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About Formation

Our Values & Virtues

Established in 2007, we certainly know

We love the challenges of promoting our

a thing or two about digital. Based in

clients. We place value on building long

the historic town of Warwick, we’re are a

term relationships based on mutual trust

cutting edge digital marketing agency.

and respect.

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Marketing & Strategy

Brand Experience

An effective strategy can only be

Always judge a book by its cover. Your

executed with thorough research and

logo is your brand’s representation both


online and offline.

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Digital Marketing

UX & Web Design

As more and more of the world opt for

Keeping the User Experience (UX) in

the convenience of digital, it’s never been

mind when producing a website or piece

more crucial to start building your digital

of software is paramount to ensure your


customer has the optimum experience.


digital engineers we make things, happen

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Web Development

Creative & Media

This is where the fun begins – our

Our talented team of graphic designers

talented team of web developers will set

and media developers can craft

to work in crafting your bespoke website,

beautifully designed print, signage and

using the latest coding standards.

video material.

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Continuous Development

Circle of Engagement

In this fast-paced digital world a website

Our Circle of Engagement package

must be continually developed and

enables you to focus on other areas of

updated to stay ahead of its competitors.

your business whilst our marketing team manages your entire social media.

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Formation offer high-level corporate

Cloud-based software allow access to

event management which raises the

your platforms from any device. It can be

profile of your business and delivers a

tailored and developed to suit your exact

memorable experience to your delegates.



formation / FOR•MA•TION / noun.

A collection of unique skillsets that come together to form an unrivaled service


digital engineers we make things, happen


The digital marketing agency that is #PROVEN

Established in 2007, we certainly know a thing or two about digital. Based in the historic town of Warwick, we’re are a cutting edge digital marketing agency with a nationwide reach. We’re a collective of sharpened experts in storytelling and user experience – living and breathing those skills into everything we do. We develop brilliant digital projects for our clients – this includes software and website development, branding, graphic design, marketing, social media and more. Our current client base is widespread – from massive engineering corporates and healthcare conglomerates to upcoming retail front-runners and luxury home furnishings.


digital engineers we make things, happen

about you As a business owner, you’re continuously looking for more time – more time to manage your business, more time to focus on the businesscritical issues and more time for yourself. We understand that time is as important as money for a business owner: we know your priority is focused on production and innovation and that’s why Formation is here to handle your digital development.

The depth and breadth of our team’s experience in creative web design and cross-channel marketing campaigns accommodate for the complexity of all client needs – whether you’re planning a rebrand, wanting to streamline internal processes with software development, scoping a new website or even in need of a complete marketing department outsource.


our values & virtues

Established in 2007, our first and only objective is to establish how we can best help our clients. We’re professional in all matters, and love the challenges of promoting our clients. We place value on building long term relationships based on mutual trust and respect. Media, website design and digital marketing make up the core of Formation, and we deliver these to the highest standards.


digital engineers we make things, happen



We are innovative, award-winning and push

Respect and trust are core values of the Formation

boundaries. Our desire is to be the best and to do

team. We work closely, supporting each other with

this, we’re always exploring new options to improve,

shared knowledge. We are proud of what we have

producing high quality work for clients that befits

achieved. We’re also proud to support our local

our reputation.

community and engage with local business through our networking and training opportunities.


adaptable We’re proactive in our approach, and we work

Formation has strong values of quality, trust, and

closely with our clients to achieve the best results.

reliability. We are a hard working team dedicated to

We’re constantly improving and updating, bringing

meeting these values and we work in an inclusive

the best to our clients. We have experience within a

environment, helping team members keep these

wide range of sectors and provide solid advice on

ambitions within reach. We are assured in our ability

best business practice. Our thought process is this:

to grow and support client’s businesses and we

our next small client is our next big client.

understand your needs, however we don’t shy from debating required change and are confident to challenge.


our services


digital engineers we make things, happen

An effective strategy can only be executed with thorough research and consideration. Rush over the initial process and your marketing efforts are never going to be as effective as they could be. Our team of digital marketers are experts in formulating a successful marketing strategy; your dedicated account manager and marketing team will conduct research into your business – your industry, current and forthcoming trends, what your competitors are doing well, but why you’re better. This research and our digital expertise combined will translate into a considerate, calculated and well-devised marketing strategy that will deliver results. You may well be asking yourself, what is a marketing strategy? In short, it’s a long-term, progressive approach to planning and delivering a maintainable competitive advantage over the competition.




