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Volume 3 Issue 6

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Skyla VB1 Clinical Chemistry Analyser

Mythic 18 Vet Haematology Analyser

i-Smart 30 Vet Electrolyte Analyser

QuickVet® Coagulation, Fibrinogen and Blood Typing Analyser

epoc Critical Care Blood Gas Analyser

Is soon to be six: The

In Sight


5 Diff Haematology Analyser Coming Soon...

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Precisely richmond 1/07 fully oie




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New ProteqFlu® contains a Richmond 1/07 flu strain, and is the first and only licensed vaccine to do so. Richmond 1/07 belongs to Florida Clade 2, the group of antigenically related viruses responsible for almost all equine flu outbreaks in Europe since 2011.1 Containing both Florida Clade 1 and Clade 2 virus strains, new ProteqFlu® is now the only vaccine fully aligned with 2014 OIE recommendations.1

Reference: 1. OIE Expert Surveillance Panel on Equine Influenza Vaccine Composition, OIE Headquarters, 4 March 2013. Available at: (accessed August 2014). OIE = World Organisation for Animal Health

Use Medicines Responsibly Merial Animal Health Ltd CM19 5TG, UK. ProteqFlu® and ProteqFlu®-Te are registered trademarks of Merial Ltd. © Merial 2014. All rights reserved. Legal category UK. POM-V , IE- POM . New ProteqFlu®–Te contains Influenza A/eq/Ohio/03, Influenza A/eq/Richmond/1/07, Clostridium tetani toxoid. New ProteqFlu® contains Influenza A/eq/Ohio/03; Influenza. Read packaging before use. For further information call the Merial Customer Support Centre on 0845 6014236

Volume 3, Issue 6

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elcome to the latest issue of Veterinary Supplies Magazine, covering the latest news and developments in the veterinary

industry. We have a spotlight feature on Vaccines with an interesting piece from Woodley Equipment about the problem of over-vaccination of dogs and cats. There is also a spotlight feature on Zoo wild animal veterinary with a key contribution from Vetronic Services about their history of working with Zoo animals. Alongside these we also have our regular features bringing you the latest news and views from all aspects of the veterinary industry including; Practice matters, Clinical and Surgical developments, Companion animals, Equine, and Farm


animals. In the Equine section we have an interview with Declan Ennis from Curragh Veterinary Supplies and an article from Zoetis UK about minimising the risk of equine herpes virus. Suppliers and vets who are interested in getting involved in product road testing, contributing editorial and submitting product news are all invited to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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General News Dr Roger Mugford receives prestigious lifetime achievement award


he World Pet Association (WPA) honours Dr. Roger Mugford as its 2015 Matsui Award recipient at a prestigious award ceremony in Las Vegas last night. Named after former WPA board president Jiro Matsui, it’s considered the most exclusive lifetime achievement award in the pet industry. This prestigious award has been bestowed only 32 times since its 1969 inception (meaning there were 14 years where no individual was deemed worth). A 3-minute video, recognising Dr. Mugford’s dedication to improving the lives of animals and his contribution to the pet industry, prefaced Dr. Mugford receiving the Matsui Award on stage. Following the award, Rock and Roll Hall of Famers Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart produced a brilliant performance for the guests. As Britain’s leading animal psychologist and a pioneer in behavioural therapy, Dr. Mugford’s career has led him to train the Queen’s corgis and speak on behalf of animal welfare in courts across the world. “Roger has raised the bar for the entire pet industry, especially within the training category,” comments Mike Lasky, Board Member of the WPA. Dr. Mugford is a prolific author, educator and animal welfare advocate. In 1979 he founded The Animal Behaviour Centre in


Surrey, a referral service for veterinary surgeons and their clients with problem pets. More than 80,000 pets have benefitted from the Centre’s services to date. That same year, he founded The Company of Animals brand where he invented and developed a range of products that have revolutionized the way people train their pets. The HALTI® head collar and Pet Corrector® auditory training tool are among his exemplary products frequently copied by competitors but unmatched in quality or effectiveness. Dr. Mugford is also a Dogs for the Disabled patron, Cancer & Bio-detection Dogs Trustee and 2005’s Blue Cross Welfare Award recipient. Proud to maintain a link with his Devonshire farming heritage, he resides at Ruxbury Farm where he personally cares for a herd of 70 purebred South Devon cattle, 100 sheep, horses, llamas and of course dogs! “Roger is humble and generous. I can’t think of a more deserving person to receive the WPA’s highest honour,” continues Lasky. “His interests in the pet industry are for the pets themselves. He’s a trainer and behaviourist first, and a product developer out of necessity: as such, his products are regarded as the most humane and effective available.”

from Ilfracombe at 9.00am on the first day and arriving at 3.30 pm at Plymouth on the second. Their route skirted the eastern side of Exmoor on the first day with some stunning coastal views and then the edge of Dartmoor on the second day. Commenting, David said: “It

For further information... t +44 (0)1793 759159 w


run by the Farm Inspiration Trust to provide training, therapeutic activities and work experience for adults with autism and learning disabilities. A regular charity challengetaker, David completed the hilly course on the 10 and 11 July 2015, setting off with his four team-mates



avid Babington MRVCS, Managing Director of veterinary CPD company Improve International, has completed the 103 mile, two-day Devon Coast 2 Coast Challenge to raise funds for the charity FarmAbility. He raised over £1,000 for the charity, a programme

was overall a very enjoyable ride. Tough at times on a mountain bike, particularly on the first day with long, slow climbs up railway track inclines. The second day finished with a glorious downhill run into Plymouth from Yelverton. “I’m delighted to have raised funds for FarmAbility, a fantastic project run from the FAI farm just outside Oxford. The Trust’s team is passionate about the benefits that farming life can have on health and well-being, particularly for people facing challenges in their lives with The FarmAbility project is a great example of how they put their ideas into practice to the great benefit of many vulnerable people.”


Vet Cycles the Devon Coast2Coast for the Farm Inspiration Trust

General News 4

Keeping Cats Safe – feline charity launches new campaign I

nternational Cat Care (iCatCare) is teaming up with the Veterinary Poisons Information Service (VPIS) and Agria Pet Insurance to launch a new Keeping Cats Safe campaign. The campaign, which launches this month, will run throughout 2015 and into 2016, covering all aspects of cat safety. A range of dangers will be highlighted, including poisons, cats eating strange things and accidental injuries, as well as looking at which diseases can be prevented by vaccination and parasite control. Microchipping and the safe use of collars will also be featured, as these can reduce the risk of cats with outdoor access not being returned to their owners if they get lost or injured. Being poisoned is one of the most distressing, yet preventable, accidents which can happen to cats. Working with VPIS and Agria, both of whom hear in detail about incidents of poisonings, iCatCare will look at the most common poisons, including lilies, permethrin (found in dog flea products), disinfectants, ethylene glycol (antifreeze) and paracetamol. Other, less common toxins will also be covered, such as white

spirit/turpentine substitute poisonings (which peak over Bank Holidays when people decorate their houses), or benzalkonium chloride poisoning which can be more of a danger when people clean their patios in the spring. The charity will also look at the most common accidental injuries (eg, from collars, falls, road traffic accidents) and ingested foreign bodies (eg, needles, rubber bands, wool), using data from Agria Pet Insurance and other sources. There will be advice for owners on each topic, covering where the risks are, what the signs of poisoning/injury are, what to do, and how the risks can be minimised. For veterinary professionals, there will be in depth advice on clinical signs, treatment and prognosis. This information will made available on the charity’s website, keeping-catssafe and in the charity’s publications. Claire Bessant, iCatCare Chief Executive said: ‘The overall message of our campaign is that prevention is better than cure. Our goal is to spread the word by alerting cat

owners to some of the most common dangers, as well as providing expert advice to help those professionals dealing with these distressing cases.’ Agria Pet Insurance, who regularly support iCatCare’s work said of their involvement: ‘Agria is delighted to be contributing to a campaign which will help to prevent harm to cats, and we are particularly pleased that our information and experiences can be used in such a positive way.’ International Cat Care will also work with its supporters and members, including members of its veterinary division the International Society of Feline Medicine (ISFM), to gather information about their experiences. The campaign kicks off by highlighting the dangers of disinfectants, with recommendations for owners on their safe use. For vets and nurses there is an introduction to toxicology, and detailed advice on presentation and treatment of benzalkonium chloride exposure in cats, visit: our-campaigns/keeping-cats-safe.

New staff room helps busy vet practice workers unwind





n exceptional new staff room is helping busy colleagues at Davies Veterinary Specialists (DVS) recharge their batteries during breaks. The independent suite of rooms was designed by the staff themselves and is already proving to be an indispensible asset. Staff numbers have continued to grow at DVS, in line with the steadily increasing demand for the practice’s multi-disciplinary referral services and the old staff room was fast outgrowing its capacity. When some units at the business park where DVS is situated became available a team of staff was appointed to design new staff facilities. Led by radiography nurse and trainer Julie Riches-Tomei, the ‘project staffroom’ team identified the different requirements of staff members during their breaks and planned the unit space accordingly. Julie explained: “The brief was to create a space where staff had somewhere away from the hurly

burly of the clinic where they could relax and unwind. The priority was for it to be ‘our’ staffroom so the project was intentionally devolved away from the management team.” The resulting suite of rooms is in a separate building to the clinic, giving staff a proper chance to escape. There’s a large general area, a quiet room, a well-equipped kitchen and a sun-dappled southfacing terrace, which is proving to be a favourite at this time of year. Clive Elwood, managing director of DVS said: “We take pride in providing the highest standards of treatment and care for our patients and it’s only right that we should do the same for our staff. Everyone seems to love the new facilities, including me!” Davies Veterinary Specialists (DVS) is one of the largest and most diverse small animal veterinary referral centres in Europe. Accessibly based in Higham Gobion, Hertfordshire, DVS employs

more than 35 specialist clinicians, 60 nurses, many with an advanced nursing qualification, and 30 administrators and support staff. For further information visit You can also follow DVS on Facebook at DVSvets.”

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General News 6

Honorary Fellowship for Medical Pioneer





rofessor Christopher Wood, a pioneer of the development of new medicines for the treatment of cancer, arthritis, diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease, has received an Honorary Fellowship from the University of Wales Trinity Saint David. Professor Christopher Wood was born in Cardiff and spent his early years at school and college in Wales. He began his professional career as a surgeon, and specialised in cancer surgery. He qualified from the Welsh National School of Medicine in Cardiff and has an MD degree from the University of Wales. He was also a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh and became a consultant surgeon at the Royal Postgraduate Medical School in London. He was appointed honorary Professor at Imperial College, London in 2008.

During his career he published extensively on surgical and cancer-related topics. In recent years he has focused on the development of new medicines and in 2004 received approval for the first new drug in thirty years for the treatment of childhood leukaemia. He is currently engaged in the clinical development of new medicines for the treatment of cancer, arthritis, diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease. In addition to his love of medicine, Professor Wood’s other passion is music. He is a keen composer and is a strong supporter of the arts, with a special emphasis on choral music and encouraging young talented musicians. He is also chairman of the Council of Trustees for the Royal College of Organists. Upon receiving his

Fellowship, Professor Wood said: “I thank the University for the privilege of being able to accept the honour that has been bestowed upon me. I am bemused that I should be honoured for indulging my passion in medicine and music and doing something that I have thoroughly enjoyed every single day of my life. “One of the privileges I have had in my career was being able to develop new cancer drugs and there is no substitute for being able to bring joy into the life of someone who is suffering from cancer, and to give them the news that they have responded to treatment and that they are doing well. “I was very fortunate in being able to develop the first new drug for childhood leukaemia in over thirty years. That drug became approved in Europe through studies that were done here in Wales.”

Innovation in Imaging

Advanced Image Processing Technology

Direct Radiography Solutions

Looking for an affordable way to move from conventional to digital imaging?

Easy upgrade to DR without any change in your conventional X-Ray system.

Look no further than Agfa’s compact table top Computed Radiography (CR) systems.

Our new ultra thin, ultra light designs enables quick and effortless integration into a standard bucky tray.

Our Computed Radiography solutions are truly outstanding: • All images are scanned in high resolution.

These advanced Panels use High Definition X-Ray Imaging Technology. This technology allows more detailed image data to be viewed than ever before!

• Fully automatic loading and unloading of cassettes.

Our solutons now come as wireless versions for even easier integration.

• Body part specific algorithms for Equine and Small

Together with exclusive Metron guided mark up and reporting features we believe our DR solutions are truly second to none.

• Processes all plate sizes including clever intraoral dental.

Book your demonstration now to see for yourself the future of Veterinary Imaging!

• Very fast processing speeds.

• CD Burner with image viewing software. Animal Radiography.

Be the first to see how the generation of new Computed Radiography systems can help you achieve first class digital imaging at an affordable price.

New CareRay DR Flat Panel Intuitive Imaging available at an affordable price.

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General News 8

London Vet Show offers a trip to Thailand with WVS





he London Vet Show (LVS) will be offering delegates the opportunity to win a trip of a lifetime to Thailand with Worldwide

Veterinary Service (WVS) at this year’s event. Taking place at the Olympia Grand on Thursday 19 and Friday

20 November, delegates at LVS can win the once in a lifetime trip for two people worth £12,000 by simply collecting a stamp in their LVS passport from each of the participating sponsors’ stands in the exhibition. The 13-day working holiday kicks off by flying to Chang Mai in Thailand via Bangkok. The winners will then travel to the Narittaya Resort and Spa where they will be staying in their private villa with its own private pool. Working over the next six days with the WVS team that is permanently based in Chang Mai, they will be supporting an ongoing neutering and vaccination campaign while also training local vets in best practice surgical techniques. The

winners will get the opportunity to explore the temples in the ancient city of Chang Mai and a highlight of the trip will be an overnight visit to the Elephant Nature Park, which is dedicated to providing care and assistance to Thailand’s captive elephant population. The overnight stay will include a full orientation of the park and the elephants and a chance to bathe and swim with the herd in the river and communicate with them. The winners will also get the opportunity to experience the exhilaration of either white water rafting or bamboo rafting. For further information w

New and Forthcoming Books From the Best-Selling Veterinary Self-Assessment Color Review Series

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Companion Animal 10

BCF help local community with afterschool club makeover


he team at BCF Technology were asked to help re-junvinate a local after-school club. Their building was in desperate need of some care and attention. Marketing Director Jason Rogers commented, ”At BCF Technology we believe in helping our local communities. I visited the site at the start of the school holidays, and saw the scale of the task. I did think

that the job was simply too big for our team. There are about 40 of us based at our global headquarters at Bellshill near Glasgow. We decided to split into two teams. On day one, half the team tackled the after school club, whist the other half of the team kept the business running and then on day two the teams swapped over.” Jason added, ”The two teams

worked their socks off, and despite the showery weather, we managed to paint the entire building, both inside and out. In fact we also managed to paint the outside of the neighbouring building too. We achieved more than I had possibly imagined we could.” The site at St Serfs School in Airdrie is used during term time as an after-school club for 5 – 12 year olds and run by the YMCA. The team at

BCF were determined to complete the makeover in time for the children returning from their summer holiday. Mary McKinnon, from the YMCA commented, ”This is going to make such a huge difference to our children, having a lovely and clean enviromnemt for the kids to spend time. We cannot thank BCF enough for the work you have done here.” BCF would like to thank Allan Ritchie from the YMCA for his huge commitment to the project and Scott from CKD Developments for the loan of the scaffolding towers. BCF Managing Director Gavin Mitchell added, ”I am so proud of the BCF team, what a huge difference they have made to these facilities. This was also a fantastic team building opportunity for our folks at head office. Giving them an opportunity to spend time and build relationships, working with people they may not see day-to-day working in our head office. We are also delighted that BCF were able to help some of the children locally.




