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21 Years

Nov. 1st - 3rd

Nov. 8th - 10th

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Funny Business

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David Beck

Jay Wendell Walker

Marques Bunn

Adam Lee

Nov. 15th - 17th

Nov. 23rd - 24th

Steven Hirst

Mike Brody

Casey Coleman

Bill Young

Nov. 29th, 30th, Dec. 1st

Lori Callahan Matt Baca

Thurs: College/Military Night at 8 pm

Half Price Tickets w/ID - Must be 18+

Open Mic Night

After Main Show - Sign up at 9:30 pm

Fri/Sat: Shows Start at 8pm and 10:30pm

Must be 21+

for tickets:

218-287-7100 600 30th Ave S Moorhead, MN Inside the AmericInn off 8th St. & I-94 // 3



HERE’iS A BUNCH OF STUFF I WOULD LIKE Welcome to the new Fargo Monthly. Our first issue, but not our first time. You probably recognize this magazine as once being the smaller FM Spotlight. We decided to up the size and change

THE CHANGE Remember FM Spotlight Magazine? We are proud to introduce the new Fargo Monthly!

3 Things I think You should know We are now distributing in hotel rooms in Fargo-Moorhead. We also publish three other magazines each month: Design & Living, Stride and Bison Illustrated.

Sometimes just a face can speak volumes of their life. John Marks is one of experience, wisdom and the tough life of hockey.

WHO AM I? I’m tall, obsessed with magazines and I like long walks on the beach of the Red River. I am absolutely pumped about the new format of this magazine. Oh, I’m also very proud of my team. Fargo has adopted me, and will call it home.

4 //

We reach about 50,000 readers every month and distribute to over 800 locations.

the layout, content and design slightly to help create more of an impact in Fargo-Moorhead. We are serious about how great of a place this is and it is our mission to provide the community, and

question and answer question What was the best part of putting together this issue?

ANSWER The Tripwire photoshoot really takes the cake. We prepared the shoot for five hours, and in that time all of us had an amazing time. Thanks to those guys!

question I really liked the size of FM Spotlight what’s up with the new size?



photographer. We think he is awesome. Check out his work at or facebook at J. Alan Paul Photography.

We plan on inserting a FM Spotlight sized guide in Fargo Monthly in the future. Also we wanted to provide our readers with more information from our articles.

question What's to come for the next issue?

ANSWER We are thinking: a year in review article, an ultimate holiday survival guide, a family matters article (not the TV show) and much, much more. Send me your ideas! -


M ike Dr :D a rag gosa vi o@ fm ch, P sp otl ublis i h







now the visitors with the best possible resource for everyone to experience the opportunities. I hope you enjoy the magazine and feel free to send me an email with some comments or suggestions.




Fargo Monthly Magazine is published 12 times a year and free. Copies are available at over 800 Fargo-Moorhead locations along with digital versions at





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Photography // 7

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Photo by J. Alan Paul

Head coach of Fargo FOrce HOCKEY

A quick glance of John Marks' NHL career Played for the Chicago Blackhawks from the 1972-81 seasons

Played in the Stanley Cup Finals in 1973 — lost to Montreal Canadians. Played in the 1976 NHL All-Star Game

Played over 600 consecutive games in the NHL.

10 //

Scored two goals within the first 30 seconds of a game.

Ok, now that john blew the whistle, let the interview begin! How did your first season go last year?

Great! I enjoyed it. It was the youngest age group I’ve ever coached. I coached at the pro level for 26 years before coming here. It was a different experience, but hockey is hockey. What's the biggest differences working with the younger guys?

No egos to contend with — I’m serious. You would be surprised about the egos you have to deal with in the pros, and the agents you have to deal with and all that.

Is there anything that you’re going to do differently as a coach?

were putting forth. Goal scoring will come, because if the history of the player says he should score, he usually does. We’ll be fine.

Other than get a cattle prod and stick it were the sun doesn’t shine? [laughs] There’s a little urging that needs to be put forth. Quite honestly, some of the guys who have been in the league who we expect to have more results from aren’t working as hard as they need to. It’s that old expression, ‘You’ve got to start looking in the mirror.’ Assistant coach Byron Pool went over some video with three or four guys in particular, and tapes don’t lie. I think it was a rude awakening when they watched it on tape, when they watched the lack of effort they

Were there any specific areas you were working on running up to this season?

We were concerned about our goal-tending, but that seems to be solved. We were concerned about our defense at the start being young and a little bit inexperienced — we lost three really solid defensemen. That has been okay, but now, like I said, the concern is that we haven’t been scoring. Our work ethic has to improve.

What do you like about these guys?

Right now they all seem to get along really well, and I think harmony, cohesion or whatever is very important to a locker room… I see a group of guys that respond when called upon, but I shouldn’t have to call upon them, and that is a concern. I expect athletes at this level to be self-motivated and self-disciplined because that’s why they’re here… You shouldn’t have to prod. For the most part it’s there, but I find that young players don’t know how to work yet. You almost have to teach them how to work, or push them a little harder than what they normally do, and then // 11

What is it like taking these guys out on the road?

Some guys play cards, some guys play video games, some guys are doing their homework, and we’ll put a movie in. The bus we have has Internet capabilities, it has a satellite dish, and it’s equipped with 24 beds so guys can sleep. They’re a pretty calm group of guys; there’s laughter and chatter and all that sort of stuff.

they’ll suddenly realize that they’re capable of doing it. A lot of young players really don’t know what work is; they’ve gotten by because of their skill. Now they’re playing entire teams that have skill, and they’re up against other players who may be a year or two older and 15-20 pounds heavier. Some of them shave and they don’t — there’s a maturity aspect too. It’s amazing

12 //

how big of a change there is in a player from September to May, and that’s just in his physical and mental development — not on the ice necessarily but off ice. We had a player last year who grew about an inch and a half and gained 25 pounds. You’re going to see that from everybody, not just because they’re in the weight room but also because this is the age of their physical and mental development.

But at the same time, when they get off the bus they have to represent themselves in the right manner. When we go into a restaurant I want the guys to dress decent. A pet peeve of mine is to have a group of guys in sweat suits, laying in bunks and traveling in a bus for six hours and then they get off the bus, go eat and get back on the bus and do the same thing, leave on a Thursday and come back Sunday morning, and they haven’t taken the damn thing off except to put their hockey equipment on. I make sure they bring an extra change of clothes. I want them to bring a pair of khakis and a golf shirt or something similar because that’s important. They have to be well mannered because they’re representing the team, the city of Fargo and the USHL so it’s important to have a class act. It’s something they have to get used to. Most sports have a dress code, and they have other rules too.

Another pet peeve is the guy that comes one minute before the bus is going to leave — it bothers me! That’s why I set my watch five or seven minutes ahead of time. There’s the time on the itinerary sheet and then there’s my time, and I want people to arrive on my time in case something happens. It sounds petty, but it’s important. Why do you think the Fargo Force is important to this community?

That’s a good question, because there have been other junior teams here that haven’t lasted this long. There have been four or five junior teams that haven’t seen this success but I think there are a couple of reasons behind that, one is that the level of play at the USHL is better than the level of those other teams. The other thing is that you have one of the top facilities for junior hockey in the country right here in Fargo. Youth hockey has really grown in the past few years, so it’s important for the city to have a junior team for these guys to be role models. It’s a great form of entertainment, and it’s inexpensive family entertainment. There is certainly a pride in how the team has performed in their first four years, and the expectations are getting a little higher now. People are ready to win, and we all want to of course but so do the other 14 teams — that’s the problem. [laughs] I

also think a city needs diversity; you have your arts and you have your other sports but hockey is a fun, fast sport. This gives everybody something else to go to and enjoy, so there certainly is an importance for the club. What do you want the guys you coach here to get out of this experience?

You want them to enjoy their junior experience, number one, because it is a good experience. You’re with a group of young guys your age, you’re growing together, you’re playing a sport you love, and here you’re playing in a great facility, you’re playing in front of big crowds and you’re well taken care of. The Billet families (family the players stay with) take them in like sons, and they have quite a few freedoms to really enjoy their teenage years. What I like to see is for them to have success, both on and off the ice. I like to see them get their commitments to go to college. To see these guys do well here and then to go to school, you can feel like you were a part of that. And down the road, if they can sign a contract in the professional market, there’s such big money that if they take care of it, you know you maybe had a part in their success for the rest of their life financially.

