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Get out and try the new scents, flavors and ingredients that make up our community.





TASTES OF THE WORLD This month, we're thankful for the ways food can bring us together, creating a shared experience cross-table and cross-culture. Help us celebrate the international restaurants that bring "tastes of the world" to our Midwest community. Let's discover new scents, flavors and ingredients that are now calling the Fargo-Moorhead area home.

FEATURES 48 PARTNERING FOR PUBLIC ART The Fargo Park District and the Fargo-Moorhead Convention & Visitors Bureau partnered together to bring a new landmark to Downtown Fargo. Get your selfie sticks ready and head over the train depot to see the now-unveiled public art piece. 50 ILLUMINATING THE MILLENNIUM The Saint John's Bible has found a temporary home at The Hjemkomst Center. Now on display until the end of December, the beautiful hand-etched book is in its 26th exhibition. It's the first Bible to be commissioned by a Benedictine monastery in more than 500 years. Join in with the excitement around having the works displayed locally.

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The colorful boat of sushi on the cover is a delicious display from Izumi Sushi & Hibachi. Head over to one of the restaurant's two locations for their all-you-caneat special and order as much sushi as you can eat to have one sail over to your table. The rolls featured on this boat are the crispy crab, yummy yummy, rainbow, spicy California, shrimp tempura, sweet potato, spicy tuna and spicy salmon rolls. Izumi Sushi & Hibachi izumirestaurant.com 5675 26th Ave. S, Fargo 5050 13th Ave. S, Fargo



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TASTEs of the


world The American Dream is alive and well in Fargo. It's not a well-kept secret that new Americans are twice as likely to start their own business. This month, we celebrate those risk-takers who are making their American Dream come true and are also making our community more delicious. Along with these dreamers, we look at a few restaurants owned by people from the area who are honoring the flavors celebrated around the world. Read on as we discover all the new scents, flavors and ingredients that are making up our community. By Andrew Jason Photos by Andrew Jason, Hillary Ehlen, Paul Flessland 17

Sushi boat with crispy crab, yummy yummy, rainbow, spicy California, shrimp tempura, sweet potato, spicy tuna and spicy salmon rolls.



Fresh Facts

Chicken hibachi served with mixed vegetables


Izumi recently opened a second location at 5050 13th Ave. S, Fargo. When Chen was first thinking about opening a sushi place in North Dakota, he only spent 30 minutes in Fargo before deciding that he was going to open up his restaurant here. Izumi was voted the best sushi in FargoMoorhead in the Fargo Forum's 2016 Best of competition.

Izumi Sushi & Hibachi 5675 26th Ave. S, Fargo

5050 13th Ave. S, Fargo

It was quite the journey for Izumi Sushi and Hibachi to open in Fargo. Scott Chen, the owner of Izumi, is originally from China. He moved to the southern U.S. but had a friend who lived in Minnesota. He always wanted to open a sushi restaurant so Chen dove in and moved to Fargo where he opened up Samurai Sushi before opening Izumi about three years ago. Now predominantly known for their all-you-caneat sushi, Izumi has more than 50 different sushi rolls and hibachi available for you to order. "We've only been here for three years but word of mouth is our best advertisement," said John Weng, the manager of Izumi. "Eighty percent of my guests here are regular people who come back, especially on the weekends, we're always packed. There's a reason we opened a second location because I've heard complaints that we need bigger spaces."

Samurai Japanese Cuisine 1775 45th St. S, Fargo

Authentic Japanese and Thai food are served at this Asian fusion cuisine and sushi bar. There's an extensive sushi menu featuring a wide range of items, including this NDSU Roll pictured here, which has spicy crab, lobster tempura, asparagus, topped with mango seaweed salsa and served with mango and Thai chili sauce. You can also order online for pick up.

Wasabi Sushi & Asian Grill 623 NP Ave. N, Fargo

If you want traditional sushi, sashimi, nagiri and more, Wasabi does it right. One of their plates of seafood greatness that will leave you speechless and consists of salmon and tuna sashi, amma ebbi (Canadian spot prawn) nigiri-style and salmon roe (eggs), which can also be referred to as "salmon caviar."

Osaka Sushi & Hibachi 1111 38th St. S, Fargo

Osaka serves authentic Japanese food with an all-you-can-eat lunch and dinner menu, as well as Japanese-style beverages in addition to sushi and hibachi dishes.

Drunken Noodle 623 NP Ave. N, Fargo

With a full ramen bar currently in progress and plenty of other dishes to choose from, Drunken Noodle takes care of your Japanese cravings. This ramen dish is made with a creamy pork broth, ramen noodles, a soft-boiled egg and chasu pork. The overall flavor is rich, creamy and unforgettable.

Kobe's Japanese Cuisine 4228 15th Ave. S, Fargo

This Japanese restaurant is known for its modern interpretation of classic dishes and use of highquality fresh ingredients. Whether it's sushi rolls or teppanyaki dishes cooked on the grill right in front of you, you're bound to find an entrĂŠe that's just right for your taste buds. Plus, you get a dinner and a show when they prepare the food right in front of you. Make sure they give you the squirt of sake right into your mouth. 19


Hot and spicy noodles


Pan-fried rice noodles with bean sprouts, celery, mushrooms, roasted chilies, flavored lime juice, lemongrass, sprinkled with peanut and scallions.


Fresh Facts

Thai Orchid 420 Center Ave., Moorhead

Kanjanaree Osathanukroh or, as she goes by, Name, recently took over Thai Orchid and is now running it as a family restaurant. Originally from Thailand, Name moved to Washington D.C. before coming to Fargo three years ago because her niece goes to school here. Restaurant entrepreneurship runs in her blood, as her family owned a 100-table restaurant back in Thailand. She has brought that experience with her to Thai Orchid with all of her recipes coming from her great-grandmother. Although she misses Thailand, there's one particular thing she loves about Fargo, and one thing she doesn't. "I love the people. Not the weather, though. The people are very nice and it's not fast here. We lived in Bangkok and it's rush hour there (all the time) and we have to hurry. Here, it's relaxed."

Leela Thai Cuisine 1450 25th St. S, Fargo

Maya Perleberg, who's originally from Thailand, took over Leela Thai Cuisine a couple of months ago. The authentic recipes include items like choo-chee salmon, mussels in chili paste and spaghetti kee mao. With lunch specials as low as $9.99, this pad cashew with tofu dish is made with homemade sweet chili sauce stir-fried and topped with cashews, broccoli, carrots, onion and bell peppers. 20 | NOVEMBER 2017 | FARGOMONTHLY.COM


Spicy minced chicken with onion, rice powder, chili, mint leaves, scallions and lime juice

Name's favorite item on the menu is the cashew nut, which has broccoli, bell peppers, carrots, celery, onion, cashews and roasted chilies. She says it's just the right amount of spice. The restaurant also has a great selection of vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free items. There's a small play area for kids so parents can enjoy some peace and quiet at supper.

Drunken Noodle 623 NP Ave. N, Fargo

Pad Thai is a popular stir-fried rice noodle dish commonly served as street food and at casual eateries in Thailand. Pad Thai is quite a common dish at many Asian restaurants, and Drunken Noodle makes theirs with rice noodles stir-fried with egg, tamarind sauce, bean sprouts and green onions. It is served with crushed peanuts and a lime wedge for extra texture and zest. The best part? Drunken Noodle is open until 3 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays.

tastes of the world


Pho Dac Biet

Pho with brisket, eye of round steak, meatball and is served with a side of bean sprouts, fresh basils and limes.

Jade Dragon 1015 Main Ave., Fargo

Owned by Mai Nguyen and her husband, Jade Dragon has been open for the last 12 years and is widely known for their pho. However, they also serve an extensive variety of familiar Chinese and Vietnamese fare that ranges from the predictable (delicious egg rolls) to the exotic (pork cashew ding). In fact, they have more than 125 items on their menu. However, what's most amazing is that everything is made from scratch. "We do have a lot of support from the community to get us going. We wish someday that we can expand." – Mai Nguyen 22 | NOVEMBER 2017 | FARGOMONTHLY.COM

Fresh Facts

With 125 items on the menu, Jade Dragon has an extensive selection of vegetarian and vegan options. Nguyen is orignally from Vietnam and all the reci pes are authentic and are made with fresh herbs. The restaurant is family friendly.

Kung Pao Chicken Served with fried rice, egg roll and a soup of the day, this lunch special is only $7.95

Viet Palace

Drunken Noodle

Recognized for their authentic Vietnamese dishes, Viet Palace is known for their pho but also has a large menu featuring items like Vietnamese shaking beef, wonton egg noodle soup, lemongrass chicken and more.

Drunken Noodle offers unique and authentic culinary pasta, noodle dishes and rice bowls and are all made from traditional family recipes. In addition to casual comfort food from Thailand, Italy and Japan, you can also find Vietnamese dishes on the menu.

1620 32nd Ave. S, Fargo

623 NP Ave. N, Fargo

tastes of the wo rld


101 Sushi Bar & Korean BBQ Buffet 4480 23rd Ave. S, Fargo

The only real Korean BBQ place in Fargo, come ready to do a little work at 101 Sushi Bar and Korean BBQ. Each table comes with a tabletop grill for you to cook up your own meal. However, they can also prepare the meal for you if you want. You can grill up items like beef bulgogi, spicy squid bulgogi and lamb leg right at your table. However, they also do have an extensive sushi menu if that's more up your tastebud's alley.

General Tso's chicken

tastes of the world

CHINA Lucy's

4323 45th St S. Ste 105, Fargo

Shrimp lo mein

Fresh Facts

Great Wall

1617 University Dr. S, Fargo

In an unassuming strip mall off of University Avenue lies one of Fargo's hidden gems for Chinese food: Great Wall Chinese Restaurant. In fact, it's so good that msn. com ranked it as the best Chinese restaurant in North Dakota. You'll find a wide assortment of authentic Chinese meals prepared by Mike and Maggie Chen, who are originally from Shanghai, China. This couple will often spend seven days a week at the store cooking up their delicacies. Their most popular item remains the General Tso's chicken, which is made with a secret sauce that has 26 ingredients in it. 24 | NOVEMBER 2017 | FARGOMONTHLY.COM

Mike and Maggie Chen moved to the United States because Mike had a job with the USDA, but they decided to start their own business. The Chens will do special orders so, for example, if you want a meal with low sodium, they will do their best to accommodate you. Great Wall has a drive-thru but they do recommend that you call ahead and pick up your food in the drivethru.

With two former locations, Lucy's recently closed their 32nd Avenue location and they've put all their attention into its 45th street restaurant. With their loyal following, Lucy's is recognized for their extensive and authentic Chinese menu.

Jade Dragon 1015 Main Ave. Fargo

Also known for their Vietnamese, Jade Dragon has an extensive selection of made from scratch Chinese food that includes delicious spring rolls and mock duck with mixed vegetables.

China Buffet

3246 U.S. 10 East, Moorhead

You won't leave here hungry with their many buffet options and the best part is that the owners try and get the freshest ingredients and cook them in a healthy manner.

King House Buffet

122 Broadway N, Fargo

Conveniently located on Broadway, King House has plenty of seating for large parties and offers extensive buffet options.

Giant Panda

1331 Gateway Dr, Fargo

Snap Dragon

625 30th Ave. S, Moorhead

David Shih, and his wife Kathlene, the current owners of Snap Dragon, have restaurants in their blood. David's family has run restaurants for the last 60 years. Open seven days a week, Snap Dragon has an extensive menu of Chinese dishes.

Fortune House 1100 19th Ave. N. Ste. D, Fargo

Located close to NDSU, Fortune House is perfect for those college students looking for a break to try items like kung pao tofu or chicken with black beans sauce.

Season Buffet Nine Dragons 4615 23rd Ave. S, Fargo

Opened since 1978, Nine Dragons has been voted the best Chinese restaurant in Fargo-Moorhead. With an extensive menu consisting of everything from soups to vegetarian options to more exotic items like gluten-free moo goo gai pain.

3838 Main Ave., Fargo

This family-owned restaurant is open for lunch and dinner and has a variety of coupons available on their website, including free sweet and sour chicken and free cheese or fried wonton. Go to seasonbuffetfargo.com for those coupons.

Tucked away behind Applebee's on 13th Avenue, Giant Panda offers all-you-can-eat seven days a week.

Shang Hai Chinese

3051 25th St. S, Fargo

With online ordering options on the website, fargoshanghai.com, you can have delicious Chinese waiting for you. Make sure you check out the specials that are also listed on their website.

China Garden

1126 2nd Ave. S, Moorhead

China Garden is another convenient location close to the Hornbacher's in Moorhead to get your fare of all-you-can-eat Chinese.


tastes of the world


India Palace 5050 13th Ave. S. #3, Fargo

Harpal Singh's whole goal with India Palace is to bring five-star dining to ethnic food. In fact, he's so serious about this that he says, half joking, "We're a future Michelin star winner," referring to the prestigious award handed out to worldclass restaurants. However, with the way Singh is running India Palace, it's not hard to imagine a world where that happens. Specializing in North Indian food, India Palace is one of the cleanest restaurants around and features numerous traditional dishes, although Singh says

Fresh Facts

their balti dishes are their most popular. These dishes are cooked with wine and loads of spices. Perhaps their most accessible meal is their lunch buffet, which features items like basmati rice, chicken tandoori, vegetable pakora and much more. "We're a future Michelin star winner. We take good pride. You can touch the tables, the drink menus are clean. If you go in my bathroom, you can do night surgery in there, that's how clean it is. I promise. Come here, bring friends and family. We'll take good care of you. You'll have a great meal and perfect service. We're bringing a five-star experience to ethnic food." – Harpal Singh

You can order online at indiapalacefargo.com. They offer pick-up or even delivery with Food Dudes Delivery. Singh's family is originally from India and his family owned a restaurant in Indianapolis for about 20 years before moving to Fargo to open India Palace in 2012 because they realized there was a need for a North Indian restaurant. Everything is made from scratch in their extremely clean kitchen.


Everest Tikka House

420 Center Ave, Moorhead

Located inside the Moorhead Center Mall, Everest Tikka House specializes in Indian cuisine. With items ranging from tikka masala and meat thukpa to vindaloo (tender pieces of meat and potatoes cooked in vinegar and dried chili pepper), Everest also has a great lunch buffet at an even better price.

Passage to India

Himalayan Yak

Opened since 2005, Passage to India chefs Alham Ali, Birkha Moger Sam Rangaswamy have been bringing spice and color to Fargo's palette. Passage to India offers a wide variety of traditional Indian dishes and has many vegetarian options.

With a lunch buffet for only $9.95 that includes items like chicken tikka masala, chicken do-pizza, dal fry, alu karahi and much more, Himalayan Yak has an extensive menu with numerous authentic dishes.

855 45th St. S, Fargo

1450 25th St. S, Fargo

Darbar Palace (India/Pakistan) 402 Broadway, Fargo

Opened in the former Juano's on Broadway, Darbar Palace serves Indian, Persian, Nepalese and Pakistani cuisine. Translating to "big place," Darbar is also bringing big flavors to Downtown Fargo. Best of all, their lunch buffet is only $8.99 and includes items like yellow rice, vegetable pakora, padum, paneer tikka, naan and much more.

Lamb Gyro

Café Aladdin

530 6th Ave. N, Fargo 3017 13th Ave. S, Fargo 1609 32nd Ave. S. Ste. 2, Fargo

Younis Younis came to the U.S. in 1986 to go to trade school in Wahpeton, North Dakota, where he studied automotive technology. Over the last 30 years, Younis, a Palestinian, has opened three successful locations for Café Aladdin. Housing a mix of Greek and Middle Eastern food, Café Aladdin offers a mix of food from both cultures with items like this traditional lamb gyro with homemade tzatziki sauce.

Fresh Facts

Café Aladdin on 32nd Avenue has some specialty grocery items, including kalamata olives and feta cheese. The restaurants offer a variety of fresh homemade desserts.

"I love the Fargo area. I call it home. I like the people. They're so nice, friendly and down-to-Earth. I like living and working here." - Younis Younis, owner of Café Aladdin An assortment of desserts, this plate includes almond and pecan roll chocolate blossom, baklava, nut roll and Kataifi.

tastes of t he world


Mediterranean Grill

Santa Lucia Restaurante

Offering traditional Mediterranean cuisine, Mediterranean Grill offers items like beef kabobs, Mediterranean lamb burger and falafel. Open until 9 p.m., they are an affordable option for unique dining.

Santa Lucia offers authentic Greek cuisine with items like Greek lasagna that's layered with staple Greek flavors like many of Santa Lucia's other traditional dishes, this lasagna is made with pasta, seasoned beef and cheeses before it's baked and topped with a cream Becemel and finished with a marinara sauce.

5050 13th Ave. S, Fargo

1109 38th St. S, Fargo


Carne Azada

Tender sirloin sliced thin, served with beans, rice, guacamole salad and tortillas

TASTES OF THE WORLD Mango's Mexican and American Grill 2901 Main Ave., Fargo

You won't often find authentic Mexican attached to a gas station but that's the case for Mango's Mexican and American Grill. JosĂŠ Gutierrez Cabrera, originally from Guadalajara, Mexico, has lived in Fargo for 14 years but has owned and operated Mango's for about five years. You'll find items like their molcajete comes with your choice of steak or chicken and is grilled with onions, bell peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, squash and zucchini and is covered with their homemade cheese sauce.

Acapulco Mexican Restaurant 1150 36th St. S, Fargo

This family-owned business is widely recognized for their burritos and authentic Mexican cuisine. Ranging from the basic (chicken burrito) to the more exotic (Camerones Acapulco), you'll find a wide variety of dishes, including this shrimp cocktail.


Fresh Facts

There are great lunch specials every day. Mango's has a full bar and offers a wide variety of margarita flavors. Kids eat free on Sundays.


Vinyl Taco

520 1st Ave. N, Fargo

Crispy Fish Taco Vinyl Taco has become a popular place in the community to enjoy Mexican street fare and cocktails. Aside from tasty tacos, Vinyl Taco offers a variety of dishes such as soups, salads, bowls, molcajete enchiladas, chimichangas and more. This crispy fish taco won Fargo Monthly's Flavor Awards for the best taco in 2016 and has crispy crusted whitefish, red slaw, sriracha tartar, fried capers and serrano-avocado salsa.

Pico Food Truck

(Seasonal food truck, located at Junkyard Brewing Company 1416 1st Ave. N, Moorhead, follow on Facebook for updates)

Pico is a food truck that specializes in fresh, made-from-scratch tacos. The menu consists of simple, fresh and intense flavors all wrapped up in a homemade flour tortilla.

Taco Bros.

(Seasonal food truck, located at 428 Roberts St. N, Fargo, follow on Facebook for updates)

Although it's now closed for the season and won't be open again until the spring, Taco Bros. serves award-winning Mexican street food that the entire community looks forward to when summertime rolls around. From tacos and burritos to tostadas and the famous "Trust You Bro" platter, Taco Bros. is highly addicting.

Taco Shop

420 University Drive N, Fargo 1825 University Drive S, Fargo

Tacos Trompo 4265 45th St. S, Fargo

Enchiladas This South Fargo eatery serves up street food-style tacos, Mexican sandwiches, tortas, chilaquiles, alambres and much more when it comes to traditional dishes. These enchiladas, with your choice of cheese or chicken, are filled with Chihuahua cheese and topped with tomatillo sauce, sour cream, onion, cilantro and queso fresco.