New Territory Manager for Virbac Virbac has expanded its Territory Manager team with the appointment of Miss Jennifer (Jen) Fox RVN as a dedicated Companion Animal Territory Manager for Kent and Sussex. Jen has extensive practice experience, having worked most recently as a Senior Nurse in a specialist referral centre in Surrey. Before that, she worked as a VN for three years in Sydney, Australia. Commenting on her new role, she said: “It’s a great time to be joining Virbac with some exciting new products already launched and more to come over the next few months. I’m enjoying getting to know the practices in my territory, many of which have been loyal Virbac customers for a long time. “I aim to offer an excellent level of service and support to all of our customers - both existing and new across Kent and Sussex.” Alan Chadwick, Companion Animal Business Unit Director at Virbac, said: “With the launch of

game-changing products, such as Prinovox®, a prescription-only spot-on ectoparasiticide, and our adoption of new technologies such as ‘augmented reality’ to help our customers to engage more effectively with their clients, we believe Virbac now offers a compelling proposition to practices. “We have strengthened our Territory Manager team in the South East with the appointment of Jen Fox to look after our customers in Kent and Sussex. She has an impressive track record in veterinary nursing and is a great addition to our team.” For further information t +44 (0)1359 243243 e w

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Companion Animal 12

Dog Rocks Ltd launches two new products


et Professionals Ltd, trading as Dog Rocks is delighted to add two new product lines to their portfolio of innovative pet products. Pet Professionals will be exporting & distributing Pet Remedy into the North American market and the Torus Bowl into the UK and European markets. Pet Professionals lead product is Dog Rocks, the only 100% natural convenient & proven product to rid grass, shrubs and box hedging of pet urine burns. Pet Remedy goes Stateside Pet Professionals to export Pet Remedy to the USA & Canada. “Since we took Dog Rocks to the USA so many other opportunities have opened up. We have fantastic relationships with buyers in all our territories and we are constantly being asked for new & innovative products and services” Carina Evans, CEO. We have a bigger and better team than ever before and as a company we are experiencing some exciting times.

Pet Remedy diffusers & sprays are 100% natural blend of essential oils, proven to help calm stressed & anxious pets. Pet Remedy’s sales history in the UK and European market has meant that the product lines have been extremely well received in the North American markets where there is a captive audience of mostly educated pet parents who understand the need for natural calming remedies. Pet Remedy’s benefits and USPs offer significant opportunities in this growing market sector. “Before our first significant order landed Stateside we had sold all stock at sea. As with any product being brought to a new market we have had to jump through a series of hoops but we are now well underway and supply some important US accounts already, within our first three months of trading” reports Andrew Hine, Sales Director & MD. Torus Bowl – Smarter thinking for pet drinking & Amazon No1 Best Seller Torus was launched at Global

Pet Expo, Orlando in March 2015 and. “We’re excited to be associated with a unique product with such strong sales history, Amazon No 1 US Best Seller in category. We shall be launching to the European trade at PATS Telford in September 2015 with presales and smaller orders being fulfilled already” reports Carina Evans, CEO. Torus is a durable & innovative non spill travel friendly drinking solution providing pets with the clean filtered water on demand without the need for batteries or power. Torus comes in red, grey, pink and blue. “The best part of the Torus

water bowl is it’s patented & renewable filters ensuring repeat purchase & providing health benefits for our pets” states Nicholas Evans, Head of Business Development. “The Torus Bowl is a completely unique offering & we are proud to be associated with an exciting new product that has taken the US pet market by storm.” For further information e t +44 (0)1628 822243 w

Bayer launches a ‘site‘ for sore eyes


ry eye affects around one in 22 dogs, and can affect up to 20 per cent of at risk breeds1, yet in a recent survey, nearly half of dog owners were not aware that the condition could pose a potential risk to their pet2. To help address this, Bayer Animal Health has launched an educational website specifically designed to help dog owners understand more about dry eye; covering clinical signs, predisposed breeds, diagnosis and treatment, with the

key message throughout encouraging owners to speak to their vet with any concerns. Head to www. to find out more. The website has been launched to support Bayer’s new tear replacement product, RemendTM Dry Eye Lubricant Drops, which is intended for use as part of the management of dry eye, alongside prescription medication, after the condition has been diagnosed by a veterinary surgeon. RemendTM Dry Eye Lubricant

Drops provide long-lasting lubrication for the eyes, and have the advantage that they can be applied less frequently than the majority of artificial tear supplements currently on the market1. Hannah Watts, Group Product Manager at Bayer says ‘From a recent survey we found that around 45 per cent of dog owners were not able to identify the signs of dry eye in their pet.2 As early diagnosis is one of the key factors for successful dry eye management,

owner awareness is vital, which is why we launched the new website as part of our 2015 ‘Vision Matters’ campaign. The campaign aims to drive more owners into practice to speak to their vet about diagnosis and management, and will involve additional educational initiatives coming later this year.” New content will be added to the website regularly, including three videos which cover dog vision and eye health; so keep an eye out for those at

Two new shampoos from Blooming Pet Products





looming Pet Products is delighted to welcome two new shampoos to its range: Lavender Shampoo and Neem Shampoo. Lavender Shampoo for dogs is a gentle yet effective shampoo that’s a stunning lavender colour and is made using natural lavender oil that’ll leave the dog smelling fresh and clean. Not only will this shampoo give the dog a shiny coat, the natural essential oil it contains is known for its relaxing properties and also helps to repel fleas and other biting insects. Neem Shampoo can be used on dogs and cats and

contains neem extract, which comes from the seeds of the neem tree that grows in India. The shampoo will help to clean and revitalise the animal’s coat as it moisturises and protects the skin. “New Neem and Lavender Shampoos join our range, just in time for summer,” says David Willey from Blooming Pet Products. “It’s important to use appropriate shampoos when washing pets, especially those with sensitive skin, so we’ve added to our shampoo range to ensure that there’s something for a range of coat types. The Lavender Shampoo has a fresh fragrance that also helps to repel

fleas and other biting insects, whereas the Neem Shampoo protects and moisturises skin as it cleans. The other shampoo in our range is Tea Tree Shampoo, which cleanses the coat and is of particular benefit to dogs with dry, out of condition coats. It also has antifungal and antiseptic properties.” Both Lavender Shampoo and Neem Shampoo are available in 250ml bottles that have a RRP of £4.25. For more information see or call 01548 531835.

STERILISATION VacuVet B-Class Vacuum Autoclave  Eickemeyer VacuVet

Advanced Technology Unbeatable Reliability

„After years of frustrations with other autoclaves, I now have peace of mind.“ Veterinary Surgeon, UK.

Visit us at

London Vet Show, STAND G51 EICKEMEYER® 47 St Margarets Grove Twickenham | Greater London TW1 1JF | United Kingdom

T 020 8891 2007 F 020 8891 2686 E

Companion Animal

Feline-focused webinars hit the mark



series of feline-specific webinars have hit the mark with its target audience of veterinary nurses and technicians. The webinars, run by the International Society of Feline Medicine (ISFM), have attracted, on average, 500 views per webinar – a combination of attendees on the day and post-event downloads. The monthly webinars, supported by Royal Canin, are part of ISFM’s drive to provide high quality information to the veterinary nursing community. The webinars are offered free by ISFM to any nurse who signs up to its ISFM Nurse and Technician Membership, which is also free to join. There have been ten webinars in the series so far, covering a range of topics from

blood transfusions to managing the pressures of work as a veterinary nurse. The most popular topic – nursing and management of the anorexic patient – has been listened to a staggering 965 times. All webinars are an hour long and can be listened to again at any time by members. ISFM nursing membership also provides members with the free online monthly publication, Feline Focus. The June issue is a 50-page special on the recognition and management of pain in cats. In the nine months since its launch, just under 5,000 nursing members from 52 different countries have joined the ISFM membership scheme. For full details of the forthcoming webinars and how nurses and technicians can join ISFM, visit

13 REASOnS Why yOU ShOULd ChOOSE MiCro-id’S ULTIMATE PET IdEnTIFICATIOn PACKAGE Lifetime guarantee A choice of 12mm microchips or the Original Mini-Chip Available in 2 different implanters ISO compliant microchips compatible with the Pet Travel Scheme Members of the MTA (Microchip Trade Association) Swiss engineered & European manufactured quality guaranteed Lifetime registration onto Petlog All microchips have an anti-migration coating Paper, on-line or electronic registration Ultimate Pet Recovery Service Tag We’re confident you’ll LOVE our Full sales, technical & marketing support products and services. from our UK offices Get in touch for your FREE sample. Competitive prices Call freephone 0808 123 2447 Global suppliers to over 50 countries.

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VSM-MYTAG-220x156mm-1014.indd 5

28/11/2014 09:43

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New vet scale provides greater accuracy and practicality; pets concur There was rejoicing across the pet world recently as marketleading medical scales manufacturer Marsden launched its latest veterinary scale. Dogs, cats and other furry friends breathed a collective sigh of relief as Marsden announced a pet scale that’s more lightweight, accurate and easier to use. The V-22 Veterinary Scale allows animals upto 20kg to be weighed, with their weight measured to the nearest 5g. It also boasts a large LCD display, ideal for visuallyshort-changed vets, and a wipeclean surface - peace of mind for continence-challenged pets. The weighing tray is also removable, revealing a platform convenient for smaller pets. Billy, a 6-year-old house cat, said: “It’s bittersweet news for me. The V-22 is a more comfortable

scale for me to sit on - but it means my owners now have an even more accurate measure of my weight. This scale is not Dreamies-friendly!” 2-year-old labradoodle Audrey added: “My vet can now weigh me quickly and easily. The world can see my weight with that large display though, but it won’t stop me begging for left-overs at mealtimes. “I particularly like the wipeclean surface. It’s not unusual for me to have a little nervous accident during weighing - it’s always a nailbiting time!” The V-22 Veterinary Scale has been competitively-priced at £99 excluding VAT, and is available now at For further information: t: +44 (0)1709 364296 e:





AVIPRO AVIAN for all birds and vet-only Pro-C Professional for rabbits and furries AVIPRO PLUS IS NOW PREBIOTIC ONLY - FOR ALL SPECIES

For more information about the Vetark range, please contact Vetark Professional +44-(0)1962-844316, or email: Visit the website: VSM ads2014.indd 1

Available from your veterinary wholesaler

15/05/2014 14:43

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The Petpace Collar in Action

Monitoring real time body posture on a critical-care patient


atient Condition and History Jade, a 4-year-old spayed female Chihuahua mixed dog weighing 15 lbs, was hospitalized for close observation after she was hit by a car. She was breathing heavily, which raised the clinical suspicion of an internal chest injury, and was placed in a sternal position, lying on her belly. If allowed to lie on her side, she became distressed and dyspneic (dyspnea = labored or difficult breathing). When a patient is suffering from dyspnea, fundamental medical care involves easing the mechanical effort of ventilation through optimal body positioning. When lying on its side, an animal’s body weight pushes down on the lungs on the underside, limiting their ability to expand and take in oxygen. While this limitation is negligible for a healthy resting dog or cat, it may become life-threatening when the pet is sick and already struggling to breath. A PetPace smart collar was placed on Jade to help keep her lying on her belly, and preventing her breathing from deteriorating if she rolled on her side. Monitoring Data The PetPace


algorithm continuously produces a minute-by-minute readings of dogs’ body postures. As can be seen from the graphs below, Jade spent most of her time lying on her belly. As can also be seen, the brief occasions when she turned onto her side were accompanied by acute increases in respiratory rate, indicating distress. The hospital staff used this real-time graphic display to alert them to Jade’s position changes. Upon receiving alerts of such an event, caretakers would immediately move her back to her belly, alleviating her labored breathing. The activity chart also provided important supplementary information, indicating when Jade was moving and changing positions. Discussion Jade’s posture, respiration and activity data provided hospital staff with valuable real time indications of an impending critical health situation. Despite best efforts, it is nearly impossible to provide all hospitalized patients with constant medical observation. Medical staff, including veterinarians and veterinary technicians, must care for multiple pets. It is often a challenge to immediately detect every change in every patient.

A combination of continuous telemetric monitoring and an accessible data display helps meet this challenge. “This case demonstrates the value of real time posture monitoring in a clinical setting. This data gathered by the PetPace collar facilitated timely intervention that prevented worsening of this pet’s breathing problem,” said Dr. Asaf Dagan, a specialist in canine and feline medicine and surgery, and PetPace’s Chief Veterinarian. “In addition, following trends and postural habits of pets at home over time, and detecting deviations from the routine, may help in early diagnosis of conditions causing pain and discomfort,” he concluded.

Conclusions PetPace’s wearable technology allows, for the first time in veterinary medicine, continuous remote monitoring of body posture. This information can be used to improve patient care and clinical outcome, while reducing the overall burden on staff. It can also be used long term to assist in early detection of pathological conditions. “Using the PetPace collar’s position data in real time helped us give Jade better care and treatment, and contributed to the good outcome of this case,” said Dr. Caitlin Tipton of Lake Wylie, SC, Jade’s veterinarian. “The collar provided us with clinically valuable data quickly helping to prevent a life threatening dyspnea”.

*Respiration chart (from the same time as the posture change chart above) showing acute respiratory rate increase.

*Close-up view of a posture change event, rolling from belly to side.

*Activity chart showing mostly resting with occasional short, low-intensity movements associated with position changes.




*Jade’s position chart showing her predominantly lying on her belly.













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Feeding the diabetic companion animal D

iabetes can be a challenging condition to treat, requiring bespoke and tailored care – and this is particularly apparent when it comes to feeding diabetic dogs and cats. The primary focus of dietary treatment is usually to minimise clinical signs of the condition by reducing the high blood glucose levels in the bloodstream. However, vets must also avoid the glucose dropping too low which could lead to the development of a hypoglycaemic episode. Diabetes mellitus affects an estimated 0.25-1% of the dog and cat population, occurring when insufficient insulin is produced by the pancreas (Type 1 disease) or when there is a failure of peripheral body cells to respond to insulin (Type 2 disease). The condition is more commonly seen in older dogs and cats and certain breeds are predisposed. The majority of diabetic dogs suffer from a Type 1-like disease but around 80% of diabetic cats have a Type 2-like disease. Managing diabetes Whilst effective management of diabetes mellitus involves many key aspects, including resolving any complicating factors, exogenous insulin therapy and consistent exercise to help maintain a healthy body condition, dietary management is key to

treating to the condition. However, this is not just a matter of choosing the right diet, but also feeding it in the correct way. Consistency is key to the feeding plan. Dogs and cats should be fed set meals of the same food, the same amount and at the same time each day. Feeding at least twice daily is desirable to avoid dramatic peaks and troughs in blood glucose.

The right diet ROYAL CANIN’S Diabetic diets are designed to support cats and dogs with diabetes mellitus and are available in dry and wet diets for both species. ROYAL CANIN’S range of canine and feline Diabetic diets should be the pet’s sole source of food unless advised otherwise by a veterinary surgeon. The diets have been designed to meet the animal’s nutritional needs, whilst also offering a mix of fibres which are beneficial to diabetics. This includes soluble fibre to slow down the rate of digestion and optimise a slow, consistent release of sugar into the bloodstream. An online support tool to help pet owners track home care of a diabetic pet In April this year, ROYAL CANIN launched a new online tool for the owners of diabetic cats and dogs to track the home care

of their pets, thus giving the veterinary team greater visibility of what happens between visits to the practice. The diabetic module forms part of Vet Follow Up, free software already used by over 900 practices to support their patients through the weight loss process. Vet Follow Up Diabetic allows owners to record the time of insulin injections and meals, the success of insulin injections and the pet’s daily food intake. This information is all displayed on a single page in graph format for the veterinarian, allowing the veterinary team to spot trends and problems at a glance. Marianne Lomberg, Veterinary Marketing Manager for ROYAL CANIN, comments: “As a vet in practice, I remember asking pet owners about changes in the diabetic patient’s routine since their previous visit and often they struggled to recall precise details. This tool is easy to access from any

ScratchTracker™ App leaflet now available VOLUME 3 ISSUE 6



Vet to complete these details


lanco Animal Health has launched an informative leaflet on the company’s ScratchTracker™ App, which provides owners with a simple way to monitor pruritus in their pet and share the results with their vet. The leaflet provides owners with an overview of the useful App and the scoring scale that has been developed by veterinary dermatologists which is proven to be an accurate and consistent way

Owner’s name:

for pet owners Pet’s name:to assess pruritus in dogs. The App helps veterinary surgeons track how a dog Condition relating to pruritus: is responding to treatment and identify reasons for an increase in Medication prescribed: the dog’s level of itchiness. Alice Laurens, DVM MRCVS, Frequency to use ScratchTracker: dermatology marketing manager at Elanco Animal Health, says: “The Duration of tracking: new leaflet on the ScratchTracker App provides a detailed overview for sharing of how toPreferred use method the useful monitorScratchTracker results with vet: ing tool which can track Next pruritus Text Email Appointment

Why has my vet advised using ScratchTracker?