Want to go to a Fargo Force Game? TicketS 701.364.3672 MORE INFO Schedule Fri, Nov 2 at Sioux Falls Sat, Nov 3 at Lincoln Fri, Nov 9 at Des Moines Sat, Nov 10 at Des Moines Sun, Nov 11 at Tri-City

Fri, Nov 16 vs. Omaha Sat, Nov 17 vs. Omaha Wed, Nov 21 at Sioux Falls Sat, Nov 24 vs. Sioux Falls Wed, Nov 28 at Omaha

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GO // ART and learning

Katherine Kilbourne Burgum


Center for Creativity he sound of pencils scratching, pottery wheels turning and, most importantly, kids laughing, can be heard at the new Katherine Kilbourne Burgum Center for Creativity. This new site, attached to the Plains Art Museum, opened last month and added another 27,000 square feet to the already 56,000 square feet of the Plains Art Museum. The Center is dedicated to creating a fun learning environment for kids around the Fargo area. The Center for Creativity works exclusively with the Fargo public school district to ensure that art remains an important part of Fargo’s youth. This Center has just begun impacting children’s lives.

Colleen Sheehy is the director and CEO of the Plains Art Museum.


6.4 million 8 YEARS The amount raised in the initial campaign. The Center cost about $3 million to build.

14 //

Number of years the Center for Creativity has been in the works.


Number of studio classrooms in the Center for Creativity. There will also be a clean classroom and two new galleries.

4 Must sees of the new Center for creativity Robert Kurkowski studio This is a replica of Robert Kurkowski’s studio. He was one of the founders of the Creative Art Studio that was in the basement of Clara Barton School. The Creative Art Studio saw thousands of students go through its programs. According to Sheehy, the whole point of this space is to get people to think about what an artist needs in their studio to be able to create art.

Common area This is a spot for kids to hang out and be kids. They can draw on the chalkboards, play in the open space or get something to drink.

Classroom What kid doesn’t want to be able to draw all over the wall? At the Center for Creativity, kids are encouraged to be as creative as possible. (Yes, even at the expense of the walls.) The Center is all about getting kids to actively participate.


Director Colleen Sheehy expects 2,500 students to pass through the doors of the Center for Creativity by the end of the school year in May.

1st and 3rd

Only the first and third floors of the Center for Creativity are in use. The Plains Art Museum is looking for a tenant to move into the second floor at some point.

Ceramics studio The ceramics department is named after long time Fargo advocate of art for kids, Robert Kurkowski. This space includes a damp room, kilns and pottery wheels. All of this is in hope of getting kids to appreciate art. // 15

DR. TUFTE’S EYES ON 43rd is proud to

INTRODUCE THE NEW - Designer Frames

- Eye Exams

- Contacts


“Your Face is a Piece of Art, It Just Needs the Perfect Frame” -Dr Mark and Deb Tufte

LOCATED DOWNTOWN EYES on 43rd has opened a second office, this time in the heart of downtown fargo. At EYES on BROADWAY, Dr. Mark and Deb, a licensed cosmetologist, specialize in not only helping you ‘SEE YOUR BEST” but also help you "LOOK YOUR BEST!’



Dr. Tufte offers some of the latest technology for comprehensive eye exams. most cases Don't require dilation of your eyes!

Dr. Mark and Deb just returned from the International Vision Expo with the latest frame styles and unique eyewear designs. At the Expo Deb hand-picked, from over 5,000 frame lines from 14 different countries, the perfect frames for her Optique.





FARGO MONTHly's guide to deliciousness

Bertrosa's ... The double play Topped with Meatballs, Italian Roast beef, mozzarella, sautéed onions, green peppers, hot sport peppers and hot or mild giardiniera. Get ready to loosen that belt. 118 N. Broadway, Fargo

Ruffneck food ... Backyard bbq This awesome sandwich is piled with BBQ chicken, pulled pork, bacon, Doritos, cheese and is toasted to perfection. What more can you ask for? 4554 7th Ave. S, Fargo



Grand junction ... Cajun Ranch Chicken It’s impossible to still be hungry after eating this giant concoction from Grand Junction that’s stuffed with chicken breast, onion, mushroom, lettuce, tomato, ranch, Cajun and Swiss cheese. 435 Main Ave. Moorhead 3051 25th St. S. # J2, Fargo 1100 19th Ave. N. # B, Fargo

Smiling moose deli ... The Mini Mo! This cheeseburger grinder from Smiling Moose Deli will definitely leave you smiling. It comes stacked with half a pound of chopped sirloin with melted American cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, banana peppers, mayo, oil, vinegar, salt and pepper. 2877 45th St. S, Fargo

4 // 17


Cody Zavadil and Angela Witte enjoying the newest fine dining in town.


For more information on the Beefsteak Club, go to

The New

BEEFSTEAK CLUB “Beefsteak Club: A name or nickname of several 18th and 19th century male dining clubs that celebrated the beefsteak as a symbol of patriotic and often Whig concepts of liberty and prosperity.”

Article and photos by Andrew Jason

OK, we just broke the number one rule of journalism: Never

cite Wikipedia. (Oh well, at least you get the idea.) It often feels that the idea of fine dining and great service is a thing of the past. Something we heard about from our grandpa as kids when he sat us down and began one of his “back in the day” rants. The Beefsteak Club is setting their sights on a higher standard in dining and service in Fargo. “We’re looking to build that first name relationship with our clients and customers,” said General Manager, Nolan Higdman. “We want to bring them back to a time when the chivalry and regalness 18 //

of the old English reigned and treat everyone with respect.” They do this by offering the highest quality beef and ingredients. Almost everything is made in house. The beef is bought from various farms throughout the United States. No expense is spared when it comes to buying beef that is all natural. All the beef served comes from cattle that are free range and grass fed. To be transported to another time where quality mattered and service was expected, swing down to the Beefsteak Club at 612 1st Ave. N. in downtown Fargo.

The Bar

This is the kind of bar your Grandpa told you about. They specialize in making a darn good drink. Try a Cuba Libre or a Harvey Wallbanger and you’ll feel like you’re drinking in a bar of yesteryears. The best part is that they don’t have a closing time. As long as it’s before 2 a.m. and people are having a good time, they’ll keep the drinks flowing.

Behind the BEEF According to General Manager Nolan Higdman, the New York Strip is one of their flagships. The beef is purchased from Legacy Beef out of Missouri. This is a 28-day dry aged beef, meaning, that it’s been aged to draw out the water content and bring out the flavor.

The Art The Beefsteak Club wants to promote everything Fargo, even down to showcasing local art. Many of the art pieces were purchased from Ecce Art Gallery. Local artist, Sarah Hultin, designed this piece.

Porterhouse, ribeye and Filet Mignon come out of Allen Brothers in Chicago. These are all USDA prime beef and handcut.

THE MENU Higdman and Executive Chef, Toby Reichart, put a lot of time and thought into creating the menu for The Beefsteak Club. In fact, they recently started a late night menu for when the kitchen closes. You can now get sugarcane shrimp or a smoked salmon salad into the late hours of the night.

The Owners The owners know a thing or two about restaurants. Kang Dechawuth and Dave Sheer, are also the owners of Thai Orchid, Wasabi and Drunken Noodle.

art’s Chef Toby Reich

perfect meal Appetizer


Main Course


Sugar Cane Shrimp The raw sugarcane naturally sweetens the shrimp.

Amarone or Valpolicella They go great with red meat.

New York Strip It’s my favorite cut. It’s not the most expensive but it’s definitely the nicest… All I need is some salt and pepper.

I try and make up three to four desserts a night

The Chef Chef Toby Reichart has cooked all across the world. This classically trained French chef grew up in Las Vegas and has since traveled to Bulgaria, Cyprus, Romania and many other locations. He has come to Fargo to bring fine-dining to a whole new level. // 19

GO // live music


Mark ArnesonFergus Falls, MN. Drums, Cymbals, Trumpet, Piano, Kazoo

Lars HeglandAppleton, MN. Guitar, Bass, Drums, Harmonica, Kazoo.

Tim MelinElbow Lake, MN. Guitar, Fiddle, Drums, Banjo, Sax, Trumpet, Harmonica, Melodica, Piano, NO Kazoo :(

20 //


! M O BO

Bryce SmithOuting, MN. Bass, Guitar, Beat Box, Kazoo.

ve with to fall in loee t o n le ib s s o e s n them It’s imp e once you’v ho can’t ir w ip Tr D N A w THE B e four guys o n a show t perform. Thes u p to w o h w o n k ing all sit still e party rockat’s hot th p ee k to w h ut w and ho night. Find o through the is band on the move. about th Where did the name Tripwire come from? A long time ago, in a brown/maroon/ purple/burgundy school bus far, far away… actually, there is no good story behind it. Bryce brought up the name years ago. All the other members heard him and said “There it is! Right there, Buddy!”

