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France on the Road to Expo2020 Autumn 2018 - Issue #2

France on the road to


Autumn 2018 Issue #2


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Madhumohan Sreeram Erik Linquier Gilbert Gagnaire Marc Fleschen Raja Rabia Nicolas Hobeilah

H.E. Majid Saif Al Ghurair

Hanan Darwish Richard Dib

FrĂŠdĂŠric Sanchez Odelia Xavier

Nicolas Andrieu Antoine Claudepierre H.E. Ludovic Pouille

Rim Jalali

Richard Attias Dina Spahi

Christian Laugier

The French Business Council Dubai & Northern Emirates warmly thanks each contributor of this edition of the FBC Insights magazine. Enjoy the reading !


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Dear Readers, We are proud to present this new issue of FBC Insights, the one and only magazine of the French business

community in the UAE! The mission of this publication is to highlight the news, activities and know-how of our

members, as well as our past and upcoming initiatives. But that is not all. In this edition, we will be talking about the event everyone in the UAE and the Middle East is looking forward to: Expo 2020 Dubai.

Through its overall theme, ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’, Expo 2020 Dubai will be a platform to

foster creativity, innovation and collaboration globally, underlined by its three subthemes: Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability.

What can we expect on October, 20, 2020? And how the strategic UAE-France partnership can be instrumental

in making this major event a success?

French companies – of all sizes- are particularly committed, innovative and integrated within the local environment and have of course their role to play. Many of them are already key partners of the Emirati authorities to help the Federation achieving its goals and be ready to welcome tens of millions of visitors for the first ever World Exhibition in the Middle East.

France is also working hard on its participation under the management of COFREX (Compagnie Française des

Expositions) in order to create a relevant platform to emphasize the value added of French solutions for smarter and happier cities.

That being said, if you want to find out more about what France has best to offer, we invite you to dive into

this edition of FBC Insights on “France on the road to Expo 2020”.

Last but not least, we would like to thank our partners - Dubai Chamber and MEDEF International - for

accepting to distribute this magazine during the second UAE-France economic forum held in Paris on October, 17. The first forum which took place in Dubai last year was a milestone. Since then, it is heartening to see our business communities coming together, leveraging on our collective strength to reach further.

It is therefore our hope that our bilateral economic ties will continue to grow, and that we will see the

development of new fruitful collaborations for our companies and for both of our countries in the coming months. We wish you a pleasant and insightful read!

Bruno de RENEVILLE President French Business Council Dubai & Northern Emirates


FBC Insights

Agnès LOPEZ CRUZ Managing Director French Business Council Dubai & Northern Emirates



Since the creation of the federation, France and United Arab Emirates have forged an exceptional partnership,

driven by the will of Sheikh Zayed, founder and first president of the Nation, and of the successive French presidents, to build a relationship of trust and friendship between our two countries.

The past year has been a milestone year for our bilateral strategic partnership, marked by the inauguration of

the Louvre Abu Dhabi in presence of French President Emmanuel Macron, as wells as the visits to the United Arab Emirates of Prime minister Edouard Philippe and several ministers of the French government. It also allowed us to

strengthen our economic partnership, thanks to the success of the first UAE-France Business Forum, on November 10 2017 during the visit of President Macron. The Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry organized the highlevel forum, with the close collaboration of the French Business Council and the support of all French partners

committed to the development of trade and investment between the two countries, such as Business France, Atout France, Bpifrance, Foreign Trade Advisors of France, French Business Group and French Tech Hub.

The signing, last year, of an agreement between the Mubadala, CDC International Capital and Bpifrance, stating

their willingness to invest, jointly, one billion euros in France, emphasizes the strength of the economic cooperation.

This agreement is an anchor point for the diversification of the UAE investments in France towards innovation and new technologies, and will help explore new avenues of collaboration.

With over 600 subsidiaries of French companies established in the United Arab Emirates and fully committed

to participate in the Expo 2020 in Dubai. France will be devoted to introducing, on its pavilion, numerous innovative

solutions meeting the challenges of tomorrow in terms of “mobility”, “sustainability”, and will seize as many “opportunities", in accordance with the three chosen Expo themes. The French companies are also completely

engaged in the "Route 2020" metro extension project leading to the Expo site, and committed over the long term to the energy transition of the federation.

In this perspective, I welcome the upcoming 2nd edition of the UAE-France business forum, which will be held

in France, symbolizing the ambitious economic partnership between our two countries firmly focused on the future. In this respect, I would like to thank particularly the organizer of this event, MEDEF International, for its

remarkable contribution to deepen the economic ties between France and the United Arab Emirates, alongside the

Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the French Business Council and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the Paris-Ile-de-France region.

H.E. Ludovic POUILLE Ambassador of France to the United Arab Emirates

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Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry is honoured to support this esteemed publication from the French

Business Council (FBC) in Dubai which puts the spotlight on UAE-France economic relations.

The UAE and France have increased their cooperation in recent years with the aim of serving common interests

and creating mutual benefits. The two countries share a clear and common vision of building knowledge-based economies that harness innovation and improve the lives of their citizens.

Recent trade trends are a positive sign that the best is yet to come. Dubai’s non-oil bilateral trade with France

has increased steadily in recent years to exceed $5 billion in 2017. The number of French companies registered

with Dubai Chamber now exceeds 600, which reflects growing confidence in Dubai a global business hub offering plenty of growth opportunities.

As a representative of the private sector, Dubai Chamber is committed to creating new channels of cooperation

and communication between businesses in the UAE and France. We are very proud of our long-standing relationship with the FBC which has played an integral role in promoting and expanding bilateral trade ties.

The FBC has done an outstanding job representing the French business community in Dubai and our fruitful

collaboration with the council has increased over the years. I am confident that this publication will complement the

Council’s activities and shed light on the fruitful cooperation and exchange between the UAE and French business communities.

With the Year of Zayed now upon us, we are stepping up our efforts to foster economic cooperation with

promising markets around the world and remain committed to supporting and assisting French companies that want to enter the Dubai market or leverage the emirate as a strategic hub to access markets in Africa, Asia and beyond.

I wish the FBC and the French business community in the UAE all the success.

H.E. Majid Saif AL GHURAIR Chairman Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry


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As the second economic partner in the Gulf region with €4,5 M FDI in 2017, the United Arab Emirates have

long been a key market for the French companies. With 600 French entities present in the country, our know-

how is recognized in a wide array of fields, such as aeronautics, space, urban mobility, industry, financial services, hospitality and retail.

President Emmanuel Macron’s first official visit to the Emirates in November 2017 was the perfect opportunity

to drive our relationship to the next level. On this occasion, MEDEF International and the Dubai Chamber of

Commerce and Industry, along with the French Business Council Dubai & Northern Emirates, decided to join forces

and launch the first France-UAE Economic Forum to boost our trade relations and explore new fields of economic cooperation.

Following the success of this event, the second edition of the Emirati-French Economic Forum will take place

in Paris, this October.

We will reflect on our past years’ economic cooperation and explore new opportunities in sectors such as

smart cities and urban mobility, clean energy, cybersecurity, financial and industrial cooperation, including in third countries. Of course, all these issues - of strategic interest for both France and the Emirates - are fully in line with the main themes of the 2020 Exhibition: Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability.

I will be very honored to chair this important event in Paris and to take part in a dynamic which will provide

economic, political and cultural vectors for stronger and fruitful bilateral relationships.

MEDEF International is committed to contribute further to the economic diversification of the UAE and to

the development of a local industrial base, as well as to open new ways of economic cooperation between our two countries. In this perspective, I appointed a correspondent of our association based in the UAE, in order to maintain tight contacts with all our local counterparts.

We are all looking forward to welcoming you in Paris for this new exciting chapter of our economic relations.

Frédéric SANCHEZ President MEDEF International CEO of Fives

FBC Insights


Members' Highlights

D ubai S outh



growth in the number of companies operating in the

B usiness P ark

The Business Park at Dubai South has revealed it has witnessed a 400% growth in the number of

companies operating in the park since its inception in the early 2015. The number of companies

that have set up operations in Business Park has increased from 900 in 2015 to 4500 in 2018. The Business Park has also revealed that an average of 1500 new companies have joined the

park every year. Furthermore, the park also has a high customer retention rate of 98%, which is

an indication of the unique services and the added value that Business Park offers to companies operating in its district. More information - dubaisouth.ae/en

B lossom by B abilou E ducation takes home 2 extraordinary awards , “T he B est W orkplace S ustainability P rogram ” and “A rticle 13” award . Blossom by Babilou Education offers 10 centers across Dubai, each strategically located to

facilitate a working parent’s life on the go. The nursery is not just a learning process, each

child is cared for and stimulated to reach his or her own potential by remaining consciously

aware of how their actions affect the world. Children at Blossom practice caring for our surrounding areas through recycling, repurposing, planting and energy conservation. More information - babilou.ae

G lobal

law firm

G owling WLG has expanded its international T echnology L aw offering T echnology L aw team based in the U nited A rab E mirates .

the appointment of a new


Global law firm Gowling WLG has expanded its international Technology Law offering with the appointment of a new Technology Law team based in the United Arab Emirates.

Director and Head of Tech for the Middle East, Anthony Fielding and

Senior Associate Alexandre Brazeau join the firm to strengthen the its international, sector-focused global Tech group presence in the Middle East. This is a strategic addition to Gowling WLG in Dubai,

reflecting the ambitious push for connectivity and innovation in the region and rapid growth in the tech space as the UAE forges ahead with its National Innovation Strategy. More information - gowlingwlg.com

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Members' Highlights

Clean energy at the forefront

How Dulsco is helping to undertake this task Madhumohan Sreeram Chief Innovation Officer DULSCO


ulsco is more than determined to inject sustainable

waste can be used to be converted to energy, be it steam or

greener, and more pleasant to live in. The

landfills, which is a major problem in the UAE. Our per capita

solutions into the community, making it cleaner,

pioneering UAE-based waste management solutions provider

brings over 83 years of experience to this visionary drive, which is shared by the UAE. Madhumohan






Renewable Energy Agency) headquartered in Abu Dhabi, this has further ensured several pioneering steps taken by UAE to propagate and support renewable and clean energy.

With regards to efforts for clean energy, Madhumohan

shines a light on the growth in the solar energy sector: “While traditionally fossil fuel was the main source of power generation in the UAE with gas and fuel oil being the main fuel sources, solar

energy is one area in particular which has made tremendous

power. “This will contribute to the reduction of waste going into generation of waste is one of the highest in the world.” –Dulsco

is also focusing on insitu treatment of organic waste, to reduce the waste transportation thereby reducing the vehicles on the road and contributing to the reduction of carbon footprints. “Dulsco







gasification, biomethanation, used oil reprocessing, cooking oil

recycling, and organic waste processing with the objective of converting municipal and industrial wastes to useful renewable

fuel or energy source.” Madhumohan adds that they are partnering with many global leaders in these fields to bring in the appropriate technology to the UAE.

We asked Madhumohan whether Expo 2020 was a game

progress in the UAE considering the advantages of the region

changer, accelerating the drive to improve the use of our

global leader in this field.”

he believes. “The theme of EXPO - Mobility, Opportunity,

with abundant sunshine. The UAE currently is marching to be a

Madhumohan also points to both The Mohamed Bin

Rashid Solar Park in Dubai and the Zayed Renewable Energy Complex in Abu Dhabi, which together are targeted to achieve

25% of the power generation from solar power. This is expected

to save over 1.4 million tons of carbon emission, in addition to conserving fossil fuel for future generations.

“Another major step taken by UAE is the setting up of the

nuclear power plant which is a clean source of energy with strict controls and reducing again the carbon emissions.”

As for what remains to be done, Madhumohan sites other

forms of clean energy including wind energy, the generation of energy from waste in the form of biogas, capturing land fill

gases, and waste to energy through incineration, among others. “These are all areas currently under focus in the UAE.

Dulsco’s role in the energy segment stems from areas where

energetic resources and promoting sustainable living and Sustainability - in itself is a driving force for this change. With

the whole focus on the UAE on the Expo and with the spirit of Dubai to lead and excel in every field, this has energized a whole nation to stand together to drive the sustainability vision,”

The targets set by the UAE for waste diversion from

landfills to 75% by 2023 and EXPO’s own target of diverting 85% of the waste from EXPO away from landfills have put pressure on the service providers and public at large to work

towards this goal. To that end, Dulsco is building a new, semi-

automatic waste sorting and recycling plant at DIP that is able

to sort over 100 tons a day of source segregated recycleables and, in its ideal location close to the Expo site, is positioned to handle the recyclables also for Expo 2020.

