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Introducing Macgregors With roots dating back to 1834, Macgregors Meat & Seafood is dedicated to serving up quality.

Ingredients to watch These six ingredients are the up-and-comers for your next menu items

The profitable patio Patios can take a lot of work. But if you pay attention to the details, you can easily create the best place to be this summer

oodservice THE BOTTOM LINE March 2021 | 1

back to business e m i t d e  lim offer M

1 y a M 5 1 h c r a

$5 rebate

on 20L BIBs!

Buy 4 12L BIBs (any flavour) and get an additional $5 rebate on every 20L BIB purchased R.I.B.A. will provide $5.00 rebate to customer after promo period ends

Contact your R.I.B.A. or Pepsi representative for details.

** This promotion is for Direct Pepsi Customers only Pepsi® PepsiCo, Inc. UsedLINE under licence. ©PepseCo BOTTOM March 2021 Canada ULC, 2012 2 | -THE

Foodbuy Foodservice

New customers and existing members are eligible. Broadline distribution (FSD) purchases do not qualify for this offer.





Introducing Macgregors

R.I.B.A. members can now take advantage of great pricing on Macgregors high quality meats

25 Take it to TikTok

If you aren’t using this social media app for your restaurant, you should be. And here’s why.

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Food for thought

Are you using the right ones?


in season

Check out our guide to see which is glove is the right fit for your job

Everything you need to know about fiddleheads, maple syrup and arugula — three must-have ingredients for your spring menu

5 From our VP 12 Marketing: The Big Idea


Marketing ideas you can use


Packed with anthocyanins, black-coloured ingredients are trending in Canadian independent restaurants


Money matters

Quick optimizations strategies for your establishment




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Dress up your fries

From comfort foods to healthy foods, here’s 6 trending items you should be incorporating into your menus in 2021

Adding or Switching Distributors?

R.I.B.A. retains the right to amend or negate any portion or part of this informative should there be an error or omission and re-publish the correct listing, rebate, article etc. in a future informative without liability.

Please notify the R.I.B.A. office if your restaurant has added or switched food distributors. This will ensure that there is no delay with your entitled rebate.

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BOTTOM LINEMarch March2021 THETHE BOTTOM LINE 2021 | |3 3

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As a Canadian, family-owned food distributor, we continue to celebrate the things that make us great as a nation with an emphasis on the environment, sustainability, accessibility and our communities. Whether it be supporting sustainable fishing, finding opportunities to reduce our carbon footprint or supporting worthwhile charities, we believe each step, large or small, is a step towards progress. This involves an array of activities such as pioneering Canada’s first Ammonia/C02 Brine refrigeration system which allowed us to drastically reduce our energy requirements. To learn more about Flanagan Foodservice and our environmental initiatives, please visit www.flanagan.ca.


4 | THE BOTTOM LINE March 2021


Growth and resurgence Firstly, we hope this note finds you well, and that you and your families have been staying safe and healthy over the winter months. I know we are looking forward to brighter, warmer days ahead and the possibilities of restrictions further lifted. In the very near future, you’ll be seeing changes to the format and content of The Bottom Line. It will serve as not only a R.I.B.A. publication, but will also be designed to expand our exposure within Foodbuy Foodservice or the Independent Channel. R.I.B.A. is evolving and our program’s integration within the Foodbuy Foodservice or Independent Channel program, allows us to target and facilitate a complete package for Members nationally. With over 10,000 members and the power of our parent company Compass Group, Foodbuy remains the largest foodservice procurement and supply chain solutions organization in North America. The added leverage will allow our procurement specialist to negotiate further opportunities for our Members, allowing them to maximize the return of their membership. COVID has played havoc within all of our businesses. Both Kerstin and I hate to use cliches but “we are seeing some sort of light at the end of the tunnel”. With partial openings in some areas of Canada, as well as a total lift in other areas, we are hopeful that the turbulent shut downs are behind us, and that our medical experts and immunization efforts will help curb this pandemic and get us back to some sort of normalcy within our daily routines. Our commitment as a Foodbuy company will remain focused

on our Members. We understand what you have been through, as many of us have been operators and have lived the life of an entrepreneur. Our dedicated staff of professionals are working not only on procurement but also on some exciting new technological advancements, including and not limited to Foodbuy Member Portal & Noma. These platforms will help to increase the effectiveness and communication to those we value and gratefully represent. Announcements will be made in the near future keeping everyone up to pace with our activities. We will also be utilizing e-blasts to communicate special deals, program updates, new program additions and more. As a member, you have the right to opt out of such emails but we strongly encourage taking a look at them and contacting our office for an analysis. We are also reaching out to many members with our Noma analysis on savings. Noma is a sophisticated proprietary software program which allows Foodbuy to look at your purchases and offer “like” products which will help grow your revenue. Lots on the go… stay tuned. Both Kerstin and myself would like to wish everyone a safe, healthy, prosperous and loving Spring and rest of the year. We are almost through this and respect the efforts everyone has put forth to get through this hopefully once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Sincerely, Chris Kyriakopoulos, Vice President, R.I.B.A. Kerstin Fulford, Director, Marketing & Communication - Foodbuy

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Food for thought Here’s three fresh in-season ingredients you can incorporate into your menus right now plus some interesting food fodder to feed your brain TIP: In salads, combing arugula with a sour taste such as lemon, vinegar or fresh/sundried tomatoes can cut through the leaf’s bitter taste and make a delicious pairing.

MAPLE SYRUP • It takes about 40 litres of sap to make one litre of maple syrup. Most trees only yield between 35 and 55 litres of sap in a season. • A tree takes about 40 years before it’s big enough to tap. • Only three of 13 species of maple trees native to Canada are used for syrup: Sugar maples, black maples and red maples. • Quebec produces two-thirds of the world’s syrup. • Stored properly, a sealed container of maple syrup can keep for several years. • Sap becomes maple syrup when it reaches 7- 1/2 degrees above the boiling point of water. At that point, it is 67% sugar. • To replace white sugar with maple syrup in general cooking, it is ideal to use ¾ cup of maple syrup for every one cup of sugar.



TIP: Table syrup (sometimes called pancake syrup or breakfast syrup) is easily confused with maple syrup and has a much cheaper price tag, but don’t be fooled. This product is made from flavoured high-fructose corn syrup and is dramatically milder in flavour.

• A fiddlehead is the tightly coiled frond of a young fern. • They have a very short season, which typically starts in April, and is why they are often expensive. • Fiddleheads get their name from the scrolled shape at the end of a violin. • The village of Tide Head in New Brunswick is the “Fiddlehead Capital of the World”. Plentiful crops of fiddleheads can be found growing along the shores of the Restigouche River and its islands. • Their taste has been described as a combination of artichokes, asparagus, and pine nuts. • Fiddleheads have very short lifespan, only lasting a few days.

