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Helping Hands is published by Fisher House, Inc., a non-profit Texas corporation operating under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Helping Hands is sent to guests, donors, and supporters of Fisher House, Incorporated. Complimentary issues are available for the asking.

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The Fisher House Inc. mission is to support military members, veterans, and their families staying at Fisher Houses and those who are eligible to utilize Fisher Houses but are staying at other appropriate points of care venues while they receive medical treatment, care or support.


The Fisher House Inc. mission is to support military members, veterans, and their families staying at Fisher Houses and those who are eligible to utilize Fisher Houses but are staying at other appropriate points of care venues while they receive medical treatment, care or support.

IN THIS ISSUE... Director..2 Published by Fisher House, Inc. ❤ San Antonio, Texas
Published by Fisher House, Inc. ❤ San Antonio, Texas ❤ Fall/Winter 2022

From Our CEO/Executive Director

The last few months have been very busy at the Fisher Houses as guests started to increase in occupancy. Fisher House, Inc. continues to provide services to all three locations in San Antonio. For example, a new playground was installed at the Brooke Army Medical Center (BAMC) Fisher House. The VA Fisher Houses in the Medical Center area received new furniture in the living room and dining room. At Lackland Air Force Base the Fisher House received new paint in house III and new furniture in House II room 214/215.

The Founders Day Event designed to celebrate Zachary Fisher’s Birthday (Fisher House Foundation Founder) was a very big success at BAMC on 16 September. This event had music and amazing barbeque by the Gonzales Young Farmers. The event had over 2,500 people in attendance during the day.

A special thank you to all those who sponsored and volunteered at the event like J&J, H-E-B, Wounded Warrior Project, Broadway Bank, Costco, American Legion, and USAA. During the event, Fisher House Inc. took the opportunity to pass out a few prestigious Helping Hands Awards to Roberta Love (BAMC Fisher House), Mark Ochoa (VA Fisher House) and TSgt Wesley Dickerson (Lackland Fisher House). You can see some of the event photos on page 10 of this newsletter.

The much-anticipated Annual Fisher House, Inc. Golf Tournament was on 7 November at the Fair Oaks Golf Course. This golf tournament is known as one of the premier non-profit golf tournaments in the San Antonio area. The tournament maxed out with 180 players utilizing both golf courses. Golf players competed for first, second and third place. We even had a prize for last place, longest drive and closest to the pin. Once again, thank you to all the sponsors, volunteers, and players for one amazing tournament. The complete rundown of the golf tournament is on pages 8-9 of this newsletter.

I am so proud of our employees and Board of Directors. Their dedication and long hours pay off when we see a smile on the face of a veteran or their family members. Our mission would not be possible without the resources provided by our donors. Thank you for all the continued donations, support, and volunteer hours during the year.

From the Coverpage:

Mark Ochoa, volunteer at the South Texas VA Fisher House is receiving a Helping Hand Award from Fisher House, Inc. Board of Directors President, Charles Potter at the annual Founder’s Day BBQ (see page 7)

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The McGraw Family

“Since our son’s accident in April, our family has spent over 150 nights in Fisher Houses. Without the Fisher House, I don’t know how we could have possibly been there for our son when he needed us the most. The value of their support to military and veteran families cannot be overstated. We joined the Fisher House family on April 11, 2022, in San Diego. Our son Seth, who is an active duty sailor, was the victim of a hit and run while riding his motorcycle. He suffered multiple serious injuries including a traumatic brain injury, and spinal cord injury. Seth’s chain of command helped us with travel arrangements, and lodging for that first weekend. They told us that on Monday we would be checking in to the Fisher House. That was the first time we had heard of the Fisher House.

Tiana Babcock and her team at the Naval Medical Center San Diego welcomed my wife Laurie and I in and introduced us to our Fisher House family. The early days of Seth’s treatment and recovery were long, uncertain, and trying. Being close to our son in such a compassionate and caring environment was a blessing and comfort. The support of the Fisher House, and the friends we made there, was immeasurable during that first month of Seth’s recovery.

