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APRIL 2018


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The Beer, Wine, and Spirits tour is a comprehensive guide to all the places that create the drinks you love! Whether it is a cocktail, craft beer, or even mead we have all the local establishments right here. We'll tell you about their most popular products and what kind of neat events they put on each day. By the end of it all, you will want to take the same tour we did!




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The beer featured on the cover is Fargo Brewing Company's "Alfred the Great" English Rye Barleywine. This special release was aged in rye whiskey barrels before it was put on tap at Fargo Brewing. They also have an "Alfred the Great" infused with cherries. You can try this fine brew at either their main location at 610 N University Dr. or at their Ale House at 4445 17th Ave S.


PHOTO BY Hillary Ehlen


A Goal ACCOMPLISHED... 3 Low-key Spots to Grab a Drink


ello readers! I am Nolan Schmidt, the new editor of Fargo Monthly!

Now that I have introduced myself, I would just like to say how excited I am to get rolling here at Spotlight Media. I am looking forward to traveling around this great city to not only hear the great stories Fargo has to tell but to hopefully meet all of you in the process. Though much of my previous professional experience is in radio, writing and editing have always been a sort of hobby for me. I have been afforded the opportunity to write for notable online websites over the last five years. These privileges are what led me to this position, and I have now been able to turn what was once an impassioned pastime into a legitimate career. Not only am I thankful for Spotlight Media, but I am thankful for those of you who continued to support me, even if you thought I was crazy to think I could become a full-time writer and editor. Full disclosure, almost all of my writing experience has been in sports. While I will remain passionate about that topic, I am also passionate about Fargo. Having lived

in this city for six years, I still have much to learn about Fargo’s people, events and nuances. Perhaps that is where you come in! Contact me if you have any story you want to be told and I will do my best to get it in this publication. This is your magazine, not mine! Being able to go to work every day and tell stories has always been a goal of mine. Finally, it seems as though I have accomplished that goal. However, while I check this objective off my list, it does not stop here. The next step is to fill Fargo Monthly with high-quality content and I will exert as much effort as possible to make sure that happens. I look forward to hearing from you! Feel free to contact me if you have a comment or criticism. Your participation will help us here at Fargo Monthly get better each and every month!


Drumconrath Brewing Company 349 Knutson St., Mapleton, ND

It may take you a little longer to get to Drumconrath, as it lies about 20 minutes West of Fargo. However, the payoff for your travels will surely be made up as soon as you gander at their diverse line-up of 13 craft brews. Housed in what looks to be a former storage garage, you will enjoy some peace and tranquility as you enjoy your beverage of choice. The Boiler Room

210 Roberts St. N, Fargo, ND

Nestled in the underground of Downtown Fargo is The Boiler Room where, arguably, the best drink special in town can be found. From 10 until midnight, all of their drinks are 50 percent off. Not only will you experience a cozy, personal atmosphere, but you will save some money in the process. Hennessey’s Irish Pub

4323 45th St. S,, Fargo, ND

All the best,

Nolan Schmidt Editor


If you are like me and love to have a drink without the hustle and bustle, here are some places for you to try:


When you think of a traditional Irish pub, you think of boisterous people and loud bagpipe music. Hennessey’s in South Fargo does not feature that particular aura, and that is what makes it so unique. Though the decor would remind you of a loud and overbearing place, the atmosphere is rather quaint. I might add that they make the best Irish Mule in the city as well.

APRIL 2018

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Drekker Brewing Company

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We traveled all over FargoMoorhead and profiled your favorite local breweries, meaderies, and distilleries. Whether you prefer a nice cocktail, a craft beer, or even a sweet mead, we have them all here! Come along with us on the tour of some of the great establishments in the FargoMoorhead area.

by nolan schmidt photos by hillary ehlen Graphics by Sarah Geiger


Beer, Wine & Spirits tour

drekker brewing company •


2014 •

drekker to-dos Attend one of their Unpillage nights to give back to a local nonprofit. In need of some cool beer gear? Drekker has you covered with hats, shirts, and even glassware. Visit the new Drekker location opening in August or September.

630 1st Ave. N, Suite 6, Fargo Visit



n terms of growth and overall reach, Drekker Brewing Company seems to continue to progress every single day. Adam Schumacher says it is the craft beer culture that drives Drekker’s continuing innovation. “That’s just the craft beer scene,” he said. “The American craft beer scene is always about innovation, not only in the beers you make but the projects you’re doing in town. We’re always big pushers on what we can do to give back to the community more than anything. Innovation is ingrained in this community, so it’s easy to use that to our advantage.” Schumacher highlighted Drekker’s Unpillage program, which features a local nonprofit every month. The type of projects vary month to month, but Drekker

Monday-Thursday | 4-10 p.m. Friday-Saturday | 12 p.m.-12 a.m. Sunday | 2-10 p.m.

devotes a portion of their tap sales to the chosen nonprofit. For example, they recently had local artists put together custom Drekker glassware, which was auctioned off. All of the proceeds from that auction went to the nonprofit of the month. Drekker is one of the few Fargo area brewing companies that wants to continue to distribute to the Twin Cities area. The staff currently loads up their own vans and personally drives and delivers to various locations in the Minneapolis-St. Paul region. “We’ve had such a great reception down there,” Schumacher said. “We get calls all the time from areas that want our product, but we are only able to produce so much for that area. So, it may seem like a tease to them, but that is certainly not our intention.”

drekkerbrewing.com facebook.com/drekkerbrewing

One of Drekker's many Brain Freeze sours. This one featured raspberry, blackberry, strawberry and blueberry flavors.

1st ave n

current taproom np ave 8th st n

As for new recipes and styles of beer, Adam could not give us too many details. However, he did say to expect new exciting styles of their popular Brain Freeze sour beers. Couple that with staples like Broken Rudder, Techno Viking and Hell Bent and you can safely assume Drekker Brewing Company will continue to flourish in Fargo.

n university dr

American Craft Beer week is sure to be an exciting time for Drekker. Schumacher hinted at some new, exciting recipes that Drekker will be trying. American Craft Beer week is May 14-19 and Drekker will be at the Craft Brewers Conference in Tennessee on April 30 too. Schumacher and the Drekker team also strive to have events on every night of the week. Whether that is trivia night, live music on the weekends or their competitive cornhole league, Drekker always has something going on.

16th st n

new facility

main ave

S university dr

adam's update on the

new facility

Drekker plans to open up their new facility on First Avenue this summer. “It was sort of a pipe dream for us, driving by that building and seeing what it could be,” Schumacher said. Area architect Kevin Bartram approached Drekker in buying the space that he owned at the perfect time according to Schumacher. For now, Schumacher says they plan to have it open in August or September of this year. “The goal is to have Drekkerfest, our anniversary party there,” he said. “Hopefully, fingers crossed, we will be able to celebrate our fourth anniversary in the brand new space.”

The new location also provides Drekker the opportunity to try new recipes. “Right now, we are caught between a rock and a hard place,” he said. “The new facility will give us the chance to not only up our production but also try new recipes we have wanted to try for a long time. Sometimes, when you have staples like Brain Freeze or Broken Rudder, you cannot try all the things you want. This new space lets us do that, so we’re really excited.”


Beer, Wine & Spirits tour


. 2010 •

This English Rye Barley wine was aged in whiskey barrels.

fargo brewing company

W fargo brewing to-dos Tour the brewery from 12 p.m.-1 p.m. on Saturdays

Try Alfred the Great their English Rye Barley Wine (pictured) Though they are famous for beer, try their chef inspired restaurant menu at the Ale House.


hen you hear the words Fargo and beer, what pops into your head? Outside of the small handful who shouted “Busch Light!”, chances are you immediately thought of the aptly named Fargo Brewing Company. Though they have been around since 2010, the brewing firm has steadily grown in terms of production and reach. They now distribute in North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin and Minnesota. Their true size and capacity is put in perspective by the vast number of blue, red and brown cans resting on pallet racks in the brewhouse. Fargo Brewing Company still has their staples. Aaron Hill, one of the masterminds behind the entire operation says their mainstays still remain their most popular beers. “Our number one seller is Stone’s Throw, but the most well-known is our Woodchipper IPA,” Hill said. “We are brewing at least two batches of Stone’s

Tap Room 610 University N, Fargo

Ale House 4445 17th Ave. S, Fargo

Monday-Friday | 4-10 p.m. Saturday | 12-10 p.m. Sunday | 12-6 p.m.

Sunday-Thursday | 11 a.m. - 10 p.m. Friday-Saturday | 11 a.m. - 12 p.m.


Throw throughout the year, and probably three batches in the summer.” With the company now heading into its eighth year, Fargo Brewing Company knows it needs to keep up with beer trends. “When we started, clarity in your beer was key,” he said. “Now the trend is these hazy IPAs, which is totally different. It is hard to get out in front of things like that. Usually, we can brew a small batch and see if we’re able to make a bigger batch once the trend really hits. But it gets tough, for sure.” They are looking forward to the future though. Fargo Brewing Company plans to have more concerts and shows in their main taproom on University. “We’re still growing in North Dakota, the people of North Dakota are just starting to catch on,” Hill said. “I think the city is working really hard to connect NDSU with downtown and seeing some stuff move this way is really promising for us in this location.”

fargobrewing.com facebook.com/fargobrewing

Making Beer 101

with Aaron Hill

Step 1 Although it differs from beer to beer, each brew has a malt profile. Brewmasters identify the beers malt profile (a recipe) and mill it. This begins the brewing process, Fargo Brewing Company usually brews four to five beers at a time.

Step 5 As the wort is transferred to the fermentation tank, it must lose nearly 200 degrees of temperature before entering. However, that number varies based on the beer being brewed and the type of yeast being used.

Step 2 After the beer recipe is milled, it is augered and sent to the brewhouse. Here, the malt will be mashed with water, which will create a wort (sugar water).

Step 6 Yeast is added as the wort is being transferred to the fermentation tank. The yeast acts with the wort to create the alcohol. As Aaron puts it, “Yeast will eat sugar and poop alcohol.”

Step 3 Once a wort is made, the liquid is transferred to a boil tank. The wort will be boiled for about an hour at 209 degrees. It is at this point that hops are added. As with the malt, each beer calls for a certain amount of hops. The earlier hops are introduced to the mixture, the more bitter the beer gets. If hops are added later, the beer ends up having more aroma, flavor and character. For example, a beer like Stone’s Throw, their Scottish Ale, has its hops brought in later in the boil since you want to taste more of the malt mixture than the hops. Step 4 The beer is then transferred into a whirlpool tank. The purpose of this is to attain as much pure liquid as possible before fermentation begins.

Step 7 After primary fermentation, which takes roughly four days, the tank has its temperature dropped to roughly 34 degrees. This is done in an effort to let the yeast settle to the bottom to be extracted, which can take up to four days as well. Step 8 Once the beer is ready (based on taste tests), it is moved to conditioning tanks. A product called biofine is added to make the beer less cloudy or hazy. More carbon dioxide is added as well. The beer will stay within the conditioning tank for three or four days. Step 9 The beer is either kegged or canned for distribution.

Beer, Wine & Spirits tour

•• E S T . 2 0 1 2 ••

junkyard brewing company

junkyard to-dos They have live music every night of the week, so join them!

Try their award-winning King Size Imperial Peanut Stout. Meet someone new! There are no TVs at Junkyard, so you have to talk with someone!


hen you look at Junkyard Brewery from the outside, you may not see much in terms of size. From the moment you walk through the door, that assumption is turned on its head as you see the diverse line-up of experimental beers on tap. Not only that, but Junkyard has plans to expand its space in the near future. “There is a building being built between us and First Avenue Promo and we’ll have the front part of that for more taproom seating,” said Nathan Haugen. “The anticipated end date is still up in the air, but we’re hoping to have it ready in the near future.” Junkyard plans to have another serving area in the new addition on top of the extra seating. The constant rotation of beers on tap keeps the casual guest wondering what they may see when they walk into Junkyard. “I think people have come to

Find Junkyard cans at your local liquor store or in the taproom.

know our brand as experimental, always having new brews on tap,” Haugen said. “You will always have those tried and true people who want the same thing every time, but we quickly learned if they come back and we don’t have what they want, we can find a similar style and they are probably going to like that. Most of our success is based on the change because people always want to know what’s on tap.” Nathan also noted how Junkyard is one of the few places in the area that has live music every night. “When we started, we were the only ones putting live music on every night, and we pride ourselves on that fact, too,” he said. “You know it seems like a pain, but if you get local and touring artists to come in, it’s not as hard to book as you’d think.”

1416 1st Ave. N, Moorhead Visit

what is the

beer dazzler award?

This prestigious award that can now be found shining in plain sight in Junkyard Brewing Company did not come easy. The annual Beer Dabbler Awards in Minneapolis welcomes over 168 breweries. By day’s end, around 500 different kinds of beer will be poured for the happy patrons at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds. At this year’s awards in February, Junkyard entered their King Size Imperial Peanut Stout for the Beer Dazzler Award. This honor is bestowed upon the best beer at the entire festival. After going through some preliminary judging, the beer was chosen for a Best in Show

Monday-Thursday | 4-10 p.m. Friday | 4 p.m. - 12 a.m. Saturday | 12 p.m. - 12 a.m. Sunday | 2-10 p.m.

flight. From there, certified beer judges tasted the brew and graded it on several different criteria. The jury came back with the verdict of Junkyard being the best beer at the festival. The only other brewery to win that award was Bent Paddle Brewing Company, one of the most popular brands in the state of Minnesota. Junkyard was given a very impressive medieval trophy that can now be seen in their taproom. “It was actually a pretty big deal for us since we are still a fairly small operation here in Moorhead,” said Nathan Haugen.

junkyardbeer.com facebook.com/JunkyardBrewingCo


Beer, Wine & Spirits tour




16 20

flatland to-dos Attend their Wednesday night trivia games hosted by Two Lanterns Trivia Come to the tap house for their monthly movie nights. Try one of their unique beers like the Ploughboy, an Oatmeal Stout, mixed with Creme Soda.

3140 Bluestem Dr. #105, West Fargo Visit


flatland brewery


ould you ever try a beer with potatoes or beets in it? If so, Flatland Brewery in West Fargo might be your place. The young brewery prides itself on experimentation with beer recipes. Hence, why you will see potato and beet beers on the tap list in the near future. “We are also the only place in town with permanently installed cask engines,” said brewmaster Frank Clemens. “So we are able to have two cask beers going at all times, which we normally infuse with other flavors. We’re able to play with flavors more like putting cinnamon vanilla, maple or chipotle lime in beer. It just lets us stand out and be more experimental with it.”

Monday | Closed Tuesday-Thursday | 3-10 p.m. Friday | 3 p.m.-12 a.m. Saturday | 11 a.m.-12 a.m. Sunday | 1-8 p.m.

For Clemens, he has found that this experimenting, which may sound odd to some, is vital to consumers. “When customers come in, the first thing they want is variety,” he said. “They want to try what is new, what is different. And they may not like them all the same, but they are just interested in trying everything.” Some of that variety will be found on Flatland’s tap list in the near future. They plan to have their potato stout (called Spuds O’ Murphy) on tap in April along with their raspberry Blonde Ale. Clemens says both of those beers went over extremely well when they were premiered last year.

flatlandbrewery.com facebook.com/FlatlandBrewery

Flatland's popular Simcosis IPA (left) and their Ploughboy Oatmeal Stout (right) make up the mainstays on the taplist.

Flatland has also rolled out a movie night once a month. In the coming months, Clemens says they will focus on only local films for those movie nights. They also spotlight their weekly trivia games, which take place every Wednesday night with Two Lanterns Trivia. Though they have only been around for just under two years, Flatland is already looking to possibly expand. “We have had conversations about it for sure,” Clemens said. “Right now, it may not be a complete reality, but if we keep moving along and distributing to more places, it will make more sense. I know we want to do it at some point though.” He also added

that if they were to expand, it would be to a building that would be devoted solely to production and distribution. Therefore, they would have a taproom and production facility in two separate locations. The only brewery in West Fargo has a lot to offer in terms of diversity for all kinds of beer drinkers. “We have something for everyone. We have a lighter beer for the non-craft beer drinker, but also have the complex stouts for those who enjoy that. It’s that variety that sets us apart,” Clemens said.

Prairie Bros popular Dreamer Cream Ale (center) is the brewery's top beer.

Beer, Wine & Spirits tour

prairie brothers brewing company


f you were to ask owner Don Kenna what sets Prairie Brothers Brewing Company apart from other places in the area, he’ll respond with a simple answer. “We are the only brewery in South Fargo,” Kenna said. “From Main Street to the South, we are the only brewery. And we are hitting on some classic beers and new ideas that make our product cleaner and better.” Having opened in 2015, Prairie Brothers has a steady mix of classic craft creations and exciting new ventures. To date, their three top sellers in the taproom are their Dreamer Cream Ale (pictured), the Coco Boingo Chocolate Milk Stout and their Haze It IPA (pictured). “We have some standards that are unlike any other standards in the area and people are going crazy for them,” said Kenna. However, they do have some new ideas on the horizon that are sure to peak any

4474 23rd Ave S, Fargo Visit


craft beer enthusiast’s interest. “We are going to have a porter style beer soon, it’s called Law Dog,” Kenna said. Prairie Brothers also plans to have a Czech Pilsner on tap by the middle of this month. Calling it Chill Pills, those style of beers are usually lighter in color and hoppy in flavor. A perfect beer for the oncoming spring weather for sure. Looking forward to the summer, Prairie Brothers plans to have several wheat beers and shandies. While that may be far off in the distance, the South Fargo brewery is always looking towards their future tap lists. In terms of distribution, Prairie Brothers pushes out their beer to 15 different locations throughout North Dakota and Minnesota. Kenna says they do not want to stop there though, “Our goal is to be all over Minnesota lakes country and in the Iron Range area,” he said. “Minnesota may seem like a saturated craft beer market, but they have such a rich palette for craft beer so that is where we want to be.” Don Kenna is always looking to the future of Prairie Brothers Brewing Company. Whether it is a wider net of distribution or new types of beer, he seems to be

Monday | Closed Tuesday-Friday | 4-10 p.m. Saturday | 12-12 a.m. Sunday | 12-6 p.m.

one step ahead. Yet, he knows it is the customer that is always right. “Our future is in the hands of the beer drinkers,” he said. “Knowing that we have a fantastic product, we don’t want to remain a small operation. We want to be big and the drive from that is with the consumer loving our product.” “We are a great brewery and people just need to give us a try,” Kenna said. “People may not know that South Fargo has a great brewery, but we have a great variety and a steady crowd of people coming through. We just want people to realize that we have great beer.”

prairie brothers to-dos Like the hoppy taste of an IPA, but also like the malty taste of a stout? Drink their Padfoot Black IPA with notes of hops and coffee. Don't miss out on Pub Trivia every Tuesday at 7 p.m. If you love Prairie Brothers beer, join their rewards club.

prairiebrothersbrewing.com facebook.com/prairiebrosbrewing

Beer, Wine & Spirits tour


15 EST. 20

Kilstone brewing •

kilstone to-dos Try their Chocofee Stout made with Cold Brew coffee. Keep your eyes peeled for their new downtown location coming soon! As summer approaches, get your hands on their Watermelon Wheat Beer!