6 | THE BOTTOM LINE March 2021

• Arugula is a cool-weather crop that can be planted as soon as the soil thaws in the spring. • It is also known by other names such as salad rocket, garden rocket, roquette, rucola, rugula, colewort. • It is known as ‘rocket’ simply because of its rocket-fast growth speed. • The fastest-maturing varieties can be harvested just 35 days after sowing. Most are ready after 50 days. • Best time of the day to harvest this leafy green is in the evening, when it’s cool and dry. Never harvest in full sun, because the hotter the greens are when picked, the faster they will wilt. Avoid harvesting in wet weather, as it makes the greens soggy. • Arugula has a nutty, peppery flavour.

TIP: Do not eat raw fiddleheads. Fiddleheads themselves are not toxic, but they may have bacteria stuck in their coils that can cause gastrointestinal illnesses. Boil or steam them first before consumption.



In today’s new environment, cleanliness and sanitation are at the forefront of the minds of customers and employees alike. You can count on Canadian Linen to provide uniform and supply services to help your business operate safely and efficiently. We can’t wait to be an extension of your team to help you deliver the dining experience your guests expect.



Table Cloth

Microfiber Towels


Floor Mats

Chef Wear

Contact your local representative to get started

Washable Preventive Mask

855-326-0940 canadianlinen.com THE BOTTOM LINE March 2021 | 7

At Macgregors, we are committed to the craft of supplying the most innovative, progressive and finest tasting meat & seafood


8 |



Beef continues to be the centre of attention on most menus, including ours. Seven generations of highly skilled butchers have culminated in Macgregors’ forward-thinking approach to state-of-the-art steak cutting. From custom hand-cut steaks, to portion control needs of multi-unit restaurants, to fresh and frozen single source grinds & burgers, we endeavor to be your THE BOTTOM LINE March 2021 first choice for beef and steak.

Our approach to seafood starts with dir responsibly managed wild capture fishe progressive aquaculturists. Whether it’s boutique seafood for cutting edge chefs needs of multi-unit restaurants, or priva and packaging, Macgregors delivers a ro approach to fit your business.


rect sourcing from eries and sustainable, s hand-selected s, or portion control ate label custom cutting obust, comprehensive



We welcome you to explore our single-source range of products designed for foodservice professionals. Certified Angus Beef® Steaks • Steakhouse Burgers • Breakfast Sausage • Pork Back Ribs • Bacon • Chicken Breasts • Atlantic Salmon • Black Tiger Shrimp • Lobster Tails ... and so much more

Macgregor rebates are per kilogram. So the more you buy, the more you save. Your R.I.B.A. sales representative can give you a tailored report on how much you will save when you make the switch to Macgregors. THE BOTTOM LINE March 2021 | 9

6 INGREDIENTS to watch in 2021 Looking to amp up the flavours on your menu? Here are six ingredients that will do that just. They are bright, bold and vibrant and are starting to make waves in the flavour universe.

1. FERMENTED HONEY Fermented honey is made when raw honey is exposed to added moisture and warmth. It is full of beneficial bacteria and known to improve digestion. Fermented honey has a rich, sharp taste – and smell. It is soft and frothy in appearance but has an added kick for the tastebuds. The taste and consistency make it ideal for lemonades or smoothies and great for breakfasts with natural yogurt, muesli or fruit.

Source: Datassential

10 | THE BOTTOM LINE March 2021

2. NIGELLA SEEDS These tiny little seeds can be found throughout the Middle East. They are hard and crunchy with a strong aroma and taste that has notes of onion, cumin, and oregano. They are also packed with antioxidants properties that can help with several inflammation issues, especially on the skin. These unique characteristics make Nigella seeds a great combination in savory dishes. Try pairing them with a spinach omelet, red onion salad or a barley risotto.

3. HONEYSUCKLE Honeysuckle is a wild plant/flower that foragers have been turning into syrup for years. Now chefs are discovering it as consumers continue to embrace floral flavors. Think of it as a next-level version of elderflower and use to make a simple syrup. Make drinks with it (teas, lemonades, cocktails) or desserts such as lemon pound cake.

5. SUDACHI Sudachi is a small, round, green citrus fruit popular in Japan. Because it is sour, it is not eaten as fruit, but used as a food flavoring in place of lemon or lime. It’s starting to make waves in North America as a next-level version of yuzu, often in drinks (particularly cocktails) or as an acidic finish to Asian-inspired meat and veggie entrees.

4. CAROB Carob comes from pods from carob trees, that are native to the Mediterranean. The ripe pods contain a sweet pulp that is dried, roasted, and then ground into a powder. At one time, carob was touted as a healthier replacement for chocolate, but then fell off the radar for a number of years. Carob is less bitter than chocolate and has a roasted, naturally sweet flavor, which doesn’t require any extra sugar added to it. Carob also happens to be caffeinefree and high in fiber. Chefs and consumers are now giving carob a new look as they seek out more health-driven, natural, plant-based alternatives. Look for everything from carob flour to carob molasses in drinks, bars, baked goods, and beyond.

6. CHICORY ROOT You’ve probably heard of chicory, as it’s been used in cooking for centuries and is commonly used to make coffee alternatives. But the root has been trending lately as consumers seek out caffeinefree coffee alternatives. A number of innovative coffee brands have introduced chicory options to their menu or product line, which bodes well for future mainstream growth. Further into the future, expect to see it show up in more baked goods and desserts.

THE BOTTOM LINE March 2021 | 11


The big idea Sometimes you need to think outside of the box. Take note of these successful marketing stunts ... Then find a way to turn them around into something you can use in your own restaurant.

SAY ‘I DO’ AND DRIVE THRU! Dunkin’ Donuts opened up the ‘I Do Drive Thru’ this past Valentine’s Day. Couples were able to have a renewal or commitment ceremony with the one-day only drive-up wedding service. They also opened an online store with wedding-themed merchandise. This was the first Valentine’s Day we’ve had during the pandemic, when lock-downs and social distancing have become the norm. Dunkin’s campaign reflected the needs of consumers who were looking for different ways to celebrate holidays. The campaign gave people a reason to get out the house, a unique and memorable way to celebrate the day, and a way to do it safely. Oh, and of course they boosted their sales as a result.

SHARING IS CARING Burger King France may have just pulled off the biggest and best sharing campaign since the pandemic began. While restaurants were closed in France in January, Burger King did not post any of its own pictures on its Instagram handle, which boasts 328,000 followers. Instead, it posted pictures and names of menu items from other restaurants. The company said the effort was intended to show solidarity with the restaurant industry; giving a boost to many small independent restaurants on the verge of failing after repeated shutdowns during the pandemic.

