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The words “Equal Justice Under Law” grace the entrance to the United States Supreme Court and are considered by many legal scholars to be the bedrock of our civil society. Equally important is the concept that “All are equal before the law and are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the law. All are entitled to equal protection against any discrimination in violation of this Declaration and against any incitement to such discrimination.” UN General Assembly. (1948). Universal declaration of human rights. Article 7: Equality Before the Law. Yet, for many individuals, these two concepts – equal justice and equal protection – are unobtainable goals due to poverty, lack of education or knowledge of our complex legal system, or, more likely limited due to lack of access to legal counsel. The lawyers, paralegals and staff who participate in Fredrikson & Byron’s pro bono program help provide access to justice to individuals in many areas of the law where, without a lawyer on their side, equal justice and equal protection are hollow promises. Because of the time and talent provided by Fredrikson volunteers, English Language Learners in a major school district strengthened their right to receive a quality education; immigrants and asylum seekers were able to articulate their cases according to the prevailing rule of law; disabled individuals and families were able to maintain stable and secure housing. Fredrikson volunteers helped small businesses and nonprofit organizations by providing necessary and important legal advice and assistance so they may continue to flourish and provide jobs and services in the areas they serve. We hope you enjoy the following selection of stories that are examples of some of the many contributions we make to help ensure that all are “equal before the law.”


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Aron Frakes and Chris Pham represented two siblings of Karen ethnicity in a case against the Saint Paul Public Schools (SPPS) in Minnesota. When they were very young, our clients and their father fled their home in Burma to escape atrocities committed by the controlling military regime. After living in a refugee camp in Thailand for years, they resettled in the United States in 2012. When they arrived here at ages 12 and 15, our clients had almost no formal schooling and little exposure to English. They enrolled in the SPPS district where they were referenced as English Language Learner (ELL) students, along with approximately 14,000 other ELL students in the district. The district receives federal funding to provide all ELL students with an appropriate education. Unfortunately, in spite of the federal funds, the district’s program did not provide sufficient instruction in basic courses. For example, when the older sibling had been in the United States for only two years and was reading English at a second-grade level, the district scheduled him in mainstream eleventh grade English and social studies classes. Our


clients were not alone; thousands of other ELL students with different national origins had similar experiences. On behalf of the two siblings and their parents, Aron and Chris filed a lawsuit against the district in the United States District Court for the District of Minnesota, alleging that its policies and practices improperly discriminated against foreign-born ELL students in violation of state and federal law. Ultimately, the parties agreed to engage in a settlement conference with a Magistrate Judge. After eight settlement conferences that took place over seven months, the parties reached a settlement that will ensure all ELL students receive an adequate education. The settlement requires the district to immediately make significant changes to its program, including such things as how it creates schedules for ELL students, the support levels it must provide to those students, the requirements for who will be able to teach them, mandatory professional training for teachers and guidance counselors, the creation of a new district-wide staff position focused on ELL student issues, establishment of additional educational opportunities for ELL students (such as offering an after-school tutorial mentoring program) and required regular meetings between the students, guidance counselors and parents on the progress of the students. The settlement agreement is a huge step forward for thousands of students in the district. After reaching the settlement, the Magistrate Judge thanked the parties for their outstanding work. Kurt Niederluecke, Marie Williams and Anu Sreekanth provided Aron and Chris with valuable support and counsel. “Although it’s cliché, as a lawyer, you’re always looking for opportunities to really ‘make a difference.’ This case was exactly that – a chance to make a meaningful difference and help create systemic changes that would help thousands of families. Additionally, my parents were immigrants and English was my second language, so I’ve personally experienced some of these same struggles. Therefore, I wanted to positively impact the lives of these children and their refugee and immigrant families. This case will undoubtedly be one of the greatest legal and moral victories of my career.” – Chris Pham





Housing stability is often difficult to come by in tight rental markets, and it is made even more difficult for individuals who have evictions on their record. Volunteer Lawyers Network referred a client to Fredrikson & Byron after hearing from a mother of three children who was in imminent danger of eviction from the home that had brought important stability in the family’s life. Our client had properly withheld rent due to habitability issues including lack of heat in the bedroom, water leaking from the ceiling and a non-working refrigerator. In addition to seeking two months’ past rent, the landlord made several highly-upsetting accusations regarding the woman and her family. To save her housing, the young mother offered to pay all of the rent in full, however, the landlord refused to accept the payment and pushed forward with the eviction proceeding. Nick Datzov and Mark Vyvyan were retained the day before the eviction trial. They met with the client to discuss the mountain of evidence supporting her case and to prepare a strong defense to all of the asserted claims. Nick and Mark worked to quickly develop a theme and strategy that told a story far different from the allegations in the complaint. With the assistance of the client and legal assistants Dawn Marshall and Karen Marsh, the team prepared all of the materials 4

needed to begin the trial the next morning. Their efforts paid off when Nick appeared at the trial on behalf of the client and discussed with opposing counsel the anticipated exhibits that he planned to submit to support our client’s testimony. The client was thrilled when the landlord agreed to allow the family to remain in the home for nearly the entire remainder of the lease without any past or further payments. This allowed the family the opportunity to allocate the money toward other essential expenses and give them time to find better future housing without the stigma of an eviction on their rental history.


Emily Unger responded to an emergency call from Volunteer Lawyers Network for assistance for a single mother of a disabled child confined to a wheelchair. The small family lives in an apartment building on the second floor and depended on the elevator to get the child out for school and other activities. The elevator had been out of service for three months, making it impossible for the mother to get her child to the first floor in order to attend school. For months, the landlord ignored the mother’s requests for repairs or to be moved to an apartment on the first floor. The mother filed an action in housing court, and with less than a day’s notice, Emily volunteered, met with the client and appeared on her behalf. Emily successfully negotiated a threemonth rent credit for her client. Additionally, the landlord was required to repair the elevator. This made it possible for the child to access the first floor, attend school and to have more freedom during the summer months. Emily encouraged the client to contact her if the client faces any other issues. “Emily, thank you for taking on this case on short notice and for securing such an excellent result for your client and her son. Your work made a big difference for this client.” – Muria Kruger, Volunteer Lawyers Network



Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid (MMLA) reached out to Fredrikson & Byron looking for representation for a senior citizen involved in a dispute with his assisted living facility. MMLA did not have capacity for the case and the client was facing the possibility of being involuntarily discharged from the senior facility within a matter of weeks. The client had limited means and multiple severe medical problems that required him to live in an intermediate care facility. However, the client had become involved in some disagreements with the facility over his care needs. The client had recently moved into the facility and did not want to be moved again because he was now close enough for his family to visit him. It was also the first facility to afford him a private room that he did not have to share with other residents. Christian Hokans agreed to help after learning that the facility had already begun the administrative process to involuntarily discharge the individual. Christian began by asking the administrative law judge for time to negotiate with the facility and to delay the man’s discharge for several weeks. Christian then brought together the client’s various caregivers to come up with proposed solutions to offer to the facility to better coordinate his care. After additional negotiation, Christian convinced the facility to dismiss its efforts to discharge the client and instead hold an informal meeting to discuss the proposals to better meet the man’s care needs. Christian attended the meeting with the client and helped him advocate for himself to the facility. After the meeting, the parties succeeded in reaching an agreement allowing the man to continue living in the facility.





Three years ago, Rick Snyder and Cindy Moyer began representing Jack Baker and Michael McConnell in their quest to obtain a certified copy of their marriage license. Our clients began fighting for marriage equality in the 1960s and were the losing litigants in the infamous Baker v. Nelson case, which for many years stood as an obstacle to same-sex marriage. Prior to that ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court, however, our clients obtained a marriage license in Blue Earth County in Mankato, Minnesota, and were married in a ceremony in Minneapolis in 1971. More recently, when our clients requested a copy of the recorded marriage license in order to apply for Social Security benefits, they learned the county never recorded the marriage and had refused and was continuing to refuse to recognize the marriage as valid. Even after Baker was overruled as unconstitutional in 2015 in the Obergefell case, the county still refused to recognize the validity of our clients’ 1971 marriage. This negatively affected many of their rights, but more importantly, it cast a shadow over their 47-year marriage. Rick and Cindy, assisted by Kristy Rogers and Anu Sreekanth, filed a lawsuit in Blue Earth County demanding that the county record the marriage. After numerous depositions, two hearings in the district court and a trip to the Court of Appeals, our team 7

R. Bertrand Heine. Jack Baker (born Richard John Baker) and James Michael McConnell apply for a marriage license in Minneapolis. Minneapolis Star Tribune News Negative Collection. Minnesota Historical Society, Saint Paul, MN.

