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Leave a Legacy

As I was curating the content for this month's issue of HOME by Trendsetters, the word "legacy" kept coming to mind. Why do we build new homes, renovate old spaces, and create something we are proud to live in? I think it's because we want to leave a legacy for our loved ones and future generations. We all want to be remembered for something; maybe you want to be remembered for your

career achievements or for being a great parent or child—all of these are great goals. However, I think at the heart of it all is the desire to leave a home legacy. I can recount memories as a child visiting my grandparents and remembering how inviting, cozy, and safe their homes always felt. I hope to leave this same impression on my own kids and grandkids someday.

Speaking of leaving a legacy, few have left their creative mark on the Fargo-Moorhead community more than Trever Hill. A huge part of having a memorable home is creating a beautiful one, and Trever has designed some of the most outstanding homes I've seen. In this issue, we get to see some of Trever's best work throughout his career and hear about his early years, influences, and journey to becoming a local interior design icon.


As you flip through the pages of this issue, reflect on the legacy you would like to leave behind— and as one of my favorite writers wrote, "Imagine who you could be and aim single-mindedly at that."

Happy reading!

12 HOME BY | JUNE 2024

JUNE 2024

Volume 1 Issue 006

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Relieving Pain Points in Headache Care


ranscend Headache Clinic in Fargo was founded in April 2024 by Tiffany Eslinger and Kyrie Severson, two longtime nurse practitioners who saw a growing need for better headache care in the FargoMoorhead area.

The Transcend team understands how overwhelming and complicated headache care can be—that's why they've set out to provide it in a new, more approachable way. "We wanted to provide a place where someone could receive headache care through a more comprehensive approach; we want them to feel heard and welcomed without having to wait months to get in," Co-founder Tiffany Eslinger, APRN said. From the moment you step inside, Transcend feels warm and inviting with a boutique flair, steering away from the traditional "clinic" feel.

Another major pain point the Transcend team addresses is how headache care is often inconsistent and fragmented. That's why they have eliminated common hurdles, like referrals in order to book an appointment. "The biggest thing that our patients have found already is it's so easy to get in for an appointment—and they feel like they're heard," Co-founder Kyrie Severson, APRN, AQH said.

Tiffany and Kyrie have over 30 years of combined healthcare experience, which includes their backgrounds in headache management. This experience


helps them work with patients to find the best treatment plan based on their individualized needs. Not only do headaches negatively impact a person's life at home, they impact a person's work life and performance. That's why the Transcend team doesn't view headaches as just personal challenges—they also view them as socio-economic issues. "People don't have time for migraines; they really put life on pause," the team said. That's why Transcend is committed to bringing a new level of treatment to patients.

"I wanted to take a moment to express my deepest appreciation for the exceptional care and attention Transcend has provided to me. Their willingness to truly listen to my concerns, without jumping to conclusions, means more to me than words can express. Their dedication to their patients' well-being is truly commendable, and I feel incredibly fortunate to have them on my medical team. Their genuine care has made me have trust in the medical field again, and I am profoundly grateful for that." - Sadie-Jo

16 HOME BY | JUNE 2024

Meet Tiffany and Kyrie


As the first clinic of its kind in the region (and the first in North Dakota), Transcend offers several industry-leading services and treatment avenues, allowing the ability to treat patients on a more personalized level. Their services include nerve blocks, Botox injections, infusions, and medication management. To provide the most effective treatment, the Transcend team begins a patient's journey to relief by learning their story, how long they have been experiencing symptoms, looking at past treatment, and building a personalized plan to bring the best results. In the treatment rooms, Clinic Nurse Manager Emily is there to provide gentle care and make sure patients are comfortable.

To stay at the forefront of the latest treatment and research, the Transcend team are active members of the American Headache Society, continually staying engaged and educated on best practices and offering the most effective treatment options for patients.

While headaches can take away a lot from a person, the Transcend team's goal is to provide new opportunities for wellness for people in Fargo-Moorhead and beyond. In addition to their committed work at the headache clinic, the Transcend team is involved with the


567 32nd Ave E, Ste 201


experienced APRN who earned her

has been a part of Tiffany’s life, with nurse. Her advanced practice degree led her to specialize in general neurology. This is where the migraine need became quite apparent to her, leading to cofounding Transcend Headache Clinic. In addition to migraine care, she has a certification in Complete

is an APRN who earned a master's degree from the University of Cincinnati. Her expansive resume includes working in ER and administrative health supervisory roles alongside Tiffany, family medicine, and four years in general neurology until she and Tiffany opened Transcend in early 2024. In addition to that, she is also one of only two providers in the FM area that has an AQH certification.

