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The High Five Issue ISSUE No 72 | WINTER 2023 An enthusiast’s guide to local dining, shopping, arts, and community

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Find your Passion Discover nonprofits doing great work and find something you’re passionate about in our annual Giving Back Guide. 71-92

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ON THE COVER Our high-fiving cover models are entering the winter season in style with looks from Telltale Dress, located at 334 North Queen Street.

IN THIS ISSUE We’re giving a High Five to local leaders, small businesses, and impactful nonprofits in Lancaster City who are bringing some extra magic to the community this time of year. Celebrate our annual gifting & giving issue by shopping local and giving back this winter and all year long.

Wrapped in Love Our annual Holiday Gift Guide is full of gifts and goodies to delight the ones you love. 31- 55

Lancaster City Holiday Retail Trail

Fresh Faces

Tear out the Retail Trail and take it with you as you shop local for the holidays. With a list of 80 retailers to chose from, some “just for fun” city events to attend, and a chocolate elf to collect at the end of the trail —this holiday season will be a little bit sweeter as you love local in Lancaster City.

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F O L L O W I N G PA G E 3 8

Meet new Lancaster City businesses

Reach High: Stories of Leadership Sponsored by High Foundation

2 6 - 2 7, 112 -113 High Five

Celebrating those making a difference in our community

11 , 19 , 5 7, 1 0 3

Holiday Happenings

A festive roundup of city and county holiday happenings for the whole family, brought to you by Discover Lancaster

1 0 0 -1 0 1 Community Supporters 116 -13 5

And of course

great shopping, dining, arts, events, and community— as always. Keep Reading F



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A note from Fig

AN ENTHUSIASTIC HIGH FIVE! Why the High Five issue? It’s the perfect way to celebrate this awesome place, where our team of passionate creatives has been honored to live, work, and tell the stories of Lancaster City for the past 18 years. High Five to the tenacious Lancaster City retailers who will welcome everyone through their doors with a smile and some of the most unique, tasteful, and tasty gifts around. In this issue, we are thrilled to bring you the second annual Lancaster City Retail Trail, made possible by our partners: Discover Lancaster, City of Lancaster, Willow Valley Communities, and Fulton Bank. Find the tear-out trail after page 38 and look for round signs on the ground in front of city retail stops. These markers will guide your path—and if you stop at 12 or more, our friends at Miesse Candies have a chocolate elf waiting for you. High Five to the hardworking nonprofits of Lancaster! Read about the missions of 26 local nonprofits in our Giving Back Guide starting on page 71. No one deserves a celebration more than those who work every day to make Lancaster a better place. Please consider supporting them with your donations or your time.

In the spirit of giving back, here at Fig Industries, we’ve decided to extend our mission and partner with the Lancaster County Community Foundation to leave a legacy of support for small businesses in Lancaster City. It’s called The Fig Tree, and it’s not only a way for us to give to what we care about most—it also provides a way for you to give directly to small businesses. It’s our small way of championing Lancaster City so it can continue to thrive for generations to come. Read more about it on pages 14-15. Lastly, High Five to our incredibly talented team of designers, marketers, writers, photographers, printers, and all the local creative folks it takes to bring this love-local guide to life each quarter. High Five to the small businesses who entrust us to represent their brands. And High Five to you, our readers, who look forward to each new issue and have shared with me what Fig means to you over the years. Thank you for believing in our mission and for helping our little idea take root and grow. With enthusiasm, Deborah Brandt and the Fig Team



Savor the season W I T H R U S T I C I R I S H D I S H E S , house-made pizzas, and seasonally-inspired cocktails, TFB Hospitality takes winter comfort food to the next level through three distinct restaurant concepts.

A unique space to meet, eat, imbibe & unwind

50 Rock Lititz Blvd

A hidden reprieve from the bustle of the everyday

28 East King Street


Irish fare through a modern lens

28-30 East King Street

Fresh Face | Welcoming new businesses to Lancaster City

Fresh Face: Lancaster County Coffee Roasters’ Ross Street Roastery & Coffee Bar F O R O V E R 2 0 Y E A R S , Lancaster County Coffee Roasters’ small-batch blends have been filling mugs at local brunch spots and caffeinating shoppers at Lancaster Central Market. Earlier this summer, the company opened its doors to the Ross Street Roastery & Coffee Bar, providing a new way for customers to experience their locally crafted coffees. The objective is for the Ross Street location to be a place where customers enjoy the coffee they love and walk away with a better understanding of how their favorite brews are crafted.

E Karina Prins (left) & Scott and Kelly Smith (right)

“Not only can you grab a great cup of coffee and grab all of our coffees here at one site, we can also cater to your curiosity about our coffees, how they’re roasted, and the allure of that process,” Scott Smith said.

a selection of coffees not sold on the company’s website or at their market stand. The full-service coffee bar will also feature the company’s 747 Espresso, a balanced blend with notes of caramel and brown sugar.

Lancaster County Coffee Roasters sources its beans from small farms around the globe before their expert staff meticulously roasts and hand-packs each blend.

“You can get a cup of coffee or pounds of coffee, freshly roasted and ground onsite, and on the other side of the wall, we’re actually making it, roasting it, and packaging it,” Scott said.

While visiting the roastery, customers can purchase the coffees they know and love, like Hex Blend, Starbarn, and Stroopwafel, while shopping

Grab your next cup of coffee at the Ross Street Roastery & Coffee Bar at 747 East Ross Street from 8am–2pm, Monday through Friday.





My TRUE LOVE gave to ME...



from The Urban Farmhouse



from A Day In The Life Records

24A West Walnut Street


from Best Rose Boxes



PIECES OF JEWELRY from Truth & Style

157 East King Street @truthstylejewelry



541 North Mulberry Street

14 South Duke Street @bestroseboxes

60 North Queen Street





213 West King Street



From CI Records & Skates


BOTTLES OF WINE From Deerfoot Downtown


from Hempfield Apothetique

100 West Walnut Street


From Basura Thrift Boutique

106 East King Street @digbasura

348 North Queen Street

112 West Orange Street





From Lancaster Pickle Company

318 North Queen Street


CUSTOM ART PRINTS From Typothecary Letterpress

420 West Grant Street


Homemade goodness A T R U E FA R M -T O -TA B L E C A F E tucked in the west end of Lancaster City, Amanita is a neighborhood gem for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and coffee. With a commitment to from-scratch, whole food dishes and fair trade sustainable ingredients, it’s a destination for back-to-basics comfort food this winter. 10

401 WALNUT STREET 223.529.6109






siah L. Perry is an important piece in helping people thrive emotionally, physically, and intellectually through his work at Bright Side Opportunities Center. The Bright Side team is giving him a high five for the impact he makes every day.

“Isiah is an extraordinary talent! He engages the youth in STEM activities at a level second to none. His passion is only outweighed by the level of leadership and commitment he has toward the youth in our community.” – Willonda McCloud, President & CEO “Isiah wears his heart on his sleeve, always transparent and full of love. He’s not only wonderful with youth, but he easily takes me out of a bad mood or stressful situation by making me laugh.” – Aida Rodriguez, Administrative Assistant & Community Liaison “Isiah radiates boundless energy, possesses an inviting and approachable demeanor, and is simply the epitome of awesomeness.” – Francine Harley, Chair Person of the Board of Directors



Ballrooms | Meeting Rooms | Restaurant | Terrace | Holiday Inn Lancaster Ballrooms | Meeting Rooms | Restaurant | Terrace | Holiday Inn Lancaster

Ballrooms | Meeting Rooms | Restaurant | Terrace | Holiday Inn Lancaster

B A L L R O O M S | M E E T I N G R O O M S | R E S TA U R A N T | T E R R A C E | H O L I D AY I N N L A N C A S T E R

Ballrooms | Meeting Rooms | Restaurant | Terrace | Holiday Inn Lancaster

CELEBRATE AT THE IMPERIAL EVENT CENTER! Full-service event experience specializing in meetings and weddings. Majestic Imperial Ballrooms. Spectacular outdoor Terrace, Atrium and meeting venues. Wedding/event planning. Professional catering. The Imperial Restaurant, accommodations, parking and much more!

Celebrate at The Imperial Event Center CELEBRATE AT THE IMPERIAL EVENT CENTER! Book your special event!

CELEBRATE AT THEinIMPERIAL CENTER! Full-service specializing meetings weddings. The Imperialevent Eventexperience Center the HolidayEVENT InninLancaster isand a full-service event Majestic Imperial Ballrooms. Spectacular outdoor Terrace, Atrium and Full-service event in experience specializing in meetings and weddings. experience specializing meetings and weddings. Book your event with everything in one convenient downtown location today! meeting venues. Wedding/event planning. Professional catering. Majestic Imperial Ballrooms. Spectacular outdoor Terrace, Atrium and EAST CHESTNUT STREET | 717.394.0900 | THEIMPERIALEVENTCENTER.COM The26 Imperial Restaurant, accommodations, parking and much more! Book your meeting venues. Wedding/event planning. Professional catering.

special event!

FEATURING: The Imperial Restaurant, accommodations, parking and much more! Book your AT THE IMPERIAL Professional EVENT CENTER! special event! Catering MajesticCELEBRATE Imperial Ballrooms Full-service event experience specializing in meetings and weddings. The Imperial Restaurant HeatedMajestic Outdoor Terrace Imperial Ballrooms. Spectacular outdoor Terrace, Atrium and venues. Wedding/event planning. Professional catering. Accommodations & Parking Atrium meeting & Meeting Venues The Imperial Restaurant, accommodations, parking and much more! Book your Plus, Much More! Wedding & Event Planning 26 EAST CHESTNUT STREET | 717.394.0900 | THEIMPERIALEVENTCENTER.COM special event! 12




One church, many doors

T H E H O L I D AY S E A S O N AT F I R S T P R E S BY T E R I A N C H U R C H is filled with carols from the children’s choir, the anticipation of Advent, and the joyful celebration of the birth of Christ. They invite you to join them in this special time of year—their doors are always open for you.