Home of the famous grinder since the '60s, Taco Shop offers tacos, sandwiches and Mexican and American dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Mexican Village 814 Main Ave., Fargo 3155 45th St. S, Fargo

Since the founding in 1970, Mexican Village has always been a great place for people of all ages to enjoy Mexican food in a friendly and upbeat atmosphere. The menu offers appetizers, a full line of entrĂŠes, mouthwatering desserts, jumbo margaritas and more. 31

Chicken shawarma, basmati rice and sweet and spicy chicken.



Madina Cuisine 2225 13th Ave. S, Fargo

Madina Omar, the owner of Madina Cuisine, has a simple philosophy: "it’s not all about money, it’s all about enjoying your job." That shows through for this remarkable woman. Originally from Somalia, Omar got married when she was 14 years old and eventually moved to Fargo with her husband and five kids. After getting divorced, she realized her dream was to open up a restaurant. "I was enjoying making and cooking food, coming up with different ideas and making better food," said Omar. That eventually led to the opening of Madina Cuisine, which specializes in Somalian, Ethiopian and Arabian food. You'll find a wide of variety of healthy dishes that includes items like sambusa, malawah (a type of sweet potato pancake), chicken shawarma and more. "I opened this place for everybody," said Omar. "Not Somalian, not African, not Arabian. I opened up for every culture: American, black, white, anybody. ... I really like serving them the best I can."

AFRICA Fresh Facts

This is a family run restaurant. Several of Omar's seven children work in the restaurant. Omar believes that every woman has the right to work hard and follow their dreams. One day, Omar would like to expand into a bigger restaurant to serve more people.


2424 13th Ave. S, Fargo

With a unique menu, including servings for 10 to 15 people, Rugsan Cuisine has items like angelo with chicken stew, jabati beef wrap, goat meat and many other items that you won't find anywhere else in town.

Liberian Merry Go Round

855 45th St. S. Ste A1, Fargo

With a menu unlike anything else in Fargo, Liberian Merry Go Round has a wide selection of traditional Liberian food. Open for two years, owner Francis Brown says that many of the most popular dishes include pepper soup with fufu, roasted fish and meat and the potato greens.




A C I R E N. AM Phargo Food (Philadelphia)

52 Broadway N, Fargo (Seasonal food truck, available on Fridays and Saturdays outside Fort Noks from 11:30 p.m.-2:30 a.m., follow on Facebook for updates)

When you order at this truck, you'll need to order like a true Philadelphian by deciding between a "wiz wit" (cheese whiz with onions) or "wiz witout" (cheeze whiz without onions). This wiz wit is made with thinly-shaved meat that is a combination of various cuts, onion and the traditional Philly cheese whiz all packed in the most important part: Amoroso bread. And with it you'll need some Phargo Fries (a version of Philly's famous crab fries), which are fresh-cut potatoes with a special housemade seasoning and a cheddar cheese sauce. "Now that Carson Wentz is playing for the Philadelphia Eagles, I thought that there had to be a niche market for cheesesteaks where Wentz played in college. I wanted to bring that to the people of Fargo. 34 | NOVEMBER 2017 | FARGOMONTHLY.COM

As I started to investigate more and realize the growth that Fargo is going through, it became an enticing idea to move here. The food scene in Fargo is going to rise and challenge bigger markets. As Fargo increases in its popularity and the food scene grows, we're going to be the hyper-active food scene. I see Fargo as being where Portland was five years ago when it became really popular. Ten years ago nobody really cared about Portland. The reason why I chose Fargo is that it's so primed for that type of growth. "My mentality of serving food, especially out of a food truck, is to keep it very simple and have your reason behind cooking. At the moment, I'm serving traditional Philly cheesesteaks and you order how we do in Philadelphia. It's important to me to bring that aspect of traditional ordering to create an experience for people. I want people to take responsibility for what comes from their city because then they respect it more. That's why I'm calling it Phargo Food, because I'm trying to take things that come from Fargo and around it and use it in my products." - Travis Rosenbluth, owner/operator and Philadelphia native. You can see the combination of Fargo and Philadelphia love with the truck's name and logo.

Cajun CafĂŠ (New Orleans) 1324 25th Ave. S, Fargo

With a flare of New Orleans and the south, you can enjoy plenty of Cajun dishes (for breakfast, lunch and dinner) with crawfish, grits, jambalaya and everything in between. This jambalaya is a tomato-based stew made up of peppers, onion, rice and Cajun sausage.

Poke Bowl (Hawaii)

409 Broadway N, Fargo (Currently a seasonal food truck, future location: 123 Broadway N, former MetroDrug building)

Pounds (Canada) 612 1st Ave. N, Fargo

Poutine is a popular dish across Canada, and you can get your fix at Pounds in Downtown Fargo. Hand-cut fries are loaded with melty cheese curds and doused in a brown gravy for a truly addicting dish. The best part? Pounds offers half-priced poutine all day on Wednesdays, and you can add extra toppings for variety.

Poke is traditionally a raw fish salad served as an appetizer in Hawaiian cuisine, but this local version has the addition of Japanese flair. The tuna poke bowl is filled with heaping scoops of sushi rice, spicy mayo, poke sauce (a soy and sesame-like sauce), avocado, raw marinated tuna, seaweed salad, crab salad, masago (roe/eggs of a small fish called capelin), radish sprouts and shredded nori (dried seaweed). 35

Barbacoa (Tex-Mex) 3241 42nd St. S, Fargo

Offering a unique fusion of southwest flavors and midwest comfort food, Barbacoa offers some dishes, like their carne asada beef, chicken tinga and braised brisket that stay true to the flavors of the regions from which they are derived. However, other dishes, such as their Mexican Shephard's Pie, Chicken Tortilla Soup and Breakfast Chimichanga are eclectic spins on classic dishes to tantalize the Midwest palate. They also complement these dishes with scratch made margaritas, using only fresh ingredients, and an esoteric wine list featuring wines from both Spain and South America.


Bacon, chorizo, cheddar, scrambled eggs, red pepper cream sauce, pico, queso fresco served with a choice of fresh fruit or tater tots

Daran's Southern Soul Food & West Indian Cuisine (American South, Carribean/West Indies) 30 University Drive N, Fargo

Fried chicken with macaroni and cheese and collard greens with smoked turkey wings are all just a fraction of what you'll find on the menu from this southern soul food and West Indies cuisine eatery. There's a full menu you can order from (which requires advance notice) or you can keep up with the restaurant on social media to take advantage of the rotating daily menu. "Before we moved here and we went back home to Miami to visit, we would have terrible diets. There is so much stuff down there that we didn't have up in Fargo, so every time we went home, we would devour everything we could. I couldn't help but realize that there really wasn't a soul food restaurant in Fargo or the state of North Dakota." - Darrel Randle, who is the owner and operator along with his wife, Celena Randle.


Dempsey's Public House (Chicago) 226 Broadway N, Fargo

There are plenty of outdoor hot dog stands located around town, but it's important to find a place to get a good one year-round. Loaded with pickled sport peppers, sweet pickle relish, a dill pickle and more staple toppings between a poppyseed bun, Dempsey's does their Chicago Dog the right way when it comes to following Chicago tradition as close as possible. And the best part is that all of the bar's Chicago-style hot dogs are free with the purchase of a beverage every Thursday night starting at 4 p.m. until supplies last.



EUR OPE Bernbaum's (Germany) 115 Roberts St. N, Fargo

Mid-East bagel plate

labne, hummus, olives, lemon and zhugresh fruit or tater tots

Würst Bier Hall (Germany) 630 1st Ave. N, Fargo

From the owners of Dempsey's, Würst has brought authentic German cuisine to Fargo with dishes like jäger schnitzel, pierogi and their Bavarian pretzels, which are to die for. We also recommend trying out das boot, just make sure you follow all of the rules, which you can view on their website.


Smoked Brisket Sandwich With a variety of high-quality bagel creations and meals for lunch and brunch, it's easy to find something from different parts of the world at Bernbaum's. This smoked brisket sandwich, a German delight, will fill your heart with the warmth and comfort of a homecooked meal. Smoked brisket slices get a quick trip through the oven before being layered onto soft pieces of rye bread and topped with sauerkraut, German mustard and an aged, Wisconsin brick cheese.

Fresh Facts

Housed in Mid Mod Madhaus, Bernbaum's is tucked away in this quaint antique store on Roberts Street. The Jewish-style bagel shop was opened by Andrea Baumgardner last year.

Sons of Norway (Norway) 722 2nd Ave. N, Fargo

Have yourself a little taste of Norway with this perfectly-grilled European twist on a classic recipe. With homemade corned beef, sauerkraut, grilled marbled rye bread, swiss cheese and a homemade Thousand Island dressing, this sandwich is bound to make your taste buds happy.

Three Lyons Pub (United Kingdom)

675 13th Ave. E, West Fargo

At this West Fargo U.K.-themed pub, there's plenty of classic British dishes for you to indulge in. The shepherd's pie is made with seasoned ground beef, carrots, onion and celery in a red wine sauce, topped with mashed potatoes and melted cheddar cheese. It's served with a side of steamed peas and garlic toast, and the entire meal is sure to warm your heart.

Hennessy's Irish Pub (Ireland) 4323 45th St. S, Fargo

With a bar that was actually constructed in Ireland, you won't find a more authentic Irish bar than Hennessy's. With several Irish staples on their menu and great specials and live music on select days, this is a great place to check out if you live in the Osgood area.

Toscana (italy) 202 Broadway N, Fargo

Blarney Stone Pub (Ireland) 1910 9th St. E, West Fargo

Named after a castle that stands in Blarney, Ireland, Blarney Stone takes pride in its strong connection to Ireland with meals like shepherds pie, corned beef & creamed cabbage and their popular Blarney dip. They also do breakfast every Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. We recommend trying the corned beef and creamed cabbage with tender oven-baked corned beef with creamed cabbage and champ potatoes and is served with creamy horseradish dijon and a rustic roll.

Chef Mirco Morganti, originally from Lucca, Italy, has brought quality Italian to Downtown Fargo. With dishes ranging from gnocchi fattore to filet mignon bordolaise to sea bass aragosta, there is something for everyone. Plus, they're open for lunch.

Speak Easy (Italy)

1001 30th Ave. S, Moorhead

Perhaps best known for the Auburn 4-door sedan convertible with real bullet holes in the side that once belonged to gangster George “Bugs” Moran, Speak Easy was recently purchased, but the long-standing restaurant hasn't changed much. With an extensive menu, Speak Easy serves a wide variety of Italian dishes.

Deja Vue Catering (France)

Ran by Benoit Decormeille, a native of Normandy, France, Déjá Vu Catering is dedicated to bringing authentic French cooking to Fargo. You can find them at the Red River Market on Saturdays from July to October. 39


MARKETS More and more international markets are opening up around the FM area. With these new grocery stores, you can get your hands on items that are hard to find anywhere else in town. Now try creating some of your own ethnic recipes right at home.

International Market Plaza 1345 Main Ave, Fargo

Featuring 24 businesses that range from salons to ethnic grocery stores to home goods, the International Market Plaza is meant to bring a piece of the world to Fargo. The plaza gives immigrants a chance to follow their dreams and open their own businesses. With plans of remodeling to allow for more spaces, the Immigrant Development Center, which runs the plaza, is working on creating a dedicated space for an art gallery and studios. Below is a list of some of the businesses in the International Market Plaza. K&M Auto Services African Hair Braiding Beiylah Business Center Baghdady Barber Adams Market


Fargo Fresh Indian and Asian Grocery

fargofresh.com 855 45th St. S. Unit J, Fargo

Fargo Fresh offers a unique service with online ordering. With more than 100 products available online and at their store, Fargo Fresh sells fresh ingredients that cater to the growing Indian/Asian community. They also have a YouTube channel with videos on cooking authentic meals.

Asian American Market

1015 Main Ave. Ste. A, Fargo

Featuring a wide variety of dishes, including many exotic fruits, Asian American Market offers a wide variety of unique and hard to find items.

Balkan Food European Market 2233 13th Ave. S. Ste. A, Fargo

Barwaqo Grocery

2119 13th Ave. S, Fargo

Meaning prosperous, Barwaqo Grocery provides numerous grocery items as well as money transfer.

La Unica Mexican Market 2615 12th Ave. S, Moorhead

Also offering catering, La Unica offers fresh Hispanic groceries and homemade tortillas and salsas. First opened in 1993, this grocery store also makes fresh pork and chicken tamales, pico de gallo, pan dulce, salsa, breakfast tacos and gorditas.

Specializing in imported European brands, Balkan Food European Market often has items from Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia and other eastern European countries.

Lotus Blossom Market 2750 Main Ave, Fargo

With items like fresh meat, seafood and poultry, Lotus Blossom also carries ethnic fruits and vegetables and even items like ethnic clothing, kitchenware and more.

Fargo Halal Market 855 45th St. S, Fargo

FM International Food 1402 Main Ave., Fargo

Conveniently located on Main Avenue across from the International Market Plaza, FM International Food has a wide selection of frozen and fresh ingredients.

A wide variety of meats and other goods await anyone going to the Fargo Halal Market located in a strip mall off 45th street, which is becoming a hotspot for other ethnic grocery stores and restaurants, as it also houses Fargo Fresh, Liberian Merry Go Round and Passage to India.

Fargo Airport





















he weather outside will soon be frightful, so now is the time to start planning your trips to escape the cold this winter. Together with Hector International Airport, we bring you the top five flights out of Fargo and some places worth checking out in each city, as well as an inside look into Frontier Airlines coming to Fargo.


top 5 flights



Phoenix/ Mesa

Musical Instrument Museum

You can see, hear and play instruments from all over the world. You're given a headset that syncs as you move throughout the galleries, allowing you to hear thousands of instrument sounds as you tour through different cultures and artists.


Las Vegas

Jump off the Stratosphere

Located at the Stratosphere hotel-casino, jump off the tallest building west of the Mississippi. This controlled free fall will have you reaching speeds up to 40 mph and give you a gorgeous view of the city the entire 855 feet.


Theme parks

Orlando/ Sanford

There are many theme park choices to make when going to Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando. Check out Disney's Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom or experience Universal Orlando Resort's Universal Studios or Islands of Adventure. Can't choose? Get a Park Hopper pass and move freely between them.


The Art Institute of Chicago


Los Angeles Basin

Experience one of the oldest and largest art museums in the U.S. where you can stand before classics and contemporary masterpieces, traveling the world through the galleries featuring art from ancient places, including Africa, Greece and Japan.


Runyon Canyon

Get a unique view of L.A. and head over to Runyon Canyon Park. Located only two blocks from Hollywood Boulevard, the park is a popular hiking area and known for its celebrity sightings.




Camelback Mountain

Heritage Square Dining

Old Town Scottsdale




Red Rock Canyon

Las Vegas Strip



Tibet-Butler Preserve

Wall Street Plaza




Skydeck Chicago

Wrigley Field

Lincoln Park Zoo

One of the area's iconic landmarks, it's named for its resemblance to a kneeling camel. Hiking its trails is worth it when you get to the "hump" of the mountain and get a panoramic view of the city.

Cirque Du Soleil's 'O'

This Cirque Du Soleil production is different from the rest. The 'O' distinguishes itself by being the only one of its kind to be performed in water. Get your tickets now to experience up to 85 acrobats performing in or above a pool full of 1.5 million gallons of water.


SKELETONS: Museum of Osteology

This museum gives you a one-of-a-kind look at different parts of the world through the more than 500 real animal skeletons it features. Its exhibits include the African Safari, Marsupials and Florida Wildlife.

Want to get your heart pumping? Step out onto the Ledge and you'll be suspended by a glass box at more than 1,350 feet in the air with a straight-down view of the Windy City.

Located in downtown Phoenix, Heritage Square is home to several delicious restaurants. Pizzeria Bianco is highly rated and includes ingredients that are homemade and locally grown.

An escape from the large groups of people and quick pace of The Strip, Red Rock is located west of the city and has hiking, biking and nature watching opportunities. The scenery features desert vegetation, sandstone cliffs and red rock vistas as far as the eye can see.

To the west of Orlando, the Tibet-Butler Preserve offers you a look into the wilderness, looping you through the major habitats found in the region, including forest, swamp and lakeshore.

Wrigley Field is home to the Chicago Cubs. Whether you want to catch a game, explore one of America's oldest ballparks or you just really love baseball, Wrigley Field is the place to go.

Trying to find the perfect souvenir? Looking for the local boutiques? Want to get your groove on with some dancing? Head over to Old Town, a popular destination for both shopping and nightlife.

The Strip is known for its resort hotels, casinos and performance venues for all kinds of entertainment. More than 4 miles long, put on your walking shoes and check out the contemporary architecture and lights that line the most popular road in Vegas.

Right in the heart of Downtown, Wall Street Plaza offers visitors a local experience. Full of restaurants, bars and nightclubs, you'll be sure to find something to do on a night on the town.

If you're looking for somewhere to take the kids, check out Lincoln Park Zoo. The 35acre zoo is one of the last free-admission zoos in the U.S. and also one of the oldest, having been founded in 1868.


Universal Studios Hollywood

Jump on some theme park rides, explore a working movie studio and discover some of the best shops and restaurants all in the same place. Located in the entertainment capital of the world, it offers unique experiences the whole family will enjoy.


Rodeo Drive

If you love to shop Rodeo Drive is the place to stop, as long as you ignore the fact that it's probably out of most of our price ranges. You're also likely to spot a few celebrities on your outing.


Getty Center

Featuring collections by artists such as Van Gogh, Monet and Cezanne, the Getty Center is one of the world's largest arts organizations. You'll get to view beautiful art, architecture and gardens all in the same location.


Frontier Airlines joins Hector International Airport Frontier Airlines announced in July that by spring of 2018, it will be doubling its number of routes by adding about 20 other cities, including Fargo, to its list of reached places, bringing cheaper options to the Fargo-Moorhead community. Flights aren't available until May 15, but you can start booking now. Frontier will fly mostly on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Check out FlyFrontier.com for more information.

Frontier flights out of Fargo • Albuquerque • Atlanta • Austin • Boise

• Bozeman

Shawn Dobberstein

Executive Director Hector International Airport

• Buffalo

• Cancun

• Charlotte • Chicago

• Cincinnati • Cleveland

In a Q&A with Hector International Airport Executive Director Shawn Dobberstein, here is the inside scoop on Frontier joining our local airport's list of airlines.

• Dallas

• Denver

• El Paso

• Houston

• Kansas City

Frontier Airlines has joined Hector International Airport before–four times, to be exact. Why did it begin to operate in Fargo those times? The Frontier Airlines brand has always been very popular in this region. The version of Frontier Airlines that operates today was founded in 1994. This was shortly after Continental Airlines closed their Denver hub. Frontier Airlines has changed ownership and management a few times over the past few years. Republic Airways Holdings purchased Frontier in 2009. Republic sold Frontier to Indigo Partners, LCC in 2013. This started the transition for Frontier to become known as an ultra-low-cost carrier. Their business model has varied from being a hub and spoke air carrier to a pointto-point carrier. Over the past year, it appears that Frontier is now focusing on re-establishing their Denver hub, which will allow passengers to connect to other markets beyond Denver. Why did the airline stop operations in Fargo? The new ownership and management changed the business model from a traditional hub and spoke airline to a point-to-point airline. They focused on serving significantly larger markets than Fargo. They ended service to a number of smaller markets as they were competing with other low-cost carriers in the larger markets.

