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The Food & Drink Issue ISSUE No 62 | SUM M E R 2021 Celebrating local shopping, dining, arts, events, and community

Enjoy Life!

A R T I S A N A L , yet casual, and above all deeply enjoyable—that is the philosophy at the heart of C’est La Vie dining.

2 18 North Market Street


Indoor and outdoor dining

IN THIS ISSUE This summer, find the tastes, experiences, and people who nourish your soul. For our annual food and drink issue, we’re exploring our community and finding balance and relaxation in the warmth of the summer sun.

Meet the new CEO of Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health, John J. Herman, in a new series dedicated to a healthier community.


At Fig, our perspective on wellness is all about balance—which we found in the making of our cover with the help of our friends at Spice and Tea Exchange (elderberry tea), Perfect Pots (rose), and Lemon Street Market (blood orange, kumquat, and mint).


Health of the City

100 -101

Giving Back Hawa Lassanah, founder of Discerning Eye Community Agriculture, is on a mission to educate and empower Lancastrians to grow their own food. 104

Eat & Drink Lancaster! It’s our annual food & drink issue, and we’re featuring city restaurants who are serving up tastes from all over the world. Pull up a chair and dig in! 35-53

Welcoming new businesses to Lancaster City 7, 1 0 , 2 1 , 2 7, 3 3 , 34 , 49, 50 55, 59, 6 4 , 89, 92 Stock up on delicious food made locally 6 5 -7 3 Fig Social Mission Partner: Crispus Attucks 81



Summer 2021

/ Cit y of L ancaster, Pennsylvania

Small & Mighty

Faces of Lancaster City small business. Sponsored by Truist and Armstrong World Industries.


Fit & Well 9 3 -1 0 3 Summer Events 111 Community Supporters 112 -12 3 And of course great shopping, dining, arts, events, and community— as always. Keep Reading

/ T he Food & D r i n k Issue


We are a curiously creative team of thinkers and makers who believe that one big idea can change everything. We design and deliver brands that people love. Meet our team at



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FIG is not an acronym. But we do love good food. And we love this custom charcuterie display by Graze.

Food Is Good A S I S TA R T E D W R I T I N G this letter, I looked back to this time last year. We were unprepared for what lay ahead—unaware that 2020 would reshape our way of conducting business, experiencing community, and doing life.

A note from Fig

Last summer also created new memories —good ones—like evening cocktails and family gatherings around the fire pit. Most memories, I find, involve good food and drink. One year later, and the world is once again out and about. But we are different, more informed people. We are more intentional, and more thoughtful. And the mission of Fig is even more relevant—to shine a light on small businesses in Lancaster City and introduce you, our readers, to the most unique tastes, makers, and experiences that the city has to offer. As you get out and create new memories this summer, use this, our annual food and drink issue, as your guide. Take a moment to appreciate the fresh produce that is a ISSU E 62


Summer 2021

rainbow of color, and the Lancaster City restaurant scene that represents food from around the world. You’ll be happy to see some of your cherished favorites as well as some unique new options. In this issue, we are also shining a light on ways to find balance and wellness—in whatever form that takes for you—for your mind, body, and spirit. We encourage you to find local ways to nourish your soul and find joy in every day. Because we’ve learned that more than ever, self care will enable us to be at our very best. And now, we celebrate. We celebrate the restaurant community who worked so hard to open their doors once again. We celebrate our city and the 13 new businesses in this issue who decided to follow their dreams. And we celebrate making more new memories with good friends and, of course, good food. Cheers to Lancaster! DEB BRANDT & THE FIG TEAM

/ Cit y of L ancaster, Pennsylvania

/ T he Food & D r i n k Issue



Rockstars Produce


“We adhere to our mission of keeping the land viable for future generations—it’s our duty to help create healthy soil so we can give back the best organic, nutrient dense products to our community.” Casey Spacht, Founder

CSA Manager Rebekah Carter (center) and CSA team






Fresh Face | Welcoming new businesses to Lancaster City IMAGES CAPTION Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aliquam rutrum justo vel nibh pretium, ac laoreet quam laoreet. Etiam lacinia ex diam. Fusce convallis sit amet libero at rutrum.

Fresh Face: Kinfolk Boutique K I N F O L K B O U T I Q U E is bringing some much-needed color to the stark palette of minimalism. Devon Brady, a local artist and entrepreneur, successfully married her art, advocacy, and Afro-centric fashion passions with a stunning new jewelry collection. “The idea of minimalism is focusing on what matters. I wanted to take the inspiration from African culture, the symbolism that comes from the diaspora, and hone in on that.” With The Mahogany Collection, Devon is educating everyone about the endless beauty in African cultures around the world.

The Wangari Drop Stud Earrings are simplistic perfection and inspired by Kenyan environmentalist Nobel Peace Prize winner Wangari Maathai. The warmth and familial legacy of her culture are what Devon would like to offer to everyone who interacts with her work. A large part of the Black community is fictive kinship: people that are not necessarily related by blood but are family because of the love and support they share. “Kinfolk is a name that we claimed, and I wanted [the brand] to mirror my value for family and deep, strong ties in relationships.” Anyone can be a part of the Kinfolk

community as long as they are willing to love and support Black people. Kinfolk Boutique is a brand with a unique aesthetic and clear message: Do everything in love. “My goal is to share my heart, my love for people, my love for God, and my love for creating. I love Lancaster City. I love the culture that is present here, and I am vested in this community one hundred percent.” Devon is putting love into every piece that she creates, making her customers feel like they’re part of the family. Visit to shop the latest collection and follow Devon on Instagram @kinfolkminimalist.


Style in bloom T H I S S U M M E R , Festoon has curated a beautiful collection of patterns and color for your wardrobe and your home that will prepare you to take on the town or entertain with style. Visit in store or shop online at F Open 7 days a week.


202 North Duke Street



Lancaster’s Family Owned Jeweler Since 1935

58 North Queen Street

717.392.7305 9

Fresh Face | Welcoming new businesses to Lancaster City

Ian Strickler, Drew Moore, and Kate Meley standing outside their kitchen on Plum Street where the magic broth comes to life.

Fresh Face: Crowded Kitchen CLOSE TO THE OR ANGE STREET entrance of Lancaster Central Market, Drew Moore might be found at the Crowded Kitchen stall replacing kegs or cleaning tap lines. But it’s not beer or cold brew he’s dispensing from these massive casks—it’s fresh-made, premium stock and broth. And he’s the first person in the world to offer it on tap. Drew is no stranger to embracing the unexpected, first leaving behind his lifelong office career in 2015 to pursue cooking, and then leaving the “Big Apple”—which some believe to be the epicenter of modern gastronomy—in favor of the ever-humble Lancaster. Once here, Drew identified a lack of accessibility to fresh, homemade stocks for Lancaster’s homecooks, and began brainstorming how he could fill that need. The idea of using kegs wasn’t a publicity stunt; it was the most practical solution available at the time.


347 North Plum Street 717.874.5998

“I thought, ‘I can either maintain the integrity of our product, or I can process it for shelf-stability.’ I decided I really wanted to give people the best stuff. So we tried a bunch of kegs, and eventually found one that worked perfectly with our chilling process,” explains Drew. Today, Crowded Kitchen offers premium stocks and broths fresh off the tap, with flavors such as nutritious chicken bone broth, beef pho broth, and vegan-friendly wild mushroom stock. Additionally, they offer three different soups in a weekly rotation, which Drew started offering to show customers what premium stocks and broths can really do for their favorite recipes. All of these products are sold in reusable glass jars, which earn customers a $1 discount when returned for refill. They are also a crucial component to the company’s zero waste model. “All of our paper products are compostable, and our food

waste goes to F&M, where they turn it into usable fuel through their biogas program,” Drew explains. He also sources much of the local, organic ingredients used in his creations from within the Market itself. But the community mission at Crowded Kitchen doesn’t stop with the environment. The company also hosts a shared commercial food production facility on the East Side of town, which is fully stocked with professional-grade culinary equipment that independent local chefs can utilize privately with a membership. “I’m trying to be a positive influence on the food system here. It’s my passion,” says Drew, “And I’m honored to be among Lancaster artisans.” Discover a new dimension of cooking with stocks and broths from Crowded Kitchen at Lancaster Central Market on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays between the hours of 6-3pm, or visit for more information.

Making life Flavorful

85 Handcrafted seasonings | Hand-mixed daily

T H E S P I C E & T E A E X C H A N G E offers a variety of fine spices, handcrafted seasonings, loose-leaf teas, salts, sugars, gifts, and everything you need for spicing up your summer BBQ.

Spices used: •

Bread Dipping: Tuscany Blend

Whether you’re new to the culinary scene, own your own food service business, or are simply looking to add a bit of spice to your life, their friendly and knowledgeable staff can help you find the perfect menu additions. They’re known for over 85 handcrafted seasonings, which are hand-mixed in store daily. Stop on by to watch the Spice Masters at work!

Veggies: Vik’s Garlic Fix Blend

Left Steak: Espresso Steak Rub

Right Steak: Chef’s Choice Steak Rub

20 West Orange Street



Heritage Goods for


E L L I C O T T & C O . celebrates the things that last—whether that’s a sturdy leather pack or some quality time with the kids. If you’re buying for the father in your life or just treating yourself to something uncommon, Ellicott has the heritage inspired goods you’re looking for. Explore their collection of distinctive products chosen for quality, functionality, and beauty—including men’s apparel, leather goods, boots, cocktail supplies, and home decor.


LEATHER RUCKSACK Made by Welsh MTN Leather




45 North Market Street



From far left: Rebecca, owner; Cait Carpenter, from Kingdom Concepts; and Michael, brand manager

Home is the destination. T H E T E A M AT V I L L E + R U E believes you should love where you live. From their showroom filled with inspiration to their in-home design consultations, their goal is for your home to be a personal reflection of your lifestyle.

The Ville + Rue Collection is represented by owner and designer Rebecca Addington, who will help you incorporate a relaxed elegance into your entire home or just one room. The Ville + Rue team not only works with residential clients but also other designers, flippers, and stagers. Their staff provides a vast assortment of products and assists with logistics to help make your design project a little easier. All design services are complimentary.

New Location! 16 West King Street



E Denis Sison, Consultant

Proudly Introducing 14

E Jordan Steffy, Founder & Consultant

E Laurie Israel Cubell, Consultant

T H E N E W LY F O R M E D organization DAIS (Diversity and Inclusion Strategies) exists to build inclusive frameworks for businesses who know that sustainable growth in business and people requires investing in diverse and inclusive environments.





Lancaster County executives have stated that Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is a priority in their organizations.

DAIS (Diversity and Inclusion Strategies) is committed to lifting up businesses by

Lancaster County Demographics

harnessing the power and potential of diverse talent, community, and workforce. They aim to help organizations spotlight people who possess potential but may have been overlooked or have never been given a platform. They seek to build inclusive frameworks for businesses who understand that in order to become stronger and more sustainable, they must invest in more inclusive working environments.



Because there are minds with the potential to innovate, to lead businesses to new places, and to soar where they have never soared before;

A dais (‘day us’) is an elevated platform from which a person, or people, may be wholly seen and engaged in discussion with the full attention of an audience.

Because there are people ready and highly-skilled, with a vitality unparalleled, who seek a place to thrive and contribute equally, without limitations;

Our audience is the business community; we speak to lift up the overlooked, to teach businesses the skill of seeing people multi-dimensionally.

Because as the doors to diversity and inclusion open, we must furnish every room with parity and opportunity, from boardroom to classroom to courtroom and more.

DAIS exists to build inclusive frameworks for businesses who know that becoming sustainable requires investing in equitable work environments.

Because when diverse and inclusive practices become guiding business principles, true sustainable social and economic growth are possible in every organization.

DAIS (Diversity and Inclusion Strategies) are for businesses who realize that the future requires transformation in how we build business and people.

We are committed to the principle that all people are created equal and that we need to help shape a diverse and inclusive world for the next generation. At the heart of “business for good” are the values of dignity, respect, and opportunity for all. “We’re not here for ourselves, it’s what we can do to make the world a better place…for our customers, for our communities.” —S. Dale High Follow DAIS:

*(Black, Indigenous, and People of Color)


of Executives in education, social services, law, healthcare, and finance in Lancaster are BIPOC.


of executives surveyed expressed feeling overwhelmed and unclear about the best way for them to create a diverse and inclusive organization.



81% 19% White BIPOC*


of Lancaster County School Districts are actively seeking to diversify their staff, administrators, and board of directors.



let’s grow


NEW SCHOOL MONTESSORI’S classroom communities are the perfect blend of socializing and experiential learning where each child’s unique potential unfolds. Lessons are inviting. Work is purposeful. Curiosity is encouraged. That passion sparks a thirst for knowledge that will continue for a lifetime. • Year-round • Full Day • Montessori Learning Environment

loc at ions:

Lancaster City Manheim Township Lititz 16 Inquire now for fall 2021

7 17. 3 9 7. 7 6 5 5 NEWSCHOOL.NET

Gifts for the little

Chef in all of us.

A C U R AT E D C O L L E C T I O N of creative toys, quality clothing, and unique gifts for all the little people in your life. 32 North Queen Street


LGH Women & Babies: 690 Good Drive




A Homegrown Concept by Ken’s Gardens,

Gather & Grow

G A L L E R Y G R O W O F F E R S an inviting workspace to craft custom terrariums with unique containers and creative adornments. Explore the extensive array of houseplants, air plants, kokedama, bonsai, imaginative pottery, and more. Celebrating one year on Gallery Row, they’ve become a space to celebrate major milestones including birthdays and anniversaries. And now that summer is here, their backyard patio is in full bloom so grab a bottle of wine and a few friends and head to Gallery Grow. 18

150 North Prince Street 717.869.6547

Custom terrariums Kokedama Air plants Indoor plants for any space

A summer

ESCAPE at the NORTH S P E N D T H E S U M M E R at the North Museum. Experience the new exhibit Coney Island: Visions of an American Dreamland and learn about the historic destination’s beginnings and its transformation into a popular beach resort and amusement mecca. Make a splash during Lancaster Water Week and engage in fun and educational water activities. The Interactive Nature Walk returns, with four gardens and more to explore.


400 College Avenue


400 College Avenue

717.358.3941 19


I loved the opportunity to design this rooftop space to be enjoyed by all residents of the building. There are areas for dining, relaxing under shade, gardening, and ultimately, enjoying a stunning view of the city.” – Amy Bitar, Design Advisor

Photo captured on the rooftop of the Grant Street Lofts.

