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Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference. Kathy Calvin, former President and Chief Executive Officer United Nations Foundation

Making monetary donations is vitally important to maintain the quality of life throughout our communities. Funding supports nonprofits that keep children safe, helps build and grow small businesses, helps maintain affordable housing options for lowincome families, provides job training and much more. However, most nonprofits depend on volunteers to carry out their missions, and lawyers are uniquely qualified to make a difference. That is what lawyers and law firms do when they develop, promote and give back through pro bono legal programs. It is a core value of Fredrikson & Byron’s law firm.

In the following pages, you will see how lawyers and staff made a difference in the lives of many in our communities. They provided pro bono legal services to individuals, ensuring they have access to justice; to small businesses owned and operated by those living in our diverse communities; and to nonprofits that enhance our quality of life by planting trees, beautifying our outdoor spaces and by giving back to those in need.

We hope you enjoy our stories.



Personal Representation to Ensure Justice1

Supporting and Growing Communities2 Recognitions3

4 Volunteers Help Enrich and Protect Communities


All names and stories used herein are shared with permission. Some names are changed or abbreviated to protect the privacy of clients.

Personal Representation to Ensure Justice



Freedom of the press—the right to report news or circulate opinion without censorship from the government—was considered “one of the great bulwarks of liberty” by the Founding Fathers of the United States. Americans enjoy freedom of the press guaranteed by the First Amendment. For decades, journalists have had access to events to both observe and inform the public through photos and news stories.

DURING THE CIVIL UNREST after the murder of George Floyd, journalists from around the world reported from Minnesota. One independent journalist, Jared Goyette, was stopped by police from filming and was injured in the process. Fredrikson lawyers Dulce Foster, Pari McGarraugh and Karen Schanfield teamed with the ACLU of Minnesota to file a class-action lawsuit on behalf of Goyette and seven other independent journalists against the City of Minneapolis, Hennepin County and the State of Minnesota including the Minnesota State Patrol. The case sought an order that would declare law enforcement’s actions “unconstitutional” and prohibit them from targeting and attacking reporters. In February 2022 , the State of Minnesota and its agents agreed to a settlement, including an injunction prohibiting the Minnesota State Patrol and other law enforcement agencies acting in concert with them from attacking


journalists reporting on and recording protests. The injunction will remain in place for six years and, among other things, makes clear that journalists are not subject to general dispersal orders, thus allowing them to do the important work of covering protests without fear of reprisal. It includes the payment of $825,000 to the named plaintiffs, oversight of the State’s handling of complaints regarding mistreatment of the media during the George Floyd and Daunte Wright protests, and other important terms. The remaining defendants were not included in the settlement and the claims against them are continuing.


We firmly believe in First Amendment rights and the role of a free press in protecting society and upholding our democracy. Providing impartial information to the public about demonstrations, protests and other conflicts between law enforcement and the public is at the heart of journalism, and the right to witness and report must be protected and upheld. Pari McGarraugh

Pari, Dulce and Karen directed the work with assistance from former Fredrikson lawyer Kevin Riach. Additional assistance was provided by lawyers Marielos Cabrera, Rachel Dougherty, Devin Driscoll, Erin Edgerton Hall, Jake Harris, Mary Heath, Leah Huyser, David Lillehaug, Amanda Mills, Bryan Morben, Bridget Welter, research librarian Susan Trombley, paralegals Leslie Anderson and Rebecca Strand.


The Federal Pro Se Project (“the Project”) was started in 2011 to provide civil pro se litigants who receive a judicial referral to the Project with the opportunity to consult with volunteer counsel and enhance access to justice in our federal courts.

TH a NKS T o THE GENER o US C o NTRIBUTI o N of time and talent by more than 450 volunteer lawyers, the Project has served more than 1,400 pro se litigants over the past decade. Lora Friedemann, one of the founders of the Project, and Christian Hokans agreed to help a Minnesota homeless man through a referral from the Project. At the outset of the COVID pandemic, Minnesota set up a program that


offered housing to homeless individuals who were at heightened risk from COVID-19 . Our client obtained shelter at a hotel and lived there for over two months. During that time, Governor Walz issued an executive order suspending eviction proceedings. Despite the executive order, local authorities summarily evicted our client and arrested him for trespass. Lora and Christian are pursuing an action for violations of our client’s constitutional rights.


JE ff RE y Wa S 12 y E a RS o LD when Chris Pham began working

with him through Children’s Law Center of Minnesota. Over the past nine years, Chris has maintained the relationship with this young man, including when Jeffrey was moved to Washington to live with his older sister, only to be told that her family decided to no longer to adopt him, and when he was placed in outstate Minnesota, Iowa and many other places over these past nine years. But due, in part, to Chris’s consistency in his life, Jeffrey is a successful young man. He is currently in the military and stationed in Texas, where he is learning to be a helicopter mechanic and pilot.

When I last spoke to Jeffrey, I was thrilled to hear how well he is doing, especially considering the space he was in when we first met. He is extremely intelligent, articulate and ambitious. In September 2022, Jeffrey will be aging out of the system and on his own as he turns 21 years old. I could not be prouder or more excited for him. Chris Pham



Jessi Sharpe and Joe Dixon represented Darla after being contacted by a citizen advocate who had met Darla in prison and saw a woman who deserved a second chance. Darla had a rough start in life. She was raised by a mom with addiction issues and an abusive stepfather. Darla moved out at 17 and started dating the first guy that asked her out. When Darla was 19 and on the road with her boyfriend, age 24, she helped him kidnap an elderly couple after running out of gas and money. Darla and her boyfriend were caught and arrested. Readers Digest made them a media sensation, dubbing them a modern “Bonnie & Clyde”—and all of this attention did not help at trial. Darla was sentenced to 53 years to life for her crime, her first run-in with the law, and was sentenced to serve her time in the Wyoming Women’s Prison. While there, she took advantage of the structure and educational opportunities at the prison—she took every class offered and became a leader among the women. The prison staff also valued Darla’s leadership, her commitment to improve herself and her integrity. Because of this, the guards allowed Darla to be introduced to visitors and to lead discussions. One day, after serving decades of time, she met a visitor from Minnesota named Lyn. They connected immediately, and Lyn became her citizen advocate. When Lyn came back to Minnesota, she set out to find Darla a volunteer to help her seek a commutation of her sentence. Jessi and Joe stepped in to assist.


Jessi and Joe learned that Darla had previously applied for commutations and had been denied each time. Though the parole board recommended her last commutation application, the family of the victims opposed her release, and the Governor of Wyoming denied her request. Because no commutation request had been granted since 1996, the expectations were low. Jessi began working with Darla to draft a letter of apology to the family of the victims. Jessi then prepared the commutation request, which focused on her remorse for her crime and her efforts to improve herself. Jessi also collected letters in support of Darla’s character, from local members of the community and several relatives. After submitting the commutation request, the victim’s family had the opportunity to oppose the commutation request. Somehow, this time, the family had a change of heart, and, for the first time, did not oppose her request. After a virtual COVID hearing, the parole board again recommended commutation. To the great delight of the team and Darla, the Governor signed the request. Darla will be eligible for parole in April 2025 , with 13 years taken off her sentence. Although Darla will be on parole for the rest of her life, she intends to make the most of her second chance and continue her journey of personal growth. Marielos Cabrera also provided assistance during the summer.

A note from Lyn expressed her gratitude for the help provided by Jessi and Joe:

It is with a warm heart I send our deepest thank you for your pro bono help for Wyoming inmate, Ms. Darla. The Wyoming Governor, Mark Gordon, approved and signed her commutation request on December 21, 2021. Your firm’s pro bono help is one of the cornerstones of establishing a foundation for being effective in the groundwork for requesting her commutation. We will never forget the kindness and support shown by your firm from the moment we walked into your office. It was amazing to know your firm would help us with her case. Lyn

Wow! Amazing! It’s a bona fide miracle. Thank you so very much for your help, the energy and effort you put into my life. I am so grateful for you and so look forward to getting to meet you out there in the real world. God bless. Darla


Darla will be released in the coming year, decades before her 53-to-life sentence would be complete. She is now 43 years old and has been in prison since she was 19. Darla has never been on an elevator before. She has never gone on a roller coaster. She has never traveled. She has many dreams: she wants to see skyscrapers in Minneapolis & Chicago, become a fitness instructor and go to an amusement park. I am so excited for her—she will get to experience life outside of the prison!


The Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans (MACV) assists veterans with housing, benefits and legal issues.

