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The Arts Issue I S S U E N o 6 3 | FA L L 2 0 2 1 Celebrating local shopping, dining, arts, events, and community

Enjoy Life!

A R T I S A N A L , yet casual, and above all deeply enjoyable—that is the philosophy at the heart of C’est La Vie dining.


18 North Market Street


Indoor and outdoor dining

IN THIS ISSUE This fall, find inspiration all around as you live the local life in the City of Lancaster.

Meet artists and makers of Lancaster City who are forging their creative path.

Illustrated by Fig Industries Art Director Jason James. “Perennial Rose” is a tribute to the creative beauty and persistent tenacity of our Red Rose city.



Creative City

Photo of Jerome Hershey captured by Alison Perry in his studio in 1993.

41 - 5 1

Giving Back Dominique Miller-Shell and Joseph Gray are bridging the creativity gap by connecting Lancaster City youth to local artists and community leaders. 98

Welcome Back to the Fulton Theatre! After a historic renovation, the Fulton Theatre is opening their doors. Step inside and take your seat!

Welcoming new businesses to Lancaster City 6, 23, 33 & 39 Lancaster’s future in film. Sponsored

This special feature is generously sponsored by the following community businesses: Warfel Construction, High Foundation, Clark Associates, Garden Spot Village, Ville Painters, and Jackson’s Window Shoppe.

by Triode Media.

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And of course great shopping, dining, services, events, and community— as always. Keep Reading


Fall 2021

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Small & Mighty: Lancaster City small business

Explore Outdoor!


Health of the City

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We are a curiously creative team of thinkers and makers who believe that one big idea can change everything. We design and deliver brands that people love. Meet our team at



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A note from Fig

City L A N C A S T E R C I T Y has a rich history of creativity. For decades, artists of national acclaim have chosen to call the city home—like artist Jerome Hershey who is celebrating 40 years—and new artists are honing their skills and finding their voice here. Our fall art issue pays homage to those who are forging their path in the art world, including those making Lancaster City a destination for new forms of art like filmmaking. On the following pages, we are celebrating some of the creatives who are crafting the future of our beloved city by painting outside of the lines. In this issue, you will also be re-introduced to an old friend who has undergone a magical transformation. After completing their historic renovation project, the Fulton Theatre is ready to welcome you back through their doors into beautiful new spaces for the performing arts. No longer one building, this majestic theatre now calls the entire block its home. This expansion is cause for celebration for the entire community—the partners who worked on the project, the donors who made it possible, and everyone who kept the hope alive with their support last year. ISSU E 63


Fall 2021

Here at Fig Industries, we live and breathe creativity and are thankful to have the opportunity to use our talents to make our city a better place. First and foremost a design and marketing studio, we are a small, passionate group of designers, writers, and marketers who love to bring ideas to life and celebrate the good things we see around us. With the help of some of the brightest local creatives, we create Fig for you each quarter to celebrate our hometown. As the fall season unfolds and the world is ever changing, we can count on our creative city to bring us hope and inspiration as we fulfill Fig’s mission of connecting you with everything good and uplifting in Lancaster City. Creatively, Deb Brandt & the Fig Team Be a part of the mission. Become a subscriber and help us spread the love-local message even farther while giving back— 10% of your subscription goes to our Social Mission Partner, Crispus Attucks. Subscribe at subscribe. Gift subscriptions available.

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Fresh Face | Welcoming new businesses to Lancaster

Alicia on the front porch of her State Farm office.

Fresh Face: Alicia Alexander A L I C I A A L E X A N D E R State Farm is a woman-owned small business providing quality insurance services to the community. Alicia is especially committed to helping those who have little to no understanding about insurance because she remembers being that customer. “The knowledge of what you’re buying is so important, and so few people understand it. Before I started [working with State Farm], I paid thousands of dollars to my insurance company and had no idea what was covered and what wasn’t, and I was not adequately covered.” After joining the State Farm network and receiving extensive training in policies and products, Alicia is determined to share what she learned with others. 6

1265 Lititz Pike


With the resources and network of the number one insurance company in the U.S. and the personal approach of a small business, Alicia and her team educate clients about what type of coverage to consider based on their individual needs. “We are not salespeople; we are advisors. It’s our job to help people manage risk and provide financial services. We are here to help people figure out what needs protecting and make an educated decision about what product is best for them.” Alicia is passionate about Lancaster and excited to join the ecosystem of small businesses in the area. “There are many opportunities in State Farm,

but I wanted to be in this city, where thriving and connecting is important to people. I’m excited for the opportunity to support other small businesses in my community.” Lancaster is an evergrowing network of locally-owned shops, restaurants, and artisans. With a dedication to serving customers and a genuine heart for the neighborhood, Alicia is going to fit right in. If you are interested in discussing your needs for insurance coverage, you can call or stop by the Alicia Alexander State Farm office. You can also visit for more information or follow along on social media @aliciaalexanderstatefarm.

Mother nature’s hidden gem, russalite

Lancaster’s Family Owned Jeweler Since 1935

58 North Queen Street

717.392.7305 7




D O W N T O W N L A N C A S T E R has proudly worn the badge of being an “up and coming” culinary hotspot over the years, but the arrival of Chef Rikku Ó’Donnchü at Amorette is a clear indication that our time has finally come. After nearly 15 months of shuttering its doors, this beloved Lancaster beacon of gastronomic refinement has been reborn through the eyes of this Michelin-recognized chef. The revival is a groundbreaking triumph for the Lancaster food scene, but also proves to be a larger culinary revelation for American fine-dining as a whole.

“Itowant locals be open to being challenged...” Chef Rikku Ó’Donnchü

Indeed, through a newly designed menu Chef Ó’Donnchü has transformed Amorette’s dining room into a playground of evocative theatrics —an immersive experience that will have guests questioning the accuracy of their own senses, as well as their aptitude for foresight. “There’s a lot of reveal. There’s a lot of mystery. There’s a lot of suspense, and there’s a lot of storytelling with each dish,” Chef Ó’Donnchü explains. “It’s like a circus for the senses.” Recently honored by AAA and named Best Global Chef by World Luxury Restaurant Awards, Chef Ó’Donnchü is world-renowned for his work in what some have coined “molecular gastronomy”—an expressionist, scientific approach to cooking that includes sleight of hand tricks, multi-sensory engagement, and mind-boggling presentations. One example: levitating food. Yes, you read that correctly. “We’ll only be the second restaurant in the world to do that,” says Chef Ó’Donnchü, citing Salvador Dalí and the band Tool as inspiration for his creativity. This surrealist aesthetic is woven throughout the menu and across Amorette’s walls, which now exhibit an updated art collection that mirrors his love for the otherworldly. The result of merging Chef Ó’Donnchü’s artistic genius and Amorette’s meticulous standards of service­— which had previously earned them the AAA Four Diamond and Wine Spectator Two Glass Best of Award of Excellence—is plush, poetic, and borderline hypnotic; a deeply engaging taste experience few in this corner of the country have seen. But despite his long list of accomplishments and professional ambitions, Lancastrians will find they

“There’s a lot of

reveal, mystery, suspense, and there’s a lot of storytelling with each dish.”

have more in common with Chef Ó’Donnchü than they think. “I love the city. It reminds me of where I grew up in Nottinghamshire,” he says, recalling his early childhood in the UK. A father, husband, and self-proclaimed empath, Chef Ó’Donnchü sees the team in his kitchen as family and is eager to introduce the city to his avant-garde food, acknowledging its unfamiliarity. “I want locals to be open to being challenged,” he notes, “because being uncomfortable isn’t always a bad thing, right? It can lead to something new.” He goes on to recount that, however contemporary they may look, these dishes aren’t being fabricated in a lab full of petri dishes and test tubes. As has always been the case, the Amorette menu starts with locally sourced, fresh produce and abides by a 95% non-wasted policy—which encourages the team to be innovative with “leftover” ingredients. The Lancaster food scene is ready for its day in the sun, and Chef Rikku Ó’Donnchü is leading the way at Amorette, beckoning Lancastrians to bask in its glow. “We will be keeping tables open for locals. And we’re looking forward to them giving us a chance!” he says. Your opportunity for an immersive dining experience awaits. Visit to reserve your seats for the show.

401 North Prince Street



Tabor and LHOP are now

Left: Brittany Mellinger, Director of the Housing Equality and Equity Institute, Right: Todd Capitao, Director of Financial Empowerment

Close to Home T E N F O L D U N D E R S TA N D S that working together with committed partners is essential to tackling complex housing issues. Since 2019, the Eviction Prevention Network has served 4,034 households at risk of experiencing the trauma of displacement, eviction, and homelessness. Together, this network continues to offer a wide array of services, designed to address urgent household crises and build tools for housing and financial stability. This work would not be possible without the hard work of our funders, leaders, local housing providers, and community partners, including: Base, Inc., Bright Side Opportunities Center, CHI St. Joseph Children’s Health, City of Lancaster, Columbia Life Network, Community Action Partnership, Conestoga Valley Christian Community Services, Crispus Attucks, CrossNet Ministries, Elizabethtown Community Housing & Outreach Services (ECHOS), Ephrata Area Social Services, Factory Ministries, Good Samaritan Services, Home4Good Fund, Lancaster City Housing Authority, Lanco Cares Fund, Lancaster County Commissioners, Lancaster County Housing & Redevelopment Authorities, Mid-Penn Legal Services, Northern Lancaster Hub, PHARE Fund, PPL, Price Elementary, Real Life Community Services, Solanco Neighborhood Ministries, SoWe, Tenfold, and the United Way 211.

TENFOLD’S ORGANIZATIONAL ROOTS IN THE COMMUNITY RUN DEEP. With 80 years of collective expertise, they are the trusted community partner offering a broad continuum of services to address homelessness to affordable rental housing to homeownership, and the creation of new housing units through Tenfold Community Lending. Tenfold walks alongside people, empowering them to become the architect of a new path forward so they can unlock a brighter future. Learn more at


308 East King Street 717.397.5182


Everyone needs a best friend...and a great pair of artistic frames.

Jim Albright with Angus

29 Keller Avenue



4229 Oregon Pike, Brownstown






music. food. friends. It’s the recipe for a perfect evening. Lombardo’s is a destination for enjoying live music, signature cocktails, and the savory flavors of fresh-made, authentic Italian dishes cooked with love.


Visit or call 717.394.3749 for reservations 216 Harrisburg Avenue

lunch Tuesday to Saturday 11–2:30pm dinner Tuesday to Thursday 4–9:30pm Friday and Saturday 4–10pm

T H I S S E A S O N , magic awaits at Festoon. Kathy and her team have created a feast for the eyes—gorgeous home decor, whimsical accessories, and fabulous pieces that will be the centerpiece of your fall wardrobe. Visit in store or shop online at F Open 7 days a week.

202 North Duke Street



The Lancaster Barnstormers marketing team, enjoying the upstairs party room.

Growing Together L O O K I N G F O R A U N I Q U E A C T I V I T Y for your team or group of friends to enjoy? Something that is creative, interactive, and results in something beautiful to enjoy at home? Gallery Grow has created a private upstairs sanctuary where memories are made with each terrarium. Reserve the entire room or join your friends on the back patio. Oh, and don’t forget the wine.


150 North Prince Street


Custom terrariums Kokedama Air plants Indoor plants for any space

MEET LEEANN. She’s the master spice mixer for Spice & Tea Exchange here in Lancaster. Stop in the store and you will find her mixing up custom flavors that will soon become the secret ingredient that makes your favorite dishes sing. What’s mixing today? Their Sazon Spice Blend, a blend of coriander, turmeric, granulated garlic, Mexican oregano, ground cumin, and black pepper. Traditionally used in Hispanic cooking, this blend is perfect for seasoning a tray of roasted autumn veggies.

Adding the spice to your life 20 West Orange Street




Capture Wonder T H E R E ’ S A LW AY S SOMETHING HAPPENING AT T H E N O R T H ! The North Museum is the perfect place to be this fall, with something happening every month. This October, get dressed in your favorite Halloween costume and experience a spooky experience like no other at the North Museum’s Spooky Science Trick-or-Treat! Older (and braver) guests can stay later and experience the Haunted Museum!


400 College Avenue


In November, participate in fall themed science and naturerelated activities for the whole family at the annual Fall Fest, a collaborative fundraising effort to raise support for the North Museum and Millport Conservancy. Later in November, visit the North Museum for a Thanksgiving tradition—Snakesgiving! Guests will have the opportunity to learn about snakes, touch snakes and participate in snake-themed activities. It’s all happening at the North Museum this fall!

for the little

explorer in all of us. A C U R AT E D C O L L E C T I O N of creative toys, quality clothing, and unique gifts for all the little people in your life. Nicole and Teddy explore the streets of Old Town in their UPPAbaby stroller — a single stroller that expands to accommodate up to three children.

32 North Queen Street


LGH Women & Babies: 690 Good Drive



CULTIVATE your SPACE O U T D O O R F I R E P I T S A N D F I R E P L A C E S create the perfect destination for gathering with family and friends. Options abound—choose from built-in or freestanding, traditional fireplaces, or circular fire pits—all with your choice of wood, gas, or bioethanol fuel. 18

190 West Ross Street



Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor Kitchens

Fireplaces & Fire Pits

Brick & Stone

Landscape Lighting


Thoughtful. Inspired. Artisan. A cocktail should be a work of art—inside and out. Featured: Woodland Rob Monkey Shoulder Scotch, Cocchi Torino, Ramazzotti, Sfumato, Woodland Bitters





Beautiful Beginnings B O O K I N G 2 0 2 2 / 2 3 W E D D I N G S N OW

DIST I NCT I V E F LOR A LS for celebrating weddings, special occasions, and the people you love.



