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A Message from the President Team, June is National Safety Month, which gives us the opportunity to highlight the importance of employee safety. While we value the hard work of our employees, their physical and mental well-being is of even greater importance. This year’s Safety Starts with Me campaign enabled our local teams to promote safety across the region, and this success has encouraged us to continue reaching as many individuals as possible. To help employees engage in safety conversations, conversation starters and questions are now included in the weekly Safety Moment. Additionally, the Safety Matters publication focuses on ways that employees can start conversations surrounding safety issues, as well as questions they may ask themselves or others. Technology has also helped us to start the spread of safety conversations. SecureTrax now offers security officers with access to the weekly Safety Moment, and, starting in August, officers will hear a new safety message each time they call labor scheduling. There are also numerous training paths available via the North America Training Institute and G4Su (www. to help employees improve their worksite safety. Finally, this year the health and safety team will make available a new mobile app for the region that will allow employees to access safety communications, safety policies, access to the employee assistance program information, our values, job aid documentation, and the employee concerns hotline. The app will also enable them to report any unsafe conditions. Working safely and starting safety conversations go hand-inhand. Promoting a dialogue mitigates safety risks and can help prevent an incident that could potentially harm a G4S employee or someone else. Thank you for all you do, and for your commitment to working safely. Sincerely,

Drew Levine President, G4S Secure Solutions (USA)

Meet Your G4S Leader Malcolm Burchett Malcolm Burchett Executive Vice President G4S Secure Solutions (USA) Background: Malcolm joined G4S in 1989 as a Branch Manager/Area Supervisor in Virginia. He was named Area Manager in1993 in North Carolina and was named Regional Director for the Central East Coast in 1999. In 2000, Malcolm was promoted to Regional Senior Vice President for the Mid-Atlantic Region. When G4S began the Way of Operations in 2018, Malcolm was named Executive Vice President for the Center of Operational Excellence. Prior to joining G4S, Malcolm served in the U.S. Marine Corps for six years before joining the U.S. Department of State, where he remained for two years. Malcolm then spent two years with MVM, Inc. before joining G4S. Based in North Carolina, Malcolm is a member of the American Society for International Security (ASIS).

Did You Know About? Promote Me! Promote Me! is a program created for G4S Secure Solutions (USA) employees to help easily and effectively identify your intention to be considered for future positions, gain access to important information and encourage your professional development. Members of Promote Me! can begin a personalized, self-guided path to accomplish their career goals. Members can improve on professional skills with specific information related to career interests, courses, licenses and skills. G4S hiring managers can search for internal candidates participating in Promote Me! that will meet specific needs in the company. It is not just a way to identify career goals, but also a way for employees to access learning modules to be done at each individual’s own pace. To get started, visit: communities/Promote-Me-G4S-USA. We encourage all G4S employees to take advantage of this exciting new program by joining Promote Me! today. If you have any questions, contact your local HR representative.


G4S All Stars Team Recognized For Exceptional Service ALABAMA — As the adage goes, teamwork makes the dream work. That teamwork certainly paid off for G4S employees in Alabama when they were recognized for exceptional performance by a local client in the spring. In order to receive the award, the team had to meet several eligibility standards, from hours of service, to training and meetings. The team completed at least 10,000 hours of service at the site and had no recordable incidents. The team also helped the client meet important metrics, such as training, near-miss reporting, participating in site contractor meetings and participating in Improve Awareness Programs. Clockwise from top left: Lt. Charles Hill, USO Patricia Simmons, USO Jasmine Johns, Captain Latonya Williams, USO Cynthia Glover, USO Visceglia Pledger; USO Nancy Moore; USO Rosa Patterson; USO Patricia Simmons, USO Cherly Pearson, USO LaKeisha Reeves, USO Patricia Robinson

Congratulations to the entire team for their hard work and dedication on-site to provide exceptional security.

Alyssa Kress and Joe Esposito Prevent Potential Security Incident CONNECTICUT — G4S Regulated Security Solutions (RSS) recognized Alyssa Kress and Joe Esposito as their Employee Spotlight of the Month and Leadership Spotlight of the month, respectively. The duo successfully prevented an individual from entering a Protected Area with prohibited items. The individual had alcohol and unauthorized prescription medication in their bag, and when Alyssa saw the items she immediately took control of the bag and notified Joe. The individual was escorted off the premises without incident.

