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Forum Factorum Dec. 2017 // Issue II // Volume XLIII


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Meet Your Officers

Club Spotlight / First Nationals


Nationals Results



Anushree Iyengar 1st VP

2nd VP


Tim Liu


Tamsin Edwards



Rachel Wang



Vikiana Petit-Homme



Ludi & Olympika




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North Carolina Nuntium





MassJCL Moments

Cover Caption: Trojan Paradise Photo by Jesse Hogan Cover Seal by Colette Stapp

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Carina Layfield



Jesse Hogan


Jacob Hane




Jonathan Yuan



Ms. Tamara Bauer Ms. Meg Burns Ms. Janet Fillion Ms. Victoria Miklosky



Second VPs Lead Spirit


Salvete MassJCL, I am pleased to present you with issue II of the Forum Factorum! In this issue, you can find a plethora of Nationals-related content as well as some special articles. In addition, please contact me at if you would like to contribute to our next issue! As I reflect on Thanksgiving, I remind myself how lucky I am to work with such a brilliant state. I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve as your Publications Editor. After Kickoff, I really saw your creativity, passion, and dedication emerge despite the setbacks. Now, get out there and make some stories of your own! Find adventure in every Classics Day workshop, and make friends along the way. I look forward to seeing you all! Ex Animo,

Photo by Jesse Hogan


Jacob Hane MassJCL Publications Editor Photo by Jesse Hogan

Hey MassJCL! Thank you all for your incredible spirit at National Convention this summer in Troy. If you couldn’t venture south, then I hope to see you and all your spirit at State Convention this April! Back in Troy, you all showed me the true meaning of JCLove through your dedication to service and passion for spirit. I am truly honoured to serve such a lively group of people. With every passing MassJCL event, I remember why I first fell in love with this organization. As we reflect on our past, we must also remember to look forward to the future. Enjoy your time with the JCL. We are all united at the base level by our love of the Classics. I leave you with a challenge, MassJCL: meet someone new, find something you have in common, and spread the JCLove. Valete, amici, and I will see you all soon,

Tamsin Edwards

Tamsin Edwards MassJCL Second VP

Onwards and Upwards!


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Special All photos by Jesse Hogan*

Meet Your



1. Favorite part of office? 2. Favorite moment from Nationals 2017? 3. Are you Thriving, Surviving, or Barely Aliving? 4. If you were a Disney Princess, which one would you be?

Anushree Iyengar

1. Being able to reach out and meet so many MassJCLers that I’ve never been able to talk to over the years! 2. Spelling out random words with the MASSJCL letter signs after GA while we were waiting for dinner. 3. Barely Aliving. 4. Elsa. She’s lowkey a savage.

2nd VP

Tim Liu

1st VP

1. Food. 2. Dabbing. 3. Barely aliving. 4. Your mom.

1. Bringing spirit into service and seeing everyone have fun while helping others out. 2. When everyone was chanting about the torch during the Troy Story themed spirit day. 3. Surthriving. Tamsin Edwards 4. I consulted a group, and apparently, Elsa. I think it’s the skating.

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Rachel Wang


1. I love working with the rest of the board to plan MassJCL activities and spreading the JCLove! 2. Our “spirit off” with Wisconsin and Texas was pretty entertaining! 3. Surviving--the grind never stops. 4. Probably Belle, because I love books.



Vikiana Petit-Homme

1. Writing checks because I feel rich when I’m actually broke. 2. The Farewell Dance. 3. Barely aliving. 4. Princess Jasmine.


Jesse Hogan

1. What I love most about my position is it’s sheer versatility. In a day and age of digitalization, photos are a one of the most popular forms of communication. In taking photos of members, activities, and memorabilia, I am actively participating in the preservation of our organization and of the events that we have come to hold so dear to us. I just find it awesome that I have the opportunity to create a little history, whether that be through my photos being shared online, documenting our year through our scrapbook, or simply capturing the moment I see before my eyes. 2. I honestly have too many to count, but if I had to choose one, it would probably be the late night fellowship meetings. 3. Currently I’m surviving as Classics Day approaches, but hopefully I’ll be thriving because Classics Day will be here! 4. Knowing me, without a doubt I’d be Aurora. I’m not one known to get enough rest, so maybe one day I’ll just drift off into eternal sleep!

