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Volume 4, Issue 1

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Welcome to VSM


elcome to the first edition of VSM for 2016, where we will be continuing our primary mission of delivering the latest news and information regarding equipment, technology, pharmaceuticals and services, all from the veterinary industry. This issue we have spotlight features on Companion Animal – Canines, covering the newest products and services for canine veterinary. And our feature on Practice Matters - IT and Social Media & Cloud-based Software, which has articles about the development of cloud-based practice software and an article about how you can take advantage of social media to boost your online presence. These alongside our regular features of: Companion Animal, General News, Farm/


Large Animal, Equine, and Equipment, are sure to bring you up to date with the latest industry developments. Look out for a Question and Answer on page 24 with Midmark Clinical Specialist, Rebecca Watson MSc RVN. We're also pleased to have partnered with the European Animal Health Investment Forum, check out pages 34 and 36 for more information. Enjoy.

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The Foal Aspirator / Resuscitator Kit is used to clear respiratory passages and stimulate the first breaths of distressed newborn foals. Its all inclusive, compact and durable design has saved hundreds of lives, making it an invaluable tool for all equine veterinarians and breeders. Each Kit includes: • Aspirator / Resuscitator • Supplemental Oxygen Adapter

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General News Chanelle intensifies it's resources in Northern Ireland


hanelle Vet UK is delighted to announce the appointment of Frank McCrystal to the position of Account Manager for Northern Ireland. Frank brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the position after spending the past 21 years in various trade and veterinary roles within Pfizer and Zoetis. The new position is in response to the growth in the region. Chanelle is committed to providing its customers in Northern Ireland


with high quality competitively priced pharmaceutical products along with exceptional service. Commenting on the appointment, Frank said, “I am very excited about joining Chanelle at this time to support our customers in Northern Ireland with a rapidly expanding range of quality products which will allow them to ensure savings and enhance profits”. To contact Frank, please email or call 07789793516.

WAWC calls for evidence about hunting with dogs


he Wild Animal Welfare Committee (WAWC) has issued a call for evidence about the welfare of hunted foxes. In July, the WAWC announced that it would produce a Statement in response to public interest in possible changes to legislation governing the hunting of wild mammals with dogs in England, Wales and Scotland. The call for evidence asks specifically for references to published research about the effects of being flushed by two dogs or by a full pack, and whether there

is any animal welfare-based case to change the law in any of the UK administrations. WAWC Chair Dr Pete Goddard said: “The WAWC is not aware of any new specific evidence on the welfare aspects of hunting foxes with dogs, since the report of the Burns Inquiry in June 2000, which concluded that hunting with dogs ‘seriously compromises the welfare’ of foxes, deer, hares and mink. There is not thought to be any new reliable evidence either on the effectiveness of hunting with dogs, especially

different numbers of dogs, in controlling fox populations. “We see it as an important part of our remit to ensure that animal welfare is fully discussed, rather than any justification for, or effectiveness of, hunting with dogs.

“Our Statement will assist the policy process by ensuring that all relevant research is summarised and made known to decision-makers. We encourage researchers, academics and other observers to send information to us for collation.”

point-of-care information on the veterinary treatments of dogs, cats, rabbits and horses. Accessible 24/7 on any internet-enabled device, it is a unique expert resource available to practices, which is trusted, updated and reviewed by more than 900 of the world’s leading veterinarians.



Vetlexicon is the world’s largest online clinical veterinary reference tool, offering comprehensive, peer-reviewed digital

Vetacademy is Vetstream’s user-friendly online platform, providing the whole practice team with the ability to search and select

from more than 300 courses from the world’s leading training and CPD providers, including the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Medicine, the North American Veterinary Community (NAVC) and Elsevier, all brought together in one place. ‘Communicate’ Vetstream’s Webpartner offers a suite of website design, online content and digital marketing services designed specifically for the veterinary profession.


More than 120 practices contributed to the study conducted on behalf of Vetstream with the results reported back in December 2015. Dr G Mark Johnston MRCVS, Managing Director of Vetstream, said: “Being accepted as a host company for CVP gave us the opportunity to work with a team of high calibre Cambridge business students who had, between them, a wide variety of business experience and strong market analysis skills. The very detailed research they have produced supports our own view of the potential benefits of telemedicine to the veterinary professional globally and we have exciting plans to develop our service offering in this area.” Vetstream’s services, grouped under the ‘TLC’ banner, include:



team of MBA students from the Cambridge Judge Business School has just completed a research project into the opportunity for telemedicine in the veterinary sector on behalf of Vetstream. The team carried out the project following Vetstream’s successful application to be a host company for the Cambridge Venture Project (CVP), an integral part of the Cambridge MBA course, during which a team of students is assigned to work with a company to estimate the potential market for a new product or service. Vetstream provides digital services to the veterinary profession and has recently grouped its wellknown services into three ranges: ‘Treat’, ‘Learn’ and ‘Communicate’. They combine, the company says, to offer ‘TLC’ to the veterinary profession. Host companies for the CVP were selected following the submission of proposals in September 2015 with research carried out during October and November.


Cambridge Judge Business School MBA Students Explore Telemedicine Opportunities for Vetstream

General News 4

Prestigious Norfolk stud farm relies on Miele Professional machine for clean horse blankets, week after week. S

narehill Stud, located in Norfolk, was developed as a rehabilitation centre for Sheikh Hamdan’s string of racehorses in England and is part of the larger Shadwell stud farm. The team at the farm were having issues with their laundry – there was simply too much to get through every week and much of it was incredibly dirty, with horse hairs and dirt deeply ingrained into the fabric fibres. The team was also struggling with waterproof items which needed re-proofing. They approached local dealer GW Commercial to help with their requirement and the recommendation was for a 32kg Miele Professional washing machine to be installed on site. The manager Andrea Pykerman who worked with GW Commercial, to finalise his choice, comments: “The GW Commercial team were professional from start to

finish and handled our requirements perfectly. We wanted a large capacity washer to clean horse rugs, turnout blankets and saddle cloths. We also wanted the ability to reproof the turnout blankets. The recommendation was a Miele Professional 32kg washer and a Brightwell auto dosing unit - the installation was completed in a day and the team programmed the washer to our requirements. GW Commercial provided the chemicals which included detergent, softener and reproof agent.” Rob Dixon, National Sales Manager of Miele Professional, comments: “it’s great to see a Miele Professional machine in action in such a unique, high-demand environment – the team here use the machine many times a day, and each time the items washed are seriously dirty. The fact that it’s such a large machine also means that different articles can be washed in one go. It’s

a great example of just how diverse Miele Professional machines are.” Miele Professional’s PW6321 is one of the washing machines included on the government backed Water Technology List (managed by AEA on behalf of Defra and HM Revenue and Customs). Any businesses using machines on this list can claim back 100% of the machine’s cost back of the equipment against taxable profits of the year of purchase. The machines are also guaranteed to reduce water use in the long term; like for any business with demanding laundry requirements, water savings are key for Snarehill Stud – and it’s expected that businesses like this can easily save between 30% and 50% of water and wastewater costs. For more information on Miele Professional’s products, please phone 0844 8936907.




David Gardner Roberts, of Armac Vets, wins £1000 Holiday Voucher With Bimeda Cosecure Boluses V et David Gardner Roberts of Armac Vets in Lanarkshire, was thrilled to win a competition organised by Bimeda at the 2015 London Vet Show. The competition was in conjunction with Cosecure Cattle Boluses (POM-VPS) and David correctly answered a number of questions regarding trace element deficiencies and toxicities in ruminants. David’s name was selected at random from all the correct entries and he was extremely pleased to find out he was the winner. David was even more thrilled when he realised that the prize was for a £1000 holiday voucher! Bimeda Territory Manager Rachel Mallet presented the prize at Armac Vets and commented; ‘David was absolutely thrilled to win the prize. He is looking forward to

treating his wife and baby son to a well-deserved break, although he hasn’t decided where to go yet’. Bimeda’s Cosecure Cattle Bolus is the UK’s only POM-VPS licensed nutritional bolus and provides copper, cobalt and selenium for up to 6 months in cattle. In an independent trial, the boluses were shown to increase fertility in cattle. Bimeda also offer a range of non-licensed boluses for cattle, sheep and lambs, including CoseIcure boluses, which supply copper, cobalt, iodine and selenium for up to 6 months. Bimeda’s Cosecure bolus range has enjoyed phenomenal success in 2015, and GFK figures showed that Bimeda’s offering was the fastest growing bolus range this year.

In Sight


qLabs® Veterinary Coagulation Analyser In-Practice point-of-care coagulation testing

What makes the InSightTM qLabs a ground breaking Coagulation analyser? ?? ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?? ?????????????????????????????????????????????? ? ??????????????????????????????????? ?? ??????????????????????????????????? ? : F::: :::: ::::: :::::::: :::: ::::::: : QC :::::::: ::::::::: : N: :::: :: :::::::: :::::: :::: ::::::: :?:: : O:::: ::: B:?:::::: ::::::: :::::: ::::::: : L:? :::: :::::::: ::: ::::?:::::: : ‘:::: ::?:: ?:’ ::: ::::::::: :::::::::: : ::::::::: :::::::::: :: ::::::: :::::::::: :::?:::

2 Year Warranty

Making coagulation testing more convenient and affordable for your veterinary practice

Helping diagnose conditions in relation to: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::: : D::::::::::: I::::::::?::: C:::?::::::: ?DIC? D:::::: S::::: :::::::

??2?4 669?33 ??2?4 669?34

General News 6

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is a treatment in which a patient not only breathes 100% oxygen, but oxygen that is pressurized at a measure that is higher than sea level.


imply breathing 100% pure oxygen outside a pressurized chamber will not significantly increase a patient’s healing capabilities at all. When a patient is in the chamber, the increased pressure causes the blood plasma, and other liquids of the body, to absorb much larger quantities of oxygen, greatly increasing oxygen uptake by the cells, tissues, glands, organs, brain, and all fluids of the body. For example, once inside the pressurized chamber at 2.0 atmospheres, oxygen is being delivered to the patient’s tissues at a rate of 20 times breathing normal air. This enables the molecules to penetrate compromised tissue three to four times farther than normally diffused by red blood cells, which aids in healing and greatly decreases recovery time. That really is how hyperbaric oxygen works.

HBOT has been used in human medicine for over 30 years and the benefits have been remarkable. Over 1000 human hospitals use the modality today in the United States. In veterinary medicine, human chambers have been utilized to provide the same benefits of HBOT to animals. The results have been equally remarkable as a primary and adjunctive treatment for a myriad of conditions ailing pets and other small animals, such as severe burns, tissue damage, fracture healing, nerve damage, pancreatitis, infections and post-surgical swelling just to name a few. However, human chambers are not an ideal or even a safe vessel when dealing with animals. Human chambers (Class B) are made with acrylics which are susceptible to scratching and “crazing,” compromising the integrity of the cylinder

and increasing the chance of rupture while pressurized. Animal chambers (Class C) are relatively new to the industry. Hyperbaric Veterinary Medicine (hvm) is a 5-year-old American company that specializes in the engineering and construction of solid steel and borosilicate glass vessels made exclusively for the treatment of pets and other small animals. And unlike mild, inflatable chambers (mHBOT, less than 1.5 atmospheres), these “Class C” chambers reach the full 2.0 atmospheres to create the pressure needed for the oxygen to penetrate deep into the patient’s tissues. Hyperbaric Veterinary Medicine has installed over 30 chambers across the United States in specialized and general veterinary practices and hospitals, including the chamber in South Carolina that treated Caitlyn, the famous chocolate and white Staffordshire-bull terrier

mix that had her muzzle duct-taped shut by a grossly abusive owner. HVM offers veterinary facilities the opportunity to install and utilize a fully supported “Class C” chamber without having to lay out the capital required to purchase one, and they now look to expand internationally into the UK as well. DVM’s and technicians have performed over 38,000 treatments and the list of viable veterinary conditions helped by hyperbaric chambers keeps growing. American Veterinarian Dr. Andrew Turkell, who owns a 24hr Emergency hospital in Boca Raton FL, has treated over 3,000 patients in his veterinary hyperbaric chamber. Dr Turkell will be speaking at the BSAVA conference in April on the use and benefits of HBOT.

