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Salem’s Totally Kids Summer Camps By Susan Woodall

f your children are like most, every summer it is the same thing. You hear, "I'm bored!" "There's nothing to do!" "Can we do something fun?" This year, before the whining starts, sign them up at Salem's Totally Kids Summer Camps (STKSC). With its fabulous facilities, staff and excellent reputation, STKSC has something for every child ages 3-12.

everyone's timetable. Each week Salem offers a morning camp from 9am12pm, a lunch bunch and movie time option from 122pm and an afternoon camp from 2-5pm. Campers can register for just the morning session or they may choose to bring their lunches and stay. Not through having fun? Then choose the full day option and continue with the afternoon session. Morning plans? No worries – come at noon for lunch bunch and enjoy the afternoon session or start the fun at 2pm. The end of each week culminates with Splashtastic Friday where children bring their bathing suits and towels and enjoy water games. STKSC allows you to choose the camps, days and times that work for you. Some of the programs require a full week commitment, but there are always choices if those do not fit your schedule.

When hearing the word "camp" many people envision overnights or a theme-like sports or drama that lasts for weeks. STKSC offers several different camps every week for ten weeks beginning June 17th. Unlike other camps, STKSC's flexible scheduling fits with

It takes a dedicated staff to not only see the need for such arrangements, but to make them a reality. "The idea for Totally Kids Camps


grew from our incredibly creative staff," said Beth Morphis, Co-Owner of Salem Gymnastics Sports Center. "For years our preschoolers have enjoyed playing pirates, cowboys, princesses, animals and more. With our versatile facility, we expanded the fun to school-aged kids in a much more elaborate style. Now, our summers offer a never ending array of fun, crazy, active and educational opportunities. Each camp is sub divided by age so that the activities can be further tailored to developmentally appropriate activities." Examples of some of the more than 30 options include: the Tree House Adventure, where campers explore many magical journeys inspired by stories from the Magic Tree House book series; Wizards and Muggles, for the Harry Potter fans, includes a sorting hat, quidditch, crafts and a tournament; Stars and Stripes, where campers learn all about the USA and participate in their own 4th of July celebration and parade; Winter Wonderland, allows kids to cool off with snowball fights, snow boarding, ice hockey and igloo building contests. There is also American Girl Adventures, Happily Ever After Fairy Tales, Pirate Camp, Let's Build It, Amazing Animals, Knights and Maidens, Rainforest, Big Frontier, Camping Adventures, Spy Camp...and on and on. Week long camps include something for your princess, chef, scientist, gymnast, bike enthusiast, etc. Each week's camp is described on the website, along with fees and discounts for additional siblings. "My sons aged four and five love Salem Gymnastics Totally Kids Camps," said Tanja Ragonesi. "My youngest son is very attached to me, and I was worried that he would be afraid of leaving me for a morning at camp; but right away the staff made him feel welcome and safe, and he bounded off to have fun at every drop-off. Such a fun time!" With such variety, your child will have amazing experiences and the convenience will make your life that much easier. To learn more and to register for camp, visit the website at, and click on the Totally Kids Camp link. Salem Gymnastics Sports Center is located at 4870 Country Club Road in Winston-Salem. For more information, call 336.765.4668.