Tech Coordinator

Publicatons Editor

1. Meeting JCLers and sharing their stories through the FF. 2. Late night conversations with my roommates! 3. Oof. Surviving. 4. I’d be Mulan because I’d get to spend more time with Li Shang and Mushu, two of my favorite Disney characters.

Jonathan Yuan

Carina Layfield *Photo by Layfield


1. I like being an officer because I feel I can not only make a positive impact on MassJCL through my term, but I also feel that I am able to better connect with other MassJCLers. 2. The Roll Call Skit! 3. Thriving all day, every day. 4. Rapunzel!

Jacob Hane

1. Being able to create a site and publicize the JCL as best I can! 2. Fellowship and Certamen Semi-Finals! 3. Barely aliving. 4. Rapunzel because I’m naive at times, but I always try to look for the best in people.

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Club Spotlight BLA - Harvey After Orientation Day for the new seventh and ninth grade students at Boston Latin Academy, I met with Mrs. Fillion to discuss JCL matters. She suggested a brilliant idea to me: to donate old MassJCL t-shirts to victims of hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Soon thereafter, BLA JCLers helped her compile the shirts, and together we donated about three boxes and two bags.

-Malika Cruickshank, BLA ‘18

Nationals I’m homeschooled, and, at the urging of my latin tutor, I attended the 2017 NJCL National Convention. Before she suggested it, I had never even heard of the NJCL, nor had I ever attended a JCL event. So, two weeks before the convention, I went to the MassJCL spirit party. It was there that it dawned on me that I had entered a world I knew nothing about. When I first got to the convention, I had no idea what to do. I hadn’t met any of my roommates yet, I didn’t know anybody, and I didn’t know where to go. Looking for any guidance I could get, I went to the dorm across the hall and asked the other Massachusetts delegates

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Forum Factorum

Thank you, BLA! Want to Submit a Chapter Update? Contact the Editor at to have it included in the next issue!

A First-Time Experience what they were doing. And so, the five of us walked to dinner. The confusion did not go away for the first few days. I could tell I was now a part of something much more complex and established than I had any idea of beforehand. One thing I quickly realized was that Nationals is intense, especially for a first time JCLer. Eight hours of sleep became a luxury, and navigating the convention as my first event proved difficult. Knowing I was brand new to all of this, my more experienced friends were constantly checking in with me, and guiding me through the tough and complicated parts of the convention. With my friendss

Perspective who had also never attended Nationals before, I found some sort of camaraderie-even if their States experiences had them better prepared than me. Before I got to the convention, I didn’t know what to expect from the NJCL. I had no idea about the size or structure of it. My first conceptions were that it was probably a small organization; after all, I knew nothing of it. Only after walking around the campus on the first night and seeing the seemingly endless streams of purple lanyards that I dispelled the notion of the JCL being miniscule. Even then, I had underestimated the NJCL. That first general assembly had me astonished. Seeing the swarms of people, and hearing the roar of every cheer, made it hard to focus on my own voice. Only then did I realize that the JCL is truly an entire culture and world of it’s own--a microcosm of antiquity int0 which I had just dived headlong. My Latin tutor had said her first convention was a life changing event, and the speakers at the general assemblies all said similar things. When I heard my tutor, I didn’t think I would be so persuaded. Before the convention, I didn’t see how a one week stay at what I thought was just a latin convention could be that significant. During the convention, I was too focused on navigating it day by day to reflect with great depth. But gradually, certain things would happen, or I would share certain moments with people I had just met. I would realize that I was truly enjoying myself. And finally, when I was saying my goodbyes at the end of our last fellowship and reflecting with my roommates in our dorm, I realized that I was already mourning the departure of

my newfound world. I started to miss all the wonderful people I had met along this grand adventure. I craved to experience those little moments I had overlooked just one last time. Until the next event, I’ll be missing the JCL.