C R E AT E S PA C E F O R F R I E N D S A N D FA M I LY. Penn Stone will help you create a vacation destination in your own backyard, patio, or deck. They specialize in masonry and hardscaping materials as well as design-focused outdoor furniture and solutions for outdoor kitchens, outdoor fire, landscape lighting, and shade. Connect with their trusted design professionals to start transforming your vision into reality today.


190 West Ross Street



Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor Kitchens

Fireplaces & Fire Pits

Brick & Stone

Landscape Lighting

Fresh Face | Welcoming new businesses to Lancaster City

Owner and winemaker Dan Brown

Fresh Face: Deerfoot Vineyards and Winery T H E F R E N C H H AV E A W O R D , terroir, which is used to describe the combination of factors that give wine grapes their distinctive character. The soil, climate, sunlight, and other geographical features of how and where grapes are grown give the wine unique characteristics that set it apart. For Dan Brown, owner and winemaker at Deerfoot Winery, his agricultural knowledge paired with the rich soil of his PA farm have set the stage for a line of exceptional wines grown nearby in Berks County. Deerfoot wines are rooted in a long legacy of family, farming, and innovation. From berry to bottle, Dan’s connection to the farm that has been

in his family for three generations comes through and sets Deerfoot wines apart. Since 2015, Deerfoot Winery has been delighting Berks County with small batch wines from locally sourced fruit. “It’s all about the balance, the aroma, flavor profile, the tannins, and the time of aging. You want the wine to be complicated but also easy to understand. I love the chemistry,” says Dan. With the opening of Deerfoot Tasting Room in the heart of the 300 Block of North Queen Street, Dan and his wife Jaime are excited to bring Deerfoot’s wide variety of red and white wines as well as fruit wine, fortified wine, and mead to Lancaster City.

The tasting room is a relaxed, approachable space to experience great wine. You can come in with friends for a tasting flight, to try something unique, or to ask questions and find a new favorite. Local artists are celebrated on the walls and wine labels, underscoring the sense of community and local gathering that the tasting room invites for couples, friends, or coworkers who come in for a tasting or to grab a bottle to enjoy at a local BYOB restaurant. After spending 15 years learning about wine, Dan loves sharing what he knows and making the experience of sipping a nice glass of wine approachable and fun for others. “It’s so gratifying to put your heart into something and see someone else enjoy it,” he says.

Tasting Room: 348 North Queen Street Vineyard: 1492 Ridge Road Shoemakersville 484.575.1484 21

A Story of Restoration and Revitalization:

Mosaic and The New Southern Market


New developments by Willow Valley Communities will soon re-energize Lancaster’s South Gateway. Willow Valley Communities is one of the region’s most renowned residential developers and operators with more than 2,400 residents at its existing communities just south of Lancaster City. With steady growth over the past 35 years and growing demand for walkable, urban living, the organization was encouraged to consider downtown expansion possibilities. The former LNP production building presented the ideal site and the concept for Mosaic—a new, mixed-use residential building—was born. The vision for Mosaic grew stronger with the opportunity to partner with Lancaster Equity Community Development Corporation to restore Southern Market Center—a prized historic landmark, falling away after years of dormancy and decline. Now under renovation, Southern Market will triumphantly return to prominence as a marketplace and community hub. Financed, developed, and operated by Willow Valley Communities and slated to open in early 2022, its centerpiece will be a world-class food hall featuring regional and international cuisines from ten, upand-coming Lancaster chefs, plus a full bar and coffee shop. The building will also encompass coworking space, retail, community rooms, and permanent offices for ASSETS, Lancaster Equity, and Willow Valley Communities.

Across the street, Mosaic will offer a socially connected, culturally rich way of life, with 147 two- and three-bedroom residences and exclusive amenities for those age 55 and above who desire vibrant city living. The new building’s ground floor will feature restaurant and retail experiences open to the public. “Pre-selling” of Mosaic to prospective residents will begin this summer, with opening planned for 2025. The complete revitalization of Southern Market is possible because of Mosaic—and together, these developments will breathe new life into one of Lancaster’s most pivotal but underutilized blocks, bringing new destinations to live, work, and play, new jobs, elevated aesthetics, and economic vigor. There is so much more to come. We’ll see you soon at Queen and Vine! 23

H In photo, Attorneys George Cook, John Henry, and Seth Hiller with Lonny Kauffman, owner of Kauffman Orchards.

Deeply Rooted

in Lancaster County

B L A K I N G E R T H O M A S has been committed to Lancaster County’s success by providing legal services of the highest quality and value, delivered with integrity and compassion. For generations, their work in agricultural law has supported family-owned farms like Kauffman Orchards, which recently transitioned its ownership. Blakinger Thomas is proud of the part it plays in preserving our rich farmland heritage.


28 Penn Square


FOCUSING ON Agricultural • Banking & Finance • Business Law Civil & Commercial Litigation • Creditors’ Rights & Bankruptcy • Employment & Labor Law • Family Law & Adoption • Health Care • Municipal • Real Estate & Land Use Tax Law • Wills, Estates, Trusts & Planned Giving



A beautifully designed interior is an investment for the soul.” David Lyall

HOME HAS BECOME more important than ever. At David Lyall Home & Design, they know that the journey is as important as the destination. Whether your project is an entire residence, or simply one room, stop by their beautiful 8,000 square foot showroom and be inspired.

David Lyall

241 North Prince Street 717.690.8477


LET THE NEWEST MEMBERS OF THE PUFFER MORRIS TEAM put their knowledge of the City of Lancaster to work for you. In addition to their love of great food and fine beer, they find joy in helping buyers and sellers connect with their perfect match.

We’ll help you find a place that

meets your

Taste In photo: Realtors Jeremiah Eastep and Wendy Hess captured at one of their favorite downtown locations, Lancaster Distilleries. Not shown: Ric Tribble, Scott Haverstick, Mary Tribble, and Brian Altimare.


222 West Orange Street #2

717. 299.3433

Fresh Face | Welcoming new businesses to Lancaster City IMAGES CAPTION Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aliquam rutrum justo vel nibh pretium, ac laoreet quam laoreet. Etiam lacinia ex diam. Fusce convallis sit amet libero at rutrum.

Fresh Face: Furdunkin F U R D U N K I N founders / spouses Kristy Bledsoe and Jennifer Hufnagle are on a mission: they want to make pet care more compassionate, ethical, and personal—they want to revolutionize veterinary medicine. This ambition was born out of personal experience for Jennifer, who had initially pursued a career in the veterinary industry to make the world a better place for pets...but the corporatization of veterinary medicine meant her passion for animal advocacy often took a back seat in favor of profit. Luckily, using Kristy’s expertise as a director of client experience & innovation insights, this powerhouse couple had a plan to change the game. They’d open a veterinary hospital, put it on wheels, and bring it to the homes of their clients. Most importantly, they’d keep it totally pet centered, with a strong foundation of ethics.

“We are pet owners, first and foremost,” says Kristy. “Our own pets have touched us in very unique and special ways, so we wanted to not only deliver top notch medicine, but also a level of compassion and personalization that was really lacking in the industry.”

on North Charlotte street to serve pets’ more complex and emergency needs.

Furdunkin’s mobile service was launched in September 2019. “We decided not to do tail cropping, ear docking, declawing, or see breeders,” explains Kristy, “We wanted to change the standard.”

In addition to being the very first veterinary urgent care to ever be offered in Lancaster County, Furdunkin has already established multiple charitable collaborations with local rescues. Indeed, through their actions, Kristy and Jennifer have made it obvious that love is at the core of everything they do. “The pets we care for aren’t just a line item...they’re our passion,” Kristy affirms.

That’s why, in addition to employing two of the county’s best vets, Jaime Morey and Ashley Ramsey, Furdunkin offers four weeks vacation, 12 weeks paid maternity leave, and livable wages for vet techs. It’s fair to say Furdunkin has been well received among Lancastrians; in March 2021, the team expanded their business, opening an urgent care & surgical center

1090 North Charlotte Street, Suite 102


But locals need not worry: Furdunkin’s convenient mobile services aren’t going anywhere. “We will always have them available, with a fleet of vehicles servicing the county,” says Kristy.

You can find out more about Furdunkin’s affordable and ethical pet care at


J O I N W AT E R S T R E E T M I S S I O N ’ S S U M M E R C A M PA I G N . This summer, Water Street Mission will prepare and serve more than meals



Those meals will be eaten by local men, women, and children seeking help and healing. Add to the mix Water Street Mission’s Whole-Person focused restorative services, such as health care and life coach mentoring, and you can begin to see how lives can be deeply impacted through your support.

28 210 South Prince Street


Summertime doesn’t change the need for food, shelter, and care in Lancaster. And it doesn’t change the impact one person can have when they love their neighbor. Please consider joining Water Street Mission this summer, to help them meet their goal for their 98-Day Summer Campaign before Labor Day. You’re helping to change lives in your own neighborhood! Find out more at:


Dudeism No.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder (but a fresh coat of paint can’t hurt.)

F O R 3 0 + Y E A R S , Two Dudes has been committed to taking the time, care, and patience to ensure that every job is executed with excellence. A strong commitment to their craft and their clients has shaped and molded this small painting company into a 65-person inclusive and innovative team that places great value on their connection to the community. Two Dudes Painting Company has grown to be an example of how a business can be a force for good while doing great work that is a brush above the rest.

750 Poplar Street






W H E R E V E R YO U C A L L H O M E , Henrietta and her team create spaces that reflect your personality and your lifestyle. Her designs take care to marry the items you cherish from your past with just the right special pieces to make your space perfect for the home you want today. Home offices are more important than ever as reflected in the photo above. No matter what area of your home Henrietta Heisler Interiors will make it extraordinary.


217 West Walnut Street, 2nd Floor



THE DESIGN TEAM: Henrietta, Jena, and Nichol


at the center of it all

T H E P O I N T at 101 North Queen offers unparalleled modern city living with clean, crisp interiors and luxury finishes that seamlessly reflect the building’s exterior elements. Fifteen residences are planned ranging from 1,800 to over 4,000 square feet, two of which are two-story penthouses. The condos feature large windows that provide spectacular views and natural light as well as outdoor terraces. Private parking is located inside 101 North Queen, on the ground floor, with entry on Orange Street. Custom units are going fast! Call Anne Lusk at 717.271.9339 to learn more and save your spot.

100 Foxshire Drive

717.291.9101 (office)

717.271.9339 (mobile)




Here for you 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. 365 days a year. 211 provides information & referrals across Lancaster County, just dial 2-1-1.

Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) offers free tax preparation to anyone in the county making $62,000 or less. Last year this service saved $2.6 million dollars for our neighbors.

HEALTH The health of those in the community is a top priority for United Way. Leading systematic change to ensure everyone has equitable access to the care they need.



United Way helps our neighbors obtain enough income to support a family from cradle to grave. This is done by using ALICE data to connect organizations to those who need them.

United Way strives to ensure all Lancastrians have equitable access to a quality education and the resources needed to succeed.


Your Support Matters.



32 1910 Harrington Drive Suite A

can’t do all this work without YOU! United Way “ We depends on this extraordinary community to support our signature programs, as well as improve education, health, and the economic mobility of our neighbors. Join us in making our corner of the world a better place by giving, advocating, or volunteering with us!” For major and legacy gifts, please reach out to Sara Yoskoski at

VOLUNTEER. 717.394.0731

Fresh Face | Welcoming new businesses to Lancaster City

Fresh Face: Longevity Lancaster Ever since high school, Longevity Lancaster founder Jillian Wojdyla knew she wanted to help people. “Whether I was working for the ACLU or the Innocence Project, I wanted to be a voice for the voiceless,” she says, explaining that she went on to pursue a career in law to fulfill this dream. But after seven years in the field, she began wondering if this passion might be of better use elsewhere. It was around this time that Jillian fell victim to a dark trend in modern wellness: the pervasive obsession with weight loss. In its wake, she became inflicted with disordered eating patterns—fixating on exercise, encouraged by a culture that demonized food for the sake of “goals” and “gains.” Luckily, she discovered running. “Running became less about burning calories, and more about clearing my head,” she recalls. Through the pursuit of mileage, Jillian discovered a new method of tracking her progress that didn’t involve measuring tapes or clothing sizes: how she felt. She began evaluating her health by different metrics, like increased energy, and as she explored lifting, she focused on increasing her weights and getting stronger. With practice, she was finally able to break free of the idea that health equated to thinness. This journey helped Jillian realize that her leadership and compassion could help usher in a new wave of fitness—

one where, instead of perpetuating diet culture and societal expectations of health, she’d help cultivate nourishing habits for lifelong health and happiness.

that help them meet their goals as they advocate for their personal needs.

She explains that she views her clients more as partners, as she understands they are the truest experts of their own journeys. Through this model, she can collaborate with clients to find individualized, sustainable programs

nutrition and health coaching that reflects more forgiving philosophies about food and sustainable wellness. Visit to learn about Longevity’s programming and to schedule a consultation.

In a close-knit community like Lancaster, Jillian believes this gentle new approach Today, Jillian is excited to bring her to fitness has the potential to thrive. experience as an ACE Certified personal That’s exactly why she chose to make trainer, health coach, and fitness it her home. “This can be a very nutrition specialist to Lancaster through competitive industry,” says Jillian, “but her boutique fitness studio, Longevity here in Lancaster, it doesn’t feel like that. Lancaster, located at 301 North Queen People really look out for each other.” Street (the lower level of Good Life In addition to one-on-one, small group, Organics). and remote training, Jillian is offering

301 North Queen Street, Lower Level



Fresh Face | Welcoming new businesses to Lancaster City

Owner, Andy Gibson

Fresh Face: Good Life Organic Kitchen THE WELLNESS RE VOLUTION has arrived in Lancaster, and Good Life Organic Kitchen is now at its center. Surrounded by multiple walking-distance yoga and pilates spaces—even sharing an address with the new boutique fitness studio Longevity Lancaster—this superfood bar and juicery is fulfilling a major need for both long-time health nuts and wellness newcomers alike: genuinely healthful, mindfullyprepared meals.

bowls, salads, sandwiches, and even coffee alternatives. Equally appreciated by customers is the company’s commitment to locally sourced produce, eco-friendly business practices, and an emphasis on giving back to Lancastrians.

