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See how Red River Dance and four other Giving Hearts Day participants are making an impact on our community... and learn how you can help!

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Just in time for Dakota Medical Foundation’s Giving Hearts Day on February 13, we are excited to shine a light on local nonprofits and charities this issue. Read about different charitable organizations, learn how they are making a positive impact on our community and get inspired to donate this February 13th.

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GIVING he joy of Giving Hearts Day simply cannot be wrapped up in just one issue of a magazine. But we’ve tried our best!

One of the most anticipated days for charitable-minded individuals in our area is approaching. February 13 is the date of this year’s Giving Hearts Day and we’ve already marked our calendars! Put on by Dakota Medical Foundation (DMF), Giving Hearts Day is the country’s longest-running “giving day,” thanks to our region’s compassionate population and the framework provided by DMF to non-profits and community members alike. What an honor it is to live in a region that celebrates such a day. In honor of Giving Hearts Day, we’ve dedicated this issue to the nonprofits and donors to help you readers get to know some of the great organizations involved. The difficult part about making an issue like this one is not finding good stories to share or scheduling photoshoots or determining how to share stories or any of those things. The most difficult part is that we only have a set number of pages to offer, and the work that our regional nonprofits and charities put on deserves an entire encyclopedia set! But here we are. One thing I always encourage is finding a personal connection to a nonprofit and having that be a driving force behind your donations. Here are some organizations I’ll be supporting and why: Cats Cradle Shelter: Anyone who knows me knows that one of my best friends is my cat, Tofu. Before coming to live with me, Tofu spent eight months at Cats Cradle Shelter. I’m ever thankful to them

for rescuing her and caring for her until we found each other! F5 Project: Within my own family, I’ve seen firsthand how difficult it is to return to the community after being incarcerated. I admire F5’s commitment to erasing the stigma and creating opportunities for returned citizens. She Overcomes: Founded by Melanie Iverson, She Overcomes is a brand new non-profit in town that invests in female business leaders. Knowing Melanie personally, I know that her passion for this mission and her own entrepreneurial spirit will launch this organization far. I believe in the organization and the mission behind it! Brady Oberg Legacy Foundation Fund: My brother and fiance both serve/have served in the Army, so military-related organizations are always dear to me. I admire Brady Oberg Legacy Foundation’s mission to provide comradery and support to veterans and I admire the way they go about doing so. See how easy that was? There are always connections to be made and I hope that before this February 13, you dig into your mind and find some similar connections that will inspire you to give. Happy Giving,

Alexandra Martin




hen we talk about the word “giving”, what does that mean to you?

In the sphere of nonprofits and charities, I feel we often get caught up in giving something financially. Obviously, that is usually the easiest and most convenient way to give to the charity of your choice. It is also the basis that makes up this amazing thing we call Giving Hearts Day. Thousands upon thousands of people band together financially to help support non-profits in our community. Yet, giving financially is not the only way to help non-profits and the people they serve every day. People often assume that the only way to give is through donating money, which could not be further from the actual reality. Non-profits in the state of North Dakota are often in dire need of other forms of donations too. I think of my girlfriend and her mother, Deb when I think about other forms of giving. For example, all of us stand behind and support the Rape And Abuse Crisis Center here in Fargo. We donate financially on Giving Hearts Day every year, but every Christmas season Erin and Deb collect items that RACC needs. These items can include shampoo, toothbrushes, hats, gloves and toys for children. All of these things go directly to those that are at RACC. This year, I was able to go on the annual RACC shopping trip with Erin and Deb. By the time we came to the checkout, we had filled up close to two shopping carts full of items. Now, you might be saying “Nolan, this is still financial giving” and you’d be correct.

Yet, there is a certain level of personality that goes into this kind of giving. There is also a certain amount of reward you feel when you drop off the items firsthand. This year, RACC was so astonished and happy at Erin and Deb’s generosity that they posted a photo of them on their Facebook. Obviously, Erin and Deb do not donate the items for notoriety, but they no doubt deserve it in this instance. That is just one of the many types of giving. Volunteers across our state donate their time to non-profits in need. Without these different types of giving, the charities and causes we support lose steam. How are we making an impact on the world and the things we believe in if we are not engraining ourself in the cause. Donating financially is one way to do that, but there is so much more giving that can be done without opening up your wallet. Whether you are a first-time giver or a generational giver on this Giving Hears Day, I encourage you to find your brand of giving. That could be financially or through volunteering. There is no bad way to give and the more we diversify our giving strategies, the more our non-profits will thrive. That is the most important thing.

Nolan Schmidt

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ur community wouldn’t be the same without United Way of CassClay. The organization has made an impact in the region by solving complex community issues, like homelessness, hunger, closing the skills gap and helping children be ready to learn. For decades, they have been improving lives by activating resources and creating lasting social change. Such impactful organizations deserve equally as impactful events. Avalon Events Center is making sure that happens for Fargo’s nonprofits like United Way.

BY Alexandra Martin PHOTOS BY 5Foot20 Design Lounge, provided by United Way

On September 18, 2019, United Way of Cass-Clay hosted its annual United Way Kick Off Event at The Avalon. This event celebrates the incredible work that’s being done throughout Cass and Clay counties while


also giving attendees the opportunity to learn and be inspired by the work they’ve achieved. By encouraging volunteering and investing, this event inspires the community to rally under the principle of “LIVE UNITED.” A big part of the event is the opportunity for United Way to share real stories of impact. By sharing these stories in this manner, they can show attendees the tangible work they are achieving. Lead Content and Public Relations Strategist of United Way of Cass-Clay, Kristina HeinLandin, shared, “Knowing that the individuals who attended this event will be inspired to go back to their workplaces and share how United Way is making a difference makes me feel hopeful for our community. My favorite part is seeing this positive ripple effect come to life.”

The event’s variety of speakers included words from Jamie, a mother who was impacted by United Way and was able to overcome homelessness and heal emotional scars; Amy Feland, a Workforce Development Case Manager, who explained how she helps people in poverty overcome barriers and get the support and job training they need; and Ken and Danielle Paulus, United Way of Cass-Clay’s 2019 Volunteer Campaign Chairs who spoke on why they are passionate about the cause and why they invest in United Way. “Hosting an inspiring and impactful Kick Off Event is crucial to our organization because we know that when people are inspired, they are motivated to take action to help their community,” said Hein-Landin.


As the premier event center in Fargo-Moorhead, The Avalon most notably hosts weddings, corporate events, private parties, concerts and more. But beyond these events, they especially enjoy the relationship they have with hosting nonprofits. For a nonprofit event, The Avalon charges no fee, making room rental and cleaning costs complimentary. The only charge for such events is the cost of food... something quite unheard of in their industry. By providing opportunities for nonprofits with these special rates, The Avalon achieves its goal of being a positive impact on the community. Beyond galas and large-scale events like the Kick Off, The Avalon can do everything from small breakfasts and brunches to steak dinners for donors. From happenings for 20 people to 2,000, they want to make sure all nonprofit’s

event needs are met. Having hosted a number of nonprofits’ events, The Avalon knows how to execute the perfect event. By letting the Avalon team take care of event details like room set-up, food and event flow, United Way could be confident that their event was going to be all that they dreamed of, while not having to step away from their important day-to-day work. “The Avalon helped our team by providing choices and suggestions for event layout, traffic flow, seating options and multiple settings for our social,” said Hein-Landin. “Because they have a wealth of knowledge to draw upon and have helped coordinate many businesses and nonprofit events, they helped us give our event attendees a memorable and enjoyable experience.” In addition to

these things, The Avalon made menu suggestions that fit within their small budget and helped determine an event diagram that properly honored and thanked United Way’s sponsors. “They made the planning process smooth and enjoyable, even right up to event set up and the day of the event, which we all know can sometimes be stressful – not when The Avalon team is on the job!” said Hein-Landin. Hein-Landin noted that integral in making this event happen was The Avalon’s General Manager, Joe Gudding. Of working with him and the Avalon team, she said, “He is organized, helpful, kind and a calm leader that helped our entire team feel comfortable and confident during both the planning and execution of our event. Their team even took time to document and

record some ways we could improve our previous event and use our small food budget more effectively so that those details could be discussed for the following year and changes could make our event even more spectacular.” Something that sets Fargo apart from so many similarsized cities in the United States is its culture and spirit of generosity. What sparks this spirit of generosity is not only the individuals in the area, but the businesses, as well. Avalon Events Center is proudly among the number of businesses in town that strive to do good. With members of the community rallying around causes like United Way of Cass-Clay and businesses like The Avalon, Fargo is right on track to remain a truly great place to be.









4,000+ GIFT CARDS BY Alexandra Martin


$117,000+ DONATED


First held in 2008, Giving Hearts Day is a 24-hour online fundraising charity event. This charitable giving day is hosted by Dakota Medical Foundation (DMF), Impact Foundation and the Alex Stern Family Foundation. Together, these organizations offer resources that help nonprofits accomplish their missions, specifically by teaching them how to perfect the art of fundraising. Throughout the year, charities involved are provided the necessary tools to learn how to raise funds with more impact. Then, each year on Giving Hearts Day, their skills get put to use. Over the course of 11 years, more than 30,000 givers have donated on this day, raising more than $71 million for over 480 regional charities. According to Impact Institute Director Scott Holdman, Giving Hearts Day was originally designed as an experiment to study an emerging trend. This trend saw people honoring their loved ones by supporting a charity instead of buying them presents. Jeana Peinovich, the Initiative Director of DMF‘s Lend A Hand Up program, came up with the idea to hold an event around Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is famously dedicated to spreading love, whether that be to a special romantic partner or even valuable friendships. And what better way to spread love than to donate to a worthy cause? Though it began as a pilot for just a handful of medical-related charities, Giving Hearts Day has turned into a booming success for all sorts of charities, large and small. By nature, DMF is dedicated to building the fundraising successes of health-related nonprofits. When this pilot program exceeded expectations and gained momentum in the community, DMF began to receive interest from non-medical related charities who wanted to get involved as well. In the desire to help even more


organizations, DMF partnered with the Alex Stern Family Foundation to form Impact Foundation. Together, these groups provide resources to any organization that is interested in taking part.

act of donating is an incredibly powerful GET experience. INVOLVED Holdman shared, “Getting involved with your community, getting GIVINGHEARTSDAY.ORG connected to a cause and making a contribution are things that we all need to thrive While the actual and to benefit our fundraiser takes place on February 13, psychological well-being.” With Giving Giving Hearts Day is much more than just Hearts Day, there is an opportunity to a 24-hour donation drive. Holdman said, do just that. We need a place to make “It’s about way more than just getting a contribution to so we can know the contributions. This is about creating feeling of making a difference. “There’s community and paving the path forward.” a reason why philanthropy exists: we all Every organization that participates in need a cause bigger than ourselves and Giving Hearts Day goes through a set a purpose,” said Holdman. of trainings together, planting seeds beyond the day itself. Organizations “We are built to join the community. But benefit year-round with one-on-one what you have to do in modern life is coaching provided by Impact, their navigate the options,” said Holdman. For team available to answer questions and all donors, Holdman offers this piece of facilitate connections with like-minded advice: use your “no” to empower your people and organizations. There’s even a “yes.” You don’t need to fix the whole private Facebook group where hundreds world, but you do need to embrace your of organizations from across the region “yes” by finding something to plug into can join together to ask and answer and by finding a community. questions. Those involved get an arsenal of training products and assets, all thanks As part of their community engagement, to being part of the Giving Hearts Day Giving Hearts Day also uses the hashtag network. #CountMe across other social media platforms. See who is supporting what “There’s a lot of fun energy around this organization and join in on sharing about day that allows people to experiment this special day. With potential for match and figure out what works for them,” donations, it’s a perfect day to get started said Holdman. He said this day provides on a path of generous giving and inspire a time for these organizations to try others to do the same. something new and branch out. If those techniques go well, they can implement With Giving Hearts Day approaching, them year-round. If an organization has join the movement and find your own never done a social media campaign, this tribe. In preparation for the day, you is a great time to try one. Or if they’ve can research organizations involved at never raised a major gift, this is when GivingHeartsDay.org or ImpactGiveback. they have a reason to ask for one. The org to see which causes resonate most day can kick off a mission of trying out a with you. Join thousands of people in new tagline or campaign and really get one of the most generous regions of the creative with how to apply the tools they nation as they rally to support over 490 learned from DMF‘s training. organizations who will make a positive impact on the community throughout While the charities involved in Giving 2020. Hearts Day benefit from it the most, the









Our community is full of generosity and there is no greater example of that than Giving Hearts Day. Each February, citizens of Fargo-Moorhead, North Dakota and Minnesota give to the non-profits they believe in. There are different ways to give, but the rewards of giving are something everyone can bask in. To celebrate Giving Hearts Day, we spoke with givers and receivers from five different non-profits in our community. What does it mean to give and what does it look like to receive? Turn the page and find out!



e c n a D r e v i R d e R

By Alexandra Martin Photos by Hillary Ehlen 26 | JANUARY 2020 | FARGOMONTHLY.COM

After 980 days of treatment, five-year-old Evelyn Ness strode into her Darby’s Dancers class with a t-shirt reading:

This warrior princess kicked cancer’s butt. February 17, 2017 - October 23, 2019.”

The best way for young Evelyn to celebrate her first day of being cancer-free? Doing her favorite thing...going to dance class. Throughout her treatment for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL), Evelyn got to take a break from the hospital and be a kid again thanks to one of Red River Dance’s outreach programs, Darby’s Dancers.

Evelyn’s mother remarked that she is touched by her daughter’s zest for dance, even in the midst of physical ailments. “I physically cannot even fathom how anybody wants to get up and go move and do what she does, but it is her drive. Even when she’s super, super sick,” said Ness. “To have that kind of passion and energy, even when you’re sick and in treatment, is something that’s unique and special to her.” Without the outlet of dance and these slots in time each week to let loose and have fun, it’s hard to say who Evelyn would be today.

Darby’s Dancers is a national nonprofit that provides children with special needs the opportunities to participate in the joy of dance, at no cost to their families. Red River Dance heard about this foundation nearly three years ago and established the first Darby’s Dancers chapter in the region, a program they have seen grow and grow since its inception. “Starting [the program] three years ago, I believe we started with one or two classes at each level. And now we have adult classes all the way down to two-year-old classes,” said Caitlin Killoran, Red River Dance’s executive director. Thanks to generous donations and community support, Red River Dance offers free programs like the Darby’s Dancers classes to over 100 families. Evelyn got to take part in the Darby’s Dancers program from virtually the start. Evelyn was introduced to the Darby’s Dancers program through Gigi’s Playhouse, a Down Syndrome achievement center with a local chapter. When Evelyn’s mother, Deanna Ness, heard about the program, she was instantly excited. “I had a huge dance background and I never thought my daughter would get the opportunity,” said Ness. When the Ness family was introduced to Darby’s Dancers, Evelyn was in the thick of her cancer treatments. She spent the majority of each passing month in the hospital and wasn’t able to enjoy many of the things other toddlers her age could. But on the days she was not in treatment, Red River Dance provided her the freedom to dance, play and be joyful, despite it all. “When she was out [of the hospital], she got to go to dance class and have some fun and be herself, not just this little cooped up bird that wants to fly. It’s given her the nice freedom to move and enjoy what she likes to do,” Ness said. 27


ne unique aspect of the Darby’s Dancers program is that each dancer gets paired with a volunteer, providing a one-on-one experience. Evelyn has had the pleasure of working with dance instructor Erin Christenson during her time in the program. Christenson began just volunteering at the classes as an assistant, but soon fell in love with the program and now teaches at Red River Dance in a full capacity of ways. “It has been one of the coolest experiences that I’ve ever been a part of,” she shared. From dancing by Evelyn’s side in the first classes to celebrating with her the day she rang the cancerfree bell, Christenson has experienced the joy of watching the students develop and transform. Red River Dance is participating in Giving Hearts Day to help ensure that these unique programs can expand and continue to be offered. Without funding and volunteers such as Christenson, the availability and breadth of specialty classes wouldn’t be possible. Killoran expressed how important it is to Red River Dance that these special programs are free of cost. “Many of the people who are able to take these kinds of classes have other bills, they have other things going on. [...]This shouldn’t be a burden on the family. This is something [Evelyn] loves, this is something she is able to do and that should be something that everyone should be able to enjoy,” Killoran said. “As a parent, when you have to juggle, ok do I pay for tutoring? Or I have to work, so my kid can’t be picked up and taken anywhere. Or I choose to buy the medication...you feel like you’re cheating your kid. And you have to make that choice,” said Ness. “Red River Dance has afforded us to not to have to choose. They’ve given the parents the freedom to say, ‘You can have that dance class experience and I can still go to work and get you your other schooling needs and not have to worry about it.’” Red River Dance prides itself in being able to offer dance to everybody, 28 | JANUARY 2020 | FARGOMONTHLY.COM

no matter their age, abilities or backgrounds. In addition to their Darby’s Dancers program, they also bring free dance classes to those at Bethany Retirement Living and to children in the Jeremiah Program and have also teamed up with organizations such as BIO Girls, the Boys and Girls Club and CHARISM. In instances where transportation or time is an issue, dance instructors from Red River Dance travel on location to teach, as is the case with the Bethany Retirement Living and Jeremiah Program classes. They are firm believers that the joy of dance should be shared with anyone who wants to experience it. To families like the Ness family, the ability to take part in this type of program that allows children to feel and act like any other child their age is huge. “Dance is for everyone. Evelyn is non-verbal, but through her dance, she can communicate more than anything. I think for a lot of these kids, they are able to communicate their needs and wants in life through their dance and they can express their joy,” added Ness. The beauty of dance is that it not only provides joy to the dancer, but it puts a smile on the face of everyone who is watching them. Anyone who has seen Evelyn dance particularly knows this to be true. “Evelyn is the perfect example of what dance can do for you. She is just one of the many lives that we are fortunate enough to have a positive impact on and be here for them. And really be an outlet, whether they’re having the best day of their lives or they really just need to be a kid. She is one of many, but she is a great example of what we do here and what our purpose is,” said Killoran. To support dancers and dreamers like Evelyn, consider adding Red River Valley Dance to your Giving Hearts Day donation roster this year.

Red River Dance redriverdance.com 2921 Fiechtner Drive South, Fargo, ND 58103

Ronald McDonald House Charities 30 | JANUARY 2020 | FARGOMONTHLY.COM


or many deciding to embrace their giving heart, answering the “why” and then the “how” are the first two steps. One must decide why they want to help a certain organization and then they must determine how they want to help. Husband and wife duo Nick and Shauna Wimer paved their own way to answer these questions when deciding to help Ronald Mcdonald House Charities of the Red River Valley. The purpose of Ronald McDonald House Charities is to keep families together and provide them the comforts of home while their child receives medical treatments. In many cases, children needing serious medical attention must travel far from home to receive treatments. By providing families a comfortable and safe place to stay near the hospital (rather than a hotel), the road to recovery is a warmer and less-stressful experience. Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Red River Valley’s 17-bedroom facility served over 350 families in just 2019. Since this national organization’s Fargo chapter was founded in 1982, they have seen an increase in the medical services the community provides and therefore an increase in demand for their “home away from home.” Thanks to generous donors, in May 2018 they opened a new location east of Sanford Hospital with many more amenities, ample accessibility, and increased privacy and safety. Integral in making this new Ronald Mcdonald House Fargo location a reality was the Wimer family. As for their “why,” there’s a personal connection they have to the organization. In 1994, the Wimer’s were introduced to the Ronald McDonald House when their niece was born and needed

medical support. Their niece’s family lived in Dickinson but were able to utilize the Ronald McDonald House in Bismarck during her time in the hospital. The Wimers were comforted knowing that during this difficult time, their family would have a place to stay that felt like home. While the Wimers appreciated the comfort that Ronald McDonald House supplied their family over two decades ago, it wasn’t until years later when they attended the Sweetheart Ball in Fargo that they decided they wanted to give back to the organization. The Sweetheart Ball is Ronald McDonald House’s annual fundraising evening, full of dancing, dining and donating. Here, they saw the other side of the organization and all that went into making the comforts they witnessed over

20 years ago available to recipients. Once the curtain was drawn, the knew they wanted to contribute to helping more families in need. “When we got invited to this, it was like, oh this is how it happens. This is what it costs to stay there. this is what they need. And that’s where we started to think that this is what we’d like to keep supporting,” said Nick. As for their “how,” the first step the couple took in helping the Ronald McDonald House was by donating their time. Once a week, Shauna would stop by the Ronald McDonald House and cook a meal for the residents. Cooking meals at the house became a routine for the family, as Nick would take their son to swimming lessons at the nearby YMCA and would drop Shauna off at the Ronald McDonald House to cook. By the time the swimming lessons were done, Shauna would be picked up and the family would all go home together. After getting into this routine for some time, the family felt the call to continue to give to Ronald McDonald House. “I very clearly remember standing in that kitchen thinking, ‘this is what we are meant to be a part of,’” said Shauna. Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Red River Valley’s Executive Director Jill Christopher witnessed the work Shauna was doing and invited her to be part of their board, which then lead her to eventually becoming president of the board. “We kind of joked that we went from making tater tot hot dish to providing capital campaign money. Our journey changed quite a bit,” said Shauna. In expanding their commitment to the charity, the Wimers reimagined how they would contribute to the organization that grew to mean so much to them. 31

