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Market trends you should know about. BREAKFAST Breakfast accounts for 30% of sales and 50% of profits for some operators. Consumers love variety and grab-n-go. Offer portable meals that can be eaten one-handed like breakfast sandwiches, wraps, burritos, quesadillas and more. The healthy eating trend continues to grow and consumers are looking for nutritious options. Chicken and turkey are healthier choices and pair with all sorts of flavours, even at breakfast time! Learn more here.




Appetizers and small plates are becoming more popular as they fit with today’s lifestyle trends of downsizing portions and prices, sharing and sampling and on-the-go eating.

9 million Canadians are currently avoiding gluten and gluten-free requests are growing so fast that some schools now have a gluten-free menu policy.

5.7 million Canadians consider themselves golfers.

Certain food and ingredients can be harmful to our health. Reducing sodium intake is a common recommendation for seniors with high blood pressure or heart disease or those who want more healthier options.

Golf is more than a sort, it is a social occasion, and foodservice contributes to 25% of overall revenue at most golf courses.

33% of people eat appetizers as the starter to a meal. 33% also eat appetizers as their main meal. 45% of consumers replace daily meals with a snack. Soup and salads are great starters. 46% of consumers say they visit certain restaurants because they enjoy their soup and 90% of consumers will pay more for a salad with protein. Learn more here.

Choosing the right ingredients has a direct impact on your bottom-line. Olymel can help you ensure you have the ingredients to set you up for success.

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74% of Canadian golfers only play two rounds per year.

Many golfers like to begin their day at the crack of dawn. A quick breakfast sandwich or burrito ideal for them. A halfway snack shack is a big draw for golfers. Offer items like chicken tenders, wraps and sides.

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HOTELS The hospitality industry is evolving. Food and beverages now count for an important part of hotel revenues. | 2/3 of consumers prefer hotel catered events to be served buffet style. | Hotel diners spend an average of 11% more than non-hotel diners. | 62% of consumers visit the on-site restaurant at least once during the typical hotel stay. | 72% of locals would be willing to visit a hotel restaurant if it offered more unique food and beverages. | 2/3 of leisure travelers opt for hotels with complimentary breakfasts. | Learn more here.

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Foodbuy Feature Trends