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Volume 3 Issue 9



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Volume 3, Issue 9

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Welcome to VSM


elcome to the latest issue of VSM, bringing you the most recent news and developments from across the industry. We had an enjoyable visit to the London Vet Show, catching up with some old friends, whilst also making some new acquaintances. The show was very well attended and the lecture schedule proved to be interesting and informative. Many companies used the opportunity to showcase their portfolio of existing products or services and also to launch new additions to their company line going into 2016, you can read about these in our review of the London Vet Show. This issue features spotlight features on Pharmaceuticals and a London Vet Show review, along with a bumper equipment section sponsored by Woodley Equipment. We have an


exciting question and answer with Chanelle VET UK, answered by UK Marketing Manager, Mitchell Waugh. This is our final issue of 2015, but look out for our first issue of 2016 at the end of January when we will be looking at what the year may have in store. The team at Veterinary Supplies Magazine would like to wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year! See you on the other side!

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About our APP Sponsor (Direct Medical Supplies) DMS Direct Medical Supplies offers a comprehensive range of critical care, IV administration, surgical, and wound-care products to the healthcare and veterinary market. DMS is committed to offering customers more than your normal supplier, by providing unique products and general everyday

requirements for the operating room, intensive care, nursing, wound-care, and infection control. DMS provides a one-source multi-product choice that enables customers to manage their consumable supplies in an efficient and costeffective manner.

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General News OneKind urges Scottish Government to implement recommendations for wildlife penalties as soon as possible


neKind animal protection charity has strongly welcomed recommendations to deal with wildlife offences in Scotland. The recommendations were published in a report of the wildlife penalties review group commissioned by the Scottish Government and convened by Professor Mark Poustie of the University of Strathclyde Law School. Among the group’s recommendations published 19 November 2015, the report supports a significant increase in the penalties available to Scottish courts dealing with wildlife offences. The majority of respondents to the group’s consultation stated that the current penalties are inconsistent and inadequate. One of the most common fine for much wildlife crime was set at £5000 30 years ago and it has remained at this level. Accounting for inflation alone it should have increased to over £17,000. In comparison, the maximum penalties for many pollution offences have increased 20 fold. The report also recommends that people convicted of wildlife offences should be referred to educational programmes, including the teaching of empathy, where relevant. This was a suggestion made by OneKind in its submissions.


Policy Advisor Libby Anderson said: “We are very pleased to see these recommendations, and hope that the Government will implement them quickly. They would do much to deter wildlife crime and animal cruelty and are long overdue” “As well as increasing the level of fines, the Group have recommended that support for education and training in empathy for those convicted of crimes to animals. For too long, wild animals have been categorised in terms of pest species or populations to be managed, without acknowledging that they are sentient individuals with capacity to suffer. While stronger penalties will undoubtedly have a deterrent effect, OneKind is convinced that teaching people the inherent value of wild animals, and the impact of human actions on their welfare, is also needed if we are to end wildlife crime.” The report recommends increasing penalties on summary conviction to £40,000 and up to 12 months in prison, or five years in prison on indictment. OneKind is also pleased to see a recommendation for greater use of impact statements, with vets being proposed to discuss animal welfare impacts. Sentencing guidelines and judicial training are also recommended, as well as further consolidation of wildlife legislation.

For further information visit


and the overall winner was the baker with the highest average score for the week. This year’s event included a gluten free competition and a very popular savoury day in addition to the usual sweet bake days. Mark Goodfellow said: “As always the standard was very high and with over 420 slices eaten lots of money was raised for our Mission Rabies project. The winner of this year’s Bake off was Dr Clive Elwood for a sublime Spicy Chicken and Duck Pie, narrowly beating the 2013 winner Frankie Blundell.” Money raised from the event will be used to help DVS kennel assistants Nic Taylor and Olivia Harris travel to Blantyre (Malawi) in May 2016, where they will assist with the rabies vaccination of street dogs, as part of the international Mission Rabies project.



taff at Davies Veterinary Specialists (DVS) in Higham Gobion, Hertfordshire, showcased their cooking skills earlier this month with their very own Bake Off competition. The event has raised money to help the practice send two members of staff to Malawi to help vaccinate street dogs as part of the important international Mission Rabies project. The DVS Bake Off has become an annual favourite with staff at the busy referral practice, not least because they get to eat all the cakes and pies in order to judge the calibre of the entries. Organised by Veterinary Oncologist and Bake Off addict Dr Mark Goodfellow, the competition ran over a week in early November, during which entries were submitted anonymously for judging. Staff bought slices of their choice for a £1 donation then awarded a mark out of ten for each. Every day a ‘Star Baker’ was named


Vets Bake Off to Help Fight Rabies

General News 4

First complete-service veterinary referral facility launches in the capital


ondon Vet Specialists (LVS) has opened its doors, led by senior surgeon and soft tissue specialist, Dr Janet Kovak McClaran DVM, DACVS, DECVS, MRCVS, former head of the department of surgery at the world-renowned Animal Medical Center in New York. Dr Kovak McClaran leads a team of consultants specialising in internal medicine and surgery, diagnostic imaging, emergency and critical care, anaesthesia and analgesia, and minimally-invasive surgery. It is the first facility in the capital to offer a complete referral service under one roof. The state-of-the-art centre in Belsize Park was set up to enable London-based vets to access close-by expert help across key areas. Dr Kovak McClaran explains, “When I was first approached about setting up a referral centre servicing central and greater London, I was surprised that a dedicated facility didn’t already exist. Previously, referring clinicians have had to send clients on long journeys outside of

the capital, leading to patient stress and hassle and extra expense for the owners. Now, they have the reassurance of access to a highly-experienced secondary and tertiary level referral team on their doorstep.” The LVS facility boasts a stateof-the-art surgical theatre, complete with a Karl Storz operating tower enabling cutting-edge laparoscopic, thoracoscopic and cystoscopic procedures. The minimally-invasive surgery suite is one of only three such facilities in the UK, and benefits from Dr Kovak McClaran’s leading expertise in this field. An onsite CT scanner, the GE Brivio CT 385, forms part of a full array of imaging equipment, operated by European Specialist in Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging, Dr Livia Benigni. The immediate interpretation of even the most-complex of images, makes for seamless patient investigation and negates the need for repeated patient anaesthetics. Internal Medicine consultant Dr Kaye Gugich, formerly of Vets Now Referrals in Swindon, together

with board-certified Emergency and Critical Care Specialist Dr Adam Mugford, and Dr Karla Borland, a previous resident in anaesthesia and analgesia at Edinburgh University, complete the consultant team. London Vet Specialists is the only facility in central London to offer a full time specialist surgery service alongside a specialist service in emergency and critical care. Emergency stabilisation and intensive care of the sickest of patients is available around the clock, with experienced clinicians and a nursing team ensuring continuous supervision, day or night. The LVS surgery team is also on call to the hospital overnight should specialist emergency surgery be required out of hours. Patient and customer care is prioritised at LVS and is based on the acclaimed model used by Sydney’s SASH Vets (Small Animal Specialist Hospital). LVS Client Relations Manager Claire Newton helped to develop the SASH system during her time at the advanced

referral hospital, which concentrates on delivering the highest standards of patient care, alongside a dedicated support system for the client and referring vet. Ms Newton explains how the London Vet Specialists service works, “From the very start of the referral process, customer care is prioritised. In this we consider that we have two customers; the first, the referring vet, who needs to feel that he or she has an integral role in the ongoing management of the case, and that his or her client is well-looked after. Our second customer, the pet owner or client, needs to be looked after with compassion and respect, and have the ability to speak directly to the clinician in charge of their pet, at any point. Excellent two-way communication is key. We ensure that we listen and respond to the needs of both parties through every step of the customer journey.” For more information on London Vet Specialists, visit www.




Whale Shark tagging programme financed via Crowd funding N AUSICAA, the French National Sea Centre in Boulogne-sur-Mer, and the MEGAPTERA association have recently set up crowd funding for the tagging of the world’s largest fish - a whale shark. By making a €5 donation via the Ulule crowd funding platform, people can contribute to research into this iconic animal (lifestyle, migration and breeding). In fact, the funding will be used to take a more detailed look at the species than ever before. MEGAPTERA is a French association dedicated to the observation, study and protection of marine mammals and whale sharks. To help monitor and gain specific information on these animals, the project was formed to undertake in depth studies, specifically relating to the diverse behaviour patterns of whale sharks in the Indian Ocean. To

find out more about whale sharks and how to protect them more effectively, the MEGAPTERA association regularly conducts photo-identification, marking and tagging of these giants of the seas. Once placed on a whale shark, the tag will collect a range of data e.g. depth, temperature, luminosity and humidity (to pinpoint the moments when the shark surfaces). During the project, the data will be decoded and analysed by scientists to monitor the animal’s behaviour patterns and movements. Whale sharks (Rhincodon typus) are the world’s largest fish but they are also among the least wellknown. It feeds mainly on plankton, algae and microscopic animals absorbed through its huge mouth. By linking up with NAUSICAA, the MEGAPTERA association hopes to learn more about the whale shark’s

lifestyle, migration and breeding, and this will also help in the preservation of the species. Crowd funding is a funding technique that offers private individuals a chance to invest in a joint project. Through a web platform

like Ulule, people can help to fund an action, donating as much or as little as they like, until the amount required for the action is reached. Visit NAUSICAA’s website:

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Low cost alternative to the original QBC® Autoread and StatSpin®** centrifuges

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Pre-Defined Presets s s s ssssssssssssssss s s s sssssssssss® ® ® ® ®®®®®®®

*QBC is a registered trademark for QBC Diagnostics **StatSpin is a registered trademark for Iris International

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In Sight


Veterinary HCT Meter shs C®s®ChCsC sss ssCss ®s s sPw CPsC hs®ChssC ssCss CPs Chs sssssssss®C PC Cs®®®s s®C Css®®s hssssCPCs®C s®C CPCss hsssPCsPC®® ®® CsP®ssssy s®C vs®Pss whPss CsPPC. s sss sssssCs ssPPsCsC ss % s C0 ssCP®C CssC Mss s O®s CsPP whPss CsPPC CssP®ssssy Ps ECsAC s ss®ChssC s ACCsssCs s®C PssC®ss

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General News 6

Veterinary Supplies Magazine partners with European Animal Health Investment Forum


et Supplies Magazine is pleased to be a partner for the European Animal Health Investment Forum taking place in London (February), where the latest innovations for livestock and companion animal health will be showcased. Chaired by Clinton Lewis, Zoetis, this exciting event gathers animal health industry veterans with emerging companies for a networking forum dedicated to business partnerships. Paired with an evening networking reception dedicated to business-partnering, the Animal Health Investment Forum Day will showcase 12 emerging companies with unique innovations for this industry. All 12 will be carefully chosen by our handpicked Selection Committee, featuring Anterra Capital, Elanco, Commerzbank, Jefferies International and more.