Specialising in sympathy cards for pets Having worked within the Veterinary Profession for 20 years, I know how much client’s appreciate receiving a condolence card after the loss of a pet. Combining my background knowledge along with my love for watercolour painting I have produced an individual range of quality cards, which are exceptional value for money and are very different to others available to the veterinary market, making this a sympathetic way to promote your practice. The cards are printed on a stylish textured surface measuring 140mm x 140mm, with envelopes provided. They can be supplied with a simple verse inside or left blank for your own message. Personalisation is available on all orders, please contact us for details.




Pet casket bags... now available in 2 colours & sizes The loss of a beloved pet can be an emotional experience for owners. When a pet has been cremated this is a sympathetic and discreet way of presenting their ashes to your clients. WAYSIDE, 2 THE LOKE, DITCHINGHAM, BUNGAY, SUFFOLK. NR35 2QS. UNITED KINGDOM Tel: 01986 893953 | Fax: 01986 893953 | |


The ‘Woodley Lab System’:

Haematology, Clinical Chemistry and Coagulation

Skyla VB1 Clinical Chemistry Analyser

InSightTM qLabs® Veterinary Coagulation Analyser

Mythic 18 VET Haematology Analyser

Panel and Single/Dual parameter testing capability

PT/aPTT from whole blood in minutes

Fully automated 18 parameter analyser

For a limited time, the Woodley Lab System is available fully installed and maintainted throughout the contract period for...

ONLY £175 / 4 weeks* Expand your in-practice testing capability with Woodley Equipment

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General News 8

Rehabilitation with Advanced Hydrotherapy





odern veterinary practices can improve rehabilitation facilities for their canine patients by using an aquatic treadmill. It has become common practice for veterinary professionals to refer patients for "hydro� sessions. These sessions are valuable for the health and wellbeing of patients and can generate significant practice income. There are many physiological benefits from water based exercise, specifically with heated water. These include increased circulation to muscles, greater flexibility in joints and reduced levels of pain. Water provides resistance to strengthen muscles and improve cardiovascular health. The factors to consider when choosing appropriate hydrotherapy equipment are dependent on the needs of the practice. Many practices have space limitations and require a simple cost effective installation. On a practical level HYDRO PHYSIO treadmill units are a compact solution for many practices. Exercising in water helps to improve strength and range of movement. Other advantages include muscular and cardiorespiratory endurance and it even promotes weight loss. This can all be achieved whilst minimising pain for the patient. As

veterinary surgeons understand, patients’ needs are wide and varied. From short term postoperative rehabilitation to lifelong conditions such as arthritis; aquatic treadmills provide a relevant method of therapy. Over the last decade HYDRO PHYSIO have developed the market leading canine aquatic treadmill. The treadmill is designed with twin patented outward opening doors. This twin door arrangement is often used to reduce stress and familiarise the patient by walking through the treadmill before the session commences. The walk through arrangement is also useful when the dog exits the treadmill after a rehabilitation session. Having a reversible belt direction means that the treadmill can be used from either door. To assist patients with a severe lack of mobility, side platforms allow the practitioner to aid and reassure during the session. Following an injury dogs can be reluctant to use their affected limb on land. In a treadmill based hydrotherapy session the patient is more inclined to use the limb. The effects of warm water and buoyancy relieve pain and provide a less impacting method of exercise. HYDRO PHYSIO treadmills have adjustable water temperature. The recommended canine hydrotherapy temperature

range is between 26-28oC. The correct water temperature improves circulation, which relaxes the muscles by opening surface blood vessels. In turn this decreases pain and reduces the likelihood of muscle spasms. Hydrostatic pressure acts as an anti-inflammatory and helps to reduce swelling encouraging any oedema to disperse from affected areas. Water height within the treadmill is adjustable to suit individual requirements. Achieving the correct buoyancy for each patient is essential for tailored therapy. In a study it was observed that filling water to the level of the lateral malleolus would be equivalent to feeling 91% of body weight if on land, whereas filling the water level to the greater trochanter would reduce the body weight to the equivalent of 38% if on land. Movement in water adds resistance to the patient; this increases workout intensity whilst at the same time supports weak muscles and limbs. Buoyancy reduces the load on painful joints and muscles. Joint flexion is greatest with water levels at or higher than the affected joint. The advantages of treadmill walking over swimming are increased flexion and extension of the limbs. Whilst swimming is good for buoyancy it does not replicate the movements the dog requires to

be fully rehabilitated on land. This can only be achieved by using an aquatic treadmill. The clear glass construction on all four sides of HYDRO PHYSIO treadmills allows the patient to feel close to the practitioner and aids veterinary analysis. Stride length indicators on the glass sides help the practitioner gauge improvements throughout the rehabilitation programme. The treadmill is easy to use with push button controls. HYDRO PHYSIO is renowned for hygiene, its stainless steel and glass construction is easy to clean. The water is recycled between patient sessions by the filtration and treatment system. The units are sold complete with a plant pack, filtration system and water storage tank. The treadmill can be fitted with an optional incline feature and resistance jets to maximise the workout intensity. With over 500 HYDRO PHYSIO systems sold worldwide, aquatic therapy is becoming recognised as the standard rehabilitation technique. A well planned programme of hydrotherapy as part of a comprehensive veterinary treatment plan can help the patient to be a healthy and happy dog once again.

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it’s a genuine Swann-Morton

When they rely on you - we know you can rely on us for the accuracy and precision you demand time after time. EMS 633531

All medical devices are CE marked in accordance with the Medical Device Directive (93/42/EEC)

FM 73368

For more information on the Swann-Morton range of products designed for Veterinary, including the lightweight Fine Range, please go to our website

As the preferred choice of Veterinary Surgeons and Clinicians the comprehensive range of Swann-Morton surgical blades and scalpels provide consistent quality and performance to meet the challenges faced within today’s modern practice when treating small and companion animals. The “new” KLEEN cartridge system and Retractable safety scalpels also offer a protected sharps solution whilst working on larger Farm based Animals out in the field.

See our website at for more infromaton. Owlerton Green, Sheffield S6 2BJ Telephone: 0114 2344231, Sales: 0114 2344223, Fax: 0114 2314966, ‘Swann-Morton’ and the ‘Ring Pattern Logo’ are the registered trade marks of Swann-Morton Limited and related companies.

Practice Matters 10

New NOAH Compendium now available!


arking the unveiling of a special 30th anniversary NOAH logo, the 2016 edition of the NOAH Compendium of Data Sheets for Animal Medicines has been published and a free copy sent to each veterinary practice in the UK. This logo is the first in a series of special events to mark the association’s 30 years. Commenting on the book publication, NOAH Chief Executive Dawn Howard said: “In our digital world, the book remains a welcome and essential information source for busy vets in practice. It is of course fully supported by the free-toaccess online edition at, and shortly via the NOAH app. In the book, the product data sheets can be easily accessed through colour-coded indexes and it includes the latest edition of NOAH’s Code of Practice for the Promotion of Animal Medicines. The book cover includes a ‘blippar’ link through a smartphone app. Downloading the app and scanning the cover links to useful information such as NOAH’s Pet Health Information website,

its video channel and the RUMA (Responsible Use of Medicines in Agriculture Alliance) website, as well as the Talking Medicines site which provides access to further information to aid compliance on certain products. Mrs Howard said: “This book – along with the online version – is a major part of NOAH’s efforts to help provide prescribers and users of animal medicines with information to assist the appropriate and responsible use of all animal medicines. The online edition is regularly updated– any changes are clearly indicated to signpost prescribers and users and help ensure best practice.” If a veterinary practice has not received its free copy, perhaps because they are a new practice, or have changed address in the past year please contact Amy Davis at NOAH ( Extra copies are also available for purchase at £45 via the NOAH website There are special prices for bulk orders. NOAH is pleased to donate £1 from each sale to its 2015 charity Therapaws.

BVA & BSAVA respond to launch of RSA referrals network





K pet insurer RSA has this week launched its preferred referrals network for veterinary treatment, with Tesco Bank and MORE TH>N policy holders being the first to switch to the new requirements. This is a business decision for RSA, in light of pressures facing the pet insurance industry - however BVA and BSAVA requested a meeting with the pet insurer earlier this year to discuss members’ concerns about RSA’s policy conditions concerning cases for referral. We outlined the importance of the vet-client relationship, especially with respect to

clinical decision making, and we emphasised that decisions must be made in the best interests of the pet-based on clinical indication and not be driven by cost. RSA refers to these meetings in their recent Q&A document (number 13). However, this so-called “engagement” should not be read as implying the two Associations complicity or acceptance of the changes. We stressed our concerns to RSA and would welcome opportunity for further input. BVA and BSAVA actively encourage our members to make us aware of their concerns, and to keep us informed about how

RSA’s new approach is working in practice. This will help us to continue to champion vets’ voices on an issue that impacts our profession. RSA is writing directly to over 4,500 first opinion vet practices to ensure that they are fully aware of the preferred network practices and the policy changes that have been applied to MORE TH>N and Tesco Bank policy holders. The letter contains a Q&A document and a copy of the preferred referral vet list, explaining that referral network policy wording is now applied in new policies and at renewal for these policy holders.

Practically speaking, this means if a vet recommends a particular referral practice that is not part of the RSA network, the customer may need to pay £200 towards the referral practice bill depending upon the conditions that apply in their insurance policy. However, RSA has confirmed that it will treat each case on its merits with the key requirement being for the client to call RSA if they wish to be referred outside of the network. They state that if there is a justifiable reason for being referred to a vet not on their referral network then this will be discussed with each client directly.

©2015 MAI Animal Health

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HS4 Counter Top Dental Work Station Provides all the essential handpieces for small animal dentistry in a compact, portable and sturdy design. The unit operates using different configurations of a remote compressor or nitrogen tank and may be mounted to a swing arm, pneumatic brake arm or mobile frame, maximising space and effectiveness in any size clinic. • Push button High Speed Handpiece with fibre-optics • Low Speed Handpiece

• Air / Water Syringe with autoclavable tip • Piezoelectric Scaler • KLAW™ Tips - sizes 1, 4 and 6

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Anaesthesia Chambers

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Flexible Micro-Endoscope

Practice Matters 12

Farrlacey Mill Doubles Output With Miele PW 6101 F

arrlacey Mill is based on the edge of the Lincolnshire Wolds near Horncastle UK. Enthusiasts of the Alpaca breed, the Mill has been established for over thirty years, and offers a range of services including Alpaca fleece and garment processing services. The mill handles quantities from 1kg to 500kg. Like all of British Farming, the economic value is in the end product - the fleece, the yarn and the garments, so processing the fibre as cost effective as possible is key to Farrlacey Mill. For many years Farrlacey Mill have been washing the Alpaca fibre in a 7kg Belfast Mini-Mills washing machine. This 12-year-old washing machine, originally from Canada is known for being able to handle raw fibres such as yak, muskox, alpaca, camel, cashmere, silk, bamboo, and even dog hair. However, with the quantity

that the Mill can process each day severely restricted by the drum size, they sought to find a replacement machine, which could not only handle the raw fibres but also larger volumes too. Les Reetham from Farrlacey Mill who selected the Miele PW 6101 washer-extractor said, “The 10kg drum size means we can process 2-3 extra loads per day. But on the whole the fibres are coming out far cleaner than our old machine and the 42% residual moisture achieved means we’re also saving on the time the fleece needs to be left to dry in our demidifying room.” Also equipped with the Profitronic M control system which offers top of the range of flexibility in a high productivity laundry, Farrlacey Mill have been visited three times by a Miele engineer to help them devise programmes to specifically handle the different types of raw fibers the machine needs to wash.