For a while, they quietly donated, not telling many friends or publically speaking about it. However, Christopher encouraged them to share their experiences and said why doing so would benefit the organization. “We were very comfortable being anonymous,” said Shauna. “But coming out helps invite other people to contribute...so it changed our thinking.” Coming out of anonymity, the Wimers uncovered another “how” with different ways to fundraise and spread awareness. For their 25th wedding anniversary, they hosted a fundraiser party with the goal to raise $25,000 to go to Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Red River Valley. The party was held at Oxbow Country Club and included performances by 32 Below, Roshambo and Plinko games, a signature cocktail and over 200 attendees. “It changed how we could provide in a whole different way, and all of these other people were excited and happy to contribute,” said Shauna. Because of the fun and success of the Wimers celebration, other area couples have been inspired to throw similar fundraising parties. “It was a really good way to spread the message. It was a way to give us the opportunity to talk about the Ronald McDonald House in a very nonpushy way,” said Christopher. The Wimers have showcased that donating doesn’t have to be just quietly signing a check...it can be fun and a celebration. “Everyone had fun, everyone enjoyed themselves. And we raised money!” said Nick. Interested in finding your own way to help out? Christopher encourages, “Come and see us! We’d be happy to give you a tour. Once you come and see what it’s like, it’s so much more than you imagine, especially in this new space.” Calling to schedule a tour or to inquire about volunteer or fundraising opportunities is a great first step in knowing how to best help the organization. Who knows? You might be the next one to throw your very own fundraising event to celebrate the joys of giving. 32 | JANUARY 2020 | FARGOMONTHLY.COM

Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Red River Valley 4757 Agassiz Crossing S, Fargo, ND 58104 rmhcfargo.org

Jail Chaplains By Alexandra Martin Photos by Hillary Ehlen



ver since he was eight-years-old, Wil Dort has been cutting hair. Learning from his uncles and practicing on other kids, he was always fascinated by the ability to turn hair into something beautiful. After coming to the United States from Haiti in 1997, Dort continued to cut hair, learning how to transition from scissors to clippers and improving himself all along the way. However, Dort's journey from immigrant to barbershop owner didn't follow a straight and narrow path. In 2006, Dort spent time incarcerated, but thanks to the hope and compassion provided by Jail Chaplains, a local nonprofit that provides inmates with spiritual guidance and support, he was able to achieve his aspirations. Through Jail Chaplains' programming, Dort made the choice to change his life and embark on a business plan to help other returned citizens like himself. "The men and women that find themselves incarcerated or inside the walls of the Cass County Jail are not bad people, they're broken and hurting and their choices have led to a lot of broken relationships. And I think most of them know what they have been doing isn't working very well," says Jail Chaplains Executive Director Gerri Leach. Dort is one of many who chose to attend Jail Chaplains' programming while incarcerated. "They have a lot of time in jail. Time to think. And by giving them new information, they get to decide if they are going to use their time to learn and try to make different decisions. And if that is their goal, then the Jail Chaplain programs are very attractive to them," said Leach of the Cass County inmates. In a few words, the organization, “Takes Jesus to jail.” Leach joked that they often find inmates' interests in the organization are first piqued by the knowledge that the programs sometimes offer treats or opportunities to learn new skills like knitting. "Whatever gets them there, and then the Holy Spirit gets ahold of

their heart," she said. Since the new Cass County Jail’s construction in 2012 (which included a designated programs room), Jail Chaplains has been able to offer over 20 hours of faith-based programs weekly. Jail Chaplains’ full-time Chaplain, Mike Sonju, and a team of volunteers provide a wide range of Christian faith-based programs for inmates, including bible studies and life skills training like anger management and addiction recovery. One of the programs that Jail Chaplains utilizes in and outside the prison is the Living Free ministry. Living Free serves as a Christian ministry that helps individuals, families and communities dealing with lifecontrolling problems through a curriculum that teaches life skills through scripture. There are now five Living Free small groups in the jail, as well as the opportunity for former inmates to continue with the group after they are released. In addition to serving those in jail and returned citizens, the program has better equipped the local faith community to be more accepting and understanding to those whose lives have taken different paths than their own. “When we are in a small group with [the inmates or returned citizens], we are learning from them too. It’s the exchange of information, where we can come from totally different backgrounds, but we each have lived experience that can be of benefit to the other,” said Leach. “I think a big part of what we do is, to the best of our abilities, we accept people where they are at and give them hope and compassion. We don’t need somebody to tell us when we’ve screwed up, a lot of times we know. But to hear that regardless of what your past is, that doesn’t define who you are going forward. And God loves you and so do we, and today can be the first day of the rest of your life,” said Leach. “So having that opportunity to share that hope and that message and offer them compassion, it’s really significant and can

help them start to accept themselves differently, too.” Leach shared that there is often a tremendous amount of shame involved with the inmates they work with. In their role at the organization, she sees the importance of meeting people where they are at. “We don’t have all the baggage of those prior choices they’ve made. So if they are ready to change, I think we are better equipped to help them on that journey than maybe their own family,” said Leach. She noted that family members have often heard, “I’m going to change,” and then never have seen the results. Jail Chaplains, however, don’t have the prior history of whatever mistakes or errors they’ve made and can start a fresh relationship with each inmate. For many returning citizens, the change in lifestyle and surroundings is difficult. Dort found that while he was incarcerated, he felt supported, but he knew that once he got out, his past would try to get him back to his old ways. “Our whole life we learn the party, with the drugs and running around with different individuals playing different characters— that has been us for forever. And then I was trying this new thing that I didn’t know anything about and they tell you to rely on faith and it’s like, what does that even look like?” said Dort. For Dort, his support system from Jail Chaplains helped keep him accountable and provided him the team he needed to stay on the new path he created.

The path they have put me on helped me progressively get to where I am today. As far as being a business owner and helping out people, it’s that seed they sowed in my life,” said Dort.

The path Dort took when changing his ways was rooted in his love for cutting hair. While in jail, Dort completed barber college and then, upon his release, 35

opened Skill Cutz Barbershop & Salon in 2008. Dort never wanted his barbering to just be a job. He always intended on seeing how far he could take the profession and to see how he could grow it into something bigger. Living in this region, Dort discovered that there was a lack of barber schools, especially ones that taught how to cut ethnic hair. He became an important resource in the area for these techniques and began to teach others how to do them. To provide an opportunity for those wanting to learn from him, he founded Skill Cutz Barber College. “There is a cry out for barbers all over the states. So it was an opportunity to find a problem and be the answer to that problem,” he said. “God provided barbering as a way out for me,” said Dort. “One of the reasons I believe God brought barbering into my life is that, when you have two felonies, where do you go? Who is going to hire you? Or make decent enough money to support not just my family here, but back in Haiti. To be able to provide a job for another felon, we have to open our hearts. We could all be in that situation. A lot of times it is just one decision that brought us to this point.” For those with a felony record, Leach noted that they often do not get to work a job they love. Oftentimes, it is low pay and is whatever they can find. The existence of Skill Cutz, a training program and an employment opportunity for felons, is exciting to Leach. “When they find something like this where they can provide a decent living for their family and be able to do something that they love and they’re contributing to others around them, it’s like....how incredible is that? They are not just a citizen that has returned to the community. They are contributing to our community in a really great, helpful way,” she said. Jail Chaplins’ influence created a domino 36 | JANUARY 2020 | FARGOMONTHLY.COM

(Left) Kattarius Reams, (Right) Wil Dort effect on helping others. Jail Chaplains helped Dort, and now Dort is helping other former inmates start anew. Kattarius Reams is just one of the men whom Dort and Jail Chaplains have helped. Reams connected with Jail Chaplains while incarcerated and eventually came to love the program, continuing it upon his release. Through the program, Reams found Dort and entered the barber college to train under him and begin a new career. “I was doing a lot of jobs and, to be honest, I wanted to find something that would actually speak to me,” said Reams. Before finding barbering, he was driving trucks and doing other jobs he could find, but he wasn’t fulfilled. As someone who had always been creative, he found Skill Cutz as a perfect fit for him.

they there’s a different path and that they don’t have to keep doing the same thing. But if we shun then, we basically send them back to their old friends [...] So if we care about our community, we will try and do something different,” said Leach. Dort agreed with Leach, saying that if we shut returned citizens out, they will be a menace to society and cause more harm than good. But if you are providing opportunities for them to be better, our whole society will benefit.

Within Skill Cutz Barber College, Dort teaches and certifies his students and gives job placement opportunities for them at the Skill Cutz Barbershop & Salon. “As long as I have this energy, I’ve got to work as much as I can, and then while I’m at it, I’m looking to give opportunities to people that are looking for a change,” said Dort.

Thanks to the ongoing impact of Jail Chaplains and the chances they provide, people like Dort and Reams can continue to receive the support they need to turn their life into a new path. To support new beginnings like those provided to Dort and Reams, consider adding Jail Chaplains to your Giving Hearts Day donation roster this year. life into a new path. To support new beginnings like those provided to Dort and Reams, consider adding Jail Chaplains to your Giving Hearts Day donation roster this year.

The programs and the support that Jail Chaplains provides helps returned citizens learn that they can start a new life. Through the compassion extended to Dort by Jail Chaplains, he had the support and encouragement to embark on an enterprise that has since changed many more lives. Awareness for the work Jail Chaplains does also encourages our community to be equipped with the ability to welcome former inmates back into the community. “If someone is incarcerated and we shun them when they get out, how are they ever going to heal and learn to do life differently? We can extend our hand and say welcome and do what we can to help them, to show

“It’s a great experience. I can say this, give [Jail Chaplains] a chance. That’s what I did, I gave it a chance. Once I gave it a chance, everything opened up for me. I failed everybody, but I gave something a chance,” said Reams.

Jail Chaplains jailchaplains.com PO Box 6444 Fargo, ND 58109


Wellspring ForThe World

By Nolan P. Schmidt Photos by Hillary Ehlen



awyer Anderson is not your typical 10-year-old girl. While she no doubt enjoys partaking in activities with her classmates, Anderson seems to have the sensibility and awareness of someone far beyond her years. A typical 10-year-old may enjoy playing outside, drawing and anything in between. Sawyer Anderson enjoys writing children’s books, despite being a child herself. Not only that, but Anderson’s children’s book has a message behind it and a problem it wants to solve. Her book, “Water Works”, aims to provide clean water to those in impoverished African countries. Anderson’s journey to authoring “Water Works” was a little different than perhaps most authors. She was working with her church’s children’s ministry to provide chitenge bags for those in need, they are also known as Bags Of Hope. “Bags of Hope are beautiful tote bags otherwise known as chitenge bags. Chitenge is an African wax fabric that women use to make skirts, blankets, baby carriers, etc. The scraps of fabric from these items are sewn together to make chitenge bags,” Anderson said. “I worked with my children’s ministry team at Hope Lutheran Church to make and sell these bags. Bags were designed by children ages 3rd to 5th grade, and the wonderful ladies from [Bags of] Hope sewed the bags.” It was creating those bags for those in need that led Anderson to another venture, which would be authoring an educational

children’s book. “A bunch of people bought more chitenge bags than they needed just because they wanted to help support the cause. My dad’s friend, Tom, suggested I bring them someplace where they could be used. I decided to bring those extra chitenge bags to The Jeremiah Program and was just going to drop them off. But, Coiya Tompkins and Lonnie Pederson had different ideas. They asked me to speak at the Empowerment Program Graduation and afterward, Coiya suggested I write a book about my work to bring water to Africa,” she said. “I thought, ‘you’re kidding... right? I’m only nine!’ When we decided I could illustrate it, too, I was like ‘okay, I’m writing a book!’ I outlined the story and figured out the drawings I wanted to do. I added the parts about Brian and Maria and the hardship of life without clean water. That moved me to raise money for water. I decided to name the main character after my little sister, Sloane, because I love her so much and her names means ‘warrior.’ It took me about five months to write and illustrate ‘Water Works’ and I have had so much fun doing ‘Water Works’ presentations.” “Water Works” tells the story of a young American girl (based on Sawyer) and her goal to bring clean water to Africa. “In addition to saving lives in Africa, each book is touching the lives of children right here in our own community. It is a book about faith, strength, perseverance, hard work and hope. It’s my prayer that this book touches the hands of many kids that so

truly need a source of hope and inspiration. Every kid can make a difference,” Anderson said of Water Works. Creating the book was not always easy, especially at 10 years of age. Yet, Anderson says she welcomed the new challenge. “I’m always up for a challenge. I like to read, I like to write, and I like to draw, so working on it a little every day wasn’t hard at all. I do like to do a lot of dancing and handstands, too, so those were my ‘brain breaks’ when working on the book,” she said. Once “Water Works” was created and in its development stages, Anderson and her family worked alongside Wellspring For The World to provide clean water to those in Africa. Wellspring For The World is a Fargobased non-profit founded in 2005. Their mission is to provide safe drinking water to people around the world. 100 percent of public donations go directly to the building, maintaining and educating people about wells and sanitation. Sawyer’s father, Mark Anderson had done work with Wellspring For The World in the past and had even been in Africa to see the issue firsthand. With that prior familiarity, the Anderson family teamed up with Wellspring For The World and World Vision, a global non-profit, to assist those in Africa. “When the idea for ‘Water Works’ started, we shared the idea with them and they suggested a ‘co-venture cause agreement’. I had no idea what that was until they laid it out. I guess it took about 15 conference calls because they had never done this 41

with a minor, or for a book, or where all the proceeds go to water,” she said. “We sell a copy of ‘Water Works’ for $9.99. Wellspring for the World matches that. Then, World Vision triples that. So, the $10 (unless you want your penny back) becomes $60. That’s amazing because $50 provides clean water to one person for life. That’s how I came up with the inscription I put in every book. #1Book1Life - because every book saves a life through clean water.” Anderson writes that hashtag in every book she signs at events. She writes it because it is true, each copy of “Water Works” provides water for one person in Africa for life. That cannot truly be understood and Anderson’s impact on people she has never even met is immeasurable. All of this good work is being done by a 10-year-old. “Before working with Wellspring for the World, I had no idea that there were millions of children that live without safe, clean drinking water. As a kid, we just take it for granted that we can go to the tap or the fridge to get water whenever we’re thirsty,” Anderson said of Wellspring For The World. “We can fill a tub full of water for a bath every night. We can fill our swimming pools with clean water every day in the summer. Clean water changes everything and Wellspring for the World works hard to bring that awareness to us in the midwest. Even though we are miles away, we can help.” For those who wonder how Anderson does all this good at her age, she has a simple answer: time. In her mind, anyone, regardless of age, can donate their time to helping others. 42 | JANUARY 2020 | FARGOMONTHLY.COM

“When kids and adults alike see that a 10-year-old can raise thousands of dollars to build 36 clean water wells (to date); has spoken at 84 schools/churches/ businesses/non-profits since June, and has been named the youngest recipient to receive the F-M Raise Your Spirits Champion of Charity Award all while attending school, competitive dance, theatre, basketball, volleyball and church activities. I hope that they can believe that no matter how busy we all may be, we can always do something to help others.” Sawyer Anderson is saving lives with her book and the help of Wellspring For The World. With “Water Works,” people in need of clean water are getting that very thing. The work Sawyer Anderson is doing is changing our community and the entire world. Pretty impressive for a 10-year-old, don’t you think?

Wellspring For The World PO Box 9993 Fargo, ND 58106 wellspringfortheworld.org/ Purchase “Water Works” by Sawyer Anderson at waterworkssea.com.

4 Luv of Dog

By Nolan P. Schmidt Photos by Hillary Ehlen 44 | JANUARY 2020 | FARGOMONTHLY.COM



ana Holscher wanted to re-write a narrative that stretches long beyond the borders of North Dakota. After her and her husband Adam adopted their first dog from 4 Luv Of Dog in 2012, a pitbull named Maeby, she saw an unfortunate stigma about the breed. That, coupled with her love for animals, guided her back to 4 Luv Of Dog to foster pitbulls in need at the shelter. The goal? To provide human interaction to animals in need and in turn, change the negative opinion of the pitbull breed. “I have been an animal person since the day I was born. I remember my family was constantly taking in and caring for animals that wandered into our yard. I remember even biking around the neighborhood with my friends making sure there were no injured animals needing rescue,” Holscher says of her overall love for animals. “It comes down to the fact that I grew up with parents who taught me how to properly treat animals and that has really stuck with me into my adulthood.” It was that lifelong love that guided Dana and Adam to 4 Luv Of Dog in 2012, looking to adopt a dog of their own. The local animal shelter houses homeless pups and goes the extra mile to match their dogs with the right adoptive home. It was this smooth and careful adoption process that impressed Holscher. So much so, that Dana and Adam adopted another dog, Puddy, in 2013. “We had very positive experiences with our first two dogs that we adopted from them and I just loved the genuine care and concern they had for the homeless animal population in our area,” she said of 4 Luv Of Dog. “I was instantly drawn to them and their mission and wanted to help make a difference in any way I could.” It was these positive experiences that guided Holscher to give back to 4 Luv Of Dog. This came in the form of volunteering her time at the shelter. The more Dana volunteered, the more she fell in love with the dogs inside the shelter who were desperate for 46 | JANUARY 2020 | FARGOMONTHLY.COM

human love and attention. That is when the Holscher clan decided to begin fostering dogs in their home. “Those dogs tugged at my heartstrings because they didn’t have foster homes to go to so they spent day in and day out at the shelter. All these dogs were so grateful for the human interactions they received and just craved human affection. My heart ached every time my shift ended and it was time to put them back in their run. I wanted to do more for these dogs than visit them every once in a while during my building shifts,” she said. “I wanted to provide them a place to crash until they found their forever homes so I talked to my husband about fostering and after some time he agreed. We took in our first foster dog in January of 2015 and we’ve been hooked ever since.” Dana and Adam have also keyed on a specific breed of dog to foster. Both Maeby and Puddy are pitbulls and experiences with them in public led them to foster pitbulls at their home. “After adopting our first pitbull, Maeby, we saw just how badly these amazing dogs were discriminated against. She wasn’t allowed at certain doggy daycares because she was a pitbull, we had mothers pick up their children and run to the other side of the street when they saw us walking towards them on our walks. We’ve had people look at them and call them ‘killers’. Once when we used to take Maeby to play at the dog parks a lady slapped her in order to get her to stop playing with her dog because she didn’t like that Maeby was a pitbull,” Holscher said. “The list is seriously endless. After experiencing this first-hand we wanted to do as much as we could to shine the true positive light on these amazing beings and show them for who they really are: dogs. Amazing dogs.” It’s that gross stigmatization that led Holscher on a crusade of sorts. With the help of social media, she is aiming to show just

how amazing the pitbull breed is. She currently runs an Instagram account (@pitsandkitties) that showcases her dogs as well as the pitbulls they foster. The account has over 19,000 followers. “A good photograph goes a long way, especially when it comes to getting homeless animals exposure to potential adopters. Since social media can be such a very powerful tool, I wanted to be able to utilize a picture-based social media platform for good. Instagram also has such a unique feature of creating a small community feel on a large scale,” she said of creating the social media page. “This unique quality allows one to connect with likeminded, driven, amazing people that share the same passions and join forces to make a big change. In combining social media and quality pictures I was able to connect with an online community of animal-welfare activists. This amazing group of people grew in number which in turn grew the number of people engaging with the dogs I was posting about.” Holscher believes the social media page has positively impacted both 4 Luv Of Dog and the animal shelter community. “I have had numerous individuals approach me saying that in following my Instagram account they, too, have become inspired to do more for the animal welfare community. Many locally have begun volunteering with 4 Luv, and those who don’t live near Fargo have begun volunteering with rescues and shelters close to them,” she said. “Whether these individuals have started fostering, volunteering at events, helping to transport animals, etc.- it’s truly humbling to know that what started out as a single picture of my dog in August of 2012, has blossomed into something that is truly making a difference” Even to this day, Holscher speaks highly of 4 Luv Of Dog and continually advocates for people to donate their time to the shelter. On Giving Hearts Day, 4 Luv Of Dog is one of the many non-profits that you can donate to. “4 Luv of Dog is one of the bigger rescues in the area and they do so much for dogs in need. I have come across many situations where 4 Luv has not hesitated to help. They go above and beyond for each dog in rescue. Dogs have been able to undergo chemotherapy, get lifesaving surgeries, get much-needed dental and the list goes on,” she said.

fosters have gotten along with their dogs as well as their cats. “Fostering is free, there are endless resources for fosters if they need help with training, behavior, etc. It is honestly life-changing for you and the dogs you’re fostering. Foster homes just need to provide the love and structured home environment in order to set these dogs up for success while they wait to find their future forever families.” While Holscher is aware of the impact she has on the rescue and the animal rescue community in general, she will never accept any credit for the work she has done. In a rare moment, she spoke on what her work with 4 Luv Of Dog means to the community. “It’s a snowball effect. The more people following on Instagram means the more chances of a post getting recognition which in turn increases the chances of that post reaching the right person (I.E. If I post a picture of my foster dog and write about what type of forever home they’re looking for, there is a great chance that post will reach a potential adopter whom may fit their ‘perfect forever home’ criteria),” she said. “Social media can be good and bad, but I try and utilize the good that it can create, especially when that good is for animal welfare.” Social media has helped Dana Holscher break down a few barriers in the animal community. On the one hand, she has showcased that pitbulls are as gentle and loving as any breed of dog. She has also helped draw attention to 4 Luv Of Dog, who is always in need of fosters and volunteers. Whether she knows it or not, Dana Holscher is a giving heart and the number of dogs she has helped provide homes to is proof of that.

4 Luv Of Dog 3037 13th Ave S Fargo, ND 58103 4luvofdog.org Follow @pitsandkitties on Instagram to keep up with Dana and her dogs.

“They do their best to make sure dogs are as healthy as they can be before getting adopted. In order to do this, they depend on the financial support of the community which is why monetary donations are so important. The sad thing is that despite being a very large and influential rescue, we are stretched thin for fosters. We really can only take in as many dogs as we have fosters for and if there are no fosters it is next to impossible for a dog in need to be accepted into the rescue. By fostering, you are not only saving the life of the dog you’re fostering, but you’re also saving the life of the dog who gets to take their place in rescue. Fostering truly saves lives and being that there is never a lack of dogs needing rescue, there is always going to be a dog that will be a perfect fit for you to foster,” said Holscher, who says all of her 49

“Because of you, $17.4M has been raised to uplift 519 of our neighbors experiencing a medical crisis.”