Why again now? Is it here to stay? The Frontier staff who I work with always indicated they would someday return to Fargo. They're in the process of reestablishing their Denver hub, which has been very popular for the passengers in Fargo-Moorhead and the surrounding region. They have continued to have success in Sioux Falls and Bismarck that is positive for the Fargo market. Nothing is certain in the airline industry. Airlines continually enter and exit markets as they decide where to deploy their limited resources, which are the aircraft. I think they are committed to serving our market. How will having Frontier Airlines as part of Hector International affect the airport and the Fargo-Moorhead community? Frontier is branded as an ultra-low-cost carrier. Their fare structure will help to lower fares on routes where they are competing for the same passenger as Delta, United, American and Allegiant. Their presence will stimulate our market, which is expected to increase the number of passengers we serve each day.

• Knoxville

• Las Vegas

• Little Rock

• Los Angeles • Miami

• Milwaukee • Nashville • Omaha

• Orange County/Santa Ana • Orlando

• Philadelphia • Phoenix

• Portland

• Providence • Raleigh

• Saint Louis

• Salt Lake City • San Diego

• San Francisco • San Jose • Seattle

• Spokane • Tampa

• Washington D.C.



DOWNTOWN FARGO UNVEILS ITS NEW LANDMARK "This is just another sign of how really good things can happen in this community if everyone works together." BY Kara Jeffers PHOTOS BY Andrew Jason & Hillary Ehlen


Charley Johnson, president and CEO of the Fargo-Moorhead Convention & Visitors Bureau (F-M CVB), said this in his statement at the event unveiling Fargo's new public art piece on Oct. 18. The Fargo Park District and the F-M CVB partnered together to bring this new landmark to the downtown area. The piece is by local artist Steve Knutson and was installed on one of the train cars at the Park District's main office building.


call to local artists was sent out in June, looking for someone with a design that would represent Fargo.

"I submitted my idea, which was 'greetings from Fargo' and the bison," said Knutson, whose work was selected. "I had to do a painting that was seven inches tall and 80 inches long, which is a very odd size and difficult to create. My wife had to help me out a lot with measuring it out and projecting the windows and doors on it ... outside at night because my studio wasn't long enough." Knutson had a vision for the project to be "bright and exciting," something that was going to "catch people's eye" and get them excited about Fargo, specifically the arts in Fargo. "I wanted to give them a piece that was interesting but also simple and iconic

The project's artist, Steve Knutson, is from Minot, North Dakota. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Art Education from the University of Minnesota Moorhead. He resides in Fargo with his wife, Becky, and two children, and currently teaches art at Discovery Middle School.

enough that they can understand it right away," Knutson said. "When you think of Fargo, you're going to think of bison or the name 'Fargo,' which has a lot of pull to it with the movie, show and the theatre downtown. I wanted to reflect those things and, in turn, 'North of Normal' in that way." The art piece was a Fargo Park District project in partnership with the F-M CVB, but many others were involved. The Arts Partnership helped to facilitate the selection process, Knight Printing transitioned the artwork from the original file into the piece seen on the train and Office Sign Company installed the piece. "We do it because we recognize the importance of the arts," Fargo Park District Executive Director Joel Vettel said at the unveiling. "We recognize the importance of what it gives to us each and every day as a community, not only to us but to our future generations."

This new public art piece is expected to become a new landmark and a perfect selfie-taking location for both residents and visitors to the Fargo area. "I think the exciting thing about this piece is it's now the entrance to downtown, which is the heart of this community," said Dayna Del Val, director of The Arts Partnership, in her statement at the unveiling. "It's not the entirety of this community, but it's the heart." Del Val is thankful for both the Fargo Park District and the F-M CVB because public art can't happen without support and funding from outside sources.

The Fargo Park District and the FargoMoorhead Convention & Visitors Bureau gave Steve Knutson, the artist behind the project, freedom when he designed their logos on the art piece.

"It's easy to talk about making public art, but it's hard to fund it," she said. "So thank you for being the visionaries in this project."


Illuminating the Millennium

Inside The Saint John's Bible at The Hjemkomst Center BY Ethan Mickelson PHOTOS BY Hillary Ehlen and courtesy of Saint John's Bible

Creation, Donald Jackson, 2003, The Saint John’s Bible, Saint John’s University, Collegeville, Minnesota.



In a digital world of copy and paste perfection, one internationally orchestrated project is bringing the venerable stories of the Bible into modernity with an intricate, yet human touch. Even from a distance, the massive collection of pages encompassing The Saint John's Bible glisten with colorful imagery. Illuminated by ancient ink, gold leafing and platinum inlays, every page is lined with immaculate letters, each etched by hand using quills. Now on display at the Hjemkomst Center until the end of December, the official Saint John's Bible is in its 26th exhibition and is the largest art exhibition ever hosted by The Historical and Cultural Society of Clay County. With 68 original folios of the first handilluminated and hand-calligraphed Bible to be commissioned by a Benedictine monastery in 500 years, local excitement around the works began with past displays of reprints from the book. "We think of this as being a rare opportunity for people to see something that is world-class here in our community," said Anne Kaese, calligrapher and volunteer with the HCSCC. "The exhibit has traveled around the world, but only the bestof-the-best art institutes have ever been able to house it. This is just a phenomenal opportunity for our community."

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Donald Jackson and Chris Tomlin, 2011, The Saint John’s Bible, Saint John’s University, Collegeville, Minnesota.


Saint John's Abbey and University in Collegeville, Minnesota, set the project into motion when they commissioned the project to be led by renowned British Royal calligrapher Donald Jackson. Together with 23 other professional scribes, artists and assistants, he created the concrete visual elements in a scriptorium in Wales while the Abbey oversaw theological direction. "We ended up commissioning Donald to put together a team to do this as a way to mark the millennium," said Tim Ternes, director of The Saint John's Bible at Hill Museum & Manuscript Library in St. Cloud, Minnesota. "But theologically, once we get past the physical reason for doing this, the reason it's really done is because scriptures, the Psalms, in particular, are so much a part of the Benedictine tradition. It really guides and defines almost everything they've done in their 1,500-year history as Benedictines. They wanted to do something that reminds us the Bible is communal, that it's meant to be shared." 52 | NOVEMBER 2017 | FARGOMONTHLY.COM

Adam and Eve, Donald Jackson and Chris Tomlin, 2002, The Saint John’s Bible, Saint John’s University, Collegeville, Minnesota.

With an overwhelming size alone, the pages crisscrossed oceans from crafterto-crafter in a logistical whirlwind that came to an end on May 9, 2011, when the final word was penned.


"If you look around, you are kind of encased in the scripture," Ternes said. "It's not a small book. It's not meant to be a personal book, it's meant to be a work that invites you to come together with others, to make meaning. What a powerful way to explore anything. It's having a huge impact on how people view scripture and include others in their scripture reading." The communal effect of the work wasn't the only progressive concept binding The Saint John's Bible. Images present also depict a modern world. "The artwork and messages behind The Saint John's Bible celebrate all that we have learned, explored and are continuing to discover about our world," Kaese said.

To the Ends of the Earth, Donald Jackson, Sally Mae Joseph, and Andrew Jamieson, 2002, The Saint John’s Bible, Saint John’s University, Collegeville, Minnesota.

Tim Ternes

Director of The Saint John's Bible at Hill Museum & Manuscript Library. Ternes works from Saint Cloud as the keeper of the pages and the story.

Anne Kaese

Volunteer with the Historical and Cultural Society of Clay County and calligraphy teacher, Anne Kaese has studied ancient religious texts and worked with the medium since her childhood growing up in South Africa.

Sower and the Seed, Aidan Hart, Donald Jackson, and Sally Mae Joseph, 2002, The Saint John’s Bible, Saint John’s University, Collegeville, Minnesota.

Within the pages, subtle hints outline the current world as we know it. Behind the blue and green orb of earth, binary code peaks through. Images of human tragedies recognize sorrowful points of the recent past. "You can't think of it as an illustrated Bible, we did not make pictures of the passages," Ternes said. "We didn't illustrate the last supper or the ten commandments, what we did was create visual, spiritual meditations about the words that gives you something to think about, but don't say, 'Here's what it means.'"


As a guide to creating such interpretive artworks to accompany the traditional passages, Jackson and his team worked with the Committee on Illumination and Text to find a shared meaning of the text in their respective fields. "The artists were artists, the theologians were theologians, so we had to find a way for the two to connect," Ternes said. When the two met, they began to create an expression of Saint John's Abbey's faith directed to the modern world, now standing as a visual record of a new generation's artistic interpretation of an age-old historical and literary document. "In a thousand years time–and the materials will last that long–they will have a clear understanding of how we viewed our world at the beginning of the millennium," Kaese said. As a work of art, a piece of history and a marvel of craftsmanship, The Saint John's Bible is much more than meets the eye. Its calfskin vellum pages, full of wisdom from long ago and insights only recently discovered, offer an immutable communion for today and tomorrow.


hcscconline.org Facebook: HCSCC Instagram: HCSCC_Hjemkomst On display until December 31, 2017 53


Appof Fargo

Three NDSU students hope new mobile app helps users find events they care about

Nathaniel Thoreson

Austin Braham

Mukai Selekwa


A BY Sam Herder | PHOTO BY Hillary Ehlen

ustin Braham, Nathaniel Thoreson and Mukai Selekwa, who all graduated from Fargo Davies High School and currently attend North Dakota State, realized there’s a large problem in their city: there’s a lot to do, but not a lot of people know about these events or opportunities.


Webblen Events

Two years ago, they started a mobile application called Webblen, geared toward online advertising for one's social media, but the three decided to change the direction of their company. The idea was to create an event notifier that would remove junk mail from users' phones and help them find events they really care about. Webblen Events launched in late September.


Webblen gathers the interests of the users so when there is a local event that follows those interests, they will be notified. The event also shows up on their dashboard within the application. However, if there is an event going on around town that does not fit within their area of interest, they will not be notified and they won’t have that cluttering up their dashboard. “We figured, why don’t we, who already have experience working together as a company and have experience living in Fargo, come up with a mobile application to allow you to see the things that are happening around you based on your interests?” Thoreson said. The benefits of the app are twofold. When the user sees an event pop up from Webblen, they know they will have some interest in it. Businesses and event organizers then don’t have to send mass mailings out to people who don’t have interest in their event, goods or services. Right now, Selekwa calls it a chicken and an egg situation. In order to populate Webblen with more events, they need users to put in those events. But then there's the problem of event organizers not feeling inclined to put in more events if there aren’t any listed already on the app. The Webblen creators are taking on the burden to reach out to different organizations and putting the events

in themselves. The goal, though, is to have anyone able to create an event to make the app self-sustaining and self-populating. It is currently $5 per event to be pushed to all of Fargo. In the coming months, however, Webblen is moving to a variable pricing model based on the notification diameter, or how far the notification will be pushed from where the event is happening. The further the event is pushed, the cheaper per mile it will be. The creators are also open to coming up with a pricing model for larger clients, such as companies and organizations based on their needs. "What I personally want is for this to be an application that interacts with the user more than the user interacts with it,” Selekwa said. “Then it can be used as a word-of-mouth application, one that people would find it cheaper to advertise events on while also reaching out to a larger crowd more efficiently.” A couple weeks after the launch, the app was just above 230 users, a number the creators are happy with considering it still has big updates to come. The hope is to work with fraternities and sororities and other groups on NDSU’s campus, along with the downtown community, and spread it out from there. “The term that we’re kind of coining is we want it to become the app of Fargo,” Thoreson said. “We want to

Webblen Events is Fargo’s event application. The app interacts with and notifies you of what's going on according to your interest and location.

be the one-stop shop for everything that is going on around you.”


Webblen became a registered business two years ago and changed directions about a year later. Thoreson and Selekwa began working on the project and during the development of it, Braham joined the team as the director of finance and strategy. Thoreson is the director of communications and does a lot of the reaching out to companies and organizations. Selekwa is the director of vision and technology and is responsible for the coding of the app. Thoreson and Selekwa are sophomores at NDSU while Braham is a junior. They all expect Webblen to grow slowly before word spreads quickly and it explodes. The team tries to push out updates every one to two weeks with a large scale update coming that will make it a selfsufficient system. “The real intent of the application is to bring the community together by broadening horizons and showing people how much there really is to do around Fargo,” Braham said. 55

7 Ways to Show


COMMUNITY With Thanksgiving approaching, we've entered into the season of being grateful and showing kindness to other people. Did you know you can also show your thankfulness to your community? Here are seven ways to show gratitude to the Fargo-Moorhead area, not just in November, but all year round. 56 | NOVEMBER 2017 | FARGOMONTHLY.COM


A common way to give back in any community is to spend time volunteering. This could take on many forms and look like anything from working at a soup kitchen to helping the elderly with outdoor chores. Kelly Binfet from Ronald McDonald House Charities and Robert Colace with Unseen share their views on why volunteering is important and how, by doing so, you can show gratitude to this community.

In your words, lasting impact what is Unseen? on the group or Unseen fights organization you against human are serving. The trafficking around individual will the world at its also be a great root causes. example for others They partner with to look up to and organizations maybe step out around the and volunteer Robert Colace world that need themselves. Volunteer help to run Coordinator Intern more smoothly. Unseen Why do you They help these volunteer? organizations with I volunteer their marketing, creating a because I know my time greater media presence and spent doesn't go wasted making a more efficient donor and I help change lives, even basis for them. though I might not get to see it happen first hand. I volunteer Why does Unseen need specifically at Unseen because volunteers? I feel disgusted every time Unseen needs volunteers I hear about how big the because they're able to human trafficking industry serve their partners more is or when I hear about how effectively with the help of human trafficking ruined an volunteers. The staff is able individual's life. I came to to accomplish more when we Unseen because I felt it was a have volunteers writing thank great opportunity to help fight you cards for our donors, against this problem. making phone calls and doing something as simple as How do you believe keeping the office clean so the gratitude ties in with staff can serve our partners volunteering within this directly rather than doing community? these tasks themselves. I believe volunteering is the best way to express gratitude Why do you think it is within the community. There’s important for individuals no better way to say thank you to step out of their box to the amazing organizations and into a volunteer role in town than by donating in the Fargo-Moorhead some of your time and community? expecting nothing in return. I believe serving as a volunteer is the best way to become CONNECT Unseen an active member of the WeAreUnseen.org community and to leave a

What is the Ronald McDonald House? The Ronald McDonald House of the Red River Valley supports and houses families whose children are receiving medical care in the Fargo-Moorhead area by providing home-like comfort, support and care for families.

the people in our community. People are kind and want to help, and volunteering is the perfect way to give back. Like the Ronald McDonald House, many organizations Kelly Binfet wouldn’t be able Community Outreach to best live out Coordinator their mission Ronald McDonald without the help House Charities of volunteers. Not only does volunteering strengthen the FargoMoorhead community, but For the House, what is it can be a great method of the importance of having team bonding and has many volunteers? benefits for the individual Volunteers are a vital part themselves. Plus, volunteering of our organization. With a is fun. small staff, we rely heavily on volunteers to make our What steps should a House a “home away from reader take in order to home.” Without volunteers, we become a volunteer/ wouldn’t be able to best help how to decide where to families like we do. Ronald volunteer? McDonald House volunteers It’s easy to volunteer. My provide meals, help with office best advice would be to start work, light housekeeping, where you have a passion. yard work and assist with Impact Foundation has a special events. We are also great resource where you can governed by a volunteer Board learn more about different of Directors. Our biggest organizations within categories volunteer opportunity is our that appeal to you. Check Share A Meal program. We out the volunteer section at strive to have three to four ImpactGiveback.org meals a week prepared by volunteers for our families. The wonderful home-cooked meals make such a big difference for our families at the end of a long day. Why do you think it is important for individuals to step out of their box and into a volunteer role in the Fargo-Moorhead community? Volunteering connects you to what is happening with

How do you believe gratitude ties in with volunteering and in this community? I think we live in such a good place. Over and over, we have seen how much they want to help each other. I think

we have a record number of people and companies who volunteer compared to other places. I think we just work hard and know that kindness comes back around. People are grateful for what they have and they give back with their donations, their time and their talents. We are grateful to all our donors and our volunteers and the people who care for the Ronald McDonald House of the Red River Valley. We are so excited to be building a new RMHC house so that we can help even more families in the future. The House will be located near the new Sanford hospital. CONNECT Ronald McDonald House Charities RMHCFargo.org Volunteer@RMHCFargo.org 701-232-3980


In 2016, an estimated $390 billion was donated to charities in the U.S. If you don't think you have the time to spare to volunteer, you could choose a charity near and dear to your heart and give money instead. It could be a one-time donation or maybe you decide to give monthly. Don't be worried about how much— even a small amount can do wonders—but give with a grateful heart and be a part of something bigger within your community. An opportunity to give is coming up. RDO's Caters Taters event is on Tuesday, Nov. 21, and CCRI is the benefiting charity this year. For $8, you get a potato with your choice of toppings, a dessert and a drink, but this could be the perfect opportunity to support a local charity and, instead of the required $8, drop $20 in the basket instead.




Think back to when you were younger. Did you have a someone in your life—an older sibling or a close family friends— you looked up to? Some children don't have positive role models in their lives, and maybe mentoring Fargo-Moorhead's younger generation is your way to give back. A great first step is to get involved with the Big Brothers Big Sisters program, and here are just the people you should talk to.

Why did you decide to be a Big Brother? I was looking for a way to give back to the community. I've always enjoyed mentoring youth and kept hearing about the shortage of male volunteers in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program.

Brandon Conkins Big Brother

Big Brothers Big Sisters

What is the most rewarding aspect? What is the most challenging? The boys in this program are growing up without a father figure due to no fault of their own (death, incarceration, abandonment, etc). It amazes me how teaching them the little things in life like how to throw a fastball, bait a hook or relationship advice can add so much value. The need is very real, and it's easy to take for granted what I learned from my father growing up. As my Little Brother gets more and more involved in high schools sports, it can be challenging for us to find time to connect. A simple text or phone call can go a long way in between visits. What could a typical day as a Big Brother or Big Sister look like? A typical day for me and my Little would be going out to eat and chatting about school, sports and his relationships.

After that, we'll go play catch or check out Scheels. We've also done a few Bison and Redhawks games. The program does a great job matching volunteers with a child that has similar interests.

How has being a mentor helped you better appreciate the FargoMoorhead community? Being a part of BBBS has exposed me to a need in our community that I couldn't have imagined. There are consistently around 50 boys without a male figure in their life who are sitting on a 2-year waiting list to be matched. If someone was considering being a Big Brother or Big Sister, what advice and/or encouragement would you give them? Friends will often tell me they need to wait until they 'have it all together' or more free time before they will volunteer. I tell them, none of us have it all together, and the free time isn't going to get better. Here's a chance to just be yourself a couple nights a month, while getting to know a young member of our community. As a result, you just might learn something and positively impact that young child's life.