THIS Pa ST y E a R, Cameron Seybolt assisted a veteran who was working hard to get his life back on track after completing probation for an offense in Texas. The veteran was born in Minnesota and moved back to live with his stepfather, who helped raise him. MACV asked us to help the veteran with a name change matter because his birth certificate listed his birth father’s last name but all other documentation, including his social security card, military records, past Minnesota ID s and criminal history documentation listed his stepfather’s last name. Like others in similar situations, he was unable to obtain his birth certificate due to the discrepancies in last names and had no other primary source documents that could be used to obtain a photo ID in Minnesota. With the help of summer associate Elisabeth Bernabe and paralegal Barb Fritz, Cameron was able to obtain an Order from the Minnesota courts, officially changing the client’s last name from his birth name to the name he has used his entire life, allowing him to move forward.

Ca MER o N S E y B o LT

Representing asylum seekers can be both difficult and rewarding. Difficult because it is hard to imagine the terror our clients have endured in their home countries simply due to their religious beliefs or their desire to better themselves or their communities—and the consequences they face if forced to go back. But it is also rewarding when volunteers successfully represent individuals who now have the ability to start new, safer lives here in the U.S.



This past year, our lawyers represented a number of asylum seekers, including the following:

Leigh-Erin Irons and Jamie Snelson represented a client, Ms. M., who had been kidnapped and abused by a police officer as a teenager in Liberia, and who endured genital mutilation at the hands of the powerful Sande Society. She then lived in hiding in that country for decades after speaking out against the Society’s rituals. Fortunately, Ms. M. met an aid worker who brought her to the United States in 2007 . In 2018 , an acquaintance helped her complete an asylum application which was several years late and deficient in many other respects. Working with the Center for Victims of Torture, Leigh-Erin and Jamie helped her obtain work authorization, amend her asylum application, and make her case in an interview with the U.S. Customs and Immigration Services in March 2020 —just before the pandemic hit. Two years later, they received the wonderful news that she had been granted asylum. The team was assisted by Loan Huynh, Julia Shepard and Kelly Hall.


Dulce Foster, Mark Savin, Karen Schanfield and Jessi Sharpe represented Ms. F. in her Bureau of Immigration Appeal addressing the Safe Third Country Rule. Ms. F. is an Anglophone from Cameroon and was a member of the separatist political group Southern Cameroon National Council (SCNC) . Her life was in danger from persecution by the Cameroonian government, including the police and military. Ms. F. was arrested and tortured, and her family had been harmed as well. Her dad was arrested by the Cameroonian military in September 2018 and has not been heard from since. Ms. F.’s house was burned down, and, on multiple occasions, the Cameroonian government tortured her mother to get information on Ms. F.’s whereabouts. Ms. F. made the difficult decision to leave Cameroon in April 2019 . She then traveled through several countries before arriving in the United States on July 14, 2019 . Ms. F. applied for asylum, but it was denied due to the rule requiring her to have sought and been denied asylum in the countries through which she had traveled. The immigration judge granted her withholding of removal, but she hoped instead to appeal the decision denying her asylum. Advocates for Human Rights filed the Notice of Appeal, and Dulce and the team went to work. They received notice this past spring that her application for asylum had been granted. The team was also assisted by Gail Brandt, Aleida Conners, Laura Danielson, Carol Held, Shantal Pai, Carolina Rodriguez and Erik Splett.


IN Pa RTNERSHIP with the Children’s Law Center, Fredrikson

represented a child in an appeal regarding his adoption proceedings. B.H., an 11-year-old child, was placed with a foster family who was interested in adopting him. The placement seemed to be going well until the foster parents had B.H. removed from their home based on allegations of inappropriate sexual behavior between B.H. and their daughter. Despite these allegations, the foster parents wanted to remain involved in B.H.’s adoption proceedings and ultimately adopt him should behavioral therapy make it safe for him to return to their home. The district court denied the parents’ motion to intervene in B.H.’s adoption proceedings and ruled them out as a potential adoptive placement for B.H. The foster parents appealed. B.H. felt strongly that he did not want further contact with the foster family and did not want to be adopted by them. Fredrikson represented B.H. in the appeal and advocated that the court should adhere to B.H.’s wishes and affirm the district court’s order. The Minnesota Court of Appeals agreed and affirmed the district court on all issues. Rachel Dougherty and Nicole Moen led the appeal, with assistance from Aron Frakes, Erik Splett, Natasha Robinson and Bridget Welter.

The team was grateful for the opportunity to advocate for B.H.’s wishes and hopefully contribute to continued progress and improvement in his mental health and overall well-being. Rachel Dougherty



IN 2020 we reported that Jennifer Pusch and legal administrative assistant Marvic Salminen-Morillo, assisted M. in her quest for Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (SIJS) after she fled her home in a very poor, rural part of Guatemala for safety reasons. M.’s parents abandoned her as a child, and she was forced to live with an abusive family member in a region of Guatemala overwhelmed with gang violence and corruption. Scared for her future, she fled and traveled to the United States alone when she was only 16 years old. Imagine traveling through Mexico completely alone at that age. After crossing the U.S. border, she was picked up by Border Patrol in Arizona. She spent four long months in an immigration center for women and children and was eventually released to her cousin’s custody in Minnesota. After Border Patrol detained M., the government immediately started removal proceedings in Immigration Court. However, because M. was an unaccompanied minor, she could apply for both asylum and SIJS . Over the last year, with her team’s assistance, M. appeared in Immigration Court, Hennepin County Family Court, prepared and filed an asylum application and prepared and filed a petition for SIJS . She did all of this while attending high school and learning English.


M.’s SIJS was granted, which allows her to apply for residency in the United States. Though she is on a waiting list and needs to wait until her priority date comes up, she now has a legal basis to remain in this country permanently. She currently lives with a loving family and is learning English at a very rapid rate. Most importantly, she is safe and well-cared for.

This past spring, M., after waiting for over a year and a half, received her work visa. M. is still awaiting her priority date so she can apply for legal permanent residency, but in the meantime, she graduated high school with a 3.5 GPA . Jenni proudly attended M.’s graduation party.



Supporting and Growing Communities

NEIGHB o RH oo D fo REST was founded in 2010 by Vikas Narula.

When Vikas was a college student in the early 1990 s at Maharishi International University in Fairfield, Iowa, he was introduced to a free tree project started in another state. Vikas and his college friends adopted the program and gave away tens of thousands of trees to school children across southeast Iowa. Years later, when living in Minneapolis and when his first son was entering kindergarten, Vikas decided to rekindle his love of giving trees to schoolchildren and started Neighborhood Forest. It has turned into a family affair with his wife, mom, brother, sons (and dog!) involved in running and growing the program. What started with four schools in Minneapolis has grown to over 900 schools, libraries and youth groups in 48 states across the U.S. and Canada. Will Howieson helped Neighborhood Forest incorporate into a nonprofit this past year that will allow the organization to continue to grow and plant the seeds of urban trees— right in their own backyard. Will was assisted by Emily Chad and paralegals Jackie Bernu and Pam Uran.

Dear Will and Emily,

We received our letter from the IRS today granting us the 501(c)3 status! Wow, that was fast! It is a testament to the amazing work you have done to make this happen. We cannot thank you enough. It is wonderful that this came in just days before Earth Day as we are gearing up to give 40,000 kids their very own tree to plant! Thank you, thank you!! Vikas

Nonprofits support the quality of life in many of our neighborhoods. The diversity and breadth of their work is wide-ranging and remarkable. Fredrikson lawyers and staff help support this work with pro bono legal services to new and established organizations. W ILL Ho WIES o N

Having an opportunity for women and girls, especially women and girls of color, to play hockey in Minnesota has been limited.

THIS Pa ST y E a R, Jennifer Pusch, a former hockey player herself, and Laura Wanger began working with Minnesota Unbounded/ Hockey Niñas, to incorporate the group as a 501 (c)3 nonprofit. Minnesota Unbounded/Hockey Niñas is an all-girls-of-color hockey team/program and is a small but important step in improving the sport’s diversity at its beginning levels.

THE BELWIN C o NSERVa NC y is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation and restoration of natural areas in Minnesota’s St. Croix Valley. Through education programs, hiking trails, restoration projects and conservation easements, Belwin honors the original stewards of the region, the Wahpekute Dakota people. Jessica Manivasager and retired lawyer John Satorius serve on the board of directors and the Fredrikson Foundation provides funding. This past year Jeremy Duehr, Kristin LeBre, David Streier, Michael Walls and paralegal Jeanne Tracy provided assistance with employment, nonprofit and land purchase matters.


Growing and supporting communities is an important aspect of the work of Fredrikson’s pro bono program and of our partners like Neighborhood Development Center (NDC) and LegalCORPS. For over 30 years NDC has worked with micro-entrepreneurs to help them start and grow their businesses.