Whether you’re an early to mid-stage animal health company, a venture capitalist looking for your next investment, or are just keen to keep up with the latest trends in animal health, the European Animal Health Investment Forum is for you. If you’re an emerging animal health company, apply to showcase online at Download the programme online at or contact for a copy of the agenda today. Save 20% off ‘industry rates’ only when you register with the discount code VETSUP20. European Animal Health Investment Forum 10-11 February 2016 Radisson Blu Portman Hotel, London, UK

Specialising in sympathy cards for pets Having worked within the Veterinary Profession for 20 years, I know how much client’s appreciate receiving a condolence card after the loss of a pet. Combining my background knowledge along with my love for watercolour painting I have produced an individual range of quality cards, which are exceptional value for money and are very different to others available to the veterinary market, making this a sympathetic way to promote your practice.




The cards are printed on a stylish textured surface measuring 140mm x 140mm, with envelopes provided. They can be supplied with a simple verse inside or left blank for your own message or insert. Personalisation is available on all orders, please contact us for details. WAYSIDE, 2 THE LOKE, DITCHINGHAM, BUNGAY, SUFFOLK. NR35 2QS. UNITED KINGDOM Tel: 01986 893953 | Fax: 01986 893953 | |

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Practice Matters 8

The changing face of Practice Support Author: Marianne Lomberg MRCVS, Veterinary Marketing Manager at ROYAL CANIN®


hether attributable to the human condition or the current information revolution, the (veterinary) world is changing. More and more practices are embracing change and building a business which is prepared not only for the challenges of the day, but for those we’ll face tomorrow. Communications People are communicating in a host of different ways, with pet owners previously responding to phone calls or letters now having more ‘digital’ expectations; acting on SMS, emails and social media as a preferential mode of receiving messages. Time-poor owners want information about their pets presented in increasingly visual and convenient ways and yet still demand the personal touch from their vet practice if they are to reward them with customer loyalty. Seeking to respect the relationship you’ve developed with your clients, interactive communications tools such as Natom Explorer™ (an interactive online canine and feline anatomy tool)) provide just that; reliable reference materials for the inquisitive pet owner who responds to visual messages from digital sources. Not just a leaflet Veterinary manufacturers are often able to provide their partners in practice with more than standard marketing materials. There’s only so far a leaflet or poster might go in encouraging owners to worm their dogs, purchase a new product

or change the habits of a lifetime. What we all need are collaborative tools which engage clients; conversation points to educate and inspire action and (more often) entertain in the process. This means vets involving pet owners in every step of their pet’s healthcare journey, respecting the animalhuman relationship and sparking an interest via digital technology. Bespoke training Marketing aids also need to be in the hands of a knowledgeable person; someone who can add value to that piece of paper. That’s why we have such a strong culture of training and staff development at ROYAL CANIN®. Over the past two years we’ve worked hard to develop a series of bespoke training courses for veterinary staff, including workshops to help enhance communication skills and aid owner compliance, as well as support in encouraging owners and managers to truly critique their business when faced with personalised feedback from their own customers. Interactive tools Added value training, coupled with interactive tools can really engender a sense of partnership between pet owners and the practice. ‘Vet Follow Up’ is one example. This online weight management tool which automates precise target weight and ration calculations, also allows practice staff to track a patient’s progress. It allows pet owners to input their pet’s weight from home and this

information is relayed to the practice, completing the feedback loop and enlisting the owner as an integral part of the monitoring process - ultimately leading to greater engagement, more frequent and valued interactions, client compliance and healthier pets. Staff development ROYAL CANIN® offers many free webinars on a large number of topics, where key opinion leaders in topics of clinical, nursing and management offer their practical advice to those in practice. Delegates and presenters no longer need to organise travel, accommodation and adapt their busy agendas; for many, webinars have become the format of choice for their convenience, brevity and accessibility to so many practice staff. This said, popularity for faceto-face training and support given to practices to run various clinics for their clients has not waned in recent years. There is clear acknowledgement that clinics provide practices with an enormous opportunity to position themselves as experts on all a pet’s needs, as well as prompting customer loyalty through a real sense of belonging. Clinics also reinforce the essential role of VNs and support staff. Indeed ROYAL CANIN® has been offering a Pet Health Counsellor (PHC) course to VNs for well over a decade now. Where do I start? An appreciation for your business, its identity and direction is of course essential. Speak to as

many people as possible, attend CPD events that incorporate networking opportunities, post on forums while online and never be afraid to listen to others’ ideas. You never know when someone is going to present you with a solution you never thought possible. I recommend vets seek out those who have a vested interest in the industry, have time to ‘take the pulse’ of the profession and heed new directions and possibilities, as these are the exciting organisations to work with. Often vet suppliers and manufacturers are willing and dynamic enough to change with you, making them excellent partners for the journey. Choosing these partners can involve a leap of faith or an investment of time in sitting down with local business managers but they’ll give you an idea of their often vast and untapped resources. A company’s employees should be able to give you an idea of their identity and underpinning values, which should mirror your own wherever possible. The resources of a switched-on supplier should also be evolving to meet new industry trends. Ultimately, the suppliers you decide to partner with should reflect your established, tried-andtrue practice ethos. If a brand is to permeate your entire business, you’ll have to be confident that everyone is proud of the association. This delineates a manufacturer from simply being a supplier of products to becoming a true ‘partner’ in practice - and defines truly useful Practice Support.

Build client loyalty with VetCheck





etCheck is one of the leading solutions for mobilising pet health information and is helping drive practice growth and success. Designed for veterinary teams, VetCheck improves communication with the pet owner and engages them to be more proactive with their pet’s health. By creating and sharing personalised digital pet health reports or health assessments, VetCheck is strengthening client relationships and adding value to the veterinary practice. What does VetCheck offer to veterinary practices? • High quality, up to date digital educational handouts that can be personalised for the customer

Digital forms and health assessments for completion at the pet owner’s convenience on any device An opportunity for lead generation and new business

Why VetCheck digital communications? • Build stronger client relationship • Increase patient satisfaction and word-of-mouth • Eliminate paperwork • Improve practice efficiency • Standardise team messaging • Reinforce product or service recommendations • Improve pet health outcomes • Pet owner convenience making it easier for them to manage their pet’s health • Increase compliance rates

Reduce breakdown


How to use VetCheck? Whether it is complementing the routine examination, over the phone or after a procedure, VetCheck facilitates communication between the veterinary team and the pet owner. A customer that receives health information specific to their pet is more likely to engage with the content. Allowing customers to review or complete health information on their digital device, at their leisure, is convenience. Interested in signing up? Visit to learn more.

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New and forthcoming books from CRC Press

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Practice Matters 10

Veterinary Graduate Programme Manager Appointed by CVS


eflecting the growing importance of graduate recruitment to its business, CVS has appointed Charlotte Bray BVetMed MRCVS to the newly created role of Veterinary Graduate Programme Manager. In this role, which she takes up on 1 December 2015, she will lead the development of CVS’ two year New Graduate Programme, the largest currently in the market place, reporting to Helen Wiseman, CVS HR Director. She will also provide mentoring and support to more than 150 graduates who are already enrolled onto the Programme and work with CVS’ recruitment specialists to increase graduate recruitment. During 2016, CVS expects to continue to grow its intake of new graduates, taking on a further 120 to its New Graduate Programme, which offers regular CPD and other training geared specifically to their needs. It also gives them the opportunity to gain experience in first opinion practice and in a range of specialist facilities, including multi-disciplinary referral hospitals and dedicated out of hours centres, owned by CVS. Charlotte Bray qualified from the Royal Veterinary College in 2010 and worked in small animal practice, most recently at West Mount Vets in Halifax, which joined CVS in 2014. Outside work, she represents

England in dressage competitions. Commenting on her new role, she said: “While in practice I was passionate about teaching undergraduates, new graduates and trainee nurses and really enjoyed watching them develop into effective young professionals. This, combined with my own interest in CPD and skills development, equips me well for this new and exciting role at CVS. We want our graduates to feel fully supported as they transition into the workplace and to start to understand the full potential which their hard-earned career offers them.” Helen Wiseman added: “Graduates joining CVS benefit from a well-structured New Graduate Programme which is then a gateway to the widest range of veterinary career options on offer in the UK. Whether their interest lies in general practice, developing a specialism or moving into a business management role, we offer all of our graduates the opportunity to take their career in their chosen direction or possibly even in a direction they might not even have considered. They are our future and potentially future leaders of CVS so we want them to enjoy their time with us and to build a fulfilling career. In her new role, Charlotte will help us to ensure that we develop what we already have in place to do just that.”

Key to its success is CVS’ ability to attract ambitious veterinary staff whilst continuing to invest in the development of their clinical skills and in research to drive the profession forward. It also provides the business support to ensure its diverse range of small animal, large animal and equine practices achieve

their full potential. CVS’ guiding principles include a commitment to excellence in all aspects of its work and a focus on building long-term relationships with its customers and suppliers. The company works in close partnership with the wider veterinary profession and industry colleagues.

ROYAL CANIN® launches anatomical tool to vet practices





OYAL CANIN® has launched NATOM Explorer ™ to vet practices following a successful initial introduction to veterinary students. The innovative NATOM™ (‘aNATOMical map’) software is an interactive online tool designed to help the entire practice team visualise and explain the cat and dog anatomy and disease conditions to their clients. NATOM™ hosts a library that supports explanations given by the vet or nurse to the owner during or after the consultation. The tool acts as an interactive reference for vets and vet nurses, boasting a 360 degree navigation of the anatomy, three levels of zoom, full image annotation and the

ability to print and share bespoke images and save them for future reference. Users of the charts are able to study the skeletal, nervous, circulatory, muscular, visceral and more superficial layers of the anatomy. In addition, there are ‘special views’ of over 100 common disease processes which graphically describe illness presentation, clinical signs, diagnosis and treatment as well as giving pointers on long-term management. Marianne Lomberg, Veterinary Marketing Manager at ROYAL CANIN®, said: “The tool was initially launched to vet students in early 2015 and, excitingly, following its highly successful introduction, we have now rolled

it out to vet practices. NATOM Explorer™ is an easy to use, timesaving tool which can help explain all disease conditions in a simplified way, which is particularly key when presenting complex health topics and diseases to clients. We believe the tool will be highly beneficial to practices and look forward to seeing it going on to benefit owners and their pets across the country.” All information on NATOM can be personalised by the user

by adding comments, sketches and uploading other files before saving and sharing the information. All the available content is written and verified by experts in anatomy and small animal practice, with significant contributions from DR. Alex German, Professor Tim GruffyddJones and Dr. Kit Sturgess. Practices interested in the tool can visit www.vetportal.royalcanin. for further information

PLH Medical is delighted to have been chosen as Siemens Healthcares’ Veterinary Partner for advanced CT imaging solutions. With an increased demand for high level diagnostic imaging in Veterinary Healthcare the new SOMOTOM Scope 16 slice CT provides the answer. The all new SOMATOM Scope sets the precise balance between clinical excellence and cost efficiency. Focus on clinical excellence · Supports your daily routine · Delivers outstanding image quality, at the right dose · Highly efficient and reliable · Easy to Use

Focus on cost efficiency · Keeps overheads under control · Innovative service benefits · Small footprint for optimum use of space · Features to lower your Total Cost of Ownership by up to 35%

Now you can you deliver high-quality, affordable care with the SOMATOM® Scope by focusing on the essence of CT. Contact PLH Medical: t. 01923 237521 | f. 01923 232216 e. | w.