764 34th St. N. Unit R, Fargo Visit



s soon as you walk into Kilstone Brewing on 34th Street in Fargo, you may be surprised. Not by the aroma of malt and hops, but by the mere fact that there is a brewery in this location. Nestled within one of Fargo's industrial parks, Kilstone certainly has its regulars, as well as new arrivals too. "It's a 'Cheers!' type atmosphere here," said Manager and Brewer Grant Wigen. "We try to experiment a little bit, but we like to have approachable beers on tap. So if you are a Miller Lite drinker or if you like something darker, we will have something to fit your taste. We want to cater to everyone's likes and wants. " The family-owned brewery that opened in 2015, gives a comfortable atmosphere to whoever walks in the door. "It's going

Sunday-Tuesday | Closed Wednesday-Friday | 3-10 p.m. Saturday | 1-10 p.m.

to feel like home and it's going to feel like family," Wigen said. "Whether you've been working up in the industrial park all day or you've been grinding in an office, you can come in and sit here and be someplace that's a little different, but still relaxed like home. That is the goal." Wigen says Kilstone's most popular beer comes in the summertime. "Our top beer is our Watermelon Wheat Beer, which we brew in the summer," he said. "Actually, we will start brewing that really soon, so keep an eye out." The other popular beers at Kilstone are their Irish Red Ales and their Polyphonic Pale Ale. "Obviously, the IPAs go quickly too," Wigen said. As for exciting new beers on tap, Kilstone has a few for you to try out this month. Their Winter Escape Belgian Wheat has notes of fruit in it, to give you a spring and summer feel while drinking. Kilstone's


other new wildly popular beer is their Chocoffee Stout. This brew is infused with chocolate and Atomic Coffee cold press, which gives it a nice malt profile. However, do not let the term "stout" fool you, this beer is still smooth and easy to drink. The biggest news circling Kilstone is their new location at 222 Broadway in Fargo. "It's going to be awesome. We are all just really excited around here," Wigen said. "We will be able to go to a 10 barrel system, which means we will be able to produce more beer. That way we can actually move out into the canning and bottling market. Within the year, we will be on that system and hopefully, we will begin that process shortly after." Kilstone's new location will be right above where Atomic Coffee is now, a building Absolute Marketing Group now occupies. This second-floor aesthetic will be different

from other downtown breweries. "We have a balcony overlooking Broadway and that is the only balcony that overlooks Broadway," Wigen said. "It's going to be really cool." Wigen says he is not entirely sure if Kilstone will keep their 34th Street location open. He believes it would make more sense, from a licensing perspective, to close that location. "It's just easier to do it that way," Wigen said. Along with the new location, Kilstone will be able to distribute to a wider range of areas. "Right now, we just self-distribute in Fargo," he said. "That will hopefully change with the new system because we want to get our beer into Lakes Country, but we just can't make enough beer right now." Wigen believes Kilstone's new location will be ready by late summer of this year. If not that, expect to see Kilstone opening in the early Fall of 2018. With a new location on the horizon, this small operation may turn into something far bigger at this time next year.

Beer, Wine & Spirits tour

ES T. 20 17 •

wild terra cider and brewing


t has not been around long, but in the short time Wild Terra Cider and Brewing has been in existence, it has been a hot spot in the area. Now, the establishment has begun making their own homemade cider. They may not be the ciders you are expecting, but they will be just as flavorful, according to owner Ethan Hennings. “We are going to be making a lot of dry ciders,” he said. “There are not a whole lot of dryer

wild terra to-dos Utilize their shuffleboard table! They may have leagues starting soon. Try their homemade dry ciders which are not as sweet as commercial ciders, but even more delicious. Wild Terra has a wide variety of small bites if you're feeling hungry. Perhaps a mushroom and gorgonzola flatbread?

styles in North Dakota. It may not be what people expect when they think of ciders.” In terms of how many ciders they are making at one time, Hennings says it may fluctuate. “We are still kind of tweaking things and experimenting. Hopefully, we have four to six on tap at a time, but we will be rotating styles and flavors frequently.” Their goal is to try different styles of ciders and decide which ones work out best with the customer. It is those ciders that may end up being the flagship beverages. However, there will be an ever-rotating cast of ciders on tap, as well. Wild Terra wants to use local apples as much as possible too. “We have a distribution facility from Michigan that we will use all year round,” Hennings said. “However, when it comes to harvest and fall time, we are going to do our best to use only North Dakota apples and some Minnesota too. The focus will be to find every North Dakota apple and make a true North Dakota cider.”

The goal for Hennings is to make as local of a product as possible. “I want to find some of the lesser-known, but still homegrown North Dakota berries,” he said. “We have a cider on tap now using the Aronia berry, which is a North Dakota berry, but it has tons of antioxidants and a great flavor. We also have some wild plums too. Just things like that to make it more of a local product.” For the future, Wild Terra has some other exciting ventures besides cider. They plan to start making kombucha at some point this year. They plan to bottle and distribute that product while also having a few styles on tap. There are more exciting things in the works for Wild Terra, which include bringing a slice of Spanish cider pouring to the taproom. Though it has not been around terribly long, Wild Terra Cider and Brewing has new and exciting initiatives that will continue to make them a hot spot in the Fargo nightlife scene.

6 12th St. N, Fargo Visit

making cider 101

with ethan hennings

Step 1 Start with a fruit choice. That will become the fermentable sugar in the drink.

Step 4 Depending on the style of cider, fermentation can take from two weeks to a full month.

Step 2 Add either wine yeast or ale yeast (Hennings uses both). At Wild Terra, the primary yeast used is champagne yeast.

Step 5 Cider is then racked for a month or more in a sterile container before it can be bottled or put on tap at Wild Terra.

Step 3 Like wine or beer, cider must ferment to create the alcohol. To make a dryer cider, Hennings lets all of the sugar turn into alcohol. However, if he wants a sweeter cider, he does not let that happen, leaving some of the sugar in the beverage.

Monday-Thursday | 2 - 10 p.m. Friday | 2 - 11 p.m. Saturday | 12 - 11 p.m. Sunday | 12 - 8 p.m.



Beer, Wine & Spirits tour

5• EST. 201

Proof artisan distillers

I proof to-dos Try their Crooked Furrow Harvest Blend bourbon. Grab a custom cocktail from their award-winning bartenders in the tasting room. Keep an eye out for their cocktails on tap, coming soon to various establishments around Fargo.

414 4th Ave N, Fargo Visit


n the distilling industry, it may be difficult to stand out. There are only so many combinations to be had that things may seem repetitive. However, Proof Artisan Distillers has continued to re-invent what it means to distill alcohol. Not to mention, they are the only distillery in the FargoMoorhead area. Distiller Jeremy Meidinger and the group at Proof have formulated a few products that are unlike any other in the region. They begin with their Crooked Furrow Harvest Blend bourbon. "It is North Dakota's first legally produced bourbon ever," said Meidinger. "It's made out of North Dakota corn and barley. What makes it blended is you take your oldest bourdon and combine it with stuff that never went in a barrel. Then you put all

Sunday-Tuesday | Closed Wednesday-Saturday | 5 p.m.–12 a.m.

of that into a barrel." Meidinger says the reason for this is so the bourbon is allowed to age longer. "The name 'Crooked Furrow' obviously comes from furrows that are created when you plant corn," Meidinger said. "But grandpa always said, 'Corn grows better in a crooked furrow'. Of course, he just said that because he drove crooked." Another new initiative Proof is taking is the idea of mixing cocktails to be put on tap. "You're starting to see it pick up more around the country as a popular thing," he said. "You just mix the cocktail into a keg and hook it up to any tap system, like beer. Then if you want a Moscow Mule, it's right there to be poured. The cool thing about that system is that it monitors ABV so you don't overserve. It's a lot more controlled."

proofdistillers.com facebook.com/prooffargo

Proof still has their primary distillates that keep people coming back. "Our flagships are still the whiskey, the vodka and the gin," Meidinger said. "That's because we are doing something different with all of them." Proof is one of the few distilleries in the country that uses 100 percent potato base in their vodka. "We are also bringing gin back to its former glory," he said. "Technically, it's not even supposed to be a flavor profile. The only stipulation to make gin is 51 percent juniper by its botanical build. How strong you make the juniper in there depends, but we have chosen to do it less."

a location." However, Meidinger said he could not release any details on that location yet. "It's going to be really cool though," he said. "The things around it are going to make it a tourist destination I think. You'll be able to do a mini bourbon trail, only in North Dakota."

Fargo's only distillery is only getting started too. Meidinger says they plan to have a rickhouse facility sometime soon. Rickhouses are used primarily as an aging space for the distillates. "It has to be within city limits or 10 miles from city limits," he said. "But we have to have it away from certain things as the product is considered volatile. But we think we have nailed down

Jeremy Meidinger also shows his gratitude to the various establishments in Fargo and Moorhead. "The breweries and the meadery have all been so great to us, and we just want to say thank you," he said. While they continue to give thanks to the community, Proof Artisan Distillers has become a powerhouse in the FargoMoorhead area.

More than anything, Proof wants you to know that they are as local as it gets. "Anything we can get from North Dakota, we get," Meidinger said. "The only thing on our Crooked Furrow bottle that has left the state is the cap and the label. Everything else is sourced locally."

One of Prairie Rose's most popular is their relatively new Plum mead.

Beer, Wine & Spirits tour

•E S

T. 2012•

prairie rose meadery

prairie rose to-dos Be adventurous and try their pineapple chipotle mead. Equal part sweet, equal part spicy. Mix their ginger mead with lemon sour mix and have yourself a mead mule. Ask about their partnership with Proof Artisan Distillers.

3101 39th Street South E, Fargo Visit



here is something about the atmosphere when you step inside Prairie Rose Meadery in South Fargo. You get the sense of togetherness and family, and that is no doubt their goal. Susan and Bob Ruud opened up the establishment after developing a hobby and passion for making mead. The most common question Susan gets asked is, “What is the difference between mead and wine?” and she is quick to point out the simple difference. “The main fermentable in mead is honey whereas the main fermentable in wine is grapes. Some meads do have some grapes in them but the primary fermentable is always honey,” she said.

Monday-Wednesday | Closed Thursday-Friday | 5-10 p.m. Saturday | 11 a.m.-11 p.m. Sunday | 12-6 p.m.

One new thing Prairie Rose is trying out involves a partnership with Proof Artisan Distillers. “We have actually started getting some of Proof’s empty barrels, cleaning them and putting our mead in them,” Ruud said. “Whatever was previously in that barrel gets picked up in the mead. Sometimes you get more hints of the alcohol than others, but it adds a more complex flavor to the mead.” Susan believes that Fargo is different because of how close all of the local breweries, distilleries and wineries are on a personal level. This allows them to have partnerships with places like Proof. “I pretty much know and have a good relationship with all the brewery guys, the wineries and, obviously, Proof too,” she


The three bottles pictured are the meads aged in Proof barrels.

said. “The area is big enough where we can send people to other places in our area. I don’t feel like we are in competition with one another.” The most popular mead according to Ruud is their original, which features only the honey flavor. Other flavors that have become popular are blackberry, ginger and plum, which was just recently unveiled. “We have a following for all the kinds. People have their mainstays they like to stick to,” Ruud said. An ideal situation for Prairie Rose would be to move location to a place more findable in Fargo. “We would like to get on a main road or even downtown,” she said. “Trying to find a place around there is obviously a challenge, but we are kind of hidden back here. A lot of people see it as

a sort of destination location, but we are certainly growing too.” Susan strives to get as much North Dakota product as possible. “All of the honey we use in our meads is made in Killdeer, North Dakota. We try to get as much local fruit and spices from local sources too,” she said. “It is obviously hard to make the spices locally, but our mint is made in North Dakota as well.” Prairie Rose Meadery plans to release some new flavors of mead in the coming months. They are trying out new kinds of honey that is still made in North Dakota. Susan and Bob are also trying new fruit combinations like aronia orange. It is this adventurous style that has made Prairie Rose Meadery one of the best in the Midwest. They have won several national awards at competitions around the United States. “We are a place that is relaxing, a place you can talk to your friends and we stay quieter than some of the other places,” Susan said. “So come visit us!”

Drumconrath Brewing Company


Drumconrath Brewing Company 349 Knutson St, Mapleton, ND drumconrathbrewing.com

Rhombus Guys Brewing Company 116 S. 3rd St, Grand Forks, ND rhombusguysbrewing.com

Half Brothers Brewing Company 17 N 3rd St, Grand Forks, ND halfbrothersbrewing.com

Buffalo Commons Brewing Company

2307 Memorial Hwy, Mandan, ND buffalocommonsbeer.com

Bird Dog Brewing

1005 E. Main St, Mandan, ND birddogbrewing.beer

Laughing Sun Brewing Company 107 N 5th St, Bismarck, ND laughingsunbrewing.com


Disgruntled Brewing

Bismarck Brewing

1100 Canada Ave, Bismarck, ND bismarckbrewing.com

Souris River Brewing

32 3rd St. NE, Minot, ND sourisriverbrewing.com

Stonehome Brewing Company

313 Fox Hills Parkway, Watford City, ND stonehomebrewing.com

Tavern Brewery

200 West Lake Dr., Detroit Lakes, MN lakesidetavern.com

Disgruntled Brewing

1828, 735 2nd St. NE, Perham, MN disgruntledbeer.com

Union Pizza and Brewing Company

114 S Union Ave, Fergus Falls, MN unionpizzaandbrewing.com

Bemidji Brewing

211 America Ave. NW, Bemidji, MN bemidjibeer.com

Copper Trail Brewing Company

410 30th Ave. E #103, Alexandria, MN coppertrailbrewing.com

Beaver Island Brewing Company 216 6th Ave. S, St Cloud, MN beaverislandbrew.com

Dempsey's Brewery Restaurant and Pub

127 N Broadway, Watertown, SD dempseybrewpub.com

Wooden Legs Brewing Company 309 5th St. #100, Brookings, SD woodenlegsbrewing.com

Courtesy of Prairie Style File, Disgruntled Brewing Company, Maple River Distillery, Panther Distillery and 4e Winery

Feeling Adventurous?

Fargo is not the only locale in this region with fantastic breweries, wineries, and distilleries. Check these places out if you and your drinking buddies are up for an excursion.

Panther distillery

maple river distillery

Maple River Distillery

4 Langer Ave. N, Casselton, ND mapleriverdistillery.com

Far North Spirits


2045 220th Ave, Hallock, MN farnorthspirits.com

Panther Distillery

300, 8335, E Pike St., Osakis, MN pantherdistillery.com

Glacial Lakes Distillery

1207 6th Ave. NW #170, Watertown, SD glaciallakesdistillery.com

wineries 4e winery

Maple River Winery

628 Front St, Casselton, ND mapleriverwinery.com

4e Winery

3766 156th Ave. SE, Mapleton, ND 4ewinery.com

Red Trail Vineyards

3510 142nd Ave. SE, Buffalo, ND redtrailvineyards.com

Rookery Rock Winery

3660 147th Ave. SE, Wheatland, ND

Fluffy Fields Vineyard & Winery 2708 21st St. E, Dickinson, ND fluffyfields.com

Richwood Winery

27799 Co. Hwy. 34, Callaway, MN richwoodwinery.com

Carlos Creek Winery

6693 County Rd. 34 NW, Alexandria, MN carloscreekwinery.com

Apple Creek Winery

18100 22nd Ave. SE, Menoken, ND applecreekwinery.com

Coming Soon to Fargo Drekker Brewing Company 1632 1st Ave. N, Fargo drekkerbrewing.com Opening in August 2018

Kilstone Brewing

222 Broadway, Fargo Late Summer or early Fall 2018

Pixelated Brewing Company 1100 NP Ave. N, Fargo Opening Date TBD




As Spring comes upon us, here a few new things for you to try in the month of April.

911 roll & yellowtail roll

Hillary Ehlen

One of the best (and spiciest) sushi rolls on the Wasabi menu. Tempura shrimp, ahi tuna and salmon make up the seafood within the cucumber roll. It is then topped with jalapeno, cream cheese, avocado, spicy mayo and eel sauce. The yellowtail roll features yellowtail fish with green scallions, tuna and a red ginger sauce. Wasabi

623 NP Ave, Fargo drunkennoodle.com 39

surf & turf salad

Spring mix greens are topped with a six-ounce sirloin steak and wild caught shrimp that is seasoned to perfection. A side of house lemon dressing adds a zesty kick to this already tasty dish. Deep Blue Seafood

4480 23rd Ave S, Fargo dbseafood.com

iced caramel macchiato

As the weather gets warmer, you will need something chilly to cool off. With their coffee beans made in Grand Forks, Bully Brew will be able to satisfy your iced beverage cravings with this Carmel Macchiato. Topped with whipped creme and a caramel drizzle, it will give you a nice kick to start your day. Bully Brew Coffee House

4150 40th Ave S, Fargo bullybrewcoffeehouse.com


beer cheese lucy

This juicy burger is filled (yes, filled) with housemade beer cheese sauce. It is topped with fried onion strings, bacon, and a slice of habanero jack cheese. A pretzel bun fills out the rest of this massive, flavorful burger. Crooked Pint Ale House

3340 13th Ave S, Fargo crookedpint.com/fargo

szechwan shrimp

This delectable dish may make you sweat, depending on how much you eat. Marinated shrimp on a bed of vegetables with jasmine rice in the middle makes for a delightful, yet spicy bite. Lucky's 13 Pub

4301 17th Ave S, Fargo luckys13pub.com



BY C.J. English | PHOTOS COURTESY OF C.J. English

I remember the exact moment when I decided to drink wine every night for the rest of my life.