“One of our clients with disabilities had a dream of being a coffee barista. Because donors help support our program, this dream came true for her. How do you thank someone for this life-changing opportunity? She stated it better than we can. She said, ‘Thank you for helping me live my BEST life.’” Productive Alternatives

Lend A Hand Up

“CCRI opens ALL eyes to different possibilities. Your generosity helps provide the people we serve a life filled with dignity, respect and choices. It’s only with you as our partner that we are able to do our work.” CCRI

“Simply put, ‘thank you’...we would not be here today without you. Although Red River Dance has been in operation in the FM community for over 50 years, the last few years have shown tremendous growth and it truly is all because of your hard work, dedication to the arts and passion. Truly, thank you.” Red River Dance & Performing Company


A Million

We asked Giving Hearts Day participating non-profits what words of thanks they would like to extend to past, present and future donors or volunteers. Here's what they had to say.

"THANK YOU for your amazing support of our efforts to improve our top-notch healthcare 'close to home.' Together we can reach our goals. Rural citizens deserve the same top-quality care as our urban counterparts. It could mean the difference between life and death." West River Health Services Foundation (Hettinger, ND)


"Our donors and volunteers are truly superheroes. They make our programs and services possible! Our tax site program and Nutritional Assistance Program for Seniors (NAPS) completely depend on volunteers. Our donors make our dreams come true by helping fund big ideas to meet our community's needs." Lakes & Prairies Community Action Partnership (CAPLP)

"Matthew 5:14 says 'You are the light of the world - like a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden.' I would like to thank our donors for being a light on the hill for the homeless in our community. Because of you our communities most at-risk individuals and families are being housed and stay housed."

"There are no words to appropriately thank our donors and supporters. Thanks to our donors who fund programs that encourage help-seeking and are providing resources on how to have a conversation about mental health. Our donors are helping to change the culture around mental health and are providing programs that are saving lives." American Federation for Suicide Prevention

"It's difficult to sufficiently put into words the gratitude that we have for those who have supported our program in the form of financial or furniture donations. We're fortunate enough to get to see the smile on the face of a veteran who has worked hard to achieve his goals and move into his new home. All donors, from those who have donated $25 to $15,000, or a coffee maker to an entire apartment of furniture, have made a direct impact in the life of veterans in our program, and we can't thank them enough." Centre, Inc

"Proverbs 19:17 (NIV): 'Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the LORD, and he will reward them for what they have done.' I have had the privilege of teaching and spreading the Gospel and teaching men and women a skill and providing the means to do that skill only because of the generosity of those that donate financially and that hold us in their prayers. [...] With your partnership, I am allowed to share the life-saving message of the Holy Scripture, teach others about the Gospel, and free families from poverty...all because of your faithful giving to the Lord through MCM. Micah Cornerstone Ministries, Inc.

Presentation Partners in Housing

"To all those that have, or currently, give of their time, treasures and talents to YWCA we are eternally grateful. The impact you make on the lives of women and children is beyond measure, and we truly could not do it without the incredible support of this community." YWCA Cass Class

“Your support has brought so much joy! It has given our employees belonging and hope; a place to be proud of what they can accomplish, learn and grow.� Farm in the Dell of the Red River Valley

"Wow! What a huge year it has been — and you have been a vital part of it! In 2019 we moved into our new building, brought on four new counselors, opened a new location in Fergus Falls and in one month we had 108 people find a place at Valley for the first time." Valley Christen Counseling Center


beyond the bank

While monetary donations are always encouraged and welcomed, we asked area non-profits to share some non-monetary needs they might have. You never know, your time or talents might make you the perfect person to provide them what they need!

“We are one of the few non-profit organizations that are able to accept unused airline miles. Individuals can donate their Delta, United, Southwest, American Airlines or jetBlue miles to Make-A-Wish and they never expire for us. We are then able to use them to get families to their wish destination and it helps to defer the cost of the wish.” Make-A-Wish North Dakota

“Besides one part-time employee, we are a 100% volunteer-based nonprofit. It is truly the time and talents of our community members, ‘Joymakers,’ as we call them at Hope Blooms, that continue to help our mission bloom. We are always in need of Joymakers to come into our shop to help arrange flowers, clean jars, deliver bouquets and other tasks that come up on a weekly basis. We also humbly request floral donations whenever community members might have an event that yields a large number of fresh florals. We lastly have a need for mason jars, which we use to create our arrangements in.” Hope Blooms


“We continue to always need talent! People interested in being considered for the chorus specifically. We seek diversity in our ensemble - that includes all ages, ethnicities and genders. It is our goal to have our chorus reflect our community as best we can.” FM Opera

“You have guests coming to stay at your house, what do you do? You make sure every bedroom and bathroom are stocked with toilet paper, Kleenex, a fresh garbage bag and a full roll of paper towels. Now imagine you have 65 or more house-guests every night. At YWCA, the women and children that stay with us are our guests, and we provide them with all of these essentials. But with our shelter at - or above - its capacity of 65 women and children every night, these supplies go quickly and are continually in high demand.” YWCA Cass Clay

"Women who quilt have been such a blessing to us. Also donating gently used home items, small or large home appliances, furniture, etc. We also could use volunteers or interns who have a heart for Criminal Justice but also are proficient in digital media. We also are always looking for home managers (residents who live in the home and help us manage that house)." Redemption Road Ministries

“We often help youth navigate furnishing their new apartments as they move into adulthood. Donations of bed frames, tables, chairs and other furniture to complete their first homes can inspire hope and excitement within these young adults who may otherwise be feeling stressed, scared and lonely. We also partner with local businesses and organizations to provide educational sessions for youth to learn real-life skills such as budgeting, credit scores, education on human trafficking, social skills and healthy relationships.”

“We want more than anything to get the word out and help community members learn more about the amazing work we’re doing. This is a unique program providing a dedicated, long-term caring adult to youth that often live in a world of challenges and uncertainty. The impacts to the youth and community will have ripple effects across families and generations! Because we’re making a 12+ year commitment to the youth we serve, we also need the community support to ensure we can fulfill that promise.” Friends of the Children

“We would like to have a mentorship program for our participants. We have so many that our staff is not enough to mentor every single participant.” F5 Project


“We always need more teachers and helpers for Good News Club. There are lots of kids in our area that need people to love and support them. Our goal is to have a Good News Club at every elementary school in Fargo, West Fargo and Moorhead. There are schools where we have kids that want to come to club, but we don’t have a teacher or helper, so we can’t offer the club.” Child Evangelism Fellowship

“Help with new technology! In this new building, we could use a volunteer who has some know-how to help with the projector, speakers and smart tv that is being used in our classroom and group therapy room.” Valley Christian Counseling Center

“Since we don’t drive, our greatest challenge by far is transportation. Public transportation is great but tends to be very time-consuming, limits on where it goes, and the hours when it’s available are restricted. Many of our members would like to be more active and participate in recreational activities such as running/jogging, tandem bike riding and other sports that can be accessed by people who have little or no functional eyesight. Lack of transportation to participate in activities, such as these, seriously limits our participation in such events.” North Dakota Association of the Blind

"We need people to help advocate for us by spreading the word of what we do, people to serve on various committees, people to help with vegetable deliveries, people to help in farmer's markets and people to join us by volunteering in the garden." Farm in the Dell


"Each tax season we host a Volunteer Income Tax Site (VITA) which helps lowincome families complete their taxes free of charge. We are always in need of volunteers - no experience needed, all training provided! We are especially in need of volunteers this time of year to help with our tax site. If you have a knack for numbers (or want to learn) we'd love your help!" Lakes & Prairies Community Action (CAPLP)

"Most people do not realize that our organization also manufactures and produces our own line of products, such as a line of ice fishing products and a top of the line rain gauge. We would love to find a volunteer to help us look for ways to sell our products so we can raise more money to help support the mission."

“In addition to monetary gifts and inkind items, which are always a need, we are always looking for additional people to open their hearts and homes as fosters for animals in need.” Homeward Animal Shelter

Productive Alternatives

“Adult male mentors for our Big Brothers Big Sisters program.” The Village Family Service Center

"The people we support live on an incredibly tight budget. We have a Life Enrichment Program that offers all kinds of free activities for people. Volunteers are always needed to help lead projects and provide materials. Volunteers have made tie blankets, cards and helped with cooking classes — endless opportunities." CCRI

"Volunteer time: we operate a very large warehouse and we always have supplies to sort, equipment to clean, data entry and more!" HERO

“[A] way to help is to tell others about the Alzheimer’s Association. Over 14,000 people in North Dakota have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, that’s every 1 in 10 people in the state! But there are even more individuals caring for them, over 30,000 to be exact. That’s a lot of people that could be benefiting our services. Chances are everyone knows someone that has been diagnosed or is caring for someone that has been, let them know that the Alzheimer’s Association is here for them. If they need support, we are here to help.” Alzheimer’s Association Minnesota-North Dakota Chapter


$5 To Farm In The Dell pays for an adaptive garden tool for their special needs employees.


$10 A month to Village Family Service Center could pay for materials used in early childhood therapy.

$15 $25

To PATH of North Dakota pays for a college application fee for a child in foster care.

To HOPE Inc. helps pay for an hour of hockey ice time for one mobility challenged person.

What Gives?

To K9 Crew buys one day of dog treats needed for training so that at-risk children can learn independence and life-skills from the act of training dogs.


To American Federation for Suicide Prevention- North Dakota Chapter provides a Lifesavers guide to a classroom of students.


To Friends of the Children covers the costs of activities and outings for a child for an entire month.


To Productive Alternatives helps a person with disabilities get a ride to and from work for a week.

To Zach’s Foundation buys 10 travel pillows to give to kids to take to cancer treatments.



To YWCA provides the first night of hope and safety at the shelter for a woman or her child.


To the Optometric Foundation of North Dakota ensures that one North Dakota four to five-year-old in need would receive a free comprehensive eye exam.


To Homeward Animal Shelter provides the wellness exam for one animal.

Find out how your donated dollars can directly impact those in our area



To Valley Christian Counseling Center covers the costs needed to provide a place for a teen to find hope through counseling.

$100 To CHARISM allows a child to go to one week of CHARISM programming’s STEAM clubs.

To Down Home provides a twin mattress for a child of a family transitioning out of homelessness.


To Hope Blooms creates 50 repurposed bouquets that will bring joy to community members.


To Presentation Partners in Housing (PPiH) pays a utility bill to keep the electricity and heat on for those transitioning out of homelessness.


To Lakes and Prairies Community Action Partnership (CAPLP) outfits a newly employed welder, manufacturer or certified nursing assistant for their new job.

To North Dakota Association of the Blind pays for a week at their Adult Summer Camp, which is their primary educational program.

trauma counseling to one child.


To Dakota Children’s Advocacy Center provides evidence-based

To Centre Inc.’s Veteran Programming pays for an air conditioning unit upgrade for one apartment in Veteran’s Manor.

To Redemption Road Ministries provides a month’s rent to a new resident starting an addiction-free life.

$440 $500

for three patients in treatment.

$200 $350 To the American Cancer Society provides wigs

On February 13th, be counted as a

Giving Heart

You can learn more about these charities at GivingHeartsDay.org


Giving Hearts Day is the largest 24-hour giving event in the region. This year, count yourself in as one of the thousands of people who support hundreds of nonprofits in our community.

How to Get Involved Give online at GivingHeartsDay.org Write a check out to your chosen charity dated February 13, 2020. Give the Gift of Giving - Encourage others to give by gifting them a Giving Hearts Day gift card. Giving Hearts Day Gift Cards are available in any amount of $10 or more. Note that your gift will be matched up to the amount of match funds raised by each charity You can donate to as many charities as your giving heart desires! In 2018, the average donor gave to 2.3 charities. Become a Charity Champion - Text CountMe to the number 345345 or email GHDInfo@dakmed.org to get started. 63

More Ways To Give For the lucky 13th anniversary of Giving Hearts Day, there are some reminders of special happenings this year!

This year, donors will be able to pre-schedule their gift(s)! All you have to do is visit GivingHeartsDay.org anytime between now and February 12 and be sure to select the “Schedule This Gift” option during checkout. By doing this, the gift will be processed on Giving Hearts Day and will count towards the day’s grand totals and matching initiatives. Returning this year are the Giving Hearts Day gift cards. These gift cards can be purchased in any amount of $10 and up. Gift cards are available online at GivingHeartsDay.org with options for electronic, mail or inperson pick-up. By giving someone a gift card, the recipient can make a donation to their charity of choice on Giving Hearts Day. Gifting a gift card is a great way to encourage giving to those who might not have participated in Giving Hearts Day before! With projected record participation, Giving Hearts Day 2020 is sure to be a historic one. Thirty schools will be participating in giving and over 180 businesses are slated to help guide their employees to realize the joys and benefits of giving. With new ways of getting individuals, companies and schools involved, it will be exciting to see just how this day will make a huge impact on our community.

the Givinghearts day Round-Up

With more than 500 charitable organizations participating in Giving Hearts Day, we know that you’ll come across an organization that tugs at your heartstrings. However, that’s a lot to pick from! We’ve narrowed down the list to showcase the organizations involved in Giving Hearts Day that operate in or nearby Cass and Clay counties. If anything, this list will go to show just how many non-profits and charitable organizations there are in our region. That in and of itself is something to celebrate. We hope that you’ll use this list as a starting point for researching and determining what organization you want to give to this February 13.

CHI Health at Home - HOSPICE Child Evangelism Fellowship of Fargo/Moorhead Christian Adoption Services Churches United, including Dorothy Day House of Hospitality & Food Pantry and Micah’s Mission Community of Care Concordia College Creative Plains Foundation Cullen Children’s Foundation Cultural Diversity Resources Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch Dakota Medical Foundation Diamond in the Ruff Pet Rescue

4 Luv of Dog Rescue 4-H Foundation Of North Dakota Adapt Music, Inc. African Soul, American Heart Alzheimer’s Association American Cancer Society American Diabetes Association - Camp Sioux American Foundation for Suicide Prevention North Dakota Chapter - AFSP American Gold Gymnastics American Red Cross Amistad Worldwide Anne Carlsen Center Arthritis Foundation of North Dakota Assistive (formerly known as IPAT) Audubon Dakota Bethany Retirement Living BIO Girls Birthright of Fargo-Moorhead Boy Scouts of America, Northern Lights Council Boys & Girls Club of the Red River Valley CAPLP Lakes & Prairies Community Action Partnership Cass County Historical Society - Bonanzaville Catholic Charities North Dakota Cats Cradle Shelter, Inc. CCRI, Inc. Central Cass Dollars for Scholars Centre, Inc. - Veteran Programming (Project HART & Veterans Manor) CHARISM CHI Friendship

DMF - 3 BOYS Fund DMF - Al and Sharon Carlson Family Fund DMF - All Children Embraced (ACE) Endowment Fund DMF - Ben’s Helping Hand Fund DMF - Benton’s Hope Fund DMF - Brady Oberg Legacy Foundation Fund DMF - Casselton Community Medical Foundation Fund DMF - Charitable Champions Fund DMF - Christine Butler Mullen Endowment Fund for Children DMF - Cullen Children’s Foundation Endowment Fund DMF - Doug and Sally Larsen Family Fund DMF - Doug Anderson Family Fund DMF - Doug Burgum Family Fund DMF - Dr. David and Janice Glatt Family Fund DMF - Dr. Fadel and Heidi Nammour Family Fund DMF - Dr. Kevin and Jean Melicher Family Endowment Fund DMF - Dr. Kevin and Jean Melicher Family Fund DMF - Dr. Lance and Ruth Bergstrom Family Fund DMF - Dr. Walter and Renee Johnson Family Fund DMF - Drs. Hope Yongsmith and Christian Albano Family Fund DMF - E and S Fund DMF - First Care Health Center Endowment Fund DMF - G.R.O.M.: Giving Real Opportunities to the Mobility-challenged Endowment Fund DMF - Garrity Axness Family Fund DMF - Garrity Family Fund DMF - God’s Work Endowment Fund DMF - Goldmark Fund DMF - Harlynn’s Heart Fund


DMF - Hauge Memorial Fund

DMF - Robert and JoAnn Vollrath Family Fund

DMF - Haugen-Thorne Family Endowment Fund

DMF - Robert G. Rogers, MD Scholarship Endowment

DMF - Healthy Living Bike Fund


DMF - Heat Transfer Warehouse Healthy Community

DMF - Robert M. Arusell and Janelle C. Sanda Fund


DMF - Rod & Diane Jordahl Community Benefit Fund

DMF - Henrik’s Heroes

DMF - Rust Sales, Inc. Charitable Endowment Fund

DMF - Impact Institute Fund

DMF - Shine On Fund

DMF - Jeromy Brown Family Fund

DMF - Sinner Bresnahan Healthy Kids Initiative Fund

DMF - Jim Holdman Impact Institute Fund

DMF - Soul Solutions Recovery Center Fund

DMF - John and Rosemary Tucker Charitable Gifts Fund

DMF - Sr. Mary Louise Jundt OSF Legacy Fund

DMF - Justin’s Break the Silence Fund

DMF - Strive Fund

DMF - Katherine Kilbourne Burgum Fund

DMF - Susan Mathison MD / Catalyst Cares Fund

DMF - Kevin and Courtney Ritterman Family Fund

DMF - Swanson Health Products Healthy Community

DMF - Kid’s Health Fund


DMF - Larry and Julie Leitner Family Fund

DMF - Whitney Endowment Fund

DMF - Lenertz Family Health Fund

DMF - Youthworks Endowment Fund

DMF - Live Like Rach Fund

Down Home

DMF - M. Donald Larsen Family Fund

Eastern North Dakota Synod, ELCA

DMF - Mack V. Traynor, MD Endowment Fund

Elim Rehab and Care Center Fargo

DMF - Mark E. and Trish Paulson Family Fund

Emergency Food Pantry

DMF - Marv Bossart Foundation for Parkinson’s Support

Emerging Prairie

Endowment Fund

Essentia Health Fargo Foundation

DMF - Marv Bossart Foundation for Parkinson’s Support

Eventide Foundation


F-M Coalition to End Homelessness

DMF - Matto Foundation

F-M Haiti Medical Mission

DMF - Mental Health Endowment Fund

F5 Project

DMF - Michael and Charleen Solberg Family Fund

Family HealthCare

DMF - Mike & Peggy Bullinger Family Endowment Fund

Family Wellness

DMF - Mike and Patty Evans Family Fund

Fargo Air Museum

DMF - Mission Physician Fund

Fargo Angels Youth Hockey

DMF - Norberg Family Fund

Fargo Invaders

DMF - North Dakota Academy of Family Physicians

Fargo Marathon Shoes for Kids

Foundation Endowment Fund

Fargo Moorhead Community Theatre (FMCT)

DMF - North Dakota Dental Foundation - Endowment

Fargo Public Schools Foundation- Critical Needs & Got


No Milk

DMF - Novak Family Fund

Fargo Youth Hockey Association

DMF - Optometric Foundation of ND Endowment Fund

Fargo-Moorhead Ballet

DMF - Pam Solseng Ovarian Cancer Endowment Fund

Fargo-Moorhead Dorothy Day House of Hospitality

DMF - Paul Finstad Legacy Endowment Fund

Fargo-Moorhead Opera

DMF - Phil and Dianna Hansen Family Fund

Fargo-Moorhead Symphony Orchestra

DMF - Recovery Reinvented Fund

Farm in the Dell of the Red River Valley

DMF - Rick and Tracy Berg Family Fund

Farm Rescue

DMF - Rob & Leanne Jordahl Family Giving Fund

Feed My Starving Children - FM Christian MobilePack

DMF - Rob and Leanne Jordahl Family Endowment





FM Raise Your Spirits

Impact - Red River Market Fund

Fraser, Ltd.

Impact - Rodger Johnson Fund

Freedom Resource Center for Independent Living, Inc.

Impact - Sandhills Archery Club Fund

Friends of the Children Fargo-Moorhead

Impact - Sinner Bresnahan Healthy Kids Initiative Fund

GiGi’s Playhouse Fargo Down Syndrome Achievement

Impact - Spirit of Fargo Fund


Impact - Strategic Philanthropy Fund

Girl Scouts - Dakota Horizons

Impact - Support Our Veterans (SOV) Fund

Gladys Ray Shelter & Veterans Drop-In Center

Impact - Task Force on Higher Education Governance

Grace Lutheran School


Great Plains Food Bank

Impact - Task Force on Veterans Affairs

Guardian Angels Incorporated

Impact - The Next Step ND

Haley’s Hope

Impact - Women’s Impact Fund

Handi-Wheels Transportation

Impact Institute

Heart of Clay (formerly Clay County Jail Ministry)

Jail Chaplains (Peace Officer/Jail Chaplains Association)

HEART Program

Jeremiah Program Fargo Moorhead


Jessy’s Toy Box

HERO, Healthcare Equipment Recycling Organization

Junior Achievement

Historical and Cultural Society of Clay County

K9 Crew

Homeward Animal Shelter


Hope Blooms

Kicks Band of Fargo Moorhead

HOPE, Inc.

Lake Agassiz Concert Band

Hopeful Heart Project

Lake Agassiz Habitat for Humanity

Hospice of the Red River Valley

Legacy Children’s Foundation


Lend A Hand Up

Immigrant Development Center’s International Market

Lend A Hand Up for Kids



Impact - altures Endowment Fund

Lost and Found Recovery Center

Impact - AUF - Dakota Business Lending Fund

Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota

Impact - Badges of Unity Fund - Fargo Police

M State Foundation and Alumni


Make-A-Wish North Dakota

Impact - Cando Connection Fund

Master Chorale of Fargo Moorhead

Impact - Cando Library Foundation Fund

Mayville State University Foundation

Impact - Charles and Carol Iten Family Endowment

Memory Cafe of the Red River Valley


Micah Cornerstone Ministries, Inc

Impact - Clubs Fore Kids Fund

Mind Shift

Impact - David and Mary E. Gibb Youth Golf Fund

Minn-Kota PAAWS

Impact - Excite Music Fund

Minnesota State University Moorhead (MSUM)

Impact - Fill The Dome Fund


Impact - Financial Literacy Initiative Fund

Moorhead Legacy Education Foundation

Impact - Furniture Mission of the Red River Valley

Moorhead Police Athletics and Activities League

Impact - Innovative Education Fund

Moorhead Youth Hockey Association

Impact - Katherine Kilbourne Burgum Community Fund

NDSU Bison Strides Equine Assisted Activities and

Impact - Par 4 Junior Golf Fund

Therapies Program

Impact - Phil & Dianna Hansen Community Benefit Fund

NDSU Foundation

Impact - POWER Fund


New American Consortium for Wellness and

Salvation Army Fargo-Moorhead


Sanford Roger Maris Cancer Center

New Life Center

Scottish Rite Children’s Language Disorder Center -

North Dakota Association of the Blind


North Dakota Autism Center, Inc.