“Dulsco being a home grown company

has taken upon

itself this mission to contribute and drive these changes in the

UAE and is fully focused in its support for EXPO 2020 and the government initiatives targetted in this direction.”

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on the road to


Exclusive Interviews Smart Cities & Urban Mobility Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Digital Cybersecurity & e-gov Panorama: Cross Perspectives Focus Expert


Ensuring every country has the opportunity to showcase the best of its achievements Expo 2020 Dubai aiming to attract 25 million visits


Director - International Participants Expo 2020 Dubai

by D in a S pa h i

With just over two years to go to Expo 2020 Dubai - the first

Universelle de 1889, which gave the world one of the most

region - Maha Al Gargawi tells us that the organisers are

won a number of awards for its pavilions at Expos in recent

World Expo in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia (MEASA)

expecting to welcome 180 participating nations and attract

25 million visits. “About 70 percent of visitors are projected

to come from outside the UAE – the largest proportion of

enduring Expo symbols – the Eiffel Tower. “The country has years, so we are excited for the unveiling of the French pavilion for Expo 2020 Dubai.”

international visitors in the 167-year history of World Expos.”

“France has a rich history that has long defined it as one of the

Al Gargawi, Director - International Participants at Expo 2020

are sure that France’s pavilion at Expo 2020 will showcase its

Dubai, continues, “With more than two years until Expo 2020

Dubai opens its doors on 20 October, 2020, more than 170 nations have already confirmed their participation, with more

to come. It is our firm belief that each and every participating

most interesting and enthralling countries on the planet. We vibrant culture, creativity and innovation under the subtheme of

Mobility, and contribute to our goal to encourage collaboration and build a better future together.”

country will play a key role in delivering on Expo 2020’s

In terms of how France’s participation at Expo 2020 Dubai is

subthemes of Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability.

already share very close bilateral ties – the UAE is France’s

ambition of ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’ under the

Expo 2020 Dubai’s ‘One Nation, One Pavilion’ policy is a first for World Expos and will ensure every country has the opportunity to showcase the best of its national achievements, innovations and vision for the future.

significant for the UAE, Al Gargawi says, “France and the UAE

second-largest export destination in the Gulf region, with exports mainly comprising of food, aeronautics, consumer

luxury goods, and electrical and mechanical equipment. The UAE is also home to an estimated 35,000 French nationals and more than 700 subsidiaries of French companies currently have operations in the UAE. “

With regards to France’s participation, Al Gargawi elaborates

“The strong relationship between the UAE and France is also

and has hosted six World Expos including the Exposition

boost this further. French tourists are the 11th largest source

that France is a country that understands the value of Expos,

1 6 FBC Insights

reflected by soaring tourism figures, and Expo 2020 will help to


of visitors to Dubai, with 186,000 visiting during the first six

“From a social perspective, Expo 2020 is an opportunity to

the previous year.”

young people to expand their horizons. It will encourage an

months of 2018, a rise of 18 per cent on the same period from

“Expo 2020,” Al Gargawi continues, “will also highlight the economic and business opportunities to be gained from

participating in the Expo, and how this will further strengthen

inspire, empower and collaborate with our youth, enabling understanding of – and an interest in – key drivers of future progress in line with our three subthemes of Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability.”

bilateral and economic ties between France and the UAE.

Finally, she says, Expo 2020 will strengthen the UAE’s

participants, plus millions of visitors, Expo 2020 has a major

country’s capacity to bring the world together. It will not only

By engaging and collaborating with France and our other opportunity to deliver a lasting impact on a global scale.”

Historically, World Expos have brought a number of benefits to

their host nation. We asked Al Gargawi what legacy she expects

reputation on the international stage by demonstrating the highlight the UAE as an inclusive, diverse, tolerant, safe and

cooperative nation, but also showcase the great potential of the wider region to the rest of the world.

Expo 2020 to leave for Dubai and the UAE. “From the very

While certainly there may be challenges ahead, Al Gargawi

that is meaningful and sustainable, extending its impact and

Expo to take place in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia

beginning, Expo 2020 has been committed to building a legacy

benefits beyond the UAE to the wider region and the rest of

the world,” she explains. “Expo’s long-term approach is based on four pillars: physical, economic, social and reputational.”

prefers to look at them as opportunities. “As the first World region, Expo 2020 Dubai is a chance to showcase the region’s culture and achievements, and provide a platform for our young and dynamic population to connect with the world.”

“A large part of our physical strategy involves our site’s

Al Gargawi says they are working hard to trigger a long-term

integrated community that will build on the legacy of Expo

generation of innovators, business executives and thought

post-Expo transformation into District 2020 – a world-class

2020 and support the acceleration of Dubai’s development. This highly accessible, well connected and integrated urban hub has been designed to support the UAE’s future vision

by facilitating sustainable economic development, moving

towards an innovation-driven economy and creating a business environment that directly encourages progress within key growth industries.”

“Expo 2020 will also spur significant long-term economic growth. Last year, more than AED 10.8 billion of Expo construction

contracts and AED 411 million of non-construction contracts

were awarded. By building ties that will remain well beyond

effect in this region and the wider world, inspiring the next

leaders. “We are also focused on ensuring Expo 2020 provides significant economic benefits and investment that will stimulate new job opportunities in the UAE and across the region, while

enhancing the UAE’s image as a place where the world can meet safely and work together. “

“Expo 2020 will provide the UAE and the region with the opportunity to show a different, modern, progressive side of our cultures and people to the many millions of visitors we look forward to welcoming from around the world.”

2020, Expo will continue to contribute to new business

generation, GDP growth and job creation in Dubai, the UAE and across the Middle East.”

FBC Insights



“We're committed to building and operating the most sustainable pavilion ever built by France in an expo"

says France's Commissioner General for Expo 2020 Dubai and President of Cofrex


Erik Linquier walks us through the Vision, Opportunities and Challenges in preparing for France’s participation.

by D in a S p a h i

« We’re committed to building and operating the most

sustainable pavilion ever built by France in an expo, » promises Erik Linquier two years ahead of the big date.

Linquier is France's Commissioner General for Expo 2020

Dubai and President of Cofrex, and is tasked with completing and implementing all the aspects of French participation for

the Expo, including more than 250 events that will take place in Dubai before and during Expo 2020.

« Creating Cofrex was an important move by the French

government to build a long-lasting player that can provide costefficient and successful French participation in international

events. The inspiration came from several models including those in Switzerland and Spain, which have had great success

over the last decades. While right now we’re the « new kid on the block », we have the ambition to showcase the best of France in international forums and events. »

Expo 2020 Dubai will be held under the theme "Connecting

Regarding his role, Linquier says it’s twofold; « creating

minds, creating the future", divided into three sub-themes:

Dubai 2020. The first task is now almost completed, as the

will be deployed within the space dedicated to mobility. Linquier

the company, which is fully government-held, and preparing team is hired (a core of 12 people covering the whole scope of expertise on expos) and works in Paris and in Dubai. »

That’s quite a lot on his plate, considering that France

decided last year to participate in Expo 2020, « not a great surprise as it participated in all expos from the beginning, » as

Mobility, Sustainability and Opportunity. The pavilion of France

believes that the Expo will provide a unique opportunity for

France “to mobilize large-scale international companies to show the world its power to innovate in the fields of sustainable city, connected territories and new living environments.”

Last year, during his visit to the UAE for the first

well as to create a permanent body called « Compagnie française

UAE-France Economic Forum, French President Emmanuel

each universal (every five years) and international (every two

World Expo will be a great opportunity to open up new

des expositions - Cofrex », to set-up French participation at years) exhibition sponsored by the Bureau International des

Expositions (BIE), the intergovernmental organization based in Paris in charge of overseeing and regulating World Expos. 1 8 FBC Insights

Macron said, "We are now at the dawn of a new phase. The

perspectives, to launch new projects. […] I think that 2020 will

give us the opportunity to defend our values in this region, and to show for example how new smart cities can contribute".


Elaborating on that, Linquier sums up France’s vision with one

Supporting this ambitious project is President Macron who

sentence: « technology is just the beginning. »

considers it a milestone of the new French model of innovation

the forefront from a technological point of view, but can’t

addition, the French Embassy, French Business Council (FBC)

« This means that attractive territories have to be at

be limited to technological prowess. The final aim is simple but often neglected; you don’t attract people to a city with

technology alone, but rather with services that make it a nice place to live in. This may seem quite obvious, but this citizencentric approach is often lacking in urban development vision,

explaining some recent failures. Citizen-centric, a nice to live in,

encompassing all the services people need to feel comfortable,

with technology as an enabler; this summarizes the competitive advantage of French companies that we want to emphasize during Expo 2020. »

As Commissioner General for the pavilion, Linquier feels

and digital transformation that he wants to promote. In

and the French Trade Commission are all working together on a national plan to increase the awareness of French companies

about the importance of Expo 2020 as a real asset for business

development in the Middle East, Asia and Africa. «We’re working intensively on fundraising as the French government funds only partly the French participation, and we have several large French businesses (Suez, Renault, Engie, Bureau Veritas etc.…) as partners. At the same time, we’re selecting the architect

who’ll design the pavilion, with works being scheduled to start on site by the beginning of 2019. »

Beyond the spotlight of the Expo is the relationship

that Expo 2020 is unique in that it is the first universal expo

between France and the UAE, always warm and now closer still.

three continents, with a massive Indian presence in particular. «

with all stakeholders in the UAE, including of course the French

to take place in the Middle East. Victors will be flying in from

Moreover, the fact that Dubai South is a real game-changer in

urban projects, and a model for urban development in emerging countries is an exciting challenge for us. Clearly the emphasis put on digital transformation of cities and societies through «

connected minds » echoes the main priority of French President Emmanuel Macron and is consistent with the offerings of

French companies in utilities and urban services. « Smart cities

Linquier and his team have been working closely and confidently

community. «We are very grateful to HE Reem Al Hashimi for her constant support and the emphasis given to topics that

could be dealt with in common between France and the UAE at the Expo, such as promoting African participants, or focusing on educational issues. »

With an eye on the future, beyond Expo 2020, Linquier

», though not quite a clear concept, is anyway the name of a

says they are working hard on the implementation of the

show that the French expertise on smart cities can bring real

ambitious goal of reusing the pavilion after the Expo. «We’re

revolution in the life of most citizens of the world. We want to added value for these emerging countries. »

While there are some challenges along the road, mainly

concerning time constraints and looming deadlines, the goal

is clear for Linquier: « to be the most popular pavilion (after the UAE’s of course!). That means attracting people through

highest standards of environmental performance, and the quite

looking at different options, in the UAE as well as in France, for a reuse in retail parks, public buildings, headquarters… If

we’re successful, this will be our main contribution to circular economy purposes. »

“Dubaï 2020 will offer France the opportunity to express in

events before the Expo, advertising, etc., but above all providing

a relevant way its vision on the ecological and united transition.

360° experience will show them the best of French technologies,

an international scale, in the spirit of the One Planet Summit,

visitors with a truly immersive and feel-good experience. This regarding mobility in particular, as well as French gastronomy, luxury, and art. This will be designed with a focus on « light and

enlightenment », which is the aesthetic bias we want to follow

It will show how the climatic and environmental solidarity on

push forward the justice and the collective well-being through connected territories and smart cities” concludes Erik Linquier.

in a comprehensive and consistent way. »

FBC Insights



“My conviction is that ‘France is back’" says Executive Chairman of Richard Attias and Associates.

Richard ATTIAS Executive Chairman Richard Attias and Associates

Partaking in the organization of France's participation at Dubai Expo 2020, the first universal expo to be held in the MENA region, Richard Attias shares his vision and mission for the project. by Dina Spahi


s a global communication agency, we are very

proud to support the Cofrex teams, and to participate in the promotion of France’s global image through this exceptional event, that is the Expo 2020,” says Richard Attias, Founder

and Executive Chairman of Richard Attias and Associates,

a strategic consulting firm that supports government and non-governmental organizations worldwide.

After a public consultation, Richard Attias and Associates

were selected to support the organization of the French

participation at the Expo 2020, with the mandate to deliver Pavillon France’s global communication strategy and to assist in developing long-term partnerships. “As part of our first

mission, we have developed the brand platform corresponding to the identity and image that the French Pavilion intends to convey, focused around the themes of new mobility and connected territories.”