This is the beauty of the Miele PW 6101, as well as having a host of standard programmes available through Profitronic M control system, the machine can be specially programmed for your requirements and saved to the direct access keys for quick selection. Farrlacey Mill have been able to alter a number of parameters, such as temperatures, spin speeds, pre-wash, etc to ensure they have the optimum setting for the diverse fibers the machine needs to handle, whether that be Alpaca, Sheep, Llama and Guanaco fleeces. The machine was installed and is serviced by accredited Miele Professional Partner, Acer Equipment Ltd. For more information on Miele Professional’s products, please phone 0844 8936907 or visit http://

Getting your teeth stuck into social media





o you know a hashtag from a pin? No? Don’t worry you’re not on your own. Sarah Learoyd of GLR Public Relations, answers some of the most asked social media questions from the industry. Q: All the businesses in my area use social media, but I have no idea where to start. What should I do? A: Before you do anything you need to really think about what you want from any social media activity and whether or not you genuinely need it. If you’re only considering social media because everyone else seems to be doing it, then stop and invest your efforts elsewhere. Q: How much time do you need to invest in social media for a business? A: You can spend as much or as little as you can afford but once you start you really shouldn’t stop. Social media needs attention and you need to be willing to put in the hours to get a return. What you often find is that businesses invest a lot of time to start off with. After a couple of months they find other business priorities and eventually the social media becomes dormant. It’s better to have absolutely no social media presence than to have something old, outdated and unloved.

Q: I use Facebook personally, but I don’t know what’s best for business use? A: A lot of businesses set up a handful of social media accounts across the most popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram. Instead it’s best to just select platforms that help you achieve your goals. Pinterest and Instagram are the best options for consumer and lifestyle brands as they are image focused. They can help position a brand as aspirational. But never post

any medical or gruesome photos. If you’re looking to position yourself as a thought leader in the industry or to recruit, LinkedIn is a must as long as you’re active, post content and share material. Twitter is great for businesses dipping their toes into social media as it’s a micro blogging platform that encompasses image, link sharing and thought leadership. This out of all of the platforms is the one I’d recommend businesses start with. Q: I’ve started a Twitter account but I often struggle to think of things to talk about do you have

any advice? A: The secret is planning. Think of four subjects you want to talk about on social media - two of these could be commercial and linked to the key areas of your business, a third could be about your team and the forth about something within a relevant sector that interests you. This will give you some structure to creating your content. If you have any questions, feel free to tweet them to us @glrpr


ASSET FINANCE SPECIALISTS FOR YOUR VET practice RURAL PRACTICE • CITY PRACTICE • ANIMAL HOSPITAL • REFERRAL PRACTICE Founded in 1995 and supported by the world’s strongest financial institutions Peregrine Finance, has grown to become one of the UK’s leading independent finance providers. With a wide range of products, finance terms and minimal deposits, we are able to tailor a solution specific to your needs.


Peregrine Finance is a trading style of Peregrine Asset Finance Ltd, registered in England number: 4208223. Peregrine Asset Finance Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority number FRN649227, Peregrine Finance offers financial facilities to UK businesses only through a number of authorised funders, a list of which is available on request.

Companion Animal 14

Woof Woof Castle pleases customers with Pet Safety Product


oof Woof Castle’s “Peeka-Boo™” Petlatch helps keep dogs healthy by protecting them from getting into the litter box. The Peek-a-Boo Petlatch was designed and developed to help dogs avoid becoming ill. Created to keep dogs out of the cat litter box which prevents them from eating cat feces and getting sick. When installed the petlatch stops dogs from entering a room inside the home where the cat litter box is stored. The Peek-a-Boo Petlatch helps the customers’ dogs and cats live in coherence. A specific customer, Jill said, “Thank you so much for your amazing product! My boyfriend and I live in a small 2 bedroom condo.” She goes on to say, “We have both latches in use and this is the only way the cat and dog can live together in harmony. The kitty food is in a

latched bathroom and the litter box is in a latched small coat closet. Thank you so so so much.” Not only does the petlatch stop dogs from getting into the cat’s litter box, but it also helps to prevent the dogs from eating the cat food. If a cat is larger than a dog Woof Woof Castle suggests the following: for smaller dogs, install the product at a height that will be preventative. For an extralarge, more powerful dog and a smaller cat, Woof Woof Castle says two latches should stand their power. In 2012, Peggy Sue Soutner formed Woof Woof Castle, LLC. She has worked in the pet care business for over 20 years, which includes a pet “Bed and Breakfast” service. Woof Woof Castle is located in Mechanicsburg, PA. For more information please visit:




TruDog release CPR infographic to help educate dog owners on lifesaving techniques M

any pet owners are unaware of what to do in a life threatening situation with their dogs or cats. It is important to educate these owners on how they can save their pets life when professional veterinary assistance isn’t available. Whether their pet is in cardiac arrest or has stopped breathing completely, there are simple steps to help them save their pet’s life if they act quickly and knowledgeably. Whilst the majority of people are familiar with the CPR technique that is used on humans, they are unaware that it can be used on dogs and cats too, or how to even perform it on them. Veterinary teams can educate their clients on the steps and process of how to save their pet’s life, but in times of panic, most pet owners will forget exactly what to do and how to do it correctly. TruDog has created a helpful infographic that can be shared with clients in order to help them remember what to do in an emergency situation such as choking, cardiac arrest, electric

shock, or drowning. This simple, step by step graphic outlines what needs to happen in order for the owner to resuscitate their pet and keep the oxygen and blood flowing. The graphic also demonstrates how to perform CPR on puppies and dogs with barrel chests. The infographic outlines the following steps with a picture demonstration: 1. Find a sturdy flat spot and lay your dog on his right side. 2. Take the palms of your hands and place them on your dog’s rib cage over his heart. - With smaller dogs and puppies you can use the onehanded technique. Wrap your hand around the sternum directly over the heart and squeeze. - For dogs with barrelchests, like English Bulldogs, you may perform CPR with the dog on its back (like you would a human). 3. Push down on his chest so that you are compressing it about 1/4th to 1/3rd of the way. You should do this at a speed of about 100 to 120 compressions

per minute. 4. After every 30 compressions, hold his mouth shut, make sure it is completely closed, and breathe into his nose two times. 5. Repeat steps three and four until your dog is responsive or until about 10 to 15 minutes has passed. Sharing this infographic with your clients will help educate them in order to save pets’ lives. As veterinarians, one of the most important things clients look for is information and advice on how pet owners can provide their dogs and cats with the best chance at living a long and healthy life. This

visual tool will give your clients the knowledge of what to do in an emergency situation, and the confidence to take action and provide CPR when necessary. To view the infographic online visit: home/how-to-perform-cpr-onyour-dog-infographic/

PLH Medical is delighted to have been chosen as Siemens Healthcares’ Veterinary Partner for advanced CT imaging solutions. With an increased demand for high level diagnostic imaging in Veterinary Healthcare the new SOMOTOM Scope 16 slice CT provides the answer. The all new SOMATOM Scope sets the precise balance between clinical excellence and cost efficiency. Focus on clinical excellence · Supports your daily routine · Delivers outstanding image quality, at the right dose · Highly efficient and reliable · Easy to Use

Focus on cost efficiency Keeps overheads under control · · Innovative service benefits · Small footprint for optimum use of space Features to lower your Total · Cost of Ownership by up to 35%

Now you can you deliver high-quality, affordable care with the SOMATOM® Scope by focusing on the essence of CT. Contact PLH Medical: t. 01923 237521 | f. 01923 232216 e. | w.

Companion Animal 16

A Weighty Issue T

he issue of pet obesity is growing in size. Almost 60% of dogs in the UK are overweight or obese. Obesity is classed as a disease in dogs and is also known to increase the risk of other health conditions such as joint disease, skin problems and cardiorespiratory issues. In essence, obesity can lead to a decreased life expectancy and reduced quality of life. This said, obesity remains difficult to address as often the pet owner doesn’t recognise or acknowledge it as a problem. For professionals, convincing the owner to take steps to reduce a pet’s weight can seem daunting, not least because obesity is not normally the reason for the consultation. The good news is that the veterinary team is ideally equipped to help pet owners through their pet’s weight loss journey using a combination of diet, exercise and other small lifestyle changes in a way that is medically safe and compatible with the pet owner’s lifestyle. A diet designed specifically for weight loss in companion animals that can help to reduce some of the unwanted side effects, such as hunger, poor coat condition and begging behaviours, can be an excellent solution.

High Protein and High Fibre (HPHF) Diets The main benefit when a HPHF diet is used during weight loss is improved satiety compared to either a high protein (HP) or a high fibre (HF) diet on their own. Different types of fibre have very different effects on satiety; for example, psyllium, one of the fibre types used in the HPHF diets (amongst others), has been shown to delay gastric emptying in dogs¹ and humans² and is hence thought to improve satiety in this way. Other insoluble fibres such as cellulose have fewer benefits on satiety. Concerns that have been reported over the use of any high fibre diets for weight loss in dogs include the potential for reduced digestibility, particularly of the protein portion of the dietary ration. However, recent studies⁴ report that the use of high quality HPHF diets readily available to veterinary practitioners do not result in reduced digestibility and it is speculated that this is due to the fact that the protein used is of such high quality, the index for indigestible protein is extremely low. Having such a low level of indigestible protein is of major benefit, because it means satiety is

maintained, whilst the benefit of highly digestible protein levels minimise the risk of lean tissue loss during weight loss, instead promoting the beneficial loss of adipose tissue. When using a HPHF diet for weight loss, other benefits include a faster (but still safe) rate of weight loss alongside no deleterious difference in palatability. ROYAL CANIN’s Satiety diet contains an adapted blend of high fibres that increase the volume of stomach contents and promotes satiety. The diet also helps maintain mobility in the stressed joints of overweight dogs and contains a high protein content to help maintain muscle mass during a weight loss programme. Satiety Small Dog is also available for dogs ideally weighing up to 10kg and is designed to improve digestive tolerance in smaller breeds. The diet contains chicory pulp rather than beet pulp (less dietary oxalate) and higher level of soluble fibre (psyllium) which slows gastric emptying and colonic transit. Satiety Wet for dogs is a diet for those pets who were previously fed a wet diet or a combination of wet and dry food. The diet has a high protein content (14.1g per 100kcal) and is enriched with nutrients, minerals and vitamins, as

well as having a particularly innovative feature – a high fibre content in a canned diet. Visit for more details.