Photo by Angela Jimenez Photography


reached an agreement with the county that allowed the district court to issue a declaratory judgment establishing that our clients’ 47-year marriage is valid for all purposes and is required to be recognized as such. After fighting for marriage equality for so long, our clients were thrilled with this victory. The marriage can now be recognized as the first valid same-sex marriage in the country. Janelle Beitz, Joe Cassioppi, Leah Janus and Jessica Sharpe provided additional assistance. “It was such a pleasure to work with these two clients, who stood up for their civil rights at a time in our history when it was not necessarily an easy thing to do. Even though it took time, our clients were so patient with the process and were absolutely thrilled with the outcome. We were honored to play a part in closing out this chapter in their incredible history.” – Cindy Moyer

Rick Snyder, Jack Baker, Michael McConnell, Kristy Rogers and Cindy Moyer





Tubman is a nonprofit that assists individuals experiencing relationship violence, including those seeking an Order for Protection (OFP). Dulce Foster and Margy Ahmann represented a mother who had applied for an extension to an OFP on behalf of her 13-year-old son against his father. The original OFP was granted with findings that the boy had been verbally and physically abused and threatened by his father on multiple occasions and that he remained afraid of him. During the term of the original OFP, multiple efforts were made to create an environment in which the boy could maintain a safe and positive relationship with his father, but the boy’s father failed to follow court orders to complete domestic abuse programming or complete the steps required for reunification therapy. As the OFP term neared expiration, the boy’s father inappropriately attempted to contact him through a classmate’s father during a school band trip, causing him significant anxiety and necessitating an extension of the OFP. Although the boy’s father had clearly failed to meet the court-ordered requirements for reunification with his son, he nevertheless forcefully opposed the request for the extension. The father was represented by counsel at all stages of the OFP, and by the time 10

Dulce and Margy received the case, he had already served extensive discovery requests on our client – a highly unusual and combative step for an OFP hearing. Following discovery, Dulce and Margy, along with summer associate Olivia Cares, prepared for a lengthy hearing with anticipated testimony from up to nine witnesses. The boy was prepared to testify against his own father, although the prospect of having to face him in court was very stressful. Thankfully, his testimony was unnecessary. The Friday before the hearing was to begin, the father’s attorney offered to stipulate to an extension of the OFP until the boy reaches the age of 18. The client was very pleased with the result, and both she and the boy felt a great weight had been lifted off their shoulders.



Haley Waller Pitts represented a young man in a Minnesota State Public Defender’s Office appeal of a conviction for unlawful possession of a firearm. Haley’s client was initially arrested for providing false information to police when they stopped a van he was driving. The police subsequently searched the van and found a gun. At trial, the client moved to suppress evidence 11

of the firearm, but the motion was denied and he was convicted by the jury for unlawful possession. The client then appealed and Haley took over representing the client on the appeal. The State argued that the firearm was discovered in a valid “protective sweep.” Haley argued that there was no applicable exception to the constitution’s warrant requirement and thus the motion to suppress should have been granted. The court of appeals agreed with Haley that the district court had applied the wrong standard to the protective sweep exception, namely, whether the police had reason to believe that criminal activity was occurring. The court of appeals further agreed with Haley that the proper standard is whether the police had an articulable basis to fear for their safety. The court of appeals found there was no such articulable basis and therefore reversed the conviction and sentence on the unlawful possession charge. The reversal of an order denying a motion to suppress does not occur often, and the criminal bar took notice.




Marie Williams and Nicole Moen assisted a young man with a family after he had purchased a car from an individual seller. At the time of the sale, the seller told the buyer that the car had no problems, but he represented that 12

he was a mechanic and would fix any issues discovered with the car. A few days after paying $2,000 to the seller, all of the warning lights on the car lit up like a Christmas tree. The buyer brought the car back and asked the seller to fix the car as promised, but the seller repossessed the vehicle instead and refused to return the buyer’s $2,000, claiming that the buyer had damaged the car. The buyer sued the seller in conciliation court and won, but the seller appealed. Knowing he needed assistance for a de novo trial in district court, the buyer connected with Marie through the Volunteer Lawyers Network. Marie pursued the de novo trial and asserted nine different claims against the seller including breach of contract, breach of warranty, conversion and civil theft. The seller claimed to be out of the country for all of the discovery deadlines but managed to come to the court-ordered mediation. After several hours of tense mediation, the parties agreed to settle the appeal for $2,000, the same amount Marie’s client was originally awarded by the conciliation court. A month later, Marie’s client was able to purchase a new car with the funds from the seller. “I wanted to help our client because he struck me as an honest and hardworking person who, unfortunately, was taken advantage of by someone he thought he could trust. We ended up settling the case for the same amount that he was awarded in small claims court. I was also pleased that our client was able to recover his money quickly instead of waiting for additional discovery and a trial – something that was important for our client and his family also.” – Marie Williams



Joe Cassioppi and Allison Spors, a summer associate, represented a single mother of two who lost a conciliation court case after being sued by her next door neighbor’s insurance company for damages incurred after allegedly cutting branches off a tree. The tree was located on the woman’s property but had branches hanging over the neighbor’s side of the property line. When the branches were removed, they took out a power line on the neighbor’s side of the property. The neighbor blamed the woman, telling his insurance company that she had ordered the branch to be cut down. The insurance company believed the story and sued the woman for the costs to repair the power line. During the original hearing, the woman used an interpreter to try and explain that she had not hired a trimmer to cut the branch. Unfortunately, she lost and was ordered to pay more than $8,000 in damages. Joe and Allison came to the rescue after accepting the case from Volunteer Lawyers Network and appealing it to district court. The client, already losing her home to foreclosure, was very concerned about the possibility of having a large judgment against her. She was just as upset that she had been accused of lying when she originally explained she had not hired the tree trimmers and had not caused the damage. During a one-day trial, Joe explained to the judge that the case did not make sense. He argued that his client, someone without funds, would not pay to have branches cut, especially only on the neighbor’s side, when she was losing her home to foreclosure and had no money to save it. With Joe’s encouragement, his client felt confident enough to testify in English. The judge ruled that she found Joe’s client more credible than the plaintiff and dismissed the case against her. While Joe’s client was thrilled she did not have a large judgment to worry about, she was also very grateful to be vindicated and honored to have had the opportunity to have been represented by a volunteer lawyer.




Natalie Kadievitch assisted a client who has had ups and downs over the years. A few years ago, he requested assistance with a patent for a tool he invented to help child victims of trauma work through it in a safe manner. Through many hours of patience, coaching and help from Natalie, the client received the news that the patent was granted (which, as you can guess from the email below, has the letter “U” in its name) giving the client years of protection as he now markets his product. The enthusiastic client expressed his appreciation to Natalie in an email: “AWESOME!! Natalie – I CANNOT express to U and your staff how deeply appreciative and grateful I am. Having this patent “finally” allowed means more than ANYONE will ever know. I’ve been through it and beyond over the past few years and soooooo needed something positive to happen in my life!! I want to first and most importantly sincerely THANK U for believing in me and the concept for our container was indeed one that was deserving of being allowable 15

by the United States Patent and Trademark Office!! THANK U for being determined to stick with it after we got rejected time and time again. I’m incredibly happy that U NEVER gave in or up! NEVER GIVING IN or UP is a message I TRY extremely hard to teach our 4 children to believe and I can’t wait to share this GREAT news with them. I will now be able to testify to our children and other family and friends about the importance of having great professional people like yourself who NEVER once gave up on helping me see one of my many dreams through! PLEASE send a HUGE THANKS to your staff and ALL those folks at Fred Law who hung in there with me for many, many years and supporting me through these many tough years of struggle. Without Fred Laws years of support, I would have had to throw in the towel... and not because I would have wanted to, but, because I definitely did not have the appropriate resources to keep my dreams alive. Going forward, I will do ALL I can to make this one successful… of course without making some of the same poor “green” decisions I did with my past patents. I learned a ton about trusting the wrong people to look out for my interest :) I’ve become wiser… and not to mention a lot older :) THANKS again Natalie. HAPPY, HOPEFUL, and VERY HUMBLE!!”




The Advocates for Human Rights referred the case of “YGP” in a Petition for Review of an order of the Bureau of Immigration Appeals (BIA). Our client, a citizen of Guatemala, and her three minor daughters had sought asylum in the United States based on a credible fear of harm due to domestic violence. Prior to her scheduled asylum hearing, YGP had to leave the United States to seek emergency medical care. Her attorney at the time requested that she be allowed to appear at the hearing by telephone. The Immigration Judge denied the request. YGP’s lawyer then moved for a continuance which was also denied. The Immigration Judge ordered YGP and her three children to be removed from the United States in absentia for failing to appear at the hearing. YGP filed a motion to reopen, seeking to rescind the in absentia removal order and to reopen her asylum proceedings based on emergency circumstances. The Immigration Judge denied the motion to reopen. YGP’s lawyer appealed to the BIA and asked for the case to be returned to the Immigration Judge for a determination on the merits. The BIA denied the appeal. When the original lawyer was no longer able to continue with the case, Jade Jorgenson volunteered to take the lead from the initial motion to reopen to the Immigration Judge through the appeal to the United States Court of Appeals 17

for the Eighth Circuit. One of the fundamental arguments was that the BIA abused its discretion in denying the motion to reopen by failing to address the merits – whether “exceptional circumstances” existed justifying YGP’s failure to attend the hearing. Even though the Eighth Circuit reviews decisions of the BIA under a highly deferential standard, Jade successfully convinced the Court that the BIA failed to adequately address the issues by arguing, in part, that nothing in the rules states an applicant abandons a claim of asylum simply by leaving the country. The Court agreed, granted the client’s Petition and remanded the case to the BIA for further proceedings. Cindy Moyer and Todd Wind provided advice and guidance through the appeal process.



