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A Month of Ground Beef, Burgers & Buns!



Our Capabilities

Belmont Meats has been leading the industry in the manufacturing and processing of foodservice protein products since 1966. We realize that sharing a meal can create lasting memories, so by focusing on category-leading products and only the finest premium protein, our company is able to enhance memories and strengthen the connections people share.

We believe that focusing on the things you do best is the only way to lead. To this, our focus is clear – to produce great tasting burgers and steaks at affordable prices with uncompromising quality. This is why our premium meat processing and supply of beef, pork and poultry products remains top of mind with our customers, who include: top retailers, club stores, leading restaurants and foodservice distributors.

Quality and innovation are the cornerstones of our success, and we’ve built a strong reputation around market-insight and the unique guidance we provide our customers. We are trusted advisors and premiumprotein suppliers to the following operators in foodservice and retail: • QSR chains • Casual and fast-casual dining concepts • Non-Commercial institutional segment • Retail supermarkets • Club/warehouse stores • Specialty frozen food stores Our “made to specification” meat products can be found across Canada as private label offerings and as Belmont branded solutions. Our Culinary Team, in conjunction with an innovative Research and Development Team focuses on world-class flavour and product development, which not only capitalizes on trends, but also sets them!

Our diverse product offering includes burgers, sliders, patties, ground meat and fresh burgers. From ‘best in its class’ Country Craft™ and Belmont Beef burgers to our premium Butcher’s Reserve™ line of products, we will supply you with the perfect Burger to meet your needs.

Fresh Beef Patties From Belmont There’s simply nothing more delicious than a fresh burger patty. And with Fresh Beef Patties by Belmont Meats you can revolutionize your burger offering without revamping your kitchen operations. Our line of fresh, superior quality burgers meets the needs of consumers looking for a burger with a tender bite and made “fresh from the kitchen” taste. Our unique pillow pack system means every Fresh Beef Patty stays fresh for 18 days and stays protected until ready to use. The precision portioning and uniform flattening created by our state-of-the-art Burger Forming technology give our burgers a consistent thickness you can depend on every time. The Advanced Belmont Meats’ Burger Forming process never crushes meat fibers. The result is a burger that always has the tender bite, texture and eating quality consumers expect could only come from a hand-made patty.

By staying true to our core competencies of making the best burgers, we reach higher, and we know our foodservice partners achieve greater success, ultimately resulting in a stronger relationship with customers and consumers.


Our knowledge of the industry gives us enhanced procurement capabilities such as: • A dominant role in the North American protein industry • International network of raw material suppliers • Active in all major foreign and domestic beef markets • Experience in the Canadian Cattle Complex “Hedge vs. the Markets” • Trusted advisors in trend and market intelligence Our centre-of-plate expertise in portion controlled steaks and burger grinding allows us to offer unique customized solutions to meet individual customer needs. We employ the latest technologies in processing production equipment, meeting and exceeding the highest industry standards. Our focus on material sourcing, inventory control and competitive pricing, means we can help expedite initiatives, get to market faster, and build game-changing product programs. A focus on innovation means we can create personalized products that are made to specification, on trend and ahead of the curve. Our expert butchers hand cut individually portioned protein to exceed industry specifications. By doing so we have literally become “Famous for Beef ®.” We continue striving to become the number one premium protein solutions company in North America.

Top Canadian Consumer Burger Trends* 50% of consumers ranked quality and taste of their burger patties as the most important feature.

56% of consumers indicated “Craving the Burger” as the primary reason for purchasing a burger.

38% of consumers indicated “Good Value for Money” as the primary reason for purchasing a burger.

Toppings are now more important than value for the money.


Consumers ages are driving interest for innovative toppings like avocado, spinach and Jalepeno peppers.


Consumers ages and up prefer more classic toppings like onions, pickles and mushrooms.

39% of consumers prefer ordering a Kaiser bun with their burger which is up from 31% in 2015.

Specialty sauces like barbeque sauce, aioli, garlic mayo, chipotle sauce, pesto, etc. is growing with young consumers. Meanwhile older consumers prefer more traditional condiments like mustard and ketchup. Studies show Canadians preferred

domestically-sourced beef in 2017. Spicy burgers were a big hit in 2017 with Canadian consumers. * Based on the 2017 Canadian Burger Consumer Trend Report by Technomic

Below are some of Belmont Meats most popular SKUs in the ground beef, fresh burger patties and frozen burger patties categories. By ordering these products you can enhance your menus and offer your customers premium burgers with mouthwatering, fresh taste on a regular basis. Click on the links for more information on each item. SCC


