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THE cause IN FIGURes

49% of Quebecers aged 16–65 stand on the bottom two rungs of the reading proficiency ladder:1 800,000 are illiterate 1,700,000 have low reading proficiency 2,500,000 in all, of whom 45% currently have jobs

Mission Mandates Values



years, of young people have For the past dropped out of school each year before receiving their first (high school) diploma.

To ensure that everyone—adults and children—has access to reading and writing, essential tools for personal and collective growth. The focus of our actions: people. Our territory: the whole of Quebec. Awareness: raising consciousness Referral: helping individuals one-on-one Organization support: supporting, innovating, relaying Prevention: growing up with a book in their hands Fundraising: involving all stakeholders Visible in society through public awareness, recruitment and prevention campaigns. Present for illiterate individuals or those with low reading and writing proficiency, their children, organizations and the general public. Close to the people it helps and accompanies one-on-one in offering its services. Innovative in its approaches, the timeliness of its services, and its ability to launch projects to meet people on their own ground: at work, at home, in organizations and in the community.

Developing Our Literacy Skills: Meeting the Challenge of the Future, International Adult Literacy and Skills Survey [IALSS]—Quebec Report, 2003, Quebec City, May 2006.


© Télé-Québec

Words of hope “My name’s Marie. I’m a hard worker, and they want to give me a promotion. But I have a secret: I don’t know how to read or write. I’ve thought of leaving my job. Can you help me?” “My name’s Donald. I’m really bad at French. I want to do better, to have less trouble reading and writing. Where can I go?” “Hello, my name’s Nathalie. I left school a long time ago. I have three children. The two eldest are starting school, and I want to be able to help them. What can I do?” It’s for all the Maries, Donalds and Nathalies that the Literacy Foundation exists. The chance to dial a phone number where you’re sure to find a helping hand and an attentive ear makes a huge difference in these adults’ life paths. For every 100 calls made to the Info-Alpha line, 80 people will take the steps suggested, and a few months later 50 will be registered in training.2 Each call allows us to provide tangible assistance to these individuals struggling with very real difficulties in their daily lives.

A spokesperson with conviction Marie-France Bazzo continues her involvement with the Foundation.

Our challenge is to ensure that the greatest possible number are aware of this help and these resources. The mandate to raise awareness and promote training is central to our mission. That’s why, year after year, we have to deploy diversified communication strategies so the bell rings on the line!

© Martine Doucet

“More than ever, I’m convinced this cause is Quebec’s greatest challenge, now and in the future.”

Our other issue is to bring society as a whole to an awareness of the problem of low reading proficiency. This difficult relationship with the written word is most often passed down from one generation to another. To reverse the trend, children have to be given access to books from a very early age so that books become objects representing pleasure, love and escape into magical worlds. Central to the act of learning, reading is vital for school retention. That is where The Gift of Reading comes in: this program raises public awareness of this problem and enables the general public to perform an act so that children from underprivileged neighbourhoods can receive a brand new book, often for the first time! This program introduces books into the heart of families, awakening them as to the importance of reading at home, as part of everyday life. That is what we are for, and what drives us. To report on it, here is the Literacy Foundation’s 21st annual report.

Jean-Pierre Rathé Chairman of the Board of Directors

Maryse Perreault Chief Executive Officer

Path taken by potential learners following a call to the Info Alpha and Adult Learnline referral lines, Literacy Foundation, April 2009.




Raising consciousness



• Convincing the general public and decision-makers • Reaching illiterate individuals or those with little education, and any adult seeking training • Promoting Literacy Foundation programs and activities.

Words of hope cocktail benefit for the 20th anniversary

 $70,000 raised for the literacy cause

On September 8, 2010, the Literacy Foundation marked its 20th anniversary by organizing its first Des mots d’espoir (Words of hope) cocktail benefit at Club Soda. On the menu for this “guaranteed no-speech” evening were an abundance of tasty finger foods, good wine, a grand prize draw, a variety of astonishing short performances and, above all, a chance to raise awareness: too many adults have low reading proficiency. In the interest of all Quebecers, we are collectively responsible for helping weak readers achieve their full potential. • Hosted by Marie-France Bazzo, Foundation spokesperson • Some 400 people attended this evening • Many performers came and contributed to this cause: Claudine Mercier, Martin Petit, Andrea Lindsay, Florence K, Caïman Fu, Sylvie Paquette, the Eduardo Pipman Jazz Trio and Pascal Gauthier • A draw was held for 10 grand prizes worth a total of $8,000. Many thanks to our sponsors: Mouvement Desjardins, Loto-Québec, Caisse de dépôt et placement, Vincent Lafleur Traiteur, Charton-Hobbs, Transcontinental and Groupe Archambault.








ends its 20th year 20.pdf






This vibrant, festive event on the theme of words was a real success, boasting a full house and raising close to $70,000.