ScratchTracker uses a scoring scale that has been developed by veterinary dermatologists and proven to be an accurate and consistent way for petas owners to assess pruritus inadogs. Your in dogs part of either short vet can therefore confidently use the information term you orprovide long term management by using ScratchTracker to adjust treatment and monitor progress. programme.”

web-enabled device and allows pet owners to record their pet’s home care on a daily or weekly basis. It helps take some of the guess-work out of taking patient histories, and the convenient graphic format of the veterinary practice view allows vets and pet owners to share a visual understanding of events. I’m excited about providing our clients with his tool which will take the hassle about daily reporting of home care, and very excited about the positive impact this could have on cats and dogs with diabetes mellitus. For more information about ROYAL CANIN’s range of Diabetic diets or about getting Vet Follow Up software for your practice, visit or contact your veterinary business manager. For further information t +44 (0)845 300 5011 w

Itch, scratch, itch, track…


Working together with your vet

Your vet will arrange regular check-ups ScratchTracker can to be assess your pet’s progress. Your vet may downloaded from Apple also advise on how often youthe should use ScratchTracker build up a meaningful App Store or to Google Play. For of pruritus scores over time. furtherrecord information or to request ScratchTracker App leaflets please contact your Elanco Animal Health key account manager or email TM


Frequency of sharing with vet:

Next Appointment:

Vet contact details:

Also available

Working together with

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NI Vet Nurse Awards showcase quality of nursing in Northern Ireland with Belfast winners


he results are in for Northern Ireland Vet Nurse of the Year Awards and this year Belfast has made a clean sweep. NI Vet Nurse of the Year is Lesley O’Neill of Braemar Veterinary Clinic in Belfast. NI Student Vet Nurse of the Year is Michelle Darby of Balmoral Veterinary Centre and NI Veterinary Customer Care representative of the year is Alison Fletcher of Cedar Grove Veterinary Clinic, both also in Belfast. A special recognition award went to Louise Richards from the College of Agriculture, Food and Rural Enterprise’s (CAFRE) Greenmount Campus – the only centre in Northern Ireland to offer the Veterinary Nursing course approved by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. The awards rely on nominations and are judged by the British Veterinary Nursing Association President Fiona Andrew, Melanie Spahn, President of the Association

of Veterinary Surgeons Practising in Northern Ireland and Fiona Marjoram, representing sponsors Hill’s Pet Nutrition. Lesley O’Neill of Braemar Veterinary Clinic and now NI Vet Nurse of the Year has been a vet nurse for 19 years, yet her enthusiasm remains undiminished. Colleagues described her as ‘warm and empathetic taking time to reassure clients their pet is in safe hands’, and ‘extending the same love and devotion to her own pets to the patients under her care.’ Many of her own pets are previously homeless or lame animals whose lives she has transformed and she has also taken time to inspire and support trainee vet nurses on their journey towards qualification. One client described how Lesley’s efforts made the difference when it was as time to say goodbye to her beloved pet, “..her support gave me the strength to take that brave step and let her go… Whilst I miss my best friends every day I take comfort that, with the help of my vets, we took the best care of her we could.” NI Student Vet Nurse of the Year is Michelle Darby of Balmoral Veterinary Centre who was described as ‘extremely dedicated to animal care both inside the practice and out.’ She has a natural gift in handling animals and her ‘happy and calm attitude brings a positive and relaxed

New 50g size Fluke-Solve available





he highly successful FlukeSolve will be available in 50g sachets from mid-July 2015. It will sit alongside the existing 10g and 100g sizes in the range in an effort to help owners prevent wastage and save costs when treating their fish for parasites. Created by Dr Fiona Macdonald BVMS MRCVS and manufactured by Vetark Professional, Fluke-Solve’s proven track record has made it a staple product for many koi keepers. Fluke-Solve is highly effective against gill and skin flukes as well as

tapeworms with some action shown against Trichodina. The Praziquantel based treatment is rapid dissolving, fast-acting, unaffected by UV and works in temperatures as low as 3 degrees. Fluke-Solve is available to both trade and mail order customers from Vetark Professional. For more information... t +44 (0)1962 844 316 e w

atmosphere to the practice’. A fellow vet nurse gave Michelle what could be the ultimate accolade for a student, “I feel not only does Michelle learn from the veterinary surgeons and nurses but we also learn from Michelle.” NI Veterinary Customer Care representative of the year is Alison Fletcher of Cedar Grove Veterinary Clinic. A flurry of nominations from clients and colleagues alike supported Alison’s entry. One client who had not had a holiday in 10 years because of the needs of her pets was given the chance to have some time away when Alison volunteered to stay in their home and care for their pets to give them a break and another client described how they always felt ‘happy and reassured’ to see her at the reception desk. Alison gained her position as Head of Customer Care after 20 years in veterinary nursing and practice. Her ‘wealth of knowledge’ and ‘incredible memory for client and pet names’ has proved invaluable and there is a genuine feeling that ‘nothing is too much trouble for her’. Her ‘tremendous empathy’, mentoring skills and overall dedication were highlighted by vet Pat Hart who says every client at the practice knows ‘they will be treated with kindness, courtesy and made to feel special’. A special recognition award

went to someone who is admired by all who know her. Hills and the BVNA judging panel decided that Louise Richards deserved recognition for continually going above and beyond the call of duty in her capacity as veterinary nursing instructor at CAFRE’s Greenmount Campus. Louise displays exceptional skills, adaptability and attention to detail in all she does and makes a major contribution to veterinary nursing education. The judging panel say the judging itself was very close this year and the standard of entries remains incredibly high. Fiona Marjoram of Hill’s Pet Nutrition said, “We’ve also known that vet nurses are incredibly dedicated people but these awards really bring it home that the extent of that dedication is often staggering. We are incredibly proud to be associated with these awards that celebrate the best of veterinary nursing in Northern Ireland and congratulate all the winners. The winners all receive trophies and gift vouchers and their wins are celebrated at the AVSPNI/ BVNA Congress. For further information... t +44 (0)1923 814400 w

Electrolux Professional Laundry Solutions


offering you peace of mind

myPRO laundry solutions The Professional heart for Veterinary Practices Long life, High speed. Top quality. Thanks to their Professional heart, Works today, works in 10 years’ time*: Washer and Dryer designed to last 3 times longer than domestic machines Time savings thanks to a variety of professional programs1 Warranty for professional applications

Saves water. Saves energy. Saves money. Quite simply, myPRO has a Green soul! The smart professional washing machine with A+++ energy efficiency WRAS Approved to fluid category 5 Suitable for hygiene application

... and all the benefits you need on a sensible budget. myPRO gives you the advantages of a unique professional design with just the technology you need. A great and reliable investment that will serve you well for many years.

Electrolux Professional Phone: 08444 631 261 Email: Web:

* 3 cycles / day times 250 days / year. Follow us on Twitter @ElectroluxProUK

1 Washer

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A whole year’s CPD for £247 + VAT CPD made so easy your dog could do it... The Webinar Vet’s Virtual Congress takes place 8th - 9th January 2016 for a full 24 hours. With 2 different streams running, you can earn up to 35 hours online CPD through our event. With a fabulous line up of experienced professionals discussing a number of hot topics, you can refer back to the lectures over and again, with personal attendance certificates being awarded for all live and recorded performances. What’s more, if you are a BVA member, we’ll let you have our Virtual Congress for half the full price of £247 at just £123.50.

Why join Virtual Congress 2016? No travelling to and from a venue and getting home late No expenses for entertaining, fuel or food No time wasted out of your practice No need for a locum to cover your staff absence No stress
















armers waiting to see instances of blowfly strike in their area before taking action are advised to urgently consider preventative treatment, as conditions become ideal for fast and potentially devastating cases of strike to occur. Blowflies will be seen every year and have already been reported on farms across the UK and Ireland, however despite the slow start to the season the blowfly population will have been steadily increasing. Coupled with recent warm temperatures, the next few weeks may prove critical for many farmers wishing to prevent multiple cases of strike in their flock. Matt Blyth, who manages a flock of 1700 in Sussex, said: “We usually see cases of strike towards the beginning and end of the season; however this year has been especially unpredictable due to unsettled weather patterns, almost the complete opposite to 2014. We are also seeing a lot of variation in worm counts and rapid SFG Half Page Advert periods of grass growth, both1 of which are factors which will impact the frequency and severity of

blowfly strike.” Each case of strike will increase the risk to the rest of the flock by increasing the blowfly population in the area. Once struck, an animal can die quickly or suffer a dramatic effect on growth rate as well as damage to both hide and fleece causing further loss. Matt Blyth continues: “In the past, we have had bad damage to lambs as a result of blowfly strike and know all too well the potential consequences gambling with treatment times. Because of this, we have decided to prevent earlier this year, when lambs are between 6 – 8 weeks old (20kg plus), to avoid being caught out. We use a narrow-spectrum preventative treatment, dependent on the weight of the lamb and considering meat withhold times. I choose this method of treatment because I can be sure that once applied my sheep are protected for a period of time.” Fly strike can be prevented through the use of preventa04/03/2014 15:19 tive treatment products. Using an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) with FleeceBind™ technology

offers protection against fly strike by ensuring the treatment first spreads, and binds strongly to the fleece, providing full fleece protection.* CLiK® and CLiKZiN® are the only products with FleeceBind technology. CLiK provides the longest duration of cover at 16 weeks, which minimises labour requirements for farmers and CLiKZiN offers farmers greater flexibility when marketing lambs with its 7-day short meat withhold. Fiona Lovatt, Senior Vice President of the Sheep Vet Society said: “Every case of fly strike on a farm has a significant cost to both finances and welfare, but cases of

fly strike do not have to be inevitable. With the right strategy and the right products in place at the right time of year, the risk of fly strike is dramatically reduced. “Blowfly strike is a disease which should always be controlled by taking appropriate preventative action and best practice can be based on a three-tier strategy: prepare, predict, prevent.” Flock managers and vets can find out more about blowfly strike and the prepare, predict, prevent strategy, by visiting www. or fleecebind



Phenylbutazone 200mg/g

Butagran Equi offers fast pain relief for my patient, and excellent value for my client.

Why wouldn’t I use it?


Why Wouldn’t You Use It? • • • •

Happy Vet

Fast relief of pain and inflammation Added butter vanilla flavour Suitable for use as an anti-pyretic Excellent value

Happy Client

Happy Patient

For more information, speak to your Bimeda Sales Representative or call Bimeda on 01248 725 400.

Use Medicines Responsibly. Butagran Equi® contains Phenylbutazone 200mg/g. Legal category: POM-V. Date graphic prepared: June 2015. Bimeda, 2 Bryn Cefni Industrial Park, Llangefni, Anglesey, LL77 7XA

Farm/Large Animal 28

New edition of Improving Animal Welfare edited by world expert, Temple Grandin, now available T

he new edition of Improving Animal Welfare, edited by world animal welfare expert Temple Grandin, is now available. This book provides a clear and concise overview of the practical evaluation and auditing of welfare problems for farmed animals. It has been fully updated with new information on subjects like pain management and animal welfare in organic farming systems. The dramatic increase in the number of research studies, books, guidelines and websites on animal welfare, and variations in government animal welfare regulation, make this textbook an essential overview for students in veterinary medicine, animal science and welfare, and those working directly with animals. By taking an entirely practical

approach, the textbook aims to help those working with animals to apply methods for improving welfare, bridging the gap between scientific research and practical application.

The second edition of this successful textbook: • Combines scientific information with useful recommendations for use on commercial operations. • Emphasises the importance of measuring conditions that compromise welfare, such as lameness, heat stress, body condition, and bruises during transport. • Includes two new chapters on conceptual frameworks of animal welfare and organic farming. • Is edited by an outstanding world expert on animal welfare.

Reviews practical information on livestock handling, euthanasia, slaughter, pain relief and assessments of abnormal behaviour.

First edition review “(There) sometimes appear publications which are worthy of specific attention… (they) stimulate, instruct and present new concepts. Among such books belongs the reviewed book… we can only hope that this successful work gets to the hands of those in the field.” Agricultura Tropica et Subtropica, Vol.44 (3), 2011. For further information t +44 (0)1491 832111 w






lectrolux Professional has unveiled the all new myPRO washer and dryer range. Engineered to bridge the gap in the market for a laundry solution that sits between the domestic and commercial markets, myPRO meets the needs of small businesses including hotels, bed and breakfasts, hair and beauty salons, sports clubs, facilities management companies and restaurants. myPRO presents an opportunity for small businesses to bring their laundry in house, or for those which may be struggling to keep up with the constant demand for clean linen, towels, mops and cloths while working with domestic washers and dryers, to improve the quality of their output. The new laundry range offers significant benefits over domestic appliances as it completes a wash cycle in half the time, thanks to a host of professional programs. Additionally, great wash results are guaranteed time after time thanks to the Electrolux SpeedCare drum, while peace of mind is provided

through the professional warranty designed for light commercial use. Mick Christian, Regional Training and Demonstration at Electrolux Professional – Laundry, UK comments: “myPRO represents a reliable investment for small businesses which produces best-in-class results on a realistic budget. The bespoke solution will mean business owners no longer need to worry about their ability to remove tough stains from linen, or about whether the linen will be ready on time, so they can spend more time tending to their customers’ needs. “During the product development of myPRO we prioritised durability, speed and quality, with additional focus on eco-innovation and the end result will save water, energy and consequently, money.” For more information please visit myPRO, or our social media channels; @ElectroluxProUK on Twitter, and also on LinkedIn. Quick facts to compare myPRO to conventional domestic

machines: - 3 times longer lifetime due to more durable construction with professional components - Up to 50% faster with professional programs - Great results every time thanks to the unique Electrolux SpeedCare drum - Warranty for professional use

For more information... Electrolux Professional T. 08444 631 261 W. professional

One Source, Multi Choice Medical & Veterinary Supplies

MILA Long Term Catheters will soon be specific to Small Animal or Large Animal. The chart below will help you determine which to order. All kits will contain: Catheter, scalpel, introducer, guidewire, dilator, needle free caps, suture wings, and gauze. SMALL ANIMAL KITS include a fenestrated drape and 3-0 suture. LARGE ANIMAL KITS include a larger introducer and 2-0 suture. Original Item Number

Small Animal Item Number

Large Animal Item Number

1606 1606-2P 1610 1610-2P 1406 1406-2P 1410 1410-2P 1210 1620 1720

SA1615 SA1615-2P SA1620 SA1620-2P SA1415 SA1415-2P SA1420 SA1420-2P SA1220 SA7FD20 SA7FT15

LA1615 LA1615-2P LA1620 LA1620-2P LA1415 LA1415-2P LA1420 LA1420-2P LA1220 LA7FD20 LA7FT15



Customer Care

DMS Plus Ltd, Unit 2-4 Blacknest Industrial Estate, Alton, Hampshire. Gu34 4PX. UK.

