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Message from Bari

From the Producing Artistic Director Bari Newport

At a Glance

Impact in Numbers

Theater Productions


Statements of Financial Position

Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees | 2021-2022

Supporters & Donors

Supporters & Donors | 2021-2022

Supporters & Donors of The Joe Adler Legacy Campaign

What's Ahead Who We Are

Education Initiatives

Season 2022-2023

GableStage Staff

2 | GableStage Theatre ANNUAL REPORT FOR 2021-2022
Avi Hoffman Photo: George Schiavone

From the Producing Artistic Director

The 2021-2022 season was a year of rebirth at GableStage.

I was honored to begin my tenure in April 2021 as the second producing artistic director the company has ever had, following — but not replacing — the legendary Joe Adler, who passed away in 2020, just as the pandemic was closing the theatre.

The last year has been a whirlwind as we reopened the theatre, brought back and added key staff - including a development director and marketing director – pulled in record donations, and launched an ambitious season of performances, in-person and streaming.

Despite the ongoing pandemic, which required reshuffling schedules and the cancellation of some performances, we had a tremendously successful year. We had nearly 11,000 attendees at our shows last season, along with more than 1,000 who viewed shows on our new streaming platform. And our student programming reached 4,500 high school students. More than 400 donors gave generously and allowed us to reopen and build our staff and programming.

None of this work would have been possible without the support of our board, staff, artists, donors and volunteers and their unwavering commitment to nonprofit theatre in Miami. I am enormously grateful to GableStage’s legions of supporters and am excited about what comes next.


Message from Bari 3/ GableStage Theatre ANNUAL REPORT FOR FISCAL YEAR 2021-2022 3 | GableStage Theatre ANNUAL REPORT FOR 2021-2022
Bari Newport
Photo: Magnus Stark

Impact in Numbers

2021-2022 Season

Donors & Supporters

Community Involvement

400 plants were given away on Earth Day.

150 dog bones were given away on International Dog Day.

Non-profit Nights

BOCA Non-profit Night

Ticket proceeds went to UMNSU (University of Miami Nova SE University Center for Autism and Related Disabilities)

FADE Non-profit Night

Ticket proceeds went to Fundraiser for Voices United & Fundraiser for South Florida Theatre League.

GableStage Education & Outreach Initiatives

Shakespeare's King Lear performed 20 shows at 17 Miami-Dade schools.

GableStage's education initiatives reached over 4,500 students.

Attendees: Total Virtual Streamers: Total Donors: 422 1,000 10,900 At a Glance
4/ GableStage Theatre ANNUAL REPORT FOR FISCAL YEAR 2021-2022 4 | GableStage Theatre ANNUAL REPORT FOR 2021-2022

External Events

150+ guests attended Books and Books events featuring conversations with Bari Newport on recent theater productions.

75 guests attended the International Contemporary Art event featuring "The White Card."

150 guests attended the "Me Before You" reading about the Kavanaugh Hearings at the North Beach Bandshell.

200 guests attended Joseph Adler's Legacy & Life memorial and viewed a film celebrating his life

GableStage and the Community

Brunch with Bari

Brunch With Bari

One of our favorite endeavors of last season, these delightful conversations featured an array of cast members, artistic directors, community supporters and theatre lovers

Thank you for making our inaugural season so much fun:

Mark Trowbridge, Phillip Church, Stuart Meltzer & Elena Maria Garcia, Rich Roffman, Barbara Stein, Victoria Rogers, Christine Dolen, Katie Christie, Ruben Rabasa, Victoria Collado & Vanessa Garcia.

At a Glance
5/ GableStage Theatre
5 | GableStage Theatre ANNUAL REPORT FOR 2021-2022

Pre-Show Talks

Creating an Inclusive Culture Workshop

Beginning 20 minutes before the start of each performance, the audience gathers in the outdoor cafe where Bari or a dramaturg engage in an investigation of themes related to the production. The mission of these dramaturgical talks is to give the audience a lens into the work, which they otherwise may not have. Bari strongly believes, “as with any art, the more one understands the work, the more they will support it ”

When an artist involved in the piece is available, Bari or the dramaturg will have a public conversation as the pre-talk instead

Inclusive Special Chat & Chew

Guest artists included: Eleanor Reissa (director, co-writer Papp), Claudia Rankine (playwright, The White Card), Jessica Provenz (playwright, BOCA) and Teo Castellanos (director, Fade).