It was important to Eric Meyer, CEO of Good Life, that these missions were at the heart and soul of the business. He notes that while there are multiple franchise locations across Pennsylvania, the company is uniquely structured to put the power in the hands of their “I hear all the time that people don’t have another option like this downtown,” local owners. “We encourage them to be as proactive as possible in their says Andy Gibson, owner and operator communities,” he explains, adding that of Good Life’s first Lancaster location Andy is given total control over sourcing on the 300 block of Queen Street. ingredients and choosing where to But the draw isn’t just their ultra funnel extra profits charitably. nutritious menu, which features nonGMO, organic ingredients in smoothie 34

38 North Christian Street


An example of this is the “GoodLife Gives Back” foundation, which reinvests corporate revenue back into its local franchisee markets. The City of Lancaster Fire Department will be the beneficiary of GoodLife Gives Back of the 2nd quarter of 2021. “We want to show our customers that by supporting us, you are supporting the community. Those dollars you spend are not just leaving; they’re getting reinvested back into the city itself,” says Eric. This integrity and passion for good has shone through Andy and the Good Life team since its opening in October 2020, and because of that, the neighborhood has welcomed them with open arms. “I’m enjoying my time here, working with the folks on the 300 block,” says Andy. “We’re grateful for the support the community has shown us, and look forward to returning the favor.” Get delicious superfood-packed goodies at Good Life Organics Kitchen on the corner of Queen and Walnut street. View their full menu at


S T A E T Of the TO WN A Special thanks to our sponsor

High® companies celebrates the City of Lancaster and is committed to innovative community leadership, sustainable building practices, and advancement through the preservation of local heritage. Learn more at

I T ’ S S U M M E R and Lancaster City restaurants are welcoming you back, ready to make it delicious. There are more options than ever as we safely come back together to eat and drink our way through the warm days ahead. Cheers to the cherished favorites and exciting new options on the following pages. Let’s make this a summer to remember! Photo: Frisco’s Chicken Steak Bowl


In Good Taste

YORGOS LANCASTER With over 30 years of experience, Yorgos Lancaster is a city staple on the corner of North Queen and West Orange. There, owner George Katsaros and his family have been serving authentic Greek-influenced dishes and American cuisine since 1989. Enjoy casual pub fare on the first floor, elegant Greek entrees at Kefi Mediterranean Taverna on the second floor, or drinks and dinner at Little Mykonos in the third-floor lounge and terrace. Yorgos also accommodates large parties and events. They are open 7 days a week and you can easily order many of their delicious dishes from their website. 66 North Queen Street 717.394.6977 |


Chef's Choice

Oyster Special



Why We Love It


Smooth, velvety oysters pair perfectly with a dry sparkling wine. Join Yorgos on Wednesdays for their Buck-a-Shuck Oyster Special from 4–10pm.

In Good Taste


a new


“Our Phamily’s Resilience and Commitment to Community has no beginning and no end. For well over a year, we held on tight to a contactfree takeout and delivery only model in efforts to keep our staff and our community as safe as possible. As we draw near the time to reopen our dining rooms, we now approach the idea of ‘service’ from a brand new perspective. We strive to provide a little bit of something for everyone to enjoy at their own comfort level: for individuals who feel safe enough to dine in, a little glimpse of normalcy with socially-distant ‘contact-free’ table service in a clean and stylish setting; and for those who still prefer to takeout, a little taste of the ramen experience brought into the safety of their own homes with contactless pick up options. 2021 brings about a brand new Issei Noodle, and we are excited to share it with all of you.” —Peace, Love, & Ramen 44 North Queen Street 717.449.6800 |


Why We Love It

Made with rice flour to give them a distinct and delicious chewiness, mochi donuts are a perfect balance of sweetness and texture. Try one of six brand new flavors!

Chef's Choice

Mochi Donuts


In Good Taste



Owned and operated by brothers Joshua & Jacob Funk, TFB Hospitality is rooted in a commitment to quality food and beverage experiences paired with cutting-edge, well-executed concepts. TFB Hospitality also includes TFB Catering, a unique, full-service operation for intimate gatherings up to large-scale galas, and TFB Cares, a weekly community nourishment program that partners with nonprofits or community organizations to spread love the best way they know how—with food.

Annie Bailey’s

Conway Social Club

Offering: The warm hospitality of a traditional Irish pub with added character and quality, right in the heart of Downtown Lancaster.

Offering: A thoughtful cocktail and fare experience to inspire intrigue and give space from the bustle of the everyday.

Offering: An eclectic space with a rustic edginess to enjoy regionally sourced farm-to-table dishes with an unexpected twist.

Try It Out: Outside dining on the recently renovated patio & deck. 28-30 East King Street | 717.393.4000

Try It Out: To enter, look for the green light & knock (reservations preferred). 28 East King Street | 717.393.4446

Try It Out: Sunday Brunch from 10 - 2pm. 50 Rock Lititz Blvd | 717.500.3436



What could be better than enjoying Lombardo’s fresh cooked Italian cuisine with friends and family?


Dining outside at Lombardo’s, alfresco, in true Italian style. Enjoy the savory flavors of fresh-made, authentic Italian dishes cooked with love. Indoors or out, it’s the most authentic Italian dining experience this side of Italy.

lunch Tuesday to Saturday 11–2:30pm dinner Tuesday to Thursday 4–9:30pm Friday and Saturday 4–10pm

Visit or call 717.394.3749 for reservations 216 Harrisburg Avenue


In Good Taste

YUZU ASIAN CUISINE Yuzu is dedicated to serving their customers fresh and healthy meals, prepared by Chef Harry and his team. From artistic Japanese sushi, delicious hibachi, and authentic thai cuisine, there are many ways to enjoy Yuzu. Visit their new website for easy online ordering for takeout. 12 East McGovern Avenue 717.509.8488 |

Chef's Choice

The Christmas roll


Why We Love It

This crunchy and savory signature roll is full of flavor and presented with style—made with only the freshest and highest quality ingredients.

In Good Taste

CHELLAS AREPA KITCHEN Voted one of Yelp’s top 100 places to eat in the US in 2020 along with Best Latin Restaurant in Pennsylvania according to Buzzfeed in 2019— Chellas Arepa Kitchen is an homage to owner Luis Quiroz’s Latin heritage and his grandmother, Chella. Chellas’ fresh Peruvian cuisine and Venezuelan inspired arepas are all completely gluten free, with vegan and vegetarian options, so everyone can enjoy the results of a passion for cooking that is evident in every bite. Taste their unique dishes for yourself at their Lancaster storefront or find their food truck around town this summer. 1830 Hempstead Road 717.575.9171 | @chellaslancaster

Left to right: Pernil arepa, Chicken arepa, Roxanna arepa

Chef's Choice

Lomo Saltado Bowl

@ chellasmobile

Why We Love It

This staple dish from Peru consists of strips of grilled steak, sautéed with red onions, fresh tomatoes, and cubed yuca, tossed in Grandma Chella’s own signature sauce, served over white rice and black beans, along with three ounces of fresh chimichurri sauce on the side.


SPLITS & GIGGLES Chef's Choice Waffle Bowls

Now serving waffle bowls to make your summer even sweeter!

A family-owned neighborhood ice cream shop serving ice cream and vegan frozen desserts, espresso, and baked goods. Stop by their take-out window to say hi to Dave and his friendly staff, then sit on their outside patio, or grab a cone and stroll their charming city neighborhood. Oh, and don’t forget to bring the dog, they have pup cups! 500 West Lemon Street 717.399.3332 |

THE BLACK GOAT GASTROPUB The Black Goat Gastropub, located in the Spring House Taproom on King Street, has a locally sourced food menu, a community-minded business ethos, and an unshakable pride in the City of Lancaster. Owner/Chef Andrew Denton already ticks all of the boxes of being a Lancastrian…and he’s only been living here for a year. Taste the goodness for yourself at The Black Goat Gastropub for lunch, dinner, and late night snacks, Monday through Sunday.

25 West King Street (Inside Spring House Brewing’s Taproom) 717.399.4009


Chef's Choice

Nashville Hot Tofu

In Good Taste



A destination to complement a perfect night on the town, Josephine’s is a sensory experience that makes dining out more than just a meal. Join them for inspired local cuisine made from scratch by their imaginative chefs. 50 West Grant Street | 717.299.7090 |

Gather Together

Book now to host your own private party in the newly renovated lounge at Josephine’s. Reopening for public dining late Summer 2021.



Herb Chicken and Linguine

Homestead “Farmhouse Ale”



Pan Seared Sea Scallops

AT I R O N H I L L , the menu speaks to the integrated relationship between food and beer. While all items on the menu are made from scratch daily, be sure to try the rotating features which use the freshest local ingredients and seasonal flavors for a unique experience every time.

Must try:

The new herb chicken and linguine: Sun-dried tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach, with grated pecorino romano all together in a sherry wine butter sauce, paired with a pint of Homestead.


781 Harrisburg Pike


In Good Taste

SOUVLAKI BOYS Souvlaki Boys has been bringing real Greek street food, or “souvlaki,” to Lancaster City since the summer of 2012. Owner, and first-generation Greek-American, Michael, aims to combine his passion for food and hospitality with the flavors of his Greek roots. With their use of healthy ingredients prepared fresh and from scratch, Souvlaki Boys is both authentic and innovative, delicious and guilt-free. 1 West James Street 717.208.6243 |

Chef's Choice

Signature Greek Salad

Why We Love It

Made with fresh, cut-in-house vegetables, hand crumbled feta, and served with housemade lemon vinaigrette & warm pita bread. Whether topped with one of their craveworthy proteins or not, this salad makes eating healthy taste great.


ON ORANGE On Orange’s monthly dinners are back with a new twist on an old Lancaster City favorite. Under their new evening dining alter ego, 2Limes, the On Orange team is excited to bring you a set three-course dinner, which you can enjoy both inside and on their outdoor patio. Named in honor of owner Melissa Watro’s friend, who always ordered her margaritas with two limes, 2Limes is an intimate, unexpected dining experience. 2Limes Dinners will be posted at and on their Facebook page. Don’t forget to BYOB! 108 West Orange Street 717.299.5157 |

CABALAR MEAT CO. Since 2018, family owned Cabalar Meat Co. has been serving the Lancaster City community as both a neighborhood whole animal butcher and a lunch through dinnertime eatery. Want a pint to go with your meal? Mad Chef Brewing Company has a location inside Cabalar with a lineup of craft beer that pairs perfectly with the rich flavors of Cabalar’s hand cut meats. Stop in to see the expert butchers at work, grab a few steaks for home grilling, and enjoy a made-fresh burger, sandwich, or melt with a side and a pint. 325 North Queen Street 717.208.7344 |


Chef's Choice Chicken Parm Sandwich

Breaded chicken thigh, marinara, sharp provolone, and basil aioli sandwiched between roasted garlic bread.

In Good Taste

THE IMPERIAL Explore American favorites and adventurous global dishes created by Executive Chef Abou Kouyate. Eclectic decor and creative cocktails round out the Imperial experience in this historic space. And if you’re lucky, you’ll find a seat on the outside patio, nestled in the heart of Lancaster City. 26 East Chestnut Street 717.399.4040 |

Planning an event?

Imperial Grande Ballroom

Imperial Blue Ballroom

Celebrate in style in one of The Imperial’s timelessly elegant ballrooms. Guests will delight in Imperial Grande’s gracefulness or by the fresh modern aesthetic of the Imperial Blue Ballroom. Either space will provide the perfect backdrop for your own unique event. Contact Susy Dabney, 717.394.0900 for availability and amenities.


T H E WA I T I S A L M O S T O V E R Amorette is reopening soon. Details on social media.


Address, Lancaster



7 17.947.7 7 1 0

Fresh Face | Welcoming new businesses to Lancaster City

Ben Anderson, Owner

Fresh Face: Got Jerk Island Grill F O R F O U N D E R S Ben Anderson, Ray Dixon, and Kenny Henny, the special sauce behind Got Jerk Island Grill’s booming success is literal; and you’ve probably tasted it, considering its presence on the stockroom shelves of nearly 10,000 restaurants across the East Coast and Midatlantic. Got Jerk! sauces first made their appearance in 2015 at Lancaster local stores Stauffers and Musser’s, but it didn’t take long before Sysco—a global leader in restaurant food supply—took notice. As the company grew into a massive overnight success, this entrepreneurial trio knew they had to take advantage of their growth. That’s how they evolved Got Jerk! into a full-service restaurant concept: Got Jerk Island Grill. Lancaster City is now home to

their newest location on the corners of James and Mulberry streets, previously Red Rose Tavern. With menu items guaranteed to awaken the ennuied palate of any foodie—like their a sweet fried plantain dish which is smothered in their signature pineapple calypso sauce. Ben promises food with approachability alongside its authenticity. “We have something for everybody,” he says. “We have traditional dishes, but for people who don’t like spicy food, we’ve got something for them too.” An example: their loaded Caribbean jerk fries, which are blanketed by a savory cheese sauce, sprinkled with diced jerk chicken, then topped with crispy bacon, fresh tomatoes, and a special ranch sauce.

In addition to vivid, imaginative fusion plates that enliven the senses, Got Jerk Island Grill recruited the talents of events-aficionado Jordan Toney to craft a cocktail program that includes daiquiris, piña coladas, and aged rum flights...pairings intended to transport guests to the crystal blue water and swaying palms of the islands. “We are real islanders, here to bring the true Caribbean experience to Lancaster County,” says Ben. Lancastrians looking for an escape need look no further this summer. Got Jerk Island Grill is offering live Reggae music Fridays and Saturdays, as well as a Caribbean-inspired brunch on Sundays. Follow them on instagram @gotjerkislandgrill

300 West James Street



Fresh Face | Welcoming new businesses to Lancaster City

Co-owner, Francisco holding a family-style chicken dinner. Bottom left: The Lomo Saltado steak bowl.

Fresh Face: Frisco’s Chicken WHEN FR ANCISCO “FRISCO” G O M E Z D E L A T O R R E first came to Lancaster in 2009, he had just lost his Manhattan hotel job in the financial crisis. He was interviewing for what seemed to be the only job opening at a hotel in the Eastern Seaboard, at the Lancaster Marriott. As he rode his motorcycle around the Lancaster countryside, Frisco called his wife, Veronica, who was living in Peru at the time. “I think I’ve found the place where we can settle down and grow our family,” he told her.