Photos by J. Alan Paul Photography

What are you guys all about when you get on the stage? We try to be as unconventional as possible, while still playing songs everyone knows (with a bit of a twist.) If anyone in the band is standing still, then we are doing something wrong! People come to hear music, but our goal is to give them a show they will tell their friends about. It is different every night! Sometimes we’ll mash-up songs on the fly, and often times there will be seven songs in a row where everyone plays a different instrument or sings lead! It is CONSTANT CHAOS! That, and the mostly impromptu choreography, is what makes it a Tripwire show! // 21

GO // Dangerously awesome bands


Any good stories from the road? People ask “What will TW do next?” This is the best answer. We took a road trip to a winter show in Hope, ND. Each year they have a “theme.” We’d heard the theme was ‘opposite sex’ night. Of course we had to participate, so we were all set to start the show in our most elegant dresses! However, right before we were to start we realized the only other ‘participants’ were ten local guys in a contest to raise money (all of whom changed back before the show.) Physically uncomfortable? Definitely! Socially uncomfortable? Not really. Standing ovation before we played our first note? YES INDEED! Got any favorite places to eat in fargo? By “eat,” we assume you mean DRINK! (Come on, it’s Tripwire!) When we’re together we usually hit O’leary’s in Moorhead, Holiday Inn Spirit’s Lounge, Old Chicago, The Windbreak and Big D’s or Ruby Tuesday (if we feel like being healthy.) These places always treat us like family! If you had one day left to live and you were stranded in Fargo, what would you do? We would find a way to gather our closest Fargo friends and fans…hotwire a party bus or two…bust out the Tripwire credit card (can’t make payments when you’re dead)…hit some of our favorite bars together… then block off 13th avenue in front of the Holiday Inn and throw one sick party with TW and every other local/regional band rocking the streets! Even when we die, the music will just keep going! What’s does the future hold for tripwire? We really don’t know. We do have big dreams. It’d be great to hit the road with All-American Rejects, OneRepublic or other big national acts – but we realize we’re already so fortunate to do what we love, with people we love, in front of people who seem to love us! We know how lucky we are, and we just plan to keep at it! We will continue to work our butts off and do the right things in order to get better, all while staying who we are. Any other funny Tripwire stories? We just found out that apparently (on more than one occasion), random guys in the FM area have tried to “hook up” with girls by claiming to be members of Tripwire! To our shock and surprise, this trick WORKED-at least until the girls found out the next morning that it was a lie! Watch out, ladies… if he can’t play the Kazoo, he’s definitely NOT in Tripwire!

22 //

Schedule Nov. 2 – Big D’s - Fargo Nov. 3 – Legends - Breckenridge, MN Nov. 9 – Treasure Island Resort and Casino - Welch/Red Wing, MN Nov. 10 – Treasure Island Resort and Casino - Welch/Red Wing, MN Nov. 16 – Burnt Creek Club - Bismarck Nov. 17 – Burnt Creek Club - Bismarck Nov. 21 – Big D’s - Fargo Nov. 23 – Windbreak - Fargo Nov. 24 – Windbreak - Fargo Nov. 30 – Sand Bar II - Detroit Lakes Dec. 1 - “Clown for a night” Fundraiser for Children’s Hospital - Jamestown, ND


Hey guys,

I need your advice. My new husband and I finally moved into a house. I was putting boxes up into the attic and ran across a box my husband had labeled""stuff." I opened it, and was shocked to find women's underwear!! I couldn't believe it! I brought the box downstairs, showed it to my husband and get this...he admits to it? I told him that he had to throw these out because they are not staying in my house! He said,"OK as long as I throw away all the pictures and notes I have from my old boyfriends. OMG! He thinks it's the same thing. Help me!




Holy COW! LAME! I can’t believe this is even an ISSUE! The Greatful Dead once sang women are smarter, apparently they never met you. So you have pics of old boyfriends AND love letters and notes and such?? Yet you think that this is somehow a separate and different issue from saved panties?? Maybe there was a note written ON the panties, which, in your book, would be acceptable I suppose. Hello lady, meet reality... Reality meet lady. I would LOVE to hear your argument on how one is any different from the other. Keepsakes are keepsakes because they must have meant something to you at one time, but most adults discard such things when they find that person who rings their internal tuning fork. Making your hubby a steak and all the fixins’ wearing only a smile is a real good way to START to show you’re sorry and have evolved past 11th grade. It seems he held on to such things only because YOU did too. Seriously, you owe him an apology.


First off, this CAN’T be real! If so, I am totally on your side. Underwear in a box is so different than pictures in a box. That is so gross. Why would anyone want to keep them? Pictures, notes, garters, bow ties and all of the “stuff” from your past is fun to keep. This on the other hand is creepy. If you weren’t already married I would have to say, CREEPY! But, he is all yours now and I would burn them. If he gets really upset about it, then I think you and I both know where this is headed. Good luck and don’t throw away your pictures. Hold your ground :)

DAVE Get your questions answered at and 24 //









$3 Domestic Talls, Stoli’s, & Jacks

$2 Domestic Pints & Wells 1/2 off wings

MUG NIGHT $5 First Mug $4 Refills





$2.50 Domestic Bottles $3 Crown Royal & Pinnacle Vodkas

$2.50 Morgan & Bacardi flavors

$3 Teas & Bomb Shots

$6 Domestic Pitchers $2.50 Iceholes

1405 Prairie Pkwy, #301 West Fargo, ND 58078


Get Hired Before The Holidays! Make your own schedule! $8.00-$11.00/hr + Bonus! Great benefits including Paid Time Off! Be part of the team at:


GO // DOWNTOWN SHOPPING Photo by J. Alan Paul Photography Text by Kylee Seifert and Sarah Bieber


BIGGER 26 //

When we think of shopping convenience, West Acres is usually the first place that pops into mind. With a phenomenal variety of stores and all in one place, it seems to be the perfect spot to spend some dough. While West Acres is a great one-stop shop, Downtown Fargo is proving to be just as accommodating. The only difference is that the heart of Fargo seems to get looked past when it comes to hunting for the latest trends or finding the perfect gift. Yes, it may require bundling up from one store to the next. However, if that is what’s stopping you from diving into the greatest finds in the area, suck it up, you’re in Fargo after all!



WHat if west acres were placed on top of downtown? Take a hike Entering the mall at the main entrance and leisurely making your way to pick up something at JC Penney’s, would be equivalent to taking a stroll from the Radisson to the Old Broadway.

5x5 West acres without the parking lot, covers four blocks by three. With the parking lot, it covers five blocks by five.

big area West Acres covers .233 square miles more than the area Downtown spans.

hidden gems West Acres offers about 130 retail shops within their walls, while Downtown claims about 90 hidden treasures in its few blocks.

Parking Lot

Mall // 27






The Candy Bar Head back in time and sink your sweet tooth into some of these old fashioned favorites that make one tasty gift! Taffy, Razzles, lemon drops, Black cows, and the always fun wax mustache and lips, make this candy store a nostalgic reminder of the dime store days. 5 14 B r o a d w a y McNeal and Friends What do you get when you combine two sisters with great style and one fabulous Interior Designer? A design studio with fantastic shopping! With unique and hard to find home furnishings, accessories, lighting, exquisite linens, decor and gifts… you may just need to use their design services to figure out what to do with it all! 506 Broadway Northern Home Furniture With a wide range of interior design services and a showroom offering the highest quality furniture and accessories in the Midwest, why look any further for your interior design needs? Northern Home not only offers the finest home furnishings, but also has a team made up of experienced individuals to turn your house into a home. Stop in and get inspired by their beautiful home displays or call the store for your next interior design project. You won’t regret it! 505 Broadway www.nor



Great Northern Bicycle Co. This landmark building serves as a perfect environment for these cycle enthusiasts! Home to North Dakota’s largest selection of bicycles and accessories. They offer new and used bicycles for all ages. From child carriers and kids bikes to recreational and performance bikes; these people know bikes! 425 Broadway

3rd 28 //



Zandbroz Variety Purses and books and gifts, oh my! Zandbroz Variety doesn’t stop there! This is hands down, the top spot to find something unique, fun and creative for anyone and everyone. The Danz bros (Can you put together where they came up with the shops name?) promise a

variety of bath goodies, puzzles, cards, toys, crafty nicknacks and more variety than you can imagine. 420 Broadway