Oftentimes, volunteers do not realize the impact a few hours of time can have on the life of one person. Two years ago, Steve Quam spent less than three hours assisting a client with a credit issue that was making it difficult for the client to move forward. Recently, the client was kind enough to send Steve the following note that highlights the importance of giving back: 18

“Steve, I am very grateful for you and your team’s help and support when you took on my case. You were the key in helping me resolve a matter that felt endless and overwhelming. You didn’t have to help yet you offered your skills and expertise which have prevented further downfall for me. Today I have a home I own and my kids have a place of their own. You’re a main reason for where I am today. Thank you and your team of professionals. From the smiles on my children’s faces we are truly thankful. The best to you!”



Ryan Murphy volunteered at a clinic with the Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans and met with a man who required assistance with a legal issue. Ryan spent time listening to the veteran but was not able to assist him himself. Ryan, who has volunteered with Volunteer Lawyers Network for a number of years, knew that the organization would have the necessary expertise to help and referred the veteran there. Afterwards, he received this voice message: “Hey Ryan, this is Barry, one of the vets that you helped at the VA on Tuesday. You don’t necessarily need to call me back, but I’m just doing that out of courtesy. I just spoke to the VLN today just as you had instructed me to and I got through and they’re going to help me and I can’t thank you enough. I just, not only that it’s all working out that I’m going to be assisted, but that at the rapidity of how quickly it happened. So my hat is off to you brother. I really appreciate it and thanks for helping us old vets out.”




Owning a small business can be overwhelming. Selling one can also be challenging, as a client found out when she sold her business before leaving the country for over two years. While she was away, the new owner failed to pay the business’ Minnesota employment taxes. She later returned home to Minneapolis to find the Minnesota Department of Revenue had assessed her personally for the unpaid taxes. Not wanting more trouble, she began to pay the taxes back. However, when she received another notice with different amounts, she looked to Fredrikson & Byron for help. With the assistance of Steve Kaplan, she was able to prove to the satisfaction of the Department that she was not liable for the taxes. The Department agreed, and, to the delight of Steve’s client, refunded all payments that she had paid to the Department after she received its initial demand for payment.





Today, over 700,000 Sisters/Nuns around the world are challenging the root causes of global poverty, injustice, discrimination, conflict and unsustainable practices. They bring the collective voices of victims, perpetrators and benefactors to the table. Sisters Rising Worldwide (SRW), a charitable 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, believes that given enough of the right resources, the global network of Sisters and their partners will exponentially increase its capacity to serve and guide this network toward effective and sustainable solutions around the world. SRW is developing a new, secure website platform capable of enabling Sisters and their networks to organize around needs and populations and also around the more difficult, but necessary, challenge of systemic change. This tool will also enable Sisters on the ground to inform the SRW organization of specific resources the Sisters need. SRW then works to secure the resources and deliver them to where they are needed. Resources include best practices, strategic relationships and funds. A year ago, the American Refugee Committee teamed with SRW to support and grow the Sisters’ projects in El Salvador, one of many projects SRW is supporting throughout the world. Matt Stortz and Jessica Manivasager helped incorporate SRW into a 501(c)3 non-profit organization; Asmah Tareen and Chris Melsha worked with the organization on contract issues and Cindy Moyer provided trademark assistance.




Ballet Des Moines in Iowa was formed in 2009 to train individuals considering careers as professional dancers. These dancers are comprised of both trainees and “pre-professionals” who also serve as ambassadors for the organization. In 2012, Ballet Des Moines expanded when it launched its resident, professional ballet company with an expanded performance season. It allows people of all ages the opportunity to experience world-class ballet right in their own backyard. Bridget Penick serves on the board and has provided pro bono assistance to the organization in the areas of employment and immigration.



Furthering the growth of arts in the region, the Des Moines Metro Opera (DMMO) is Iowa’s largest performing arts organization, producing more than 100 performances each year. The programming is eclectic, ranging from the classics to contemporary, and the organization receives more than 1,000 applications from professionals annually. Approximately 250 of opera’s best and brightest are chosen to spend their summers at DMMO’s summer festival. Emily Pontius is on the board and the executive committee. 25

She provided governance and employment advice to the organization and implemented in-person anti-harassment training for the professionals and staff.




Shelter for Life is a nonprofit headquartered in Minnetonka, Minnesota, with a global mission to provide sustainable social and economic development and humanitarian assistance to people affected by conflict and disaster around the world. Part of its mission is to reduce poverty in post-conflict countries. It receives grants and other funding from a variety of sources including various U.S. government agencies, Japanese and European Union government agencies, the United Nations and individual donations. A current project is to launch a development fund in West Africa relating to the production and processing of cashews. Ken Levinson and Wendy Lisman provided advice on a letter of credit transaction and reviewed the documentation relating to the letter of credit, which was needed to obtain road construction and grading equipment to be delivered for the project in West Africa.





Fredrikson & Byron has been working with Neighborhood Development Center (NDC), a community economic development organization located in St. Paul, Minnesota, and other community economic development organizations, such as the Metropolitan Consortium of Community Developers (MCCD), for more than 25 years. These organizations provide technical assistance and financing for entrepreneurs to start and grow the small businesses that help stabilize and build jobs in their communities. Fredrikson lawyers and other professionals assist business owners with a variety of issues including lease negotiations and reviews, drafting contracts, assisting with employment issues and purchasing or starting a new business. In the past year, Tom Bird and paralegal Jackie Bernu helped our clients to purchase a grocery store in Minneapolis. Our clients are among the many immigrants who have been instrumental in revitalizing Minneapolis. Where many traditional business owners saw a deteriorating business district, our clients saw opportunity. Their original business made them pioneers in their store’s neighborhood in 1997. In 2003, 27

they opened a second business, which moved into a renovated retail building in 2006. One of the few original tenants still operating in the building, their store sells candies, balloons, piñatas, toys, costume jewelry, cards and many gift items. One co-owner comes from a family of entrepreneurs. Her parents were small business owners in Mexico. From them, she learned retailing, merchandising and good customer service. Her parents’ influence shows in the attractive layout of their store and its wide variety of customers. For many of the 20 years that our clients have been in business, they have worked closely with MCCD. A nonprofit corporation, MCCD provides technical assistance and financing to help entrepreneurs start and expand their businesses. It had always been a dream of our clients to own a grocery store. In 2018, when they learned that a small convenience grocery store in the area was for sale, they immediately contacted MCCD to see if they could get help to make their dream a reality. Their MCCD loan officer knew that even though this was a very small grocery store, it was still a big leap for them. MCCD reached out to Fredrikson for assistance and Tom and Jackie helped our clients set up the legal entity to purchase the business assets to open their new store. Our clients both work in their businesses as do their two oldest daughters when they are not going to school. The store is named after their youngest daughter and at some point their son will have his turn helping in the business. Our clients are building a legacy for their four children. That legacy is more than just entrepreneurship. It’s showing their children that hard work, determination, and treating people fairly will take them as far in life as they want to go. After realizing their dream, our client stated: “Without Fredrikson & Byron’s help, we probably would not have been able to set up our new company in the right way, my husband and I are very glad they were able to help us, and they did it very quickly.”


Business consultant Mara O’Neill, Jackie Bernu and Tom Bird with their clients at their store




NDC partnered with Dayton’s Bluff Neighborhood Housing Services, another Minnesota nonprofit, to acquire and redevelop a blighted building on the east side of St. Paul, an area considered “highly distressed” by the federal government. Emily Chad and Darnell Cage worked diligently with the organization to form a new nonprofit to own and run the building and to submit the tax-exempt application for the entity. After the building was put into service, NDC set up a construction trades incubator offering below market rental rates to low-income entrepreneurs, focusing on entrepreneurs of color. The building also houses City Academy, a charter school focused on high school students seeking careers in construction trades.



SAM DALTON CAPITAL DEFENSE ADVOCACY AWARD Fredrikson & Byron was honored by the Louisiana Association for Criminal Defense Lawyers as a recipient of the 2018 Sam Dalton Capital Defense Advocacy Award relating to the firm’s pro bono work on behalf of death row clients in Louisiana. Beginning in 1986, Fredrikson’s lawyers and staff have represented six individuals on death row, beginning with Dobie Gillis Williams whose case was highlighted in Sister Helen Prejean’s book “The Death of Innocents.” Others represented include Damon Thibodeaux, who was exonerated in 2012, and Michael Wearry, whose case was vacated by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2016. The Sam Dalton Capital Defense Advocacy Award was established by the Loyola Death Penalty Resource Center in 1994 and named after attorney Sam Dalton, who dedicated his six-decade career to opposing the death penalty and representing people who could not afford to hire an attorney. The award recognizes those who have shown exemplary dedication to capital defense advocacy and a continuous dedication to criminal justice. Fredrikson is the first private law firm to receive this award. John Koneck accepted the award on behalf of the firm.