Diversity & Inclusion Workshops

Five virtual workshops led by Katie Christie of Voices United included group discussions, activities, mixed media and the poetry of “The White Card” author Claudia Rankine. These activities further explored the themes of this introspective play.

Part 1 & 2-Answering the Questions: Why Do We Need Equity & Inclusion?

Part 3- Exploring Causes of Injustice

Part 4- Looking Back: Whose Shoulders Are We Standing On?

Part 5- Looking Forward: Develop Personal Justice Practice

ANNUAL REPORT FOR FISCAL YEAR 2021-2022 6/ GableStage Theatre At a Glance
6 | GableStage Theatre ANNUAL REPORT FOR 2021-2022
Katie Christie
8/ GableStage Theatre 7 | GableStage Theatre ANNUAL REPORT FOR 2021-2022
Theater Productions 2021-2022



SSplash! plash!

SPLASH! celebrated 1940’s movie mermaid Esther Williams with a one-night only synchronized swimming extravaganza. The event featured worldrenowned artistic swimming troupe Aqualillies and commemorated GableStage's history, the legacy of its late Producing Artistic Director Joe Adler, and the energetic future under the new artistic leadership of Bari Newport.

Special Event ANNUAL REPORT FOR FISCAL YEAR 2021-2022 8/ GableStage Theatre 8 | GableStage Theatre ANNUAL REPORT FOR 2021-2022

Theater Productions

The Price

One son abandoned his dreams to support his father. The other didn’t. Thirty years later, they reunite to sell their late father’s belongings and are forced to examine their decisions – and the price they had to pay.

9 | GableStage Theatre ANNUAL REPORT FOR 2021-2022
Directed by Bari Newport based on the vision of Joseph Adler Gregg Weiner, Patti Gardner, Michael Mckenzie. Photo: George Schiavone

Theater Productions

Joe Papp At The Ballroom

Joseph Papp, the American theatre icon gave only one public concert in his career. In it, he recounted his Brooklyn Yiddish upbringing, his political struggles and his reconceiving of the creative process. Hoffman recreates the 1978 event.

Adapted by Avi Hoffman, Susan Papp-Lippman and Eleanor Reissa, Director Eleanor Reissa
ANNUAL REPORT FOR FISCAL YEAR 2021-2022 10/ GableStage Theatre 10 | GableStage Theatre ANNUAL REPORT FOR 2021-2022
Avi Hoffman Photo: George Schiavone

Theater Productions

The White Card

A moving and revelatory distillation of racial divisions as experienced in the white spaces of the living room, the art gallery, the theater, and the imagination itself.

ANNUAL REPORT FOR FISCAL YEAR 2021-2022 11/ GableStage Theatre 11 | GableStage Theatre ANNUAL REPORT FOR 2021-2022
Directed by Lydia Fort Rita Cole, Tom Wahl Photo: Magnus Stark


This comedy follows a group of retirees who – between golf, bridge and botox –can be found bickering, gossiping and living it up like they’re teenagers again.

Directed by Barrington Stage Artistic Director Julie Boyd
ANNUAL REPORT FOR FISCAL YEAR 2021-2022 13/ GableStage Theatre 12 | GableStage Theatre ANNUAL REPORT FOR 2021-2022
Theater Productions Barbara Bonilla, Deborah Kondelik Photo: Magnus Stark

The Year of Magical Thinking

In this dramatic adaptation of her award-winning, bestselling memoir, which The New York Times called “an indelible portrait of loss and grief… a haunting portrait of a four-decade-long marriage,” Joan Didion transforms the story of the sudden and unexpected loss of her husband and their only daughter into a stunning and powerful one-woman play.

Directed by Bari Newport ANNUAL REPORT FOR FISCAL YEAR 2021-2022 12/ GableStage Theatre 13 | GableStage Theatre ANNUAL REPORT FOR 2021-2022
Theater Productions Sarah Morsey Photo Magnus Stark

Rubenology: The Making of an American Legend

Directed by Victoria Collado

Abre Camino Collective, the team who brought Miami the Amparo Experience, joined GableStage to present the legendary Ruben Rabasa (who Andy Garcia called “La Gloria de Cuba”) as he takes the wheel of his own one person show to drive us through the wild ride of his life – all 84 years and counting.