Fredrikson lawyers have provided pro bono legal services to NDC itself, and to many of its clients over the past two decades, including the following this past year:

LUTUNJI a BR a M served a piece of her peach cobbler during a meeting with the pastor of a local church to discuss a partnership with her organization, Voices of Effective Change. During that meeting, and because of the strong compliments on her cobbler, she was encouraged to start her own bakery. Knowing she wanted to continue her passion of assisting young adults and other vulnerable individuals, she turned to NDC and Fredrikson lawyers for assistance. Andrew Nick assisted with the creation of Lutunji’s Palate, a social enterprise that provides delicious food, jobs and a community meeting and gathering place in the Elliot Park neighborhood. Andrew and Jennifer Hodge Burkett assisted with a lease review for a new space and Cindy Moyer provided trademark assistance. Paralegals

Susan Erickson and Ashley Ignaszewski also provided assistance.

Everything went well and we were grateful for another chance to work with Neighborhood Development Center! Sage O’Neil


MEN IN BL a CK SECURIT y is a community-based organization that provides consultation and security for commercial, residential and special events along with other services such as de-escalation and self-defense training. Ryan Brauer and Sage O’Neil worked with the company to prepare the operating agreement and other organizational documents for Men In Black Security LLC so that it could obtain Disadvantaged Business Enterprise certification. Ryan and Sage also helped Men In Black Security update the form contract they use when they contract out their services.

NEIGHB o RH oo D DEVELo PMENT CENTER referred Rosie and Lucio J. to Fredrikson for help purchasing a property in St. Paul for a small grocery store, Mi Linda Tierra. Tom Bird and Sage O’Neil worked with Rosie to form Lukaro, LLC as the holding company that purchased the property with the help of a loan from NDC . Sam Andre and Steve Kinsella then drafted a lease agreement between Lukaro, LLC and the operating entity.

Working with Neighborhood Development Center’s staff to help build communities and support the dreams of entrepreneurs through our pro bono program, has been a highlight of my career at the firm. Since 1999, Fredrikson lawyers have helped NDC in its mission to help “local entrepreneurs to transform their lives and revitalize their neighborhoods.” Pam Wandzel, Director of Pro Bono


THIS Pa ST y E a R, Aaron Nyquist and Soobin Kim assisted Minnesota ASCD on an asset purchase agreement of a similarly focused LLC that will allow the organization to continue to grow and serve its community. Minnesota ASCD works to develop leadership among educational decision-makers for improving curriculum and instruction for Minnesota students.

LegalCORPS ’s Inventor Assistance Program (IAP) was the first program in the United States to provide free legal representation to low-income inventors seeking to patent their inventions with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) . IAP was created a number of years ago to specifically assist under-resourced inventors research and protect their ideas and inventions. Volunteers assist individuals and small businesses that meet certain financial thresholds in preparing and filing patent applications for the purpose of securing patent protection.

LegalCORPS is a nonprofit that recruits volunteers to provide advice and counsel to small businesses and nonprofits. a a R o N Ny QUIST S oo BIN KIM

EB o NIQUE B oy D began Budget Collector to make art advising more affordable for everyone. Along with her sister, a recent computer science graduate from the University of Chicago, they set out to develop a software application that uses artificial intelligence to learn preferences of an art lover and then match that user with pieces of art that may be displayed in nearby galleries or that may be for sale. This also has the potential to increase sales for artists by providing those who might be interested in their art with access to view and purchase it. Zach Pratt worked with Ebonique to write a patent application covering the backend of her software application. Because of her app’s highly successful marketing and its unique technology, Ebonique was invited to be a panelist at the USPTO ’s 2022 Black Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program. While on the panel, she spoke about the importance of the program and encouraged people to get patents on their technology to protect themselves.

I connected with Ebonique Boyd via LegalCORPS, a great organization that connects inventors with patent practitioners who can assist the inventors in obtaining protection with the USPTO. I was in awe of Ebonique immediately during our first conversation discussing her innovative AI application to connect art collectors purveyors. Working with inventors is always humbling, given their incredible knowledge and creativity to develop something that has never been developed before. Working with Ebonique was a unique pleasure because it was also inspiring to see someone give their entire life to their passion. I’m looking forward to helping Ebonique, her sister, and the rest of her team carry this project across the finish line by obtaining patent protection for her software. Zach Pratt

Za CH a R y P R aTT


Many organizations that serve our vulnerable communities are impacted by government actions. Unfortunately, most do not have the resources, whether human or capital, to strategically advocate on their own behalf. Without state funding or needed changes in state policy, many organizations would either not be able to meet their mission or would cease to exist, harming the people they serve.

f REDRIKS o N is fortunate to have a Government Relations group that believes our communities are stronger and better served by organizations that are on the ground in the neighborhoods; that work directly with people who are vulnerable or have disabilities; that know the importance of low-income housing and support options; and that believe in justice for our most vulnerable. Kevin Goodno and his team of lobbyists donate hundreds of hours each year to ensure that vital organizations have a presence and strong voice at the legislature. A few of the organizations that received pro bono lobbying assistance include: The Epilepsy Foundation of Minnesota, The Center for Victims of Torture, Children’s Law Center of Minnesota, Vail Place, the Iowa Chapter of the Red Cross, the Iowa Alliance of Boys and Girls Club and Iowa Legal Aid. Other lobbyists who provided pro bono services this past year include Noah Tabor, Cody Holliday, Tara Mack, Andy Pomroy and Anni Simons.





THE y WC a of C a SS C o UNT y has many programs to empower women, including running an emergency shelter. Aubrey Zuger has worked with the organization since 2013 on a number of issues, including advice relating to subpoenas and complying with domestic violence statutes. Aubrey was recognized for her commitment to the YWCA at their “Champions of Empowerment Celebration of Impact” lunch this past spring.



SINCE HIS f IRST y E a R at Fredrikson, Ryan Young has made giving back to those in need a priority, averaging nearly 100 hours every year for the past eight years. He has taken expungement cases, continues to work on a post-conviction case through the Promise of Justice Initiative and is assisting on a litigation matter for a local homeless shelter. Ryan has also represented a child in foster care through Children’s Law Center of Minnesota for several years— helping empower them to use their voice to speak up for what they need from a system that too often ignores the quietest voices.

Ryan is also passionate about his work with those seeking asylum in the United States after fleeing their home country where they often experienced torture or oppression for their beliefs. This past year, while he continued to work on several new and on-going matters, including his work with a former asylum client to bring his family to the states, Ryan agreed to take a new case for an Afghan individual along with mentoring another lawyer in this work that means so much to so many.

Fredrikson & Byron is proud to acknowledge and commend Ryan Young for his pro bono work.

R ya N yo UNG


Volunteers Help Enrich and Protect Communities

The Mark S. Cady Day of Service is dedicated to the late Iowa Supreme Court Chief Justice Mark Cady.

THE D ay BRINGS the Iowa legal community together to honor and celebrate the life and legacy of Justice Cady and his commitment to public service, access to justice and civil rights. Chief Justice Cady met regularly with high school students throughout the state and annually visited the Drake University Law School and the University of Iowa College of Law. While visiting one school, a student asked what guided him to success. Chief Justice Cady replied,

“Success is not a single crowning achievement, but an accumulation of those small steps in life that define each of us as a person. Success will be found by those who enjoy what they do and feel they are serving others in what they do. This approach provides the inspiration and purpose to do more, in better ways.”

In the spirit of “serving others in what they do,” members in the Des Moines office collected donations for the Upper Des Moines Opportunity office in Fort Dodge, Iowa. Upper Des Moines Opportunity provides services to low-income families in twelve rural counties, located in north-central and northwest Iowa. Bridget Penick and Natalie Williams coordinated the event.


100 CL o TH B a GS P a CKED a ND DELIVERED T o H o USE of CH a RIT y

Friends of Fredrikson is a unique program—a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization run by employees of Fredrikson, with support of the firm and the Foundation.

SINCE 1994, the program has provided support for the homeless and school children and annually provides a bit of holiday cheer to families in need in our community. This past year, Friends of Fredrikson gathered and packed hundreds of personal hygiene products into cloth bags to distribute to House of Charity, a shelter located in downtown Minneapolis. We received a note from the shelter thanking us for the donations:

I got the 100 hygiene kits, extra hygienic supplies and an extra bundle of washcloths today! These are so deluxe, and I love the bags they came in. Thank you so much! With gratitude. Noah Chan (He/Him/His)



The Minneapolis office continued our tradition of working with the Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans to help three deserving families. Many thanks to Roxanne Gangl, Alicia Jones and the many other Fredrikson employees who assisted over the holiday season.