INFLUENCER MARKETING Chipotle has partnered with Shawn Mendes and the Shawn Mendes Foundation to launch “Wonder Grants” supporting young innovators in sustainability, as well as a “Shawn Mendes Bowl” on the Chipotle menu for a limited time in the U.S. and Canada. For every bowl that it sells, Chipotle will donate $1 to the Shawn Mendes Foundation, which highlights and supports causes important to younger generations This campaign highlights how restaurants can make a difference in the world, and by using influencers, attract consumers to join in the cause. ~R.I.B.A.

12 | THE BOTTOM LINE March 2021

Make the most of Limited Time Offers The upcoming spring months are providing us with ample opportunities to launch some great Limited Time Offers (LTOs). Stretch your imagination to come up come new creatives for celebrating any of these days. Daylight savings Time: How about a coffee promotion for those weary from missing an hour of sleep. Serve some Easter eggs your way for a timely offer. Or how about a special beer and burger combo for National Beer Day? No matter how you do it, here’s a few tips to keep in mind when planning your LTOs. • Start with your brand as your guiding principle • Set a goal with it (cheque average, new customers, brand extension) • Test recipes in your kitchen with your back-of-house staff • You should start promoting your LTO with as much as 30 days prior to availability. MARCH 3: National Moscow Mule Day 4: National Poundcake Day 6: National Oreo Day 8: International Women’s Day 9: National Meatball Day 13: National Chicken Noodle Soup Day 14: Daylight Savings Time begins 15: National Peanut Lovers’ Day 17: St. Patrick’s Day 20: First Day of Spring 22: World Water Day 25: International Waffle Day 28: Palm Sunday 27: World Whisky Day 28: National Black Forest Cake Day 30: National Hot Chicken Day APRIL 1: April Fool’s Day 2: Good Friday 4: Easter Sunday 4: International Carrot Day 7: National Beer Day 12: Ramadan begins 12: National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day

14: National Pecan Day 16: National Eggs Benedict Day 17: National Cheeseball Day 22: Earth Day 23: National Cherry Cheesecake Day 25: National Zucchini Bread Day 26: National Pretzel Day 27: National Prime Rib Day MAY 1: Kentucky Derby 4: Star Wars Day 4: National Homebrew Day National Hoagie Day 5: Cinco de Mayo, National Enchilada Day 6: National Crepe Suzette Day 9: Mother’s Day 11: National “Eat What You Want” Day 13: National Apple Pie Day 15: National Chocolate Chip Day 16: National Barbecue Day 21: National Strawberries and Cream Day 24: Victoria Day 25: National Wine Day

Employee Benefits

Renewal Summary

Looking for savings on your employee benefit program? Here are three ways that the R.I.B.A. program has you covered. The program was custom made to meet the needs of today’s hospitality industry.

Rate Stability

• Pooling of claims to allow you to spread your risk • 4 consecutive years with no rate change

Flexible Plan Options • Three tiers of flex coverage — Gold/Silver/Bronze • Including vision and orthodontic options

Pay-direct claim services • Immediate processing of your benefits claims • Drug – eClaim services • Dental – eClaim services • Paramedical Practitioner – eClaim services • Vision care services – eClaim services

Get a free quote today On-line Employee Self Service Tools

Employee access to their plan documents and claims with: • Web services • Mobile app services

Kevin Routley Selectpath Benefits & Financial kevinr@selectpath.ca 1-888-327-5777

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The colour black Packed with anthocyanins, black-coloured ingredients are trending in Canadian independent restaurants

This trend is a continuance of last year’s trend of purple-packed fare (which included purple corn, purple potato, ume, purple kale, etc.). In addition to their nutritional benefits, these ingredients bring a visual wow factor. While activated charcoal and squid ink pastas have found some momentum in previous years, other dark ingredients are more up and coming. Black salt, garlic, kale and ash are among the ingredients we’re watching in independent restaurants. Here are some examples:

ROASTED BEET SALAD Simply delicious with black and scarlet kale, roasted beetroot, pickled eggplant, avocado, artichoke, red onion, tomato and shaved Parmesan ~ Holy Grill in Calgary

PALOMITA This refreshing cocktail is made with Herradura tequila, reposado, Otto’s Athens vermouth, lime, grapefruit cordial, black salt and soda ~ Constantine in Toronto

STEAK TARTARE A must try with black goat cheese and potato chips ~ St. Lawrence Restaurant in Vancouver

BLACK GARLIC Look for Black garlic to be big in 2021. It’s a type of aged garlic which gets it’s colour from the Maillard reaction, or caramelization, not fermentation. Sweet and sticky with an almost figgy texture, these matured cloves are more mellow than fresh garlic.

~Source: Technomic Ignite menu data

14 | THE BOTTOM LINE March 2021

A leading supplier of


Premium Quality Oils, Shortenings & Margarines

HEART HEALTHY 0 TRANS FATS NON-HYDROGENATED Saporito Foods is focused on offering a full assortment of products to service your every cooking, frying and baking need, and your complete cuisine requirements with competitively priced, high quality products which are ideal choices in your kitchen and recipes.


THE BOTTOM LINE March 2021 | 15


dress up your

FRIES Everyone loves fries. The perfect french fry - crispy on the outside, soft, fluffy on the inside. Tossed with a little salt. Elevated with a little seasoning. And then along comes poutine. Oh, that ooey gooey goodness of gravy, cheese curds and fries. It’s a whole new love connection. But let’s not stop there! Let’s take those fries over the top with some new combinations. The options are endless. The flavour profiles can be tantalizing. So don’t keep your fries on the sidelines. McCains® has come up with these great recipes to move them to the main spotlight.

CANADIAN CHEESEBURGER LOADED FRIES I​rresistible! A loaded cheeseburger and fries all in one bite.

INGREDIENTS 1 bag McCain® Extra Crispy Straight Cut Superfries® 1 lb ground beef 1 cup shredded cheddar cheese ½ cup tomatoes, chopped 1 dill pickle, sliced ¼ cup red onion, small dice Ketchup, to taste Mustard, to taste DIRECTIONS Cook fries as desired. In a frying pan, cook ground beef until brown and crispy or until temperature reaches 71C (160F). Divide fries into serving dishes, or use one big platter. Top with ground beef, shredded cheese, tomatoes, pickles, onion, ketchup and mustard.

16 | THE BOTTOM LINE March 2021

STEAKHOUSE NACHOS ​​ platter of crispy oven-baked McCain® A Seasoned Waffle Fries topped with strips of thin-sliced, grilled steak with Montreal steak seasoning, diced onions, drizzled with steak house ranch, chopped scallions and diced tomatoes with blue cheese crumbles.

INGREDIENTS 1 bag McCain® Seasoned Waffle Fries



10 ounces strip steak 1 tablespoon Montreal steak seasoning

Get a smart start to your day with this hunger busting burrito.

