FRED Newsletter - January 2022 - Volume 4, Issue 1

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Volume 4 Issue 1

January 2022

LETTER FROM 2021: A Year of Successes Reflections from FRED's CEO

As 2021 came to a close, I wanted to reflect on all of the positives the year brought. In addition to all of us getting some pre-COVID normalcy back in our daily lives, 2021 was an extremely good year for FRED. Here are some of our successes: Our portfolio prospered - all our stabilized properties met or exceeded their NOI budgets and our occupancy portfolio-wide averaged 98.4%. Our lease-ups far exceeded our expectations, allowing us to stabilize 3 new properties (Bevy, Randall Road, and High Bluff Reserve - a total of 605 units). We continued with the development of the 526 units started in 2020 (Romeoville and The 85) and the lease-ups are performing well ahead of our original projections. We ploughed ahead with the development of 660 new units in Wisconsin (Mt. Pleasant & Pleasant Prairie) and Illinois (West Dundee Phase 2). As a result of these accomplishments, 2021 was a record year for FRED. None of these successes would have been possible without all of you, our tremendous FRED team. As I have said and will continue to say to anyone who will listen to me, I am the luckiest leader to have you all with me on this team. Thanks again for everything you did in 2021 to make it such a successful year and thanks especially for “Living the Difference”!

Brett Miller Brett Miller President & CEO

DEPARTMENT UPDATE Marketing & Social Media Building Community Digitally

By Shannon McInnis, Creative Marketing Coordinator

An exciting new initiative will begin this year that aims to improve and expand FRED properties’ presence on social media. While prospective residents can find an abundance of information and polished photos on FRED websites and ILS, social media is uniquely positioned to give viewers a first-hand look at what it’s like to live at a property year round. Seeing smiling faces at a pumpkin painting event, residents and their pets on a sunset walk, property teams trying a local restaurant for lunch, or the first snowfall of the season can help prospects picture themselves living in that community and remind residents why they

Facebook and Instagram have also changed tremendously in the last five years and it’s now much easier to manage multiple pages as a business without separate logins for ‘Joe Apartment’ accounts. The goal is to use posts in tandem with the amazing work property teams already do to make residents feel at home. The team would like a large portion of posts to come from inside knowledge and on-site photos. Social media can also add an interactive element and contribute to an ever-growing picture of the community.

chose the property in the first place. FRED has wanted to bulk up properties' social media presence for a while and, as a result of the growth the company and Property Management Department has had in the last few years, there's more bandwidth to keep up with our 34+ unique resident communities.

Eric Isidoro (Operations Specialist) has been visiting properties frequently for training and takes photos of the team while he’s there. I’m working on getting these posted as “Meet the Team” posts to learn about who works at each property! This initiative also involves inbox and comment management, interacting with FRED and other properties on social media, and frequent page maintenance tasks. The Marketing team has done a ton of work to plan how to roll out this initial phase, which will equal about 100 posts per month across all of our properties. It's definitely going to be an exciting 2022, and I hope everyone 'Likes' the new plan (more than they like this joke)!

#LivingtheDifference #FRED


What "FRED Red" Means to Me By Shauna Tisdall, Regional Property Manager

Everyone thinks of “FRED Red” as the cool VANS or Fiduciary’s spirit color, but for my family, “FRED Red” means so much more. It means the people behind FRED and throughout our company care about our families and have huge RED hearts and are genuinely amazing people. For our family, our second son, Henrik, was born February 21st, 2018 at 40 weeks and two days. He was born healthy, handsome, and cleared all checks to go home two days later as planned to meet his big brother. A few weeks later, right as the sleep deprivation kicked in, I started noticing some small but very different things about Henrik. I brought it up to the pediatrician where I was told to just give him a few more weeks, all kids develop on different timelines. My mom instinct told me otherwise. Fast forward through two emotionally blurred years of neurological testing, X-rays, MRI’s, ECG’s, Ultrasounds, blood draws, and everything else you could imagine, we were finally referred to genetics. After a four month wait for our tests results, we finally had an answer in March 2020 (also the start of COVID). Our handsome Henrik is 1 of about 300 in the world to have a rare genetic condition called MED13L. We finally had a diagnosis but no solution, no doctor specializing in this condition, and still no answers. I found myself devastated, in the black hole of Google trying to find answers, trying to find parents of other children who had this condition, trying to find a cure for my little boy.