ANNUAL REPORT FOR FISCAL YEAR 2021-2022 14/ GableStage Theatre
Special Event 14 | GableStage Theatre ANNUAL REPORT FOR 2021-2022
Ruben Rabasa Photo: Magnus Stark


It’s Lucia's first TV writing job. As a Hispanic novelist, she may be the “diversity hire” she’s heard whispers about. Uncertain whether she can make a place for herself in Hollywood, she feels less alone when she meets Abel, the Latino janitor

A comedy about class, integrity, and culture.

ANNUAL REPORT FOR FISCAL YEAR 2021-2022 15/ GableStage Theatre 15 | GableStage Theatre ANNUAL REPORT FOR 2021-2022
Theater Productions Alexandra Acosta. Photo: Magnus Stark
16/ GableStage Theatre ANNUAL REPORT FOR FISCAL YEAR 2021-2022
16 | GableStage Theatre ANNUAL REPORT FOR 2021-2022
Financial Statements
Gregg Weiner, Peter Haig, Patti Gardner Photo: George Schiavone

Statement of Financial Position

ANNUAL REPORT FOR FISCAL YEAR 2021-2022 17/ GableStage Theatre Assets Cash and cash equivalents Accounts receivable Promises to give Prepaid expenses Other current assets Property and equipment, net Liabilities and Net Assets Liabilities Payables Accrued expenses Deferred revenue Paycheck protection program note payable Net assets Without donor restrictions With donor restrictions 2022 673,827 61,599 90,000 62,791 13,990 44,796 24,138 27,268 105,303618,356 171,938
year ended June 30, 2022 Financial Statements 17 | GableStage Theatre ANNUAL REPORT FOR 2021-2022 $ Total Assets 947,003 Total Net Assets 790,294 $ Total Liabilities and Net Assets 947,003 $ $ Total Liabilities netNET 156,709 $ $

Statement of Activities and Changes in Net Assets

ANNUAL REPORT FOR FISCAL YEAR 2021-2022 19/ GableStage Theatre Public Support and Revenues Contributions and sponsorships Foundation support Government support Theatre ticket sales Special events Other Total Public Support and Revenues Expenses Program services Supporting services: Management and general Fundraising Total supporting services Total Expenses Net Assets Beginning of year End of year Changes in Net Assets Without Donor Restrictions With Donor Restrictions Total $ 686,423 133,947 856,273 402,363 90,900 8,645 2,178,551 1,597,272 226,952 430,629 657,581 2,254,853 694,658 $ 618,356 (76,302) $ 704,021 288,287 856,273 402,363 90,900 8,645 2,350,489 1,597,272 226,952 430,629 657,581 2,254,853 694,658 $ 790,294 95,636 $ 17,598 154,340----$ 171,938 171,938
year ended June 30, 2022 Financial Statements 18 | GableStage Theatre ANNUAL REPORT FOR 2021-2022 171,938
Program 70.2% Fundraising 19.8% Management&General 10% GovernmentSupport 36.4% Contributions&Sponsorships 30% TheatreTicketSales 17.1% FoundationSupport 12.3% SpecialEvents 3.9% Financial Statements
by Source Revenue by Source ANNUAL REPORT FOR FISCAL YEAR 2021-2022 18/ GableStage Theatre 19 | GableStage Theatre ANNUAL REPORT FOR 2021-2022

Board of Trustees




Roz Stuzin


David Coulson

Vice President, Finance

Richard Toren


Richard Jacobs

Marc Abrams

Mitchell Bierman

Jill Gaffin

George Haj

Allison Hockman

Nedra Kalish

Chaim Katzman

Gene Sulzberger

Aizik Wolf

Lee Osiason

Producing Artistic Director

Bari Newport

Standing Committees

Executive, Finance, Development


If you have an interest in serving on a committee for the Board of Trustees, please email:

ANNUAL REPORT FOR FISCAL YEAR 2021-2022 20 | GableStage Theatre ANNUAL REPORT FOR 2021-2022

Annual Donors & Funders


The board of directors and staff of GableStage applaud our supporters whose generosity enables us to deliver theatre of artistic excellence to the community. The following donations listed were received between July 1st, 2021 through September 18, 2022. Donors to the Joseph Adler Legacy Campaign are recognized immediately following annual donors.