1 FPA_8SeptAffTr











Bursaries I Don’t Give Up, I’m a Winner! bursaries

$2,000 donation from Desjardins Foundation

Launched in April 2011, the I Don’t Give Up, I’m a Winner! bursaries were set up in conjunction with the Desjardins Foundation to underscore the perseverance and outstanding work of adults who have gone back to school to take basic training or complete literacy training. Two $1,000 bursaries will be awarded to adults who have shown perseverance in successfully completing literacy or basic training over the past year. Recipients will be announced at the 2011 cocktail benefit.



Figures . . . and results 9

À la une! electronic newsletters.


subscribers to the Foundation’s monthly electronic newsletter, À la une! More than 1,000 new readers!


unique visitors to the Web site in 2010-2011, up 5.58% from 2009-2010.


radio broadcasts of the Prince public interest message from the Gift of Reading program donated by 42 radio stations. Value of free services: $91,548.


of calls to Info-Alpha generated by Foundation activities and its presence in the media.


of callers to Info-Alpha mentioned the Foundation’s Web site as their referral source.


Facebook fans follow the latest news on the Foundation and the literacy cause in real time.


Twitter subscribers As a complement to its Facebook page, the Literacy Foundation makes itself felt on Twitter. In less than a year, the Foundation has generated a lot of tweets!


videos were uploaded to YouTube. The Foundation launched its YouTube channel in late October 2010, to showcase its video productions: Info-Alpha publicity, and interviews with Guy Jodoin and Frédéric Fortin presented at the 2010 cocktail evening.


inserts placed in regional weeklies.


The Foundation was there Speech by Foundation CEO, Maryse Perreault, to the annual conference of the Association québécoise des professeurs de français, in Saint-Hyacinthe. Talk by Maryse Perreault and Marie Turgeon on the Gift of Reading program to Social Work students at Cégep de Saint-Jérôme, in conjunction with the College’s COOP. With a view to raising students’ awareness of the pleasures of reading and writing, the Foundation accompanied rap poet David Goudreault to La Voie high school, where David led a workshop attended by Sec. 3 students with writing difficulties.

Special report on literacy training in Le Devoir, September 4 and 5, 2010 Interviews with Maryse Perreault: “Low reading proficiency is hard to reconcile with a knowledge economy”; and “Catch-up needed.” Two advertisements on the theme of the motsdepot campaign:  • 51 % des Québécois peuvent offrir un mot pour aider les 49 % qui n’en ont pas (51% of Quebecers can give a word to help the 49% who have none); • Tickets for sale: an invitation to attend the Words of hope benefit cocktail for the Foundation’s 20th anniversary.


Foundation CEO, Maryse Perreault committed media partners. collaborated on an article on $356,989  the urgent need to fight illiteracy, appearing in L’état du Québec 2011. given in free media coverage for promotion of The Gift of Reading.

articles, mentions or interviews (TV, radio, Web).



Helping Helping individuals one-on-one

Free, bilingual and confidential, the Info-Alpha line and the Adult Learnline are unique in Quebec. Operators take calls from adults, one-on-one, and guide them to the most appropriate resources, in all regions of Quebec. The Literacy Foundation’s Referral Department is a one-of-a-kind collector of statistical and qualitative data on adults returning to training.


2,038 calls in 2010-2011

Figures and results

An average of 16 minutes per call

A Literacy Foundation initiative

A province-wide, toll-free, confidential telephone accompaniment and referral service for basic training. Specialized operators provide listening, assistance and referrals to illiterate individuals and anyone seeking access to basic training in reading and writing. The Info-Alpha line guides users to the appropriate literacy resources in each of Quebec’s administrative regions as well as offering telephone accompaniment known as the limousine service. The specialized operators: answer calls; update information each year on some 600 training resources; make follow-up calls to callers who want them to, getting back in touch with them within the year.