North Dakota Center for Nursing


North Dakota Dental Foundation

She Overcomes

North Dakota Farm Bureau Foundation

Southeast Senior Services

North Dakota Head Start Association

St Paul’s Newman Center

North Dakota Open Foundation Initiative

St. John Christian Preschool

North Dakota State College of Science Foundation

St. John Paul II Catholic Schools

North Dakota State University School of Nursing

St. Joseph’s School - Moorhead

Northern Plains Sustainable Agriculture Society

Stand to Protect: End Child Sexual Abuse

Oak Grove Lutheran School

Tech Team Wrestling Club

Optometric Foundation of North Dakota

The ALS Association MN/ND/SD Chapter

Outdoor Adventure Foundation

The Arc of Cass County

Park Christian School

The Gifted Learning Project


The Great North Pole

Pathways Inc.

The Little Red Reading Bus - West Fargo

Peoples Rising Academy

The Longspur Prairie Fund

Philanthropy and Youth (PaY) Impact Fund

The Lotus Center, Inc.

Plains Art Museum

The Perry Center Maternity Home

Prairie Public Broadcasting

The Village Family Service Center including Big Brothers

Pray for Gray

Big Sisters & First Step Recovery

Prescription Assistance Program

Theatre B

Presentation Partners in Housing (PPiH)

TNT Kid’s Fitness & Gymnastics

Rape and Abuse Crisis Center

Trollwood Performing Arts School

REACH- Rural Enrichment and Counseling



University of North Dakota School of Medicine and

Rebuilding Together Fargo-Moorhead Area

Health Sciences

Red River Children’s Advocacy Center


Red River Dance & Performing Company

Valley Christian Counseling Center

Red River Human Services Foundation

Valley Senior Services - Meals On Wheels

Red River Valley Community Action

Veterans Honor Flight of ND/MN

Red River Valley Dental Access Project

Vocational Training Center

Red River Valley Fair Foundation

Wellspring for the World

Red River Valley Veterans Concert Band

West Fargo Educational Foundation

Red River Youth for Christ

West Fargo Hockey Association

Red River Zoo

Women’s Care Center (formerly known as FirstChoice

Redemption Road Ministries



YMCA of Cass and Clay Counties

River Keepers

Young Life Fargo Moorhead

Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Red River



YWCA Cass Clay

Rural Cass County Emergency Food Pantry

Zach’s Foundation



Unseen has grown tremendously, partially thanks to the impactful connections they’ve made with businesses in the community. See how these local businesses have benefitted from supporting an organization like Unseen.


argo-based organization Unseen has made waves, working locally to make impacts globally. Founded in 2011, Unseen’s mission is to fight against human trafficking on a global scale. Looking at the scope of their work, the size of the organization or the national press they’ve received, one might assume that the organization was based out of a much more populated city. However, Unseen’s team and it’s CEO and cofounder Than Baardson have established a name for themselves with their feet on the ground here in Fargo...but not without the help of its community. Part of Unseen’s global success story is thanks to the charitable heart of the Fargo community. Unseen has used its connection with local businesses to further magnify their impact. We had Baardson speak with some of Unseen’s donors to highlight how and why businesses team up with nonprofits. What we’ve uncovered is that when a company finds a non-profit to support, it not only helps the nonprofit but the business, too. 72 | JANUARY 2020 | FARGOMONTHLY.COM

While the topic of human trafficking can feel overwhelmingly dark

clean water, food, medical care, legal services, and counseling.

at times, light emerges from anti-trafficking work that you may

And because folks around here care deeply for others, thousands

not know about—to the tune of 3.3 million people in 35 countries

of people who were displaced in other countries due to calamities

impacted last year by Unseen’s portfolio of partners. That’s worthy

and ethnic persecution were advocated for in courts and in

of celebration!

legislatures. We’re ever grateful for the support of many incredible people here in Fargo-Moorhead and beyond.

That level of impact wouldn’t have happened without huge support for Unseen from Fargo-Moorhead area residents and businesses.

As Unseen moves into the 20s, we’re forging an exciting path to a

This community has rallied with Unseen in an unstoppable way

better world where more exploiters are stopped, more vulnerable

to accelerate the fight against trafficking. Because of tremendous

people have livelihoods, and more trafficking survivors pursue lives

local support, many vulnerable people were rescued from

of freedom and impact. Thank you for walking with Unseen as we

forced sexual exploitation and forced labor. Because of so many

make it happen!

generous people, many trafficked people received restorative and rehabilitation services, orphan care, education, job creation, and

-Than Baardson, CEO and Cofounder of Unseen

vocational training. Because of your outpouring of compassion, scores of people at risk of being trafficked were beneficiaries of 73

“It is the duty of 1% of the population to help the other 99% of the population in need, and just like in business, you have to find the best way to accomplish this,” said Andrew Abernathey, founder and CEO of Abernathey Holding Co. According to Abernathey, his mission is to not only grow his business as a for-profit but also to help fund Unseen, his non-profit of choice, as much as possible. Abernathey notes that since his company has begun being involved in charitable giving, his employees have looked at Abernathy Holdings in a different light and have seen it as a company that is not only driven to profit but to use that success to give back.

Many companies choose their charitable giving based on causes that resonate with them. Amity Technology is no different, with their president and CEO Howard Dahl saying, “Jesus said, ‘What you do to the least of these you do to me.’ This really captures the essence of Unseen. The least of these in most cultures are ignored and in essence ‘unseen.’ I know no better place to get involved in both justice and mercy than in the work of Unseen.” Through companies like this, we have seen that when you truly connect with a cause, it makes your impact that much bigger.

Kyle Reedstrom of Midwest Invest Realty Group and his wife Hayleigh had the vision to created On-Purpose Properties, an impact-driven rental property company. In executing this vision, the couple was inspired by Unseen’s work and knew it matched with what they wanted to accomplish. “Unseen aligns with our family values. We feel that the money we give is multiplied and can change many lives! Unseen works with partners all over the world and our dollars can reach much farther because of Unseen,” said Hayleigh. “Hayleigh and I work hard but we try to remember WHY each day...This makes the work we do seem like it’s turning a bigger crank. The growth we’ve seen at Unseen since we started supporting has been MASSIVE and we keep motivated knowing we can continue to help!” added Kyle.


“We aren’t obligated to give — rather, we have an opportunity to do so. Aligning a deep purpose with our profession brings greater meaning to everything we do. We are serving a greater purpose with every minute of our days,” said Erik Hatch, owner of Hatch Realty and Hatch Coaching. Hatch has seen the impact that charitable giving has had on his employees, saying, “Those that choose to get more involved seem to work for a greater purpose. There is an intention in their work. There is love in their hearts. And they understand that their work truly matters.” When you know that your hard work can contribute to helping others, it changes how you view your day-to-day work-life. Many agents at Hatch Realty have been inspired to donate portions of their commissions to Unseen and other charitable organizations. Having created a unique blueprint for giving, workers are not only inspired to give but are provided an easy way to do so.

“[The work I do is] more fulfilling because an hour spent on my business can generate so much more than if I went and volunteered for an hour in something I wasn’t skilled at,” said PRx Performance CEO and cofounder Brian Brasch. “You’re using your time most efficiently. I can do the most good by doing what I’m best at, and giving to Unseen. Everybody’s time has a value, and your time is best spent at work. Your passion and expertise can drive the greatest revenue, and through giving to Unseen, drive global impact and change lives.” Brasch got connected with Unseen when he and Baardson were both teaching young entrepreneurs how to start their own businesses. “Here we were, two people with the same passion; one is for profit, one is nonprofit. If they’re both successful, it’s the job of the for-profit to give,” said Brasch. “It changes how we work. We’re not working a 9-to-5, we’re working to help kids around the world every single day. When you know you’re working to help families around the world, it gives all of it much more meaning.

“Unseen’s mission – to accelerate the fight against human trafficking and its root causes – aligns so well with Bell’s core values and how we want to make the world a better place,” said Julie Peterson Klein, EVP/chief culture officer at Bell Bank, who also serves on the board of directors for Unseen. “Our work with Unseen is a partnership with people who are trying to make the world a better place. For us at Bell, supporting nonprofit organizations like unseen is an obligation and a commitment that comes from our core values – family, service and paying it forward to help make the community an even better place,” said Klein.




Feeling cold this month? Do not fret, we have the warm and hearty soups to try around town this winter!


french onion au gratin

A perfectly balanced french onion soup broth with tender, caramelized onions. Rosey’s tops the soup with a bread topper and Swiss cheese. You can feel the comfort in each bite.

Rosey's bistro

Hillary Ehlen

212 Broadway N, Fargo roseysonbroadway.com



Italian vegetable soup with shells

A homemade red wine vegetable broth builds the base for this flavorful soup. The veggies within the soup are beans, carrots, tomatoes, squash, spinach, zucchini and celery. Toss is some pasta shells for texture and you have a solid, hearty vegetarian soup. Tru Blu

915 19th Ave E, West Fargo trubluwestfargo.com



A delightful twist on a Midwestern classic. This knoephla relies on the sweet potato rather than your more traditional potato. What this offers is a touch of sweetness and a more balanced overall flavor profile. 46 North pints & provisions

635 2nd Ave N, Fargo 46northpintsandprovisions.com



Chili IN A


Fresh-made chili is poured into a handcrafted bread bowl and topped with all the trimmings: sour cream, cheese, ham bits and cilantro. There are few combinations as perfect as this. VIP ROOM

624 Main Ave #1, Fargo fargo-vip-room.com


lobster and

Shrimp bisque

A beautiful, creamy soup made with a garlic cream bisque broth. Accompanying that is fresh Maine lobster and shrimp. For an extra kick, Toscana tosses in a dash of cognac too. toscana

202 Broadway N, Fargo toscanadowntown.com 78 | JANUARY 2020 | FARGOMONTHLY.COM



love holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas and Independence Day. But I was born in February, so all of my childhood birthday cakes were heart-shaped and lush with pink frosting and red roses. Valentine's Day has always had a special place in my heart. I find it interesting that the heart is where we experience the consciousness of our feelings. This time of year has taken a new meaning and feeling for me as Giving Hearts Day season. Flowers and chocolate are nice, but donate to a worthy cause and I'm smitten. My son Grant was born the first year of Giving Hearts Day, and he has grown up with this tradition. He attended that very first GHD a sleepy infant in his car seat, and last year graced the cover of this magazine at age 11. He was up at 6 a.m. to be interviewed on TV and served as an unofficial GHD ambassador for his school. He felt empowered by giving back. It turns out that giving is very, very good in many ways. Here are some ways you can give that are also good for your own health.

By Dr. Sue Mathison, Catalyst Medical Center and Clinical Spa Founder Photo by Hillary Ehlen

Being a Giving Heart is Good For the Heart 1. Give gifts. The law of reciprocity works in business as well as love. The little mint or chocolate truffle gifted with the restaurant bill helps to entice a better tip. The free sample creates more sales, like free bacon for life at ButcherBox.com. The free trial of Netflix gets you hooked. Romantic flowers may lead to extra hugs and kisses.

5. Give blood. Benefits are not just the juice box, snack and sticker from the bloodmobile. Giving blood helps others and it may help you. Health benefits of donating blood include reduced risk of cancer and hemochromatosis. It helps in reducing the risk of damage to liver and pancreas. Donating blood may help in improving cardiovascular health and reducing obesity, too.

2. Give hugs. A real 20-second heart-to-heart hug can lower your blood pressure and heart rate, improve your immunity, decrease stress and boost your selfconfidence. It is recommended that you need to give and get at least four per day.

6. Give time. Fred Rogers said, "When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, 'Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.'" All around us, people are helping... bringing brownies to grieving families and hotdish to those recovering from surgery. Organizations like FirstLink are great to help you find volunteer opportunities.

3. Give kisses. Kissing triggers your brain to release a hormonal cocktail that leaves you feeling good by igniting the pleasure centers of the brain. These chemicals include oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin, which can make you feel euphoric and encourage feelings of affection and bonding. It also lowers your cortisol (stress hormone) levels. Oxytocin is linked to pair bonding, and when released during a kiss, causes feelings of affection and attachment. Kissing your significant other for at least 6 seconds twice a day can improve relationship satisfaction and increase your odds for the long run. 4. Give laughter. Many studies report that humor can be healing. Laughter releases all kinds of feel-good hormones.


Science says people who gave social support to others had lower blood pressure than people who didn’t. Supportive interaction with others also helped people recover from coronary-related events. They also found that people who gave their time to help others through community and organizational involvement had greater self-esteem, less depression and lower stress levels than those who didn’t. 7. Give talent. Sing in the choir. Be the treasurer for your PTA. Dance with the wallflower. Tell jokes in the elevator. Serve with United Way's Day of Caring or BackPack Drive. As for me, I get asked a lot of medical questions everywhere

Dr. Sue Mathison is the founder of Catalyst Medical Center and Clinical Spa. She is a Stanford educated, triple-board certified physician who has received numerous accolades for leadership and Top Doctor for her clinical skills. Dedicated to the community, she is involved in the Dakota Medical Foundation, TedXFargo, The Choice Financial Board and more!

I go... At the store, in the restroom, at parties. I think of it as being of service and getting people headed in the right direction, and I feel really good that I have lots of information stuffed in my brain. 8. Give treasure. Release possessions that don't bring you joy and give them away or donate them. Your trash is someone else's treasure. If it really is trash, find some way to recycle it. Giving treasure of the monetary kind reaps benefits far beyond your tax return. You can experience a "giver's high" because charitable giving can feel pleasurable in the deepest parts of your physiology. You'll feel happier and be healthier while you impact and safeguard your community. Many say that in giving, they receive so much more. Science backs this in so many ways. Reach out and give in whatever way suits you. Pat Traynor of Dakota Medical Foundation says that we live in the most generous region in the world. So find a few charities to love this Giving Hearts Day, February 13, but keep giving from your heart all year long.


Winter Warriors By Ty Filley, Public Information Coordinator for the City of Fargo Photo by Hillary Ehlen


here are very few things in life that dictate how we humans go about our days as much as snow. The stress-inducing powder forces many habitual alarm snoozers to forego their morning ritual and swap their soft blanket for a snow blower. Snow also has the ability to bring complete strangers together in a common goal. If you ever lose faith in the existence of “North Dakota Nice™” all you have to do to believe again is get your car stuck in a snowdrift. Within minutes, a seemingly endless stream of assistants will offer their car pushing expertise, whether you want it or not. But most of all, snow has the power to test our mettle as a community. We brave the cold, blizzards can’t stop us and Fargo’s residents can walk on ice with the grace of winter Olympians. A shining example of this winter-proof determination is The City’s snow plow


operators. They exist as commuters’ and residents’ 24-hour safety blanket. The crews work round the clock after snow falls to clear roads for other drivers. They scrape the fresh powder from all 2,100 lane miles in Fargo. If you are not familiar with the term lane miles, the term is used to measure the total length and lane count of a given highway or road. For example, if a stretch of road is a mile long, but has 4 lanes, it contains four lane miles. A plow can cover one lane per sweep, making the feat of clearing Fargo’s roads a pretty momentous task. For context, if all of those lane miles were laid in a row, it would almost reach to Anchorage, Alaska. Of course, clearing the snow is only part of the job. It has to be removed after it has been pushed aside. This in itself is another monumental task. In 2019, City crews filled and hauled off tens

of thousands of truckloads of snow. Much of this work in the non-residential sections of Fargo must be done under the cover of darkness, to keep from disrupting daily life. This hauled snow is brought to a colossal pile near the Fargo Landfill. This temporary “Mount Fargo” can reach heights of nearly 100 feet tall, and contains so much snow and ice it will not entirely melt until the warmer months of the year, sometimes surviving well into June.

guide an elephant through an alley, while avoiding hazards.

Accomplishing these tasks takes some serious planning and innovation. The Fargo Public Works Department recognizes people still need to drive to work, buses need to bring thousands of students to school and first responders can’t take a day off, despite snowfall. Clearing residential streets is already a tall order, especially when you consider cars parked on the street, mailboxes and other things to avoid. Imagine trying to

Some cities equip their snow plows with devices known as “snow gates.” The attachments are utilized in coordination with the regular plow to keep pushed snow from ending up at the end of residential driveways. That snow, if pushed to the end of a driveway, can harden and become rigid. The City is looking into implementation of snow gates through a feasibility study in 2020. This would be the first step in acquiring

To accomplish this, the Fargo fleet’s plow trucks employ vehicle mounted lasers, which can see right through large snow drifts and help drivers quickly get through congested lanes while cleaning up the roadways. Those lasers are just one example of how the City has embraced technology, but it’s always looking for ways to improve service.

and applying snow gates to the City’s fleet. The City of Fargo is committed to continual improvement and innovation. The next time flakes fly and snow piles up, remember Team Fargo has your back. Whether the snow falls at three in the afternoon or three in the morning, dozens of snow plow operators will be clearing streets round the clock until the job is done. The City’s services must be fitting for the can-do lifestyle of its residents. As long as people call Fargo home, snow may have the power to change our days, but it will never be able to stop us. Until that changes, our operators will be ready, no matter how frightening the forecast may be.



Sandwich Club Design Co. T

o kick off the new year we wanted to meet up with Brett Lysne of Sandwich Club Design Co.! This past year we’ve been catching his work illustrating areas from the Fargo food scene and are obsessed — and can’t wait to see what’s next! INTERVIEW BY Ashley Morken, Unglued


Tell us a bit about yourself: After growing up nearby in Crookston, Minn. then going to college and grad school for drawing and printmaking, I came back to the Red River Valley and worked for a number of years in the local food co-op scene. I’ve partaken in artist residency programs from NDSU to Vermont to rural Finland, and my most recent exhibit was a solo show of drawings a couple of months ago at the Spirit Room. A year ago, I decided to open a separate business, Sandwich Club Design Co., to flex my commercial design and illustration skills. Additionally, this fall I began working as an assistant professor in the School of Art at MSUM. Aside from all the art and design in my life, I love summertime bike rides, yoga, crossword puzzles and geeking out about food. Describe what you make under Sandwich Club? Sandwich Club is an illustration and design business. While food illustration is a mainstay in my new business, I enjoy taking on all sorts of graphic design

requests: logos and branding for new businesses, laying out posters and signage and product label design. I’ve partnered with Wild Terra Cider & Brewing for a number of projects, including many of their cider labels, as well as their mural. The Foods of Fargo postcard series, which features sketches from restaurants across town, has been a hit and I plan to keep the series going. Custom postcards, such as ones for the Red River Market and for Little Free Garden, have been fun collaborative projects. Where is the name from? When I started my graphic design venture, I gave myself some portfolio homework: make up a few fictitious businesses and create logos and illustrations for them. One of those pretend shops was a deli called Sandwich Club, and after drawing up a handful of sandwiches, pickles and soup cups for this project, I realized it would be great branding for my actual business. It’s a fresh and unexpected play on words, and this sets the tone for the kind of work I want to be doing.

What is your favorite thing about doing Sandwich Club? Getting to work with small businesses led by sincere people. It’s especially fun to hear someone’s excitement over a completed design project for their start-up business. What is the most challenging thing? Trying to read people’s minds! I am definitely getting better at asking more thorough questions at the beginning of design collaboration. What is your favorite art medium to work with? Good old-fashioned pencil-on-paper drawing is my jam. Since I studied printmaking for a number of years, I also really enjoy traditional print media, such as etching, screenprinting and lithography. These processes are perhaps too involved

for quick design gigs, but it’s fun to find ways to digitally mimic those aesthetic qualities. For all of the postcards I’ve made for Sandwich Club, I’ve used a black colored pencil, then digitally added the layers of color. I love the clean but crumbly line quality of a colored pencil. Do you have another category of food you are looking forward to illustrating you can share? For the Foods of Fargo series, folks have made many suggestions for what to feature next. Pizza and beer are at the top of the list. Sounds good to me! How do you stay inspired to create? In addition to doodling all the time, I keep creative friends, and I mean creative in a broad sense. Spend time with musicians, cooks, dancers, poets, misfits, science nerds and anyone who gets projects off the ground.



What advice would you have given yourself ten years ago? To spend a lot less time fussing over what I would be doing ten years in the future. Where can people find your work? Sandwich Club postcards are available at Unglued, Zandbroz, Goin’ Postal downtown and the Fargo–Moorhead Visitors Center. Unglued also sells larger prints. You can find all of the above, plus stickers and other swag, on the Sandwich Club website. For those wishing to stay up to date with projects large and small, follow the Sandwich Club page on Instagram (@ sandwichclubdesign). And if you’re curious about my own creative work unrelated to graphic design, please check out my art account (@brett.lysne). What is your favorite sandwich? All I’ve been thinking about lately is Sol Ave. Kitchen’s curry chickpea toast.

@brett.lysne 85


By Alexandre Cyusa Photo By Hillary Ehlen


Folkways Esteemed Readers: Happy New Year! This new decade is full of promises for our region but before projecting ourselves in this new horizon let us reflect on memorable moments that made this region special. In July 2015, when I started working for Folkways with Joe Burgum and Simone Wai, I could not imagine the impact it would have on my community lens. Folkways allowed me to reimagine my sense of belonging in any new community I call home and foremost it boosted my sense of agency when shaping the culture of a region with pride and passion. 2020 marks the fifth anniversary since Folkways started officially as a social venture. However, Simone and Joe have been impacting the region for over a decade just Folkways allowed people


to have a reference. Otherwise, their devotion to making the Red River Valley the best place on earth to live predates Folkways’ existence. When people ask me why I chose to stay in Fargo after graduating from Concordia College: I simply answer because Folkways gave me the opportunity to make an impact in the Red River Valley by trusting me, empowering me and giving me the tools to become the best community liaison I could be. Therefore I raise a cup of fresh northern prairie snow to Folkways’ team and the world-class memorable events they have curated and I look forward to many more to come that will put Fargo on the global map again and again! Skol! Alexandre Cyusa

(L to R) Joe Burgum, Simone Wai and Steve French

What is Folkways?