Fig has been on a mission for nearly two decades to celebrate entrepreneurs and contribute to the vitality of Lancaster City through the small magazine with a big heart that you hold in your hand.


C hampioning Small B usine s s


partnered with our friends at Lancaster County Community Foundation to plant The Fig Tree, a Donor Advised Fund that will award grants each year to support small business owners so new ideas can take root and grow, and Lancaster City can continue to thrive. These grants will boost improvements, expansions, and innovations. It’s our way of leaving a legacy of support and encouragement for small business owners, to help ensure the Lancaster City small business community continues to thrive, and to provide a way for other businesses and individuals (like you) to get involved. At Fig Industries, we’ve always believed that one big idea can change everything and that every business, even a small one like ours, has the power to have a positive impact on their community.

join us

Your tax-deductible donation will go through the Community Foundation to benefit small business owners. Grants will be determined by a community panel and will be awarded each fall starting in 2024.

The Lancaster County Community Foundation is proud to partner with The Fig Tree to cultivate their passion and support for new ideas. The Community Foundation works with individuals, families, and business leaders in the Lancaster community to support causes that are important to them. In 2024, the Community Foundation will celebrate 100 years of caring for our community’s endowment. Starting now, we have a chance to imagine how we can work together to change the next 100 years. Every gift to our community’s endowment builds resiliency and resources to support Lancaster County year after year. No matter how you choose to give, partnering with the Community Foundation means small gifts don’t stay small and big gifts get bigger. Like The Fig Tree, they can help you plant a seed and watch it grow into something sweet that will strengthen and sustain our community for generations. Get a sneak peek at how you can get involved in 2024 and the many ways you can support Lancaster County now and forever at

Go to to give. Exciting news! Lancaster City businesses Cargas, Trout, and Work Wisdom, as well as a few visionary individuals, have already committed to joining us to make an even greater impact. LANCFOUND.ORG/FUND/THE-FIG-TREE


Alicia Alexander

Protecting the things

you love

THE ALICIA ALEXANDER S TAT E FA R M T E A M is like a family—they know the importance of protecting the things and the ones you love. They invite you to request a life insurance quote today, and they will walk you through the living benefits of life insurance that most people don’t know about.

Insurance Policies Offered Auto Insurance

Life & Health Insurance

Homeowners & Renters Insurance

Pet Insurance

Personal Articles Business Insurance

Personal Banking Recreational Vehicle & Boat Insurance

From left to right: Harley Hudoka, Chris Walters, Misael Ramos, and Alicia Alexander with her dog George


DESTINATION exploration

Visit the North Museum this winter for fun, interactive holiday magic! Explore new winter exhibits, holiday planetarium shows, hot cocoa, and more!

L E T YO U R I N N E R S C I E N T I S T come out to play as you experience the wonder of the North Museum of Nature and Science. Creativity and curiosity thrive here! With monthly themed-activities, planetarium shows, and rotating exhibits, there is always something happening at the North—which is why membership is a great gift to give your family and friends for the new year. The North Museum’s mission is to inspire scientific curiosity and STEM education in the community by promoting learning through the museum’s programs, exhibits, and the recently added Dinosaurs Among Us, an immersive exhibit organized by the American Museum of Natural History in New York. Support the North Museum this year by purchasing memberships, making a donation, or getting involved with their volunteer program.






In Your Corner “

B L A K I N G E R T H O M A S is a full-service law firm with experienced attorneys who offer a wide range of legal services. Their team approach provides comprehensive solutions to their clients’ needs. Meet four of their accomplished attorneys and learn more about the firm at

I enjoy helping businesses with their employment and labor law problems, as well as teaching and counseling businesses about the ever-changing legal requirements in this area.”

I was excited to join a vibrant firm of talented attorneys who are deeply involved in the Lancaster community and committed to serving our clients. I love the opportunities for professional growth within the community, and I’m motivated by my desire to help clients navigate the legal field and achieve their goals.”

S. Whitney Rahman

Alexa K. Potts

Employment and Labor Law & Housing Civil Rights

Civil Litigation & Business Law

areas of focus:

Although end-of-life planning is difficult to discuss, I am motivated to ease the conversation by assisting our clients with the development and implementation of an individualized estate plan that reflects their wishes.”

Trisha Lantz

areas of focus:

Estate Planning and Administration & Real Estate Law


areas of focus:

From clients and peers to fellow professional service providers, I have been consistently impressed by how approachable we are as a community and by our willingness to lend our time and expertise to those who are in need.”

Phillip J. Caramenico

areas of focus:

Business and Estate Planning




hanks in part to the work of Sarah Colantonio, Work Wisdom helps leaders, co-leaders, coaches, teams, organizations, and communities become the best version of themselves. The Work Wisdom team is giving her a high five for the impact she is making on the Lancaster community and beyond.

“Sarah has a kind heart and beautiful spirit that shines through every workshop, meeting, and conversation you have with her. I am so grateful to know Sarah as a leader, mentor, and friend!” – Janine James, Vice President “Sarah’s inviting personality holds space for clients and friends to explore ideas and self-awareness at new levels. Her quiet leadership and empowering attitude are fulfilling to all who know her.” – Matt Zimmerman, Senior Vice President “Sarah combines warm, innovative, and easygoing in a disarmingly lovable way that makes you want to spend as much time as possible breathing the same air as her. She weaves creativity into a rightly-ordered life in a way that gives us all hope.” – Kedren Crosby, Founder




Variety is Everything

at Southern Market

You can have it all at Southern Market. From live bands and entertainment, to weekly trivia and karaoke, Southern Market has everything you want for a fun night out with friends. Enjoy a variety of food options from 12 chef stations, plus Bar 1888, featuring specialty cocktails, wine, and a rotating beer selection.

Downtown Lancaster at the corner of Queen and Vine. 100 S. Queen Street Lancaster, PA

Fresh Face | Welcoming new businesses to Lancaster City

James Burton (left) & Ben Burton (right)

Fresh Face: Rural City Beer Co. A F T E R T WO S U M M E R S AT T H E WA R E H O U S E D I S T R I C T B E E R G A R D E N , brothers and best friends James and Ben Burton are bringing their brews to Lancaster City year-round with the opening of the Rural City Beer Co.’s Lancaster Taproom. Although the Reamstown-based brewery is new to the city, James and Ben have been a part of the Lancaster beer scene for over a decade, and they are thrilled to now be in the heart of Lancaster. Brewing began as a hobby for James in 2007, as he worked on his craft, brewed beers for friends’ weddings, and joined the Lancaster Homebrewers Club.

After Ben began brewing with him, they decided this was something they wanted to take the leap on professionally. “We worked at a lot of breweries around Central Pennsylvania to learn the ins and outs of the industry, and we made a lot of friends that have helped us along the way,” Ben shared. After getting this experience, working on their business plan with SCORE, and a serendipitous stop for a beer in the former Union Barrel Works Brewery, the brothers took over the 15-barrel brew system there in 2021. Rural City prides itself on brewing “beers for every palate,” which is why you’re guaranteed

to find something you love when you stop by their new space. Their vision for the King Street taproom is to be a place of comfort where people can slow down a bit and relax. “We’re really looking forward to not only having a cool bar for people to come have a beer, but also provide an experience where they can leave with a little bit more knowledge about the beers and the beer industry from our staff,” James said. “Everyone is welcome here.” Grab a pint and make yourself at home at 25 West King Street.



MODERN living T H E P O I N T AT 1 0 1 N Q O F F E R S residents unique amenities in the heart of Lancaster City’s premier shopping, dining, and socializing district. With 15 residences including two 2-story penthouses, The Point condos provide luxury finishes, soaring ceilings, and floor-to-ceiling windows with spectacular views. Each unit also has access to a private elevator and private off-street parking, making 101NQ the place where comfort meets convenience. 22


717.291.9101 (OFFICE)

717.271.9339 (MOBILE)


CREATING beautiful spaces “ H E N R I E T TA ’ S S T Y L E C A N VA RY F R O M M O D E R N T O T R A D I T I O N A L , but it always has a luxurious feel. She can be working with a range of clients and budgets and still find ways to elevate the design. With her wealth of knowledge and innovative point of view, Henrietta always creates a beautiful space catered to each clients’ needs.” – Olivia Shaak, Designer at Henrietta Heisler Interiors, Inc. 217 WEST WALNUT STREET, SECOND FLOOR




Fresh Face | Welcoming new businesses to Lancaster City

Victoria Abadir

Fresh Face: Aspire WorkLabs LO C AT E D O N T H E C O R N E R of Queen and Orange Streets, Aspire WorkLabs has opened office space designed for the modern worker. The space is co-located with Aspire Ventures, a venture firm that specializes in healthcare startups. When the pandemic sent employees home, the third-story office space became vacant. “Since COVID, many employees are working from home with few returning to the office,” said Victoria Abadir, Operations Manager at Aspire WorkLabs. “We had this beautiful office space on our third floor that we found to be quite empty and thought we needed to repurpose it.” From private offices that accommodate small teams of up to six people to

private desks with locked storage, Aspire WorkLabs offers solutions for individuals and small teams. For people not ready to sign up for monthly or annual commitments, workers can book day passes to use flexible desks, common spaces, and conference rooms. “We’re looking to empower individuals and small businesses to grow and thrive, not just professionally, but as part of our community as well. We want to build something that nurtures creativity, collaboration, and social impact, beyond just providing the workspace,” Victoria said. In addition to providing coworking space, Aspire WorkLabs will host opportunities for education, mentorship, and networking with local professionals

and experienced entrepreneurs. With a commercial-grade kitchen onsite, folks can hire outside caterers to elevate any event or rent the kitchen by the hour for cooking classes or photoshoots. The office space is also connected to the Prince Street parking garage, giving members easy access and peace of mind. “We’re excited to bring this new workspace to Lancaster City as a place to gather professionals, creatives, and people involved in social change together in one space—whether they be monthly members or day visitors,” Victoria said. “We see this as an opportunity to give back to Lancaster City.” Visit to book a day pass or request a tour of the space.



