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Architecture possesses the capacity to embrace, support, consolidate and lead the way

FRIIS & MOLTKE Architects have cultivated the power of architecture to create dialogue with soft values in order to design humane physical environments for people

democratic environments for cities, lives and individuals, we must view architecture not as an aesthetic appendix, but as a leading actor that shares the responsibility for the development of new social forms. This responsibility is part of every single project and makes new demands on the projects, which the architecture of the future must address as a social developer and major player in the creation of people’s well-being.

Generating the best possible physical environments for people, regardless of their living conditions or work, paves the way for working with architecture in its most fundamental form: analysing its elementary instruments and how, in various ways, they can create an environment for the individual person and enhance the co-existence of several people.

FRIIS & MOLTKE dare to confront these projects head on and works on every facet of the buildings with a humanistic approach. Some projects require us to reinterpret the term ”humanism” in the extreme sense of the word. When we insist that architecture should be humanistic, our encounter with a function such as a correctional facility requires innovation and generates new views and ideas about imprisonment. It is a field of expertise, which demands a profound analysis of the utilisation and a platform for co-development, prior to the creation of a prison based on compassion and respect for individuals and life.

FRIIS & MOLTKEs architecture is deeply rooted in a valuable cultural heritage, always focusing on architectures ability to contribute to society. In our work on

At FRIIS & MOLTKE we are committed to our projects with creative enthusiasm, sympathetic insight into the project parameters and consideration for our client’s needs, based on holistic thinking and a strive for simplicity. FRIIS & MOLTKE has been one of the leading firms in Danish architecture since its foundation in 1954. FRIIS & MOLTKE has been the driving force behind a wide range

of architectural projects: from single family houses and subsidised housing to big, exclusive standalone units and apartment blocks, from small public institutions to major planning and building projects that include hospitals, prisons, stadiums, administration buildings, cultural centres and institutes of education. FRIIS & MOLTKE was founded in 1954 by Knud Friis and Elmar Moltke.

First we shape our buildings, then they shape us - Winston Churchill, 1943

Correction Facility in Nuuk, Greenland

Architecture possesses the capacity to embrace, support, consolidate and lead the way

ILLUSTRATION New Correction Facility Nuuk, Greenland Client: Danish Ministry of Justice Area: 8,387 m2

Architects: Friis & Moltke Architects and schmidt hammer lassen architects Engineer: Rambøll A/S Full Service Consultant: Rambøll A/S Landscape Architect: Møller & Grønborg Competition: 2013, 1st prize

Correction Facility in Nuuk, Greenland

The new prison in Nuuk paves the way for entirely new opportunities for the social rehabilitation of the inmates

If you want prisoners to lead a more law abiding life when they leave, then it’s essential to design buildings so they can keep up with social practices and community life

ILLUSTRATION New Correction Facility Horsens, Denmark Client: Danish Ministry of Justice Area: 29,000 m2

Architects: Friis & Moltke Architects Engineer: COWI Landscape: Peter Sørensens Tegnestue Built: 2002-2006

The institutional character of the facility is toned down and replaced with an environment, which supports the intention of targeting the prison term at subsequent life outside the walls.

Correction Facility in Horsens, Denmark

Transparency, light and visibility - security, overview and flexibility. The contrast between the soft and the hard runs as a theme through the project

Correction Facility in Horsens, Denmark


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