T: 0333 900 0900 | ROW: +44 1420 520869 | F: 0845 833 7008 | |

Equine Imaging by Imotek 30






r John Marshall announces that the new MRI machine is ready to go at The Weipers Centre Equine Hospital “revolutionising our ability to investigate lameness”. The O-Scan Equine is a dedicated MRI system specifically designed for diagnosing equine lameness. It is a highly cost effective solution, able to deliver superb image quality of the foot, pastern, fetlock, carpus, hock and high suspensory regions. Dr John Marshall, who manages the Weipers Centre MRI unit, recently scanned their first patient and was “pleased with the userfriendly operation, excellent diagnostic quality of images and a smooth recovery from a short general anaesthesia”. The system features a very compact, self-shielding magnet allowing it to be installed in practically any practice even when there is limited space available. Daniel Green, Imotek Service Manager was very pleased with the install process, “after the environmental and technical evaluation had been completed, and some small modifications to the building were carried out, we were able to deliver the system on a Tuesday, and by the Friday we had it fully installed, calibrated and ready to scan its first patient”. Mike Showell, General Manager Imotek, is delighted to announce the arrival and installation of the first Esaote O-Scan Equine into the UK. “The O-scan Equine MRI gives the Weipers Centre excellent image quality and enhanced diagnostic capability. It has full online connectivity to the radiology reporting and reviewing services increasing productivity and improving patient care management”.

Visit our website at or call us on +44 (0)1487 843193

simplified. Due to the open magnet design, patient monitoring is made easier as the animal is accessible during the exam. Imotek General Manager, Mike Showell sums up by saying “We [Imotek] are very excited about the two recent installations at Glasgow University and Three Counties Equine Hospital, as they mark a distinctive change in the way horses receive a MRI scan in the UK”. References: ¹ McKnight, A. L., MAGNETIC RESONANCE IMAGING OF THE EQUINE STIFLE: 61 CLINICAL CASES. Equine Veterinarian, 1: 6-15 ² Holcombe, S. J., Bertone, A. L., Biller, D. S. and Haider, V.

(1995), MAGNETIC RESONANCE IMAGING OF THE EQUINE STIFLE. Veterinary Radiology & Ultrasound, 36: 119–125. ³ Santos, M. P., GutierrezNibeyro, S. D., McKnight, A. L. and Singh, K. (2015), GROSS AND HISTOPATHOLOGIC CORRELATION OF LOW-FIELD MAGNETIC RESONANCE IMAGING FINDINGS IN THE STIFLE OF ASYMPTOMATIC HORSES. Veterinary Radiology & Ultrasound, 56: 407–416. For further information T: 01487 843193 E: W:

Visit our website at or call us on +44 (0)1487 843193


Daniel Green was involved from the very beginning, meeting with architects and designers providing assistance and advice for the dedicated build. “Once the room was ready our highly specialised team of engineers was able to install the system in a timely fashion to a pre-agreed schedule. Delivery and mechanical installation took only 10 days to complete”. Despite routine use and growing popularity of MRI, the equine stifle remains a very difficult joint to examine via most available imaging modalities¹. Studies have also shown that MR images of the stifle provide substantially more gross anatomical information than other standard imaging techniques². Historically MRI of the equine stifle has not been considered feasible due to restrictive magnet size. With the introduction of a rotating MRI system, clinical evaluation of the equine stifle joint is now possible in the average equine athlete.³ The G-Scan Vet magnet has a wide field of view, providing the ability to examine and diagnose pathology in other areas of the horse including the sinuses, brain, eye and neck. The manufacturers, Esaote state that “The latest evolution of the Esaote MRI image acquisition and processing software, is not only faster (requiring shorter anaesthesia times), but provides superior image quality, and functionality.” Using the real time visualization feature, patient positioning is



state-of-the-art G-Scan Vet Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) unit has been installed in a dedicated new building at The Three Counties Equine Hospital, Gloucestershire. This is the first site in the UK to purchase the open rotating MRI system, joining the growing list of Esaote MRI users worldwide. The G-Scan Vet is the world’s only rotating magnet veterinary MRI scanner designed specifically for horses, providing a flexible solution to the equine imaging challenge. Three Counties Equine Hospital reports “We are proud to offer our clients magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Our Esaote G-Scan Vet MRI is the only one in the UK, and can image from the foot all the way to the stifle” Mark Georgetti, one of the partners at Three Counties Equine Hospital states, “Routine imaging of the equine limbs gives unparalleled information about complex pathological conditions in bone, joints and soft tissue. We have scanned many feet, fetlocks, knees, hocks and stifles. We have been extremely impressed with the image quality produced. This has given us the best information to plan treatment that is most likely to be successful for each horse” Three Counties Equine Hospital designed a purpose built MRI Imaging Suite for the new system including a dedicated anaesthesia/recovery box, a bespoke radio frequency (RF) screened room and a MRI compatible patient bed. Imotek Service Manager,




Zoo/Wild Animals Spotlight 32

Zoo Animals and Vetronic Services





etronic Services has a long history of working with Zoo animals. Since the development of the SAV03 back in the early 90’s we have been designing equipment for use in exotic species. Zoo animals pose a problem that is unique to the veterinary world and that is one of massive diversity. A zoo animal may range from a tiny lizard to a rhino or elephant. This places some extreme demands on monitoring equipment since it may in one animal be required to monitor and accurately log heart rates as low as 6 bpm with an r-wave height of only 100-200uV and in another animal a heart rate of over 450 bpm with an r-wave height of 1-2mv. To deal with this, adaptive QRS-counting algorithms are the order of the day here and we have been writing and using these algorithms in our equipment since the mid 90’s. In fact all our ECG equipment is capable of monitoring from 6bpm to 600 bpm and for special requests we can extend this to 2 bpm to 800 bpm if required. Capnography has become an invaluable aid in patient monitoring and the trend towards sidestream monitoring as the preferred measurement method has been led by its adaptability to a wide range of patient sizes. There is no upper weight limit for sidestream monitoring since the sample is taken from the top of the ET tube and the tiny amount of gas removed has no affect. There is still however a lower weight limit and this is imposed by the minimum sidestream sampling rate. A lot of human machines use 200mls/minute sampling rate and this will restrict their use to animals of around 4-5kg or more. With care in sampling point placement and use of low deadspace adaptors this can be reduced to about 1kg. When using these machines don’t forget to feed their exhaust outlet back into the circuit or you will have to deliver at least 200mls/min just to feed the sidestream unit. For smaller animals, the lower the sidestream sampling rate the better. But there is a trade-off. Make the sampling rate too low and the time taken to reach the analyser is prolonged with resultant mixing along the way that will round off the edges of your capnogram. You will also see this if you use a larger tube size than recommended for the sidestream sampling. The best compromise seems to be at around 50mls/ min which gives a predicted lower weight of around 1kg. With careful placement of the sampling point and

the use of low-dead space adaptors good results can be obtained in animals down to 500g and useable results down to 200g. All of our capnography units use 50ml/minute sampling rates and we can provide low dead-space kits and adaptors along with advice on how to use them to get best results. Mechanical ventilation is another big feature of zoo animal work. Birds and reptiles frequently require ventilating whilst under anaesthesia and so do many of the smaller and larger mammals. Whilst we don’t yet have a ventilator to cover the whole range of the zoo animals we do have 3 ventilators that cover the spectrum from a few grams up to 1500kg. Many will be familiar with the SAV03 and now the SAV04 for the lower weight range. For the larger animals our Tafonius machine is now finding favour in the zoo world with its adaptability to both patient size and special ventilatory needs. Tafonius comes in 4 models ranging from a basic bag-squeezer to a fullblown integrated ventilator, anaesthetic circuit and patient monitor. But even the basic machine uses the unique Tafonius servo feature so that the patent sees no respiratory resistance during spontaneous breathing. This feature is so sensitive that a normal 10kg dog could breathe spontaneously without effort on any of the Tafonius machines. The drive to provide unique solutions to unique problems doesn’t end there. At Vetronic Services we have developed oesophageal ECG and temperature probes for use on all species from tiny lizards to zebras and special temperature probes measuring 1.2mm in diameter for accurate temperature monitoring of the smallest of creatures. There is however much more to do. The unique anatomy and physiology of such a vast range of species means that something always has to be adapted. And because we make all our equipment on site in Devon we can respond to zoo vet requests to make our equipment do what they want it to do. If you have any special requests, let us know. We like a challenge.

Keith Simpson with Tafonius and an African Cheetah.

For further information w Impact III and an African Tiger.

Veterinary ’Scopes

Prices from

Vm Range

£89.00!! exc VAT

Sheep, Goats, large animals, small animals, exotics, you name it and chance is that Opticlar has a laryngoscope blade suitable and with 10 models in our ever expanding range we are confident that there will be an Opticlar blade that fits your need with sizes from the smallest 00 to the largest Ruminant blade. But light alone is not always enough and our unique Vmag range includes a 3x swivelling lens that provides excellent magnification and the ability to visualise the smallest of anatomical structures and the smallest detail. So versatile is the Opticlar ‘Scope range they can be used for many ear, nose and throat examinations, rectal examinations, vaginal examinations, soft tissue retraction as well as routine intubation. ● Manufactured from the highest quality stainless steel all blades have exceptional fibre optic light transmission with no hot bulbs to blow or touch delicate, sensitive tissue ● Developed specifically for Veterinary use Opticlar ‘scopes overcome traditional drawbacks of using laryngoscopes designed for human medicine ● Powered by a high output LED laryngoscope handle that provides superb illumination and has an LED module guaranteed for 10 years the Opticlar scope range puts light just where you need it

Vmag Range

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42.0 x 9.0mm 55.0 x 10.0mm 77.0 x 10.0mm 132.0 x 13.0mm 167.0 x 13.0mm 182.0 x 16.0mm 295.0 x 16.0mm

Vmag with 3x Magnification 600.020.0000VM 600.020.0000Vmag 600.020.000VM 600.020.000Vmag 600.020.001VM 600.020.001Vmag 600.020.002VM 600.020.003VM 600.020.004VM 600.020.010VM £89.00 exc VAT £105.00 exc VAT Standard Vm

LED Laryngoscope Handles

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AA 60.080.000V £97.50 exc VAT

C Cell 60.080.002V £97.50 exc VAT

Albert Waeschle Veterinary Telephone: 01202 607092 Fax: 01202 650022 Email:

Angled 60.080.004V £139.00 exc VAT

Zoo/Wild Animals Spotlight 34

WAWC will produce Statement on hunting with dogs T

he Wild Animal Welfare Committee (WAWC) will produce an independent evidence-based Statement on the impact on animal welfare of hunting wild mammals with dogs, to inform the ongoing debate on the issue. The remit of the WAWC includes consideration of the direct anthropogenic effects on wild animal welfare of various forms of wildlife management, aiming to reduce harm to animals and prevent suffering caused by human activity. The Committee takes an evidence-based approach for evaluating, monitoring, assessing and improving decisions affecting the welfare of free-living wild animals in the UK. The WAWC is aware of considerable public concern that the

protection afforded to the welfare of foxes and other wild mammals might be reduced by amendments to the current legislation for England and Wales (Hunting Act 2004); and that there are calls for amendments to strengthen the current Scottish legislation (Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Act 2002). The WAWC is not currently aware of any new specific evidence on the welfare aspects of hunting foxes with dogs, since the report of the Committee of Inquiry into Hunting with Dogs in England and Wales (the Burns Inquiry) in June 2000, which concluded that hunting with dogs ‘seriously compromises the welfare’ of foxes, deer, hares and mink. There is not thought to be any new reliable evidence either on the effectiveness

of hunting with dogs, especially different numbers of dogs, in controlling fox populations. The WAWC Statement will discuss animal welfare rather than any justification for, or effectiveness of, hunting with dogs. The Committee is aware that, in terms of fox impacts and fox control, there has been some more recent evidence that fox predation can have a negative impact on the productivity (i.e. young produced and successfully reared) of some species of ground-nesting birds. In some of these situations, productivity of bird populations can be greater where fox control is carried out. Evidence relating to the beneficial effects of fox control on overall population levels is less consistent. Moreover, in those cases, foxes are

controlled by shooting rather than hunting with dogs. In producing its Statement, the Committee will take into account the fact that any amendments to the legislation to increase the number of dogs permitted would probably increase the number of foxes being killed directly by dogs, which would result in a decline in welfare for the fox. The WAWC review will reflect the Committee’s aim of promoting the importance and value of wild animals in general, and the welfare of the individual (in this case hunted) animal in particular. For more information contact Libby Anderson on 07967 839137

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SAV03 - 1994 To find out more contact us on:

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You don’t have to be a vet to love Midmark The Midmark range for vets‌ Midmark, the leading manufacturer in the US, aims to support veterinary practices worldwide with professional equipment, education and training. The Midmark family of veterinary products represents an unswerving commitment to quality and value backed by over 100 years of healthcare and manufacturing and clinical use experience.


Anaesthesia Sterilisation

Monitoring Better patient care. Better business. For more information

call +44 (0) 1252 360 940

or email: Midmark EMEA Ltd, Beech House, First Floor, East Wing, Ancells Business Park, Fleet, Hampshire, GU51 2UN

Equine 36


Skewbald mare Whitney “is unrecognisable” having fought her way back to full strength.


n January 2015, Redwings Horse Sanctuary’s welfare team received a call from a concerned member of the public about a horse that was very underweight and suffering from diarrhoea. That same day, Redwings Senior Field Officer Julie Harding attended the field in Ipswich where she found Whitney (as she is now known by the Sanctuary) in a very upsetting state, extremely emaciated and in need of immediate veterinary attention. While with Whitney, Julie also identified another mare of concern – a six-year-old 14hh piebald cob now called Maggie – who too was very underweight and showing signs of diarrhoea. With support from the RSPCA and on veterinary advice the

two horses were seized and taken to Redwings to receive emergency veterinary care and treatment. As well as being woefully neglected – resulting in a body condition score of 0.5 out of 5 and untreated worms, lice and the skin condition rainscald – it was soon identified that Whitney was suffering from salmonella. The three-year-old 13hh mare was so weak as a result of her suffering that for the first month in Redwings’ care she required the aid of an Anderson Sling to stand. “She simply had no strength to stand or move”, explains Redwings Welfare Veterinary Surgeon Nicola Berryman. “Her legs would tremble beneath her own weight, meaning she was at constant risk of collapse and

therefore needing the support of the sling and 24-hour care.” Six months after her rescue and after an extended period of time receiving intensive veterinary care, Whitney has battled against all odds and has made a miraculous recovery. Commenting on Whitney’s progress Julie Harding said: “She looks amazing and is unrecognisable from the emaciated mare I found that day; at times we really didn’t think she would make it. “Whitney still has a way to go, but happily is well enough to have finally been turned out with Maggie. I just can’t believe it’s the same horse!” On the 7th May, Whitney and Maggie’s owner was served a caution for the neglect of the two mares. The

pair have now been signed over into the permanent care of Redwings, where they can enjoy life within the safety of the Sanctuary. You can support Redwings in their rescue and ongoing care of horses just like Whitney and Maggie, by donating to the charity via their website uk or by texting RWHS00 plus the amount you wish to give (for example “RWHS00 £5”) to 70070. If you have any concerns about a horse, pony, donkey or mule, you can contact Redwings’ welfare team on 01508 481008 or email welfare@redwings.