PA R T O F T H E M I S S I O N at Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology is to create a strong economic pipeline into Pennsylvania’s workforce. They couldn’t fulfill that mission through their quality academic programs without industry partners. Partners provide advice, feedback, and leadership as Thaddeus Stevens College develops curriculum and prepares students for graduation and their next steps into high-demand careers. Many of these industry partners hire student interns, mentor students, and spend time in classroom labs and at career fairs. The connections and support the college receives from these partners merit high fives all around every day.

G Thaddeus Stevens College industry partners with mascot Champ the Bulldog

From left to right: Shawn Pettis (Alumni Board), General Service Manager, Dominion Pest Control | Jeff Tankesley, Chief Financial Officer, Mid Atlantic Machinery | Megan Caldwell (Alumni), Innovation Project Director, Masonic Villages of PA | Greg Esh, Director of Safety and Human Resources, Goodhart Sons, Inc. | Derek Anthony, Human Resources Business Partner, Arconic | Leon Good, Chief Information Officer, Weaver Industries | Matt Oswald, Project Superintendent, Benchmark | Cheryl Love, Principal, ELA Group | Matt Gohn, Maintenance Superintendent, Arconic | Edgar Rodriguez (Alumni), Technical Support Team Lead, Cargas INFO@STEVENSCOLLEGE.EDU





A storied

JOURNEY GREGORY J. SCOTT, FAIA Partner Emeritus of RLPS Architects and author of Urban Legend


REA CH HI GH A series brought to you by High Foundation that introduces you to business and nonprofit leaders who are thoughtfully innovating with a spirit of servant leadership.


regory J. Scott, FAIA, has been ingrained in the fabric of Lancaster City for decades, but his roots go back to an 1802 farmhouse in Bucks County, Pennsylvania where he grew up. From a very young age, Gregg remembers being drawn to art, specifically drawing, with a penchant for entertaining and a desire to be a leader. As he reflects on his career and his life, he sees all three of those things forming a thread to where he is today. Architecture was not always his plan when he set out to pick a path for himself. But a mechanical drawing class in high school and an urging from his father to pursue something other than art led him to Penn State for that very thing. Gregg said his first class there felt like a fish to water. “I really felt like this is what I was meant to do,” he said. “I excelled, graduated with honors, and proved to my high school guidance counselor that I was indeed college material.” After graduation and a four-year internship, jobs were sparse, and Gregg found himself unemployed and willing to take a chance on an interview for a design architect in Lancaster City in the mid 1970s. That interview was for a position with Jim Reese, a partner at what would become RLPS Architects when Gregg Scott became the “S” in “RLPS.” Gregg’s career there spanned 43 years of designing, problem solving, and business development before he retired in 2019.

Meanwhile, a colleague’s wife who worked for LNP convinced Gregg to start a monthly column on architecture and design. “Through that, I was able to do what I’m passionate about, which is educating and researching and telling stories. And that was my forum,” Gregg shared. Through research for his column, Gregg discovered C. Emlen Urban. As Gregg dug into the architect’s life, he realized only two minor publications had ever been written about Lancaster’s most prolific architect. After a 24-month installment of his column on Urban and many connections made with Urban’s family through these writings, Gregg set out to write his first book, Urban Legend: The Life and Legacy of C. Emlen Urban, which released November 16, 2023. There are many parallels Gregg notes between himself and Urban, from their aptitude to their professional standing in the community. The most impactful thing they share, however, is their love of Lancaster and its history, which is why Gregg feels such pride in being the catalyst who gets to tell Urban’s story.

“I’ve dedicated the book to the citizens of Lancaster for encouraging me to write it,” he mused. “It’s not my book— it’s Urban’s book for the community.” Order your copy of Urban Legend at

Find out more about High Foundation’s mission to be a Bridge to Opportunity for the Lancaster community at REACH HIGH: STORIES OF LEADERSHIP




From left to right: Alex King, Wendy Hess, Mary Tribble, Jeremiah Eastep, John Spidaliere, Brian Altimare, Scott Haverstick, and Rachel Degler

W I T H F O U R D E C A D E S O F E X P E R I E N C E in the real estate business, the Puffer Morris team continues to grow with new agents and even more capability to guide you through the transition of buying and selling your home. Their locally-connected team has all the expertise to help you navigate the ever-changing real estate market.


THE PLACE TO GATHER There is nothing quite like the joy of gathering that feels extra special this time of year, and what better way to celebrate with the ones you love than over a delicious meal shared at Lombardo’s? A family-owned Lancaster staple since 1946, Lombardo’s knows how to warm the hearts of its patrons with authentic Italian dishes, carefully selected wine pairings, and an atmosphere where friends become family. Savor time with the ones you hold dear throughout the holiday season—the table is set for you.

Give your loved ones the gift of becoming part of the Lombardo’s family by purchasing a gift card at the restaurant or online at

TUESDAY TO THURSDAY: Lunch from 11am-2:30pm Dinner from 4-9:30pm FRIDAY & SATURDAY: Lunch from 11am-2:30pm Dinner from 4-10pm *Reservations are encouraged HAPPY HOUR: Tuesday to Thursday from 4-6pm






What’s new in Lancaster City WITH A MISSION TO HELP LANCASTER C I T Y F LO U R I S H so everyone can share in its success, Lancaster City Alliance uplifts small businesses in the city by collaborating with key stakeholders and providing resources for these business owners. This season, Lancaster City Alliance would like to congratulate new retail businesses that have opened in Lancaster City in 2023 and invite you to add them to your holiday shopping list as you visit them throughout the winter season and into the new year.

AnnAnna Creative Cove 50 North Queen Street

Drøm 305 North Queen Street


317 North Queen Street

Hamilton Watch Company 149 North Duke Street h lancaster-boutique

Land & Sea 220 Hazel Street

RichStitch Embroidery 42 West King Street r

WRAPPED with LOVE A N E N T H U S I A S T I C H I G H F I V E T O the Lancaster City retailers who have taken special care selecting gifts and goodies that will delight the ones you love this gifting season. Our annual Fig Holiday Gift Guide has must-haves for everyone on your nice list. So grab some friends, head to the city, and make a local-loving day of it!

Thank you to our editorial sponsor—the High® companies: celebrating the City of Lancaster and committed to innovative community leadership, sustainable building practices, and advancement through the preservation of local heritage.


Fresh Face | Welcoming new businesses to Lancaster City

Fresh Face: RichStitch Embroidery J A S M I N E LU C I A N O A N D M A R C U S R I C H A R D S O N were born and raised in Southeast Lancaster, and their love for the city is reflected in everything they do, especially their embroidery shop, RichStitch Embroidery. The business began in their home after Jasmine, a healthcare worker, lost her job when the hospital where she worked closed at the onset of the pandemic. With extra time, Jasmine exercised her creativity by painting, drawing, and sewing. Eventually, Marcus spontaneously bought Jasmine an embroidery machine, and the rest is history.

The pair didn’t know how to embroider at first, but they immersed themselves in YouTube videos while reading all the ins and outs of the practice online. They gave their all to the process, learning apparel industry trends, honing their skills, and building RichStitch. Three years later, the full-service embroidery shop has established itself in Lancaster City’s Business District, with a storefront at 42 West King Street. Keeping their business local means everything to Jasmine and Marcus. Each product is designed and produced in Lancaster City, from sweatshirts and bomber jackets to t-shirts and baseball hats.


“We want to give back to the community,” Jasmine said. “We love Lancaster. We were grown here.” Marcus and Jasmine truly want their work to honor where they are from. To prove it, they created a Lancaster-inspired line of apparel that celebrates the city that made them. “It has the same effect as buying items made in the USA,” Marcus said. “It means a bit more when you’re buying Lancaster merchandise made by Lancaster people.” Visit the storefront at 42 West King Street or get a quote for a custom project at


All That


Lancaster’s Family Owned Jeweler Since 1935 58 North Queen Street





LANCASTER GIFT BOX 317 North Queen Street |

W I T H O V E R 1 0 0 P E N N S Y LVA N I A M A K E R S represented on the shelves of their North Queen Street storefront, Lancaster Gift Box celebrates all things local and makes gifting personal. They offer their curated Taste of Lancaster gift boxes or you can choose your own items for a gift box and ship it to someone special right from their shop. Take a stroll to the 300 block to see them or use their complimentary validated parking at the Queen Street Garage to deliver joy to your friends, family, or employees.


Always Cheesy

Culinary Genius

It’s hard to choose from all the Pennsylvania-made ooey gooey goodness. Don’t forget the crackers, spreads, and nuts for a well-balanced cheese board.

Curate the perfect box for the flavor fanatics, rigatoni revelers, dressing divas, spice sorcerers, and pancake party people in your life.

Heat Seeker

Sweet Tooth

From fiery mustards and tongue-tingling hot sauces to chili-laced chocolate and peppery pretzels, it’s got all you need to add a little heat to your holiday gifts.

Shop all your favorite confections in one place and discover some new favorites that will satisfy your sweet tooth bundled in one giftable box.