M.B. IS a 37-y E a R- o LD a RM y VETER a N. He and his partner have two children ages three and one. M.B. has worked in the construction field and is a certified arborist. He and his family relocated to Minnesota where M.B. focuses on his sobriety and receives help through the Minnesota VA for PTSD and a traumatic brain injury. M.B. is actively involved in the recovery community and is a member of the Veterans Mental Health Advisory Committee. In the future, he looks to be an addiction specialist and provide peer support for other veterans.

M.W., a 39-y E a R- o LD SINGLE M o THER of three children, ages

15 , 11 and five, joined the U.S. Army Reserves in 2008 as a support specialist and human resources personnel. She completed her service with the Reserves in 2016 . After a few years of ups and downs, she was recently able to secure a new apartment for her and the kids and is working to rebuild the home that they need. They enjoy time as a family and M.W. is doing everything to make sure the kids have the best environment to learn and grow.


a .H. SERVED IN THE N aV y fo R 10 y E a RS as a signals analyst, leaving the service in 2007 . A.H. has four children, a 13 -year-old daughter and 11 -year-old triplet sons. The children’s father recently retired from the Navy after 30 years, where he achieved the rank of Master Chief. The children are well aware of their status as “military brats.” Though originally from Minnesota, A.H. raised her children for most of their lives in the Virginia Beach area. In 2019 , she moved back home to Minnesota to be closer to family, in part to help care for ailing family members. She went as far as donating a kidney to one of them. A.H. told us that one of her children is the artistic one who loves anime and drawing. Another is the encyclopedic bookworm who wants to join the Space Force when older; another is outdoorsy and loves hiking and dinosaurs, while another is the computer whiz, interested in all things electronic.

I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work with this project again this year. You did an amazing job, and the families were so excited and overwhelmed when they picked up their gifts! They came into the office Monday to receive their gifts. Thank you for your continued support of Veterans, we truly appreciate it! Happy Holidays! Laura, Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans


THE BISM a RCK off ICE adopted a military family to help make the holidays a bit more special for a family in need. The office pulled together and provided gifts for the entire family. We learned that the younger child in this family had been diagnosed with a rare blood disorder and needed to travel and stay in Rochester at Mayo Clinic for 100 days while dad was deployed. The entire family made the journey, which included time away from home just before the holidays. With no time for the family to shop, they reached out to the North Dakota Military Service Center, a program that helps veterans and their families. Kristen Hansen and legal administrative assistant Lyn Entzi-Odden worked with the organization to receive the family’s wish list and went to work.

We received the following note from the family:


I was wondering if you would be able to pass a HUGE thank you to our Secret Santa. Our whole family is speechless by the generosity and so very grateful. The kids absolutely loved all of their gifts! It was like they had picked each and every one out themselves. There was not one thing they didn’t love, for Matt and me as well! We just wanted to thank them again so very much for making our Christmas brighter and happier this year, with everything we have and continue to conquer we are so thankful for this experience and will definitely never forget it.


THE DES M o INES off ICE worked with the Society of St. Vincent de Paul to adopt two families. The office chipped in and purchased gifts to make this season a very happy one for the families. Phil Bubb and Olivia Lucas coordinated the project.

THE M a NK aT o off ICE worked with Partners for Housing to collect and deliver gifts to this wonderful organization that provides temporary and permanent shelter for those in need. Jessica Buchert and Ginger Leiferman coordinated the project.

THE fa RG o off ICE worked with the Emergency Food Pantry of Fargo collecting and packaging food for area residents facing times of crisis. Office manager Kelly Barr-Muscha directed the project.




No report can adequately name all lawyers, paralegals, librarians, summer associates, interns, legal administrative assistants and administrative staff who have helped provide free legal and other volunteer services to economically disadvantaged people, nonprofits and to our community.

The management of the firm and the Pro Bono Committee thank everyone who has contributed their time and talents to our programs. We will continue our commitment to increase these services in the years to come.

The Pro Bono Committee welcomes questions or comments about this report, the firm’s pro bono policy, the Pro Bono Law Firm Challenge or opportunities to get involved with pro bono work.

Please direct your calls or comments to our Pro Bono Director, Pam Wandzel, or to any member of the Pro Bono Committee: Rick Snyder (Chair), Barb Cruz, Tyler Gludt, Bob Hamilton, Bryan Morben, Katie Perleberg, Steve Quam, Roxanne Thorelli, Ben Tozer, Brandon Underwood or Haley Waller Pitts.



Fredrikson lawyers, paralegals and staff serve our nonprofit communities in many ways including providing legal services for charitable organizations, handling numerous matters for individuals and serving on boards of directors for organizations focused on the arts, community development, education and legal services.

In the past year, Fredrikson lawyers and staff provided board and committee leadership assistance to the following organizations:

Abbate-Dattilo, Pamela

U.S. Attorney’s Forum on Criminal Justice; Board Member Adams, Beverley Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch; Foundation Board Member Pardon Advisory Board; Advisory Committee Member

Agrimonti, Lisa Public Utilities Section of the State Bar of Wisconsin; Board Member

Ahmann, Marguerite Ragamala Dance Company; Board Member

Albrecht, Kristy

Federal Advisory Committee for the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals; Committee Member

Alworth, Mimi American Immigration Lawyers Association; Co-Chair of State and Local Government Committee

Anderson, Travis Special Olympics of MN Endowment Foundation; Director

Aronson, Robert

American-Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC); Advisory Committee Member Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations; HIAS Representative HIAS f/k/a Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society; Chair of the Board

Baillie, James American Bar Association, Business Bankruptcy Committee; Member American Bar Association, Pro Bono Services Committee; Member American Bar Association, Section of Business Law, Pro Bono Committee; Member American College of Bankruptcy; Vice President, Pro Bono Committee Member

LegalCORPS; Emeritus Board Member Minnesota State Bar Association, Legal Assistance to the Disadvantaged Committee; Member

Turnaround Management, Upper Midwest Chapter, Volunteer Services Committee; Member Volunteer Lawyers Network; Benefactor Board Member

Barlow, Kyle

Essentia Health Regional Foundation, West Region; Board Member, Planned Giving Committee Chair


Bennett, Charlie

LegalCORPS; Board Member

Bennett, Frank

The Collier’s Reserve Country Club; Board Member

Washburn Center for Children; Capital Campaign Co-Chair

Benson, Jeffrey

Neighborhood Commercial Spaces, LLC; Board Member

Berg, Larry

Minnesota Affiliate of the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation; Board Member

Saint Paul Winter Carnival, Securian Half Marathon, 10k and 5k race crew; Member

Boos, Matthew

American Bar Association, Section of Business Law, Federal Regulation of Securities Committee; Member American Bar Association, Section of Business Law, SEC Enforcement Subcommittee; Member American Bar Association, Section of Business Law, State Regulation of Securities Committee and Task Force on Model Solicitation Rule; Member Children’s Law Center; Volunteer Borgendale, Sarah Gustavus Adolphus College Alumni Association; Board Member

Bottum, Tash Innovative Quality Schools; Board Chair

Bowman, Megan

University of St. Thomas Law School, IP and Technology Law Advisory Committee; Member

Breckenridge, Lauren Tiyumba Foundation; Board Member, Secretary

Brehm, Kyle

eQuality-Pathways to Potential; Board Member

Brody, William

Boy Scouts of America, Northern Star Council; Board Member, President, Member

Bubb, Philip

Iowa State Bar Association, Construction Law Section Council; Member

The Historic Village Inc.; Board Member

Buchert, Jessica

Mankato Area Foundation; Board Member

South Central College Foundation; Board Member

Cabrera, Marielos

Common Hope, Development & Marketing; Committee Member

Immigrant Law Center of Minnesota; Board Member

Cassidy, Edward

Lawyers Concerned For Lawyers; Board Member

Cassioppi, Joseph

Children’s Law Center of Minnesota; Board Member

Federal Bar Association, Minnesota Chapter; Officer, Board Member

Cheng, June

International Institute of Minnesota; Board Member

Twin Cities Diversity in Practice; Member Yaya Foundation for 4H Leukodystrophy; Co-Founder, Officer, Board Member

Cole, Katie MinnPost; Board Member

Cound, Bronwen College of Saint Benedict, Campaign Leadership and Steering Committee; Member

Culp, Ingrid

Books for Africa, Jack Mason Law & Democracy Initiative Advisory Board Member; Board Member

Children’s Cancer Research Fund; Board Member

Park Public Schools & Community Foundation; Board Member, Co-Chair

St. Louis Park Public Schools Foundation; Board Member

Danielson, Laura Camp Katherine Parsons; Co-Chair

Global Alliance of Business Immigration Lawyers; President Phyllis Wheatley Community Center; Board Member, Executive Committee Member