A beautifully designed interior is an investment for the soul.” David Lyall

Inspired Interiors David Lyall, IDS

H O M E H A S B E C O M E more important than ever. At David Lyall Home & Design, they know that the journey is as important as the destination. Whether your project is an entire residence remodeling, or simply one room, stop by their beautiful 8,000 square foot showroom and be inspired.

241 North Prince Street 717.690.8477


Working together

is good business. B L A K I N G E R T H O M A S is committed to Lancaster County’s success by providing legal services of the highest quality and value, delivered with integrity and compassion. For generations, their work in business law has helped small and mid-sized businesses navigate their business startups and challenges along the way. Blakinger Thomas is proud to walk alongside entrepreneurs in Lancaster County as they realize their dreams and grow successfully. 22

28 Penn Square


Left: Caleb Fetter, owner of RMS Right: Phillip J. Caramenico, partner at Blakinger Thomas

FOCUSING ON Agricultural • Banking & Finance • Business Law Civil & Commercial Litigation • Creditors’ Rights & Bankruptcy • Employment & Labor Law • Family Law & Adoption • Health Care • Municipal • Real Estate & Land Use Tax Law • Wills, Estates, Trusts & Planned Giving

Fresh Face | Welcoming new businesses to Lancaster

Corinne and her 10 month old son, Ford.

Fresh Face: Corinne Lillis Myers WHILE MANY LOCAL NEWS viewers know Corinne Lillis Myers from her five years as a traffic anchor for WGAL-TV, shortly after having her son in the unforgettable year of 2020, Corinne decided to pivot toward a more flexible career path in real estate. Her motto is “family first,” and she is grateful for her new role’s freedom as she balances the responsibilities of work and life as a new mom. Corinne is no longer on our TV screens (for now), but she wants the community to know she has not forgotten the Susquehanna Valley and doesn’t plan to leave Lancaster anytime soon. “I’m a graduate of Millersville University,

so I have a big love and heart for Lancaster County and the surrounding community. I’m still out and about every day and still meeting people; [real estate] is a best of both worlds transition for me.” Her interest in real estate began a couple of years ago when she and her husband were looking for their first house. “It started when we built our townhome from the ground up. I became so fascinated with the home building and buying process. I love interior design, and I’m hyper-organized.” One look at her Instagram will reveal that Corinne has excellent taste, and Cell: 717.875.2725

she uses her creative talent to help others build a life they love in a home that’s just right. Corinne has a lively personality and strives to make homebuying as easy and fun as possible. She is committed to her clients and thankful for a career that keeps her connected to the community she loves. If you are interested in purchasing the home of your dreams (or want to see some adorable baby pictures), follow Corinne on Instagram @CorinneLillisMyers to see design inspiration, beautiful homes, and her lovely family.

Office: 717.367.2400


BCF Group often has employees give of their time in our dining hall. Restoration Relief is a food drive champion, helping us feed those in need throughout the year.


#iamwaterstreet business partners! CRE ATIVE PACK AG ING SOLUTION S continue to find unique ways to get involved. Rolling up their sleeves to volunteer or jumping in to gift supplies and hot meals to men, women, and children experiencing homelessness are just some of the ways they serve the community. BCF GROUP are proud sponsors of Water Street Mission events, and you can even find them volunteering as often as possible in Water Street’s dining hall. Each year, RESTORATION RELIEF hosts their own food drive, collecting thousands of pounds of food, while still serving on campus as volunteers. 24 210 South Prince Street


PEOPLESBANK has a special heart for the youngest in the community. They donate EITC tax credits to support early childhood education through Water Street Mission’s Wonder Club Early Learning Center. Thank you #iamwaterstreet businesses for supporting lifechanging work in the community, using your local resources to care for those who are most vulnerable! Find tailored ways for your business to get involved by connecting with Sandy Gambone, Water Street Mission’s Business Ambassador, by phone at 717.358.2032, or email at

PeoplesBank donates through tax credits to support our early childhood education programs.

PEACE. LOVE. RAMEN. Q U A L I T Y I N G R E D I E N T S , authentic flavors, fresh produce. These are the values that Issei Noodle has been built upon. Naomi and Robert Pham (More affectionately known as Mama and Papa) have taken their passion for food and combined it with their love of family to create what Issei embodies: a warm environment and a place where people can create and share memories alongside the experience of traditional flavors with a new “Phamily” twist.

44 North Queen Street



Sounds of the



F O U N D E R and Artistic Director Scott Drackley—a music educator and performer—watched his son participate in several Young Artist programs around the country. He quickly realized that serving singers at the start of their careers with a place to perform and hone their craft will position our community as a regional destination for professional arts training. With his love of opera, Scott also had the desire to enhance the vibrant Lancaster City arts scene by creating Penn Square Music Festival and strengthening and empowering

the existing OperaLancaster. In addition, as a music educator, he is committed to providing a nurturing environment for young musicians. Thus, Penn Square Music Conservatory was founded. Scott’s mission is to entertain and enrich the lives, minds, and hearts of every individual in our community by giving them access to great composers and writers who have proven to be among humanity’s most significant thinkers. Find out more and get involved at



Penn Square Music is a three-fold organization that embraces all aspects of performance and music education as an essential part of a healthy society. The Festival, the Conservatory, and OperaLancaster provide education and entertainment to the Lancaster community and beyond.

PENN SQUARE MUSIC FESTIVAL is a platform for young, talented, professional singers at the beginning of their career. The Festival presents standard works as well as operas from the contemporary repertoire.


is a place where people of ALL ages can study instruments from piano, voice, brass, strings, woodwinds, guitar, ukulele, and music technology. Scholarships are available for talented students in need. Come Learn, Create, and Play!

OPERA LANCASTER is a platform for talented

local singers to explore their craft and have an opportunity to perform opera, musical theatre, and art song. A staple of the Lancaster community, performances are smaller scaled and intimate.

Email to get involved. 27


Inna’s Pierogies

Lancaster Distilling Co.

Lindendale Farm

Meet us at Market T H E S TA N D H O L D E R S of Lancaster Central Market welcome you! Established in 1730, more than 60 local purveyors, growers, and artisans are waiting to greet you three days a week with the best of Lancaster County. From healthy juices to homemade family favorites, and now, libations for the adults—you can find everything you need and want, made right here in Lancaster County. Ready to greet you with a smile every Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday 6-3pm W H AT ’ S I N S E A S O N LETTUCE Brogue Hydroponics


23 North Market Street

APPLES Barr’s Farms


BEETS Green Circle Organics


SWEET POTATOES Stoltzfus Farms

DES U D E TH F O R 3 0 + Y E A R S , Two Dudes has been committed to taking the time, care, and patience to ensure that every job is executed with excellence. A strong commitment to their craft and their clients has shaped and molded this small painting company into a 65-person inclusive and innovative team that places great value on their connection to the community.




Two Dudes Painting Company has grown to be an example of how a business can be a force for good while doing great work that is a brush above the rest. 750 Poplar Street





Design for your

Best Life

A R E YO U L O O K I N G for a specialized interior home or office? Henrietta and her team create spaces that reflect the personality of each client’s lifestyle. They create with you and for you in a professional manner.


217 West Walnut Street, 2nd Floor


The HH Interiors Team: Henrietta, Amanda, Nichol, Jena, Janelle, and Bobbi


at the center of it all T H E P O I N T at 101 North Queen offers unparalleled modern city living with clean, crisp interiors and luxury finishes that seamlessly reflect the building’s exterior elements. Fifteen residences are planned ranging from 1,800 to over 4,000 square feet, two of which are two-story penthouses. The condos feature large windows that provide spectacular views and natural light as well as outdoor terraces. Private parking is located inside 101 North Queen, on the ground floor, with entry on Orange Street. Custom units are going fast! Call Anne Lusk at 717.271.9339 to learn more and save your spot. 100 Foxshire Drive

717.291.9101 (office)

717.271.9339 (mobile)



Welcome Back! T H E T E A M AT T H E W A R E C E N T E R could not be more excited to welcome the community back through the doors as they kick off the 2021/22 season. Join them for cultural celebrations on First Fridays, music and theater performances, stimulating panel discussions, and thought-provoking artwork. Lancaster County’s Home for the Cultural Arts is celebrating 10+ years in Lancaster City, and there’s always something happening at the Ware!


42 North Prince Street


The Ware Center Team

Fresh Face | Welcoming new businesses to Lancaster City

Owner Rebecca Addington in her new space with brand manager Michael Chiodo

Fresh Face: Ville & Rue T H I S F R E S H FA C E is getting a new coat of paint! Lancaster’s very own Ville & Rue, run by local retail expert and interior designer Rebecca Addington, has moved to King Street. And the space itself isn’t the only change this eclectic home furnishings showroom has undergone—Rebecca has also expanded her offerings, her team, and her vision for Ville & Rue’s potential. Rebecca, who has a formal education in both communication and interior design, has always had a penchant for retail; her first job at a York County gift shop lit the initial spark. After embarking down several different career paths, it was her job as an interior design manager that helped her connect the dots between the creativity she loved and the leadership in which she excelled. “But it was always my dream to open my own company,” she clarifies, “and it was always my dream to live in Lancaster.” In November 2019, Rebecca’s wishes were

granted when she opened the doors to the first Ville & Rue location in 101NQ. Just a few short months later, the pandemic hit. But those who know Rebecca are familiar with her unshakeable optimism and tenacity. She used this time to reevaluate Ville & Rue’s direction. “The thing that really kept us going was our design services,” Rebecca recalls. “But I realized it would be impossible for me to do that and run my business.” Enter Michael Chiodo, a dear friend and Lancaster native, who was a perfect fit for the job. With his help, she was able to grow Ville & Rue from a home furnishings store to a full-scale design studio. Rebecca’s new storefront, which is nestled at the bottom of the historic early 1900s Beaux-Arts style Kirk Johnson building, boasts Frenchstyle display windows that flood the showroom with natural light. Its tall ceilings are accentuated

by decorative white moldings of a bygone era. Industrial elements, which were added later for present-day functionality, contrast for an eclectic aesthetic that echoes Ville & Rue’s. Here, Rebecca offers complimentary design services that include a free in-home consultation (with a refundable deposit after purchase), design boards, renderings, floor plans, and even an upholstery program. She oversees the entire process for clients from selection to delivery. As for her signature style? While the words cozy, worldly, and chic come to mind, Rebecca says it’s all about the taste of the client. “We love meeting new people, and helping any way we can—especially when it comes to their home becoming a personal reflection of their lifestyle!” Visit Ville & Rue’s new space on 8 West King Street to get some inspiration for your next remodel.

New Location! 8 West King Street


The journey to


H E M P F I E L D B O TA N I C A L S ’ mission is to help people feel and perform at their best. Their allnatural, THC-free and full-spectrum hemp-based products are made from organically grown whole-plant hemp extracts sourced from sustainable farms in Pennsylvania and are triple tested for quality and purity. Aside from producing high quality products, owners Heather and Nathan Kreider are also passionate about cannabis education and helping patients navigate their journey to wellness. Their new manufacturing and retail space in Downtown Lancaster is designed to be a hub not only for in-person shopping but also for community wellness classes and support. Find them soon at 100 West Walnut Street or schedule a consultation online. Use code FIG2021 for 20% off all online and in-store product purchases.

F Nathan and Heather at

the entrance to their new location on Walnut Street


336 North Charlotte Street, Suite 100

Muscle Recovery Lotion

Hemp Tea & Flower

CBD Salve

Hemp Body Butter & Scrub

Oral CBD Oils


Face Oils

And more

Meet the expert filmmakers who are changing the landscape of movie making in Lancaster.

BIG PICT U R E LANCASTER IS THE FUTURE OF F I L M . With larger-than-life sound stages, innovative production companies, and a diverse cast of filmmakers, the local film industry is booming. “Lancaster has a centuries-long history of having creative talent here, in all forms of arts,” says Peter Scudner, Founder of Triode Media Group. “As those arts become digital, we think it’s essential that there be infrastructure in the community. By building a studio and expanding our equipment business, we provide the support that helps

filmmakers collaborate with other creatives and strengthen the local industry.” Triode Media Group is developing a network of film professionals to create high-end content for corporate clients. These projects promote and support local businesses, attract major feature film productions, and make it possible for regional film professionals to make a sustainable living doing what they love. This film section features four filmmakers from this growing industry and the exciting projects they’re producing in Lancaster this year. Peter Scudner, Triode Media co-founder

An award-winning video production studio that creates video driven stories to engage audiences to action.





631 South Water Street



Fig: How do lighting and camera rigging affect the quality of a film? ES: It’s all about the tone you want. How

you light a person is going to impact their message and how they come across. It can also convey the temperature, time period, or geographic location. I think to myself, what stereotype of cold are people going to recognize by this lighting subconsciously? Then I will use a cooler, blue temperature lighting.