Sell out H-Trap now back in stock


entomol, the company responsible for the H-Trap horsefly trap in the UK, is delighted to announce that its stocks have been replenished after selling out due to unprecedented demand following the June surge in temperatures. The company, which specialises in pesticide free pest management, sells the H-Trap as well as a range of glue traps to help control fly pests around animals and their owners. The H-Trap is particularly ingenious, as the device uses the horsefly’s own instincts against it, to lure the females into the trap to prevent them biting and breeding. Independent tests and customer observations show that areas continually protected with the H-Trap enjoy reductions of horsefly numbers. The

H-Trap can be installed and dismantled year on year, so will provide a solution for years to come. “This year, horseflies have appeared with a vengeance, after a warm summer in 2014 and a mild winter and that, coupled with word of mouth recommendations, has caused our sales to surge,” says David Loughlin from Sentomol. “Some customers have had to wait a week to receive their H-Trap, but we’re now pleased to say that all back orders have been fulfilled and have either been received or are on the way. We now have good stock levels to cater for the season ahead. It’s great to have the product selling well and to hear back from satisfied customers who are delighted with the performance. It is a simple

concept. The H-Trap is excellent at catching horseflies and reducing their numbers. Due to the build quality and the way it works, people do need to invest to begin with, but the H-Trap can last for years with the right care. As accidents can happen, replacement parts can also be bought as needed, making it really good value for money.” The H-Trap is available from

Sentomol for £180 (includes delivery and VAT). One H-Trap is usually sufficient for five horses. Discounts are available for orders of two traps or more. For further information... t +44 (0)1600 713396 w




Horse Health Week Launches 21st September Vets Urged to Ride the Wave on Equine Preventive Healthcare


he Keeping Britain’s Horses Healthy campaign has actively raised awareness of the issues surrounding equine preventive healthcare over the last year and, as part of this programme, MSD Animal Health is now launching the first Horse Health Week (HHW), starting on 21st September 2015. This promotional week will support vets’ communications with their clients through educational materials for owners, news and features in the horse media, social media graphics

and email templates and will be supported by the launch of a new KBHH website (www.healthyhorses. MSD Animal Health will be providing vets with a HHW toolkit on a USB stick that will contain a range of materials to support them during the week. The content will include videos and a selection of social media graphics promoting HHW, the website, and the seven ‘Responsible Horse Owner’ booklets which vets can share through their various social

media channels. Peter Young, Equine Business Manager adds: “Horse Health Week is a natural development within our successful Keeping Britain’s Horses Healthy campaign. We have been delighted with the large number of practices that have become involved in the programme and extended the dialogue on equine preventive healthcare throughout the year. We are now supporting vets with a highly focused campaign on the seven key health topics which are

most important to the horse. We urge equine vets to make the most of this opportunity, to download the materials and communicate on preventive healthcare issues with their clients and make the most of the resources available to them.” For full details talk to your MSD Animal Health Account Manager, call us on 01908 685685 or refer to www.




Registered Office: 24 Cheshire Avenue, Cheshire Business Park, Lostock Gralam, Northwich CW9 7UA. Registered in England and Wales, Company Registration No.5385888. Dechra Veterinary Products Limited is part of Dechra Pharmaceuticals PLC group. TAF spray contains Thiamphenicol 28.5 mg / g. UK: POM-V , ROI: POM . Use medicines responsibly: Dechra Veterinary Products Limited, Sansaw Business Park - Hadnall, Shrewsbury SY4 4AS, UK T +44 (0)1939 211200 F +44 (0)1939 211201

Equine 38

Veterinary Supplies Magazine interview with Declan Ennis of CVS





ell me about CVS: Curragh Veterinary Supplies Ltd is a leading supplier of veterinary consumable products in Europe. Established by leading veterinary surgeons, Donald Collins MVB MRCVS and Michael Sadlier MVB MRCVS CertESM CertES(Orth) MACVSc, Curragh Veterinary Supplies Ltd supplies veterinary consumables that are carefully selected to ensure highest quality, safety and efficacy. Our customers include leading veterinary hospitals, thoroughbred stud farms, top racehorse trainers as well as individual pet owners and companion animal and farm animal practices. The company name derives from our base on the Curragh in County Kildare, Ireland, long famed as the headquarters of Irish horse racing, a tradition in which the company founders are steeped. The exacting requirements of the equine thoroughbred athlete sets the standard for all our products, equine and non-equine alike. Each product carries the Curragh prefix. Using our extensive veterinary knowledge and experience, our wide product range is selected to meet the needs of both the veterinary professional and the animal owning public. Product categories include Bandages ( CurraghWRAP, CurraghPETWRAP and CurraghPLAST),Dressings (CurraghSAFE Gamgee and Curragh Cotton Wool, CurraghPOULTICE and Curragh HOOF POULTICE), Gloves (armlength, latex and nitrile), Casting materials (CurraghCAST and CurraghSPLINT) and Syringes. High quality, safety and best value are the hallmarks of the entire Curragh consumables range What is your business model? The business model is to source directly from high quality

manufacturers and sell direct to veterinary practices, trainers, retail trade and individual users directly. We sell superior quality consumables at better prices than any other UK supplier. CVS sells direct to the customer via Amazon, eBay and Product fulfilment is carried out in a specialist fulfilment house in central Uk with guaranteed delivery to the end user within 24 hours. The ordering and fulfilment is fully integrated meaning that all customer orders are automatically sent through to the fulfilment company for immediate picking and despatch. What makes CVS different to other suppliers? The key differences are as follows: - Veterinary Quality - Lower cost-better quality at lower prices than traditional vet suppliers - Free delivery on any order over £100 - Money Back guarantee - Wide range - Delivery within 24 hours - Online ordering-ease of use and flexibility (order from I phone, I pad or PC) We go directly to manufacturers to source products, which enables us to get the products at a much better price.

We deal direct with vets/vet hospitals/trainers NH and flat/ companion animal owners through Amazon, and online through vet supplies websites The CVS Portfolio – what are your “Hero” products? The hero products are the standard day to day consumables such as pet wrap, vet wrap, gamgee, animalintex (poultices). In addition, CVS is the sole supplier of unique productsEquiton™ & Equibase™ Anything new in the portfolio that we need to know about? Equiton™ -Developed following extensive research and development by the leading equine hospital Troytown Grey Abbey in Ireland, Equiton™ is a liquid feed containing vitamins, minerals and amino acids for use in racing, performance and breeding horses as well as horses who are convalescing from sickness or surgery. Equiton™ is a balanced multivitamin, mineral and amino acid supplement to assist in maintaining health, optimising stamina and aid in recovery. Containing 8 essential vitamins and 11 minerals and trace elements, EquitonTM is scientifically formulated for use in horses during performance and recovery Equibase™ -Developed by Troytown Equine Hospital VetsEquibase™ is a formulated barrier cream for application to skin and

heels of horses. Developed as a base wound and barrier cream, with antiseptic, antifungal and antiparastic properties, its consistency ensures good adhesion to wounds to maintain and support healing. Equibase™ is an ideal Mud rash Salve. It is suitable for rain scald, minor cuts and skin abrasions as well as sore heels and irritations caused by gallop surfaces. Equibase™ contains Zinc Oxide, Boric Acid, Charcoal and Tea tree Oil. Equibase™ is presented in a 450g Tub. In conclusion Curragh Vet Supplies was founded by 2 leading vets in Ireland. They understand that vets need high quality and cost effective supplies. As vets are busy treating animals, it is difficult for them to look outside existing traditional suppliers. Curragh Vet Supplies is an alternative option where the middle man margin is removed but the vet gets better quality supplies in the correct quantity and efficient delivery. Curragh Vet Supplies can save each vet practice tens of thousands per annum. This means tens of thousands in additional profit, direct to their bottom line each year. For further information e w

First for Animal Care & Value

Special introductory offer vet wrap at 50 pence per roll!

Curragh Veterinary Supplies Ltd is a leading supplier of high quality veterinary consumables which are available to order online for 24 hour delivery in the UK. Veterinary Supplies include vet wrap, bandages, dressings, softban, poultices, syringes, gloves, casts & splints and EquitonTM Liquid Feed. Established by leading veterinary surgeons, Donald Collins MVB MRCVS and Michael Sadlier MVB MRCVS CertESM CertES(Orth) MACVSc, Curragh Veterinary Supplies Ltd supplies veterinary consumables that are carefully selected to ensure highest quality, safety and efficacy.

"We have used Curragh Veterinary Supplies for bandages and dressings at our leading Equine and Small Animal hospitals since 2012. For quality, value and safety Curragh Veterinary Supplies is unsurpassed." Troytown Grey Abbey Equine and Small Animal Hospitals.

Money Back Guarantee & FREE DELIVERY on orders over ÂŁ50

Equine 40

Get your teeth into some PRACTICAL dentistry at BEVA Congress


elegates can get their teeth into something different at BEVA Congress this year (9th – 12th September 2015) by participating in some inspiring daily Practical Dentistry Techniques sessions at the new Practical Demonstration Stand in the Exhibition Hall. Congress organisers have enlisted the skills of three leading equine dental experts to host the sessions, which will comprise demonstrations and the chance to roll up your sleeves and get to grips with dentistry tools and techniques. Chris Pearce MRCVS, who runs the Equine Dental Clinic in Dorset, Neil Townsend MRCVS, formerly senior lecturer at the University of Liverpool Equine Hospital and Henry Bilson BAEDT, director of Equine Dental Services in Somerset, will be presenting live demonstrations and running practical sessions every day. The live demonstrations will take place in the Exhibition Hall during the morning, lunchtime and afternoon breaks. They will cover the rudiments of external examination and oral examination with the use of mirrors and an oroscope, the use of nerve blocks and the taking and interpreting of radiographs. The daily practical teaching sessions, comprising groups of a

maximum of five delegates, will take place between the demonstrations. Using special plastic demonstration skulls with cheek teeth inserts, Chris Pearce and Neil Townsend will take delegates through ‘Everything You Need To Know For A Clinical Oral Examination’ including external and internal routine examination, anatomy and common pathology. Henry Bilson, Chris and Neil will then demonstrate ‘How To Use Modern Power Instruments Properly And Effectively And Work Happily All Day’. Spaces will be limited for the practical sessions to ensure the groups remain small. Interested delegates are advised to book promptly on Thursday to avoid missing out on this exceptional opportunity for hands-on learning with some of the UK’s leading equine dentistry practitioners. Lucy Grieve, BEVA Council Member, said: “There is a growing awareness, amongst owners and vets, of the importance of dental health and it’s encouraging to see the increasing numbers of vets are taking the BEVA/BVDA exam in equine dentistry. We are hoping the new Congress demonstrations and practical sessions will inspire, inform and educate, helping to raise the bar for first class equine dentistry in the UK.”

This year BEVA Congress (9th – 12th September 2015) will be held in the heart of Liverpool at the spacious Arena Convention Centre. The programme, led by many leading International Specialists, is spread over three days and comprises more than 90 hours of CPD lectures on 20 different aspects of world-class science, innovation and day-to-day practical veterinary medicine and surgery. If you work in a mixed practice you can sign up for BEVA Congress and BSAVA Congress

(7th -10th April 2016), on just one ticket, to save money and optimise use of time out of the practice. The single ticket gives you a choice of seven days of CPD at two separate events spread over eight months. If you book before 5th August 2015 you can also benefit from some excellent early bird discounts. For further information w

Equest and Equest Pramox – STILL the ONLY Choices for Single Dose Control of Encysted Small Redworm





oetis is reminding vets and SQPs to ensure they stock the appropriate wormers to treat for encysted small redworm this autumn/winter. Moxidectin is the only licensed active for single dose control of encysted small redworm and is contained in only two products – Equest and Equest Pramox. All horses should receive a treatment effective against encysted small redworm during the late autumn/ early winter, even if they have a low or negative faecal worm egg count.1,2 However, last year’s National Equine Health Survey3, revealed that one in five owners who claimed to

have treated for encysted small redworm used a wormer containing an active that was not indicated to treat these potentially lethal encysted parasites. This may leave horses at serious risk. Encysted small redworm are one of the most common and harmful types of worm found in horses. They are the larval stages of the small redworm that have buried into the lining of the gut where they can lie dormant for some time. They pose a potentially fatal health risk but won’t show up in a standard faecal worm egg count. Untreated, encysted small redworm may develop and emerge en masse from the gut wall in the

early spring, causing diarrhoea and colic with a mortality rate of up to 50%.4 Equest and Equest Pramox are the only products available to treat for encysted small redworm in a single dose. Equest is an oral gel containing moxidectin for single dose control of roundworms including encysted larval stages of small redworms, and bots. Equest Pramox is an oral gel containing moxidectin and praziquantel for single dose control of all three species of tapeworm, roundworms - including encysted larval stages of small redworms, and bots. Equest and Equest Pramox are licensed for use in breeding,

pregnant and lactating mares and have been shown not to adversely affect the fertility of mares.5,6 Equest and Equest Pramox are available in 700kg syringes and have the longest dosing interval (13 weeks) of any equine wormer currently available. Speak to your Zoetis Account Manager to find out more. Further information is available from your medicines provider or Zoetis UK Ltd.,
Walton Oaks, Dorking Road, Walton-on- the-Hill, Tadworth, Surrey KT20 7NS Customer Support: 0845 3008034

Still toying with the idea of wireless DR ?

3 reasons why Mustang X-ray have the most intuitive and easy to use cable free DR unit on the market. A = AED, Use any generator with our plate B = Battery powered plate and generator C = Cable free, Nothing to trip over or snap/bend Book a demonstration today from the only equine specific imaging company in the UK. Mustang X-ray can offer a complete system for less than ÂŁ40,000 including generator, plate, case and a full set of stands and blocks. You don't need to go back to School to realise it's time to move away from heavy, unreliable and problematic equipment.

Mustang X-ray Ltd will be exhibiting at the BEVA congress stand 202, 9th - 12th September 2015, Liverpool ACC. Tel: 02921 680291


Vaccines Spotlight 42

Minimising the risk of EHV W

ith the competition season in full swing, Zoetis is suggesting that vets should remind clients to be extra vigilant about Equine Herpes Virus (EHV). This virus is ubiquitous in horse populations across the world, with the ability to cause respiratory disease, abortion, neonatal foal death and myeloencephalopathy syndrome (EHM). Two related but antigenically distinct viral causative agents (equine herpesvirus type 1 [EHV-1] and type 4 [EHV-4]) are involved in the four different syndromes. EHV-4 is predominantly associated with the commonplace but low mortality respiratory syndrome. In contrast EHV-1 has greater potential ability to clinically impact on three systems, respiratory, reproductive and neurological.

Infection The primary route of infection for both EHV types is the epithelium of the upper respiratory tract. EHV respiratory infection is the precursor of the non-respiratory syndromes, although clinical signs of respiratory infection may go unnoticed especially in older horses. Latency and reactivation are key features of EHV-1 or 4 infection, as the virus has been found to latently persist in T-lymphocytes and in neurons of trigeminal ganglia. Latently infected horses are subclinical and have virologically negative nasal secretions until reactivation.




Transmission Transmission of the virus is via respiratory shedding or placental fluids, foetal membranes and the aborted foal in the reproductive form. Spread of virus is principally by direct contact but environmental transmission is of particular significance in infection outbreaks. Infected, pregnant mares may transmit the virus to the foetus in-utero. Epidemiological studies of stud farms suggest that infection is acquired within the first few months of life, generally before or just after weaning, from adult mares that asymptomatically shed virus. Reactivation Reactivation occurs under conditions of stress. Physical exertion, travel, environmental extremes and overcrowding are thought to be potential triggers of reactivation. When this occurs, clinically normal but latently infected horses can shed EHV, silently transmitting the virus to other horses. Thus, a latently infected horse, arriving at competition, after the stress of transport and physical exertion may shed virus to susceptible contact horses. Biosecurity EHV-1 or 4 outbreaks are controlled by management and hygiene measures supplemented by vaccination. Disease control programmes

have three main aims: i. Prevention of disease entry onto premises ii. Limiting the extent of spread and severity of clinical disease once EHV enters the premises or appears in the herd iii. Limiting the spread of disease to adjacent premises during the outbreak As the majority of adult and adolescent horses carry latent EHV infections, prevention of disease entry onto premises is not straightforward, and in any event, exclusion of latently infected horses is impractical. However, limiting the extent of spread of acute disease on the premises is greatly assisted by simple stock management measures.