John Koneck with Gary Clements 32

“I nominated Fredrikson & Byron because so many of its attorneys and staff have given so much to their clients on Louisiana’s Death Row. The decades of their commitment are awe-inspiring. They don’t just tinker with Louisiana’s machinery of death; their work actually helps reform the system.” – Gary Clements, Executive Director, Capital Post-Conviction Center of Louisiana

SOMALI 92 In December 2017, the U.S. government attempted to deport 92 Somali citizens – many of whom had been in the United States for more than a decade – despite the existence of ongoing war and conflict in Somalia. The deportation of the individuals, referred to as the “Somali 92,” was unsuccessful after the flight was grounded in Senegal. The 92 Somalis were then returned to the U.S. and detained until their claims of asylum could either be fully adjudicated or they were to be deported. Local attorneys, including Fredrikson & Byron’s legal team, have partnered with The Advocates for Human Rights since January 2018 to provide pro bono legal representation for members of the Somali 92 flight, representing them through individual hearings and motions, appeals to the Board of Immigration Appeals and appeals to the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals, where cases are still pending. Fredrikson has represented three of the nine individuals from Minnesota on the flight. The Advocates for Human Rights recognized all of the teams, including Fredrikson’s team, with the Human Rights Volunteer Award at its annual Human Rights Award Dinner. Fredrikson’s team consisted of lawyers, Sam Andre, James Brand, Adam Gyurisin, Loan Huynh, Debra Schneider, Jessica Sharpe, Sandra Smalley-Fleming, Adam Steinert and Matthew Webster, paralegals, Diana Bospachieva, Brenda Haberman and Barb MacInnis and Director of Pro Bono, Pam Wandzel.




Loan Huynh began her legal career at Advocates for Human Rights where she developed her passion for immigration and asylum work. Since joining Fredrikson & Byron, Loan has volunteered more than 1,100 hours representing immigration clients and asylum seekers on a pro bono basis. Loan was named to the Lawyers of Color Inaugural Nation’s Best List, recognizing her tenure in the legal profession and commitment to diversity and inclusion as a minority attorney. Loan has practiced immigration law for over 20 years. This year she received the Hennepin County Bar Association’s Excellence in Law award for her commitment to Diversity and Inclusion.





Fredrikson & Byron is home to many talented lawyers dedicated to the profession of law and to helping those less fortunate. Many give up their work and personal time to take a case or support a cause that is particularly compelling to them. The firm proudly recognizes associates who have exhibited a commitment to providing legal services for low-income individuals. Jade Jorgenson began her career with Fredrikson in the Bismarck office where she worked on behalf of an asylum seeker who left the country pending her application in order to seek emergency medical treatment she was unable to obtain in the U.S. Jade brought the case with her when she moved to the Minneapolis office. Jade also worked with Pam Abbate-Dattilo on behalf of a woman who was raped and held against her will by her perpetrator, successfully negotiating a settlement that allowed the client to speak about the case to groups in order to help educate the public about the trauma and seriousness of date rape and how to prevent it. Jade also provides significant assistance to a number of nonprofits in the area of employment law, included The Link, Touchstone Mental Health, Outcomes and MEDA. The majority of Chris Pham’s work over the past two years was as co-lead on the Sommerville v. St. Paul Public Schools case, where Chris and Aron Frakes successfully negotiated a very complex settlement agreement that will not only have lasting, permanent results for English Language Learner students in that district, but will also stand as a roadmap for others. Chris has also regularly volunteered with the Volunteer Lawyers Network’s housing team, YouthLink, a youth law clinic in north Minneapolis and Children’s Law Center. Chris has never forgotten his roots in the city and is often called upon and agrees to speak with young people considering college or a career in the law. 35



Fredrikson & Byron has a long history of encouraging community service by all of its employees. Both lawyers and staff embrace this commitment and provide services too numerous to acknowledge. Their volunteer activities include such things as working with teens, serving on local community boards; fundraising for charitable events; and working to keep low-income families in their homes. Fredrikson supports this commitment by giving each employee paid time off to volunteer for firm-sponsored community service programs.

BRINGING FOOD TO THE HUNGRY Nellie Stone Johnson was born in 1905 and became an American civil rights activist and union organizer. She was the first black elected official in Minneapolis and helped shape Minnesota politics for 70 years. The Nellie Stone Johnson Elementary School is located in an inner-city neighborhood and is named after her. The majority of the students qualify for free school meals due to their low household income. Fredrikson & Byron lawyers and staff work with The Sheridan Story, an organization that works to combat hunger in our community by filling the gaps to food access that children face, primarily during weekends and summers. Every Friday morning during the school year, volunteers quietly place food packages in the lockers of qualifying students to take home to share with their families. The Fredrikson Foundation also provides financial support to the organization. Volunteers included Suzie Anderson, Tracy Backer, Diana Bospachieva, Sandra Chu, Ingrid Culp, Mary Esjornson, Krithiga Ganesan, Roxanne Gangl, Kelly Griffith, Gina Guthmiller, Laura Hendren, Angela Horel, Alicia Jones, Heather King, Natasha Kurtzon, Kristin LeBre, Michelle Lindahl, Linda McCormick, Curt Okerson, Wade Peterson, Denise Rabogliatti, Anne Radolinski, Kris Reeves, Rachna Sullivan, Nancy Thornberg and Jeanette Woessner. “Dear Steve and volunteers – Happy Volunteer Appreciation Week from all of us at Nellie Stone Johnson! We value and appreciate all of your time and energy. Thank you from the NSJ Community.”



Fredrikson & Byron employees have served food to the hungry at Sharing & Caring Hands for more than 20 years. Traveling a short distance to the outskirts of downtown Minneapolis, our volunteers whip up and prepare breakfast for many homeless and working poor. It is a rewarding and heartwarming experience. Fredrikson volunteers, Brenda Haberman, Barb Fritz, Sherrie Timm, Alicia Jones, Roxanne Gangl and Anne Johnson work alongside others, including regular volunteer Tom O., pictured here.


There are very few individuals in our community like Allan Law. For more than 30 years, since his retirement as a school teacher in Minneapolis, Mr. Law has spent each night from 8:00 p.m. until 11:00 p.m. driving the inner city streets of Minneapolis and St. Paul to pass out sandwiches and other basic necessities to hundreds of people. Mr. Law is the recipient of many awards, including the Jefferson Award for Public Service from the 39

U.S. Supreme Court. Locally, he is just known as “The Sandwich Man.” In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, a group of Fredrikson & Byron employees packaged and delivered more than 300 sandwiches for Mr. Law to distribute in the community. Volunteers included Michelle Bangert, Suzanne Bergevin, Lisa Bond, Shelley Carter, Todd Dybvik, Roxanne Gangl, Dee Grausam, Gina Guthmiller, Heather King, Becky Lemmons, Linda McCormick, Penny Oleson, Cindy Otness, Anne Parkos, Linda Steinger, Julie Taylor, Barb Unzen, Pat Voltzke, Julie Witt and Beth Wold.


VOLUNTEERING FOR THE ENVIRONMENT In April 2018, a group of employees removed invasive plants along the Mississippi River trails near downtown Minneapolis. This past spring in honor of Earth Month, we partnered with the Minneapolis Parks & Recreation Board and the Marcy Holmes Neighborhood Association to plant native plants where the invasive plants had been removed. Volunteers included Max Chessler, Roxanne Gangl, Jodi Gustafson, Cathy Haugen, Laura Hendren, Sharen Keehr, Mary Ann Monahan, Linda Steinger, Chi Thao and Sherrie Timm.

Improving the Mississippi River Trail 41

FRIENDS OF FREDRIKSON PROGRAM Friends of Fredrikson is a stand-alone nonprofit that began more than 25 years ago and is run by employees of Fredrikson & Byron. Its mission is to provide assistance to low-income families and children in a variety of ways. Once again in the past year, Friends of Fredrikson worked with local nonprofit organizations to bring a bit of cheer to low-income families and children during the holiday season. In Minneapolis, the program purchased and donated nearly 300 gifts to formerly homeless or very low-income veteran families through the Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans (MACV) and the same number of gifts to Jewish Family & Children’s Services, who will also distribute the gifts to low-income families and senior citizens. The Minneapolis office also purchased and donated bike helmets and locks for the Bike Cops for Kids program, housed at the 4th Precinct in north Minneapolis. Finally, Sharing & Caring Hands received 40 gift cards with a value of $10 each to be distributed to children at Mary’s Place, a shelter for families.

Des Moines Wrapping Party

Minneapolis Holiday Gift Wrappers 42

The Fargo office adopted a family through MACV, the Des Moines office adopted a family through a local charity and the Bismarck office adopted a military family through the North Dakota Air National Guard’s Family Assistance Program. A note from our contact in North Dakota said it all: “Once again, I would like to thank you so much for the very generous secret Santa gifts that your firm provided for this military family. I am unable to share the details… other than to say this family was in desperate need and your true kindness and caring staff made it possible for this family to have an amazing Christmas. The mom and grandmother were brought to tears by your generosity. [Specialist] Mike and I are so grateful we are able to assist you in bringing joy and happiness to military families in need. I have no doubt, this family will never forget this Christmas. Thank you again for truly making a difference!” – S. Richards, Family Assistance Specialist, North Dakota Air National Guard.

Minneapolis gifts wrapped and sorted

Roxanne Gangl with Mary Jo Copeland of Sharing & Caring Hands 43

Officer Mike and Sergeant Gomez stopped by to pick up bike locks and helmets for the Bike Cops for Kids program from Roxanne Gangl

Gift delivery to MACV with case manager, David Mirambeaux, staff lawyer, Walter Burk, VetLaw Program Coordinator, Laura Jenson and Roxanne Gangl 44

THE MINNESOTA KEYSTONE PROGRAM The Minnesota Keystone Program identifies, encourages and recognizes Minnesota companies that help enhance quality of life in the state by donating at least two percent of pre-tax earnings in the form of time, money or in-kind services. A proud participant since 1989, Fredrikson & Byron has been a contributor at the five percent level. Our firm was honored to receive the Keystone Award for mid-sized companies in 2010.

