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Each month, Harlan Goerger meets one-on-one with every member of his CEO Solutions group at their office.

It’s not just Goerger who believes that Traction is an effective business model to follow. The members of CEO Solutions also believe it paves an effective and simple path. Ryan Raguse, president and chairman of Myriad Mobile, has been a member of CEO Solutions for the past two years. He has developed the Traction model throughout his company. “To follow a process from Traction that has everything from how do you take your vision for the company all the way down to your daily work to how do you connect vision to daily

work?” Raguse said. “Being able to follow a process, a methodology that makes it clear and simple, has been helpful for us over the years.”

One of the challenges we find is that the spouse, the banker, the CPA, even the executive in the company, does not understand what the CEO does or goes through – what it's like to be that CEO.” – HARLAN GOERGER

With 40 years of business experience, Goerger had a quick answer when asked about his no. one tip for a business owner. “Focus yourself, focus your people and get the hell out of the way," Goerger said. Apparently, with Goerger at your back, business isn’t that hard.

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Fargo INC! January 2016  

Fargo INC! January 2016