C. Lizzy’s Let your creative side run wild in downtown Fargo with this mother/ daughter team at C. Lizzy’s. This local duo quickly made a name for themselves with their handmade wall art, wine glass accessories and jewelry, complete with beautiful sayings and witty sentiments. You will also find handmade jewelry, art and pottery featuring artists throughout the United States and Canada. Here you’re sure to find the perfect and most meaningful gift for anyone on your Christmas list! 410 B r o a d w a y O’Day Cache O’Day Cache was opened in 2004 when Cindy O’Day decided to turn her love of buying one-of-a-kind treasures from countries around the world into a getaway for North Dakotans and Minnesotans alike. Stop in and see what treasures you can find. They may range from exotic furniture and decor, to purses and jewelry. 3 17 B r o a d w a y Proper and Prim This quaint shop, located inside of O’Day Cache, is bursting at the seams with the latest fashions and stylish trends. If the fashionista within you is looking to get a little inspiration for a night out, stop by to check out their selection of dresses, loud legging, snazzy kicks, cutsie tees and much more. 3 17 B r o a d w a y Shannalee Attention ladies of Fargo-Moorhead: this is more than just a place to shop. Stop in for an enchanting experience, where fashions from around the world come together and there is always a smiling face to help you create a style that fits you. Make your way back to the colorful shoe room to relax your feet and take in the fun environment surrounding you. Come explore the Shannalee in you! 3 13 B r o a d w a y

Unglued Their tag line is “Buy creative. Get inspired.” That is exactly what husband and wife owners, Ashley and Justin Morken are promoting in the FM area. Unglued is a whimsical and unique shopper’s haven. Freshly opened to the downtown scene, they have been at their new location since this past August. Prior to settling in at their permanent location, they offered a pop-up gift store for five months during last year’s holiday season. However, the Morkens began brewing up Unglued about three years before that event with a one day craft fest put together by the couple, where they focused on supporting local artists. Fast forward three years, and they are now the proud owner’s, operators and brains behind this exciting and eccentric boutique. It is a quaint market dedicated to bringing local and regional handmade crafts and arts to the community. “We offer an assortment of modern handmade crafts, vintage wares, creative workshops and cupcakes from Bakeology,” said Ashley. It hardly stops there though, they offer a great selection of gifts for the holidays and over 80 artists from fairly close by. (Fun fact, about 30 of these artists are from the FM area.) Feeling inspired but not artistic? Come learn the ways of the craft pros at one of Unglued’s many workshops. They host a variety of them each month, teach different types of arts and crafts. The class fee usually runs between $15 and $20. This fee includes all the supplies needed, along with a new learned trade, a handmade item and maybe even a Bakeology cupcake. November’s workshops include a fabric flower headband, a paper mache deer antler mount (this is no typo, in fact this is one of the most popular workshops they host), a glass-etching moustache beer mug workshop and many more that are just as intriguing. With so much to look at and to do at Unglued, you may want to completely clear your schedule before making a trip in. Even better, bring the work in with you and cuddle up in the back with a cup of their delicious Peace coffee and utilize their free WiFi. Or just relax and enjoy a book in the cozy, inviting environment. 408 Broadway // 29



3rd St.

2nd St.

Art Materials Shop here for all your art supplies. Get inspired and get your artsy fartsy on with their wide selection of acrylic, gouache, brushes, canvas, paper, frames and all other necessities needed to create a stunning piece of art. If it doesn’t turn out very stunning, at least you know you won’t be able to blame the supplies. 300 Broadway Ecce Art + Yoga Walk into a tranquil oasis of art, wellness and one of a kind gifts. This is truly the place to go to do a little therapy shopping. They offer unique items from local artists that make unforgettable gifts. Visit their shop inside the gallery to find exquisite jewelery, decor, handmade purses, gifts and simply stunning art pieces. 2 16 B r o a d w a y w w w . e c c e 2 16 . c o m Willi Nilli Susanne Williams’ (hence the name “Willi Nilli”) is an award winning and self-taught textile artist. She is well known for her stunning leather handbags, garments, scarves and jewelry. Her studio on broadway is open only by appointment but you can shop her latest designs anytime on display at Ecce Art Gallery downtown. Shop and view her display at Ecce Art G a l l e r y , 2 16 B r o a d w a y o r c a l l t o b o o k a n a p p o i n t m e n t i n h e r s t u d i o a t 7 01 2 3 5 - 116 4 . www.willinilli.comb Boerth’s Gallery At Boerth’s, they are dedicated to providing FM with unique, beautiful art pieces. They carry sculptures, glass and stunning home decor. They’re known for their custom framing and in-home consultations. Go ahead, treat yourself to something special from Boerth’s. 2 12 B r o a d w a y www.boer thsgaller

1st St. 30 //

109 Consign Find stylish name brand clothing and go green by recycling items. Talk about a win, win situation. Owner’s Karen and Joyce have over 20 years of experience in the consign world and are pros at bringing their customers the very best, high quality pieces. Get lost in their selection of clothing,

accessories, jewelry and shoes! A great place to finish up your holiday shopping list (or buy a little something for yourself.) 117 B r o a d w a y

Beads on Broadway Need a sentimental gift for a loved one? Head to the lower level of The Black Building to custom create your own fine jewelry with their array of beads, pendants and jewels. Attend a class or host your own bead party! 114 B r o a d w a y , S u i t e L 4 www.beadsonbr oadwa Frontier Americana This speciality gallery located in the Black Building, houses a large collection of antique and unique firearms, as well as an impressive selection of Americana and western art, both classic and contemporary. 114 B r o a d w a y , S u i t e G 6 www.frontieramericanaof Gallery 4, LTD Shop at this artist-run co-operative gallery and help support the local visual artists so they can continue to create and exhibit quality local artwork. 114 B r o a d w a y www.galler The Red Door Gallery The Black Building is brimming with unique stores and this is one of the brightest gems of this shopping, dining and business center. The owner, Jan Scott, goes above and beyond to find the most exotic and interesting art, lighting, decor and accessory pieces from around the world and locally. She works with local artists and continues to buy original pieces to help showcase some of the best this area has to offer. 114 B r o a d w a y Scan Design This store has traveled the world Brazil, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, China, Thailand, Singapore and right here in the U.S.A. searching for the newest, most beautiful, cutting-edge pieces to bring to their customers. 11 0 B r o a d w a y

It is a community, a running club, a specialty store, a fun environment and more than just running (hence the name, if you didn’t already pick that up.) About five years ago, downtown Fargo welcomed this specialty store which is “focused on the everyday athlete.” Store manager, Sally Loeffler, puts it this way, “We help promote health and running within the community without being intimidating about it.”


Beyond Running

After noticing a huge growth in the running community as a result of the first few Fargo Marathon’s, Beyond Running’s driving force Jason Overland, decided it was time to give Fargo something that it had been missing… a store devoted to the walkers, joggers and runners within the area. “We wanted a place for people to come to help them with their goals,” states Loeffler. The staff at Beyond Running is devoted to providing knowledge, service, and a fun place to all throughout the community; whether it be someone who is just starting to take walks around the block to those who have completed multiple full marathons. If you are still feeling too intimidated to step foot in the store, check out their website to see just how goofy, laidback and wacky the crew at Beyond Running is. They offer a wide range of items to help you jump start and maintain your running career from brands like Asics, Nike, Brooks, Saucony and more. They also carry fun accessories, garments and jewelry, which would explain the “Beyond” part of the store name. Depend on Beyond Running to keep up with our many season changes in the FM area. Each week they receive new items to cover all your chilly weather running needs, along with stylish high visibility pieces. Even though it may seem a bit ironic to wear stylish high visibility workout attire, it never hurt anyone to look fabulous while working out (even if it is in the dark.) If you are in need of a little extra push to get your running on, join their running club which meets every Tuesday and Thursday. Choose to run with them for three, five or seven miles and finish it off with social hour and healthy snacks (everyone’s favorite part.) Since we all know running in place will get you nowhere, run down to Beyond Running to check out just what makes this community of friends, runners and shoppers so special. 516 Broadway // 31

Outermost Layer Head downtown to Outermost Layer if you’re in need of some truly unique clothes. Some of the coolest clothing, apparel and accessories are in this “urban outdoor lifestyle” store and they offer almost anything you could be looking for. Plus, the laid-back atmosphere of the store is a reason in itself to stop by and check it out. 10 2 B r o a d w a y Revolver Who doesn’t love vintage clothing? As one of the area’s only vintage stores, Revolver carries a wide range of vintage and retro clothing for men, women and children along with home and collector’s items. You’ll find an nostalgic mix of new clothing from Soul Flower and vintage items from estate sales around the country. This is likely the only place in town you might find yourself debating on whether you need vintage Duran Duran or an awesome Marilyn Monroe inspired dress. 627 1st Ave. N This Skate and Snow Roll in for a sick selection of winter jackets, snow pants, Vans, Converse and Vox shoes… backpacks, hats, shirts and a million other reasons to board. Make sure to check out the array of skateboards, longboards and snowboards. Shopping not your idea of fun; then stop by and skate the mini ramp, it’s only 2 bucks to skate all day!! 625 1st Ave N