Marketing & Strategy


Brand Experience

Logo and Image Always judge a book by its cover. Your logo is your brand’s representation both online and offline. Fashion a well-designed, iconic logo and consumers won’t need your business


name to recognise you by anymore. A beautifully designed logo alongside slick formatting will ensure your customers know you mean business – it’ll highlight your professionalism and reinforce your expertise.

Brand Guidelines and Rules

Brand Management

Once established, brand guidelines act as

Branding means so much more than just

your companies sacred commandments –

crafting a logo and choosing your colour

these rules ensure your formatting remains

pallet – your branding should reflect your

consistent throughout all areas of marketing

personality and encompass all that you

and correspondence.

stand for.

These guidelines will be kept on file here as

Stylised branding across the board can

well as be sent to you, to ensure consistency

set you apart from the competition and

across the board.

reinforce your aptitude even before that first handshake – it’ll help set the tone for your business and reinforce your companies mantra without the use of words.


As more and more of the world opt for the convenience of digital, it’s never been more crucial to start building your digital presence alongside maintaining advertisement on more traditional platforms. Formation offers a comprehensive digital marketing solution. Content marketing captures consumers with informative and reactive content to attract and engage rather than just seek to push sales. Regularly published content ensures your business stays relevant throughout the ebb and flow of trends in a fast-paced digital world. Our team of copywriters are experts in producing engaging content marketing for both social media and website copy, ensuring your customers are immersed in engaging articles that’ll highlight your website as a source of value.




Digital Marketing



UX & Web Design

UX Research & Analysis

Schematics and Workflow

Keeping the User Experience (UX) in

Before we begin implementing research-

mind when producing a website or piece

driven changes to your website, a website

of software is paramount to ensure your

schematic is first drawn up by our

customer has the optimum experience whilst

development team for your consideration –

browsing your website.

to firstly make sure our vision is in line with yours, but to also give you an insight into the

With an initial discussion into your desires,

implementation process, ensuring you’re with

objectives and targets, we will begin

us every step of the way.

conducting thorough analysis into the usability of your current website – mapping customer profiles, conducting research to gain invaluable feedback and insight, and test functionality using our UX testers. This stage of the process is critically important to see what is performing well, and where can be enhanced.


digital engineers we make things, happen


UX Factory

UX and Web Design

Based at our head office in the historic town

Using the insights from the back of research,

of Warwick, our modern UX Factory is open to

UX testing and development in the UX

all current and prospective clients looking to

Factory, our web developers will set to work –

really dive into the mind of their customers.

crafting prototypes and conducting continual testing until your website is good-to-go.

In a dedicated room with a wall-length whiteboard at your disposal – a member

Our development team and your dedicated

of the development team will help you run

account manager will keep in contact with

through your customer’s multiple page-

you throughout the entire process, providing

by-page journey using wireframes, a visual

both UX and progress reports at several

sketched breakdown of your websites

stages throughout the project, so your user


experience is as good as your customers.

Wireframes help build a visual representation of your customer’s choices on your website,

giving insight and enabling us to craft the most optimum site possible based on your customer’s needs and desires.



Web Development Responsive Design & Web Development All of our websites are designed and created to perform beautifully on multiple devices. We take web development


seriously, ensuring your website can be easily viewed by both the busy commuter, the productive desk-based professional or the casual tablet browser. A responsive website can significantly improve your search engine ranking whilst making your brand available to so many more people, regardless of their device preferences.