Fig: What inspires you? ES: I like to solve problems. Each

Fig: Triode is also a film resource for other companies. Are you offering any exciting new equipment? ES : We are renting out two new grip trucks­—

a box truck filled with specialized lighting and camera equipment needed for most film productions. This service is exciting because filmmakers can source everything in one place instead of traveling to several locations to find specialty equipment.


Fig: What makes Lancaster ideal for filmmaking? AB : It’s a microcosm of the U.S. The county

Fig: Why did you name your company INGOMA? AB : The word ingoma shows up in many

project is different, and I’m inspired by overcoming any obstacles that arise in the filmmaking process.

of time in terms of problem-solving. So it might be creating a specialized camera rig, doing a practical effect, or getting the area set up and doing pre-lighting. My process is visualizing what tools we will need – for example, a lighting setup ahead of time – and then having everything positioned so shoot day runs smoothly.

started when I was a kid...I got in trouble for skipping class to see movies. I moved to the U.S. knowing I wanted to be a filmmaker, and sought any and all opportunities before and after graduating to get involved in the film industry.

is a lot like the Midwest, and the inner city is very similar to cities all across the U.S. while still being unique. It’s just a special place, vibrant with creativity and art, and it’s changing rapidly. You might not believe this, but Lancaster is the only place in the U.S. that I’ve heard my native language (Kinyarwanda) spoken on the streets. It makes no sense that someone from Rwanda would be in Lancaster County making films, but Lancaster has a way of pulling people here, and once you get plugged in, you don’t want to leave.

Evan Scudner TRIODE MEDIA |

Fig: What is your favorite part of the filmmaking process? ES: I enjoy the work that goes in ahead

Fig: How did you get started in film? AB: I grew up in Rwanda. You could say it

Andrew Bilindabagabo INGOMA FILMS | Fig: What is your filmmaking style/aesthetic? AB: People who hire me know they’re getting someone who is passionate and deeply interested in telling the human story. Human stories that highlight the worthy and uplift the marginalized. When making a film, we really value collaboration. Like jazz – we approach it with organized improvisation.

Fig: What inspires you? AB: Carley, my wife, is an invaluable part of

INGOMA. Our partnership is the cornerstone of our business. She is incredible at putting ideas into action. The truth is, for a long time, I was making films, but I did not have a company. It was Carley’s idea to start the company and merge our efforts. And we just welcomed our first child. I look at this little miracle, and there are infinite possibilities, infinite joy, and sadness to be had, which inspires me.

different Bantu languages across Africa. In some places, it means the drum or the song played on it. In Rwanda ingoma also refers to the throne of the precolonial king. INGOMA Films is rooted in these ideals of traditional storytelling, vibrance, creativity, and longevity stretching back millennia, but it’s also connected to this place. By naming a company in Lancaster INGOMA, we’re standing out in precisely the ways that the many refugees and immigrants, who now call this place home, stand out and add their cultures, values, and perspectives to the ecosystem. We think that our global perspective adds to the conversation in an interesting way and hopefully creates more nuanced films. We want to tell specific stories that are significant to the local individual while having a global impact.

“There are many benefits to creating films in Lancaster, and the industry is growing with each new project.”


When we start something, we won’t stop until we get it done, and get it done well!

Fig: What is your favorite part of the filmmaking process? DD: I’ve held just about every role in the

filmmaking process, but as I’ve grown and recognized my strengths, I realize I’m best as an Executive Producer that’s building the team and connecting the dots. I love finding the vision for a project and making sure everyone is aligned working towards the same common goal.

Derek Dienner MAKE/FILMS |

So many different filmmakers have such strong creative vision that we get behind. Our goal at LampHouse is to try to figure out the mechanisms to bring consistent work through Lancaster so that everybody benefits and that we can all collaborate on bigger things.

down with somebody and talking about their story. I’m also inspired by music because I’m a musician as well (I play the piano). Music is so complementary to film. Just think about it: what would Star Wars be without the Darth Vader theme?

Fig: How did you get started in film? DD: I’ve had a camera in my hands since I

Fig: Does that same desire to capture a moment drive your current work? DD: Oh definitely. We just finished a three-

part documentary series about the state of democracy in our world, specifically this country, Dismantling Democracy. It got nominated for an Emmy Award, which was great.

Another example is the feature film we’re shooting in September with Jared Harris, Brave The Dark. It’s a true story about a high school kid in Lancaster. I love telling true stories [in particular], stories about someone who faced hardships and overcame them.

Fig: What makes Lancaster ideal for filmmaking? DD: Lancaster is an amazing place to start

a business and build relationships, especially for the film industry. We’re a connected community of hard-working creatives with a “make it happen” mentality.

And he brings his writing chops and stories— we have very complementary skill sets that way. The interplay of technology and art also inspires me. Cameras are tiny computers with electrical sensors in the front, but I like asking the question: how do we wield this thing to create a beautiful, lifelike organic image?

Fig: Describe the filmmaker community in Lancaster. MS: The community is so collaborative.

Fig: What inspires you? DD: What inspires me the most is just sitting

was 10 years old. My dad had one of those old shoulder VHS tape cameras, and I wasn’t doing narrative filmmaking. I was more of a scribe, and I was obsessed with capturing the moments that are temporary and preserving them for the future.


Fig: What are you working on right now? MS: We are working on a coming-of-age

Michael Schmucker LAMPHOUSE FILMS

Fig: What is your favorite film? MS: I’ve put a lot of thought into this

survival movie, and it’s pretty much tailormade for the area. In the past, our role was to help bring outside productions to Lancaster and use our resources to make movies. Now we’ve got several scripts coming off the ground and several others that we’re optioning that will be developed from the ground up by Lancaster creatives.

(I had to because everyone asks this question). I’m a bit of a nerd, and I also love the artistry and craft of filmmaking, so the movie that by far most encapsulates authentic, incredible filmmaking is The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. It’s the perfect blend of my interests, filmmaking craft, and just pure nostalgia.

Fig: What inspires you? MS: I like films that you can feel tonally...very atmospheric, mood pieces. LampHouse Films is owned by myself and my business partner, Josh Henry. We partnered up in 2014, and I always joke that I used to make really beautiful films that weren’t about anything before he came along. (laughs)

This special section is sponsored by Triode Media Group. Triode supports the film industry in Lancaster County with their state-ofthe-industry 10,000 sq ft studio that is one of 13 PA qualified production facilities and one of four PA qualified post production facilities.


F The MAKE/ team



21 North Prince Street


F I L M M A K E R S producing meaningful content to inspire and motivate, the MAKE/ team seeks to delight, inspire, and educate audiences—close to home and the heart—on screen. From films to documentaries to commercials, they work with businesses and individuals to tell impactful stories that resonate with audiences and deliver results. Together, they make things that make things happen.

Fresh Face | Welcoming new businesses to Lancaster City

F Lili Speros and Beth Ann Vulopas

Fresh Face: Chestnut Street Investment Counsel D O YO U K N O W the difference between stockbrokers and investment fiduciaries? Beth Vulopas explains: a brokerage firm hires brokers to execute investment trades for a commission. Independent investment firms—like Chestnut Street Investment Counsel, which she owns and operates—manage each client’s portfolio with no brokerage conflicts of interest. “We are clientcentered and totally independent.” “We don’t sell any products,” says Beth. “Our job is to manage and grow each client’s individual security portfolio. It’s very tailored value-investing and unique to each client.” Even if her clients do not understand this distinction by definition, they can certainly feel it in the service that she and her team provide. “If you call us, we’ll answer the phone. We’re very interactive with our clients, especially

through turbulent times such as last year,” Beth remarks. Along with her 25 years of experience in Lancaster’s financial industry, this philosophy is what has been setting Chestnut Street apart since its official opening in July of 2020. This is not to mention its impeccably designed, irresistibly cozy office space. From its whitewashed brick fireplace to the art collection adorning its walls, Beth has curated a warm aesthetic that instantly breaks down clients’ preconceived notions of what a “firm” might look like. Something else you might not expect? How Beth and her team genuinely welcome questions about the investment process. “There is no fee for you to stop in and learn more,” Beth assures. “Our door is always open.” 144 East Chestnut Street

Being Lancaster born and raised, it was important to Beth that her office was located downtown, which allows her to stay connected to the city. She is enthusiastic about Lancaster’s younger generations committing to their wealth beyond instant-gratification trading apps like “Robinhood” and learning about investing as a long-term venture. Beth remembers teaching her own children when they entered college; encouraging them to research and invest in stocks they were passionate about. Because of this practice, her daughter was recently able to buy her first home, proving that with patience and diligence, anyone can grow their wealth and reach their short and long-term financial goals. It all starts with a conversation—so stop into Chestnut Street Investment Counsel’s welcoming space on 144 East Chestnut Street for a chat.


Mastering the art of real estate. Let the Puffer Morris team put their knowledge of the City of Lancaster to work for you. The Puffer Morris team with Jerome Hershey in his working studio. From Left: Wendy Hess, Jerome Hershey, Scott Haverstick, Mary Tribble, Jeremiah Eastep (Not pictured: Brian Altimare)


222 West Orange Street #2

717. 299.3433


AS IN EVERY CIT Y, small or large, it’s the artists who pioneer change—who think beyond boundaries and paint outside the lines. The arts community has led the way in the revitalization of Lancaster City even before the founding of Gallery Row 15 years ago. Today, signs of creativity are visible everywhere— in galleries, on facades, on plates, and on stages. The creative community is weaving a new narrative, one of hope and change. We encourage you to find an artist whose work speaks to you and listen to what they have to say.


High® companies celebrates the City of Lancaster and is committed to innovative community leadership, sustainable building practices, and advancement through the preservation of local heritage. Learn more at

On the following pages, meet some of the faces of the Lancaster City arts scene. They are painters, makers, and thinkers who are crafting a name for themselves, and in turn, for the city they call home.


RED RAVEN ART COMPANY Red Raven presents “Four Guys” Fred Rodger Dick Whitson Adam Bunting Robert Andriulli Exhibit runs Sept. 1–25 138 North Prince Street, Lancaster, PA 17603 717.299.4400


As a multi-media painter, teacher, and international guide, Susan J. Gottlieb infuses her art with exotic flavors, vibrant colors, and captivating tales of world travel. On her path to discovery, cultural origins have always been a fascination and inspiration for Susan. Making art, teaching, and exploring all coexist to create a life of connection and invention. Find Susan’s newest collections on her website and at Red Raven Art Gallery.


Address, Lancaster




A glimpse into Susan’s Studio



A full-time artist with a gallery in the heart of Lancaster City for the past 15 years, Liz Hess has created a body of work that celebrates life, love, people, and places from all over the globe. For the past 20+ years, she has dedicated her talent to celebrating the beauty of life.


UNDER THE EIFFEL • Oil on Canvas

FREIMAN STOLTZFUS FINE ARTIST Freiman Stoltzfus Gallery 142 North Prince Street

The art of Freiman Stoltzfus is inspired by music, the four seasons, poetry, Amish quilts, Gothic architecture, and geometry. See his current body of work, Flights of Fancy, on display at his Gallery Row location in the heart of Lancaster City. “Art is the most profound expression of the human spirit. We all share it in many ways; sometimes joyous and vivid, at times melancholy and reflective. Art, like life, is unstoppable.”




JEROME HERSHEY IN HIS STUDIO WITH NEW FIELDS PAINTINGS Hershey creates an optimistic, “simple complexity” in his work by layering hand-painted lines using carefully chosen colors.


Known nationally for his work, Jerome is a distinguished abstract painter who has been painting in his Lancaster City studio for the past 40 years. His process is a joyful meditation as he creates large-scale paintings that are both stimulating and contemplative. Since 1972, he has immersed himself in the world of self-expression through the color, shapes, and textures only found in his unique layered approach to abstract painting. To mark his anniversary, Jerome has published a book documenting his work titled Jerome Hershey Paintings 2006-2021. Look for the release this October and find out more by visiting



DEMUTH FOUNDATION 120 East King Street 717.299.9940



D EMUTH MUSEUM PRESENT DAY Photo Courtesy of Linnae Budusky

ANDREA AMEY OWNER AND ARTIST 322 North Queen Street 717.295.9661

J.A. Sharp Custom Jeweler is a woman-owned shop, focusing on custom designs. Believing in approachable, sustainable luxury, they craft timeless pieces and future heirlooms, while also curating a diverse selection of other American artist jewelry and gifts. Featured designers: Jude Sharp, Jen Lesea, Ananda Khalsa, Tom Kruskal, EatMetal, and Alicia Van Fleteren 46


This fall, the Demuth Foundation celebrates 40 years of art, history, and community! Founded in 1981, the Foundation was established to preserve the home, studio, and art of Lancaster native and American Modernist painter Charles Demuth. The Foundation operates the Demuth Museum at 120 East King Street, featuring a rotating selection of Demuth works from the collection along with special exhibits. In 2014, the Foundation merged with the Lancaster Museum of Art, a communityfocused museum housed in the Grubb Mansion at 135 North Lime Street that highlights local and regional artists as well as national touring exhibitions. They look forward to many more years of fulfilling their mission of promoting the appreciation and awareness of the visual arts in Lancaster through preserving the legacy of Charles Demuth and his artwork, supporting local and regional artists, and inspiring a new generation of creatives.