Companion Animal 12



he Kennel Club has launched online reporting forms for vets to report operations and caesarean sections carried out on Kennel Club registered dogs, in order to make it easier for both to continue helping the Kennel Club monitor and improve dog health and welfare. The new online reporting forms have been launched in order to simplify the reporting process and make it easier for vets to submit information that will ultimately help to improve the health of pedigree dogs, as it provides information on breeding lines which may pass on certain defects and helps to deter breeders from breeding from animals with hereditary problems. As part of registration with the Kennel Club, any operations which alter the natural conformation of a dog registered with the Kennel Club should be reported by the dog’s owner or their vet. Owners who wish to compete at Kennel Club licensed shows with

dogs which have undergone such operations must apply for permission to do so. Vets and breeders are also asked to report caesareans as the Kennel Club will not register a litter from a bitch that has already had two caesarians. Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary, said: “The veterinary profession and the Kennel Club both hold valuable information about pedigree dogs and by sharing this information we can get a much more accurate picture about dog health. “We have created the online reporting forms to make things as easy as possible for vets to report surgeries and caesarean sections. Although many responsible owners and breeders, and some vets, already report operations to the Kennel Club, this is not a uniform practice and we hope this new simpler way to do so will help to ensure that we work more closely together in the future.” When registering a litter with

the Kennel Club, breeders sign a declaration which means that the vet will never be breaching confidentiality when reporting such operations. The declaration says: “I/we confirm and agree that any veterinary surgery performing a caesarean section and/or operation on any of my/our dogs in such a way that the operation alters the natural conformation of the dog or any part thereof may submit a report to the Kennel Club.” The declaration regarding the reporting of operations which change natural conformation was made a condition of Kennel Club registration in 1990 and caesareans

were added to the declaration in 2010. Further information and the online reporting forms for vets can be found at caesarean-operations-and-procedures-which-alter-the-natural-conformation-of-a-dog. The BVA’s guidance on veterinary reporting can be found at





AVIPRO AVIAN for all birds and vet-only Pro-C Professional for rabbits and furries AVIPRO PLUS IS NOW PREBIOTIC ONLY - FOR ALL SPECIES

For more information about the Vetark range, please contact Vetark Professional +44-(0)1962-844316, or email: Visit the website: VSM ads2014.indd 1

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15/05/2014 14:43




Companion Animal 13

Companion Animal 14

BSAVA publishes new canine and feline abdominal surgery manual


inimally invasive abdominal procedures are among the advances in the latest practical guide published by the British Small Animal Veterinary Association (BSAVA). The BSAVA Manual of Canine and Feline Abdominal Surgery covers everything from routine ovariohysterectomy to emergency drainage for acute peritonitis and features two new chapters on laparoscopic instrumentation/surgery and urinary incontinence. The extensively revised and updated second edition equips veterinary surgeons with practical information, illustrations and images, along with step-by-step operative techniques that provide information on patient positioning and preparation, instrumentation and postoperative management for a variety of procedures. International expertise includes editors John Williams and Jacqui Niles, as well as contributions from vets around the

world. Hundreds of vets registered interest in advance after the first edition went out of print last year (2014) and a preview copy was made available at the BSAVA Congress in April. John Williams said: “The BSAVA exists to promote excellence in small animal practice through education and science, and the BSAVA Manuals are instrumental in fulfilling this aim. As editors of this latest edition, Jacqui and I have had the privilege of being able to work with experts in their respective fields, to produce a practical guide packed full of the latest developments in abdominal surgical techniques that will be useful to the whole veterinary profession.” Copies are now available and can be purchased on the BSAVA website: or by phone: 01452 726700. New manuals will be unveiled at the BSAVA Congress in 2016.




Ceva gives Hope to dogs with its ‘Happy Homes’ initiative C eva Animal Health, maker of ADAPTIL®, has joined forces with Hope Rescue, an inspirational dog rescue charity, to launch a ‘Happy Homes’ initiative. The initiative will see Ceva donate dog beds, ADAPTIL collars, toys, blankets, LOGIC® EaseFlex joint care, LOGIC® Oral Hygiene Gel, Fiprospot® flea and Cestem® worming treatments to ensure that dogs in the care of Hope Rescue are prepared and ready for their foster family. It is hoped that the donated products will also enable dogs to easily adapt and settle into their new environments and eventually, in the long-term, their new forever homes. The ‘Happy Homes’ Initiative follows Hope Rescue winning the charity team of the year award at the Ceva Welfare Awards in 2014 and the charity subsequently being nominated as Ceva’s charity of the year for 2015, which has seen the company raise more than £2,000 for Hope Rescue. “Hope Rescue is an

inspirational charity that helps rescue and support dogs in their transition from being homeless to staying with a foster family and settling into a long-term forever home,” comments Micky Blackburn, key account marketing at Ceva Animal Health. “We hope that our donation will help the dogs quickly adapt and settle into their new ‘Happy Homes’ whether fostered or forever. ADAPTIL Collars are used by some of the largest UK charities to help support dogs during the first few weeks in a new environment.” Hope Rescue aims to rescue dogs from emergency situations, such as stray dogs facing destruction after spending their statutory seven days in the pound. Hope Rescue commits to take all the stray dogs from three local authorities in South Wales – Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council, Torfaen County Borough Council and Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council - irrespective of breed, age or medical condition.

Its ethos is that ‘no-one gets left behind and every dog gets a chance’. The charity also takes in dogs from the public as and when it has capacity. Hope Rescue does not have its own rescue centre - it has a great network of fosterers who work

hard to give dogs a loving environment. Here dogs can learn and adjust to family life before finding their loving forever home. If Hope cannot secure a rescue space or foster home for its dogs then it uses boarding kennel facilities in South Wales.




Companion Animal 15

Companion Animal 16

Antifreeze advice for cat owners A s winter approaches, leading cat charity International Cat Care (iCatCare) is keen to warn cat owners about the dangers of antifreeze. Ethylene glycol, otherwise known as antifreeze, is a chemical commonly used during the winter to prevent freezing, but for cats this chemical is deadly, and as part of its Keeping Cats Safe campaign, iCatCare has produced important safety advice for owners. Antifreeze is commonly used in car radiators, screen washes and de-icers, as well as in garden water features to stop them freezing over. Cats typically come into contact with antifreeze if the liquid is incorrectly stored or spilled, from drinking from a garden water feature with antifreeze added, or regrettably from malicious poisonings. Unfortunately, cats appear to be are attracted to ethylene glycol – although not for its sweet taste as is often thought (cats cannot taste ‘sweetness’) – yet drinking just a tiny amount will cause serious illness and even death. Once ingested, ethylene glycol is broken down in the liver and this process produces other chemicals that cause severe and permanent damage to the cat’s kidneys. This damage is often so severe that the cat cannot survive. Treatment is time sensitive and should be sought immediately. If the cat has already developed kidney damage by the time it is seen by a vet, treatment will not work, so it is

vital that owners are vigilant and act fast.

iCatCare has produced the following advice: •

• • • • •

Avoid using antifreeze altogether (use screen wash and de-icer sprays that do not contain ethylene glycol). NEVER use antifreeze in outdoor water features. If you do have antifreeze products, keep in clearly labelled, sealed containers. Store any products containing ethylene glycol safely away from animals (and children). Clean up any spillages immediately and keep cats away from affected areas until dry. Look out for the signs of antifreeze poisoning: sickness; a wobbly gait (appearing ‘drunk’); weakness; tiredness; increased drinking and urination; and collapse. Be aware of your cat’s normal health and behaviour – this will help you to notice signs of illness and seek veterinary treatment as soon as possible. If you suspect your cat has been poisoned with antifreeze, seek immediate veterinary treatment. Antifreeze poisoning is lethal and the faster you can get your cat treatment, the better chance it has of surviving.

To help make more people aware of how deadly antifreeze is to cats, iCatCare has also produced a free downloadable antifreeze poster, which lists information and advice for cat owners. To share the poster or to download it for display in pet shops, groomers, catteries

and veterinary clinics etc, please go to: keeping-cats-safe/antifreeze For more information on antifreeze and the Keeping Cats Safe campaign go to: advice/keeping-cats-safe

Nutrition advice during the festive season Author: Marianne Lomberg MRCVS, Veterinary Marketing Manager at ROYAL CANIN®





common emergency call during the Christmas season is often when an owner discovers their pet has had access to chocolate treats, often resulting in serious consequences. Most owners are aware of the danger of dogs consuming chocolate, and that the best thing to do if suspected is to phone their local vet practice for advice. However, there are other dangers around the home during Christmas. A less well known toxin is Xylitol, which is often present during this time of year. An artificial sweetener, it is commonly used in chewing gum, diet sweets, cakes and often as a replacement to sugar. It is advisable to educate pet owners to think carefully when displaying edible decorations, or leaving edible gifts in reach under the tree. Grapes and sultanas, often found in our favorite festive treats

such as Christmas cake and mince pies, are also highly toxic to cats and dogs. It has been reported that as little as four to five grapes can be fatal in dogs, causing kidney failure. It is not only toxic treats to watch out for; Christmas is also a time for overindulging and many owners feel the need to extend this to include their pets. It is especially important to make owners aware of the importance of a balanced diet, with almost 60% of dogs and 40% of cats in the UK classed as overweight or obese. Many owners are shocked with the calorie conversion for animals, for example, a tin of tuna is the equivalent of three doughnuts for a dog, and feeding a cat a piece of cheese is the equivalent in calories as a shocking six doughnuts. Experts in obesity management, ROYAL CANIN’s dedicated Weight Management Team this

year launched the Approved Weight Management Centre programme. This programme acknowledges a number of practices across the UK for managing overweight or obese cats and dogs, educating clients on prevention. The aim is to educate owners about what is a healthy body shape for their cat or dog, the risks associated with obesity and ensuring that all vet practice staff are confident in providing tailored client information and the best levels of advice, which are particularly important around Christmas. To gain the accolade of

Approved Weight Management Centre, a ROYAL CANIN® weight management specialist spends up to three days with a practice, coaching and training staff at all levels. Guided by experts in weight management, approved clinics provide all patients with a body condition score to help clients recognise if their pet is a healthy weight and to identify any changes at each consultation. For more information about the Approved Weight Management Centre initiative, please contact your ROYAL CANIN® Veterinary Business Manager.