$ 100,000 +

Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs

Henry R. Muñoz III

The Jorge M. Pérez Foundation at the Miami Foundation

$25,000 + $15,000 + 10,000+

Florida Department of State/Division of Cultural Affairs

Cornelia T. Bailey Foundation

Al & Jane Nahmad Family Foundation

El Dorado Furniture

Bari Newport & Magnus Stark

Charles & Rosalyn Stuzin

Grove Bank & Trust

Peacock Foundation, Inc

George & Jenna Haj

Daniel R. Lewis & Valerie Dillon

Nedra A. Kalish

The Shubert Foundation

Jessie Wolfson

Marc & Robyn Abrams

William J. & Tina Rosenberg Foundation

Louis J. Appignani Foundation

Lynn Atkinson & David Drucker

City of Coral Gables Cultural Affairs

Funding Arts Network

Rhoda Levitt

Andrea & Clark Nobil

Jodi & Paul Tartell

The Children's Trust

Rick & Myrna Toren

Debbie & Michael Troner, M.D.

Dr. Aizik L. Wolf


Ann Anthony

Alan & Jayusia Bernstein

Mitchell & Ana Bierman

The Shepard Broad Foundation

David Coulson & Jeannie Etter

Nanci & Harold Deutsch

Audrey & Ralph Friedner

Jill & Harold Gaffin

Ivan & Lourdes Garces

Greenberg Traurig, P.A.

Jane Hurt

Richard & Judith Jacobs

Chaim & Shelly Katzman

Janet & Gerald Kelfer

Jeff Davis & Michael Miller

21/ GableStage Theatre ANNUAL REPORT FOR FISCAL YEAR 2021-2022 21 | GableStage Theatre ANNUAL REPORT FOR 2021-2022

Annual Donors & Funders

Lee & Iris Osiason

Paricia M. Papper In Honor of Roz Stuzin

Dorothy & Aaron Podhurst

The Joseph H. & Florence A. Roblee Foundation

Raul R. Rodriguez

Kaufman Rossin

Sara Solomon

Gene C. Sulzberger

The Sue & Leonard Miller Center

for Contemporary Judaic Studies

University of Miami

$2,500+ Foundation $1,000+

Scott & Michelle Blair Family Charitable Fund

Lil & Yorke Doliner Charitable

Allison Hockman

Elaine & Daniel Katz

Stephen & Dale Kulvin

Judy Loft & Joe Reid

Claudia Perles

The Sager Family Charitable Fund

Fred & Bonnie Shapiro

Citizens Interested In Arts

Coral Gables Community Foundation

Suzanne & Richard Steinbook

Sheila Wagner

Steven Weinger

Publix Super Markets Charities

Betty & Michael Wohl

Nedra & Mark Oren of Yulman Foundation

Ann Landau & Ira Zweifler

Michael & Sheila Berke

Susan & Steven Caller

Mark Steinberg & Dennis Edwards

Andy Elisburg

Firestone Family Foundation

Robert R.Brinker & Nancy S.


Audrey Frank

Karen & Neil Goodman

Lydia Harrison

Miami-Dade County Commissioner

Sally Heyman

Ronald & Miriam Hinds

Corleen & James Iannazzi

Eric & Gayle Jacobs

Dr. Susan R. & Larry Jay

Albert & Priscilla Klomparens

David Kwiat

Wendy Lapidus

William Lehman Jr.

David & Renee Lieberman

Norman & Nancy Lipoff

Carlos Malamud

Bruce Marmar

Jill & Mark Meland

Gail S. Meyers

The Miami Foundation

Lynn & Linda Newport

Alan & Barbara Pareira

Michael & Mary Ellen Peyton

Cuong Do & Lori Rickles

Doris Rudnick

Joel & Adele Sandberg

Charles & Linda Sands

Carrie & David Schulman

Brenda B. Shapiro

Zandra Bailes

JoAnne Bander

Susan Bannon

Cindy & David Berger

The Zelda & John Schwebel Family Foundation

Andrea & Greg Sharp

Maggie Silverstein

Julie & Gary Simon

ANNUAL REPORT FOR FISCAL YEAR 2021-2022 22 | GableStage Theatre ANNUAL REPORT FOR 2021-2022