L to R: G4S RSS Officer Alyssa Kress; G4S RSS Supervisor Joe Esposito

Great work by Alyssa and Joe for their professionalism and teamwork to ensure prohibited items didn’t enter the client facility and for eliminating the potential for a safety concern.

Juan Ramos Helps Client Set Up Security Operations CALIFORNIA — Following a natural disaster, a G4S client needed to set up base operations and needed a security team to protect the facility. Juan Ramos was put in charge of the security operation, which began with just four security officers but ballooned to 130. Juan seamlessly managed security officers, subcontractors, client expectations and the scheduling for more than 100 security officers. It was critical to have Juan’s efforts and skills in managing the operation. Juan was later recognized by the client for his work and was promoted within G4S as well. Juan Ramos


Congratulations and great work, Juan!

G4S Payroll

G4S Payroll Daily Pay

In 2018, G4S was proud to launch Daily Pay, a program that allows you to access a portion of your paycheck before your regularly scheduled payday. How does it work? As you work throughout the week, you build up an available balance based on hours worked.Then, you can transfer money from your available balance as you need it.With the tap of a button, you can request money to be instantly deposited into the bank account or prepaid card of your choice.You control how much and when you get paid and can use the service as often or as little as you need to. Depending on how quickly you want the money to transfer, there is a fee starting at $1.25. When your scheduled payday arrives, you will receive your full paycheck, minus whatever you previously transferred early from your available balance. DailyPay is optional, so if you don’t want to use it, you will continue to receive your pay as usual with no changes. Daily Pay is available to all employees. Daily Pay may be cancelled at any time. Please be aware that after you cancel Daily Pay, one more check will go through Daily Pay to make sure all funds are settled. After that, checks will no longer go through Daily Pay. To learn more about how DailyPay works, visit If you have any questions, contact DailyPay support at 888.906.9882, or email Please do not share your Daily Pay link with anyone.

If you have any additional questions, visit the G4S Benefits Service Center 24/7 at, or contact your local G4S area office.


G4S Safety Moments

June Safety Moments Hazard Awareness

Every day of our lives we face safety concerns, some obvious and others more covert. Threats can take on various forms such as chemical, physical, biological and ergonomic. Whether we actively notice these hazards or they passively slip by us, it is important to consciously educate ourselves on the various safety concerns around us.You are the expert on your routines, and if you notice something that could be hazardous it is extremely important to take the initiative and speak up. One of the more covert safety concerns that we face is fatigue. Researchers say that seven to nine hours of sleep per night is ideal for healthy functioning. Unfortunately, for most working adults this is increasingly uncommon. 43% of adults claim that they typically get less than seven hours of sleep per night, and one in four workers stating that they had fallen asleep on the job within the past month. Fatigue can bring many safety hazards both at work and outside of work, but there are many ways that we can combat lack of sleep. Some active improvements we can make to our sleep schedule include reducing screen time, eliminating distracting sounds or lights and establishing a bedtime routine.

Another safety concern that each of us faces is slips and falls. Tripping or falling is inevitable sometimes, and often happens when we least expect it. But, other times it is possible to take precautions and avoid distractions while walking. A few ways we can decrease the chance of a fall is to avoid looking at a text or email, pace ourselves when walking in crowded areas or around corners and wear appropriate shoes for the environment you will be in. Falls have been a leading cause of workplace injury for many years, and continually force people to take time off of work due to injury. It is important that we keep our surroundings in mind and avoid distractions as best we can while walking. The final safety concern is one that we often bring on ourselves, which is impairment through prescription drugs, alcohol and even impairment due to exhaustion. The risks of impairment may seem obvious, but we can quickly lose critical thinking skills and sound judgment when impaired. A few ways that we can combat impairment are to ask for help if we are unable to perform certain tasks and trust your instincts when it comes to how you feel. There is never shame in asking for help, especially if it provides a safer situation for all involved. It is important to be aware of the hazards present in our daily lives and take the necessary steps to combat them. By holding yourself and others around you accountable, a better defense against hazards is created.