It was 11 p.m., I was sitting at our kitchen table naked from the waist up. All three of my human children and another furry one were finally asleep and it was time to settle down with a glass of Cabernet and Game of Thrones. Just kidding, that’s what I wished would happen, that was not my reality as a new mom. In addition to my full-time job, I was also chief diaper changer, head housemaid to five crumb droppers and one more teeny-

tiny important thing: I was the milk factory. So instead of binge-watching and wine drinking, I had to attach the bicycle horn pumps to my oversized milk machines and coerce the baby’s food through the tubing and into the bottles. After perhaps thousands of bottles of milk over many years, in the blink of a moment for no one specific reason, I’d decided I was done. I would no longer

grow baby humans and I would no longer produce or pump milk. I was done. Among other things, I just wanted to be able to have a glass of guilt-free wine— delectable red wine with subtle hints of chocolate and smoked bourbon. I looked at my husband who was sitting in the living room blissfully immune to his naked wife pumping milk and I said, “Honey, this is the last bottle of

C.J. English is a Fargo native and the Amazon Kindle Best Selling Weight Loss Author of WTF am I supposed to eat? A dieters manifesto. In 2015, her breakout memoir "AFFAIRYTALE" debuted at #1 in Diaries and Journals. When she is not writing, she can be found locally at Rejuv Medical Aesthetic Clinic where she sees clients privately for weight loss coaching.

milk I am ever going to pump. I’ve just spent three years dry and I want you to know that I’m going to drink wine every night for the rest of my life.”

from the pantry at nine o’clock at night. Having a glass (sometimes two) instead of eating after dinner is the lesser evil of the two.

He laughed a little then shrugged, “Okay.”

Now, you might argue that eating carrots or having a protein shake at bedtime is not evil and would be healthier, that’s not the point. What I’m saying is that there is nothing in my pantry that I’m going to pick at nine at night that is less harmful to my weight and health. There are much more detrimental things a person can do in their diet besides having a glass of wine every night.

And so…my wine drinking life began, where I have a glass of wine with dinner, after dinner or both if I want too. Not soon after this new fantastic way of living began, a miraculous thing happened—I didn’t gain weight. Still today, I allow myself a glass of wine any night of the week and it does not adversely affect my weight. It only makes me a happier wife and mom. I So, am I telling you that if enjoy the medicinal effects of you start drinking, you’ll lose relaxation and the feeling of weight? It depends. But I being a little giddy. There is will tell you this, if you stop another big reason too, there eating after dinner, even if are much worse things I could you replace that food with be doing at nine o’clock at one glass of wine, I’ll put my night, like eating. money down that you’ll lose Want to know more One glass of red weight if you about losing weight, wine is about have weight to drinking wine and eating 125 calories lose. plant? Check out "WTF am I and is less supposed to eat? A dieter’s detrimental to Eat plants. Drink manifesto," available online my weight than wine. That’s my through Amazon, Barnes & anything I’m motto and I’m Noble, Wal-Mart and other going to pick sticking to it. book retailers.







let's talk cheese & Booze

By Nikki Berglund Photos by Hillary Ehlen

Nikki Berglund is a Fargo native and the owner of Luna Fargo, a local neighborhood restaurant specializing in casual upscale comfort food using fresh and local flavors and ingredients whenever possible. She is also the third generation to operate her family liquor store, Bernie’s Wines and Liquors. She has passed her Level One Sommelier Certification with the intention of becoming a Level Two Certified Sommelier in the near future. She is also currently studying to become a Certified Cheese Professional, aka a "cheese monger."


veryone you know is heading out to a cheese and wine pairing event these days. Or they are checking out one of the numerous beer and cheese tastings going on around town. So, what if you love cheese but would prefer a good old cocktail instead? Well, it turns out that liquor can make a fine companion to cheese too! While the pairings are a bit trickier and the offerings are a bit stronger, you can really make some fantastic things happen when you pair food and liquor. It’s also fun to talk about all the new things going on around here. It just so happens that not only does Luna now offer a small but discerning list of spirits, we also have some delicious new cheeses to talk about for the Spring. In keeping with the true nature of Luna, we kept our liquor list as regional as possible, so all the spirits mentioned here come from our neck of the woods. Here is a simple list of pairings to get you started down the rabbit hole of more ways to pair cheese with your booze of choice.


1 Tattersall Vodka/Cana de Cabra Goat Cheese

Tattersall opened their distillery in Minneapolis in 2015 and these folks really know their liquor. Not only did they set up our bar and train our staff for us, they also designed a special cocktail list and then came to town for an amazing cocktail pairing dinner. Their premium spirits make up a large portion of our menu because they are just that good. This is a particularly clean tasting vodka, so it pairs well with the lighter spectrum of cheeses. Since the vodka is delicate in flavor, some of the more full-flavored cheeses could be overpowering. I think a nice choice is our Cana de Cabra goat cheese from Spain. I also think it would be fun to play with some of the flavored vodkas out there too, but I’ll save that for another day.


3 2 4



2 1

2 Far North Solveig Gin/ Garroxta Aged Goat Cheese

If you are into cool stories, this distillery has one. You will find them in Hallock, Minnesota, at the very tippy top of Minnesota, which apparently makes them the Northernmost distillery in the US. Working out of a fourthgeneration family farm, they do it all themselves. They hand select, plant and harvest all non-GMO grains, and then they mill, distill and bottle all spirits from start to finish. Garroxta is another Spanish goat cheese that has reappeared on our shelves as of late. This one is aged, which gives it a whole different flavor profile than the non-aged version. With its nose of citrus, pine cones and lavender, this delicate gin works well with the tangy herbal notes of the cheese.

Far North Ălander Spiced Rum/Lucky Linda Cheddar 3

Just like this award-winning rum, this pairing is super fun. This is definitely NOT Captain Morgan of your early twenties though. It is smooth and subtle and will be delightful with one of our newest cheeses from Redhead Creamery, which also just so happens to come from Brooten, Minnesota. This is a clothbound cheddar, which adds a savory element and is perfect for the spiciness of the rum.

4 Proof Crooked Furrow Bourbon/Mt Tam’s Brie

Our own hometown heroes in the distillery world, Proof is taking the Midwest by storm with their awardwinning spirits. If you haven’t been to the distillery, you are most definitely missing out. They are happy to show you around and answer all your questions. I recently went on my first tour and was really impressed with what an operation these guys are running. For this pairing, the creaminess and saltiness of the brie enhance the richness of the bourbon.

Though I consider myself fairly adept at pairing food with wine and beer, I admit this liquor stuff is a little more of a stretch for me. Hence the reason I picked some simple cocktail pairings to play around with. But as with wine and beer, if you follow some basic food pairing rules, anyone can become a cheese and booze pairing aficionado. And now that I have all of these new liquors at my fingertips, I might just have to do some experimenting. I wonder what cheese would pair well with Fireball?


By Eric Watson Photo by Hillary Ehlen


lemon macarons

Makes approx. 20


• 1 cup Sugar, powdered • 2/3 cup Almond Flour • 2 ea. Egg whites, room temperature • ¼ cup Sugar, granulated • 3-6 drops Yellow food dye • 1 tsp. Lemon zest, finely chopped

h c n e fr macarons

Intimidating no more


think the spring season has a way of motivating me to experiment and refine my baking and pastry skills. The sunshine and occasional spurts of warmth are tempting me to get outside but then the cold keeps pushing me back indoors. I suppose the focus on baking helps me to cope with the overwhelming emotion of spring fever. By the time May arrives, I should be a far stronger pastry chef than I was just a few weeks prior. Most chefs defer to pastry professionals to produce desserts that may require a more delicate touch. The classic French macaron is a perfect example of a pastry item that not only requires a delicate touch and a solid understanding of technique, but also a commitment to mass produce them day after day. Then again, if a simplified recipe and process can be introduced, then any restaurant or home chef can more easily pull it off. When it comes to classic cooking principles, I’m certainly not a purist. I believe that simpler methods can always be found and that the classics are meant to be adapted to a chef’s personality and

Preparation • Place the powdered sugar and almond flour in a food processor and pulse mixture quickly or until very fine in texture. • Whip the egg whites with an electric mixer fitted with wire whip attachment until you have achieved a soft peak texture. Add the granulated sugar, food dye and zest. Continue to whip at high speed until you achieve stiff peaks. • Gently fold the almond flour and powdered sugar into the whipped egg whites being careful not to deflate the mixture.

passions. French macarons are a good example. If you rely simply on the tried and true classic French techniques, you may find yourself trying too hard to accomplish something that can be pulled off through simpler means.

• Place the batter in a piping bag with a small circular pastry tip. Pipe batter into ½-¾ inch circles onto parchment paper or a silicone mat on a baking pan. Tap the pan on a counter surface to ensure the cookie surface is even.

The classic French macaron will require you to not only have your egg whites at room temperature, but to allow them to rest for several hours. There is an advantage to this scientifically, but not a step required for the average home food enthusiast.

• Let the raw cookies sit at room temperature for approximately 20 minutes to allow the surface to dry and harden slightly.

Simplified recipes can often provide an end-result that is parallel, or at least very close, to its classic recipe counterpart. When two macarons are placed side by side for a professional to examine and taste, of course, there may be a slight difference but that’s not to say it’s not of high quality and acceptable.

• Bake at 325 degrees in a convection oven for approximately 8 minutes. Bake time will vary depending on the size of the cookie and the oven being used. • Remove from the oven and allow cookies to cool completely. Use a preserve, buttercream or other fillings to sandwich two cookies together. • Ideally, macarons are served the same day or frozen for up to two weeks for future use.

Baking should be rewarding. It should provide a certain level of therapy for you. If your macaron isn’t quite as good as the one you had in Paris, don’t worry. Just make it a hundred or so times more and it eventually will be.

Eric Watson is the owner of Rustica Eatery & Tavern and Mosaic Foods in Fargo. He is also the co-founder and past president of the Fargo brand of the American Culinary Federation. 47

A A Transcendent Transcendent Footprint Footprint

Katherine Kilbourne Burgum's impact has shimmered brightly on the city of Fargo as told by her son, Governor Doug Burgum. BY Nolan Schmidt PHOTOS COURTESY OF THE Kilbourne-Burgum Family



rying to understand the legacy left behind by Katherine Kilbourne Burgum is a lot like Fargo, her favorite city. It is already wide and vast, but yet it keeps branching out further and further. Her impact is full of cultural and civic diversity, but most of all, it revolves around a love for community and curiosity. With this historic influence, Kilbourne Burgum has made a footprint in Fargo that may be bigger than any other. Outside of her effect on the city and region, she was also able to pass her values onto her children. Interestingly enough, one of them became North Dakota's 33rd Governor. "She was an inspiring teacher," said Governor Doug Burgum. "She embodied the values that I still think are important today." He says it was a child-like curiosity that made this possible. "Throughout her lifetime, she never lost her curiosity," Burgum said. "She filled us in on that too. It seemed like her curiosity made taking risks less risky." The Governor is the youngest of three kids had by Katherine

"She embodied the values that e I still think ary." important toda m gu - Doug Bur

and Joe Burgum. Growing up in Arthur, North Dakota, he sought influence in his mother and father. "I am grateful for both of my parents," he said. "They were both great role models, engaged in the community. That provided us with a great foundation." Even when Joe dropped out of graduate school to join the Navy after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the couple stayed close. Burgum believes it was this tight bond that made his mother who she was. "After dad got back from the war, they still had the same tight bond," he said. "It's that strength and perseverance that made her so special." That resilience was put to the test after Joe Burgum passed away in 1971. The Burgum patriarch was only 53-years-old. Katherine Kilbourne Burgum saw that she needed to stay strong and

February 26


Katherine Kilbourne is born in Minneapolis, Kansas.


1919 The Kilbourne family moves to Topeka, Kansas.

The Kilbournes move to Fargo where Katherine's father, Dr. Burton Kilbourne, became the city's first public health director.

"She was incredibly successful in that role," Burgum said. "She was a tenacious recruiter and I think she got something like 18 PhDs to come to the school. She also got the school accredited, which was another major accomplishment." Though she retired from the Dean position

1939 1937


move forward. That included her going back to a daytime job. She was named acting Dean of NDSU's College of Home Economics in 1972. After becoming permanent Dean soon after, she got down to business immediately. By 1973, Katherine had been the primary benefactor in building a new facility for the College of Home Economics. That building has since been renovated and named after Katherine.

Katherine graduates from Fargo Central High School and chooses to attend college at North Dakota Agricultural College.

Kilbourne graduates from NDAC (now known as North Dakota State University) with majors in Home Economics, Education, Foods and Nutrition and a minor in Journalism.

After moving East to New York, Katherine taught home economics in a Long Island high school. She did this while taking masters classes at Columbia University. She received her masters that same year in Home Economics, Education and Related Art.

1939 Katherine becomes an assistant professor at Wayne State University in Detroit. While there, she was recognized for her groundbreaking research in airborne seafood transport.


"Her desire to create beautiful spaces, her appreciation of art. She was just really something." around downtowns. "Main Street is based on economics, workforce and communities," he said. "We want North Dakota to be competitive. So, how do we build 13,000 or more jobs in our state? We can't if all our cities have dilapidated downtowns."

in 1980, Katherine did not stop representing Fargo. Governor Burgum recalls how Downtown Fargo resonated with his mother and the entire Burgum family. "Her father was Fargo's first Public Health Director and she grew up at 1122 4th Street North, so she grew up around the original downtown," he said. "She walked down Broadway to get to school every day. So she saw what downtown was and what it could be. At that time, the Black Building was the tallest structure in North Dakota." Burgum also added that when Katherine was growing up, Downtown Fargo was beginning to grow as well, casting a wider net in the city. However, by the time Doug

1944 Katherine marries Joe Burgum of Arthur, North Dakota. The couple met while studying at NDAC.

was growing up in the 1970s, Downtown Fargo was regressing. He recalls having to go the orthodontist's office in Downtown Fargo when he was in middle school and seeing his mother gaze at the state of downtown. "It was declining by the '70s when I was growing up," he said. "And she took that personally, knowing what a downtown should be. It was through her that got my passion for downtown." That is why Burgum founded the appropriately named Kilbourne Group in 2006. It is obvious enough that the Governor named the company after his mother, but there is more to it than a simple namesake. "There would not be a Kilbourne

Group at all if it was not for her instilling that downtown enthusiasm," Burgum said. Since its inception, Kilbourne Group has enlivened much of the older downtown buildings with renovations to the Black Building, and the building where Prairie Roots Food Co-op now stands, too. They have also invested in new, exciting projects for the city like the much-anticipated Block 9 project. All of this was made possible because of Katherine Kilbourne Burgum's love for downtown Fargo. As Governor, Burgum has continued to push the revitalization of downtowns throughout the state. His Main Street Initiative is grounded, in part, to what he calls "vibrant communities," which revolve

1952 After Joe returned from serving in the Navy in World War II, the couple moved back to Arthur. Their first child, Bradley, was born in 1952.


"When people are looking to move here, they look at the community first and the job second," Burgum said. "We have to restore those downtown cores to make our communities more attractive. It is beneficial to taxpayers for downtown infrastructure to be thriving, it's a workforce argument and taxpayer initiative." Katherine's upbringing cultivated a lifestyle she would stand by for most of her life. "Growing up during the Great Depression, frugality was key," Burgum said. "She lived almost her entire life that way." Governor Burgum says that changed at age 82 when Katherine was on the Board of Directors for Doug's Great Plains Software company. Though the company wrestled to gain capital in the earlygoing, Katherine stood with

1968 1953 The couple's second child, Barbara, is born.


1956 Youngest son Doug is born.

Katherine serves as the Republican Party's National Committeewoman for North Dakota.

Joe Burgum passes away from cancer at the age of 53.

1972 Katherine becomes acting Dean for NDSU's College of Home Economics.

her son. "We had struggled through the '80s and '90s," Burgum said. "Nobody in our family had bought shares, except her. I remember we were at a meeting with investment bankers and they all thought she would sell her shares. Then she got up and said, 'I'd actually like to buy some shares.' She believed in us that much." Great Plains Software was eventually acquired by Microsoft in 2000.It was this purchase by Microsoft that let Katherine move out of her usually economical approach to money. "The acquisition by Microsoft gave her the extra capital to do philanthropic work," Governor Burgum said. She continued these campaigns up until the end. Katherine Kilbourne Burgum died peacefully on April 12, 2005, shortly after her 90th birthday. However, the Burgum family opted to do something different with her estate. "In her honor, we set up a foundation using her estate rather than have it go to us as a family," Burgum said. "Now, whenever we do a gift for the foundation, I

always think that this would not be possible if she had not believed in us." The Burgum family has provided funds to the Plains Art Museum and the Fargo-Moorhead Community Theatre. Because of their generosity, Katherine Kilbourne Burgum has her name on The Stage at Island Park's pavilion and Plains Arts' Center for Creativity.

Katherine Kilbourne Burgum's youngest son knows the sweeping impact his mother had on this city, region and state. "Her desire to create beautiful spaces, her appreciation of art. She was just really something," he said. "It's hard sometimes because all the things we've been able to do since she left are things she would've loved to do."