Companion Animal 17

Freephone 0808 100885



Available from


Wishing all our customers past, present and future, a very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!

Companion Animal Screening and responsible breeding are improving dog health, new statistics show















supported by testing, can make a difealth testing designed to ference to the health and welfare of support responsible dog dogs. breeding by screening for hereditary conditions is helping to “Health considerations are particularly important when it comes improve the health of breeds across to mating, and it is vital that the risk the UK, according to new statistics of passing on inherited conditions from the Canine Health Schemes. is continually reduced. The hip and The British Veterinary Association (BVA) and the Kennel elbow dysplasia tests are extremely useful tools for breeders and vets, Club jointly run the Hip and Elbow both of whom want to ensure the Dysplasia Schemes to screen dogs health and welfare of future generafor certain inherited conditions. Owners and breeders can use the tions of dogs. “Vets have a vital role to play results from the schemes to make both in encouraging clients to screen informed breeding decisions to help for inherited conditions before dogs produce healthier puppies and work towards eliminating debilitating are used for mating, and, for the Hip and Elbow Schemes, in submitting inherited conditions. all diagnostic x-rays taken so that an The latest data from the Hip accurate picture of what is happening and Elbow Schemes show a clear in the different breeds is obtained. and sustained reduction in the incidence and severity of these conAnyone thinking of breeding from their dog or considering buying a ditions. BVA President Sean Wensley puppy should ask their vet about said: “The latest statistics from relevant health screening.” Results from the Hip Dysplasia Canine Health Schemes clearly demSFG Half Page 1 04/03/2014 Scheme,15:19 which celebrates its 50th onstrate thatAdvert responsible breeding,

anniversary this month, showed improvements in the median scores of 20 of the 21 most-scored breeds over the last 15 years, indicating a reduction in the incidence and severity of hip dysplasia in scored dogs. The remaining breed, Tibetan Terrier, has maintained a low median score for the entire period. Results from the Elbow Dysplasia Scheme give the numbers and percentage of the different grades (0-3) for all breeds combined for each year since 1998. This also shows a clear reduction in the incidence and severity of the condition in the dogs which have been assessed under the scheme, with a higher percentage dogs from all breeds achieving grade 0 (normal elbows) and fewer dogs grading 1, 2 and 3 (affected). Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary, said: “This data goes to show just how much of a positive effect health testing is having on the health and welfare of dogs. “The BVA/KC Canine Health

Schemes are useful tools to support responsible breeding and, as evidence from the data from the hip and elbow schemes, they are going a long way in protecting the future health of the UK’s dogs.” “Breeders who health test their dogs should be tremendously proud that they are having such a sustained positive impact on dog health, and we would encourage any breeder who does not currently use the schemes to do so, to enable the positive results to continue.” The Canine Health Schemes cover hip and elbow dysplasia as well as hereditary eye disease and Chiari-malformation/Syringomyelia. Breeders interested in using Canine Health Schemes testing should contact their vet for further information. The statistics and additional information about the Canine Health Schemes are available at www.bva.

STERILISATION VacuVet B-Class Vacuum Autoclave  Eickemeyer VacuVet

Advanced Technology Unbeatable Reliability

„After years of frustrations with other autoclaves, I now have peace of mind.“ Veterinary Surgeon, UK.

Visit us at

London Vet Show, STAND G51 EICKEMEYER® 47 St Margarets Grove Twickenham | Greater London TW1 1JF | United Kingdom

T 020 8891 2007 F 020 8891 2686 E

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Following a successful London Vet Show, we are


now out of stock of our two most popular items SAV04

If either of these items are on your

Christmas or New Year list, contact

us now to secure your unit for 2016 To find out more contact us on:

Tel: 01626 365505 | Fax: 0870 129 4705 | Email:

The Ultimate Microchip Solution Reliability : Compatibility : Durability : Stability : Traceability

Announcing our partnership with Vbay A winning combination!

All Pet-ID Microchips products now also available to buy on vbay ÂŽ veterinary business advertising


Pet-ID Microchips Ltd

tel +44 (0)1273 837676

Clinical & Surgical

Mount International United Services Ltd Edison Close, Waterwells Business Park, Gloucester, GL2 2FN Tel: 01452 729 380 | Email: sales@ | Web:


Business Park. This dedicated facility including a CT and MRI training suite. The new development will be completed in April 2016. MIUS can assist you with the selection of the correct CT scanner for your needs, plus provide advice on the room design and liaise with RPAs to make sure all regulations are conformed to. If you would rather hand the complete project over to MIUS, they can offer a full ‘turnkey’ solution, looking after the whole project allowing you to concentrate on being a vet. Each refurbished CT scanner from MIUS comes complete with a 12 months parts and labour warranty, covering ALL parts, including the tube and detector. Not only that but our fully comprehensive service contracts offer the same cover, so you really can buy a refurbished CT scanner ‘without any risks’. We have several factory trained CT engineers who are dedicated to looking after CT systems in the veterinary, NHS and private markets, providing you with efficient and effective servicing at scheduled intervals. Our service contracts can also have ‘bolt ons’ where additional imaging equipment could be added and the servicing carried out at the same time, reducing the number of service visits required and administration for the surgery. Working together with the surgery we form a long term working relationship right from the very start of your project, giving you confidence and security. Buy from MIUS with complete confidence, you really can have your cake and eat it, as many slices as you want!



ount International United Services Ltd (MIUS) recently installed a Toshiba 64 Slice Aquilion at Brentknoll Veterinary Centre in Worcester. Dave Fisher appointed MIUS as his clear choice of supplier for his CT project. Initially Brentknoll were satisfied with a 16 slice scanner knowing that this would be adequate for cardiac imaging and budget, but during the process of discussing the options and costs involved, Brentknoll saw the opportunity to go for even higher specification CT with MIUS and ordered a 64 Slice system from MIUS enabling Brentknoll Vets to be amongst a select few with such a system, which was not an option from any other provider at the price. Brentknoll Vets relied on past experience during their decision process when appointing MIUS to supply a CT scanner. MIUS had supplied and maintained three consecutive referral level ultrasound scanners for Brentknoll Vets, having been one of MIUS’s first veterinary clients when MIUS entered the veterinary world supplying high end refurbished ultrasound scanners over 17 years ago. Today MIUS has grown into a leading supplier and service maintenance provider for imaging equipment to Veterinary and human sectors, with its headquarters based in Gloucester, offices in Wetherby, and three workshop and storage facilities of 50,000 sq feet. New for 2016, MIUS is building a CT, MRI and X-ray dedicated 12,000 sq foot building, sited immediately next to MIUS’s head office on Waterwells


Veterinary CT Scanners from MIUS


Clinical & Surgical 22

Toshiba and Hallmarq partner to bring top quality CT scanning to UK Vets H

allmarq Veterinary Imaging and Toshiba Medical Systems UK Ltd. have announced a partnership agreement to collaborate in the provision of CT scanning to UK vets. An increasing number of veterinary practices are considering installing CT scanners but want support that reflects an insight into veterinary patients and protocols, as well as high quality diagnostic imaging – a service that together, Hallmarq and Toshiba are well placed to deliver. Toshiba Medical Systems have already installed several CT scanners in leading UK veterinary referral centres. With the rapid growth envisaged in veterinary CT, Toshiba recognised the need to expand its capabilities to support the specialist veterinary imaging world and to ensure that the quality of CT imaging when performed in many veterinary centres is of a consistently high standard. Toshiba Medical Systems manufacture high performance CT systems and selected Hallmarq Veterinary Imaging as its partner after a rigorous review process. Managing Director Mark Hitchman says he is delighted that with

Hallmarq, Toshiba Medical Systems has made a good match, “Hallmarq has an excellent reputation for training, service and support in the veterinary sector, which fits perfectly with our philosophy at Toshiba where being responsive and meeting specialist customer needs is our focus.” He continued, “We were also impressed by the level of innovation at every level of the Hallmarq business. That is particularly the case with the ‘pay as you go’ model that is especially geared to financial considerations in veterinary practices and really makes CT much more accessible.” This unique ‘pay as you go’ concept was one of the ground breaking innovations that led to Hallmarq receiving the Queen’s Award for International Trade earlier this year. It reduces the barriers to acquiring CT by allowing the cost to be financed month on month when the equipment is operational and generating revenue for the practice. Jos Belgrave, CEO of Hallmarq Veterinary Imaging says “As more small animal practices move into advanced imaging it will be essential that they have high

quality equipment but more importantly that they are well trained and supported. Hallmarq has a strong reputation for delivering in all those areas and we look forward to bringing this to the world of CT”. Commenting on the Toshiba partnership Jos said, “Everyone at Hallmarq – senior managers, veterinarians, highly qualified engineers and graduate technicians in our support team – could not be more delighted about this partnership. The Toshiba CT equipment is, in

our view, one of the finest ranges available to veterinary surgeons. That provides a fantastic fit with our ethos.” Hallmarq has had a stellar year, with two Queen’s Awards and an Institute of Physics Award for Innovation. This new agreement confirms the company as one of the leading suppliers of advanced veterinary imaging to the profession. For further information visit

Siemens Choose PLH Medical as their Veterinary CT Partner





LH Medical are delighted to have been chosen as Siemens Healthcare’s Veterinary partner for advanced CT imaging solutions. With an increased demand for high level diagnostic imaging in Veterinary Healthcare the new SOMOTOM scope 16 slice CT provides the answer. With PLH’s reputation for leading edge technology coupled with Siemens Healthcare’s global innovation in the area of CT the partnership looks set for success. Mike Jenkins Managing Director of PLH Medical said “Siemens is an ideal partner for pushing the boundaries of innovation in diagnostic imaging. The new 16 slice SOMOTOM Scope ticks

all the boxes for those practices wanting to invest in CT. This cost efficient scanner delivers exceptional image quality at a low dose, it’s compact, allows for fast scan times, is economical to run and the software solution is intuitive which makes for a fast efficient workflow in practice”. PLH seems to have timed the announcement perfectly as demand for CT in the veterinary sector is growing and with new innovative solutions like the SOMOTOM Scope now available the cost of ownership has never been more affordable. To find out more talk to PLH Medical on 01923 237521.