Sandra J. Simon

Edward & Barbara Sirkin

Sydney S. & Judith Rood Traum

Suzy & Sadek Wahba

Dr. Bruce H. Wolf


Donald & Rosetta Bierman

Marsha Bilzin

Bob Feldman & Barbara Bonilla

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Dinerstein

Marcia Dunn

Inna Friedman

Carolyn Friedman

Sharon Gless

Maureen & Larry Gragg

Renee Gross

Bernard & Florence Jacobson

Louis Hafken MD & Lee Ann Johnston

Dr. Josephine Johnson

Paulette Johnson

A.E.F on behalf of Alan & Barbara

Pareira Bernita King

David & Roberta Lawrence

Barbara Levin

Martin & Barbara Liebling

John Lord

David & Kathy Martin

Chandra & Juget Maye - Benjamin

Janet R. McAliley

Madelyn & Neil Messinger

Jim Mooney

Ann & Donald Morrison

Michael & Irene Nachwalter

Joyce Peterson

Diane & Arthur Provenz

Dr. Luis Ramirez

Esta & Lewis Ress

Victoria Rogers

Raquel & Michael Scheck

Philanthropic Fund

Ruth & Rudy Schwartz

Stanley Schwartz

Sandra & Sylvan J Seidenman

Aldo Serafini

Myra Silverstein

Norton Small

Richard & Gloria Tejera

Sheila Terens

Randy Walker

Brooke Roberts-Webb

Marvin Weinstein

Judy & Peter Weissman

Ray Ellen & Allan Yarkin


Marta Alfonso

Frances Aronovitz

Marcus Bach

Diane & Richard Berkowitz

Barbara Bisno

Naomi Lee Bloom

Beverly Brown

Mark & Margie Buchbinder

Wendy Cinnamon

Marcia Smithen Cohen

Steven Gombinski & Yvette Costas

Sylvia & Hector I. Crespo

Philip Curtis

Wayne & Nicole Cypen

Terry & Melvyn Drucker

Lorin Duckman

David & Roberta Ehrenreich

Karen Escalera

Gail P. Fels

Mary Jo Francis

Michael Froomkin & Caroline Bradley

Nancy & Ron Gelles

23 | GableStage Theatre ANNUAL REPORT FOR 2021-2022
Annual Donors & Funders

Annual Donors & Funders

Denise Glasser

Marita Glodt

David & Phyllis Wilson Grossman

Burton & Naomi Honig

Marilyn & Bernard Horowitz

Marlene & Robert Josefsberg

Dr. Nilza Kallos in memory of Tamas

Kallos Lizabeth Knight

Sheila Kuhl

Sam & Stephanie Levine

Richard & Fredda Levitt

William Mahone

Gene Majka

Deborah Marks

Daniel Marmorstein

Serge & Margaret Martin

Jane Mass

Marilyn Milstein & Ed Preston

Brenda Moe

Dale Moses

Aisha Nasser

Myron Novak

Elizabeth Parnes

Baldo & Hilary Pellicer

Juan Quinones

Terry Reisman

Vivian San Juan

Claire & Dick Savitt

Karen M. Gottlieb & Elliot H. Scherker

Jane Schiff

George & Eleni Sfakianakis

Michelle Sherry

Marian R. Siegel & Arline Silver

Werth-Silver Foundation

Eric Sisser

Eugene Spector & Roberta Sherman

William Spratt

MaryAnn Sprinkle

Bradford Stocker & Tere Campos

The Blair H. & Lee D. Temkin Family

Donor Fund of The JCF

Dr Leonard & Janis Toonkel

Herman Turndorf

Liat & Tali Tzur

Emilio Vazquez & Cynthia Wolffe


Stewart & Beth Wald

Bonniee Webman

Randal P. White & Victoria D. Matthews

Charitable Fund


Armando Acevedo

Rona Bartelstone

Larry & Fran Blum

Caryn & Barry Boren

Jean Boutrouille

Tanya Bravo

Leonard & Marcia Brod

Lee Brooke

Harvey Burstein

Susan Cohen

Joseph Cresci

Charmaine Crosdale

Judith Crowell

Mary G Dalton

Dr. Alfred & Leatrice Damus

Stephanie Demos

Elizabeth Dimon

Paul Dunham

Cheryl Dunn Bychek

Arlene Easley

Laura Emack

Martha Kent

Michael Finkle

Arnold Friedman

Lisa Furlong

Liebe & Seth Gadinsky

Juan & Martha Galan 24 | GableStage Theatre ANNUAL REPORT FOR 2021-2022

Tom & Marti Gammon

Maria Garcia Solsrud

Michael Goldsmith

Laura Gonzalez

Michel Hausmann

Gisela & Duncan Haynes

Cami Hofstadter

Shelley & Bruce Hornik

Mary & Madeline Schatz

Carmen Irizarry