FREDRIKSON & BYRON FOUNDATION Funded by contributions from the law firm’s officers, the Fredrikson & Byron Foundation exists to support law-related institutions and events, organizations that complement the rule of law and access to justice and a number of cultural and social service groups that are of special interest to the law firm’s lawyers and employees. Below is a comprehensive list of organizations that received support in the 2019 fiscal year from the Fredrikson & Byron Foundation: Alzheimer’s Association of MN & ND American Brain Foundation Amicus Society Anishinabe Legal Services Ann Bancroft Foundation Arc Minnesota Art Buddies Ballet Des Moines Beacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative Bismarck-Mandan Orchestral Association Books for Africa Bridge for Youth CALS Cancer Legal Care Cantus Charities Review Council Children of Incarcerated Caregivers Children’s Cancer Research Fund Children’s Law Center of Minnesota Children’s MN-Health Legal Partnership Coffee House Press

Collaborative Community Law Connections to Independence Cookie Cart Cristo Rey Jesuit High School DeLaSalle High School Des Moines Metro Opera Dress for Success Family Wise Foundation for Public Affairs Friends of Fredrikson Girls Rock! Des Moines Global Minnesota Global Rights for Women Great Plains Institute Greater Fargo Moorhead Econ Dev Corp HIAS Hiawatha Academies Immigrant Law Center of Minnesota International Institute of MN Iowa Legal Aid Jewish Community Relations Council Judicare of Anoka


Jungle Theatre Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers Legal Aid Service of Northeastern MN Legal Rights Center Legal Services of North Dakota Legal Services of Northwest Minnesota LegalCORPS Loan Repayment Assistance Loft Literary Center Madeline Island Music Camp Mahtomedi Area Educational Foundation Metropolitan Economic Development Association Minneapolis Crisis Nursery Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation Minneapolis Institute of Arts Minnesota Film & TV Board Minnesota Jewish Theatre Company Minnesota Justice Foundation – PASS Minnesota Land Trust Minnesota Literacy Council Minnesota Orchestra Minnesota Public Radio Minnesota Sinfonia Minnesota State Fair Foundation Minnesota Urban Debate League Minnesota Women Lawyers Foundation Mitchell – Hamline Gateway to Legal Education Mitchell – Hamline Law School MN Assistance Council for Veterans MN Justice Foundation MN Secretary of State Neighborhood Development Center Neighborhood Development Center Capital Campaign Neighborhood Justice Center Northern Plains Dance Northern Star Council Northside Economic Opportunity Network


Northstar Science Film Festival Opportunity Partners Page Education Foundation PeaceMaker Minnesota Plaines Art Museum Polk County Bar Association’s Volunteer Lawyer Project Prepare + Prosper PRISM Project for Pride in Living Project SUCCESS Ragamala Dance Company Rebuilding Together Twin Cities Rock Star Supply Co. Ronald McDonald House Charities Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra Salvation Army Sandbox Theatre Sheridan Story Southern MN Regional Legal Services Spina Bifida Association of Iowa St. Pascal’s School St. Thomas Law School Ten Thousand Things Theater The Advocates for Human Rights The Bakken Museum The Fund for Legal Aid The Library Foundation, Inc. The Link Touchstone Mental Health Tubman Family Alliance Twin Cities In Motion University of Minnesota Law School University of Iowa College of Law University of North Dakota Foundation Volunteer Lawyers Network Volunteers of America Voyageurs National Park Association Washburn Center for Children WATCH YWCA Cass Clay – Fargo YWCA of Minneapolis




EPILOGUE No report can adequately name all of the lawyers, paralegals, librarians, summer associates, interns, secretaries and administrative staff who have helped provide free legal and other volunteer services to economically disadvantaged people, nonprofits and to our community. The management of the firm and the Pro Bono Committee thank everyone who has contributed their time and talents to our programs. We will continue our commitment to increase these services in the years to come. The Pro Bono Committee welcomes questions or comments about this report, the firm’s pro bono policy, the Pro Bono Law Firm Challenge or opportunities to get involved with pro bono work. Please direct your calls or comments to our Pro Bono Director, Pam Wandzel, or to any member of the Pro Bono Committee: Rick Snyder (Chair), Tyler Gludt, Katie Perleberg, Steve Quam, Kevin Riach, Brett Roberts, Erik Splett, Ben Tozer, Haley Waller Pitts and Randy Zellmer.


FIRM PRO BONO HOURS Special recognition goes to those individuals who met or exceeded their goal of providing 50 hours or more of pro bono work for fiscal year 2019: Steve Kaplan Leslie Anderson Kaleb Rumicho Bryan Morben Malissa Eng David Bunde Clint Cutler James Brand Darnell Cage Kevin Riach Nick Datzov Aron Frakes Chris Pham Jennifer Pusch Rachna Sullivan Dave Marshall Rick Snyder Kristy Albrecht Brandon Underwood Jade Jorgenson Samuel Andre Matthew Webster Kayla Hoel Mary Hyland Lauren Anderson Olivia Norwood Cari Martell Erik Splett Ryan Young Brenda Haberman Sandra Smalley-Fleming Kristy Rogers Barb MacInnis John Stout Rebecca Strand Steven Kinsella Jessica Sharpe

1,138.6 358.3 264.8 185.5 167.4 153.1 152.1 150.4 146.7 145.4 142.3 136.2 127.8 117.9 109.0 106.6 106.2 103.5 102.3 100.2 98.0 97.8 97.2 96.6 90.8 87.9 86.2 86.0 85.7 85.0 84.9 82.6 81.8 81.8 81.3 81.2 81.0

Mary Fee 79.8 Katherine Rahlin 76.6 Edward Cassidy 75.4 John Erhart 71.9 Joe Cassioppi 71.6 Jeffrey Post 69.1 Alicia Jones 68.9 Nadja Baer 68.8 Will Howieson 68.3 Eric Buss 67.3 Paula Blenker 67.2 Jeffrey Story 67.0 Edgar Ocampo 66.6 Leah Chalmers Janus 64.2 Anne Radolinski 62.8 Kurt Rempe 62.7 Frank Bennett 62.2 Brett Roberts 61.5 Greggory Zinniel 60.3 Chad Ambroday 59.6 Dulce Foster 59.3 Leah Huyser 58.3 Sam Orbovich 57.9 John Koneck 57.5 Xuehua Jessie Lu 57.4 Asmah Tareen 57.2 Gail Brandt 57.1 Bob Boisvert 55.3 Ben Tozer 54.9 Bridget Penick 54.7 Lousene Hoppe 54.5 Warren Mack 53.8 Barbara Fritz 52.9 Rachel Dewald 51.9 Lisa Lindenfelser 51.7 Lynn LinnĂŠ 51.7 Noah Huisman 51.1


Other lawyers, paralegals and summer associates who provided pro bono work in fiscal year 2019 include: Pamela Abbate-Dattilo Beverley Adams Lisa Agrimonti Margy Ahmann Travis Anderson Eric Anderson Thomas Archbold Robert Aronson Jim Baillie Jonathan Baker Rhiannon Baker Jane Ball Kyle Barlow Janelle Beitz Charlie Bennett Jeffrey Benson Larry Berg Jacqueline Bernu Tom Bird Kristin Blenkush Lisa Bond Marie Bonine Matt Boos Jean Boos Diana Bospachieva Megan Bowman Harleigh Brown Christina Brusven Philip Bubb Tyler Bush Marielos Cabrera Christy Carrier Jason Cassady Emily Chad Katherine Charipar Zhu “June� Cheng Sandra Chu Katie Cole Carolyn Coverdale Rachel Crane


Dalton Crum Ingrid Culp Michael Cummings Laura Danielson Luke de Leon Tracy Deutmeyer Daniel Deveny Joe Dixon Chris Dolan Jim Dorsey Jeremy Duehr Bridget Duffus Erin Edgerton Judy Engel Paul Esker Grant Fairbairn Terrence Fleming Jessica Foss Brianne Freeberg Lora Friedemann Victoria Gelardi Rebecca Gin David Glaser Tyler Gludt David Gollin Kevin Goodno Dominick Grande David Grorud Jodi Gustafson William Guy Adam Gyurisin Jacob Harris Shepard Harris Laurie Hartman Ben Hasbrouck Steve Helland Thomas Henke Michelle Hill Sten Hoidal Christian Hokans

Andrew Holm Angela Horel Caitlin Houlton Kuntz Chris Hunt Aaron Hurd Loan Huynh Katherine Ilten Leigh-Erin Irons Mercedes Jackson Andrea Jenson-Packer Ryan Johnson Chelsey Jonason Natalie Kadievitch Greg Karpenko Patrick Kelly Youn-Jin Kim Mary Krakow Ann Ladd Patricia Larson Paul LaVanway Kristin LeBre Stefanie Lee Lacey Lesmeister Ken Levinson Debra Linder Wendy Lisman Tara Mack Debbie Maday Patrick Mahlberg Erik Malinowski Jessica Manivasager Barbara Marchevsky Brian McCool Sarah McCray Kiel McElveen Zachary McFarland Pari McGarraugh Chris Melsha Alissa Mitchell Nicole Moen