Clinical & Surgical 23

One Source, Multi Choice Medical & Veterinary Supplies

Large Animal Item Number

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SA1615 SA1615-2P SA1620 SA1620-2P SA1415 SA1415-2P SA1420 SA1420-2P SA1220 SA7FD20 SA7FT15

LA1615 LA1615-2P LA1620 LA1620-2P LA1415 LA1415-2P LA1420 LA1420-2P LA1220 LA7FD20 LA7FT15



Customer Care

DMS Plus Ltd, Unit 2-4 Blacknest Industrial Estate, Alton, Hampshire. Gu34 4PX. UK.

T: 0333 900 0900 | ROW: +44 1420 520869 | F: 0845 833 7008 | |


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MILA Long Term Catheters will soon be specific to Small Animal or Large Animal. The chart below will help you determine which to order. All kits will contain: Catheter, scalpel, introducer, guidewire, dilator, needle free caps, suture wings, and gauze. SMALL ANIMAL KITS include a fenestrated drape and 3-0 suture. LARGE ANIMAL KITS include a larger introducer and 2-0 suture.

Clinical & Surgical 24

Rental Laboratory Analysers available from Woodley Equipment Company


t Woodley Equipment, we understand that purchasing laboratory equipment for your practice can be a financial burden, but we also know that you need this equipment to carry out your daily work. That is why at Woodley Equipment we offer you the opportunity to have the equipment on a rental contract, giving you the best for your practice both financially and practically. For a limited time, we are offering ‘The Woodley Lab System’: haematology, clinical chemistry and coagulation for only £175 / 4 weeks, when you trade in your current haematology and chemistry system.

The contract includes: Mythic 18 VET Haematology Analyser – a fully automated 18 parameter haematology analyser Skyla VB1 Clinical Chemistry Analyser – panel and single/dual parameter testing available InSightTM qLabs® Coagulation analyser – PT/aPTT from whole blood in minutes Ask us about other offers that we have available, we are sure to have a rental deal to suit your needs: • Rental available on any of our analysers • Flexible finance packages available • Technical support and servicing included throughout

the contract period For further information, contact Woodley Equipment Company:

Email: Tel: 01204 669033 Fax: 01204 669034

Veterinary Laryngoscopes from Albert Waeschle Veterinary





heep, Goats, large animals, small animals, exotics - you name it and the chances are OPTICLAR has a laryngoscope blade suitable with sizes from 00 to ruminant. Manufactured from the highest quality stainless steel, all blades have exceptional fibre optic light transmission ensuring no hot bulbs to blow or damage to delicate, sensitive tissue. Our new Vmag model has been specially designed with a 3x swivelling lens to deliver excellent magnification and visual clarity of

the smallest anatomical structure. Ideal for many ear, nose, throat, rectal, and vaginal examinations, they are also perfect for soft tissue retraction and routine intubation. Backed by a superb 10 year warranty on the LED module and a working life of more than 10,000 hours you can also enjoy reducing the cost and aggravation of replacing the bulbs. Albert Waeschle Veterinary Telephone: 01202 607092 Fax: 01202 650022

Eickemeyer Veterinary Equipment is moving office. A fter 9 years in the heart of St. Margarets, Twickenham, Eickemeyer will be moving to new offices in Sunbury-onThames, Surrey. Conveniently located within the M25 and just off the M3 Motorway, the new premises will allow the independent, family-owned equipment company to continue to help raising standards of veterinary medicine and surgery. Furthermore it will allow Eickemeyer to offer new services to their ever-expanding

family of loyal customers. At the new address, veterinary professionals will be able to experience high quality veterinary equipment in a designated showroom which will be particularly interesting for customers that are updating an existing clinic or are looking to open a new practice. Furthermore Eickemeyer will provide world class CPD in a professional and personal atmosphere. Eickemeyer is looking forward

to welcoming you at their new address: Eickemeyer Veterinary Equipment 3 Windmill Business Village Brooklands Close Sunbury-on-Thames Surrey TW16 7DY T 020 8891 2007 E



he LAMENESS LOCATOR® System by EQUINOSIS is a real-time, handheld, fieldbased system that enables a veterinarian to objectively identify lameness in horses with non-invasive inertial sensors. The proprietary Lameness Locator® analysis uses the motion data transmitted by the sensors and algorithms developed from research at the University of Missouri. That research utilised treadmills and high-speed cameras to mathematically characterise normal and impaired gait, measuring vertical acceleration of the torso to determine asymmetries in head and pelvic position between left and right halves of stride. Translational research adapted the analysis to be used as a convenient, robust, miniaturised system in the field. The horse is trotted and data is transmitted wirelessly in real time. The comprehensive lameness assessment is immediately available to the practitioner. Fast

Instrumentation is simple


and fast, taking less than 3 minutes. Three small sensors are attached to the horse’s head, pelvis and right forelimb using specially designed attachment devices. Accurate, Sensitive, Precise Equinosis wireless sensors measure up to 20x faster than the human eye, tracking movement accurately to within millimetres.

Reliable Lameness Locator® is the result of 20 years of gait analysis research performed by equine veterinarians and led by Lameness Program Director, Dr. Kevin Keegan, at the University of Missouri. Trusted More than 40 veterinary colleges around the globe, including three-fourths of all U.S. teaching clinics, are training the next generation of vets with Equinosis technology The Equinosis Lameness Locator® is directly sold in Europe via Eickemeyer Veterinary Equipment.


T: 0113 387 7800





A Complete Portfolio of Services for You and Your Practice.

Pharmaceuticals Spotlight 26

Q&A with Chanelle VET UK

Answered by Mitchell Waugh, Sales & Marketing Manager of Chanelle Vet UK


. Tell me about Chanelle VET UK The Chanelle Group has a long and fruitful history, spanning over thirty years! In 1985, Chanelle began manufacturing veterinary pharmaceuticals and wholesaling to veterinary surgeons and co-ops throughout Ireland. In 1994, the company was ready to expand to the UK and Chanelle Animal Health was set up, providing large animal products to co-ops and merchants in the UK. In 2008, after many enquires from veterinary surgeons about our products we felt it was the right time to establish a dedicated team that would specifically call to veterinary practices thus Chanelle VET UK was born. Today, Chanelle Vet UK provides high quality, competitively priced generic pharmaceutical products and services to veterinary practices throughout the UK. Globally, Chanelle is a leading generic pharmaceutical company. We have over 3000 products licences in veterinary and human pharmaceuticals. We like to see ourselves as a global company with a local reach! 2. What is your business model? As a generic pharmaceutical manufacturer, our core business model is firstly to provide savings to our customers. We supply generics in areas that our customers want, at a cost that drives profitability. Of course high quality products and excellent customer service is never compromised and paramount to what we do. 3. What makes Chanelle Vet UK different to other pharmaceutical product manufacturers? Chanelle Vet UK are one of the few privately owned pharmaceutical companies left in the market. This is extremely advantageous as it allows us to be flexible and responsive to our customers’ needs and requirements.




4. The Chanelle Vet UK portfolio – what are your most popular products? Our product portfolio range is quite extensive. We have a range of animal health medicines in areas such as Anthelmintics, Antibiotics, Sedatives, NSAIDs, Cardiovascular, Ectoparasiticides and Anti-Epileptic Drugs (AED). Our most popular brands include: • Clinacin (Clindamycin) • Canidryl (Carprofen) • Prazitel (Praziquantel) • Rheumocam (Meloxicam) • Tribex (Triclabendazole) • Albex (Albendazole) • Animec Range (Ivermectin) • Medesdan (Detomidine hydrochloride) • Butador (Butorphanol tartrate)

Moreover, we maintain an active pipeline of products in our R&D pipeline and have a number of launches planned for 2016. 5. Why did Chanelle start up in Ireland? Michael Burke, our Managing Director started his career as a Veterinary Surgeon and studied Veterinary in University College Dublin. During his time as a practicing vet in the 1970’s he found it very difficult to quickly source veterinary products for his practice in Loughrea, Co Galway. This led him to embark in sourcing and wholesaling products. Chanelle was the first to provide next day delivery to vets around the country. In 1985, Michael began manufacturing products that were coming off patent and there began the Chanelle story in manufacturing pharmaceuticals. In 2005, Chanelle evolved and began manufacturing human medicines too. Today, Chanelle, headquartered in Loughrea, Co Galway, is on an upward trend of growth and currently has 400 employees. In July 2015, we extended our site and it now stands at 200,000 square feet with excellent manufacturing and R&D facilities. 6. How long has Chanelle been involved in the UK market? Chanelle Animal Health UK was set up in 1994 to manufacture and distribute large animal products for co-ops and merchants throughout the UK. In 2008, the company set up Chanelle Vet UK to target veterinary practices in the UK with small animal and equine pharmaceutical products. Since then the range has expanded to include large animal too. We now have 10 dedicated Territory Managers covering the entire country. 7. What is Chanelle VET UK doing to ensure the business continues to develop and grow? The company invests a substantial amount of money in R&D and bringing new products to market each year. We have one of the largest number of product licences held by any other veterinary company in Europe and this is a testament to our R&D and Regulatory team who have extensive experience in this area. We have some exciting new launches coming up early in 2016 and we have just launched Epityl® (Phenobarbital, flavoured snap tablets) to treat epilepsy in dogs which we launched at London Vet Show. 8. What new products can you tell us about for 2016? All I can say at this point is, we have a number new products coming to the UK market in 2016.