Located in the space dedicated to the theme of Mobility,

Richard Attias says that the Pavillon France will be inspired by

the concept of light. “The Pavillon’s distinctive communication

2 0 FBC Insights

territory is based on the idea of France entering a new era of

global influence and bringing to the rest of the world a new and bold vision of new mobilities for good, or Tech for Good.”

This World Expo is set to be a major event with lots of

eyes on it. In terms of the kind of experience it has been so far for him and the company, Richard Attias says that they are

approaching this mission as they do for all their projects: with

humility, determination and passion. “We are in total modesty a branding nations expert. The French Pavilion will reflect everything France has to offer and everything that makes

France unique. ‎ We will deploy what we learn from all our past

experiences and we will take into consideration how the public is interacting presently with brands.”

As for his ambition for the French Pavilion, Richard Attias

says that they are aligned with the Cofrex’s. “Through the project of Pavilion France, we intend to showcase the French heritage, with its human, philosophical, artistic, cultural,

entrepreneurial, technological and scientific resources and wealth.”


“My conviction is that "France is back.”

doer. So much talent. What was achieved before the crisis in

Richard Attias continues, “France has entered a new

investing in education and on people was the reason it was

audacious era of global influence. Therefore, this pavilion must be conceived as a global platform for sharing and exchanging ideas to address tomorrow’s major challenges.”

When asked how he envisions the French Pavilion will

"give the opportunity to defend our values - the values of France - in this region" as President Macron said, Richard Attias replies “Content, content, content. This is the answer.”

He believes that during 6 months the Pavilion should host and

terms of infrastructure, of diversification of the economy, of impossible to fail.”

As for how the Expo has factored in, and what he sees

beyond 2020, Richard Attias says that “the Expo is an important

achievement of the vision and the perfect illustration of what I describe. But it's only a milestone. The future is always ahead with Dubai. More to come…”

Richard Attias has a long history with the city, having

present France's DNA, and by definition its values including

been named in 2008 as special advisor to Dubai to provide

will be illustrated by the different themes.

conferences, and cultural and sporting events. With regards to

diversity, tolerance, the power of education, and so on, which

“The presence of international media during the 24 weeks

of the Expo 2020 will be a great opportunity to deliver a strong

message and raise global awareness among the general public,” Richard Attias continues. “Events Planning and Media coverage

will therefore be a priority. Across social and digital media, television channels, radio and print media; before, during and after the event, the Expo 2020 should be a platform for debates and discussions to promote the France brand.”

Much to his credit, Richard Attias has been lauding Dubai

and its growth for years, since way back during the crisis when there were quite a few naysayers. Regarding why he believes so strongly in the UAE for so many years, Richard Attias replies, “Dubai is what it is today for one reason: a vision and a great

team under His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al

Makhtoum’s leadership. I had the privilege to know the team for more than 20 years and each member of the team is a

a comprehensive strategy to make it a destination for major how he has seen that flesh out in recent years, Richard Attias

attests that Dubai is a “cultural destination, a city of first-class entertainment, a city which is hosting every week international conferences and sport events. The theme parks are there. The opera is amazing. So Dubai is, only 10 years later, one of

the top 5 destinations in the world in terms of conferences, cultural and sporting events. So the strategy is implemented.”

Being familiar with both the French and Middle Eastern

cultures has come into play when working on such an important project. “It's crucial to respect the culture,” he confirms. “The

French Pavilion project will need to learn from the success of the Sorbonne and the Louvre projects. There is a lot of mutual

respect from both sides. And once again humility is a core value

to always keep in mind when you operate. For me personally and for many members of our team, it is not difficult because Dubai is our home or second home.”

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Focus | Smart Cities and Urban Mobility

Partners in Smart Urban Mobility Leading French firms pave the way for a safe, secure, efficient and friendly transport ecosystem by O d e lia X avier


tracks that can be configured easily to make abrupt changes s the World Expo 2020 draws near, the UAE is firmly set

on delivering the best experience for world citizens. To that

end, rapid progress is being made in the fields of AI, IoT, smart

urban mobility and sustainability. With the Roads and Transport

Authority aiming to make 25% of all journeys driverless by 2030, leading French companies are bringing in their expertise and know-how to assist in achieving that vision.

Fabrice Toulose, Director of Smart Urban Mobility at Alstom

explains that effective autonomous mass transit requires a

complete system approach, with mature and safe technology

and robust regulation. Alstom, the leading French company that operates worldwide in rail transport markets is supporting rail innovation in the UAE by leading the consortium on the Expo

2020 Line in Dubai, which will efficiently and safely transport millions of visitors to the Expo 2020 site. Earlier this year at

the Middle East Rail Exhibition, the company which managed

the Red Line extension of the Dubai Metro, highlighted eight new technologies with the power to transform mobility in

the Middle East. Ranging from connected technology to help passengers plan easier, more comfortable journeys, to

autonomous last-mile shuttles, next-generation electric buses, and behind-the-scenes management systems to keep the whole

transport system running smoothly, each of the innovations is

available now to be deployed. When put together, they offer a revolution in smarter, more sustainable mobility for both passengers and operators.

Moving swiftly ahead with Dubai’s vision to adopt smart mobility solutions, the RTA launched the fourth phase of its Driverless

Vehicle Project last month with the new EZ10 autonomous

vehicle. The trial run which is planned at Sustainable City (a neighborhood that aims to use only electric and sustainable

vehicles for public transportation) is built by French tech firm

Easy Mile and is an eco-friendly electric shuttle that can run on both directions, powered by a 15kv battery. Moving on virtual

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at demand, the smart vehicle comes with a smart monitoring system to cope with any obstacles, whilst ensuring all the essential safety requisites for passengers.

Ahmad Behroozian, CEO of RTA’s Public Transport Agency explains, “The new phase is part of RTA’s plan to test the







Through these trials, the RTA is seeking to familiarize the public with driverless vehicles technology and the Dubai Driverless

Mobility Strategy”

Built jointly by Omnix International and Easy Mile, the EZ10 has garnered much public attention recently as it made its

journey across the cities popular routes. The electric shuttle

that can run in both directions with no specific front or rear,

Focus | Smart Cities and Urban Mobility is all set to be part of the RTAs plan on using autonomous

for staff and passengers, and social responsibility.”

as well as business centers, residential complexes and parks.

As leading cities across the globe move towards smarter, safer

at 25km/h and is ideal in pedestrian areas and dedicated cycle

forefront of the new wave that blends intelligent transport

vehicles in the first and last mile of regular trips across the city

Capable of moving at a speed of up to 40km/h, EZ10 cruises

and efficient transport systems, the UAE remains at the

lanes. The vehicle is also special needs-friendly, with a movable

systems with smart technologies. However, with that comes the

In a recent RTA survey which targeted 1,500 riders between

financing options through public-private partnerships are a key

the respondents expected the technology to contribute to

expertise and capital to foster mutual growth and innovation.

levels. But, it doesn’t end there.

In the past years, Alstom has created over 400 jobs in the

ramp allowing access to wheelchair-bound passengers.

ages 25 to 30 on the first driverless vehicle EZ10, 97% of alleviating vehicle accidents and improving the road safety

rising challenge of financing such mega-projects that aim to

improve the entire transport ecosystem. To that end, alternative way to move ahead with world-class consultants who have the

UAE and partnered with several local suppliers. Similarly,

As citizens become more aware of the benefits and importance of smart urban mobility, the question of innovative solutions and its impact on the community also arises.

GCC and North Africa. As the only operator in the world that

Laurence Batlle, the Chairwoman of the Executive Board of RATP

some of the largest transport and urban planning projects in

Dev, the international subsidiary of RATP Group, France’s state-

RATP Dev, part of the RATP Group which is the fifth largest urban transport operator in the world, is active across the has automated an existing high-capacity metro line, the firm

has signed a partnership with Zain Capital LLC, part of the

Lakhraim Business Group to set up a joint venture targeting the UAE. As for the EZ10 which has already been deployed in

owned public transport operator which now operates across

20 countries across Asia-Pacific, Middle-East, North America

are changing fast and the key is to understand and respond

of the UAE to be a smart urban city with a 25% driverless

the Middle East explains: “Passenger needs and expectations with new on-demand services. The work of mobility companies

should not just be measured only in terms of kilometres or

passenger numbers and travel times, but on the much broader

and Europe, there’s enough to say that the ambitious visions

infrastructure by 2030, will soon be one striking reference in

the world.

impact they make on a community in three important areas –

skills transfer and employment opportunities, social inclusion

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Cross Perspectives | Smart Cities & Urban Mobility

Cross Perspectives - Smart Cities & Urban Mobility Achieving efficient, secure and user friendly urban mobility. What are the main challenges the UAE and France have to face to achieve a state of the art efficient, secure and user friendly mobility? Antoine CLAUDEPIERRRE Business Developer – Middle East Navya

Antoine CLAUDEPIERRRE - NAVYA UAE and France are both sharing challenges: Our cities are complex spatial

structures, that need to be supported by effective transport systems. Economic activities are accumulated and concentrated in cities, massive urbanization is a fact that both countries need to deal with.

Gilbert GAGNAIRE CEO Easy Mile

Traffic congestion, parking issues, pollution, long commuting or dependency to individual vehicles are some of the major challenges our cities are facing.

New technologies such as AV’s could bring some solutions to these challenges

and improve the everyday life of citizens for example, autonomous, electric, shared and on-demand vehicles could serve new areas or poorly served areas and therefore propose a solution to complete the transport network system.

Christian LAUGIER CEO Middle East Egis

Accessibility, fluidity and efficiency are essential to the users, while it is vital for communities to keep the transport network cost-efficient, safe and connected.


Christian LAUGIER - EGIS

The UAE and France are facing similar challenges: how can we reduce

Government processes and implementation as well as

pollution whilst improving operational flexibility?

and UAE. The same applies to standards as we have

for the first and last mile would most definitely contribute to answering

the gap between the European standards and the US

congestion in large cities, how can we improve air quality and reduce noise

legislation on mobility are different between France

A fully integrated transport system including Shared Autonomous Vehicles

to aim towards unified standards in order to close

those crucial challenges our modern societies are all facing.


Driverless technology is revolutionary and still relatively new. When it

comes to autonomous vehicles operating on open roads, legislation remains understandably cautious in most countries.

EasyMile works with all parties involved in the ecosystem including

certification bodies. Some governments have already shown great interest

in the technology as well as understanding of the benefits AVs can bring to citizens. The EZ10 was the first shuttle to be allowed to drive in mixed

traffic in France, Germany, Norway, Australia, Japan and California. The UAE

has already shown that it’s a global leader in innovation and technology and EasyMile stands ready to assist it in the field of automated transportation. 2 6 FBC Insights

We have to use technologies more adaptable to UAE environment which is different than the European environment.






temperatures are a challenge technologies have to overcome.

We have to take into consideration that UAE is more car oriented than France. This, alternative sustainable and friendly mobility system have to be developed.

Dubai and even Abu Dhabi are extensive cities; the challenge is to adapt the mobility strategy to the city scale. French cities are more compact.

Cross Perspectives | Smart Cities & Urban Mobility

What role do companies such as yours play in this process?

ecosystem and comprehensive benchmark for the coming


Autonomous Vehicle Era in smart cities.

NAVYA assists cities and private sites around the world in improving their transport offer with its autonomous, electric and shared solutions. At the cutting edge of technology, NAVYA revolutionizes trips by offering fluid mobility.

autonomous, driverless and electric. They benefit from an overall vision and expertise in automobile technology and

software solutions which include perception, visualization, navigation, geolocation, telecommunications and automobile manufacturing.

As an innovator in the AV sector, NAVYA is aiming to bring humankind into the AUTONOM era with its brand-new

solutions, freeing up mobility at the heart of smart cities,

making them cleaner, safer and more connected. The idea is not to replace the existing transportation system outright. On the contrary, what we are aiming for is to make urban centres

more fluid, by complementing current methods, providing a new solution for the first and last mile and indeed a brandnew mobility experience.

AUTONOMS fleets make it possible for operators to improve

productivity on private sites, and ease road congestion in urban centres. Passengers also enjoy a pleasant trip while making the most of their travel time.

With neither a steering wheel nor pedals, AUTONOMS uses effective guidance and detection systems that combine various

types of advanced technology. Data from Lidar sensors,

cameras, GPS RTK, IMU and odometry is merged together and interpreted by deep learning programs.

multiple use cases, we play a role of pioneer and leader.

solutions that improve the everyday life of citizens.