Think chips for your New Year’s Resolution, urge vets W

ith less than 100 days to go until microchipping becomes compulsory for all dogs in England, Scotland and Wales (6 April), the British Veterinary Association (BVA) are urging dog owners to make it a New Year’s Resolution to get their canine companions chipped. Microchipping a dog is an easy and harmless procedure and provides your pet with a form of identification that lasts a lifetime. Each chip has its own code that is revealed when scanned by a vet, which correlate to owner’s details on a database. A microchip provides vets with all of the information required to reunite stray or lost dogs with owners, with figures from BVA’s Voice of the Veterinary Profession survey revealing that the most common reason vets could not reunite missing dogs with their owners was due to a lack of identifier (reported by 71% of vets); followed by 23% of vets citing incorrect information on the microchip database as the second most common reason. Sean Wensley, President of the British Veterinary Association (BVA),


“Getting your dog microchipped is a great way to start the New Year. It’s also essential, and part of the new legal requirement, that details on the microchip database, such as a change of address and contact numbers, are kept up to date by owners. It’s not uncommon for vets in practice to see pets with outof-date information that they are then unable to reunite with their worried owners.” As a member of the Microchipping Alliance, BVA was part of a coalition of animal health organisations and charities that campaigned to secure compulsory microchipping of all dogs across the UK – with Northern Ireland leading the way as the first country to introduce legislation in April 2012. From 6 April 2016, failure to have a dog microchipped or to not update database details can lead to a fine of up to £500. More information on the incoming legislation, as well as posters for veterinary reception areas can be found at Microchipping.

Practice Retail ogs D r o f s t rea T d n a d Foo Natural




Available from all good wholesalers. Fat Dog Slim, Fusspot, Puppy Days, Tender Loving Care, Bad Hair Days and Golden Years







路 NA

o d g r t u o o y s o t m a e e r T tender loving care


Companion Animal 18

Canine Coco Benefits Results in Soaring Sales F

ollowing the publication of several studies highlighting its benefits for dogs and a powerful testimonial from a Crufts winner, Coconoil have seen a surge of interest from dog owners in coconut oil… Everyone from supermodel Miranda Kerr to the England Rugby Team has been singing the praises of coconut oil, but it looks like its latest fans could be of the hairier kind. Whilst the press have been focussing on the benefits of coconut oil for human health studies have also highlighted its benefits for dogs. One recent study has shown that fats found in coconut oil have a powerful ability to kill the bacteria responsible for canine tooth decay. Researchers compared applying either the fats or a known dental product to canine teeth, and found they were equally as effective at killing nasties – killing 70% of pathogens – but the fats provided a more natural holistic treatment. The oil’s anti-microbial benefits don’t stop in the mouth however and another study has shown the oil is also effective against mange. There have been several studies looking at another aspect of

coconut oil and how feeding the fats found in it to dogs can be hugely beneficial to their brains and cognitive function. Researchers in one of the studies showed that animals fed the fats performed better in learning and attention tasks than those that weren’t and that this appeared to be because the fats were converted into a special kind of energy (ketones) used by the brain. It’s not just scientists who have observed the benefits of coconut oil either, as Kim Hodge, owner of 20 month old Rhodesian Ridgeback Kamba, Crufts 2015 Reserve Dog Challenge Certificate Winner (www., explains: “Adding coconut oil to Kamba’s diet is an essential part of his overall well-being and my peace of mind for his health and condition. With [its purported] anti-viral, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties I know it’s naturally assisting his immune system and keeping him fit for function. The quality and shine of his coat is magnificent – he’s one happy, healthy dog!” Furthermore studies in humans have shown that coconut oil may have an ability to help people

lose weight and is used as a preferential energy source by the body when exercising. There haven’t been official tests carried out to see if this carries over to our canine friends but there is plenty of anecdotal evidence, with dog owners reporting their pets losing weight and having more energy when coconut oil is added to their feed. Whether science will prove this to be the case remains to be seen, but a teaspoon of coconut oil added to your dog’s feed each day should certainly help their teeth, breath, coat and brain. This combination of studies and anecdotal evidence has, according to Coconoil (coconoil., one of the UK’s leading brands or organic coconut oil, director Garry Stiven, seen sales to pet owners and pet shops soar over the last few months… “It’s not been an overnight phenomenon like it was in humans, once celebrities started singing its praises, but over the last six months there has been a huge increase in inquiries from dog owners either purchasing coconut oil to put in their animals’ feed or to use as a coat conditioner. Most encouraging for us is pet shops and websites ordering our oil to create their own brand coconut oil products having had a lot of customers asking for it in store.”

Win for IndorexR in the 2015-2016 Your Dog and Your Cat Product Awards





ndorex, the UK’s best-selling veterinary household flea spray, has been voted Best Dog Flea Product (Home) in the Your Dog Product Awards for the eighth time. It has also claimed the top spot in the same category in Your Cat Magazine’s Product Awards. The Your Dog Magazine and Your Cat Magazine Product Awards give readers the opportunity to nominate products across a range of categories which make life with their pet easier and happier. Used in conjunction with a monthly spot-on treatment, Indorex from Virbac, is an easy-to-use, odourless spray, which kills adult fleas and prevents the development of their eggs and larvae. This breaks the flea life cycle and helps to keep homes flea-free for up to twelve months. It has also been approved by the Health and Safety Executive for the control of dust mites. Indorex has won the Best Flea Product for the Home category for eight out of the nine years that the Your Dog Magazine Awards have been running and has topped the Best Flea Product for Home category

in the Your Cat Magazine Awards four times. During 2015, it was announced that users of Indorex can now access useful interactive product information by downloading the free Blippar app onto their smart device and scanning the front or top of the can. Blippar is an app embracing augmented reality technology. It ‘brings packaging to life’, allowing Indorex users to access information on fleas and a video showing how best to use the product. Alison Queenborough, publisher of Your Dog and Your Cat, commented: “The readers of Your Dog and Your Cat magazines are knowledgeable, dedicated pet owners, who quite rightly expect the same high standards from the petrelated products they purchase. The fact that Indorex has been chosen so many times by this discerning audience is a terrific endorsement of the product.” Kate Woolley MRCVS, Product Manager, said: “We’d like to say a big thank you to the readers of Your Dog and Your Cat, who have yet again shown their confidence in Indorex as their environmental flea control

solution of choice. We’re absolutely delighted that it has won across both magazines again. “For practices, providing advice on flea control is a vital opportunity to build client loyalty and build a strong product-based revenue stream. Indorex and Effipro® - together, of course, with our prescription-only spot-on ectoparasiticide Prinovox® - offer innovative and cost-effective solutions, both to practices and to pet owners.” Founded by a veterinary surgeon, Virbac is dedicated to supporting the veterinary profession through the development of innovative products and services, which help animals to lead longer, healthier lives. One of the largest independent veterinary pharmaceutical companies in the world, its wide product portfolio includes many market-leading and award-winning products for large and small animals. Virbac ( aims to work in close partnership with its customers, providing the advice and support they need to run successful, profitable businesses.

Supplying laboratory equipment and diagnostic test kits for routine and critical care use, direct to veterinary practices, hospitals, universities and laboratories since 1989.

New Products from Woodley Equipment

In Sight




Veterinary HCT Meter

Multi Purpose Centrifuge

In Sight


qLabs速 Veterinary Coagulation Analyser


Expand your in-practice testing capabilities with Woodley Equipment Tel: 01204 669033 Fax: 01204 669034 Email: Web:

Is your wet chemistry analyser important to your veterinary practice? Is your current provider not meeting your expectations? Quantum Vet Diagnostics can help! Who are Quantum Vet Diagnostics and what do we do?

We are a dedicated wet chemistry division, of Woodley Equipment Company, which includes laboratory & technical support departments.

We are the UK’s largest supplier of veterinary wet chemistry systems.

We are passionate about first class customer service and support for the lifetime of the analyser.

We can give you dedicated support by experienced staff who truly understand your needs. We have a team of professionals covering every aspect of the business, including a team of six field service technicians, seven Biomedical Scientists and six area Account Managers.

◦ Our customers enjoy accurate chemistry results & first class customer service ensuring uninterrupted provision of laboratory services in-practice.

◦ We can offer a full rental package including Biochemistry, Haematology, Blood Gases/ Critical Care, Electrolyte and Coagulation analysers.

◦ Quantum Vet Diagnostics offer out of hours support: 5pm to 8pm Weekdays, 9am to 1pm Saturdays & Sundays and most Bank Holidays.

The Quantum System Includes As Standard: ◦ An All Inclusive Reagent, Support & Maintenance Package ◦ Out Of Hours Technical Support ◦ Fixed Price For 5 Years ◦ Regular Preventative Maintenance Visits ◦ Part of The Woodley/Quantum Complete Laboratory System including Biochemistry, Haematology, Blood Gases/ Critical Care and Coagulation Analysers ◦ Optional Endocrinology Analyser (TOSOH AIA-360)

To find out more about Quantum Vet Diagnostics and how we can help you and your practice, contact us today.

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Neil the cat from Leeds cuddles up to be crowned nation’s cosiest pet!


fter searching for Britain’s cosiest pet as part of its ‘I Heart My Pet’ campaign, the National Office of Animal Health (NOAH) is pleased to announce they’ve found it in Neil, a cat from Morley, Leeds. Neil caught the attention of the judges during the competition, which ran as part of the organisation’s Happy, Healthy Pets Project – an online gallery aiming to build the UK’s largest ever picture of pet health. With the latest competition, the Happy Healthy Pets Project now stands at over 1,000 fantastic images of much-loved pets from all over the UK, making it the biggest gallery of its kind and helping put owners in the picture when it comes to pet health by directing them to independent, expert advice through Neil beat off hundreds of other entries from proud pet owners across the nation by helping to prove that when it comes to getting cosy, they’ve got it sorted.

Neil’s proud owner Richard Powell of Morley, Leeds said: ‘’I’m so happy the judges found Neil as adorable as I do. I have such a great bond with him and I’m very much in tune with how he’s feeling. When he isn’t himself I make sure I take him straight to the vet. I also spend a lot of time with him through play. His favourite toys are his catnip mouse and his scratching post, which he loves to climb on top of!” NOAH Chief Executive, Dawn Howard comments: “We have been so pleased with the participation in our ‘Cosy Pets’ competition and we’re thrilled that Neil has won. We are delighted to see the lengths pet owners go to ensure their pets are cosy and rested: so vital to their mental and physical wellbeing. Our pets have different levels of energy and require different amounts of exercise but it’s also really important that they have downtime to rest and relax, as well as ensuring that they stay warm in the colder winter months.

The competition was designed to champion the role that a cosy place to snuggle plays in pet healthcare as a whole. Once again, it’s been heartening to see just how seriously UK pet owners take the health of their pets through the stories they’ve told us and the images they’ve shared.” Paul Manktelow, ‎Principal of Regional Veterinary Services at PDSA who helped judge the entries and who picked Neil as the final winner, comments: “Neil has obviously learned that the key to being cosy is a good hug! By the smile on the teddy bear’s face, you can tell that he is an expert even at such a





A Complete Portfolio of Services for You and Your Practice.

T: 0113 387 7800


young age!” Laura SmithNeil’s Veterinarian at Abbey House Hospital also spoke: ‘Neil looks adorable and comfortable in this picture. We’re not at all surprised that he’s won - he’s always relaxed whenever he comes into Abbey House for a visit! His owner Richard has clearly taken on our professional advice as well as ensuring he has plenty of safe toys to play with to keep him occupied and purring all day!’ For more information or to submit photos to NOAH’s Happy, Healthy Pets Gallery, simply visit

You don’t have to be a vet to love Midmark The Midmark range for vets‌ Midmark, the leading manufacturer in the US, aims to support veterinary practices worldwide with professional equipment, education and training. The Midmark family of veterinary products represents an unswerving commitment to quality and value backed by over 100 years of healthcare and manufacturing and clinical use experience.