Keep your eyes peeled to VSM! Our aim is to bring veterinary surgeons a cost saving range of high quality generics. 9. Why did Chanelle choose to build a R&D facility in Jordan? As a company we have supplied a lot products both medical and veterinary into the Middle East. The quality of staff and resources available are 1st class so it was a natural progression to utilise these resources as the company expands. 10. How environmentally conscious is Chanelle when considering the manufacture and transport of product? As a manufacturer of pharmaceutical products and a prominent employer in the community, we must respect the environment. Alongside this there are strict regulations in place to comply with which we strive to maintain and exceed. 11. How do Chanelle stay ahead of the competition? Our flexible business model and the adaptability of our staff allows us to meet customer’s needs. This, along with cost savings is very important as we grow and expand in the UK. 12. What is the favourite part of your job? Having been a salesman for over 34 years I enjoy meeting

people. I believe we work in a “people industry” and I enjoy the day to day role of meeting people both old and new. I have also enjoyed being part of Chanelle’s growth and success. 13. How long have you worked in your current role and what was your working history prior to working at Chanelle? I have been with Chanelle for 13 years and became UK National Sales Manager in 2013. I became a salesman in 1982 and have worked in Animal Medicines since then with a number of companies who no longer exist due to takeovers and amalgamations. 14. Do you have any pets? No pets at the moment. However, I have always had a close bond with animals having been brought up on the family beef and sheep farm. My father was the first Scotsman ever to appear on “One Man and his Dog” sheep dog trialling programme and also won the “International Shepherds Sheep Dog” trialling competition. So animals have played a large part of my life and still do! 15. What’s your perfect Sunday? Watching a good game of rugby or playing a round of golf followed by a nice Sunday evening dinner with my wife Maureen and sons, Jamie, Blair & Ewan.

7–10 April 2016 Birmingham · UK


your skills at Congress


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Pharmaceuticals Spotlight 28

Nutravet launches new brain health product, Nutramind® E

xperts at Nutravet are recommending that vets and vet nurses include an assessment of nutritional status when advising on pet behaviour and mental acuity. The company has launched Nutramind®, a high strength nutritional brain health product for cats and dogs, at London Vet Show in the wake of increasing evidence that specific natural nutrients sustain mental function in pets and low levels could even be linked with problems such as dog aggression. Nutravet’s Nutracalm® product, which is recommended for anxiety and stress, has already proved a popular choice with authorised veterinary practices and Nutramind® will ensure there is now even more choice for vets and vet nurses seeking to make a custom recommendation to fit the needs of individual animals. Supporting brain health through nutrient supplementation is increasingly recognised as important in puppy training, where omega-3 fatty acids rich in DHA are known to improve learning ability. Puppy foods not specifically

enriched in this important nutrient may not contain enough to support the neurological development that continues after birth. Now studies have also shown that low blood omega-3s can be linked with dog aggression, a finding that should have an immediate impact on the advice given to pet owners. In older pets with what is often viewed as a ‘natural’ decline in cognitive function, omega-3s rich in DHA are every bit as important, as the nutrient plays an important role in neurotransmission and supports neuronal membranes in aged brains. Furthermore, in the presence of adequate omega-3s, vitamin B has recently been shown to support the health of the aged brain. Nutramind® contains highly refined high strength Omega-3s, Phosphatidylserine an amino acid derivative found in high levels in the brain, E and B vitamins and Gingko Biloba Extract which has been shown to improve hypoxia tolerance in brain cells and memory. The researchers at Nutravet believe that the role of nutrition may not yet be fully appreciated in the

development of behavioural change in pets. Matthew Shaw, Nutravet MD says, “Checking for medical issues that could cause behavioural change is second nature for most veterinary professionals. Adding in a nutritional assessment and/or trial supplementation with Nutramind® is part of that best practice approach.

As well as being suitable for young animals and older animals with cognitive decline, there is evidence that nutritional support may benefit mental function in animals throughout life.” For further information about Nutravet, Email:

Ceva launches Amodip® for the treatment of hypertension in cats





eva Animal Health has extended its feline nephrology range with the launch of Amodip®, the first ever cat-friendly amlodipine licensed for veterinary use for the treatment of hypertension in cats. Amodip is a chicken-flavoured, two-way break chewable tablet; its 1.25mg tablet size is perfectly suited for accurate dosing of cats and each tablet’s two-way break allows easier dosing of 0.625mg for smaller cats. Each box contains 100 tablets in blister packs for easy dispensing. These features make it easier for pet owners to be compliant with the recommended treatment protocol and ensure that each cat is getting the right dose, reducing

the risk of side-effects. In turn, Ceva hopes veterinary professionals will see happier clients and feline patients living healthier, longer lives. Amodip bolsters Ceva’s feline-friendly nephrology range and complements Nelio®, a four-way break benazepril for cats. Amodip will be supported by videos and literature on how to measure hypertension in practice easily and with less stress, written by the International Society of Feline Medicine (ISFM). For further information or to request copies of the ISFM hypertension materials, please contact your local Ceva Animal Health territory manager or call 01494 781510.


5 litre concentrate

Animal Health High-Level Surface Disinfectant

• Intended for multi-purpose surface c leaning and disinfection • Biodegradable under OECD conditions • v iruses, fungi and bacteria


Farm/Large Animal 30

Dairymaster’s Latest Innovation Swiftflo Commander Launched at AgriScot A

s farms are getting larger there is less time for individual cow attention - during milking having access to the right information at the right time is essential. The Swiftflo Commander, the new brain of the milking parlour, controlling everything to do with milking, feeding and animal health has arrived! The launch at AgriScot created great excitement especially after having recently won 2 major awards at the leading agricultural show in Ireland, the National Ploughing Championships. It offers a new level of intelligence that takes command of each milking unit within the parlour. Data alone has no intrinsic value, it’s what you do with the data that creates value. The Swiftflo Commander gives the producer a lot more information when and where it’s needed - at the cow milking point. Next generation touchpad technology means that it is extremely robust, easy to clean and fully water resistant. The Swiftflo Commander displays important information such as milk yield, milking time, and somatic cell count (SCC) data on each cow and much more. The intelligent unit uses smart pulsation for reduced wear and a longer life time.

It can also display if your cow is in heat and sort that cow with a single touch for AI or further inspection. Imagine a system that can identify what each cow is contributing to your herd SCC? The Swiftflo Commander can display a cow’s percentage SCC of the entire herd. The advantage of having this information about each individual cow at the right time in the parlour is that you can act on it. It will also prompt the farmer to do a California Milk Test (CMT) when high SCC information is received so diagnosis and treatment is much sooner. The farmer can enter information directly from the milking point e.g. treatment dates, the smart technology then automatically retains milk until the withdrawal period is up and it is then safe for it to enter the milk tank again. It also indicates freshly calved cows that enter the parlour. It uses speech technology to inform farmers of information at a time when they can react to it. With more emphasis on hygiene and ever increasing milk quality standards the cleaning performance of each unit is also individually monitored. The Swiftflo Commander gives the farmer the capability and functionality of doing herd management at every single milking point in a very easy manner.

When you invest in the Swiftflo Commander you are making the right investment for the future. It uses smart technology that allows all units to be updated within a few minutes. Previously when you bought a piece of technology e.g. a TV, it stays the same until the end of its lifetime, whereas today if you buy a smartphone you can download

new apps within a few minutes. Dairymaster uses this smart technology to ensure that you have the latest features and capability into the future. The Dairymaster Swiftflo Commander is available through Dairymaster UK and their network of dealers. Phone (01527) 878505 for

Livestock Event: three national shows signed up to National Dairy Show





hree national breed shows have already signed up to headline the National Dairy Show staged at Livestock Event, at The NEC, Birmingham on Wednesday 6 and Thursday 7 July. Ayrshire, British Friesian and Brown Swiss cattle societies will be returning to stage their national shows at the event and occupying a portion of the 300 available stall places. “First class facilities, great transport links to bring in guaranteed visitors both British and international, while The NEC is the only venue available to accommodate our national show,” Ayrshire Cattle Society’s Duncan Hunter. “Well positioned, a great venue and excellent organisation,” said British Friesian Breeders’ Club,

Margaret Vale. “The NEC provides excellent facilities for the animals, showmen and the breed society. All our exhibitors agree this is a fabulous National Dairy Show at which to showcase Brown Swiss and we would like to encourage as many new exhibitors as possible,” commented UK Brown Swiss, Jenni Hobbs. Event director, Matt Knight added: “Those breeders’ views reflect the fact that dairy continues to remain firmly at the heart of the Livestock Event; 65% of visitors to the 2015 event had a dairy enterprise – exactly the same ratio as five years earlier; while their herd size averaged 257 cows, twice the national figure and representing over 80% of the UK’s cows. “Furthermore the event

attracted representatives from over 20 countries, consequently the Livestock Event continues to

present the best opportunity in the country for breeders to showcase their pedigree cows.”

Farm/Large Animal 32

Bimeda Raise Concern over Lack of Awareness of Flukicides Available For Dairy Cows


imeda, maker of Endofluke (triclabendazole 100mg per l, POM-VPS) and Endospec 10% (Albendazole 100mg/ml, POM-VPS) are looking to raise awareness of the fact that there are a range of licensed therapeutic options for SQPs and Vets to consider when prescribing flukicides to dairy cows. Padraig Hyland MVB CertVPH, independent vet and advisor to Bimeda, commented; ‘It has become obvious to me from several conversations with farmers that many wellintentioned prescribers may not be aware of the options they have when advising dairy farmers on flukicides and therefore cows may be left to harbour liver fluke infestations unnecessarily. This is a worry both from an animal welfare point of view and from a farm profitability point of view, as these chronically infected animals will not be producing to their capacity, and fertility and overall health can be affected negatively.’ Lactating Dairy Cows Bimeda pointed out that their 10% Albendazole , Endospec 10% is licensed for lactating cows with a withdrawal period for milk of just 60 hours (meat withhold 14 days) . At

the licensed fluke and worm dose rate (1ml per 10kgs) it is licensed for the control of mature and developing immature forms of gastrointestinal roundworms, lungworms, and adult liver fluke in cows. The knowledge of the availability of lactating cow licenced products for fluke with relatively short milk withdrawals should be of major benefit for farmers when treating lactating cows with liver fluke over the winter. Dry Dairy Cows For the dry cow, the farmer has also options including Bimeda’s Endofluke triclabendazole-containing product. Endofluke (triclabendazole 100mg per l, POM-VPS) can be used in dry cows 45 days and more before calving; with a milk withdrawal of 48 hours after calving). It is licensed for dairy cows in the dry cow period and can be used to kill all three stages of fluke in dry Dairy cows this winter. Endospec 10% is available in a 2.5 litre, a 5 litre and a 10 litre pack. Endofluke is available in a 2.5 litre and 1 5 litre pack For more information contact Bimeda on 01248 725400 or see






K cattle producers need to plan for an on-going struggle with feed-borne mycotoxins, but vets are well placed to help farmers understand and mitigate the negative impact on animal health. Speaking to cattle vets in the UK earlier this month at a CPD meeting organized by animal health and nutrition business Alltech, Dr Johanna Fink-Gremmels – Professor of Veterinary Pharmacology and Toxicology at Utrecht University – urged the profession to take the threat of mycotoxins seriously. “When you see a general inflammatory response, such as elevated somatic cell count, mycotoxicosis should always be on your radar. The mycotoxin threat to cattle is increasing in the UK, yet it is often the most neglected causative issue

on any list of pathogenic suspects,” she said. Dr Fink-Gremmels explained that natural toxins produced by diverse fungal species are proliferating worldwide, partly as a result of global climate change, but also because of changing agronomic practices in developed countries. “Total mixed rations often now contain more than one fungal species, contributing to a complex mycotoxin picture and unresolved health issues in a herd as a result. Cow signals such as reduced feed intake, reproductive disorders, laminitis, mastitis, impaired liver function, a poor response to vaccination programmes and even increased susceptibility to bacterial and viral diseases can all be attributed to ingesting mycotoxin contaminated feed.”