Orange Records This small yet fully stocked store, has an eclectic mix of used and new DVDs, CDs and yes, even records for the true music fan. Browse a little more and you’ll be happy to find t-shirts, posters and hard to find magazines titles like Razorcake and Decibel. 6 41 1 s t A v e N Tag This popup store will be in downtown Fargo for at least two months. Just in time for the holidays, this store will celebrate our community through T-shirts. This is one store you don’t want to miss this holiday season. N ex t t o H a l b e r s t a d t ’s o n B r o a d wa y, a c r o s s from Beefsteak Club. Royal Jewelers Royal Jewelers is currently celebrating its 85th year in the Red River Valley and hopes to go strong for another 85 years. They have a wide selection of every type of jewelry. Whether you want a David Yurman, Tacori, Patek Philippe, Omega or Swarovski, you’ll find something you’ll love. 73 Broadway Paradox Comics and Cards This downtown store carries new and rare comic books, trade paperbacks, graphic novels, discount back issue comics and would even be considered the downtown expert in collectible and trading card games, role-playing and board games. 26 Roberts St. N.

Plains Art Museum Store Who would have ever guessed that a museum shop carries the best and coolest gifts in town? They offer original jewelry, books, clothing, cards, home decor and even something for the little tike in your life. Make this your one-stop shopping trip before heading to the relatives for the holidays. 704 1st Ave. N www.plainsar VAVA Boutique They offer everything from swanky tees to “Fargo girl” flasks to comfy sweats and baby must haves. It is the perfect place to spend the afternoon shopping with or for your friends. Need to get away with some girlfriends? Reward yourself at Vava Boutique’s “Cormorant Village Girls Night Out” event this month to enjoy shopping, wine tasting, spa treatments, dining and lodging. 12 B r o a d w a y Antiques on Broadway Need a timeless gift? From vintage swizzle sticks to model kits, cars and antique furniture. Everywhere you look in this store, the novelty and nostalgia will take you back in time. 6 Broadway www.antiquesonbr oadwa

7TH 32 //









When you walk into Halberstadt’s on Broadway, it’s easy to see this store exemplifies sophistication and affordability. With its motto, “Look sharp, buy smart,” it’s easy to see why Halberstadt’s has been expanding since its founding over 35 years ago. The store originates from St. Cloud, Minnesota and in the time of its existence has expanded into eight locations across the Midwest. When asked what sets this store above the competition, Barry Gruchow, business partner of Halberstadt’s replied, “Our store down here has lines that nobody else in the state has. It’s very cool and edgy stuff that you’d find at any other major city in the country but the merchandise is very, very exclusive to this region.” And the ambience of the location fits perfectly with their clothing selection. The store being located downtown gives it the feel of a high-class boutique in the big city. The cool tunes and modern décor reinforce the modern and edgy atmosphere.



Need a suit for an upcoming event? With a wide range of suits on display, as well as everyday clothing, anyone can walk in and take advantage of this full service shop that prides itself on customer service without pushing you into making the purchase. Halberstadt’s has suits priced for every budget. At this cool and sophisticated location, it’s possible to get a suit for as little as $199, and if you’re in the mood to splurge they have suits all the way up to $1,700. They even offer the option to customize your own suit to be sure you go home with something truly unique and can stand out from the crowd. If you’ve procrastinated on finding your suit for too long and you realize you need it by the weekend, Halberstadt’s offers next day alterations for your convenience. With the customer’s needs constantly in mind, it’s hard to spend your time with anyone else. Stop by this holiday season and check out the cool new winter gear the store is just starting to get in weekly. With everything from long topcoats and pea coats to new leather jackets, you’ll be sure to find something for any personality. Even if you aren’t interested in purchasing your next suit, Halberstadt’s on Broadway is worth stopping in just to check it out. 102 Broadway // 33

Catherine’s Collectibles Need a great gift? This often open-door store has two levels of unique gifts and women’s clothing. Also offering everything from candles to collectibles, you’ll be sure to find the perfect gift for every woman on your list. 609 NP Ave. N. Wimmer’s Diamonds Serving the area for over 92 years, this downtown jeweler will be sure to use their expertise to help you choose the perfect gift. From the beautiful Pandora charm collection to the Hearts on Fire Diamond collection you should have more than enough reasons to splurge. 602 Main Ave. Little Black Dress In need of a little black dress? Good news, this is a great place to begin your search. However, don’t just stop after you’ve found that perfect dress. Keep looking through their racks for unique skirts, jackets, tops, accessories and, basically, anything you may need to create the perfect look. Take note, they also host private parties of eight or more. Grab some friends and let Little Black Dress do the hosting for the night.

61 0 M a i n A v e .

One World Walk into a unique world of original gifts, fun accessories, quirky books, as well as, women’s and men’s clothing. They will have something new and exciting to check out each time you stop to visit. Come check out their “big city fashions, at small town prices.” With a wide range of items and prices, they have something for everyone. 614 M a i n A v e . Boucle Yarn Studio This is so much more than just a yarn studio, Boucle is a place to relax, learn and be inspired. Their new location on Main provides an inviting environment for novice or seasoned knitters. Whether looking for a quiet stitching spot, wanting to pick up a new hobby or to get lost in a sea of beautiful color, Boucle Yarn Studio is the place to be. Grab a friend and head down to one of their many classes offered. 616 M a i n A v e .

Downtown Diva If you’re looking for fun and festive dresses, purses and jewelry for a night out on the town, Downtown Diva is your one-stop shop. The colorful selection of dresses make for a fun shopping environment and the fabulous customer service is reason enough to stop in. Downtown Diva is all about celebrating the diva in you! 1 8th St. S. The Studio If you love Pinterest and Etsy as much as this collaboration of designers, you will appreciate this great store brimming with the designer’s handcrafted and repurposed home decor, vintage art pieces and amazing textiles. The Studio’s “occasional” store is generally open for three days only [Nov. 1 - 3 Thurs. 5 - 9 p.m., Fri. and Sat. 10 - 6 p.m.] Inventory moves fast and you likely won’t be the only one standing at the door waiting for them to open! Check out their Facebook page to stay posted on when the store will be open, special trunk shows and classes! 11 8 t h S t S







34 //


Planning your Holiday event? Experience the best in food and service... Great dates still available for November, December & January! ALSO AVAILABLE

Holiday Shopping Packages

201 North 5 St Downtown Fargo


GO // theatre



Rearranging the furniture of your mind

By Andrew Jason

The outside of Theatre B looks like so many other buildings on Main Ave. Step inside and you may wonder if you are in the right place. However, go, see one of the performances and it could change your life. Theatre B is dedicated to putting on performances that will make you see the world in a new way. Heck, Theatre B is trying to “Rearrange the furniture of your mind.” Not a very easy task to accomplish. Somehow they’ve been doing it for 10 years though.

Their mission statement sums up what Theatre B has been up to since their conception in 2003. “To engage regional audiences through innovative theatrical productions that are culturally and artistically invigorating.” That sounds lofty and impressive but what exactly does it mean? Well, that’s where Executive Director, Carrie Wintersteen comes in.

36 //

Theatre B is located at 716 Main Ave, Fargo. You can find more info at

Seriously.... Looking for something more serious? “Reentry” is a collaboration between Theatre B and the VA that shows an honest, moving and funny look at the struggle Marines face as they return from overseas. Sun. Nov 11 at 3 p.m. – American Legion Hall, Fargo Tues. Nov. 20 at 3 p.m. – Fargo VA Health Care System

Carrie Wintersteen – Executive Director Carrie and her husband used to drive down to the cities to see performances of plays they couldn’t find in Fargo. That’s when an idea struck them. “Why don’t they bring original plays to Fargo?” They did just that. 10 years later, their creation is running strong.

Don’t miss Theatre B’s hilarious Christmas classic, “The 12 Dates of Christmas.” Ok, maybe it’s not a Christmas classic but we promise you that you’ll be laughing the entire time as you watch these 12 train wrecks of dates. Swing down to Theatre B and laugh your way through this play as you find yourself relating to these awful dates.

The ARTs

Do not miss...

Thursdays through Saturdays from Nov. 22 – Dec. 29 at 7:30 p.m. and Dec. 16 at 2 p.m.