What is the Youth are at BBBS program? important periods Big Brothers Big of development. Sisters of The They are trying to Village Family navigate through Service Center social norms and provides youth trying to figure facing adversity out who they with strong are. When you and enduring, add other risk Susan Smith professionally factors to this Program Director supported, one-to(socio-economic, Big Brothers Big one relationships academic and Sisters that change their relationship lives for the better, struggles, etc.), forever. Big Brothers Big mentoring can be a positive Sisters has been providing countering event. Mentors and supporting mentoring can share their experiences, relationships to youth in our knowledge, support and community for 51 years. advice, as well as provide a positive influence. By In the perspective of introducing youth to new the article's readers, experiences and sharing how would they know if positive values, mentors can they would make a good help young people avoid mentor? What qualities negative behaviors and should they have? achieve success. This, in People we speak with often turn, has a ripple effect on the think that they need to have an whole community. advanced degree, experience raising kids or a lot of extra How do you believe time to spend with youth in gratitude ties in with our program. The reality is that this program and in this any adult who is supportive, community? has an authentic interest in We hear story after story from youth and is willing to share youth and their parents about a little bit of their time and how grateful they are for their experiences with a child can Big Brothers/Sisters and what be a wonderful mentor. The life-changing impact they key is simply to show up and have had on their life. Being show up consistently. Activities thankful for this community, can be simple, every-day and wanting to create positive activities, and you spend as impacts within our community little as a couple hours everyare also an incentive for the other-week. individuals who want to give back through mentoring youth. In your opinion, why We are fortunate to live in is it important for our such an amazing, supportive community to have strong community, and many see mentors in this program? this as an opportunity to give I have worked with this back, and having fun while program for more than 25 doing so! years, and it never ceases to amaze me that something as CONNECT simple as an adult – spending Big Brothers Big Sisters consistent time with a child BBBSFargo.org – can have such a positive 701-451-4877 impact on that child’s life.



According to the American Independent Business Alliance, for every $100 spent at local business, $68 stays in the community. This is compared to $43 out of $100 at a chain retailer. Supporting local art, businesses and nonprofits is a great way to love your community and fortunately for us, Fargo-Moorhead has many local options. Let's hear from two people in our community who represent both the arts and business scene, Carrie Wintersteen with Theatre B and Salon 3|5 by Ryan Benz.

Tell us about downtown with your business: expectations Salon 3|5 by of spreading Ryan Benz is through the the first green community. salon in North Dakota. We help How does you feel beautiful the presence while keeping of Salon Mother Nature 3|5 return Ryan Benz healthy. We use gratitude Owner eco-luxury hair back to Salon 3|5 products made Fargofrom essential oil Moorhead and botanicals residents? that restore and maintain I'm grateful to live in this hair. Everything used in a community because of the client service is recycled, characteristics it has, and leaving little to no carbon I believe every business footprint. in Fargo has ways to give back. I think Salon 3|5 Why would you can be a part of it through encourage people to the giving back of quality shop locally or use local products and services while businesses/resources creating a fun and healthy and how does it show atmosphere, for both people gratitude? and the planet. Shopping locally provides revenue that stays in the CONNECT Fargo-Moorhead economy. Salon 3|5 SalonThreeFive.com Utilizing local shops shows support of a successful


In your words, what is Theatre B? For me, Theatre B is a labor of love and a fulfillment of purpose. Fargo-Moorhead has a strong interest in the arts, especially in education. I wanted to create a space for adult artists to continue to hone their craft, challenge themselves and impact the community through art. Theatre B’s purpose is to invigorate civic conversation through intimate and transformative storytelling. Our long-term vision is to employ a resident ensemble and guest artists who are enmeshed in the fabric of an equitable, inviting and creative community. And gratitude is written into our values. Why is it important to support local art, businesses and nonprofits? Supporting one another is what makes us a community. Whether it’s cheering on a team, shopping at a local store or volunteering at the food pantry, citizen participation is key to the health and vitality of any community. There are many examples, but I like the story of George Baily in It’s a Wonderful Life. He was more interested in the overall health and prosperity of his community than his own bottom line. And that commitment to his neighbors came back to him in ways he never expected. We are all in this together.

supporting, foundations granting and businesses partnering, we would not be able to fulfill our mission. I think Fargo-Moorhead would be a less interesting place to live, work and play without a rich arts and culture sector. Carrie Wintersteen

Executive Director

Theatre B

I prefer to live in a healthy, thriving community where neighbors feel connected and share all the benefits of those relationships. How does supporting those local establishments reflect gratitude within the community? This region is renowned for education, entrepreneurialism and a robust arts and culture sector. Support for local art is a really effective way to instill pride of place and celebrate all that makes our community appealing and special. How does the presence of Theatre B return the gratitude back to Fargo-Moorhead residents? Our mission statement puts first the notion of community engagement and conversation. The art we make is simply the means to develop connections and empathy. Without audiences attending, donors

How can those who live in the FM area effectively support you and Theatre B? Participate. Get involved. Come to shows. Bring friends. Tell your boss and your co-workers. Volunteer. Donate money. Support businesses who fund the arts and tell them you appreciate their commitment. Live theatre is a laborintensive endeavor. The artists who direct, design and perform here are incredibly dedicated – both to their creative work and to the community. There is a strong draw to leave the FM area for larger markets where artists have a chance of making a career in the theatre. But some choose to stay here. They choose to keep making art and get paid well below market scale. They are your neighbors, your friends, your co-workers and they are adding a lot to the quality of life in this community. It’s important not to take them for granted.



With platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter being used as a common and effective way to communicate, it makes sense that gratitude can be shown via social media as well. Don't forget to tag your favorite restaurant or use a local event's hashtag!

CONNECT Theatre B TheatreB.org

Kirsten Jensen Founder

Next Action Digital 60 | NOVEMBER 2017 | FARGOMONTHLY.COM

6 What do you do? I do social media training, coaching and consulting. The biggest thing I like to do is help train social media teams and organizations. I've worked with a number of companies and teams in town to help empower individual voices to be sharing over social media the stories of their organizations from their perspective. How does gratitude affect social media? I really believe that when our social media is grounded in gratitude, it creates a contagious energy. I try to teach people different ways they can do that, whether it's lifting up coworkers by praising moments of everyday greatness or taking the time to tag nonprofits on social media, saying how much you appreciate what they do. You're able to show gratitude and inspire others to keep up the good work. What are specific ways Fargo-Moorhead residents can show gratitude to the community? I think capturing and sharing the things you love about the community is the first step. The "I love Fargo" hashtag is a great way to do that. For example, I have a friend this summer who did little reviews of the parks around town because she has three little

kids, so she shared pictures of their favorite parks all summer. It was an excellent way to get an idea of different places in town that would be fun to check out.


Fargo-Moorhead is a close-knit community and one that likes to create opportunities to get everyone involved. Next time there is an event or festival in the area, get your family together or get a group of friends and go. It's generally an inexpensive way to have fun while enjoying your community and making connections to other people and resources. It also shows support to those who run the events, allowing them to continue to pour into this community, creating a cycle of gratitude. Check out Fargo Monthly's events calendar online or in the back of this issue. Another great resource is the event page on Fargo-Moorhead Convention & Visitors Bureau's website, FargoMoorhead.org/Events.

I often tell people to post on social media every time you have an emotional reaction. So when you say, "aww" or you get goosebumps or tears in your eyes, think about how that's a story you could share. I'm a firm believer that social media is a better place when we focus our time on showing the things we are for, love and care about versus focusing on the things that make us different. Really finding those moments of gratitude can make a big difference in the way we treat each other. CONNECT Next Action Digital Facebook.com/ NextActionDigital Twitter: @NextKirsten GIVE #THANKS WITH HASHTAGS: For where you live: #ILoveFargo, #MoorheadProud, #NorthofNormal For meaningful work: #ILoveMyJob For family: #ILoveMyFamily, #FamilyTime Make it a practice: #ThankfulThursday, #30DaysofThanks Say it your way: #Thanks, #Thankful, #Blessed, #Gratitude, #GiveThanks



While being the overall best version of yourself should be everyone's goal, loving who you are will also help you to love your community better. Fargo-Moorhead isn't complete without you, so take some time to treat yourself. This could include going to a movie, a spa, the gym, taking a day or evening off from your regular routine and doing something fun or maybe it's staying in for a night with no plans except to relax. Whatever it means to you. Through showing gratitude to yourself, you're better able to show gratitude to others.



It "does not" taste just like chicken By Eric Watson Photo by Hillary Ehlen


SERVES 8-12 Like lamb, goat may have a bad name simply because you’ve probably eaten an older animal with a very gamy taste or you just haven’t had it prepared properly. Goat is similar to lamb in that it tastes better when it comes from a younger animal. The name may also have something to do with the unpopular mindset. The word “goat” just doesn’t sound that appealing. Maybe it's time for American goat producers to market the animal by a different name. Regardless, I am a big fan of goat meat. It’s very similar to lamb. It’s actually quite affordable and it has great nutritional benefits. Unfortunately, it’s a bit difficult to find a good source of goat meat in our area. I purchase straight from a wholesale game company but if you’re purchasing in ethnic shops locally, you may be limited in a variety of cuts. If you haven’t had goat before, I’d suggest cooking it in a similar fashion to your favorite lamb or beef dish—maybe a goat stew, shepherd's pie, pot pie or a spicy curry. It has a surprisingly mild and sweet taste with little to no gaminess.


he U.S. has approximately three million meat producing goats and nearly 89 million beef producing cattle. I think it’s safe to assume that we have some room to grow when it comes to the consumption of goat meat. The rest of the world seems to have a great appreciation and appetite for goat but that’s not the case here in America.

In addition to the nutritional benefits, we'd actually be acting in a sustainable fashion by consuming more goat. We eat a good amount of goat cheese, but the male goats simply have little value in comparison to their female counterpart. The milk-producing goat serves a purpose for a long period of time while the male's role is short lived. There simply is a surplus of male goats every year based on how much goat cheese we produce and how little goat meat we consume. We Americans have had a mental food block for quite some time now. Goat is just one of the many casualties of our food culture. Hopefully, chefs will continue to push goat into the mainstream and change the perception of this underappreciated product.

Goat Shepherd’s Pie Ingredients

• 3 lb. goat meat, boneless, leg or shoulder, 1/4 -1/2 inch cubes • 2 oz. butter • 1 ea. yellow onion, diced • 1 ea. large carrot, peeled and diced • 2 ea. ribs celery, diced • 10 ea. whole garlic cloves, peeled • 1 tsp. thyme leaves, dry • 1 tbsp. tomato paste • ¼ cup all-purpose flour • ½ cup red wine • 1 cup chicken broth • 1 cup beef broth • ½ cup corn kernels • ½ cup English peas • Salt and pepper to taste • 2 lb. mashed potatoes, room temperature or warmer • 4 ea. egg yolk

Preparation • In a heavy bottom roasting pan, melt butter and add goat meat. Cook over medium-high heat until goat meat is well caramelized. Add the onion, carrot, celery, garlic cloves and thyme. Continue to cook until vegetables are slightly tender. Add thyme leaves, tomato paste and flour, then incorporate. Quickly add the red wine and incorporate. Add the broth, corn and peas. Season with salt and pepper and place in a 325-degree oven with a tight-fitting lid or aluminum foil for approximately four hours, or until meat is fork tender. • Combine the egg yolks and mashed potatoes making sure yolks are well incorporated. Ladle the goat stew into a ramekin or cast iron serving vessel. Pipe or spoon the potatoes onto the stew making sure to cover the entire surface. • Place the serving vessels in a 350-degree oven (preferably convection) for approximately 15 minutes or until potatoes are golden brown. Remove from the oven and serve.

Eric Watson is the owner of Mezzaluna, Rustica Eatery & Tavern and Mosaic Foods in Fargo. He is also the co-founder and past president of the Fargo brand of the American Culinary Federation.





of the Month

chris staloch @ Tru Blu Social Club

915 19th Ave. E, West Fargo TruBluSocialClub.com

With the cold weather reminding us we are one step closer to an infamous Fargo winter, we are thankful for Tru Blu Social Club's Chris Staloch for sharing this sweet drink, promising us that spring will come again. Garnished with a flower, it almost looks too beautiful to drink. But after the first sip, you'll quickly get over that and be ready for another.

BY Kara Jeffers PHOTOS BY Hillary Ehlen



"I've been working at bars for eight years now. I worked at Lucky's 13 Pub down in the cities for two years before I moved up here to be the bar manager at the Fargo location. I felt like I had learned all I could learn and wanted to be challenged, so I came over to Tru Blu to experience the higher end. I've been here since we opened a month and a half ago."


"It appeals to a lot of people. It's also easy to make, which works well for a busy restaurant. You can create all these time-consuming cocktails, taking five or six minutes to make each, but that's not responsible for the rest of the customers."


"I've noticed that instead of there being a front of the house and back of the house, there's been a unity starting where they work together. There are a whole bunch of ingredients in the back that would be great behind the bar, so it makes sense not to separate them."


"I like to make drinks that are fun and leave a good memory with the customer. I focus on flavor first and foremost, but a fun presentation is necessary. I also think cost is important. You can use a lot of highend ingredients and make cocktails really expensive, but you can also make them with fiscally responsible spirits and make it more affordable."


"Make your regulars your family. The owners of the company treated me like a family member when I first started working for them eight years ago, and I feel like I've instilled that in both our staff at Lucky's and Tru Blu. I think it translates to the regulars feeling like they are part of the family, too. We have an insane amount of regulars who take care of us."

"TRU TINI" • 2 oz. Stoli Blueberi • 1 oz. Chase Elderflower Liqueur • ½ oz. lime juice • ½ oz. simple syrup Fill a shaker with ice and pour in all of the ingredients. Shake the mixture and strain into a martini glass. Garnish with a flower and enjoy!



People have often asked me these tasteful questions: What is a typical Rwandan dish? Can you find any Rwandan food here in restaurants or markets? What do you miss the most about Rwandan food? What other ethnic foods resemble the most Rwandan cuisine? Showcasing Rwandan gastronomy in one meal or even a feast is never easy, however, I will attempt to give you a glimpse using some flavorful words to convey the exquisite tastes of Rwanda. I have decided to take you on a full day of this Rwandan culinary trip starting with breakfast, then lunch, afternoon snacks and finally a ceremonial dinner.

A Gastronomic Trip to

rwanda Imana yirirwa ahandi igataha iRwanda.

Let’s start with some contextual background on influences infused in traditional Rwandan cuisine: Being in the heart of Africa, Rwandans benefited from a plethora of food cultures from our neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, Tanzania, plus some influence from east Indian cuisine. Staple foods: green bananas, rice, pulses, plantains, sweet potato, cassava, beans and maize.

This adage in Kinyarwanda (the Rwandan native language) literally means God wanders the world during the day then at night comes home to Rwanda. How Rwandocentric of us, right? Let me take you on a gastronomic trip to the land of milk and honey where the soil of its thousand hills is so fertile that everything you harvest has a divine and flavorful taste! By Alex Cyusa Photo by Kara Jeffers 67

breakfast Avocado on bread, fruit salad (passion fruit, banana, pineapple, mango, papaya) and an omelet.

Cold Beverage: Passion fruit or tamarillo juice, cup of ikivuguto plain liquid yogurt or cup of amata (milk)

Warm beverages: Rwandan chai tea, black tea or igikoma (sorghum porridge)


A fresh salad of onions, tomatoes, carrots and lettuce with vinaigrette

Cold beverage: cup of ikivuguto plain liquid yogurt or cup of amata (milk), freshly pressed juice of any exotic available fruit

Vegetables: boiled green bananas, egg plants, green beans and peas marinated with peanuts Black or brown beans Pilau: rice, which contains spices and herbs that gives it an amazing long-lasting taste

snack Meat: grilled beef and goat meat marinated with onions and herbs Sweet: Amandazi (plain doughnut) Savory: Sambusas filled with meat or vegetable, meatballs (with no sauce but a taste of herbs and spices) and grilled corn Cold Beverage: fresh juice, cup of amata (milk) or cup of ikivuguto (liquid plain yogurt)

Served on the side: a homemade hot sauce from yellow pepper and oil for the adventurous and trained palates. A famous commercialized chili sauce called Akabanga. It is contained in an eye drop small bottle, which makes it easy to travel with. (If you ever want to tastefully stimulate your taste buds, let me know and I will get you one.) Dessert: assortments of fresh fruits (passion fruits, papaya, mango, pineapple, and tamarillos)


Alcohol: hydromel (mead), urwagwa banana beer, ikigage (sorghum beer) and banana wine Cold beverage: tamarillo or passion fruit juice, cup of ikivuguto plain liquid yogurt or cup of amata (milk) Warm beverage: Rwandan chai tea or black tea with honey Meat: goat kebab, beef kebab, mizuzu (fried plantains), ubugali (cassava boiled flour) and isambaza (small species of fish)


Vegetables: isombe (cassava leaves stew), peanuts stew with butternut squash, onion fried black beans Served on the side: a homemade hot sauce made from yellow pepper and oil for the adventurous and trained palates Dessert: assortment of fruits (bananas, mangos, pineapple and tamarillos)

In the FM area, there is only one place I can find Rwandan like dishes - ADIBON owned by Sifa who is from the Kivu Lake region. You can find her at the Red River Market, at numerous festivals in town such as Pangea and she caters to private events. She makes exquisite food that will make you feel as if you've been transported you overseas instantly. Places in the FM area where the ethnic foods come close to Rwandan cuisine are Acapulco, Liberian Merry Go Round African Restaurant, Tikka Everest, Indian Palace, Rugsan Cuisine and Café Aladdin. This was just a tip of the iceberg that Rwandan cuisine

represents, therefore, I hope that this will help you be more gastronomically adventurous or even want to jump on a “quick” 22-hour trip with itinerary: Fargo => Chicago or Minneapolis => to Amsterdam or Brussels => then a direct plane to KIGALI the capital of Rwanda! Muryoherwe kandi Murakoze cyane! (Bon Appétit & Merci Beaucoup!)

Alexandre Cyusa P.S. In order to ensure an exquisite culinary experience, sharing one's meal is a firmly held belief of the Rwandan people.

Alexandre Cyusa (aka The FargoMoorhead-Hearted Rwandan Citizen) came to the FM area in the fall of 2010 to attend Concordia College. Originally from Kigali, Rwanda, Cyusa has lived in Switzerland, Ethiopia, Guinea and France. His traveling experiences have helped him in making this world a smaller and simpler place to live in. He currently works for Folkways and is interested in community development and nurturing global citizenship.


staying healthy on holiday

By Kylee Seifert Photo by Hillary Ehlen


he holidays are here! That means family, fun, vacation, laughing with loved ones and continuing family traditions. It also means eating all the warm, comfort foods, staying up later than usual, skipping the gym, throwing back a few extra holiday cocktails and traveling, whether near or far. We can all admit that with the joy and busyness of the holidays comes lax of our usual routines. Which leads us into January, the month EVERYONE plans to get back on track. But what if we didn’t have to get “back on track?” What if we could set ourselves up to be successful and proactive with our health over the holidays so that when the hustle and bustle of the season dies down, we simply need to continue onward with our already solid gold, healthy habits?


Here are a few ways to make that happen for yourself and your loved ones over the holidays! 1

Be prepared and plan ahead!

It’s probably not a mystery as to what your holiday plans are. Which means using the excuse of getting “blindsided” simply equates to you being lazy… sorry to be blunt! So, look at your plans and make a plan within them. If you’re traveling, use the tips and tricks below to set yourself for smart traveling. On your days leading up to your trip, get plenty of rest, drink plenty of liquids, and minimize stress to avoid kicking your immune system where the sun don’t shine. If you know you’re going to a family member’s house whose idea of healthy is canned sweet potatoes with brown sugar and marshmallows, pack snacks and meals to help you avoid relying on their food to get you through your stay. Look at a timeline and set a goal to have everything packed and ready two or three days prior to minimize the last minute stresses of packing. Tell the kids to have everything ready to go the week prior. 2

Bring a cooler and easy travel snacks.