213 OLD TRINITY PLACE • diptych

Most of the inspiration for my photographs and prints comes from travel. Especially travel to other cultures, other worlds. So when I found myself unable to travel during this pandemic, I turned to virtual travel and online photography courses including the Masters of Photography course by Joel Meyerowitz to help maintain my creative juices. Meyerowitz is perhaps the most influential mentor of my long career. One of the projects Joel assigns is to see your neighborhood in a fresh way. I live in Lancaster City just a block from Penn Square and love the sense of history here. I had heard about Old Town and started researching the specific area. Last October I found the perfect autumn day with late afternoon light casting long shadows into the past. As Joel says, ‘You enter a place and then a little bit of magic happens. And that’s photography.’ These three diptychs represent a larger series of ten prints. The images are Old Town’s gifts to me and my visual gifts to you.”


OLD TOWN 1798 • diptych





FRIENDSHIP HEART GALLERY 118 North Water Street, Suite 101 | 717.945.6933

Where curiosity and imagination meets talent and passion. Friendship Heart Gallery celebrates the creative voices of Individuals with Intellectual Disability and Autism and provides opportunities for these Heart Artists to have their pieces juried, exhibited, and sold in an inclusive environment. In the Studio, Heart Artists inspire each other and form creative partnerships with members of the Lancaster Art District. Their artistic skills and talents are promoted through various techniques, using both traditional and unconventional media, along with individualized instruction time and collaborative group efforts. To learn more about each artist and view their original pieces, visit

Artist Photos: (below) Heart Artist Adam; (right side, top to bottom) Collaborative efforts abound; Heart Artist Nick and Lead Instructor Jess; Heart Artist Isaac; Heart Artist Wendy


CINDY SCHLOSSER ARTIST 15 West King Street | 717.371.9864

Cindy Schlosser has been creating decorative usable art in her gallery on Market street for the past 10 years. She is well known for her original, hand-painted beechwood bowls that are fully functional “art you can use,” as well as antique repurposed shutters, panels, windows, and furniture. Cindy loves being part of the Lancaster art family and is grateful that she can use her talent to bring others joy.

“Let your joy be a continual feast. Make your life a prayer. And in the midst of everything be always giving thanks.” THESSALONIANS 5:16 -17 49


CHOOSING HOPE Revolution Lancaster creates hope through handcrafted, socially responsible jewelry made by women with powerful stories of resilience. Looking beyond circumstance, they offer relationships and work that build solidarity and dignity. Every purchase makes an impact for a woman in Lancaster who has experienced homelessness. See the entire collection and learn how you can support their mission at To purchase jewelry find a retailer near you at 50


MEET THE MAKERS • Lili and Karen

Lancaster City Galleries

Spend a day exploring the vibrant art scene in Lancaster City. Visit one (or more!) of these art galleries. Be sure to also check out the special events hosted by galleries, shops, restaurants, and other local businesses on First Fridays. American Dragon International Fine Art 614 North Duke Street, Suite One

Gallery on Market

15 West King Street

Art & Glassworks

Jerome Hershey Studio

319 North Queen Street

34 ½ North Queen Street

Christiane David Gallery

Karen Anderer Fine Art

112 North Prince Street

146 North Prince Street

curio. Gallery & Creative Supply

Lancaster Galleries

106 West Chestnut Street

The Demuth Museum 120 East King Street

Freiman Stoltzfus Gallery 142 North Prince Street

Friendship Heart Gallery

118 North Water Street, Suite 101

34 North Water Street

Lancaster Museum of Art 135 North Lime Street

Liz Hess Gallery

140 North Prince Street

Megan Ashman Gallery

144 North Prince Street

We hope you are enjoying this local-loving magazine. In case you didn’t know, Fig is owned by Fig Industries, a design and marketing studio located in the heart of Lancaster City. We are a small team of passionate creatives who love our city and are champions for small business. If you own a business and want to build your brand, we’d love to meet you. Thank you for reading Fig.

Pennsylvania College of Art and Design 204 North Prince Street

Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen

335 North Queen Street

Phillips Museum of Art

628 College Ave

Red Raven Art Company

138 North Prince Street

Square Halo Gallery

37 North Market Street

The Ware Center

42 North Prince Street

See Our Work FI G I N D U ST R I E S.CO M

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The Fig Industries Team 103 South Duke Street



TH E E XPE RIE NCE . TH E TOOLS. T H E K N O W - H O W. Gil knows when it’s time to sell or to buy and where to find your next home. He brings 37+ years of real estate business experience to RE/MAX and his clients. Serving all of Lancaster County, and specifically School Lane Hills, Chestnut Hill, and the West End of Lancaster, he specializes in the marketing and sales of fine and luxury homes, smart growth initiatives, historic properties, and land planning and zoning.

Your home awaits Call Gil at 717.295.9995 for a list of active listings and tips on when to sell your home.

Gil Lyons

Realtor, Re/Max Pinnacle


500 Delp Road


Excellence takes

center stage

W E L C O M E T O T H E G A R D N E R T H E AT R E ! After three years of planning, fundraising, and construction, Gardner Theatre at the Lancaster Country Day School opened this past spring. The theater has already played host to a panel of young alums, rehearsals of the orchestra, and its first graduation when the members of the Class of ‘21 became the 113th to graduate and the first to do so after walking across this beautiful new stage.

Brian Sheehan, theater director

With seating to accommodate the entire student body and fittings to host productions of a professional scale, Gardner Theatre has opened new possibilities for LCDS students and looks forward to welcoming you soon! 725 Hamilton Road 717.392.2916 53


Your Own Skin W H E R E V E R YO U A R E on your wellness journey, Blossom Med Spa aims to create a warm, friendly atmosphere full of qualified professionals ready to serve you. Their team includes specialists in cosmetic injections—designed for immediate results with wrinkles, fuller lips, skin laxity, and scarring—as well as wellness infusions, lashes, and microblading.

Our core services G

Infrared Sauna/Halotherapy

Botox/Filler/Thread Lifts

Vitamin IV Infusions


Body Sculpting

Laser Hair/Rejuvenation/Resurfacing


Skin Tightening


ANDRA Blossom Nurse Practitioner/ Cosmetic Injector/IV Infusion Specialist.


101 North Queen Street Suite 93


Explore American favorites A D V E N T U R O U S G L O B A L D I S H E S created by Executive Chef Abou Kouyate. Eclectic decor and creative cocktails round out The Imperial experience in this historic space. And if you’re lucky, you’ll find a seat on the outside patio, nestled in the heart of Lancaster City.

Planning an event? Celebrate in style in one of The Imperial’s timelessly elegant ballrooms. Guests will delight in Imperial Grande’s gracefulness or the fresh modern aesthetic of the Imperial Blue Ballroom. Either space will provide the perfect backdrop for your own unique event. Contact Susy Dabney at 717.394.0900 or for availability and amenities. Imperial Grande Ballroom

Imperial Blue Ballroom

26 East Chestnut Street



Small Business. Big Heart.

T H E C I T Y O F L A N C A S T E R has long been known for its tenacious entrepreneurial spirit—put to the test last year. As Lancaster City continues to come alive, please make it your personal mission to continue your efforts to make every day a love local day.

Kinfolk Boutique @kinfolkminimalist

Devon Brady, Owner and Artist Kinfolk Boutique is a brand with a unique aesthetic and clear message: Do everything in love. Inspired by Afrocentrism and Minimalism, each Kinfolk piece is unique and handcrafted by Devon in her studio. Follow Kinfolk Boutique on social media or check out to shop her latest collection and find out where to shop in person.

The BeadWorks 52 North Queen Street 717.490.6551 |

Marcie Natale, Owner With their open studio layout, The BeadWorks is a welcoming place for anyone to create their own unique piece of jewelry. Choose from their massive selection of beads made from a variety of materials— from glass to porcelain to bone and everything in between.

Deerfoot Downtown 348 North Queen Street 717.809.4529 |

Dan Brown, Vintner and Jaime Brown, Co-Owner After over 15 years in the wine business, Dan brought his delicious Deerfoot wines to a tasting room in the heart of Lancaster City. Stop in for a tasting flight and find your new favorite wine while you browse the work of local artists on the walls and the wine labels.

Empanada Gourmet 46 North Prince Street & Lancaster Central Market 717.553.5913 |

Ivanna Arambillete and Nury Vargas, Co-Owners Between their stand in Lancaster Central Market and their new storefront on North Prince Street, this mother-daughter duo and their team serves freshly made-from-scratch empanadas every day. Their treasured recipes are authentically Uruguayan and absolutely delicious.


Shopping Small

Thanks to our friends at Armstrong World Industries, on the following pages you will meet some of the faces of Lancaster City’s close-knit retail and restaurant community.

Nourish Salon 128 East Grant Street, Suite 301 717.947.4871 |

Markiana Polite, Owner and Stylist Nourish is designed to be a safe space where all women can have their hair and hearts nurtured. Specializing in organic treatments, hair baths and masks, healthy hair blowouts, curly hair cutting, and curly hair care, the team is experienced in all textures of hair and dedicated to providing a restorative and restful experience.

Norbu 38 North Christian Street 717.208.7293 | @NorbuLancaster

Tenzin Norbu, Co-Owner Foodies looking for something new and exciting will find it at Norbu—offering delicious Bhutanese and Nepalese cuisine for dine-in or takeout. Co-owners Tenzin and Sanya Yeh are seriously passionate about food, and you can taste it in each dish. Don’t forget to BYOB!

Frisco’s Chicken 454 New Holland Avenue 717.740.5262 |

Francisco Gomez De La Torre, Co-Owner After immigrating to the United States from Peru and working for years towards his dream, Frisco is thrilled to bring healthy, flavorful, and affordable Peruvian-style cuisine to the community he loves so much. His passion for food is apparent in every bite.

A Day In The Life Records 24A West Walnut Street 717.508.4609 |

Daniel Flynn and Ashley Spotts, Co-Owners Offering a well-curated inventory of new and used vinyl, cassettes, CDs, and more, A Day In The Life Records prides itself on bringing quality selections for every kind of music lover to their everchanging collection.




The all new Armstrong Healthy Spaces Living Lab on our Columbia Avenue campus in Lancaster is open. This space has been designed to be a laboratory where Armstrong teams can experiment, test, and experience solutions in the service of creating the healthiest environments where we all live, work, learn, heal, and play.

We’ve been fortunate to call Lancaster County home for many years. In that time,

Armstrong ceiling systems are the capstone of a healthy space, with solutions like our 24/7 Defend™ products that bring indoor air quality, acoustics, light, design and sustainability together. Our AirAssure™ sustainable ceilings with VidaShield UV24™ Air Purification improves air circulation and ventilation while actively cleaning the air.

we’ve been dedicated to making ceilings and walls that make the spaces where we live, work, learn, heal, and play better for all of us—a purpose that has taken on a whole new meaning and level of importance. We believe, now more than ever, healthy indoor spaces are fundamental to healthy communities, and we are committed to making indoor spaces healthy, safe, and comfortable so we can all come together and be at our best. That’s what community is all about.



Our Living Lab includes Armstrong specialty ceilings and open suspension systems to create an indoor environment that’s comfortable and welcoming and reflects the outdoors and biophilic design elements. Natural light, warm wood tones, and deep, earthy greens evoke growth and well-being.

Eliance Health Solutions E L I A N C E H E A LT H S O L U T I O N S believes that the Lancaster business community deserves affordable health coverage that’s just as people-centered as the city itself. That’s why, since 2016, they’ve been partnering with Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health to offer locally-minded health plans designed not only to save employers money, but to genuinely improve the wellbeing of their employees along the way. Looking at healthcare differently, Eliance Health Solutions places an active emphasis on stellar customer service and is focused on reducing costs for members by providing resources through Wellness programs. In these programs, they offer services such as screenings, flu shots, health coaching and incentives. This gives employers the opportunity to reduce their annual deductible, while ultimately improving the quality of life for employees. One such company that has seen the measurable impact of Eliance’s plan is Dutchland Inc., located in Gap. Steve Grosh, Dutchland’s Manager of Human Resources, made integrating wellness into the company culture a priority in 2008. “At Dutchland, we see wellness and healthcare as holistic—we care about our employees’ wellbeing, and that of their families, on and off the job,” Steve explains. After working for many years to build and implement numerous wellness strategies for the company, Steve was eager to partner with an organization that was aligned with the program he worked so hard to build. Since partnering with Eliance Health Solutions in 2019, Steve has been able to offer his 135 employees a health plan that prioritizes their wellbeing and maintains the standard of wellness he worked to establish for the company.

From Left: Tanya Jarrett, Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health; Steve Grosh, Dutchland Inc.; Mike McCuen, Eliance Health Solutions

When Eliance Health Solutions introduced him to their plan—which included the services of health educator Tanya Jarrett—his search was over. Dutchland has seen increased engagement and participation with their employees due to the close relationship Tanya has formed with the organization. “Tanya and the entire team have created a model that empowers our employees to take ownership of their health and live their best lives,” says Steve. To learn more about Eliance Health Solutions health plans for companies with 15 employees or more, please visit

480 New Holland Avenue #7203



Create a work(place) of art! SAY HE LLO TO A B E AUTIFUL NEW LINE of acoustical solutions from Fräsch. Made in the USA and incorporating recycled plastic bottles into their materials, Fräsch acoustical solutions marry creative design with functional sensibility and a heart for sustainability. Reduce unwanted reverberation in any space with these sound-dampening products for walls, ceilings, and lighting, now available from the workplace furniture team at Benjamin Roberts!