When Seth was flown to San Antonio in mid-May to continue his treatment and recovery at the Audie L. Murphy VA Medical Center, Doug Dickson and his team at the San Antonio VA Fisher House were there to support us. Over the next two months of Seth’s recovery, therapy, and rehabilitation, Laurie and I found respite in the Fisher House and comfort in the care and compassion from the staff and fellow guests. In early September, Robyn Stewart and her team welcomed us to the Brooke Army Medical Center Fisher House, our third house in five months. In late September Seth was finally discharged from the hospital after 165 days of in-patient treatment, recovery and rehabilitation. He began the long process of medical discharge from the Navy and we assumed our journey with the Fisher House had ended at Joint Base San Antonio, but there was more to come.

After a week in the Liberty Barracks, where military personnel live during medical processing, we were told that a dangerous level of bacteria was discovered in the building and all the residents would have to leave the building. Since Seth is a paraplegic special accommodations are required. Once again, the Fisher House stepped up and welcomed us back. For the past month and a half we have lived at the Fisher House while we await conditions at the Liberty Barracks to safe enough for us to move back.

Over the past 216 days, our family has slept in a Fisher House 151 days, and counting! The past seven months have been a trying and stressful time for our family. We are eternally grateful to the Fisher House for easing the stress and burden for us, and so many other military and veteran families”. - Ladd McGraw

❤ ❤ 3
“Our stay at the Fisher Houses in San Diego and San Antonio” -


Doug Dickson was born in Toccoa, Ga and graduated from Stephen County High School, Truett McConnell University, Shorter University, Southwestern Seminary and has done Doctoral studies at New Orleans Seminary. Doug has been married for 33 years to Erin and is father to Brooke (Collin) and Zach (Lillie). He is grand”D”daddy to Ellie, six years old, Luke, two years old, and Suzanna, 10 months.

For the past 5 years Doug served as VA Chaplain in Johnson City, TN, Fayetteville, AR, and Chief of Chaplain Service at the Eastern Oklahoma VA Health Care System in Muskogee, OK. Prior to that, he was a minister serving churches in Georgia, Tennessee, and Alabama for 21 years.

On June 5, 2022 he started as the South Texas Veterans Health Care System Fisher House Manager. He loves going to the Fisher House each day because it is more than a job; it is a calling and a privilege to work with the families and caregivers of Veterans. Fisher House proudly proclaims being a “home away from home” for Veterans, their families and caregivers. This proclamation serves as a catalyst and goal for each day.

One of the most rewarding parts of his job is engaging with the Fisher House guests. Most of their stories are entangled in pain and hurt; yet they remain hopeful. Hopeful to see improvement during their daily visit and hopeful that the Veteran will soon improve and be able to leave the hospital. The hope and resiliency of Veterans and their families is inspiring. Doug enjoys being outside, working in the yard, taking walks, date nights with his wife Erin, spending time with family, and watching University of Georgia football. Doug and Erin love traveling but more than anything, they love doing mission work in other countries.


Two years after the COVID pandemic, the South Texas VA Fisher House finally welcomed back volunteers into the house.

USAA volunteers helped clean and reorganize the kitchen. The group also did an amazing job clearing out the clutter in one of the guest suites, power washed the windows and planted flowers for all to enjoy.

❤ ❤ 4
VAFisherHouseManager,DougDickson Audi L. Murphy Medical Center 7A Nurses went out of their way to put smiles on the Fisher House guests by preparing a delicious meal for veterans and their families.

“Giggles and the tippy tap sounds of children running to greet us is exactly what Henry lives for and is what made our time at the Fisher House so much fun! My heart melted hearing both the parents and children having full-on conversations with Henry - as if he was a long lost friend that popped in to play and see how they were doing. The blessings of our visits are certainly felt on both sides.” - Neva Fernandez, Henry’s mom



Henry and Wallace stopped by at the Brooke Army Medical Center (BAMC) Fisher House for a day filled with games and fun. As the summer was coming to an end, the young guests at the house enjoyed spending this warm day playing in and around the house. There were lots of activities for them to do, and one of the best parts was playing with these furry new friends.


The Brooke Army Medical Center Therapy Dog Program’s mission is to positively impact patients, staff and other military personnel at BAMC and in the local military community.

Therapy Dogs are scientifically proven to reduce stress, anxiety, and pain in a hospital setting. Through therapy visits, their goal is to support patient healing, provide comfort to visitors, and improve the overall morale and well-being of staff.

