mob : 07711 120 217

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Private Healthcare doesn’t have to be expensive • GP Services • Blood Tests • Minor Surgery • Varicose Vein Removal • Plastic Surgery • Community Gynaecology

Walk in walk out procedures Interest free payments option available No waiting times

Excellence in Health

Issue 127 we1  

A bi-monthly Community Magazine for Bieldside, Cults, Pitfodels, Ashley, Broomhill and Holburn

Issue 127 we1  

A bi-monthly Community Magazine for Bieldside, Cults, Pitfodels, Ashley, Broomhill and Holburn