240 North Prince Street


Connect with us as we connect to the heart of a loving God.

warm welcome to Rev. “ AClaire George-Drumheller who will be serving as our new associate Pastor. We could not be more pleased that she has made Lancaster her home, to serve our church and our community.” PA S TO R DA N S N Y D E R

Connection Community


140 East Orange Street


F I R S T P R E S B Y T E R I A N C H U R C H is a church home where we lovingly care for one another, joyfully serve together in the community, and engage in mission at home and abroad. If you are looking to connect with people who are serving in our city or for a community to grow in faith, we would love to meet you. Please join us for worship any Sunday morning or view our services anytime on YouTube.



Real Lancaster’s largest Indie brokerage.

Yadira “Jay” Cedeno, Laura Diamantoni, Ariana Garcia, Kevin Hurst, Emily Allen, Fred Rehhausser, John Spidaliere, and Nicole Cox

Lancaster Living

W H E T H E R YO U ’ R E B U Y I N G or selling real estate, investing, or looking for someone dependable to manage your rental portfolio, LancLiving Realty provides trustworthy and personalized real estate services. Their agents value integrity, community involvement, and inclusivity.


309 North Queen Street


LancLiving is proud to announce that they are now one of only two real estate agencies in Pennsylvania to become a certified B-Corp! This means that they are being recognized for meeting the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability.

Commercial | Residential | Renovations | Gift Shoppe

A Place All Her Own A K I N T E R I O R S has a passion for creating beautiful, functional spaces for the ones you love. Let them transform your home into a place of beauty and rest. As an extension of their design services, their shoppe offers home accessories, boutique furnishings, and special gifts that will delight. You can find Alison’s curated collection of her favorite finds at The Shoppe at AK Interiors on Orange Street and online at Gifts Statement Jewelry Tabletop & Entertaining Art & Boutique Furnishings Tues–Fri 9–5 pm | Sat 10–4 pm F In-person & virtual design services F Free meet & greet F Free parking in lot

Ellery in her dream bedroom.

246 West Orange Street



Building the Future T I P P E T T S / W E AV E R A R C H I T E C T S I S I N V E S T E D in the preservation, restoration, and adaptive reuse of historic buildings and sites in Lancaster City and beyond. They are proud to partner with the Fulton Theatre to ensure that this important national landmark can expand and flourish well into the future.


137 North Duke Street



Meet the team! Left to right: Ron Snyder, Wendy Tippetts, Dana Clark, Gary Weaver, Jon Sullenberger, Emily Broadbent, Taylor Denlinger, Rachel Haynes, Erika Parker, Jane Hess







The ALL NEW Address, Lancaster



The Fulton team is thrilled to announce that after an 18-month intermission, we will Return to Live on September 7 with our production of FUN HOME. With a renewed sense of purpose and a desire to serve our community, the staff cannot wait to welcome you home. We invite you to take a journey with us as we share with you, our community and stalwart supporters, our new building, how we have continued to create during the pandemic, and how we are opening our doors once again. Welcome Home. Address, Lancaster





Members of the Fulton team


WHILE WE WERE AWAY T H E F U LT O N S TA F F continued to engage our community with the creation of Fulton HD which featured concerts, behind the scenes interviews, and videos. Our Fulton family enjoyed Joey’s Java Talk, an online series featuring Joey Abramowicz, the Fulton Theatre’s Casting Associate, as he interviewed a variety of onstage and offstage talent. Our Outreach and Education Department partnered with the School District of Lancaster to provide virtual arts curriculum throughout the school year. Our production team worked with Operation Emerald to make masks, face shields, and gowns for our medical community. In July of 2020, the Fulton and WGAL joined forces to produce our first ever live telethon. The Lancaster community banded together to keep the lights of the Fulton burning bright. With outdoor concerts for our retirement communities, social media quizzes and interviews, and all of the partnerships described above, the Fulton team is so happy to have continued creating art for the community we call home.


Marc Robin Executive Artistic Producer


The ALL NEW Address, Lancaster


Liz Habecker Campaign Chair


The Breakout Performance Campaign continued construction during intermission. With the support of the community and the incredible teamwork of Warfel Construction Co., Tippetts/Weaver Architects, and all of the local subcontractors and suppliers, full occupancy of the new building was received in May. We can’t wait to welcome audiences to our new lobby, 27 new restrooms, and expanded gathering spaces. Get a sneak peek on the next several pages!

INCLUSION, DIVERSITY, EQUITY, ACCESSIBILITY (IDEA) The Fulton Theatre continues to be committed to representing our community through the stories we tell on our stage by creating conversations, promoting diversity through our staffing and programming, and making a promise to amplify the voices of people of color in our community and beyond. Featured are the casts, playwrights, and directors of the inaugural Stories of Diversity Playwriting Festival. Open to local and national playwrights, the Festival invited writers to submit new plays or musicals celebrating perspectives from the spectrum of diversity. Three plays were presented to the community in July 2021. For Colored Boyz On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown/When Freedom Aint Enuff­—by Bryan-Keyth Wilson, Lev Of Leningrad—by Noah Schoenberg, and L’Hôtel—by Marisol Medina.

To watch a panel discussion with the playwrights, visit

FULTON ACADEMY Throughout our intermission, Fulton Academy continued to serve local children with virtual camps and classes. The Academy partnered with School District of Lancaster to create virtual arts content during the school year. The Academy also participated in the Stories of Diversity Playwriting Festival through a partnership with Lancaster City’s J.P. McCaskey High School. In addition, Fulton Theatre Teaching Artists conducted an eight-week residency ­— collaborating with a diverse group of teens. The festival featured students who created a showcase of their own with original stories, dance, poetry, and music. To watch this Showcase in its entirety visit





WITH THE GENEROSITY AND VISION of Ed and Jeannie Arnold, the Fulton has expanded its downtown footprint to the entire city block of West King, North Prince, West Grant, and North Water streets. Multiple spaces have been created to showcase all that Fulton Theatre has to offer, create a home for visiting arts organizations, and offer new and expanded areas for the community to gather.

CULLITON TOWER The Gunterberg Charitable Foundation, helmed by philanthropist Carol Rae Culliton, generously supported the new Culliton Tower which bridges the Brossman Lobby and the former Academy building on the corner of North Prince Street and West Grant Street. The Tower will be the new entrance to the theatre and leads directly into the new lobby space. Architecturally, it is meant to bridge the Victorian and the modern and to compliment the architecture of neighboring buildings.


The ALL NEW Address, Lancaster



JAMES HAGELGANS + GALE ZORIAN LOBBY Through the generosity of Jim Hagelgans and Gale Zorian, this modern lobby space serves up to 1,000 patrons. Featuring a brand new bar, 27 restrooms, and a dedicated cabaret space, the new lobby will gather and serve Fulton patrons and guests for years to come.

CASTAGNA HALL Named for Patrick and Linda Castagna, the Hall is a performance, event, and rehearsal space to be used by the Fulton and the community. With two walls of glass and steel, the view of Downtown Lancaster is a sight to behold. The Hall will allow Fulton artists to rehearse in comfort, allow visiting arts organizations a new performance space, and local businesses and groups a new event venue. Address, Lancaster




RODGERS & ASSOCIATES PRODUCERS CIRCLE LOUNGE Rodgers & Associates, led by Rick and Jessica Rodgers, is well-known in Lancaster as a community advocate. With their support, the Producers Circle Lounge has been created. It is a private room dedicated to the Fulton’s Producers Circle Members—those who give annually at a certain level to support the organization. The Lounge provides a place to relax before a production, during intermission, and post show. The majority of furniture used to decorate the space has been seen on the Fulton stage in a variety of Agatha Christie plays.


The ALL NEW Address, Lancaster



A primary goal of the expansion project was to increase our ability to gather our community. We are excited to serve our patrons, local nonprofits, industry partners, businesses, and friends with community events, rentals of our new spaces, and, of course, as audience members as we “Return to Live!” —Marc Robin, Executive Artistic Producer

TELL STUDIO THEATRE AND LOBBY The Fulton Theatre Production Team used our intermission to design, create, build, and install a new lobby space on the fourth floor that serves the Tell Studio Theatre. The Tell Studio Theatre produces the Groff Studio Series—a series that offers four productions each season, focusing on challenging subject matter. With this new lobby space, bar, and seating, the fourth floor offers art, an elegant gathering area, and a view of the rooftops.

The mission of the Fulton is to create and produce exceptional theatre that moves the collective soul of our community and honors our national historic landmark.





Learn more and get tickets and subscriptions 717.397.7425 | | 12 North Prince Street

Explore all of the shows in the

2021/2022 MAINSTAGE SERIES FUN HOME September 7 – October 17


You are invited to the grandest fairy tale of them all, Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella, just in time for the holidays. Spend an enchanted evening at the ball with a lush production, with graceful dance, and a contemporary take on one of the most romantic stories ever told. Thanks to her fairy godmother, Cinderella is magically transformed into the belle of the ball, but she must convince the prince that she is the one he is meant to be with by the stroke of midnight. In this new Broadway adaptation, Cinderella loses her glass slipper after the ball, but in a twist, she takes charge of her own destiny, with a finale that proves anything is possible. A beautiful Rodgers and Hammerstein score includes In My Own Little Corner, Impossible/It’s Possible, and Ten Minutes Ago.

November 9 – January 2


The ALL NEW Address, Lancaster

###.###.#### F Showwebsite graphics by Creative Partner, Kinectiv.

THE SOUND OF MUSIC February 22 – March 20 SMOKEY JOE’S CAFE April 5 – May 1 MAN OF LA MANCHA May 17 – June 12


Winner of the 2017 Pulitzer Prize, Sweat is a compelling portrait of the American Rust Belt decay. In Reading, Pennsylvania, a group of life-long friends gather at the local bar, after the factory whistle blows, to share drinks, secrets, and laughs. It is life as usual until rumors of mass lay-offs loom, and two friends find themselves competing for the same management job that just might ensure their employment. For the first time, they find themselves divided by race, station, and survival. As tensions rise, the American Dream has its back against the wall, resulting in a shocking conclusion.

March 29 - April 16 Experience “cutting-edge” theatre with the


CHANGING CHANNELS February 1 – February 20

FIVE GUYS NAMED MOE May 31 – June 26


Join us under the sea for the all-singing, all-dancing musical adventure suitable for any sea royalty! Melody has a wish to explore the world that is unknown to her and allows the music to guide her. Lucky for her, she has her friends Bobell, the frog, Turtell, and Flutter, a beautiful butterfly, and many others along the way to keep her out of harm’s way as the battle between Seaweed, the sea witch, and Poseidon escalates. The largest Eichmann Family Series production in the Fulton’s history will mesmerize and amaze the young and the young at heart!

April 16 - May 7 Enjoy shows together with the

2021/2022 EICHMANN FAMILY SERIES SNOW WHITE November 20 – December 18



Address, Lancaster




THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! It is with heartfelt gratitude that we acknowledge that without the support of our community, board of trustees, sponsors, donors, and partners, we would not be open today. THANK YOU for supporting live theatre, continuing to believe in the value of the arts, and allowing us to create a space that will serve generations to come. Over 1,000 individuals and local businesses have joined together to support the Breakout Performance Campaign, the largest Campaign in the Fulton’s history. To see a full list of the supporters of this project, please visit Thank you for everything,

NICOLE HACKMANN Director, Breakout Performance Campaign

MARC ROBIN Executive Artistic Producer

Thank you to the following sponsors who supported this Fig Special Section Clark Food Service Equipment, a division of Clark Associates, is the nation’s largest distributor of food service equipment and supplies.

Garden Spot Village believes in living life to the fullest. They support the Fulton Theatre and the many cultural opportunities in Lancaster City.

High Foundation has been championing projects which enable inclusion of all people and create a vibrant, thriving city. Bob Kelchner, Senior Design Advisor; Jesse Hudock, Project Manager; Andrew Barshinger, Conceptual Designer

Steve Lindsey, CEO

Jackson’s Window Shoppe has 60 years in the business. They specialize in commercial and wholesale window treatments.

Ville Painters provides professional painting services for residential and commercial projects and is thrilled to bring color to the Fulton Theatre.

jacksonswindow Jerry Diaz, Alison Ziegler, Brian Jackson, and Damaron Penston



Robin Stauffer, Executive Director

Warfel Construction is a proud supporter of the arts and is invested in the sustainable growth of Lancaster City. Christofer and Stephen Dietrich, Amy Cassot, and Jess Letempt

Rick Lewis Sr., Jim Spence, Guy Kingree, Amber Schnader, Calvin Savary, Zach Hoffman, and Dino Cesarini

find the

unexpected E N J OY T H E V I E W T H I S FA L L from the rooftop at Altana while enjoying signature cocktails at the full bar and adventurous dishes crafted by chef Myra Martin. New to Altana! The newly renovated 2nd floor gallery space is perfect for your next event, or stop by each First Friday to discover new local artists. Shown here, art by Stew Bradley and Finch. 26 East King Street



The city is calling Downtown living by Willow Valley Communities 78

If the city is your happy place, we’d like to make some introductions. Say hello to Mosaic. A premier, high-rise 55+ residential hub coming to the heart of downtown Lancaster at Queen and Vine. With a city energy all its own, from global cuisine to yoga to rooftop gatherings. And of course, that Willow Valley Communities peace of mind. Learn more about the life and initial offerings. | 717.464.6800



UCC’s Dental Team and Truist’s Lancaster Market President, Sarah Lesser, celebrating the completion of the new dental clinic.