“During a break from our usual routine at the hospital, Wallace Le Roi De L’Amour Suave, aka “Wallace” and I attended a special event put on by The Fisher House for their temporary residents and children. It was an afternoon full of fun in the sun watching children play games, run around outside, and just get to be kids. A needed respite from the routine they have become accustomed to at Fisher House, their temporary home away from home. The staff did a great job providing many games, water toys and snacks for children of all ages. Wallace likes small children and frequently feels the need to “herd” them into a pack like sheep! You could say Wallace’s herding skills came into play this day as he made sure everyone felt included in all the fun and games! It was a great day for everyone. I can say Wallace enjoyed all the pats and all the smiles he brought to everyone’s faces. By the end of the day he was pooped out, and napped all the way home, just like the kid he is too! “ - Allison LaField - Wallace’s mom

❤ ❤ 5
From left to right: Henry and Wallace YoungguestsattheBAMCFisherHouse enjoying“KidsDay”withsomenewfurry friends.


The San Antonio Defense Gang

A retired Air Force Colonel who started a group of retired veterans never envisioned it would evolve into what it is today. Tony Imondi served 30 years in the U.S. Air Force and when he was about to retire in 2006, he wanted to find a way to stay connected to his military family.

“I joined the USAF on a dare and had no idea I would stay so long. But I found a home in the Air Force, and I loved the people I worked with,” said Imondi. “After retiring I started a little group called the San Antonio Defense Gang right here in San Antonio. It was an informal group. We decided we would meet for lunch and support each other and other veterans.”

It wasn’t long before other retired Colonels around San Antonio heard about his Gang and just started showing up at their luncheons. They too were interested in staying in touch and giving back. Soon the group began to grow.

“What they wanted was to be able to stay in touch with people they worked with, people that shared a common bond. The things that we had in common and valued, like military service, taking care of our veterans, helping any and all veterans transition and just supporting military families in general, “ Imondi explained.

The Gang that was originally made up of six retired Colonels but has continued to grow over the years. As of this year, 2022, they now have well over 330 members. “Together we formed a Defense Gang, to support National Defense of the country, by supporting our veterans, and military families.”

The Defense Gang’s support is wide-reaching in San Antonio. They help new members transition out of the military and find new jobs. “We have had people hired right across the luncheon table during our luncheons. Because we have so many members and we cover so many industries in the San Antonio area, we’re able to help people network and connect,” said Imondi.

While the Defense Gang is an informal group, there are rules. A new member must be endorsed by another colonel (Current Gang member) who can vouch for the person’s character and service. Each new member also agrees to support the Fort Sam Houston Homeless and Unaccompanied Funeral program as well as the Gangs adopted Charity “The Fisher House.”

The group has sponsored Fisher House Inc. in San Antonio since 2008. This year they raised and donated a huge sum of $77,710 to benefit all three Fisher Houses serving military families here in town. Since 2008 they have donated over $500,000 to help all those served by the Fisher Houses.

Colonel Imondi said he is very proud of how Defense Gang members have turned the Defense Gang into a veteran services organization. “When the group was formed, we didn’t have a long-range vision but all that is changed now” says Colonel Imondi. Our members have risen to the challenge and our support is now felt all around Military city.

“Everywhere Gang members go, they are reminded of their service to their country and that it’s really respected here in San Antonio and all of Texas. We have a genuine patriotic spirit here. Being a veteran in San Antonio is a real blessing.”

❤ ❤ 6


Fisher House has so many great volunteers and we appreciate each and every one and the countless hours they donate to help our mission. Each year we recognize a volunteer from each San Antonio Fisher House that went above and beyond. We are proud to present the following 2022 Helping Hands Award

As a non-profit, we depend on your kind hearts and generous donations to support the Fisher Houses in San Antonio. Some of the great things we were able to do this past year was to provide a brand new playset at the BAMC Fisher House. The old playground set had worn out over the years and the young Fisher House guests were not able to use it anymore. This playground will provide hours of playtime and we can’t wait to see the kids’ smiles on their faces, while they are coming down the slide!

Thanks to your donations

Another great addition was the new golf cart. With four houses at the BAMC location, taking the guests and their luggage to the separate houses will be a great help. This brand new cart seats four people including their luggage and will be used daily to help the Fisher House guests.