According to Dr FinkGremmels, the biggest challenge for UK dairy farmers is now multiple mycotoxin contamination of grass and maize silage. “Cattle health problems with feeding obviously mouldy silage are relatively well understood. But new harder to detect fusarium toxins – such as, for example, Enniatins and Beauvericin contaminating cereal grains – are also now being found in pasture grass in Northern Europe. These will also adversely affect the efficiency and function of the rumen,” she said. “The rumen determines the health and productivity of the cow. When rumen bacteria are suffering the liver does not function correctly initiating a cascade of adverse events; and often a generalised inflammatory

response is triggered, which leads to a loss of production.” Dr Fink-Gremmels added that in the future farmers will need to select feed crop plants that are more resistant to fungal invasion and will also have to re-adjust tillage methods to reduce mould contamination. “However, we know that this alone will not stamp out mycotoxin contamination without creating a biological vacuum that will be filled with other micro-organisms. “Consequently, it will be essential to continue to apply strategies such as rigorous on-farm risk assessment and the use of appropriate in-feed mycotoxin-sequestration agents (binders) to prevent the production-limiting and adverse health effects in our farmed livestock,” she said.

Farm/Large Animal 33

PROVEN TO GO THE DISTANCE Use Medicines Responsibly Merial Animal Health Ltd CM19 5TG, UK. GastroGard® is a registered trademark of Merial Ltd. © Merial 2015. All rights reserved. Legal category UK POM-V , IE POM . For further information contact the Merial Customer Support Centre on UK: 0870 6000123 IE: 1850 783 783.


For the treatment and prevention of equine gastric ulcers




The formulation in GastroGard® is proven to deliver omeprazole beyond the stomach to areas of the gut where it can be rapidly & consistently absorbed into the bloodstream. That’s why thousands of vets and trainers worldwide trust GastroGard® to heal or prevent gastric ulcers in their horses, keeping them healthy for optimum performance.

London Vet Show Review 34

Chanelle VET UK – Largest investment to date at London Vet Show Company Launches Epityl® (60 mg Phenobarbital)





hanelle Vet UK, a leader in developing and commercialising generic products for animal health, launched Epityl® (60 mg Phenobarbital) at the industry’s premiere conference and exhibition, London Vet Show. Epityl® is an Anti-Epileptic Drug (AED) used to treat and prevent seizures in dogs. The addition of the Epityl® license to Chanelle’s portfolio brings the tally of European veterinary product licenses held by the company to 1650 – one of the largest number of licenses held by any veterinary pharmaceutical company in the EU. Chanelle also holds a further 387 product licenses outside of Europe. The safety and efficacy of Phenobarbital 60 mg has been well documented due to its common use. The product is the same strength as the brand leader and gives veterinary surgeons a greater choice in the phenobarbital range. The product is easily dispensed due to its flavoured snap tablet technology which can be easily halved and quartered for accurate dosing. Chanelle’s Ros Carney, Head of Sales & Marketing for Ireland & UK said, “Chanelle is committed to providing a diverse range of high quality, competitively priced generics which provide substantial savings for veterinary businesses. For a lifelong treatment such as epilepsy, Epityl offers savings to veterinary practices and dog owners”. Epityl® is conveniently available in blister packs for ease and safe dispensing or tubs for high volume dispensing. Chanelle VET UK brighten up LVS with Colourful Origami Theme Chanelle Vet UK’s stand at

London Vet Show was their largest stand to date at the event. The company’s theme ‘Ensuring Savings, Enhancing Profits’ was driven with the assistance of a wonderful Origami specialist, Toshiko Kurato. Origami from ori meaning “folding”, and kami meaning “paper” is the art of paper folding, which is often associated with Japanese culture. In modern usage, the word “origami” is used as an inclusive term for all folding practices, including money which complimented Chanelle’s theme of “Ensuring Savings, Enhancing Profits”. Chanelle Vet UK’s stand was peppered with colourful animals which were made on the stand and given to delegates to take home. “This year we made a significant investment in the show to highlight our growth and commitment to the UK market. There was fantastic footfall to the stand and we received excellent feedback from new and existing customers.” commented Ros Carney. Former Rugby Player, Doddie Weir makes Special Appearance Former international rugby player, Doddie Weir made a special guest appearance at Chanelle’s stand. Doddie who stands at 6.5 feet tall and achieved over 60 international caps for Scotland, drew a legion of rugby fans to the stand. The core message at this year’s exhibition was undoubtedly Chanelle Vet UK’s drive in providing their customers with increased cost savings. “Chanelle’s portfolio is growing every year and we are committed to developing a comprehensive range of veterinary medicines that are competitively priced”, commented Ros.

Chanelle Vet UK currently have 10 Territory Sales Managers to support veterinary practices throughout the UK and additional technical support when required. The Chanelle Group, headquarted in Galway, Ireland, currently has 400 employees based in the UK, Ireland, Jordan and India. The company has 4 R&D facilities and has recently expanded its manufacturing facility to 200,000 square feet. The company also has plans to build a new manufacturing facility in Ireland by 2017.

Meet the Chanelle VET UK Team! Ros Carney Head of Sales & Marketing – UK & Ireland T: 07464544558 E: rcarney@

Mark Logue Territory Manager Kent, Home Counties, London T: 07584353063 E: mlogue@

Mitchell Waugh National Sales Manager T: 07876 745273 E: mwaugh@

Jagdish Chander Territory Manager Midland, Merseyside, North Wales T: 07749 429176 E: jchander@

Gareth Carr Territory Manager North England T: 07557782358 Mathew Oakes Territory Manager South Wales and South West England T: 07912180989 E: moakes@

Dominic Elsworth Equine Sales Consultant (National) T: 07795680433 E: delsworth@ Karen Glendinning Territory Manager Scotland T: 07730 212282 E: kglendinning@

London Vet Show Review 36

Pet Food UK Ltd at the London Vet Show! P

et Food UK Ltd is delighted to have had their most successful London Vet Show yet! The ultra-premium Dog and Cat food manufacturer found their stand inundated with vets and veterinary nurses interested in both Barking & Meowing Heads and AATU. The British company had arguably the most colourful stand of the whole show giving away 1500 cartoon covered Barking & Meowing Heads water bottles with many of the showgoers coming back for a second!

Barking & Meowing Heads and AATU are now available from Veterinary wholesalers Henry Schein, NVS and Centaur.

Henry Schein’s veterinary businesses showcased their latest products and services at London Vet Show





he UK Henry Schein veterinary businesses, Henry Schein Animal Health UK, Veterinary Instrumentation and Vetsolutions showcased their latest products and value-added services to the UK veterinary profession at the London Vet Show (LVS) at Olympia Grand, London, from 19 to 20 November 2015. During LVS, Henry Schein held its first group media gathering on Thursday, 19 November 2015, when the Company invited veterinary

trade media to an informative gettogether. Numerous media members responded to the invitation and heard from David Hinton, Managing Director Henry Schein Animal Health UK; Will Flack, Managing Director Veterinary Instrumentation and Alan Moody, Managing Director Vetsolutions about the current development of the animal health market, the companies’ goals, and the latest products and services Henry Schein offers to veterinary practices in the United Kingdom. “We are delighted that so

many journalists jointed our first our first shared media gathering in the vet business and our latest products and services to the UK and Ireland veterinarians,” Hinton said. “We are not only offering innovative and special products but also a variety

of value-added services to the UK veterinary market. We as a team are committed to support our customers in achieving their business objectives and driving practice performance so they can concentrate on providing the highest level of care to their patients.”

Successful Nutritional Event at London Vet Show A

lecture given by Vet Padraig Hyland at this year’s London Vet Show, was well received by attendees at the event. Padraig’s talk focused on common trace element toxicities and deficiencies in the UK, and on the role of the vet in helping the farmer to understand and address problems resulting from these issues. Padraig commented; ‘for years, the role that trace element nutrition plays in maximising the productivity, health and fertility of ruminants has

been overlooked. However, the tide is changing and there is an increase in the number of vets in the UK who are looking to gain a better understanding of this important area. There is a move away from the haphazard, guesswork- and farmer-led approach to nutritional supplementation and a move towards a genuinely scientific and veterinarian-led approach. The increasing interest in this field was apparent through the large number of vets who attended the talk, and the great number who came to speak to

me after the lecture’. This lecture was of particular interest to vets who wished to gain a greater understanding of key trace element deficiencies and toxicities in the UK, and of the role they can play in applying their knowledge to address these. Through ensuring optimum trace element status in livestock vets can improve the health and productivity of animals, as well as the profit line of our farmers. The talk was sponsored by Bimeda, who are the manufacturer

of the revolutionary Cosecure soluble glass bolus range. Bimeda’s Cosecure boluses for cattle, sheep and lambs have been proven in trials to improve fertility and productivity. Bimeda’s Cosecure bolus (POM-VPS) is the UK’s only licensed POM-VPS bolus, and the range is a popular choice for vets who want to help their farmers use a scientific approach to address trace element toxicities and deficiencies.

“Hind gut inflammation can be associated with behavioural issues in ridden horses.”

“As a busy equine veterinarian I have become increasingly aware of a link between low grade hind gut inflammation and behavioural issues or poor performance in competition horses. Over the last twelve months I have been evaluating all horses presenting with mild to severe behavioural issues when ridden; that have no physical evidence of any underlying orthopaedic or other clinical conditions. I have tested for the presence of hindgut inflammation using the SUCCEED™ Equine Fecal Blood Test™ (FBT). In many of these cases, the FBT results have revealed an increase in albumin loss in the dung consistent with an inflamed hind gut wall. Gastroscopy of most of these horses failed to reveal any evidence of stomach lining ulceration. In all of these cases I removed the cereal content in their diet and started them on SUCCEED™ Digestive Conditioning Program™ . The results have been quite startling. Within a few days many of these animals became significantly calmer, less resistant, more forward going and have stopped misbehaving when ridden, much to the relief of their worried riders. SUCCEED is an excellent product that I now routinely feed as part of my management of all horses demonstrating intestinal disturbances, loss of condition, poor performance or have developed behavioural issues when ridden. Feeding SUCCEED is unlikely to be the panacea for all horses that have behavioural difficulties when ridden, but I am convinced that many horses demonstrating such behaviour are avoiding work because they are uncomfortable as a result of reversible low grade hind gut inflammation.”