-Benjamin Mulford, Homeschooled ‘19

CONVENTION FIRST TIMERS Following is a list of all the first-time MassJCL attendees at Nationals: Advanced Math & Science Academy Emma Cohen, ‘19 Jesse Hogan, ‘20 Barnstable High School Derek Rockwell, ‘18 Boston Latin Academy Amina Aitnouri, ‘22 Cameron Rice, ‘21 Casey Browne, ‘21 Jeff Parla, ‘21 Kaitlyn Higgins, ‘19 Lisa Van Der Linde, ‘22 Sara Rhouate, ‘22 Boston Latin School Aiden Chen, ‘22 Ben Ehrman, ‘21 Cindy Zhou, ‘21 Danny Nguyen, ‘21 Jack Trapanick, ‘22 Jinwoo Kim, ‘21 Luc Azar-Tanguay, ‘21 Sam Sullivan, ‘22 Trygve Aarestad, ‘22 Vincent O’Byrne, ‘22 Mount Greylock Regional High School Avery Powers, ‘19 Jacob Hane, ‘18 Members-At-Large Benjamin Mulford, ‘19 Photo above by Jesse Hogan

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Nationals MassJCL


Massachusetts Junior Classical League

Boston Latin Academy

Certamen Intermediate - 1st Advanced - 2nd Novice - 2nd

Whole School Trad. Scrapbook: Large - 6th Amina Aitnouri Watercolor - 1st

Graphic Arts Digital Scrapbook - 2nd T-Shirt: Most Creative - 3rd T-Shirt - Best Overall - 5th Olympika Relay: Girls - 4th

Casey Browne Traditional Photo - 4th Kaitlyn Higgins Black Pencil - 8th Vikiana Petit-Homme Trad. Scrapbook: Large - 6th Track: 100 Meters - 8th

Other Publications - 3rd

Sara Rhouate Impromptu Art - 4th Latin Derivatives (.5) - 9th Colored Pencil - 9th

AMSA Advanced Math & Science Academy Whole School Trad. Scrapbook: Med - 1st Website Contest: Small - 6th Publicity - 9th Emma Cohen Dolls - 5th Decorative Stitching - 6th Impromptu Art - 7th Jesse Hogan Trad. Scrapbook: Med - 1st Colored Pencil - 2nd Cartoons - 3rd Water Colors - 5th Overall Graphic Arts - 10th Rachel Wang Mixed Media - 3rd Greeting Cards - 10th

Lia Van Der Linde Maps: Drawn - 2nd Cartoons - 8th Acad. Heptathlon (.5) - 10th

BLS Boston Latin School Whole School Website Contest: Large - 6th Local Publications - 2nd Social Media - 2nd Aiden Chen Dramatic Inter.: Boys - 5th Acad. Heptathlon (.5) - 7th Allyson Ping Myth. (5) - 5th Anna Aldins Sight Read.: Girls Poetry - 3rd Roman Life (4) - 6th Mythology (4) - 6th Reading Comp.: Poetry (4) - 7th

Shreya Murthy Acrylic/Oil - 7th Jewelry - 9th

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Forum Factorum

Jewelry - 7th Colored Pencil - 8th Ancient Geography (4) - 9th Ben Ehrman Reading Comp. (1) - 2nd Roman History (1) - 3rd Latin Grammar (1) - 8th Certamen: Novice - 2nd Carina Layfield Mottoes (3) - 7th Christina Freeman Reading Comp.(1) - 10th Christina Yee Acrylic/Oil - 1st Myth/Historical Video - 1st Mixed Media - 3rd Computer Photo - 3rd Colored Pencil - 4th Watercolor - 4th Sight Read.: Poetry Girls - 5th Sculpture - 5th Dolls - 6th Jewelry - 6th Hellenic History (5) - 7th Mosaic - 8th Traditional Photo - 9th Overall Graphic Arts - 7th Christy Jestin Academic Heptathlon (2) - 2nd Greek Derivatives (2) - 3rd Mythology (2) - 3rd Essay - 3rd Latin Derivatives (2) - 4th Roman History (2) - 4th Dramatic Inter.: Boys - 4th Latin Vocabulary (2) - 5th Ancient Geography (2) - 5th Reading Comp. (2) - 6th Sight Read.: Boys Level 2 - 6th Latin Grammar (2) - 7th Latin Literature - 8th Latin Oratory - 9th Certamen: Intermediate - 1st Cindy Zhou Essay - 1st Cartoons - 2nd Greeting Cards - 2nd Impromptu Art - 3rd Charts: Constructed - 5th Mythology - 6th Classical Art - 7th Academic Heptathlon - 8th