Governor Burgum reflected on his mother's final few months. "She was full of grace, even if she knew she was at the end of her life," he said. "She never put a limit on us kids or her grandkids, she always wanted us to reach higher."

Never the less, Governor Doug Burgum believes his mother would be happy if she were still around today. "She would just be tickled about everything we've done," he said. "And we're just getting started."

"There would not be a Kilbourne Group at all if it was not for her instilling that downtown enthusiasm."

2011 1984


April 12


1980 Katherine retires from her position at NDSU.


Governor George Sinner appointed Katherine to the Study Commission on Fitness and Productivity.

Katherine voted the North Dakota ballot in the National Electoral College for President George H.W. Bush.

The facility Katherine helped build for the College of Home Economics is renovated. It is named after her.

Katherine Kilbourne Burgum passes away in Fargo.

2012 The Burgum family donates funds to the Fargo-Moorhead Community Theatre to build the Katherine Kilbourne Burgum pavilion at The Stage and Island Park

The Katherine Kilbourne Burgum Center for Creativity is built in the Plains Art Museum in Fargo.





of the Month

kalcey wike @ Barcode Bar & Grill

835 23rd Ave. E, West Fargo barcodebar.net

Barcode is one of the newest bar and grills in our area having opened in January 2018. For those unfamiliar with the West Fargo landscape, it lies right across the street from Costco. Though they are young in age, they have one of the most seasoned bartenders in the Red River Valley. Kalcey Wike recently moved out to West Fargo after working at The Turf, an NDSU hot spot, for nearly two decades. Now, Wike has retreated from the college scene to a more relaxed feel at Barcode.

BY Nolan Schmidt PHOTOS BY Hillary Ehlen



Since 1999. I was at the Bison Turf for 17 years until it burned down, I was the bartender and night manager there. Then I was at Brickhouse for the last year and a half and now two months here.


It's new, it's different. There's a different crowd, less kids too. The Turf was kind of a North Fargo community bar and that included the NDSU community, which made it a very large group. This is more of a neighboorhood bar, which is our goal in West Fargo. In the last year and a half, I have gotten to know quite a few people from West Fargo. I live over here now so the trek is not as long as it was when I was at The Turf.


It's a variation of a Lynchburg lemonade so there's Jack Daniels, Grape Pucker, Raspberry Pucker and then I combine it with lemonade and add fresh blueberries and raspberries on top too. I have not put it on our drink menu yet since we are so new. On April 1, we are starting a period where we can create our drink menu so we'll have a wider tap list plus more drinks so this will be on it.

"THE UP NORTH" • 1 part Jack Daniels • 1 part Grape Pucker • 1 Part Raspberry Pucker • 1 Part Lemonade Combine all ingredients in a shaker and add ice before shaking. Pour into glass and garnish with fresh blueberries and raspberries.




How to be an advocate for

T By Pasteur Mudende Photo by Hillary Ehlen 54 | APRIL 2018 | FARGOMONTHLY.COM

he Fargo-Moorhead area has become a haven for culture for a couple of years. The community is filled with creativity, energy and a life force that quickly seduces one to jump into action. This is an ever-growing city, bustling with artists energized by research, entrepreneurs revolutionizing the ways for commerce, visionaries and leaders who are insatiably engaged and curious in finding ways to contribute to the livability of their community. Coffee shops are full of life in the mornings, the streets are moving fast and restaurant kitchens are busy during both lunch and dinner. There is an ambiance of vitality in the

Fargo Moorhead area, and a creative energy that has translated into successful business ventures and community programs. The connection between the arts and the growth of a community is inextricable. The world is full of seemingly magical stories that demonstrate the crucial role of an artist in the advancement of a community. Though the relationship between artists and their community has lasted for centuries, somehow the benefits are flowing one way. The paradox is that the more artists contributing to a community, the more rents rise and the more difficult it becomes for local artists to afford to stay and make a living in a city they love. Communities need to reimagine ways

ALEX INTRODUCES YOU TO PASTEUR Art has a special place in my life because it is a universal language. As a matter of fact, the second language of the Fargo-Moorhead area should be ART. Some of you might wonder, wait, what do you mean? Art as a second language? Well, when people come to Fargo they should think the city speaks both English and Art, but how would that be possible? In order to elaborate on why ART is "the diamond in the clay" of the Red River that has not been fully tapped yet, I would like my older brother from another Rwandan Mother to share some of his first-hand experience as an artist living in the FM area for more than 10 years. He is the producer and the curator of these visual experiences that can heal us and stimulate our imagination or even be a mental gateway allowing us to escape our mundane routine thanks to his magic and vibrant brush stroke...


they can collaborate with artists; the idea of artists volunteering their skills for exposure instead of compensation has impeded the growth of these creative individuals. The good news is that almost every community already has untapped or underdeveloped resources that can be used to support and boost the influence of our local artists. Financial Support The FM Area art scene is kept alive by talented local artists and the community members who purchase their art. Art comes in all shapes and forms. Sculpture, prints, music, drama, photography and painting. Every piece of art, large or small, takes a tremendous amount of time, love and thought. Next time you peruse the beautiful artwork of FM artists, purchase a little something for your home, office or cubicle. Pick up a unique ceramic, a handcrafted leather notebook or jewelry. Better yet, you can commission a painting or a table. There is not a more effective way to support local art than financial support, whether it be buying from the artist, gallery or in the form of charitable contribution.

Be present in Local Art Scene Throughout the year, there are countless numbers of art-based events. Art walks, pop-ups, exhibitions, galas and opening night receptions. Art lovers can demonstrate their support of the local arts community by regularly attending such special events. In a creative community like this, special events like these occur year-round. Of course, being present in the local art scene is not restricted to galleries and museums. Coffee shops, breweries and other establishments play a big role in hosting local musicians. Being an advocate for the arts while making art purchases and attending local events are absolutely necessary and indispensable. However, not everyone has the budget and time to do so. Fortunately, the effort to strengthen the local art does not need to come at a price. It is easier to promote local artists, museums, galleries and organizations that support art via social media platforms. Tools like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram can be used to share and promote artworks, news and events.

Celebrating Journey Her YWCA Cass Clay honors 38 area women and organizations at their 45th Women of the Year ceremony.

Eliminating racism. Empowering women.

BY Nolan Schmidt PHOTOS BY Britta the Photographer

"It's designed to lift all women up," said YWCA Cass Clay CEO Erin Prochnow. "We want to highlight the women who are leading in the forefront, but also women who are behind the scenes that are doing really great things as well." Prochnow says that the YWCA's mission goes handin-hand with their pursuit of peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.


It is a simple mission, but one that YWCA Cass Clay holds close to their organization. They hold it so close that they continue to search and honor the women who uphold their message. That is why YWCA holds an annual Women of the Year ceremony, to highlight those women who shine so brightly. On April 30, they will be holding their 45th ceremony as they honor 38 women and businesses from various walks of life.

The nomination process is relatively simple, yet complex at the same time. "We ask for nominations in 13 different categories," Prochnow said. "Women must reside or work in Cass or Clay County. However, the woman must also know that they are being nominated, this should not be a surprise to the nominee."

The nomination form features a range of fairly in-depth questions for the potential nominee to answer. "It is not going to take you five minutes," said Prochnow. We ask people to go into greater detail. The nominator may even have to interview the person they want to nominate just so they can understand their philosophical approach to life." After the February 20 deadline, the YWCA had 38 nominees for this year's ceremony. "I think it's important for women to want to have their accomplishments recognized,"



Prochnow said. "It's such an inspirational night for the community to come together and honor these nominees." Lisa Schwinden, Head Golf Professional at Osgood Golf Course was one of those nominees. She was nominated in 2014 in the Youth Advocacy category. Her nationally recognized girl's youth golf clubs are what got her recognized at the 41st Women of the Year event. "It's so inspiring to see this event because it motivates you to keep doing things," Schwinden said. "I always leave that event wondering how I can do more. The recognition is great, but just going to the event is what inspires me to keep doing something." Schwinden believes the programs she runs at Osgood are a reflection of the YWCA's mission. "I always tell people you have to find your niche in how you can help," she said.


List of 2018 Nominees ▶▶ Jan Adair (TNT Kid's Fitness) ▶▶ Tamara Anderson (Dale Carnegie ND and MN) ▶▶ Norene Baeth (Project Linus) ▶▶ Dr. Stacey Benson (Benson Psychological Services) ▶▶ Amber Blomberg (Blue Cross Blue Shield of ND) ▶▶ Sandra Buchholz (Power of 100)

WHEN Monday, April 30 at 5:30 p.m.

"I can inspire girls and teach them how to be a leader in a male-dominated sport. Just being a leader and being visible itself is inspiring to girls. That alone can change the culture of racism and sexism. I want to show that women can do this too." Some of the same sentiments rang true with Lynna Ngo, who was nominated last year in the Young Women of Today and Tomorrow category. However, she recalls how much the YWCA helped her personally. "I remember being a very timid and shy girl in high school because I often let people tell me what to do," she said. "Through lots of mentorships, building connections with my teachers and engaging with the YWCA, I learned I have the ability to speak up because my peers and I have value and we can actually contribute our experiences and efforts to something greater than ourselves." It is Ngo's belief that the YWCA provides safe spaces for women to speak up in their communities. What Ngo partakes in at Brown University in Rhode Island also fulfills YWCA's mission. "I am working with a program called Bonner Community Fellows at my university. This program allows students to sustainably engage with our communities by working with nonprofit

▶▶ Tiahna Burian (Little Ms. Fit, LLC) ▶▶ Katie Hasbargen (Microsoft)

WHERE Delta by Marriott

▶▶ Mary Ann Donnay (Discovery Middle School)

PURCHASE YOUR TICKETS AT ywcacassclay.org/events

▶▶ Baylee Jo Engquist (Moorhead High School student)

organizations in focus areas related to health, education and social justice, or the arts," Ngo said. "The organization is led by a majority of woman figures, and their goal is to eliminate racism and empower people by supporting those who are working to overcome cultural, educational, economic and language barriers. I feel it's a strong responsibility of mine to help other firstgeneration Americans and new Americans to gain skills to move up the social and economic ladder."

Perhaps there is no greater accomplishment than progress. Erin Prochnow believes there has been progressi thanks to the Women of the Year ceremony. "There have been a number of leadership groups that are designed to create a culture of encouragement around women," she said. "We believe in encouraging women to go out and achieve whatever they dare to dream. I think there has been progress and that is only positive." "We are just so grateful to host this event," Prochnow said. "Everything we do is under this umbrella of empowerment of women. And that's really amazing."

▶▶ Sonya Drechsel (Sanford Health)

▶▶ Chelsey Ewen (The Arts Partnership) ▶▶ Whitney Fear (Family HealthCare/Homeless Health Services) ▶▶ Daysha Fliginger (South High School student) ▶▶ Cindy Gillund (Go/Do App) ▶▶ Dinah Goldenberg (Volunteer) ▶▶ Betty Gronneberg (uCodeGirl) ▶▶ Kathy Hanish (Sanford Health) ▶▶ Ava Hill (Ava Hill Artistry) ▶▶ Jeanne Knuth (Job Service North Dakota) ▶▶ Nancy Kochmann (Kindred Elementary School) ▶▶ Chaycie Kramer (Kindermusik with Chaycie K) ▶▶ Kelly Krenzel (Hope Blooms) ▶▶ Calie Lindseth (North Dakota Dept. of Veterans Affairs) ▶▶ Nidhi Mahale (Davies High School student) ▶▶ Tiffany McShane (United Way of Cass-Clay) ▶▶ Elaine Medlock (The Salvation Army) ▶▶ Hillery Mork (Sanford Health) ▶▶ Laura Oster-Aaland (North Dakota State University) ▶▶ Danielle Paulus (Roers) ▶▶ Faith Shields-Dixon (Children of Hope Day Care Centers) ▶▶ Malini Srivastava (North Dakota State University) ▶▶ Janelle Steinberg (Triumph Lutheran Church) ▶▶ Aimee Stone (Noridian Healthcare Solutions) ▶▶ Rachel Stone (P's & Q's Etiquette) ▶▶ Lorrie Thoemke (YMCA of Cass and Clay Counties) ▶▶ Del Rae Williams (City of Moorhead) ▶▶ United Way 35 Under 35 Women's Leadership Program 57

Tim Boyle

Josh Hausauer

Running with



s is the case with many who want to become physically fit, Tim Boyle was lacking motivation. He had just kicked a smoking habit and now craved the idea of becoming happy and healthy. Boyle's aim was to fill the void left by cigarettes with running. However, as winter dawned on the Red River Valley, he lost his drive. That was when he turned to the internet for motivation. "I Googled inspirational quotes," Boyle said. "And one that came up was, 'I run because I can and when I get tired, I remember those who can't run and what they would give for the simple gift we take for granted.' I thought that was so profound. There are people out there who would love to do what I'm doing and I'm complaining about it." From there, Boyle posted the quote on his Facebook page where a friend of his, a 56-year-old man with Down Syndrome, commented: "You can run for me anytime." "I thought, 'That's brilliant,' I am going to run for you," Boyle said. So Boyle founded Who I Run 4, a nonprofit that pairs runners with people with physical or mental disabilities. What started out as a group with only Boyle and his buddy Michael has now bloomed into a worldwide phenomenon. "We had a core group of 10 of us and now we are closing in on almost 50,000 members," Boyle said. On top of that, Who I Run 4 is all over the globe. "We are in all 50 states and 98 countries with people from Australia, Germany, Hong Kong and South Korea," he said. "I never thought it would be this far-reaching, I thought we could for sure get at least 100 members, but we had 200 in two months." The nonprofit has also been featured in national publications like "USA Today" and "Runner's World." Boyle has recently branched the nonprofit out to include siblings of those with disabilities, as well as veterans. With the Fargo Marathon coming up in May, Boyle anticipates 25 to 30 Who I Run 4 members to be running at the Fargodome. In that contingency will be Josh Hausauer, Boyle's racing buddy. "He has Fahr's Disease, which is where calcium deposits are being formed in the



brain," Boyle said. "It decreases his motor function and his ability to speak, but his mind is absolutely crystal clear. His brain is brilliant." Boyle got to know Josh and eventually, the two ended up doing the half marathon together. While the pair has done the half marathon for the last two years, Josh had a surprise for Tim this year. "He threw me under the bus by saying he wanted to do a full marathon," Boyle said laughing. "You can't say no to something like that." According to Boyle, Who I Run 4 makes running more than an individual sport. "Running is a selfish sport," Boyle said. "With Who I Run 4, you are the legs for someone who needs the legs. It just transcends it into something beautiful, you are helping someone to cross the finish line for the first time in their life. We have given them an outlet, outside of their family, of people who care. We care for them as a human." Boyle hopes that people will come out to Scheel's on Thursdays for their weekly run nights where you can also find out more about Who I Run 4.




1 Million Cups

Downtown Dogs Fargo

Join the vibrant entrepreneurial community of Fargo-Moorhead and Emerging Prairie by participating in an event filled with guest speakers, plenty of coffee, ideas and excellent networking opportunities.

Downtown Dogs Fargo is a club that was created to bring likeminded local dogs and their humans together. This weekly gatherings and events are an opportunity for dog people to get together and socialize while the pups play. All dogs must be up-to-date on vaccines and medications. All breeds and sizes are welcome.

Every Wednesday from 9:15-10:15 a.m.

1millioncups.com/fargo The Stage at Island Park

333 4th St. S, Fargo

Carrie's Twisted Art

Every Thursday from 7-9 p.m.

These public classes are a great place to learn painting techniques of all different types while working with a variety of materials. With a fun learning atmosphere, you can create many things your heart desires at the cost of just $30 per person each class. Call 701-5408712 to register, seating is limited. carriestwistedart.com Carrie's Twisted Art Studios

300 Main Ave. Suite 110, Fargo

Trans Mentor Program

Every Saturday from noon-4 p.m.

This is a group through the Pride Collective and Community Center that is led by Faye Seidler and offers advice and support for individuals within the trans community or who have questions about it. There is also a free clothing drive during this time as well where anyone can come by and pick out clothes, and try them on in a gender-neutral environment, as they would like. pridecollective.com Pride Collective and Community Center

1105 1st Ave. S, Fargo

Grief Journeys For Men Support Group

Every third Tuesday of the month from 10-11:30 a.m.

This is a free ongoing grief support group for men who have experienced a loss through death. This group is free and open to the public. For more information or questions, call 800-237-4629 and ask to speak to the bereavement department. hrrv.org Hospice of the Red River Valley

1701 38th St. S, Fargo


Every Tuesday at 7 p.m. (Weather Permitting)

facebook.com/DowntownDogsFargo Dike East Dog Park

600 3rd St. S, Fargo

Sweet Freedom Dessert Social and Fundraiser Wednesday, April 3 at 6 p.m.

Clay County Jail Ministry presents this evening of food, music and a chance to hear directly from someone whose life has been transformed as a direct result of the ministry. Moorhead Marriott

1080 28th Ave S, Moorhead

Food For Change: The Story of Cooperatives in America with filmmaker Steve Alves. Tuesday, April 3 at 7 p.m.

Want to learn more about food co-ops? Mark your calendar for a special free screening of Food For Change: The Story of Cooperatives in America. Fargo Theatre

314 Broadway N, Fargo

Chefs – The Sizzling Kitchen Showdown Thursday, April 4 at 8 p.m.

Feast your eyes on CHEFS. These hilarious (and delicious) hunks give you a peek behind the apron as they slice, dice, and spice things up in the kitchen through a series of escalating culinary challenges where the stakes are high: if they lose a challenge, they lose their shirt. Literally. Fargo Theatre

Friday Night Salsa at The Radisson


201 N 5th St, Fargo

John Cage Musicircus

Friday, April 6 at 7:30 p.m.