THE SPICE & TEA EXCHANGE 20 West Orange Street | |­­ 717.394.4328

WA R M U P A N D S H O P LO C A L with a stop at The Spice & Tea Exchange. They have everything you need to savor and share some holiday cheer. Put together a basket of custom spice blends, sugars and salts, perfect for your friends who love to cook. For those who prefer to sit by the fire with a steaming mug of tea, choose from over 70 loose leaf teas from around the world and add gourmet honey and accessories to finish off the perfect gift.





MIESSE CANDIES 118 North Water Street |

S I N C E 1 8 7 5 , Miesse Candies has been delighting patrons young and old with their delicious confections and an experience to remember. Grounded in a foundation of fresh-made, hand-dipped quality, Miesse has evolved over the years to broaden its offerings—including a soda fountain with Pensupreme Ice Cream. With new ownership established in 2022 for the sweet Lancaster City staple, Miesse continues to supply age-old favorites with new twists made from quality ingredients.


P.S. Join in Fig’s Lancaster City Retail Trail located after page 38 for a treat from Miesse as your prize.




BELLABOO 32 North Queen Street |

F I L L YO U R B A G S with the carefully curated collection of creative toys, quality clothes, and unique gifts that can only be found at BellaBoo. With specialty items stocked for holiday gifting, there is magic in every corner for the little ones in your life.





118 North Water Street |


W H E N YO U S E T O U T T O S H O P this winter season, find a gift that’s meaningful at Friendship Heart Gallery & Studio. Their gallery space is filled with one-of-a-kind, original art work created by their Heart Artists. Each item purchased supports an Artist with an Intellectual Disability or Autism and ensures they can continue expressing their capabilities through various mediums of art.





your holidays

TA K E A T R I P T O S C A N D I N AV I A when you visit the corner of North Queen and East Walnut. There you’ll find Sweetish, a sweet lover’s dream anchored by a pick-n-mix wall of Swedish and Scandinavian candy, and Drøm, the newly-opened Nordic-themed home goods store located right next door. Owner Tyler Graybeal has curated both spaces to be full of giftable items to bring some hygge to the holidays.



301 North Queen Street

305 North Queen Street


GALLERY GROW 150 North Prince Street |

B R I N G S O M E G R E E N H O M E for the holidays with a seasonal houseplant or custom terrarium to gift yourself or a friend. And don’t forget to look out for winter workshops at Gallery Grow—they’re the perfect outing for your plant-loving friends and family to make something extra special.




Stand Out Style for Men 34 North Queen Street

J. H I L B UR N ST Y L IST L IS A TO R BA has a keen eye for the perfect fit and the details that will make the difference. Choosing from a carefully curated selection of patterns, prints, and textures, Lisa will transform your wardrobe for every day and every occasion with style that speaks for itself.

H Scan here to make an appointment!




Rebecca Addington (left) & Michael Chiodo (right)



W H E N H O M E I S T H E D E S T I N AT I O N , each piece of furniture, decor, textile, and trinket helps you create a sense of style all your own. The Ville & Rue team are experts at curating a collection that will inspire you to craft the space you desire. And if you aren’t sure where to start, they offer in-home design consultations to get you started on your next refresh.




Owners Teddy Boucard & Elizabeth Peters

READ ROSE BOOKS 23 North Prince Street |

W I T H A D I V E R S E collection of used, vintage, and first edition books along with art from local Lancaster artists and monthly book clubs, Read Rose Books is creating a community around reading and supporting indie bookstores. Add a stop there to your Lancaster City strolling and grab something that piques your interest.

curio. Gallery & Creative Supply 106 West Chestnut Street |

G I V E T H E G I F T of creative expression to the artists in your life (including yourself!). Whether it’s for someone beginning their artistic journey or a seasoned creative who needs a few new supplies, curio. is a one-stop shop for any medium.

322 North Queen Street |

J . A . S H A R P O F F E R S an American-made jewelry collection with stunningly distinct pieces curated to celebrate diverse individualities—from locally-made solid gold diamond bands to gemstone necklaces to heirloom-worthy, hand-forged earrings. They believe jewelry should reflect the style of its owner, which is why they pride themselves on the personal experience that comes along with shopping in their Queen Street store. Let them help you pick out or design handcrafted brilliance for someone you love this season.



E Meet their store pups, Poppy & Ziggy!



AK INTERIORS 246 West Orange Street |

T H E S H O P P E AT A K I N T E R I O R S — a winter wonderland of giftable home furnishings, children’s stuffies, seasonal decor, and more—is just the place to discover joyful gifting. With a touch of sophistication and personalized service, a treasure trove awaits. Don’t forget to treat yourself with a free Meet & Greet to discover their interior design-build services!




23 East Walnut Street |

W H E T H E R YO U ’ R E B I K I N G to work or on a long trail ride, Let’s Roll can outfit you will an electric bike that fits your lifestyle. Better yet, their expert team can even help you pick out an e-bike for someone on your gift list so they can roll with you too.


903 Wheatland Avenue |

I N S P I R E D BY their own love of literature, owners Austin, Julie, and Jess stock the shelves of Pocket Books with an eclectic, curated collection of must-reads for any and all book lovers. With an expanded upstairs space that opened just in time for holiday shopping, they would love to give you recommendations for gifting a book (or a subscription) to the ones you love.





ELLICOTT & CO. 45 North Market Street |

I N S P I R E D BY M A K E R S in their own backyard and across the country, co-owners Ryan Martin and Ryan Smoker believe intentional living starts with intentional shopping. Along with store manager Daniel Bayles, they bring a unique collection of heritage inspired goods to the heart of Lancaster City at Ellicott & Co. This season you’ll find quality goods and uncommon gifts for the modern men on your list.


From left to right: Ryan Martin, co-owner; Daniel Bayles, store manager; and Ryan Smoker, co-owner ADDRESS





334 North Queen Street |

I N T H E A G E O F disposable everything, Telltale Dress works to save beautiful, timeless objects from the past for new life in a modern context. Their eclectic collection of vintage and contemporary pieces allows you to mix and match a style all your own.


OW N E R S A N D S I S T E R S Laura Mae & Amanda Jean say they were born with an affinity for finding treasure, and their lifelong love of antiques led them to become GIA Graduate Gemologists with a mission to save priceless heirloom jewelry. Through Maejean Vintage, Laura and Amanda, along with their all-female team of five, help find forever homes where these pieces will be cherished for another lifetime. Use coupon code FIG2024 for 10% off.




681 Harrisburg Ave |

B U I LT O N A F O U N D AT I O N of providing an uncommon shopping experience, Filling’s has been helping people look and feel their very best since 1929. With a focus on personalized service, customers have become more like family over the years. With fresh styles each season and an emphasis on the perfect fit, their specialty is clothing that compliments your life.

Owner Ben Karl




44 North Christian Street |

A LO N G W I T H T H E I R S T U N N I N G L I N E of diamond and gemstone jewelry, owners Tenzin and Sanya Yeh Norbu are sharing their family culture with Lancaster City shoppers through a collection of handmade gifts from Bhutan and Nepal. Visit them on North Christian Street, and you’ll be sure to find something special.


36 West King Street |

A D D A S P L A S H O F F L AV O R to all your winter recipes with a trip to Seasons. With over 60 varieties of olive oil and vinegar plus their specialty pantry items, they have just what you need for everyone’s cabinets. And if you aren’t sure where to start, their staff can help you find the perfect combination for yourself and the ones you love.



101 North Queen Street, Suite 111



PENN STONE 190 West Ross Street |

C OZ Y U P BY T H E F I R E with the help of Penn Stone’s outdoor living solutions. Their natural stone veneer and brick pavers create the perfect destination for gathering with family and friends, and their distinct accents collection helps you add a touch of style to each and every space you live and host in. Specializing in masonry and hardscaping materials, as well as design-focused outdoor furniture and solutions for outdoor kitchens, outdoor fire, landscape lighting, and shade, Penn Stone is in the business of helping you create a Life Built Outdoors.



Get crafty THE POTTERYWORKS 16 West Orange Street |



THE BEADWORKS 52 North Queen Street |

The PotteryWorks

THE GEM DEN 50 North Queen Street |

OW N E R M A R C I E N ATA L E ’ S collection of sister shops are destinations for creative expression in the heart of Lancaster City. Whether painting your own pottery piece at The PotteryWorks, gathering supplies to make a bracelet at The BeadWorks, or unearthing some beauty at The Gem Den, a trip to Place Marie Mall will leave you feeling inspired.

The Gem Den



in the city

LANCASTER IS HOME TO A DIVERSE COLLECTION of businesses that make a trip to the city a vibrant shopping experience. With a vision to add more spaces for a thriving small business community, Zamagias Properties reinvented four distinct properties in Lancaster City that are home to a family of independent businesses to add to your destination list. Interested in opening a business in Lancaster City? Zamagias has suites available to lease! Visit for more information.

THE INTEL 8 West King Street

J Attollo J HDC MidAtlantic J Lancaster County Community Foundation J Park Bar J SecureStrux J Ville & Rue

Ville & Rue Locally-owned

THE KEPPEL BUILDING 325 North Queen Street

J Accela Group J American Wealth Strategy, LLC J Cabalar Meat Co. J Christiana Factory Studio J Nicole Taylor Boutique J Redeux Vintage J The David O’Shell Studio

The David O’Shell Studio Locally-owned




J Friendship Heart Gallery & Studio

118 North Water Street

J Miesse Candies


J Horne, LLC

Miesse Candies

Friendship Heart Gallery & Studio



101NQ 101 North Queen Street

J Blossom Med Spa J Cargas Systems, Inc. J DIYO Restaurant (coming soon!) J Heller Capital-Margo J Laura Z Tai Fine Jewelry and Watches J LNP Media Group J PeoplesBank J Reboant Fashions J Starbucks J Steinman Communications

Laura Z Tai Fine Jewelry and Watches Locally-owned

Blossom Med Spa Locally-owned




interiors D AV I D LYA L L D E S I G N S P E C I A L I Z E S in creating spaces that are modern, elegant, comfortable, and reflective of you. By seamlessly adding pops of color among classic pieces and patterns, David and his team will craft a place you never want to leave. Call today for a complimentary consultation to discuss your renovation or design project.