Latin Grammar (1) - 10th Clair Fu Reading Comp.: Poetry (3) - 3rd Roman Life (3) - 5th Watercolor - 5th Greek Life & Literature - 6th Classical Greek - 7th Greek Derivatives (3) - 7th Latin Derivatives (3) - 7th Academic Heptathlon (3) - 7th Sight Reading: Girls Prose - 7th Discus: Girls - 7th Hellenic History (3) - 8th Latin Vocabulary (3) - 10th Latin Literature (3) - 10th Mythology (3) - 10th Danny Nguyen Mythology (1) - 8th Certamen: Novice - 2nd Dante Minutillo Lat. Gram. (2) High Score - 1st Latin Vocabulary - 1st Mottoes - 1st Latin Literature - 1st Essay - 1st Sight Read.: Boys Level 2 - 2nd Reading Comp. (2) - 3rd Latin Derivatives (2) - 3rd Academic Heptathlon (2) - 3rd Dramatic Inter.: Boys - 3rd Illustrated Quotation - 3rd Roman Life (2) - 4th Academic Decathlon - 4th Latin Oratory - 6th Greeting Cards - 6th Classical Greek - 7th Roman History (2) - 9th Classical Art (2) - 9th Ancient Geography (2) - 9th Certamen: Intermediate - 1st Lillie B. Hamilton Award - 5th Overall Academics - 6th Overal Creative Arts - 7th Overall Sweepstakes - 8th Emily Parla Impromptu Art - 4th Emily Sun Essay - 1st Sight Read.: Girls Level 1 - 2nd Illustrated Quotation - 3rd Charcoal - 4th Dramatic Inter.: Girls - 5th


Results Colored Pencil - 5th Cartoons - 6th Track: 200 meters - 6th Track: 100 meters - 7th Track: 400 meters - 7th Mixed Media - 8th Reading Comp. (1) - 10th Overall Creative Arts - 6th Hanyi Wang Charts: Drawn - 1st Maps: Drawn - 1st Greeting Cards - 3rd Shot Put - 3rd Small Models - 4th Dolls - 5th Track: 400 meters - 6th Track: 200 meters - 7th Ink - 9th Track: 100 meters - 9th Certamen: Intermediate - 1st Overall Graphic Arts - 7th Ina Beinborn Essay - 1st Greeting Cards - 4th Watercolor - 7th Games - 8th Cartoons - 9th Jack Trapanick Latin Grammar (.5) - 1st Reading Comp. (.5) - 2nd Latin Derivatives (.5) - 2nd Latin Vocabulary (.5) - 2nd Mottoes (.5) - 2nd Academic Heptathlon (.5) - 3rd Dramatic Inter.: Boys - 7th Overall Academics - 10th Jess Schnitzer Illustrated Quotation - 4th Shot Put - 4th Games - 5th Classical Greek - 8th Certamen: Intermediate - 1st Jinwoo Kim Roman Life (1) - 7th Reading Comp. (1) - 8th Certamen: Novice - 2nd Jonathan Yuan Essay - 1st Mythology (4) - 2nd Roman Life (4) - 5th Academic Heptathlon (4) - 5th Reading Comp.: Prose (4) - 6th

Chalk/Pastel - 8th Watercolor - 9th Ink - 10th Latin Grammar (4) - 10th Roman History (4) - 10th Certamen: Advanced - 2nd Joshua Lomasney Latin Literature (4) - 1st Mottoes (4) - 1st Roman Life (4) - 3rd Latin Derivatives (4) - 4th Latin Vocabulary (4) - 4th Academic Decathlon - 5th Academic Heptathlon (4) - 6th Classical Art (4) - 7th Reading Comp.: Prose (4) - 8th Roman History (4) - 8th Classical Greek - 8th Ancient Geography (4) - 10th Certamen: Advanced - 2nd Luc Azar-Tanguay Roman Life (1) - 4th Ancient Geography (1) - 6th Certamen: Novice - 2nd Nestoras Apodiakos Lat. Vocab. (4) High Score - 1st Roman Life (4) - 1st Latin Grammar (4) - 1st Latin Derivatives (4) - 2nd Latin Literature (4) - 3rd Mottoes (4) - 3rd Academic Heptathlon (4) - 3rd Classical Greek - 3rd Reading Comp.: Prose (4) - 8th Reading Comp.: Poetry (4) - 8th Academic Decathlon - 10th Certamen: Advanced - 2nd Overall Academics - 6th Peter Wang Ancient Geography (5) - 1st Roman History (5) - 2nd Academic Heptathlon (5) - 2nd Latin Grammar (5) - 3rd Reading Comp.: Prose (5) - 4th Latin Vocabulary (5) - 5th Reading Comp.: Poetry (5) - 6th Latin Literature (5) - 6th Latin Derivatives (5) - 7th Academic Decathlon - 7th Mythology (5) - 9th Certamen: Advanced - 2nd Randy Chen