Part concert and part happening, a “musicircus” invites any number of performers to perform any number of pieces (musical or otherwise) simultaneously in the same place. The immersive “musicircus” pays homage to American composer and avantgarde icon John Cage, whose philosophies and compositions caused audiences around the world to reconsider “What, exactly, is music?" Plains Art Museum

704 1st Ave N Fargo

El Zagal Shrine Circus

Friday, April 6-Sunday, April 8

High-wire and trapeze act, clowns, bears, elephants, cotton candy and much more. FARGODOME

1800 N University Dr, Fargo

Off the Wall Bouldering Competition Saturday, April 7 at 11 a.m.

Whether you're a beginner or expert, join us for the annual bouldering competition. Bouldering is climbing that is low to the ground and does not need ropes. Crash pads are used for this event. This is hosted at the NDSU climbing wall, located at the Wallman Wellness Center. Members and non-members are welcome to attend. Go to the Wellness Center website to register. Pre-registration Deadline: Wednesday, April 4. If you have any questions please contact Ethan Green at ethan.green@ndsu.edu or 701-231-7384. NDSU Wellness Center

1707 18th Street and Centennial Blvd, Fargo

Saturday, April 7 at 12:30 p.m.

Free Admission. Complimentary 1 hour Lesson in Either Salsa or Bachata at 8 p.m. Dance social 9-11:30 p.m. (Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Kizomba). There will be drinks available at the bar (21+).The event is 18+. Come dance, hang out, meet cool people or just drink and watch others dancing. Don't


Radisson Hotel

Springtime Styles: Style Show and Silent Auction

314 Broadway Fargo

Friday, April 6 at 8 p.m.

miss out. On the average, over 60 people attend every week

Soroptimist International of Moorhead presents Springtime Styles, a style show and silent auction. Fashions by Christopher & Banks, Onyx & Pearl, Others, and Sanford Gift Shop will be featured. Dilworth Lutheran Church

406 3rd St. NE, Dilworth



A&E 61



60th Annual Toppers Car Show Saturday, April 7-Sunday, April 8

This indoor rod and custom car show is held at the West Fargo Veterans Memorial Arena each year to showcase the coolest cars around. Veterans Memorial Arena

1201 7th Ave E West Fargo

Arc West Central Dances Monday, April 9 at 7:15 p.m.

Join your friends for twice monthly dances with a DJ. All are welcome. Sponsored by Arc West Central. arcwcm@702com.net or 218-233-5949. arcwestcentral.org Ellen Hopkins Elementary

2020 11th St S Moorhead

All-City Jazz Band Festival Tuesday, April 10 at 7 p.m.

Fargo All-City Jazz Band Festival at the Sanctuary Events Center (670 4th Ave N, Fargo). Enjoy performances by the Fargo High school Jazz Bands, Combos and the FM Kicks Band (8:30). Open to the public, $10 adults/$5 students. Sanctuary Events Center

670 4th Ave N, Fargo

National Collegiate Roller Hockey National Championships Wednesday, April 11-Sunday, April 15

Experience the unique game of roller hockey when more than 50 collegiate teams from DI, DII and DIII schools battle for the national championship title in their division at Southwest Youth Arena. Southwest Youth Arena

4404 23rd Ave S #B Fargo

Fargo Whiskey Fest

Wednesday, April 11 at 6 p.m.

Welcome to the 3rd annual Fargo Whiskey Fest. This years event will be once again held at the beautiful Sanctuary Event Center on April 11 from 6-8 p.m. Come sample whiskeys and scotches from around the world whiles enjoying appetizer selections from Chefs Table catering. Sanctuary Event Center

670 4th Ave N Fargo

Brewing Up Laughs

Thursday, April 12 at 7:30 p.m.

Fargo Brewing Company’s finest bi-weekly open mic has been a great time with local comics ranging from seasoned to beginners trying out there material. This is a great environment to watch comedy open mic or to even give it a try yourself and it’s totally free to attend. Fargo Brewing Company

610 University Dr. N, Fargo

Bootcamp on Tap

Friday, April 13 at 6 p.m.

Join Bootcamp on Tap. Jenny with Fargo FITLIFE will be on location at Fargo Brewing Company hosting a 30-minute bodyweight boot camp. No previous fitness experience needed. Get your sweat on and enjoy a local brew, all for only $10. Please bring a mat. fargofitlife.com Fargo Brewing Company

610 University Dr. N, Fargo

Friday Night Salsa at The Radisson Friday, April 13 at 8 p.m.

Free Admission. Complimentary 1 hour Lesson in Either Salsa or Bachata at 8 p.m. Dance social 9 -11:30 p.m. (Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Kizomba). There will be drinks available at the bar (21+). The event is 18+. Come dance, hang out, meet cool people or just drink and watch others dancing. Don't miss out. On the average, over 60 people attend every week Radisson Hotel

201 N 5th St, Fargo

Horse Expo Fundraiser 4th Annual at 3 Gems Saturday, April 14 at 10 a.m.

Open & Free to the Public. The expo will feature free pony rides, games, silent auction, vendor booths, equine demontrations, prize drawings and more. 3 Gems Tack, Stables & Riding Academy

1175 85th Ave NW, Moorhead

Theatre NDSU presents Junie B. Jones Friday, April 20 at 7:30 p.m.


29th Annual Woodlands and High Plains Powwow Saturday, April 14 at 12 p.m.

NDSU is set to host the 29th annual Woodlands and High Plains Powwow on Saturday, April 14, at Bentson Bunker Fieldhouse. The theme is “Celebrating Life. Creating Our Future.” Jered Pigeon, a coordinator for NDSU’s multicultural program, is the event’s committee chair. He said the powwow will celebrate the academic accomplishments and achievements of American Indian college graduates. North Dakota State University

1340 Administration Ave, Fargo

Fargo Force Vs Sioux Falls Saturday, April 14 at 7 p.m. Scheels Arena

5225 31st Ave S Fargo

Race to Zero

Saturday, April 14 at 8:30 a.m.

5K/10K Run/Walk for Sexual Assault Awareness & Prevention is a familyfriendly event to encourage community conversation about sexual assault awareness and prevention. Support, not only from a survivor’s friends and family but also from the larger community, can translate into a better response for victims of sexual assault and ultimately, change social norms that offenders use to commit sexual violence. Fercho YMCA

4243 19th Ave S Fargo

ND Class I & II CCW and MN 2 for Fl and AZ Training Sunday, April 15

North Dakota Class I & II Training and the MN 2 for 1 (new/renewal), FL & AZ CCW Training held at Bill’s Gun Shop starting at 12 noon. For information or to register, contact Laura Ramirez at 218-252-1631. permittocarry.org Bill's Gun Shop & Range

1040 35th St N, Fargo


Eric Paslay

Wednesday, April 18 at 8 p.m.

EMI Records Nashville breakout country artist, Eric Paslay, delivers a powerful

punch as a renowned, Platinum-selling, hit songwriter and dynamic performer. Paslay has celebrated five No. 1 hits including “Even If It Breaks Your Heart” (Eli Young Band), “Barefoot Blue Jean Night” (Jake Owen), “Angel Eyes” (Love & Theft), “Rewind” (Rascal Flatts) and “Friday Night,” the smash lead single from his critically acclaimed selftitled debut album. Sanctuary Events Center

670 4th Ave N. Fargo, ND

Outlet: Open Mic Poetry Night Thursday, April 19 at 7:30 p.m.

Open Mic Slam Poetry night is the Third Thursday of Every Month. @ Fargo Brewing Company. This is a free event for the public. We are an inclusive and supportive group, so everyone is welcome, and after the lineup, there’s an open mic. Be there by 7:30 – we start at 8 p.m. sharp. Fargo Brewing Company

610 University Dr. N, Fargo

Growing Forever Families: Adoption Fundraiser with Kristina Kuzmic Thursday, April 19 at 7 p.m.

A night out with desserts and refreshments, live music, adoption stories and encouragement from Kristina Kuzmic. Energetic, funny, and obsessed with creativity, Kristina has an in-your-face perspective on issues of parenting and life in general. Sanctuary Events Center

670 4th Avenue North, Fargo

Friday Night Salsa at The Radisson Friday, April 20 at 8 p.m.

It’s holiday time and Junie B. Jones can’t wait for her class Secret Santa gift exchange. But wait. Junie B.’s arch nemesis, that tattletale May, keeps getting in the way of all her fun. Junie B. comes up with a way to teach May a lesson. Little does she know, Junie B. will also learn a very special holiday lesson along the way. Based on the popular book Junie B., First Grader: Jingle Bells, Batman Smells. (P.S. So Does May). Askanase Hall

1497 12th Ave N, Fargo

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

Friday, April 20-Sunday, April 29

Fargo Moorhead Community Theatre presents Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. A Regional Premiere. Tickets on sale April 2. Keep an eye open for those Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. This 11-time Tony Award nominee is a hilarious battle of cons that will keep audiences laughing, humming, and guessing all the way to the French Rivera. Based on the 1988 film starring Steve Martin and Michael Caine, this high-energy musical caper is a local premiere. The Stage at Island Park

333 4th St S Fargo

Solar System Explorers at MSUM Planetarium

Saturday, April 21-Saturday, April 28 Saturday Mornings: Twinkle Tots Session (ages 2 – 5 yrs) Sunday Afternoons: Space Cadets Session (ages 6 – 10 yrs)

Grab your space passport and adventure with us to the far-off reaches of our Solar System. Visit each planet and get a planet sticker for your passport. Fill in all the planets and you become an official Solar System Explorer. Each month will feature different planets to visit but we will also take a look at what is up in our sky for that month. Tour 4 (April 21 and 22). MSUM Planetarium

11th St S, between 7th and 9th Avenues S Moorhead

Free Admission. Complimentary 1 hour Lesson in Either Salsa or Bachata at 8 p.m. Dance social 9-11:30 p.m. (Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Kizomba). There will be drinks available at the bar (21+). The event is 18+. Come dance, hang out, meet cool people or just drink and watch others dancing. Don't miss out. On the average, over 60 people attend every week

Gigantic Rummage Sale

201 N 5th St, Fargo

wfparks.org Veterans Memorial Arena

Radisson Hotel

Saturday, April 21 at 7 a.m.

Is Spring Fever getting the best of you? Are you ready to get out and shop? Check out the 24th Annual Gigantic Rummage Sale on April 21st at the Veterans Memorial Arena. With over 150 booths, you are sure to find exactly what you’re looking for. If you are interested in having a booth, space is limited, so register early. 1201 7th Ave E



Hair of the Dog

Saturday, April 21 at 12 p.m.

Fargo Brewing Company and New Breed Brew Chewz are teaming up again for another dog expo. Bring your pup(s) and see what the Fargo-Moorhead area has to offer for the dog(s) in your life. It’s a dog party. Spring will be rolling in, and we are ready to get back out into the world with our furry friend(s)…and hopefully not be freezing our tails off. There will be an empty tent in the parking lot, so we may as well fill it with some awesome local shelters. Fargo Brewing Company

610 University Dr. N Fargo


Phoebe Bridgers

Saturday, April 21 at 9 p.m.

Don’t let the somber tone of her music fool you: the Los Angeles-based singersongwriter Phoebe Bridgers has a sunny disposition. “I’d hate for someone to think I’m sipping an espresso somewhere judging people or feeling sorry for myself. OK, I definitely do that once in a while, but I don’t consider myself an intense person.” The Aquarium

226 Broadway Fargo

FMBallet presents Aladdin

Saturday, April 21-Sunday, April 22 Aladdin. April 21, 2018 7:00pm April 21 & 22, 2018 2:00pm Fargo Theatre

We are flying into the Fargo Theatre on a magic carpet in April 2018, bringing Aladdin to the stage. This is a new ballet for the FMBallet, choreographed by Artistic Director, Matt Gasper. Fargo Theatre

314 Broadway N Fargo

YMCA Healthy Kids Day

Kick off your summer with Healthy Kids Day at the YMCA. Are the kids in your life already dreaming of summer? When kids are inspired, they can do anything. Let’s awaken

their curiosity to explore new activities and healthy habits this summer. We have TONS of fun activities and games planned Fercho YMCA

400 1st Ave S Fargo

Party for the Planet

Sunday, April 22 at 10 a.m.

All day celebration of Earth Day with fun activities and special animal encounters. Party for the Planet is also the official kickoff to our summer hours. No registration required. Red River Zoo

4255 23rd Ave S Fargo

TECH N9NE feat. Krizz Kaliko Monday, April 23 at 7:30 p.m.

Tech N9ne joined by Krizz Kaliko, Just Juice, Joey Cool, and Kind Iso, Tech N9ne brings his one of a kind concert experience to Fargo on Monday, April 23rd at Scheels Arena. “Tech N9ne’s Planet Tour” Scheels Arena

5225 31st Ave S Fargo


Chad Prather at the Fargo Theatre Thursday, April 26 at 7 p.m.

Chad Prather is known for his way with words. He is a comedian, armchair philosopher, musician and observational humorist. He is often referred to as “the modern day Will Rogers.” He is a fast-talking combination of Lewis Grizzard and Jeff Foxworthy. He is known for his comedic family stories told from an adult perspective onstage. Prather has made numerous appearances on Fox News, CNN, A&E, The Blaze, MSN and is the host of Ride TV’s “It’s My Backyard.” And just recently finished his wildly successful 2016 “Kings of Cowtown Comedy Tour." The Fargo Theatre

314 Broadway N Fargo


DOWN THE ROAD 2018 NDPC Spring Conference

Classic Albums Live Performs Led Zeppelin II

Each year, the North Dakota Professional Communicators host a conference for its members as well as non-members to assist with professional development and equip marketing and communications professionals with the skills and resources necessary to produce successful messages.

Classic Albums Live takes classic albums and performs them live, on stage – note for note, cut for cut – using the world’s greatest musicians. Led Zeppelin II was released in 1969 and is also considered one of the greatest and most influential albums of all time. Sales have been estimated to 12 million copies sold worldwide. The standout single is “Whole Lotta Love.”

Friday, April 27 at 8 a.m.

aboutndpc.org/blog/save-the-date-april-27-2018 Fargo, ND

Main Ave and Broadway N Fargo

Friday, April 27 7:00 p.m.

The Fargo Theatre

Under the Street Lamp at The Fargo Theatre Friday, May 4 at 7p.m. The Fargo Theatre

314 Broadway N, Fargo

"I am, he said" A Celebration of Neil Diamond Saturday, May 5 at 7 p.m. The Fargo Theatre

314 Broadway N, Fargo

Wish Fast: Superhero 3, 5, and 10K Walk/Run

North Dakota Autism Center’s 9th Annual AuSome Evening

314 Broadway N Fargo

The North Dakota Autism Center is excited to announce that the 9th annual AuSome Evening will be held Friday, April 27, 2018. The event will feature keynote speaker Mr. Chris Ulmer, a former special education teacher, the current advocator and founder of Special Books by Special Kids. Special Books by Special Kids is a 501(c)3 organization that seeks to normalize the diversity of the human condition under the pillars of honesty, respect, mindfulness, positivity, and collaboration.

Come join us for some delicious tacos on April 28 from 4-7 pm. Cost is $10 for adults, $9 for students, $5 for 10 and under. $1 from each ticket will go towards student scholarships.

Jazz Nickel Combo at Urban 42

1815 11th St N Moorhead

Thursday, May 10-Sunday, May 12

Friday, April 27 at 5:30 p.m.

DoubleTree by Hilton

825 E Beaton Dr, West Fargo

Friday Night Salsa at The Radisson Friday, April 27 at 8 p.m.

Free Admission. Complimentary 1 hour Lesson in Either Salsa or Bachata at 8 p.m. Dance social 9-11:30 p.m. (Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Kizomba). There will be drinks available at the bar (21+). The event is 18+. Come dance, hang out, meet cool people or just drink and watch others dancing. Don't miss out. On the average, over 60 people attend every week Radisson Hotel

201 N 5th St, Fargo

Taco Feed

Saturday, April 28 at 4 p.m.

Moorhead Masonic Family Center

Jim Gaffigan

Saturday, April 28 at 7 p.m.

Comedian Jim Gaffigan brings his Fixer Upper Tour to the FARGODOME. FARGODOME

1800 N University Dr. Fargo

YWCA Women of the Year Monday, April 30 5:30 p.m.

Since 1973, YWCA has been shining a spotlight on the leadership of exceptional area women at this event. Proceeds from the evening support the mission and programs of YWCA Cass Clay. Women of the Year recipients will be announced during the event to be held Monday, April 30, 2018, at the Delta Hotel by Marriott. For group tickets and sponsorship information, please call Tami at (701) 232-2547 or email trust@ywcacassclay. org. Delta by Marriott

1635 42nd St S, Fargo

Saturday, May 5 at 8 a.m. Urban Plains Park

5050 30th Ave S Fargo

Thursday, May 10 at 7 p.m. Urban 42

1635 42nd St S, Fargo

Junk Market Scheels Arena

5225 31st Ave S Fargo

Home Free: Timeless World Tour Saturday, May 12 at 6:30 p.m. Fargo Civic Center

207 4th St N, Fargo

Great Strides Fargo-Moorhead 5K Saturday, May 12 at 10 a.m. Oak Grove Park

170 Maple St Fargo

Arc West Central Dances

Monday, May 14 at 7:15 p.m. Ellen Hopkins Elementary

2020 11th St S Moorhead

The Fargo Marathon

Monday, May 14-Saturday, May 19 FARGODOME

1800 N University Dr. Fargo

FM Kicks Band Spring Concert Friday, May 18 at 7:30 p.m.