Whether you’re flying or driving, don’t get caught with an empty belly and a caramel roll in hand. Pack snacks for your road trip that are healthy and will keep you moving towards your health goals. This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a taste of Thanksgiving Day dessert, but eating healthfully around those moments of indulgence will keep you from beating yourself and your body up with sugary holiday goodies. Making easy to store in the cooler type things like healthy energy balls, paleo muffins, sweet potatoes, fresh veggies and tuna will make your trip healthy and tasty.


Bring a green!

I think we can all agree that making veggies and healing greens a priority over the holidays is at the bottom of the list. So make it easy on yourself and opt for a powdered greens blend. You can find these at most health foods and grocery stores. You just mix them up with a liquid and drink on down. Getting greens in your diet will help your body maintain a strong immune system and avoid getting sick. It will also help to eliminate any toxins that build up from eating and drinking a few of the not-so-healthy holiday treats.

Be sure you're drinking plenty of water. 4

You’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it twice, you’ve probably heard it a million times. Skipping on water, especially when you’re traveling is a terrible, no good idea! If you’re worried about having to stop to pee every hour, too bad. Be sure you’re hydrating your body whether you’re driving, flying or already made it to your destination. This is essential for keeping you healthy, helping you to maintain good sleep and make good food choices.

Keep your immune system in check with essential oils. 5

Essential oils are extremely powerful when it comes to keeping the immune system in prime function and helping you avoid the tickly throat, stuffy nose and achy body. There are so many that are helpful but my favorite are OnGuard (doTerra), Thieves (Young Living), Peppermint, Oregano and Lemon. 6


Tummy settling teas.

It’s no surprise that you’ll be nibbling on some treats and goodies that usually come nowhere near your house. And nothing is more uncomfortable or embarrassing than having to spend more time than anyone else in the powder room, lavatory, loo, outhouse, comfort room, washroom or whatever else you want to call it. Plus, feeling gassy, bloated and like you have to toot is just downright uncomfortable, especially if you’re traveling. So keep your loved ones, who will be traveling in the car, in mind and make yourself some tummy settling teas. The best ones are ginger, peppermint, detox and echinacea, to keep any illness at bay. 8

Stretch out and move your body.

The holiday is a great time to bundle up and go for walks with loved ones. Or get the crew together to do an at-home workout without weights. Give this one a try: In 15 minutes complete as many as you can of the following: • 10 lunges • 10 pushups • 10 bear crawls • 10 dips • 10 situps Afterwards, spend some time stretching out. Laying around and stretching out after eating or at the end of the day is another great thing to encourage family members to do with you.

Make sleep a priority.

Sleep like you’re on vacation! Oh wait, you probably are. Yes, it’s easy to stay up late with all the excitement and fun, but it will get you nowhere for staying on track with your sleep schedule when you have to return to reality. Shoot to maintain a similar sleep schedule to your average week. If you have more time to sleep than usual, sleep in! However, staying up later just to avoid missing out on too many giggles and drinks will only be harmful to your body, immune system and regular schedule. Aim for 8-9 hours minimum and always try to go to bed by 11 p.m.

ABOUT KYLEE Kylee Seifert is a certified personal trainer, certified primal nutrition coach, certified transformational coach and a health and wellness coach. She has been in the health and fitness industry for eight years and has become an established expert in the field. Her holistic business is centered around balancing fitness, nutrition and mindset mastery.




Every Wednesday from 9:15-10:15 a.m.

Join the vibrant entrepreneurial community of Fargo-Moorhead and Emerging Prairie by participating in an event filled with guest speakers, plenty of coffee, ideas and excellent networking opportunities. 1millioncups.com/fargo The Stage at Island Park

333 4th St. S, Fargo

Carrie's Twisted Art

Every Thursday from 7-9 p.m.

These public classes are a great place to learn painting techniques of all different types while working with a variety of materials. With a fun learning atmosphere, you can create many things your heart desires at the cost of just $30 per person each class. Call 701-540-8712 to register, seating is limited. carriestwistedart.com Carrie's Twisted Art Studios

300 Main Ave. Suite 110, Fargo

Trans Mentor Program

Every Saturday from noon-4 p.m.


These five brothers have released their fifth record. Their mix of rock, hip-hop, industrial and electronic caused the rise of a cult audience comprised of millions. Their 2011 sophomore effort American Tragedy went gold and bowed at #4 on the Billboard Top 200 while 2013's Notes From The Underground seized #2. In 2015, Day of the Dead spawned another smash in the form of the title track, which amassed 21.1 million Spotify streams and 17 million YouTube/VEVO views. Known for atomic live performances, the quintet regularly sells out shows around the world from Massachusetts and Miami to Moscow and Manchester. They've toured alongside the likes of Avenged Sevenfold, Korn and Stone Sour, in addition to notching features from Billboard, Rolling Stone, Alternative Press, Revolver and more.

pridecollective.com Pride Collective and Community Center

1105 1st Ave. S, Fargo

Grief Journeys For Men Support Group

Every third Tuesday of the month from 10-11:30 a.m.

This is a free ongoing grief support group for men who have experienced a loss through death. This group is free and open to the public. For more information or questions, call 800-237-4629 and ask to speak to the bereavement department. hrrv.org Hospice of the Red River Valley

jadepresents.com Sanctuary Events Center

1701 38th St. S, Fargo

670 4th Ave. N, Fargo


This is a group through the Pride Collective and Community Center that is led by Faye Seidler and offers advice and support for individuals within the trans community or who have questions about it. There is also a free clothing drive during this time as well where anyone can come by and pick out clothes, and try them on in a gender-neutral environment, as they would like.







Downtown Dogs Fargo

YPN Cultural Event: Let's Make Mugs

Downtown Dogs Fargo is a club that was created to bring likeminded local dogs and their humans together. This weekly gatherings and events are an opportunity for dog people to get together and socialize while the pups play. All dogs must be upto-date on vaccines and medications. All breeds and sizes are welcome.

Whether you’re looking to make a coffee mug to help you battle the early mornings at the office or want to give grandma a handmade gift for Christmas, this event is for you. Join the FMWF Chamber's Young Professionals Network (YPN) as they learn how to make mugs with Amber Parsons, an agent with New York Life and owner of Midwest Mud. She will walk you through the creative process from start to finish. All supplies included in the cost of the class.

Every Tuesday at 7 p.m. (Weather Permitting)

facebook.com/DowntownDogsFargo Dike East Dog Park

600 3rd St. S, Fargo

FMWF: A Region on the Grow!

Tuesday, November 7 at 7:30 a.m.

You’ve heard the expression "city on the grow.” No matter where you are in the Fargo metro, you can see the statement is true here. But how does development actually develop? Where is our region going to be in the next five years as schools, businesses and neighborhoods are mapped out? Join the FMWF Chamber of Commerce for an indepth discussion on economic growth and city development with leaders from across the metropolitan community. fmwfchamber.com Courtyard by Marriott

1080 28th Ave. S, Moorhead

Cantus in Concert

Tuesday, November 7 at 8 a.m.

Concordia College Cultural Events Series presents Cantus, a men's vocal ensemble with an active schedule of national tour dates and concerts in its home of Minneapolis. cord.edu Concordia College

901 8th St. S, Moorhead

Growing with Instagram Workshop Tuesday, November 7 at 5 p.m.

This workshop will provide you with the training you need to elevate and grow your Instagram account. Methods that will be covered include increasing your engagement, hashtag strategy and photography and editing tips. fargomoorhead.org The Prairie Den

122 1/2 N. Broadway Drive, Fargo

Tuesday, November 7 at 5:45 p.m.

fmwfchamber.com APT Creative Incubator

1104 2nd Ave. S, Suite 315, Fargo

"Food Evolution" Movie Screening Tuesday, November 7 at 7:15 p.m.

"Food Evolution" explores the controversial topic of GMOs and food. The film is narrated by Neil deGrasse Tyson, an esteemed science communicator. The social hour starts at 5:30 p.m. at Ecce Events. Free drinks and appetizers will be served. The movie screening will begin at 7:15 p.m. at the Fargo Theatre. This event is free. The first 150 people receive free popcorn and pop. There will be a Q&A panel immediately following the film. fargotheatre.org Fargo Theatre

314 Broadway N, Fargo

YPN New Member Social

Wednesday, November 15 at 4:30 p.m.

New to Young Professionals Network (YPN)? Thinking about joining YPN? Join them to connect with new and current members, to learn more about the program and to learn how to get involved. They always make time to do some networking so don’t forget your business cards. Afterward, stick around for their monthly Off the Clock social. This is a free event, but registration is required. fmwfchamber.com Kilstone Brewing

764 34th St. N, Suite R, Fargo

11th Annual Wine & Dine

Friday, November 10 at 5 p.m.

A culinary experience for a cause, Wine & Dine features the perfect blend of food and wine along with a silent auction, art auction and games, with all proceeds benefiting the children served by The Village Family Service Center. fmwineanddine.com Holiday Inn Fargo

3803 13th Ave. S, Fargo


Sunday, November 19 at 8 p.m. Dave Simonett is the lead singer, guitarist and songwriter for Trampled by Turtles. His 2016 tour had sold out shows throughout the country, including performances at the Newport Folk Festival and Red Rocks Amphitheater. Attendees must be 21 years of age or older. Doors open at 7 p.m. jadepresents.com Sanctuary Events Center

670 4th Ave. N, Fargo

Holiday Homes of Hope

Saturday, November 11 at 10 a.m.

Enjoy eight professionally decorated holiday homes in the Fargo Country Club neighborhood and shop the extensive holiday boutique and vendor fair. Tickets for the home tour are sold at Hornbacher's stores. Admission to the boutique is free. Proceeds from the event benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Association of North Dakota. facebook.com/holidayhomesofhope Fargo Country Club Neighborhood

E Country Club Drive, Fargo

The 4th Annual Worst Human Tournament

NDSU Football vs. South Dakota (Harvest Bowl) Saturday, November 11 at 2:30 p.m. gobison.com Fargodome

1800 University Drive N, Fargo

Sounds of the Gridiron Concert Sunday, November 12 at 2 p.m.

The Gold Star Marching Band shares its music and marches from the 2017 season. This event is free. fargodome.com Fargodome

1800 University Drive N, Fargo

Saturday, November 11 at 1 p.m.

PRISM Concert

theworsthuman.com El Zagal Shrine

Concordia College's music department features instrumental groups and ensembles and creates a surround-sound experience with one ensemble seamlessly following another without pause.

The Worst Human Tournament is the only place in town to throw babies, stone your enemies and compete in a series of popular adult party games to earn your place on the Devil's Throne. 1429 3rd st. N, Fargo

Sunday, November 12 at 2 p.m.

cord.edu Concordia College

901 8th St. S, Moorhead

CATERS TATER FOR CHARITY Tuesday, November 21 at 11 a.m.

Caters Taters is RDO Equipment's charitable potato luncheon. Going on its 18th year, the 2017 recipient is CCRI. CCRI will use the proceeds from this event to fill in the gaps in funding so they can continue to provide critical support services to the children, families and adults with disabilities. rdocaterstaters.com Delta Hotels by Marriott

1635 42nd St. S, Fargo

Echo Band Concert at Concordia

Off the Clock

Concordia's Echo Band presents its fall concert.

Join the FMWF Chamber of Commerce's Young Professionals Network (YPN) Off the Clock as they visit one of Fargo’s hidden gems, Kilstone Brewing. With unique brews and a unique location, this is one you won’t want to miss. As per usual, apps and networking are provided, but drinks are on your own.

Sunday, November 12 at 6 p.m. cord.edu Concordia College

901 8th St. S, Moorhead

Green Focus ND

Wednesday, November 15 at 1 p.m.

Green Focus ND creates conversation and offers continuing education in green building, focused on the needs of our region and state while offering insight into the national and global picture. Attendees can expect to learn the basics and explore the leading edge innovations of green building. The afternoon is complemented by local exhibitors offering a chance for attendees to meet industry leaders and giving North Dakota State University (NDSU) students insight into future career channels. Join us for this year’s theme, "Building Innovations: Designing for the Future." eventbrite.com NDSU Renaissance Hall

650 NP Ave., Fargo

Wednesday, November 15 at 5:15 p.m.

fmwfchamber.com Kilstone Brewing

764 34th St. N, Suite R, Fargo

Fall into Winter Handbell Concert with Tintinnabula November 16 at 7 p.m.

Concordia's Tintinnabula handbell choir presents its fall concert. The event is free. cord.edu Concordia College

901 8th St. S, Moorhead

Cultivate Conference

ELF the Musical

Emerging Prairie hosts Cultivate to explore and discuss the convergence of agriculture and technology. This event is for those who are interested in learning about all areas of agriculture and the tech innovations happening within the industry. The event will have both mainstage content and networking, allowing attendees time to connect with experts and industry leaders in the field.

ELF The Musical is the hilarious tale of Buddy, a young orphan child who mistakenly crawls into Santa’s bag of gifts and is transported back to the North Pole. Unaware that he is actually human, Buddy’s enormous size and poor toy-making abilities cause him to face the truth. With Santa’s permission, Buddy embarks on a journey to New York City to find his birth father, discover his true identity and help New York remember the true meaning of Christmas.

November 16 at 1 p.m.

emergingprairie.com/cultivate The Stage at Island Park

333 4th St. S, Fargo

Fargo Holiday Showcase November 17-19

Shop from more than 150 Pride of Dakota members at the Holiday Showcase! You’ll find great unique products including gourmet food, wine, art, books, jewelry, apparel, children and pet items, and more! prideofdakota.nd.gov/events/ FargoHolidayShowcase2017 SCHEELS arena

5225 31st Ave S, Fargo

Pangea-Cultivate our Cultures Saturday, November 18 at 10 a.m.

Celebrate our community's traditions and cultures with this local, multi-ethnic showcase of music, dance, culinary arts and children's activities.

Sunday, November 22 at 7:30 p.m.

fargodome.com Fargodome

1800 University Drive N, Fargo

Burn the Bird 5/10k Fun Run

Thursday, November 23 at 8 a.m.

The YMCA in partnership with SoleMOTION Race Management brings you the 5th Annual Thanksgiving Day Run. Get some fresh air and a good 'burn' going with the 5k run/walk or the 10k run before sitting down for your Thanksgiving Day dinner. A food drive for the Great Plains Food Bank is included in the event. All ages are welcome. solemotionrace.com/huffin-for-stuffin-registration Fercho YMCA

400 1st Ave. S, Fargo

Plaid Friday

Friday, November 24 at 9 a.m.

901 8th St. S, Moorhead

Wear plaid to show your support for small businesses and receive special deals. Plaid Friday represents the weaving together of Downtown Fargo's unique and diverse community of small business owners and is more relaxing than the "Black Friday" shopping alternative. Plaid Friday is designed to promote the many social and economic benefits of spending your dollars at local stores.

Holiday Lights Parade Downtown

210 Broadway N, Fargo

hcscconline.org Hjemkomst Center

202 1st Ave. N, Moorhead

Fall Bands Concert at Concordia Sunday, November 19

Concordia's department of music presents its annual Fall Bands Concert cord.edu Concordia College

Tuesday, November 21 at 6:30 p.m.

A magical evening with hundreds of participants that feature spectacularly lit parade floats, marching units and equestrian entries. This event is free. downtownfargo.com Downtown Fargo

210 Broadway N, Fargo

Symphonia Concert

Tuesday, November 21

Concordia's department of music presents its Symphonia Concert. This event is free. cord.edu Concordia College

901 8th St. S, Moorhead

downtownfargo.com Downtown Fargo

Mason Jennings

Friday, November 24 at 8 p.m.

Mason Jennings is a Minnesota-based singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist. His latest album—'Always Been'—is a mix of his early rugged, acoustic-guitar, indie-folk work and adds sunnier melodies and hi-fi sonics. Jennings credits the album's joyful spirit in part to "letting go and getting help from all these great musicians"—including Greg Brown upright-bassist Gordon Johnson, string virtuoso David Mansfield, singer/songwriter Pieta Brown and several members of The Pines—at the heart of 'Always Been' is an undeniable sense of the wonder he rediscovered during a winterlong writing session. jadepresents.com Sanctuary Events Center

670 4th Ave. N, Fargo


Multi-platinum rockers, Hinder, have sold more than 3.8 million albums, 7.5 million singles, received more than 130 million video views, racked in 80 million spins on Spotify. On May 13, 2016, they released their first-ever acoustic EP Stripped. Stripped followed their fifth full-length album When The Smoke Clears. When The Smoke Clears entered the Billboard 200 while also claiming four other Top 10 chart positions upon its May 12, 2015, debut. With over a decade-long career under their belts and having honed their chops touring with the likes of Mötley Crüe, Nickelback, Aerosmith and Papa Roach, their album When The Smoke Clears breathed a new sound, and new air, into the ever-evolving band. When the Smoke Clears runs the gamut from rowdy rock to subtle country influence, to memorable pop hooks; all of which retain the DNA-distinct spirit of Hinder. That ability to walk the tightrope between genres, without a net, is something the band has had fun with in creating the new album. jadepresents.com Sanctuary Events Center

project to the world, while the inside is filled with our quiet thoughts and concealed self. Women, in particular, feel pressure to prove they “have it all together." This constant stress to produce and manage what others think is exhausting and leaves us hoping people don't see the mess and chaos bubbling beneath the surface. Attend this event to learn the theory behind persona and impression management and how these ideas surface in our lives. Please consider bringing new toys or Christmas gifts to donate to children and adults with special needs for FirstLink's Giving Tree of Hope and Toys For Tots. fmwfchamber.com DoubleTree by Hilton & West Fargo Conference Center

825 East Beaton Drive, West Fargo

2017 Northern Ag Expo November 28-30

Regional agricultural exhibition sponsored by the North Dakota Agricultural Association. ndag.org Fargodome

1800 University Drive N, Fargo

NDSU Jazz Concert

670 4th Ave. N, Fargo

Tuesday, November 28 at 7:30 p.m.

NDSU features students in both Jazz Ensemble and Jazz Lab Band.

Santa Village

Saturday, November 25

Santa and Mrs. Claus open the village at Rheault Farm with elves, live reindeer and sleigh rides. fargoparks.com Rheault Farm

2902 25th St. S, Fargo

CIRQUE MUSICA HOLIDAY presents BELIEVE Saturday, November 25 at 7:30 p.m.

An all-new concert experience is a funfilled family holiday event featuring the cast of Cirque Musica together with all-time favorite holiday songs performed by a live orchestra. Cirque Musica is a concert and 78 | NOVEMBER 2017 | FARGOMONTHLY.COM

visual experience where audiences journey into a world of high-flying adventure with amazing acrobats, aerialists, hilarious hijinks and holiday cheer, too! The show blends the spell-binding grace and daredevil athleticism of today’s greatest circus performers with the sensory majesty of the greatest holiday music of all time. scheelsarena.com SCHEELS Arena

5225 31st Ave. S, Fargo

Persona: The Role of Our Social Mask Tuesday, November 28 at 3:30 p.m.

We all have two sides to our social mask. The outside is filled with positive traits we

ndsu.edu NDSU Festival Concert Hall

1511 12th Ave. N, Fargo

Moscow Ballet's Great Russian Nutcracker Wednesday, November 29 at 7 p.m.