B B & T A N D S U N T R U S T F O R M E D T R U I S T with a shared purpose—to inspire and build better lives and communities. By providing grants in support of nonprofit organizations through the Truist Foundation, Truist helps amplify their impact.


Working hard, for Lancaster Colorful murals greet children at UCC when they go in for a dental appointment.

Here in Lancaster, that inspiration can be felt at Union Community Care’s (UCC) renovated dental clinic on South Duke Street. With the help of a $30,000 grant from the Truist Foundation, UCC modernized its dental facilities. Now UCC’s patients have a state-ofthe-art facility that matches the compassionate care they receive. Dr. Melissa Hamers, Chief Dental Officer for UCC, says it best, “We are thrilled to have this space! It allows us to provide a welcoming environment for children, and it’s one that we are proud to have!” 80


Go online to find your local branch

Truist Bank, Member FDIC. ©2021 Truist Financial Corporation. BB&T, SunTrust®, the SunTrust logo, and Truist are service marks of Truist Financial Corporation. All rights reserved.

Community Collaboration L A N C A S T E R C I T Y A L L I A N C E is a non-profit that promotes city growth and stability by leveraging a broad network of community members to ensure Lancaster is a clean, safe, and vibrant city for all.

Thank you to the Lancaster Museum of Art for hosting the Lancaster City Alliance in their beautiful space. The featured artwork is by Eduardo Verdecia.


Standing (left to right)

Seated (left to right)

Colleen – Executive Leadership Teams Manager

Jeremy – Director of Community and Economic Development

Danny – Ambassador and Clean Team Operations Manager

Kathlene – Social Media and Engagement Manager

Lori – Team Coordinator

Marshall – President

Dave – Executive Director Lancaster Downtown Investment District & Director of Clean and Safe Services

Anne – Director of Communications

Alex – Programs and Outreach Coordinator

115 East King Street



Creating Together

E V E R Y P R O J E C T B E G I N S with a blank canvas. We get to know you, listening to your wants, needs, and ideas. Only then do we begin creating, together.


Locations in Lancaster, Lititz, and Lebanon

Art Credit: Scott L. Shonk, AIA, “Pompeii Column” in the BeauxArts style, ink wash on paper, 1993






W I T H O V E R 3 0 Y E A R S of experience, Yorgos Lancaster is a city staple on the corner of North Queen and West Orange. There, owner George Katsaros and his family have been serving authentic Greek-influenced dishes and American cuisine since 1989. Enjoy casual pub fare on the first floor, elegant Greek entrees at Kefi Mediterranean Taverna on the second floor, or drinks and dinner at Little Mykonos in the third-floor lounge and terrace. Yorgos also accommodates large parties and events. They are open 7 days a week and you can easily order many of their delicious dishes from their website.

66 North Queen Street

717.394.6977 83

A foundation to flourish “Solvit Academy has provided our daughter with authentic experiences that are personalized and exciting. She recognized quickly that her learning and conversations have clear application in all areas of her life. With the opportunity to master and advance through core-skill subject matter at an individual pace, her interests have flourished. Through daily Socratic discussions, her voice is heard and valued, building leadership and nourishing her character. As a family of educators, we recognize the importance that the


354 North Prince Street


academic experience of school provides, but we also believe that the value of the social-emotional role is just as important. Solvit Academy has been the perfect blend of preparation for the future paired with encouraged support for our daughter’s ideas and passions. Our daughter is not simply learning...she is developing excitement and selfefficacy around the capabilities she has today and intense curiosity with the questions that tomorrow promises to hold.” Melissa and Ryan Berardi, pictured with their daughter Celia.


Scan the QR Code and join Solvit for a family open house! See the space and experience the difference.

Experience the incredible true story behind the world’s most beloved song.

coming to Lancaster Bible College

Friday, October 1 Saturday, October 2 Sunday, October 3

Friday, October 8 Saturday, October 9 Sunday, October 10

Friday, October 15 Saturday, October 16 Sunday, October 17

friday 7pm | saturday and sunday 2pm & 7pm

S E R VA N T S TA G E exists to serve the community with outstanding musical and theatrical experiences that inspire, educate, challenge, and entertain. From big Broadway musicals to original revue shows and more, they strive to make the arts accessible to all, with a pay-what-you-will model and touring performances across Lancaster County.


For more information and to reserve tickets, visit or call 717.455.0255


Bringing art to Work “ YO U A N D YO U R N E E D S are more important than anything I can say about us,” says Mike Williams, Vice President of The H&H Group. He recognizes that without customers, there are no cool graphics, no amazing signs, no print work, no need to do project and kit fulfillment, and all the other interesting things that The H&H Group does for its friends and clients. Working with Gensler, a nationally recognized architecture and design firm 86

854 North Prince Street,


employed by Armstrong World Industries (AWI), they produced over 200 panels of graphics to create an environment of beauty and calmness, using the flora and fauna around the AWI workplace. “Tonya and I are proud of the opportunity afforded to us to work on this very impressive ‘Living Lab’ space on the Armstrong World Industries’ campus.” Mike said.


Living Lab at Armstrong World Industries

M A E J E A N V I N TA G E C U R AT E S a collection of genuine vintage, antique, and estate jewelry, specializing in timeless heirlooms from the Victorian, Edwardian, Art Deco, and Mid Century eras. |



AT W E S T E N D YO G A , they believe yoga is for everybody and every body. They integrate artful yoga techniques and contemporary movement therapies for a holistic approach to healing the body and mind. With a diverse group of passionate instructors, they are committed to being a place of community wellness—helping to guide the students they serve as they move towards awareness of self and a more radiant state of being. 221 West Walnut Street 717.406.9681


Meet the Tread House team! Left to right: JoEllyn, Keara, Megan, Justin, Peyton, Cole, Nando (not pictured: Kaitie)

in the hustle

TOGETHER! 88 28 Penn Square, Suite 160


J O I N T H E T R E A D H O U S E C O M M U N I T Y— one created with a rich and diverse set of principles and a unique approach to fitness. Their workout experience is the perfect combination of cardio and strength in a supportive, inclusive environment. Come for the exercise, stay for the community!

Exploring Lancaster’s Outdoor Gems W H E N I T C O M E S T O the unique features of Lancaster County, our community’s waste management system probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. And yet, how we manage our trash in Lancaster County garners national attention and accolades, both in how we manage the material AND the positive impact of these efforts on the local community.

Yes, its value. Not only does LCSWMA transform waste into useful resources, like renewable energy (i.e., combusting the waste to make electricity), but the organization also leverages the assets they own to do this work.

For example, did you know that on average only 4% of Lancaster County’s municipal solid waste goes to a landfill? Or that the equivalent of 1 in 5 area homes and businesses are powered by trash?

One visible example is their involvement in open space projects. LCSWMA owns over 1,000 acres of land—most of which hosts or is adjacent to its operating facilities. And LCSWMA views these properties as offering an opportunity to improve the livability of the Lancaster community, some of which are highlighted on the following pages.

This is what the Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority (LCSWMA) strives for every day: to protect you and the environment, while transforming waste into a resource that improves the livability of our community.

This philosophy is about seeing the “hidden gem” in unexpected places. And the following pages share some more of Lancaster’s hidden gems. We hope this adds another layer of appreciation to this wonderful place many of us call home.

How is this possible? Well, LCSWMA takes a different perspective on the value of waste.


The Northwest Lancaster County River Trail I N C O L L A B O R AT I O N W I T H other community partners, LCSWMA helped to construct and fund the Northwest Lancaster County River Trail, a multi-use, public recreation trail that is approximately 14 miles long and follows the route of the historic Pennsylvania Mainline Canal. Because some of the original towpath remains along the corridor, the trail allows visitors to interpret the industrial archaeological remains like abandoned canal locks, iron furnaces at Chickies Rock, and the old quarry operation at Billmeyer. The trail also connects the historic river towns and villages of Columbia, Marietta, Bainbridge, and Falmouth, and is ideal for biking, walking, or running. Find directions and access points for the trail at 90

1299 Harrisburg Pike


The Farmingdale Trail O W N E D B Y L C S W M A , the Farmingdale Trail is a multi-use trail system perfect for walking, running, dog walking, and exploring. Opened in 2009, this trail has become a local favorite for its ease of access and natural beauty. One of the trails winds through wetlands, which functions as a natural water storage system that provides a home for diverse wildlife and vegetation. Another trail runs along the Little Conestoga Creek through the woods. There is also a grassland trail and dog park for your furry friends to enjoy. Farmingdale Trail also connects to the Little Conestoga Trail at the Crossings. Learn more at

View a fu ll map of T h e Fa r m i n g d a l e T r a i l at lc sw ma .org 91

Beau’s Dream Dog Park at Buchanan Park B E A U ’ S D O G PA R K was completely revamped in August 2013, after local resident Angela and her dog Beau won the 2012 Beneful Dream Dog Park content, which brought a $500,000 dog park makeover to the Buchanan Park Dog Park. Features of the dog park include a small and large dog area, both with splash pads, a doxi tunnel on the small dog side, and a tennis ball tree that launches tennis balls on the large dog side. The Park is free to enter from sunrise to sunset.

Lancaster County Central Park T H E L A R G E S T PA R K in the county, Lancaster County Central Park spans 544 acres on the southern edge of Lancaster City. Whatever your favorite outdoor activity may be, you can find and enjoy them in Central Park—including a county swimming pool, a skate park, six pavilions, garden rental plots, hiking/biking/horseback riding trails, camping sites, an Environmental Center, Shuts Environmental Library, and the Garden of Five Senses. 92

1299 Harrisburg Pike

About the Garden: As implied by its name, the Garden of Five Senses is designed to stimulate all your senses. From the bursting color in the spring and summer blooms to the mystery scents along the garden’s path to the rippling sounds of water, meandering in the garden is sure to delight you. Signs along the walkway explain how our senses work and are also written in Braille.


Keys for the City K E Y S F O R T H E C I T Y is an initiative developed by Music For Everyone’s founder John Gerdy and MFE board members as a way to bring the community together through music. An art project designed to interrupt the noise of everyday life and grab people’s attention, music is sporadically and spontaneously played on these beautifully painted street pianos. In partnership with LCSWMA, local businesses, local artists, and musicians—the pianos are gutted, pieced together, and “upcycled” to give them new life. Find the 2021 LCSWMA piano in Musser Park behind the Lancaster Museum of Art.

Lancaster City Public Art

Lancaster City Murals

L A N C A S T E R P U B L I C A R T incorporates public art into Lancaster City infrastructure and public works, civic spaces, and other land development projects in order to enrich and beautify our city.

L A N C A S T E R I S H O M E to an array of murals created by local artists to showcase life and heritage in Lancaster City throughout history to now. These masterpieces can be found around town and are a beautiful detour on your way to your next destination.

What exactly is public art? According to the Association of Public Art, it expresses community values, enhances the environment, transforms a landscape, heightens awareness, or questions assumptions. Placed in public sites, this art is there for everyone, a form of collective community expression. Public art is a reflection of how we see the world—the artist’s response to our time and place combined with our own sense of who we are. Lancaster City Public Art projects create pathways for meaningful conversation, evoke emotions, tell the story of our culture and our identities, create a sense of belonging, and attract interest and enhance pride in Lancaster City. All of these things lead to stronger neighborhoods and increased quality of life. Travel around the city to find some of your favorites or go to


An artistic

l e g ac y Explore life in early Lancaster

E A R LY A M E R I C A’ S H I S T O R Y and culture are marked by the contributions of countless Lancaster Countians living during the 1700s and early 1800s. Historic Rock Ford offers a glimpse into the lives of the artisans, laborers, and leaders who built the foundation for today’s diverse and thriving Lancaster County. The John J. Snyder, Jr. Gallery of Early Lancaster County Decorative Arts and the General Edward Hand Mansion feature curated collections in an extensive exhibit located in a newly adapted 18th century Pennsylvania Bank Barn and in authentic period room settings.

Documented reproduction textiles and an exceptional Lancaster County dressing table in the Master Bed Chamber. Hand Mansion

From the most decorative to the simply utilitarian, each object has a story to tell about the world in which it was created and reflects the lives and the legacies of the people who shaped Lancaster County over 200 years ago.

Visit for general admission, events, programs, and information.


881 Rockford Road


Henry Bates Grubb by Thomas Sully. Snyder Gallery

General Edward Hand Mansion. Circa 1794

Reimagine Jesus. Church. Your Perspective. Come join us for six consecutive Wednesday free evening art classes this fall starting at 6:30pm on September 22! More information on our website.