Product Description


Butcher’s Reserve

Beef Halal Burger Regular 4 Oz 1/4.54 Kg


Butcher’s Reserve

Angus Beef Burger 5oz 1/4.5 kg


Butcher’s Reserve

Beef Sirloin Burger 5oz 1/5.1 kg


Butcher’s Reserve

Beef Angus Raised Without Antibiotics 5 Oz 1/4.54 Kg


Butcher’s Reserve

Burger Beef Canadian 5 Oz 1/4.54 Kg


Country Craft

Beef Burger 6 Oz 1/4.54 Kg



Beef Patty 4 Oz Coyote Jack 1/4.54 Kg



Beef Patty 6 Oz 1/4.6 Kg



Chuck Patties 6Oz – Frozen 24x6oz


Butcher’s Reserve

Medium Ground Beef, Certified Angus Beef 75% 2/2.5 Kg


Butcher’s Reserve

Beef Medium Ground Halal 80% 2/2.5 Kg


Butcher’s Reserve

Beef Lean Ground Chuck 85% 2/2.5 Kg



Beef Medium Ground 80% Frozen 2/2.5 Kg



Beef Ground Lean 85% Frozen 2/2.5 Kg Beef



Beef Ground Nutrigrind 80-20% Frozen 2/2.5 Kg



Chuck Patties 6oz – Fresh 24x6oz


Butcher’s Reserve

Angus Beef Pattie 6oz 1/4.08 kg - Fresh

Frozen Burgers

Ground Beef, Frozen

Burgers, Fresh

Burger consumption has been on the rise in Canada in the last year with nearly half of Canadians eating burgers at least weekly if not more.


OUR SUSTAINABILITY STORY At Belmont Meats we take great pride in ensuring we are providing the best quality products to our customers and ensuring the most humane and ethical practices when it comes to the workforce and animals. Positive Animal Welfare Belmont believes in the fair and humane treatment of animals throughout all of our processes, procedures, and industry partnerships. We believe it is our duty to ensure animal care codes are adhered to and that our practices meet the highest standards of established government regulations. Although we are not directly involved with the raising of animals, their wellbeing and thoughtful treatment is important to us and sets the stage for our best practices guidelines.

Our mission is to inspire others to place animal welfare first, to reach higher levels of care and respect, and to take action wherever animal welfare initiatives exist. Food Safety & QA We believe that food safety is fundamental to meat industry. Belmont performs routine comprehensive microbial testing for all of the typical food pathogens, including for E-coli prior and post production. Belmont implemented a whole-chain traceability system by providing real-time, transparent and reliable information from packer to finished product. Food Safety is #1 priority of our company. Safety begins with our partners and suppliers, whom we insist exceed our robust food safety approvals, remain current in their own safety initiatives, and comply with all regulatory certifications. Additionally, each phase of our production cycle is carefully monitored and protected using advanced safety technology, ensuring our customers and their brands receive the highest degree of safety at every step.

Our factory is federally inspected to meet the highest safety standards and we are HACCP and SQF certified. The result of such stringent and highly executed safety protocols, results in world-class safety innovation and risk management for brand owners. This attention to safe protein production is passed along to consumers, their families, and the generations to come. Rest assured, Belmont represents leadership in food safety, and our customers and consumers should feel extremely confident and safe with their protein choices. Safety In the Workplace Belmont established robust safety and health programs as one of the most effective ways of protecting our most valuable asset: our people.

AND WHAT ABOUT THE BUNS? Weston Foods Foodservice is one of Foodbuy’s preferred suppliers in the frozen breads category, and offers a variety of delicious hamburger, hot dog and sandwich bun choices for Foodbuy’s customers. Some of Weston’s top SKUs in the bun category are listed below. Click on the links for more information on each item.



Product Description



Bread Bun Ciabatta Slider 90/28 gm



Bread Bun Slider Top Slice 144/28 gm



Bun Brioche 1/72 ct



Bun Toaster Crunchy 1/72 ct



Bun Steak Spice 1/72 ct



Bread Roll Ciabatta Bun Sliced 4X4 80/90 gm



Bread Bun Ciabatta Sliced 3X7 80/100 gm


All But Gluten

Bun Hamburger Gluten Free 6/4 ct


WHERE CAN YOU FIND OUR PRODUCTS? Click on the distributor logos below to see item listings across the country.

Sysco A global leader in selling, marketing and distributing food products to restaurants, healthcare and educational facilities, lodging establishments and more, Sysco has partnered with Foodbuy for the past five years as a National distributor to ensure customers receive the quality products they need exactly when they need them. GFS For over 115 years, Gordon Food Service has established business alliances with the best purveyors in the business. As one of Foodbuy’s National distributors GFS works through companies that share our commitment to excellence and service - like Foodbuy - we provide you with even more of the high-quality products you expect.

Indicates general locations of Sysco distribution centers Indicates general locations of Gordon Food Service distribution centers

Foodbuy Feature: Ground Beef, Burgers and Buns  
Foodbuy Feature: Ground Beef, Burgers and Buns