David Lyall

Owner and Principal Designer





he Northwest Bank team along with LINK Business are giving him a high five for the impact he is making on the Lancaster community and beyond.

“Angel’s creativity and flexibility as a lender in this challenging environment is worth celebrating as well as his involvement in and connection to the Lancaster community.” – Joseph Guarino, Principal / President & CEO of LINK Business “Angel is an SBA lending expert with intricate knowledge of the lending guidelines which allows him to get the most complex deal done in his community. Above that, he is dedicated to both customer service and communication to ensure all of his customers have a memorable lending experience when most other banks make it painful.” – Bryan Jasin, Senior Vice President, Head of Business Banking, Northwest Bank “Angel is widely known in the community as an advocate for small business owners. His tenacity, expertise, and creativity have seen many challenging projects through to successful funding—funding that has accelerated growth and transitioned firms for continued success.” – Lindsay Cost, SBA Sales Team Leader, Regional Senior Vice President, Northwest Bank SPONSORED BY:




unique place G I L LYO N S knows that home is where you create your own space and make memories with friends and family. That’s why he’s helped buyers find their perfect home for 39+ years, guiding buyers through the entire process with knowledge and compassion.

Ranked #9 RE/MAX Agent in Pennsylvania and #1 RE/MAX Agent in Lancaster County in 2022 Call Gil at 717.295.9995 for a list of active listings and tips on when to sell your home. 58 717.295.9995 GILLYONS.COM GIL@GILLYONS.COM

Experience happiness. OUR PERUVIAN CHICKEN is marinaded in a gorgeous brine of secret herbs & spices and then kissed by a charcoal fire, creating aromas and tastes that compel our customers to return time and time again. LOCATIONS IN LANCASTER CITY, MOUNT JOY, LITITZ, AND WILLOW VALLEY




Dr. Christine McMahon (left) & Dr. Meghan Sacco (right) with Bentley

T H E T E A M AT F U R D U N K I N cares about your furry friends as much as you do. They offer emergency veterinary care, including surgery, overnight care, advanced diagnostics, and sick pet appointments. Whether you’re facing an emergency health crisis or want to ensure one doesn’t happen, Furdunkin has the resources to keep your pets healthy and happy.





Celebrate Every Reason & Season

Open seven days a week for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late night fare. Dine-in or carry-out. Monday to Friday | 10:30am–2am Saturday & Sunday | 8am–2am Kitchen open until 1am

W I T H T WO B E A U T I F U L V E N U E S PA C E S available to accommodate parties of up to 75-100 people, Yorgos Lancaster is a great place to host events. Wine and dine guests in the second-floor Kefi Dining Room or enjoy Greek and American food, cocktails, and the outdoor terrace event space at Little Mykonos on the third floor.




Scan the QR code to book your event today!



Instilling confidence and curiosity

O P E N E D F O R FA L L 2 0 2 3 , Solvit Academy's new middle studio is for learners—better known as Voyagers—ages 11 to 14 who are continuing their education journey. As the school grew, these upcoming middle school learners helped design the space where they will now discover new skills and interests, begin to self-govern, and dig deeper into academic work. All Voyagers at Solvit Academy play a big role in the school, taking part in driving curriculum that will serve them in the real world. Enrollment in all three of their studios begins with a studio tour. Sign up at



right-size? E M B R A C E T H E WA R M T H O F W I N T E R with Lancaster Estate Solutions, where they settle estates, downsize with care, and guide you to senior living communities. They even have a Chief Cuddle Officer, Ernie, who will bring comfort to your journey this season.

E Founders Janet and Chuck Sierk with Ernie 342 NORTH QUEEN STREET (REAR)







At Lancaster Country Day School, challenging academics are only the start of each student’s opportunities for personal discovery and growth. From preschool to 12th grade, LCDS students are able to develop established passions or try new activities in a supportive independent school environment.

Take a tour!

To book a tour, please contact the Admissions Office at or (717) 392-2916 x2228 LANCASTERCOUNTRYDAY.ORG

Head Chef Christopher Southwick (left) & General Manager Vishal Gonuguntla (right)

Unparalleled EXPERIENCE


n the heart of Lancaster City, the historic

is a top 20 Five-Star Platinum Club of America.

I N T H E P U R S U I T O F E L E VAT I N G the club experience, the Hamilton Club is proud to have Vishal Gonuguntla as their General Manager, who brings over six years of dedicated service to the club. Vishal’s hospitality journey began at the prestigious Chevy Chase Club in Maryland, consistently ranked among the top 5 clubs in the country. Joining him in this quest is Christopher Southwick, the Head Chef, whose culinary prowess has been honed at Morimoto Maui, a Michelin Star restaurant. Along with the entire Hamilton Club team, they are poised to bring an exquisite blend of expertise and innovation for an unparalleled dining and leisure experience for members and guests alike. 106 EAST ORANGE STREET




From left to right: Lindy, Liz (co-owner), Priscilla, Victoria (co-owner), Amanda, Jackie, Margaret, Crystal, Michelle, and Amber

Make a

statement I N V E S T I N YO U R S E L F T H I S S E A S O N , and let the talented team at Mulberry Salon and Spa help you feel your best. From curly cuts, blow-outs, and airbrush makeup to facials, waxing, and brow and lash services, they've got you covered when you want your look to stand out.


Build to Live

Co-owners Charles Yohe, AIA, Principal Architect (left) and Jason Binkley, Chief Builder (right)

W H E N D E C I D I N G T O TA K E O N A R E M O D E L , addition, or new build, managing the process from design through construction completion can feel overwhelming. The Capstone Design + Build team alleviates this by seamlessly integrating in-house architectural design services with high-end construction—to make your dream home a reality. Their unique business model provides a single point of contact for your design, decor, and construction needs, which results in reduced risk, enhanced collaboration, and streamlined communication. Curious to learn more? Contact them for a consultation or for a referral from their robust portfolio of loyal local clients! RESIDENTIAL X COMMERCIAL DESIGN X BUILD

Services: Architecture | Interior Design | Project Management | Carpentry 214 WEST GRANT STREET




Smiles all around F R O M 1 T O 1 0 1 , patients of all ages are welcomed by Matthew D. Freedman, DMD, and his talented team of office staff, dental assistants and hygienists, and of course, Zoey the Patient Greeter. No matter what dental procedure is being performed, they are here to provide comprehensive care and put a great smile on your face.

Matthew D. Freedman, DMD

Juliana with Zoey the Patient Greeter


Toasting the town

From left to right: Sara Kochel, Chuck Honabach, Ryan Brobst, Sam Rudegeair, and Josiah Bowman

C H U C K H O N A B A C H A N D H I S T E A M know home is where you’ll create holiday memories for years to come. That’s why they are committed to helping you find your dream home, making the process fun and easy along the way. Their love for connecting with people paired with their trustworthy expertise on the home buying process sets them apart in town and across South Central Pennsylvania. 70 415 NORTH PRINCE STREET, SUITE 100 717.567.1700 CHUCKHONABACHTEAM.COM

BE A PART FROM THE LEADERS WHO ARE PAV I N G T H E WAY for change to the volunteers and staff who work tirelessly behind the scenes, the faces behind Lancaster nonprofits are an essential part of what makes our community special. In each of their unique roles, they are on a mission to make our city a more inclusive, equitable place so everyone who calls Lancaster home can thrive. Use our 2023 Giving Back Guide to discover local nonprofits doing work that you are passionate about and become part of their teams by supporting them with your year-end giving and beyond.

2023 Giving Back Guide


New location, new leadership V I TA ( V O LU N T E E R I N C O M E TA X A S S I S TA N C E ) A program of United Way of Lancaster County VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance) recently opened its doors to serve those living in Lancaster City. Established at 245 West King Street as part of Landis Place on King, VITA will provide year-round services for any tax needs. VITA is continuing to expand their services and capacity to reach more Lancastrians, including increasing their income threshold to $70,000 to serve more individuals and families.