Over the last five years, Folkways has designed programming and events with the intention of creating vibrant places and a greater sense of belonging among community members. Outcomes of their work include increased quality of life for all residents and a boost to our local economy through their creation of marketplaces for small business owners and artisans. Their programming has been instrumental in facilitating culture creation in our region, which has led to the attraction and retention of visitors and neighbors. Folkways has been called a social enterprise and a community collective, but they like to think of themselves as a Chamber of Culture.

Folkways’ Signature Events

In the summer and fall, thousands of community members gather to shop with local farmers, makers and artists at the Red River Market, our region’s largest farmers’ market. In addition to over 60 vendors every Saturday, visitors enjoy three live performances and a cooking demonstration, along with various activities for kids. The market venue is also home to Night Bazaar, a live music and performance event that’s like a circusmeets-block party. You may have visited their most recent event, Christkindlmarkt, at Drekker Brewing Company. Christkindlmarkt transports visitors into

a European-inspired winter wonderland that celebrates the warmth of the holiday season.

2019 Highlights

Many find it difficult to embrace change, but in 2019 Folkways welcomed it with open arms. This year, they moved three of their largest events to new locations. They said goodbye to Broadway Garage, the former home of their pop-up plaza venue on Broadway and 4th Avenue N, and built out a new space at 63 5th Street N, across from Forum Communications’ headquarters in Downtown Fargo. They painted murals, built a stage, installed turf and plants and arranged seating and the community responded by making it their best season at the Red River Market and Night Bazaar to date. Also, Christkindlmarkt moved to Drekker Brewing Company’s gorgeous historic building on 1st Avenue N, where they built a Christmas village inspired by traditional German holiday markets. This year, community members attended 86 live performances by local musicians, dancers and entertainers, and supported 103 locally-owned businesses through Folkways’ events.

Vision For The Next Five Years

The first five years have been an incredible journey of experimentation and implementation, and with that same inquisitive energy, their team has big dreams for the next five years. Currently, they are developing an immersive experience to reframe the way that our community engages with and speaks about winter, snow and darkness. In 2021, they will bring the Red River Market to its new home at the nowdeveloping Block 9 Plaza in Downtown Fargo. Having a home with a permanent plaza it will allow them to provide even more free family programming during the event. Over the next five years, they’re inspired to increase participation in the Canoe Parade, a water pageant on the Red River. They plan to host more canoe and kayak decoration workshops and commission more artists to create floats that will attract visitors from across the region.

How You Can Join In The Fun

Folkways creates experiences that can be enjoyed by adults and youth alike. Upholding a “participatory spirit” as one of their values, Folkways wants you to engage in the community with a childlike curiosity. For example, at Night Bazaar you have a chance to become a part of the story of the evening as it unfolds. When you arrive, you have the choice to observe and consume, or step in and take part. Those who engage with artists, pick up a hula hoop or have their fortune told will leave with a richer, more memorable experience than those who simply walked through. Folkways’ events are anchored in a mission that’s focused on creating shared experiences and community connections. Toward this end, they set up 140 chairs and 60 tables at all of their events, so you can make new friends, or catch up with old ones. According to their visitor surveys, 85% of event attendees recognize someone whom they know but did not plan on seeing.

Join Folkways in 2020:

• February Winter Market: February 8th, 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. at Moorhead Center Mall • Red River Market 2020 Season: July 11th - October 31st • Christkindlmarkt: November 19 22nd • Night Bazaar and Canoe Parade: Dates to be Announced

What can the community do to help?

Folkways events are truly built by the community. Each spring, volunteers come together to paint and stain furniture and plant donated flowers to bring venues to life. Countless volunteers continue through the summer and fall to greet visitors and work at information booths. To join their volunteer list, send them an email at info@ folkways.co. Additionally, as a fiscally hosted project of Impact Foundation, Red River Market participates in Giving Hearts Day on February 13th. Donations fund free community programming, including live music and cultural performances; free kids and family activities; educational

experiences and cooking demonstrations. Donations also fund the SNAP/EBT Double Bucks program that matches purchases made by those using food assistance. Consider donating to Red River Market on February 13th.

Folkways Timeline June 2013 - First Alley Fair event, organized by a group of volunteers including Joe Burgum and Simone Wai of Folkways. Alley Fair came to life in two additional events that took place in September 2013 and September 2014. February 2015 - Joe Burgum, Simone Wai and Dane Johnson create Folkways. April 2015 - Folkways begins hosting house concerts to support up-andcoming local musicians with all-ages events. Twenty house concerts were held over three years, inviting approximately 800 attendees to intimate musical performances. July 2015 - Red River Market opens for its first season, organized by a group of volunteers with Folkways’ support. The first season hosted a dozen vendors on 2nd Avenue and Broadway. November 2015 - Folkways opens The Waffle Room, a two-day waffle pop-up shop. December 2015 - The first Christkindlmarkt event takes place at Twenty Below Coffee Co. with 1,000 attendees over two days. January 2016 - Log the Mobile Sauna launches at Frostival, hosting 40 guests in a mobile wood-fired barrel sauna. January 2016 - Folkways launches CO.STARTERS, a small business development course. Folkways hosted CO.STARTERS classes until June of 2018, serving over 100 participants. The course is now operated by NDSU’s entrepreneurship hub, The Nice Center. (Applications for cohorts in 2020 now open at: www. costartersnd.com) July 2016 - Red River Market moves to Broadway Garage. September 2017- The first Canoe Parade embarked, a pageant of decorated canoes and kayaks on the Red River. November 2017 - Christkindlmarkt moves to the Stone Building. June 2018 - Folkways hosts the first Night Bazaar, a live music and performance event. There have since been seven Night Bazaars. January 2019 - Red River Market becomes a fiscally hosted project of Impact Foundation. July 2019 - Red River Market is now home to 60 weekly vendors, welcoming 8,000 visitors each Saturday. December 2019 - Christkindlmarkt moves to Drekker Brewing Company and sees 13,000 visitors over four days.








Friday, January 17 at 5 p.m.

F5 is creating the blueprint for success in other areas of our country but currently is serving active and former inmates of Cass County, ND. Their Opportunity Ball is a night of celebrating these successes, including speakers, testimony, silent auctions, raffle drawings and dinner. f5project.org Avalon Events Center 2525 9th Ave S

Pixeled 2: Electric Boogaloo

Saturday, January 18 from 5 p.m. to midnight


Saturday, January 18 at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. and Sunday, January 19 at noon and 4 p.m. Andrew Maus, Director and CEO, and the Board of Directors at Plains Art Museum invite you to the Winter Party! Experience a Paella Party featuring local chefs from: Maxwells, VIP Restaurant & Catering, Urban Foods Catering, Chef’s Table Catering and Blackbird Woodfire; Surreal dessert presentations; Flamenco music by Michael Hauser; A Guided Dalí exhibition tour (7:30 PM); and a Cash Bar! Come celebrate a fun and vibrant night of art. plainsart.org Plains Art Museum 704 1st Ave N, Fargo

Join Pixeled on Saturday, January 18th for Pixeled 2: Electric Boogaloo and to help celebrate year 2 of Pixeled Brewing Company! A lot has changed in a year, they’ve leveled up their games and added eight delicious beers on tap to satisfy customers’ unquenchable thirst! This will be a night to get out of the house and groove into 2020 with your favorite arcade games from the 80’s and beyond. Pixeled Brewing Co. 1100 NP Avenue #101

Celebration of Women and Their Music 2020 Saturday, January 18th at 6:30 p.m.

The Celebration of Women and their Music concert features regional women performing a variety of musical genres from popular to classical. This not-for-profit event recognizes the artistic passion in women and creates opportunities for emerging and established artists. Performances include acts by Hot Lunch, Jessie Veeder Scofield, Viotti String Quartet and much more. debjenkins.com Spirit Room 111 Broadway N





PAW Patrol Live! “Race to the Rescue”

Saturday, January 18 at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. and Sunday, January 19 at noon and 4 p.m.

Come roll with the PAW Patrol as everybody’s favorite heroic pups race to the rescue on the day of the Great Adventure Bay Race. When Mayor Goodway goes missing, Chase, Marshall, Skye and the rest of the PAW Patrol will need to team up with Ryder to save Adventure Bay’s mayor and stop Foggy Bottom’s Mayor Humdinger from winning the race. The show includes two acts and an intermission, and engages audiences with Bunraku puppetry, an innovative costuming approach that brings the PAW Patrol characters to life on stage with their vehicles and pup packs. The performance features up-tempo music and a cleverly written script that is a wonderful introduction to live theater for kids. fargodome.com Fargodome 1800 N University Dr

Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration Monday, January 20 at 6:30 p.m.

The Fargo Human Relations Commission is once again celebrating the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Please join for a night of reflection and celebration. This is a free event with entertainment. We will also be recognizing local folks doing great community work. All are welcome. The Fargo Theatre 314 Broadway N

Murder Mystery Dinner at Tru Blu

Tuesday, January 21 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Join us for our Murder Mystery Dinner. The Murder Mystery Company will put on a show while you enjoy a 3-course meal served by Tru Blu. $70 per person includes your meal, tax & gratuity. Attend the Billionaires’ Club Annual Masquerade Ball and help get this soiree back on track by trading clues with your guests, gathering information, and solving the crime before the masked menace gets away! Evening wear, ball gowns, Venetian masks, suits, and tuxes are what to wear to this high-class night of masks and murder. Get ready for a glamorous evening of mystery, intrigue, and murder.holiday show! murdermysteryco.com Tru Blu Restaurant & Event Space 915 19th Ave E, West Fargo

2020 ANNUAL WOMEN CONNECT CELEBRATION FEATURING MARISSA ORR Tuesday, January 21 from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Join The Chamber and Women Connect in celebrating its sixth anniversary at this special event! Delivering this year’s keynote message is Marissa Orr, author of the Amazon best-seller “Lean Out: The Truth About Women, Power and the Workplace.” Marissa Orr is a former Google and Facebook executive, bestselling author and leadership speaker. In Lean Out, Orr offers a compelling answer to the question few dare to ask: What have we’ve gotten wrong about women at work? Every attendee gets a FREE copy of her book! fmwfchamber.com Delta Hotels by Marriott Fargo 1635 42nd Street SW

Local History: Slough Apes & Hairy Men Tuesday, January 21 at 6 p.m.

Since the late-1960s, several “Hairy Man” and ‘Slough Ape” sightings have been reported on the eastern edges of the Red River Valley. These reports of large, hairy hominoids are most frequently clustered around the Vergas Trails near Maplewood State Park but they also stretch northward toward Crookston and Remer, Minnesota, into Canada. Join HCSCC researcher Davin Wait at the Hjemkomst Center on Tuesday, January 21, for a look at these sightings and learn how they fit into the broader folklore of Bigfoot, Sasquatch, and the Yeti. hcscconline.org Hjemkomst Center 202 1st Ave N, Moorhead

Urban Overture with saxophonist Russ Peterson and vocalist Lindsay Ammann Wednesday, January 22 at 5:30 p.m.


Friday, January 24 at 8 p.m. “1964” focuses on the quintessential moment in history, when The Beatles actually played before a LIVE audience. The Beatles toured the world in the early 1960’s, but now only a precious few remain who actually saw them LIVE. Who actually felt the “mania” that brought them to world acclaim. “1964” meticulously re-creates the “MAGIC” of those LIVE Beatles’ performances with artful precision and unerring accuracy. A must-see for all Beatles fans! jadepresents.com Fargo Theatre 314 Broadway Fargo

Join us at Urban Overture! — a group for individuals in their 20s & 30s looking to network, learn more about the FargoMoorhead Symphony or simply have a fun, free evening out! Grab your friends or come solo and enjoy free appetizers, a wine tasting provided by Bernie’s Wines and Liquors and a short live performance/chat with Music Director Christopher Zimmerman, saxophonist Russ Peterson and vocalist Lindsay Ammann. Attendees will also receive an exclusive discount code for the upcoming Fargo-Moorhead Symphony Masterworks concerts on January 25 & 26 — Cold Weather, HOT Music - FM Symphony fmsymphony.org Prairie Rose Room -Radisson Hotel Fargo 201 Fifth Street North

The Human Family Presents The Seven Thursday, January 23 at 6 p.m.

Join The Human Family in experiencing The Seven, an interactive human rights experience. Independently created events empower individuals to discuss and learn about what it means to organize, advocate for and influence positive change in their community. These events include interdisciplinary conversations, performances and research as a call to action. The Seven aims to advance a condition where participants recognize a change they can make of their world. human-family.org Memorial Union Gallery 1401 Administration Ave

New Moon Gathering

Friday, January 24 at 7 p.m.

The new moon is the beginning of the lunar cycle. It signifies a fresh start, the opportunity and the beginning of new goals and projects. It is a great time to set intentions and begin working on things we may have put off or have been waiting for the perfect chance to start. Together we will celebrate the new moon while we connect with each other and ourselves. This is a women’s only class designed to allow us time to recharge and take time with each new moon for ourselves. We will have a guided meditation and time to reflect, so please dress comfortably and bring a notebook and something to write with. Thi event is hosted by JoLynn Lentz and Downtown Yoga Fargo. downtownyogafargo.com Downtown Yoga Fargo 216 Broadway, Suite 204

Boat & Marine Products Show

Friday, January 24 through Sunday, January 26

North Dakota’s largest Boat Show is back at FARGODOME! See the latest in fishing boats, pontoons, wakeboard boats, personal watercraft and more! All at Boat Show pricing! See the latest in electronics and take in great fishing and fishing electronic seminars daily. Visit www.fargoboatshow.com for daily schedules. fargodome.com FARGODOME 1800 University Dr N


Saturday, January 25 at 8 p.m. At the time in his career where a lot of musicians burn out, Mason has new energy and drive. “I’m just happy to have found true love and to be healing from that dark time. I was struggling to find hope and it found me. Music just burst out of me this year. It’s always been a lifeline but this is the most open I’ve felt,” he said. To see Jennings in this exciting time in his career, be sure to come to this show! jadepresents.com Sanctuary Events Center 670 4th Ave N.

Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival - Best of the Fest Tour Saturday, January 25 at 7 p.m.

The Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival Best of the Festival Tour provides communities around the world with an awardwinning and critically acclaimed selection of films; featuring adventure, mountain culture, and mountain sport. Driven by a passion for film, culture, and the outdoors, the VIMFF Society seeks to advance appreciation of films and filmmaking while inspiring, informing, and educating the public in these areas. natureofthenorth.co The Fargo Theatre 314 Broadway N

Frostival: Uniquely Fargo: Winter Warriors Saturday, January 25 from noon to 4 p.m.

ANTIQUES ROADSHOW WATCH PARTY Monday, January 27 at 6:30 p.m.

Join us for a premiere party in Bonanzaville’s Main Museum for the first of Antiques Roadshow’s Bonanzaville episodes! This 60-minute episode, the first of three taped at Bonanzaville in June 2019, will feature Antique Roadshow’s most valuable find of the season. Light refreshments will be served. Free and open to the public. RSVP required at the following link: prairiepublic.org/roadshow Bonanzaville - Cass County Historical Society 1351 Main Ave W, West Fargo

Grab your squad to face off for the title of Ultimate Winter Warrior! Join us at Edgewood Public Golf Course on Saturday, January 25 from 12:00-4:00 pm. Teams will compete against one another in epic battles of one-of-a-kind winter activities: Sweep your teammates to victory with Human Curling, the latest snowy sport craze straight from the French Alps; Test your arm with Yukigassen, our take on the crazy Japanese snowball fighting competition; Show off your snowy speed with the Snowshoe Challenge; and Boast your strength in the Tug-of-Winter. frostival.com Edgewood Golf Course 19 Golf Course Ave N

FM Symphony presents Cold Weather, HOT Music Saturday, January 25 and Sunday, January 26

Don’t let the cold weather get you down — let the sounds of these spicy tunes from Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, and Spain transport you to a warmer place! The FargoMoorhead Symphony will be presenting this Masterworks Concert Series on Saturday, January 25 at 7:30 p.m. and again on Sunday, January 26 at 2 p.m. fmsymphony.org NDSU Festival Concert Hall 12th Ave, Fargo

Veterans Honor Flight Hotdish Cook-Off Sunday, January 26 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Come join in on January 26 at the Moorhead American Legion Post 21 for the inaugural Hotdish Contest. Everyone is invited to enter their favorite hotdish, and they are hoping to have many as we in the midwest are known for our hotdish! Registration begins at 11 a.m., judging will be at 2:30 p.m. and awards will be presented at 3:30 p.m. After “celebrity judges” judge the dishes, hotdishes will be available to the public for sampling. During the day there will also be a bake sale and a silent auction. All proceeds go to the Veterans Honor Flight of ND/MN. veteranshonorflightofndmn.org Moorhead American Legion 303 30th St N, Moorhead

Ralph’s Corner Bar: A History Harvest Tuesday, January 28 at 5 p.m.

Did you spend time on the “Corner That Rocked”? Do you have memories, photos, t-shirts, posters, etc, from Ralph’s Corner Bar? We want to talk! Come by Rustica Eatery and Tavern on January 28 for a Ralph’s Corner Bar history harvest. What’s a history harvest? A rapid-fire research event. We bring scanners, cameras and audio recorders; you bring stories, photos and artifacts; together we compile the stories of a Moorhead icon for a future Hjemkomst Center exhibition (and Rustica’s throwing in free appetizers!). hcscconline.org Rustica Tavern 315 Main Ave, Moorhead

1 Million Thanks 2020

Thursday, January 30 at 6:30 p.m.

Join Emerging Prairie and other members of the community at 1 Million Thanks to kick-off 2020! 1 Million Thanks is an evening program dedicated to celebrating the incredible things that entrepreneurs do in our community. It’s a time to connect with old (and new!) friends, reflect on the amazing progress our community has seen over the past year, and get a glimpse into 2020. There will be delicious appetizers, their signature champagne toast and music. Dress it up a little, and get ready to pop some champagne. All are welcome! emergingprairie.com Fargo Air Museum 1609 19th Ave N


Wednesday, January 29 at 8 p.m. The five world-class illusionists that make up this mind-bending theatrical production are back on tour in 2020, following sell-out shows across the globe, rave reviews and a run in London’s West End. Don’t miss this incredible show to entertain the entire family. With more than 30 million online views between them, this cast of top magicians includes international award-winners presenting incredible mind reading, stunning close-up magic and daring large-scale illusions. jadepresents.com Fargo Theatre 314 Broadway

Jay and Silent Bob Reboot Roadshow Thursday, January 30 at 7 p.m.

Kevin Smith comes to our town to show his latest and greatest motion picture, the starstudded Jay and Silent Bob Reboot. Followed by a Q&A! The New Jersey stoner icons who first hit the screen 25 years ago in CLERKS are back! When Jay and Silent Bob discover that Hollywood is rebooting an old movie based on them, the clueless duo embark on another cross-country mission to stop it all over again. Fargo Theatre 314 Broadway

Strong Women, Strong Coffee - Gratitude is Our Strength Friday, January 31 from 8 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.

Grab your squad to face off for the title of Coffee in one hand, confidence in the other. Join as we find ways to support and empower one another, learning from women in leadership roles, offering to get personal. Hosted quarterly, Strong Women, Strong Coffee welcomes women, wherever you’re at, and helps build character and strength, so you can present the best versions of yourselves.


Friday, January 31 at 7 p.m. and Saturday, February 1 at 3 p.m. This. Is. Monster Jam! The most action-packed motorsports experience for families in the world today returns to Fargo for another high-octane weekend featuring the ultimate mix of high-flying action and four-wheel excitement with the Monster Jam Triple Threat Series®, featuring six different racing, freestyle and skill competitions on three different Monster Jam vehicles at FARGODOME on Friday, January 31 and Saturday, February 1. Featuring eight skilled Monster Jam® athletes, Fargo fans will witness a fierce battle for the championship with each Triple Threat Series competitor tearing up the dirt in customized high-powered vehicles: Monster Jam Speedsters, Monster Jam ATVs and of course, the iconic Monster Jam trucks. fargodome.com FARGODOME 1800 University Dr N

ndwbc.com Dakota Medical Foundation 4141 28th Ave S

Frostival: Winter Mixer at Harold’s Friday, January 31 at 4 p.m.