Proportion of calls

Men Women Language3 French English Other N/A*

36% 64% 7% 16% 2%



16-23 4%

66+ 5% 56-65 10%

24-40 25%

41-55 24%

N/A* 32% Source of calls Foundation awareness campaigns 33% MELS promotional campaigns 24% Multiplying agents 30%



* Information not available

Callers can be individuals calling on behalf of a relative or friend.

P a r t n e r: ANNUAL REPORT 2010-2011

Other 13%

Q u e b e c

M i n i s t r y

o f

E d u c a t i o n ,

people helped since 1990 3,811 calls in 2010-2011

Figures and results

An average of 19 minutes per call

Proportion of calls 57% Men Women 43%

A Quebec government initiative whose implementation was entrusted to the Literacy Foundation.

Language 82% French English 9% Other 7% N/A* 2% Age

66+ 0.6% 56-65 3%

16-23 8%

41-55 18% 24-40 35% N/A* 35.4% Source of calls Multiplying agents 64% MELS/Foundation line promotional campaigns 17% Other 10%

N/A* 9%

This is a toll-free, confidential telephone service that provides assistance and referrals to anyone wishing to complete training, from basic education to college- or university-level diplomas, in each of Quebec’s administrative regions. Promoting literacy training and lifelong learning: an imperative 450 organizations received promotional material for the Ministry campaign, Knowing how to read, write and count lets you get more out of life! (Info-Alpha), and 30,512 families received this material as part of the distribution for The Gift of Reading. 796 organizations received promotional material for the Ministry campaign, Adult education and lifelong learning—Passport for life (Adult Learnline). 15 advocacy activities in various organizations.

* Information not available

R e c r e a t i o n

a n d

Sp o r t s

( M E L S ) ANNUAL REPORT 2010-2011


Supporting, relaying, innovating  Organization support

© Photos Sophimage

Serge Boutin, Sales Manager, Nationex; Josée Bruneau, Marketing Manager, Archambault; Marie-Josée Carrier, Communications Advisor, Cascades; Maryse Perreault, CEO, Literacy Foundation; Denis Pascal, Senior VicePresident, Retail Sales, Archambault; Annie Lemonde, Sales Supervisor, Nationex; and Mathieu Poulin, Head of Marketing, Nationex.

Nationex involved The Cascades Papers for Literacy program is also made possible through the generous contribution of the Literacy Foundation’s official carrier, Nationex, which delivers the boxes of paper and books across the province.

 1.5 million sheets of paper  150 literacy organizations  10,000 adults in literacy training reached Cascades renews its gift of paper for literacy for five years In October 2010, the Literacy Foundation and Cascades shipped 1.5 million sheets of paper to some 150 Quebec literacy organizations through the Cascades Papers for Literacy–Green Learning project, thus reaching close to 10,000 adults registered in literacy training.

Archambault encourages new readers by giving 2,000 books

to literacy organization recipients under the Cascades Papers for Literacy project. For each book sold through its digital bookstore,, Archambault gave the Foundation a paper book.

Family Literacy Day

On January 27, 2011, 15 organizations marked Family Literacy Day with fun activities on the theme of reading as a family. The Foundation once again worked on this initiative with ABC Life Literacy Canada, distributing promotional material for the program. Also, information on the activities being held was posted on the Foundation’s Web site.  150 literacy organizations and Famille community organizations received promotional material. Some 10,000 promotional tools were distributed.

 15 activities were posted on the Foundation site.  Partners and collaborators  Info-Alpha and Adult Learnline, Ministère de l’Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport • Cascades Inc. • Mouvement Desjardins and Desjardins Foundation • Archambault and • Nationex • ABC Life Literacy Canada



Growing up with a book in their hands

Prevention For the past 12 years, the Gift of Reading project has aimed to raise the awareness of the general public as to the importance of reading for all children by taking a simple step: giving a brand new book to a child aged 0–12 living in neighbourhoods marked by poverty and low education.

Collection 2010: 30,512 children’s books collected across Quebec 160 bookstores 141 libraries 48 collection initiatives • Salon du livre de Montréal • 8 regional book fairs 44 partners 12th participation in Salon du livre de Montréal: Some 10,000 visitors greeted at our booths 56 volunteers 350 hours of volunteer work 28 publishers 2,714 books $1,237.09 donated 11 performing artists and other personalities read stories to visitors large and small.