Dr David Platt BVSc, CVR, PhD, DEO, FRCVS David Platt Equine Limited Tel: 07768 572617

The SUCCEED™ Equine Fecal Blood Test™ and SUCCEED™ Digestive Conditioning Program™ are available from premier veterinary wholesalers. In England

In Ireland For more information, contact Dr. Emma Hardy: 01522 309946

SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program and the SUCCEED Equine Fecal Blood Test are quality products from Freedom Health LLC. © 2015 Freedom Health LLC. All Rights Reserved.

London Vet Show Review 38

Explosives dogs lap up the attention – and a tasty drink at London Vet Show


xplosives detection proved thirsty work for Charlie and Chief, the two sniffer dogs working at London Vet Show last week. The pair, who, along with their handlers, provided a reassuring presence at the Olympia-based veterinary congress, stopped by the Oralade stand for a quick quenching drink. They lapped up the tasty rehydration solution with gusto, before resuming duties. Macahl representative and veterinary nurse, Lucy Millett, offered the hard-working canines a drink as they sniffed their way past the Oralade stand. Thinking that they’d have a quick sip before going on their way, Lucy initially offered the drink in one of the plastic ice-cube trays that the company was giving away on its stand to promote the freeze-ability of the product. But she was quickly persuaded that a more direct route was needed, “I’d spotted Charlie and Chief going by earlier, and knew that they’d been working hard all morning. I had a bottle of Oralade on the counter to demonstrate the ease of giving the product through a feeding tube for sick patients, and I thought that they too could do with a quick energy boost and rehydration. They

were both drinking it so quickly that I had to grab a cup for one and let the other lap straight from the bottle! They certainly seemed to enjoy it so, I sent a few bottles home with their handlers to feed at home when their day’s work was done.” New company Macahl Animal Health made its debut at London Vet Show this year, and was delighted with the response its product received. Managing Director, Anthony Mackle, said that the show had resulted in lots of support for the Feed Don’t Fast campaign to drive awareness of the need to feed veterinary patients proactively and early, “This was the first big show that we have done, and for a small company like ours, it was so gratifying to see that there is clear support for a microenteral nutritional product like Oralade. We had many discussions on the stand about the positive benefits of early nutritional intervention, in place of fasting. Some people weren’t aware that current recommendations for the management of GI disease had moved away from nil-by-mouth, and that patient outcomes can be improved by feeding an appropriate food on day 1.

“Enterocytes play a very important role in maintaining the gutassociated immune barrier and they rapidly die without a direct nutrient source. Most commercial recovery diets aren’t suitable for immediate use, being too high in fat and protein. Oralade provides a safe first step, and keeps the vital gut cells alive and functioning before the patient is transitioned onto solid food in time.” Oralade’s unique blend of functional amino-acids, glucose and electrolytes in an isotonic drink ensure rapid absorption of key nutrients without upsetting the gut. The lowfat, low-protein formula is suitable for all GI patients, including those with pancreatitis, acute gastroenteritis and following gut surgery. Feeding guidelines also support the product’s use in vomiting patients, where the small amounts fed are enough to keep the enterocytes alive without exacerbating the condition, before increasing quantities as the patient is able to cope with a greater amount. Further information on the use of Oralade can be found at www. Photos: Charlie and Chief get rehydrated courtesy of Macahl representative Lucy Millett and a bottle of Oralade.

The London Vet Show 2015 welcomed over 5,000 delegates to Europe’s number one veterinary conference and exhibition

The two-day event offered a world class CPD-accredited programme from an international line-up of leading practitioners, academics and industry experts





aking place at London’s Olympia, 19th & 20th November, The London Vet Show confirmed its position as the must-attend veterinary event on the industry calendar – attracting record numbers of visitors from across the globe to the educationally-led conference and buzzing exhibition hall which showcased hundreds of new products and solutions. With Education Partners Royal Veterinary College and British Veterinary Association, the London Vet Show saw packed theatre sessions, practical workshops and keynote presentations, tackling a diverse range of pressing topics including clinical challenges and business complexities faced by practices and professionals at all stages of

their career. Suzanne Chairman, a Vet from Bristol, who was attending the event for the second time, commented: “I know lots of people who attend LVS because of its CPD value and fantastic conference programme – the quality of speakers and sessions is brilliant. I also enjoy browsing the exhibition floor for new products and services.” Lucinda Ticehurst an Equine Vet in her first year of practice added: “This is my first time at London Vet. I was aware of the event as a student, but it was my colleagues who encouraged me to attend this year. I have really enjoyed the event, particularly the equine sessions which had some excellent, engaging speakers. The exhibition has been useful

too, with lots different solutions to discover.” Over 400 leading veterinary suppliers joined this year’s exhibitor community and reported two highly-successful days of business, with more than 300 of the exhibitors confirming a place at the 2016 event, which will mark its first year at London’s ExCeL Centre on November 17th & 18th 2016. iM3, a Silver Partner at the 2015 event, reported fantastic numbers of interested delegates. “The London Vet Show is a firstclass event. We’ve sold a heap over the two days and we’re very happy with the people we are meeting – the numbers just keep coming! You couldn’t ask for anything more from the event or

organisers.” Matthew Shaw, Managing Director at Nutravet, also noted the massive success of this year’s event: “A progressive show yet again! It has been another busy year for us at the London Vet Show – We’ve all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.” Rob Chapman, Group Event Director, London Vet Show commented: “I am always amazed by the atmosphere at the London Vet Show. The people, the content and the atmosphere all combine to provide an event with a real energy about it. This year was better than ever with a real mixture of excitement for what was going on and great anticipation for next year’s event at our new home at ExCeL, London.”

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Equine 40

Mirrors for Training offers finance options for businesses


irrors for Training is delighted to announce that it is now able to offer its non-warp Arena Mirrors on finance to businesses, subject to terms and conditions being met. This new initiative makes it easier than ever for riding schools, livery yards, professional riders, saddle fitters and other businesses that use arenas as an essential part of what they do to benefit from top quality arena mirrors. The Mirrors for Training system is second to none. It’s incredibly versatile with the 8ft x 4ft mirrors being suitable for indoor and outdoor use, whether mounted horizontally or vertically. The mirrors themselves are made using Pilkington Opti-Mirror for a crisp, accurate reflection and are mounted on galvanised steel frames to ensure that they don’t warp over time. All Mirrors for Training Arena Mirrors benefit from impact absorbing cushioners and a layer of safety film. “There’s never been a better time to add mirrors for your facility,”

says Andrea Miles from Mirrors for Training. “We know that our Arena Mirrors are a great investment, but we appreciate that investing in a number in one go can make them less appealing from a financial point of view. Now we’re able to offer finance to businesses that comply with our terms and conditions, our Arena Mirrors are more affordable than ever as the business owner can pay in installments.” Mirrors for Training has installed mirrors at a number of professional yards, riding schools and livery yards across the UK and beyond. Whether a supply only or a supply and fit service is required, the Mirrors for Training team are able to advise on possible configurations to suit any budget and requirement. To find out more about Mirrors for Training, see or call 01902 791207.

Free antimicrobial research collection published online for equine vets





o coincide with the European Antimicrobial Awareness Day (EAAD) the Equine Veterinary Journal (EVJ) has released a special online collection of articles on antimicrobials The collection is free to all readers and highlights the current understanding of equine antimicrobial resistance and how the profession can preserve the effectiveness of these essential medicines. Antimicrobial resistance is an emerging clinical problem, recognised internationally as one of the largest threats to human and animal health. All major health and veterinary organisations are working to try and limit the development of resistance so that effective antimicrobials can be retained for use in clinical practice. Following the launch of the British Equine Veterinary Association’s (BEVA) PROTECT ME campaign in 2012 two-thirds of equine practices now adhere to self-imposed policies governing the responsible use of antimicrobials. The Equine Veterinary Journal (EVJ) was the first publication worldwide

to adopt an antimicrobial stewardship policy in its author guidelines. The new online collection comprises ten clinical reports and studies and three editorials covering current trends on bacterial populations, risk factors and the appropriate use of antimicrobials in practice. A clinical report on the changes in bacterial populations in foals with sepsis raises the question whether the emergence of resistance in horses has occurred as a result of antibiotic use in humans, with nosocomial spread from human handlers in foals. Studies on the prevalence of faecal carriage of antimicrobial resistant E. coli show their prevalence to be common in normal horses in the community in the UK, although MRSA carriage was rare. Data suggested transmission of resistant bacteria from animals receiving antibiotics may result in carriage of bacteria by in contact animals. The need for judicious use of antimicrobials is reinforced in a study on antimicrobial-associated diarrhoea in three equine referral practices. Two papers investigate

both prescribing practice in the UK and the impact of antimicrobial use on infection and pyrexia in hospitalised horses, concluding that there are opportunities for more targeted, ‘smart’, use antimicrobials in the perioperative period, rather than simply more antimicrobials. The final study discusses a low-cost syndromic surveillance model for monitoring healthcare associated infection in clinical practice to provide a realistic benchmark against which other hospitals may compare antimicrobial study data. Three supporting editorials complete the online collection, giving important comment on the overall situation of antimicrobial resistance in the horses, including the current political situation and antimicrobials and surgical site infection. Professor Peter Clegg, Associate Editor of the Equine Veterinary Journal said: “It remains to be determined how big a problem antimicrobial resistance will become for the equine veterinary profession, either through greater difficulties

in treating horses, or through political pressure to restrict access to antimicrobials. Meanwhile the EVJ remains committed to the promotion of responsible stewardship to best preserve the efficacy of the drugs we have got for as long as we can.” Mark Bowen, President of the British Equine Veterinary Association and guest editor said: “BEVA has a long-term commitment to promoting responsible antimicrobial use throughout the profession and supporting EAAD through the PROTECT ME brand. This year we have released resources around Education, aimed at the profession through EVJ and to the horse owning public through development of material that can be provided alongside antimicrobial dispensing. The work of the equine profession in preserving the highest priority antimicrobials will ensure efficacy can be retained for as long as is possible.” The antimicrobial online collection is available free online at:


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VSM Issue 3.9  

All the latest news and articles from the veterinary sector

VSM Issue 3.9  

All the latest news and articles from the veterinary sector