The creative team at First United Methodist will ignite your passion through artful worship. Rev. Laura Sambrick Associate Pastor

Deb Kelleher Musician

Christian Faux Minister of youth and young adults

Joanne Stephan Artist / Calligrapher

Patty Eastep Director, Anchor Lancaster

Brian Lehman Resident Artist

Jan Betty Director of Children’s Choirs

Peter Omundsen Organist/Director of Youth Choirs

Rev. Joe DiPaolo Lead Pastor

Not Pictured Karen Senkowski Director of Congregation Care

29 East Walnut Street

717. 394.7231

Dr. Brian Norcross Director of Music

Loving Lancaster, Loving The World 95

Health City of the


by the numbers

$50 Million



LG Health investment in the Lead-Free Families program

Average number of children in Pennsylvania poisoned by lead every year

Number of Lancaster County homes LG Health plans to remediate over 10 years

THRE E-YE AR- OLD LE VI M ILLE R R AC E S around his grandma’s house, proudly hoisting his Black Panther action figure above his head as he zips from the living room to the dining room and kitchen, and then back around for another lap before diving into his toy box to find Captain America. Kelly Key can’t contain her smile as she chases after her superhero-loving son and wraps him in her arms with a big bear hug—prompting laughs from Levi’s grandparents, Mary and Skip Hogentogler. As the sun beams through the 92-yearold brick duplex Columbia home on a sweltering July day, it’s not the summer heat that fills the room with warmth, but the love of family. And it’s that love that prompted the Hogentoglers to sign up for Lead-Free Families, the new program recently launched by Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health to identify and remediate lead hazards in Lancaster County homes. Lead exposure and poisoning is a significant health issue among children in Lancaster County, with blood lead levels here among the highest in the state. “I was appalled when they tested Levi’s room and they found lead in the paint chips in the windows,” Mary says. “We never even thought about lead in the house when we bought it.” Mary and Skip bought the home together seven years ago, shortly after the childhood sweethearts and Columbia High School Class of 1982 graduates reunited and married. Kelly and Levi moved in a few months ago, making the removal of the lead in the house more than just important. It’s now necessary to protect Levi. It’s kids like Levi who LG Health wants to protect. Lead is present in most homes

built before 1978. The Hogentoglers’ house was built around 1930, nearly a half-century before federal standards required lead-free materials to be used in building construction. It’s estimated that some 91,000 homes in the county have lead-based paint. About 45 percent of households in the county have a child under the age of six or a pregnant woman residing, posing health risks to moms-to-be and children. Lead poisoning can lead to permanent health problems, developmental delays, learning and behavior problems, hearing and speech problems, lower IQ, and an increased risk of criminal behavior. By contrast, removing lead from homes can result in improved academic outcomes, lower education costs, better lifetime earning potential, and reduced risk of criminal behavior. That’s why Lead-Free Families will identify and remediate lead hazards in at least 2,800 Lancaster County homes over the next 10 years, while also providing community education and temporary housing and support services for families during remediation. “We’re committed to making Lancaster County the healthiest place to live, work and play,” says LG Health CEO John J. Herman. “Lead-Free Families is a historic $50 million investment by our health system, because we recognize that healthcare goes far beyond the walls of our hospital and doctor’s offices. Where we live and how we live matters to our health. We want to help make home healthy for Lancaster County kids and families.”

his superhero action figures. A smile comes over her. “It’s such a relief that we’re getting the lead removed from our house. I’m just really grateful to LG Health for what they’re doing,” Mary says. “It shows that they really are caring for us and caring for our community.” To apply for the Lead-Free Families program, or for more information, visit

Partnering to Get the Lead Out Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health’s Lead-Free Families program is a countywide initiative that also works collaboratively with the City of Lancaster and its Lead-Safe Lancaster initiative. The two programs work together on health education and the promotion of healthy housing in Lancaster. Partnerships such as this and the Lancaster County Lead Coalition, of which LG Health is a founding member, are aimed at fostering a safer and healthier Lancaster City and County.

Lead-Free Families is the first comprehensive lead-free homes initiative in the U.S. to be 100 percent funded and led by a health system. That fact is not lost on Mary, whose eyes lock on little Levi as he plays with 717.544.LEAD (5323)


Giving Back | Making a difference in the lives of others

Back row left to right: Joe Gonzalez, Joseph Gray (Founder), Savion Patterson, Terian Mack (Lead Creative Mentor), Mark “Souul Truu” Cherry Jr. (Mentor) Front row left to right: Calel “P.k the Pr1nce” Knight, Dominique “Sir Dominique Jordan” MillerShell (Founder), Leonard Brown

Giving Back: Tru2You I T ’ S I M P O S S I B L E T O H AV E a conversation with Tru2You founders Joseph Gray and Dominique MillerShell without being inspired. Both men radiate an infectious positivity. Born and raised in Lancaster City, they feel uniquely equipped to inspire the youth of Lancaster. “When I was in school, I didn’t feel like adults were vested in my creativity, so we want to bridge that gap with Tru2You,” says Miller-Shell. By connecting the Lancaster City youth to local artists and community leaders, the mentors and coaches Gray and MillerShell hope to inspire the next generation to express themselves through art. Sometimes using their creative gifts in poetry and spoken word, other times

using public speaking and excerpts from their upcoming book: 99 Days of Affirmation, the two friends are the support they wished for as teenagers. “Our mission statement is ‘to inspire, encourage, and galvanize the minds of individuals to become the best version of themselves,’” says Gray. The overall goal is to foster artistic expression and emotional literacy that translates into civic engagement demonstrated in their Block-Rite program.

conjunction with the city government to find out what areas need change and trying to encourage neighbors to get outside and help us take ownership of our community,” says Miller-Shell. The team keeps it fun, with music and live entertainment for the public areas, and invites the rest of Lancaster City residents to join in. They are doing their part to give back by being the truest versions of themselves, and they hope that you would do the same.

Tru2You builds a youth team to provide lawn care, snow removal, and clean-up in their neighborhood. “It started on the northeast side, and now it’s going into all the different pockets of the city. We are doing our best to work in

If you would like to learn more about Tru2You, you can visit their website (the “o” in “you” is a zero) or follow them on Instagram @Tru2Y0u.

98 Learn more about Fig Giving Back at

Educating the


THADDEUS STEVENS COLLEGE OF T E C H N O L O G Y has a rich history of developing makers. Since 1905, we’ve helped generations of students and communities flourish through the trades. We have cultivated masons, carpenters, and plumbers who went out and built Lancaster and its surrounding areas. Our students made bridges, farms, and cities. And we haven’t stopped creating. Since then, we’ve become engineers, technicians, leaders; makers. The world has changed since 1905, so have we.

750 East King Street



Arts & Culture

The Trust Performing Arts Center & Lancaster Bible College CONCERTS

THEATRE & DANCE F E B R U A R Y 1 4 | 7: 3 0 p m

S E P T E M B E R 1 0 –11 , 17 –1 8

TRUST GREAT HALL Experience an evening of music and prose with songs from the iconic author’s personal collection, featuring musicians and performers in period costume.

TRUST BLACK BOX THEATRE The college theatre majors present D.W. Gregory’s award-winning play inspired by a true story. In 1926, radium was a miracle cure and luminous watches the latest rage—until the girls who painted them began to fall ill with a mysterious disease. “Radium Girls” traces the efforts of Grace Fryer, a dial painter, as she fights for her day in court.


N OV E M B E R 4 | 7pm

O C T O B E R 7 | 7: 3 0 p m


BEIJING GUITAR DUO TRUST GREAT HALL Praised as “having the star potential to serve as inspiration for new generations of guitarists to come,” guitarists Meng Su and Yameng Wang perform selections from Debussy, Fauré, Enrique Granados and more.

GOOD SHEPHERD CHAPEL (LBC CAMPUS) “Sublime beauty” and the “height of professionalism,” –Dallas Morning News MARCH 27 | 3pm

THE DOVER QUARTET WITH CHRISTOPHER SHIH TRUST GREAT HALL Hailed as “the young American string quartet of the moment” (The New Yorker), the Dover Quartet catapulted to international stardom in 2013. Lancaster’s own Physician-Pianist, Christopher Shih, will join the quartet in performing works by Shostakovich, Mozart, and more. A P R I L 1 0 | 7: 3 0 p m

N O V E M B E R 2 9 | 7: 3 0 p m

CHANTICLEER TRUST GREAT HALL Experience a Chanticleer Christmas with the Grammy Award winning “orchestra of voices” in the Great Hall’s extraordinary acoustics.



SEEN COLLECTIVE TRUST GREAT HALL Using original music to tell the stories of the women in the Bible and the God who saw them, SEEN features a collective of some of the region’s best female performers led by Sight & Sound’s Kristen Brewer.

The company presents one of their most popular and longest touring ballets. Set under the blazing Egyptian sun, the enslaved Jewish people cry out for a deliverer. THANKSGIVING-CHRISTMAS

THE LION, THE WITCH & THE WARDROBE TRUST BLACK BOX THEATRE The Reverie Actor’s Company presents a unique 45-minute adaptation of C. S. Lewis’ beloved story in which all the roles are performed by two actors. A Lancaster holiday tradition.

37 North Market Street 717.560.8241

901 Eden Road

H Photo Credit: Joe Ulrich

W I T F M U S I C showcases regional musicians and their stories through in-studio performances, lively interviews, and iconic photos.

FEATURING ARTISTS LIKE Dandy, The Part Time Managers, Jogïr, Cathy Chemi, and Steve Rudolph WITF Music provides an eclectic range of musical genres that represents the diverse talent of Central Pennsylvania. Read, listen, and watch it all at

4801 Lindle Address, Road, Lancaster Harrisburg###.###.#### 717.704.3000

website 101

Lakeisha O’Keiffe (chemistry teacher) Mary Bolesky (student)

Sayre Korich (student)

Building for the Future 102

650 Juliette Avenue


R I C H I N I T S T R A D I T I O N of developing students into community leaders for the past 90+ years, Lancaster Catholic High School has spent the summer looking to the future. After almost five years of planning and fundraising, by partnering with MAROTTA/MAIN Architects and Warfel Construction, imagination and 3D renderings have become a reality for future Crusaders in the form of the new STEM Innovation Center, which is set to welcome LCHS students when they return to school this September. This is just the first phase of the multimillion dollar renovations planned for the future of the school, as Lancaster Catholic High School gears up for the next five generations of Crusaders to thrive with 21st Century learning tools and environments. The STEM Innovation Center is the first major campus renovation to LCHS since 1964, but next year, plans call for a state-of-the-art Fine & Performing Arts Center, Student Commons, and much more. Lancaster Catholic High School is proud to partner with MAROTTA/MAIN Architects and Warfel Construction because their design and construction expertise is helping to bring LCHS’ mission, vision, and goals to life.

Exterior Rendering of the New Performing Arts Center Entrance

With the help of the many LCHS benefactors, the future looks bright at Lancaster Catholic High School.

M A R O T TA / M A I N A R C H I T E C T S A P P R E C I AT E S the opportunity to partner with Lancaster Catholic High School to help bring the dreams, vision, and needs of their students and faculty to fruition. With the STEM Innovation Center renovation underway, the next phase will focus on supporting the students with a new Performing Arts Center, Student Commons, and Cafeteria. Construction is planned to commence in summer 2022.

Interior Rendering of New Auditorium and Stage

214 North Duke Street



E The Ebersole Brothers with their team.


superior craftsmanship 104

Constructor of Fine Homes Throughout Central PA


Here when you need us most. Introducing their new Willow Street location. 2421 WILLOW STREET PIKE | 717.464.4600

This building will be replaced by the new funeral home, opening in 2022. Chad & Chip Snyder with Kelly Gramola Townsend, Preplanning Director

S N Y D E R F U N E R A L H O M E is pleased to bring their 6th family owned funeral home location to Willow Street, PA. The new funeral home will stand at 12,500 square feet with a timeless design bringing in local details such as the stone selections on the exterior and interior. It will be built on three acres, feature 150 parking spaces, an on-site crematory, beautiful open service and gathering spaces, comfort room, funeral arranging, preplanning, and headstone planning offices, and gathering patio, in addition to a large beautiful lobby for friends and families to congregate. Now accepting new & transferred pre-arrangements. SERVICES Pre-Planning Traditional Funeral & Graveside Services Celebration of Life Services On-Site Cremation Veteran Services

Rendering of new Willow Street location, opening in 2022

Green Burials Pet Cremation Granite Monuments & Bronze Markers Serves All Faiths and Cultures Habla Español

Lancaster City | 414 East King Street | 717.393.9661 Manheim Township | 3110 Lititz Pike | 717.560.5100 Lititz-Spacht-Snyder | 127 South Broad Street | 717.626.2317 Millersville | 441 North George Street | 717.872.5041 Strasburg-Bachman Snyder | 7 South Decatur Street | 717.687.7644 Willow Street | 2421 Willow Street Pike | 717.464.4600

414 East King Street 717.393.9661








Be p a r t of a n e w wa y to "se e" e a c h oth e r. Show your community what's important to you and what you care about. Add your snapshot to the map and explore the stories of your friends and neighbors.

Yo u r s t o r y i s o u r w a y FORWARD. Yo u r s t o r y i s o u r COMMUNITY. 106

L a n c a s t e rSna ps hot. c om




Crispus Attucks Mission: Crispus Attucks Community Center strives to improve the quality of life for youth and families in Lancaster by providing services that promote community prosperity, physical and mental health, and by offering programs and cultural events.