¼ cup steak sauce

Makes 1 burrito

​​​ Enjoy this delicious and flavourful Pad Thai inspired recipe — the perfect combination of Thai heat and vibrant flavours!

¼ cup ranch dressing


½ cup small tomatoes, diced, seeds removed

McCain® Seasoned Crinkle Fries

¼ cup blue cheese, crumbled 3 pieces chopped scallions DIRECTIONS

1 turkey sausage patty 1 egg, scrambled 1 10” whole-grain tortillas

Cook Waffle Fries as desired.

1 tablespoon small-diced red bell peppers

Season strip steak with Montreal steak seasoning and cook to desired temperature, set aside and cool slightly for 10 minutes.

1 tablespoon low-fat cheese, shredded

Slice steak into thin strips. Mix ranch dressing and steak sauce thoroughly to make sauce drizzle. Place fries on serving platter and drizzle with steak house ranch. Arrange the sliced, grilled steak on top of the fries. Top with blue cheese crumbles, diced tomatoes and scallions.

¼ cup salsa DIRECTIONS Prepare turkey sausage patties according to package directions, chop and set aside. Cook fries as desired. Cook scrambled eggs with the diced peppers to desired consistency. Warm whole-grain flour tortillas for 45 seconds in the microwave for easier folding. In the center of one tortilla, place about 8-10 fries, the scrambled egg with diced red bell pepper, the shredded cheese and the chopped sausage. Fold bottom of tortilla up, covering the ingredients, then fold in the sides of the tortilla over the initial fold. Serve with salsa on the side.

Recipes from McCains For more inspiration, go to mccain.ca/en/recipes

INGREDIENTS 1 cup bean sprouts, washed and dried 1 bag McCain® Superfries® Crinkle Cut Handful of cilantro, finely chopped 2 green onions, finely chopped 1 Tbsp crushed peanuts, to sprinkle 2 lime wedges Pinch of salt For Sriracha Mayo: ¼ cup mayo ¼ cup Sriracha sauce Squeeze of lime to taste DIRECTIONS ​ ook fries as desired. Toss with a pinch of C salt, then transfer to a serving dish. Top fries with bean sprouts and a drizzle of Sriracha mayo. Top with cilantro and green onion. Garnish with lime wedges and sprinkle with crushed peanuts. Serve with a squeeze of lime and a side of sriracha mayo for dipping. To make Sriracha Mayo Whisk together mayo and sriracha sauce until well combined . Transfer to a squeeze bottle to lightly drizzle over fries.​

THE BOTTOM LINE March 2021 | 17


Sysco is Canada’s largest foodservice distributor and we know how important food is to communities from coast-to-coast. So, whether you’re looking for operational advice or a premium selection of fresh produce, meat or seafood, Sysco has all the essentials you need to navigate along the road to recovery.

Learn More at: Sysco.ca/Recover 18 | THE BOTTOM LINE March 2021

Money matters

Quick optimization strategies As food and beverage operations are adapting to the new normal, management is continually looking for ways to optimize their operations. Here are some simple ways to advance your enterprise in the short-term.

RATIONALIZE PRODUCTS AND SIMPLIFY MENUS Reduce menu complexity or product redundancy by streamlining like products. Eliminate similar products across type, style, application, or manufacturer brands where the set dilutes purchasing power. It is smart to rationalize product lists so operators are ordering items that provide the most value to your organization during times of uncertainty. A simplified menu can reduce dependency on many expensive products, reduce instances of waste or spoilage, further optimize labor and may better fit unique conditions.

STANDARDIZE PRODUCTS Ensure streamlined products are standardized and operators execute upon standardization. Information like specs, size, cut, weight, etc. should be provided to operators on standardized products the whole organization should order. Harnesses the purchasing power of the organization to ensure cost benefits are maintained for a longer period with less dilution over time.

FOCUS ON PRODUCT SELECTION AND CONVERSION Review products for necessity and application and make prudent choices on “want” v. “need”. Adapt and convert key product selections as necessary. Converting to contracted items lowers net costs and ensures continuity of supply. In periods of supply chain uncertainty it is important to change purchasing patterns to include more cost effective and stable items that are more widely available.

PURCHASE CONTRACTED PRODUCTS Utilize your resources to analyze purchase data and pursue contracted pricing with suppliers to the greatest extent possible. Contracted pricing is usually the most cost-effective option amongst procurement activities, resulting in savings and cost stability.

STANDARDIZE LABOR Optimize labor costs through product selection and Back of House (BOH) processes. Drives overall cost savings, increases product yield, reduces labor hours around prep and line production and better ensures product safety, quality and consistency. Evaluate Current Service Programs Evaluate all service programs and contact suppliers to discuss suspension or reduction of variable cost services such as Waste Hauling, Armored Car, Uniform/Textile rental and laundering programs, Oil filtration and cleaning services.

EVALUATE CURRENT SERVICE PROGRAMS Evaluate all service programs and contact suppliers to discuss suspension or reduction of variable cost services such as Waste Hauling, Armored Car, Uniform/Textile rental and laundering programs, Oil filtration and cleaning services.