To celebrate Frostival, come on over to Harold’s on Main in Moorhead! A mix of different events for family and friends such as smores & bonfire, outdoor games, music, children crafts project thanks to The Healing Arts Revolution, eats from Usher’s House, Triple Ax until 9 pm and the tasty cocktails and $3 Hamms. frostival.com Harold’s On Main 1330 Main Ave, Moorhead

Hilton Garden Inn First Annual Winter Formal Saturday, February 1 from 7 p.m. to midnight

Join us on February 1st for our first annual Winter Formal! Complete with fancy hor d’oeuvres, a DJ, dance, photo booth, cash bar, and more! Feel free to come casual or use this event for a time to dress up! Ticket are $25 per guest and includes admission, fresh food and a complimentary drink. Search “Hilton Garden Inn First Annual Winter Formal” on Facebook Hilton Garden Inn Fargo 4351 17th Ave S




JANUARY 15TH - 19TH WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 15 Blaq Hoodie and Cold Front - The Aquarium THURSDAY, JANUARY 16 Russ Peterson and the 42nd St. Jazz Band - Delta By Marriott Jacked Up - The Windbreak Useful Jenkins - The Aquarium Celebration Of Women’s Music w/ Pat Lenertz Band - Hotel Donaldson FRIDAY, JANUARY 17 Uptown Live - Alibi Lounge

Face For Radio - Shotgun Sally’s Juice Box - The Windbreak Cropdusters - Lucky’s 13 Richard Freeman - Spirit’s Lounge Asking For A Friend - Speck’s Deja Blues - Rick’s Tripwire - TAK Music Venue Witchden and Green Altar - The Aquarium Boys Of Summer - Dempsey’s Celebration Of Women’s Music w/ Peggy Bartanek Band - Hotel Donaldson Ditching Delmer - Pickled Parrot

Guys And Dahls - Lucky’s 13 Richard Freeman - Spirit’s Lounge Deja Blues - Rick’s Maurice John Vaughn Blues Band with The Blue Wailers - TAK Music Venue Celebration Of Women And Their Music After Party - The Aquarium The Stovepipes - Dempsey’s Ditching Delmer - Pickled Parrot SUNDAY, JANUARY 19 Open Mic w/ Jam Band - The Windbreak

SATURDAY, JANUARY 18 Dirty Word - Shotgun Sally’s 32 Below - The Windbreak


on s er d n A n h Jo

Fri, Jan 17 | 8PM





WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 22 SFO: A Tribute To Journey - TAK Music Venue Sub:Culture - The Aquarium

THURSDAY, JANUARY 30 House Band - Shotgun Sally’s Slamabama - The Windbreak Red Eye Ruby - Hotel Donaldson

THURSDAY, JANUARY 23 Kathie Brekke and the 42nd St. Jazz Band - Delta By Marriott House Band - Shotgun Sally’s Johnny Cochran - The Windbreak Matt Schatza Trio - Hotel Donaldson

FRIDAY, JANUARY 31 TBA - Alibi Lounge Kathie Brekke and the 42nd St. Jazz Band - Delta By Marriott Juice Box - Shotgun Sally’s Johnny Holm Band - The Windbreak Jim White - Lucky’s 13 Jano & Murph - Spirit’s Lounge Last Resort - Speck’s Rick Adams - Legends Sports Bar High Hopes And Wildview - The Aquarium The Blue Wailers - Dempsey’s The Brave - Pickled Parrot

FRIDAY, JANUARY 24 Blue English - Alibi Lounge October Road - Shotgun Sally’s Johnny Cochran - The Windbreak Brothers Bertrand - Lucky’s 13 Terry Mackner - Spirit’s Lounge Twice As Hard - Speck’s Poitin - Dempsey’s Face For Radio - Pickled Parrot “1964” The Tribute - Fargo Theatre SATURDAY, JANUARY 25 October Road - Shotgun Sally’s FM All-Stars - The Windbreak John & Murph - Lucky’s 13 Terry Mackner - Spirit’s Lounge Michael Pink - Legends Sports Bar The Motion Mosaic and Agony Reigns - The Aquarium The Vistas w/ Kari Marie Trio Dempsey’s Face For Radio - Pickled Parrot Mason Jennings - Sanctuary Events Center

1340 21st Ave S, Fargo


226 Broadway N, 2nd Floor, Fargo


1405 Prairie Pkwy, West Fargo


3147 Bluestem Dr, West Fargo


226 Broadway N, Fargo



3803 13th Ave. S, Fargo

THE HODO LOUNGE 101 Broadway N, Fargo


1608 Main Ave, Moorhead

JUNKYARD BREWING COMPANY 1416 1st Ave. N, Moorhead


4301 17th Ave. S, Fargo

THE PICKLED PARROT 505 3rd Ave N, Fargo



2721 Main Ave, Fargo

SHOTGUN SALLY’S 1515 42nd St. S, Fargo


2611 Main Ave, Fargo


1710 Center Ave W, Dilworth


1635 42nd St SW, Fargo, ND


202 Broadway N, Fargo

s e m a J y s l l e m d on h Tom & The S MAHNOMEN PRESENTS :

Fri, Jan 31 | 8PM










7 p.m. Fort Noks Bar of Gold

7 p.m. Bar Nine

7 p.m. Bomb Shelter

325 10th St. N, Fargo

7 p.m. D'Woods Lounge (at the Ramada)

6 p.m. Dempsey’s

803 Belsly Blvd., Moorhead

Herd and Horns

52 Broadway N, Fargo

1405 Prairie Parkway, West Fargo

Front Street Taproom 614 Main Ave., Fargo

7:30 p.m. The Alibi Lounge

1340 21st Ave. S, Fargo

O'Leary's Pub

Drumconrath Brewing Co

Prairie Brothers Brewing Co.

Fargo Brewing Company

Red Hen Taphouse

Flatland Brewery

808 30th Ave S, Moorhead 4474 23rd Ave. S, Fargo

1710 Center Ave. E, Dilworth

Blvd Pub

315 2nd St SE, Glyndon

Sidestreet Grille & Pub

3147 Bluestem Dr, West Fargo

8:30 p.m. Rhombus Guys Pizza 606 Main Ave., Fargo

610 University Drive N, Fargo

3140 Bluestem Drive #105, West Fargo

701 Main Ave. E, West Fargo

404 4th Ave. N, Fargo

349 Knutson St, Mapleton

Work Zone

8 p.m. Three Lyons Pub

675 13th Ave. E, West Fargo

Dave’s Southside Tap

7:30 p.m. Fargo Billiards and Gastropub

3234 43rd St. S, Fargo

8 p.m. Fargo Brewing Ale House 4445 17th Ave. S, Fargo

Vic's Lounge

420 Center Ave, Moorhead

3333 13th Ave S, Fargo

1414 12th Avenue North, Fargo

7:30 p.m. Rosey’s Bistro

212 Broadway N, Fargo

The Hill Bar & Grill Pub West

3140 Bluestem Dr, West Fargo

The Silver Dollar Bar & The Flying Pig Grill

8 p.m. Three Lyons Pub

226 Broadway N, Fargo

7:30 p.m. Vic’s Lounge

420 Center Ave., Moorhead

8 p.m. The Bowler

2630 University Drive S, Fargo

675 13th Ave. E, West Fargo

221 Sheyenne St., West Fargo

VFW: Downtown Fargo 202 Broadway N, Fargo

8 p.m. Boston's Pizza

1640 13th Ave E, West Fargo

JC Chumley’s

1608 Main Ave., Moorhead

Pepper’s Sports Cafe

2510 University Drive S, Fargo

9 p.m. Labby’s Grill & Bar

1100 19th Ave. N, Fargo











46 North Pints & Provisions 635 2nd Ave N, Fargo

4-6 p.m.: Tall beers for a short price, $2 off wine by the glass. 9 p.m.-Close: 1/2 priced all Gins, 1/2 priced all Vodkas, $2 off menu cocktails.

4-6 p.m.: Tall beers for a short price, $2 off wine by the glass. 9 p.m.-Close: 1/2 priced all Gins, 1/2 priced all Vodkas, $2 off menu cocktails.

4-6 p.m.: Tall beers for a short price, $2 off wine by the glass. 9 p.m.-Close: 1/2 priced all Gins, 1/2 priced all Vodkas, $2 off menu cocktails.

4-6 p.m.: Tall beers for a short price, $2 off wine by the glass. 9 p.m.-Close: 1/2 priced all Gins, 1/2 priced all Vodkas, $2 off menu cocktails.

4-6 p.m.: Tall beers for a short price, $2 off wine by the glass. 9 p.m.-Close: 1/2 priced all Gins, 1/2 priced all Vodkas, $2 off menu cocktails.

9 p.m.-Close: 1/2 priced all Gins, 1/2 priced all Vodkas, $2 off menu cocktails.

$5 Bloody Mary’s & Mimosas

Alibi Lounge and Casino 1340 21st Ave S, Fargo

$2.50 wells/calls/ domestic bottles $3 22oz domestic and $3 Jack Fire. $3 22oz Select Craft Beers

$2.50 wells/calls/ domestic bottles $3 22oz domestic and $3 Jack Fire. $3 22oz Select Craft Beers

$2.50 wells/calls/ domestic bottles $3 22oz domestic and $3 Jack Fire. $3 22oz Select Craft Beers

$2.50 wells/calls/ domestic bottles $3 22oz domestic and $3 Jack Fire. $3 22oz Select Craft Beers

$2.50 wells/calls/ domestic bottles $3 22oz domestic and $3 Jack Fire. $3 22oz Select Craft Beers

$2.50 wells/calls/ domestic bottles $3 22oz domestic and $3 Jack Fire. $3 22oz Select Craft Beers

$2.50 wells/calls/domestic bottles $3 22oz domestic and $3 Jack Fire. $3 22oz Select Craft Beers

$3.75 Jack Daniel's, Happy Hour 4-8pm: 50¢ off everything

$3.25 import & craft bottles, Happy Hour 4-8pm: 50¢ off everything

Happy Hour 4-8pm: 50¢ off everything

$2.75 Windsor, Happy Hour 4-8pm: 50¢ off everything

$2.95 Captain Morgan, Happy Hour 4-8pm: 50¢ off everything

$3.50 Crown Royal/ Crown Apple, $2.95 Bloody Marys and Caesars until noon

$3.25 Stoli, Happy Hour 4-8pm: 50¢ off everything

4-6 p.m. and 10 p.m.Midnight: 50% off all drinks & apps.

4-6 p.m. and 10 p.m.Midnight: 50% off all drinks & apps.

4-6 p.m. and 10 p.m.Midnight: 50% off all drinks & apps.

4-6 p.m. and 10 p.m.Midnight: 50% off all drinks & apps.

10 p.m.-Midnight: 50% off all drinks & apps.

10 p.m.-Midnight: 50% off all drinks & apps.

4-6 p.m. and 10 p.m.Midnight: 50% off all drinks & apps.

College ID Night: $7 cover ($10 without ID) all you can drink taps & wells from 9pm.-midnight, 2-4-1 Burgers, 2-4-1s all day

Ladies Night: $7 cover all you can drink taps & wells from 9pm.midnight, 2-4-1s all day

3-4-1s 9pm-midnight, 2-4-1s all day

2-4-1s all day

2-4-1s all day

Any Monday of your birthday month: receive a free 40oz. bucket of booze, 8-11pm: $2 domestic bottles for everyone

8-11pm: $2 tall taps, wells & teas

50¢ taps, $1 Captain Morgan and teas 8pmmidnight

2-for-1 domestic bottles, Jack & Jack Honey 8pm-midnight

7-9pm: $7 all you can drink, 9-11pm: $2.50 tall taps, teas, Morgans & bomb shots

7-9pm: 79¢ teas, 9-11pm: $2.50 tall taps, teas, Morgans & bomb shots

$3 Captain Morgan, Bacardi, Chuck Norris & Ninja Turtle Shots, $3.50 Tito’s Vodka, $4 Jack Daniel's and Crown Royal

$3 Captain Morgan, Bacardi, Chuck Norris & Ninja Turtle Shots, $3.50 Tito’s Vodka, $4 Jack Daniel's and Crown Royal

$3 Captain Morgan, Bacardi, Chuck Norris & Ninja Turtle Shots, $3.50 Tito’s Vodka, $4 Jack Daniel's and Crown Royal

$3 Captain Morgan, Bacardi, Chuck Norris & Ninja Turtle Shots, $3.50 Tito’s Vodka, $4 Jack Daniel's and Crown Royal

$3 Captain Morgan, Bacardi, Chuck Norris & Ninja Turtle Shots, $3.50 Tito’s Vodka, $4 Jack Daniel's and Crown Royal

$3 Captain Morgan, Bacardi, Chuck Norris & Ninja Turtle Shots, $3.50 Tito’s Vodka, $4 Jack Daniel's and Crown Royal

$3 Captain Morgan, Bacardi, Chuck Norris & Ninja Turtle Shots, $3.50 Tito’s Vodka, $4 Jack Daniel's and Crown Royal

Pull Tab Happy Hour 4-7pm, Patron shots $3.50 all day

Happy Hour 4-7pm, $3.00 domestic pounders from 9 to 11pm. Ice Hole shots $3.50 all day

Happy Hour 4-7pm: drinks as low as 50¢, pull tab Happy Hour replay 9-11pm. Goldschlager shots $3.50 all day

Happy Hour 4-7pm, Captain Morgan at $3.00 from 9-11pm. Jagermeister shots $3.50 all day

Happy Hour 4-7pm, Windsor at $3.00 from 9-11pm. Romana Sambuca shots $3.50 all day

Happy Hour 4-7pm, Tito's Vodka $3.50 from 9-11pm. Jose Cuervo shots $3.50 all day

Happy Hour 4-7pm, $6.00 pitchers from 9-11pm. Rumpleminze shots $3.50 all day. Service Industry Sunday

Bulldog Tap 4265 45th St. S, Fargo

$3.50 tall domestic taps 6pm-close

$2.75 domestic bottles 8pm-midnight

$3.50 UV and Bacardi 8pm-midnight

$3.25 Captain Morgan, $3.75 Crown Royal 8pm-midnight

$3.75 Stoli and Jack Daniels 8pm-midnight

$3.50 Smirnoff and Windsor 8pm-midnight

$3.50 tall domestic taps and import bottles all day

Chub’s Pub & Package Place 421 University Drive N, Fargo

Ladies Night: 7-10 p.m., ½ Priced Mixed Drinks, Chub’s Mugs: $5.95 New Mug, $3.95 Refills 7 p.m.-Close

Game Night, $1.00 Off Taps & Wells (Including Craft Beers), Free Pool & Darts 8 p.m.-Close

Chub’s Mugs Wednesday: $5.95 New Mug, $3.95 Refills, $1 Off Shots 8 p.m.-Close

Busch Light Tap Night, $1 Off Ice Hole & Fireball 8 p.m.-Close

Beer & A Bump Night, Beer and an Ice Hole for $7.00, $3.95 Chub’s Long Island Teas, $3.95 Stumplifers 8 p.m.-Close

$1 off Bloody Mary’s & Caesars, 8 a.m.-Noon, $1 off Crown Royal, Tito’s & Craft Taps 8 p.m.-Close

Sunday Funday: $1.00 Off All Drinks In Your Chub’s Gear 12 p.m.-Close

The Bismarck Tavern

522 Broadway N, Fargo The Boiler Room 210 Broadway N, Fargo

* This is not a full list of specials. Specials subject to change. For updated and entire list of specials, go fargomonthly.com.

Bomb Shelter 325 10th St. N, Fargo Borrowed Buck’s Roadhouse 1201 Westrac Drive, Fargo The Bowler 2630 University Drive S, Fargo The Box 1025 38th St. SW, Fargo (Inside the Fargo Inn & Suites)

2-4-1 drinks all day, 2-4-1 appetizers








Cork ‘N Cleaver 3301 S University Dr, Fargo

2-4-1 bottles of house wine; Happy hours 4-6pm, 9-11pm: $1 off Tap beers, well drinks, glasses of house wine

2-4-1 glasses of our featured wine; Happy hours 4-6pm, 9-11pm: $1 off Tap beers, well drinks, glasses of house wine

½ price long island teas; Happy hours 4-6pm, 9-11pm: $1 off Tap beers, well drinks, glasses of house wine

Wine Club - $15/year, every Wednesday at 5:30pm; Happy hours 4-6pm, 9-11pm: $1 off Tap beers, well drinks, glasses of house wine

Weekly Patio Specials; Happy hours 4-6pm, 9-11pm: $1 off Tap beers, well drinks, glasses of house wine

Happy hours 4-6pm, 9-11pm: $1 off Tap beers, well drinks, glasses of house wine

2-4-1 bottles of house wine; Happy hours 4-6pm, 9-11pm: $1 off Tap beers, well drinks, glasses of house wine

Dempsey’s 226 Broadway N, Fargo

$3.50 Bacardi, Malibu and Morgan starting at 9pm

$2.50 domestic taps and well drinks starting at 9pm

Old School Night starting at 9pm: $3 Old Style, High Life and Hamms

$4 specialty or import bottled/tap beer starting at 9pm

$3.50 Old Style and $5.25 Jameson starting at 9pm

$3.50 Old Style and $5.25 Jameson starting at 9pm

Happy Hour prices 4-7pm, employee prices for all 7pm-close

D’Woods Lounge 3333 13th Ave. S, Fargo

$2.75 domestic bottles, $3 Bacardi

$2.75 domestic bottles, $1 off Martinis

$3.50 Stoli and domestic taps

$3.50 Crown Royal and taps

$3.75 teas, $3 Windsor

$3 Smirnoff and Captain Morgan

½ off all bottles of wine 4-11pm, Happy Hour 3-6pm and 9pm-close: $1 off tap and bottled beer, cocktails and wine by the glass

$2 off Beer flights 3-9 pm, Happy Hour 3-6pm and 9pm-close: $1 off tap and bottled beer, cocktails and wine by the glass

$2 off Crafted cocktails 3-9pm, Happy Hour 3-6pm and 9pm-close: $1 off tap and bottled beer, cocktails and wine by the glass

$3 off wine flights 3-9pm, Happy Hour 3-6pm and 9pm-close: $1 off tap and bottled beer, cocktails and wine by the glass

Happy Hour 3-6pm and 9pm-close: $1 off all tap and bottled beer, cocktails and wine by the glass

$1 off Bloody Marys, Mimosas and Screwdrivers noon5pm

$1 off Bloody Marys, Mimosas and Screwdrivers noon-5pm

Drumconrath Brewing 630 1st Ave N, Ste 6

$1 off pints 4-6 p.m.

$1 off pints 4-6 p.m

$1 off pints 4-6 p.m

$1 off pints 4-6 p.m

$1 off pints 4-6 p.m

Empire 424 Broadway N, Fargo

Crown Royal $3.75

Bacardi $3.25, Tito’s $3.50

Windsor $3.25

$3.75 Jameson

Stoli $3.75, Jack $4.25

Imports $3.75, Captain Morgan $3.50

$2.75 Rail vodka, $3.25 Windsor

$4 pints 4-6pm

$4 pints 4-6pm

$4 pints 4-6pm

$4 pints 4-6pm

Fort Noks Bar of Gold 52 Broadway N, Fargo

Happy Hour 4-7pm: $1 off all Taps, Wells & Domestic Bottles. Bucket of Beers $15 (Any 5 Beers). $4.50 Long Islands & Margaritas

Happy Hour 4-7pm: $1 off all Taps, Wells & Domestic Bottles. $3.50 Tap Beers all day (Pint glasses)

Happy Hour 4-7pm: $1 off all Taps, Wells & Domestic Bottles. $3 Select Whiskeys and $3 Import and Domestic Microbrew bottles all day. ½ price bottles of wine

Happy Hour All Day ($1 off all Taps, Wells, and Domestic Bottled Beer). 3 for 1’s from 7-10pm Domestic Taps and Well Drinks (made in plastic cups)

Happy Hour 4-7pm: $1 off all Taps, Wells & Domestic Bottles. $3.50 Stoli Flavors (adding some juices and energy drinks is an up charge). $3.50 Icehole Flavors and Fireball shots. $2 Well Drinks & Domestic Bottles (8-10pm)

$4 Bloody Mary’s and Caesar’s (2-6pm). $3.50 Chuck Norris & Jag Bomb Shots. $3.50 Select Rums (Morgan, Bacardi Flavors, Don Q, Sailor Jerry and Malibu). $2 Well Drinks & Domestic Bottles (8-10pm)

All Specials from the week apply (excludes $2 wells and Domestics)

Frank’s Lounge 2640 52nd Ave. S, Fargo

½ price burgers with purchase of a beverage. Service Industry Night: $1 off all drinks

½ price wine

$4.50 Tito Pours

$1 off bottle or can beer. $4 flavored teas

$4.50 Crown Royal and Grey Goose Pours

11am-4pm: Bloody Mary and mimosa bar

11am-4pm: Bloody Mary and mimosa bar. ½ price taps all day

Front Street Taproom

Happy Hour 4-6 p.m.: $1 off pints & snacks - 7-close Service Industry $1 off all Pints

Happy Hour 4-6 p.m.: $1 off pints & snacks 7-close $1 off all snacks

Happy Hour 4-6 p.m.: $1 off pints & snacks 7-close $2 Grain Belt Pounders

Happy Hour 4-6 p.m.: $1 off pints & snacks - 7-close $10 Select Pitchers

Happy Hour 2pm-6 p.m.: $1 off pints & snacks

Golf Addiction 4474 23rd Ave. S, Fargo

Two-for-One’s on Taps and $1 Off Captain Morgan

$2.50 Domestic Bottles and $1 Off Tin Cup Whiskey

½ Off Wine and $3.50 Wells

$1 Off Tall Taps and $1 Off Titos

$8 Domestic Pitchers and $10 Premium Pitchers

Granite City 1636 42nd St. S, Fargo

$5 cocktails 3-6pm and 9pm-close

$5 cocktails and $6.75 growler fills and $7.50 pitchers 3-6pm and 9pm-close

$5 cocktails 3-6pm and 9pm-close

$5 cocktails and $6.75 growler fills and $7.50 pitchers from 3-6pm and 9pm-close

$5 cocktails 3-6pm and 9pm-close

Herd and Horns 1414 12th Ave. N, Fargo

All Day Happy Hour $1 off Drinks & $2 off Appetizers

7-Close: $3 Bud & Bud Light Pints

7-Close: Mug Night. $5.75 first fill $3.75 domestic refills. First fill free on the week of your birthday

7-Close: $3.50 Long Island Teas & $3 Well Drinks

Happy Hour 3-5

$3 Mimosas, $4 Bison Bombs, $5.50 Green Tea Cocktails

$11 for 5 Pounders. Add $2 more for premium

Holiday Inn 3803 13th Ave S, Fargo

Happy Hour all day $3 domestic talls, $1 off well drinks and wine by the glass. $4 crown all day, every day!

Happy Hour 4-7 p.m. $3 domestic talls, $1 off well drinks and wine by the glass. $4 crown all day, every day!

Happy Hour 4-7 p.m. $3 domestic talls, $1 off well drinks and wine by the glass. $1 off Prood Distillers & Far North spirits cocktails. $4 crown all day

Happy Hour 4-7 p.m. $3 domestic talls, $1 off well drinks and wine by the glass. $2 off Tall Taps, ½ priced bottles of wine. $4 crown all day

Happy Hour 4-7 p.m. $3 domestic talls, $1 off well drinks and wine by the glass. $1 off signature and classic cocktails, $4 bomb shots 9-11 p.m. $4 crown all day

Happy Hour 11-4 p.m. $3 domestic talls, $1 off well drinks and wine by the glass. $4 crown all day, every day!