Fargo, ND
20 HOME BY | JUNE 2024

Born and raised in Lisbon, ND, Trever Hill has adorned Fargo-Moorhead with some of the most beautiful living spaces the Red River Valley has ever seen. Yet, his simple upbringing has always reminded him that it's not about how much you have or how big your space is; rather it's about what you do with it and the people you're sharing it with. From the very beginning, Trever's philosophy when approaching any design project has simply been asking, "Can we make a difference?" That simple question has taken his career to impressive heights.

Like many kids in rural North Dakota, Trever grew up on the farm, enjoying everything from building forts to playing with farm animals. His interest in design, however, was sparked when he moved to town to live with his grandmother. While his Aunt Lois, a now-retired interior designer, was remodeling his grandmother's home, Trever began channeling his creativity. While at a garage sale with his grandmother, 11-year-old Trever picked out a pair of

Inside the World of Fargo's Interior Design Icon

brass lamps with scrollwork designs to replace her existing lamps, and at that moment, Trever began to fall in love with home interiors.

During high school, Trever moved from North Fargo to Spearfish, SD, where he helped at his Aunt Lois' design firm. This is when Trever began to be immersed in the world of decor and design, helping clients with flooring selections. "Even at that age, when you're working next to a flooring professional, you quickly learn how to apply certain things," he said.

However, Trever was discouraged from pursuing interior design as a career, after being told it was not a sustainable career choice, so he went to college for psychology instead. At this time, Trever began working at Gateway Automotive in Fargo, discovering his love for cars and becoming obsessed with car design and details. As comfortable as living was for Trever, his hunger for interior design wasn't fed, so he began his first small side business, Home Suite Couture in 2007.

continued> 22 HOME BY | JUNE 2024

"For this mood board, I've been personally loving more moody and cozy looks. This is especially fun in bedrooms, offices, and powder baths. Our store Curated Home was entirely black when it was at the downtown location. The moody look is trending right now, but I think it's something I will always appreciate and love." - Trever

continued> 25

New Build Fargo, ND

"When working on the Fargo Center for Dermatology design project, the direction was to give an aesthetically pleasing space that felt like a calming spa. Many of Dr. Ness's products are natural, so using natural materials was at the top of our list—you'll notice this throughout the space. Even the tile we selected has the look of marble. The use of soft materials with the wallpaper throughout was another detail some might miss but subconsciously they feel at ease."

"One detail I especially love is the chandeliers lined up with the windows. It really draws your eyes in from the road, but it's a subtle way to gain attention to the business. I also love the layering of the materials in the interior, including carpet, tile, wallpaper, wood, metal, and other materials."

Commentary from Trever Hill Photos by Amdak Productions Fargo Center for Dermatology
26 HOME BY | JUNE 2024

"We love renovations, but this lake home renovation was special because it had good bones. The main goal for this remodel: let there be light! The original home had very small windows facing the lake and had many small rooms, so our goal was to open the space up and add lots of windows to help this vacation home feel more like a lake home."

"When we added the large sliding doors from the great room and dining room, we took the brick (removed from the exterior) and used it as an accent wall in the dining room. We ended up moving the kitchen from one side of the home to the other; the previous kitchen was going to become a library but instead became a theater room. The old dining room became a yoga room, the old living room became the primary bedroom and bathroom. The home is over 6,000 square feet so we had fun reconfiguring the flow of the home to accommodate current lifestyles."

Photos by Dan Francis Photography Ottertail Lake Renovation
continued> 27

River's Bend Home

New Build West Fargo, ND

"This home on River's Bend in West Fargo was especially fun to work on. The homeowner works in commercial construction and we have worked together on previous projects—this one was unique as it was their personal home. One of their main requests was to have a lot of ceiling detail. One of the things I educate my clients on is layers; you need to have many layers in a space—ceilings are one of those layers that add so much to a space."

"We worked with them from the drawing stage and design concepts to the final stages and furnishing. The last step we did was accessorize it—the furniture and accessories are always the frosting on the cake—I'm grateful when clients ask us to do that part. One of my favorite things is the limestone fireplace surround I found through Hebron Brick Supply. I think it adds a soft elegance along with some of the sharp, modern lines the home exudes."

Photos by Josiah Kopp
continued> 28 HOME BY | JUNE 2024

Newport Beach Renovation Remodel Newport Beach, CA

"Working in California on this home was special due to the set-up—it was purchased by a client who planned to flip it. We touched every surface and even moved the kitchen from the middle of the home to the perimeter wall. We then opened it all up so you could see directly through to the added pool and outdoor entertaining space. A professional sports star ended up purchasing the home, and, fun fact, it's in the same neighborhood (Dover Shores) as an original Real Housewife of OC— she's just a couple of blocks over for those Bravo fans."

