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The Norwegian Solution

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Cost Effective

Unique Security

Lefdal Mine Datacenter has developed a unique datacenter solution - “The industrialization of datacenters”. Low cost and modularity in a scalable, green and secure facility based in Norway.

The datacenter is an underground facility with leading infrastructure. The combination of the product itself, and Norway as location, makes it highly secure facility - unique worldwide.

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Build out investments - 50 % lower than “above ground” Nature given advantages – Low cost of “last mile” infrastructure Cost leadership on lease of space Standardization - Ensures high quality and lower investments Low and stable power consumption – PUE < 1,10 Highly competitive power prices - Long term contracts Renewable power – Limited risk of future green taxes

Mountain hall with high-level security and access control Tier 3 with the possibility of Tier 4 infrastructure Facility Management and Technical team - 24/7 Natural EMP protection and perimeter fencing Redundant high capacity fiber connections with multiple operators Unlimited cooling - Constant water temperature of 7.5 C Norway - political, economic and geological stability

Housing solutions Lefdal Mine Datacenter consist of six levels divided into 75 chambers (streets). Each level consists of a central access road – “Avenue” – connecting the streets. Total white space capacity is up to 120.000 m2 and customers can choose between different housing solutions. Traditional data halls in dedicated buildings, security rooms or containers. The width of the streets allows placement of

containers on both sides of the street with a transportation route in the middle. The 18 m high halls allows racking of up to four 40-feet containers. Container based solutions provides a rational production remotely, quick installation in the facility and the equipment can easily be replaced or moved. If one prefer a traditional data hall, Lefdal Mine Datacenter can offer designated areas in dedicated


buildings with three floors of whitespace. These buildings are constructed inside the mine and have a low construction cost. Each building will have up to 2.500 m2 of net whitespace. The security room-solution is modular, and can be built in two floors. Quick delivery, and the total capacity is up to 1.500 m2 per unit.


Leading Green

The facility is large. One can reserve space for future growth, ensuring capital cost alignment and stability. We can deliver large-scale modular capacity “in weeks”, at low cost. The flexibility is unique.

Conditions in Norway are conducive to Norway becoming a “superpower” for green datacenters. Lefdal Mine Datacenter offers Europe’s greenest datacenter solution.

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Total capacity – 120 000 m2 whitespace “Unlimited” redundant green power and cooling Designated areas - customizable Large scale capacity added in 8 weeks Trucks all the way in – Excellent logistics One location – dual site Nearby shipping port and airports - helipad on site

98,5 % of all power production in Norway is renewable (Hydro) 350 MW local power production – minimum transmission losses Low power consumption – PUE < 1,10 CO2-neutral – “0” carbon emissions The mine is already there – limited footprint and visual impact No evaporative systems for cooling – “0” WUE Norwegian green code of conduct



The unique cooling solution offers 20-30% improvement over current leading edge designs operational or under construction in Europe. The solution cycles 7.5 degrees Celsius seawater from the nearby fjord through a heat exchanger for a closed fresh water circuit that cools the servers via the liquid cooling packages.

The national grid – 2 500 MW – and several hydropower plants in the vicinity of Lefdal Mine Datacenter (20 km), provides redundant power feeds with sufficient power capacity for any foreseeable future. The total power production in the area is presently 12.7 TWh (renewable) of which 6.7 TWh is surplus production presently exported out


of the area. The current power supply has a statistical reliability of 99,997%, which is consistent with Tier-3 requirements. Norway is ranked as one of the most power secure countries in the world and has leading power prices in Europe. Long term power contracts can be obtained.


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