Linda & Geoffrey James

Sara Klompus

Steven Krams

Marcy & Barry Levitt

Phyllis & Phil Levy

Marie Lippman

Howard J. Lubel

Joan & Edward Mahler

Kenneth Maye

Barbara Mcguffey

Emily Melamud

Josie G.Mendoza & Hugh Mackworth

Lynn Meyer

Howard Millhauser

Tamara Nixon

Andrew Noble

Teri Noe M.D.

Lamar Noriega

Ana Onetti

Roderick Petrey

Joseph Polito

Marc Powers

Thomas Proctor

Bindu Rammohan

Judith Ratzan

Nicholas Richberg

Catherine Rodriguez

Lauri Ross

Randi & Len Rothenberg

Jonathan & Jill Rubin

Norman Sade

Karen Sepsenwol

Peggy & Michael Silver

Joan P. Smith

Mindy Solomon

Lynne & Alan Stein

Henry & Suzanne Stolar

April & Dan Stuzin

Richard & Diane Tannenbaum

Richard Thurer

Robert Trescott

Mark A Trowbridge

Donna Urban

Peggy Vital

Carol Von Arx

Waters Ortiz Accounting & Consulting

Lenore & Stanley Weinstein

Susan Westfall

Dr. Sydney & Lynn Wruble

Dr. Jason & Marcia Zellner

Barry & Judy Zisook

We apologize for any errors in spelling or recognition. Please email advancement@ or call (305) 446-1116, Ext.307 if we have inadvertently left you out or incorrectly listed your information.

Annual Donors & Funders
25 | GableStage Theatre ANNUAL REPORT FOR 2021-2022

Thank You to Our Annual Sponsors

ANNUAL REPORT FOR FISCAL YEAR 2021-2022 26 | GableStage Theatre ANNUAL REPORT FOR 2021-2022


GableStage is proud to recognize the generosity of the following donors who have contributed to the campaign to support a thriving South Florida theatre community in Joe’s name.

GableStage Board of Trustees


Marc & Robyn Abrams Charitable Fund

Michael & Judy Adler

Alan & Jayusia Bernstein

Charles & Rosalyn Stuzin

The Jorge M. Pérez Family Foundation

Dr. & Mrs. Aizik Wolf

$100,000+ 25,000+ at the Miami Foundation $15,000+ $10,000+

Larry & Fran Blum

Edward W. Easton

Nedra Kalish

James & Fortuna Stuzin

Ray Ellen & Allan Yarkin

Louis Appignani

Mitchell & Ana Bierman

David Coulson & Jeannie Etter

George & Jenna Haj

Richard & Judith Jacobs

Chaim & Shelly Katzman

Kaufman Rossin

Clark & Andrea Nobil

Gene C. Sulzberger

Rick & Myrna Toren

Michael & Debbie Troner

Michael Weintraub of the Joseph

Weintraub Family Foundation

Jessie Wolfson

27 | GableStage Theatre ANNUAL REPORT FOR 2021-2022


Denise Glasser

Bari Newport & Magnus Stark

Carol von Arx, The Roblee Foundation


Alfred & Susan Feingold

George & Luisa Foyo

Im Stillman Family Foundation

Harold & Jill Gaffin

Allison Hockman, Lil & Yorke Doliner

Charity Foundation

Jack & Shirley Kaplan

David Kwiat

Miami Beach Senior High School,

Class of ‘58

Michael McKenzie & Kari Floren,

The McKenzie Artists & Animals Fund

Lynn & Linda Newport

Sylvan Seidenman

Sandra Simon

Steve Zack, Zack Family Foundation

$500+ $250+

Ricardo Moran

Robert Adler, Michele Adler

Friedlander & David Friedlander

Donald & Rosetta Bierman

Walter Bradley

Gail Garrisan

Michael & Irma Goldstein

Burton & Naomi Honig

Shelley & Bruce Hornik

James Mooney

Marj O’Neill-Butler

Lawrence E. & Barbara S. Stein

Suzy Wahba

Elizabeth J.Wilson


Al Alschuler & Jennifer Blackmore

Lynn Atkinson

Sylvia Crespo

Arlene Easley

Joanne Gruber

Carmen Irizarry

Deborah Kondelik

Margery Lowe

Dan Lundberg

Toba Meiselman

Yan Narayanan

Amanda Rivera

Leslie & Bernice Roth

Richard & Phyllis Sandrow

Shirley S. Spear

Katherine & Arthur Trotman for Ruth & Steven Wisotsky

Rudy’s 65th Anniversary

Legacy donations listed here were pledged or received before Sept. 18, 2022.