Fargo Moorhead Community Theatre

333 4th St S, Fargo





APRIL 1ST - 7TH SUNDAY, APRIL 1 Open Mic Night W/ Jam Band - The Windbreak MONDAY, APRIL 2 Dos Amigos - Junkyard Open Mic Night w/cmptrdstr - Front Street Taproom TUESDAY, APRIL 3 Jack & Kitty - Junkyard WEDNESDAY, APRIL 4 Royal Thunder w/ Pinkish Black and One Day - The Aquarium Lucas Hranicka - Bar Nine Tucker'd Out Duo - Junkyard THURSDAY, APRIL 5 Kathie Brekke & 42nd Street Jazz


Band - Delta Jud Hoos - The Windbreak Davis? - HoDo D Mills - Junkyard Jenkins/Gress Duo - Front Street Taproom FRIDAY, APRIL 6 Mick n' Rich - Spirit's Lounge Blues Tonic - Lucky's 13 8th Hour - Shotgun Sally's 32 Below - The Windbreak Joe Dretsch - Alibi Lounge Poitin - Dempsey's Smoking Gun - Rick's Bar Sidewinder - Speck's Bar Downtown Sound - Pickled Parrot Jesse Becker - Drekker Jesse Young - Junkyard Kwacian - Front Street Taproom Filthy Sweet w/ Free Truman - The Garage Bar

SATURDAY, APRIL 7 Mick n' Rich - Spirit's Lounge Funk Commission - Delta Cropdusters - Lucky's 13 Dirty Word - Shotgun Sally's Kind Country w/ The Human Element and Special Guest Pat Lenertz - The Aquarium Some S***** Cover Band - The Windbreak BOOTS w/ Stovepipes - Dempsey's Smoking Gun - Rick's Bar Sidewinder - Speck's Bar Downtown Sound - Pickled Parrot Ciro de la Garza - Drekker Billy Lurken - Junkyard Scotch and Pooey - Front Street Taproom

APRIL 8TH - 14TH SUNDAY, APRIL 8 The Bronx w/ Slow Death and No

Parents - The Aquarium Open Mic Night W/ Jam Band - The Windbreak Second Sunday Singer Songwriter Night - HoDo Beer & Hymns - Junkyard MONDAY, APRIL 9 Joe Jack Talcum of The Dead Milkmen - The Aquarium Dylan Boehmer - Junkyard Open Mic Night w/cmptrdstr - Front Street Taproom TUESDAY, APRIL 10 The Cropdusters - Junkyard WEDNESDAY, APRIL 11 Mac Lethal and Wax - The Aquarium David Lee - Bar Nine The Peckscamp - Junkyard THURSDAY, APRIL 12 Kathie Brekke & 42nd Street Jazz Band - Delta Redline - The Windbreak Heavy is the Head - HoDo Gina Powers - Junkyard Jack and Kitty - Front Street Taproom FRIDAY, APRIL 13 Twice as Hard- Spirit's Lounge Kissing Company - Shotgun Sally's John Janousek - Lucky's 13 Good For Gary - The Windbreak Quick 56 - Alibi Lounge Boogie Knights - Dempsey's Liquored Up - Rick's Bar Madman’s Illusion - Speck's Bar Skyline - Pickled Parrot Travis Naegle - Drekker Nathan Pitcher - Junkyard Tristan Larson - Front Street Taproom

SATURDAY, APRIL 14 Twice as Hard- Spirit's Lounge Heart and Soul - Delta Raw Sugar - Lucky's 13 Tripwire - Shotgun Sally's Opress the Tyrant, Gorgatron, Demifiend, and Maul - The Aquarium Good For Gary - The Windbreak Quick 56 - Alibi Lounge 3rd St. Blues Band - Dempsey's Liquored Up - Rick's Bar Skyline - Pickled Parrot Kari Marie - Drekker Chris Holm - Junkyard Anthony Chaput - Front Street Taproom

APRIL 15TH - 21ST SUNDAY, APRIL 15 Open Mic Night W/ Jam Band - The Windbreak On The Cinder - The Aquarium Beer & Hymns - Junkyard MONDAY, APRIL 16 Fancy That - Junkyard Open Mic Night w/cmptrdstr TUESDAY, APRIL 17 The Cropdusters - Junkyard WEDNESDAY, APRIL 18 Cassandra Mae & Mick Klein - Bar Nine Loom In Essence - The Aquarium Tucker'd Out Duo - Junkyard THURSDAY, APRIL 19 Kathie Brekke & 42nd Street Jazz - Delta Rick Adams - blvd pub Marah in the Mainsail, Anomic, Chaos in Question - The Aquarium Tyler Hammond - The Windbreak The Two Tracks - HoDo

The Lollygaggers - Junkyard Travis Naegle - Front Street Taproom FRIDAY, APRIL 20 Deadbeats - Lucky's 13 32 Below - Shotgun Sally's Cassandra Mae & Mick Klein - Spirit's Lounge Of the Trees ft. Kid-O, Trill, Logic and more - The Aquarium Tyler Hammond - The Windbreak The SoloS - Alibi Lounge Human Element - Dempsey's The Late Night - Rick's Bar Deja Blues - Speck's Bar Uptown Live - Pickled Parrot Stephen Chopek - Drekker Michael Castle of Pretty Beggar Junkyard Jack Winders - Front Street Taproom Mr. Kingsmen Performance Troup The Garage Bar SATURDAY, APRIL 21 The Dead Beats - Delta Stephen Chopek - Lucky's 13 Downtown Sound - Shotgun Sally's Cassandra Mae & Mick Klein - Spirit's Lounge Phoebe Bridgers - The Aquarium Martin Zellar & Ther Gear Daddies W/ Special Guest Matt Aakre - The Windbreak DJ Shawn Who - Dempsey's The Late Night - Rick's Bar Deja Blues - Speck's Bar Uptown Live - Pickled Parrot Matt Johnson - Drekker Tobias Jansen - Junkyard Scotty G - Front Street Taproom Bright Stars Ent. Dashiki Party - The Garage Bar


APRIL 22 - 28 ND


SUNDAY, APRIL 22 Open Mic Night W/ Jam Band - The Windbreak Jam Band - Alibi Lounge Beer & Hymns - Junkyard

Band - HoDo Rhyme or Reason - The Windbreak Skipjacks - Junkyard Michael Castle - Front Street Taproom

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 25 Rick Adams - Bar Nine Pat Lenertz - Junkyard Macabre w/ Insidious - The Garage Bar

FRIDAY, APRIL 27 Kathie Brekke Duo - Rosie's Bistro Q5 Band - Spirit's Lounge Blues Tonic - Lucky's 13 Boomtown - Shotgun Sally's Pop Rocks - The Windbreak San Haven Chuckle - Alibi Lounge Space Monkey Mafia - Dempsey's Sidewinder - Rick's Bar Dirty Dawg Band - Speck's Bar Low Standards - Pickled Parrot Pat Lenertz - Drekker 4onthefloor - The Aquarium Nick Foytik - Junkyard Warren Christensen - Front Street Taproom Mad Alice (Tribute to Alice In Chains & Mad Season) w/ High Gear - The Garage Bar

THURSDAY, APRIL 26 Kathie Brekke & 42nd Street Jazz

SATURDAY, APRIL 28 Q5 Band - Spirit's Lounge

MONDAY, APRIL 23 Matty J - Junkyard Open Mic Night w/cmptrdstr - Front Street Taproom TUESDAY, APRIL 24 Pink Mexico/Supercruiser - The Aquarium The Cropdusters - Junkyard

The Front Fenders - Delta Whiskey Business - Lucky's 13 Slamabama - Shotgun Sally's Roosters - The Windbreak DJ Morplay - Dempsey's Sidewinder - Rick's Bar Dirty Dawg Band - Speck's Bar Low Standards - Pickled Parrot Jake Schaefbauer - Drekker Tiny Moving Parts - The Aquarium Lonesome Dan Kase - Junkyard The Element Duo - Front Street Taproom

APRIL 29TH- 30TH SUNDAY, APRIL 29 Open Mic Night W/ Jam Band - The Windbreak Jam Band - Alibi Lounge Jessica Vines & Connor Lee - Junkyard MONDAY, APRIL 30 Frank Heat Waves - The Aquarium Darrian Wikstrom - Junkyard Open Mic Night w/cmptrdstr - Front Street Taproom



















1340 21st Ave. S, Fargo

226 Broadway N, 2nd Floor, Fargo 1405 Prairie Pkwy, West Fargo 3147 Bluestem Dr, West Fargo 1635 42nd St S, Fargo

226 Broadway N, Fargo

630 1st Ave. N, Fargo 614 Main Ave., Fargo

3108 9th St S, Moorhead, MN 101 Broadway N, Fargo

1416 1st Ave. N, Moorhead 4301 17th Ave. S, Fargo

PICKLED PARROT 505 3rd Ave. N, Fargo


2721 Main Ave, Fargo

212 Broadway N, Fargo, ND 1515 42nd St. S, Fargo 2611 Main Ave, Fargo 3803 13th Ave. S, Fargo 3150 39th St. S, Fargo










Domestic bottles $1.99, $2.25 Malibu, $2 select whiskey, 99¢ tap beers 2-6pm

$2.25 import bottles, $2 Bombay Sapphire & Hendrick’s, $1.99 select rum, 99¢ tap beers 2-6pm

Select wine by the glass $2.50, Absolut Vodka $2.50, $4 homemade Sangria, 99¢ tap beers 2-6pm

Happy Hour 11am-2pm and 6-9pm, $5 Margaritas, $1.99 domestic beer, $4.50 select tequila

Happy Hour 11am-2 pm and 6-9 pm, $5 Margaritas, $2.25 import beer, $4.50 select tequila

Happy Hour 11am-2 pm and 6-9 pm, $5 Margaritas, $1 off specialty drinks, $4.50 select tequila

$1.50 off cocktails and beers all day, $2.50 Bloody Mary special

522 Broadway N, Fargo

$3.75 Jack Daniel's, Happy Hour 4-8pm: 50¢ off everything

$3.25 import & craft bottles, Happy Hour 4-8pm: 50¢ off everything

Happy Hour 4-8pm: 50¢ off everything

$2.75 Windsor, Happy Hour 4-8pm: 50¢ off everything

$2.95 Captain Morgan, Happy Hour 4-8pm: 50¢ off everything

$3.50 Crown Royal/Crown Apple, $2.95 Bloody Marys and Caesars until noon

$3.25 Stoli, Happy Hour 4-8pm: 50¢ off everything

The Boiler Room 210 Broadway N, Fargo

Half off all drinks and apps 4-6pm and 10pm-midnight

Half off all drinks and apps 4-6pm and 10pm-midnight

Half off all drinks and apps 4-6pm and 10pm-midnight

Half off all drinks and apps 4-6pm and 10pm-midnight

Half off all drinks and apps 4-6pm and 10pm-midnight

Half off all drinks and apps 10pm-midnight

Half off all drinks and apps 4-6pm and 10pm-midnight

Bomb Shelter 325 10th St. N, Fargo

2-for-1s all day

College ID Night: $7 cover ($14 without ID) for free taps & wells 9pmmidnight

2-for-1s all day

3-for-1s 9pmmidnight

2-for-1s all day

2-for-1s all day

Borrowed Buck’s Roadhouse 1201 Westrac Drive, Fargo

Any Monday of your birthday month: receive a free 40oz. bucket of booze, 8-11pm: $2 domestic bottles for everyone

8-11pm: $2 tall taps, wells & teas

50¢ taps, $1 Captain Morgan and teas 8pmmidnight

2-for-1 domestic bottles, Jack & Jack Honey 8pm-midnight

7-9pm: $7 all you can drink, 9-11pm: $2.50 tall taps, teas, Morgans & bomb shots

7-9pm: 79-cent teas, 9-11pm: $2.50 tall taps, teas, Morgans & bomb shots

The Bowler 2630 University Drive S, Fargo

$3 Captain Morgan, Bacardi, Chuck Norris & Ninja Turtle Shots, $3.50 Tito’s Vodka, $4 Jack Daniel's and Crown Royal

$3 Captain Morgan, Bacardi, Chuck Norris & Ninja Turtle Shots, $3.50 Tito’s Vodka, $4 Jack Daniel's and Crown Royal

$3 Captain Morgan, Bacardi, Chuck Norris & Ninja Turtle Shots, $3.50 Tito’s Vodka, $4 Jack Daniel's and Crown Royal

$3 Captain Morgan, Bacardi, Chuck Norris & Ninja Turtle Shots, $3.50 Tito’s Vodka, $4 Jack Daniel's and Crown Royal

$3 Captain Morgan, Bacardi, Chuck Norris & Ninja Turtle Shots, $3.50 Tito’s Vodka, $4 Jack Daniel's and Crown Royal

$3 Captain Morgan, Bacardi, Chuck Norris & Ninja Turtle Shots, $3.50 Tito’s Vodka, $4 Jack Daniel's and Crown Royal

$3 Captain Morgan, Bacardi, Chuck Norris & Ninja Turtle Shots, $3.50 Tito’s Vodka, $4 Jack Daniel's and Crown Royal

Happy Hour 4-7pm, Patron shots $3.50 all day

Happy Hour 4-7pm, $3.00 domestic pounders from 9 to 11pm. Ice Hole shots $3.50 all day

Happy Hour 4-7pm: drinks as low as 50¢, pull tab Happy Hour replay 9-11pm. Goldschlager shots $3.50 all day

Happy Hour 4-7pm, Captain Morgan at $3.00 from 9-11pm. Jagermeister shots $3.50 all day

Happy Hour 4-7pm, Windsor at $3.00 from 9-11pm. Romana Sambuca shots $3.50 all day

Happy Hour 4-7pm, Titos Vodka $3.50 from 9-11pm. Jose Cuervo shots $3.50 all day

Happy Hour 4-7pm, $6.00 pitchers from 9-11pm. Rumpleminze shots $3.50 all day. Service Industry Sunday

Bulldog Tap 4265 45th St. S, Fargo

$3.50 tall domestic taps 6pm-close

$2.75 domestic bottles 8pm-midnight

$3.50 UV and Bacardi 8pm-midnight

$3.25 Captain Morgan, $3.75 Crown Royal 8pm-midnight

$3.75 Stoli and Jack Daniels 8pm-midnight

$3.50 Smirnoff and Windsor 8pm-midnight

$3.50 tall domestic taps and import bottles all day

Chub’s Pub & Package Place 421 University Drive N, Fargo

Big Mug Monday 8pmclose: $5.95 new mug, $3.95 refills

8pm-close: $1 off taps & wells (including craft beers)

Big Mug Wednesday 8pm-close: $5.95 new mug, $3.95 refills, $1 off Captain Morgan

8pm-close: 50¢ Busch Light Taps, $2.95 Ice Hole & Fireball

Beer & A Bump Night 8pmclose: domestic beer & a shot for $7, $2.95 Old School Long Island Teas & Stumplifters

8am-noon: $2.95 Bloody Mary’s & Caesars, 8pm-close: $3.95 Crown Royal, $2.95 PBR & Busch Light pounders

Sunday Funday 12pm-2am: $1 Off all drinks in your Chub's gear

Acapulco 1150 36th St. S, Fargo

The Bismarck Tavern

* This is not a full list of specials. Specials subject to change. For updated and entire list of specials, go fargomonthly.com.

The Box 1025 38th St. SW, Fargo (Inside the Fargo Inn & Suites)









Dempsey’s 226 Broadway N, Fargo

$3.50 Bacardi, Malibu and Morgan starting at 9pm

$2.50 domestic taps and well drinks starting at 9pm

Old School Night starting at 9pm: $3 Old Style, High Life and Hamms

$4 specialty or import bottled/ tap beer starting at 9pm

$3.50 Old Style and $5.25 Jameson starting at 9pm

$3.50 Old Style and $5.25 Jameson starting at 9pm

Happy Hour prices 4-7pm, employee prices for all 7pmclose

D’Woods Lounge 3333 13th Ave. S, Fargo

$2.75 domestic bottles, $3 Bacardi

$2.75 domestic bottles, $1 off Martinis

$3.50 Stoli and domestic taps

$3.50 Crown Royal and taps

$3.75 teas, $3 Windsor

$3 Smirnoff and Captain Morgan

½ off all bottles of wine 4-11pm, Happy Hour 3-6pm and 9pmclose: $1 off tap and bottled beer, cocktails and wine by the glass

$2 off Beer flights 3-9 pm, Happy Hour 3-6pm and 9pm-close: $1 off tap and bottled beer, cocktails and wine by the glass

$2 off Crafted cocktails 3-9pm, Happy Hour 3-6pm and 9pmclose: $1 off tap and bottled beer, cocktails and wine by the glass

$3 off wine flights 3-9pm, Happy Hour 3-6pm and 9pm-close: $1 off tap and bottled beer, cocktails and wine by the glass

Happy Hour 3-6pm and 9pmclose: $1 off all tap and bottled beer, cocktails and wine by the glass

$1 off Bloody Marys, Mimosas and Screwdrivers noon-5pm

$1 off Bloody Marys, Mimosas and Screwdrivers noon5pm

$3.50 Crown Royal

$2.95 Bacardi

$2.75 Windsor

$2.95 Captain Morgan, $3.95 Jack Daniel's

$3.50 Stoli, $3.25 Jim Beam

$3.50 import and craft bottles, $3.95 Jagermeister

$2.75 vodka and Windsor

$4 pints 4-6pm

$4 pints 4-6pm

$4 pints 4-6pm

$4 pints 4-6pm

$3 select whiskey, $3 import and domestic microbrew bottles all day, Happy Hour 4-7pm

Happy Hour all day: $1 off all taps, wells and domestic bottles

$3.50 Stoli, Goldschlager and Icehole, $2 wells and domestic bottles 8-10pm, Happy Hour 4-7pm

$4 Bloody Marys 2-6pm, $3.50 Chuck Norris, $3.50 rum all day, $2 wells and domestic bottles 8-10pm Happy Hour 4-7pm

All specials from the week apply (excludes $2 wells and domestics)

$5 build-yourown Bloody Mary or Mimosa bar 11am-4pm

$5 build-yourown Bloody Mary or Mimosa bar 11am-4pm, all day Happy Hour, half price tap beer all day

Doolittles Woodfire Grill 2112 25th St. S, Fargo

Empire 424 Broadway N, Fargo ​Fargo Brewing Company 610 University Drive N, Fargo Fort Noks Bar of Gold 52 Broadway N, Fargo

$15 bucket of $2.50 tap beers beers (any 5 all day (use beers), $4.50 mugs), Happy Long Island Teas and Margaritas, Hour 4-7pm: $1 Happy Hour off all taps, wells 4-7pm: $1 off all and domestic taps, wells and bottles domestic bottles

* This is not a full list of specials. Specials subject to change. For updated and entire list of specials, go fargomonthly.com.