❤ ❤ 7
recipients (from left to right): Roberta Love (Brooke Army Medical Center Fisher House), Mark Ochoa (South Texas VA Fisher House) and TSgt Wesley Dickerson (JBSA Lackland Fisher House) Fromlefttoright:Col.KimberlieBiever,MichelleHorn(FisherHouseFoundation)HelpingHandsAwardrecipients, Brig.Gen.(ret)CharlesPotter(FisherHouse,Inc.BoardofDirector’sPresident) Left to right: Fisher House, Inc. Executive Director Dwayne Hopkins and Robyn Stewart, BAMC Fisher House Manager


NOVEMBER 7, 2022

Platinum Sponsor

J&J Worldwide Services

Gold Sponsors

Fisher House Foundation

Security Service Federal Credit Union Silver Sponsors

Air Force Federal Credit Union NIKA Solutions

Bronze Sponsors

AFFN Blue Skies of Texas CircleK

Laurel Ridge Treatment Center USAMM Breakfast Sponsor

180 players came out to golf on Monday, November 7th to Fair Oaks Ranch & Country Club in Boerne. Our tournament raised more than $92,000 to support the Fisher Houses in San Antonio! Fisher House, Inc. would like to thank all the sponsors, golfers and volunteers for their generosity and kind hearts to support our mission.

Full Hole Sponsors

FROST Bank (two holes)

Mark Ferguson (Fisher House, Inc. Board of Directors)

CMSgt (Ret) Wayne & Ruth Elaine Smith

CMSgt (Ret) Tony and Linda Bishop (Fisher House, Inc. Board of Directors)

Half Hole Sponsors

Herndon Realty Navy Federal Credit Union

In-Kind Sponsors

Bexar Printing BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse Chicken N Pickle

Fair Oaks Ranch Golf & Country Club Fast Signs San Antonio Alamo Ranch H-E-B Kendra Scott Lowe’s Maggiano’s Restaurant, Magnolia Pancake House Spurs Sports & Entertainment

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Jewish War Veterans Post 753
A special thank you to Ancira for sponsoring the hole-in-one contest.
this year’s event a huge success
Fisher House Inc volunteers helped to make
❤ ❤ 9
2022 GOLF

Fisher House Founder’s Day BBQ

Honoring and celebrating

House Founder, Zachary Fisher


September 26, 1910 - June 4, 1999

On September 16, 2022, more than 2,500 people came out to enjoy great food, live music and celebrate Fisher House founder, Zachary Fisher. We had many supporters and volunteers who made this event a huge success. The Young Farmers from Gonzales brought 5 huge smokers and cooked all night to prepare the brisket and sausage to feed all the people that attended, and the reviews were outstanding! A total of 1700 lbs of brisket, 700 lbs of sausage and 140 gallons of beans were prepared by this wonderful group. “This was the best brisket I ever tasted” said one of the BAMC hospital employees.

Volunteers from USAA, H-E-B, Broadway Bank, American Legion and Costco served all this delicious food. Live music from The SA Hitlist kept the party going all day. This was definitely a day to remember, the program also included a volunteer award presentation (see page 7) and the San Antonio Defense Gang presented Fisher House, Inc. with a check for $77,710.00. Former Kono-101 host, Dave Rios was there to emcee the event, while more volunteers from the 4-H club and NuStar Energy helped with the event. A special thank you to BAMC facilities and volunteers for all their support on this day to honor and celebrate Zachary Fisher.

❤ ❤ 10


Fisher House, Inc. invites you to support us through Champions fore Charity, an exciting fundraising program linked to the 2023 Valero Texas Open, the 3rd oldest tournament on the PGA TOUR schedule.

We will receive 100% of every penny we raise through Champions fore Charity. Valero Texas Open and Champions fore Charity pays all the costs to run the program. Fisher House, Inc. will use the proceeds from this fundraiser to support the Fisher Houses in San Antonio where military members, veterans and their family can stay for free while receiving medical treatment in the San Antonio area.

How Champions fore Charity works…

Please support us through Champions fore Charity by returning your completed commitment form to our office or scan the QR code below. Valero Texas Open will bill you for the amount of your commitment, which is due no later than April 11. If you want to pay now, you can do so with cash, credit card or making your check out to Champions fore Charity.

Fun Incentives for YOU…

To add sizzle to the program, twenty-five (25) lucky donors will be randomly drawn to each win a $100 Valero gas gift card compliments of Valero. Winners will be selected after the conclusion of the fundraising campaign which ends April 11.

You also have a chance to guess who the 2023 Valero Texas Open Champion will be for a chance to win a Stay & Play Gift Package to TPC San Antonio and the JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort & Spa. Participating donors who have provided an email address will receive an email from tournament officials after the player field is announced on Friday, March 24. Donors will have until Wednesday, March 29 to select from the player field who they believe will win the tournament.