E-Commerce Setup Online shopping is huge, and it’s not going anywhere – make it easy for your customers to purchase your products and you’re already increasing your chances of sales. With web development experience in Magento 2, Prestashop and WooCommerce, Formation will make sure you’re set-up with an easy-to-use and appropriate system for your business. Our team of creative graphic designers and web developers will then craft you an e-commerce website that’ll have your customers continuously refreshing their iPhones, waiting for you to upload new stock.


digital engineers we make things, happen

Search Engine Optimisation

Website Analytics and Insights

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the

By making your website available to both

framework for optimising your website for

Google Analytics and Search Console, you’re

search engine to assess, assess and rank your

opening up a world of data-driven feedback

page – it’s a tried and tested process that’ll

that can dramatically help improve the

help boost your search ratings.

usability of your website.

It’s a common misconception that SEO merely

With customer preference insight into

focuses around keywords and tailoring

important areas such as bounce rate,

content to tick development checkboxes.

popular pages and average session duration

There is, however, a lot more that goes on

alongside analysing user behavior flow charts,

beneath the surface – our web developers

we can really begin homing in on what your

are experts in creating advanced web

customers like and drive that success even

structures alongside using the latest caching


performance is at its peak for both desktop and mobile. This advanced website skeleton is optimum for housing website copy and extended content SEO.


and compressing technology to ensure



Creative & Media Video and Animation A vibrant video on a grey backdrop of text-heavy statuses is a sure way to stand out from the crowd, alongside providing an excellent speedy opportunity to increase consumers understanding your product or service. A video is not just for social, either. Engage and capture your audiences’ attention with a beautifully crated video on your website homepage and just watch that bounce rate drop, my friend.

Print and Signage If digital is the 21st Century King, then print is most certainly its Queen. Don’t eliminate customers by only using one platform for marketing – print marketing provides tangible opportunities to engage with potential customers and leave a lasting impression. With researching showing that 53% of people use promotional items at least once a week, print proves that it holds its own within the marketing world.


digital engineers we make things, happen


Continuous Development A/B Testing

The foundation of customer loyalty is enabling for

A/B testing gives us an insight into what makes

a slick and refined user experience – improving

your customers tick. The process sees two

your conversion rate, in turn, comes down to

different versions of the same marketing piece

identifying the roadblocks your website presents

being distributed simultaneously for comparison

to users whilst they’re on the journey from

purposes. A/B testing supplies invaluable data

observer to consumer. Webpage heatmaps and

that can be used to adjust future marketing

user recordings, alongside traditional analytics,

material and enhance your customer’s experience.

are powerful tools in the quest to understand your user-base. Our dedicated UX team can collect, analyse, and evaluate this data and use it to tweak copy, change layouts and create the ultimate user

User Research and Surveying

experience that will keep your customers coming back for more.

Our development team are able to pepper natural, non-obtrusive, feedback prompts throughout your website to give loyal customers the opportunity to express their thoughts quickly and conveniently

Usability Testing

– these insights are excellent in helping us develop ongoing digital strategies and marketing

Usability testing is a valuable process that


helps truly test the functionality of a website or piece of software and enables for real firsthand, objective feedback. The process sees a UX tester perform set tasks on a device with an

Search Engine Optimisation

immediate review afterwards on their journey. This exercise is particularly helpful in finding room for

You’ve got a brand new website, now people

improvement directly from a user’s perspective,

need to be able to find it! A Formation website is

enabling us to outline potential problems and

already technically optimised to give your site the

approach design from a more statistical and

best chance of achieving high rankings against

evidence-based stance.