THE BOTTOM LINE March 2021 | 19


Which glove is right for you? GLOVE

The right glove, for the right task, at the right price


Easy-on, easy-off, breathable glove

Stretch poly

Cost efficient and more dexterity than regular poly


Tight fitting, increased dexterity and can be used near heat

Juice Shops • Synthetic • Vinyl • Poly

Quick Service • Vinyl • Stretch Poly • Poly


Tight, increased flexibility over vinyl can be used near heat


Sub Shops

Fine Dining

Food Trucks

• Nitrile • Synthetic • Vinyl

• Black Nitrile • Vinyl



• Nitrile • Synthetic • Vitrile

20 | THE BOTTOM LINE March 2021

Bar Area

• Synthetic • Vinyl • Stretch Poly


• Vinyl • Stretch Poly • Poly

• Vinyl • Stretch Poly • Poly

• Vinyl • Stretch Poly • Poly



High-quality synthetic gloves with a unique blend of nitrile and vinyl


• Black Nitrile • Vinyl • Vitrile


• Vinyl • Stretch Poly • Poly


• Vinyl • Stretch Poly • Poly

• Black Nitrile • Vinyl • Stretch Poly

• Synthetic • Vinyl • Stretch Poly


Coffee Shops

C Store

• Vinyl • Stretch Poly • Poly



Highest durability, works well with chemicals and near heat


• Nitrile • Synthetic • Stretch Poly • Vitrile

• Synthetic • Vinyl • Poly


• Nitrile • Synthetic • Vitrile

• Vinyl • Stretch Poly • Poly

Janitorial • Nitrile • Synthetic • Vitrile

Notification of High Liner Haddock & Cod Disruption Recent COVID outbreaks in various regions of China have led to temporary, regional lock-downs affecting interruptions to Haddock and Pacific Cod products. Shortages are expected to last from March through June. To Our Valued Customers, We have expressed in previous communications our commitment to keeping you informed of any potential impacts the Covid-19 pandemic may have on products we supply you. As such, we are notifying you of potential supply interruptions on Chinese-sourced Haddock and Pacific Cod SKUs. Recent Covid-19 outbreaks in various Chinese regions have led to temporary, regional lockdowns and the resultant temporary closures of seafood processing facilities in Qingdao, Dalian and other major seafood processing hubs. Like many other manufacturers, High Liner Foods has numerous processing partners in those affected regions. We anticipate those shutdowns will cause supply interruptions, which are expected to be isolated to Haddock and Pacific Cod products. High Liner Foods’s inventory of Haddock and Pacific Cod SKUs will be impacted from March through May or early June. As a result of the pending supply constraints, and to protect the forecasted needs of our customers, all impacted SKUs have been placed on allocation and will remain on allocation until further notice. We understand the frustration this challenge presents you, and we are exploring all options to mitigate supply interruptions including increased production in other regions and countries. Unfortunately, we have no feasible short-term solution to close the expected supply gap, but we will keep you informed of any changes to the current situation. Your local High Liner Foods representative will be working to keep you informed of possible substitution options as needed throughout the expected short supply period. Regards, Tom Rupkey Vice President, North American Foodservice Sales, High Liner Foods

Products currently facing shortages Fillets IQF 4 oz Haddock Fillets IQF 5 oz Haddock Fillets IQF 8 oz Haddock Fillets SP MSC 8-12 oz Haddock Loins SVP 2 oz Haddock Loins SVP 3 oz Haddock Loins SVP 4 oz Haddock Loins SVP 5 oz Restaurant Cut Haddock Portions 3 oz Restaurant Cut Haddock Portions 4 oz To view the complete list with suggested replacement products, SKUs and distributor info, click here.

THE BOTTOM LINE March 2021 | 21


The profitable patio As summer approaches, now is the time to start thinking about how you are going to set up your outdoor patio space and optimize its profitability. Being outside and enjoying the summer with your tables can lead to great days and nights and great tips, but there’s alot that must be taken into consideration to have it running smoothly and enticing customers to your tables. First off, before anything you decide, make sure you are taking into account any local or provincial regulations regarding patios at restaurants or bars. Many rules and regulations have changed since the start of the pandemic, so always check with your local government before opening A few things you might want to look into: • Can you make your outdoor patio dog-friendly? • Is smoking allowed? • Can you serve alcohol or offer guests BYOB service? • What permits do you need to add electric and plumbing to your outdoor patio? • What are the noise ordinances in your area?

DESIGN YOUR SPACE A small patio may not allow for anything more than a few single tables, but if you are lucky enough to have a larger area, you can put more thought into how you want your space to be used. You could transform your space into a cozy lounge with couches and a fire pit. Is there enough room to have a DJ or solo artist area? Think of those summer nights under the stars where guests can enjoy a drink with some live music. You might want to incorporate an outdoor bar station. Offerings could include specialty cocktails for patio only. You could promote a cocktail in a patio glass that patrons can take home. If you aren’t big on the bar scene, how about a coffee bar serving up patio cappuccinos? Have a showcase of some yummy treats to go with coffees - tempting for the eyes and quick to grab. 22 | THE BOTTOM LINE March 2021

If you have the room, bring your kitchen outdoors. Bring out a pizza oven, or a grill for burgers and ribs. The mouthwatering aromas of fresh made food will entice passerbys to come in for a bite. Who can resist seeing and smelling a burger being cooked without indulging in one!

Light it up

PREPARE FOR THE DOWNFALLS While it’s nice to picture a comfy, cozy successful patio, you’ve also got to prepare for all the pitfalls that you will face at some point. For starters, there’s rain. Do your bylaws allow you to have a tent over your patio? And then there’s the blazing hot sun. Make sure you have a good supply of table umbrellas for those that don’t like sitting in the sunshine. Bonus use for umbrellas: String them with lights for a cozy atmosphere at night. In contrast to the hot days, there will be chilly nights. Patio heaters come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to fit any patio setting. And they can be utilized to extend your patio season into the fall. Where there’s food and people, there’s bound to be some pesky friends dropping by - flies, wasps, mosquitoes, ants and maybe even a squirrel or two. Stay diligent with your cleaning routine when it comes to spilled drinks. Ensure fresh fruit is stored in containers with secure lids. Keep juices covered when possible. Install bug zappers or sprays to rid your patio of bees, wasps, mosquitoes, and flies. Be quick to clear away unfinished food after guests have gone and keep food swept off the floor. Comfy seating is a must! If you want your guests to stay for any length of time (and return) give them a good, comfy sturdy seat. Make sure to stay on top of the cleaning, as dust and dirt are more apt to blow in and settle on your outside furniture. As you can see, there’s alot to keep in mind for a successful patio, but creating the right atmosphere will pave the way for your success, and give you a boost your bottom line. ~R.I.B.A.

Heat it up

Cover it up

Customize it



Sink & Surface Cleaner Sanitizer

30-SECOND Norovirus & Emerging Viral Pathogens Claim*

Introducing the only 2-in-1 food contact cleaner sanitizer concentrate with a 30-second Norovirus and emerging viral pathogens claim.* Let your team clean and sanitize surfaces faster in both the back and front of house in one simple step. Now you can feel confident in your cleaning procedures, meeting compliance, and getting back to business.

Streamline your clean. 6102046 Sink & Surface Cleaner Sanitizer

*COVID-19 is caused by SARS-CoV-2. SMARTPOWER Sink & Surface Cleaner Sanitizer kills similar viruses and therefore can be used against SARS-CoV-2 when used in accordance with the directions for use against COVID-19 on hard, non-porous surfaces. Refer to the Health Canada website at: https://www.canada.ca/en/health-canada/services/drugs-health-products/disinfectants/covid-19/ products-accepted-under-interim-measure.html for additional information.

FOOD CONTACT SAFE EPA Registered Food Contact Sanitizer

2-IN-1 SOLUTION Cleaner & Sanitizer Means Less Steps

©2020 Ecolab USA Inc. All rights reserved.