Anaesthesia Sterilisation

Monitoring Better patient care. Better business. For more information

call +44 (0) 1252 360 940

or email: Midmark EMEA Ltd, Beech House, First Floor, East Wing, Ancells Business Park, Fleet, Hampshire, GU51 2UN

Equipment Spotlight 24

Q&A with Midmark, answered by Clinical Specialist, Rebecca Watson MSc RVN 1

. Tell me about Midmark Midmark is a global manufacturer and supplier of healthcare products, equipment and diagnostic software for dental, medical and veterinary markets. Our head quarters are in Dayton, Ohio, but we have locations worldwide, one of which being the EMEA office in Fleet, Hampshire – where I am based. 2. What is your business model? Better patient care. Better business. That is our business model. We offer quality, reliable veterinary equipment, that requires minimal maintenance; designed to improve the work flow in the practice and to make life easier for the veterinary staff, thus giving them more time to dedicate to patient care.




3. Can you explain the impact that social networking and web 2.0 has made on your business? In early 2015 Midmark EMEA employed a digital marketing co-ordinator to set up and run our social media accounts and to increase our online presence. The main aim was to raise the awareness of the Midmark brand and our range of veterinary products; even though we are the leading veterinary dentistry manufacturer in the USA, the Midmark brand is not well known worldwide. Since the launch of our Facebook and Twitter pages our following is steadily increasing. I think that in this day and age we have to embrace social media and utilise it fully – we all live our lives through social media and rely so heavily on the internet (I mean really, what did we do before Google?!). It is great to have that kind of exposure and contact with so many of our customers. 4. What is Midmark doing to ensure the business continues to develop and grow? Reminisce. Reinvent. Renew. This was the tagline that came out in our 100th year. In order for a business to sustain it must continually reinvent itself. Customer needs are always changing; the veterinary industry is ever evolving. Over the years we have forged strong relationships with our distributors, we are constantly striving

to give our customers what they need; to anticipate, create and lead the best healthcare experience for all. 5. How long have you worked in your current role and what was your working history prior to working at Midmark? I have been the Clinical Specialist at Midmark EMEA for a year and a half now. Prior to that I worked as a veterinary nurse for over 20 years; I spent time in mixed, equine and in small animal practice – so my experience is vast and varied! Before I joined Midmark I was working as Head Nurse and Hospital Manager for Pets Central in Hong Kong. 6. What do you feel has been Midmark’s biggest achievement? I feel Midmark’s biggest achievement is reaching its 100 year anniversary. Less than 4% of family-owned companies in the United States make it to fourth generation leadership. I think it is a huge achievement and testament to the company’s great leadership and dedication to innovation. 7. Midmark offers a range of veterinary equipment, what is your biggest seller? It is difficult to say, we have different ‘biggest sellers’ in different countries. What is nice about the Midmark portfolio is it is a small range of high quality equipment. From the Matr x® anaesthetic machines and the Cardell® Touch monitors, to the Vetpro® 1000 dental cart and the Vetpro® DC x-ray machines (with both DR and CR options) through to the VetAssure autoclaves - we offer the complete range to fully equip your dental suite. 8. What is the favourite part of your job? My favourite part of the job is clinic visits. I am a clinical specialist after all and that is where I am happiest, in the clinical environment. I love to meet the people who are using our equipment everyday on the ‘front line’. I understand how busy and stressful that environment can be and how little time there is for sitting down and reading the manual cover to cover (be honest – how many of us ever do?!) when you purchase a new

piece of equipment. I know how invaluable it is to have someone who talks your language come in and go through the equipment with you, to give you relevant training and to show you how this is going to make your life so much easier.

(which we would of course win – we are currently sitting on top of our league!). The day would be rounded off by a roast dinner, cooked for me, round at my friend’s house washed down with a good bottle of wine.

9. Do you have any pets? Sadly, not anymore. My job involves quite a bit of travelling and I feel it wouldn’t be fair to have to leave a pet at kennels repeatedly while I am away. I do dog-sit for friends when I can, so I can get my ‘furry fix’!

11. Any new announcements that Midmark would like to make? We are very excited about the launch of our Vetpro® CR system which will be available through our Distributors Henry Schein Animal Health in the UK. We have had the DR digital x-ray system for some time now, but we know that some vets prefer to use CR because it has a similar work flow to traditional film and of course it offers larger sized plates to capture the x-ray images on. Midmark wanted to be able to offer our clients the full range; the option of CR and DR, both systems use our world renowned Progeny software which is so easy to use and the image quality is second to none.

10. What’s your perfect Sunday? My perfect Sunday would be having a leisurely lie in; then getting up for a breakfast of black coffee, Weetabix with hot milk and maple syrup. I love the outdoors, so if I am not going hiking or playing golf, then I’ll be heading off to Home Park, home of Windsor Rugby Football Club, for a game of rugby with the Windsor Dames

Equipment Spotlight Sponsored by:

Woodley Equipment launches a new


ground breaking veterinary coagulation analyser - InSightTM qLabs®


oodley Equipment Company launches a new ground breaking veterinary coagulation analyser. The InSightTM qLabs® veterinary coagulation analyser allows veterinary practices to carry out point-of-care coagulation testing in-practice, offering excellent correlation to central laboratory results. This analyser comes with 2 years warranty and requires only one drop (10µl) of non-anticoagulated whole blood directly from the syringe with ‘test count up’ for immediate assessment. The low cost test strips, which combine PT/aPTT on one test strip, do not require refrigeration which increases practicality for veterinary practices. PT only test strips available. The InSightTM qLabs® is

an important tool to help diagnose conditions in relation to pre-operative checks for at risk animals, toxins and systemic diseases, hereditary bleeding disorders, excessive bleeding and disseminated intravascular coagulopathy (DIC). Woodley Equipment is, for a limited time only, offering you the opportunity to trade in your QuickVet® or any Coagulation analyser for the InSightTM qLabs® Coagulation Analyser and 24 test strips free of charge with a 2 years warranty. For further information, contact Woodley Equipment Company: Tel: 01204 669033 Fax: 01204 669034

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ESTD. 1992




One Source, Multi Choice Medical & Veterinary Supplies

MILA Long Term Catheters will soon be specific to Small Animal or Large Animal. The chart below will help you determine which to order. All kits will contain: Catheter, scalpel, introducer, guidewire, dilator, needle free caps, suture wings, and gauze. SMALL ANIMAL KITS include a fenestrated drape and 3-0 suture. LARGE ANIMAL KITS include a larger introducer and 2-0 suture. Original Item Number

Small Animal Item Number

Large Animal Item Number

1606 1606-2P 1610 1610-2P 1406 1406-2P 1410 1410-2P 1210 1620 1720

SA1615 SA1615-2P SA1620 SA1620-2P SA1415 SA1415-2P SA1420 SA1420-2P SA1220 SA7FD20 SA7FT15

LA1615 LA1615-2P LA1620 LA1620-2P LA1415 LA1415-2P LA1420 LA1420-2P LA1220 LA7FD20 LA7FT15



Customer Care

DMS Plus Ltd, Unit 2-4 Blacknest Industrial Estate, Alton, Hampshire. Gu34 4PX. UK.

T: 0333 900 0900 | ROW: +44 1420 520869 | F: 0845 833 7008 | |

Equipment Spotlight Sponsored by:

Dental x-ray – thought you couldn’t afford it? i

M3 CR7 VET and Port XII Dental X-Ray testimonial After much deliberation for (I’m ashamed to say) a few years, I finally took the plunge and purchased the CR7 dental radiology unit & Port XII generator from IM3. I now can’t imagine life without it. EVERYTHING about performing dental procedures is better now. We can identify pathology quickly, easily and we make absolutely certain now that when we perform a COHAT (Comprehensive Oral Health Assessment and Treatment), we ae able to address all of the patient’s pathology. I cringe to think of that used to happen before, when we could only treat what we could see or probe…how many of our patients were walking out of here still in pain from unidentified pathology? Now we are confident that we are doing a vastly superior job for our patients. The reports that are able to be generated are fantastic – clients

love them and I have never once had someone say that the dental procedure was “too expensive” after seeing the reports. They really highlight to the owners that dental/ oral surgery is a big deal and that all pets deserve a healthy, pain free mouth. We received the unit at the end of July and had it up and running in full swing for August’s dental health month. Nicole’s training day was great fun and all of my staff have really bought in to oral health as a focus. It takes the nurses only about 10 min to generate a full mouth radiographic survey and they will happily point out pathology and make the appropriate excited “oooooh!” noises when something cool shows up. All staff are very capable in using the physical equipment and the software post training. And of course, to mention the costs – we took enough income in the first weeks of dental month from extraction costs along to pay for

the unit. I was absolutely stunned. My average COHAT charges have increased approximately 60%, with NO COMPLAINTS (only compliments and thanks!) from clients and I have never charged a penny for taking the radiographs! The increased revenue is simply from the increased work – the existing


pathology that we were previously missing. I know that I sound like I work for IM3 now… but honestly I am a complete convert. My only regret is that I waited this long. Dr Karen Teasdale, October 2015 Angourie Road Veterinary Surgery

Rental Laboratory Analysers available from Woodley Equipment Company

For further information, contact

Woodley Equipment Company: Email: Tel: 01204 669033 Fax: 01204 669034


available •Technical support and servicing included throughout the contract period


that we have available, we are sure to have a rental deal to suit your needs: • Rental available on any of our analysers • Flexible finance packages



t Woodley Equipment, we understand that purchasing laboratory equipment for your practice can be a financial burden, but we also know that you need this equipment to carry out your daily work. That is why at Woodley Equipment we offer you the opportunity to have the equipment on a rental contract, giving you the best for your practice both financially and practically. For a limited time, we are offering ‘The Woodley Lab System’: haematology, clinical chemistry and coagulation for only £175 / 4 weeks, when you trade in your current haematology and chemistry system. The contract includes: Mythic 18 VET Haematology Analyser – a fully automated 18 parameter haematology analyser Skyla VB1 Clinical Chemistry Analyser – panel and single/dual parameter testing available InSightTM qLabs® Coagulation analyser – PT/aPTT from whole blood in minutes Ask us about other offers

Equipment Spotlight 28

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2015 a year in review – Vetronic Services.