454 New Holland Avenue

A decade later, the Gomez De La Torres have two daughters and are still in love with Lancaster. They spent those 10 years building a home, raising their children, and pursuing their dreams. This fall, Frisco opened the popular Frisco’s Chicken, a Peruvian-style chicken restaurant on New Holland Ave in the middle of a pandemic, when many restaurants were going out of business.

“It’s been beyond our wildest dreams,” he says. “The popularity of the restaurant and ourselves, the love of the food from the community.”

It turns out, Lancaster loves Peruvian chicken. Frisco jokes that he and his business partner, Josh Rinier, have to pinch themselves every few days.

“It may sound like a cliche,” says Frisco as he reflects on the popularity of his chicken, “but I have to ask, if this is not the American dream, then what is? It really comes down to that.”


For those who haven’t tried Frisco’s chicken yet, imagine a deeply flavored, slightly charred rotisserie chicken served with fresh veggie sides, your choice of spicy sauce, and perhaps a slice of tres leches cake for dessert.

In Good Taste

elevate your


New to the menu: Lobster Roll with a Bourbon Bramble

Spend your summer evenings at Altana with exceptional libations, delicious food, and a rooftop view. Their adventurous new dishes, crafted by chef Myra Martin, are served in style in the updated rooftop lounge overlooking Lancaster City or inside at the redecorated third floor bar while listening to music. 26 East King Street


51 51




hot chicken sandwich! FA M I LY O W N E D A N D O P E R AT E D , this lunch and dinner destination on King Street is known for its signature chicken sandwiches, salads, lemonade, and now, milkshakes. And watch for Blazin’ J’s new food truck around town or at your next event. 1228 Park City Center, Park City Mall Food Court 717.696.4203 15 East King Street 717.945.7197


We Love


And so does Corinne from Foster the Foodie. This summer, we partnered with Corinne—a self-proclaimed foodie who likes to find the best picks under $15—to taste her way around Lancaster City. Stay tuned to our Fig social channels all summer long as we document her culinary travels. But don’t just take our word for it, get out and find your own favorite eats and tag @figlancaster.

Fig Foodie Finds! The Imperial: Imperial Crab and Shrimp Fondue: Melted smoked gouda poured over diced jumbo shrimp and crab, topped with herb seasoned bread crumbs, served with grilled ciabatta, apple & grape slices


Follow along on Instagram and Facebook @ figlancaster

Altana: Roasted Vegetable Flatbread: Onions, peppers, baby spinach, tomato, and goat cheese Exchange: Pickle Brined Fried Chicken Plate: Bao buns, sushi rice, hot honey, pickles, bibb lettuce

Conway Social: Yellow Canary Cocktail: Bluecoat Gin, lemon, grapefruit, honey, jasmine & vanilla bitters, meringue Issei Noodle: Wonton Special Broth Bowl: Pork and shrimp wontons, spicy Tan-Tan pork, shrimp, bok choy, egg noodles, chicken broth, green onions, cilantro, fried shallots


About Foster the Foodie @Fosterthefoodie is a food and drink blogger promoting the best dishes and drinks in Central PA for under $15—making it easier to eat local by digging up the best deals, happy hours, and hidden gems. Follow her on her foodie adventure on Instagram and Facebook! @Fosterthefoodie

402 North Queen Street 717.394.2422


U P TOW N This summer, Belvedere Inn and Decades want to invite you uptown for food, fun, and lasting memories!

438 North Queen Street 717.282.1421


Passion Pieces T E N Z I N A N D S A N YA Y E H N O R B U met and fell in love in New York City working in the diamond industry over a decade ago. Combining their individual experience and their shared passion high quality, unique pieces, they are excited to bring Norbu Fine Jewelry, their new family-owned jeweler, to Lancaster City. Tenzin and Sanya Yeh are passionate about ethical, conflictfree diamonds, and their vision for Norbu is to offer the community beautiful, affordable diamonds while saving the earth one carat at a time. Located next to their restaurant at 44 North Christian Street

E N J OY E V E R Y M O M E N T with friends and family this summer as you taste, nibble, and savor every bite of an artisan cheese and charcuterie board from Graze. Owner Samantha will create everything from single serving party boats to full grazing tables. And don’t forget date night! She has all you need for a perfect picnic for two. It’s Lancaster’s chicest charcuterie! 54


Fresh Face | Welcoming new businesses to Lancaster City

Fresh Face: Norbu F O O D I E S E V E R Y W H E R E would agree that the ultimate meal must include an interactive variety of textures, tastes, and temperatures; it should also contain flavor combinations never before encountered. With all of this in mind, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say the “Thali”—a plate served by Sanya Yeh and Tenzin Norbu at their downtown restaurant, Norbu—has earned itself the title of being such a dish. A tradition dating back to 2,500 BC, the “Thali” is aptly also known as “Nepalese comfort food.” It contains eight separate tastings of customary dishes, all varying in quality. Sweet, sour, spicy, bitter, and salty samples paint a platter with a circle of vibrant color, with a mound of hot rice and crispy poppadom at its center. It’s a goldmine for the epicurean hungry for something new, and as some Norbu customers have noted, “food for the zen-starved soul.” “I’m so excited to offer something like this to Lancaster because it hasn’t been seen before,” Sanya says. She and her husband Tenzin are no newbies to the restaurant scene, having already opened two successful Bhutanese/Nepali eateries in Carlisle and New Cumberland. They’ve both received high praise for their locally sourced menus, top notch service, and cozy atmospheres. With Tenzin’s Bhutanese roots and a culinary bloodline to match, this response was inevitable. “We believe in the food. We’re passionate about it. We cook from our hearts and you can really taste it in our cuisine,” Sanya says. 38 North Christian Street

Lancastrians are sure to meet this couple’s enthusiasm when they get wind of the dishes listed on the menu—their “datshi,” for example, boasts a vegetable base cooked in a smoked cheese sauce, with the additional option of pork belly, tender beef, or shitake mushroom, and is served aside a bed of red rice. It also happens to be Bhutan’s national dish. In addition to bringing this brand new cuisine to Lancaster, Sanya (a Hempfield High graduate) notes how crucial it is that she and Tenzin give back to the neighborhood. “During the pandemic, there was a huge outpouring from the 717.208.7293

community. We always try to find a way to give back,” she explains, “whether it be donating meals to hospital workers, buying ingredients from local farms, giving gift certificates to schools— however we can. It’s the most important thing to us.” Foodies looking for something new will find it at Norbu, located at 38 North Christian Street (previously Character’s Pub).

Find more information on their Facebook page @Norbulancaster



Timeless Design Commercial | Residential | Renovations | Gift Shoppe

A K I N T E R I O R S has a passion for creating beautiful, functional spaces for the ones you love. Let them transform your home into a place of beauty and rest. As an extension of their design services, their shoppe offers home accessories, boutique furnishings, and special gifts that will delight. You can find Alison’s curated collection of her favorite finds at the shoppe at AK Interiors on Orange Street and online at Gifts Statement Jewelry Tabletop & Entertaining Art & Boutique Furnishings Tues–Fri 9–5 pm | Sat 10–4 pm F In-person & virtual design services F Free meet & greet F Free parking in lot


246 West Orange Street



ur kitchen comes alive every weekday morning to prepare a hot breakfast for our hungry neighbors, Monday through Friday, 52 weeks a year. In addition to a hot entree each day, we also offer fruit, cereal, juice, coffee, and snacks. Our shower program was added in the fall of 2019 to fill a gap­–providing for those with no shower options. We strive to provide our best to serve those who come through our door.”

Patty Eastep, Executive Director

A N C H O R L A N C A S T E R ’ S vision is to serve our neighbors and God in practical, concrete ways.

31,799 30 dozen meals served in 2020.

29 East Walnut Street


eggs are consumed any morning they are served.


yearly volunteers, which translates to 8,000 volunteer hours.

Volunteer, Donate, Get Involved F Go to


“Food makes a difference, so we are changing how we do food for you.” “A S W E A L L continue moving forward from challenges we’ve lived through last year, making your health a priority feels more important than ever before. We are here to stay committed to not only nourishing your soul through lively specialty events but also to nourish your body through creative, flavorful, healthy food. Stay tuned as we get ready to launch our new healthy menus that will be available for your upcoming meeting, event, or at-home meal service. Follow us on social media to see when we launch this new offering!”

The JDK Team

Full Service Catering & Events


1 Bishop Place, Camp Hill


Instagram: @thejdkgroup

Fresh Face | Welcoming new businesses to Lancaster City

Fresh Face: Lancaster Maternal Fetal Medicine Where all are welcome, and the future is born. L A N C A S T E R M AT E R N A L F E TA L M E D I C I N E is making the highestquality maternal medical care even more accessible to the community. With a newly added location in the heart of Lancaster City, Dr. Rob Larkin and Dr. Christian Macedonia offer concierge-level services for every expecting high-risk mother who visits their practice. While Lancaster MFM is home to one of the inventors of 3D ultrasound and has the highest level of ultrasound technology and sonography credentials, it is the welcoming nature of the practice that gives them the greatest sense of pride. “Our basic ethos is this: whoever you are, you should feel completely empowered to receive the best care and nothing should stand in your way.” Dr. Macedonia says. The practice works with all major health plans and with religious affiliated selfpay patients, and the doctors are also credentialed at all of the Lancaster health systems. “Every mother is unique and so are her needs. We believe it is important to be accommodating, listening to what the mother is saying, and customizing specialized care based on specific needs,” Dr. Larkin says. The high-risk OB specialists at Lancaster MFM and their skilled nursing team collaborate with the mother’s primary OB providers to create a personalized and safe delivery plan. Lancaster Maternal Fetal Medicine is committed

Dr. Robert Larkin F

to a doctor’s version of the golden rule: treat others the way you would like your dearest family members to be treated. That commitment to their patients and the community has only increased during the pandemic when the practice stayed operational. The team made accommodations for mothers actively infected with COVID-19 and treated patients in the ICU and the hospital. They also partnered with Operation Emerald to issue over 65,000 pieces of PPE to local first responders.

Dr. Christian Macedonia F

With the opening of their second location, Lancaster Maternal Fetal Medicine is bringing highly-skilled, dedicated, compassionate health professionals where they are needed most. We are honored to welcome their practice to Lancaster City. Find out more and meet the talented team of specialists at

Locations: 31 South Lime Street | 108 Foxshire Drive



TH E E XPE RIE NCE . TH E TOOLS. T H E K N O W - H O W. Gil knows when it’s time to sell or to buy and where to find your next home. He brings 37+ years of real estate business experience to RE/MAX and his clients. Serving all of Lancaster County, and specifically School Lane Hills, Chestnut Hill, and the West End of Lancaster, he specializes in the marketing and sales of fine and luxury homes, smart growth initiatives, historic properties, and land planning and zoning.

F Gil Lyons

Realtor, Re/Max Pinnacle


500 Delp Road


Your Oasis Awaits

Let Gil help you find your personal paradise!

Call Gil at 717.295.9995 for a list of active listings and tips on when to sell your home.

Connect with us as we connect to the heart of a loving God.

is with great joy and “ Itgratitude for us as members of FPC to serve our church in digital production and children’s ministry. We know that our children are growing up with a church family that is led by Christ’s example in caring for and loving our neighbors well!” K AT I E & A N D R E W K I N D I G

Connection Community


140 East Orange Street


F I R S T P R E S B Y T E R I A N C H U R C H is a church home where we lovingly care for one another, joyfully serve together in the community, and engage in mission at home and abroad. If you’re looking for a new church home, or perhaps considering church for the first time, we invite you to join us for worship. We’d love to meet you and walk with you on your journey.




H Derek Dissinger (left) with Bill and Susan


Community was fabulous in the process of our “ Derek purchase, and we had a great team that we could count on. Barley Snyder continues to be an integral part of helping our business.” Bill and Susan Ashcroft, Owners of Tobias Frogg


126 East King Street


W I T H A W I D E VA R I E T Y O F F O O D , drinks, and a tropicalthemed outdoor seating area, it’s no surprise that Tobias Frogg is a favorite Lancaster spot. The restaurant features classic bar fare with a Key West twist. Bill and Susan Ashcroft purchased Tobias Frogg in 2019. They wanted to continue the legacy of this neighborhood bar and grille, but also attract a new generation who was looking for a unique experience. The restaurant now boasts a new covered patio, a fully revamped menu with regularly added chef specials, and live music. It’s a place where you can truly sit back and relax. Derek Dissinger, partner in Barley Snyder’s Hospitality Industry Group, represented the Ashcrofts in the purchase of the restaurant and provided ongoing assistance in legal matters, including navigating the regulations which arose from the COVID-19 pandemic. Follow @BarleySnyder

s! t a r Cong

A bright future!

CO N G R AT U L AT I O N S T O T H E S E N I O R S O F LC D S . “ TO TH E CL A SS OF ’ 21, C O N G R AT U L AT I O N S ! ” As we celebrate your graduation, we know congratulations aren’t nearly enough to adequately recognize and salute your strength, resilience, and spirit. Your unusual senior year certainly sets you, our 113th graduating class, apart from the 112 that came before. You confronted historic travails that upended and altered the school traditions you hoped would be part of your final year of Upper School. Virtual classes and socially distanced social lives, not to mention a college search like no other, made your plans unpredictable at best. But you played the hand you were dealt as well as any class could have played it.

The shows (though virtual) went on, games (with fewer fans) were won and lost, and you pulled through the year the same way you joined the ranks of Lancaster Country Day School alumni: Together. All of us in the LCDS community— teachers, staff, parents, alumni, and fellow students—wish you the greatest success in college and beyond. You are a class of scholars, athletes, actors, and activists. You are strong and resilient. You have made us proud and are a credit to your parents, teachers, and to one another. We wish each and every one of you our best, and bid the Class of 2021 safe travels as you set off toward the bright future that lies ahead.”

F Shown are just some of our amazing 2021 graduates!

Accepting Applications 725 Hamilton Road 717.392.2916 63

Fresh Face | Welcoming new businesses to Lancaster City

Fresh Face: Wyndridge Cider W Y N D R I D G E FA R M , the York, Pennsylvania cidery and brewery specializing in craft beverages since 2013, has expanded to Lancaster. Located on 398 Harrisburg Pike, Wyndridge Tasting Room is a bar and retail space showcasing the Wyndridge brand’s family of products. The first floor is the business’ retail space, which features a varied carryout selection of canned and bottled beverages produced by its affiliated brands: Winding Path Brewing Co. and Wyndridge Cider Co. The business also shares retail space with a sister company, Groff North America, which focuses on cannabis health products. The store’s second floor boasts a fullservice bar where customers are able to sample and enjoy a robust beer and cider menu. Jason Reese, Wyndridge Farm’s CEO and a proud Lancaster native, credits several major players for the business’ pathway to success. There’s Dr. Steven Groff, the founder of Wyndridge Farm (as well as Groff North America), whose forward thinking afforded Reese an opportunity to expand the scope of the business. Jason says: “We plan to continue innovating this space in particular and will likely add some excellent new products to our growing lineup this year.”