Deutmeyer, Tracy

Second Saturday Des Moines; Vice President, Board Member

Trademark Public Advisory Committee; Member


Dixon, Joseph

American College of Trial Lawyers (ACTL); Member

Federal Bar Association, Minnesota Chapter; Member

The Fund for Legal Aid Society; Board Member

Dolan, Chris

Convent of The Visitation High School; Member University of St. Thomas Law School; Board Member

Donels, Cara

Greater Des Moines Leadership Institute; Member Polk County Women Attorneys; Board Member

Dorsey, James

Fairvote Minnesota; Board Member

United States Global Leadership Coalition, MN Advisory Committee; Member Wild Rivers Conservancy; Board Member

Driscoll, Devin

City of Saint Paul Capital Improvement Budget Committee; Member Minnesota Supreme Court Historical Society; Board Member, Committee Member University of Minnesota Friends of the Libraries; Board Member

DuBois, Julie Project SUCCESS; Board Member, Finance Committee Member, Chair

Eichten, Brent

Dakota Ringnecks Chapter of Pheasants Forever; Board Secretary

Engel, Judy

National Association of Property Tax Attorneys; Board Member

Erhart, John

Finnish American Chamber of Commerce; Board Member

St. John’s University School of Theology & Seminary; Board of Trustees Member, Executive Committee Member, Finance Committee Chair

Fisher, Linda

Growth & Justice; Board Member

NAIOP, Land Use Committee and Public Policy; Committee Member

Fleming, Terrence

Legal Rights Center; Board President

Foss, Jessica

State Bar Association of North Dakota, Young Lawyers Committee; Member

YMCA Cass Clay; Board Member

Foster, Dulce

Children of Incarcerated Caregivers; Advisory Board Member

Eighth Circuit Historical Society, Minnesota Branch; Treasurer

Federal Bar Association, Minnesota Chapter; Diversity Committee Member

Law Firm Anti-Racism Alliance, Criminal Legal Working Group; Member

Women’s White Collar Defense Association; Chapter Co-Leader

Glaser, David

Talmud Torah of St. Paul; Past President

Golwitzer, Sarah Dallas County Bar Association; Secretary Goodnight, Austin

Greater Des Moines Leadership Institute–Community Connect Program; Member Goodno, Kevin American Brain Foundation (f/k/a American Academy of Neurology Foundation); Board Member Bush Foundation; Board Member Campaign for Legal Aid, Southern Minnesota Legal Services; Committee Member Minnesota Business Partnership; Deputy Minnesota Government Relations Council; Member Public Affairs Council; Member

Grandstrand, Karen American Bar Association, Banking Law Committee; Member

Independent Community Bankers of America, General Counsels Advisory Group; Member Minnesota State Bar Association, Banking Law Committee, Business Law Section; Member, Co-Chair, Executive Council Member Minnesota Women’s Economic Roundtable; Board Member

Norway House; Board Member

Women Corporate Directors Foundation, Minnesota Chapter; Member


Guy, William

Floyd Shores Homeowner’s Association; Board Member

State Bar Association of North Dakota, Business Entity Drafting Task Force and Uniform Trust Code Drafting Task Force; Chair

University of North Dakota Alumni Association; Board Member

University of North Dakota Alumni Association Caucus; Member

University of North Dakota Foundation; Emeritus Board Member

Hamilton, Robert

Global Rights for Women; Treasurer, Chair of Finance Committee, Board Member

Hansen, Kristen

Northern Plains Dance; Member

State Bar Association of North Dakota; Energy Law Committee

Harris, Jacob

Minnesota Justice Foundation; Board Member

Harris, Shepard

City of Golden Valley; Mayor International Education Center, Government Relations; Member Minnesota Government Relations Council; Member Public Affairs Council; Member

Hartman, Laurie

Twin Cities German Immersion School; Board Member

Henke, Thomas

Minnesota State Bar Association, Employee Benefits Council; Member

Hipkins, Thomas

Camp Odayin; Board Member Minnesota American Indian Bar Association; Member

Hodge Burkett, Jennifer Alleman Catholic High School, Strategic Planning Committee; Co-Chair

Hoel, Kayla

American Immigration Lawyers Association; Bylaws Committee

Hoidal, Sten-Erik

Minnesota Law Review Alumni Committee; Board Member

Minnesota State Bar Association, Computer and Technology Section, Governing Council; Member Volunteer Lawyers Network; Board Member, Secretary

Holliday, Cody

REACH for Resources, Inc.; Board Member, Deputy Chair

Holm, Andrew

Minnesota Cup,

Life Science and Health IT Division; Judge United States Tennis Association (USTA) Northern Section; Board Member

Hoppe, Lousene

ACS Minneapolis/St. Paul Lawyer Chapter; Advisory Board Member Federal Practice Committee; Board Member Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid; Board Member National LGBTQ+ Bar Association; President of Board of the Directors

Howieson, Will Voyageurs Conservancy; Finance Committee Member

Hughes, Justin

Bismarck Veterans Memorial Library, Board of Trustees; Board Member

Hunt, Christopher

Minnesota State Bar Association, Probate & Trust Law Section; Member Salvation Army; Nominations Committee Chair, Executive Committee Member, Board Member

Huynh, Loan

Advocates for Human Rights; Board of Directors, Board Member Hopkins Education Foundation; Board Member

Minnesota Asian Pacific American Bar Association, Women’s Committee; Co-Chair

Huyser, Leah

MSBA Appellate Practice Section Council; Secretary, Treasurer

Ilten, Katherine

FamilyWise Services; Board Member


Irons, Leigh-Erin

Neighborhood Development Center; Board Member

Jackson, Mercedes

EMERGE; Board Member, Chair

Minnesota Chamber of Commerce; Board Member, Finance Committee Member, Strategic Executive Committee Member

The Science Museum of Minnesota; Board Member

Jacobs, Michael

Greater Mankato Growth; Public Policy Committee Member

Mankato Area Foundation; Investment Committee Member

Janus, Leah

Federal Bar Association, Minnesota Chapter; Officer Minnesota Bar Association, Consumer Litigation; Council Member

Seward Coop; Director

Johnson, Ryan

American Health Lawyers Association, Life Sciences Practice Group; Vice Chair; Advisory Board

MedCity INVEST Twin Cities; Advisory Board Minnesota Cup, Life Science and Health IT Division; Judge Minnesota State Bar Association, Health Law Section; Member Northstar Science Film Festival; Board Member, Founder Planetary Society; Advisory Council Science Debate; Board Member

Silicon Valley AI; Founding Director, Advisor

University of Saint Thomas, Future of Health Care Conference Planning; Committee Member

Jones, Paul Sandbox Theatre; Board Member

Karpenko, Gregory

Minnehaha Academy Board of Trustees; Board Member

Kelly, Patrick

Global Minnesota; Board Member

Minnesota Bar Association International Institute; Committee Member

Minnesota Bar Association International Section; Secretary

Koneck, John Minnesota Board of Law Examiners; President

Minnesota State Bar Association Real Property Law Section, Pro Bono Program; Chair

Krakow, Mary

City Church; Board Member

Minnesota Healthcare Behavior at Work Collaborative; Board Member

Ladd, Ann

Medical Alley; Board Member

The Bakken Museum; Board Member

The Collider Foundation; Board Member

University of Iowa Law School Foundation; Board Member

Lakhram, Navita

Minnesota Women Lawyers, Partner Leadership Council; Member

LaVanway, Paul

American Bar Association, Intellectual Property Law Section, Landslide® magazine; Editorial Board Member

American Bar Association, Intellectual Property Law Section, USPTO Ex Parte Patent Practice and Policy; Vice Chair

LeBre, Kristin

Angel Foundation; Board Member

Lenz, Nena

Cannon Valley Makers; Corporate Secretary for Board of Directors

Levine, Jacob

Hennepin County Bar Association; Board Member

Minnesota Hillel; Board Member


Levinson, Ken

Carver County Sheriff’s Office Mounted Posse; Chair

Minnesota Center for Fiscal Excellence/MCFE Board; Board Member, Executive Committee Member

Minnesota State Bar Association, Tax Section, Board of the Tax Council; Member Temple Israel Minneapolis MN; Usher Captain

Libbey, Keith

Carleton College; Board of Trustees

Lillehaug, David

Minnesota State Bar Association, Mock Trial Advisory Committee; Board Member

Minnesota Supreme Court Historical Society; Board Member, Chair of Governance Committee

Linder, Debra

Minneapolis Downtown Next Generation Lions Club, Treasurer

Minnesota State Bar Association, Employee Benefits Council; Past Chair PACER Center; Advisory Board

Linne, Lynn

Minnesota State Bar Association, Tax Section; Council Member

Mack, Warren

Dahlberg Family Foundation; Board Member

Jorja Fleezanus and Michael Steinberg Fund for Music; Board Member

Madeline Island Music Camp; Board Member Minnesota Orchestra; Board Member North Memorial Medical Center; Board Member