Happy Hour all day $3 domestic talls, $1 off well drinks and wine by the glass. $4 bloody mary & mimosa bar 12–4 p.m. $4 crown all day, every day!

Doolittles Woodfire Grill 2112 25th St. S, Fargo

Fargo Brewing Company 610 University Drive N, Fargo

* This is not a full list of specials. Specials subject to change. For updated and entire list of specials, go fargomonthly.com.

614 Main Ave., Fargo

2-4-1 Schell’s Beer

$1 Off Tall Taps

$12 Domestic Buckets and $4.50 Bloody Mary’s & Caesars

Bottomless Mimosas noon5pm for $7.99



Labby’s Grill & Bar 1100 19th Ave. N, Fargo

Morgan $2.95, Makers Mark $3.95, Margaritas $4.95 All Day

Tito’s, Tea’s & Taco’s: $3.50 Jumbo Long Island, $5.25 Top Shelf Teas All Day. $1 off Tito’s drinks all day. $2.00 & $3.00 Tacos 5-9 p.m.

Lucky’s 13 Pub 4301 17th Ave. S, Fargo

$2.50 short domestic beers. $2 off all Mules 3-close

Luna Fargo 1545 University Drive S, Fargo Mexican Village 3155 45th St South, Fargo




Whiskey Wednesday: Jim, Jack & Jameson $3.95 All day

$2.95/$3.95 Pounder Night All Day

$1 off all premium well drinks & bottled beer, $2 off Asian bombs 9-Close

$3.95 Bloody Mary’s, Caesars, Screwdrivers, ScrewupsS & Mimosas 11 a.m.-3 p.m. $1 off all premium well drinks & bottled beer, $2 off Asian bombs 9-Close.

3pm-close: ½ Price Margaritas & $3.00 Coronas & Dos Equis Amber

$3.50 tall domestic taps 3pm-close

½ bottles of wine, $2.50 PBR, Hamms and Busch Light Pounders 3 p.m.-close

Happy Hour 3-6pm, $1.25 off all drinks

9am-4pm $3 Mimosas and $6.75 BLT Bloody Marys

Happy Hour 5-6pm & 9-10pm: $2 off wine or beer by the glass & ½ price cheese plates

Happy Hour 5-6pm & 9-10pm: $2 off wine or beer by the glass & ½ price cheese plates

Happy Hour 5-6pm & 9-10pm: $2 off wine or beer by the glass & ½ price cheese plates

Happy Hour 5-6pm & 9-10pm: $2 off wine or beer by the glass & ½ price cheese plates

Happy Hour 5-6pm & 9-10pm: $2 off wine or beer by the glass & ½ price cheese plates

Happy Hour 5-6pm & 9-10pm: $2 off wine or beer by the glass & ½ price cheese plates

$3 Mexican Bottled Beer. Happy Hour 4-6: $2 off Tall taps, 1/2 price Margaritas. Late Night Happy Hour 9-Close: 1/2 price Margaritas & $2 off Tall taps.

1/2 price Jumbo Margaritas. Happy Hour 4-6: $2 off Tall taps, 1/2 price Margaritas. Late Night Happy Hour 9-Close: 1/2 price Margaritas & $2 off Tall taps.

$2 off Patron. Happy Hour 4-6: $2 off Tall taps,1/2 price Margaritas. Late Night Happy Hour 9-Close: 1/2 price Margaritas & $2 off Tall taps.

$2 off Long Islands. Happy Hour 4-6: $2 off Tall taps, 1/2 price Margaritas. Late Night Happy Hour 9-Close: 1/2 price Margaritas & $2 off Tall taps.

Happy Hour 4-6: $2 off Tall taps, 1/2 price Margaritas. Late Night Happy Hour 9-Close: 1/2 price Margaritas & $2 off Tall taps.

Happy Hour 5-6pm and 9-11pm: $3 select beer and drinks

Happy Hour 5-6pm and 9-11pm: $3 select beer and drinks

Happy Hour 5-6pm and 9-11pm: $3 select beer and drinks

Happy Hour 5-6pm and 9-11pm: $3 select beer and drinks

Happy Hour 5-6pm and 9-11pm: $3 select beer and drinks

Mezzaluna 309 Roberts St. N, Fargo



Happy Hour all day, $1.25 off all drinks and $3 Mimosas

* This is not a full list of specials. Specials subject to change. For updated and entire list of specials, go fargomonthly.com.

The Northern 325 10th St. N, Fargo

Happy Hour 5-7 p.m., 2-4-1 appetizers

Happy Hour 5-7 p.m., 2-4-1 Burgers

Happy Hour 5-7 p.m., $9.75 8oz Steak Dinner

Happy Hour 5-7 p.m., $6.50 Fried Chicken Dinner

Homestyle Lunch Buffet from 11 a.m. - 2 p.m., Happy Hour 5-7 p.m.

Happy Hour 5-7 p.m.

NoBull Smokehouse 609 NP Ave, Fargo

$3 Any Bourbon 4 pm -Close

$2.50 Tap Beers 4 pm-Close

Swine and Wine, Buy a bottle/glass of wine, second one is one penny 4 pm-Close

Bucket Special 4-10pm: buy 3 bottles get two free. Bones, Beer, Bourbon-$12.99

2-4-$1s Single Shot Drinks, Taps and Teas 10 pm-Close

2-4-$1s Single Shot Drinks, Taps and Teas 10 pm-Close

O’Kelly’s 3800 Main Ave., Fargo

Happy Hour All Day

$3 rum and $3 Long Island teas

$.50 taps from 7PMClose

$3 Whiskey’s and $3.50 Crowns

2 for 1 Bottle Beers and Well drinks

Happy Hour all day

Pay the Day taps 7-9 p.m.: Pay the Day tapswhatever the date is, that’s your tap price! (Ex: Nov. 2nd=2 cents!). 9-11 p.m.: $2.75 beers, booze and bombsselect drinks on special

9-11 p.m.: $2.75 beers, booze and bombsselect drinks on special.

Wine Night 4-10 p.m.: ½ priced wine by the glass and bottleexcludes reserve wine list

9-11pm: $2.75 OB Beers, Booze & Bombs

$2.95 drink special 11 a.m.-2 p.m: $2.95 Bloody Marys, Bloody Caesars & Mimosas

11am-2pm: $2.95 Bloody Mary’s & Mimosas

Old Broadway City Club 22 Broadway N, Fargo Old Broadway Grill 22 Broadway N, Fargo

Happy Hour all day

OB Sport Zone 22 Broadway N, Fargo

Happy Hour 3-6 p.m. and 9-close: $2 select drinks, select taps and select bottles, $4 glasses of wine, $5.95 pitchers. 6-10 p.m.: $5.95 select pitchers of beer

$2 select drinks, select taps and select bottles, $4 glasses of wine

$2 select drinks, select taps and select bottles, $4 glasses of wine *Extended Happy Hour 6-10 p.m. (same specials as 3-6pm)

$2 select drinks, select taps and select bottles, $4 glasses of wine

$2 select drinks, select taps and select bottles, $4 glasses of wine. 9-11 p.m.: $2.75 beers, booze and bombs- select drinks on special

9-11 p.m.: $2.75 beers, booze and bombsselect drinks on special

$11 Domestic Bucket 11 a.m.-close

Pickled Parrot 505 3rd Ave. N, Fargo

$3.50 Fireball & Ice Hole All Day

$3.50 Fireball & Ice Hole All Day

$3.50 Fireball & Ice Hole All Day

$3 Domestic Bottles, $3.50 Domestic Taps & Wells, $8 Well Jars

7 p.m.-12 a.m. $3.50 Domestic Bottles, $4 Crown Royal

7 p.m.-12 a.m. $3.50 Domestic Bottles, $4 Titos, $4 Chuck Norris

$3.50 Fireball & Ice Hole All Day

Porter Creek Hardwood Grill ​1 555 44th St. S, Fargo

½ draft beer 3pm-close, Happy Hour 3-6pm and 9pm-close: $1 off cocktails, beer and wine

½ bottles of wine 3pmclose, Happy Hour 3-6pm and 9pm-close: $1 off cocktails, beer and wine

$2 off wine and liquor flights 3pm-close, Happy Hour 3-6pm and 9pm-close: $1 off cocktails, beer and wine

$2 off culinary cocktails 3pm-close, Happy Hour 3-6pm and 9pmclose: $1 off cocktails, beer and wine

Happy Hour 3-6pm and 9pm-close: $1 off cocktails, beer and wine

Happy Hour 3-6pm and 9pm-close: $1 off cocktails, beer and wine

Happy Hour 3-6pm and 9pm-close: $1 off cocktails, beer and wine








Pounds ​6 12 1st Ave. N, Fargo

Happy Hour 4-6 p.m. 9-12 a.m. - $3 Summer Teas, $3 Lil Fruitopias, $3 Spiked Capri Suns

Happy Hour 4-6 p.m. 9-12 a.m. - $3 Summer Teas, $3 Lil Fruitopias, $3 Spiked Capri Suns

Happy Hour 4-6 p.m. 9-12 a.m. - $3 Summer Teas, $3 Lil Fruitopias, $3 Spiked Capri Suns

Happy Hour 4-6 p.m. 9-12 a.m. - $3 Summer Teas, $3 Lil Fruitopias, $3 Spiked Capri Suns

10 p.m.-12 a.m. - $2 LilFfruitopias, $2 White Claws, $2 vodka, rum, whiskey, gin, $2 berry lemon drop shots

10 p.m.-12 a.m. - $2 LilFfruitopias, $2 White Claws, $2 vodka, rum, whiskey, gin, $2 berry lemon drop shots

All day Happy Hour - $3 Summer Teas, $3 Lil Fruitopias, $3 Spiked Capri Suns

Radisson 201 5th St. N. Fargo

4 -6 pm, free chips & salsa, $1 off all drinks

4 -6 pm, free chips & salsa, $1 off all drinks

4 -6 pm, free chips & salsa, $1 off all drinks. All day: Wine Wednesday, ½ price bottles of wine

4 -6 pm, free chips & salsa, $1 off all drinks

Rhombus Guys 606 Main Ave., Fargo

Happy Hour 3-6pm and 10pm-close: $2 off tall beers, $1 off short beers and shot drinks

Drink Local Night 8pm: $3 Proof products and $1 off local beers, Happy Hour 3-6pm and 10pm-close

Half off glasses and bottles of wine starting at 6pm, Happy Hour 3-6pm and 10pm-close

$4 pints of Rhombus beer starting at 9pm, Happy Hour 3-6pm and 10pm-close

$3 Deep Eddy Vodka starting at 8pm, Happy Hour 3-6pm and 10pm-close

$4 craft beer pints and 2-for-1 wells starting at 9pm

Bloody Mary Bar 11am-4 pm, $5 well vodka, $6 premium vodka, $3 you-call-its for service industry all day

Rick’s Bar 2721 Main Ave., Fargo

4:30-Close $3.95 Tall Taps, $3.35 Morgan and Bacardi

4:30-Close $4.05 Crown Royal, $4.25 Crown Black

4:30-Close $3.75 Tito’s Vodka

4:30-Close $4.05 Jack Daniel’s, $4.25 Long Island Teas, $4.25 34oz Taps

4:30-Close $3.50 Import Beers, $3.50 UV Vodka

$3.50 Pounders All Day, $3.50 Ice Hole 4:30-Close

$3.95 Tall Taps All Day, $3.05 Well Drinks 4:30-Close

Rooter’s Bar 107 Broadway N, Fargo

$2 12-ounce domestic draws all day

$2.50 domestic bottles all day; 9pm – 12a.m.: Late Night Happy Hour 2-for-1 Drinks

$2.50 Captain Morgan and Windsor all day; 9 pm – 1 am $3 PBR Pounders

$3 Rooter’s Root beers and $7.50 Domestic Pitchers all day

9 pm—1 am $2.50 12 oz Domestic Draw Beers

11 am – 4 pm $2.50 Homemade Bloody Mary w/Beer Chaser; 9pm-1am $2.50 12 oz Domestic Draw Beers

Rosey’s Bistro 212 Broadway N, Fargo

Happy Hour 3 - 6 pm ½ priced apps & $2 off all drinks, Happy Hour 9 pm - Close $2 off all drinks

Happy Hour 3 - 6 pm ½ priced apps & $2 off all drinks, Happy Hour 9 pm - Close $2 off all drinks

Happy Hour 3 - 6 pm ½ priced apps & $2 off all drinks, Happy Hour 9 pm - Close $2 off all drinks

Happy Hour 3 - 6 pm ½ priced apps & $2 off all drinks, Happy Hour 9 pm - Close $2 off all drinks

Happy Hour 3 - 6 pm ½ priced apps & $2 off all drinks, Happy Hour 9 pm - Close $2 off all drinks

Happy Hour 3 - 6 pm ½ priced apps & $2 off all drinks, Happy Hour 9 pm - Close $2 off all drinks

Happy Hour all day

Local Night: $3.30 Proof’s 2 Docks Vodka and $1 off local brews from N.D., S.D., and Minn., Happy Hour open-7pm: $1 off all drinks

$3.30 Captain Morgan, $3.85 Crown Royal, Happy Hour open-7pm: $1 off all drinks

$3.30 Deep Eddy Vodka, $3.85 Jack Daniels, Happy Hour open-7pm: $1 off all drinks

$3.25 domestic bottles; $3.85 Icehole, Fireball and Dr. McGillicuddy’s, Happy Hour open-7pm: $1 off all drinks

$4.30 Bloody Marys and Caesars, $3.30 Mimosas

$4.30 Bloody Marys and Caesars, $3.30 Mimosas

Shotgun Sally’s Rock & Roll Saloon 1515 42nd St. S, Fargo

6pm-midnight: $10 Pitchers and $2 Pounders

Happy Hour 3-6pm: $3 tall domestics and $5 tall crafts, $3.50 Bacardi & Smirnoff, $4 Jack Daniels & $4 Dubliner, 6pm-midnight: $3 tall domestics & $5 tall crafts

9pm-midnight: Ladies Night: $5 at the door/ Free Well drinks for ladies

Happy Hour 3-6pm: $3 tall domestics and $5 tall crafts, $3.50 Bacardi & Smirnoff, $4 Jack Daniels & $4 Dubliner, 9pm-midnight: $5 mug at the door with $2 wells & domestic taps refills

9pm-midnight: $2 Domestic Bottles and Well drinks, $4 Crown Royal and Titos, $5 Patron

11am-2pm: $15 bottomless mimosas, Bloody Marys & domestic taps; 9pmmidnight: $2 wells & domestic bottles, $4 Crown Royal and Titos, $5 Patron

1am-2pm: $15 bottomless mimosas, Bloody Marys & domestic taps; 6pmmidnight: 2-4-1 Pint Beers and Mixed Drinks

Sickies Garage 3431 Fiechtner Drive S, Fargo

All day every day drink specials: $3 Sailor Jerry, Svedka Vodka, $4 Red Bull Vodkas, $4 Jack Daniel’s and $5 El Jimador Margaritas, plus 2 happy hours

All day every day drink specials: $3 Sailor Jerry, Svedka Vodka,$4 Red Bull Vodkas, $4 Jack Daniel’s and $5 El Jimador Margaritas, plus 2 happy hours

All day every day drink specials: $3 Sailor Jerry, Svedka Vodka, $4 Red Bull Vodkas, $4 Jack Daniel’s and $5 El Jimador Margaritas, plus 2 happy hours

All day every day drink specials: $3 Sailor Jerry, Svedka Vodka, $4 Red Bull Vodkas, $4 Jack Daniel’s and $5 El Jimador Margaritas, plus 2 happy hours.

All day every day drink specials: $3 Sailor Jerry, Svedka Vodka, $4 Red Bull Vodkas, $4 Jack Daniel’s and $5 El Jimador Margaritas, plus 2 happy hours.

All day every day drink specials: $3 Sailor Jerry, Svedka Vodka, $4 Red Bull Vodkas, $4 Jack Daniel’s and $5 El Jimador Margaritas

All day every day drink specials: $3 Sailor Jerry, Svedka Vodka, $4 Red Bull Vodkas, $4 Jack Daniel’s and $5 El Jimador Margaritas, plus 2 happy hours.

Sidestreet Grille & Pub 404 4th Ave. N, Fargo

$4 All Irish Whiskeys, $.75 off Craft & Import Beers, $6 Sidestreet Teas Happy Hour 2pm-7pm $.50 off all drinks and beers, $1 off all pitchers, $3.00 mystery shots

All Day Happy Hour 11am - Midnight: $.50 off all drinks and beers, $1 off all beer pitchers. Happy Hour 2-7pm: $.50 off all drinks and beers, $1 off all pitchers, $3.00 mystery shots

$4.00 Jameson Irish Whiskey. Happy Hour 2pm-7pm: $.50 off all drinks and beers, $1 off all pitchers, $3.00 mystery shots

Happy Hour 2pm-7pm: $.50 off all drinks and beers, $1 off all pitchers, $3.00 mystery shots

$4 Stoli, $4 Summit pints. Happy Hour 2pm.-7pm: $.50 off all drinks and beers, $1 off all pitchers, $3.00 mystery shots

$4 Jack Daniels and Jim Beam, $1 off ALL local beers and spirits

Service Industry Sunday Funday! (With valid server ID): $1 off “You Call Its” for all of our Service Industry Family, $2 off All Pitchers

$3.15 Miller High Life bottles $3.40 Bacardi Limon and Sailor Jerry’s

$3.15 Bud and Bud Light bottles

$3.15 Bud and Bud Light bottles $3 White Zin and merlot wines

$3.15 Coors Light and Mich Golden Light bottles

$3.15 Bud and Bud Light bottles, $3.40 Captain Morgan

$3.75 Bloody Marys and Caesars, all day well specials $2.75

$2.80 all wells, $5.25 Busch Light pitchers

The Round Up Saloon 4501 Urban Plains Drive, Fargo

* This is not a full list of specials. Specials subject to change. For updated and entire list of specials, go fargomonthly.com.

Slammer’s Sports Bar & Grill 707 28th Ave. N, Fargo

½ appetizers 4-6pm and 9-11pm; $1 off beer, well and wine drinks








All Day Happy Hour: $1 off all beer and liquor. 9 p.m. to close: $2.50 domestic taps, $3 Fireball and Icehole.

$4 Moscow Mules all day. Happy Hour 4-6 p.m.: $1 off all beer and liquor. 9 p.m. to close: $2.50 domestic taps, $3 Fireball and Icehole

Half-price wine all day. Happy Hour 4-6 p.m.: $1 off all beer and liquor. 9 p.m. to close: $2.50 domestic taps, $3 Fireball and Icehole

$4 jumbo teas all day. Happy Hour 4-6 p.m.: $1 off all beer and liquor. 9 p.m. to close: $2.50 domestic taps, $3 Fireball and Icehole

Midnight to close: $2.50 shots

Midnight to close: $2.50 shots. During Bison game: $1 off all beer and liquor

11 a.m.-noon: $2 you call its. Starting at noon: $3.50 Ceasera, bloodies and mimosas. $3.75 domestic taps

$3.25 Beer pounders, free pool and darts

$3.25 Windsor and Black Velvet, free pool and darts

$3.25 Captain Morgan, $4 Jack Daniels

$3.25 domestic can beers, $3.25 Bacardi

$3.50 Import and craft beer

$3.50 UV Vodka and Dr Mc

$3.85 22oz taps, $3 well drinks, free pool and darts

All Day Happy Hour: $1 off all single pour liquors and glasses of wine, $2 off all Jumbo Taps. $4 Crown all day every day.

Happy Hour 3-6 p.m.: $1 off all single pour liquors and glasses of wine, $2 off all Jumbo Taps. $4 Crown all day every day. $2 off any Tequila cocktail/drink

Happy Hour 3-6 p.m.: $1 off all single pour liquors and glasses of wine, $2 off all Jumbo Taps. $4 Crown all day every day. $2 off all Proof Distillers and Far North cocktails/drinks

Happy Hour 3-6 p.m.: $1 off all single pour liquors and glasses of wine, $2 off all Jumbo Taps. $4 Crown all day every day. ½ priced bottle wines and $2 off all Jumbo Taps

Happy Hour 3-6 p.m.: $1 off all single pour liquors and glasses of wine, $2 off all Jumbo Taps. $4 Crown all day every day. $2 off Signature and Classic Cocktails, $4 bomb shots 9-11 p.m.

Happy Hour 11-4 p.m.: $1 off all single pour liquors and glasses of wine, $2 off all Jumbo Taps. $4 Crown all day every day

All Day Happy Hour: $1 off all single pour liquors and glasses of wine, $2 off all Jumbo Taps. $4 Crown all day every day

Sports Bar 619 NP Ave. N, Fargo

$2.50 tap beer pints, $3.50 talls

$2.50 Stoli and $3.50 Stoli with energy drink

College Night: Half price domestic pitchers

$2.95 Jack Daniel's, Captain Morgan, Bombay Sapphire and Grey Goose

½ off pitchers 7-10 pm

½ off pitchers 7-10 pm

$3 pounders, $3.50 Bloody Marys

Tailgators Sports Cafe 1322 Main Ave, Fargo

6-10pm: $3.50 tall Crown Royal, $3 UV Vodka

6-10pm: $3.25 Happy Hour bottles, $3 Captain Morgan

6-10pm: $8.50 domestic pitchers, $3 wells and Ice Hole shots

6-10pm: $2.75 Schnapps shots, $3.75 Gator Teas and import bottles

6-10pm: $3 Bacardi and Windsor, $3.50 Chuck Norris or Jag Bombs

Noon-10pm: $3.25 Happy Hour pints and bottles, $1 off whiskeys, $4.25 Bloody Marys

Noon-10pm: $3.25 Happy Hour pints and bottles, $1 off whiskeys, $4.25 Bloody Marys

Best Brews and BBQ: Two free tap pints and free apps from 5:30-7pm

Buy one mug, get one half off tap beer

SouthTown Pourhouse 4281 45th St. S, Fargo Speck’s Bar 2611 Main Ave., Fargo

Spirits Lounge 3803 13th Ave. S, Fargo

True North Bistro 5064 23rd Ave. S, Fargo

Server industry night (one free half pint of beer with proof of server training card.)