The winner will be drawn from those who correctly guessed the tournament champion and receive the grand prize, along with earning us a donation of $5,000! If more than one person correctly guesses, a drawing amongst those who guessed correctly will be conducted. If no one correctly guesses, a drawing among all donors will take place… and you may just win!


❤ ❤ 11


The Fisher House Family would like to offer their sincerest thanks and appreciation to all of those who have generously and thoughtfully provided their time, talents and treasures to support the guest residents of the Fisher Houses. We appreciate your encouragement for our continued success in service to support the military men and women, and their families who will benefit from the services of the Fisher House. The following “Friends of Fisher House, Inc.” have provided financial support between May 1, 2022 through October 31, 2022.



Jerry Marshall John Mohrmann

Dwayne F. Hopkins

Col. John Mohrmann (Ret.)


Lorraine Potter and Rocky Saunders Robert and Martha Sherwood


All who served on the Board of Directors Dr. and Mrs. David J. Friedman



Laura Bingham

Charles and Daphne Camden

Celna Roadrunners

Rosemarie Cowan Tyler Derus Sharon Fauber

Weldon Hammond W. E. Sullivan

Christopher Logan O’Brien

MSgt. Richard and Elizabeth Norton Ryan Jerabek William E. Fauber


Amazon Smile

Beazer Charity Foundation

The Benevity Community Impact Fund

Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation

Champions Fore Charity Charities Aid Foundation of America


Alpha Delta Kappa Devine Area Health and Hospice Resource

Disabled American Veterans Chapter 86


Lackland Spouses’ Club Laughlin Spouses’ Club

Janet Gaunt Laura Liberty Richard and Donna Meeker Paul and Kathryn Menchen Charles and Linda Peters Robert and Martha Sherwood Carole Steckly

Facebook Payments

Fisher House Foundation, Inc. GM Financial Company, Inc. Joint Space, LLC

Lockheed Martin Employee’s Political Action Committee

NSDAR Jacob’s Well San Antonio Defense Gang

Maxwell-Gunter Spouses’ Club

Mountain Home Officers’ Spouses’ Club

Jerry Morris

Charles W. Liberty

Charles Wesley Heidel

General Gene Habier, USAF

Lt. Col. John Dale Peters, USAF (Ret.) Leah Renee Sherwood

Col. (Ret.) Kenneth D. Steckly

Plymouth Rock Foundation

The SA Fund of the Bank of AmericaCharitable Gift Fund

Tanjer Charitable Gift Fund Valero Foundation

VFW Lackland Post 9174 West Fork Community Church

Scott Spouses’ Club

Shaw Spouses’ Club

❤ ❤ 12
MILITARY CHAPELS 19 AW/HC 47 FTW/HC 72 ABW/HC Thank You USAA for Supporting Fisher House, Inc.