Mahlberg, Patrick Wright County Planning Commission; Member

Manivasager, Jessica Belwin Conservancy; Board Member

Minneapolis Ibaraki Sister City Association; Board Member

MRA–The Management Association Inc.; Board Member, Executive Committee Member

McCool, Brian

National Association of Industrial and Office Properties, Public Policy Committee; Member

St. Odilia Catholic School, School Advisory Council; Member

McCray, Sarah

Association of Legal Administrators of Iowa; Secretary

McDougal, Jodie

Iowa State Bar Association, Construction Law Section Council; Member

McElveen, Kiel

Special Olympics Minnesota; Board Member

Melsha, Christopher

Totino-Grace High School, Advancement Committee of the Board of Directors; Board Member

Miest, Ryan

Baby’s Space, A Place to Grow, Board Member and Governance; Committee Member

Pathways Minneapolis, Inc.; Board Member, Finance Committee Member Miller, Nick

Ollie Webb Center, Inc.; Treasurer, Executive Board Member

Mills, Amanda

Edina Morningside Preschool; Board Member

Federal Bar Association, Minnesota Chapter, White Collar Crime Practice Group; Co-Chair Find Your Power; Secretary of the Board of Directors

Moen, Nicole

American Civil Liberties Union of Minnesota; Board Member, Chair

Harvard Club of Minnesota; Board Member, Chair

Morben, Bryan Daily Work; Board Member

Minnesota State Bar Association, Labor and Employment Law Section; Council Member


Mott, Daniel

Innovative Quality Schools; Board Member, Chair

National Council of Farmer Cooperatives, Legal, Tax and Accounting; Committee Member, Past Chair

United Hospital Foundation, Executive Committee; Board Member, Past Chair

Murphy, Ryan

Minnesota Bankruptcy Practice Committee; Member

Turnaround Management Association, Upper Midwest Chapter; Program Committee Co-Chair

Naples, David Mankato Clinic Foundation; Board Member

Nelson, Emmy

International Enneagram Association, MN Chapter; Board Member

Nelson, John Grassroots Culture; Board Member

Peacemaker Minnesota; Member Yellow Tree Theatre; Board Member

Nelson, Sue Ann

Minnesota State Bar Association, Tax Section; Member, Past Chair

National Council of Farmer Cooperatives, Legal, Tax and Accounting Committee; Member

Niederluecke, Kurt

University of Minnesota Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics; Advisory Board Member

Numrich, Carl J.

Voyageurs National Park Association; Board Member

Nyquist, Aaron

Christus Victor Lutheran Church; Council President Minnesota State Bar Association International Business Law Section; Committee Member

Oberlies, Robert Committee on Foreign Relations; Member Minnesota China Business Council; Board Member, Co-Chair

The St. Paul Chamber Orchestra; Governance Committee Vice-Chair

Oleson, Penny

First Lutheran Church Red Wing; Chair

Parkin, Jeri

Mahtomedi Area Education Foundation; Board Member

Peterson-Igbinovia, Annette

North Hennepin Community College Paralegal Advisory Committee; Committee Member

Pham, Christopher

Federal Bar Association, MN Chapter, Diversity Committee; Chair

Greater Twin Cities United Way; Leadership Council

Greater Twin Cities United Way Leadership Council; Member

Mitchell Hamline School of Law; Board Member

The Legal Revolution; Board Member

Twin Cities Diversity in Practice; Board Member

Pocock, Tess

Polk County Women Attorneys; Board Member

Pontius, Emily

Des Moines Metro Opera Board of Directors; President-Elect

Iowa State Bar Association Centralized Diversity Task Force; Member

Pratt, Zach

First Tee–Central Iowa; Board Member

Pusch, Jennifer

Minnesota State Bar Association Tax Section Council; Member

Radolinski, Anne

Minnesota State Bar Association, Lawyer Certification Board for Labor and Employment Lawyers; Board Member

Rahn, Melissa

Bell Museum; Member; Advisory Committee Minnesota Business Partnership; Deputy Minnesota Government Relations Council and Public Affairs Council; Committee Member

Women Winning; Board Member

Women Winning Federal PAC; Vice Chair

Women Winning PAC; Member


Ranum, Mary

Board of Regents of Concordia; Chair

Concordia College, Board of Regents; Board Member

Twin Cities Diversity in Practice; Board Member

Raum, Michael

North Dakota Supreme Court; Joint Procedure Committee Member

Plains Art Museum; Board Member

United Soccer Club of the Red River Valley; Board Member, President

Remakel, Lindsey

Hennepin County Bar Association, Environmental Law Section; Co-Chair Minnesota State Bar Association, Environmental, Natural Resources and Energy Law Section Council; Member

Rittler-Patton, Devan

Greater Des Moines Leadership Institute–Community Connect Program; Member

Roberts, Brett

Greater Des Moines Leadership Institute, Board of Governors; Member

Iowa Prayer Breakfast Committee; Finance Subcommittee Member

Judicial Nominating Commission (Iowa District 5C); Commissioner

Rockette, Kenard

Phyllis Wheatley Community Center; Board Member

Rogers, Kristy

Polk County Women Attorneys (PCWA); Board Member

Rondoni Tavernier, Anne; Board Member

Rose, Melodie

National Association of Corporate Directors–Local Chapter; Board Member

Salminen-Morillo, Marvic International Hands in Service; Board Member

Samant, Gauri

MN Asian Pacific Bar Association; Committee Member

Schanfield, Karen

Infinity Project; Board Member

Jewish Family & Children’s Service of St. Paul; Committee Member MinnPost; Board Member

Schauer, Joseph

Listening House of St. Paul Incorporated; Board Member

Schneider, Debra

Loan Repayment Assistance Program; Board Member

Schoonover, Dale Ashland Productions; Board Member

St. John’s University Planned Giving; Committee Member

Segelbaum, Charles

Golden Valley Board of Zoning Appeals; Member Golden Valley Planning Commission; Member Mitchell Hamline Law School, Intellectual Property Institute Advisory Board; Member

Seybolt, Cameron

American College of Trust and Estate Counsel; Minnesota State Chair

Simmons, Kendra

Des Moines Pastoral Counseling Center; Board Member, HR Committee Chair

Greater Des Moines Leadership Institute; Governance Chair

Young Professionals Connection; Ambassador

Simons, Anni

Citizen League; Member Minnesota Government Relations Council; Member Public Affairs Council; Member

Slaughter, Thomas

Greater Des Moines Supportive Housing; Board Member

Smalley-Fleming, Sandra

Opportunity to Lead; Event Director

The Women’s Club of Minneapolis; Building Committee Member

University of St. Thomas Law School, Board of Governors; Executive Committee Vice-Chair

YWCA: It’s Time to Talk Event, ITT Steering Committee; Member


Smith, Levi

Twin Cities-Metro Certified Development Company; Board Member

Snelson, James

Cristo Rey High School; Board Member

University of Minnesota Law School, Board of Advisors; Board Member

Snustad, Eric

University of Minnesota-College of Science & Engineering (CSE), Alumni Advisory Board; Engagement Committee Chair

Snyder, Richard

Minnesota Land Trust; Board Member

Minnesota Supreme Court Advisory Committee on Rules of Civil Appellate Procedure; Committee Member

Sokolowski, Joseph

Federal Bar Association, Labor and Employment Section; Member

Hennepin County Bar Association, Labor and Employment Section; Member Minnesota State Bar Association, Labor and Employment Section; Member

Soshnik, John

North American Traditional Indigenous Food Systems; Board Member

Splett, Erik Neighborhood Development Center; Board Member

Spreng, Kevin

James J. Hill Reference Library; Board Chair

Minne*; Board Member

Real Phonic Radio Hour; Board Member

Sreekanth, Anupama

Pillsbury United Communities; Board Member

Steinert, Karen Sandler

American Bar Association, Business Planning Group; Committee on Estate Planning and Administration for Business Owners, Farmers and Ranchers

American Bar Association, Real Property, Trusts and Estates Law Section; Member American Bar Association, Real Property, Trusts and Estates Law Section CLE Committee; Co-Chair American College of Trust and Estate Counsel; Membership Committee and New Members Committee

Steinle, Jeffrey

Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation; Chair

Pillsbury United Communities, Board Member and Executive; Committee Member

South Dakota Biotech Association; Board Member

Stout, John American Bar Association, Business Law Section; Artificial Intelligence Task Force

American Bar Association, Business Law Section, Corporate Governance Committee; Emeritus Chair and Vice Chair