ANNUAL REPORT FOR FISCAL YEAR 2021-2022 28 | GableStage Theatre ANNUAL REPORT FOR 2021-2022
Joseph Adler:

What's Ahead?

GableStage's newest education initiatives

GableStage proudly announces four innovative educational programs for its upcoming 2022-2023 season. Ignite: the initiative that ignites the ambitions of the next generation of theatre artists; Shakespeare-in-the-Schools: brings students an abridged, modernized version of Shakespeare’s most classic plays; Mainstage School Matinees: invites high school students to special performances created just for them; and Diary of a Production: a 6-week course for adults (subscribers only!) that explores the production cycle from script to stage.

With a mission of confronting today’s issues and ideas, GableStage’s new producing artistic director Bari Newport strives to strengthen appreciation for the role theatre plays in a community. Having played an essential role in Miami’s professional theatre ecology since 1979, GableStage has been at the forefront of intimate, edgy, and inspiring work seen by over 400,000 patrons and 250,000 students Newport, who has a long history of stewarding education programs, has prioritized the development of GableStage’s educational wing.

“Truthfully, if not for the support of the Perez Family Foundation, through their CreArte grant, we would not have been able to launch the ambitious educational programming we are offering this season,” Newport said. “That grant gave us the opportunity to hire the staff needed to manage the additional programming and also the ability to experiment with what our foundational educational offerings would be. Because of CreArte, we were able to bring on additional donors for the specific offerings – thus ensuring our ability to execute them fully. It is an exciting time.”

Learn more about our education programs at:

ANNUAL REPORT FOR FISCAL YEAR 2021-2022 29 | GableStage Theatre ANNUAL REPORT FOR 2021-2022

Season 2022-2023 Upcoming Productions

October 29 – November 20, 2022

“A soaring, suspenseful, thrilling play!” The New York Times

January 6 – January 29, 2023

" intelligent and profoundly moving work of theatre."

— The ArtsFuse Boston

What's Ahead
30 | GableStage Theatre ANNUAL REPORT FOR 2021-2022

February 24 – March 19, 2023

“[A Doll’s House Part 2] delivers explosive laughs while also posing thoughtful questions about marriage, gender inequality and human rights…”

Hollywood Reporter

April 14 – May 14, 2023

“…magical realism that touches on the domestic in drama-queenlike ways…”

The Houston Chronicle

June 9 – July 1, 2023

“ …the best stage comedy of the summer.”

Minneapolis Star Tribune

ANNUAL REPORT FOR FISCAL YEAR 2021-2022 What's Ahead 31 | GableStage Theatre ANNUAL REPORT FOR 2021-2022

Our Team

Bari Newport | Producing Artistic Director


Katie Ellison | Production Stage Manager

Tyla Palmer | Artistic Programming & Marketing Associate

Karina Batchelor | Dramaturg


Kristen Pieski | Production Manager

Victoria Murawski | Technical Director

Art Garcia | Master Electrician


Kate Kramitz | Director of Institutional Advancement

Andrea Dougherty O’Naghten | Grants Manager

Marketing & Communications

Magnus Stark | Marketing Manager

Juan Gamero | Forest Hill Consulting Services

Digital Marketing Specialist

Haj Media | Public Relations

Diana Garle | Social Media Specialist

Business & Audience Services

Corleen Iannazzi | Business Manager

Dennis Vasta | Box Office Manager

Luis Diaz | Box Office Associate

Carmen Castillo | Box Office Associate

Contact Information:

GableStage 1200 Anastasia Avenue STE #230, Coral Gables, FL, 33134

Box Office: (305) 445-1119/

Media Contact:

Who We Are 32 | GableStage Theatre ANNUAL REPORT FOR 2021-2022

for your ongoing and generous support!

33 | GableStage Theatre ANNUAL REPORT FOR 2021-2022
1200 Anastasia Avenue, Coral Gables, FL 33134
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