Erik Money Nicholas Monson Daniel Mott Cindy Moyer Sarah Munson Ryan Murphy John Nelson Sue Ann Nelson Andrew Nick Kristi Nickles Kurt Niederluecke Carl Numrich Bonnie O’Malley Sage O’Neil Tim O’Shea Penny Oleson Zach Olson Jeri Parkin John Patterson John Pavelko Katie Perleberg Annette PetersonIgbinovia John Pickerill Andy Pomroy Emily Pontius Steve Quam Leigh Rand Bert Ranum Mary Ranum

Mike Raum Jordan Rife Anne Rondoni Tavernier Howard Roston Gauri Samant Mark Savin Karen Schanfield Joe Schauer Debra Schneider Wynter Scott Jeffrey Serum Cameron Seybolt Kendra Simmons Anni Simons Evan Skaar Levi Smith Jamie Snelson Joe Sokolowski Ryan Spanheimer Kevin Spreng Anu Sreekanth Shataia Stallings Adam Steinert Aaron Stenz Matt Stortz Nicole Swisher Charissa Syvinski Dana Taylor Julie Taylor Barbara Terhurne

Courtney Thompson Kim Thompson Teresa Thompson Ashley Thronson Marcus Tibesar Jeanne Tracy Mark Tranovich Alyssa Troje Sarah Tucher Kyle Ubl Emily Unger Patricia Voltzke Mark Vyvyan Debbie Walker Kool Haley Waller Pitts David Waytz Margaret Weil David West Carrie Whittaker Laura Willenbring Marie Williams John Williams Todd Wind David Winkler John Wurm Dan Yarano Masha Yevzelman Maureen Young Todd Zimmerman Aubrey Zuger


INDIVIDUAL SERVICE TO NONPROFIT ORGANIZATIONS Fredrikson & Byron lawyers, paralegals and staff serve our nonprofit communities in a number of ways including providing legal services for charitable organizations, handling numerous matters for individuals and serving on boards of directors for organizations focused on the arts, community development, education and legal services. In the past year, Fredrikson lawyers and staff provided board and committee leadership assistance to the following organizations: Pamela Abbate-Dattilo

U.S. Attorney’s Forum on Criminal Justice

Kristy Albrecht

Frank Bennett

Washburn Center for Children, Capital Campaign Co-Chair

ELCA Foundation, Executive Committee and Development Committee of the Board of Trustees Federal Advisory Committee for the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals

Jeffrey Benson

Chad Ambroday

Susan G. Komen For the Cure, Minnesota Chapter, Board Member Race for the Cure, Co-Race Director

Headwaters Foundation for Justice, Board Member

Briar Andresen

Ragamala Dance, Board Member, Past President

Robert Aronson

HIAS f/k/a Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, Chair of the Board American-Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), Advisory Committee

Jim Baillie

American Bar Association, Section of Business Law, Pro Bono Committee, Member; Business Bankruptcy Committee Member; Pro Bono Services Committee, Member American College of Bankruptcy, Vice President; Pro Bono Committee Member LegalCORPS, Emeritus Board Member Minnesota State Bar Association, Legal Assistance to the Disadvantaged Committee, Member Turnaround Management, Upper Midwest Chapter Member, Volunteer Services Committee Volunteer Lawyers Network, Benefactor Board, Member

Rhiannon Baker

Iowa Coalition Against Sexual Assault, Board Member

Kyle Barlow

Essentia Health Regional Foundation, West Region, Board Member, Planned Giving Committee Chair

Charlie Bennett

LegalCORPS, Board Member


Neighborhood Commercial Spaces, LLC, Board Member

Larry Berg

Kristin Blenkush

Mid-Continent Oceanographic Institute, Board Member, Secretary

Bob Boisvert

Twin Cities In Motion, Board Member, Executive Committee Member, Secretary, Governance Committee Member, Human Resources Committee Member

Matt Boos

American Bar Association, Section of Business Law, Federal Regulation of Securities Committee, SEC Enforcement Matters Subcommittee, Liability Committee, Officer and Director ABA SRS Committee Task Force on Model Solicitation Rule, Member Legal Services Access Corporation, Committee Member

Megan Bowman

Central Lutheran Church, Council Member

Gail Brandt

Minnesota Hospital Association, Volunteer YWCA of Minneapolis, It’s Time to Talk Race Steering Committee, Member

Bill Brody

Boy Scouts of America, Northern Star Council, Board of Directors, President and Member

Philip Bubb

Iowa State Bar Association, Construction Law Section Council, Member The Historic East Village, Inc., Board Member

Darnell Cage

Connections to Independence, Board Treasurer Minnesota Association of Black Lawyers, Member

Jason Cassady

Fifth Congressional District DFL, Central Committee Member Minneapolis DFL, Central Committee Member Minnesota DFL, State Central Committee Member Senate District 62 DFL, Central Committee Member State DFL Constitution, Bylaws, and Rules Committee, Delegate and Secretary

Jeremy Duehr

The Freshwater Society, Board Member

Judy Engel

Hennepin County Conciliation Court, Volunteer

John Erhart

Finnish American Chamber of Commerce, Board Member St. John’s University School of Theology & Seminary, Board of Trustees Member, Executive Committee Member, Finance Committee Chair

Mary Fee

Minneapolis Commission of Civil Rights, Commissioner

Linda Fisher

Joe Cassioppi

Federal Bar Association, Minnesota Chapter, Officer and Board Member

Growth & Justice, Board Member NAIOP, Land Use Committee Member, Public Policy Committee Member

Zhu “June” Cheng

Terrence Fleming

International Institute of Minnesota, Board Member Twin Cities Diversity in Practice, Committee Member

Legal Rights Center, Board President

Katie Cole

State Bar Association of North Dakota, Young Lawyers Committee, Member YMCA Cass Clay, Board Member

MinnPost, Board Member

Bronwen Cound

College of Saint Benedict, Campaign Leadership and Steering Committee, Member

Ingrid Culp

Children’s Cancer Research Fund, Board Member Books For Africa, Jack Mason Law & Democracy Initiative Advisory Board Member St. Louis Park Public Schools Foundation, Board Member

Laura Danielson

Green Card Voices, Board Member

Nick Datzov

Federal Bar Association, Minnesota Chapter, Committee Member

Joe Dixon

American College of Trial Lawyers (ACTL) Federal Bar Association, Minnesota Chapter, Member Federal Practice Committee, Member Hiawatha Academies, Board Member Minnesota Continuing Legal Education (White Collar), Member

Chris Dolan

Convent of The Visitation High School, Committee Member University of St. Thomas Law School, Board Member

Jim Dorsey

St. Croix River Association, Board Member United States Global Leadership Coalition, MN Advisory Committee

Jessica Foss

Dulce Foster

Children of Incarcerated Caregivers, Board Member Eighth Circuit History Committee for the District of Minnesota, Treasurer Federal Bar Association, Minnesota Chapter, Diversity Committee Member Women’s White Collar Defense Association/ Community Presence, Chapter Co-Leader

David Glaser

Talmud Torah of St. Paul, Past President

David Gollin

Minneapolis Golf Club, President Temple Israel Foundation of Minneapolis, Board Member

Kevin Goodno

American Brain Foundation (f/k/a American Academy of Neurology Foundation) Board Member and Board Chair Bush Foundation, Board Member Campaign for Legal Aid, Southern Minnesota Legal Services, Committee Member Minnesota Business Partnership, Deputy Minnesota Chamber of Commerce, Member Minnesota Government Relations Council, Member Public Affairs Council, Board Member St. Paul Area Chamber of Commerce, Member

Karen Grandstrand

American Bar Association, Banking Law Committee, Member


Concordia College, Moorhead, MN, Board of Regents Member, and Chair of Resources Committee Independent Community Bankers of America, General Counsels Advisory Group, Member Minnesota State Bar Association, Banking Law Committee, Co-chair, Business Law Section, Executive Council Member and Past-Chair Minnesota Women’s Economic Roundtable, Member and Past Chair of Board of Directors TCF Financial Corporation, Board of Directors Member, Chair of Risk Committee and Risk Subcommittee, Member of Executive, Finance, Audit and Compensation Committees Women Corporate Directors Foundation, MN Chapter, Member

Minnesota Law Review Alumni Committee, Board Member Minnesota State Bar Association, Computer and Technology Section, Governing Council

Bill Guy

Chris Hunt

Floyd Shores Homeowner’s Association, Board of Directors Hanson-Runsvold/Hospice of the RRV, Volunteer/Speaker Hope Lutheran Church and Hope Lutheran Foundation In Fargo, Advisor State Bar Association of North Dakota, Business Entity Drafting Task Force, Chair State Bar Association of North Dakota, Uniform Trust Code Drafting Task Force, Chair University of North Dakota Foundation, Emeritus Board Member University of North Dakota Alumni Association, Emeritus Board Member, Past President University of North Dakota Alumni Association Caucus, Member University of North Dakota, School of Law Building Advisory Committee, Member Wellspring for the World, Pro Bono Legal Services

Bob Hamilton

Global Rights for Women, Treasurer, Chair of Finance Committee, Board Member

Kristen Hansen

Northern Plains Dance, Member State Bar Association of North Dakota, Pro Bono Task Force Committee Member