Advanced Web Analytics



Circle of Engagement

Article and Content Creation

Social Media Management

Carefully crafted content acts as the shiny

With over a third of the world’s population

cherry on top of the cake. Unique website

predicted to be engaging on social media by

copy will deliver value to your customers,

2020, it’s more important than ever to take

show off your professionalism and help boost

advantage of this digital opportunity. Social

your search engine rankings. Our team of

media provides excellent opportunities

talented copywriters will work alongside your

for companies big and small to promote

team to get the lowdown on any news, case

themselves – get it right and exposure can be

studies or promotional features to engage


and inform your audience.

Promotion and Strategy Online marketing campaigns are proven to drive a quick and effective awareness boost. Whether you’re highlighting seasonal offers, special promotions or new services, strategic marketing campaigns on carefully selected social media channels are proven to reach a huge audience and generate awareness surrounding your brand.


digital engineers we make things, happen

Email Campaigns

Social media channels are free, and every

Signed, sealed and delivered. E-mail

penny for a business owner is precious,

newsletters are a fantastic way of engaging

we understand that. Whilst social media

with customers on a personal level – got a

activity will certainly help raise your profile

piece of business news or a promotion you

and expose you to more prospective clients,

want your loyal customers to know about?

boosted paid-for advertising is guaranteed to

HTML newsletters will quickly become your

get your brand out even further and give you

best friend. Our team of account managers

the edge over competitors.

and graphic designers will create beautifully presented HTML newsletters alongside

Our marketing team are well versed in running

producing engaging and relevant copy

successful paid campaigns, and understand

to really hook in your captive audience –

the importance of a clients budget – we will

translating into increased website traffic and

always be realistic when approached with

prospective sales.

a budget-restricted idea and advise you accordingly.



Connections and Engagement




Event Management

Event Social Media Strategy

Put on an event worthy of its own hashtag.

If you’re putting on an occasion to remember,

Formation Media will manage your corporate

you want to give your event the best

event from entrees to exhibition – ensuring

opportunity to shine.

your delegates leave with a lasting impression of your business. Services can range from

Social media is an excellent way to get the

simple management of your guest list to more

word out about your event, but it’s important

extensive packages that feature hospitality

to remember different platforms work better

management and live coverage of your event,

for different businesses. Take advantage

ensuring that no one misses out on the action.

of the opportunity and make sure you’re targeting the correct people – our marketing team are experts in formulating tactical social media campaigns, ensuring your event gets

Press & Publicity

the lead-up it deserves.

It’s tried, tested and proven – slick press releases alongside well-distributed PR will boost your events profile and create that exciting buzz required for a worthy event. Using our little black book of contacts, our talented team of copywriters will create and distribute copy to all the relevant contacts to ensure your event gets the spotlight it deserves.


digital engineers we make things, happen




eLearning Platforms

Say goodbye to towering piles of paperwork

E-learning platforms are a fantastic resource

and hello to the shredder. Fancy a CRM

to enable team members to continually

system that acts as your HR manager, your

enhance their skills without any extended

salesperson and your administrator? Our

office downtime. We’re able to digitally host

business management software Glowt can

and manage your online courses – ensuring

do just that. A customisable modular based

the best in quality, security and convenience

software that features lead generation, job

for you and your employees.

sheet management and client data storage. trial today.

Bespoke Software Do you have a budding idea for a digital

Jobs Board

piece of software to take your brand to the next level, but are unsure of how to create

Take the stress away from the job search

it? Let our talented team of developers help

Our easy-to-use jobs board enables

– we are able to design and build bespoke

both employer and candidate to browse

software based on your specification. Your

recruitment opportunities relevant to their

account manager will keep in contact

industry, filtering by numerous categories. We

with you throughout the process, with

are able to develop our recruitment platform

appointments available to visit our studio in

to tailor to your business needs.

person to see our team in action.


Try Glowt free on a 100-day no obligation


If you are interested in any of our #proven services, please get in touch on

01926 298 777

Unit 2, St. George’s House, Cape Road, Warwick, CV34 5DJ


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