Celebrate this Christmas with the experience taking North America by storm. Marking the 25th North American Anniversary Tour in 2017, Moscow Ballet’s Great Russian Nutcracker features overthe-top production values and world-class Russian artists. Larger than life puppets and nesting dolls and gloriously hand-crafted costumes bring the Christmas spirit to life. nutcracker.com Fargo Theatre

314 Broadway N, Fargo

DOWN THE ROAD A Vintage Christmas

Sunday, December 3 at 9 a.m. Facebook: A Vintage Christmas Red River Valley Fairgrounds

Theatre NDSU presents How I Learned to Drive November 30 and December 1-2, 6-9 at 7:30 p.m.

Theatre NDSU presents a magical, dark, funny and powerful Pulitzer Prize-winning play about love, abuse and growing up through both. Recommended for ages 14 and up due to mature content. ndsu.edu NDSU Walsh Studio Theatre, Askanase Hall

1805 Main Ave. W, Fargo

Midwest Radio of FargoMoorhead Presents: Shopkins Live! Shop It Up! Sunday, December 3 at 1 p.m. jadepresents.com Fargo Theatre

314 Broadway N, Fargo

Jersey Boys

12th Ave. N and Albrecht Blvd, Fargo

December 5 & 6 at 7:30 p.m.

Handel's Messiah at First Lutheran Church

1800 University Drive N, Fargo

Friday, December 1 at 7:30 p.m.

fargodome.com Fargodome

Experience Handel’s masterpiece in this Christmas tradition offered by the Challey School of Music, featuring more than 200 NDSU choral students and the Baroque Festival Orchestra, under the direction of Dr. Jo Ann Miller.

Holiday Business After Hours

619 Broadway N, Fargo

Thursday, December 7 at 8 p.m.

ndsu.edu First Lutheran Church

Holiday Lights at Lindenwood Park December 1-31

Drive through the park and view holiday light displays sponsored by local businesses. fmsertoma.com Lindenwood Park

1905 Roger Maris Drive, Fargo

8th Annual "Holiday Collections" Craft/ Vendor Fair December 2 at 10 a.m.

Over 80 crafters, artisans and vendors will be available for all your holiday shopping needs. There will also be door Prizes, food and fun. Admission is $1 with all proceeds from admission going to the Daily Bread Program. All proceeds from the event will go towards a statue for the “Walk of Saints” garden at Holy Cross. holycrosswestfargo.com Holy Cross Catholic Church

Thursday, December 7 at 4:30 p.m. fmwfchamber.com Delta by Marriott

1635 42nd St. S, Fargo

Presley, Perkins, Lewis & Cash: A Million Dollar Christmas jadepresents.com Fargo Theatre

314 Broadway N, Fargo

A Wynonna & The Big Noise Christmas

Wednesday, December 13 at 7:30 p.m. scheelsarena.com SCHEELS Arena

5225 31st Ave. S, Fargo

FMBallet's The Classic Nutcracker Friday, December 15 at 7 p.m. fmballet.org NDSU Festival Concert Hall

1511 12th Ave. N, Fargo

Post-Traumatic Funk Syndrome's have Yourself a Funky Little Christmas December 22 & 23 at 8 p.m. jadepresents.com Sanctuary Events Center

2711 7th St. E, West Fargo

670 4th Ave. N, Fargo

Christmas on the Prairie

Zoo Year's Eve

Including the “We’re in the Christmas Mood” dinner and concert, enjoy a beautifully decorated Bonanzaville with cookie decorating, Christmas carolers, horsedrawn wagon rides, music, desserts and photos with Santa.

redriverzoo.org Red River Zoo

December 2 at 10 a.m.

bonanzaville.org Bonanzaville

1351 Main Ave. W, West Fargo

Sunday, December 31 at 1 p.m. 4255 23rd Ave. S, Fargo





WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 1 Vinyl Night with Vinyl Giant - Front Street Taproom Lucas Hranicka - Bar Nine Warren Christensen - Junkyard Chris Webby - The Aquarium THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 2 Jon Walters - Front Street Taproom Willie Waldman Project - HoDo Matt Aakre - Junkyard Omni - The Aquarium Tripwire - The Windbreak Kathie Brekke & 42nd Street Jazz Band (Duke Ellington) - Urban 42 FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 3 Travis Naegle - Front Street Taproom Youngtherobreds - Jerry's Original Music Club Lonesome Dan Kase - Junkyard


Chad Edwards - Shotgun Sally's Live Music - Pickled Parrot Arius, Lucy Luxe - The Aquarium The Dank - Dempsey's Social Disorder - Speck's Bar Twice as Hard - Rick's Bar Judd Hoos - The Windbreak SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 4 Element Duo: Matt & Kari of The Human Element - Front Street Taproom Stanton West & Teague Alexy Junkyard Candy Shop - Shotgun Sally's Live Music - Pickled Parrot Nice Times Comedy Showcase - The Aquarium The Business - Dempsey's Social Disorder - Speck's Bar Twice as Hard - Rick's Bar Dirty Word - The Windbreak

NOVEMBER 5TH - 11TH SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 5 Open Turntables - Front Street Taproom Jon Walters - Junkyard NE-HI - The Aquarium Open Mic Night with Jam Band - The Windbreak MONDAY, NOVEMBER 6 Open Mic Night with CMPTRDSTR Front Street Taproom Mike Wheeler - Junkyard Doyle - The Aquarium TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 7 The Cropdusters - Junkyard WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 8 Vinyl Night with Vinyl Giant - Front Street Taproom Rick Adams - Bar Nine

Tucker'd Out - Junkyard Phtureprimitive - The Aquarium Girls Night Out Show (Male Revue) The Windbreak THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 9 Dose Amigos - Front Street Taproom The Max Johnk Quartet - HoDo Anthony Chaput - Junkyard Witch Watch - The Aquarium Redline - The Windbreak The Jazz Nickel - Urban 42 FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 10 Nick Wood - Front Street Taproom High Five - Jerry's Original Music Club Gina Powers & Nathan Pitcher Junkyard Downtown Sound - Shotgun Sally's Late Night - Pickled Parrot Everything in Slow Motion - The Aquarium Emo Night - The Aquarium Davis? - Dempsey's Wednesday's Weekend - Speck's Bar Pop Rocks - The Windbreak Portland Junction - Spirits Lounge SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 11 Brothers Bertrand - Front Street Taproom The Wicked Bees - Jerry's Original Music Club Hot Lunch - Junkyard Slamabama - Shotgun Sally's Late Night - Pickled Parrot The Quarterly 10-Year Anniversary The Aquarium Good Morning Bedlam with Gina Powers Band - Dempsey's Wednesday's Weekend - Speck's Bar IV Play - The Windbreak Portland Junction - Spirits Lounge



SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 12 Open Turntables - Front Street Taproom Beer & Hymns with Good Shpherd Lutheran Church - Junkyard Living Hour, Middle Children - The Aquarium Open Mic Night with Jam Band - The Windbreak MONDAY, NOVEMBER 13 Open Mic Night with CMPTRDSTR Front Street Taproom Matty J - Junkyard TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 14 Jack & Kitty - Junkyard WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 15 Vinyl Night with Vinyl Giant - Front Street Taproom October Rage - Jerry's Original Music Club Lars and Joe Pony Show - Bar Nine Tom Peckskamp - Junkyard THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 16 D Millz - Front Street Taproom Sarah Morris and The Sometimes Guys - HoDo The Lollygaggers - Junkyard Green Jello - The Aquarium October Road - The Windbreak Kathie Brekke & 42nd Street Jazz Band (Peggy Lee) - Urban 42 FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 17 Jack Winders - Front Street Taproom Kutdown - Jerry's Original Music Club DJ Morplay - Junkyard Judd Hoos - Shotgun Sally's

Contention - Pickled Parrot Pert Near Sandstone and Kind Country - The Aquarium Poitin - Dempsey's Confusion - Speck's Bar Pretty Tricky - Rick's Bar October Road - The Windbreak FM All-Stars - Spirits Lounge SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 18 8th Hour - JC Chumley's Powers Pitcher Duo: Gina Powers and Nathan Pitcher - Front Street Taproom Kutdown - Jerry's Original Music Club Pat Lenertz Duo - Junkyard Wicked Garden - Shotgun Sally's Contention - Pickled Parrot Silverstein, Seaway, Cedar Green The Aquarium Jaedyn James & The Hunger with The Bad Man - Dempsey's Confusion - Speck's Bar Pretty Tricky - Rick's Bar Junk FM - The Windbreak FM All-Stars - Spirits Lounge

NOVEMBER 19TH - 25TH SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 19 Open Turntables - Front Street Taproom Tristan Larson - Junkyard Open Mic Night with Jam Band - The Windbreak MONDAY, NOVEMBER 20 Open Mic Night with CMPTRDSTR Front Street Taproom Jan Severson - Junkyard TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 21 The Cropdusters - Junkyard




226 Broadway N, Fargo (Above Dempsey's)


1405 Prairie Parkway, West Fargo


226 Broadway N, Fargo


THE HODO LOUNGE 101 Broadway N, Fargo

JERRY'S ORIGINAL MUSIC CLUB 1500 11th St. N, Suite 2, Moorhead

JUNKYARD BREWING COMPANY 1416 1st Ave. N, Moorhead

PICKLED PARROT 505 3rd Ave. N, Fargo


2721 Main Ave., Fargo


2611 Main Ave., Fargo

SHOTGUN SALLY’S 1515 42nd St. S, Fargo


URBAN 42 KITCHEN & BAR 1635 42nd St. S, Fargo


3150 39th St. S, Fargo


WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 22 Vinyl Night with Vinyl Giant - Front Street Taproom Shaun Mitzel - Bar Nine Dan Christianson - Junkyard Tripwire - Shotgun Sally's Low Standards - Pickled Parrot Mad Man's Illusion - Speck's Bar Downtown Sound - The Windbreak THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 23 KRFF presents: Local Music Showcase - The Aquarium Roosters - The Windbreak FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 24 Steve Marquart - Front Street Taproom Uptown Live - Jerry's Original Music Club Kacy & Clayton - HoDo Ali Rood - Junkyard 2Manchu - Shotgun Sally's Thanksgiving Dance Party - Pickled Parrot Useful Jenkins, Wayne Suchy, Jon Wayne Book Release - The Aquarium Bobby Patrick Band - Dempsey's Lumina - Speck's Bar Pearl Jam & Smashing Pumpkins Tribute Band - The Windbreak SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 25 Gordy Christensen - Front Street Taproom Latin Night with DJ Chris - Jerry's Original Music Club Nathan Pitcher - Junkyard Dirty Word - Shotgun Sally's Thanksgiving Dance Party - Pickled Parrot ODB Birthday Party, Hip Hop Karaoke - The Aquarium DJ Shawn Who - Dempsey's Lumina - Speck's Bar Skyline - The Windbreak

NOVEMBER 26TH - 30TH SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 26 Open Turntables - Front Street Taproom Jessica Vines & Conor Lee - Junkyard Open Mic Night with Jam Band - The Windbreak MONDAY, NOVEMBER 27 Open Mic Night with CMPTRDSTR Front Street Taproom D Mills - Junkyard TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 28 The Cropdusters - Junkyard WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 29 Vinyl Night with Vinyl Giant - Front Street Taproom Matt Aakre - Bar Nine Pat Lenertz - Junkyard Off With Their Heads, Iron Chic - The Aquarium THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 30 Mikey D - Front Street Taproom The Last Revel - HoDo Gina Powers - Junkyard Rhyme or Reason - The Windbreak Kathie Brekke & 42nd Street Jazz Band (Show Tunes) - Urban 42


8:30 p.m.

606 Main Ave., Fargo

Rhombus Guys Pizza

8 p.m.

404 4th Ave. N, Fargo

Sidestreet Grille & Pub

8 p.m.

675 13th Ave. E, West Fargo

Three Lyons Pub


Town Hall Bar

7 p.m.

1405 Prairie Parkway, West Fargo

Bar Nine

7 p.m.

614 Main Ave., Fargo

Front Street Taproom

8 p.m.

612 1st Ave. N, Fargo


7 p.m.

1710 Center Ave. E, Dilworth

Red Hen Taphouse

7th - "Gilmore Girls" trivia 14th - "Star Wars" trivia 21st - "Sex and the City" trivia 28th - "Friends" trivia

8 p.m.

103 Main Ave. W, West Fargo

7 p.m.

221 Sheyenne St., West Fargo

The Silver Dollar Bar & The Flying Pig Grill

8th - "Lord of the Rings" trivia 15th - "Harry Potter" trivia 22nd - "Supernatural" trivia 29th - "Superheroes" trivia

8 p.m.

2510 University Drive S, Fargo

Pepper's Sports Cafe

8:30 p.m.

Hooligan's Bar & Grill

3330 Sheyenne St., West Fargo

7 p.m.

3140 Bluestem Drive #105, West Fargo

Flatland Brewery

7 p.m.

202 Broadway N, Fargo

VFW: Downtown Fargo

9 p.m.

1100 19th Ave. N, Fargo

Labby's Grill & Bar

7 p.m.

610 University Drive N, Fargo

Fargo Brewing Company

8 p.m.

7th - "Gilmore Girls" trivia 14th - "Star Wars" trivia 21st - "Sex and the City" trivia 28th - "Friends" trivia

7 p.m.

803 Belsly Blvd., Moorhead

Dave's Southside Tap

7 p.m.

Bomb Shelter

325 10th St. N, Fargo

8 p.m.

1608 Main Ave., Moorhead

JC Chumley's

8 p.m.

Fargo Brewing Ale House

4445 17th Ave. S, Fargo

7 p.m.

1414 12th Ave. N, Fargo

Herd & Horns

7 p.m.

701 Main Ave. E, West Fargo

Work Zone

7:30 p.m.

630 1st Ave. N, Fargo

Drekker Brewing Company

Fargo Billiards and Gastropub

3234 43rd St. S, Fargo




8:30 p.m.

OB Sports Zone

22 Broadway N, Fargo

8 p.m.

6-8 p.m.


226 Broadway N, Fargo

8 p.m.

The Bowler

2630 University Drive S, Fargo

7:30 p.m.

420 Center Ave., Moorhead

Vic's Bar & Grill

Three Lyons Pub

675 13th Ave. E, West Fargo



8 p.m.

1635 42nd St. S, Fargo (Inside the Delta Hotels By Marriott Fargo, former Ramada)

Urban 42 Kitchen & Bar




Acapulco 1150 36th St. S, Fargo









Domestic bottles $1.99, $2.25 Malibu, $2 select whiskey, 99¢ tap beers 2-6pm

$2.25 import bottles, $2 Bombay Sapphire & Hendrick’s, $1.99 select rum, 99¢ tap beers 2-6pm

Select wine by the glass $2.50, Absolut Vodka $2.50, $4 homemade Sangria, 99¢ tap beers 2-6pm

Happy Hour 11am-2pm and 6-9pm, $5 Margaritas, $1.99 domestic beer, $4.50 select tequila

Happy Hour 11am-2 pm and 6-9 pm, $5 Margaritas, $2.25 import beer, $4.50 select tequila

Happy Hour 11am-2 pm and 6-9 pm, $5 Margaritas, $1 off specialty drinks, $4.50 select tequila

$1.50 off cocktails and beers all day, $2.50 Bloody Mary special

3:30-5:30pm half 3:30-5:30pm half 3:30-5:30pm half 3:30-5:30pm half 3:30-5:30pm half 3:30-5:30pm half off Margaritas, off Margaritas, off Margaritas, off Margaritas, off Margaritas, off Margaritas, $3 Sangrias, $3 $3 Sangrias, $3 $3 Sangrias, $3 $3 Sangrias, $3 $3 Sangrias, $3 $3 Sangrias, $3 Barbacoa bottles of beer and bottles of beer and bottles of beer and bottles of beer and bottles of beer and bottles of beer and 3241 42nd St. S, $3 off all glasses $3 off all glasses $3 off all glasses $3 off all glasses $3 off all glasses $3 off all glasses Fargo of wine, half off of wine, half off of wine, half off of wine, half off of wine, half off of wine, half off everything behind everything behind everything behind everything behind everything behind everything behind the bar after 9pm the bar after 9pm the bar after 9pm the bar after 9pm the bar after 9pm the bar after 9pm

3:30-5:30pm half off Margaritas, $3 Sangrias, $3 bottles of beer and $3 off all glasses of wine, half off everything behind the bar after 9pm

522 Broadway N, Fargo

$3.75 Jack Daniel's, Happy Hour 4-8pm: 50¢ off everything

$3.25 import & craft bottles, Happy Hour 4-8pm: 50¢ off everything

Happy Hour 4-8pm: 50¢ off everything

$2.75 Windsor, Happy Hour 4-8pm: 50¢ off everything

$2.95 Captain Morgan, Happy Hour 4-8pm: 50¢ off everything

$3.50 Crown Royal/Crown Apple, $2.95 Bloody Marys and Caesars until noon

$3.25 Stoli, Happy Hour 4-8pm: 50¢ off everything

The Boiler Room 210 Broadway N, Fargo

Half off all drinks and apps 4-6pm and 10pm-midnight

Half off all drinks and apps 4-6pm and 10pm-midnight

Half off all drinks and apps 4-6pm and 10pm-midnight

Half off all drinks and apps 4-6pm and 10pm-midnight

Half off all drinks and apps 4-6pm and 10pm-midnight

Half off all drinks and apps 10pm-midnight

Half off all drinks and apps 4-6pm and 10pm-midnight

Bomb Shelter 325 10th St. N, Fargo

2-for-1s all day

College ID Night: $7 cover ($14 without ID) for free taps & wells 9pmmidnight

2-for-1s all day

3-for-1s 9pmmidnight

2-for-1s all day

2-for-1s all day

Borrowed Buck’s Roadhouse 1201 Westrac Drive, Fargo

Any Monday of your birthday month: receive a free 40oz. bucket of booze

Mug Night 8-11pm: $3 mug, $2 refills, $5 refills 11pmclose

50¢ taps, $1 Captain Morgan and teas 8pmmidnight

2-or-1 domestic bottles, Jack and Jack Honey 8pm-midnight

$2 tall taps $2 Captain Morgan $2 bomb shots 8-11pm

$2 tall taps $2 Captain Morgan $2 bomb shots 8-11pm

The Bowler 2630 University Drive S, Fargo

$3 Captain Morgan, Bacardi, Chuck Norris & Ninja Turtle Shots, $3.50 Tito’s Vodka, $4 Jack Daniel's and Crown Royal

$3 Captain Morgan, Bacardi, Chuck Norris & Ninja Turtle Shots, $3.50 Tito’s Vodka, $4 Jack Daniel's and Crown Royal

$3 Captain Morgan, Bacardi, Chuck Norris & Ninja Turtle Shots, $3.50 Tito’s Vodka, $4 Jack Daniel's and Crown Royal

$3 Captain Morgan, Bacardi, Chuck Norris & Ninja Turtle Shots, $3.50 Tito’s Vodka, $4 Jack Daniel's and Crown Royal

$3 Captain Morgan, Bacardi, Chuck Norris & Ninja Turtle Shots, $3.50 Tito’s Vodka, $4 Jack Daniel's and Crown Royal

$3 Captain Morgan, Bacardi, Chuck Norris & Ninja Turtle Shots, $3.50 Tito’s Vodka, $4 Jack Daniel's and Crown Royal

$3 Captain Morgan, Bacardi, Chuck Norris & Ninja Turtle Shots, $3.50 Tito’s Vodka, $4 Jack Daniel's and Crown Royal

(Inside the Fargo Inn & Suites)

Happy Hour 4-7pm: drinks as low as 50¢, $2 domestic bottles 9-11pm

Happy Hour 4-7pm: drinks as low as 50¢, $3 Bulliet Bourbon & Rye and $10 buckets of domestic beer 9-11pm

Happy Hour 4-7pm: drinks as low as 50¢, pull tab Happy Hour replay 9-11pm

Happy Hour 4-7pm: drinks as low as 50¢, $3 Captain Morgan and Seagrams 7 9-11pm

Happy Hour 4-7pm: drinks as low as 50¢, $3 Windsor and Ketel One Vodka 9-11pm

Happy Hour 4-7pm: drinks as low as 50¢, $3.50 Crown Royal/ Crown Royal Apple and Ciroc 9-11pm

Happy Hour 4-7pm: drinks as low as 50¢, $3.50 domestic pitcher and $3 Tanqueray 9-11pm

Bulldog Tap 4265 45th St. S, Fargo

$3.50 tall domestic taps 6pm-close

$2.75 domestic bottles 8pm-midnight

$3.50 UV and Bacardi 8pm-midnight

$3.25 Captain Morgan, $3.75 Crown Royal 8pm-midnight

$3.75 Stoli and Jack Daniels 8pm-midnight

$3.50 Smirnoff and Windsor 8pm-midnight

$3.50 tall domestic taps and import bottles all day

The Bismarck Tavern

* This is not a full list of specials. Specials subject to change. For updated and entire list of specials, go fargomonthly.com.