Stock management Wherever possible, resident horse populations should be divided into small, closed groups to reduce transmission risk. Broodmares should be segregated from other horses on the premises and should be subdivided into small groups of five or less. Ideally, mares in the last third of pregnancy (the highest risk period for EHV-1 abortions) should be housed and managed individually. New arrivals should be vaccinated prior to arrival and isolated from other stock until sufficient time has passed for disease to have become apparent. In yards with no pregnant mares, new arrivals should be kept isolated for at least 21 days and preferably 28 days after arrival because virus shedding may occur after reactivation. Minimising management stress in resident horses should assist in reducing the frequency of reactivation. EHV-1 shedding typically lasts from 7-9 days. However, longer periods of shedding lasting ≥ 21days have been reported, particularly in young horses and in cases of Equine Herpes Myeloencephalopathy (EHM). Since horses less than two years of age are considered to be at the highest risk for shedding, separation of youngstock from the rest of the herd helps to minimise the risk further. On studs, newly arrived and ‘walk in’ mares should be kept strictly separate from resident in-foal mares for at least 56 days after covering. Mares arriving at studs to foal should be transported at least 28 days before the foaling due date. Isolation Isolation areas should be rigorously maintained and located in a geographically separate area of the premises and staff should understand and be able to apply the principles of barrier housing. As soon as disease is suspected on clinical grounds the horse should be isolated and appropriate clinical samples immediately submitted to a diagnostic laboratory. Any in-contact horses should ideally also be isolated and carefully

monitored for signs of disease. If the in-contact group is large, it should be subdivided. If the in-contact group cannot be isolated, it should not be moved, and horses from the group should not be mixed with horses from other groups. Vaccination Equip® EHV-1, 4 is indicated for the reduction of clinical signs of respiratory disease caused by EHV-1 or 4 and reduction of EHV-1 abortion. Regular vaccination of all horses helps maintain herd immunity, reduces the magnitude and duration of EHV shedding and intra-herd transmission of the virus. Vaccination can be administered from five months of age; after administration of a primary course consisting of two injections 4 – 6 weeks apart, boosters should be administered every six months. It is recommended that all pregnant mares are vaccinated during the 5th, 7th and 9th months of pregnancy to reduce the incidence of abortion due to EHV-1 infection. Monitoring for signs of infection In older horses particularly, EHV-associated fever tends to be transient and can go unnoticed. Obtaining a daily (or ideally twice daily) rectal temperature helps enable early diagnosis of infection and thus, rapid intervention. A higher level of vigilance would be to screen incoming horses for EHV-1 shedding by obtaining nasal or nasopharyngeal swabs, appropriate in intensively managed farms or where particularly elite horses are in residence. Hand sanitisers, footbaths and other barrier precautions all provide added measures of control. Make a plan Should an outbreak occur it is imperative that a simple written action plan is already in place. In the absence of a plan, a febrile or coughing horse could be directly or indirectly exposing other horse to the virus.

Equine competitions A show or other performance event is an ultra-high risk setting for EHV because it combines multiple risk factors. Key is controlling access to healthy horses by other horses and humans, by maintaining physical separation between horses, asking visitors not to touch or feed the horse and the use of hand sanitisers. Sharing equipment should be avoided but if required, it should be cleaned of organic debris and disinfected between horses. If proper disinfection is not possible (sponges etc) they should definitely not be shared. Horses returning from competition should be routinely quarantined on return. Event organisers should be notified if an infectious disease is diagnosed in horses returning from an event so awareness can be heightened amongst other competitors. Because of the potential serious implications of EHV-1 infection, equine practitioners should be prepared to provide their clients with basic guidance on how to help prevent and respond to an outbreak. An effective response strategy consists of close monitoring for clinical disease, confirmatory diagnosis of sick or recovered horses, containment of sick horses, and environmental management to limit EHV-1 transmission. The role of vaccination in EHV-1 control is to help limit the extent and duration of viral shedding and to create a herd-immunity effect that can help minimize minimise the risk of exposure and infection. Zoetis has produced an information booklet for horse owners. Copies of Preventing Equine Herpes Virus are available from your Zoetis equine account manager. Further information is available on the SPC or contact Zoetis UK Ltd,
Walton Oaks, Dorking Road, Walton-on- the-Hill, Tadworth, Surrey KT20 7NS Customer Support: 0845 3008034, Use medicines responsibly:



tel +44 (0)1273 837676


The Ultimate Microchip Solution

Pet-ID Microchips Ltd

in Owner Information Packs!

Mini and 12mm chips available

Traceability : full backtrack system with registration onto Petlog

Stability : anti-migratory coating

Durability : over 20 years industry experience

Compatibility : meets required legal and ISO standards

Reliability : Swiss-engineered, guaranteed for life


Vaccines Spotlight 44

Woodley Equipment supplies the solution for over vaccination of dogs and cats T

he World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) has issued guidelines to veterinary surgeons and dog owners, which aims to ensure that dogs and cats are protected from infectious diseases whilst reducing the number of vaccines that are given routinely. Full guidelines are available on the WSAVA website. Woodley Equipment supplies the ImmunoComb® VacciCheck Antibody Test Kit from Biogal, which monitors serological status, reduces vaccination failure and prevents over vaccination consequences for dogs and cats. ImmunoComb® VacciCheck is a user-friendly, in-practice kit, which tests for antibody titres to the three core infections: Canine Infectious Hepatitis (ICH)

Parvovirus (CPV) Distemper (CDV)

Feline Panleukopenia (FPLV) Herpes Virus (FHV) Calici Virus (FCV)

The VacciCheck titre test for dogs and cats is a simple blood test that tests for circulating antibodies to the core infections. If antibodies are present, the dog/cat is immune to the core diseases and revaccination (with core vaccines) is not required. New WSAVA guidelines recommend a titre test once a year rather than routinely giving dogs/cats an annual booster. If the animal is immune, an extra booster at this point would be surplus to requirements and would not provide any additional immunity.

Specialising in sympathy cards for pets Having worked within the Veterinary Profession for 20 years, I know how much client’s appreciate receiving a condolence card after the loss of a pet. Combining my background knowledge along with my love for watercolour painting I have produced an individual range of quality cards, which are exceptional value for money and are very different to others available to the veterinary market, making this a sympathetic way to promote your practice. The cards are printed on a stylish textured surface measuring 140mm x 140mm, with envelopes provided.




They can be supplied with a simple verse inside or left blank for your own message or insert. Personalisation is available on all orders, please contact us for details. WAYSIDE, 2 THE LOKE, DITCHINGHAM, BUNGAY, SUFFOLK. NR35 2QS. UNITED KINGDOM Tel: 01986 893953 | Fax: 01986 893953 | |

Mount International United Services Ltd

Ultrasound , CT Scanners & X-Ray Systems “When Quality Counts”

Mount International United Services offer a wide range of clinical imaging products and services well in the reach of most veterinary centres. Market leaders in both medical and veterinary equipment since 1997, MIUS are trusted to provide cost effective solutions when price is important and quality paramount. Sales and service of : •

• • • •

New and refurbished ultrasound scanners

Refurbished CT scanners DR X-Ray systems X-Ray generators Repair centre for endoscopes and ultrasound probes

ORDERS BEING TAKEN NOW FOR CT SCANNERS Contact us today to discuss you CT scanner requirements




Mount International United Services Ltd

Edison Close, Waterwells Business Park, Gloucester, GL2 2FN 01452 729380

Clinical & Surgical 46

New Small Animal Induction Chambers At Braun & Company Limited


as induction chambers have been specifically designed to promote safe anaesthetisation for small animals that are challenging to mask when awake. Perspex chamber technology means that the need for physical restraint is considerably reduced, which, in turn, minimises stress and decreases the chance of injury to the animal. Furthermore, the clear Perspex means that the animal is under continuous observation throughout the procedure. Prior to the development of induction chambers, it was common practice for vets to use inhalation masks on small animals. This, however, would sometimes cause complications resulting from the animal struggling and injuring itself, as well as posing a risk to the operating veterinarian. The induction chambers have been constructed with 4mm shatter-proof Perspex, so they have the added benefit of being highly durable under pressure. Furthermore, the apparatus has been expertly developed in three standard sizes (approx. 1.5 litres, 5.2 litres and 18.5 litres), however, they have the added benefit that they can also be manufactured to order, to fit each veterinary practice’s specific requirements. Their flexibility with regards to size, therefore, accommodates most small animals, including birds, rabbits, rodents, cats, dogs and other household pets. Equipped with both passive and active scavenging capabilities,

the small animal induction chambers can safely and effectively collect and remove the anaesthetic gases. This is an imperative function of the apparatus, and necessitates that the flow of gas entering the breathing compartment each minute be equal to the volume leaving it (in order to avoid future problems such as barotrauma). Within active scavenging, suction is applied and incorporates an advanced system which protects against this applied suction as well as protecting the animal’s airway from an accumulation of heightened pressure. Conversely, passive scavenging only requires the latter of these features. Moreover, induction chambers have been developed with the utmost functionality in mind. They are designed to make a veterinary doctor’s life as easy as possible. They are fitted with a sliding lid, which offers superior safety compared with hinges as they are more durable and cannot be pushed open from the inside. They are also available in red Perspex, which minimises stress to rabbits and rodents and in particular albino rodents, by significantly reducing their reaction to light. Additionally, the inside base is detachable, which enables efficient and thorough cleaning, thus guaranteeing the hygiene of every procedure (induction chambers can be cleaned with medical grade alcohol, disinfecting spray or soapy water). A new range of small animal induction chambers have been

added to the already extensive range of veterinary equipment at Braun & Company Ltd. The business, which is widely referred to simply as Braun, has grown to become one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of medical and veterinary supplies since its formation in 1848. The addition of these induction chambers to the Braun range is therefore a significant development in recognising their importance within inhalation anaesthesia procedures. Braun is one of only a few manufacturers of small animal induction chamber within the UK. Getting your veterinary equipment from the UK reduces the possibility of the product being damaged during the usual shipping process. The fact that the apparatus has been

endorsed and manufactured by veterinary equipment specialists such as Braun represents a considerable step forward in the development of small animal anaesthesia. As any complex veterinary equipment comes with a learning curve for the veterinary doctors using it, Braun have many experts at hand should you need to talk about their small animal induction chambers, or, indeed, anything in their veterinary equipment range. For further information: E. T. 44(0) 1652 632273 W.

New liquid complementary feed, Nutribound®, from Virbac





irbac has launched Nutribound, a complementary feed which helps to stimulate eating and drinking in inappetent cats and dogs. It has been formulated to help animals that need encouragement to eat and drink, be they recovering from surgery, illness or for those that are experiencing a general lack of interest in food or water. A highly palatable, liquid formulation, Nutribound should be given alongside the pet’s diet but can also be given by tube or syringe should the case require it. Nutribound is designed both to help stimulate eating and drinking and to aid in recovery. It is rich in essential nutrients, containing ingredients known to help maintain the immune function; aid in maintaining

gastrointestinal tract integrity and assist in skin turnover. Commenting, Claire Lewis, Product Manager, said: “Pets that lose interest in their food can be challenging for owners to deal with and a pet that is struggling to eat or drink what it needs, especially after illness or surgery is more likely to have a prolonged recovery. “Nutribound’s palatable formulation aims to ‘jump-start’ normal eating behaviour by stimulating the animal’s appetite and increasing its interest in eating and drinking again.” She added: “Nutribound is presented in a handy-sized, take-home bottle and is easy for pet owners to administer. It can be given for up to 14 days or until a

return to normal eating and drinking behaviour is observed. We are delighted to add it to our nutritional support range, alongside Nutri-Plus gel®, our high energy, nutritional supplement for cats and dogs.”

For further information: t +44 (0)1359 243243 e w

Clinical & Surgical Ceva Animal Health launches Libeo®


eva Animal Health is enhancing its existing cardio-nephrology range, which includes Cardalis®, Nelio® and Prilactone®, with the launch of Libeo®, a new four-way break, palatable furosemide treatment for the management of heart failure in dogs. Furosemide is the most frequently used treatment for the management of heart failure; the potent diuretic helps to reduce pulmonary oedema and its quick onset of action is associated with a noticeable reduction in clinical signs. While furosemide is a crucial part of managing heart failure, long-term under or over-dosing can have profound health implications for the patient. Indeed, current recommendations are to reduce the dose to the minimum effective dose as

soon as the animal is stable and only increase it if required due to deterioration in heart function. Unlike other furosemides, Libeo has been developed solely for the veterinary market. The four-way break tablet is available in a traditional 40mg tablet size as well as a unique 10mg size for small patients. The clover-shaped tablet is chickenflavoured, making it even easier for owners to dose their pets and help improve long-term owner compliance with veterinary recommendation. Each box of Libeo contains 120 blister-packed tablets, removing the need for someone to have to count out tablets. “Eighty seven percent of vets in the UK believe that the dose of furosemide given to pets by their owners is adversely affected by how difficult it is to split the tablets1.


This is especially likely to affect pets whose owners are less dextrous or have difficulties using their hands,” comments Rob McLintock MRCVS, companion animal business unit manager at Ceva Animal Health. “Libeo is both easy to administer and effective, thereby improving owner compliance and the long term health and welfare of their pets.” Libeo is part of the Ceva cardio-nephrology range and will be supported by a variety of in-practice tools including cardiology refresher talks, pet owner support literature, dispensing envelopes, a veterinary cardiology support website and CPD opportunities. To request product information or a technical brochure, please email or call your Ceva territory manager.

Dechra launches 5 ml Comfortan®


echra Veterinary Products has launched a new 5 ml bottle of its popular titratable analgesia for cats and dogs, Comfortan®. The new sized bottle of Comfortan, designed for use with animals in, or about to experience, moderate to severe pain, will be available in veterinary wholesalers from July. Comfortan was the UK’s first vet-licensed methadone and is also available in a 10ml size. Dechra Brand Manager Craig Sankey said: “The new 5ml bottle is a

great size for practices which would like to introduce Comfortan into their practice protocols, allowing them to do so in a cost-effective way. “The availability of a smaller bottle will also be a benefit to practices which due to different surgical needs, currently only use Comfortan in a small number of cases. They will then be able to simply and easily trade up to the 10 ml bottle once they start to use Comfortan on more cases.” The 5 ml has also been introduced in response to demand from

branch practices which had been transferring 10ml bottles between sites and for cat-focused practices which use smaller volumes of the product. Comfortan® is one of a range of products in Dechra’s anaesthesia and analgesia portfolio which also includes Anesketin® and Buprenodale®. It is licensed for IM, IV, and SC usage in dogs and IM in cats. For further information w

“It’s the small things that make a difference”

• • •

InSight Urine Strip Reader & Printer Vision V5000 Microscope Urinalysis Atlas

Woodley Equipment has an in-house technical and service department staffed with biomedical scientists and service engineers, who work together with our support staff to monitor, organise and conduct the service, calibration and

repair of your laboratory equipment and provide technical support to help you maintain maximum efficiency. For further information: E. T. 01204 669033 W.


InSight Leishmania ImmunoComb VacciCheck Immuno-Chek G – IgG Test for Foals, Calves and Cria • DiaSys Blood Urea Test Strips Urinalysis is an important tool in disease detection, as well as monitoring and screening animal health. Abnormalities can be indicative of diseases of the urinary system as well as other organ systems, including liver function, acid base status, and carbohydrate metabolism. Woodley’s urinalysis system includes: • InSight MS-11 urine strips test for Urobilinogen, Glucose, Bilirubin, Ketone, Specific Gravity, Leucocytes, Blood, pH, Protein, Creatinine and Nitrate with urine Protein/Creatinine ratio. • InSight MS-2 urine strips - test for Microalbumin and Creatinine with urine Microalbumin/ Creatinine ratio.