Raising the threshold for free tax prep services means we will be able to serve more individuals and families in our communities. We know there are individuals and families who are struggling to make ends meet. Being able to save on return fees can make a difference for many. – Kim Maldonado, VITA Director

I N T R O D U C I N G K AT E Z I M M E R M A N United Way of Lancaster County’s President & CEO With a proven track record of driving growth and innovation in Lancaster County’s philanthropic sector through a decade of work at Leadership Lancaster, Kate is poised to lead United Way into the future through intentional growth—focusing on the organization’s mission of advancing education and supporting economic mobility by harnessing resources and emboldening people and organizations. Her commitment to community service, collaboration, and innovation is aligned with United Way’s core values, making her an excellent fit for this position. Welcome Kate! 72

1910 Harrington Drive |

Water Street Mission 210 South Prince Street | 717.393.7709 | Sandy Gambone:

LANCASTER IS A HUB OF BUSINESS AND NONPROFIT PA RT N E R S H I P S , working together behind the scenes to help meet the needs of the community. One example of this is how Water Street Mission and Creative Packaging Solutions work together. Tucked in the SoWe neighborhood, Creative Packaging Solutions is a powerhouse of collaboration, sharing their time, talent, and treasure with local organizations. Recently, their team hosted a tour of their business for local pre-teens and teens, teaching them about robotics and engineering as a career. They even donated kits to help teens make their own robots. “Whether it’s in volunteering behind the scenes, sponsoring events, or using their contacts to support us, their attitude is always, ‘How can we help?’” says Sandy Gambone, Water Street Mission’s Senior Business Ambassador. This is just one way local businesses can give back and provide a boost to all Lancastrians! If you’re a business and would like to learn how you can work with Water Street Mission, contact Sandy Gambone at

We can’t believe how far we’ve come, and it’s important to us to get involved in the community where we live and work. We believe in what Water Street is doing. It’s a fantastic organization that really goes above and beyond for the underserved. – Tom Wapinsky, Partner, Creative Packaging Solutions


Fresh Face | Welcoming new businesses to Lancaster From left to right: Angel, staff member; Rob, volunteer; Pashk Sokoli, co-founder; Amanda Reilly-Sokoli, co-founder; and David, staff member

Fresh Face: Pennsylvania Furniture Mission P E N N S Y LVA N I A F U R N I T U R E M I S S I O N is changing lives throughout South Central Pennsylvania by creating warm and welcoming homes for people experiencing economic hardship or transitioning out of homelessness by providing free, gently-used furniture that clients get to select themselves at their Columbia warehouse. “Food banks have shifted over the years from, ‘Here’s your box of food, and we hope you like it’ to ‘What would you like to cook with? What are you used to eating?’” co-founder Amanda Reilly-Sokoli explained. “With a furniture bank, we want to think about it the same way. Because if you do not have furniture in your space, and you get something for free, maybe on the curb and not sanitary, you are not able to take possession of that space and call it your own.”

“We want to give people that dignity of choice and give them the opportunity to handpick their furniture and turn their house into a home,” she said. Amanda and her husband Pashk Sokoli both had previous experience working at the Chicago Furniture Bank and wanted to bring this model to South Central Pennsylvania, an underserved area. Since they started in the summer of 2023, they have also been intentional about creating a family-like environment among the staff and volunteers at the Furniture Mission, providing jobs for people who have barriers to employment and may have trouble finding work, even through community connections. Angel has been a part of their team since day one, doing pick-ups and deliveries, after meeting Amanda and Pashk

through Water Street Mission, and David got connected with their team during his time at D.I.V.E.’s Residential Program. “Amanda and I are trying to help the community in both ways—giving opportunities to people like David and Angel and serving the people that are brought to us as clients,” Pashk said. “I’m from Albania, and I was homeless in my country. I know how it feels when people look at you like, ‘Oh, just stay away from me,’ and we have to embrace people and respect each other no matter what.” To partner with the Pennsylvania Furniture Mission, you can donate your gently-used furniture onsite or schedule a pick-up from their team. For a list of items you can donate, to support financially, or for more information on partnering with them, please visit


Anchor Lancaster 29 East Walnut Street | 717.394.7231 |

A N C H O R L A N C A S T E R I S T H R I L L E D to have Connor Doyle on staff as a Case Manager. Connor helps guests navigate a variety of services such as rent, utilities, social services, shelter and housing, transportation, and employment. These duties are at the heart of Anchor Lancaster’s mission to offer a welcoming, safe environment, receiving guests with dignity, respect, and compassion. F Over 250,000 meals served since 2016 F Over 10,000 showers since 2019 F Serving 200 unique individuals in the Winter Warming Center

We’re here to be a light in a dark world—a comfort, a helping hand, someone to walk with others through their struggles of homelessness, eviction, and crisis. – Connor Doyle, Anchor Lancaster Case Manager


Lancaster Cleft Palate Clinic 223 North Lime Street | 717.394.3793 |

D I D YO U K N OW children with a cleft palate are more likely to experience dental issues? That’s why the Lancaster Cleft Palate Clinic has pediatric dentists as part of their team care approach. They’ve been serving Lancaster and beyond for 85 years, and as their programs expand, they rely on partnerships with the community. Community support and partnerships ensure they never turn away a child for care and are able to provide care into adulthood.

The Lancaster Cleft Palate Clinic is truly one of the treasures of Lancaster for over 85 years. I enjoy being part of the team. – Peter J. Ross, D.M.D.

Lancaster Cleft Palate Clinic’s Dr. Prada (left) and retired pediatric dentist and volunteer Dr. Ross (right) with Mitchell


Heidi Moser, Volunteer

Dr. Brenda Fijalkowski, Staff

Steven Pizzo, Staff

Pet pantry of lancaster county THANK YOU

26 Millersville Road | 717.983.8878 |

to our many volunteers & dedicated staff!

W I T H A M I S S I O N T O E N S U R E A N I M A L S A R E S A F E and thriving for more than a decade, Pet Pantry of Lancaster County is an important animal welfare resource for the community. Through three key initiatives, they support local furry friends in need. FEED



Providing emergency and longer-term pet food assistance to those in need, Pet Pantry keeps pets happy, healthy, and safe in their homes and with their loving families.

Through their lower-cost spay and neuter services and trap, neuter, return (TNR) program for feral cats, Pet Pantry keep pets healthy by reducing pet overpopulation.

Connecting families to their newest additions, Pet Pantry works to find caring furever homes for deserving animals in need. 77

Acorn Acres Wildlife Rehabilitation | 717.327.4811 |

S I N C E I T S F O U N D I N G , Acorn Acres has been giving their furry patients a second chance at life in the wild while educating humans on the importance of keeping healthy populations in our environments. They offer squirrels, rabbits, and other wild animals a clean, quiet, and predator-free space to grow, thrive, and recover. They are powered solely by volunteers and 100 percent of their care is paid for by donations. Help them help our wildlife friends.

Founder Betsy Shank, CWR


D I D YO U K N OW more than 81,000 children in Pennsylvania have a parent incarcerated in a state prison? SWAN exists to support these children by cultivating their gifts and helping them succeed. Partnering with SWAN supports the free music lessons, ensemble training, performance opportunities, and mentoring from local music teachers that each school-aged child in their program receives.


Fresh Face | Welcoming new businesses to Lancaster City

From left to right, Dr. Praveen Rudra, Maureen Ravuri, Dr. Ryan Kuehner, and Amer Al Fayadh

Fresh Face: Immigreat Lancaster I M M I G R E AT L A N C A S T E R is a nonprofit helping employers integrate the unique brilliance of refugees, asylum seekers, and immigrants into their organizations. The idea for Immigreat Lancaster originated when a large company asked psychologist Dr. Ryan Kuehner to use his private practice to support the nearly 200 refugee employees who were struggling within the organization.

be used to make an impact, but the program stopped abruptly when the company underwent mass layoffs. Even with the loss of this client, Ryan couldn’t shake the idea and founded Immigreat Lancaster to help other organizations experiencing the same need.

“We developed a plan for my private practice clinicians to go in and assess giftedness, career path, and values in a culturally sensitive manner,” Ryan shared.

Working with his Board of Directors, Ryan develops partnerships with local business owners as well as organizations like Church World Services, CareerLink, and local nonprofits who are leading the way in the mental health space to provide refugees with a network of resources and support.

The plan was to walk alongside these employees and partner with Church World Services to find places in the company where their gifts could

When an employer signs an agreement with Immigreat and a refugee employee is onboarded into the program, a translator accompanies IMMIGREATLANCASTER.COM

them during their first meeting to explain the services being provided. “The translators assure them that they are here to help, explaining, ‘We know you know you have gifts and talents and you’re working hard for your family, but we want to see if we can use your gifts even more,’” Ryan said. “There are tears (on both sides) when they grasp that. It’s beautiful.” Ryan hopes the services offered through Immigreat will save companies money and help them with productivity and retention. More than anything, it will help employees better use their talent, giftings, and intelligence—eliminating brain waste. To learn more about how you can support Immigreat Lancaster, visit




Milagro House 669 West Chestnut Street | 717.509.1401 |

C E L E B R AT I N G 2 5 Y E A R S ! Milagro House serves women with children facing homelessness and living in poverty. While providing them with safe housing, Milagro House’s unique model has educational attainment and advancement at its core. Case management, mental health support, life skills training, and career development round out their holistic approach, providing those they serve with a path to a brighter future.

Horizons at Lancaster Country Day School | 717.392.2916

A L L S T U D E N T S D E S E RV E the opportunity to succeed. More than a summer camp, Horizons at LCDS makes learning interesting, with teachers investing in students year after year to give them an equitable boost on their educational journey. Many of these Lancaster City students come back each summer for 10+ years and build their own successful futures because of what this 100 percent donor-funded program gives them. Support a student by expanding their learning opportunities at


Schreiber Center for Pediatric DevelopmeNT 625 Community Way | 717.393.0425

S C H R E I B E R S E RV E S M O R E THAN 4,000 CHILDREN E V E RY Y E A R , providing outpatient pediatric therapy services, including occupational, physical, speech-language, and behavioral therapy, for children starting from birth to 21 years old. Their dedicated team of therapists work to help them achieve their fullest potential, and the kids at Schreiber make great strides each and every day.

By helping her gain a better understanding of who she is and how she sounds, I’ve watched her confidence soar. She’s opened herself up to new opportunities, like playing the viola in her school orchestra. - Katelyn’s Therapist

E Katelyn, 2023 Schreiber Ambassador

Thanks to generous partners who support the work of Schreiber, children like Katelyn have access to resources that allow their unique capabilities to shine.