For that, it is crucial that we, as suppliers of autonomous together

raise safety standards for a world in perpetual motion.

Christian LAUGIER - EGIS

Our role is extensive, for example: •

Provide new ideas and solutions for mobility

Using and sharing the French experience by participating in

• • •

Conducting workshops on friendly urban mobility various projects, conferences, and exhibitions. Investing and operating through PPP

in promising mobility projects

Providing innovative engineering on mobility (design, consulting)

Providing integrated mobility offer fitting with complex urban challenges

Gilbert GAGNAIRE - EASYMILE Today, EasyMile is building collaborations locally to deliver the

best driverless solution integrating the UAE’s Urban Mobility

requirements. As a first step, private sites - such as airports, hotels or shopping malls - are ideal venues to demonstrate that the technology is reliable, safe and comfortable for passengers.

Offering pilot services and progressively scaling up the service will naturally drive UAE citizens towards the new efficient, green and innovative transportation mean.



people and goods. We already have an extensive track record in

providing accessible mobility solutions in over 24 countries. Our shuttles are approved by several certification bodies.

New technologies such as AV’s have the ability to bring new


centers. Through collaboration with transport planners we will

EasyMile offers safe and sustainable autonomous mobility for

With more than 89 vehicles sold worldwide in 17 countries, in


by improving traffic flow and reducing congestion in urban

ultimately upgrade the quality of our life while continuing to

The vehicles in the NAVYA AUTONOM range are all fully


NAVYA’s vision is to a build a more fluid and sustainable future


municipalities to start taking steps towards creating a positive

We are now bringing our expertise to the UAE and want to

contribute to enhancing the nation’s Urban Mobility offering.

Together, we can take it to a new level of eco-friendliness and innovation.

We want to engage in the UAE as a long-term reliable partner and work hand in hand to deliver the best possible solutions. FBC Insights


Cross Perspectives | Smart Cities & Urban Mobility

What will be your company's involvement in 2020?

Gilbert GAGNAIRE - EASYMILE Dubai Expo2020 is going to be a fantastic event that will attract a lot of attention worldwide. It is a fantastic opportunity for the UAE to shine.

Expo 2020 is committed to showing the world its engagement towards smart mobility and eco-friendly systems. EasyMile would be a natural fit for the event. We are already in touch with the Expo 2020 organisers and discussing our potential involvement although it is too early to say more at this stage‌

Antoine CLAUDEPIERRRE - NAVYA Our involvement in Expo 2020 is to be determined yet. With one of the main themes being mobility, we are committed to explore

opportunities to provide innovative & sustainable mobility solutions to the millions of expected visitors. This exceptional exposition will as well be a legacy to the region, equipped with the most advanced technology and dynamic structures possible.

Our innovative and sustainable mobility solutions are appropriate to this Exceptionnal World Expo, with world-class infrastructure, advanced technology, and true innovation.

Christian LAUGIER - EGIS The development of smart & innovative road systems under study and we hope we could implement them in the Expo 2020 case.

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Focus | Smart Cities & Urban Mobility | Expert Vision

Smart Cities: The Future is NOW How IoT is changing our lives

Nicolas ANDRIEU Vice President, Middle East & Africa Sigfox

Over the past few years there’s been a trend to use “smart

recruitment and run more services, which in turn creates more

habits change over time, the definition of smart cities itself will

these organizations to run an environmentally sustainable

cities” as a buzzword. As the technology advances and our

also adapt, and that’s why at Sigfox we have never followed the buzzword trend. Rather, our approach has been to consider the

challenges customers are facing and to provide solutions that

address the specific need and use case, whatever the nature of the organization be it public or private.

Of all public services affected by demographic pressures,

specifically a population that’s growing exponentially, urban

mobility is suffering the most. With more people putting

demand on transport systems, local authorities and transport companies are increasingly under pressure to speed up

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traffic and pollution. It’s becoming increasingly difficult for service.

IoT has intrinsic value in the operating and management

of urban mobility services. Harnessing the power of IoT,

public and private organizations can deliver a smarter, more efficient service that moves from being reactive to predictive,

improving the quality of service for citizens and lessening the environmental impact.

For example, Sigfox has been collaborating with several

European and international cities to provide connectivity for

Focus | Smart Cities & Urban Mobility | Expert Vision smart-city programs that address issues such as air quality,

to solve complex problems such as how to sustainably address

is the case in Lyon, Paris, San Francisco, Singapore and more

bus or train service means less cars on the road as citizens have

water usage, intelligent lighting, traffic and transportation. This recently Abu Dhabi and Mexico City.

The main challenge is driving innovation into those

urban mobility pressures. For example, to reduce Co2, improving confidence in a modern, reliable and secure service.

Tracking and protecting urban assets has never been

organizations. At its very core innovation is about change, and

easier. The next generation of Sigfox-

in public organizations where change in processes has always

tracking technology to provide a leaner, and more connected

people tend to be resistant to change. This is especially accurate

been challenging, such is the case right now in France. I must

UAE has been on the cutting edge of driving innovation in the public and private services. say that it’s quite different here, as I believe the

Innovation is often perceived as technology rather than

services, but in fact the possibilities for innovation in services are endless given that they span every sector. “Services








continuously be created and implemented as human habits and mobility trends evolve.”

Sigfox is the world’s leading provider of global, simple,

cost-effective and energy-efficient connectivity and services for the Internet of Things (IoT). In fact, every organization can use Sigfox to accelerate their digital transformation, create new business models and generate new value, right now in a secure way.

Let’s visualize Sigfox as a brain with connections. The brain

is our global network and the connections are the IoT devices which gather data from sensors, creating intelligence that helps

enabled IoT devices overcome the shortfalls of traditional

asset management solution. By leveraging Sigfox’s global

network dedicated exclusively to the Internet of Things, IoT

solutions are simplified, become more flexible, consume less energy and are ultimately more affordable.

IoT-enabled tracking solutions are fairly straightforward

to deploy. A small, battery-powered smart tracking device is securely mounted onto buses, metros, containers, trucks or wagons that carry people or goods. Once mounted, the device

collects real-time information about the exact location of those assets at any point along the journey and securely transmits that

information through Sigfox’s global network. The information can be aggregated on a customized application platform or fed directly into the organization’s existing supervision information system

At Sigfox, we’re really excited about the Expo 2020 coming

to Dubai. One of our key work streams at Sigfox is to reduce dependency on batteries. Our ultimate objective is to achieve

a solution that doesn’t require a battery whatsoever. We’ll be present at the French Pavilion and look forward to discussing how we can support organizations and partners in developing innovative IoT solutions together.

“Services is the area where IoT innovations can continuously be created and implemented as human habits and mobility trends evolve.”

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Focus | Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency

Walking towards a Green Future Going beyond renewable energy, waste management and sustainable urban development by O d elia X avier


chief executive says, “It is changing the lives of thousands of ver the last five years, the UAE has taken major steps

towards the vision of a sustainable future as it transitions

towards a green economy. Having previously made headlines

for being of the largest carbon footprints in the world, the

UAE is looking to increase its target for power generation from

clean energy to 30 per cent by 2030. It also aims to produce 25

to 30 per cent of its electricity requirement from both nuclear and solar energy.

Backed by the comprehensive and integrated strategies such as the Dubai Clean Energy Strategy 2050 and the UAE Vision

2021, the government and corporates are working together to

make Dubai the city with the lowest carbon footprint in the

world by 2050. In order to meet this goal, SMEs and MNCs are

working towards diversifying energy sources while balancing

development plans and the environment. One such example is

that of Sunna Design, a French tech company that recently won the 2018 Zayed Future Energy Prize during the Abu

Dhabi Sustainability Week for designing, manufacturing and

selling smart solar street lighting. The company has installed

roughly 10,000 lamps in 40 countries across Africa, parts of

the Middle East and India. Thomas Samuel, its founder and

3 4 FBC Insights

people in the field. Our vision of sustainability is very close to

Sheikh Zayed’s vision and I feel there is already a good example

of our technology lighting places in the UAE and that’s the best example of where we converge.”

Another example of such a large scale project is that of French

building materials company Saint-Gobain which is currently

building an energy-efficient multi-comfort house in Masdar

City in Abu Dhabi. Slated for completion in 2019, it will be the first-of-its-kind for the company in the Middle East and will

be fully adapted to the arid conditions of the UAE. This year

also saw the inaugural of the 200 MW solar capacity plan in

the Emirate of Dubai. This plant is the first unit of the 800-

MW Dewa III facility in which EDF acquired a stake along with

Masdar and the Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA). DEWA III is the third phase of one of the world’s most powerful

solar projects – the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum solar park. Amounting to a total investment of 14 billion US dollars

(50 billion AED), the solar park will have a total installed capacity of 5000 MW, creating more than 1000 jobs during its

development phase and cutting down on CO2 emissions by up to 6.5 million tons a year once it is fully operational in 2030.

Focus | Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency

“It is a great honour for the EDF Group to contribute to the

Emirate of Dubai’s energy transition. I am delighted with the

Masdar’s Renewable Energy Water Desalination Program

aims to test and develop advanced, energy-efficient seawater

trusting relationship we have forged with our partners Masdar


beyond. Dewa III exemplifies the EDF Group’s ability to execute

the UAE.

of the Group’s CAP 2030 strategy: doubling its renewable

As technology partners, Veolia and Masdar have shared

Europe by 2030, ” said Jean-Bernard Lévy, EDF’s Chairman &

characteristics as future large scale, innovative and low energy

and DEWA to develop carbon-free energy in the region and large-scale solar projects, whilst contributing to the ambitions

capacities and tripling its international business outside of Chief Executive Officer during the inaugural.

A few other notable projects that contribute to accomplish

the UAE’s vision for a sustainable future, is that of Veolia –







implementing renewable energy-powered desalination plants in

the costs to build and operate a pilot plant with the same

consumption desalination plants. The pilot plant, built in the

Ghantoot area, has been producing potable water, abiding by

the same operation constraints as a large plant and capable of

handling very harsh seawater conditions. The technologies that

a global leader in optimized resource management. The

Veolia has developed and implemented at Masdar include high

ambitious Renewable Energy Water Desalination Program

and filtration, as well as a new osmosis membrane feed

firm is working as an industry partner to collaborate on the

performance seawater pretreatment combining air floatation

launched early 2013 with Masdar to build the world’s largest

configuration able to deal with high treatment fluxes.

gallon a day project announced earlier this month by the Abu

Together as partners and citizens who are working towards a

leader in desalination, Veolia is proud to have been chosen by

country that has been built under the wise leadership of His

desalination facility in Abu Dhabi - a 200 million Imperial

Dhabi Water & Electricity Authority (Adwea). “As the global

MASDAR as Industry Partner for the Renewable Energy Water Desalination Program. Through co-innovation, and by working

closely with MASDAR, we aim to develop the next generation

of sustainable desalination technologies,” commented Xavier

green future, the UAE is certain to accomplish its vision as a Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. In his words: “Working as a team, everybody takes part in building the

UAE” and to that end teamwork has already come a long way.

Joseph, CEO, Veolia Gulf Countries.

Together as partners and citizens who are working towards a green future, the UAE is certain to accomplish its vision as a country that has been built under the wise leadership of His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

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Cross Perspectives | Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency

Cross Perspectives - Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Making the best use of our energetic ressources and promoting sustainable living.

Clean energy is a prerequisite for a stable, livable

and peaceful world. In the UAE, what has been done? What remains to be done in that regard? Hanan DARWISH - SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC

Hanan DARWISH Cluster President – Gulf and Pakistan Schneider Electric

The UAE is already a global leader in using clean energy, thanks to government-led initiatives such as the UAE Energy Strategy 2050

and the Dubai Clean Energy Strategy, which aim to rapidly increase the amount of clean energy in the city’s and country’s energy mix.

Accompanying the UAE’s shift to clean energy is the digital

Nicolas HOBEILAH Area VP Near and Middle East Legrand

transformation of the country’s energy generation, transmission, usage, across smart power generation, grids, and homes and buildings.

Supporting the UAE’s energy digital transformation, our Innovation Hub on Wheels will make major stops at GITEX Technology Week in Dubai, running from 14-18 October, and WETEX in Dubai, running from 23-25 October. Visitors to the Innovation Hub on Wheels

can experience best practices across 17 use cases for our EcoStruxure architecture for the Internet of Things, including augmented and mixed reality, smart homes, along with our industry-leading pre-fabricated data center.