Irena Wise, Jason Reese, and Scott Topel

“I worked as a taker for several properties laden with tree fruits. Various co-ferments and ciders came about in barrels stored at friends’ houses all over Santa Cruz, California. The solid reception of most of these ciders inspired me to learn more, so I traveled to Mount Vernon, Washington to take part in a nine-day cider course with Peter Mitchell. I founded Santa Cruz’s first cidery upon my return from this class.” After several successful west coast start-ups, Scott joined Wyndridge Cider Co. in 2013.

On the beverage front, Scott Topel, Wyndridge Farm’s head cider maker, has been involved with cider since he was 16. “I haven’t missed a harvest since 1996,” Scott says, who cites his stint living on the west coast as the time he developed his passion for craft cider.

And there’s Irena Wise, the Wyndridge team’s head brewer, who has been brewing professionally for 10 years. Irena, who hails from Detroit, Michigan, got involved in brewing after moving to Portland, Oregon. Her first brewery job began upon completion of her BA in Chemistry. Recently, Irena has overseen the creation and development of Winding Path—Wyndridge Farm’s line


398 Harrisburg Pike


of beers. When asked about her goals as head brewer, Irena says: “I’d like to see us continue to focus on our core brands and repeating seasonals, increasing the quality of these products to higher and higher levels.” In addition to its beer, cider, soda, and wine offerings, Jason suggests that there may be a seltzer launch to coincide with the summer season. There are also plans to add a full-service kitchen to Wyndridge Tasting Room. To learn more about Wyndridge Farms, and its Wyndridge Tasting Room location, please visit their website at


ancaster County is home to some seriously iconic foods. From pretzels to pickles to whoopie pies, we sometimes take for granted the goodness that was invented (some out of necessity) and found right in our backyard. On the following pages, meet some of the best local food producers around. Stock your pantry with their homemade products and feel good about supporting growers and makers right here in our community.



HA MMOND’S HAND M ADE PRETZELS Celebrating their 90th year in business, Hammond’s is a West End city staple with national acclaim. Led by 5th generation sister/brother owners Karen and Brian, they’ve been twisting their pretzels by hand just the way their great-great-grandfather did back in 1931—starting each batch with the same heritage sourdough recipe. Find your favorite Hammond’s pretzel variety at most local grocery stores or head to West End Avenue for your fresh tin every week. You’ll be greeted by smiling faces and busy hands that are rolling the day’s fresh batch of pretzels. Take home bags, boxes, or tins of crunchy, tasty snacks including: handmade pretzels, seasoned pretzel pieces, dessert pretzels (chocolate covered—yum!) mustards, cheeses, and more!

716 South West End Avenue  •  717.392.7532


Good wine is essential. Great wine is INTENTIONAL.


WALTZ VINEYARDS Nestled on a hill in Lancaster County, Waltz Vineyards was established in 1997 when owner Jan Waltz, a sixth-generation farmer and his wife, Kimberly, combined their love of wine and individual skills to continue the family legacy of stewarding the land they’ve been given. In addition to the vineyards, the Waltz Vineyards Estate Winery opened in 2009, where visitors can experience a European-style wine tasting of Waltz’s premium wines with a beautiful view.

Jan & Kimberly Waltz

Jan Waltz Founder and Winemaker

Vineyards & Winery 1599 Old Line Road, Manheim 717.664.9463 Kitchen Kettle Village 3529 Old Philadelphia Pike, Intercourse 717.929.0275 Market @ The Wilbur 54 North Broad Street, Lititz 717.627.0110

Zach Waltz 2nd Generation Winemaker

L ANC ASTER PICKLE COMPANY Lancaster Pickle Company started in 2010 with owner Jason Ziegler, who ran the company mostly out of his garage for two years before moving it to their first downtown storefront in 2012. As of August 2020, you can find Lancaster Pickle Company’s Clean Label, made-from-scratch pickles—made with spring water, Lancaster County made spices, and no preservatives— at their newest space on North Queen Street.

318 North Queen Street  •  717.606.7878

Jason Ziegler, Owner


E Great Grandchildren Mason, Olivia, Sophia, and Mira

MOMS PRETZELS GIVING BACK WITH A T WIST Bob & Pat Burnley started making jams and jellies in their garage in 1954. Today, three generations later, they’ve grown into over 40 shops, restaurants & lodging rooms. Mason, Olivia, Mira, and Sophia, four of Bob & Pat’s great grandchildren make up “MOMS” Pretzels. With their help, MOMS Pretzels will select local charities to donate ALL of its profits. Inspired by the idea of passing something on to the next generation and, more importantly, giving back, we hope this little lemonade stand is only the start of amazing things they create together. Visit Kitchen Kettle Village this summer where genuine hospitality is a tradition that lasts for decades to come. 3529 Old Philadelphia Pike  717.768.8261 •


Fresh Face | Welcoming new businesses to Lancaster

Owner and baker, Kristen Richards

Fresh Face: Front Porch Baking Co. R E M E M B E R W H E N we were all desperately trying to perfect our sourdough starters during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns of early 2020? Well, those in the know skipped the heartache and got their goods delivered directly from beloved local baker Kristen Richards. Front Porch Baking Co. was born when Kristen decided she’d offer contactless bread deliveries to pass the time and connect with her Lancaster neighbors during quarantine. Kristen has been baking her whole life, learning at the apron strings of her German grandmother when she was a little girl and perfecting her craft at The PA School of Culinary Arts. She’s grown a loyal local following over the

years, first as pastry chef at Pressroom and then as the lead baker at Bake House. During those gigs, Kristen loved perfecting her craft but missed the opportunity to see customers face to face and witness their reaction to her food. So she started offering “Cinnamon Bun Pop-Ups” on her Sundays off. She’d post on Instagram that she had baked fresh cinnamon buns and brewed coffee, inviting her friends and customers to stop by her porch for some conversation and baked goods. That’s where the name for Front Porch Baking Co. originated. Then, as Kristen delivered her breads to people’s front porches for a contactless bakery experience, the name stuck. So when 513 Leaman Avenue, Millersville

she found a beautiful storefront in Millersville and designed an open kitchen where she could greet her customers from behind the oven, she knew exactly what the business would be called. “For me, being a part of this community is the greatest inspiration for Front Porch Baking Co.,” says Kristen. And if being part of this community means we get to indulge in Kristen’s pastries, we’re happy to inspire her. Find Kristen whipping up her fresh baked goods in her sunny storefront just outside the city every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday 9-2pm.



Bountiful Boxes

W I S H YO U C O U L D S K I P T H E S U P E R M A R K E T A N D H AV E S O M E O N E C U R AT E YO U R G R O C E R Y O R D E R W I T H O N LY F R E S H L O C A L P R O D U C E A N D P R O D U C T S —T H E N D R O P I T O F F O N YO U R F R O N T P O R C H ? Meet Lancaster Local Provisions (LLP), an innovative new company led by a creative and passionate couple who understands the importance of supporting local farmers and the value of making it convenient. LLP offers a Flexible Farm Share and has curated an online marketplace filled with farm-fresh produce, locally sourced meat & dairy products, fair trade items, and a large selection of artisanal, local groceries. Members can shop groceries weekly, or subscribe to a recurring, seasonal Market Box. All of LLP’s Market Boxes are curated by co-founder Chef Diana with seasonal recipes in mind. The ingredients work together in the kitchen and members receive simple recipes and inspiration every week. In addition to supporting over 100 sustainable local farms, LLP has recently partnered with Lancaster Farmland Trust to raise money and awareness for the preservation of farmland in Lancaster County. Sign up for LLP weekly home delivery or check out their curated online store at and feel good about eating well! Get to know some of the local brands they represent.

Chef Diana and Gabriel

Co-founders of Lancaster Local Provisions 70


Christina Maser Pantry

Earth-friendly products for your family and your home.

Calicutts Spice Co.

Rooted in artisan tradition and a commitment to authenticity. Nothing but quality, preservative-free ingredients to make your plate and life flavorful.


Inspired by generations of family recipes, we use high quality, all-natural ingredients to create a line of authentic everyday specialty sauces.

Hot Spoon Preserves

Handcrafted, flavorful, low-sugar fruit spreads and chutneys using peak-season, Lancaster grown produce.

Address, Lancaster




Shake & Bake

T H E R E ’ S N O T H I N G L I K E A S W E E T T R E AT T O M A K E YO U R D AY G R E AT— A S L O N G A S I T ’ S M A D E WITH LOVE IN L ANC A STER . Front Porch Baking Co.

A grain-forward local neighborhood bakery where each loaf of bread, pastry, or dessert is handmade by baker Kristen Richards.

Miesse Candies

A family tradition, Miesse Candies has been making fresh, quality chocolates, barks, caramels, butter creams, and more for 145 years in Lancaster City.

Tico’s Family Bakery

Tico’s Whoopies are the Picasso of all treats! Dense, moist, cake-like sandwiches surround a generous portion of luscious, creamy filling.

Front Porch Baking Olive oil cake, brownies, and lemon bar Thom’s Bread Biscotti and cookies Tico’s Whoopies Miesse Candies Candies and buttercrunch


Address, Lancaster



Front Porch Baking Loaves of bread Thom’s Bread Granola Calicutts Spice Co. Mediterranean used as dipping spices

Epic Pickles Fabulous Pickled Veggies Lancaster Vegan Cheese Vegan cheddar and brie


Epic Pickles

After 10 years of perfecting his pickle-perfect recipes, owner Rob Seufert now sells Epic Pickles in over a dozen states—all cut and packed by hand using fresh, simple, bold ingredients. Do it fresh. Do it right. Make it Epic.

Lancaster Vegan Cheese Company

A vegan cheese business local to Lancaster that provides a delicious, humane, healthy, and ecologically friendly alternative to dairy cheese. Lancastervegan

Thom’s Bread

From the countryside of Italy to the heart of Lancaster County, Thom’s Bread crafts baked goods with wholesome ingredients for the whole family. They offer fresh breads along with brick oven pizzas, biscotti, and much more. 73

W H E T H E R YO U ’ R E B U Y I N G or selling real estate, investing, or looking for someone dependable to manage your rental portfolio, LancLiving Realty provides trustworthy and personalized real estate services. Their agents value integrity, community involvement, and inclusivity.

Real Lancaster’s largest Indie brokerage.


309 North Queen Street

Lancaster Living


E Captured at Shot & Bottle

Tabor and LHOP are now

Tabor Community Services and the Lancaster Housing Opportunity Partnership have merged into the new non-profit organization, TENFOLD. Together, Tenfold is sparking the power in all people to achieve equitable housing and financial security.

TENFOLD’S ORGANIZATIONAL ROOTS IN THE COMMUNITY RUN DEEP. With 80 years of collective expertise, they are the trusted community partner offering a broader continuum of services to address homelessness to affordable rental housing to homeownership, and the creation of new housing units through Tenfold Community Lending. Tenfold walks alongside people, empowering them to become the architect of a new path forward so they can unlock a brighter future. Learn more at

308 East King Street 717.397.5182


From Left to right: Lorri Bentch, Joe Hollinger, Celesta Stauffer, Dale Yoder, Sherri Ross and Darlene Sommers.


25 years

The Leadership of Cornerstone

F R O M B E G I N N I N G C O N C E P T S to the final result, it was a delight to work with Cornerstone Design-Architects on our new administrative offices and hospitality center at 450 North Prince Street. The team’s helpful questions, ongoing interaction with the Eastern Mennonite Mission team, and 3D visualizations helped us to refine our ideas and integrate the original building’s industrial history into the final design. 76

48-50 West Chestnut Street Suite 400


EMM had imagined a project like this for decades and Cornerstone’s expertise and hard work helped us to create a finished product that is a dream come true for us. Now that renovations are complete, we look forward to welcoming the community into a space designed for education, art, business, innovation, and faith, as well as partnering with our diverse and wonderful neighbors here in Lancaster.” – Eastern Mennonite Mission

Creating new

paths to success.

Instructor Tedd Williams reviews construction documentation with students.

FOR ARCHITEC TUR AL TECHNOLOGY IN STRUC TOR Tedd Williams, involvement is the key to unlocking student learning. “I always tell my students, there’s no way for me to replicate all of the things that will happen in the real world,” he says. “Everything works out on our computers, everything works out on paper, but then you get into the space, start ripping walls apart, and find there’s a big piece of steel or a pipe running through.” That’s why Williams involves students whenever he’s working on a space design project for the College,

including the new Learning Commons. Each project serves as a unique case study, giving students an opportunity to move beyond the classroom and interact with the changing needs of a client. In the case of the Learning Commons, students will not only weigh-in on architectural elements, they will be the ones to inhabit the flexible, collaborative space— bringing the holistic student experience that Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology prides itself on full-circle. Read the full story at

750 East King Street




mAdE mAdE ShaDe ShaDe


H Jim and Angus are both wearing the FLAK 2.0 from Oakley


29 Keller Avenue



4229 Oregon Pike, Brownstown


Celebrate Summer At Wo rk! MAKE LUNCH BREAKS BETTER with beautiful, comfortable Allsteel ® café tables and seating for your staff lounge or restaurant. The way we work has changed and so have our workspaces. To accommodate the needs of today’s workforce, our spaces must offer flexibility, safety, and comfort. Benjamin Roberts offers innovative and design-driven office furniture to outfit any environment. Pieces shown are from Allsteel ®, which offer the right mix of attitude, style, and comfort to make your work style meet your lifestyle. It’s where personal style meets epic productivity.

240 North Prince Street









T H E TA L E N T E D T E A M AT D O S T U D I O is ready to cut, curl, color, and style the way to your brand new look. Be the person you’ve always wanted to be—because there’s never a better time than now.