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Social Media

Take it to TikTok If you’re not using TikTok, you should be. TikTok is one of the fastest-growing media channels worldwide, and a platform that you should really consider utilizing to promote yourself. TikTok videos run no longer than 1 minute, making them easy for viewers to share across social media. And you don’t need fancy editing or directing skills to create videos that promote your restaurant. Here’s a few ideas you can use that harness the power of TikTok to market your restaurant, no matter where you are located, the size of your team or the type of food you serve. • Go behind the scenes: Showing people how your back of the house operates makes them feel like a part of your community. • Introduce menu items • Show how a menu item is made • Share a recipe • Create a challenge: Hashtag challenges are great way to get TikTok users involved. In fact, they are a key feature of the platform’s community. Essentially, users film a short video related to the subject of the challenge and include a hashtag with the name of the challenge in the post. There’s no sure fire formula for making a video go viral, but building your followers will increase your odds of getting there. Keep your messages simple and easy to understand. Throw in some humor or elements of surprise. And always have plenty of personality in the mix. And remember to upload your videos with some regularity. Influencer marketing can help supplement your efforts. For instance, you could partner with local foodies and have them post about their experiences at your establishment. This will help extend your reach to their followers and will hopefully increase your fan base. Be sure to let the influencers create their own content, as they know what resonates with their followers. ~R.I.B.A.

Challenge Much of the TikTok ecosystem revolves around viral “challenges.” Chipotle capitalized on this last summer with its lid flip challenge, prompting users to post videos of themselves flipping their burrito bowl lids atop the bowl. It generated record-breaking digital sales day for the chain.

Humour Zoup Eatery gained TikTok fame thanks tto their “12 Days of Christmas” parody. Each day, a new employee was featured adding a line to the song. After the sixth video in the series, over 1 million people were watching. By the time the twelfth day was posted, the account had almost 100,000 followers and millions of views.

Behind the scenes 17-year-old Morgann Book from Ancaster has become a Tik Tok sensation with her viral Dairy Queen videos. Her videos, which show her decorating cakes, making blizzards and other DQ faves, have helped increase store sales at a time when most eateries are seeing sales drop amidst Covid shutdowns.

Menu items Tahinis Restaurants campaign showcases a different meal being eaten every day... and they are up to well over 100 days. It’s working for them... they’ve amassed over 53K followers.

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Foodbuy Foodservice


We’ve United! Foodbuy has entered into an agreement with United Restaurant Supplies for which R.I.B.A. members can take full advantage! Contact your R.I.B.A. representative to find out how you can save with United

United works with 550+ suppliers to provide you with the smallwares and light equipment needed to outfit your food & beverage operation with both front and back of house items. • Dinnerware • Table accessories • Flatware • Glassware • Buffet and catering • Dining room supplies • Beverage service • Bar supplies • Utensils • Cookware • Food storage • Light equipment • Carts, racks, shelving • Cleaning supplies THE BOTTOM LINE March 2021 | 27

Consumer confidence is expected to dip in double-digit e-commerce sales growth is se Historically overshadowed by the neighboring U.S. online shopping market, Canada is now forging its own, mobile-first e-commerce identity Historically, Canada has punched below its economic weight when it comes to e-commerce. This is changing as digital and physical infrastructure improves. Double-digit sales growth is projected to 2023, as consumers migrate to online shopping as a result of restrictions to physical retail imposed by COVID-19. Initial reticence to spend beyond the essentials at the height of the crisis will likely be replaced with slowly growing consumer confidence by 2023.

Ramping Up Mobile and Delivery Capabilities will be Key Sales Drivers Business-to-consumer e-commerce value Forecasted CAGR for 2019-2023 is 15%

$46 Billion

Incoming merchants benefit strongly from an existing, well-established culture of cross-border e-commerce. Offering prompt, reliable delivery may help put merchants ahead of their competition as delivery speeds have become unpredictable due to order volumes rising as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic. With both mobile commerce and digital wallets rising in prominence, getting these features right will be key to success with Canadian consumers. Sales drop off if mobile interfaces are weak, so delivering strong app-based shopping features in both English and French is essential. Canada is an advanced economy, but its e-commerce market has been relatively slow to develop. Right now, e-commerce represents just 8.6 percent of total retail sales. However, e-commerce sales are growing faster than in many other Western countries. The past two years have seen business-to-consumer e-commerce growth of 18.3 percent in 2018 and 17.5 percent in 2019.Looking ahead, this upwards trajectory is expected to continue at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15 percent to 2023. This projection is underpinned by Canada’s relatively low baseline for e-commerce uptake and citizens migrating to online shopping during the COVID-19 pandemic. Positive attitudes towards e-commerce are also rapidly increasing. Prior to the crisis, the majority (79 percent) of Canadian adults said they spent only 20 percent or less of their total shopping budget online. By April 2020, more than a third of these people (38 percent) said they intended to spend more than this once the pandemic had passed. In addition, the percentage of Canadian consumers who make at least 40 percent of their purchases online rose to 19 percent by April 2020, compared with just 8 percent prior to the pandemic. The country’s proximity to the U.S. may explain Canada’s modest e-commerce position to-date. Local businesses have found it hard to compete with the behemoth U.S. e-commerce market for price, choice and website sophistication. Domestic merchants are therefore still building their capabilities when it comes to delivery, returns and the online consumer experience. The pandemic also caused delays to e-commerce delivery times, as order volumes spiked. National postal service, Canada Post, reported that it was delivering more than 1.8 million parcels a day in April, similar to peak delivery days during the Christmas season. 28 | THE BOTTOM LINE March 2021


$54.5 Billion


$64 Billion


• Canada is lagging behind other advanced economies in terms of its e-commerce penetration. Just 73 percent of the population have shopped online in Canada, compared with 81 percent in the wider North America region. As physical and digital infrastructure improves, this figure is set to grow. • The Canadian economy is projected to shrink by 5.7 percent in 2020 before regaining ground in 2021 and 2022, and e-commerce will follow a similar trend. Gains made in areas such as online groceries are being offset by a major collapse in online sales of event tickets, flights and hotels. • The country looks set to shift away from a reliance on U.S. brands and products as local merchants develop and refine their e-commerce capabilities. Domestic brands that focused on physical retail will be forced to develop their e-commerce offerings in the wake of the social distancing imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. • Canada is a country of strong geographical contrasts, featuring major global cities and highly remote regions. This will shape the way the e-commerce market develops. Despite present challenges, delivery speeds are gradually increasing: in the past year, same-day and next-day delivery available seven days a week was launched by major Canadian courier Purolator in key cities. It is expected that 50 percent of the delivery market in Canada will be direct-to-home by 2025.By this point, citizens will expect evening and weekend delivery to be readily available.

For more information, please contact your Chase representative.