David Abati

Kenneth Abel

Paul Ackerly

Edward Addison

Michael Addison

David Agee

Robert Akam

Neil Allen

Sallye Allgood

Andrea Alsawi

Philip Andrews

Anonymous Donors

Edward and Cindy Antoine

Alex and Beverly Araman

Kimberly Arellano

Robert Armstrong Kenneth Arteaga

Knowls Atchison

Daniel Badger

Penny Bailey

Lystra Baird

Matthew Baker Dan Ball

Thomas Ball

Tom Barnett

Brad Barnhart

David Barnhart

William Bassett

Don and Lorraine Beere

Suzanna Bell

Frank Benjamin Kurt Bergo

William and Clara Bergstrom

Darren Bishop

Jerry and Debbie Blaylock

John Blumentritt

Robert and Nora Bollman

Bonnie Bouche

Erik Bovasso

David Bradney

Eugene Briseno

Monty Brock

Pat Brooks

David Brown

Francis Brown

Jeff Brown

Mike E Brown

Joe and Jean Brozena

James Butler

Michael Byrne

Carl Cafiero

Rohn and Denise Campbell

Wendy Campo

Jason and Jennifer Canada

Lorrie Cappellino

Brian Carron

Russell Carson Charles Catoe

Michael Chapa Christopher Chun John Clatanoff

Kellie Clelland Kevin Collamore

Scott Collins

Ronald Colunga

Barbara Cook

Donald Cook

Robert and Barbara Cooley

Jeffrey Cooper Gary Copsey Roger Corbin James Costey Gerard Couvillion

Alonzo Cox Nicolette Creel Bob Culhane Todd Daniel Linda Daugherty

Thomas Dean

Robert Dejong Mark Delaney David DeMartino

Barry Dickey John DiPiero

Edward Dixon

Troy Dixon Charles Dodd John D’Ortona

Dana Downey Gary Droubay Jonathan Duncan John Dunks

James Emerson Yori Escalante

Edward and Sonia Esparza

Larry Estes Timothy Farrell

Lucretia Fast Nidia Felan Dale Ferguson Dennis Fiemeyer

Daniel Finley Vincent Fisher Ross Flynn William Foote

Bryan Foy Richard Francey Anthony Franzese William Fraser Jeffrey French Dale Gabriel George Gagnon

Andrew Gale

Kenneth Gallagher

Michael Gamble

Robert and Amy Garland Fred and Denise Gebhart

William Geesey

Tom Giattino

Scott Gierat

Donald Gleason

Timothy Gosnell Royce and Beverly Gragg Eric Graham

Charles Gray Steven Gray Robert Grazulis

Felix Grieder

Kenneth Griffin

William Grund Michael Grunwald Roberto Guerrero Jose Guillen

Lee and Kathy Gustin Otto Habedank Todd Hackett David Hafer Craig Hall Jason Hall Hugh Hanlon Brigitte Harden Leslie Hargett

David Hathaway

Daryl Hausmann William Havlic Carl Hawkins Damian Heaney Falkner Heard

Tim Heintzelman

Kevin Hendrick

Steven Hennessy Mark Hess Wiley Hill William Hill Ellwood Hinman

Donald Hoening

Edward Hoffman

James Holaday

William Hood

David Hunninghake

Peter Hunt

Ottis Hutchinson

Michael Imbus

David Imhof

Tony and Kathy Imondi

Richard Ingenloff

George Irving Jerome Jackson

Harold James Marc Jamison

Jim Jennings

Harold and Ursula Johnson Mark Johnson

David and Marla Jones Stephen and Laurie Jones James Jumper Susan Junker Randall Kersey Christin Kimball

Barbara King Chris Kinne

Terry Kenney

Johann Kinsey

Joanne Kirschbaum

Gary Klabunde William Koerner

John Kresek Charles Kuhl Robby Kyrouac Michael Lakos

John Lamoureux Thomas LeBeau Mark Lee

Dave Lefforge

Sheron Leonard Steve Lerum

Delores Liedecke

Orville Lind

Marc Lindsey

Richard Lipsey Russell Livingston Karen Lloyd Scott Lockard Julio Lopez Orlando Lopez Bruce Lovely David Lynch William Lyons Roy and Ronas Mackrell Bryan Manes

Russell Mantzel

Curtis and Melanie Marsh Gary Martel

David Marttala

Richard Matthews Mark Mattison

Gary and Nancy McAlum Cindy McCash

Lachmi McClinton Michael McClung Lance McDaniel Christina McDermott Terrance McKee Michael McMahan

❤ ❤ 13


Steve McNamara

Carlos Messer, Jr.

Tal Metzgar

Jeffrey Meyer

Richard Mihalik

Lloyd Dee Miller

Michael Miller

Bryon Mills

William Mills

Garold Minkin

Humberto Morales

Josh and Suzanne Moran

Robert Moriarty

Mark Morris

Michael Morris Scott Morris

William Morrison

William Mott

David and Linda Moussette

Wayne Mudge

James Mueller

Bill Murray James Murray

James Nally Marilee Neale

Mark Nichols Matthew Nie Brian Norman

David Norsworthy

John Oates

Tina O’Dell

David Orr

Jim Palermo

Glenn Palmer

Guy Palumbo

David Patrick

Gregg Patterson

Eric Payne

Jim and Nita Peck

RJ Peppe

Ronald Perrilloux

Curtis Piontkowsky

Lee Pittman

Parker Pritchard

Samuel Prugh

Tom Quelly

Jeff Ragland

Carl Rahn

Robert Ramirez Barbara Ramsey Glenn Rattell

James Ravella

Robert Redanz

James Reed Susan Reed

Creig Rice Chris Richardson Derrick Richardson Joseph Rizzuto

Dorothy Roberts Kimberly Robinson

Raymond Robinson Daniel Rogers Robert Rogers Marianne Rogers-Faust John Rush Chad Rushton