American Bar Association, Corporate Social Responsibility Committee; Vice Chair

American Bar Association, Governing Council; Member

Metropolitan Economic Development Association; Co-Founder, Secretary, Director

Milestone Growth Fund; Co-Founder, Chair/CEO Minnesota Film Board; Co-Founder, Emeritus Director

National Association of Corporate Directors, Co-Founder, Minnesota Chapter; Emeritus Director

Tabor, Noah

Ankeny Area Democrats; Committee Member

Ankeny United Church of Christ; Board Member

Eden Theological Seminary; Board Member

Iowa Public Health Association; Board Member

Job Rides, Inc.; Board Member

United Church Funds; Board Member

Tareen, Asmah

British-America Project; Board Member

OMEED; Co-Founder, Board Member

Rahma Health Care; Volunteer

South Metro Islamic Center; Security Committee Member

Thompson, Courtney

Advertising Federation of Minnesota; Board Member

Mitchell Hamline School of Law Intellectual Property Law Review; Alumni Board Member

Thompson, Teresa

Ann Bancroft Foundation; Board Member, Governance Committee Member

Edina Swim Club; Board President


Thorelli, Roxanne

Calumet Lofts Homeowner’s Association; Board Member

Hennepin County Bar Association, New Lawyer’s Section; Board Member

Thronson, Ashley Women’s Business Development Center; Ambassador & Advisory Committee Member

Tibesar, Marcus

Cretin-Derham Hall Alumni; Board Member Hawk Alumni Committee; Member

Tozer, Benjamin International Right-of-Way Association, North Star Chapter 20; Director

Tracy, Jeanne

Off-Broadway Musical Theatre; Board Member

Troje, Alyssa

Hennepin County Bar Association, Real Property Section; Chair House of Charity/St. Stephen’s Human Services; Board Member

University of St. Thomas Law School, Student Mentor Program; Alumni Giving Fund Committee Member

Tucher, Sarah National Council of Farmer Cooperatives; Volunteer

Ubl, Kyle New Century Homeowners Association; Board President

Transfiguration Catholic Church; Capital Campaign Committee Member Transfiguration Catholic School; Advisory Council Transfiguration Catholic School Task Force; Committee Member

Underwood, Brandon

Iowa State Bar Association, Construction Law Section Council; Member Spina Bifida Association of Iowa; Board Member

Upmeyer, Linda Care Initiatives; Board Member

Vessey, Jonathan Alliance Française of Minneapolis/St. Paul; Board Member, Legal Counsel

Vyvyan, Mark

Allison HOPE Foundation; Board Member Volunteer Lawyers Network; Board Member

Walker Kool, Deborah

American Bar Association, Implementation of Model Policies on Labor Trafficking Subcommittee; Co-Chair American Bar Association, Model Principles Implementation Task Force; Vice Chair, Corporate Governance Committee Member

Minnesota State Bar Association; Committee Member

Super Bowl Anti-Trafficking Committee; Member; Committee Member

Wandzel, Pamela Association of Pro Bono Counsel; Board Member

Ward, Marc Broadlawns Hospital Board, Board of Trustees; Chair

Iowa State Bar Association, Business Law Section Council; Member Taxpayers Association of Central Iowa; Board Member

Warren, Tammy

Association of Legal Administrators of Minnesota’s Salary Survey Committee; Co-Chair

Waytz, David Temple Israel-Minneapolis; Board Member

Webster, Matthew

American Immigration Lawyers Association, MN/DAK Chapter; Secretary, Executive Committee Member

Weiner, Richard

Brazil-Minnesota Chamber of Commerce; Board Member

Canada-Minnesota Business Council; Board Member

Welter, Bridget Minnesota Justice Foundation; Board Member Welters, Amanda Project SUCCESS/Community Presence; Member

West, David The Origins Program; Board President


Whitlock, Robert

Mill City Commons; Board Member

Wilhelmy, Thomas

ABA/IPT Advanced Property Tax Program Planning Committee; Chairman

Institute for Professionals in Taxation; Affiliate Member

National Association of Property Tax Attorneys, Education Programming; Vice President, Board Member

Williams, F. John

National MS Society, Upper Midwest Chapter; Board Member

Oak Grove Lutheran School Foundation; Board Member

Red River Valley Estate Planning Council; Board Member

Wilson, Chantal

Junior Achievement of the Upper Midwest; Board Member

Miss Minnesota Education Foundation; Board Member

Wind, Todd

ALS Association of Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota; Board Member

Lawyers Professional Responsibility Board; Panel Member Page Education Foundation; Board Member

Yevzelman, Masha

Institute for Professionals in Taxation (IPT)

Twin Cities; Chair

Minnesota State Bar Association, Tax Section; Past Chair

Yin Sowatzke, Tina

Central Iowa Wind Ensemble; Board Member

Iowa Biotechnology Association/STEM Committee; Committee Member

Iowa Intellectual Property Law Association; Board Member

Zellmer, Randy

Blue Earth County Historical Society, Finance Committee; Member

CityArt, LLC; Committee Member

Mankato State University Foundation Development Committee; Member

Minnesota State University Mankato, Athletic Advisory Board; Member Summit Heritage Foundation; Board Member

Welcome Manor Family Services; Chair

Zuger, Aubrey

Hope Lutheran Church Council; Member

Oak Grove Lutheran School, Board of Regents; Board Member


The following lawyers, paralegals, summer associates and law clerks devoted 50 or more hours to pro bono this past fiscal year. We thank them for giving their time to help others.

Leslie Anderson 345.7

Dulce J. Foster 321.4

Pari I. McGarraugh 292.5

Clint E. Cutler 264.3

Karen G. Schanfield 255.8

Richard D. Snyder 218.5

Christian V. Hokans 179.2

Devin T. Driscoll 158.3

Erik E. Money 158.1

Paola Maldonado 155.8

Leah M. Huyser 149.0

Sandra S. Smalley-Fleming 145.5

John H. Stout 134.5

Aaron J. Hurd 126.6

Jennifer R. Pusch 125.5

David M. Streier 121.1

Tanner J. Pearson 119.4

Anneliese Simons 117.6

Jessica R. Sharpe 114.4

James E. Dorsey 108.7

Marielos S. Cabrera 106.9

Dylan Nguyen 102.4

Benjamin R. Tozer 101.2

Mimi H. Alworth 100.5

David P. Bunde 99.1

Matthew P. Webster 93.8

John J. Erhart 93.7

Jacob Abdo 93.3

Roxanne N. Thorelli 92.7

Larry J. Berg 90.9

Nirmani C. Perera 90.8

John M. Koneck 90.6

Roger Yang 90.4

Rachel L. Dougherty 86.8

Ann M. Ladd


Kristy L. Albrecht 86.2

Christy Carrier 84.0

Zachary S. Pratt 83.9

Bridget R. Penick 82.9

Leah K. Flygare 82.3

Brandon R. Underwood 80.4

Samuel D. Orbovich 80.1

Gauri S. Samant 78.0

Lukas S. Boehning 77.5

Melissa R. Hodge 77.3

Giselle Webber 67.1 Ryan C. Young 66.9

Shana N. Conklin 66.1

Michelle S. Fitch 64.2 Emily M. McAdam 63.2

Alyssa M. Troje 59.3

Ayesha Mitha 58.5

Cara S. Donels 57.8

Samuel M. Andre 56.8 Aramis Mendez 56.4

Sage H. O’Neil 56.4 Andrew M. Nick 56.3 Paula M. Blenker 56.1

Malissa Charise Eng 55.4

Chantal M. Wilson 55.1 Deborah Norvold 55.0

William M. Howieson 54.5

Leah Chalmers Janus 54.0

Christopher D. Pham 52.5 Jordan T. Vassel 51.9

Loan T. Huynh 50.3

Lousene M. Hoppe 50.1


The following lawyers, paralegals, summer associates and others contributed time to our pro bono program:

Pamela J. Abbate-Dattilo

Beverley L. Adams

Lisa M. Agrimonti

Marguerite J. Ahmann

Eric S. Anderson

Travis J. Anderson

Tyler Anderson Nancy S. Anton

Thomas B. Archbold

Robert D. Aronson

Max G. Aufderheide

Sarah Austin

Jacob J. Baer

Nadja Baer

James L. Baillie

Jane C. Ball

Sophia Ball Kyle A. Barlow Jesse C. Beier

Sara Bell Frank B. Bennett Meredith Bensen

Jeffrey R. Benson Elisabeth Bernabe

Jacqueline A. Bernu

Thomas L. Bird

Kristin N. Blenkush

Andrea Boeckers

Grace E. Bogart Maureen Bogdan Erin M. Boggess

Robert C. Boisvert, Jr. Lisa M. Bond Jean Boos

Matthew T. Boos Joseph P. Bottrell Tash S. Bottum

Megan Ann Bowman

James C. Brand

Gail F. Brandt

Ryan C. Brauer

Lauren M. Breckenridge

Kyle M. Brehm

Harleigh E. Brown Lynn M. Brunner Christina K. Brusven

Philip S. Bubb Jessica A. Buchert Eric D. Buss

Erin M. Byom Olivia E. Cares

Kelly Carlson

Jason R.S. Cassady Edward Q. Cassidy Joseph J. Cassioppi Emily M. Chad

Kaitlyn Chambers Katherine A. Charipar Zhu “June” Cheng Sandra V. Chu

Katherine Linnea Cole Carolyn R. Coverdale Dalton K. Crum

Ingrid N. Culp Michael R. Cummings Laura J. Danielson Luke P. de Leon Nyajuok Y. Deng Tracy L. Deutmeyer Daniel P. Deveny Joseph T. Dixon, III Chris Dolan Debbie Donovan Katherine Jane Douglas Jeremy P. Duehr Eve P. Durand

Elizabeth S. Eckholm

Erin M. Edgerton Hall

Kaitlin A. Eke

Judy S. Engel

Susan F. Erickson

Mary Etter

Grant D. Fairbairn Mary L. Fee

Terrence J. Fleming

Jessica L. Foss

Aron J. Frakes

Lora Mitchell Friedemann Barbara Fritz

Clarissa C. Galaviz

Claudia Garcia

Ryan E. Garrett

Victoria Maria Gelardi David M. Glaser

Tyler J. Gludt

David B. Gollin Sarah B. Golwitzer

Austin L. Goodnight Kevin P. Goodno Karen L. Grandstrand

Abigale R. Griffin

Jodi Gustafson

William L. Guy, III

Laura A. Habein

Kristen S. Hansen

Cassie Hanson

Jacob P. Harris

Laurie E. Hartman

Benjamin J. Hasbrouck Mary E. Heath

Chad A. Heiman

Steve E. Helland

Thomas B. Henke

Michelle M. Hill


Thomas R. Hipkins

Kayla C. Hoel

Bridget A. Hoffmann

Sten-Erik Hoidal

Cody J. Holliday

Andrew P. Holm

Angela M. Horel

Sarah A. Horstmann

Caitlin B. Houlton Kuntz

Christina A. Huckfeldt

Noah M. Huisman

Christopher B. Hunt

Thuy P. Huynh

Mary G. Hyland

Ashley K. Ignaszewski

Katherine B. Ilten

Leigh-Erin Irons

Mercedes Jackson

Michael P. Jacobs

Andrea G. Jenson-Packer

Victor Jimenez

Ryan S. Johnson

Paul B. Jones

Christine Jordan

Jade B. Jorgenson

Breann Jurek

Natalie D. Kadievitch

Gregory E. Karpenko

Patrick J. Kelly

Soobin Kim

Steven R. Kinsella

Mary M. Krakow

Navita Lakhram

Patricia Larson

Alicia P. LaValla

Kristin LeBre

Sophie A. Lefebvre

Nena M. Lenz

Lacey L. Lesmeister

Jacob D. Levine

Kenneth S. Levinson

Samuel T. Levy

David L. Lillehaug

Lisa M. Lindenfelser

Debra J. Linder

Lynn S. Linne

Barbara J. MacInnis

Tara Mack

Warren E. Mack

Debbie L. Maday

Patrick D. Mahlberg

Erik E. Malinowski

Jessica D. Manivasager

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David R. Marshall

Cari L. Martell

Megan Massie

Brian S. McCool

Hannah J. McDevitt

Kiel C. McElveen

Zachary S. McFarland Kiersten McMahon

Adam J. Miller

Amanda M. Mills Alissa N. Mitchell

Brendan Mochoruk

Nicole M. Moen Deqa O. Mohamed

Jennifer Mojica

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Larry Mowder

Cynthia A. Moyer

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Caleb A. Piersma Christopher A. Pinckney Andrew G. Pomroy Emily S. Pontius Jeffrey W. Post Spencer D. Ptacek Steve J. Quam Anne M. Radolinski Mary S. Ranum

Michael S. Raum

Lindsey A. Remakel Kurt R. Rempe

Jordan S. Rife

Devan C. Rittler-Patton Natasha T. Robinson Robert L. Rohloff

Nicole A. Rollins

Anne E. Rondoni Tavernier Howard A. Roston Marvic Salminen-Morillo David Salmon Mark D. Salsbury Veronica B. Salsbury


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Funded by contributions from the law firm’s officers, the Fredrikson & Byron Foundation exists to support law-related institutions and events, organizations that complement the rule of law and access to justice and cultural and social service groups.

The following organizations received support in the 2021 fiscal year from the Fredrikson & Byron Foundation:

Alzheimer’s Association of MN & ND American Brain Foundation

Anishinabe Legal Services

Ann Bancroft Foundation

Arc Minnesota

Art Buddies

Ballet Des Moines

Beacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative Belwin Conservancy

Bismarck Library Foundation, Inc. Bismarck-Mandan Orchestral Association (BMSO)

Books for Africa

Bricker Lavik Community Law Firm, dba Collaborative Community Law Firm

Cancer Legal Care


Charities Review Council

Children of Incarcerated Caregivers

Children’s Cancer Research Fund

Children’s Law Center of Minnesota

Children’s Minnesota–Health Legal Partnership (HLP) Coffee House Press Connections to Independence (C2i) Cookie Cart

Cristo Rey Jesuit High School

Des Moines Metro Opera Dress for Success FamilyWise

Foundation for Public Affairs Friends of Fredrikson

Friends of the Minnesota Sinfonia Girls Rock! Des Moines Global Minnesota

Global Rights for Women

Greater Fargo Moorhead Economic Development Corp (GFMEDC)

Greater Minneapolis Crisis Nursery Guthrie Theater

Hennepin Theatre Trust


House of Charity Institute for Lawful, Safe, & Effective Policing International Institute of Minnesota Iowa Legal Aid

Jewish Community Relations Council of MN/Dakotas

Jonathan Zierdt Cancer Fund

Judicare of Anoka Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers Legal Aid Service of Northeastern Minnesota


Legal Rights Center

Legal Services of North Dakota

Legal Services of Northwest Minnesota


Loan Repayment Assistance Program (LRAP)

Madeline Island Music Camp

Mahtomedi Area Educational Foundation

Metropolitan Economic Development Association (MEDA)

Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation

Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans Minnesota Land Trust

Minnesota Literacy Council Minnesota Orchestral Association

Minnesota Public Radio

Minnesota State Fair Foundation Minnesota Urban Debate League Minnesota Women Lawyers Foundation

Mitchell Hamline Gateway to Legal Education

Mitchell Hamline Law School

MN Film & TV Board

MN Justice Foundation MN Justice Foundation Summer Clerk Program

MSBA Mock Trial Program Neighborhood Development Center Neighborhood Development Center Capital Campaign

Neighborhood Justice Center Northern Plains Dance Northern Star Council

Northside Economic Opportunity Network (NEON)

NorthStar Science Film Festival


Page Education Foundation

PeaceMaker Minnesota

Phyllis Wheatley Community Center

Pillsbury United Communities Plains Art Museum

Polk County Bar Association Volunteer Lawyers Project

Prepare + Prosper


Project for Pride in Living


Ragamala Dance Reader/Writer

Rebuilding Together Twin Cities

Ronald McDonald House Charities/ Red River Valley

Salvation Army Sandbox Theatre

Southern Minnesota Regional Legal Services

Spina Bifida Association of Iowa

St. Pascal’s School (Afterschool Care Program)

St. Paul Chamber Orchestra

St. Thomas Law School State Bar Association of North Dakota

The Advocates for Human Rights

The Bakken

The Bridge for Youth

The Fund for Legal Aid

The Immigrant Law Center of MN

The Link

The Sanneh Foundation

Touchstone Mental Health Tubman

Twin Cities in Motion University of Iowa College of Law University of Minnesota Law School

University of North Dakota Foundation Volunteer Lawyers Network

Volunteers of America Voyageurs National Park Association

Wallin Education Partners

Washburn Center for Children

Yaya Foundation for 4H Leukodystrophy

YWCA Cass Clay–Fargo


At Fredrikson, we’ve built a reputation as the firm “where law and business meet” by bringing business acumen and entrepreneurial thinking to our work with clients.

We operate as business advisors and strategic partners, as well as legal counselors. A proactive, problem-solving mindset runs throughout our service areas, which enables us to understand and keep client objectives firmly in mind, as well as anticipate and address problems before they arise. Our lawyers blend a common-sense approach with in-the-field experience, and we utilize our firm’s strong reputation and our lawyers’ broad networks to get things done.

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