In energy, we’re exchanging best practices from one of our major energy digital transformation projects – the Panorama Command

Center at Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC). ADNOC monitors and optimizes the performance of its assets and operations

across 16 operating companies, by integrating 100,000 tags across oil and gas processing, production, transportation, and distribution.

Nicolas HOBEILAH - LEGRAND After many years of awareness about the importance of

renewable and energy efficiency solutions led through several governmental regulations or the development of entities (such

as Emirates Green Building Council), the UAE has now entered an operational phase for clean energy. Iconic realizations such as the Sustainable City project and the construction of

numerous LEED buildings are demonstrating this fact. Now

the country is going one step further and projecting itself into

more advanced solutions by holding Solar Decathlon Middle

East, a competition that will integrate unique local and regional concepts and know-hows. 3 6 FBC Insights

Cross Perspectives | Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency

What role do companies such as yours play in this process?



"Public-private partnerships are essential for enabling clean

Energy efficiency is now an essential part of every Legrand

and infrastructure with the private sector’s experience and

projects. As the global specialist in electrical and digital building

and renewable energy – combining the public sector’s vision expertise."

As a global leader in the digitization of energy management,

Schneider Electric is dedicated to exchanging best practices in our ExoStruxure architecture across six key use cases: Data Center, Buildings, Transportation, Water and Waste Water Management, Oil and Gas, and Utilities.

On a wider level, we are exchanging best practices from our major Smart City projects such as Naya Raipur, India’s first greenfield Smart City, and Istanbul, Turkey.

In the UAE and Middle East, most of our business is channel led. Our Schneider Electric Partner Program has trained more than

20,000 systems integrators, which have connected more than 1.5 million assets worldwide to our EcoStruxure architecture.

This breadth and depth of expertise is essential for enabling

project. It has even become a major factor for the success of

infrastructures, Legrand is offering more and more solutions

for improved control of electricity to reduce consumption and contribute towards supplying high quality energy. Beyond the

offer itself, it is the involvement of everyone in their day-today specification and installation work that will ensure these

solutions are used fully, helping to reduce the environmental footprint of buildings, for example by reducing greenhouse gas emissions (CO2).

Every "energy efficiency" offer is easy to identify, carrying a specific symbol on all the Group's trademarks. To make it easier

for customers to choose, the Legrand Group has undertaken

to indicate the benefits of its energy efficiency solutions using

three indicators: the financial savings, the payback period and the equivalent weight of CO2 saved. This is thus also sustainable

communication: going straight to the essentials to assist with selecting, specifying and then installing energy efficiency solutions.

energy digitization projects small and large across the UAE and

In the UAE, our contribution to local projects such as

including Ajman Bank, Dr Sulaiman Al Habib Hospital, Hilton

the development of the Green Building Tool Kit to promote

region – with major regional digital transformation customers Garden Inn MoE, and Kuwait Oil Company.

Sustainable City and support of institutions such as EGBC for energy efficient solutions show our commitment towards being one of the main players in terms of energy efficiency.

Today we are going one step further with our participation

" The UAE is already a global leader in using clean energy, thanks to government-led initiatives such as the UAE Energy Strategy 2050 and the Dubai Clean Energy Strategy "

in Solar Decathlon Middle East in partnership with Bordeaux University and BaityKool to showcase our latest solutions in favor of sustainable living, especially thanks to connectivity.

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Cross Perspectives | Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency

How Dubai Expo 2020 can be a game changer

to improve the use of our energetic resources and promoting sustainable living? Hanan DARWISH - SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC


Against the backdrop of global mega-trends such as urbanization,

With more than 25 million tourists in the UAE in 2017, and

a unique opportunity to showcase the latest innovations in

2020 will bring multiple and various visitors from different

digitization, and industrialization, Expo 2020 Dubai presents

promoting sustainable living and energy efficiency across industry verticals, enterprises, and our daily lives.

With Expo 2020 Dubai set to host 25 million visitors, the event

the participation of more than 180 countries, the Dubai Expo countries. The Expo will be a “live” showcase for the world and

will raise awareness about the importance of sustainable living by promoting solutions in favor of energy savings.

will be a major platform for Dubai and the UAE to enhance their

Technologies are evolving every day, and the growth towards

best practices with the global energy ecosystem across the

products. In this matter, Legrand has launched its ELIOT

standing as global leaders in energy efficiency, and to exchange energy generation and usage process.

Expo 2020 Dubai is being held under the theme of “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”. One of the major foundations of

Expo 2020 Dubai is that it will be the world’s most sustainable and energy efficient event – with a digital foundation that integrates IT and OT for real-time energy insights.

"The Expo will be a “live” showcase for the world and will raise awareness about the importance of sustainable living by promoting solutions in favor of energy savings." 3 8 FBC Insights

connected solutions is leading to the development of new program regrouping several connected products which allow

users to be informed, to be alerted, to measure and to control their consumption directly from their smartphones.

UAE Best Practice

Raising Sustainability Standards in Dubai Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry Dubai Chamber is a prime example of how an organization today can embrace sustainability by adopting good operational practices. By following the LEED framework, the Chamber was able to reduce water and energy consumption, cut costs and enhance efficiency at its head office building in Deira. In 2014, Dubai Chamber’s head office became the first existing green building in the Arab world to achieve LEED Platinum certification. This milestone achievement serves as a source of inspiration for Dubai’s business community and makes a successful business case for greening existing buildings. To achieve this high level of certification, Dubai Chamber reduced its energy and potable water consumption per person by 63% and 92% respectively, accumulating an estimated $5.8 million of savings between 1998 and 2013. While the majority of these gains came from simple low cost initiatives, such as turning off the AC and lighting after hours, a number of innovative practices with attractive payback periods were also applied. These included using recycled water for landscaping and washroom flushing, using the outdoor fountain as a heat exchanger to cool the server room, and capturing condensate for the fountain and washroom systems. Such initiatives led the Chamber to receive an energy star rating of 91%, meaning it is more energy efficient than 91% of comparable buildings in the US.

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UAE Best Practice

Not only did the Chamber benefit from significant financial savings by greening its building but employees’ satisfaction with their facilities and working environment rose by 30%. Dubai Chamber’s green building is only one example of how Dubai is transforming its economy and society in line with global best practices. Dubai’s strategic vision puts a major focus on adopting sustainable practices through green buildings and other measures. The emirate is targeting a 30% improvement in the efficiency of energy use by 2030 by upgrading 30,000 existing buildings and applying green building regulations to new constructions. Sustainability is one of the key pillars of the Dubai Plan 2021 and the emirate’s diversification strategy. Dubai is on a mission to become one of the top ten sustainable cities in the world and Dubai Chamber remains committed to supporting this vision. Dubai’s rapidly growing business community is looking for new ways to become more sustainable and responsible. The private sector is increasingly playing a bigger role in contributing toward the emirate’s sustainable development. Dubai Chamber established the Centre for Responsible Business in 2004 as the first centre of its kind in the Middle East region. The Centre’s objective is to support the local business community in gradually transforming into a sustainable and responsible business community. The Centre plays an active role in facilitating the contribution from the private sector by encouraging businesses to adopt responsible practices and participate in CSR and sustainability related initiatives and activities. Among the Centre’s main objectives is to form a united vision for sustainability in Dubai and create a powerful platform where businesses can share knowledge, experiences and best practices in this area, and drive sustainable change by aligning their efforts. In the Dubai of the future, sustainability will no longer be just a buzz word but part the fabric that is woven throughout society. Dubai stands to become a leading example of how a city in the desert with limited resources turned its challenges into opportunities and transformed into one of the most sustainable cities of the world.

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Focus | Digital Cybersecurity & e-gov

Safety First How the UAE is building a safe and secure cyberspace for its residents and visitors through international collaborations. by Odelia X avier


becomes increasingly digitized, the risk of cyber attacks is also

ver since the Ransomware cyber-attack in May 2017 hit

99 countries around the world, there’s been growing concern to

create safe and secure systems that protect not only individual

users, but also governments and corporates. When Uber tried

to cover up its data breach in 2016 over the loss of private data related to 57 million of its users around the globe, there was

a public outcry that is today being settled with $148 million

in claims. By not reporting the breach for a year, the company

puts its drivers at the risk of financial fraud and identity theft.

This alone has made citizens around the globe realize the importance of turning to secure alternatives.

As digital innovation, smart urban mobility, IoT and Artificial Intelligence continue to dominate and shape our futures, it is imperative to embrace a shift of focus from prevention to resilience in the face of security breaches. As inevitable as it is, no individual or organization is safe. "GCC countries, and in particular the UAE,

are at the heart of digital transformation. As the value chain

on the rise. The stakes are high and cyber security is the critical

component in the equation; it must be built into applications

to protect businesses and critical infrastructure from the very

beginning of the process,” explains Pascale Sourisse, Senior

Executive Vice-President, International Development, Thales.

Looking at a few facts, there’s no denying that the protection

of data is of utmost importance in the Middle East and UAE.

According to an article published in The National, security experts found that cyber criminals prowling the web plundered

almost Dh4bn from victims in the UAE in 2017. Furthermore, more than half of the adult population in the UAE fell victim

to cybercrime in 2017, with the latest Norton Cyber Security

Insights Report revealing each lost an average of Dh669.

And that’s not all.

According to Microsoft’s 2018 Digital

Transformation survey, it was found that just over 80 per cent of large Gulf enterprises still use usernames and passwords as

the exclusive means of log-in, where security professional today recommend facial recognition and biometric identification as

important safety measures at a global level.

Addressing growing concerns that put the city at the risk

of further crimes, the Dubai Cyber

Security Strategy which was launched

last year addressed the necessity of

raising awareness around the issue. In

the words of H.E. Yousuf Al Shaibani,

CEO of the Dubai Cyber Security

Strategy: “Raising the awareness of cyber security is a key element of

promoting the success of the strategy.

The goal is to build a more secure

information society that is perfectly

aware of cyber security risks. One of

the key objectives of this strategy is to

address any risks, threats or attacks, as well as allowing user access to various

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Focus | Digital Cybersecurity & e-gov

aspects of information technology so as to promote the success of the strategy in the future.”

Given that national and international collaborations make up

one of the five main domains which together with its guiding principles aims to establish and

added iWire as it operator in the Middle East. “It is increasingly

important to consider and plan security architecture at the very beginning of design and development of an IoT solution,”explains

Laetitia Jay, Chief Marketing Officer at Sigfox. Offering a

reliable, global network, the French firm provides energy-

implement a robust cyber security






companies are leading the way

in sharing their expertise. Thales,

a French multinational company

that designs and builds electrical

systems and provides services for







markets, has invested over €1 billion over the past three years in

key digital technologies, including

IoT, big data, artificial intelligence and cyber security.

These competencies were revealed

recently at the Dubai Cyber Hub, where the group's expertise will

aim to help customers in the region

deliver successful business and digital transformation, both safely and securely. Using methodologies to drive awareness

and implementation of best practices in cyber security and innovation in the region, the Cyber Hub will partner with local

efficient and cost-effective connectivity, allowing companies

to generate additional revenues, by not only improving their performance but creating new business models too.

start-ups and leading academics to share best practices for

One of the most recent services that show how security is

While cyber security is just one aspect of the entire picture, IoT

automatically adapt to every local communications standard

secure digital innovations. According to a report from Gartner,

announced the release of a luggage tracker that uses Sigfox

customers and businesses in the region.

is the other aspect that compounds the growing necessity of

more than 20 billion individual units will connect to the IoT

in-built into modern day requirements is the latest Monarch

service from Sigfox that allows IoT devices to recognize and in the world, without roaming. Earlier this year, Louis Vuitton

technology which is exclusively available with the Louis

by 2020 and it’s just a matter of time before users start to

Vuitton Horizon luggage range. This allows passengers to track

and overall performance. The Internet of Things (IoT) market

between different countries.

experience significant bottlenecks in IoT connectivity, efficiency

in the Middle East and Africa is expected to grow 15 per cent

their checked luggage in major airports, even while travelling

this year to $6.99 billion compared to $6.07 billion last year as

By enabling ‘globe trotter’ assets that can seamlessly adapt as

spend stood at $500 million in 2017 and it is expected to reach

represents a game-changer for logistics, freight, and consumer

automation gains traction, industry experts say. In the UAE, IoT

they move across borders, the connectivity firm claims Monarch

$900 million by 2021.

goods industries. This initiative is a befitting example of how

Riding this wave of growth is Sigfox, the world’s leading

smart technologies and digital innovation.

Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity service, who has recently

essential and safe such systems are for a future shaped by

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Focus | Digital Cybersecurity & e-gov | Expert Vision

Thales Digital Transformation strategy


To address this, earlier this year we launched our new

n a world that’s increasingly fast moving, unpredictable,

Cyber Hub in Dubai. The Cyber Hub will establish a centre of

the pace of innovation in many industries as governments and

these vulnerabilities. The new hub will harness Thales’s local

yet full of opportunities, digital transformation has accelerated organisations around the globe work towards making life better and keeping us safe.

With this innovation, comes change and within regional

governments and the business community, nothing encapsulates

this more than digital disruption. Few organizations doubt the positive impact digitalisation can have – from boosting the

efficiency of internal processes to driving product innovation and improving overall customer service, the potential benefits of ‘digital’ are quite clear. But realising that potential is a huge

excellence for cybersecurity in the region, to bolster against expertise and use established world-class methodologies, as

well as cyber training, simulation and threat intelligence to drive awareness and implementation of best practice in the region.

Importantly, the Cyber Hub will also partner with local start-ups

and leading academics, to embed the Hub as an integral part of the local start-up and incubator ecosystem, and boost the local

landscape to benefit the Middle East’s digital transformation as a whole.

At Thales, we believe cybersecurity has become the

challenge and it’s one our customers are continually talking to

lifeblood of all societies that rely on hyper connectivity for

Our customers come to us with big ambitions: to make

is smart mobility. As part of our strategic objective of being

us about.

life better, to keep the world safer and to imagine the solutions of tomorrow, today. As a global leader in cybersecurity and

data protection, Thales occupies a central role in the digital

transformation of society, addressing the entire information

security lifecycle across all sectors, from government and public services and defence, to aerospace and transportation.

Currently, we’re providing high-grade security solutions

for 50 countries, including NATO, and we also protect 80% of global payment transaction and provide cybersecurity for

nine out of ten of the largest internet companies. We will use

their future development and an important element of this

a trusted partner for the automotive ecosystem, we recently signed a partnership with Vector, a German specialist in

automotive embedded electronics, to cybersecure autonomous

and connected cars. The Cyber Hub will deploy this expertise in the UAE market and wider Middle East.

The more digital and interconnected our lives become, and

the more we come to rely on essential communications between

people and machines, the greater the impact of a systemic failure will be, regardless of the industry.

The success of tomorrow's digital societies will depend

this expertise and our established methodologies to offer our

on the degree of trust we place in them. Because in a digital

digital transformations are delivered safely and securely.

systems, which offer infinitely greater possibilities but are also

partners across the region world-class solutions to ensure their As one of the most highly digitised regions in the world,

the UAE is a global leader in innovation and a strategic hub

society, the closed networks of today will be displaced by open much more vulnerable.

In this highly digitized age where the stakes are high, the

for cyber consulting and artificial intelligence (AI). Dubai in

most important thing for governments and businesses alike is

and is at the forefront of digital technology. However, with this

to protect their critical infrastructure from the very beginning

particular is leading the charge in harnessing this potential comes a significant increase in cybersecurity risks and threat levels.

to future proof against potential risks by building applications of the process.

We’ve been working with our customers in the region for

Crucially, computerised systems are now being used by

over 40 years and we still believe in a collaborative approach

vulnerable and critical infrastructure such as airports, power

digital society that regional governments are visualizing and

virtually all organisations and governments to manage highly grids, utilities, transport networks, water treatment centres, factories and refineries. And recent reports suggest that the Middle East is especially vulnerable to large-scale cyberattacks,

so security in this region is a major priority, especially as we approach Expo 2020.

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as the best course of action in our activities. We believe the implementing will only advance as fast as the cybersecurity

systems we can put in place and the level of public trust we can build together. Major players in the digital technology sector

must also adhere to a strict code of conduct, pledging to act fairly and in good faith with respect to their users and demonstrating a material commitment to a set of basic principles.

Focus | Digital Cybersecurity & e-gov | Expert Vision

Smart Dubai leads the way to a brighter future Focusing on its most valued assets - the city, its people, and their happiness

Richard DIB Head of Business Development Smart Dubai by D i n a Sp a h i

“Our mission is to create happiness, by embracing

technology and innovation, helping make everyday experiences more efficient, seamless, safe and personalised for residents

and visitors in Dubai,” says Richard Dib, Head of Business Development for Dubai Pulse within Smart Dubai Office.

Founded in 2014 under the vision of His Highness Sheikh

Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, the Smart Dubai

initiative aims to introduce strategic initiatives and develop

partnerships to contribute to its Smart Economy, Smart Living, Smart Governance, Smart Environment, Smart People and Smart Mobility dimensions

more relevant. As can be expected with such an ambitious vision, there have been a few challenges with regards to grand scale digitalization.

“It is common knowledge that people do not easily embrace

change,” explains Dib. “When the Internet was launched, it transformed the way the world interacted with each other and conducted business. Emerging technologies like Blockchain,

Artificial Intelligence and Data Sharing will do the same for transactions, but getting people to get used to the new way of life and adapting to upcoming technologies in their everyday experiences will take some time.”

Additionally, says Dib, another challenge they faced in

How to achieve that goal? According to Dib, who is also

the past was getting government entities to work together

Establishment, part of the Smart Dubai Office, that can be

independently. “But thanks to Smart Dubai’s efforts over the

leading the Data Productization stream within Dubai Data

accomplished by using technology as an enabler. “We are providing the city with the right tools and policies that will help make life better and happier for all of the city’s residents

and visitors. We are working diligently with our partners across the city to prepare the foundation for a sustainable

smart city transformation that prioritizes people’s happiness in everything we do.”

Home to 4 million residents, and with many times more

visitors a year, Dubai’s infrastructure is rapidly developing to cater to the next 30 million visitors by 2020, making the drive

to focus on happiness while developing a ‘smart’ city all the 4 8 FBC Insights

on the same platform, when they have been used to working

past three years this mindset has significantly changed, and we are seeing increased interest from our government entities now working all together for the same purpose, making Dubai the happiest city on Earth.”

In terms of success stories, Dib counts launching Dubai

Pulse as a major breakthrough.

“Previously, governmental

entities were working in isolation to deliver smart-city

initiatives, risking potential inefficiencies and duplicating ICT

investments, resources and services.” To address this, Smart Dubai launched the Dubai Pulse initiative to unify the needs of public-sector entities by identifying synergies. “Dubai

Focus | Digital Cybersecurity & e-gov | Expert Vision

Pulse is the city digital backbone powering Dubai’s digital

license, enrolling students in schools, maintaining the lifecycle

and incubator to ensure seamless services. It unites all layers of

many more.

transformation, and its main role is that of a technical enabler

an ICT architecture, from connected infrastructure layer (such

as IOT), data orchestration layer (such Data Management), enabling services layer (such as digital IDs and payments), to application layer (such as dashboards).”

Built through a collaborative and interactive process

with city stakeholders, Dubai Pulse is an incarnation of Smart Dubai’s efforts to reshape delivery of government services,

using cutting-edge technology. Dib adds that there are plans to extend Dubai Pulse to the private sector in due course.

Following the launch of Dubai Pulse initiative, Dib added,

Smart Dubai Office have identified the need for data collation

of a vehicle from the minute it is out of the showroom, and

“We believe the most critical role Blockchain will play is efficiency of transactions and time savings” says Dib. “In every country, for certain transactions, a person may need

approvals and permissions from several different government

entities before the transaction is completed. This means going

from door to door, waiting in lines just to get a stamp or a signature. Blockchain can connect all these entities virtually,

providing approvals within seconds. This is going to completely change the dynamics of customer experience when interacting with the government.”

The mission of Smart Dubai is impressive, and calls for

for the success of the mandate much ahead of the launch of

insight, vision, and most importantly a lot of support. Dib

have dedicated an entire part of its organization that is purely

Dubai Office, the support of their partners in helping to fulfill

our AI roadmap or Blockchain strategy, therefore Smart Dubai

focused on the effective management of data, and dedicated

to extracting the highest possible value from data for our city. According to Dib, Dubai Data is working with over 300

data champions from Dubai government entities to identify and prepare data for ingestion into Dubai Pulse, the digital

credits the hard work of the more than 200 employees at Smart

their mandate, and gives special mention to Her Excellency Dr. Aisha Bint Butti Bin Bishr, Director General of the Smart

Dubai Office, who “transmits her passion and her energy for the initiative into our offices.”

backbone of Dubai. So far, 300 datasets have been ingested

into the Dubai Pulse, with 600 more in process of being injected as we speak.

Innovative Blockchain services, according to Dib, are also

on the brink of revolutionizing the way Dubai and its residents

work and live. “At Smart Dubai our goal is to have 100% of

applicable Dubai government transactions to run on Blockchain.

This means covering each and every industry sector.” Smart Dubai is currently working on over 20+ use cases with several

government and private sector partners. These include renting or buying a property in a click, obtaining a commercial business

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Focus | Digital Cybersecurity & e-gov | Expert Vision

According to Dib, Smart Dubai is also able to source

part of the Expo, Dibs continues, is just as important to take

through many parallel channels. The first being Dubai Future

the area of Expo 2020 will be part of the legacy which has

startups that can support its strategy and meet its needs

Accelerators. “Dubai Future Accelerators brings together

emerging tech startups from around the world, with Dubai government entities so that greater innovation is given birth in this city of Dubai.”

Dib also highlights the Startupbootcamp Smart City

Dubai Accelerator, a leading program that supports innovative companies in the IoT & Connectivity, Urban Automation & Mobility, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Open City Data,

Sustainable Cities & Living, Smart Government, and Smart Retail industry.


Competitions another


into consideration. “The Expo is a 6 month period, after which been planned since the early stages of the Expo preparation.

We asked Dib, who earned his Masters Degree from

the École Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications de Bretagne in France, what he believes France can bring to the

Emirates with regards to Smart Dubai, and in the perspective of Expo 2020. “Similarly to the UAE, France has launched a series

of initiatives related to Smart Cities, Smart Districts, Artificial Intelligence and Data. I believe both countries have much to

learn from each other, and I hope that in the near future a

provide while

helping to spread awareness, such as the Dubai Blockchain Challenge




invites from

across the globe to submit their







in Dubai. “The last challenge

shortlisted 17 finalists and announced




winners on Thursday 3rd May 2018 at the Future Blockchain

Summit. Following on from the successful inaugural edition, this year’s challenge drew 200 applications from companies

in 85 cities across 53 industries.” Also attracting talent are the AI Hackathons & Data Challenges. “Over 2018 we have conducted several Data and AI Hackathons and we will keep

on performing this exercise for the remaining of 2018 and the

coming years. Also we are currently working on a series of Data

series of workshops will be organized where both countries will be sharing their success stories and lessons learned.”

In addition, says Dib, over the last few years France has

deployed a significant effort in boosting its Startup Ecosystem.

“France already created quite a si gnificant number of tech success

With Expo 2020 just around the corner, these innovations

stories. Companies like Sigfox, BlaBlaCar, Criteo, Deezer and Dailymotion were all created in France.” Known for its talented engineers, and having

Smart Dubai is to use the power of technology to make every

Dib feels that their know-how and “Made in France” fabric can

Challenges similar to the Blockchain Challenge that will kickoff in 2019.” says Dib.

are soon to be showcased to the world. Dib says the role of day experiences much easier and smoother for all residents

and visitors – and that extends to the over 20 million visitors expected during the 6 months of Expo 2020. “Our goal is

ensuring all visitors have a pleasurable, relaxed, seamless and personalized journey during their trip to Dubai.” The legacy 5 0 FBC Insights

hosted many big events such as World Cups, Olympic Games, be an “interesting approach that the UAE may leverage as we move closer to the Expo 2020."

Focus | French Tech Dubai UAE

About the French Tech Dubai UAE A bridge for startups between Dubai UAE and France For some years now, the French Tech ecosystem has seen a spectacular growth, driven by a new generation of entrepreneurs, investors, engineers, and other talented people.

France has been called a new “Startup Republic”, dotted with thriving hubs and

talent that are vehicles for a robust entrepreneurial mindset. This vibrant ecosystem is called “La French Tech,” a movement for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs and backed by the French Government since 2013.

Certified by the French government in 2016, the French Tech hub Dubai UAE is the

first and only one in the Middle East. The hub shows the remarkable dynamism

of the French Tech ecosystem in Dubai. This initiative aims to accelerate the

development of French startups in Dubai UAE and to strengthen the international appeal of the French Tech.