"I especially love the dining room placement and how we reworked everything else on that main floor. The built-in sideboard (buffet) with the opening windows to the pool area is great; the flow from exterior to interior is seamless."

Commentary from Trever Hill
continued> 30 HOME BY | JUNE 2024

"For this modern lake home on Lake Detroit, the homebuilder on the project (Century Builders) completed the build, and we then came in and added finishing touches to bring softness to the home. We sourced materials like wool carpet—even for the runners going up the stairs. We also created the concept (and even hand-applied each Oyster) for the Oyster wall at the entry, which represents Lake Detroit. We sourced wallpaper from all over, most of which was from England, although we did find one for the powder bath from Gucci's website."

"We had a few meetings during construction about the large windows facing the lake and seeing if we needed to make a design detail for that instead of a wall of glass. We ended up going with a wall of glass, and I love it, especially for the lake view. I'm also a fan of the infinity pool that overlooks the lake—it feels like your own personal resort."

Photos by Josiah Kopp Modern Lake Detroit Home New Build Detroit Lakes, MN
32 HOME BY | JUNE 2024
Commentary from Trever Hill
continued> 33
continued> 35
| treverhilldesign.com | curatedbythd.com | /treverhilldesign | /curatedbythd | @treverhilldesign | @curatedbyth 36 HOME BY | JUNE 2024

At a time when being overcommitted and overstressed is the norm, artist Connie Riedman is keeping it loose and looking for joy.

“I paint happy,” Connie said. “I gravitate toward subjects that make me feel good. Then I paint the enjoyment of the subject that got me started on the piece, and I hope that someone looking at my art will see something that resonates with them.”

As a former art teacher, Connie has created all her life. However, she credits her retirement for her nowflourishing art endeavors.

“I loved being an art teacher; as a teacher, you do a little bit of everything! However, now I have the time to explore subjects and styles that I want. I can narrow down and focus my energy on oil painting, which I love. There is something so deliciously rich and juicy about oil,” Connie said.

Her love for her chosen medium has resulted in a distinctive art style that catches the attention of visitors to Fargo's downtown Gallery 4, where she shows her work. Her style is soft, inviting, and deceptively simple. Connie enjoys interacting with the customers who come into the gallery.

38 HOME BY | JUNE 2024

“There’s so much activity; it's great to be in the heart of Downtown Fargo. One of my paintings was purchased from a tourist who was traveling across the country and wanted to bring back a treasure from a local artist.”

“I always think about how I am going to show what I am painting. How can I use the fewest, most effective brush strokes to capture it? I want to leave enough in the painting that the viewer has to complete it, by deciding what it means to them. I want them to look again and complete the story, and that story is different for everyone.”

Apparently realistic from a distance, upon closer inspection there is plenty of room for interaction with her work. The viewer can see the decisions Connie has made in where she has put the paint and the brush strokes, leaving plenty of room to invite a closer understanding. Ranging from landscapes to children’s toys, food to flowers, her paintings are a colorful array of subjects, rendered with an expressive attention to light

40 HOME BY | JUNE 2024

her admirers have come to expect.

“I paint things that are based on memories and associations, things that satisfy me personally. But it’s always the play of light and shadow. Over a scene that immediately makes me want to paint it. No matter the subject, it is all about the light and shadow! At first, I didn’t realize I had a style. I think a style just finds us. I want to stop short of painting anything in-your-face sentimental. I don’t want to manipulate people. I want to paint what I love and let them feel whatever it makes them feel. Sometimes a painting almost paints itself, and I am just amazed the brush and I did that. I can always get better and grow, but when I realize I captured what I was hoping to when I started, that’s success.“

Full of light, shadow, color, and joy, Connie’s paintings provide an uplifting visual respite to the viewer, a success everyone is invited to share in.

| /connieriedmanart

"Porterfield" Downtown Fargo Airbnb

This Downtown Fargo Loft Marries Luxury with Urban

Top Features:

•1 bed (queen), 1 bath

•Dedicated workspace

•Full kitchen

•Washer and dryer

•42-inch HDTV with streaming services

•Bluetooth sound system

•Hardwood floors & brick accent walls

AAs spring blooms into summer, travels and getaways are in full swing. Whether you're planning a family reunion, looking for a unique getaway, or anything in between, you don't have to go far to find some beautiful getaway spots. This Downtown Fargo loft, which offers an urban yet luxurious experience, is the perfect example.

Owners Andrew and Jeremy Young originally purchased this condo simply to have more space for their friends and family—it wasn't long after owning

it that they decided to turn it into a rental that any traveler could experience.