Open Cert.: Advanced - 2nd Reading Comp.: Prose (5) - 4th Reading Comp.: Poetry (5) - 7th Latin Derivatives (5) - 7th Academic Heptathlon (5) - 7th Greek Derivatives (5) - 8th Latin Grammar (5) - 8th Ting Wei Li Anc. Geo. (4) High Score - 1st Latin Literature (4) - 2nd Roman History (4) - 3rd Academic Decathlon - 8th Hellenic History (4) - 9th Mottoes (4) - 10th

MAL Members-At-Large Tamsin Edwards Track: 200 Meters - 2nd Track: 100 Meters - 3rd Track: 400 Meters - 5th


Trygve Aarestad Illustrated Quotation - 5th Roman Life (.5) - 8th Dramatic Inter.: Boys - 8th Cartoons - 9th Mosaics - 9th

Mount Greylock Regional High School

Vincent O’Byrne Open Cert.: Novice - 3rd Mythology (.5) - 4th Academic Heptathlon (.5) - 9th Maps: Drawn -9th

Avery Powers Discus: Girls - 2nd

Will Burnett Greeting Cards - 1st Digital Scrapbook State - 2nd Illustrated Quotation - 3rd Watercolor - 3rd Mixed Media - 4th Maps: Drawn - 6th Cartoons - 8th Charts: Drawn - 8th Xiangan He Reading Comp. (1) - 3rd Mottoes (1) - 4th Latin Grammar (1) - 6th Illustrated Quotation - 7th Latin Derivatives (1) - 9th Certamen: Novice- 2nd

Whole School Local Publications - 4th

Jacob Hane English Oratory - 6th


Winchester High School Whole School Website Contest: Small - 2nd

JCL 2017 Results graciously provided by the National Junior Classical League, Ms. Fillion, and Ting Wei Li, BLS ‘18.

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nf ’s er no


an I te

P H hot og os an by

Je s



Dante Minullo is a sophomore at Boston Latin School. Currently an advanced certamen player, this past year Dante helped carry his team to victory in the NJCL Intermediate Certamen competition, winning MVP along the way. In the interview below, the MassJCL Editor uncovers more about the Certamen champion. FF: How did you first get involved in Certamen?

FF: So how did it feel to be on stage during the finals?

Dante: I’ve liked Latin ever since I started learning it in 7th grade, but I never did end up joining the JCL. In 8th grade my friend Charles Ma (who, unfortunately, was not able to make it to Nationals this year) tried to tell me that I would enjoy Certamen, but I had something else at 3:00pm on the day of Certamen practices, so I kept refusing. Finally, Charles had to practically force me to come to a practice. Once I was there, I believe I ended up getting the first toss-up the coaches asked, and since then, I’ve been hooked! A few months later, I finally joined the JCL.

Dante: I was definitely extremely nervous going into the final round. In a funny coincidence, we were playing the same teams (Texas and Florida), that we had played in novice year. That year we had gotten third place, so I was desperately hoping that we had improved enough to beat them this time. We had also played against one of the Florida schools recently in the Harvard tournament, and that was one of the most stressful rounds of Certamen I had ever participated in. However, as the round went on, I became more and more confident.

FF: What is your favorite area of study pertaining to the Classics?

FF: What can we look forward to next year?

Dante: My favorite is definitely the actual Latin language and grammar, but I do know some things about other categories like history and culture, just not the specific dates that Certamen wants you to know. For Certamen, I find language to be the most interesting category because it is more dynamic--instead of simply memorizing dates and names from a list, you need to be able to apply your knowledge to translate whatever they throw at you. Also, knowing the language gives you access to the primary sources about the other areas of study, which are always more interesting than the modern lists and summaries that we study from.