Bright Side Opportunities Center 515 Hershey Avenue | 717.509.1342

AT B R I G H T S I D E O P P O RT U N I T I E S C E N T E R , they believe every day is a new opportunity. Whether it’s health and fitness, education and leadership development, or youth and senior programs—they are committed to helping people thrive emotionally, physically, and intellectually. Donating to Bright Side fosters the innovators of tomorrow. Sponsor a girl’s journey into coding, ensuring she has the tools to thrive in the tech world and close the gender gap, or empower a middle schooler’s passion for STEM by helping to fund their programs. Your contribution can also help upgrade their facility to meet community needs, sponsor upcoming events, and combat food insecurities. Be a catalyst for positive change in the community—every dollar makes a difference. Give online at

Social Mission Each year, Fig partners with a nonprofit organization working to transform our community. As our 2023 Social Mission Partner, 10% of every Fig subscription in 2023 goes directly to the work of Bright Side Opportunities Center.


Clinic for special children 535 Bunker Hill Road, Strasburg | 717.687.9407 |

F O R 3 4 Y E A R S , the Clinic for Special Children has been providing innovative care for families facing rare genetic disease in Lancaster County, and now they are looking forward to a brand new chapter. With their Keeping the Promise: Building Hope capital campaign, the clinic is transforming 10 acres near Intercourse, Pennsylvania into a new, state-of-the-art facility that will allow them to provide affordable and personalized care for challenging medical cases across Lancaster County and the world for many years to come. They need your help to raise final funds for the campaign so they can open the new clinic in spring 2024—a place of comfort and hope for generations to come. Get Involved: Join the effort by visiting

Renderings of new facility


SACA & SACA Development 453 South Lime Street | 717.397.6267 |

L A B E L O L A N D E LG A D O is just one of SACA’s many success stories. She and her husband, David Rodriquez Cortes, have benefitted from both SACA’s Homeownership Program and Tec Centro’s workforce development services. They are now proud homeowners of a Conestoga North townhouse and have been able to find quality employment that pays a living wage. Supporting SACA helps more families like Label and David find success in Lancaster!

Reinaldo Rivera, SACA’s Tec Centro Associate Director (left) and Label Olan Delgado, proud homeowner (right)

Lancaster Medical Heritage Museum 410 North Lime Street |

F O U N D E D A S T H E E DWA R D H A N D M E D I C A L H E R I TA G E F O U N D AT I O N I N 1 9 8 2 by the Lancaster City and County Medical Society, Lancaster Medical Heritage Museum, as it became known by in 2019, opened to the public on Lime Street in 2022. Their passionate Board and founders have been with the organization since the beginning and are excited to bring the legacy of Lancaster’s healthcare professionals and milestones to the community. With historical exhibits and engaging events, this nonprofit museum is a hub for learning from the past and looking towards the future.


From left to right: Dr. Nikitas Zervanos, ex-officio president and Board member; Dr. John Bowman, founder; Joan Boben, RN, founder and current Board member; and Dr. Barton Halern, Board president

Arch street center 629 North Market Street | 717.392.8536 |

A K E Y R E S O U R C E I N T H E M E N TA L H E A LT H C O M M U N I T Y in Lancaster, Arch Street Center isn’t just a place for people to go—it’s a place where they can belong. For 40 years, their membership-based programming gives adults living with serious mental illness access to structured programs, offsite activities, meals, laundry and shower facilities, and a community of caring staff.

I have social anxiety and only leave my apartment to attend ASC, where I feel like I belong and am treated with respect.

Find ways you can support and partner with them online.

- Arch Street Center member


Rotary Club of Lancaster 1383 Arcadia Road | 717.686.1374 |

F O R 1 0 8 Y E A R S , the Rotary Club of Lancaster has been investing in the local community through their funding and their time. Who is Rotary? They’re your friends and your neighbors who take a hands-on approach to caring for their community and work side by side to make Lancaster a better place for everyone. It’s where leaders serve. The 2023–2024 Board of Directors wants to thank their Club members and community partners who live the motto of service above self and help make a lasting impact on our youth and the community.

If you’re ready to engage with others to serve the Lancaster community, you’re ready to be part of the Rotary Club of Lancaster. - Beth Trout, President

Join Rotary and learn the rewards of giving back!

2023-2024 Executives & Directors


Standing, from left to right: Amy Lewis, Tug Harlan, Larry Miller, Clint Krushinsky, John Grove, Lisa Lewis, and Malcolm MacDougall. Seated, from left to right: Jenn DeWalt, Secretary Jamie Alton, President Beth Trout, Rakesh Popli, President Elect Eric Elliot, and Mike Lutz. Not pictured: Treasurer Tom Wobber

Excentia Human Services 1810 Rohrerstown Road | 717.519.6740 |

S E RV I N G I N D I V I D U A L S with developmental disabilities and autism from birth into adulthood, Excentia Human Services believes in enhancing the lives of those who join their programs. Whether through therapeutic and educational services before kids go to school or residential and supported employment services after they graduate, Excentia Human Services is creating opportunities for all and transforming a more inclusive community.

D.I.V.E. Inc. 1813 Olde Homestead Lane | 717.468.9532 |

J A S O N M C K I N N E Y A N D H I S T E A M AT D. I .V. E . are on a mission to give men in Lancaster a fresh start from addiction, incarceration, homelessness, and other types of hardship. Through the Lancaster City-based residential program, D.I.V.E. clients have the opportunity for transitional housing, budgeting and financial education, job search assistance, food assistance, and faith development. Learn more about how you can make a change in someone’s life by partnering with D.I.V.E. Jason McKinney, Co-Founder & CEO (second from right) with proud D.I.V.E. residents


Lancaster Science Factory 454 New Holland Avenue | 717.509.6363 |

L A N C A S T E R S C I E N C E FA C T O RY is on a mission to instill a love of creative learning through hands-on STEM programming and workshops for kids in Pre-K to 8th grade and their families. With interactive exhibits, including the remarkable High Foundation Sky Bridge, at their Lancaster City facility as well as outreach programs to inspire even more curious kids, they are building a better tomorrow by promoting discovery and sparking confidence for everyone they serve.


We’re all told to follow our dreams and do what we love, but it was not really my math and science classes in school that made me love STEM as a kid. It was places like the Lancaster Science Factory that got me excited and made science fun. – Haley Myer, Development Engineer at Advanced Cooling Technologies (LSF volunteer and former visitor)

COBYS Family Services 1417 Oregon Road, Leola | 717.656.6580

W H E T H E R I T ’ S A FA M I LY who is working to be reunited with their child, a family who is loving a child unconditionally until that can happen, a family who embraces a lifelong journey of adoption, or a family who wants to support other families through giving—all families matter at COBYS Family Services. Motivated by Christian faith, COBYS delivers foster care, adoption, counseling, and family life education services with compassion, dignity, and hope.

Everyone needs a forever family, where they feel like they belong and are loved unconditionally. – COBYS Foster Parent

Seated, from left to right: Adoptive Mom Hannah & her two children and Foster Care Caseworker Teresa Standing, from left to right: Permanency Senior Caseworker Summer, Permanency Supervisor Ruby, Adoption Coordinator Melanie, Foster Teen Marcelina, and Adoption Senior Caseworker Jamila


Boys & Girls Club of Lancaster PO Box 104, Lancaster, PA 17608 | 717.295.3474 |

B OY S & G I R L S C LU B O F L A N C A S T E R plays an integral role in the community by giving children a safe and consistent place to belong after school. For just one dollar per year, nearly 2,000 children receive homework help, enrichment activities, caring adults, and a hot nutritious meal. Your support gives life-changing opportunities to children in the community. When you support the Club today, you give the promise of a brighter tomorrow to a child. Your support makes all the difference! 90

We rely on our generous community to ensure all children have a safe, positive place to go after school. We know this program changes lives—we see it every day at the Club. We invite you to join us in ensuring all kids in Lancaster and Columbia have the promise of a bright future! – Karen Schloer, CEO


L I K E T H E L E G E N D O F S T O N E S O U P —hungry soldiers, stingy townspeople, a creative plan, and finally a feast of soup for all–the Lancaster County Food Hub knows that more can be accomplished when everyone works together.

Turning scarcity into plenty is our recipe

While the Food Hub didn’t start with a pot and a stone, more than 75 years later, they still rely on their “Lancaster village” to complete the Food Hub family recipe. Together with community support, they served 45,000 neighbors last year providing FREE food, clothing, shelter, and outreach services. This year, they are adjusting the recipe to serve 25% more Lancaster neighbors than ever in their history.


And the final ingredient…YOU!





Gifts That Give Hope

S I N C E 2 0 0 7 , the Lancaster Gifts That Give Hope fair has helped holiday shoppers gift differently. Open to the public, the fair gives visitors a chance to meet and learn about nonprofit organizations, make a donation to a cause of their choice in honor of a friend or loved one, or purchase a meaningful gift that supports the work of these nonprofits. With food, activities, and, of course, shopping, it’s a can’t-miss event and a vibrant gathering that celebrates generosity and community.


S AV E T H E D AT E 2023 Lancaster Gifts That Give Hope: 16th Annual Alternative Gift Fair December 10 | 10am–3pm Farm & Home Center | 1383 Arcadia Road

F O O D I S LO V E L A N C A S T E R exists to celebrate a shared love of food as the universal love language. Written by Jennifer Oehme Knepper, Food is Love celebrates the flavors, the history, and the people who make Lancaster County’s food scene a true treasure. To Jennifer and countless others, food is more than just sustenance—it’s a reflection of the values and traditions that have shaped this community. Purchase the first volume, as well as other giftable Food is Love items, online at

New 2024 Food is Love Cafe & Coffee Calendar Author Jennifer Oehme Knepper JENNIFER@FOODISLOVELANCASTER.COM




From left to right: Lieutenant Robert L. Patterson, Kathy Thorne of PeoplesBank, and Taylor Thorne, EMT

Teaming up P E O P L E S B A N K H A S B E E N T E A M I N G U P with client and community partner Lancaster EMS since 2021—hosting them for First Friday events, donating to their EMS Academy, and raising support for this community nonprofit.