The Box 1025 38th St. SW, Fargo









Chub’s Pub & Package Place 421 University Drive N, Fargo

Big Mug Mondays: $5.95 New Mug & $3.95 Refills

$1 off taps and wells 8pm-close

Big Mug Wednesdays: $5.95 New Mug & $3.95 Refills, $2.95 Morgans

50 cent Busch Light taps 8pm-close

Domestic beer and a shot For $7, Old School Teas and Stumplifters $2.95

$2.95 Bloody Marys and Caesars 8amnoon, $3.25 Jack Daniel’s, $2.95 PBR pounders

Sunday Funday: $1 off drinks in your Chub's sweatshirt

Dempsey’s 226 Broadway N, Fargo

$3.50 Bacardi, Malibu and Morgan starting at 9pm

$2.50 domestic taps and well drinks starting at 9pm

Old School Night starting at 9pm: $3 Old Style, High Life and Hamms

$4 specialty or import bottled/ tap beer starting at 9pm

$3.50 Old Style and $5 Jameson starting at 9pm

$3.50 Old Style and $5 Jameson starting at 9pm

Happy Hour prices 4-7pm, employee prices for all 7pmclose

D’Woods Lounge 3333 13th Ave. S, Fargo

$2.75 domestic bottles, $3 Bacardi

$2.75 domestic bottles, $1 off Martinis

$3.50 Stoli and domestic taps

$3.50 Crown Royal and taps

$3.75 teas, $3 Windsor

$3 Smirnoff and Captain Morgan

½ off all bottles of wine 4-11pm, Happy Hour 3-6pm and 9pmclose: $1 off tap and bottled beer, cocktails and wine by the glass

$2 off Beer flights 3-9 pm, Happy Hour 3-6pm and 9pm-close: $1 off tap and bottled beer, cocktails and wine by the glass

$2 off Crafted cocktails 3-9pm, Happy Hour 3-6pm and 9pmclose: $1 off tap and bottled beer, cocktails and wine by the glass

$3 off wine flights 3-9pm, Happy Hour 3-6pm and 9pm-close: $1 off tap and bottled beer, cocktails and wine by the glass

Happy Hour 3-6pm and 9pmclose: $1 off all tap and bottled beer, cocktails and wine by the glass

$1 off Bloody Marys, Mimosas and Screwdrivers noon-5pm

$1 off Bloody Marys, Mimosas and Screwdrivers noon5pm

$3.50 Crown Royal

$2.95 Bacardi

$2.75 Windsor

$2.95 Captain Morgan, $3.95 Jack Daniel's

$3.50 Stoli, $3.25 Jim Beam

$3.50 import and craft bottles, $3.95 Jagermeister

$2.75 vodka and Windsor

$4 pints 4-6pm

$4 pints4-6pm

$4 pints 4-6pm

$4 pints 4-6pm

$3 select whiskey, $3 import and domestic microbrew bottles all day, Happy Hour 4-7pm

Happy Hour all day: $1 off all taps, wells and domestic bottles

$3.50 Stoli, Goldschlager and Icehole, $2 wells and domestic bottles 8-10pm, Happy Hour 4-7pm

$4 Bloody Marys 2-6pm, $3.50 Chuck Norris, $3.50 rum all day, $2 wells and domestic bottles 8-10pm Happy Hour 4-7pm

All specials from the week apply (excludes $2 wells and domestics)

$5 build-yourown Bloody Mary or Mimosa bar 11am-4pm

$5 build-yourown Bloody Mary or Mimosa bar 11am-4pm, all day Happy Hour, half price tap beer all day

Doolittles Woodfire Grill 2112 25th St. S, Fargo

Empire 424 Broadway N, Fargo ​Fargo Brewing Company 610 University Drive N, Fargo

* This is not a full list of specials. Specials subject to change. For updated and entire list of specials, go fargomonthly.com.

Fort Noks Bar of Gold 52 Broadway N, Fargo

Frank’s Lounge 2640 52nd Ave. S, Fargo

Front Street Taproom 614 Main Ave., Fargo

Golf Addiction 4474 23rd Ave. S, Fargo Granite City 1636 42nd St. S, Fargo

$15 bucket of $2.50 tap beers beers (any 5 all day (use beers), $4.50 mugs), Happy Long Island Teas and Margaritas, Hour 4-7pm: $1 Happy Hour off all taps, wells 4-7pm: $1 off all and domestic taps, wells and bottles domestic bottles Happy Hour 4-6pm and 9pm-midnight: $1 off spirits, wine and beer

Happy Hour 4-6pm and 9pm-midnight: $1 off spirits, wine and beer and half price wine glasses and bottles

Happy Hour 4-6pm and 9pm-midnight: $1 off spirits, wine and beer, $4 Tito's Vodka

Happy Hour 4-6pm and 9pmmidnight: $1 off spirits, wine and beer and $1 off bottles and cans of beer

$4 Grey Goose and Crown Royal, $5 off any Frank's apparel

Happy Hour 4-6pm: $1 off pints, $5 Flight of the Month

Happy Hour 4-6pm: $1 off pints, $5 Flight of the Month

Happy Hour 4-6pm: $1 off pints, $5 Flight of the Month

Happy Hour 4-6pm: $1 off pints, $5 Flight of the Month

Happy Hour noon-5pm: $1 off pints, $5 Flight of the Month

Mulligan Monday: 2-for-1 taps

Twosday: $2 domestic bottles

Apple Winesday: Half price appetizers and wine

Thirstday: $2 Green Cup Fills

$5 domestic pitchers

$5 cocktails 3-6pm and 9pm-close

$5 cocktails and $6.75 growler fills and $7.50 pitchers 3-6pm and 9pm-close

$5 cocktails 3-6pm and 9pm-close

$5 cocktails and $6.75 growler fills and $7.50 pitchers from 3-6pm and 9pm-close

$5 cocktails 3-6pm and 9pm-close


Half off select wine all day

$2 Green Cup Fills

$1 PBR Pounders & $2 Green Cup fills (22oz. of beer in a Green Golf Addiction Cup) Bottomless Mimosas noon-5pm for $7.99








Happy Hour 3-6pm and 10pm-close: $2 off all drinks

Happy Hour 3-6pm and 10pm-close: $2 off all drinks

Happy Hour 3-6pm and 10pm-close: $2 off all drinks

Happy Hour 3-6pm and 10pm-close: $2 off all drinks

Happy Hour 3-6pm and 10pm-close: $2 off all drinks

Happy Hour 3-6pm and 10pm-close: $2 off all drinks

Happy Hour 3-6pm and 10pm-close: $2 off all drinks

All day Happy Hour: $2 off appetizers and $1 off drinks

$3 Busch Light and PBR pounders, $3 Bud and Bud Light 16oz. drafts from 7pm-close

Mug Night 7pm-close: $5.75 mugs with $3.75 domestic tap fills, $2 upcharge for craft

Tea Night: $3.50 16oz. teas

Labby’s Grill & Bar $12.50 buckets of beer all day 1100 19th Ave. N, Fargo

$3.50 jumbo teas, $5.25 top shelf all day

$3.95 32oz. mugs 8pm-close

F&F Poor Boy pounders $2.95/$3.25

$1 off all bottles and drinks 9pmclose

$3.95 Mimosas, Screwdrivers & Bloody Marys 11am-3pm, $1 off bottles & drinks 9pm-close

Lucky’s 13 Pub 4301 17th Ave. S, Fargo

$2.25 short domestic beers

$3 Coronas, Corona Lights and Dos Equis Ambar 3pmclose

$3.50 tall domestic taps 3pm-close

Half price bottles of wine, $2.50 PBR and Hamms Pounders 3pmclose

Happy Hour 3-6pm

9am-4pm $3 Mimosas and $6.75 BLT Bloody Marys

Luna Fargo 1545 University Drive S, Fargo

½ price tap beers, wine by the glass & cheese plates 5-6pm and 9-10pm

½ price tap beers, wine by the glass 5-6pm and 9-10pm

½ price tap beers, wine by the glass 5-6pm and 9-10pm

½ price tap beers, wine by the glass 5-6pm and 9-10pm

½ price tap beers, wine by the glass 5-6pm and 9-10pm

½ price tap beers, wine by the glass 5-6pm and 9-10pm

Happy Hour 5-6pm and 9-11pm: $3 select beer and drinks

Happy Hour 5-6pm and 9-11pm: $3 select beer and drinks

Happy Hour 5-6pm and 9-11pm: $3 select beer and drinks

Happy Hour 5-6pm and 9-11pm: $3 select beer and drinks

Happy Hour 5-6pm and 9-11pm: $3 select beer and drinks

Hennessy's Irish Pub 4323 45th St. S, Fargo Herd and Horns 1414 12th Ave. N, Fargo

Mezzaluna 309 Roberts St. N, Fargo

NFL Special: $15.50 bucket of pounders

* This is not a full list of specials. Specials subject to change. For updated and entire list of specials, go fargomonthly.com.

The Northern 325 10th St. N, Fargo

Happy Hour 5-7pm

Happy Hour 5-7pm

Happy Hour 5-7pm

Happy Hour 5-7pm

Happy Hour 5-7pm

Happy Hour 5-7pm

NoBull Smokehouse 609 NP Ave, Fargo

$5 mules 4pmmidnight

$3 teas 4pmmidnight

4-10pm: buy a bottle of glass of wine and get the 2nd for a penny

Bucket Special 4pm-close: buy 3 bottles get two free

Happy Hour 10pm-close: 2-for-1s tap beer/single shots

Happy Hour 10pm-close: 2-for-1s tap beer/single shots

Rum Monday: $3 Malibu and Captain Morgan

$3 Long Island Iced Teas and 23oz domestic taps

Whiskey Wednesday: $3 Bison Ridge and Windsor

Barcardi Party: $3 Barcardi White, Limón or Black Razz

$3 UV Vodka

$3 Bloody Marys and Caesars with UV Vodka until 4pm

U-Pay-The-Day tap beer 8-10pm, 9-11pm: $2.75 OB Beers, Booze & Bombs

1-U-Call-It on tap beer, bottles and drinks 7-9pm, 9-11pm: $2.75 OB Beers, Booze & Bombs

O’Kelly’s 3800 Main Ave., Fargo Old Broadway City Club 22 Broadway N, Fargo Old Broadway Grill 22 Broadway N, Fargo OB Sport Zone 22 Broadway N, Fargo

Happy Hour 3-6pm: 2-for-1 domestic taps and bottles


Happy Hour 3-6pm and 6-10pm: 2-for-1 domestic taps and bottles

Happy Hour 3-6pm: 2-for-1 domestic taps and bottles

Happy Hour all day

$2.95 Bloody Marys, Mimosas, Skip-N-Go Naked 11am-2pm

Wine Club Night from 4-10pm $5.95 domestic pitchers 6-10pm, Happy Hour 3-6pm: 2-for-1 domestic taps and bottles

Happy Hour all day, $1.25 off all drinks and $3 Mimosas

Happy Hour 3-6pm: 2-for-1 domestic taps and bottles, 9-11pm: $2.75 OB Beers, Booze & Bombs

$2.95 Bloody Marys, Ceasars and Mimosas 11am2pm, 9-11pm: $2.75 OB Beers, Booze & Bombs

$2.95 Bloody Marys, Caesars and Mimosas 11am-2pm







$2 wells & domestic taps 7-11pm, $3 Captain Morgan, $5 domestic jars

$2 wells and domestic taps 7-11pm, $3 domestic bottles and Ice Hole, $8 well jars

$2 well drinks& domestic taps 7-10pm, $3 Fireball, $4 Crown Royal, $5 jars

$2 wells & domestic taps 7-10pm, $4 Jack Daniel's, Long Islands & Chuck Norris, $5 jars

$2 off wine and liquor flights 3pm-close, Happy Hour 3-6pm and 9pm-close: $1 off cocktails, beer and wine

$2 off culinary cocktails 3pmclose, Happy Hour 3-6pm and 9pm-close: $1 off cocktails, beer and wine

Happy Hour 3-6pm and 9pm-close: $1 off cocktails, beer and wine

Happy Hour 3-6pm and 9pm-close: $1 off cocktails, beer and wine

Happy Hour Happy Hour Happy Hour Happy Hour Happy Hour all 3-6pm and 9pm3-6pm and 9pm3-6pm and 9pmPounds 3-6pm and 9pm$4 signature close: $4 signature close: $4 signature close: $4 signature close: $4 signature day: Mules, $5 40oz ​6 12 1st Ave. N, Mules, $5 40oz Mules, $5 40oz Mules, $5 40oz Mules, $5 40oz bottle beers and $6 Fargo bottle beers and $6 bottle beers and $6 bottle beers and $6 bottle beers and $6 32oz Fruitopias 32oz Fruitopias 32oz Fruitopias 32oz Fruitopias 32oz Fruitopias

Happy Hour all day: $4 signature Mules, $5 40oz bottle beers and $6 32oz Fruitopias

Pickled Parrot 505 3rd Ave. N, Fargo

Porter Creek Hardwood Grill ​1 555 44th St. S, Fargo

Half price draft beer 3pm-close, Happy Hour 3-6pm and 9pm-close: $1 off cocktails, beer and wine

Half price bottles of wine 3pm-close, Happy Hour 3-6pm and 9pm-close: $1 off cocktails, beer and wine

$2 off Margaritas

$2 off all top shelf liquors

$2 off all glasses of wine and half price bottles

$3 craft and import beers, $2 domestics and $1 off taps

Rhombus Guys 606 Main Ave., Fargo

Happy Hour 3-6pm and 10pm-close: $2 off tall beers, $1 off short beers and shot drinks

Drink Local Night 8pm: $3 Proof products and $1 off local beers, Happy Hour 3-6pm and 10pm-close

Half off glasses and bottles of wine starting at 6pm, Happy Hour 3-6pm and 10pm-close

$4 pints of Rhombus beer starting at 9pm, Happy Hour 3-6pm and 10pm-close

Rick’s Bar 2721 Main Ave., Fargo

$3.05 Captain Morgan, $3.45 tall domestic taps 4:30pm-close

$3.75 Crown Royal, $3.95 Crown Black

$2.95 Bacardi and domestic bottles 4:30pmclose

Rooter’s Bar 107 Broadway N, Fargo

$2 12oz. domestic draws all day

$2.50 domestic bottles all day

The Round Up Saloon 4501 Urban Plains Drive, Fargo

Radisson 201 5th St. N. Fargo


Happy Hour 3-6pm and 9pm-close: $1 off cocktails, beer and wine

$2 off Mimosas, Bloody Marys and Caesars

$2 off Mimosas, Bloody Marys and Caesars

$3 Deep Eddy Vodka starting at 8pm, Happy Hour 3-6pm and 10pm-close

$4 craft beer pints and 2-for-1 wells starting at 9pm

Bloody Mary Bar 11am-4 pm, $5 well vodka, $6 premium vodka, $3 youcall-its for service industry all day

Mug Club Night $3.75 Jack Daniel's and teas

$3.25 UV Vodka

$3.25 import and specialty bottles $3.25 Ice Hole shots

$3.35 tall domestic taps all day $2.75 well drinks 4:30pm-close

$2.50 Captain Morgan and Windsor all day

$2.50 teas, $7.50 domestic pitchers

Happy Hour 4:30-6:30pm: 2-for-1 drinks

$2.50 Homemade Bloody Marys with beer chaser 10am-4 pm

Happy Hour all day

Local Night: $3.30 Proof's 2 Docks Vodka and $1 off local brews from N.D., S.D., and Minn., Happy Hour open-7pm: $1 off all drinks

$3.30 Captain Morgan, $3.85 Crown Royal, Happy Hour open-7pm: $1 off all drinks

$3.30 Deep Eddy Vodka, $3.85 Jack Daniels, Happy Hour open-7pm: $1 off all drinks

$3.25 domestic bottles; $3.85 Icehole, Fireball and Dr. McGillicuddy's, Happy Hour open-7pm: $1 off all drinks

$4.30 Bloody Marys and Caesars, $3.30 Mimosas

$4.30 Bloody Marys and Caesars, $3.30 Mimosas

Shotgun Sally’s Rock & Roll Saloon 1515 42nd St. S, Fargo

3pm-close: $3 Jameson, Absolut and Deep Eddy

6pm-midnight: $3 tall domestics and $5 tall crafts, 9pmclose: $2 off Patron

9pm-close: $2 Captain Morgan, Long Island Teas, wells and domestic taps

Mug Night 9pm-midnight: $5 mug at the door with $2 wells and domestic taps refills

Happy Hour 3-6 p.m.: $1 off drinks and shots, 9-11pm: $2 wells and domestic bottles

11am-2pm: $10 bottomless Mimosas, Bloody Marys and domestic taps, 9-11pm: $2 wells and domestic bottles

11am-2pm: $10 bottomless Mimosas, Bloody Marys and domestic taps, Industry Night 9pm-midnight: $3 top shelf, $2 calls and $1 wells

Sickie's Garage 3431 Fiechtner Drive S, Fargo

$3 Jack Daniel's and Redbull shots, Happy Hour 3-6pm and 9-11pm: $2.50 domestic taps and wells

Big 98.7 Happy Hour 4-6pm with 98¢ domestic taps, Q105 $1.05 drink tickets 7-9pm, $2 Sailer Jerry and Absolut,

Rock 701 $1.07 drink tickets 5-7pm, $2 Sailer Jerry and Absolut, $3 Jack Daniel's and Redbull shots

$2 Sailer Jerry and Absolut, $3 Jack Daniel's and Redbull shots, Happy Hour 3-6pm and 9-11pm: $2.50 domestic taps and wells

$2 Sailer Jerry and Absolut shots, Happy Hour 3-6pm and 9-11pm: $2.50 domestic taps and wells

Happy Hour 3-6pm: $2.50 domestic taps and wells

Happy Hour 3-6pm and 9-11pm: $2.50 domestic taps and wells


* This is not a full list of specials. Specials subject to change. For updated and entire list of specials, go fargomonthly.com.