Shep Harris

Andrew Holm

United States Tennis Association (USTA) Northern Section, Board Member

Lousene Hoppe

American Bar Association, Criminal Justice Section, LGBT Committee Co-Chair ACS Minneapolis/St. Paul Lawyer Chapter, Advisory Board Member National Lesbian and Gay Law Association, Board Treasurer Minnesota State Bar Association, Probate & Trust Law Section, Member Salvation Army, Nominations Committee Chair, Executive Committee Member, Board Member

Loan Huynh

Advocates for Human Rights, Board of Directors Minnesota Asian Pacific American Bar Association, Women’s Committee, Co-Chair

Leigh-Erin Irons

Neighborhood Development Center, Board Member Touchstone Mental Health, Board Chair Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota Foundation, Board Member

Katie Ilten

FamilyWise Services, Board of Directors

Mercedes Jackson

EMERGE, Vice Chair (Finance & Operations) Minnesota Chamber of Commerce, Board Member, Finance Committee Member

Leah Janus

Federal Bar Association, Minnesota Chapter, Officer Minnesota Bar Association, Consumer Litigation, Council Member Seward Coop, Director

Ryan Johnson

American Health Lawyers Association, Life Sciences Practice Group, Vice Chair, Advisory Board MedCity INVEST Twin Cities Advisory Board Minnesota Cup, Life Science and Health IT Division, Judge Minnesota State Bar Association, Health Law Section Thomas Henke Northstar Science Film Festival, Founder and Board Minnesota State Bar Association, of Directors Employee Benefits Council Planetary Society, Advisory Council Tom Hipkins Science Debate, Board of Directors Minnesota American Indian Bar Association, Member Silicon Valley AI, Founding Director, Advisor University of Saint Thomas, Future of Health Care Sten Hoidal Conference Planning Committee Member Volunteer Lawyers Network, Board Member, Secretary City of Golden Valley, Mayor International Education Center, Pro Bono Government Relations Minnesota Government Relations Council, Member Public Affairs Council, Member


Paul Jones

Sandbox Theatre, Board Member University of Minnesota, Professor

Steve Kaplan

Green Bay Theatre Company

Greg Karpenko

Minnehaha Academy Board of Trustees

Sean Kearney

Hennepin Theatre Trust, Finance Committee Member

Pat Kelly

Global Minnesota, Board Member Minnesota Bar Association International Section, Secretary Minnesota Bar Association International Institute, Planning Committee Member

John Koneck

Meet Minneapolis, Board Member Minnesota Board of Law Examiners, Board Member St. Paul Riverfront Corporation, Treasurer and Board Chair

Debbie Walker Kool

American Bar Association, Implementation of the Model Policies on Labor Trafficking Subcommittee, Co-Chair American Bar Association, Model Principles Implementation Task Force, Vice Chair; Corporate Governance Committee Member Minnesota State Bar Association, Committee Member Super Bowl Anti-Trafficking Committee, Member Committee, Member

Mary Krakow

Minnesota Healthcare Behavior at Work Collaborative, Board Member City Church, Board Member

Ann Ladd

Medical Alley, Board Member The Bakken Museum, Board Member

Paul LaVanway

American Bar Association, Section of Intellectual Property Law, Landslide® magazine, Editorial Board Member American Bar Association, Section of Intellectual Property Law, Continuing Legal Education, Board Member

Stefanie Lee

Minnesota Paralegal Association, Co-Chair MPA Litigation Sectional Women in eDiscovery, Membership Director, Minneapolis-St. Paul Chapter

Ken Levinson

Minnesota Center for Fiscal Excellence/MCFE Board – Board Member, Executive Committee

Minnesota State Bar Association, Tax Section, Board of the Tax Council

Keith Libbey

Carleton College, Board of Trustees

Debra Linder

Minneapolis Downtown Next Generation Lions Club, Treasurer Minnesota State Bar Association, Employee Benefits Council, Past Chair PACER Center, Advisory Board

Lynn Linné

Minnesota State Bar Association, Tax Section, Past Chair, Council Member

Jessie Lu

US-China Peoples’ Friendship Association, Minnesota Chapter

Warren Mack

Dahlberg Family Foundation, Board Member Jorja Fleezanus and Michael Steinberg Fund For Music, Board Member Madeline Island Music Camp, Board Member Minnesota Orchestra, Board Member North Memorial Medical Center, Board Member

Patrick Mahlberg

Hennepin County Bar Association, Eminent Domain Section, Vice President Wright County Planning Commission

Erik Malinowski

The Bell Museum, Planetarium Program Committee Member

Jessica Manivasager

Minneapolis Ibaraki Sister City Association, Board Member MRA – The Management Association Inc., Board Member, Executive Committee Member

Dave Marshall

Children’s Law Center of Minnesota, Board Member

Brian McCool

National Association of Industrial and Office Properties, Public Policy Committee, Member St. Odilia Catholic School, School Advisory Council Member University of St. Thomas School of Law, Student Mentor

Sarah McCray

Iowa Paralegal Association, Board Secretary and Nominations & Elections Committee Chair

Kiel McElveen

Special Olympics Minnesota, Board Member

Chris Melsha

Totino-Grace High School, Advancement Committee of the Board of Directors


Ryan Miest

Baby’s Space, A Place to Grow, Board Member and Governance Committee Member Baby’s Space Environments, Board Member Pathways Minneapolis, Inc., Board Member and Finance Committee Member

Nicole Moen

Sam Orbovich

ARRM, Board Member Care Providers of Minnesota, Committee Member Leading Age of Minnesota, Committee Member Lyngblomsten, Governance Advisory Committee

Tim O’Shea

American Civil Liberties Union of Minnesota, Board Member, Chair Harvard Club of Minnesota, Board Member, Chair

Federal Bar Association, Minnesota Chapter, Committee Member Minnesota State Bar Association, Minnesota E-Discovery Working Group, Board Member

Daniel Mott

Jeri Parkin

Innovative Quality Schools, Board Member, Chair National Council of Farmer Cooperatives, Legal, Tax and Accounting Committee Member, Past-Chair United Hospital Foundation, Executive Committee, Board Member, Past Chair

Tom Muck

Minnesota Taxpayers Association, Board Member and Executive Committee Member Page Education Foundation, Advisory Board Member

Ryan Murphy

Turnaround Management Association, National Board of Trustees

Emmy Nelson

International Enneagram Association, MN Chapter, Board Secretary

John Nelson

Grassroots Culture, Board Member Peacemaker Minnesota, Chairperson Yellow Tree Theatre, Board Member

Sue Ann Nelson

Minnesota State Bar Association, Tax Section, Member and Past Chair National Council of Farmer Cooperatives, Legal, Tax and Accounting Committee, Member and Past Chair

Carl Numrich

Voyageurs National Park Association, Board Member

Robert Oberlies

Committee on Foreign Relations, Member Minnesota China Business Council, Board Co-Chair The St. Paul Chamber Orchestra, Governance Committee Vice-Chair

Edgar Ocampo

Institute for Lawful, Safe, and Effective Policing, Board Member

Curt Okerson

Association of Legal Administrators of Minnesota’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee, Member

Zach Olson

American Diabetes Association, Board of Directors


Mahtomedi Area Education Foundation, Member Mahtomedi Area Education Foundation, Board of Trustees

John Parzych

Boy Scouts of America, Woodbury Troop 9072 Committee Member; Friends of Scouting Fundraising Chair Guardian Angels Catholic Church, Volunteer Woodbury Athletic Association, Volunteer

John Patterson

Boy Scouts of America, Northern Star Council, Board Member, Camping and Properties, Vice President Deer Lake Conservancy (Environmental), Board Member Ramsey County Bar Association Foundation, Former Board Member and President

Bill Pearce

Bismarck-Mandan Orchestral Association, Inc., Board Member North Dakota State Bar Association, Mineral Title Standards Committee Member Bismarck Library Foundation, Inc., Board Member and Treasurer

Bridget Penick

American Bar Association, Section of Labor and Employment Federal Labor Standards Legislation Committee Ballet Des Moines, Board of Directors Girls Rock! Des Moines, Board of Directors Iowa Legal Aid Central Iowa Advisory, Council Member Iowa State Bar Association, Board of Governors, Annual Meeting Committee Member; Employment and Labor Section Council Member Polk County Board Association, Past President Woodlands Creek Reserve Home Owners Association, Board of Directors and Secretary

Katie Perleberg

Fargo-Moorhead Opera Company, Board of Directors Theatre B, President of Board of Directors

Annette Peterson-Igbinovia

North Hennepin Community College, Paralegal Advisory Board Member

John Pickerill

Advertising Federation of Minnesota, Board Member Art Buddies, Board Member

Chris Pham

Federal Bar Association, Diversity Committee, Board Member Mitchell Hamline School of Law, Board of Trustees

Andy Pomroy

Citizen League, Member Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless, Board Member Minnesota Government Relations Council, Member Public Affairs Council, Member St. Paul Area Chamber of Commerce, Public Policy Committee Member

Emily Pontius

Des Moines Metro Opera Board of Directors, Executive Committee and Secretary Greater Des Moines Leadership Institute, Alumni Committee Iowa State Bar Association, Labor and Employment Section Council Plymouth Church Personnel Committee, Chair

