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Volume 3, Issue 11

November 2021


Limitless Opportunity for Improvement By Casey Malek, Director of Asset Management

On a day to day basis, the Asset Management Department employs a variety of resources and tools to monitor the health of each property and the portfolio. Analytics, industry data points, economic data, forecasting, and trends are often incorporated into daily processes to help with rent increases or decreases, promotions, occupancy monitoring, leaseup goals, etc. Diving into a lot of different areas and interacting with a lot of departments, including Property Management, Construction, Development, Accounting, and Finance is a big part of the operations. There aren’t many boundaries on what Asset Management can get involved with. People likely view Asset Management as being cheap or frugal but there are actually several cases where, believe it or not, the department has recommended to spend more money!

Team Members Casey Malek Director of Asset Management

Sam Elliot Financial Analyst

Sarah Drilias Special Projects Coordinator

"There aren't many boundaries on what Asset Management can get involved with." 2021 Initiative and Projects Implemented LRO (Lease Rent Options) Software at 22 properties with another eight planned to be added in January 2022. LRO provides flexible lease term options and helps to proactively manage supply and demand pricing in the market Visited each property again after limited site visits in 2020 due to Covid Continued to streamline insurance Revenue budgeting Continued revenue optimization and expense control Analyzed and emphasized “same-store” rent growth across the portfolio


What Makes Them Shine Domain never disappoints when it comes to the annual Resident Pool Party! This year, the theme of the party was "Carnival". The party was held on a gorgeous Friday evening on September 10th in the beautiful pool and BBQ area. There were about 200 residents and guests in attendance and the energy was AMAZING! Music, smiles, chatter, and laughter filled the space and it was clear everyone was having a great time. Food was catered in from the infamous State Street Brats and there were plenty of spirits to go around. Festivities included a DJ, photo booth, temporary tattoo art, a caricature artist, and a fortune teller! Chuck Lawrence, the Property Manager, did most of the planning and made it seem effortless. The team mingled with the crowd, served drinks, and shared laughs with residents all evening.



Assistant Property Manager Fitchburg Square My FRED journey started in 2017 with an interest of getting into Real Estate and thought Property Management was the perfect way to gain experience. I started as a PT Leasing Professional at The Pines and was soon promoted to FT. I also obtained my Real Estate Sales license. After a brief departure to pursue a sales position, I returned to FRED in 2019 as a FT Leasing Professional at Elan and continued home sales PT. I later moved to Valley View to be a FT Leasing Professional. Hearing that Fitchburg Square was going to be grouped with Valley View, I voiced my interest about APM/PM positions. As a test, we split my time between being the APM at Fitchburg Square and Leasing Professional at Valley View. This summer, I was officially promoted to FT APM at Fitchburg Square. I'm very fortunate and thankful for the opportunity!



Stars and Stripes Honor Flight, Inc. honors veterans with a life-changing trip to Washington, D.C. to visit the memorials and experience a day of honor and thanks. The organization is entirely volunteer-based and is proud to say that $0.96 of each dollar donated goes directly to the mission. Like many things in the world, COVID brought Honor Flight’s mission to a halt. With flights booked through 2020, the team was faced with the tough decision to cancel until it was again deemed safe. During the hiatus, the team at Honor Flight did anything but rest. The medical team carefully crafted safety precautions such as vaccine/mask mandates, reduced capacity (66% leaving one plane seat between each person), and cleaning procedures, to ensure that the mission was accomplished as safely as possible for our veterans when operations could resume. The operations team organized events for Valentine’s Day, two “Parade of Honor” events throughout downtown Milwaukee, and much more!

HONOR FLIGHT FACTS Founded: 2010 Volunteers: 250+ Total Vets Flown: 7,905 (8,000 on Nov. 6!) Conflicts Flown: WWII = 44%, Korean = 30%, Vietnam = 26% FRED Cares Contribution: Over $6,500! That's enough to fly 13 vets!

"Every Day is a Bonus" After a year and a half flying hiatus, eagerly and anxiously, operations resumed on August 28th, 2021. Since then, the team has flown 49 Korean War Veterans, 240 Vietnam War Veterans, and 8 WWII Veterans (also known as “the greatest generation”) totaling 297 veterans who have now experienced their day of honor and thanks. Stars and Stripes Honor Flight takes off for its 60th mission on November 6th, 2021 and is counting down to the first-ever annual gala, All Star Night for Stars and Stripes, on November 20th, 2021 at the Brookfield Conference Center.

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Welcome to the Team

September Winner

MARC ROSENAU Leasing | Liberty Square

On September 5th, there was a kitchen fire in one of the apartments in Building 1, Second floor. Mark who lives at Liberty Square in Building 1 and works for FRED jumped right into action to assure safety of all of our residents. Mark took command of the situation and led residents to safety. Many of the residents questioned whether or not the fire alarm was real or not. Mark began instructing residents to leave the building immediately. Mark began knocking on doors to inform residents to leave and assure the residents were safe out of the building. Thankfully nobody was injured and the fire was contained to minimal damage. Even with the commotion of the fire evacuation he calmly handled a phone call from a resident from Building 1 who had inadvertently locked himself out of his apartment moments before the fire alarm sounded. Truly, Mark is the "Hero of the Day" for all the residents of Liberty Square Apartments. Thank you Mark for handling this situation with kindness, compassion and professionalism

Nominated By: Sherry Coens

September 2021 / October 2021







Maintenance Supervisor | Riverwood

Groundskeeper | Seasons at Orchard Hills

Housekeeping | 50Twenty

Accounting Intern | Corporate

Maintenance Tech II | Seasons at Randall Road

Superintendent | Corporate


Groundskeeper | Riverwood

Promotions October 2021





Maintenance Tech II | Arbor Lakes Maintenance | Wells Street Station

HAPPY THANKSGIVING By Brett Miller, President and CEO

After 20 months of COVID insanity and exhaustion, it’s easy to forget how much we all have to be thankful for. As we approach Thanksgiving, I’ve been reflecting on the things I am grateful for. I am

Staff Accountant | Corporate Assistant Property Manager | The Bevy


grateful that our FRED team has performed amazingly through the COVID madness and our culture has blossomed as a result, with openness, collaboration, transparency, and empowerment at the top of the list. I am grateful because no leader could ask for a better and more dedicated team. Finally, I am grateful for each and every one of you and your dedication to The FRED Way and for “Living the Difference!” Please enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday with your families and take a few moments to reflect on what you are thankful for.


Staff Accountant Joined the FRED Team

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