323 North Queen Street


Crispus Attucks Mission: Crispus Attucks Community Center strives to improve the quality of life for youth and families in Lancaster by providing services that promote community prosperity, physical and mental health, and by offering programs and cultural events.


rispus Attucks Community Center has become the social hub of the Southeast area and beyond. Since the pandemic began, the essential staff and volunteers at the Crispus Attucks Community Center have provided more than 9,600 hot meals to the community and served more than 11,140 families through weekly food box distributions. The Center, located in the multicultural Southeast area of Lancaster City, is proud to serve the community by providing programs and resources that help children, youth, families, and individuals thrive and prosper. The current programs housed under Crispus Attucks: • Crispus Attucks Café • Crispus Attucks Food Bank • Infamous Unstoppables • Reunion Food Truck Find out more and get involved at:

Social Mission At Fig, we believe in the power of a community that works together to identify needs and find solutions—one that creates connections and is passionate about helping its neighbors. Each year, Fig partners with a nonprofit organization working to transform the community. Our 2021 Social Mission Partner is Crispus Attucks. Please join us in supporting them.


As our Fig Social Mission partner, 10% of every subscription in 2021 goes directly to the work of Crispus Attucks. Subscribe at

407 Howard Avenue



taste the flavors of the world in Lancaster City

Food and drink provide the opportunity to connect, share, and nourish, and we salute Lancaster’s diverse culinary heritage. –Anne, Jeremy, and Alex

Anne Williams, Director of Communications Jeremy Young, Director of Community & Economic Development Alex Otthofer, Programs & Outreach Coordinator Taken at La Cocina Restaurant, 111 East King Street

L A N C A S T E R C I T Y A L L I A N C E is a proud supporter of our

talented restaurateurs. As a long-time supporter of Lancaster City Restaurant Week, they host informative monthly merchant meetings, celebrate the city at the Velocity Cocktail Competition, and serve as a resource for entrepreneurs in the restaurant industry and beyond. Ready to eat? Ready to do business in the city? Connect with them on social media or contact the Lancaster City Alliance at


115 East King Street





T H E C I T Y O F L A N C A S T E R has long been known for its tenacious entrepreneurial spirit—put to the test last year. In Fig, we’ve told inspiring stories of courage and strength. And you, the Lancaster community, rose to the call and reached out to support city small businesses in creative ways; gift cards, takeout, virtual shopping, outdoor dining—and yes, even sponsored pages in Fig— to preserve our vital and vulnerable small business community. As Lancaster City continues to come alive, please make it your personal mission to continue your efforts to make every day a love local day. Thanks to our friends at BB&T, now Truist, and Armstrong World Industries, on the following pages you will meet some of the faces of Lancaster City’s close-knit retail and restaurant community.


Shopping Small DipCo 33 - 35 North Market Street 717.299.4602 |

Judy Ross, Owner Serving food and spirits since 1978, Lancaster Dispensing Company is one of Lancaster’s most iconic restaurants. “DipCo”—as it’s affectionately called—has affordable light fare, and a wide selection of local and imported beers. Come hang with the locals!

Caribbean Wave Healthy Life Restaurant 701 East Chestnut Street 717.945.6311 |

Damain Cavalo, Owner and Chef

551 West

Authentic Jamaican Cuisine with indoor and outdoor seating available as well as takeout. Looking for a wellness boost? Check out their new healthy juice cleanser made from ginger, kale, orange, cucumber, grapes, aloe, and honey—created by owner Damain (Wolf ).

551 West King Street 717.208.3658 |

Chuck and Craig (and Ava) Trissler, Owners Since 2012, 551 West has become a local favorite for their food, bar scene, and live entertainment. Previously Kegel’s Seafood Restaurant, a Lancaster landmark, 551 West has built its reputation on standout menu items like their peanut butter burger and fish tacos. Spend time this summer on their upstairs patio and deck by the open air bar.

Bistro Barberet & Bakery 26 East King Street 717.690.2354 |

Owner/Chef Cedric Barberet & Wife Estelle


A warm and welcoming atmosphere in the heart of Lancaster City, Bistro Barberet & Bakery gives a fresh take on brunch, lunch, and dinner. Enjoy classic French cuisine and handmade pastries with a modern twist from renowned Pastry Chef, Cedric Barberet.

PA Guild of Craftsmen

Shopping Small

335 North Queen Street 717.431.8706 |

Erika Juran, Executive Director Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen is an arts nonprofit focused on serving artists and building creative communities. Offering fine craft fairs, workshops, and yearly memberships, the Guild is a place for artists to be surrounded with inspiration. For the craft enthusiasts, you can find over 1,500 made-by-hand crafts from over 170 members at their fine handmade craft store in Downtown Lancaster.

Freinschaft Market 398 Harrisburg Ave #250 717.490.6130 |

Josephine Stoltzfus, Co-owner A market offering freshly butchered meats, made-to-order sandwiches, and artisanal pantry and deli items. Check out their daily sandwich specials, custom order meat options, and seasonal/holiday menus that are available for in-store and curbside pickup.

J.A. Sharp Custom Jeweler 322 North Queen Street 717.295.9661 |

Andrea M. Amey, Owner & Artist J.A. Sharp Custom Jeweler is a woman-owned shop, focusing on custom designs. Believing in approachable, sustainable luxury, they craft timeless pieces and future heirlooms, while also curating a diverse selection of other American artist jewelry and gifts.

Lush Bazaar 101 North Queen Street Suite 103 717.517.8196 |

Timbrel Chyatee, Owner The vision of Lush Bazaar is to shine bright and be bold with fashion and in the world. Every item is made in small collections from raw materials in bright prints—keeping the beauty of handmade and a commitment to ethically-made products at the heart of the shop. Find them in their new space at 101NQ.


Shopping Small Blade & Spade Coffee Apothecary 401 West Walnut Street | 717.869.6548 |

Rachel’s Cafe & Creperie

Alyssa Miller, Owner An herb and coffee cafe focused on weaving together the worlds of wellness and convenience. Join them to imbibe in your daily latte whipped with house made hemp mylk and reishi vanilla syrup or perhaps join our mug club to fill your cup of choice with Counter Culture Coffees fair trade brews. Visit our apothecary to purchase handcrafted herbal medicine, nourishing wild foods, and bulk herbal teas.

2 Locations 201 West Walnut Street 608 Richmond Dr #109 717.399.3515

Rachel Adams, Owner Enjoy individually prepared crepes, lonely monk coffee, and a full espresso menu in their city location on Walnut Street or their cafe at Richmond Square. Celebrating their 15 year anniversary, Rachel’s is like taking a Parisian holiday, and don’t forget to BYOB!

SpiceKings Kitchen 47 North Prince Street 717.690.2533 |

Horse Inn Jermaine Smith & Damonte Williams, Co-owners & Chefs A new Lancaster staple, SpiceKings Kitchen is creating a buzz with their signature sauces. They are serving them up on seafood, pasta, crab boils, loaded fries, and more. Enjoy their popular SpiceKing fries that come with crab, shrimp, and a creamy garlic sauce.


540 East Fulton Street 717.392.5528 |

Matt and Starla Russell, Co-owners The Horse Inn, a former hayloft turned speakeasy turned restaurant, has been providing fine fare to Lancaster for many generations. Its charm comes from its off-the-beaten path location and rich history. The brilliant dishes and one-of-akind cocktails are seasonally updated and made with daily fresh ingredients from local sources that will make you feel right at home.

Shopping Small Read Rose Books

Lancaster Distilleries 112 North Water Street | 717.774.7487 |

23 North Prince Street | 717.341.9624 |

Nate Boring, Partner & Head Distiller Lancaster’s premier craft distillery offers vodka, gin, rum, and an ever growing line of craft spirits. Visit their website to place your order, or to book the Booze Van for your neighborhood or private event. Big news! You can now pick up your favorite LD spirits, mixers, syrups, bitters, and cocktails alongside some outrageously delicious (and vegan/vegetarian) grub from Zoetropolis Cinema Stillhouse at their brand-new location at Lancaster Central Market.


Elizabeth Peters and Teddy Boucard, Owners Read Rose Books houses a diverse collection of used, vintage, and first edition books. The name Read Rose Books was chosen in honor of Lancaster, the Red Rose city, and for all of the books that will be read. There is a book for everyone from Russian literature to poetry to historic fiction. Owners Elizabeth and Teddy are always happy to lend a hand and help you find your next great read.

Max’s Eatery 38 West King Street 717.984.6286 |

24 East King Street 717.393.1660 |

DJ Maxx, Resident Deejay Tellus360 is a one-of-a-kind live music and event venue, and not-so-traditional Irish pub in the heart of Downtown Lancaster. Daily you’ll find good beer on draught, delicious food from Home Skillet, and great deejays, like resident deejay, DJ Maxx (aka Count Mingya). If what’s happening inside the building isn’t enough, you can visit the 10,000 square-foot green-roof bar, as well as the C’ Street Market where you’ll find four more independent food vendors.

Matt and Meg Titter, Max’s parents/Owners Max’s Eatery is a vibrant mix of an old school diner meets new Americana—serving up a fresh take on nostalgic, comfort food favorites. Must-haves on the menu: milkshakes ( you can even make it boozy!) and chicken and waffles.


Here is a preview of the Armstrong Healthy Spaces Living Lab on our Columbia Avenue campus in Lancaster. In the final stages of construction now, this space has been designed to be a laboratory where Armstrong teams can experiment, test, and experience solutions in the service of creating the healthiest environments where we all live, work, learn, heal, and play.

Armstrong ceiling systems are the capstone of a healthy space, with solutions like our 24/7 Defend™ products that bring indoor air quality, acoustics, light, and sustainability together. Our AirAssure™ sustainable ceilings reduce air leaks through the ceiling plane and our VidaShield UV24™ Air Purification System actively and continuously cleans the air.

We’ve been fortunate to call Lancaster County home for many years. In that time, we’ve been dedicated to making ceilings and walls that make the spaces where we live, work, learn, heal, and play better for all of us—a purpose that has taken on a whole new meaning and level of importance. We believe, now more than ever, healthy indoor spaces are fundamental to healthy communities, and we are committed to making indoor spaces healthy, safe, and comfortable so we can all come together and be at our best. That’s what community is all about.



Our Living Lab includes Armstrong specialty ceilings and open suspension systems to create an indoor environment that’s comfortable and welcoming and reflects the outdoors and biophilic design elements. Natural light, warm wood tones, and deep, earthy greens evoke growth and well-being.

Fresh Face | Welcoming new businesses to Lancaster City

Fresh Face: Trout CPA A F T E R N E A R LY 5 0 Y E A R S , Trout CPA has made a dynamic return to Lancaster City. The certified public accounting firm, its roots firmly entrenched in Central Pennsylvania, has opened a downtown office located at 160 East King Street. The firm was established in 1929 when founder Paul Trout opened his first office on 53 North Duke Street, in the Coho Building. In 1972, the firm relocated north to its current Lancaster County office at 1705 Oregon Pike. Almost five decades later, Trout CPA, citing rapid growth as one of its top reasons, decided that an investment in the city was a strategic opportunity for the firm as it continues to expand. “To support our firm’s growth, we needed to secure an additional office. Downtown Lancaster was strategic because we wanted to be

a part of the fabric of Lancaster City. The location is within walking distance to many key businesses, including the Lancaster Chamber and Lancaster Central Market,” explains Trout CPA Partner Brian Wassell. Trout CPA provides personalized accounting, tax, and audit services to individuals and businesses. In addition to traditional accounting services, the firm offers advisory services including mergers & acquisitions, business valuations, and data analytics. “The firm has seen tremendous opportunities in the area of Outsourced Accounting. Our experienced accounting professionals manage the day-today transaction processing, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, financial reporting, and forecasting for our outsourced accounting clients,” Brian says.

Trout CPA played a critical role in providing businesses with essential guidance throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, including the Paycheck Protection Program, Employee Retention Credit, as well as local and industryspecific grants. Trout CPA is confident that its high caliber team of professionals will continue to provide clients with the solutions necessary for sustainable success, while fostering meaningful relationships with individuals and businesses alike. For more information on the services offered at their Lancaster, Lancaster City, Mechanicsburg, or Carlisle office, please visit their website at

160 East King Street 717.569.2900


Meet us at Market T H E S TA N D H O L D E R S of Lancaster Central Market welcome you! Established in 1730, more than 60 local purveyors, growers, and artisans are waiting to greet you three days a week with the best of Lancaster County. From two of the newest stands like Soulcialize and Amaranth Gluten Free Bakery, to long-established standholders like Groff’s Vegetables and S. Clyde Weaver, you can find an array of fresh and prepared foods representing the proud cultural diversity of Lancaster County. Ready to greet you with a smile every Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday 6-3pm W H AT ’ S I N S E A S O N APPLES





Kauffman’s Fruit Farm


Brogue Hydroponics

Barr’s Farms

Stoltzfus Farm’s

Central Market Flowers by Perfect Pots


Green Circle Organics

Standholder F Laura Lapp

Standholder F Laura Sisay

Laura and her creative team at Central Market Flowers by Perfect Pots bring an abundance of flowers to Market every week. Their offering includes a variety of seasonal blooms, buds, and greens, many of which are grown in their Strasburg greenhouse and on a local farm just north of the city.

Passionate about fresh, thoughtful, local foods, Laura Sisay opened Green Circle Organics in 2003. She proudly partners with local family farms to provide those who visit her stand with healthy, sustainable produce, dairy, and dried goods.

23 North Market Street


Brogue Hydroponics

Inspirational Blossoms

Standholder F Mary Kilgore

Standholder F John & Anna Beiler

Brogue Hydroponics began in 1983, with the Kilgore family’s produce-growing journey through hydroponic technology. The unique method employs recyclable nutrient-rich solutions in peat moss rather than traditional soil. Their operation has evolved from one small greenhouse of simple lettuce to more than eight greenhouses filled with a variety lettuce, herbs, fruits, and vegetables, all naturally grown.

Each week, John and Anna Beiler fill their stand with fresh and field cut flowers from their eastern Lancaster County farm. In addition to their varieties of seasonal stems, they also offer select house plants, herbs, vegetables, and succulents to be used as starter plants in home gardens.

Barr’s Farms

Meck’s Produce

Standholder F Ben Barr

Standholder F Ryan & Rob Meck

Since 1926 Barr’s Farms has been dedicated to providing quality produce and service. Offering local, in-season produce directly from their southern Lancaster County farm, along with a variety of fresh, regional produce.