"We own a few different Airbnbs in Fargo and Minneapolis, and this is definitely, one that we consider our 'premier experience,'" they shared.

Photos provided by Dan Francis Photography
42 HOME BY | JUNE 2024

Upon entering the Porterfield, you are greeted by a set of stairs that take you up to three condo doors. The building is small, quiet, and seemingly hidden amongst the bustle of Downtown Fargo. Upon opening the door to this unit, you'll immediately feel the openness that 20' ceilings offer.

Though the space is technically a studio apartment, it boasts 1,200 square feet, making it feel open and spacious. Throughout the condo, detail, charm, and character can be found, with careful thought put into every corner of the space.


Layout at a Glance

Before the Youngs revamped the condo into an Airbnb, it was owned by former local news anchor Stephanie Goetz. This condo was featured on her episode of HGTV's House Hunters—she ended up choosing this condo.

Brick walls accent the space, giving it an eclectic urban feel, while hanging pendant lighting paired with three large windows offer lots of light to help create balance and coziness. Colorful gridded-stone backsplash gives the kitchen a pop of character, while the island on wheels makes for an interactive kitchen space.

An L-shaped sofa offers plenty of seating for gatherings and can be used as a secondary bed. Need to catch up on work? The office desk space offers a designated workstation with everything you need for the perfect work-fromhome experience.

Cool Fact
44 HOME BY | JUNE 2024

A North Dakota Favorite

This Airbnb listing has over 450 reviews, making it one of the most visited and highest-rated Airbnbs in ND.

A Sonos Bluetooth speaker, white noise machine, and yoga mat allow guests to set any mood they wish for zen moments. The simplicity of the space encourages relaxation while providing engaging moments throughout with beautiful artwork.


Did you know?

Several years ago, this condo was an auto repair and tire shop.

All of the artwork throughout the space is original work by local artists. Guests will notice each piece has a price (and some have artist bios). All pieces in the loft are for sale and all proceeds go 100% back to the artist who created the piece.

Additionally, a curated book of the Youngs' favorite Fargo things is ready for you to explore!

Scan this code to book your stay!
46 HOME BY | JUNE 2024

The "Stella" Downtown Fargo Airbnb

This Eclectic Western Condo All Started With A Pillow

Top Features:

•1 bed (king), 1 bath

•Elevator access

•Dedicated workspace

•Full kitchen

•Washer and dryer

•Hardwood floors & brick accent walls

TThe story of Emma Maddock and Michael Zink's Airbnb venture all started with a pillow. As they were gathering furniture and decor to adorn the space, Emma came across a pillow that sported line artwork of a cowboy riding through a desert. As fans of eclectic Western styles paired with nods to family heritage, this pillow became the central theme of the rest of the space.

"With Michael having family in the Grand Junction desert areas of

Colorado and me having family in central North Dakota who are ranchers, we wanted those two different themes to come together to represent our backgrounds through this Airbnb," Emma said.

Photos provided by Emma Designs co.
48 HOME BY | JUNE 2024

Designed by Rhet Architecture, the original brick and timber ceilings of the 117-year-old Wrigley building were preserved, allowing Emma and Michael to showcase these areas and accent the original character of the building with their collective Western theme.

"We wanted to highlight that rustic feel, so we brought in that cowboy culture aesthetic, making it feel really cozy and warm," Emma said. "Then we brought in pieces like a big, comfortable couch, a cow print rug, and other various nods to cowboy culture."

This pillow became the inspiration for the rest of the condo.

The space is adorned with one-off artworks thrifted from around FargoMoorhead, most of which have mysterious or unknown backgrounds. One example is the piece in the kitchen: a painted scene of dirty dishes in a sink, painted over what was once a house's floor plan.

The space offers plenty of other amenities and moments to enjoy throughout, including a full kitchen with stainless steel appliances, timber floating shelves, a small dining area that seats four, an L-shaped sofa with an ottoman, and a reading chair next to the large windows.

50 HOME BY | JUNE 2024

Behind the Name

The story behind the condo's name, "Stella" was inspired by Emma and Michael's cat, Stella, named after Stella Artois.

The bedroom also has a brick accent wall, and the bathroom continues the theme with dark wood tones and accents of soft cedar green. Free in-unit laundry allows guests to keep their garments fresh and clean without having to leave the condo.


A guest favorite

With a 4.96-star rating from 47 reviews, the Stella is a guest favorite— and it's only been open for less than a year!

A mounted TV and a cupboard of games offer plenty of entertainment options for guests. Want to spend a night out on the town? This condo is conveniently located in Downtown Fargo on NP Avenue, offering a great walking score to all of the best shops and restaurants Downtown has to offer.

Scan this code to book your stay!
52 HOME BY | JUNE 2024

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