Happy Hour 4-6pm and 9pm-midnight: $1 off spirits, wine and beer

Happy Hour 4-6pm and 9pm-midnight: $1 off spirits, wine and beer and half price wine glasses and bottles

Happy Hour 4-6pm and 9pm-midnight: $1 off spirits, wine and beer, $4 Tito's Vodka

Happy Hour 4-6pm and 9pmmidnight: $1 off spirits, wine and beer and $1 off bottles and cans of beer

$4 Grey Goose and Crown Royal, $5 off any Frank's apparel

Happy Hour 4-6pm: $1 off pints, $5 Flight of the Month

Happy Hour 4-6pm: $1 off pints, $5 Flight of the Month

Happy Hour 4-6pm: $1 off pints, $5 Flight of the Month

Happy Hour 4-6pm: $1 off pints, $5 Flight of the Month

Happy Hour noon-5pm: $1 off pints, $5 Flight of the Month

Mulligan Monday: 2-for-1 taps

Twosday: $2 domestic bottles

Apple Winesday: Half price appetizers and wine

Thirstday: $2 Green Cup Fills

$5 domestic pitchers

Granite City 1636 42nd St. S, Fargo

$5 cocktails 3-6pm and 9pm-close

$5 cocktails and $6.75 growler fills and $7.50 pitchers 3-6pm and 9pm-close

$5 cocktails 3-6pm and 9pm-close

$5 cocktails and $6.75 growler fills and $7.50 pitchers from 3-6pm and 9pm-close

$5 cocktails 3-6pm and 9pm-close

Hennessy's Irish Pub 4323 45th St. S, Fargo

Happy Hour 3-6pm and 10pm-close: $2 off all drinks

Happy Hour 3-6pm and 10pm-close: $2 off all drinks

Happy Hour 3-6pm and 10pm-close: $2 off all drinks

Happy Hour 3-6pm and 10pm-close: $2 off all drinks

Happy Hour 3-6pm and 10pm-close: $2 off all drinks

Frank’s Lounge 2640 52nd Ave. S, Fargo

Front Street Taproom 614 Main Ave., Fargo

Golf Addiction 4474 23rd Ave. S, Fargo


Half off select wine all day

$2 Green Cup Fills

$1 PBR Pounders & $2 Green Cup fills (22oz. of beer in a Green Golf Addiction Cup) Bottomless Mimosas noon-5pm for $7.99

Happy Hour 3-6pm and 10pm-close: $2 off all drinks

Happy Hour 3-6pm and 10pm-close: $2 off all drinks





Tea Night: $3.50 16oz. teas



Herd and Horns 1414 12th Ave. N, Fargo

All day Happy Hour: $2 off appetizers and $1 off drinks

$3 Busch Light and PBR pounders, $3 Bud and Bud Light 16oz. drafts from 7pm-close

Mug Night 7pm-close: $5.75 mugs with $3.75 domestic tap fills, $2 up-charge for craft

Labby’s Grill & Bar 1100 19th Ave. N, Fargo

3pm-close: $2.95 U-Call Its, Happy Hour 3-7pm: $2.95 premium well drinks, domestic taps & bottled beer

All day: $3.50 jumbo teas, $5.25 top shelf, Happy Hour 3-7pm: $2.95 premium well drinks, domestic taps & bottled beer

8pm-close: 32oz mugs $3.95, Happy Hour 3-7pm: $2.95 premium well drinks, domestic taps & bottled beer

F&F Poor Boy Pounders $2.95/$3.25, Happy Hour 3-7pm: $2.95 premium well drinks, domestic taps & bottled beer

9pm-close: $1 off domestic bottled beer & premium well, Happy Hour 3-7pm: $2.95 premium well drinks, domestic taps & bottled beer

11am-3pm: $3.95 mimosas, screwdrivers & bloodies, 9pm-close: $1 off domestic bottles & premium well drinks, Happy Hour 3-7pm

Lucky’s 13 Pub 4301 17th Ave. S, Fargo

$2.50 short domestic beers

$3 Coronas, Corona Lights and Dos Equis Amber 3pmclose

$3.50 tall domestic taps 3pm-close

Half price bottles of wine, $2.50 PBR and Hamms Pounders 3pmclose

Happy Hour 3-6pm

9am-4pm $3 Mimosas and $6.75 BLT Bloody Marys

Luna Fargo 1545 University Drive S, Fargo

Happy Hour 5-6pm & 9-10pm: $2 off wine or beer by the glass & 1/2 price cheese plates

Happy Hour 5-6pm & 9-10pm: $2 off wine or beer by the glass & 1/2 price cheese plates

Happy Hour 5-6pm & 9-10pm: $2 off wine or beer by the glass & 1/2 price cheese plates

Happy Hour 5-6pm & 9-10pm: $2 off wine or beer by the glass & 1/2 price cheese plates

Happy Hour 5-6pm & 9-10pm: $2 off wine or beer by the glass & 1/2 price cheese plates

Happy Hour 5-6pm & 9-10pm: $2 off wine or beer by the glass & 1/2 price cheese plates

Happy Hour 5-6pm and 9-11pm: $3 select beer and drinks

Happy Hour 5-6pm and 9-11pm: $3 select beer and drinks

Happy Hour 5-6pm and 9-11pm: $3 select beer and drinks

Happy Hour 5-6pm and 9-11pm: $3 select beer and drinks

Happy Hour 5-6pm and 9-11pm: $3 select beer and drinks

Mezzaluna 309 Roberts St. N, Fargo

NFL Special: $15.50 bucket of pounders

* This is not a full list of specials. Specials subject to change. For updated and entire list of specials, go fargomonthly.com.

The Northern 325 10th St. N, Fargo

Happy Hour 5-7pm

Happy Hour 5-7pm

Happy Hour 5-7pm

Happy Hour 5-7pm

Happy Hour 5-7pm

Happy Hour 5-7pm

NoBull Smokehouse 609 NP Ave, Fargo

$5 mules 4pmmidnight

$3 teas 4pmmidnight

4-10pm: buy a glass or bottle of any wine and get the 2nd for a penny

Bucket Special 4-10pm: buy 3 bottles get two free

Happy Hour 10pm-close: 2-for-1s tap beer/single shots

Happy Hour 10pm-close: 2-for-1s tap beer/single shots

Rum Monday: $3 Malibu and Captain Morgan

$3 Long Island Iced Teas and 23oz domestic taps

Whiskey Wednesday: $3 Bison Ridge and Windsor

Barcardi Party: $3 Bacardi White, Limón or Black Razz

$3 UV Vodka

$3 Bloody Marys and Caesars with UV Vodka until 4pm

U-Pay-The-Day tap beer 8-10pm, 9-11pm: $2.75 OB Beers, Booze & Bombs

1-U-Call-It on tap beer, bottles and drinks 7-9pm, 9-11pm: $2.75 OB Beers, Booze & Bombs

O’Kelly’s 3800 Main Ave., Fargo Old Broadway City Club 22 Broadway N, Fargo Old Broadway Grill 22 Broadway N, Fargo OB Sport Zone 22 Broadway N, Fargo

Pickled Parrot 505 3rd Ave. N, Fargo


Happy Hour 3-6pm: $2 rail & call drinks, select tap & bottled beer, $4 house wines

Happy Hour all day, $1.25 off all drinks and $3 Mimosas

Happy Hour all day

$2.95 Bloody Marys, Mimosas, Skip-N-Go Naked 11am-2pm

Wine Night from 4-9pm Happy Hour 3-6pm: $2 rail & call drinks, select tap & bottled beer, $4 house wines, 6-10pm $5.95 domestic pitchers


Happy Hour 3-6pm: $2 rail & call drinks, select tap & bottled beer, $4 house wines. Extended Happy Hour from 6-10pm

Happy Hour 3-6pm: $2 rail & call drinks, select tap & bottled beer, $4 house wines

Happy Hour 3-6pm: $2 rail & call drinks, select tap & bottled beer, $4 house wines, 9-11pm $2.75 beers, booze & bombs

11am-2pm $2.95 Bloody Marys & mimosas, 9-11pm $2.75 beers, booze & bombs

$5 Domestic Jars, $3 Captain Morgan & Tootsie Pops

$2 Domestic Taps (7-10pm), $3 Domestic Bottles & Ice Hole, $8 Well Jars

$5 Domestic Jars, $3.50 Fireball, $4 Crown Royal until 10pm

$5 Domestic Jars, $4 Jack Daniels, Long Island Teas & Chuck Norris until 10pm

11am-2pm $2.95 Bloody Marys & mimosas

Porter Creek Hardwood Grill ​1 555 44th St. S, Fargo








Half price draft beer 3pm-close, Happy Hour 3-6pm and 9pm-close: $1 off cocktails, beer and wine

Half price bottles of wine 3pm-close, Happy Hour 3-6pm and 9pm-close: $1 off cocktails, beer and wine

$2 off wine and liquor flights 3pm-close, Happy Hour 3-6pm and 9pm-close: $1 off cocktails, beer and wine

$2 off culinary cocktails 3pmclose, Happy Hour 3-6pm and 9pm-close: $1 off cocktails, beer and wine

Happy Hour 3-6pm and 9pm-close: $1 off cocktails, beer and wine

Happy Hour 3-6pm and 9pm-close: $1 off cocktails, beer and wine

Happy Hour 3-6pm and 9pm-close: $1 off cocktails, beer and wine

Happy Hour Specials, 3-6pm & 9-Close; $4 Moscow Mules, $5 40oz beers, $6 32oz Frutopias

Fargo's Best Build Your Own Bloody Mary & Mimosa bar! $9

Fargo's Best Build Your Own Bloody Mary & Mimosa bar! $9

$2 off Mimosas, Bloody Marys and Caesars

$2 off Mimosas, Bloody Marys and Caesars

$3 Deep Eddy Vodka starting at 8pm, Happy Hour 3-6pm and 10pm-close

$4 craft beer pints and 2-for-1 wells starting at 9pm

Bloody Mary Bar 11am-4 pm, $5 well vodka, $6 premium vodka, $3 youcall-its for service industry all day $3.35 tall domestic taps all day $2.75 well drinks 4:30pm-close

Happy Hour Happy Hour Happy Hour Happy Hour 3-6pm and 9pm3-6pm and 9pm3-6pm and 9pmPounds 3-6pm and 9pmclose: $4 signature close: $4 signature close: $4 signature close: $4 signature ​6 12 1st Ave. N, Mules, $5 40oz Mules, $5 40oz Mules, $5 40oz Mules, $5 40oz Fargo bottle beers and $6 bottle beers and $6 bottle beers and $6 bottle beers and $6 32oz Fruitopias 32oz Fruitopias 32oz Fruitopias 32oz Fruitopias $2 off Margaritas

$2 off all top shelf liquors

$2 off all glasses of wine and half price bottles

$3 craft and import beers, $2 domestics and $1 off taps

Rhombus Guys 606 Main Ave., Fargo

Happy Hour 3-6pm and 10pm-close: $2 off tall beers, $1 off short beers and shot drinks

Drink Local Night 8pm: $3 Proof products and $1 off local beers, Happy Hour 3-6pm and 10pm-close

Half off glasses and bottles of wine starting at 6pm, Happy Hour 3-6pm and 10pm-close

$4 pints of Rhombus beer starting at 9pm, Happy Hour 3-6pm and 10pm-close

Rick’s Bar 2721 Main Ave., Fargo

$3.05 Captain Morgan, $3.45 tall domestic taps 4:30pm-close

$3.75 Crown Royal, $3.95 Crown Black

$2.95 Bacardi and domestic bottles 4:30pmclose

Mug Club Night $3.75 Jack Daniel's and teas

$3.25 UV Vodka

$3.25 import and specialty bottles $3.25 Ice Hole shots

Rooter’s Bar 107 Broadway N, Fargo

$2 12oz. domestic draws all day

$2.50 domestic bottles all day

$2.50 Captain Morgan and Windsor all day

$2.50 teas, $7.50 domestic pitchers

Happy Hour 4:30-6:30pm: 2-for-1 drinks

$2.50 Homemade Bloody Marys with beer chaser 10am-4 pm

Happy Hour all day

Local Night: $3.30 Proof's 2 Docks Vodka and $1 off local brews from N.D., S.D., and Minn., Happy Hour open-7pm: $1 off all drinks

$3.30 Captain Morgan, $3.85 Crown Royal, Happy Hour open-7pm: $1 off all drinks

$3.30 Deep Eddy Vodka, $3.85 Jack Daniels, Happy Hour open-7pm: $1 off all drinks

$3.25 domestic bottles; $3.85 Icehole, Fireball and Dr. McGillicuddy's, Happy Hour open-7pm: $1 off all drinks

$4.30 Bloody Marys and Caesars, $3.30 Mimosas

$4.30 Bloody Marys and Caesars, $3.30 Mimosas

Shotgun Sally’s Rock & Roll Saloon 1515 42nd St. S, Fargo

3pm-close: $3 Jameson, Absolut and Deep Eddy

3-6pm-$3.50 Bacardi & Smirnoff, $4 Jack Daniels & $4 Dubliner, 6pmmidnight: $3 tall domestics & $5 tall crafts, 9pm-close: $2 off Patron

3-6pm-$3.50 Bacardi & Smirnoff, $4 Jack Daniels & $4 Dubliner, Ladies Night: $5 at the door/Free Well drinks for ladies from 9pm-midnight

3-6pm-$3.50 Bacardi & Smirnoff, $4 Jack Daniels & $4 Dubliner, 9pmmidnight: $5 mug at the door with $2 wells & domestic taps refills

3-6pm-$3.50 Bacardi & Smirnoff, $4 Jack Daniels & $4 Dubliner, 9-11pm: $2 wells & domestic bottles

11am-2pm: $10 bottomless mimosas, Bloody Marys & domestic taps, 9-11pm: $2 wells & domestic bottles

11am-2pm: $10 bottomless mimosas, Bloody Marys & domestic taps, Industry Night 9pmmidnight: $3 top shelf, $2 calls & $1 wells

Sickie's Garage 3431 Fiechtner Drive S, Fargo

$3 Jack Daniel's and Redbull shots, Happy Hour 3-6pm and 9-11pm: $2.50 domestic taps and wells

Big 98.7 Happy Hour 4-6pm with 98¢ domestic taps, Q105 $1.05 drink tickets 7-9pm, $2 Sailer Jerry and Absolut,

Rock 701 $1.07 drink tickets 5-7pm, $2 Sailer Jerry and Absolut, $3 Jack Daniel's and Redbull shots

$2 Sailer Jerry and Absolut, $3 Jack Daniel's and Redbull shots, Happy Hour 3-6pm and 9-11pm: $2.50 domestic taps and wells

$2 Sailer Jerry and Absolut shots, Happy Hour 3-6pm and 9-11pm: $2.50 domestic taps and wells

Happy Hour 9pm-close: $4.99 appetizers, $1 off domestic pints, wells, and wine, $2 off domestic talls, $2 off featured craft brews

Friday Happy Hour 3-6pm & 9pm-close: $4.99 appetizers, $1 off domestic pints, wells, and wine, $2 off domestic talls, $2 off featured craft brews

Sidestreet Grille & Pub 404 4th Ave. N, Fargo

$3.75 Irish Whiskeys (feat. Jameson), 75¢ off craft and import taps and bottles, $5.50 Sidestreet Scratch teas

All day Happy Hour, 50¢ off all drinks and beers, $2.50 pounders, $1 off wines, Mike's Hard drinks and ciders

$2.50 domestic pints, 75¢ off Bells and Deschutes, $3.75 Jameson, $4.75 Sidestreet Gingers

$3.75 Mexican beers, 75¢ off tequilas, margaritas and Mexi-mules

$3.50 Absolut and Stoli, $4 Summit, $3.25 Nordeast and Leinenkugels

$3.75 Jim Bean and Jack Daniels', $1 off local beers and spirits

Service Industry Sunday Funday: $2 off pitchers, $1 off you-call-its for service industry employees, $3.50 Deep Eddy drinks

Radisson 201 5th St. N. Fargo

The Round Up Saloon 4501 Urban Plains Drive, Fargo









$3.15 Miller High Life bottles $3.40 Bacardi Limon and Sailor Jerry's

$3.15 Bud and Bud Light bottles

$3.15 Bud and Bud Light bottles $3 White Zin and merlot wines

$3.15 Coors Light and Mich Golden Light bottles

$3.15 Bud and Bud Light bottles, $3.40 Captain Morgan

$3.75 Bloody Marys and Caesars, all day well specials $2.75

$2.80 all wells, $5.25 Busch Light pitchers

Speck’s Bar 2611 Main Ave., Fargo

$2.95 pounders

$3 Bacardi and Jim Beam

$2.95 Morgan $3.95 Jack Daniel's

$2.95 whiskeys and Barefoot wines

$3.25 import and craft beers, $3.25 Smirnoff

$3.25 UV Vodka

$2.75 wells, $3.35 20oz. taps

Spirits Lounge 3803 13th Ave. S, Fargo

Happy Hour drink specials all day: $3 jumbo domestic beers and $1 off well pours

2-for-1 cocktails all day, Happy Hour 4-7pm: $3 jumbo domestic beers and $1 off well pours

$4 mule drinks all day, Happy Hour 4-7pm: $3 jumbo domestic beers and $1 off well pours

$4 Mojitos all day, Happy Hour 4-7pm: $3 jumbo domestic beers and $1 off well pours

Happy Hour drink specials open-4pm

Happy Hour drink specials all day

Sports Bar 619 NP Ave. N, Fargo

$2.50 tap beer pints, $3.50 talls

$2.50 Stoli and $3.50 Stoli with energy drink

College Night: Half price domestic pitchers

$2.95 Jack Daniel's, Captain Morgan, Bombay Sapphire and Grey Goose

½ off pitchers 7-10 pm

½ off pitchers 7-10 pm

$3 pounders, $3.50 Bloody Marys

Tailgators Sports Cafe 1322 Main Ave, Fargo

6-10pm: $3.50 tall Crown Royal, $3 UV Vodka

6-10pm: $3.25 Happy Hour bottles, $3 Captain Morga

6-10pm: $8.50 domestic pitchers, $3 wells and Ice Hole shots

6-10pm: $2.75 Schnapps shots, $3.75 Gator Teas and import bottles

6-10pm: $3 Bacardi and Windsor, $3.50 Chuck Norris or Jag Bombs

Noon-10pm: $3.25 Happy Hour pints and bottles, $1 off whiskeys, $4.25 Bloody Marys

Noon-10pm: $3.25 Happy Hour pints and bottles, $1 off whiskeys, $4.25 Bloody Marys

$2 off everything 3-6pm, $5 glasses of vegan wine, half price vodka and cognac after 9pm

$2 off everything 3-6pm, half price tequila and rum after 9pm

BYO Wine Night ($7 corkage fee) and half price bottles of wine, $2 off everything 3-6pm, half price whiskey and gin after 9pm

$5 sparkling wines, $2 off everything 3-6pm, half price beer and wine after 9pm

9pm-close: half off all beer, glass wine, single shot well pours

9pm-close: half off all beer, glass wine, single shot well pours

$3 Captain Morgan

$6 domestic pitchers

$3 Windsor

$3 domestic pounders and bottles

$3 teas

Happy Hour 11am-5pm

$2 off jumbo 32oz. Margaritas

$2 off PBR pounders, $1 off Mojitos

$1 off Proud Mary Pina Colada

$2 off all tequila shots

$1 off Cadillac Margaritas, $2 Margaritas 9pmclose

$1 Let's Get It On Lemonades, $1 Sangria, $2 off Margaritas 9pmclose

9-10pm: everybody drinks free, 1011pm: $2 drinks, 9-11 pm: $2 bomb shots

9-11pm: $2 drinks and bomb shots

9pm-midnight: $3 drinks and 2-for-1 shots

Slammer’s Sports Bar & Grill 707 28th Ave. N, Fargo

Twist 220 Broadway N, Fargo

VFW: Downtown

202 Broadway N, Fargo

* This is not a full list of specials. Specials subject to change. For updated and entire list of specials, go fargomonthly.com.