With a fourth generation behind the stand, Meck’s Produce is a family affair. Most of their produce offering comes directly to Lancaster Central Market from the 60-acre Meck family farm in southern Lancaster County, and also includes hydroponic varieties along with other locally grown options. 23 North Market Street



Fresh Face | Welcoming new businesses to Lancaster City

Fresh Face: Hempfield Botanicals H E M P F I E L D B O TA N I C A L S was founded in Lancaster in 2017 by Heather and Nathan Kreider—a dynamic duo who have a passion for environmental stewardship, healthy living, and community involvement. They’ve been successfully helping people feel and perform their best with their line of products and services for the past 11 years through their founding business Makes Scents and their growing line of cannabinoid products named Hempfield Botanicals. What’s next? A brand-new expanded facility in the heart of Lancaster City. Hempfield Botanicals is officially moving into their new downtown location later this year which will include an expansive manufacturing area to boost their 92

Location to be announced soon!

production, a bigger retail space for in-person shopping, and a new Wellness space that will focus on education. Heather, a Registered Nurse and PA MMJ card holder, knows first-hand how cannabis can help patients live a happier, healthier life, and both Heather and Nathan want to share their expansive knowledge with the community. This includes live cannabis cooking demonstrations and classes on how to use Medical Marijuana safely and effectively for Pennsylvania card holders. Along with Medical Marijuana education, they’ll also be offering stress relief focused meetups led by professionals in counseling, yoga, sound bath therapy, and meditation.


“The demand is strong for classes to help those impacted by mental health issues like anxiety, depression, and PTSD. We’re humbled to be able to offer this type of support to our community in Lancaster,” Heather says. Hempfield Botanicals’ expanded services will also include MMJ personal shopping and delivery services for Pennsylvania card holders as well as partnerships with PA Options for Wellness and Vytal Options Dispensaries for offering training and further education. Be on the lookout for information about the opening of their downtown location at and on their Instagram: @hempfield_bontanicals.

WHAT MAKES YOU FEEL BALANCED? On the following pages, meet local experts who can guide you on your journey to find ways to nourish your body, soothe your soul, and find joy in every day.






WE ARE A MOTHER AND D A U G H T E R team who are passionate about wellness and inspiring and empowering individuals to take charge of their wellness through food, fitness, and self-care. We walk alongside you and encourage you to take the time and energy to prioritize your health. We provide the tools so that you can choose healthy foods, stay active, and enjoy mental wellbeing. Our goal is to make wellness practical and enjoyable— focusing on whole-person wellness and enabling you to achieve your full potential and live a meaningful and fulfilling life.” Reach out:

F Jeanette Barber and Bre Kauffman

List of Services G Nutrition counseling with a registered dietitian

1:1 health coaching with a certified health coach

Live Well wellness events and retreats

Corporate wellness events, customdesigned for your organization 93

“IT’S ABOUT MOVING THROUGH, NOT GETTING OVER.” AT M O R N I N G S TA R C O U N S E L I N G , they recognize that the decision to pursue therapy can be a difficult one and that trust takes time. They are committed to listening to your concerns, guiding you with compassion, and helping you achieve your therapeutic goals. They strive to avoid stereotyping, diagnosing and labeling when it isn’t productive to do so, and instead, will empower the client to take a more active role in the therapeutic process. Locations in Quarryville, East Petersburg, and Lititz. Virtual appointments available. 717.806.5050 c


ENERGY AT W E S T E N D YO G A , they believe yoga is for everybody and every body. They integrate artful yoga techniques and contemporary movement therapies for a holistic approach to healing the body and mind. Under the leadership of their new studio owner, Jessica Rodriguez, they are committed to being a place of community wellness—helping to guide the students they serve as they move towards awareness of self and a more radiant state of being. 221 West Walnut Street 717.406.9681


Jessica and several of Our Community Teachers in practice.



Wellness can have many different interpretations. To me, it is selfcare, not just cosmetically but also emotionally, physically, and mentally. This all leads to better overall health, confidence, and inner peace.

“ Our passion is to help people

At Blossom Med Spa, we help restore confidence and wellbeing through cosmetic enhancements, treatments, and healing therapies that help you feel better and recognize your own individual beauty.

feel confident and beautiful in their own skin.” ALYSSA, Owner

Our passion is to help people feel confident and beautiful in their own skin. We’ve created a unique destination for cosmetic procedures, relaxation, and body treatments. If you want to feel and look your best, schedule a private consultation to determine your needs so we can customize a plan just for you.” Our core services G Botox/Filler/ Thread Lifts Facials/ Hydrafacial Laser Hair/ Rejuvenation/ Resurfacing Body Sculpting

Microneedling Peels Skin Tightening Infrared Sauna/ Halotherapy Vitamin IV Infusions

101 North Queen Street Suite 93 717.299.9000

Address, Lancaster




Fresh Face | Welcoming new businesses to Lancaster City

Fresh Face: Pangea Mediation LLC I F YO U V I S I T T H E PA N G E A M E D I AT I O N website, the first sentence you will see in big, bold lettering is “conflict is normal.” It is refreshing to get another perspective on disagreement in a world full of loud talking heads and Twitter rants. Mila Pilz, the principal mediator, wants you to know that conflict is neutral. “It’s something we can either learn and grow from and use as a way to get to know ourselves and other people better, or it’s something that can really hamper us in our relationships.” In science, the word Pangea describes the supercontinent: a theory that several millennia ago, earth consisted



of one giant landmass before a series of shifts created what we live on today. For some of us, changes in relationships have been just as dramatic as the separation of continents. And as the emotional ground shakes, it is impossible to imagine a new world, and this is where mediation comes in. “There’s a stigma attached to needing help with conflict. I think it’s a human thing not to want to admit it’s a little too much and that you may need some assistance.” At Pangea Mediation, there is no judgment surrounding conflict, and the tagline is shifts happen. Mila and her team understand that just like everything on this planet, relationships evolve. “So much of it is just a shift

in the type of relationship...(for example) learning how to go from being spouses to being co-parents.” While Mila does mediate divorces and separations, one does not need to be in an intimate relationship to benefit from her services. She has coached companies and business partners on how to state their professional goals and expectations. Even individuals could benefit from her advice on how to initiate conflict productively. Mila facilitates collaboration and empowers her clients to create solutions. Proving that when the ground stops shifting, it’s possible for civilization to go on or at the very least be civil.

BLADES SALON Sandy Bird, Owner

Core Services G Cutting and Styling Dimensional Color Hair Removal Pedicures and Manicures Cosmetic Services Hair Extensions and Pieces

Nick Simonetti Stylist

B L A D E S I S A S A L O N for body and soul. We believe in the elements of physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. Being balanced leads to harmony, peace, and flow throughout all aspects of your life. Bringing a sense of community to our business has always been important at Blades. Our team volunteers at various shelters throughout the county providing haircuts, manicures, and other salon services to help women and men feel comfortable in their own skin and help them on their journey to succeed. During COVID-19, we offered free haircuts to restaurant servers throughout the pandemic, knowing that the genuine power of touch is profound.

At Blades we have spent more than 20 years creating a safe, warm, friendly atmosphere and a sense of belonging. Our clients come to us to escape their everyday lives and look forward to sitting back, relaxing, and having meaningful conversations in our chair. We are more than stylists to them.”

Pam Miller Stylist

–Sandy Bird 805 Estelle Drive, Suite 204 c 717.898.1245 c



I:TRAIN Studios

Wayne Mutata, CEO

AT I :T R A I N , we believe in the power of an individual to change their trajectory both physically and mentally. We truly believe this community is special—not because of our similarities, but because of our differences. We have always believed in the potential of Lancaster. We have organized and cheered on efforts to help us all grow together. We have invited this strong and growing community of trainers to help make all of us more healthy, productive, and purposeful—no matter if they wear our lion logo or not.

Core services G Exclusive personal one-on-one training Semi-Private training (Group of 4 or less) Small Group Training (6-10 people) In this ever-changing world, we know that leaders need strength. And Nutrition consulting we are here to help build that physical and mental fortitude. We are Stretch, compression, and recovery therapy

now offering personal training designed specifically for professionals of today, getting them ready for the businesses challenges of tomorrow.” Contact us for a free fitness assessment and to discover a studio that puts you and your goals first and foremost.


Personal Training at 101 North Queen Street c Group Training at 315 West James Street c 717.826.5407 c


Taking the



Marilyn Stein | Owner, MGS Consulting What is your definition of Wellness? Wellness is having a balanced relationship with our body, mind, and spirit. It is sense of satisfaction in knowing we can manage today with wisdom and grace. How do you make Lancaster and individuals in our community better? I offer understanding through education and conversation. I want everyone to understand that wellness and recovery is possible and that it does happen. I offer evidence based and easily understood information about recovery, substance use disorders, and living our best lives with the intent of reducing stigma. Stigma is a barrier that keeps individuals from seeking help. It negatively impacts families and our community. What we don’t discuss lives in the shadows, becoming more frightening. Conversation and education make it less frightening. 717.413.8473 c

What do you feel is important for everyone to keep in mind this year? It seems the only thing certain about the past year is uncertainty, which is disruptive. Being attentive and aware of how you are feeling soothes the disruption because awareness, sort of like a GPS, offers guidance when you may not know which way to turn next. With awareness we can turn inward and recalculate. And a little extra self compassion helps a lot too. I want to remind everyone that, like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, they have what they need already within themselves. What’s one step our readers could take towards wellness as it relates to your business? To dedicate a small bite of time and attention daily to your own wellness is not a luxury. It is a necessity. The ABC’s of wellness, awareness, balance, and connection matter. Offering education, guidance, and support to individuals, organizations, and teams.


Health City

of the




Address, Lancaster



JOHN J. HERMAN, THE CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER OF PENN MEDICINE LANCASTER GENERAL H E A LT H , strives to be a servant leader— someone who sees leadership as an opportunity to give rather than gain. Herman gives his time to serving the community and supporting his team. “At the end of the day, that’s what I feel my job is. To put the organization in the position where we can achieve our ultimate goal, which is to advance the health and well-being of the patients and the community.” Herman’s first impression of Lancaster is that it feels at once new and very familiar. The miles of cornfields in Pennsylvania Amish country remind him of growing up in rural Western New York, where one of his first jobs was working on a farm. Lancaster City and the surrounding suburbs make him think of working in Buffalo and raising his family with his wife, Lisa. This familiarity and appreciation for the diversity in Lancaster influence his approach to serving and leading the healthcare system. “One of the reasons I love Lancaster County is the diversity of the area. The depth and breadth of our system’s services uniquely enable us to serve its rural, suburban, and urban communities. It is an important part of ensuring all patients have convenient access to our care.” Community outreach has always been a part of Herman’s career. He served in various leadership roles in The Catholic Health System in Buffalo for 18 years. For the last six years, Herman was at Ochsner Health, three years serving as the Chief Operating Officer at a 767-bed facility in New Orleans, and three years as the CEO, Northshore Region. With over 24 years in healthcare, Herman has seen a move toward a patient-centric approach to medicine. “An important part of keeping the population healthy is providing access to healthcare and meeting patients where they are.”

555 North Duke Street

An important part of keeping the population healthy is providing access to healthcare and meeting patients where they are.” As part of the world-renowned Penn Medicine system, Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health is providing state-of-theart technology and innovation to the local community. “We are bringing proton therapy and CART therapy for cancer patients to Lancaster County, technology that is mostly available at urban national cancer centers.” Herman is proud to lead a team that provides medical advances in neurology, cardiology, pediatrics, and more to the community of Lancaster. Many patients will no longer need to travel to see a specialist but can be treated locally by providers who are innovative leaders in their field. The new CEO is continuing the legacy of collaboration that has been present in Lancaster and surrounding counties in the fight against COVID-19. The partnership with state officials, local community leaders, and other healthcare organizations to educate the community about the vaccine and other public health initiatives will continue. “If we each commit to do our part to improve the health of the community, I am confident we are going to be better—a week from now, a month from now, a year from now—than where we are today.”




Transforming Waste into a Resource for Our Community This past year has taught us many things, including how much we value health and safety. For the Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority (LCSWMA), protecting our community through safe and environmentally conscious waste disposal is something we do with pride and purpose. It is something we’ve done for almost 70 years without interruption, even during the pandemic. And we will continue protecting our community and beautiful environment for decades more to come. We love Lancaster and are proud to serve you!


299 Harrisburg Pike


WE LOVE LANCASTER AND ARE PROUD TO SERVE YOU!” One way Lancastrians can join the effort to keep our community safe and healthy is to help clean up litter and dispose of household hazardous materials properly.



Litter ends up in our greenways and waterways, potentially harming our natural environment and diminishing the beauty of our community. If you see litter, take a moment to pick it up and dispose of it properly. And use LCSWMA’s free Household Hazardous Waste Facility on Harrisburg Pike to throw away items like batteries, paint, computers, televisions, and other chemicals. Learn more at

Our core values G Stewardship







Address, Lancaster




Giving Back | Making a difference in the lives of others has been a real journey in my own “This leadership, and in acknowledging that the strength of my voice can create change that I want to see in the world.”

Giving Back: Hawa Lassanah W H AT D O E S T H E L A N C A S T E R local art scene and its urban farming community have in common? Two things: The first is the necessity for organization, advocacy, and education. The second is Hawa Lassanah. Originating as a pivotal figure of Lancaster’s burgeoning creative community, Hawa built a local reputation in the early 2000s as a person that gets stuff done. “I created the Discerning Eye organization to address issues in the local art scene, like representation and gatekeeping,” Hawa says. “And it solidified my position here as somebody who can identify problems and create solutions.” In the years following, Hawa would go on to seek opportunities to enrich her leadership and creativity. This included studying art gallery management while living in Spain, completing yoga teacher training with Create Karma in Manheim,

Its food-product subdivision, called DECA provisions, offers hyper-local, zero-waste goods such as infused Shortly thereafter, it was a conversation honeys and garlic salts. Profits from with her father that sparked Hawa’s idea these ventures go back into revitalizing to empower the collective through urban the community. farming. That’s why she created the DECA organization­— adding “Community After a successful 2020 growing season, Agriculture” to the end of “Discerning DECA’s Backyard Farming Cooperative relocated their gardens to a location in Eye”—to tackle issues like food insecurity and accessibility, especially for Lancaster County Park with the help of underserved urban neighborhoods with many generous donors and volunteers— plus farm managers Elliot “The Mad little cultivable green space. Gardner” Martin and Sarah Tagghart. DECA’s programs, benefits, and With her message spreading and support objectives are manifold, but its most growing, Hawa is thrilled to watch DECA core mission is to educate and empower blossom into a community undertaking. Lancastrians to farm their own food. Lancastrians can support Hawa It is funded through Hawa’s ingenious by investing in the DECA Backyard self-sustainable financial model: the organization’s Backyard Farming Farming Cooperative’s CSA program at Cooperative offers low-cost CSAs, or buying goods from DECA provisions (Community Supported Agriculture) to city residents, while garnering income via instagram @decacityprovisions. for those farming the produce. and attending a leadership-mentor program with Landmark Worldwide.