More information -dubai.lafrenchtech.com/

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French Community Highlights

Welcome to the new Consul General of France to Dubai

Madam Consul General, you took office last September 2nd. You are

Raja RABIA Consul General of France to Dubai

already particularly familiar with this region, could you please tell us more about your professional career?

Raja Rabia: Firstly, I would like to pay a deep tribute to the

the beginning of the 2000’s, then in Paris in the Economic

(FBC); the FBC is today the largest French Chamber of Commerce

been appointed for four years to the Permanent Representation

active work of all the team from the French Business Council

in the Middle East with more than 800 members, and it has been created 31 years ago in the United Arab Emirates. Since I

took office on September 2nd in Dubai, I have had every reason

to be thankful for the quality of your work dedicated to the 660 French companies operating in the United Arab Emirates and

for the particularly strong network you managed to build these past years. I would also like to share through this article my sincere admiration for the whole French community, which is

a young, diverse, resourceful and creative one. My compatriots

in the Emirates represent the best in what our country can do and it is an immense satisfaction for me to serve them in the French General Consulate in Dubai. If I may answer your polite

Department on the energy issues and then, from 2005 I have

of France for the European Union where I was in charge of the Maghreb-Mashrek group in the Council of the EU (I securely managed the French side of this work group for the EU in 2008

and I negotiated in particular the founding texts of the Union

for the Mediterranean), after that, I left for The Hague where I was working as the Alternate Permanent Representative for the

Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. I then came back to Brussels in the European Department of Foreign Affairs. Subsequently, I went back to the Paris office where I

worked closely with the Head of North Africa and the Middle East on economic diplomacy issues.

Finally, I worked in the French Embassy in Cairo as minister-

queries about my professional career, I alternated between

counsellor, number two position in the Embassy. I think my very

and Multilateral Affairs Department. I started working for the

as economical issues led the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs

positions in Paris and abroad, in particular within the European French Foreign Office after I passed the Orient Exam in 1994 and since, I have served in different positions: I have been

working in the African and Madagascan Affairs Department,

then in Tripoli in Libya at the end of the 90’s, in London at

diverse experience in the MENA region on multilateral as well to offer me the position as Consul General in Dubai, where the multinational and economical aspects are obvious. I am

very proud to have been appointed at the head of an excellent

General Consulate with a solid team in this city-state of Dubai.

French nationals are nearly 30 000 in the Emirates, with half of them living in Dubai, it seems like the French Consulate has a lot to deal with! What are your goals for the coming years and your priorities in the short term? R.R: You are right to underline the dynamism of the

are representative of our technological and innovative savoir

40), mobile and entrepreneurial minded. It is a privilege for

start-up companies and about 200 French people are involved

French community, those are young (the average age is below me to get to know this group of small, medium-size and large businesses, some of them linked to major brands that are the quintessence of the French touch in various sectors

such as: arts, fashion, art of living and many others, they 5 4 FBC Insights

faire. In the French Tech Hub, Dubai gathers more than thirty in these! These entrepreneurs spread such a positive image!

Of course, the General Consulate provides services and assistance

to our compatriots settling in Dubai. Might it be strictly consular

matters, such as registering as a French citizen living abroad, applying

French Community Highlights

for a passeport or an ID, getting administrative recommandations or documents authentication, or more broadly with the regional economical department and the French agencies existing in Dubai such

as Business France, Campus France and other French Government services.

We are all working together, under the guidance of our French

Ambassador, to meet the multiple needs of a community of more than

18 000 registered as French citizens living in Dubai, number which is most likely below the real number of compatriots, estimated at about

25 000 in the North Emirates and Dubai. The key is to be prepared for the visits from ministers and senior officials as well as rallying up the entire team in the General Consulate with the great Dubai World Expo 2020 in mind. We will have the opportunity to discuss further

about it later on, but this exhibition will unify the French companies

outstandingly and will give our community the opportunity to display all its talents!

The United Arab Emirates has been the perfect ground for French companies for a long time. The French business community in the UAE is the biggest in the Middle East. What economical actions could you be taking during your mandate? R.R.: We are working as a team on economical issues,

the French Business Council Dubai & Northern Emirates, the

about 660 French companies represented here. Over the past

VIE (International Interns in Company) and the numerous clubs

under the leadership of our French Ambassador. There are ten years, the French community doubled in numbers. We have noticed it by following the number of French citizen registered and the increase of children enrolled in schools, there are more

than 2900 students enrolled including the LycĂŠe Francais International Georges Pompidou only. Thorough the years, we

have increased the workforce in the General Consulate to meet to needs of the Emirati economical growth, especially in Dubai

which is a regional platform for our companies, but we have also noticed our action is more diverse.

The French team is made up of the Embassy, the General

Consulate, the regional economical service, the bilateral economical service based in Abu Dhabi, Business France, BPI

France, Atout France but also the Customs attachĂŠ, the media attachĂŠ and a team from Cofrex will shortly be represented. When it comes to economical matters, we are all involved

French Business Group in Abu Dhabi, the French Founders, the and organisations, whose new season was opened on September 22nd with great success. Some one-off events also allow the

French business community to come together around different themes such as: innovation, start-up, healthcare, education,

audiovisual media, nutrition, luxury, the art of living, hospitality, food industry, renewable energy, mobility in every sense of the

word. Furthermore, mobility will be the chosen theme for the

Pavilion France at the World Expo 2020 Dubai. We have to

cover all the sectors considered as priorities according to the Emirati authorities in Dubai and in the Northern Emirates, as

this is my consular district. This includes the cultural sector within the framework of the second year of the Franco-Emirati

cultural dialogue, launched on September 4th in Abu Dhabi with Mr Jean-Yves Le Drian, French Foreign and European Affairs minister.

Hence, the French community, as a whole community,

and we receive regularly instructions from the authorities in

might it be political, economical, military, cultural or educational,

and professional exhibitions, and we report precisely about

from our Emirati friends and partners. The solid foundation of

Paris to attend the multiple local events, special conferences the local legislation, the business environment and the future opportunities for our business investors. I would say that the

economic diplomacy happens daily thanks to the companies,

as an individual or as a group, is invested in what is expected

the FBC in Dubai and the FBG in Abu Dhabi, as well as their good reputation beyond the UAE, will deeply help us in this joint mission.

FBC Insights


Success Story

ZERO.1 - A Proud Winner of the first Innovation Award CCIFI Worlwide Network The way LiFi works is simple but powerful.

Once more, the company ZERO.1 has been honoured

last June! Indeed, ZERO.1 won the first « French Tech Dubai UAE Award » in April 2017 and Sébastien Bazin,

Chairman and CEO of AccorHotels, gave him the prize during our Annual Gala Dinner. In








International French Chambers of Commerce (CCIFI) decided to organise the first « Trophées CCI France

International », a World competition where the awards winners from each of the 120 French Chambers of Commerce competed for the Best of the Best Award.

There were several categories and the French Business Council Dubai and Northern Emirates decided that

ZERO.1 should compete for the Innovation Trophy.

ZERO.1 brilliantly won in this category! Our business community felt really proud and that emphasised

how much Dubai is a such a Tech Hub for our French companies!

We interviewed Marc Fleschen,Founder and CEO of ZERO.1, who received the prestigious award.

Please let us know about your company and your technology.

direct modulation methods similar to those used in low-cost infrared communications devices such as remote control units.

LED light bulbs have high intensities and therefore can achieve very large data rates.

Marc Fleschen: ZERO1’s technology « OCC* »

works with

When a constant current is applied to an LED light bulb, a

What is your vision on Li-Fi technology usage in smart cities ?

seen as illumination.

M.F: Facing :

many off-the-shelf LED’s. We are agnostic of lighting. The way

LiFi works is simple but powerful.

constant stream of photons are emitted from the bulb which is

LED bulbs are semiconductor devices, which means the current, and therefore the illumination can be modulated at extremely high speeds which can be detected by the photo-detector. Using this technique allows for high-speed information can be transmitted from an LED light bulb.

Radio frequency communication requires radio circuits, antennas

and complex receivers, whereas LiFi is much simpler and uses 5 6 FBC Insights

the increase of the portable technology and the growth of

the requirement of an additional communication layer

the IOT,

the need to support a technology without radio waves and electromagnetic smog.

Zero1 commits with LIFI to reshape the common model of "communicating to people" for "communicating with people",

Success Story

a response to a growing market expectation

What Li-Fi technology could bring to 2020?

and sustainable development

M.F: By limiting the electro magnetic smog, the energy

the environment that carries it.

would participate in shaping tomorrow's better world, for our

taking into account their expectations,

A major vector of our development is reflected in • • •

support for public policies that highlight the environment a mark of commitment by a French production respecting

consumption of all the network infrastructures, LiFi and Zero.1

Eco-responsibility is our commitment and a model to follow.

legacy, for our children.

therefore a real business challenge.

evolved since the past 20 years, we still rely on the same existing

of ZERO1's corporate culture.

services and new technology came to improve our daily life,

We share them with our service providers, our financial and


LiFi allows for data to be transmitted by modulating the

We became all self aware of our health however we can't


technology can combine everything in a single light point: LiFi.

modulation is performed in such a way that it is not perceptible

to most smart city in the world with the most sustainable

Used wisely, it is a remarkable competitive advantage and

Infrastructure and network telecommunications have not

These values are an integral part of the construction

radio frequencies but the rest of the world has changed. new

business partners.

lets give it a green long term evolution support through LiFi

intensity of light, which is then received by a photo-sensitive

compromise on our technological needs only one single

The light signal is then demodulated into electronic form. This

Dubai Expo would be the perfect moment in time to show

to the human eye.

telecommunications infrastructures.

LiFi can work indoors, outdoors, with the lights dimmed and is not strictly line-of-sight technology.

FBC Insights


FBC Highlights

A few more awards... for the FBC! CCIFI Network Awards 2018 Every year, the network of French Chambers of Commerce Abroad rewards the best performing chambers among the network.

The FBC won the « 2018 Best Performing French Chamber Award » in the Large Chamber category.

We also congratulate the other winners for their awards: •

French Chamber of Commerce in India (IFCCI) as "Best Performing French

Chamber Award" in the Medium Chamber category.

French Chamber of Commerce in San Diego for its Business Center "Oui Start"

French Chambers of Commerce in ARA, Germany and Switzerland : Best Collaboration CCI - CCI FI : for their collaboration on

French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore for its Mentoring Program. recruitment of companies in ARA region

Dubai Quality Appreciation Award

On Tuesday April, 24th, the French Business Council Dubai and Northern Emirates has received the Dubai Quality Appreciation

Award for Representative Entities during the DED Business Excellence Awards Ceremony.

The French Business Council Dubai and Northern Emirates (FBC) has received the Dubai Quality Appreciation Award for Representative

Entities, presented by HH Sheikh Maktoum bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai, and HH Sheikh Ahmed bin

Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Chairman of the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation.

This award was given during the Business Excellence Awards Ceremony held on Tuesday, 24th April 2018 at Dubai Opera in front of 2,000 attendees.

The Dubai Quality Award is an initiative created by the Department of Economic Development (DED) to promote quality and

excellence. It provides organizations a tool to benchmark performance and document existing gaps, but also give a framework to ensure that all different initiatives are pulling in the desired direction. The category dedicated to business councils and groups, from which the French Business Council has been awarded, looks at how the organization engages with its members and offers added-value. About the Dubai Quality Award The Dubai Quality Award, initiated in 1994, organized by the Department of Economic

Development (DED), is based on the Excellence Model used by the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM). This model provides a holistic framework for organizational

excellence. The Dubai Quality Award is presented to organizations from different sectors of

the economy, such as manufacturing, service, tourism, construction, finance, professional, healthcare, higher education and trade. 5 8 FBC Insights

FBC Highlights

Looking back - 2017-2018

CONFERENCE | BLOCKCHAIN & BITCOIN One of the most popular, yet misunderstood topics in recent years, Blockchain, is to bring about a complete overhauling

of the way in which digital transactions are conducted, and could eventually change the way several industries conduct their business, forever.

A few concepts have rapidly become part of the mainstream

lingo, such as: Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Altcoins, Initial Coin Offering (ICO), etc.

COUNTRY CONFERENCE | TURKEY : A RESILIENT ECONOMY BACK ON TRACK In May 2018 the FBC organised a conference with the special presence of S.E. Can Dizdar - Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to the United Arab Emirates.