Sidestreet Grille & Pub 404 4th Ave. N, Fargo

$3.75 Irish Whiskeys (feat. Jameson), 75¢ off craft and import taps and bottles, $5.50 Sidestreet Scratch teas

All day Happy Hour, 50¢ off all drinks and beers, $2.50 pounders, $1 off wines, Mike's Hard drinks and ciders

$2.50 domestic pints, 75¢ off Bells and Deschutes, $3.75 Jameson, $4.75 Sidestreet Gingers

$3.75 Mexican beers, 75¢ off tequilas, margaritas and Mexi-mules

$3.50 Absolut and Stoli, $4 Summit, $3.25 Nordeast and Leinenkugels

$3.75 Jim Bean and Jack Daniels', $1 off local beers and spirits

Service Industry Sunday Funday: $2 off pitchers, $1 off you-call-its for service industry employees, $3.50 Deep Eddy drinks

Slammer’s Sports Bar & Grill 707 28th Ave. N, Fargo

$3.15 Miller High Life bottles $3.40 Bacardi Limon and Sailor Jerry's

$3.15 Bud and Bud Light bottles

$3.15 Bud and Bud Light bottles $3 White Zin and merlot wines

$3.15 Coors Light and Mich Golden Light bottles

$3.15 Bud and Bud Light bottles, $3.40 Captain Morgan

$3.75 Bloody Marys and Caesars, all day well specials $2.75

$2.80 all wells, $5.25 Busch Light pitchers

Speck’s Bar 2611 Main Ave., Fargo

$2.95 pounders

$3 Bacardi and Jim Beam

$2.95 Morgan $3.95 Jack Daniel's

$2.95 whiskeys and Barefoot wines

$3.25 import and craft beers, $3.25 Smirnoff

$3.25 UV Vodka

$2.75 wells, $3.35 20oz. taps

Spirits Lounge 3803 13th Ave. S, Fargo

Happy Hour drink specials all day: $3 jumbo domestic beers and $1 off well pours

2-for-1 cocktails all day, Happy Hour 4-7pm: $3 jumbo domestic beers and $1 off well pours

$4 mule drinks all day, Happy Hour 4-7pm: $3 jumbo domestic beers and $1 off well pours

$4 Mojitos all day, Happy Hour 4-7pm: $3 jumbo domestic beers and $1 off well pours

Happy Hour drink specials open-4pm

Happy Hour drink specials all day

Sports Bar 619 NP Ave. N, Fargo

$2.50 tap beer pints, $3.50 talls

$2.50 Stoli and $3.50 Stoli with energy drink

College Night: Half price domestic pitchers

$2.95 Jack Daniel's, Captain Morgan, Bombay Sapphire and Grey Goose

½ off pitchers 7-10 pm

½ off pitchers 7-10 pm

$3 pounders, $3.50 Bloody Marys

Tailgators Sports Cafe 1322 Main Ave, Fargo

6-10pm: $3.50 tall Crown Royal, $3 UV Vodka

6-10pm: $3.25 Happy Hour bottles, $3 Captain Morga

6-10pm: $8.50 domestic pitchers, $3 wells and Ice Hole shots

6-10pm: $2.75 Schnapps shots, $3.75 Gator Teas and import bottles

6-10pm: $3 Bacardi and Windsor, $3.50 Chuck Norris or Jag Bombs

Noon-10pm: $3.25 Happy Hour pints and bottles, $1 off whiskeys, $4.25 Bloody Marys

Noon-10pm: $3.25 Happy Hour pints and bottles, $1 off whiskeys, $4.25 Bloody Marys

$2 off everything 3-6pm, $5 glasses of vegan wine, half price vodka and cognac after 9pm

$2 off everything 3-6pm, half price tequila and rum after 9pm

BYO Wine Night ($7 corkage fee) and half price bottles of wine, $2 off everything 3-6pm, half price whiskey and gin after 9pm

$5 sparkling wines, $2 off everything 3-6pm, half price beer and wine after 9pm

$2 off everything 3-6pm, all drinks half price after 9pm

All drinks half price after 9pm

$3 Captain Morgan

$6 domestic pitchers

$3 Windsor

$3 domestic pounders and bottles

$3 teas

Happy Hour 11am-5pm

$2 off jumbo 32oz. Margaritas

$2 PBR pounders, $1 off Almond-Ritas

$1 off Padre’s Root Beer Float

$2 off all tequila shots

$1 off Cadillac Margaritas, $2 Margaritas 9pmclose

$1 off Lavender Lemonades, $1 off Sangria, $2 Margaritas 9pm-close

9-10pm: everybody drinks free, 1011pm: $2 drinks, 9-11 pm: $2 bomb shots

9-11pm: $2 drinks and bomb shots

9pm-midnight: $3 drinks and 2-for-1 shots

$3.30 Captain Morgan, $3.50 Long Island Iced Tea

$3.30 Bloody Mary and Caesars, $3.30 import bottles

$3.30 Bloody Mary and Caesars, $6 domestic pitchers, $8 import pitchers

Twist 220 Broadway N, Fargo

VFW: Downtown

202 Broadway N, Fargo

Vinyl Taco 520 1st Ave. N, Fargo

The Windbreak 3150 39th St. S, Fargo

4-7pm and 9-11pm: $1 off all drinks

4-7pm and 9-11pm: $1 off all drinks

4-7pm and 9-11pm: $1 off all drinks

Ladies Night: Ladies drink free (select taps and wells) 9pmmidnight, 9-11pm: guys get $2 drinks, $2 bomb shots

Woody’s Bar 1550 32nd Ave. S, Fargo

Happy Hour All Day ($1 off all drinks)

$3.30 Captain Morgan, $3.30 Bacardi and Flavors

$3.30 Deep Eddy Vodka, $3.30 glasses of bota box wine

$3.85 Crown Royal, $3.85 Jack Daniel's

Happy Hour all day









$3.50 tall domestics and Jameson

$3 Captain Morgan and Titos Vodka

$3 teas and Deep Eddy Vodka, $1 off taps and wells from 11am-7pm

$7 domestic pitchers and $3 Icehole all day. Service Industry Night with $3 you-call-its from 10pm-close


* This is not a full list of specials. Specials subject to change. For updated and entire list of specials, go fargomonthly.com.

Bar Nine 1405 Prairie Pkwy., West Fargo

$3.50 tall domestics, Stoli and Jack Daniel's

$1 off all taps and bottled beers

Mug Night: $5 purchase and $4 refills on domestics and wells

Blarney Stone 1910 9th St. E, West Fargo

Happy Hour 3-6pm and 9pm-close: $2 off appetizers, $1 off drafts, $1 off bar pours, $1 off house wines

VIP Day: Mug club members get an extra $1 off discounted beer, Happy Hour 3-6pm and 9pm-close: $2 off appetizers

Irish Trash Can Wednesday: $4.50 Irish Trash Cans 5pm-midnight

VIP Day: Mug club members get an extra $1 off discounted beer, Happy Hour 3-6pm and 9pm-close: $2 off appetizers

Happy Hour 3-6pm and 9pm-close: $2 off appetizers, $1 off drafts, $1 off bar pours, $1 off house wines

Free trip through the Bloody Mary bar or free mimosa with purchase of breakfast entrée, Happy Hour 9pm-close: $2 off appetizers

Happy Hour all day: $2 off appetizers., VIP Day, free trip through the Bloody Mary bar or free Mimosa with purchase of breakfast entrée

Blvd Pub 3147 Bluestem Drive, West Fargo

Tall beers for price of a short 6pm-midnight, Happy Hour 3-6pm, Captain Morgan, Bacardi and glasses of wine

$2.95 Long Island Teas (all flavors) 6pm-close, Happy Hour 3-6pm, Captain Morgan, Bacardi and glasses of wine

2-for-1 domestic pints, wells and Captain Morgan 6pm-close, Happy Hour 3-6pm, Captain Morgan, Bacardi and glasses of wine

Ladies Night: Half off bottles of wine 6pm-midnight, $2 wells, $3 calls, $4 talls 8pm-midnight, Happy Hour 3-6pm

$2 wells, $3 calls, $4 tall beers 10pm-1am, Happy Hour 3-6pm,, Captain Morgan, Bacardi and glasses of wine

$2.95 wells, calls and pints 11pm-1am, $3 Bloody Marys, Caesars & Mimosas 9am-noon, Happy Hour for Bison games (1 hour prior)

$3.50 22oz. domestic beers, Happy Hour all day for NFL games

Hooligans 3330 Sheyenne St, West Fargo

Mug Night: $7 mug and fill, $3 domestic and $5 non-domestic refills

$4 tall domestic taps, half-price bottles of wine

$2.50 domestic bottles

Tea Night: $5 colossal teas

$3.50 well drinks all day

$2 pounders, domestic pitcher and a large pizza for $20

$8 pitchers of beer, $8.99 ultimate Bloody Marys, $3 Mimosas

Pub West 3140 Bluestem Drive, West Fargo

$3.50 tall domestic beer, $4.50 tall craft beer

$3.50 Captain Morgan and Bacardi

$3.50 Jack Daniel's, Jim Beam and Jameson, $4.50 Crown Royal

$3.50 UV, Wave and Tito's Vodka

$3.50 Windsor, $3 solo cups: Bud Light, Coors Light, Miller Lite

$3 solo cups: Bud Light,Coors Light, Miller Lite

Happy Hour all day, Service Industry Night: $3.50 youcall-its

Happy Hour 3-6:30pm, 8pmmidnight: $7.50 Coors Light pitchers and $3.75 Crown Royal

Happy Hour 3-6:30pm, 8pm-midnight: $7.50 Miller Lite pitchers, $3 Jack Daniels and Jag, $3.75 Long Island Teas

Happy Hour 3-6:30pm, 8pmmidnight: $7.50 Bud Light pitchers, $3.50 Windsor and Smirnoff

8pm-midnight: $3 Fireball, $3.50 Tito's Vodka, $5 Vodka Red Bulls, $3.50 Chuck Norris, Ninja Turtles and Jag Bombs

Happy Hour noon-6:30pm, 8pm-midnight: $3 import bottles and Tarantula Tequila, $3.50 Captain Morgan, Bacardi and Jameson

Happy Hour all day, Service Industry Night 10pm-close: $3 well drinks

Silver Dollar Flying Pig 221 Sheyenne St, West Fargo

Happy Hour 4:30-6:30pm

Happy Hour 4:30-6:30pm

Happy Hour 4:30-6:30pm

Happy Hour 4:30-6:30pm

Happy Hour 4:30-6:30pm

Happy Hour 4:30-6:30pm

Happy Hour 4:30-6:30pm

Spicy Pie 745 31st Ave. E. Ste. 110, West Fargo

$3 pounders, $2.50 domestic bottles, $1 off import bottles

$3 shots (excluding top shelf pour)

75¢ off all whiskeys

$1 off Margaritas (to go with Taco Thursday)

$1 off whiskey, rum, vodka and gin (excluding top shelf pour)

$1 off whiskey, rum, vodka and gin (excluding top shelf pour)

$4 Bloody Marys and Caesars

Three Lyons Pub 675 13th Ave. E, West Fargo

Mug Night: $2 32oz. mug, fill for the price of a pint 7pm-close

$3 you-call-its on domestic pints and wells 7pm-close

Tall beers for the price of short 7pm-close

$3 glasses of house wine, all Martinis $5 7pm-close

$3.50 Jameson and $1 off bottled beer 8pm-close

$4 Milagro Margaritas 8pm-close, $3.50 Bloody Marys, Caesars and Mimosas until 6pm

Happy Hour All Day

Town Hall Bar 103 Main Ave. W, West Fargo

$3 Captain Morgan, $3.50 Crown Royal & Washington Apples 7-11pm

$3 32oz. domestic Mongo Mugs, Ladies night $1 off drinks, $3 shots 7-11pm

Happy Hour 3-7pm, $3 Windsor and Wu Tang shots 7-11pm

$3 Cristal & Limon, domestic pitchers $6 7-11pm

Fireball Friday $3, Extended happy hour 3-8pm and 7-11pm

Sex with Strangers $3, 10am-1pm $4 Bloody Marys & Caesars 7-11pm

$2.75 pounders all day, Service Industry Special: $2 well drinks & domestic beer 7-11pm

Rookies 715 13th Ave. E, West Fargo


Happy Hour 3-6:30pm, 8pmmidnight: $3 domestic pitchers and Shiner Bock bottles, $3.50 Deep Eddys, $4 Angry Balls shot






$5 Tru Tap Mules, 3-6 p.m. and 10 p.m.-1am: $1.25 all liquor, wine and beer

$3 off all Martinis, 3-6pm and 10pm-1am: $1.25 all liquor, wine and beer

Half price select bottles of wine, 3-6pm and 10pm-1am: $1.25 all liquor, wine and beer

$2.75 16oz. domestic taps, 3-6pm and 10pm-1am: $1.25 all liquor, wine and beer

3-6pm: $1.25 all liquor, wine and beer

​VFW: West Fargo 308 Sheyenne St., West Fargo

$2.50 regular domestic beers and Windsor

12 inch pizza and a pitcher of beer for $11

$3 Barcardi, Morgan, Mike’s Hard Lemonade or Wine Coolers

$3 domestic 25oz taps, $3.50 25oz Shock Top, $5 25oz Stone's Throw, $3 import bottles

Work Zone 701 Main Ave. E, West Fargo

$3 Jag shots, $3 Tuaca, Mug Special $6.50 with $3.50 refills

$3 Bacardi and Ice Hole

$3 Dr. Mac shots, Mug Special: $6.50 with $3.50 refills

$3 Captain Morgan, Malibu and Jag

$3 Jack and Jims

$3 Bloody Marys and Caesars, $3 craft and imports

$5.50 domestic pitchers, $3.50 Buccas, $3 Bloody Marys and Caesars

Dave’s Southside Tap 803 Belsly Blvd., Moorhead

Happy Hour 3-6pm, $3.50 tall domestic taps 7pm-close

Happy Hour 3-6pm, $2.50 domestic bottles and wells 7pmclose

Happy Hour 3-6pm, $3 Captain Morgan and Fireball 8pm-close

Happy Hour 3-6pm, $6.50 domestic pitchers 8pm-close

Happy Hour 3-6pm, $3.50 Stoli and Bacardi 8pm-close

$3.50 Long Island Teas and Crown Royal 8pm-close

$3.50 tall domestic taps and import bottles all day

JC Chumley’s 1608 Main Ave., Moorhead

$4 domestic mug fills 8pmmidnight, Happy Hour 4-6:30pm: $2.50 domestic taps, bottles & wells

Happy Hour all day: $2.50 domestic taps, bottles & wells

$4 Busch Light mug fills, $5 domestic mug fills & Long Island Teas 8pm-midnight, Happy Hour 4-6:30pm: $2.50 domestic taps, bottles & wells

$1 off import pints 8pmmidnight, Happy Hour 4-6:30pm: $2.50 domestic taps, bottles & wells

$3.50 Fireball 5pm-midnight, $3 domestic bottles and Captain Morgan 8pm10pm, Happy Hour 4-6:30pm

$2 Mimosas, $5 Bloody Mary's & Caesars 11am4pm

Game Day! $5 Bloody Mary's & Caesars, Happy Hour all day

Jerry's Original Music Club 1500 11th St. N, Moorhead

7pm-midnight: $3 Captain Morgan, $4 Jack Fire shots, $3 Fireball shots, Happy Hour 4pm-7pm: $3.25 16oz taps, $3.25 single-shot rails

7pm-midnight: $1 12 oz domestic taps, $4 Jack Fire shots, $3 Fireball shots, Happy Hour 4pm-7pm: $3.25 16oz taps, $3.25 single-shot rails

7pm-midnight: $4 Jack Fire shots, $3 Fireball shots, ladies get free domestic taps and wells with $10 cover, Happy Hour 4pm-7pm: $3.25 16oz taps, $3.25 single-shot rails

7pm-midnight: $5 domestic pitchers, $4 Jack Fire shots, $3 Fireball shots, Happy Hour 4pm-7pm: $3.25 16oz taps, $3.25 single-shot rails

7pm-midnight: $3.50 pounders, $4 Jack Fire shots, $3 Fireball shots, Happy Hour 4pm-7pm: $3.25 16oz taps, $3.25 single-shot rails

7pm-midnight: $3.50 pounders, $4 Jack Fire shots, $3 Fireball shots, Happy Hour 4pm-7pm: $3.25 16oz taps, $3.25 single-shot rails

Mick’s Office 10 8th St. S, Moorhead

$2.50 Captain Morgan, $4 domestic mug fills, $4 bomb shots 8pm-midnight

$3 domestic pints, $3.50 select import pints 8pmmidnight

Ladies Night 8pm-midnight: $2.50 pounders and you-call-its

$2.75 wells, $4 domestic mugs, $3 Busch Light and Old Style mugs, jell-o shot raffle 10pm-close

$2.75 pounders, $3 Ice Hole 8pm-midnight

$5 endless Mimosas 11am4pm, $8 pitchers 11am-4pm

Happy Hour 5-6pm and 9-11pm, $3 select beer and drinks

Happy Hour 5-6pm and 9-11pm, $3 select beer and drinks

Happy Hour 5-6pm and 9-11pm, $3 select beer and drinks

Happy Hour 5-6pm and 9-11pm, $3 select beer and drinks

Happy Hour 5-6pm and 9-11pm, $3 select beer and drinks

Happy Hour 1-7pm, $4 scratch teas

Happy Hour 1pm-midnight

Happy Hour 1-7pm, $5 all-you-can-drink for ladies 9pmmidnight, $3 pounders (all day) $2 Captain Morgan & $3 bomb shots 9pm-midnight

Happy Hour 1-7pm, $3 perfect pint of Guinness and Irish car bombs 9pmmidnight

Happy Hour 1-7 pm, 11am-2pm: $10 all-you-can-drink Mimosas, Bloody Marys and domestic taps

Happy Hour from 1-7pm and $5 domestic pitchers

$2.75 22oz grande beers, $4 Sam Adams, Red’s Apple and Bell's specials 4-6pm

$6 pitchers of Bud Light, Shock Top, Miller Light, Coors Light and Nordeast, drink specials 4-6pm

$6 pitchers of Bud Light, Shock Top, Miller Lite, Coors Light and Nordeast 9pm-close

Grand beers $2.75 (all day)

Ladies night 8-10pm $5 pitchers

Late night Happy Hour 9pm-midnight

$5 pitchers all day

Bloody Mary special

​Tru Blu Social Club 915 19th Ave. E, West Fargo



$2 off regional flavors all day


Rustica Tavern 315 Main Ave., Moorhead O’Leary’s Pub 808 30th Ave. S, Moorhead

Happy Hour 1-7pm, $5 domestic mugs, $6 import mugs 8pm-midnight

Speak Easy 1001 30th Ave., S, Moorhead

2-for-1 drink specials from 4-6 pm and $2 domestic bottles 7pm-midnight

2-for-1s 4-6pm

$5.25 pitchers of Budweiser, Mich, Amber Boch, Bud Light, Miller Light and Foster, drink specials 4-6pm

$2.75 Captain Morgan

2-for-1s 8-11pm

$2.75 whiskeys

Vic’s Bar & Grill 427 Center Ave, Moorhead

Happy Hour all day: 50¢ off all drinks, $4 Bloody Marys and Caesars