// 10

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Dante: My main goal is to keep improving my buzzing speed and get as many questions as I can. FF: How do you hope to shape the BLS and MassJCL certamen teams in the coming years? Dante: I don’t have any very ambitious goals in this regard, as I think we are already in pretty good shape. I do hope to help the advanced team get 1st place at Nationals, as they haven’t done that in a few years now. Beyond that, I just want to be the best player and team member that I can be.


by y Jo lH fu ea at nd ou

F rt io n

It’s your not-so-neighbour North Carolina writing to you from the great not-so-deep south! My name’s Sarah Bryant, and I’m the NCJCL Torch Editor for this school year. Jacob has told me so much about you guys, and I find that all the things you do are incredible! North Carolina is trying to become a more host-friendly state, but since people across North Carolina come from both the mountains and the sea, it’s a tad bit difficult coordinating events with other states. We’re currently preparing to have our event, which equates to your kickoff event in a way, called Fall Forum. It’s where a few hundred of us from all over the state go to the UNC-Greensboro campus for the day and do things like practice certamen, talk to our officers, and participate in UNC-Greensboro Classics Club’s special Classics Day. Super original name, I know, but it’s best to keep it simple for all the middle schoolers who attend who are taking Latin for the first time. We wouldn’t want to scare anyone away too early.





C N o it ot err tz Ph M ar by chw S

North Carolina

That’s happening on November 19th, which sadly I will not be able to attend, but I’m looking forward to hearing all the stories from my fellow officers (and of course posting them in the February edition of our state’s newsletter). Of course, being from Massachusetts, you guys are accustomed to coming from a medium state and having a rather large attendance at National Convention. That’s awesome! North Carolina had a total of about 2100 members last year; unfortunately not everyone was able to come to Nationals--some didn’t even know it existed. We are definitely working on spreading the word this year. There are about 450 students, sponsors and chaperones who attend our Fall Forum event, and in the spring when we have our state convention, we have anywhere from 700900 students, sponsors, and chaperones present at the UNC-Chapel Hill campus. Well, that’s all I really have for now. I’m so glad that Jacob emailed me and wished to collaborate so that our states can become closer (even if we can’t close the distance), because all of you are amazingly intelligent and fantastic at what you do. Keep on spreading the JCLove!

-Sarah Bryant, NCJCL Editor

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News Report



With over a dozen participants in Olympika and Ludi, MassJCL took on NJCL with both a fire and a passion for athletics.

+Ludi Frisbee Getting defeated is a common practice in many things; one could say that Massachusetts was defeated in frisbee by Wisconsin, but I like to think of it as a valiant last stand. ‘Twas a heroic fight in which the odds were stacked against us from the beginning. Regardless, we gave it our best shot. I admire the tenacity of the JCLers from other states who joined our team when we couldn’t produce enough from our own. It shows the beauty of the common bond among JCLers. Even though we may be just strangers, JCL gave us the medium to be teammates and friends. Ludi frisbee is more than a sport, it’s a duel battled out between two or more states. In my mind, the Massachusetts team was the best because of its diverse roster. While not any one of us may have been an allstar at Frisbee, we each brought talents to the team. Some of us played hard defense, managing to stop a frisbee mid-flight with a slap. Others could run endlessly. We may have taken a hard loss with a round one KO, but our lineup certainly took a win in style and sportsmanship (see MA roster on the right).

-Derek Rockwell, Barnstable ‘18

// 12

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Photo by Casey Browne

The MassJCL Frisbee Team Team Manager: Cameron Rice Trygve “The Frisbee Assassin” Aarestad Samuel “The Fuzzy Hair” Sullivan Derek “ My Middle Name is MVP” Rockwell Aiden “Gotta Catch ‘Em All” Chen Vinnie “Shake & Bake” O’Byrne

Photo by Jesse Hogan

JCLers Get Ready to Race

News Report Photo by Jesse Hogan

The MassJCL Girls Relay Team +Ludi Basketball


In the 32 team tournament at Nationals in Troy, Alabama, two students from Massachusetts teamed up with three from Texas and one from Oklahoma to win the championship. Our team defeated Louisiana 22-0 in the first round, and then proceeded to beat Indiana 12-10 in a closely contested game that came down to the final minute. In the semifinals, our team snuck past Georgia by a score of 13-10 in sudden death overtime, and we advanced to meet the actual Texas team in the finals. With me snatching three blocks and two steals, our team led 10-2 at halftime. Ultimately, we came out with a 12-10 win. Honorable mentions go to Cass Plowman and John Friedman of Texas, who were outstanding on both ends of the court, and they were vital to the team’s success. We also could not have been successful without Emily Parla, a BLS slasher. Ultimately, the MA-OK-TX team proved its skills not only on the court, but off the court too. Through our sportsmanship and love of the game, we embraced a positive culture of competition.