2020, but Canada’s et to continue

Apps Take the Lead for Mobile Commerce Canada business-to-consumer mobile commerce market


Mobile Commerce Now Takes a Third of E-commerce Market and is Growing Rapidly Forecast of mobile commerce market size Forecasted CAGR for 2019-2023 is 15.3%

$21.2 Billion

$22 Billion



$27.3 Billion


$32 Billion

$37.4 Billion


E-commerce completed on a mobile device

Mobile commerce completed in-app

49% Mobile commerce completed on a browser

• Apps are the preferred way to access smartphone-based shopping. Merchants with intuitive, clearly designed shopping apps will place themselves at an advantage. These apps must compete with the likes of Amazon, eBay and Walmart for ease of use. • Younger demographics tend to pick Android devices as their smartphone of choice, which appeal to cost-conscious consumers. Smartphone ownership is at 94% for 15–34-year-olds, 69 percent for 55–64-year-olds and just 18 percent for those aged 75 and above. • As a consequence of COVID-19, the Canadian government has launched a CAD57.6 million (US$42.4 million) e-commerce investment program to enable Canadian merchants to invest in desktop and mobile sites, apps and online payment systems. This could drive higher e-commerce uptake once consumer confidence returns.



• At present, a third of e-commerce transactions are completed on a mobile device (33 percent). Shopping on smartphones is a key driver of the Canadian e-commerce market, with mobile commerce predicted to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 15.3 percent to 2023. • Beyond 2020, mobile commerce will be boosted by the ongoing rollout of 5G across Canada. At present, coverage in cities is taking precedence. Canada has postponed the next 5G spectrum auction until June 2021, as it prioritized delivering existing connectivity during the 2020 pandemic. • As with other fast-developing markets, digital wallets and mobile commerce are performing well. However, converting browsing to sales on mobile is still tough due to poorlydeveloped mobile commerce interfaces. Merchants that provide intuitive app and mobile-based shopping functions may therefore be able to leapfrog the competition.

Digital Wallets Grow in Prominence Digital wallet 18% Bank transfer 11% Cash 5%

Other 2%

Card 65%


Digital wallet 21% Bank transfer 12% Cash 4%

Other 1%

Card 63%


• Cards are the most popular way to pay and should be a priority for merchants. Digital wallets are also growing in use, supported by the growth in smartphone-based shopping. In the alternative payments market, PayPal dominates. However, as mobile commerce increases, new alternative payment options may quickly emerge. Contactless forms of payment could increase as virus transmission concerns mean physical payment methods decline in use. • Canada’s strong economy and consumers’ willingness to shop on credit make it a favorable market for merchants. Like the U.S., credit card use is strong, with 2.24 cards per capita, compared with just 0.85 debit cards. • Bank transfers are also a small but significant part of the Canadian online payments market. Domestic scheme Interac is popular, and is a business-to-consumer and customer-to-customer funds transfer service.

March 2021 | 29 Chase and the Octagon logo are registered trademarks of JPMorgan Chase Bank,THE N.A.BOTTOM © 2021LINE JPMorgan Chase & Co.

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kelloggsoutofhome.ca PRODUCT CODE




Keebler® Crackers 72044

Zesta® Crackers (2 count Salted)

500/6 g


Zesta® Crackers (2 count Unsalted)

500/6 g

Contact your KELLOGG REPRESENTATIVE ..................................................................................... Foodbuy/R.I.B.A. sales representative EMAIL ..........................................................PHONE ............................................. for more information. KELLOGG CANADA SALES CONTACT

*© 2021, Trademark of Kellogg Company used under licence by Kellogg Canada Inc. ® Trademark of Keebler Company used under licence.

Made with our tried and true recipe, Zesta® Crackers are baked to perfection with a texture that is delightfully crispy. They are a must-have for comfort foods like soups and chilli but can also be used for salads, or topped with spreads, dips, meats and cheeses. THE BOTTOM LINE March 2021 | 31

You could be losing out on money. Are you doing business with, switched to or added one or more of the distributors below? Have you let the R.I.B.A. office or R.I.B.A. representative know your new account number?

If not, you’re missing out on money. We cannot process your manufacture rebates without knowing your distributor account numbers. Your account number aligns you to our program for the sake of retrieving your velocities needed to invoice the manufactures for your entitled money.

Contact us today Nancy Rasic Administrative Assistant Nancy.Rasic@foodbuy.ca 519.668.3396 ext. 208 Toll Free (Ontario) 1-888-320-RIBA (7422)



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Lightly battered premium Pacific White Shrimp. Stays crisp even when sauced. Freezer to plate in 3 minutes.

For more information, please visit our website at www.oceanjewelseafood.com or contact our THE BOTTOM LINE March 2021 | 33 Ontario Sales office for information at 905-792-9700 ext. 4426

In the News STARBUCKS IS GETTING SERIOUS ABOUT PLANTS Starbucks, the Seattle-based coffee giant, which has been growing it’s menu of plantbased options in the past several months, is taking its strategy a step further, with a plantbased location. The company has a location in Seattle with a menu that is 100% plant-based. CEO Kevin Johnson said they are using it as a sort of test area to innovate and create things. “The No. 1 trend that I would highlight here is just the consumer shift and consumer preferences around plant-based.” Starbucks clearly believes that plant-based items are not only here to stay but are growing as a category. “Probably the most dominant shift in consumer behavior is this whole shift to plant-based,” Johnson said. “And that is a shift both in beverage and food.”

SKIP HITS BACK AT DELIVERY FEE CAP SkipTheDishes has introduced a new fee on orders made through its platform in B.C. in response to the province’s temporary cap on the fees third-party delivery services charge restaurants, which went into effect on December 22. In late December, the B.C. government capped the amount delivery services can charge restaurants at 15 per cent for three months in a bid to help restaurants hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. SkipTheDishes is now charging a temporary ‘B.C. Fee’ of $0.99 on orders in the province. A message to users in B.C. reads in part: “To continue to provide you with the food you love from your favourite restaurants while providing earning opportunities for independently contracted couriers, you will now see a charge added to all orders in B.C. until the order is lifted.” The B.C. government has officially condemned the new consumer-facing fee, indicating that it is seeking legal advice regarding further action to address the surcharge. “When people are trying to stay home and stay safe while eating local, charging another fee on top of delivery is ridiculous,” Premier John Horgan stated on twitter.

34 | THE BOTTOM LINE March 2021

SECOND CUP SALE Aegis Brands Inc. has signed a deal to sell its specialty-coffee brand Second Cup Coffee Co. operations to Quebec-based Foodtastic Inc. The company says the sale price includes $14 million in cash, plus a post-closing earn-out. Foodtastic, a leader in the restaurant franchising business with over 130 restaurants and $240 million in annualized sales, is the franchiser of multiple restaurant concepts including, Au Coq, La Belle et La Boeuf, Monza, Carlos & Pepe’s, Souvlaki Bar, Nickels, Rotisseries Benny, Chocolato, Big Rig and Bacaro.