The conference included a presentation of the Political & social outlook of Turkey by H.E. Can Dizdar - Ambassador of Turkey

in the United Arab Emirates, followed by a Macro-economic

outlook of Turkey by Mrs. Marie Fedotov from ATA Invest. A discussion panel with speakers from Air Liquide, Assystem and Engie.


Employment Associate for Clyde & Co shared their expertise

on UAE & KSA Employment Law. For the UAE, topics discussed included Emiratisation (Tawteen Partners’ Club and Emiratisation Targets) as well as MHRE Classification

System, Proposed Law on Equal Pay in the UAE, the New DIFC

Employment Law, Religious and Cultural Issues in the UAE and Post Termination Restrictions.

F&B COMMITTEE SITE VISIT | CAMELICIOUS In May, Emirates Industry for Camel Milk & Products opened

to the French Business Council members its camel-milking facility where products such as milk, Laban, ice-cream, ghee are produced under the famous brand CAMELICIOUS.

Emirates Industry for Camel Milk & Products is the world’s

largest camel milk producer and the only approved EU facility to export camel milk into Europe and UK. They have more than 5500+ camels and growing at rocket pace.

FBC Insights


FBC Highlights

Looking back - 2017-2018

In September 2018, the French Business Council Dubai &

Northern Emirates organised the 3rd Edition of the "Working Together Forum". F B C GA L A D I N N E R 2 0 1 8 | "A N EV E NI NG TO E M BR AC E D I V E RS I TY "

This event allows SMEs to meet large companies during B2B meetings.

The annual Gala dinner of the French Business Council

Dubai & Northern Emirates was held on the 19th April

2018. More than 1,000 guests, from local and international


evening to "Embrace Diversity". For the first time in the UAE,

In September 2018, the French Business Council Dubai &

business communities, attended this edition, for a very special L'Orchestre de Chambre de France, performed during the Dinner.

The guests also had the chance to watch an outstanding show, 100% made in France ! During the evening, Bodyo won the 2nd Edition of the French Tech Dubai UAE Award by FBC, held by H.E. Khalfan Belhoul, CEO of Dubai Future Foundation

and H.E. Ludovic Pouille, Ambassador of France to the United

Northern Emirates organised a business discovery mission to

Karachi. This mission gave the members of the FBC an insight

of the Pakistani market an for them to explore business

opportunities. Around 30 customized B2B meetings were held,

along with site visits in Karachi and its close neighborhood and networking cocktail with local business stakeholders.

Arab Emirates.


In September 2018, the French Business Council Dubai & Northern Emirates held a conference about Saudi Vision 2030.

This conference has been held with the exceptional presence of H.E. Francois GOUYETTE, Ambassador of France to Saudi Arabia. More than 150 members and non-members assisted to the conference, with a first topic about the Political context and bilateral

relations between France and Saudi Arabia, followed by a presentation of the conomic outlook and challenges of Saudi Vision 2030,

and discussion panel with professional from Air Liquide Al Khadra Industrial Gases (Saudi Arabia), Egis, Aurifer Middle East Tax and INFOMINEO.

6 0 FBC Insights

FBC Highlights

Looking forward - 2018-2019 More t h a n 1 0 0 event s a re a lre a d y p la n n e d fo r the co ming ye a r, a mo ng t he m. . . The French Business Council Dubai & Northern Emirates, in


collaboration with the Roads and Transports Authority (RTA), hosted the "First Emirati-French business Engagement Summit

" on 25th September 2017, as part of efforts to create an

environment conductive to growth of trade and investment between the two sides. More than 200 CEOs and C Level participants from the public and private sectors in Dubai and

France attended the summit. A second edition will take place in

2019 to go deeper into the topic and continue to create business opportunities in the field of transportation and infrastructure.



Emirates discuss





Council in



















Council its







2019 under the theme "France on the Road to Expo 2020". We look forward to seeing you there !

For more information about our upcoming events and news www.fbc@fbcdubai.com Follow us on: twitter | @fbc_dubai Facebook | French Business Council Dubai LinkedIn | French Business Council of Dubai and Northern Emirates Instagram | @fbc_dubai FBC Insights


Partners Highlights

Partners Highlights

CCI FRANCE BAHREÏN - FCCIB The French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Bahrain, FCCIB, is a non-profit organization launched

in 2015 and part of the extensive network of CCIFI, the largest corporate network in the world with 125 French Chambers across 95 countries.

FCCIB is one of the leading international chambers in Bahrain counting more than 185 members

representing 85 companies, including a diverse portfolio of SMEs, Multinational Corporates, French, Bahraini and other nationalities. In 2 years of activity, FCCIB organized more than 30 networking events, conferences and seminars on a multitude of topics with high level guest speakers and attendance.

On the ground, FCCIB has established itself as the gateway for French firms wishing to discover and

explore business opportunities in Bahrain, and for Bahraini corporates interested in doing business with

France. A permanent team is fully dedicated to support these companies in developing their activities in

Rim JALALI Executive Director FCCIB

both countries via a wide range of tailor-made services including prospection missions, market intelligence and business establishment.

FCCIB has the full support from the Bahraini Government and

Public Institutional Partners (Ministry of Industry Commerce

and Tourism, Economic Development Board, Bahrain Chamber

of Commerce and Industry…) and strong relationships with French global partners (French Embassy in Bahrain, Business France, MEDEF International, French Foreign Trade Advisors CCEF …).

Whether you are an established business or new in Bahrain, FCCIB is here to help you achieve your goals and succeed!

To know more about FCCIB, please visit our website: www.fccib.net Visit to FCCIB of Mr. Frédéric Sanchez, President of Medef International & Chairman of Fives Group

FCCIB Gala Dinner 2017

Lunch-Debate with Professor Thierry De Montbrial on “Europe and Middle East in a medium-term perspective”

FBC Insights


Business Services

French Business Council Business Services Th e Fre nc h Bus i ne s s C ou n ci l D u b ai an d No rt h er n Emi rates of fer s a broad ran g e of s er vi c es to s u p por t the different sta ge s o f c o mp a ny d evel op m ent i n t h e U n i ted A ra b Emi rates .


I n o rd er to p rom ote b u si n ess an d i nvestment opp or tu n i ti es i n th e U . A .E . , th e F BC team reg ularly meets wi t h S ME s i n Fran ce d u r i n g a se r i es of B2B meeti n g s an d wor k s h op s or g an i s ed by th e fra mewo rk o f C ham b ers of C om m erce an d In d ustr y.


T he b u si n ess su p p o rt team o f fe r s wor k s h op s on s p ec i f i c s ec tor s or webi n ar s i n th e fol l ow ing areas : he a l t h care, ret ai l , F&B , con st r u cti on , s u stai n abl e d evel opment , an d n ew tec h n on l og i es .


T he p otent i al of a p roj ect an d /o r p rod u c t i s tested on a s amp l e of pros pec ts , an d l oc al co mpetitio n i s an al yzed .


T his ser v i ce d el i vers m arket st udi es an d b u s i n es s -matc h i n g meeti n g s wi th potenti al p ar tners . After va l i d at i o n o f t h e b u si n ess p ote nti al , a c u stomi zed 3-to-4-day p rog ram of bu s i n es s meetings is o r g an i zed .


T he b u si n ess su p p o rt team o f fe r s as s i stan c e to c omp an i es wi th ou t a UAE b ran c h i n pu r suing their c o m m erci al d evel o p m ent i n t h e U n i ted Arab Emi rates . T h i s i s ac h i eved by ac ti vel y mai ntai ning a clo se re l at i on sh i p w i t h t h e i d ent i f i ed pros pec ts an d par tn er s for u p to 6 month s .


Ba sed o n a co m p any ' s sp eci f i cat i on s , th e F BC or g an i zes a meeti n g to an s wer p otenti al q u estio ns and c o n n ect s t h e co m p an i es w i t h F B C member s ab l e to p rovi de l eg al an d l og i sti c al s u p por t during startup p rocess .


T he b u si n ess center i n O u d Meth a i s a bu s i n es s i n c u b ator wi th 14 of f i c es avai l abl e for rent and a c o a ch i n g serv i ce for " Vo l ont ar i at I nter n ati on al en Entrep r i s e" ( V I E) emp l oyees , p rovi di n g custo mized s upp or t d u ri n g t h e f i rst few m onth s of th ei r empl oyment . I n 2 0 1 8 , t h e F B C h as op en ed i t s s ec on d bu s i n es s c enter, l oc ated i n Du b ai Si l i c on O as i s . Our tailo rma d e t u rn key sol u t i o n to set- up you r b u s i n es s of fer s a f l exi bl e an d ad apted s ol u ti on s to French c o m p an i es seek i n g to est ab l i sh or devel op th ei r bu s i n es s i n th e Mi dd l e-East .


T he F B C recr u i t m ent ser v i ce p rovi des HR s er vi c es to c omp an i es i n c l u d i n g rec r u i tment , co nsulting , c a reer wor k sh o p an d m ore.


T he b u si n ess su p p o rt team p rov i des mar ket di s c over y an d trade mi s s i on s for c ompan i es i nterested in f i nd i n g o u t m ore ab o u t n ew cou ntr i es an d devel op i n g th ei r b u s i n es s th ere. We h ave al ready delivered s everal m i ssi o n s i n Iraq , Ku rd i st an , kenya an d Pak i stan .

FRE NCH BUSINESS COUNCIL NETWORK M e et yo u r p eers , an d d evel op yo u r bu s i n es s . 6 4 FBC Insights

Become a member !

About the FBC Membership Sin c e 1 9 8 7 , the Fre n ch B u si n ess C ou n ci l D u b ai an d N or th er n Emi rates h as b een c ommi tted to bu i l d and develo p

pros pero us Fra nc o - E m i rat i rel at i on sh i p s , con n ect i on s , ec on omi c d evel opment an d s h ar i n g of k n owl ed ge to bo o st th e s ucc e s s o f b oth o u r b u si n ess com m u n i t i es . We are dr i ven by th e b el i ef th at ou r s u c c es s d epen d s on the success of our me mb e r s , p a r t n ers an d sp o n so rs an d we wi l l c onti n u e i n th i s en d eavor.









GROW YOUR NETWORK & SHARE YOUR EX PE RTISE Th e C ha mb e r o r g a ni zes m ore t h an 100 event s p er year, th e

best way fo r o ur 7 8 0 Mem b ers to l ear n , to st ay u p to date a n d to d eve l o p the i r n et wor k . Event s can b e o r g an i zed wi th oth er Bus i ne s s C o un ci l s as wel l as you r p eer s a n d are var i ed:

Con fere nc e s , N etwo rk i n g event s , 7 sector i al c ommi ttees , 4 workin g g ro up s , 3 c l u b s , Award s , For u m , G al a. . .

INCREASE YOUR EXPOSURE Our c o r p o rate M e mb e rs en j oy s a v i si b i l i t y i n var i ou s p u b l i c ati on s : webs ite ( 6 , 0 0 0 hi ts p er m ont h ), n ew sl et ter (sent to 9,000 c ontac ts ) , D i re c to r y, so ci al m ed i a. . .

DEVE LOP BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES Th e Ch a mb e r a s s i sts Mem b er s w i t h a l ar g e ran ge of s er vi c es

s uc h a s ma r ket stud i es , B u si n ess center, recru i t ment exper ts a n d m uc h mo re . M e m b ers can al so t ake ad vant ag es of f i r st c l as s offe rs i n the UA E a nd ab road for t h ei r com p any a n d empl oyees .

BE NE FIT FROM OUR ME MBE R EXCLUSIVE OFFE RS AND PRE FE RE NTIAL RATES ON FBC SE RVICES For you a nd the e nt i re st af f of yo u r co m p any, ben ef i t from

our pri v i l eg e me mb er s o f fers an d p rog ram s . In ad di ti on , en j oy prefere nti a l rate s o n o u r F B C con su l t an cy serv i ces (rec r u i tment , bus in e s s s e r v i c e s a nd event s).

FBC Insights


Profile for French Business Council

FBC Insights - Issue 2 - Autumn 2018 - France on the Road to Expo 2020  

This publication highlights the news, activities and know-how of the French Business Council Dubai & Northern Emirates members, as well as F...

FBC Insights - Issue 2 - Autumn 2018 - France on the Road to Expo 2020  

This publication highlights the news, activities and know-how of the French Business Council Dubai & Northern Emirates members, as well as F...


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