104 Learn more about Fig Giving Back at


Every Taste

WITF TV OFFERS INSPIRING COOKING SHOWS FOR THE GOURMET VIEWER. F R O M A R G E N T I N E Shaved Carrot Salad with Poppy Seed & Parsley to Mexican Sweet Corn Cake, and from Israeli Couscous “Risotto” with Asparagus, to Gluten-free CoconutChocolate Chip Quick Cake, you’ll find global summer flavors to reinvigorate your recipe box.

America’s Test Kitchen Mondays at 3pm

Jazzy Vegetarian Tuesdays at 3pm

Taste of History

Wednesdays at 3pm

Joanne Weir’s Plate and Places Thursdays at 3pm

Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street Television Saturdays at 11:30am

Project Fire

Saturdays at Noon

America’s Test Kitchen Saturdays at 12:30pm

How She Rolls Saturdays at 1pm

Ciao Italia

Saturdays at 1:30pm

Simply Ming

Saturdays at 2pm



4801 Lindle Address, Road, Harrisburg Lancaster ###.###.#### 717.704.3000 website 105 105

art to refresh

i feel privileged to be able to bring Heart

Artist work into our home. Their art gives me joy and expands my heart as each Artist's personality shines through.

every time we acquire a new piece, I feel creative and hopeful as I arrange our home gallery to make room for more growth and expression from this wonderful community of Artists. ba r ba r a , a loc a l su pport e r a n d e n t h usi ast ic a rt col l ec tor

G E T I N V O LV E D FRIE NDSHIP HE ART GALLE RY provides an opportunity for Friendship Heart Studio Artists to have their pieces juried, exhibited, and sold in an inclusive environment along with Local Community Artists. Friendship Heart Gallery exhibits and celebrates the creative voices of Individuals with Intellectual Disability and Autism through integration of artistic


118 North Water Street #101


pieces in the greater community. This relationship fosters a sense of value as an Artist and contributes to the artistic culture of Lancaster and beyond. The Gallery offers an environment where people can inspire each other and form creative partnerships with others in the Lancaster Art District, throughout Lancaster City, and beyond.

Donate | The Heart Artists appreciate donations for their tools and supplies necessary to turn creative dreams into artistic realities. Donations to support the Gallery Operations are also greatly welcomed. Partner | Host an exhibit at your space or call the Gallery Manager for more information.

a Safer Lancaster L A N C A S T E R S A F E T Y C O A L I T I O N is an independent non-profit focused on enhancing Lancaster’s public safety through their 170-camera system, advocacy, and community engagement. Since 2005, LSC has been a proven and cost-effective source of objective third-party accountability within the realm of public safety and an essential element of the community-wide effort to build up and sustain Lancaster City’s quality of life.

2021 VISION This year, the Coalition is partnering with the community to conduct a capital campaign to replace all components of their public safety camera system.

G E T I N V O LV E D To support the capital campaign and efforts to build a safer Lancaster, visit

262 Conestoga Street



Explore life in early Lancaster through its enduring artistic legacy

Now open, the Snyder Gallery tells stories of people alive at the dawn of our new nation who shaped today’s vibrant Lancaster. E A R LY A M E R I C A’ S H I S T O R Y and culture are marked by the contributions of countless Lancaster Countians living during the 1700s and 1800s. Historic Rock Ford offers a curated glimpse into the lives of the leaders, creators, laborers, and citizens who built the foundation for today’s thriving Lancaster County. The John J. Snyder, Jr. Gallery of Early Lancaster County Decorative Arts features a curated collection of exquisite objects circa 1760-1820, all crafted and used here in Lancaster and showcased amidst the hand hewn beams of a 240-year-old Pennsylvania Bank Barn.

Visit for general admission, events, programs, and information.


881 Rockford Road




Tall case clocks

Long rifles Portraiture

1Norman 9 2 9 Ebersole, T H R E E G E N E R AT I O N S O F

exceptional craftsmanship

Lancaster County barn builder.

1Wilbur 9 7 2 “Red” Ebersole, builder of fine homes throughout Lancaster.

2Jeff 0 2Ebersole, 1

sitting on the custom stairs he built at 101NQ.

EBERSOLE BROTHERS C O N S T R U C T I O N , formed its roots in 1929 by Norman Ebersole, a Lancaster County barn builder who constructed over 35 barns all over Central PA. The tradition continued with the Ebersole brothers working alongside their father, Wilbur “Red” Ebersole, Norman’s son. The building of barns transitioned into a builder of fine homes, additions, and superior carpentry work, when third generation owner Brian Ebersole continued Norman’s long tradition of Lancaster County craftsmanship and superior project management services to projects big and small throughout Lancaster City and the surrounding areas.

The Custom Builder for 101NQ

717.653.2327 109

“ My favorite trail inspires me”

You're Invited To Join

We all have things that inspire us, that drive us. Things that we want to last forever. Taking moments to find that shared interest, that sense of place, or that story that sparks conversation can make all the difference for our shared future. Our community is re-connecting, re-joining,

“ I had this made for my child to commemorate their birth”

and re-introducing ourselves…to ourselves. What's the story you would share with our community?


Learn more and see others' snapshots at

L a nc a st e rSn a p s h o t. c o m 110



“ I love my friendly neighbors!”

Summertime Events For a full list of community events, visit C E L E B R AT E L A N C A S T E R June 25

I N D I E R E TA I L W E E K July 17 – 24

L O N G ’ S PA R K A R T F E S T I VA L September 5 – 7

Celebrate Lancaster is an annual celebration of Lancaster City’s vibrant culture & diversity along with the city’s Fourth of July celebration. Celebrate Lancaster 2021 will be spread around town, hitting every neighborhood.

In celebration of National Independent Retailer Month and Lancaster City’s superb retail community, shoppers can enjoy special deals and promotions at participating businesses all week long.

Long’s Park Art Festival is an awardwinning art festival, drawing exhibitors from across the country during Labor Day weekend. Enjoy an outdoor art gallery, live music, wine, and beer.

Sponsored by

F I R S T F R I D AY July 2, August 6, September 3


There’s nothing like a First Friday in Lancaster City! Get swept up in the creative energy from 5–9pm.

Hosted in the heart of Downtown Lancaster, the event features breweries and live music in Binns Park, a food court, and various craft breweries and beer related vendors along North Queen Street.

ON TH E FOLLOWING PAG E S , you’ll find our Community Supporters —businesses committed to a thriving city. Although they may not be located in Lancaster City, they believe in the power of buying local and shopping small. Take time this summer to visit these businesses—and tell them you found them in Fig!

Order online at


The Ultimate Best Seller T H E T O P - S E L L I N G J U R A automatic coffee machine now comes in beautiful piano white. The JURA E8 offers 16 specialties at the touch of a button, from macchiato, flat white, and cappuccino to espresso doppio and hot water for green or black tea. Chrome cup platform and distinctively grooved water tank enhance the sophisticated design. Aroma G3 Grinder and Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P. ®) ensure ultimate coffee quality. Professional Fine Foam Frother for feather-light milk foam or hot milk. Modern color display for intuitive operation.

Did You Know... 112

Jura Hospitality Center

The JURA Hospitality Center is right here in Lancaster County? Family-owned and operated, it is one of the few places on the East Coast where you can test and experience JURA machines—including the latest models—or purchase refurbished machines at special pricing. Stop in and enjoy bean-to-cup taste…with JURA. 134 Shellyland Road, Building 6a, Manheim


Owner, Sharon Landis

Everything needed for

The home cook. N E S T L E D A M O N G the eclectic shops in the heart of historic downtown Lititz, Zest! features gourmet foods, premium herbs and spices, kitchen gadgets, cookware, knives, home goods, and so much more. With a unique collection of cocktail mixes and wine accessories, they have everything you need for flawless cooking and entertaining. Not a confident cook? They welcome all levels of experience to their cooking classes.

Store | 30 East Main Street, Lititz 717.626.6002 Zest! Cooking School | 1180 Erbs Quarry Road, Lititz 717.435.8890


The Strong, Silent Type.

Where To?

H A L L E L U J A H ! Going EV means never getting gas again. It also means thinking about driving differently. You’ll think in range so you can drive and explore Lancaster County’s picturesque farmland, villages, and unique towns for days on end, on a charge.


They have expanded their footprint. Visit them at Autohaus Lebanon Volkswagen 1250 Chestnut Street, Lebanon, PA - 114 114

1373 Manheim Pike 717.299.2801


Just in time for summer.

C R E AT E D A N D H A N D C R A F T E D right here in Lancaster County, the team at Breeo built their very first Smokeless Fire Pit in 2011. Since then, they have innovated and expanded to fine tune a full line of pits made for gathering and cooking in the great outdoors. Their passion is to pass on the ultimate campfire experience as a way to bring family and friends together for generations. Find their full line of fire pits online or buy them locally at Penn Stone. Join our growing company. We're hiring!



Working with a CPA?

Work with a financial advantage firm. Our partners help to maximize your success by providing advice when it matters most. Visit to learn more.

Offices in Lancaster & the Capital Region Lancaster • 717.569.7081 | Capital Region • 717.761.4000


Volvo the only brand to obtain IIHS top safety pick plus ratings in all 2021 models!

W H E N I T C O M E S T O V O LV O , the safety of drivers, occupants, pedestrians, bikers, and more is their number one priority. Their founders built Volvo Cars on one very simple idea: Cars are driven by people, and therefore, the guiding principle behind everything we do is and must remain safety.

5455 Manheim Pike, East Petersburg





Greenfield is a community of diverse organizations and individuals thriving in an environment where they can reach their fullest potential. We’ve cultivated a place where planning, thinking, doing, and making happen every day.” —Mark Fitzgerald, President and COO, High Real Estate Group LLC


1853 William Penn Way

What's growing at Greenfield? Armstrong Flooring Inc. The 160-year-old global leader in the design and manufacture of innovative flooring solutions is relocating their headquarters center and technical center to Greenfield.

Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology This leading career and technical education college will occupy a new 86,000-square-foot facility designed for its new Automotive Technology school with an enrollment of 150 to 200 students.


The Villages at Greenfield

Recreation and wellness

They are adding 92 homes to the 279-home community on approximately 21 acres.

Greenfield is expanding its distinctive 1 ½ -mile trail system to up to 3-miles of walking and biking trails. The current trail system is used extensively by the community and has been an important source of exercise and recreation for many.

Greenfield Estates To address Lancaster’s growing housing demand, High has started the design and land development approval process for a new 300unit apartment community.

Industrial A new warehouse facility is being built for a future lead tenant. It is a 229,000-square-foot warehouse with 32-foot clear height space, 28 loading docks, and three drive-in doors, and with staging for 30 trailers on 15 acres.


Four unique ways to experience the hospitality of Greenfield Restaurant. A casual dinner with friends in the lounge. Romantic dining in the main dining room. A private party in the wine cellar. Outdoor dining on the patio.

Chef and owner John Moeller and his son Zach Moeller

An elevated


Only eight minutes from Lancaster City. Lunch and dinner Tuesday through Saturday. Family owned and run by the Moeller family.

595 Greenfield Road, Lancaster



Getting back outdoors

For Summer

C . E . P O N T Z S O N S believes that nature is a work of art and they want to bring nature’s greatest masterpiece to your backyard. Specializing in ponds, water features, and outdoor living spaces, their award-winning work will transform your outdoor living space into a celebration of nature. Call now to book your project!


2355 New Holland Pike 717.394.9923

Finding purpose in

Volunteering JANE HUSTON AND E RNIE WE RSTLE R , GARDE N SPOT VILL AG E RESIDE NTS SINCE APRIL 2021, volunteer as trail maintainers with the Mid State Trail Association and Keystone Trails Association. Each spring and summer they spend a week maintaining a 7-mile stretch of trail in Union County. They trim limbs, remove fallen trees, cut back overgrown bushes, and paint blazes, keeping the trail open and in good repair. Start your best story at

433 South Kinzer Avenue, New Holland



Live the life you want to live. THE UNEXPECTED HAPPENS. Simon Financial Services can help with the expected and the unexpected, preparing your game plan for financial success with care and compassion. H CHRISTOPHER SIMON, LUTCF Investment Advisor Representative

Proudly serving Lancaster County and beyond for over two decades.

Securities and investment advisory services offered through Woodbury Financial Services, Inc. (WFS), member FINRA/SIPC. WFS is separately owned and other entities and/or marketing names, products or services referenced here are independent of WFS. Marketing support provided by TruChoice Financial Group, LLC (TruChoice). TruChoice is not affiliated with Simon Financial Services or WFS.


608 Milton Grove Road, Mount Joy


SERVICES Tax-Efficient Retirement Strategies Pensions/401(k) Plans

Fixed Annuities Life Insurance


YET TO Come SEATED ON 22 LUSH ACR ES, The Willows at A shcombe Man s ion redef ines the wedding world in South Ce nt ral Pe nn s ylvania . The 1891 Victor ian man s ion ha s unde rgone the restorat ion of a lifet ime, w ith ove r 5,000 square feet of e ve nt s pace breathing e ve n more life into the ve nue. Or ig inal millwork , stained gla ss, and t ile have bee n met iculou sly restored alongs ide the addit ion of mode r n ame nit ies and conve nie nces. Manicured and nat ive garde n s t ran sfor m e ve nts into an ex pe r ie nce unlike any othe r. Let ’s make some mag ic.

1100 Grantham Road, Mechanicsburg, PA | 717.638.4348 e vents@a Follow them on social media @thewillowsatashcombe 123

103 South Duke Street Lancaster, PA 17602

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Farm-to-table dining like you’ve never tasted before. L O C AT E D I N T H E H E A R T of the historic district of Downtown Lancaster, PLOUGH celebrates Lancaster’s rich cultural roots. Led by our creative Executive Chef, Ryan McQuillan, you’ll experience the flavors of Lancaster’s countryside right here in the city with seasonal menus to keep things extra fresh.

25 South Queen Street 717.207.4095

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