“Anyone who has the privilege of knowing how to read and enjoying reading should make a point of sharing this precious gift with a child for whom, otherwise, reading will be inaccessible. Participating in The Gift of Reading is an act of good citizenship.” Marie Turgeon, actress and passionate spokesperson for the project for the past five years!

From New Year’s to springtime All books are sent back to the Foundation, where they are inspected, sorted, and classified by age group and region of origin. The books are thus prepared for forwarding to the children in May, with help from many organizations (schools, child care centres, Famille grassroots organizations, etc.). This period is also an opportunity to thank the partners who contribute to the project outreach and the donors who enable us to make a gift of numerous books.


brand new children’s books given to that many children in May 2011 in all regions of Quebec 255,000 since Year 1

Highlights 2 special distribution activities with stories read by spokesperson, Marie Turgeon, were held in Montreal: • in the Montréal-Nord district at École JeanNicolet, with Grade 5 groups and their parents; • in Verdun at École Notre-Dame-des-SeptDouleurs, with kindergarten children and their parents.


Once again, most of the parents reached by our invitation were delighted with the activity.


450 Quebec organizations participated in the distribution of brand new books, including: 85 child care centres  172 members of the Fédération québécoise des organismes communautaires Famille  158 schools, 11 of them English 35 other organizations operating in underprivileged neighbourhoods

Collection Initiatives Partners and Collaborators Ministère de l’Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport – Direction de l’éducation des adultes et de l’action communautaire, Québec Bleublancrouge, Montreal Metropolitan Publications Inc.– Métro newspaper, Montreal

Radio-Canada (CBC French network) Other organizations: 36 in 8 regions of Quebec Individuals: 8 in 4 regions of Quebec

Filling out the postcard.

Partners and Collaborators Platinum Visionary Hydro-Québec

Media Collaborator CBC French network

Gold Visionaries Ministère de l’Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport Nationex Bleublancrouge

Collection Sites / Bookstores Groupe Archambault Renaud-Bray Librairies indépendantes du Québec Association des libraires du Québec Coopsco Indigo Chapters

Silver Visionaries Salon du livre de Montréal Postmedia-The Gazette – Raise-a-Reader Bombardier Aerospace Employees Charity Fund National Bank Bronze Visionaries Dominique et compagnie Association québécoise des enseignantes et enseignants du primaire Laurentian Bank CIBC Media Partners Platinum Media Partners Zoom Média Hebdos Québec Gold Media Partners Pop Média Journal Métro Corus VOX Silver Media Partners Métromédia Plus The Gazette La Presse Enfants Québec Bronze Media Partners Le Libraire

Online Book Purchases Collaborators Association des écrivains québécois pour la jeunesse Association nationale des éditeurs de livres Association québécoise des salons du livre Communication-Jeunesse Union des écrivaines et écrivains québécois Publishers and Distributors Diffusion Dimedia Nathan Imagine Hachette Dominique et compagnie Les Intouchables Scholastique Albin-Michel CRAM La courte échelle Grolier Special Thanks Emploi-Québec Groupe Archambault Groupe Réal Caron Ltée Nationex The Gazette ANNUAL REPORT 2010-2011


$293,247 Total raised:

Involving all stakeholders


Our fundraising campaigns and activities are used to mobilize individuals and organizations to provide tangible support for the Literacy Foundation and its services for adults and children.

Individuals 2 direct mail campaigns: • The Gift of Reading: November 2010 • Literacy Foundation: April 2011 Total : 50,112 envelopes mailed Average donation: $54

Organizations, companies, foundations Organizations, companies and foundations are canvassed during the annual campaign, which runs year-round. Major donors Fédération autonome de l’enseignement (FAE) Hebrew Foundation School Langevin et Turcotte Metropolitan Publications Inc. Sœurs de Miséricorde Pratt & Whitney Canada



Fundraising activities

211 Friends of the Foundation Friends membership dues: belonging to a network of individuals and organizations aware of the cause. Raise-a-Reader This Canada-wide annual fundraising initiative from Postmedia is run in Montreal by daily newspaper, The Gazette. This year $5,000 was raised for the Literacy Foundation’s Gift of Reading program Bin me! In February 2007, the Métro daily newspaper launched Bac moi! (Bin me!), a new recycling awareness campaign aimed at its readers. The campaign involved installing 220 recycling bins in the Montreal metro. Through this program, 750 tonnes of paper are recycled each year—the equivalent of 12,750 trees. Since 2005, the Literacy Foundation has received part of the profit generated by the recycling campaign run by the Métro newspaper. This financial contribution helps the Foundation reach a larger number of illiterate young adults and help them through the Info-Alpha line. In 2011, $4,224 was generously given to the Foundation.