PLANT-BASE GROWTH SPURT According to a report by Technavio, the plantbased meat market size will grow by USD 3.17 billion during 2020-2024, and the market’s growth momentum will accelerate during the forecast period because of the steady increase in year-over-year growth. North America was the largest plant-based meat market in 2019, and the region will offer several growth opportunities to market vendors during the forecast period.

NEW FOOD STUDIES DEGREE George Brown’s Centre for Hospitality & Culinary Arts has launched the first four-year Honours Bachelor of Food Studies degree in Canada. This new program will combine culinary arts with a comprehensive food studies curriculum. The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted many challenges and issues in the food system, including distribution, labour issues, the cost of food, and food insecurity. The Honours Bachelor of Food Studies degree program will bring new perspectives and increased awareness of these societal issues. This will enable students to better analyze and propose creative approaches to these issues. Graduates will be positioned to succeed in a wide range of food-related occupations including roles in culinary, education, tourism, recreation, health sector, food security, food justice, sustainability, economic development, agriculture, public policy and research. ~R.I.B.A.

GOOD BYE AUNT JEMIMA Quaker Oats, a division of PepsiCo Inc., has announced its pancake mix and syrup products will be renamed “Pearl Milling Company” after the company dropped the “Aunt Jemima” brand logo last year, acknowledging its roots in a racial stereotype. The more than 130-year-old brand logo, which features a smiling African-American woman inspired by the 19th century “mammy” minstrel character, came under fire amid a national debate over racism and racial inequality in the United States. PepsiCo’s decision was part of a nationwide corporate response to protests over the treatment of African Americans and police brutality after the death of George Floyd, a Black man, in police custody in Minneapolis on May 25, 2020. Pearl Milling Company was founded in 1888 in St. Joseph, Missouri, and was the originator of self-rising pancake mix. While the brand will be new to store shelves, the boxes and bottles of syrup will still have the familiar red packaging of Aunt Jemima.


ORDER FEES Did you know that suppliers have minimum order fees?

If you aren’t reaching the minimum order amount, you could be incurring unwanted costs. Reach out to your R.I.B.A. representative and ask what the minimum order is and if you are reaching it.

oodservice THE BOTTOM LINE March 2021 | 35

iCombi Pro. iVario Pro.

All of a sudden, so much more is possible. They cover 90% of all conventional cooking applications, yet require less space because of their broad spectrum of application, synergy and intelligent functions. Helping you to save energy, raw materials and time, and still produce more than ever before.

Register now and experience more. Online and in-person events. Sign up at rational-online.com 36 | THE BOTTOM LINE March 2021

Meals Made Easy Made with 100% real eggs, our fully cooked Crustless Quiches require no prep, create no mess and are the perfect take-out and dine-in menu solution. Packed with wholesome ingredients and up to 13 g of protein per quiche.

Available in 3 delicious flavours Whole Egg, Garden Vegetable

Whole Egg, Cheddar, Mushroom & Bacon

Simply heat & serve!

Egg White, Spinach Ricotta & Caramelized Onion





Cheddar Mushroom & Bacon Crustless Quiche




Garden Vegetable Crustless Quiche




Spinach Ricotta Egg White Crustless Quiche




T H E B U S I N E S S O F E G G S™ burnbraefarmsfoodservice.com | 1 800 666-5979


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Noteworthy REMINDER

Single use plastic ban Single-use plastics (plastic products that are designed to be used once and then disposed of) are being banned nationwide by the end of 2021. The move is part of a larger effort to achieve zero plastic waste by 2030.

What’s being banned?

Minimum wage A few provinces will be changing their minimum wage rates this year. Here’s a look at the wages in each province: N.L. $12.15 N.S. $12.55 P.E.I. $12.85 N.B. $11.70 Que. $13.10 Ont. $14.25 Man. $11.90 Sask. $11.45 Alberta $15.00 B.C. $14.60 NWT $13.46 NVT $16.00 Yukon $13.71

Will be adjusted on April 1, 2021 relative to CPI plus an additional $0.25 Will increase another $0.25 on Oct. 1, 2021 Will increase to $12.95 on April 1, 2021 Will increase to $13.00 on April 1, 2021 Adjusted annually on April 1 relative to CPI Will increase to $13.50 on May 1, 2021 Adjusted annually Adjusted annually on Oct. 1 relative to CPI Will rise to at least $15.20 on June 1, 2021.

Adjusted annually on April 1 relative to CPI

• Checkout bags • Stir sticks • Beverage six-pack rings • Cutlery • Straws • Food packaging made from plastics that are difficult to recycle

Not being banned yet • Garbage bags • Milk bags • Snack food wrappers • Beverage containers and lids • Contact lenses and packaging • Cigarette filters • Disposable personal care items and packaging • Items used in medical facilities • Personal protective equipment The government has said that reasons for products not to be included in the ban include a lack of affordable and readily available alternatives, a lack of major impact on the environment without legitimate recycling options, and the items in question serving an essential purpose.

Every year, Canadians toss out 3 million tonnes of plastic waste, and only 9% gets recycled. The rest goes to landfills or into our environment.

TRIVIA Pelee Island is the site of Canada’s first commercial winery, VinVilla, which began operations 155 years ago in 1866.

38 | THE BOTTOM LINE March 2021

Supporting local According to Technomics, three-fifths of Canadians agree that they are making more of a conscious effort to support local restaurants right now, offering hope to many who have felt the harsh effect of COVID shutdowns and restrictions. Response is relatively even across genders and generations but skews higher among consumers with larger household incomes.




“I’m making a more conscious effort to support local restaurants right now.” (Percent who agree and agree completely)

Atlantic Canada





60% 56%

The Prairies British Columbia


For the quote of it.. “Cooking is like painting or writing a song. Just as there are only so many notes or colors, there are only so many flavors - it’s how you combine them that sets you apart.” ~ Chef Wolfgang Puck

The big business of ordering takeout DoorDash has released what their largest order of 2020 was — and it was hefty! Someone purchased a $1,087 Mediterranean feast, which included Souvlaki, gyros and Greek lasagnas among other things. And a 2020 record from SkipTheDishes: One person from Alberta placed 962 orders in 2020.

mmmm...doughnuts Everyone loves a good doughnut. If you’ve got doughnuts on your menu, or are maybe thinking about adding them in, take note of Canadian’s favourite flavours of 2020, according to Tim Hortons. 1. Boston Cream

6. Vanilla Dip

2. Apple Fritter

7. Sour Cream Glazed

3. Old Fashioned Plain

8. Chocolate Glazed

4. Honey Cruller

9. Double Chocolate

5. Chocolate Dip

10. Honey Dip

The most popular foods ordered in Canada in 2020, according to DoorDash: • Burritos • Butter chicken • Chicken Tenders/Nuggets • Poutine • Onion Rings


THE BOTTOM LINE March 2021 | 39

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