Infamous Unstoppables performing at the 2020 Annual Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Breakfast


rispus Attucks Community Center has become the social hub of the Southeast area and beyond. The Center is proud to be a part of the Black legacy empowering the African American community, symbolizing a rich cultural heritage and serving as both a holder of history and a beacon of hope. Crispus Attucks Community Center, located in the multicultural Southeast area of Lancaster City, is proud to serve the community by providing programs and resources that help children, youth, families, and individuals thrive and prosper. The current programs housed under Crispus Attucks: • Crispus Attucks Café • Crispus Attucks Food Bank • Infamous Unstoppables • Reunion Food Truck Find out more and get involved at:

Social Mission At Fig, we believe in the power of a community that works together to identify needs and find solutions—one that creates connections and is passionate about helping its neighbors. Each year, Fig partners with a nonprofit organization working to transform the community. Our 2021 Social Mission Partner is Crispus Attucks. Please join us in supporting them.

As our Fig Social Mission partner, 10% of every subscription in 2021 goes directly to the work of Crispus Attucks. Subscribe at

407 Howard Avenue



One United Lancaster F covers Gov. Wolf press conference at Vaccinate Lancaster site.

O N E U N I T E D L A N C A S T E R was created in April 2020 as a pandemicfocused information center for the community, meant to highlight local health care and community resources while reporting the latest coronavirus data in Lancaster County. Since then, OneUnitedLancaster has developed into an award-winning, reliable digital news imprint for the

community with focused reporting on the local nonprofit sector, COVID-19, government activities throughout the county, community advocacy efforts and events, and much more. OUL’s focus is finding underreported niches and gaps of concern for community benefit organizations through grassroots reporting where regional and national news entities lack the resources to focus. For more information or to submit a story idea, please email Tim Stuhldreher, OUL Editor, To learn more about sponsoring One United Lancaster weekly emails or to be featured on the website, please contact Maddie Seiler, Director of Marketing & Communications,

Our goal is to tell the truth with context, ensuring Lancastrians a community driven source of reliable information.”


Tim Stuhldreher interviews with Rev. Roland Forbes To learn more scan here or visit

JOIN US FOR UNITED WAY OF LANCASTER COUNTY’S FIRST ANNUAL GOLF TOURNAMENT AT CONESTOGA COUNTRY CLUB. Individual and foursome tickets and sponsorship opportunities available but are filling up fast! Ticket includes: Round of golf, lunch & dinner with open bar, swag bag of golf items, raffles, contests, and more! To learn more, scan here or contact Sara Yoskoski, Director of Leadership Giving & Events, at or call 717.824.8127.

OCTOBER 18 2021


1910 Harrington Drive, Suite A




T R E AT YO U R G U E S T S to a stay that they’ll never forget! Located in the heart of Lancaster, a block of rooms for your guests and wedding party cannot get more accommodating than at the locally-owned and beautifully crafted Lancaster Arts Hotel. Each room will offer a unique, tranquil, and extraordinary experience so you are well-centered for your big day. Host your next social event or family gathering in the inspired spaces at the Lancaster Arts Hotel. Booking for holiday 2021 and 2022 now.

300 Harrisburg Avenue


1.866.720.2787 109


Cheers To



C U R I O . features a carefully curated selection of drawing and writing supplies, fine art papers for drawing, printmaking, and painting as well as a wall of greeting cards. Quality products, unique items, a passion for creativity, and support for artists make curio. a truly unique destination.

Come in curious, leave inspired.

106 West Chestnut Street 717.874.4482

Fall Events F I R S T F R I D AY September 3, October 1, November 5 Get swept up in the creative energy with events around town all day.

For a full list of community events, visit


W Y N D R I D G E FA R M ’ S OKTOBERFEST October 2 – 3

Showcasing for the City’s increasingly extraordinary dining scene.

Join Wyndridge Farm for Oktoberfest at the Lancaster Beer Garden on October 2 followed by Oktoberfest at The Farm on October 3.

FULTON THEATRE PRESENTS: FUN HOME September 7 – October 17 It’s the return of the Main Stage at the Fulton! (Fig Preview Night will resume this holiday with Cinderella.)


Sponsored by

LANCASTER VEGFEST September 18 – 19 Lancaster’s 5th annual VegFest to celebrate the plant-based lifestyle!

ON TH E FOLLOWING PAG E S , you’ll find our Community Supporters —businesses committed to a thriving city. Although they may not be located in Lancaster City, they believe in the power of buying local and shopping small. Take time this fall to visit these businesses—and tell them you found them in Fig!



The vision. The community. The experience.

See the full artwork from LM students above, like Seunga, JT, and Ilse, meet our Art & MakerSpace teachers, and hear what inspires them to keep creating.

T O G E T H E R W E A R E T H E C R E AT O R S , innovators, and engineers of the future. Nestled for 79 years on a beautiful 95-acre campus, our school community is surrounded by inspiration. Our dedicated teachers nurture students’ curiosity and creativity with hands-on, high-quality academics, fine arts classes, and extracurricular opportunities. Our PreK-12th graders are from across Lancaster County and the globe. They are empowered to change the world, one paint brush, sculpture, photograph, and act of kindness at a time.

2176 Lincoln Hwy East

Scan to begin.



A lineup for getting

Your Finances to home base

Lineup left to right: Laura Jacobs Registered Private Client Associate Laura Pontz Account Executive Peter L. Costanzo, Jr., CFP ®, CRPC, AWMA®, AAMS Executive Vice President / Wealth Management, Financial Advisor

N O M AT T E R W H E R E YO U A R E in the lineup of life, Costanzo Wealth Management is here for you—just starting out, in your peak earning years, or contemplating your legacy. They take a customized approach to your finances and your investment strategies, so you’re prepared for any curveball along the way. © JANNEY MONTGOMERY SCOTT LLC MEMBER: NYSE, FINRA, SIPC


1650 Crooked Oak Drive, Suite 100


Meet the team! Left to right: Kayla, Sandy, Nick, and Pam




AT B L A D E S S A L O N , everyone belongs. Our salon culture provides a safe and friendly atmosphere where we strive to create an experience of total well-being for our clients. We continuously further our education to provide highest-quality services, and we take our time to ensure each client looks and feels their best. Our specialties include curated hair color, dry cutting techniques, balayage, custom extensions and pieces, and restorative treatments.” Sandy Bird, Owner & Stylist

805 Estelle Drive, Suite 204



Over 60,000 square feet of flooring specials in stock and ready for pickup. They can also design and build your custom kitchen.

Helping you create

Your Dream Space Meet the team! Left to right: Jeff, Lisa, and Hannah

F L O O R S 2 B U Y was established in 2017 by Jeff Farabaugh, bringing with him more than 20 years of experience in the flooring industry. They offer some of the biggest flooring brands and have excellent prices and service. Their experienced craftspeople who make their kitchen cabinets, barn doors, and live edge tables have been making these items for decades and will help create the unique space you’ve always wanted. THE VERY BEST FOR YOUR HOME Hardwood Flooring

Custom Kitchens

Barn Doors

Luxury Vinyl

Custom Bars

Wall Boards

Large Porcelain Tiles

Live Edge Tables

Home Gym Flooring

SHOWROOM HOURS: Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm | Saturday 9am - 1pm


245 Centerville Road, Suite 4


Refresh. Renew. Recharge. The C40 Recharge L E A D T H E W AY Both responsive and responsible driving—the vital combination provided by the high-performance electric powertrain in our first pure electric luxury SUV. PURE POWER Driving is smooth and intuitive. Just take your seat, select your gear, and go—there’s no start button. Then enjoy the refined power of

Order yours online today Scan the code at the left or visit

twin electric motors and all-wheel drive, with zero tailpipe emissions. One pedal drive makes the car instantly follow your intentions. TA K E C H A R G E Enjoy the freedom of electric driving with a projected range of up to 208 miles. When needed, you easily top up at home or at work—or fast-charge from zero to 80% in around 40 minutes.

5455 Manheim Pike, East Petersburg



For Hot & Cold Brew Specialties

Location provided by Berkshire Hathaway realtor: Bill Reid

A W O R L D F I R S T, the groundbreaking JURA Z10 prepares both hot and cold brew specialty coffees ­— ­­freshly ground, not capsuled. At the touch of a button, it brews the full spectrum of hot drinks, from intense espresso to on-trend flat white. It also opens up a whole new dimension in coffee enjoyment with the introduction of cold brew specialties, thanks to the Product Recognizing Grinder (P.R.G.) that recognizes the chosen specialty and adjusts the grind accordingly. Experience a completely new way to enjoy coffee. JURA—if you love coffee.

Did You Know... 116

Jura Hospitality Center

The JURA Hospitality Center is right here in Lancaster County? Family-owned and operated, it is one of the few places on the East Coast where you can test and experience JURA machines—including the latest models—or purchase refurbished machines at special pricing. Stop in and enjoy bean-to-cup taste with JURA. 134 Shellyland Road, Building 6a, Manheim


A BOU T IQU E skincare experience


Morgan Griffin, Aesthetic RN Owner of Face Forward

2953 Columbia Avenue, Suite #3



Walk Park IN THE


Art structures around Greenfield Wouldn’t you love to work in a place where lunch means a stroll around the pond as you take in a new piece of art? Greenfield has three miles of trails & sidewalks, eight fountain features, and 40 sculptures to be discovered and enjoyed. If you work in one of the 200+ businesses that call Greenfield home, you can enjoy these amenities every day. If you own a business and want to learn more, check out what Greenfield has to offer at

Afternoon in the Park

Bronze sculpture purchased in Colorado. Represents Greenfield as a gathering Artist place for families. A place MARK LUNDEEN to work, live, and play.

The Cyclist

The Guitar



Stainless steel structure. Promotes wellness in our community ­­— healthy, active lifestyle.

Weathered steel sculpture. Bringing people together into a thriving future is what we do. This piece represents our social activities at Greenfield.

Vault Bears Artist JACQUIN SMOLENS Catalpa wood sculptures. Encourages an active and healthy lifestyle. Kids love them!


1853 William Penn Way


Girl Reading Artist DENNIS SMITH Bronze sculpture. Reading speaks to our value around education as we believe learning and growing have no end date.

Get Social | @greenfieldlancaster

Four unique ways to experience the hospitality of Greenfield Restaurant. A casual dinner with friends in the lounge. Romantic dining in the upstairs dining room or the wine cellar. Private parties in the wine cellar for small or mid-sized gatherings. Outdoor dining on the patio.

An elevated


Only eight minutes from Lancaster City. Lunch and dinner Tuesday through Saturday. Family owned and run by the Moeller family.

595 Greenfield Road, Lancaster



Back to (living) Life M A R Y J O T U R N E D 4 8 the day she had an anterior total hip replacement. Apprehensive, she arrived in the morning and was taken into the operating room at 7:30am. By 11:45am she was ready for discharge and on her way home, walking to the car with the help of a walker. After years of pain and worry about an impending surgery, Mary Jo was amazed that she didn’t even need a wheelchair as she left her procedure at OAL. And prior to discharge she was able to walk, go up and down a step, and have a snack. And two weeks later? Mary Jo didn’t even use a cane to walk into her post-op visit.

ORTHOPE DIC A SSOCIATES OF L ANC A STE R is proud to be the first in the region to offer outpatient joint replacement surgery. Traditionally performed as inpatient procedures, total hip and knee replacements can now be performed on an outpatient basis, allowing patients to go home just hours after surgery. If you are active and in good health, with no major medical conditions, you may be a candidate. To explore whether an outpatient procedure is right for you, call to schedule an appointment or request an appointment online at 120

Lancaster, Willow Street, Lebanon, Spooky Nook Sports


Special thanks to Fulton Theatre for hosting Garden Spot Village’s Destination photography.

Performing in

Community A S M E M B E RS OF THE HARRISBURG SCOT TISH COUNTRY DANCE SOCIET Y, E RIC AND TINE M ACK AY, GARDE N SPOT VILL AG E RESIDE NTS SINCE APRIL 2020, travel all over North America dancing socially. Eric and Tine’s story is just one of the many stories that will be shared in The Performers issue of Destination Garden Spot Village. The magazine will be available online at in late September. Or, you can receive your free copy by calling 717.355.6000.

433 South Kinzer Avenue, New Holland



Love the city. Love the drive. Electricity gets a dose of pure sports car soul. Introducing the all-electric Taycan. An 800-volt system architecture that delivers 522 hp. Packed with technology that connects car to driver like never before.

Experience true electrified performance. The Taycan 4s.

Autohaus Lancaster, Inc. 1373 Manheim Pike Lancaster, PA 17601 717-299-2801



YET TO Come SEATED ON 22 LUSH ACR ES of manicured and nat ive garde n s, The Willows at A shcombe Man s ion i s the ideal locat ion for your s pec ial e ve nt. W hethe r you are searching for a maga z ine-wor thy set t ing for your dream wedding, or a unique and sophi st icated backdrop for an upcoming cor porate e ve nt or milestone celebrat ion , our Wonde rland of an e ve nt ve nue of fe rs an at mos phe re that i s sure to char m and delight your g uests. Let ’s make some mag ic.

1100 Grantham Road, Mechanicsburg, PA | 717.638.4348 e vents@a Follow us on social media @thewillowsatashcombe


103 South Duke Street Lancaster, PA 17602

presorted standard us postage paid fig industries 17604

Fig Industries is redefining success through social impact and environmental accountability to the communities we serve.

Thank you to our editorial sponsor, the High® companies.

Legendary cocktails in


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