Happy Hour 3-6 p.m. & 9-12 a.m.: $2 Domestic Beers & Cheap Shots, $3 Tap Beers & Rail Cocktails, $4 Wine of the Moment, Shots, & Premium Liquor, $5 Classic Cocktails, $6 Cocktail of the Moment, $8 Patron Margaritas all day.

Happy Hour 3-6 p.m. & 9-12 a.m.: $2 Domestic Beers & Cheap Shots, $3 Tap Beers & Rail Cocktails, $4 Wine of the Moment, Shots, & Premium Liquor, $5 Classic Cocktails, $6 Cocktail of the Moment, $8 Patron Margaritas all day.

All whiskeys half-price from open to close. Happy Hour 3-6 p.m. & 9-12 a.m.: $2 Domestic Beers & Cheap Shots, $3 Tap Beers & Rail Cocktails, $4 Wine of the Moment, Shots, & Premium Liquor, $5 Classic Cocktails, $6 Cocktail of the Moment, $8 Patron Margaritas all day.

$10 bottles of select wines and half off all other bottles of wine. Happy Hour 3-6 p.m. & 9-12 a.m.: $2 Domestic Beers & Cheap Shots, $3 Tap Beers & Rail Cocktails, $4 Wine of the Moment, Shots, & Premium Liquor, $5 Classic Cocktails, $6 Cocktail of the Moment, $8 Patron Margaritas all day.

Happy Hour 3-6 p.m. & 9-12 a.m.: $2 Domestic Beers & Cheap Shots, $3 Tap Beers & Rail Cocktails, $4 Wine of the Moment, Shots, & Premium Liquor, $5 Classic Cocktails, $6 Cocktail of the Moment, $8 Patron Margaritas all day.

Happy Hour 3-6 p.m. & 9-12 a.m.: $2 Domestic Beers & Cheap Shots, $3 Tap Beers & Rail Cocktails, $4 Wine of the Moment, Shots, & Premium Liquor, $5 Classic Cocktails, $6 Cocktail of the Moment, $8 Patron Margaritas all day.

11 a.m.-3 p.m. bottomless bloodies and mimosas

Happy Hour 11 a.m.-1 p.m. and 4 p.m.-7 p.m. Morgan $3.25, Michelob Golden Light Pounders $3.00

Happy Hour 11 a.m.-1 p.m. and 4 p.m.-7 p.m. Brandy $3.25, Domestic Pitchers $6

Happy Hour 11 a.m.-1 p.m. and 4 p.m.-7 p.m. Windsor $3.25, Coors Pounders $3.00

Happy Hour 11 a.m.-1 p.m. and 4 p.m.-7 p.m. Thirsty Thursday: Domestic Bottles & Pounders $3.00, Phillips Vodka $3.25

Happy Hour 11 a.m.-1 p.m. and 4 p.m.-7 p.m. Long Island Teas $3.25 & PBR Pounders $3.00

Happy Hour 11 a.m.-5 p.m. Don Q Rum and Limón $3.00, Naturdays $3.00

Happy Hour Beer Buckets (6) for $18

$2 off jumbo 32oz. Margaritas

$2 off PBR pounders, $1 off Mojitos

$1 off Proud Mary Pina Colada

$2 off all tequila shots

$1 off Cadillac Margaritas, $2 Margaritas 9pm-close

$1 Let’s Get It On Lemonades, $1 Sangria, $2 off Margaritas 9pm-close

Wild Terra Cider and Brewing 6 12th St N, Fargo

Happy Hour 4-6pm: $1 off Ciders and starters, two glasses of wine $7

Happy Hour 4-6pm: $1 off Ciders and starters, two glasses of wine $7

Happy Hour 4-6pm: $1 off Ciders and starters, two glasses of wine $7

Happy Hour 4-6pm: $1 off Ciders and starters, two glasses of wine $7

Happy Hour: 2-6pm: $1 off Ciders and starters, two glasses of wine $7

The Windbreak 3150 39th St. S, Fargo

4-7pm and 9-11pm: $1 off all drinks

4-7pm and 9-11pm: $1 off all drinks

4-7pm and 9-11pm: $1 off all drinks

Ladies Night: Ladies drink free (select taps and wells) 9pmmidnight, 9-11pm: guys get $2 drinks, $2 bomb shots

9-10pm: $1 drinks, 1011pm: $2 drinks

9-11pm: $2 drinks and bomb shots

9pm-midnight: $3 drinks and 2-for-1 shots

Happy Hour All Day ($1 off all drinks)

$3.30 Captain Morgan, $3.30 Bacardi and Flavors

$3.30 Deep Eddy Vodka, $3.30 glasses of bota box wine

$3.85 Crown Royal, $3.85 Jack Daniel’s

$3.30 Captain Morgan, $3.50 Long Island Iced Tea

$3.30 Bloody Mary and Caesars, $3.30 import bottles

$3.30 Bloody Mary and Caesars, $6 domestic pitchers, $8 import pitchers

Twist 220 Broadway N, Fargo * This is not a full list of specials. Specials subject to change. For updated and entire list of specials, go fargomonthly.com.

VFW: Downtown

202 Broadway N, Fargo

Vinyl Taco 520 1st Ave. N, Fargo

Woody’s Bar 1550 32nd Ave. S, Fargo

Brunch 11AM-3PM, Bottomless Mimosas








Happy Hour 3pm6pm: $1 off all taps, bottles, pounders, wells and wines; $3 Captain Morgan, $1 off all domestic taps, Shot of the Day: $3 Rumpleminze

Happy Hour 3pm6pm: $1 off all taps, bottles, pounders, wells and wines; $3 Bacardi, $1 off all craft pounders, Shot of the Day: $3 Doctor McGuillicuddy's

Happy Hour 3pm-6pm: $1 off all taps, bottles, pounders, wells and wines; $1 off Crown, $1 off domestic bottles, Shot of the Day: $3 Fireball

Happy Hour 3pm6pm: $1 off all taps, bottles, pounders, wells and wines; $3 Tito's, $1 off craft taps, Shot of the Day: $3 Icehole

Happy Hour 3pm-6pm: $1 off all taps, bottles, pounders, wells and wines; $3 Deep Eddy's, $1 off craft/import bottles, Shot of the Day: $3 Jagermeister

$4 Mules, $1 off domestic pounders, Shot of the Day: $3 UV Bombs

$3.75 Bloody Mary's and Caesar's, $3 Mimosas, $1 off all taps, Shot of the Day: $5 Patron

Happy Hour from open to 8 p.m. - $1 off apps, taps, bottles, wells and wine. 8 p.m. to close - $3.00 Domestic Pounders & Wells

Happy Hour from open to 8 p.m. - $1 off apps, taps, bottles, wells and wine. 8 p.m. to close - $1.00 off All Taps, Bottles & Pounders

Happy Hour from open to 8 p.m. - $1 off apps, taps, bottles, wells and wine. 8 p.m. to close $4.00 Domestic Beer Mugs

Happy Hour from open to 8 p.m. - $1 off apps, taps, bottles, wells and wine. 8 p.m. to close $1.00 off Domestic Taps & $3.00 Wells

Happy Hour from open to 8 p.m. - $1 off apps, taps, bottles, wells and wine. 8 p.m. to close $3.50 Captain Morgan & Bacardi

Happy Hour from open to 8 p.m. - $1 off apps, taps, bottles, wells and wine. 8 p.m. to close - $4.00 Titos & $3.00 Well Vodka

All day- $8.00 Domestic Pitchers, $3.00 Fireball, Icehole, Wells & Domestic Pints

Blarney Stone 1910 9th St. E, West Fargo

Happy Hour 3-6 p.m. and 9 p.m.-Close: $1 off Draft Beers, $ 1 off House Wine, 2 for 1 Dublin Pours (Bar Pours)

Happy Hour 3-6 p.m. and 9 p.m.-Close: $1 off Draft Beers, $ 1 off House Wine, 2 for 1 Dublin Pours (Bar Pours)

Happy Hour 3-6 p.m. and 9 p.m.-Close: $1 off Draft Beers, $ 1 off House Wine, 2 for 1 Dublin Pours (Bar Pours). $4.50 Trash Cans 5 p.m.-close

Happy Hour 3-6 p.m. and 9 p.m.-Close: $1 off Draft Beers, $ 1 off House Wine, 2 for 1 Dublin Pours (Bar Pours)

Happy Hour 3-6 p.m. and 9 p.m.-Close: $1 off Draft Beers, $ 1 off House Wine, 2 for 1 Dublin Pours (Bar Pours)

Happy Hour 9 p.m.Close: $1 off Draft Beers, $ 1 off House Wine, 2 for 1 Dublin Pours (Bar Pours). Free trip through Bloody Mary or Mimosa Bar with a Breakfast Entree Purchase. 10 a.m.-2 p.m.

Happy Hour 11 a.m.-Close: $1 off Draft Beers, $ 1 off House Wine, 2 for 1 Dublin Pours (Bar Pours). Free trip through Bloody Mary or Mimosa Bar with a Breakfast Entree Purchase. 10 a.m.-2 p.m.

Blvd Pub 3147 Bluestem Drive, West Fargo

Happy Hour 3-6p.m.; 6 p.m.-close: Talls for shorts and $3.50 Bacardi

Happy Hour 3-6p.m.; 6 p.m.-close: $3.25 Long Island Teas

Happy Hour 3-6p.m.; 6 p.m.-close: 2 for 1 Domestic pints and wells

Happy Hour 3-6p.m.; 6 p.m.-close: 1/2 price bottles of wine and $1 off mules

Happy Hour 3-6p.m.; 7 p.m.-close: $1 off Captain Morgan and Titos

8 a.m.-noon: Bloody Bar, $4 Bloody's and Mimosa's; 7 p.m.-close: $3.50 Fireball and Icehole shots.

Hooligans 3330 Sheyenne St, West Fargo

Mug Night: $7 mug and fill, $3 domestic and $5 non-domestic refills

$4 tall domestic taps, half-price bottles of wine

$2.50 domestic bottles

Tea Night: $5 colossal teas

$3.50 well drinks all day

$2 pounders, domestic pitcher and a large pizza for $20

$8 pitchers of beer, $8.99 ultimate Bloody Marys, $3 Mimosas

MacKenzie River Pizza 819 24th Ave W E, West Fargo

3pm- 6pm: $3 wells, $3.50 craft pints, $2.50 domestic pints, $1 off wine glasses, 75 cent wings

3pm- 6pm: $3 wells, $3.50 craft pints, $2.50 domestic pints, $1 off wine glasses, 75 cent wings

3pm- 6pm: $3 wells, $3.50 craft pints, $2.50 domestic pints, $1 off wine glasses, 75 cent wings

3pm- 6pm: $3 wells, $3.50 craft pints, $2.50 domestic pints, $1 off wine glasses, 75 cent wings

3pm- 6pm: $3 wells, $3.50 craft pints, $2.50 domestic pints, $1 off wine glasses, 75 cent wings

3pm- 6pm: $3 wells, $3.50 craft pints, $2.50 domestic pints, $1 off wine glasses, 75 cent wings

3pm- 6pm: $3 wells, $3.50 craft pints, $2.50 domestic pints, $1 off wine glasses, 75 cent wings

Pub West 3140 Bluestem Drive, West Fargo

$3.50 tall domestic beer, $4.50 tall craft beer

$3.50 Captain Morgan and Bacardi

$3.50 Jack Daniel's, Jim Beam and Jameson, $4.50 Crown Royal

$3.50 UV, Wave and Tito's Vodka

$3.50 Windsor, $3 solo cups: Bud Light, Coors Light, Miller Lite

$3 solo cups: Bud Light,Coors Light, Miller Lite

Happy Hour all day, Service Industry Night: $3.50 you-call-its

Rookies 715 13th Ave. E, West Fargo

Happy Hour 3-6:30pm, 8pm-midnight: $7.50 Coors Light pitchers and $3.75 Crown Royal

Happy Hour 3-6:30pm, 8pm-midnight: $7.50 Miller Lite pitchers, $3 Jack Daniels and Jag, $3.75 Long Island Teas

Happy Hour 3-6:30pm, 8pm-midnight: $7.50 Bud Light pitchers, $3.50 Windsor and Smirnoff

Happy Hour 3-6:30pm, 8pm-midnight: $3 domestic pitchers and Shiner Bock bottles, $3.50 Deep Eddys, $4 Angry Balls shot

8pm-midnight: $3 Fireball, $3.50 Tito's Vodka, $5 Vodka Red Bulls, $3.50 Chuck Norris, Ninja Turtles and Jag Bombs

Happy Hour noon6:30pm, 8pm-midnight: $3 import bottles and Tarantula Tequila, $3.50 Captain Morgan, Bacardi and Jameson

Happy Hour all day, Service Industry Night 10pm-close: $3 well drinks

Silver Dollar Flying Pig 221 Sheyenne St, West Fargo

$3 PBR pounders and $2.50 glass of moscato, merlot or chardonnay, 5-close

$3 PBR pounders and $1 off tap pints, 8pm-close

$3 PBR pounders and $2.50 Lord Calvert, Windsor and Black Velvet, 8pm-close

$3 pounders, $4.50 Patron, $4 Crown Royal, 8pm-close

$3 PBR pounders and $3.50 Captain Morgan and $2.75 Fireball shots

$3 PBR pounders and $4.25 Bloody Marys and Caesars and $2.75 Fireball shots 8pmclose

$3 PBR pounders and $2 off all beer pitchers and $4.25 Bloody Marys and Caesar’s all day

Three Lyons Pub 675 13th Ave. E, West Fargo

Mug Night! 7pm to close $2 buys the 32oz mug. Fills for pint price.

All day: $4 classic long islands and $5 specialty teas. $3 Icehole and Fireball shots

All day: $1 off pounders and $5 bomb shots

All day: $6 martinis, $3 glasses of wine, $3 McGillicuddy shots

8pm-close: $3.50 Jameson. All day: $1 off all canned and bottled beers

11am - 6pm: $3.50 Bloodys and Mimosas. All day: $3 Captain Morgan and Titos

New Happy Hour specials all day long

Town Hall Bar 103 Main Ave. W, West Fargo

$3 Captain Morgan, $3.50 Crown Royal & Washington Apples 7-11pm

$3 32oz. domestic Mongo Mugs, Ladies night $1 off drinks, $3 shots 7-11pm

Happy Hour 3-7pm, $3 Windsor and Wu Tang shots 7-11pm

$3 Cristal & Limon, domestic pitchers $6 7-11pm

Fireball Friday $3, Extended happy hour 3-8pm and 7-11pm

Sex with Strangers $3, 10am-1pm $4 Bloody Marys & Caesars 7-11pm

$2.75 pounders all day, Service Industry Special: $2 well drinks & domestic beer 7-11pm


Barcode 835 23rd Ave. E, West Fargo

Bar Nine 1405 Prairie Pkwy., West Fargo

* This is not a full list of specials. Specials subject to change. For updated and entire list of specials, go fargomonthly.com.








​Tru Blu Social Club 915 19th Ave. E, West Fargo

$5 Tru Tap Mules, 3-6 p.m. and 10 p.m.-1am: $1.25 off all liquor, wine and beer

$3 off all Martinis, 3-6pm and 10pm-1am: $1.25 off all liquor, wine and beer

½ bottles of wine, 3-6pm and 10pm-1am: $1.25 off all liquor, wine and beer

$2.75 16oz. domestic taps, 3-6pm and 10pm1am: $1.25 off all liquor, wine and beer

3-6pm: $1.25 off all liquor, wine and beer

11am-4pm: $6 Deviled Bloody Mary's, $2.50 Mimosa Flutes, $9 Mimosa carafes

11am-4pm: $6 Deviled Bloody Mary's, $2.50 Mimosa Flutes, $9 Mimosa carafes

​VFW: West Fargo 308 Sheyenne St., West Fargo

$2.50 regular domestic beers and Windsor

12 inch pizza and a pitcher of beer for $11

$3 Bacardi, Morgan, Mike’s Hard Lemonade or Wine Coolers

$3 domestic 25oz taps, $3.50 25oz Shock Top, $5 25oz Stone's Throw, $3 import bottles

Work Zone 701 Main Ave. E, West Fargo

$3 Jag shots, $3 Tuaca, Mug Special $6.50 with $3.50 refills

$3 Bacardi and Ice Hole

$3 Dr. Mac shots, Mug Special: $6.50 with $3.50 refills

$3 Captain Morgan, Malibu and Jag

$3 Jack and Jims

$3 Bloody Marys and Caesars, $3 craft and imports

$5.50 domestic pitchers, $3.50 Buccas, $3 Bloody Marys and Caesars

Happy Hour: 4-6:30pm- $2.50 Domestic Bottles & Wells, 50 Cents off all other drinks "Margarita-Monday" 6-10pm, $3 well or $5 premium

Happy Hour: 4-6:30pm- $2.50 Domestic Bottles & Wells, 50 Cents off all other drinks. "Happy Hour All Day", 11am-Midnight: $2.50 Domestic Bottles & Wells

Happy Hour: 4pm-6:30pm- $2.50 Domestic Bottles & Wells. 8pm-Midnight: $4 Busch Light Mug Fills, $5 Domestic Mug Fills, $5 Kettle One Long Island Teas

Happy Hour: 4pm-6:30pm- $2.50 Domestic Bottles & Wells, 50 Cents off all other drinks. 8pm-Midnight: $1 OFF Import Pints

Happy Hour: 4pm-6:30pm- $2.50 Domestic Bottles & Wells, 50 Cents off all other drinks. 5pm-12am: $3.50 Fireball; 8pm-10pm: $3 Domestic Bottles, $3 Captain Morgan

11am-4pm: $2 Mimosas, $5 Bloody Mary's & Bloody Caesars

$5 Bloody Mary's & Bloody Caesars All Day

Legends Bar and Grill 803 Belsly Blvd, Moorhead

$3.50 Domestic Pounders. 3pm-6pm: $1 off drinks. 8pm-10pm: $1 off drafts.

$3.50 Domestic Pounders. 3pm-6pm: $1 off drinks. 8pm-10pm: $1 off drafts

$3.50 Domestic Pounders. 3pm-6pm: $1 off drinks. 8pm-10pm: $1 off drafts. $3 wine night from 3 p.m.-12 a.m.

$3.50 Domestic Pounders. 3pm-6pm: $1 off drinks. 8pm-10pm: $1 off drafts

$3.50 Domestic Pounders. 3pm-6pm: $1 off drinks. 8pm-10pm: $1 off drafts

$3.50 Domestic Pounders. $5 Bloody Mary's/Bloody Caesar’s, $3.50 Mimosas, $1 off Legendary Drinks

Happy Hour all day. $3.50 Domestic Pounders. $5 Bloody Mary's/Bloody Caesar’s, $3.50 Mimosas, $1 off Legendary Drinks, $1 off drinks while participating in Horse Racing

Mick’s Office 10 8th St. S, Moorhead

$2.50 Captain Morgan, $4 domestic mug fills, $4 bomb shots 8pmmidnight

$3 domestic pints, $3.50 select import pints 8pm-midnight

Ladies Night 8pmmidnight: $2.50 pounders and youcall-its

$2.75 wells, $4 domestic mugs, $3 Busch Light and Old Style mugs, jell-o shot raffle 10pmclose

$2.75 pounders, $3 Ice Hole 8pm-midnight

$5 endless Mimosas 11am-4pm, $8 pitchers 11am-4pm

Happy Hour all day: 50¢ off all drinks, $4 Bloody Marys and Caesars

Happy Hour 5-6pm and 9-11pm, $3 select beer and drinks

Happy Hour 5-6pm and 9-11pm, $3 select beer and drinks

Happy Hour 5-6pm and 9-11pm, $3 select beer and drinks

Happy Hour 5-6pm and 9-11pm, $3 select beer and drinks

Happy Hour 5-6pm and 9-11pm, $3 select beer and drinks

$2 Happy Hour from 3:30-5:30 p.m. on domestic bottles, domestic pints, and well drinks. $4 Long Island teas all day.

$2 Wine and Windsor all day. $2 Happy Hour from 3:30-5:30 p.m. on domestic bottles, domestic pints, and well drinks. $4 Long Island teas all day.

$2 Happy Hour from 3:30-5:30 p.m. on domestic bottles, domestic pints, and well drinks. $3.75 Captain Morgans 8 p.m.-2 a.m. $3.75 bomb shots 8 p.m.-12 a.m.

$2 Happy Hour from 3:30-5:30 p.m. on domestic bottles, domestic pints, and well drinks. $4 Long Island teas all day.

Saturday: $3.75 Bloody Mary and Caesars all day. $4 Long Island teas all day.

$8.25 domestic pitchers. $4 Long Island teas all day.

2-for-1 drink specials from 4-6 pm and $2 domestic bottles 7pmmidnight

2-for-1s 4-6pm

$5.25 pitchers of Budweiser, Mich, Amber Boch, Bud Light, Miller Light and Foster, drink specials 4-6pm

$2.75 22oz grande beers, $4 Sam Adams, Red’s Apple and Bell's specials 4-6pm

$6 pitchers of Bud Light, Shock Top, Miller Light, Coors Light and Nordeast, drink specials 4-6pm

$6 pitchers of Bud Light, Shock Top, Miller Lite, Coors Light and Nordeast 9pm-close

Grand beers $2.75 (all day)

$3.25 Morgan

2 for 1's 9-midnight

$1.00 off All Whiskey

Happy hour all day till 7/ ladies night 9-midnight

Late night Happy Hour 9pm-midnight

$8.50 pitchers all day

Bloody Mary special

MOORHEAD JC Chumley’s 1608 Main Ave., Moorhead

Rustica Tavern 315 Main Ave., Moorhead O’Leary’s Pub 808 30th Ave. S, Moorhead

Speak Easy 1001 30th Ave., S, Moorhead Vic’s Bar & Grill 427 Center Ave, Moorhead

$2 Happy Hour from 3:30-5:30 p.m. on domestic bottles, domestic pints, and well drinks. $4 Long Island teas all day.

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