• • •



oodley Equipment know that in a busy veterinary practice, it is the small things that make all the difference, from the small diagnostic products that allow fast and accurate results for more effective patient management to the servicing of equipment that keeps your practice running smoothly. Woodley Equipment realise the importance of rapid diagnostic tests in a veterinary practice. Veterinary diagnostic tests are essential for every veterinary professional as they provide a fast, cost effective method of diagnosis within the practice or in a field. Some of the diagnostic tests that Woodley supply include: • InSight FIV-FeLV • InSight FeLV • InSight FIV • InSight Heartworm • InSight Parvovirus • InSight Giardia

Clinical & Surgical 48

Henry Schein Invests in Romania’s Maravet - Expands Company’s Animal Health Business in Eastern Europe H

enry Schein, Inc. (NASDAQ: HSIC), the world’s largest provider of health care products and services to officebased dental, animal health and medical practitioners, announced today that it has made a 50 percent ownership investment in Maravet, a leading animal health distributor in Romania. The transaction closed in the second quarter of 2015.Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed. Headquartered in Baia Mare, Romania, Maravet is a privatelyheld company with annual sales of approximately $23 million and 89 team members.The company was founded in 1998 by the Korponay family, which retains a 50 percent

ownership position in Maravet. Mr. Ferenc Korponay, a veterinarian by training, is continuing as the company’s Managing Director. “We are delighted to enter Romania with a market-leading company that shares Henry Schein’s commitment to serving the veterinary community with excellence,” said Stanley M. Bergman, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Henry Schein. “Maravet also enjoys strong relationships with its valued supplier partners, and we welcome the opportunity to build on this firm foundation as we continue to grow our business in Eastern Europe.” Henry Schein’s investment in Maravet adds to its Eastern European presence. In 2013, the Company

acquired Poland’s Medivet, a transaction that built upon Henry Schein’s existing animal health business in the Czech Republic, which was established in 2009. “We look forward to the many opportunities our new partnership with Henry Schein will bring to the Maravet team, our supplier partners, and the veterinary professionals we serve,” said Mr. Korponay. “Henry Schein’s dedication to the veterinary community is clearly evidenced by the value it brings to animal health practitioners across Europe, North America and Australasia, and we look forward to leveraging its global resources for the benefit of animal health practitioners in Romania.” With the addition of Maravet,

Henry Schein Animal Health serves customers in 14 European countries: Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.The Company also has Animal Health businesses in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Malaysia. In 2014, Henry Schein’s global Animal Health business had sales of approximately $2.9 billion. For further information w

Centaur Launches Custom Label Soft Chews With Health Supplements





entaur Services has launched a new range of soft chews for dogs and cats, containing a variety of health supplements. The chews are customlabelled, meaning that veterinary practices can order the chews to be packaged using their own branding. This reinforces and strengthens client relationships by encouraging customers to purchase vet-recommended products direct from the practice, reducing the amount of customer purchasing power lost to the high street or online stores. The chews consist of a wellflavoured base with a crumbly texture, into which various health supplements can be blended, offering a palatable way for pets to consume important dietary and medical supplements. They are particularly popular with owners who find it difficult to encourage their pets to consume supplements within harder carriers, as the soft chews are more akin to food and easier for the animals to consume.

“We’re always looking for ways to innovate the offer we provide to our customers and make their businesses more successful,” commented Colm McGinn, Sales and Marketing Director of Centaur Services. “Not only are the chews a high quality product with excellent health benefits for pets, they also offer practices a new way of engaging with their clients by providing ownlabelled products that come not only with the recommendation of their vet but also the trusted brand of the practice.” The chews are launching in five varieties: joint support and a heart-shaped multi-vitamin for dogs; and joint support, bladder support and hairball relief for cats. Additional varieties are in development. For further information t +44 (0)1963 350005 w

Practice Matters 50

Vetstream and DoveLewis Bring Veterinary Education Tools to Developing Countries


etstream, a leading supplier of digital reference content to the veterinary profession, has joined forces with DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital, the only non-profit, 24-hour emergency and critical care animal hospital in the Northwest USA, to bring its respected On the Floor @Dove compilation of more than 300 clinical training videos to veterinary professionals around the world. This partnership will focus on delivering the continuing education videos to veterinarians and universities in developing countries at preferential rates to help improve veterinary education in these countries. Vetstream offers a range of online clinical resources for the veterinary profession including Canis (dogs), Felis (cats), Lapis (rabbits) and Equis (horses). The company is already engaged in a range of projects to support veterinary learning in developing countries. These include the African Small Companion Animal Network (AFSCAN), an initiative from the World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) Foundation to raise standards of veterinary care across Africa. It is also providing support to ten veterinary schools in South East Asia through its relationship with the Federation of Asian Veterinary Associations (FAVA). On the Floor @Dove is an online, on-demand training website that provides education and professional development courses for veterinary professionals. As an accredited teaching hospital, DoveLewis created On the Floor @ Dove, which offers more than 300

comprehensive veterinary training videos developed by their experienced veterinary team. The videos are filmed using real patients and include case discussions from certified specialists on a broad range of clinical topics. “The educational component of our teaching mission is important to us,” said Ron Morgan, CEO of DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital. “As a non-profit, being able to partner with Vetstream to make our one-of-a-kind video content available to veterinary professionals and universities in developing countries allows us to have a part in improving the quality of veterinary medicine throughout the world.” Dr G Mark Johnston,

Managing Director of Vetstream, added: “On the Floor @Dove has rapidly established itself as a popular source of veterinary videos in the USA. Vetstream offers a range of online training resources to veterinary professionals around the world and, thanks to our partnership, many of them will also now be able to access these excellent resources from the DoveLewis team. “Playing our part in helping to support practices in countries without access to the high quality information resources we take for granted in the USA and Europe is something both companies feel strongly about, so we are developing programmes to make them available for veterinarians and universities in developing countries at

as low a cost as possible, as well as selling them on subscription to those in more affluent markets.” Vetstream offers a range of online clinical resources for the veterinary profession including Canis, Felis, Lapis and Equis. Its Vetacademy e-learning service offers e-learning modules and online videos from some of the world’s leading veterinary CE providers, including The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Medicine, the North American Veterinary Community (NAVC), Elsevier and Improve International. For further information:

We welcome complaints!





ell, not exactly. That would be an exaggeration. Why is it that some people are great at complaint handling, while others struggle? In the main, staff dread the client who comes in with a complaint. The problem here is that the staff in practice who are trained to deal with complaints tend to be managers and senior personnel. On the other hand, the staff in the line of fire from complaining clients are the ones who spend time in interaction

with the public: receptionists, vets and nurses, many of whom have had no training in this area and are not comfortable with communicating with aggrieved members of the public. It is simple to train staff in the basics of complaint management. Like any other skill it can be easily learnt, and once practiced a couple of times, becomes a readily accessible tool to be brought into play when needed. It isn’t one of those talents

which are innate to individuals: it is an easily learnt skill. Successful complaint resolution is a process, not a problem. With the right tools in place, a calm discussion, fruitful negotiation, and satisfactory outcome can almost always be achieved. Angry clients, if well handled, can become committed fans and ambassadors for the business. Of course if the problem is handled badly, they can be a long term thorn in the side of the practice, especially with the power that social

media now gives to the individual. Chunk Training provides modules to deal with this and many other day to day communication challenges in practice. Taught entirely on-line in 30 minute modules, the content is readily accessible to all staff. Online team training is easy, inexpensive and effective. Visit www. to turn your staff into star team players.

Practice Matters CVS Launches Additional Bespoke Training For Practice Managers


new electronic voucher which has been designed to provide a new route for clients to pay for veterinary

services is going live in the UK this summer. Vet Vouchers allows third parties to gift vouchers to pet owners for redemption at member

practices. The business has been established by Tammie O’Leary who until launching Vet Vouchers had spent several years in sales and management for a major animal health company. Tammie explains, “Following discussions with vet practices and my own experience it became clear that a voucher system would bring significant benefits to both client owners and vets. In many cases it can aid new client acquisition. We already have a growing number of practices registering to receive Vet Vouchers and we look forward to more joining every week.” Vet Vouchers are purchased from for

nominal values for presentation at member practices. In addition Vet Vouchers will actively promote the scheme to the wider pet owning public through press and partner pet organisations. “We have invested in a brand new trading platform which will deliver fully secure and seamless transaction management for the practice and a simple and ready to use format for purchasers, owners and member vets,” concludes Tammie. To view presentations and for further information vets should visit


New Electronic Vet Vouchers Launched


“We continue to address this with a range of training initiatives, including this new modular programme, which complements the Aspirational Leadership Programme we already run for senior staff, both clinical and operational, and a raft of additional training in specific areas. “In discussion with a number of our senior practice managers, we have developed a range of content which we believe will be highly relevant to them and which will really help them to excel in the key operational areas of their day to day work. We are excited to be welcoming our first delegates in September.” Key to its success is CVS’ ability to attract ambitious veterinary staff whilst continuing to invest in the development of their clinical skills and in research to drive the profession forward. It also provides the business support to ensure its diverse range of small animal, large animal and equine practices achieve their full potential. CVS’ guiding principles include a commitment to excellence in all aspects of its work and a focus on building long-term relationships with its customers and suppliers. The company works in close partnership with the wider veterinary profession and industry colleagues.



VS is focussing on developing the leadership and operational skills of its practice managers with the launch of its first dedicated in-house training programme specifically for these key practice team members. A six day modular training programme has been announced for Autumn 2015. Called ‘Aspire’, it will cover a wide range of practice-management related topics, including HR, staff management and commercial thinking. A management consultancy has been engaged to run sessions on key management development areas, including planning and time management while, following on from its introduction last year of sessions on ‘Mindfulness’, a session on stress and wellbeing called ‘Mental Health First Aid (Lite)’ is being run by an organisation that specialises in helping businesses manage workplace stress. CVS HR Director Helen Wiseman explained: “Practice managers play a crucial role in our clinics and, increasingly, require skills and knowledge across a bewilderingly wide range of subjects. We know that, across the sector, they can also sometimes feel that their specific development needs are not being met.


Practice Matters 52

‘Slug-Ella’ and ‘Mite-Y Molly’ Exposed as Criminals in Latest Prinovox® Kids Club Activity Booklet


irbac has launched the second of its regular Kids Club Activity Booklets for Prinovox users. Children of practice clients using Prinovox are automatically enrolled into the Kids Club, becoming ‘Creepy Crawly Intelligence Agency (CCIA) Investigators’ and receiving an ‘Investigator’s Pack’, containing a warrant card, competition, collectable items and a new activity booklet, four times a year. The Kids Club is a key part of Virbac’s strategy to offer a unique and highly innovative pet owner engagement programme to help practices to build loyalty, increase compliance and encourage repeat purchase. Launched in April, Prinovox is a prescription-only spot-on ectoparasiticide containing the same combination of Moxidectin and Imidacloprid as the market leader and offering a wide spectrum of activity against parasites. In dogs it is licensed for the treatment and prevention of lungworm; for the treatment and prevention of fleas and also for lice, mites, heartworm and roundworms. In cats, the licence covers fleas, mites, roundworm and

heart worm. It can also be used for fleas and heartworm in ferrets. Commenting, Head of Marketing (Companion Animal), Simon Boulton MRCVS, said: “In developing the support package for Prinovox, we wanted to create high impact, eye-catching resources that would engage the whole family with the importance of parasite control in a fun way. “At the centre of the campaign are our five wanted ‘creepy crawly criminal’ characters, each representing a different threat to pets. They include, for instance, ‘SlugElla’, guilty of infesting dogs with lungworm and ‘Mite-Y Molly’, guilty of ‘aggravated assault of ears and skin’. All five colourful characters appear across our parasite protection support package and feature strongly in the Kids Club. “We have had great feedback from practices about the enthusiasm of children to get involved with the Kids Club and we are sure they will enjoy the educational activities in the new booklet, which include quizzes, puzzles and pictures to colour.” Offered in six presentations to

suit all weight ranges and in packs of four pipettes, Prinovox features bright, interactive packaging using the Blippar platform. By downloading the free Blippar app onto a device, owners can ‘blipp’ interactive icons on the product’s packaging to gain access to additional information on Prinovox, videos on parasites, a reminder system and a fun game. The addition of Prinovox and the recently introduced wormer Milpro means that Virbac now offers both an oral or spot-on solution for the treatment and prevention of lungworm. Its other parasiticide products include Effipro spot-on, the market-leading environmental flea treatment Indorex and the wormer, Endogard. Founded by a veterinary surgeon, Virbac is dedicated to supporting the veterinary profession, the trade and farmers through the development of innovative products and services, which help animals to lead longer, healthier lives. One of the largest independent veterinary pharmaceutical companies in the world, its wide product portfolio includes many market-leading and

award-winning products for large and small animals. Virbac ( aims to work in close partnership with its customers, providing the advice and support they need to run successful, profitable businesses.

RCVS news: RCVS asks members of the profession to respond to government language testing consultation





he Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) is encouraging veterinary surgeons, veterinary nurses and other members of the practice team to respond to a government consultation on changing the law to introduce English language testing for veterinary surgeons who have qualified from elsewhere in the European Union. Under the proposals outlined in the consultation by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), the test would apply before an individual joined the Register and only where the RCVS had ‘serious and concrete doubts’ about their English language abilities. The plan to consult on this issue had been welcomed by RCVS Council at its June 2015 meeting. Every year, around half of all

new veterinary surgeon registrants are from outside the UK, the majority from other EU or European Economic Area (EEA) countries. These individuals fall within the scope of the Mutual Recognition of Professional Qualifications (MRPQ) Directive, which applies to all EU nationals wishing to practise in a regulated profession in another member state. Last year, a revised version of the MRPQ Directive came into force, which made a number of changes, including clarifying and reinforcing the role of competent authorities such as the RCVS. One of these changes is that language testing is expressly permitted, but only where serious concerns have been identified. Gordon Hockey, RCVS Registrar, says: “Under the current legislation the College is not able

to bar someone from joining the Register, and therefore practising, on the basis of language ability, even where we may have serious concerns. “I would encourage all veterinary surgeons, veterinary nurses and other members of the practice team to engage with this consultation and consider whether the College should have the right to impose a language test where it has serious doubts, more in line with medical doctors, and the form such testing would take.” Under the proposals, applicants would be asked a series of questions concerning their language qualifications, experience and general ability to use the English language before registering. Depending on how they answer the questions they

may then have to pass a language test before registering, or delay their application while they improve their language skills. The consultation results will inform the College’s work with Defra to determine whether to proceed with implementation and, if so, to develop the most appropriate system of language testing. The College would implement language testing for veterinary nurses in parallel with any changes for veterinary surgeons. Those who wish to take part in the consultation can do so at controls. The deadline for responses is Wednesday 30 September 2015.