“We want to get people excited about doing the work or attending the shows or about collaborating with us. Engaging was another thing that was important to us. Our show isn’t for a passive audience.” Audience participation is crucial to Theatre B. Whether it involves bringing the actors into the audience, the audience to the stage or simply giving the audience something to think about as they walk out. That’s what Theatre B is all about. // 37



FOR THE KIDS 2 1 Rapunzel and her Dragon


Nov. 17 at 1 and 4 p.m.

This new twist on the old story is a great place to take the family. In this charming tale, Rapunzel and her friends must team up to defeat the evil witch. Hansen Theatre, MSUM 11 0 4 7 t h A v e . S , M o o r h e a d



The Servant of Two Masters

Nov. 8 - 10, 15 - 18

NDSU will put on this play based on the classic “Commedia dell’arte.” We know that doesn’t sound very exciting but trust us, it will be. This comedic romantic farce involves mistaken identity with the pursuit of young love. This is a great spot to bring the kids for an evening of physical comedy, sword fights and even food fights. Walsh Studio Theatre 12 t h A v e . N . a n d A l b r e c h t B l v d , F a r g o ts/theatre

Santa Village at Rheault Farm

Nov. 25-25, Dec. 1-2, 5-7, 8-9, 12-14, 15-16, 19-21 and 22-23

Into the Woods

Nov. 8-11, 14-16

The classic Stephen Sondheim musical brings a new take on the stories of “Little Red Riding Hood,” “Rapunzel,” “Cinderella” and “Jack and the Beanstalk.” This is sure to be a family favorite when Concordia puts on their take of “Into the Woods.” Main Stage, Concordia 9 01 8 t h St . S , M o o r h e a d Email ticket orders to

38 //

Last year, 14,705 people explored Santa’s Village at Rheault Farm. With free admission and tons of activities, it’s no surprise that so many people passed through. At Santa’s Village you can visit Santa, see live reindeer, decorate cookies with Mrs. Claus, check out some model train displays and create some art and craft projects. Although there is no admission, it’s encouraged that people make a donation. This can be in the form of canned or non-perishable food items, toys or cash. All the donations will be given back to the community. Rheault Farm 2902 25th St S W, Far go


Festival of Trees

Nov. 21 – Dec. 12

Some of the season’s most beautiful trees will be on display in the FargoDome lobby. Fraiser, Ltd brings this display of trees to you. The trees are sponsored and decorated by area businesses. Once the Festival ends, the trees are donated to families who otherwise would not have a tree. 1,422 families have received trees since the Festival of Trees began. In fact, on Nov. 23 from 1 to 4 p.m. the Claus Family will arrive at the FargoDome via a horse drawn sleigh. There will be face painting, Games Galore, sleigh rides and much more. Swing down to the FargoDome and let the holiday spirit take you over. FargoDome 18 0 0 U n i v e r s i t y D r . N , F a r g o

Date Night T U E S D AY I S

Two entrees, a bottle of wine and dessert to share $30 dinner? come out for Don’t want to

Now Delivering! 57 $25/minimum Call 218.287.55


2 1 8 . 2 8 7 . 5 5 5 7 W W W. A LT O N Y S I TA L I A N . C O M




Photo and interview by Nick Proulx

How did you get started cooking?

Christian D’Agostino is the head chef at Monte’s. 220 Broadway N, Fargo

40 //

“I washed dishes at a family style Italian restaurant back on the East Coast where I grew up in Rhode Island. I was 13 years old and I did that for about a year before they promoted me to be a cook. I did that all through high school. “When I finished high school I went to the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, N.Y. — it’s still one of the most prestigious schools in the country. Then I actually went back to the same restaurant and they hired me as their head chef. It was a good start for me.”

What were you up to between then and now? “I was there for five years after I graduated, and then I went to Birmingham, Ala. I worked there for a year at a city club, learned some southernstyle cuisine — my brother lives in Birmingham; that’s why I went down there. From there I applied to a cruise line, called Clipper Cruise Line, and I worked there for three years. I worked on four different ships that sailed to different places around the world — from Antarctica to the Arctic, the Mediterranean, Alaska and all the coasts of most of the continents.” How did you end up in Fargo? “I worked with Tony Nasello at Sarello’s; I opened up that restaurant with him. I worked at the Hilton Garden Inn too for a few years because I opened up that hotel too. That’s when I met Dan Hurder, who is my partner here; he was the general manager at the hotel, and I was the chef.” What do you bring to Monte’s? “I incorporate all the cuisines I know. We just came out with a new menu, and it’s essentially a documentary of where I’ve been. Every dish has a certain style; there’s Italian food, French food, you could get an English dish, a Scottish dish — all the places that I’ve been to... What are your guilty food pleasures, when you don’t have time or when you just don’t want to cook? “I’ll make myself a good cheeseburger, definitely. There’s nothing wrong with that.” What’s your favorite thing to whip up on this menu? “My favorite to eat is a potato cake with smoked salmon, caviar and crème fraiche — delicious! You’ll probably recognize the potato; it’s sort of like a hash brown — an upscale hash brown.”

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Moritz Götze: Deutsche Kunst/ German Art Oct. 20 through Jan. 3

This exhibition will combine historic and art-history references into humorous and ironic compositions. Götze’s work has been exhibited throughout Germany and Europe. It will now come to little ol’ Moorhead for our enjoyment. The museum is open Wed. to Sun. from 1 to 5 p.m. Admission is $5 for adults, $3 for seniors and adults, free for children under 12 and, best of all, it’s free on Sundays. The Rourke Museum 521 Main Ave, Moorhead

Minnesota High School Football Section Finals 1st at 12:30 and 2nd at 10 a.m.

Who doesn’t love a fall day full of football? Grab friends and family and head to the Dome to watch the best of the best MN high school teams battle it out for the top ranking. Whether cheering for a certain team or not, this will be a fun and exciting way to spend a couple days. Ticket prices vary depending on the day of attendance. Fargodome 18 0 0 U n i v e r s i t y D r . N , F a r g o

Jenn Rawling and Basho Parks 2nd at 7:30 p.m.

If you’re in the mood for less talk and more music, come check out singer/songwriter Jenn Rawling and string player/harmonizing sidekick Basho Parks. This talented duo, who found one another in 2010, bring their deep Americana, indie-folk, roots type music to Fargo as they promote their new album, “Take the Air.” The Listening Room 111 B r o a d w a y N , F a r g o

42 //

Humpty Dumpty is Missing 2nd, 3rd at 7:30 p.m. and 4th at 2 p.m.

This affectionate spoof to private-eye thrillers is coming to the Fargo-Moorhead Community Theatre. Humpty Dumpty has gone missing! Could it have been Mistress Mary, Rip Van-Winkle, Peter Rabbit or the Handsome Prince? The only way to find out is to check out this fun, family friendly performance at the FMCT. For tickets and more information, go to www. The Stage at Island Park 333 4th St. S, Fargo

Bassnectar with Grammatik 2nd at 8 p.m.

Dubstep is about to take over Fargo. Lorin Ashton, a.k.a Bassnectar, has been making his mark in electronic dance music since the early 90’s. The San Francisco based artist, producer, and DJ will blow your mind with his beats that are fused together from all types of music genres. Don’t miss him drop his first beat. The Venue at The Hub 2525 9 Ave. S W, Far go

Rock-N-Bowl 2nd from 9 p.m. – 12 a.m.

Strike!! Come join this rockin’ event with either family or friends all ages are welcome. It’s sure to be good time! The Bowler 2630 South Univer sity Dr, Far go

NPBGS Autumn Wine Tasting and Silent Auction 2nd at 7 p.m.

Come celebrate the closing of another Autumn season. The Northern Plains Botanic Garden Society is hosting its 10th annual Autumn Wine Tasting and Silent Auction and will offer an evening of select wines, hors doeuvres and desserts. Tickets are $55 before the event and $60 at the door. NRI Atrium 700 1st Ave. S, Fargo

Sandy’s Donut Run 3rd at 8 a.m.

You haven’t run a race like this. Great friends. Great running. Great donuts. It doesn’t get any better than this. This 5K and 10K race will have donuts at the halfway point. If you’re able to eat a donut, they’ll knock one minute off your finish time. It doesn’t get any better than that! Go to for more info. Sandy’s Donuts 3 01 M a i n Av e . W, We s t F a r g o

Dropkick Murphys 3rd at 8 p.m.

It will be like celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in November. Throw on the dusty, old kilt and come enjoy their punk meets folk tunes with and Irish twist. It’s alright to even let yourself do a little river dancing. The Venue at The Hub 2525 9 Ave. S W, Far go

GB Leighton 3rd at 9 p.m.

This energetic performer has played over 3,000 shows and has a dozen albums under his belt. He has been compared to Bruce Sprinsteen. With that kind of comparison, you know he’s going to put on an amazing show.