015 was a very busy year for Vetronic Services. It was a year in which we introduced two new products to the market-place and saw the company grow in terms of both sales and staff. Our two new products this year were the ICON and the Lightning Monitor. The ICON was designed to fill a gap in the market for a small, reliable oxygen gas monitor and was prompted by customer requests for a simple solution to the problem of knowing oxygen concentrations in oxygen tents and anaesthetic circle systems. Oxygen analysers are often found in multi-parameter monitors but they command a high price, often accounting for around £1000 of the monitor price. There is no doubt that these oxygen analysers are highly specified and as such have the ability to report inspired and expired oxygen levels on a breath to breath basis. Whilst knowing that the inspired oxygen concentration is 96% and that the expired oxygen concentration is 88% is nice the information on oxygen consumption rarely has any relevance in a clinical setting. What is important is to know the inspired oxygen levels and this can be very adequately performed with a slower performance analyser. Slower performance does not mean less accuracy, it simply means that the response time of the analyser is longer. With this in mind Vetronic Services designed a new analyser using a very reliable and robust galvanic oxygen cell. Galvanic oxygen cells are really like little batteries, whose fuel is oxygen. The more oxygen they have to react with their substrate then the greater their output voltage. Once the substrate is depleted, the cell is useless and has to be replaced. This depletion of the substrate continues whether the galvanic sensor is connected to an analyser or not. The oxygen cell used in the Vetronic ICON unit has a guaranteed lifetime of 1,800,000%hours. The unit’s %hours is used when comparing galvanic sensors. In this instance a galvanic cell will have a life-time of 85,714 hours (9 years) if sat constantly in an environment of 21% oxygen. Similarly

it will have a life-time of 18,000 hours (2 years) if sat in an environment of 100% oxygen. In practice the unit will be used in environments of varying concentrations of oxygen and an expected life-span of between 2-5 years is typical. Using advanced design techniques and state-of-the art technology the ICON unit has been produced to run on a single AA battery for a year. Furthermore its intelligent processor will turn the unit off after 8 hours to conserve battery life. The aim here was to provide an instrument that could be left in situ in a circle system and turned on at the beginning of ops at 9 am. Once ops are finished and the theatre tidied up then the analyser would turn off at 5pm. The target price of such an analyser was sub £350 and our final design now retails for £275 and meets all of the design criteria described above. We think the ICON will become a standard fixture in many operating theatres and critical care wards where accurate knowledge of oxygen levels enhances patient care. The lightning Monitor replaces our two previous units VitalStore and Sentinel, combining

the facilities of both into one compact unit. In addition the processor behind our monitors has been enhanced in Lightning with superior performance over both VitalStore and Sentinel. The design brief for Lightning was to produce a pint-sized monitor with full quart performance. A small footprint and light weight were prime objectives. The unit measures 225 x 205 x 80 mm and weighs only 1.4kg when fully fitted. This small size and weight allows the unit to be comfortably positioned on the anaesthetic trolley or hung on a cage door. The wireless capabilities mean that patient data in these situations can be displayed on a different and larger screen for viewing by personnel other than the person directly monitoring the anaesthetic. For example, a common setup is to have a large screen on one of the walls in the operating theatre thus allowing all staff in the area to see the monitored parameters. This screen often doubles as a screen to view x-rays and other diagnostic material during procedures. Lightning itself features a 6 inch colour touch-screen, USB and wireless capabilities and is

backed up by our new Monitoring and Analysis software. The PC software package is free with all of our monitoring products and allows real-time monitoring of all the parameters displayed on Lightning. In addition this information can be recorded for later assessment. All monitoring sessions automatically result in the production of a standard Anaesthetic Record chart in pdf format that can be attached to patient records. We believe that our modular approach to patient monitors is unique and offers the customer the greatest flexibility when choosing a patient monitor. This approach means that you can buy a Lightning monitor with just ECG and Pulse-Ox fitted and only pay for those modules. Later, additional modules can be purchased with no price penalty to expand the system. This makes it much more cost-efficient to fit out a surgery with 3 or 4 monitors, each with different requirements. In summary, 2015 was a good year for Vetronic Services and we are looking forward with enthusiasm to 2016.

VETERINARY PROBIOTICS AVIPRO AVIAN for all birds & vet-only Pro-C Professional for rabbits and furries

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Special Focus Equipment (Diagnostics and Imaging) Equine BSAVA preview 2016

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Veterinary ’Scopes

Prices from

Vm Range

£89.00!! exc VAT

Sheep, Goats, large animals, small animals, exotics, you name it and chance is that Opticlar has a laryngoscope blade suitable and with 10 models in our ever expanding range we are confident that there will be an Opticlar blade that fits your need with sizes from the smallest 00 to the largest Ruminant blade. But light alone is not always enough and our unique Vmag range includes a 3x swivelling lens that provides excellent magnification and the ability to visualise the smallest of anatomical structures and the smallest detail. So versatile is the Opticlar ‘Scope range they can be used for many ear, nose and throat examinations, rectal examinations, vaginal examinations, soft tissue retraction as well as routine intubation. ● Manufactured from the highest quality stainless steel all blades have exceptional fibre optic light transmission with no hot bulbs to blow or touch delicate, sensitive tissue ● Developed specifically for Veterinary use Opticlar ‘scopes overcome traditional drawbacks of using laryngoscopes designed for human medicine ● Powered by a high output LED laryngoscope handle that provides superb illumination and has an LED module guaranteed for 10 years the Opticlar scope range puts light just where you need it

Vmag Range

Ruminant Blade

Laryngoscope Blades Miller Size

MM Size

00 0 1 2 3 4 Miller Ruminant Prices each

42.0 x 9.0mm 55.0 x 10.0mm 77.0 x 10.0mm 132.0 x 13.0mm 167.0 x 13.0mm 182.0 x 16.0mm 295.0 x 16.0mm

Vmag with 3x Magnification 600.020.0000VM 600.020.0000Vmag 600.020.000VM 600.020.000Vmag 600.020.001VM 600.020.001Vmag 600.020.002VM 600.020.003VM 600.020.004VM 600.020.010VM £89.00 exc VAT £105.00 exc VAT Standard Vm

LED Laryngoscope Handles

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AA 60.080.000V £97.50 exc VAT

C Cell 60.080.002V £97.50 exc VAT

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Angled 60.080.004V £139.00 exc VAT

Equine Are horses misbehaving or are they misunderstood? T

his question was the title of a recent equine behaviour seminar held at The British Horse Society headquarters in Kenilworth. Leading equine professionals from veterinary schools, universities and colleges, equine charities, behavioural services, welfare and equine professional organisations as well as the veterinary profession, explored this crucial question through a series of five short talks and two workshop sessions. There was also an opportunity for the attendees to learn about the role of equine pheromones in helping to reduce stress in certain situations. Organised by Ceva Animal Health, manufacturer of the equine appeasing pheromone ConfidenceEQ, speakers at the seminar were Professor Natalie Waran BSc (Hons) PhD, director of Jeanne Marchig International Centre for Animal Welfare Education at the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, University of Edinburgh; Gemma Pearson BVMS Cert AVP (EM) MRCVS, senior clinical scholar, University of Edinburgh Equine Hospital and veterinary liaison officer, International Society For Equitation Science; Loni Loftus MSc BSc (Hons), companion animal behaviourist and

lecturer, and course manager of the equine science and management degree at Askham Bryan College; Nic de Brauwere BVSc MRCVS, chairman of NEWC (National Equine Welfare Council) and head of welfare and behaviour at Redwings Horse Sanctuary and Jo Gourlay, BVM&S MRCVS, veterinary advisor at Ceva Animal Health. After a thought provoking morning of talks giving insight into multiple perspectives of this universal problem, the attendees split into groups to try and get to the heart of the issue and then start finding solutions. They were first asked to identify the most common areas of behaviour and welfare affecting the average horse owner in their day-today life. Three key points stood out from the in-depth discussions during this session. Firstly, misinterpretation of horse behaviour. This included not understanding what constitutes ‘normal’ behaviour in the horse and being unable to identify, sometimes quite subtle, signs of fear or pain. The second point highlighted was the lack of basic knowledge of horse care, ethology or understanding of the Five Freedoms. Many horse

owners can ride but don’t necessarily understand behaviour, nutrition, health or equitation principles.

The Five Freedoms are: • Freedom from hunger or thirst • Freedom from thermal or physical discomfort • Freedom from pain, injury and disease • Freedom from fear and distress • Freedom to indulge in normal behaviour patterns. Thirdly, that horse owners often believe a higher level of success is possible for both them and their horse than that which is realistic. In the second workshop session, delegates were then asked what action should be taken to increase both awareness and availability of evidence-based guidance to help both horses and owners. Attendees agreed that a centralised, cohesive, standardised and accessible information resource should be launched for horse owners to access and utilise in a way that suits their individual needs and learning styles. The resource should be dynamic and interactive and it should feature a comprehensive database of experts for horse owners to refer to, such as


behaviour specialists. The behaviour and welfare standards – the Five Freedoms – need to be highlighted and behaviour professionals need to recognise that there are different ways of achieving better welfare. Finally, it was decided that behaviour and welfare training should be embedded in the culture of academic and professional bodies (farriers, vets, students, instructors etc.) with a view to professionals cascading knowledge to owners for recognition of potential behavioural issues. Equine professionals are key to referral and a multidisciplinary approach is needed to enable the equine industry to respect and understand the knowledge of behaviour and welfare specialists, so guest lectures on tertiary education courses should be encouraged. Questioning how we interact with horses, to try and ensure horse and human safety and good welfare, is central to all who work with horses. The ultimate goal is to have happier, safer horses and as a result happier, safer owners and riders. All the morning lectures from the seminar are now available to view at CPD/Equine-Behaviour-Seminar


practice not only in terms of the bottom line but also with regard to support, collaboration, clinical standards and staff training. “The practice has become involved in projects previously unobtainable when working individually. Being a member of XLEquine has allowed the business to run more efficiently, and I will be discussing how owners and managers can benefit from collaborative working, and what can be achieved in terms of improved practice efficiencies, working environment, and client satisfaction and loyalty,” adds Dr Thorne. Also presenting with Dr Thorne are Tim Hutchinson, Larkmead Veterianry Group, and Andrew Curwen and Joanne Sharpe from XLVets. The meetings will be chaired by Dr Emma Batson. Unity is strength: The future of independent equine veterinary practice



he future of independent equine practice and the role of collaborative working is the focus of two, one day CPD seminars organised by the veterinary group, XLEquine, for owners, partners and managers of independent equine or mixed equine veterinary practices. The seminars take place in Cheltenham on 10th February and Dartford on 2nd March and include; ‘The future of the equine veterinary profession’, ‘Smart marketing for independent practice’, ‘Succession planning in a changing veterinary landscape’, ‘Strength in numbers’ and ‘Making collaborative working work’. Presenter Dr Stuart Thorne MRCVS of XLEquine member practice, Fellowes Farm Equine Clinic, believes that collaboration between independent practices offers a significant return on investment: “Being part of a team has brought real benefits to our


Independent Collaboration in Equine Practice: A One Day Seminar

“Hind gut inflammation can be associated with behavioural issues in ridden horses.”

“As a busy equine veterinarian I have become increasingly aware of a link between low grade hind gut inflammation and behavioural issues or poor performance in competition horses. Over the last twelve months I have been evaluating all horses presenting with mild to severe behavioural issues when ridden; that have no physical evidence of any underlying orthopaedic or other clinical conditions. I have tested for the presence of hindgut inflammation using the SUCCEED™ Equine Fecal Blood Test™ (FBT). In many of these cases, the FBT results have revealed an increase in albumin loss in the dung consistent with an inflamed hind gut wall. Gastroscopy of most of these horses failed to reveal any evidence of stomach lining ulceration. In all of these cases I removed the cereal content in their diet and started them on SUCCEED™ Digestive Conditioning Program™ . The results have been quite startling. Within a few days many of these animals became significantly calmer, less resistant, more forward going and have stopped misbehaving when ridden, much to the relief of their worried riders. SUCCEED is an excellent product that I now routinely feed as part of my management of all horses demonstrating intestinal disturbances, loss of condition, poor performance or have developed behavioural issues when ridden. Feeding SUCCEED is unlikely to be the panacea for all horses that have behavioural difficulties when ridden, but I am convinced that many horses demonstrating such behaviour are avoiding work because they are uncomfortable as a result of reversible low grade hind gut inflammation.”