Vinyl Taco 520 1st Ave. N, Fargo

Happy Hour all day

The Windbreak 3150 39th St. S, Fargo

4-7pm and 9-11pm: $1 off all drinks

4-7pm and 9-11pm: $1 off all drinks

4-7pm and 9-11pm: $1 off all drinks

Ladies Night: Ladies drink free (select taps and wells) 9pmmidnight, 9-11pm: guys get $2 drinks, $2 bomb shots

Woody’s Bar 1550 32nd Ave. S, Fargo

Happy Hour All Day ($1 off all drinks)

$3.30 Captain Morgan, $3.30 Bacardi and Flavors

$3.30 Deep Eddy Vodka, $3.30 glasses of bota box wine

$3.85 Crown Royal, $3.85 Jack Daniel's

$3.30 Captain Morgan, $3.50 Long Island Iced Tea

$3.30 Bloody Mary and Caesars, $3.30 import bottles

$3.30 Bloody Mary and Caesars, $6 domestic pitchers, $8 import pitchers

$3.50 tall domestics, Stoli and Jack Daniel's

$1 off all taps and bottled beers

Mug Night: $5 purchase and $4 refills on domestics and wells

$3.50 tall domestics and Jameson

$3 Captain Morgan and Titos Vodka

$3 teas and Deep Eddy Vodka, $1 off taps and wells from 11am-7pm

$7 domestic pitchers and $3 Icehole all day. Service Industry Night with $3 you-call-its from 10pm-close

WEST FARGO Bar Nine 1405 Prairie Pkwy., West Fargo









Blarney Stone 1910 9th St. E, West Fargo

Happy Hour 3- 6pm: $1.00 off Drafts, $2.50 Bar Pour, $1.00 off House Wine. Late Night Happy Hour 9pm-close: $2.00 off Drafts, $2.50 Bar Pours, $1.00 off House Wine

Happy Hour 3- 6pm: $1.00 off Drafts, $2.50 Bar Pour, $1.00 off House Wine. Late Night Happy Hour 9pm-close: $2.00 off Drafts, $2.50 Bar Pours, $1.00 off House Wine

Happy Hour 36pm: $1.00 off Drafts, $2.50 Bar Pour, $1.00 off House Wine. Late Night Happy Hour 9pm-close: $2.00 off Drafts, $2.50 Bar Pours, $1.00 off House Wine

Happy Hour 3- 6pm: $1.00 off Drafts, $2.50 Bar Pour, $1.00 off House Wine. Late Night Happy Hour 9pm-close: $2.00 off Drafts, $2.50 Bar Pours, $1.00 off House Wine

Happy Hour 3- 6pm: $1.00 off Drafts, $2.50 Bar Pour, $1.00 off House Wine. Late Night Happy Hour 9pm-close: $2.00 off Drafts, $2.50 Bar Pours, $1.00 off House Wine

Free trip through the Bloody Mary bar or free mimosa with purchase of breakfast entrée, Happy Hour 9pm-close: $2 off appetizers

All Day: $2.00 off Drafts, $2.50 Bar Pours, $1.00 off House Wine, and discounted appetizers

Blvd Pub 3147 Bluestem Drive, West Fargo

Happy Hour 3-6pm: $1 off talls, wells, and glasses of wine, 6-close: talls for the price of shorts, $3.50 Bacardi and Bacardi flavors

Happy Hour 3-6pm: $1 off talls, wells, and glasses of wine, 6-close: $3.25 all Long Island Teas

Happy Hour 3-6pm: $1 off talls, wells, and glasses of wine, 6-close: 2 for 1's on domestic pints and well drink

Happy Hour 3-6pm: $1 off talls, wells, and glasses of wine, 6-close: half off bottles of wine. $1 off all Moscow Mules

Happy Hour 3-6pm: $1 off talls, wells, and glasses of wine, 6-close: 7 pm $1 off Captain Morgan

8am-noon: Bloody Bar, $4 Bloodys, $3.50 mimosas, 7-close: $3.50 shots of Fireball and Icehole including flavors

Happy Hour all day: $1 off talls, wells, and glasses of wine, Server Industry Day: $1 off all drinks with Server Training card, blvd Apparel Day: $1 off all drinks while wearing blvd Gear (max of $2 off)

Hooligans 3330 Sheyenne St, West Fargo

Mug Night: $7 mug and fill, $3 domestic and $5 non-domestic refills

$4 tall domestic taps, half-price bottles of wine

$2.50 domestic bottles

Tea Night: $5 colossal teas

$3.50 well drinks all day

$2 pounders, domestic pitcher and a large pizza for $20

$8 pitchers of beer, $8.99 ultimate Bloody Marys, $3 Mimosas

Pub West 3140 Bluestem Drive, West Fargo

$3.50 tall domestic beer, $4.50 tall craft beer

$3.50 Captain Morgan and Bacardi

$3.50 Jack Daniel's, Jim Beam and Jameson, $4.50 Crown Royal

$3.50 UV, Wave and Tito's Vodka

$3.50 Windsor, $3 solo cups: Bud Light, Coors Light, Miller Lite

$3 solo cups: Bud Light,Coors Light, Miller Lite

Happy Hour all day, Service Industry Night: $3.50 youcall-its

Happy Hour 3-6:30pm, 8pmmidnight: $7.50 Coors Light pitchers and $3.75 Crown Royal

Happy Hour 3-6:30pm, 8pm-midnight: $7.50 Miller Lite pitchers, $3 Jack Daniels and Jag, $3.75 Long Island Teas

Happy Hour 3-6:30pm, 8pmmidnight: $7.50 Bud Light pitchers, $3.50 Windsor and Smirnoff

8pm-midnight: $3 Fireball, $3.50 Tito's Vodka, $5 Vodka Red Bulls, $3.50 Chuck Norris, Ninja Turtles and Jag Bombs

Happy Hour noon-6:30pm, 8pm-midnight: $3 import bottles and Tarantula Tequila, $3.50 Captain Morgan, Bacardi and Jameson

Happy Hour all day, Service Industry Night 10pm-close: $3 well drinks

Silver Dollar Flying Pig 221 Sheyenne St, West Fargo

Happy Hour 4:30-6:30pm

Happy Hour 4:30-6:30pm

Happy Hour 4:30-6:30pm

Happy Hour 4:30-6:30pm

Happy Hour 4:30-6:30pm

Happy Hour 4:30-6:30pm

Happy Hour 4:30-6:30pm

Spicy Pie 745 31st Ave. E. Ste. 110, West Fargo

$3 pounders, $2.50 domestic bottles, $1 off import bottles

$3 shots (excluding top shelf pour)

75¢ off all whiskeys

$1 off Margaritas (to go with Taco Thursday)

$1 off whiskey, rum, vodka and gin (excluding top shelf pour)

$1 off whiskey, rum, vodka and gin (excluding top shelf pour)

$4 Bloody Marys and Caesars

Three Lyons Pub 675 13th Ave. E, West Fargo

Mug Night: $2 32oz. mug, fill for the price of a pint 7pm-close

$3 you-call-its on domestic pints and wells 7pm-close

Tall beers for the price of short 7pm-close

$3 glasses of house wine, all Martinis $5 7pm-close

$3.50 Jameson and $1 off bottled beer 8pm-close

$4 Milagro Margaritas 8pm-close, $3.50 Bloody Marys, Caesars and Mimosas until 6pm

Happy Hour All Day

Town Hall Bar 103 Main Ave. W, West Fargo

$3 Captain Morgan, $3.50 Crown Royal & Washington Apples 7-11pm

$3 32oz. domestic Mongo Mugs, Ladies night $1 off drinks, $3 shots 7-11pm

Happy Hour 3-7pm, $3 Windsor and Wu Tang shots 7-11pm

$3 Cristal & Limon, domestic pitchers $6 7-11pm

Fireball Friday $3, Extended happy hour 3-8pm and 7-11pm

Sex with Strangers $3, 10am-1pm $4 Bloody Marys & Caesars 7-11pm

$2.75 pounders all day, Service Industry Special: $2 well drinks & domestic beer 7-11pm

​Tru Blu Social Club 915 19th Ave. E, West Fargo

$5 Tru Tap Mules, 3-6 p.m. and 10 p.m.-1am: $1.25 off all liquor, wine and beer

$3 off all Martinis, 3-6pm and 10pm-1am: $1.25 off all liquor, wine and beer

Half price bottles of wine, 3-6pm and 10pm-1am: $1.25 off all liquor, wine and beer

$2.75 16oz. domestic taps, 3-6pm and 10pm-1am: $1.25 off all liquor, wine and beer

3-6pm: $1.25 off all liquor, wine and beer

11am-4pm: $6 Deviled Bloody Mary's, $2.50 Mimosa Flutes, $9 Mimosa carafes

11am-4pm: $6 Deviled Bloody Mary's, $2.50 Mimosa Flutes, $9 Mimosa carafes

Rookies 715 13th Ave. E, West Fargo

* This is not a full list of specials. Specials subject to change. For updated and entire list of specials, go fargomonthly.com.


Happy Hour 3-6:30pm, 8pmmidnight: $3 domestic pitchers and Shiner Bock bottles, $3.50 Deep Eddys, $4 Angry Balls shot








​VFW: West Fargo 308 Sheyenne St., West Fargo

$2.50 regular domestic beers and Windsor

12 inch pizza and a pitcher of beer for $11

$3 Bacardi, Morgan, Mike’s Hard Lemonade or Wine Coolers

$3 domestic 25oz taps, $3.50 25oz Shock Top, $5 25oz Stone's Throw, $3 import bottles

Work Zone 701 Main Ave. E, West Fargo

$3 Jag shots, $3 Tuaca, Mug Special $6.50 with $3.50 refills

$3 Bacardi and Ice Hole

$3 Dr. Mac shots, Mug Special: $6.50 with $3.50 refills

$3 Captain Morgan, Malibu and Jag

$3 Jack and Jims

$3 Bloody Marys and Caesars, $3 craft and imports

$5.50 domestic pitchers, $3.50 Buccas, $3 Bloody Marys and Caesars

Dave’s Southside Tap 803 Belsly Blvd., Moorhead

Happy Hour 3-6pm, $3.50 tall domestic taps 7pm-close

Happy Hour 3-6pm, $2.50 domestic bottles and wells 7pmclose

Happy Hour 3-6pm, $3 Captain Morgan and Fireball 8pm-close

Happy Hour 3-6pm, $6.50 domestic pitchers 8pm-close

Happy Hour 3-6pm, $3.50 Stoli and Bacardi 8pm-close

$3.50 Long Island Teas and Crown Royal 8pm-close

$3.50 tall domestic taps and import bottles all day

JC Chumley’s 1608 Main Ave., Moorhead

Happy Hour 4-6:30pm: $2.50 domestic taps, bottles & wells, 8-10pm: strawberry or lime margaritas, $3 well or $5 premium, 8pmmidnight: $4 Busch mugs, $5 all other domestic mugs

Happy Hour all day, 11ammidnight: $2.50 domestic bottles, taps & wells

Happy Hour 4-6:30pm: $2.50 domestic taps, bottles & wells, 8pm-midnight: $4 Busch mugs, $5 all other domestic mugs, $5 premium long island teas

Happy Hour 4-6:30pm: $2.50 domestic taps, bottles & wells, 8pm-midnight: $3.50 taps of Bud & Bud Light, $1 off import pints

Happy Hour 4-6:30pm: $2.50 domestic taps, bottles & wells, Fireball Friday 5 p.m.-midnight: $3.50 Fireballs, 8-10 pm: $3 domestic bottles & Morgan

11am-4pm: $2 Mimosas and $5 Bloody Mary's & Caesars

Game Day! $5 Bloody Mary's & Caesars

Jerry's Original Music Club 1500 11th St. N, Moorhead

7pm-midnight: $3 Captain Morgan, $4 Jack Fire shots, $3 Fireball shots, Happy Hour 4pm-7pm: $3.25 16oz taps, $3.25 single-shot rails

7pm-midnight: $1 12 oz domestic taps, $4 Jack Fire shots, $3 Fireball shots, Happy Hour 4pm-7pm: $3.25 16oz taps, $3.25 single-shot rails

7pm-midnight: $4 Jack Fire shots, $3 Fireball shots, ladies get free domestic taps and wells with $10 cover, Happy Hour 4pm-7pm: $3.25 16oz taps, $3.25 single-shot rails

7pm-midnight: $5 domestic pitchers, $4 Jack Fire shots, $3 Fireball shots, Happy Hour 4pm-7pm: $3.25 16oz taps, $3.25 single-shot rails

7pm-midnight: $3.50 pounders, $4 Jack Fire shots, $3 Fireball shots, Happy Hour 4pm-7pm: $3.25 16oz taps, $3.25 single-shot rails

7pm-midnight: $3.50 pounders, $4 Jack Fire shots, $3 Fireball shots, Happy Hour 4pm-7pm: $3.25 16oz taps, $3.25 single-shot rails

Mick’s Office 10 8th St. S, Moorhead

$2.50 Captain Morgan, $4 domestic mug fills, $4 bomb shots 8pm-midnight

$3 domestic pints, $3.50 select import pints 8pmmidnight

Ladies Night 8pm-midnight: $2.50 pounders and you-call-its

$2.75 wells, $4 domestic mugs, $3 Busch Light and Old Style mugs, jell-o shot raffle 10pm-close

$2.75 pounders, $3 Ice Hole 8pm-midnight

$5 endless Mimosas 11am4pm, $8 pitchers 11am-4pm

Happy Hour 5-6pm and 9-11pm, $3 select beer and drinks

Happy Hour 5-6pm and 9-11pm, $3 select beer and drinks

Happy Hour 5-6pm and 9-11pm, $3 select beer and drinks

Happy Hour 5-6pm and 9-11pm, $3 select beer and drinks

Happy Hour 5-6pm and 9-11pm, $3 select beer and drinks

Happy Hour 1-7pm, $4 scratch teas

Happy Hour 1pm-midnight

Happy Hour 1-7pm, $5 all-you-can-drink for ladies 9pmmidnight, $3 pounders (all day) $2 Captain Morgan & $3 bomb shots 9pm-midnight

Happy Hour 1-7pm, $3 perfect pint of Guinness and Irish car bombs 9pmmidnight

Happy Hour 1-7 pm, 11am-2pm: $10 all-you-can-drink Mimosas, Bloody Marys and domestic taps

Happy Hour from 1-7pm and $5 domestic pitchers

$2.75 22oz grande beers, $4 Sam Adams, Red’s Apple and Bell's specials 4-6pm

$6 pitchers of Bud Light, Shock Top, Miller Light, Coors Light and Nordeast, drink specials 4-6pm

$6 pitchers of Bud Light, Shock Top, Miller Lite, Coors Light and Nordeast 9pm-close

Grand beers $2.75 (all day)

Happy hour all day till 7/ ladies night 9-midnight

Late night Happy Hour 9pm-midnight

$8.50 pitchers all day

Bloody Mary special


Rustica Tavern 315 Main Ave., Moorhead O’Leary’s Pub 808 30th Ave. S, Moorhead

Happy Hour 1-7pm, $5 domestic mugs, $6 import mugs 8pm-midnight

Speak Easy 1001 30th Ave., S, Moorhead

2-for-1 drink specials from 4-6 pm and $2 domestic bottles 7pm-midnight

2-for-1s 4-6pm

$5.25 pitchers of Budweiser, Mich, Amber Boch, Bud Light, Miller Light and Foster, drink specials 4-6pm

$3.25 Morgan

2 for 1's 9-midnight

$1.00 off All Whiskey

Vic’s Bar & Grill 427 Center Ave, Moorhead

Happy Hour all day: 50¢ off all drinks, $4 Bloody Marys and Caesars


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