Inspiring initiatives  Les veillées d’Amélie In May 2011, author-composerperforming artist Amélie Veille launched Les veillées d’Amélie, a songwriter cabaret in aid of the Literacy Foundation. These events were held once a month at O Patro Vys, in Montreal.  Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton A Christmas card initiative raised $2,081.15 in donations for the Foundation, and the idea is to be repeated in December 2011.  Max la loupe enquête – Stéphane Bourget Author Stéphane Bourget has undertaken to pay all his royalties for the fourth volume of his Max la loupe enquête series to the Literacy Foundation. The book hit the stores in June 2011.

 Book of games from Éditions Goélette Les Éditions Goélette and the Literacy Foundation have joined forces for the launch of a book of games for children aged 6 and over. For each copy sold, $0.75 will be given to the Literacy Foundation to encourage young people to stay in school and to prevent illiteracy in neighbourhoods hit by poverty and low education. Some 3,000 copies of “365 jeux pour les enfants – ABC un jeu chaque jour” (365 games for children – ABC a game a day) went on sale on April 21, 2011.  Marie Turgeon appears on show for Foundation The Gift of Reading spokesperson appeared on TV5’s À table! cooking game show. Following her victory, Zone3 made an $800 donation to the Foundation.  Small bookstore makes large donation Les Trésors du Futur bookstore in Belœil has made a generous $1,200 donation to the Literacy Foundation. This contribution will help encourage students both large and small as they learn to read and write.


 Students in UQAM Education Faculty raise $2,300 for Foundation The UQAM Education Faculty student association showed great generosity in handing over all the profits from its annual show–$2,300–to the Literacy Foundation. Petit Séminaire de Québec donates more than $500 to Foundation This teaching institution in Quebec City chose to hand over part of the profits from its tribute-to-the-French-language cabaret to the Literacy Foundation: $565 was generously given. E  lementary school launches book in aid of Foundation But where’s happiness hiding? That was the question asked by pupils from École Jean-XXIII elementary school in AngeGardien, Montérégie, as they wrote their very first book. For each copy sold of Où se cache le bonheur?—available exclusively at Archambault—$1 will go to the Literacy Foundation.


Balance Sheet As at June 30, 2011


2011 2010



ASSETS Short-term Accounts receivable 61,207 135,839 Prepaid expenses 16,545 57,364

77,752 193,203

Fixed assets 11,048 14,880 Intangible assets 24,305 43,098 113,105 251,181 NET LIABILITIES AND ASSETS LIABILITIES Short-term Bank overdraft Accounts payable and accrued liability Deferred revenue

2,100 61,660 78,050 141,810

67,982 57,303 82,100 207,385

ASSETS Net assets Allocated 10,000 10,000 Unallocated (38,705) 33,796 (28,705) 43,796 113,105 251,181

For the Board of Directors Jean-Pierre RathĂŠ Chairman of the Board of Directors



Maryse Perreault Chief Executive Officer


For the fiscal year ending June 30, 2011

2011 2010

Breakdown of donations and grants 40%

Funding sources

Operating expenses Salaries and fringe benefits 520,660 647,521 Promotion and advertising 486,581 914,557 Project costs 377,709 410,254 Administration expenses 83,873 83,941 Activities and sales 29,164 – Amortization of intangible assets 18,793 16,390 Amortization of tangible assets 3,833 4,863 1,520,613 2,077,526 SHORTFALL OF REVENUE OVER EXPENDITURES (72,501) (173,827)


Other Activities and sales 51,550 – Sponsorships 50,000 75,000 Membership fees 9,826 7,101 Miscellaneous 387 10,048 111,763 92,149 Total revenue 1,448,112 1,903,699


199,500 188,500 415,440 785,696 113,028 122,799 727,968 1,096,995


Donations Donations-Fundraising campaign Gifts in kind Donations–Other



Referral and organization support Prevention Awareness Administration




29% 28%


Annual campaigns Gifts in kind Sponsorships Grants

Revenue Grants

For a copy of the full financial report, call the Foundation at 514-289-1178, ext. 239. ANNUAL REPORT 2010-2011


Major donors

Gifts in kind


Platinum visionary Mouvement Desjardins

Year after year, the Literacy Foundation enjoys the support of numerous companies and organizations in the form of goods and services. These come from the publishing and media sectors, which thus contribute to enhancing the Foundation’s outreach and the scope of its activities. Whether they take the form of air time for public service messages in the electronic media, free space in the print media or gifts of books to meet part of the needs for certain regions or age groups, gifts in kind represent companies’ real participation in the fulfilment of our goals.