Anne Radolinski

Second Chance Coalition Steering Committee, Member University of Minnesota Humphrey Institute Policy Fellows Alumni Board, Member

Brett Roberts

Iowa Prayer Breakfast Committee, Finance Subcommittee Member Greater Des Moines Leadership Institute, President-Elect Judicial Nominating Commission (Iowa District 5C), Commissioner

Kristy Rogers

Polk County Women Attorneys (PCWA), Board Member

Melodie Rose

National Association of Corporate Directors – Local Chapter, Board Member

Carrie Rosenberry

St. Thomas Lutheran Church Omaha, Stewardship Committee Women’s Fund of Omaha, Circles Member

Howard Roston

Hennepin County Mediation Project, Mediator

Minnesota State Bar Association, Lawyer Certification Board for Labor and Employment Lawyers, Board Member

Kaleb Rumicho

Katherine Rahlin

The Origins Program, Board of Directors

MN Asian Pacific Bar Association, Membership Committee Member

Melissa Rahn

Mark Savin

Minnesota Government Relations Council, Committee Member Public Affairs Council, Committee Member Women Winning, Board Member Women Winning State PAC, Member Women Winning Federal PAC, Vice Chair

Mary Ranum

Concordia College, Board of Regents, Board Member Twin Cities Diversity in Practice, Board Member

Mike Raum

Plains Art Museum, Board of Directors United Soccer Club of the Red River Valley, Board Member, President and Volunteer

Lindsey Remakel

Hennepin County Bar Association, Environmental Law Section Co-Chair Minnesota State Bar Association, Environmental, Natural Resources and Energy Law Section Council, Member

Kevin Riach

Coalition for Impartial Justice, Board Member Minnesota State Bar Association, Judiciary Committee Member

Wallin Education Partners, Board Trustee

Gauri Samant

Beth Jacob Congregation, Board Member

Karen Schanfield

Jewish Family & Children’s Service of St. Paul, Board Member National Academy of Arbitrators, Committee Member St. Paul Jewish Community Center, Committee Member

Debra Schneider

Loan Repayment Assistance Program, Board of Directors

Chuck Segelbaum

PRISM Minneapolis Food Shelf, Board of Directors Golden Valley Board of Zoning Appeals, Alternate Member Golden Valley Planning Commission, Member Mitchell Hamline Law School, Intellectual Property Institute Advisory Board, Member

Cameron Seybolt

Minnesota State Bar Association, Probate and Trust Section, Treasurer and Legislation Committee Co-Chair American College of Trust and Estate Counsel, Minnesota Nominating Committee Member


Dale Schoonover

Ashland Productions, Board Member St. John’s University, Planned Giving Committee Member

Kendra Simmons

Young Professionals Connection, Ambassador Greater Des Moines Leadership Institute, Member

Anni Simons

Citizen League, Member Minnesota Government Relations Council, Member Public Affairs Council, Member The Arc Minnesota, Committee Member

Sandra Smalley-Fleming

Karen Sandler Steinert

American Bar Association, Real Property, Trusts and Estates Law Section, Member; CLE Committee, Co-Chair; Business Planning Group, Committee on Estate Planning and Administration for Business Owners, Farmers and Ranchers

Jeff Steinle

Gustavus Adolphus College Alumni Association, Class President Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation, Board Member Pillsbury United Communities, Board Member and Executive Committee Member

Matt Stortz

Opportunity to Lead, Event Director MinneapolisNext, Board of Directors, Member The Women’s Club of Minneapolis, former Executive Committee Member, Building Committee Member John Stout University of St. Thomas Law School, Board of American Bar Association, Business Law Section, Governors, Executive Committee Vice Chair Corporate Governance Committee, Emeritus Chair YWCA: It’s Time to Talk Event, ITT Steering and Vice Chair, Artificial Intelligence Task Force; Committee Member Corporate Social Responsibility Committee, Vice Chair; Member, Governing Council Levi Smith Carleton College, Past Member, Board of Trustees Twin Cities-Metro Certified Development Company, Metropolitan Economic Development Association, Board Member Co-founder, Secretary, Director Patrick Smith Milestone Growth Fund, Co-founder, Chair/CEO Diocese of Des Moines, Finance Council; Minnesota Film Board, Co-founder, Risk Management Committee Emeritus Director Defense Research Institute (DRI), Employment National Association of Corporate Directors, and Labor Section Steering Committee Co-founder, Minnesota Chapter, Emeritus St. Augustin Church, Chair of Parish Council Director Minneapolis Club, Member

Jamie Snelson

Cristo Rey High School, Board of Directors University of Minnesota Law School, Board of Advisors

Eric Snustad

University of Minnesota-College of Science & Engineering, Alumni Advisory Board

Rick Snyder

Minnesota Land Trust, Board Member Minnesota Supreme Court Advisory Committee on Rules of Civil Appellate Procedure, Committee Member

Joe Sokolowski

Legal Access Point Clinic, Volunteer Attorney Federal Bar Association, Labor and Employment Section, Member Minnesota State Bar Association, Labor and Employment Section, Member Hennepin County Bar Association, Labor and Employment Section, Member

Kevin Spreng

James J. Hill Reference Library, Board Chair Minne*, Board Member Real Phonic Radio Hour, Board Member


Rachna Sullivan

Federal Bar Association, Minnesota Chapter, Board Member Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid, Board Member The Infinity Project, Board Member

Asmah Tareen

OMEED, Co-Founder, Board Member Children’s Law Center, Volunteer Attorney South Metro Islamic Center, Security Committee Rahma Heart Care, Volunteer

Courtney Thompson

Advertising Federation of Minnesota, Board Member Mitchell Hamline School of Law, Annual Fund Board Member Saint Paul Nagasaki Sister City Committee, Board Member

Teresa Thompson

Anne Bancroft Foundation, Board Member, Governance Committee Member Edina Swim Club, Board President

Ashley Thronson

Women’s Business Development Center, Ambassador & Advisory Committee Member

Marcus Tibesar

Cretin-Derham Hall Alumni Board, Member

Ben Tozer

International Right-of-Way Association, North Star Chapter 20, Secretary, Treasurer and President-Elect Minnesota Justice Foundation, Board Member

Jeanne Tracy

Off-Broadway Musical Theatre, Board President

Sarah Tucher

National Council of Farmer Cooperatives, Volunteer Innovative Quality Schools, Board Member, Treasurer

Alyssa Troje

House of Charity, Board Member University of St. Thomas Law School, Alumni Advisory Board Member St. Joseph’s Catholic School, School Advisory Council Member

Kyle Ubl

New Century Home Owners Association, Board President

Brandon Underwood

Iowa State Bar Association, Construction Law Section Council, Member Spina Bifida Association of Iowa, Board Member

Mark Vyvyan

Volunteer Lawyers Network, Board Member

Pam Wandzel

Association of Pro Bono Counsel, Board Member, Treasurer

J. Marc Ward

Georgann Wenisch

International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) Northern Plains Region, Leadership Team

Ann Wessberg

International Trademark Association, Law Firm Committee, Member, Mentoring Subcommittee, Member Minnesota Waldorf School, Board Subcommittee Member

David West

Central Lutheran Church Congregation, Nominating Committee The Origins Program, Board President

Robert Whitlock

Mill City Commons, Board of Directors

John Williams

National MS Society, Upper Midwest Chapter, Board Member Red River Valley Estate Planning Council, Board Member

Marie Williams

The Minnesota Sinfonia, Board Member

Ashley Wilson

American Constitution Society – Minneapolis/ St. Paul Lawyer Chapter, Board Member

Todd Wind

ALS Association of Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota, Board Member Lawyers Professional Responsibility Board, Panel Member

Masha Yevzelman

Broadlawns Hospital Board, Board Member Minnesota State Bar Association, Tax Section, Iowa State Bar Association, Business Law Past Chair Section Council Institute for Professionals in Taxation (IPT) Taxpayers Association of Central Iowa, Board Member Twin Cities, Chair

Tammy Warren

Association of Legal Administrators of Minnesota’s Salary Survey Committee, Co-Chair

Matthew Webster

St. Paul-Reformation Lutheran Church, Vice President and Council Member

Margaret Weil

Coffee House Press, Board Member and Finance Committee Member

Rich Weiner

American-Israel Chamber of Commerce, Board Member Brazil-Minnesota Chamber of Commerce, Board Member Canada-Minnesota Business Council, Board Member

Randy Zellmer

Welcome Manor Family Services, Chairman of the Board Greater Mankato Growth, Inc., Board of Directors Summit Heritage Foundation, Board of Directors Mankato State University Foundation Development Committee Member City Center Partnership, Chairman of the Board Blue Earth County Historical Society – Finance Committee Member

Aubrey Zuger

North Dakota State Bar Association, Board of Governors, President


WHERE LAW AND BUSINESS MEET® At Fredrikson & Byron, we’ve built a reputation as the firm “where law and business meet” by bringing business acumen and entrepreneurial thinking to our work with clients. We operate as business advisors and strategic partners, as well as legal counselors. A proactive, problem-solving mindset runs throughout our service areas, which enables us to understand and keep client objectives firmly in mind, as well as anticipate and address problems before they arise. Our lawyers blend a common-sense approach with in-the-field experience, and we utilize our firm’s strong reputation and our lawyers’ broad networks to get things done.


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