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Blvd Pub

Blvd is a neighborhood bar and restaurant with a laid-back, urban feel. The menu offers plenty of creative dishes that play off of American classics with high quality ingredients, along with crafted cocktails, beers and wine. You also have the option to hang out on their upper level patio area (with a neat view) or the ground level patio. Whether you're looking to watch the game, have a nice dinner or dine outside for lunch, blvd is the place to go for all sorts of fun. 3147 Bluestem Dr., West Fargo

Glacial Peak Cryotherapy

Glacial Peak Cryotherapy is the first of its kind in the area and a place that offers unique services that benefit people of all types and ailments. Full-body cryotherapy is the use of ultra-low temperatures for quick muscle recovery and medical therapy. This health spa also offers cryofacials and local treatment for specific joints or areas in addition to compression therapy, which is great for athletes or those recovering from injuries or surgery. If you’re looking for improved health and fast recovery, Glacial Peak Cryotherapy is your answer. 3139 Bluestem Dr. Ste. 116, West Fargo

Fargo Monthly December 2016  

We took a look back some of the great community highlights of 2016, from events and happenings to all of the new local businesses that opene...