Dr David Platt BVSc, CVR, PhD, DEO, FRCVS David Platt Equine Limited Tel: 07768 572617

The SUCCEED™ Equine Fecal Blood Test™ and SUCCEED™ Digestive Conditioning Program™ are available from premier veterinary wholesalers. In England

In Ireland For more information, contact Dr. Emma Hardy: 01522 309946

SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program and the SUCCEED Equine Fecal Blood Test are quality products from Freedom Health LLC. © 2015 Freedom Health LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Equine Beat the wet weather with nutrition advice from SPILLERS® T

his winter’s persistently wet weather is proving to be a challenge for even the most hardened of horse owners. With fields under water or poached to oblivion it’s a challenge for the horse’s digestive system too. The nutrition experts at SPILLERS® have put together some timely tips to help you keep your horse nutritionally healthy through the remainder of the winter • Turnout: It’s important to turn out daily for free exercise and fresh air but when there’s little or no grass to eat your horse may choose to gnaw hedges, trees and fence posts instead. The risk of sand colic increases if soil and mud are pulled up as your horse attempts to graze. Help avoid problems by putting hay in the field, remembering to add more piles than there are horses to prevent bullying. • Fibre is the most important component of every horse’s diet for physical and psychological health. Boost intake for

shy forage feeders by choosing fibre-based feeds. SPILLERS® HAPPY HOOF® can provide bulk for good doers with low energy requirements. Highly digestible fibre sources with additional oil, such as SPILLERS® Conditioning Fibre, can boost fibre intake and provide additional non-heating calories to help maintain condition. Water: It’s vital for horses to drink regularly, especially when being fed dry hay, to minimise the risk of impaction colic. Remember to break ice on water buckets and troughs. If you horse doesn’t like cold water top buckets up with hot water. Feeding soaked feed such as sugar beet can also increase water intake and encourage drinking. Free access to a salt lick is ideal for horses and ponies in light work. Older horses: For those who struggle to chew hay or haylage an alternative fibre source such as soaked SPILLERS® High

Fibre Cubes, sugar beet and short chopped fibre such as SPILLERS® HAPPY HOOF® can be used to partially or completely replace hay. Thin horses: Aim for every mouthful to be the most calorific possible. Choose the best quality hay or haylage and try a conditioning feed such as SPILLERS® Conditioning Cubes or Mix alongside SPILLERS® Conditioning Fibre. Good doers: Use the winter as an opportunity to slim them down don’t over-rug and supplement low energy hay with a balancer to provide vitamins, minerals and additional protein such as SPILLERS® Lite Balancer. Stabled horses: Use short chop forages to extend eating time, hang haynets in multiple locations and for greedy individuals use double haylage nets. Snack balls filled with SPILLERS® High Fibre Cubes can help keep minds occupied. To help avoid spooky


or excitable behaviour when ridden opt for controlled starch, high fibre non-heating feeds such as SPILLERS® Horse and Pony Cubes. Clare Barfoot, Registered Nutritionist at SPILLERS® concludes: “Horses are resilient. As long as they have access to forage, water and shelter, are given daily supplementary feed appropriate to the needs of the individual and have the opportunity to exercise daily, they are more likely to cope with this miserable wet weather far better than we can!” For friendly feeding advice please telephone the SPILLERS® Care-Line on + 44 (0)1908 226626 or visit

site to move to for a while now as our ever increasing product range, customer base and the level of business we’re doing means we’ve outgrown our current location and need more space. The new facility, which is currently being built, is a significant investment for us at some seven million pounds, but it’s going to help us to continue to improve, grow and support our customers throughout the UK and beyond. Being able to build exactly what we want from the ground up also has significant advantages. We’re really excited about this next

phase – it’ll be a big change as we’ve been at our current location since 1981, but we can’t wait.” The new site is due to be completed by the end of 2016. To keep customers, suppliers and interested parties fully informed of the latest developments, the company has set up a blog documenting the build and relocation process. This can be viewed by visiting and clicking on the banner. To find out more, see www. or call 01253 888188.


centre and offices will occupy a six acre site and will boast a 110,000 square foot warehouse that will house in excess of 12,000 product lines that are stocked by the company. The new facility will support Trilanco’s continued expansion and could also support the employment of up to 30 new team members in the future. “We’re so pleased to be able to share this news with people as it’s been in the planning stages for some time,” says Martin Balmer, Managing Director of Trilanco. “We’ve been looking for the perfect



eading animal health and equestrian products wholesaler, Trilanco, is delighted to announce the start of an exciting new chapter in the company’s history: its relocation to a new purpose built facility. The silver spade ceremony to mark the official start of the seven million pound project was held on 11th December 2015 after months of planning and negotiations. Trilanco’s new facility will be located at Mill Farm in Kirkham, which is around six miles from its current base. The new distribution


Relocation, relocation, relocation!

European Animal Health 34

5 Minutes with Clinton Lewis, Executive Vice President & President, International Operations – Zoetis. Clinton Lewis is executive vice president and president of International Operations at Zoetis. In this role, he oversees the management of the livestock and companion animal business markets outside the United States. Mr. Lewis previously served as president, U.S. Operations at Zoetis and in the Pfizer Animal Health organization. He joined Pfizer Animal Health in 2007. Mr. Lewis joined Pfizer in 1988 as a sales representative in Long Island, N.Y., and has held positions of increasing responsibility in several areas across various commercial operations dedicated to human health prior to joining animal health, including vice president and general manager of Pfizer's U.S. Anti-Infective/HIV business unit. In 2011, Mr. Lewis was elected chairman of the Animal Health Institute (AHI) for the 2011-12 term. A member of AHI since 2007, Mr. Lewis previously served as AHI vice chair for the 2009-2010 term. AHI is the trade association for the animal health industry in the U.S. advocating on various issues important to the industry, including efficient and effective regulatory and approval processes by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Mr. Lewis holds a bachelor's degree in biology from Fairfield University and a Master of Business Administration in marketing from Fairleigh Dickinson University.





head of the European Animal Health Investment Forum in London this February, the Kisaco Research Team spoke to Clinton Lewis, the Executive Vice President and President of International Operations for Zoetis about the forum, the market and his advice to organisations looking to get into the Animal health Industry. 1. The Investment Forum is a first time event for European based emerging companies in this format. What does that mean for new innovations in Europe? Having participated in similar forums in the U.S. and Canada, I am very happy to see this type of event taking place in Europe. While these other events have featured a few European companies in the past, I am excited about the opportunity to showcase a prominent number of European companies and emerging technologies at this event. 2. Could 2016 be the year for new ‘big data’ and precision technologies in Animal Health? What else do you think we should expect to see in the industry this coming year? Digital innovation in products and services will continue to transform our industry.

As in many other sectors, “big data” will allow customers to make more informed decisions about their operations. It will allow animal health companies to bring new solutions to their customers. The availability of useable data and insight will ultimately help improve animal health as well as clinic and farm productivity and profitability. 3. Do you have any comments on the new EU regulation and rules coming into effect next year strengthen the fight against disease and antibiotic resistance in animals? What will that mean for investment in the space? Zoetis, as a member of our industry association IFAH Europe, supports new EU regulation. Antibiotic resistance is a very important issue, both in human and animal health. At Zoetis, we believe in the responsible use of medicines, not just antibiotics, and see our role in helping to assist veterinarians and farmers in their efforts to continuously improve the health status of their animas, herd and/or flock. 4. You’ve historically taken a leading role at similar investment forums – what’s most attractive about this format for you? As a global leader in animal health, we take seriously our

responsibility to support events and programs that help to advance the animal health industry. To that end, we feel strongly that the continued growth of this industry is underpinned by a continuous focus on innovation – innovation that contributes to the health, wellbeing and productivity of animals and in support of those that care for and raise them. We are excited to participate in a forum that will be showcasing some of the exciting new and innovative companies and products that are emerging to address the needs of the animal health industry. 5. What pieces of advice would you give to the emerging companies in animal health, which are offering new innovations for the industry? The early and mid-stage companies that will be participating in this forum need to be very clear and transparent as to where they are in their development so as not to misrepresent themselves to potential investors and partners. They need to be clear in their value proposition and realistic in their assessment of the market opportunity they are trying to target. Finally, these companies should strive to have some sense of what they see for their future. All too often a new/emerging company

may have grandiose ambitions while their current capabilities may only be proficient in a very focused or limited area. 6. What piece of advice would you give to those who could potentially invest in animal health about how they could understand where the opportunities are in this space? Simply come to the forum. You will have the opportunity to interface and exchange with various leaders in the animal health industry, to listen to discussions about the trends, opportunities and challenges facing the industry and to learn about exciting, new, emerging products and innovation. 7. What do you see as the next big challenge to overcome when we consider European health investment? Opportunities and challenges exist in every market and addressing them creates an impetus for innovation. Specific to Europe, two of the main challenges are related to an ever increasing regulatory and legislative environment as sell as what has been characterized as overall slower market growth for Europe (mainly in Western Europe). Clearly, new innovation that supports clinical differentiation which helps spur incremental growth.

STERILISATION VacuVet B-Class Vacuum Autoclave  Eickemeyer VacuVet

Advanced Technology Unbeatable Reliability

„After years of frustrations with other autoclaves, I now have peace of mind.“ Veterinary Surgeon, UK.

Visit us at

London Vet Show, STAND G51 EICKEMEYER® 47 St Margarets Grove Twickenham | Greater London TW1 1JF | United Kingdom

T 020 8891 2007 F 020 8891 2686 E

European Animal Health 36

Why the Animal Health Industry is your next big investment opportunity Presented by Kisaco Research January 2016


ver the last few years promising new startups are emerging in the animal health industry. Ranging from new vaccines for cattle to treatments for domestic pets this growing industry is set to boom in 2016 and beyond. According to Vetnosis STORM FORECASTS, the global animal health market is already valued at $24 billion and is expected to enjoy a continual annual growth rate of 3% to 2020. It is not surprising, then, that existing pharmaceutical firms and increasingly venture capitalist and private equity firms are now turning their attention to companies developing treatments, such as animal health therapeutics, for both companion pets and industrial animals.




How the market is split According to Vetnosis, the animal health market is broken down in the following way: • Commercial animal products make up 59% of the animal health market, while companion animals such as pets account for the remaining 41% • Customers for this market are predominantly distributed in the West where, according to Vetnosis, 47% of the market is based in the Americas, 31% in Europe and 23% in rest of the world. However, increased demand for animal products in Asia Pacific countries will see this market share rise. • The most valuable type of product by far is animal health pharmaceuticals (61%), followed by biologicals (26%) and medicinal feed additives (12%). A thriving market Over the past two years the animal health industry has seen a run of significant acquisitions and large scale investment. • March 2014, UK, Circassia, an Oxford University-based biopharmaceutical company, which develops an injection for cat allergy sufferers, was listed for £200 million. This made it the biggest IPO in the UK biotech industry for 20 years. • In January 2015, US, AmerisourceBergen Corporation acquired MWI Veterinary Supply, which develops pet pharmaceuticals and pet food, for $2.5 billion • In August 2015, UK, Avon

Rubber acquired Italian company InterPuls, which specialises in producing dairy products, for €29.75 million. In October 2015, UK, Animalcare, pet drug suppliers, announced that their shares jumped by 10%. October 2015, UK-based company, Ceva Animal Health LLC, won a $6 million contract from The US Department of Agriculture to develop an aviation flu vaccine. October 2015, the US firm, KKR, invested $100 million in the Yuehai Feed Group Co. that produces aquatic food. According to Zoetic, the aquatic health industry is worth $400 million. November 2015, US company, Zoetis, acquired Pharmac, a fish vaccine manufacturer and for $756 million. November 2015, the leading French healthcare company, Sanofi announced that it is looking to sell off its animal health division, Merial, for $12 billion. December 2015, US pharmaceutical company, Merck & Co. announced that it will acquire Harrisvaccines, which develops vaccines for food production and pets for an undisclosed sum.

be on food and healthcare. Globally, as the number of middle classes households rise, typically in developing countries, expectations for companion animals is also increasing. This, in turn, triggers demand for animal food and health products. Another advantage of investing in the animal health industry is that treatments are often relevant to both commercial and companion animal markets. There are also huge commercial incentives that are not encountered in the human biosciences. Compared to investment in developing therapeutics and drugs for humans, creating animal health vaccines have fewer legislative bottlenecks. It doesn’t involve spending millions on human trials that can last for over decade and there is less competition and greater longevity for animal health products.