Jeffrey Rust Charles Sachs Ronald Sandoval George Schaub John Schaub Anthony Schenk

Samuel Schick William Schiek Carol Schoefield

Earl Scott John Seaberg Craig Seeber Philip Senna Ronald Seyle Wayne Shanks Christopher Sharpe Chris Shaw Michael Shields Allen Shreffler

Dennis Shumaker Jimmie Simmons

Lisa Skopal

Alex Smith

Dave G Smith

Ken Smith

Thomas Smith Robert Snodgrass

Alan Snyder

James Solomon

Jack Sotherland Kenneth Sours Jayson Spade Christopher Stafford William Sternhagen

Charles Stidham Robert Stine John Stolte

Jon Stone Marc Stratton Tim Strawther Randie Strom

Robert Sutton Allan Swaim Joseph Sweat Fred Swiderski Wayne Symons

Bruce Syvinski Thomas Szymanski Carmine Taglieri Henry Taylor John Taylor Margaret Taylor Cory Tejchma

Donald Tharp Eric Theisen Hogan Thomas Stephen Thomas Tony Thomas Shawn Thompson Paul Tibbets

Michael Tillema

Randy Tillery

Robert and Claudia Titerle Nathan Titus Henry Toussaint

Thank you for your continued support! Since 2012 Finck Cigars have donated more than $333,000.00 in support of our mission. Their donations have helped military members, veterans and their families staying at the Fisher Houses in San Antonio.

Mark Transue

Robert Trayers

Rodney Tugade

John Tully

Kevin Vaille

Vincent Valdespino Sharlene Van Brunt

Larry and Melissa Van Buren James Vauter

James Velesky Ingred Villyard Michael Visconage Mark Vlahos

Michael Vlk

Louis Vogler

Arthur Wachdorf

Darrell and Debra Wagner Mark Waite

Fred Wall

Paul Walski

Doug and Georgie Walters Mark Ward Mark Ware

Thomas Waters Barbara Watkins Woody Watkins James Weidenbaum

Diane Weimer

James Weimer

William Whiting

Jerry and Cynthia Wiens Bruce Willett

Robert D Williams

George Wills

Travis Willis George Wilson

Leif Wilson

Lisa Wilson

Fred Witter

Stephen Wright Stew Wyland Wendy Yeldell John Zielinski Patrick Zimlich

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The Fisher Houses in San Antonio provide service members, veterans and their families with comfortable lodging, food, and other services in their time of need….at no cost! These homes enable family members to be close to a loved one at the most stressful times – during hospitalization or healthcare for illness, disease, or injury. Believing that “a family’s love is the best medicine,” we want the patients and their families to focus on what’s most important: the healing process. Our commitment to military and veteran families has never been stronger and we will continue to support the guests staying at the Fisher Houses whenever we are needed.

Brooke Army Medical Center Fisher House

Manager: Robyn Stewart (210) 916-6458/

Manager: Doug Dickson (210) 617-5542/

Manager: Philip Harralson (210) 671-6037/


The Fisher Houses are always in need of wishlist items. You can send these items directly from Amazon to Fisher House, Inc. to benefit the guests staying at the Fisher Houses in San Antonio. Scan the code on the right or go to our website to view our current wishlist.

❤ ❤ 15
South Texas Veterans VA Fisher House JBSA Lackland Fisher House


7323 W. US Hwy 90, Suite 107

San Antonio, Texas 78227-3561



Be honest with ourselves and with whom we deal, building a foundation of trust and confidence through the organization and with our clients, stakeholders, and the community CARING.

Sensitive to the needs of our clients, always ready to go the extra mile to provide responsive, compassionate support SERVICE.

Give freely to others in need. Willing to donate time, energy and resources EXCELLENCE.

Continually strive to excel, to be the best in our field, and to maintain the highest standards of quality and service


Charles Potter (President) Roger Burg (Vice President) Anthony Bishop (Secretary) Jerry Hardy (Treasurer)


Dwayne Hopkins, Executive Director/CEO Andrea Desbien, Office Manager

Irma Robinson, Program Manager

as of November 1, 2022

Fisher House, Inc., 7323 W. US Hwy 90, Suite 107, San Antonio, Texas 78227 210-673-7500, Fax 210-673-7579

Org. U.S. Postage
PAID San Antonio, TX Permit No. 6450
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