Trampled By Turtles

Dropkick Murphys


The House of Rock at the Hub 700 1st Ave. S, Fargo

to vote by visiting the Secretary of State’s web site or by calling your county auditor’s office. Must be a city resident for at least 30 days prior to election as well as 18 years old. For more info: Fargo- 701.241.5600 Moorhead-218.299.5006 Your Designated precinct

grooves with Tim and Pat O’Keefe.

Trampled By Turtles 7th at 7 p.m.

NDSU will put on this play based on the classic “Commedia dell’arte.” We know that doesn’t sound very exciting but trust us, it will be. This comedic romantic farce involves mistaken identity with the pursuit of young love. This is a great spot to bring the kids for an evening of physical comedy, sword fights and even food fights. For more info, go to finearts/theatre. Walsh Studio Theatre 12 t h A v e . N . a n d A l b r e c h t B l v d , F a r g o

Orchestra Home Concert 4th from 4 to 6 p.m.

Conducted by Foster Beyers this 90 member ensemble are sure to put on a exquisite performance. Concordia Memorial Auditorium 9 01 8 t h St . S , M o o r h e a d

Jazz at the Red Raven 4th at 7:30 p.m.

Stop on in for a jam session! All experience levels are welcome. Red Raven Espresso Parlor 9 16 M a i n A v e , F a r g o

Election Day 6th

Get your vote on! Democratic or Republican we won’t judge…make your vote count!! You can verify where

This progressive bluegrass band is bringing their blend of folk and high energy to Fargo. They will perform hits like “Wait So Long,” “Alone,” and “Midnight on the Interstate.” Hailing from Dultuh, Trampled By Turtles has seen success by playing on the David Letterman Show and having songs in the Billboard 200. The Venue at The Hub 2525 9 Ave. S W, Far go

Afro-Brazilian Samba Drumming Workshop 8th from 7-10 p.m. Come learn funky Afro-Brazilian samba drumming

Gaede Stage in the Roland Dille Center for Arts 11 0 4 7 t h A v e , M o o r h e a d

“The Servant of Two Masters” Nov. 8 - 10, 15 - 18

North Dakota Heart Gallery Opening Exhibit 2012 8th from 5 - 7 p.m. // 43

Moritz Götze: Deutsche Kunst/German Art


The North Dakota Heart Gallery is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping children find everlasting homes by raising awareness with the help of the community and volunteer photographers. This event is dedicated to unveil the North Dakota Heart Gallery in their pursuit of finding the perfect home for children. Plains Art Museum 704 First Ave. N, Fargo

North Dakota Human Rights Coalition 2nd annual summit 10th from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

This event entitled, “Every North Dakotan Deserves A Home” will tackle the issue of homelessness in North Dakota. In North Dakota there are thousands of people without a place to call a home. The NDHRC hopes to fight for the rights of these thousands of citizens. For more information on the summit, like the North Dakota Human Rights Coalition on Facebook. MSUM Student Union 615 14 t h S t . S , M o o r h e a d

A Day of Percussion 10th from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Come and celebrate a day of percussion at MSUM. This entertaining day of all thing percussion will feature international and regional artists. Some guest artists that will appear are Scott Kettner, James Campbell, Svet Stoyanov and Pat and Tim O’Keefe. This is sure to be a fun event for everyone. MSUM Center for the Arts 11 0 4 7 t h A v e . S , M o o r h e a d

NDSU vs. SDSU 10th at 3 p.m.

See the mighty Bison go head to head with the South Dakota State University Jackrabbits. Fargodome 18 0 0 U n i v e r s i t y D r . N , F a r g o

44 //


FM Derby Girls

Pangea - Cultivate Our Cultures 10th at 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

talented musicians. Once you go Wookiefoot, you never go back. This eccentric group will have you hooked to their harmonies within the first few seconds of their show. The Venue at the Hub 2525 9 Ave. S W, Far go

Dive into a world of culture with the whole family. This event highlights dance, music, cultural art, and activities from all over the globe. There will be vendors selling homemade items and ethnic food, so come hungry. Admission is free for all. Hjemkomst Center 202 1st Ave. N, Moorhead

Fargo Moorhead Derby Girls 10th at 7 p.m.

Get down and derby with your Fargo Moorhead Roller Derby girls! Come join the intensity, excitement and thrill as these girls race their way to victory. Purchase tickets before November 8th. Fargo Civic Center 207 4th St. N, Fargo

FM Symphony Master Work Series 10th at 8 p.m. and 11th 2 p.m.

Christopher Zimmerman will lead the FM Symphony as their guest conductor. They will be performing four works: “Finlandia” by Jean Sibelius, “Concerto of the Flowers for Violin” by Sylvie Bodorova, “Tzigane for Violin and Orchestra” by Maurice Ravel and “Symphony No. 5” by Peter I. Tchaikovsky. Tickets and more information are available at www.fmsymphony. org. NDSU Festival Concert Hall 13 4 0 A d m i n i s t r a t i o n A v e , F a r g o

Wookiefoot 10th at 8 p.m.

This is so much more than just a music show, it is a high-energy circus, performed by a tribe of

Zoolute to Soliders 11th at 10 a.m.

To celebrate Veteran’s Day, the zoo is giving free admission to all veterans and active duty military members. Red River Zoo 4255 23rd Ave. S, Fargo

Holiday Homes of Hope Tour 11th from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and 12th from noon to 5 p.m.

Some of the most beautiful homes in Fargo are opening their doors to the public to raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Association of North Dakota. Tickets are on sale at Hornbachers and Stop N’ Go for $15. For more information, go to 8th Street in Fargo

David Sedaris 13th at 8 p.m.

National Public Radio star and award winning editor David Sedaris is making his way to Fargo. After making appearences on shows like David Letterman and Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show, this humorous man is prepared to entertain you and your friends for an evening. Doors open at 7. Show starts at 8. Fargo Theatre 3 14 N o r t h B r o a d w a y D r i v e F a r g o

Dethklok 13th at 6 p.m.

You may recognize one of DETHKLOK’s song from the intro to Adult Swim’s “Metalocalypse.” This “brutal” heavy metal band will pay homage to speed and black metal bands. They will also perform with Machine Head, All

Fargo Force vs. Omaha Lancers That Remains and Black Dahlia Murder. Tickets are $35. Go and be ready to be rocked! The Venue at the Hub 2525 9 Ave. S W, Far go

Pint Size Explorers: Goofy Goats 14th from 3 – 4:45 p.m.

Pint Size Explorers is a program dedicated yo four, five and six years old. Your kids will love this event dedicated to everything goats. Bring your pint size explorers and listen to some goat stories, meet some goats and spend some time feeding and petting the goats. This is a great way to spend your afternoon. Red River Zoo 4255 23rd Ave. S, Fargo

Fargo Force vs. Omaha Lancers 16th at 7:35 p.m. The Fargo Force try to continue their domination taking on the Omaha Lancers. Scheels Arena 5 2 2 5 31 s t Ave . S , F a r g o

Pride of Dakota Holiday Showcase 16th - 18th at 4 p.m.

Your opportunity to get everyone a unique christmas present is under one roof. Hundreds of vendors will be showing off all they have to offer at the Pride of Dakota Showcase. Stop by to gaze upon the jewelry, recordings, decorations and so much more. Don’t worry, it’s okay to get yourself a couple of things too.Fargo Civic Center 207 4th St. N, Fargo

B.B. King 16 at 8 p.m.

One of the greatest guitar players in history is coming to the area. Ranked as the number three greatest guitar player of all time by “Rolling Stone”,

Santa Village at Rheault Farm King is sure to put on a concert that you won’t forget. For more information on the concert, go to Shooting Star Casino 777 Casino Rd, Mahnomen

Grace Lutheran School Christmas Boutique 17th from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.

Stop by for a day of shopping. Over 25 vendors and crafters will be present so you’ll be sure to find something you love! Grace Lutheran School 1 0 2 5 14 t h A v e . S , F a r g o

“Rapunzel and her Dragon” 17th at 1 and 4 p.m.

This new twist on the old story is a great place to take the family. In this charming tale, Rapunzel and her friends must team up to defeat the evil witch. For more info, go to

Festival of Trees

Hansen Theatre, MSUM 11 0 4 7 t h A v e . S , M o o r h e a d

Fargo Force vs. Omaha Lancers 17th at 7:05 p.m.

The Fargo Force continue facing the Omaha Lancers. Scheels Arena 5 2 2 5 31 s t Ave . S , F a r g o

Zooventure: Give Them Thanks! 18th at 1:30 p.m.