To get additional safety information, contact your local office or send an email to


G4S Training and Development

Training and Development National Safety Month

As part of National Safety Month, the G4S Training and Development team created a training path around the various parts of workplace safety. The training covers how to recognize hazards, including how to see safety in a new way and to recognize hidden dangers. Also covered are slips, trips and falls and how you can help prevent them. While often overlooked, fatigue is also incredibly important to workplace safety. The training path covers the risks of fatigue as well as tips to avoid it. Lastly, the training path covers impairments and the dangers of working impaired, whether it be from prescription or illegal drugs or from alcohol, and ways that you can help create a safe work environment. Start the National Safety Month training path here: token/bhD8aTfvZE3y3rJa7wYwg5jV If you have additional questions about the North America Training Institute, including how you can obtain certifications, course completion cards, etc., please contact your local G4S office or the G4S North America Training Institute via email at


Featured Employee Discounts

June Employee Discount Mobile Phone and Internet Discounts

G4S is proud to offer exclusive discounts to G4S employees across the country through Perks at Work, an employee purchase and discount program with negotiated employee pricing at thousands of merchants nationwide. Additionally, through specific vendors, you are eligible for exclusive benefits for discounts such as employee pricing. This month’s highlighted offers are with AT&T, Sprint and Verizon. Through AT&T, you are eligible to save up to 24% on TV and Internet packages. With Sprint, there are exclusive discounts on mobile products and services. And with Verizon, G4S employees, as well as veterans of the Armed Forces, are eligible for monthly discounts. Here’s how to shop for AT&T, Sprint and Verizon discounts: • Login to Perks at Work at • Click the Exclusives button in the top right corner of the screen • Click AT&T, Sprint or Verizon If you haven’t already registered on Perks at Work, getting access is fast and easy, simply follow these steps: • Go online to • Click on the Register for Free button • Enter your email address in the Work Email field • Select G4S US as the company • Verify your Employee ID. It will be the first initial of your first name, your entire last name and the last four digits of your Social Security number, e.g. jsmith1234 • Click Create my Account Sign up for weekly or monthly notifications ( from Perks at Work to stay up-to-date on exclusive offers not available to the public and limited time offers available to you and your family. If you have any questions about employee discounts, contact Shantrese Scott in the Employee Benefits department at (561) 691-6588 or by email at


Celebrating Service

Employees Celebrating Anniversaries June 2019 30 Years

New Jersey Robert Campbell

25 Years

California William Parsons Florida Ronald Hammon

20 Years

Arkansas Commoleta Adams Florida Hugo Sealey Mark White Georgia Garfield Fiddler Hawaii Matse Perbatasari Michigan Marilyn Dixon Parrish Mississippi Faith Bates North Carolina Tiffany Hairston 15 Years Arizona Gary Schmidt California Carolyn King Ralph McCoy Marius Petrosian Delaware Frederick Smith Florida Amber Black Michael Boutin Tameka Ferguson Jack Granquist Shaphane McIntyre Warren Mincey Joanne Ratynski Erika Tamasfi Robert White Hawaii Brian Sakamoto Lance Zaan Indiana Dennis Cooley Forrest Smith

Louisiana Arsdale Harris

Georgia Jose Delgado Gama

Nevada Sheila Grooms

Illinois Mark Elliot

New Jersey Jose Betancourt

Indiana David Brooks Keith Koers Michael Shlakman

New York James Abbananto Herminio Aponte Robert Bruno Louis Eiler Shaun Lally Tanya Offhaus

Maine Joshua Miller

5 Years

Alabama Robert Surman Kamia Wright

New York John Baxter Craig Gerber

Arizona Louis Borquez Adrian Crowder Frank De La Pena Shad Donaldson Dallas Freeman Harold Frye Felice Glica Charles Hollman Sr. Jerry Picazo James Weeks Ethan Westerhausen

Texas Carolyn Bruton Johnny Colbert Cynthia Cruz Chad Faas Eloy Fira Larry Ford Morgan Gillett James Matney Jacob Salinas

North Carolina Erik Patzer

Arkansas Brian Guidry

Ohio Keith Echelbarger

Washington D.C. Kashon Sapp

Pennsylvania Wayne Carney

Wisconsin Tony Miano

South Carolina Travis Brannon

10 Years

Tennessee Robin Epperson Valerie Graves Roger Hawkins Dianne Laury

California Robert Baldwin Rony Banaria Martin Dawkins Treville Dixon Artemio Gimena Gail Glaster Joseph Harris Aaron Hernandez Behram Irani Dianna Loya Ghanem Jann Luna Brandon McDowell Guy Reid Grant Veeder Isireli Vesikula

North Carolina James Lyons Brian Young Ohio Daniel Stone Tennessee Thomas Utley

California Jose Hernandez Bryce Morgan Neftali Rico Felipe Rigonan Luis Saldivar Anoulack Syvoravong Alan Zaw