Alban D’Amours

Gold visionaries Power Corporation


Major giving Major giving is aimed at ensuring the Literacy Foundation’s success, growth, outreach and sustainability by developing new relationships and partnerships.

Silver visionaries Cascades Inc. National Bank Financial Group CIBC BMO Financial Group Laurentian Bank Bronze visionaries Bombardier Aerospace Employees Charity Fund Solidarity Fund QFL McCain Foundation La Capitale Financial Group Confédération des syndicats nationaux (CSN) Centrale des syndicats du Québec (CSQ) Sœurs de Saint Joseph, Financial Aid Committee Sœurs de la Congrégation de Notre-Dame Sœurs de Sainte-Croix Birks Family Foundation F. K. Morrow Foundation

Figures . . . and results For 2010-2011, these contributions amounted to


Langevin et Turcotte Jean-Robert Nolet Lynn Perkins Amélie Marcotte-Losier, event organization Hélène Tremblay, HTCommunications Lise St-Arnaud Claude Gagnon Danielle Poiré, Musée de la civilisation, Quebec City Manon Ouimet Ana-Marija Senta Marc-Noël Ouellette Gestion Carole Aubé Pascale Bergeron, Hebdos Québec Évelyne Verrier, Lavery SENCRL Hélène McNicoll, Supremex Transcontinental


$199,500 for 2010-2011

$549,500 in all




Board of Directors Team Maryse Perreault Chief Executive Officer Diane Mockle Assistant Director Marie-Claude Clermont Director of Communications Isabelle Godefroy Kristel Tremblay Co-ordinator, Referral and Organization Support Department Nicole Lavallée Monitoring The Gift Of Reading Fundraising Véronique Poirier-Grenier Susan Higgins Awareness Danielle Roy Marianne Roberge Samuel Dion Élise Prioleau Referral Étienne Bourdy Valérie Drouin Kristel Tremblay Louis-Philippe Lafleur Slimane Saidj Prevention Julien Des Roches Claude Reigner Galina Petrova Graphic design Langevin et Turcotte

Chairman Jean-Pierre Rathé Les consultants J/C/P/R Inc. Deputy Chairman Nancy Leggett-Bachand Fondation Mise sur toi Outgoing Chair Denis Bellemare Bombardier Aerospace Secretary General and Treasurer Maryse Perreault Literacy Foundation Renée-Lise Trudel Borden Ladner Gervais Robert Jacques Grande Fête du livre de Shawinigan Florence Junca-Adenot UQAM Sophie D’Amours Université Laval André Bernier Catalyst Paper Michel Régis Agence métropolitaine de transport Daniel Ménard TELUS

Translation David Llewellyn

This publication was produced with support from:

5420 Saint-Laurent Blvd. Suite 200 Montreal, Quebec H2T 1S1

Thank you!

Telephone: 514-289-1178 Info-Alpha line: 1-800-361-9142 Adult Learnline: 1-888-488-3888 Fax: 514-289-9286

Charitable registration No.: 13091 5713 RR0001 © Literacy Foundation, 2011 ISSN : 1916-2138 Legal deposit – Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec, 2011 Legal deposit – Library and Archives Canada, 2011

Printed with vegetable-based ink on 100% post-consumer recycled paper made in Quebec and de-inked without chlorine.




Reading is a code, and the letter “A” is the gateway to the alphabet. Literacy training becomes the key that opens the door to learning. At this point, the lock symbol takes on all its meaning. In addition, the hole in the lock represents a human silhouette placed in the centre of the letter “A”. This human silhouette is the adult whom we wish to help.

Literacy Foundation - Annual Report 2010-2011  

Literacy Foundation's Annual Report 2010-2011

Literacy Foundation - Annual Report 2010-2011  

Literacy Foundation's Annual Report 2010-2011