This is a great way to teach your family about why animals are important to us and about different endangered animals. Swing down to the zoo to learn about the importance of animals. Red River Zoo 4255 23rd Ave. S, Fargo

It’s a Wonderful Night 18th from 6 - 9 p.m.

This is your chance to win a $1,000 West Acres

Expires 12/1/12

Buy any regular priced beer or drink and get one FREE!!

Excludes pitchers and discounted drinks or specials. One drink per person, per day. // 45


Mannheim Steamroller shopping spree or dozens of other door prizes. Tickets are $5 per person (6 and under are free.) The ticket sales will benefit local organizations. Shop ‘til you drop and help out charities. What more can you ask for? There will be exclusive savings at participating stores, many door prizes, the Santa photo shop will open and there will be much more fun, holiday entertainment. Go to www.westacres. com/iwn for more information. West Acres 3 9 0 2 13 t h A v e . S , F a r g o

Mannheim Steamroller 18th at 7 p.m.

Chip Davis and his influential band, Mannheim Steamroller, are coming to the FargoDome to bring their unique take on Christmas music. This “18th century rock band” is sure to get you into the holiday spirit. For more information, go to www.fargodome. com. Fargodome 18 0 0 U n i v e r s i t y D r . N , F a r g o

FTD (Fill the Dome) 19th and 20th at 8 a.m.

Feed, Teach, Develop…where area high schoolers come together to make a difference! Since 2007, Fill The Dome has filled the dome five times, and raised over 400 tons of food and over $300,000 to support local food pantries. Join us at the Fargodome on the 19th and/or 20th to show your support! Canned goods, non-perishable items and donations will help these students reach their goals in helping our community! For more info, go to www. Fargodome 18 0 0 N o r t h U n i v e r s i t y D r , F a r g o

Holiday Lights Parade 20th at 6:30 p.m.

There’s nothing better than coming together as a 46 //


GB Leighton

community and celebrating the start of the holiday season. This year’s theme will be “Light up Your Holidays …downtown, baby!” Downtown Fargo

toys or cash. All the donations will be given back to the community. Rheault Farm 2902 25th St. S W, Far go

Festival of Trees Nov. 21 – Dec. 12

Santa Photo Begins the 25th at 12 p.m.

Some of the season’s most beautiful trees will be on display in the Fargodome lobby. Fraiser, Ltd brings this display of trees to you. The trees are sponsored and decorated by area businesses. Once the festival ends, the trees are donated to families who otherwise would not have a tree. 1,422 families have received trees since the Festival of Trees began. In fact, on Nov. 23 from 1 to 4 p.m. the Claus Family will arrive at the Fargodome via a horse drawn sleigh. There will be face painting, Games Galore, sleigh rides and much more. Swing down to the Fargodome and let the holiday spirit take you over. Fargodome 18 0 0 U n i v e r s i t y D r . N , F a r g o

Yunker Farm Celebrating 23rd Birthday 11th from 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Bring the family to Yunker Farm on the 11th to help celebrate their 23rd birthday! Admission is only $1 and all military and veterans are free. Yunker Farm 12 0 1 2 8 t h A v e . N , F a r g o

Santa Village at Rheault Farm Nov. 25-25 and Dec. 1-2

Last year, 14,705 people explored Santa’s Village at Rheault Farm. With free admission and tons of activities, it’s no surprise that so many people passed through. At Santa’s Village you can visit Santa, see live reindeer, decorate cookies with Mrs. Claus, check out some model train displays and create some art and craft projects. Although there is no admission, it’s encouraged that people make a donation. This can be in the form of canned or non-perishable food items,

Make way for the jolliest guy in town! To ensure you stay on his good side, visit and get your picture taken with Santa in his mini winter wonderland inside of West Acres. West Acres Mall 3 9 0 2 13 t h A v e . S , F a r g o

North Dakota Ag Expo 27th (8:30-4:30) and 28th (8:30-3:30)

Fargodome This is a trade show for providers of equipment, products, and services to ag dealers, farmers and the entire crops industry. This event includes: Free admission, Ag Dealer Forums, Production Seminars, Marketing & Promotion, and Industry Issues. To obtain an exhibitor application and agreement for exhibit space call their office at 701.282.9432.

Jingle Bell Run/Walk Dec 1st at 9 a.m.

Looking for a fun way to support arthritis research? Look no farther, because this is the event for you. This 5K will feature live music, prizes for the top finishers and costumes. Rates are $25 for those 18 and over and $20 for those under 18. All the money raised will support Arthritis Foundation. Google Jingle Bell Run/Walk Fargo for more information. Courts Plus 3 4 91 S o u t h U n i ve r s i t y D r, F a r g o

If you would like your event featured in the December issue of Fargo Monthly, email info@

JC CHUMLEY’S 3rd – Tune In Tokyo 10th – Rhyme or Reason 17th – Carmen the Cactus 24th – Save Me CJ


3rd – Sam Haven Chuckle 9th – The Brave 10th – Q 5 16th – Face for Radio 17th – Killer Spin 23rd – Poitin 24th – Michael Pink 30th – Rock Paper Scissors

48 //

West fargo


25th st.

1st – Miss Chevious 2nd, 3rd – Relevant 4th – Brain Rook 5th – JAM BAND 6th – Lucas Hranicka 9th, 10th – Pucker Up 11th – Brian Rook 12th – JAM BAND 13th – Lucas Hranicka 15th – Miss Chevious 16th, 17th – Tune In Tokyo 18th – Brian Rook 19th – JAM BAND 20th – Lucas Hranicka 23rd, 24th – The Vistas 25th – Brain Rook 26th – JAM BAND 27th – Lucas Hranicka 29th – Miss Chevious 30th – Free Candy

45th st.




Main Ave.

13th Ave.




32nd Ave.

I29 HAGGES BAR AND GRILL: MAPLETON 2nd, 3rd – Boomtown 9th – Skyline 10th – Killer Spin 16th – Troubadour 17th – Fuse 21st – Brother Jukebox 23rd, 24th – Silverado 30th, 1st – S.O.L


2nd – Tripwire 3rd – Cherry Gun 9th – October Road 10th – Brat Pack Radio 16th – The Roosters 17th – Skyline 21st – Tripwire 30th – 8th Hour


1st – Mellow Ds 2nd – The Roosters 3rd – Eletric Eye Tribute to Judas Priest 9th – Killer Spin 10th – Maiden Minneapolis Iron Madden Tribute Band 16th – Wheres Eddy 17th – Rule 17



8th st.


7th, 10th – Double Team (Bryan Loweree & David Lee) 14th – Mick $ Rich 21st – Joey and Tyler (24Seven/Face for Radio) 28th – Ciro and Topher Show 30th – Double Team (Bryan Loweree & David Lee)



2nd – Back for More 3rd – Feedback 4th – Sex Knuckle 6th – Open Mic 8th – Bad Weather Burlesque Show 11th – Mike and Kyle from Carmen and the Cactus 14th –Cal Ecker 16th – Carmen and the Cactus 17th – Mourning After 18th – Sex Knuckle 20th – Open Mic 21st – Feedback 23rd – Skyline 24th – The Arthurs 25th – Mike and Rich 30th – Relevant



SPIRIT LOUNGE (HOLIDAY INN) 2nd, 3rd – 24Seven 9th, 10th – 7pm 16th, 17th – TBA 23rd, 24th – S.O.L 30th, 1st – Face for Radio


2nd – Plow Boyz 9th – Bruce Neuman and Tiki D 16th – Blind Joe 30th – Bruce Neuman and Tiki D

HOUSE OF ROCK 1st, 2nd – Captain May I 3rd – GB Leighton 8th – Face for Radio 9th – Carmen the Cactus 10th – Tune in Tokyo 17th – Sweet Siren 23rd – Grayshot 24 – Save Me CJ 29th – Skyline 30th – Back for More

1st – Save Me CJ 2nd – Pop Rocks 3rd – Identity 5 4th – Broad Band 7th – Hunks the Show 8th – Back for More 9th – Rhyme or Reason 10th, 11th – Skyline 15th – 24Seven 16th – Hitchville 17th – Good for Gary 18th – 8th Hour 21st – Dirty Word 22nd – TBA 23rd, 24th – Tripwire 25th – October Road 29th – Jeez Loueez 30th – Lost Highway


2nd, 3rd – Skyline 9th – 24Seven 16th – S.O.L 21st – October Road 23rd – 8th Hour 24th – Rhyme or Reason 30th – Boomtown // 49





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Fargo Monthly November 2012  

First Issue Ever of Fargo Monthly!

Fargo Monthly November 2012  

First Issue Ever of Fargo Monthly!