Michigan James Mitrink Brandon Nogafsky Lenton Senior

Linda Danielson Jon Dworak William Hooker Gary Nellist Christopher Pansier Paul Proehl Chad Szydel Joshua Thomas

New Jersey Olumide Akinyemi Despina Callas

Oklahoma Nathaniel Brown Doug Crooks Luther Handley

Texas Marilyn Carr Michael Roberts

Colorado Jarid Leyshon

Virginia Cora Jones

Delaware Francis Amoyaw

Washington Christian Ylescupidez

Florida Alfred Campbell Albert Gagnon Glenn Hubbard Michael Smith

West Virginia John Helgesen Wisconsin Matthew Culbertson

Colorado Mark Smith Connecticut Annecia Young Delaware Michael Apostolico Florida Lawrence Doiron Daniel Douglas Jose Guerrero Gonzalez Brent Hill Iris Idiaquez Allison Jenkins Jelincie Johnson Carlos Jorge


Celebrating Service

Employees Celebrating Anniversaries June 2019 5 Years Continued Florida Continued Stacy Lowe Robert Marler Marvin Martinez Andre Melvin Nicky Myers Zane Overstreet Carlos Pastran Mario Pereira Richard Rehberg Victoria Richmond Kevin Robinson Michael Sanders Trevor St. Luce Adeyinka Thomas Bernard Washington Georgia Elaine Antoine Tonya Bivins Billy Dickson Ernest Kelly Hawaii Darius Lewis Joyce Park Illinois Aaron Mathis Indiana Paul Phillips Nicole Smith Iowa Tracy Beal Adrienne Gilmere Kentucky Claudia Glenn Massachusetts Richard Alexander Steven Dungan Arthur Johnson Keith Krompinger Jorge Rodriguez Melvin Scott Denzel White Michigan Clay Booth Mathew Eliason Michael Elliott


Joyce Johnson Michelle Lusardi Andrew Nelson-Zaleski Mark Norris Mathias Sarli Sandra Vargo Martin Wenzel Brad Wyman Minnesota Baomui Bao Catherine Johnston Michele Just Mohammed Mahmud Mississippi Robert Boney Cheryl Holder-Owen Kenneth Randolph Missouri John Chilton Zane Cosad Montana Cynthia Blaylock Timothy Hamilton Shawn Mannhardt Nebraska Reginald Croom Brandon Green Michelle Smith Douglas Welty Nevada Jeffrey Burnham Ariana Thomas Michael Walker New Jersey Yesenia Blas Cori Green New York Terry Aubin Joseph Boyle Dominick Giglio Raymond Keywork Wilfredo Malave Angel Martoral Eclesias Paul Levern Webley Christopher Zurawski

North Carolina Tyrone Bullock Lauren Carodine Erland Cline Phillip Fuller Richard Martin Scott McNeil Benjamin Moore Denise Singleton Javorius Spease Cedric Stewart Jr Victoria Woody Ohio

Christopher Adams

Amanda Bake Martha Marks Jeri McClellan Oklahoma Robert Casey Clint Cross Danny Elliott Kaleb Foster Raymond Harbert Charles Sain Danny Taylor Oregon Killian Dunn Pennsylvania Andrew Burke David Cekoric Michael Cunningham Gary Davis Ryan Deeds Ronald George Keith Knox Stephen Mattiko Scott McCandless Joseph McGinnis John Rees John Tarr Kelly Twigg Gilbert Williams Duane Williams DeVonne Wilson Tennessee Maureen Gentry Quinton Kimbrough Mark Strickland Christon Whaley

Texas Shawn Blevins Ericka Boutte Isabel Carrasco Estella Cavazos Shakendra French Jeri Goff Herbert Grant Catherine Green Danielle Hawkins-Hoodye Beatrice Joseph Diana Manley Kizzie Mason Corneille Nsoki Eugene Perez Cedric Preston Zabiullah Salim Anna Tovar Angela Wilson Utah Alan Lougee Virginia Walter Cheale Anthony Collins Jean Claude Dignang Ndjandja Angelicque Graham Vincent Mullins Rander Rivera Ann Stettler Sean Thomas Washington James Burow Rudy Carroll Kayla Davis Awet Emahazien Mike Gerke Brian Hooser Washington D.C. Deborah Pushia West Virginia Andrew Brinkerhoff Raymond Ruble Loretta Tanner Wisconsin Daniel Apsey

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G4S News - June 2019  

G4S News - June 2019  

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