How exactly do you Olympika? Easy, you don’t work out for several months, and then you decide to run across a football field hoping you don’t pass out. Okay, maybe that’s not everyone’s Olympika experience--but at Nationals, it certainly was mine! I don’t know what was going through my mind. I guess I just thought doing something athletic was better than waiting in the dining hall for other activities. However, while I may not have won, other MassJCLers, such as Tamsin Edwards and Hanyi Wang, did. Many MassJCLers participated in individual races, while two teams from MA ran the relay. Even still, some MassJCLers (such as Avery Powers) participated in other track and field Olympika! Nonetheless, I had a great time, and I managed to laugh it off when I finally staggered off of the field. Maybe next year, if I’m feeling especially crazy, I’ll do it again! In the meantime, I guarantee MassJCL will continue to strive for gold! We may not always be the best Olympians, but we sure can brawl head-to-head in any other competition.

-Maurice Malone, BLS ‘18

-Ryan Browne, BLA ‘20

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Horoscopes Mar 21- Apr 19


Expect some huge upsets in your life, or signs that something is about to change. Prepare yourself for big news.

Apr 20 - May 20

At this point, Tauruses may be stuck in a mental rut at work or school. Have confidence and be ready to work hard.



May 21 - Jun 20

You may be feeling lonely or separated from people you love. Remind yourself that communication is key.

Jun 21 - Jul 22

Cancers are feeling irritable or dulled, yearning to stretch and find something beyond the mundane. Try spontaneity!


Jul 23 - Aug 22


Ever the fire sign, you are not prone to love winter but make the best of it. You may feel out of your element but go with the flow.

Aug 23 - Sep 22

You have found that, with the changing of seasons, your priorities may need to change. Think through your actions.

// 14

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Sep 23 - Oct 22

Lately, you have been thinking a lot, and not always positively. Remind yourself that not everything is bad. You will be okay!

Oct 23 - Nov 21

Mars is about to enter Scorpio, so brace yourself for a big, brash change marching into your life.


Nov 22 - Dec 21

Venus entered Sagittarius on December 1st, so you may feel renewed or revamped in an uncharacteristic way.

Dec 22 - Jan 19

There has been too much stress in your life lately. Take brain breaks and allow yourself to relax.




Jan 20 - Feb 18

You are wary of the holidays, but remain optimistic for the new year. Set some goals, as it will be beneficial soon.

Feb 19 - Mar 20

Recently overburdened with emotion, you have bottled everything up. Let out little bursts so you won’t explode.


Space Creds: Wikipedia Astrological signs custom made by Colette Stapp, Mt. Greylock ‘19

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Activity Page Word Jumble

Can you unscamble these Latin words? After unscrambling them, can you translate them? noamB noFruatm (Bonam Fortunam)!





















Clue: Latin word for dynamic

Clue: Latin word for apparent

Clue: Latin word for devil

Clue: Latin word for hangover

Clue: Latin word for formula

Answers 1. dynamicus - dynamic 2. evidens - apparent 3. diabolus - devil 4. crapula - hangover 5. formula - formula

6. laetus - cheerful 7. atomus - atom 8. adhaesivus - adhesive 9. amor - love 10. parvus - small

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Clue: Latin word for cheerful

Clue: Latin word for atom

Clue: Latin word for adhesive

Clue: Latin word for love

Clue: Latin word for small

Arts Photo by Jesse Hogan

Nationals Art The Graphic Arts In the following photos, MassJCL Historian Jesse Hogan captivates the beautiful artwork showcased at Nationals. You can find more of his photography on or photos/massjclhistorian or Enjoy!

Photo by Jesse Hogan

“It’s All Greek to Me”

Photo by Jesse Hogan

Photo by Jesse Hogan

Beautiful Paintings

Nature Highlighted Photo by Jesse Hogan

Photo by Jesse Hogan

Award Winning Artwork

Impressive Sculptures

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Photo by Jesse Hogan



Photo by Jesse Hogan

Photo by Jesse Hogan

Who Are We? Massachusetts!

JCLers Cheering

Photo by Jesse Hogan

Photo by Jesse Hogan

Late Night Fuel for Fellowships

MassJCL Spirit Party!

THANK YOU Curry Printing in Westborough, MA for your beautiful prints!

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Gratias Maximas

THANK YOU Merrimax Mechanics for donating state and local websites!

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