So what’s driving the animal health industry boom? The global demand for both commercial and companion animals is increasing and many animal health solutions are relevant to both markets. For example, the growing middle classes in China are increasingly after a protein-rich diet that includes meat, eggs and milk. But to meet demand, this often entails problematic farming practices, such as cramming animals into smaller spaces, which inevitably leads to the spreading of contagious diseases. In order to increase their margins, farmers are heavily reliant on feed additives and administering vaccines. That’s why finding innovative solutions to animal health have become vital for combatting the drawbacks of modern industrial farming. In established companion pet markets, pet products are a sizeable industry. In the UK alone, it is estimated that pet owners will spend over $7 billion on their pets in 2015, a large of portion of which will

Who should you invest in? The role of animal health investment forums Even though conditions are fertile for an animal health boom, it can be difficult for investors to get a clear overview of the industry and its emerging start-ups entering the space. To solve this problem, industry events like animal investment forums are designed to facilitate networking between investors and emerging companies. When it comes to the market in North America, there are already two well established investment forums in Kansas City in the US and Prince Edward Island in Canada. These focus on promoting investment opportunities in the animal health industry that facilitate partnerships between emerging companies and investors. Surprisingly, though Europe is home to a third of the animal health market and almost all of the top 10 big pharmaceutical companies have their headquarters in Europe, it lacks a forum to bring together pharmaceutical companies and investors.

This inevitably holds back the industry, but that is changing. Next February, the inaugural Animal Health Investment Forum will be held in London by Kisaco Research, the first of its kind in Europe. Showcasing the work of twelve emerging companies, it will give investors the chance to connect with companies working in the industry including the latest start-ups. The full list of 12 will be announced online at 2016 – The year of animal health Trends in global emerging markets coupled with the relatively low risks of developing animal health products will make the animal health industry the next big investment opportunity for the upcoming year. So for 2016 you may want to make it your New Year’s resolution to invest in animal health. Surprisingly, though Europe is home to a third of the animal health market and almost all of the top 10 big pharmaceutical companies have their headquarters in Europe, it lacks a forum to bring together pharmaceutical companies and investors. This inevitably holds back the industry, but that is changing. Next February, the inaugural Animal Health Investment Forum will be held in London by Kisaco Research, the first of its kind in Europe. Showcasing the work of twelve emerging companies, it will give investors the chance to connect with companies working in the industry including the latest start-ups. The full list of 12 will be announced online at Trends in global emerging markets coupled with the relatively low risks of developing animal health products will make the animal health industry the next big investment opportunity for the upcoming year. So for 2016 you may want to make it your New Year’s resolution to invest in animal health.

Farm/Large Animal 38

Check Out Any Barren Ewes Using Subsidised Blood Test W ith sheep scanning well underway shepherds with a flock barren rate greater than two percent can now ask their vet for a subsidised blood test to establish whether the likely cause of the problem is toxoplasmosis. EXPERTIS™ Barren EweCheck – the diagnostic scheme supported by MSD Animal Health (known as Merck Animal Health in the United States and Canada) – is now available from vets until 31st March 2016. Toxoplasmosis is the main infectious cause of early embryo loss in sheep and a very common cause of barrenness, abortion and weak lambs born alive. Research has shown that almost all flocks in Great Britain have been in contact with the toxoplasma parasite, which means all breeding sheep should be considered at risk. According to MSD Animal Health technical manager, John Atkinson MRCVS, the main reason for such high levels of disease is that sheep can become infected very easily. “Sheep pick up the toxoplasma

parasite from the environment and so normal biosecurity measures are not enough to control the disease. Infected cats shed toxoplasma eggs in their faeces and sheep become infected when they ingest these eggs from contaminated pasture, feed and water. The eggs are tough and can survive in the environment for over a year, which means farmers need to

take steps to protect their sheep. “Fortunately, the disease can be controlled effectively by a simple vaccination regime. What’s more, the costs of a prevention programme can be easily covered by a reduction in future flock barren and abortion rates. Every ewe should be vaccinated before it breeds, simply because of the widespread disease

threat and the significant financial losses caused by toxoplasmosis,” he says. Producers concerned about a high proportion of empty ewes at scanning, or aborting ewes in the run up to lambing, should talk to their vet about the subsidised EXPERTIS Barren EweCheck service as soon as possible.




SURVEY AIMS TO ASSESS LIVESTOCK PAIN MANAGEMENT N orbrook, one of the leading global pharmaceutical companies in farm animal healthcare, is conducting a survey of UK veterinary surgeons to establish attitudes of vets and farmers around pain management in livestock. The aim is to determine awareness levels of pain on-farm, and understand current pain management practices. “Since the Animal Welfare Act was introduced in 2006, the effective use of analgesics and anti-inflammatory treatments on farm has become more established as an important tool in good livestock husbandry, not only to achieve higher welfare standards but also to enhance productivity,” said Rebecca Laborne, Large Animal Product Manager for Norbrook. “However, pain can often be difficult to determine and diagnose, and we still don’t know to what extent pain management

is utilised on-farm. “The aim of this survey is to find out when and how pain is managed, both for ad hoc problems, such as lameness, and for routine procedures like disbudding and castration.” Vets throughout the UK are invited to complete the survey online, via this link. The survey consists of 11 key questions and should only take a few minutes to complete. All vets who complete it will be entered into a prize draw to win a £250 retail voucher, courtesy of Norbrook. “Once we have the data, the aim is to share the results of the survey with the wider veterinary and farming community, and to develop support materials and activities in any areas where a need is identified,” added Ms Laborne. To complete the survey, click lesspain



Phenylbutazone 200mg/g

Butagran Equi offers fast pain relief for my patient, and excellent value for my client.

Why wouldn’t I use it?


Why Wouldn’t You Use It? • • • •

Happy Vet

Fast relief of pain and inflammation Added butter vanilla flavour Suitable for use as an anti-pyretic Excellent value

Happy Client

Happy Patient

For more information, speak to your Bimeda Sales Representative or call Bimeda on 01248 725 400.

Use Medicines Responsibly. Butagran Equi® contains Phenylbutazone 200mg/g. Legal category: POM-V. Date graphic prepared: June 2015. Bimeda, 2 Bryn Cefni Industrial Park, Llangefni, Anglesey, LL77 7XA

Farm/Large Animal 40

BVA response to Defra announcement on Bovine TB eradication strategy


esponding to today’s Written Ministerial Statement from Defra Secretary of State, Rt Hon Liz Truss MP, that badger culls will continue next year, alongside stricter cattle controls, as part of the ongoing bovine tuberculosis (bTB) eradication programme in England, British Veterinary Association (BVA) President Sean Wensley said: “While we continue to support targeted, effective and humane badger culling as a vital element of the bTB eradication programme, we remain disappointed that Defra plans to continue using controlled shooting and roll it out to new areas, given that the first two years of culling in the pilot areas failed to demonstrate conclusively that controlled shooting could be carried out effectively or humanely based on the criteria that were set. Again, we urge the Government to

reconsider this policy and extend badger culling using cage trapping and shooting only. “We also raised concerns about the proposals to relax the licence conditions in relation to the duration of the culling period. It is disappointing that the revised guidance to Natural England is not clearer that a simultaneous and intensive culling operation is the primary goal and does not define this. The primary goal must be to cull as many badgers as possible in as short a time as possible, in order to minimise the possible risk of perturbation. “We have always argued that bTB will only be eradicated through a comprehensive programme utilising all of the tools available. The announcement today by the Secretary of State that the Low Risk Area, covering over half of England,

is on track to achieve officially TB-free status by the end of 2019 – the first time anywhere in England has enjoyed this status – points to what may be achieved by such a comprehensive strategy. “We welcome the strengthening of some of the tools we need to eradicate bTB, including the campaign to step up biosecurity measures in farms and in the cattle trade. We also welcome

the announcement of new cattle controls, such as post-movement testing, but we are disappointed to lose the BCG vaccine from the toolbox with the temporary suspension of the Badger Edge Vaccination Scheme (BEVS). In light of the global BCG shortage, it is right that public health takes priority but it is regrettable that the supply chain is so vulnerable and we would want to see more security in the future.”

New Bimeda 10ml Drench Applicator Makes Accurate Dosing Easier For Sheep Farmers.





t this time of year, internal parasites are a key concern for the UK’s sheep farmers, with adult liver fluke, tapeworms, lungworms and mature and developing gastro-intestinal roundworms being of key concern. Bimeda UK’s Head of Sales, James Hutchings, commented, ‘the farmers we speak to tell us that these parasites are a primary concern for them at this time of year, and that they are looking for an effective and affordable treatment option which is not difficult to administer. Our Endospec 10%, which contains albendazole 100mg/ml, as well as selenium and cobalt offers both efficacy and affordability to the farmer, and is licensed for the control of adult liver fluke, lungworms, tapeworms and mature and developing forms of gastrointestinal roundworms. It offers a short 4 day meat withdrawal for sheep and is also ovicidal, meaning it kills eggs; so helps reduce pasture

re-infestation Now, thanks to the launch of our new 10ml drench applicator, we have ticked the box of convenient, straightforward administration too. The low dose rate for fluke and worms of 6ml/60kg sheep body weight is now easier for to farmers administer, thanks to this new applicator.’ James Hutchings added; ‘We are launching the 10ml drench applicator as a direct response to our conversations with UK sheep farmers who have told us they feel there is a gap for a high quality 10ml drench applicator, which will assist them with the accurate administration of products such as Endospec 10% (albendazole 100mg/ml). Our new applicator, and indeed the whole Bimeda product range, offer both affordability and excellent quality.’ Bimeda Marketing Manager, Mary Murphy, commented; ‘Bimeda are committed to providing UK

farmers with the products and tools they need to make their job as efficient and convenient as possible, without compromising on product efficacy or animal welfare. UK farmers are already familiar with our wide parasite control range, which includes such products as Bimectin Plus, Ectospec, Endofluke, Ectofly and Gold Fleece and we remain committed to delivering quality parasite control solutions for the UK’s farming community’. Use Medicines Responsibly. - -



Legal Category Endospec: 10% a POM-VPS Endospec 10% contains: Albendazole 100mg/ml Selenium 1.08mg/ml Cobalt 2.5mg/ml For more information on Endopsec, including contraindications see the SPC on the VMD website, or visit Bimeda. Endospec 10% is also licensed for both beef and dairy cattle.


Alternative Oxytocin

Now Available


‘Why Wouldn’t You Use It?’ ✓ No refrigeration required after opening ✓ Multi species use ✓ Zero milk withdrawal ✓ Zero meat withdrawal

For more information call Bimeda on 01248 725 400 Oxytobel active: Oxytocin 16.6 µg, (equivalent to 10 IU Oxytocin per ml) Legal Category: POM-V. Date advert prepared: October 2015. For more information, including contra-indications, refer to the SPC, which can be found on the VMD website. Bimeda, Unit, 2 Bryn Cefni Industrial Park, Llangefni, LL777XA

Use Medicines Responsibly.

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