In 2021, we organized a group around the country impacted by this rare disorder and formed a network of parents pushing the research forward, along with the fundraising to support the research and spreading awareness of MED13L to as many as possible. Due to limited space in the newsletter, I won’t share the details of this condition here but rather refer you to if you’d like to learn more. I hope everyone takes the time to explore the site and if you do wish to contribute even a small amount, please know how appreciated and impactful this can be at this early stage of our efforts for research. Henrik will also be featured on the site in early 2022! Last month, our very own Brett Miller called me to tell me that the executive team at FRED made a very generous donation to the MED13L Foundation. I couldn’t keep it together on the phone as I was overwhelmed with gratitude for a group of people that I now consider my family. The saying, “It takes a village,” has rang so true to me these past few years. FRED is a huge part of our village now. We are now organized, fundraising, and on our way to finding a cure for my little boy and all the other amazing children who have this rare genetic syndrome. We don’t know where this journey will take us but we know with the love, passion, support, and donations from near and far, we will push to get any and all answers for these children. Hopefully one day our little Henrik will be able to verbally tell us all the ideas, stories, songs, and sass he’s been so frustrated holding in! That will be the greatest day of all.

What Makes Them Shine Built in 2002, The Landmark at Hatchery Hill is comprised of 122


apartments and is home to Fiduciary’s Madison Regional Office. The property is situated on one of Madison’s many scenic bike trails and is located in the heart of Fitchburg, in the Hatchery Hill shopping center. The Landmark has a very high Walk Score, rated at “Very Walkable”, with a score of 77. It is also just three minutes from the Beltline, five minutes from the IMAX theater, and only seven minutes from Lake Wingra and Downtown. This makes the location ideal for residents wanting a convenient location that is close to nature. Residents can enjoy outdoor activities and open-concept homes with unique, generously-sized apartments that include full-size washers and dryers. Some layouts also include fireplaces and whirlpools. The Landmark is led by Property Manager, Scott Schwenn, and Maintenance Supervisor, Dwayne Brovelli.


TRISHA DUNTON Admin. Assistant Corporate

In April of 2018, I started my journey with FRED as the Administrative Assistant and Receptionist at the Corporate office. Some of my favorite memories of working at FRED come from attending the events! Not just because it’s a party with delicious food and drink, but more so because it’s an opportunity for me to hang out with people I regularly work with, but don’t actually get to see or spend time with. In my role, I assist many of my FRED co-workers who work at properties, but because I am located at the Corporate office, most of our interactions are via phone or email. I truly enjoy the opportunity to see my co-workers in person and always have fun kicking back and getting to know them better in these fun, casual settings!


Welcome to the Team

November Winner

DEBORAH HARKNESS Housekeeping | State Street Station

Debbie has been a rockstar since she started, but I wanted to give her a shout out because we recently lost our Maintenance Supervisor due to a move and Debbie really stepped up and tried to help out in anyway she could while we were in the hiring process. She carries light bulbs on her cart if she sees anything out, if it's a simple fix, she will try and take care of it herself - on top of making State Street Station sparkle and shine! We are very lucky to have her as part of our team.

November 2021 / December 2021 JAKURR THOMAS

Maintenance Tech II | Domain



Maintenance Tech I | 50Twenty


Laborer I | Corporate

Maintenance Tech II | Barrington Place

Promotions December 2021


Nominated By: Madelyn Jaeger

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