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Practice Matters 54


he British Veterinary Association (BVA) has found evidence that recruitment problems are widespread in practices across the country. The BVA Voice of the Veterinary Profession survey Spring 2015 revealed that the majority of practices who had recently tried to recruit vets had struggled to find suitable candidates. Two thirds of practices looking to recruit in the last year took more than three months to fill their vacancies for veterinary surgeons. Of these, 10% took more than six months and 7% were forced to withdraw the role because of a lack of suitable candidates. The problem was particularly severe among small animal practices, where nearly a quarter (23%) saw posts remain empty for more than six months. A fifth (19%) were eventually forced to withdraw roles. Production animal veterinary roles also proved

challenging to fill, with almost a fifth (19%) remaining empty for more than three months. John Blackwell, President of the British Veterinary Association, said: “We’ve been hearing a lot about recruitment issues from veterinary practices across the country and I know from experience how challenging it can be to find the right candidate. These figures confirm that anecdotal evidence, showing that many colleagues are struggling to fill posts. “This is a complicated issue and we suspect there are a range of different factors that converge to create this situation. We know there are many talented and experienced vets out there and yet recruitment remains a challenge for many. “We believe that issues around out-of-hours requirements, support, work/life balance and flexible working

all factor into candidates’ decision not to apply for or accept certain roles. It’s not simply a case of employers offering higher salaries.” Of those who had advertised a vacancy, nearly a third (32%) had received three or fewer applications per post. They listed difficulties at every stage of the recruitment process: • • • • •

Lack of applications (58%) No suitable candidates at CV stage (55%) No suitable candidates at interview stage (30%) Candidate declined offer (18%) Other (9%)

The challenges were not limited to recruitment of new graduates. Most often, practices who had taken more than three months to fill posts were not looking for recent graduates (9%), but for vets with between one and

three years’ experience (34%) or more than three years’ experience (49%). Simon Devitt, Director of BMJ Careers, said: “This is a difficult recruitment market and we know that some practices are really struggling to recruit vets. At Vet Record Careers we advise recruiters to emphasise the benefits of working for their particular practice; including flexibility, transport, accommodation, training, progression as well as the salary on offer.” BVA supports veterinary recruitment for its members through Vet Record Careers. BVA members receive a discount of 20% on all recruitment advertising with Vet Record and the jobs site. For more information about recent vacancies or to post your vacancy visit www.

Vetsure launches cloud based insurance solution





eading veterinary buying group and pet insurer, Vetsure, has announced the launch of its new Software as a Service (SaaS) Acturispowered technology platform. This project involved a seamless migration from its previous platform and the creation of a suite of market leading pet insurance products and portals for the pet insurance industry. The new platform delivers significant benefit to veterinary practices. For the first time they will be able to tailor policies to suit the individual needs of their customers including multi-pet cover. The platform also gives practices with the flexibility to manage their own promotional activity. Providing practices with real time access to the system, they can better manage their sales of pet insurance. The project was completed in partnership with Acturis, an award winning SaaS provider to the insurance industry. Ashley Gray, Managing Director of Vetsure comments: “After a six month project we are delighted to launch Vetsure on the Acturis SaaS

platform. The sophistication of the platform has enabled us to achieve a number of firsts in the market including: provision for customer tailoring of cover benefits including variable excess and pick and choose policy features, free cover periods and vet portals for looking up policies and submitting sales leads.. The impact on our service, retention and operations has been immediate.” Theo Duchen, Co-CEO of Acturis added: “The project which we completed with the Vetsure team and in conjunction with our Acturis colleagues in Denmark, made great use of our track record in the travel, health and assistance software market where we have a leading global position. We have been able to apply our experience in those areas to pet insurance here in the UK, which we feel can be transformed with better use of technology. Vetsure’s new cloud based platform is now a leading edge platform which has already made a significant difference to the Vetsure business.”


We design, manufacture and sell veterinary and medical equipment in the UK. NorVap specialises in vaporisers, anaesthesia machines and associated products. Our design and service engineers have years of experience within the industry and all our products are CE certified. Because we both design and manufacture, we have the ability to respond to our customer’s requirements within short time-scales and can also design and brand individual products, producing a bespoke range of items for a specific customer guaranteeing product exclusivity.

NorVap Ltd Unit 11A, Sandylands Business Centre, Carleton New Road, Skipton, BD23 2AA, England Tel: +44 (0)1756 700687 | Email: | Web:

Practice Matters 56

2015 summer budget – how it affects you T

he 2015 summer budget was by all accounts a big one. The previous budget, less than four months ago, was in comparison pretty dull; the chancellor was playing it safe before the election, concentrating more on tweaks to existing rates and allowances. Now with a majority government, he has been able to flex his muscles properly. The self-styled “low tax, low welfare” budget will have some personal effect on almost all of us, be it in changes to tax credits, the minimum wage (both paying and receiving it!) or the increase in the 40% tax threshold. Whilst we are still waiting for the legislation to be released in full, at this stage there are two key points which will specifically affect practice owners: Income tax on dividends One of the most unexpected items was the hike in dividend tax rates from April 2016; basic rate taxpayers will now have an effective tax rate of 7.5% on dividends (previously zero), higher rate payers will pay 32.5% (was 25%), and those with earnings over £150K will face a top rate of 38.1% (was 30.55%). This is offset slightly by a new £5K tax-free band on dividend income. Consider an incorporated practice with trading profits of around

£50K per shareholder, where all profits are drawn out of the business each year . Using the low salary/high dividend method of profit extraction (which broadly remains the most beneficial method), in 2015/16 they will end up with post-tax cash of around £41,000 each. In 2016/17 however – which starts in less than nine months – the post-tax cash figure will drop to around £39,700 each, a difference of £1,300 a year. Practices with higher profits (say, £100K each) will be hit harder, with a fall in post-tax cash from £71,000 to £67,100 – a difference of £3,900 a year. Those with profits over £100K each will see an even greater percentage of their dividends taken in tax. So what now? Prima facie, in some cases it may make sense to extract as much dividend as possible before April 2016, so that you “enjoy” the lower rates. However the tax tail must not wag the dog, so to speak, and due regard must be given to the ongoing capital requirements of the business, and indeed if the company has enough reserves to pay it. If cash is short, an option could be to credit the directors’ loan accounts and draw on the funds at a later date. Every taxpayer’s position is unique, and it’s essential to consider all aspects of your financial affairs as they may have a significant impact

on the rates of tax you pay on your practice income. If you have not already done so, re-visit your remuneration strategy with your accountant as soon as possible – once we hit April 2016, it’s too late.

Annual Investment Allowance (AIA) The AIA is falling from £500K to £200K as of January 2016 – just six months away. This is the amount of capital expenditure on qualifying plant and machinery which attracts 100% tax relief from income tax or corporation tax, reducing the effective cash cost by your marginal rate of tax – which could be as high as 62% for partnerships and sole traders. ‘So what?’ my clients may say – they rarely spend anything like £200K per year on capital equipment, let alone £500K. As ever, the devil is in the detail: there are transitional rules when your accounting year is not a calendar year (and that’s most practices), where the new and old rates are pro-rated. Many practices have a March year-end, and so the total AIA for the year to March 2016 would be £425K. BUT in the period from January to March, you are limited to just 3/12ths of the lower rate, i.e. £50K. For most practices this is unlikely to be fully utilised, but a new digital Xray, an ultrasound

and a new ambulance could swallow most of that. Vet hospitals looking at CT scanners could blow the lot with just one purchase. The situation for practices with a January year end is even tighter – expenditure in January over £16,667 will not qualify for AIA, instead just an 18% annual allowance. Luckily, there’s an easy workaround for those considering large capital purchases in the next year or so; either bring it forward to December 2015 or defer until April 2016, and receive at least £200K AIA depending on your year end. There are however rules regarding the effective date of purchase for AIA purposes, especially when ordering, payment and delivery are not contemporaneous, so take care not to be caught out. For any practice looking to make large purchases in 2015 or 2016, I would strongly suggest they speak to their accountant before signing on the line. Summary Along with the above points, the Summer 2015 Budget contains a number of other changes which may affect you in both a personal and professional capacity. For your complimentary copy of our Budget Summary, please email peter.

Timeless Veterinary Cloud Storage™ and GCVTelemedicine partnership offers Secure Cloud Storage for Digital ImagingAllvet





CVTelemedicine, an extension of Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists in Houston, Texas, announced a new option to store, view and share all diagnostic images online using Timeless Veterinary Cloud Storage™. This storage service is built by Timeless Veterinary Systems Inc., a specialized technology company and creators of the Timeless Veterinary Management System™, an independent web-based telemedicine system currently utilized by GCVTelemedicine. Clinics of GCVTelemedicine are benefiting from using Timeless Veterinary Cloud Storage™ to automatically store studies from any digital imaging machine, including x-ray, ultrasound, CT and MRI. This can be used as the main form of backup

or secondary redundancy based on each clinic’s preferences. “The web-based access allows users to search, view, download, and manage their data on any computer or mobile device through a login portal”, says John Rowe, President of Timeless Veterinary Systems. “What makes the platform unique is that clinics can also easily submit a request to one of GCVTelemedicine’s Board-Certified veterinary specialists for a telemedicine consultation.” According to Lindsey Hoover, GCVTelemedicine Administrator, this new offering has been in demand for quite some time. “Cloud storage has been gaining popularity and a lot of our customers have reached out for suggestions on how they can better store their data. Having the ability to integrate this within our current

telemedicine system not only makes it easier for our customers to request an interpretation, but also manage all of their diagnostic images in one central location.” GCVTelemedicine will continue to read telemedicine consults for all clinics even if they are not using Timeless Veterinary Cloud Storage™ but encourages customers to learn more about the benefits of signing up. GCVTelemedicine and Timeless Veterinary Systems Inc. have been in partnership since 2013 and the relationship continues to grow. “The Timeless team is extremely responsive to our business needs and we’d like to offer our customers the same peace of mind that we have in knowing that their diagnostic medical data is secure and accessible.” says Hoover.

The Timeless servers are world class with respect to, not only their speed and accessibility, but also their safety and security precautions to ensure 100% uptime with 24/7 support and monitoring. In addition, clinics with a Timeless Veterinary Cloud Storage™ account will have unlimited storage and the ability to share diagnostic images via email for second opinions or referral consultations. Those interested in learning more about their cloud storage options or new telemedicine opportunities may contact Lindsey Hoover at For further information W:

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Professional veterinary dentistry with the VetPro® 1000


revolutionary and ecologicallyfriendly addition to your veterinary practice, the VetPro® 1000 comes with exclusive oil-free technology. Oil-free technology helps provide a clean, aseptic work environment for you, your staff and your

patients and guarantees no more messy oil changes. Also featuring automatic handpiece activation for up to 4 handpieces, the VetPro® 1000 Dental Delivery System is designed with your complete convenience and ease-of-use in mind.

Durable as well as reliable, with a sturdy, enclosed outer system made from ABS plastic, the VetPro® 1000 is made to withstand the busy, demanding environment of the veterinary profession. Also regarded as one of the quietest compressors available, with


a sound level of 40 dB, the VetPro® 1000 will do all the hard work for you without even being heard. For more information on the Midmark VetPro® 1000 dental delivery system, please contact or call +44 (0)1252 360 940.


superior illumination to their halogen counterparts easily coping with differing voltages with little or no change in performance. We are so confident of the quality of our advanced TrueToneTM technology that we offer an unrivalled 10 year guarantee. So our message is clear ‘Never buy spare bulbs for your Otoscope or Ophthalmoscope again!’ Contact us at Albert Waeschle Veterinary for more information on 01202 607092 or email on how the OPTICLAR range can simplify your Surgery life.



ulbs never fail when you want them to, only when you are using them or need to use them, leading to expense, wasted time and inconvenience. All of the above could be a thing of the past if you purchase an OPTICLAR otoscope, ophthalmoscope or combination set. Why? Because due to a fantastic average working life of over 10,000 hours it is highly unlikely you will ever need to replace an OPTICLAR LED bulb? No more searching through drawers and cupboards to find another bulb, then finding it is not the correct voltage so it either blows or does not work! Our superb LED bulbs deliver


Save Money! Save Time! Save Aggravation!

Practice Matters 58

Vetstream Launches Global Online Veterinary Resource, Allvet V

etstream, a leading supplier of veterinary digital reference content, has launched Allvet, the first global veterinary directory and content hub. Allvet aims to provide a comprehensive resource of veterinary information to help veterinary professionals around the world to research and compare suppliers, products, services and associations in particular sectors, markets or countries. According to Vetstream, veterinary professionals using Allvet for research will be able to review a wide range of content from Allvet’s company and association members. The information, which will be constantly updated, includes corporate profiles, product details, press releases and forthcoming events. Users will also be able to access members’ social media platforms and YouTube channels, all from the same site. Allvet’s animal health and veterinary advertisers will benefit from utilising this additional channel to reach a global audience of potential customers and from increasing ‘back links’ to their own website, which will, in turn, help to increase its overall SEO performance. Commenting on the launch of Allvet, Dr G Mark Johnston, Managing Director of Vetstream, said: “Time is always the enemy in veterinary practice so Allvet makes research easier and faster for veterinary professionals as it gives them access to so much company, product and service information in one central place.

“Veterinary businesses and organisations are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to extend their marketing reach cost-effectively and, as an independent site, membership of Allvet offers them the opportunity to promote themselves to a global veterinary market in a way that adds value to their existing marketing efforts. They can upload all kinds of company information onto the site and add key words to ensure that users can find their products or services quickly and easily. We will be adding even more functionality and new features to Allvet in the months ahead.” David Haley, Operations Manager at Purple Haze, a member

of Allvet and partner of Vetstream in its development, said: “We see a real benefit in participating in what is effectively the first online business directory for the global veterinary sector. It offers a wealth of features, including the capability to help users narrow their search quickly by offering 67 categories, covering species, body system and discipline. “We’ve been so impressed with Allvet that we have partnered with Vetstream to use the site to market our own virtual resource services and we will also be working with Vetstream to encourage other veterinary companies to participate.” Vetstream offers a range of online clinical resources for the

veterinary profession including Canis, Felis, Lapis and Equis. Its Vetacademy e-learning service offers e-learning modules and online videos from some of the world’s leading veterinary CE providers, including The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Medicine, the North American Veterinary Community (NAVC), Elsevier and Improve International and its Webpartner service specialises in the development of professional and accessible websites for veterinary practices and related businesses and organisations. For further information Visit




ADR trial nearing completion with two-thirds of cases referred

The alternative dispute resolution (ADR) trial launched by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) at the end of last year is now nearing completion with over two-thirds of its target number of cases either resolved or in process. The year-long trial, which began in November 2014, aims to gather the evidence needed to develop a permanent scheme which would provide a way of adjudicating on concerns raised by a veterinary surgeon that do not meet the RCVS threshold of serious professional misconduct. The aim of the trial, which is administered by the independent, notfor-profit Ombudsman Services, is to make determinations on around 100

cases in order to gather information about types of concern, time taken to resolve disputes, recommendations and how likely each party is to accept recommendations. As of this week some 72 cases have been referred to the trial scheme, with final decisions made in relation to 54 of these cases. Nick Stace, Chief Executive Officer, was responsible for pushing forward the trial believing that “what is good for the consumer is good for the profession”. Furthermore, it also brings the RCVS in line with a European Union Directive on alternative dispute resolution which, while not legally binding on the College, does specify that regulators and other ‘competent authorities’ should have consumer redress systems in place.

Nick says: “The majority of cases are either being determined in the veterinary surgeon’s favour or finding that they need take no further action in order to resolve the dispute. Where recommendations have been made in favour of the client, the suggested remedies have generally been for a small goodwill payment to be made. “However, the trial has not been without some frustrations so far. The fact that participation in the trial is entirely voluntary has meant that, in many cases, members of the profession have chosen not to take part. “With this in mind, it is very important to stress the benefits of the trial to the profession – chiefly that many of the vets who chose to take

part have had their actions exonerated by Ombudsman Services in a way that a concern being closed by our Professional Conduct Department does not. For clients, where a vet does have a case to answer, it gives them the chance to seek recompense without having to resort to legal action. “Regardless of which way the decision goes in any of these cases, participating in the trial can bring these often long-standing and burdensome disputes to a close.” The trial will continue to run until the end of October and a full report and recommendations will be presented to RCVS Council at its meeting on Thursday 5 November 2015. Full details of the trial and its parameters can be found at


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All the latest news & articles from the veterinary sector.

VSM Issue 3.6 Digital  

All the latest news & articles from the veterinary sector.