E I n 2020, Lancaster EMS launched a new program called EMS Academy to raise up the next generation of EMTs for their team. The academy is a three-month paid program, and after graduation, the certified trainees sign on to Lancaster EMS for two years. Taylor Thorne, pictured here, is a graduate of the academy’s second class.

“We appreciate how Lancaster EMS supports our community so it’s an honor to support them and raise awareness for what they do,” said Kathy Thorne, Financial Center Manager at PeoplesBank. Lancaster EMS is a premier, nationally accredited ambulance service that serves over 260,000 residents in 21 municipalities in Lancaster County. As the busiest EMS provider in Lancaster County, with Lancaster City making up 18 percent of their calls, Lancaster EMS is a vital service for residents and the good of the community.



Member FDIC

Together we feed Lancaster County WORKING WITH 70+ AGENCY PARTNERS 8.4 MILLION MEALS PROVIDED 470,000 INDIVIDUALS SERVED When you give today, you empower change for tomorrow. Learn more at 717.564.1700 |

Illustrations by Riley Taylor, Lancaster County youth artist



Armstrong World Industries Foundation Armstrong World Industries Foundation

Armstrong World Industries operates has

To date in 2023, AWIF has awarded

(AWIF) invests in organizations that

access to healthy and beautiful spaces.

$330,000 in Building Better Grants,

embolden people to live better and healthier lives. They support communities by ensuring access to services and spaces that allow every individual to thrive. Since 1985, AWIF has invested more than $50 million back

The foundation primarily makes financial contributions to projects that make the community stronger, like the Schreiber Pediatric facility expansion, the construction of the Lancaster

including $275,000 to organizations in Lancaster County. In addition, AWIF dedicates almost $250,000 annually in support of United Way and other organizations.

Public Library, and the creation of the

Another way AWIF fulfills its mission is

Thaddeus Stevens and Lydia Hamilton

by empowering employees to contribute

Smith Center. As a company, Armstrong

to causes they are passionate about

The foundation strives to ensure

World Industries also donates products

through funding an employee giving

everyone in the communities where

to projects that will maintain and

match program.

into the communities where Armstrong World Industries operates.

improve the spaces where the


community gathers.


AWI Foundation Grantees Schreiber Center for Pediatric Development

Serving more than 4,000 children every year, Schreiber provides outpatient pediatric therapy services for children from birth to age 21.

SACA’s Tec Centro

A division of SACA, Tec Centro is the primary provider of bilingual education and skills training in Lancaster, proudly providing state-of-the-art workforce training programs for more than 1,200 individuals annually.

“Our foundation and our employee-led Board are proud to support local organizations in Lancaster and at each of our operating sites. The ability to make an impact on built spaces and on the greater community carries on the rich history of Armstrong World Industries that will continue for many years to come.”

LancasterHistory’s Thaddeus Stevens and Lydia Hamilton Smith Center

E Salena J. Coachman,

Lancaster Cleft Palate Clinic

Created to address the unique needs of Southwest Lancaster City, Bright Side Opportunities Center offers a wide range of services and resources to provide opportunities for all— especially the youth—within the community.

“As an Armstrong World Industries employee, I am proud of the work the AWI Foundation does to support local organizations that are serving the needs of the people in our community. I’ve seen first-hand how our contributions are making a positive difference for these groups.”

Lancaster Science Factory

E Jay Steller,

The Thaddeus Stevens & Lydia Hamilton Smith Center for History and Democracy is a historic site currently under development as an interactive history museum and community education facility by LancasterHistory. The Lancaster Cleft Palate Clinic is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for infants, children, and adults through comprehensive coordinated treatment of craniofacial conditions resulting from birth defects, trauma, and disease.

Bright Side Opportunities Center

The Lancaster Science Factory is a hands-on, interactive science center for kids in Pre-K to 8th grade and their families, hosting a wide variety of STEM educational programs and workshops.

President, AWIF Vice President, Talent Sustainability, Diversity & Inclusion, Armstrong World Industries

Chairman of the Board of Directors, AWIF Vice President Treasury & Risk Management, Armstrong World Industries





creative light D R . J O H N R . G E R DY I S T H E F O U N D E R and Executive Director of Music For Everyone, a nonprofit dedicated to cultivating the power of music as an educational and community building tool in Lancaster. A true activist and leader, he’s written several books on the role of sports and music in our schools and society. His latest work, Lights on Lancaster, is available beginning November 24. He shared some insights on his inspiration and his hope for this book. Fig: What is Lights on Lancaster about? John: How “creatives” of all types apply their vision and talents to, as the title suggests, literally transform communities. The book highlights the tremendously diverse talent pool of creatives we have in Lancaster, featuring 34 contributors—although it could have easily included triple that. Fig: What inspired you to write this book? John: With their potential to educate, build community, spur economic vitality, inspire, and heal—the arts impact virtually every aspect of our lives. I wanted to spur community dialogue on how to strategically harness those impacts, using Lancaster as an example for other cities and towns to follow. Fig: What do you hope people take away after reading? John: I hope to expand the boundaries as we harness the power and potential of the arts—and the creatives who employ them to change the world. To do so requires a deeper community understanding and appreciation of the value of the arts and how critical it is to increase our investment in them, so I hope it prompts people to think about the future of the arts in Lancaster and beyond. 98

E Lights on Lancaster is available on Amazon beginning November 24

Sweet MUSIC F I L L YO U R W I N T E R M O N T H S with incredible music as the Lancaster Symphony Orchestra season continues! In December, kick off your holiday season with a performance of Handel’s timeless classic, Messiah. Then, just in time to celebrate the New Year, experience music from your favorite films performed live as the LSO presents The Magic of John Williams. International piano superstar Simone Dinnerstein joins the LSO in January for concertos by JS Bach and Philip Glass. Finally, in March, get ready to shake off your winter blues with Vivaldi’s iconic Four Seasons. Single and multiple ticket packages are available at or by calling 717.291.6440. Join the LSO at the new Gardner Theatre within Lancaster Country Day School.




Holiday happenings W I N T E R I S T H E T I M E T O C R E AT E T R E A S U R E D T R A D I T I O N S as you gather with family and friends to celebrate the season. We’ve partnered with Discover Lancaster to bring you some holiday happenings that will be sure to create some magical memories around Lancaster City and Lancaster County. Holidays in Lancaster City

AROUND THE CITY THE LION, THE WITCH & THE WARDROBE November 25 – December 16 The Trust Performing Arts Center presents a unique adaptation of C. S. Lewis’ beloved story in which all the roles are performed by two actors. Trust Performing Arts Center | | 37 North Market Street

LANCASTER CITY FOR THE HOLIDAYS November 24 – December 31 Experience the magic of the holidays in Lancaster City! Enjoy treasured traditions, explore our fabulous small business community, and more!

Yuletide at Wheatland

YULETIDE November 20 – December 30 A guided history and holiday-themed tour, Yuletide at Wheatland looks at the holiday season as it was experienced by James Buchanan’s niece and nephew, Harriet Lane and James Buchanan Henry. President James Buchanan’s Wheatland | | 230 North President Avenue

CHRISTMAS SPIRIT LIGHT SHOW & CHRISTMAS TREE LANE November 24 – December 31 Be immersed by hundreds of thousands of color-changing lights, animated and dancing in harmony with your favorite Christmas classics as you drive through Clipper Magazine Stadium. Clipper Magazine Stadium | | 650 North Prince Street

Christmas Tree Lane


AROUND THE COUNTY WINTER WONDERLAND SHOW November 8 – December 31 Brand new this year, Winter Wonderland is a one-of-a-kind Christmas show that fuses together the fun and wonderment of the Christmas season with comedy, dynamic circus arts, and grand illusions. Magic & Wonder Dinner Theater | | 3065 Lincoln State Rte, Paradise

ZIPLINES & OUTDOOR ADVENTURE WITH CHRISTMAS LIGHTS November 24 – January 7 Zip through the lights at Refreshing Mountain or take in the festive atmosphere and amazing winter activities—it’s the perfect way to get into the spirit of Christmas. Refreshing Mountain Retreat Center | | 455 Camp Road, Stevens

CHRISTMAS COOKIE TOUR November 24 – December 30 (Fridays & Saturdays) Interact with Amish families in their homes and learn about their heritage while sampling homemade cookies. This holiday season, make new friends, learn new recipes, and create memories to last a lifetime. Amish Farm & House | | 2395 Covered Bridge Drive, Lancaster

HOLIDAY FAMILY FUN WITH SANTA & FRIENDS November 25 – December 16 Whether you brave the cold or prefer the warmer climates of the great indoors, winter at Kitchen Kettle Village is a wonderland filled with exciting and unexpected things to do, see, and experience.

Discover Lancaster is the official destination marketing organization for Lancaster County, whose focus is on generating the nearly $3 billion in economic impact that tourism brings to the county annually. Discover Lancaster works with more than 500 industry partners to grow that number every year. Their partners include hotels, B&Bs, attractions, tour providers, restaurants, retail shopping, and visitor services. All of these businesses contribute to the Lancaster County experience. In addition to their marketing efforts, they manage a Visitors Center which features informational materials, a retail shop, and an art gallery. Travel Consultants assist guests with inquiries and guide them to curating the perfect itinerary for their Lancaster visit. content sponsored by

Kitchen Kettle Village | | 3529 Old Philadelphia Pike, Intercourse

Refreshing Mountain

Kitchen Kettle Village


Dedicated to Lancaster


T R O U T C PA I S C O M M I T T E D T O M A K I N G A P O S I T I V E I M PA C T on the communities where they live and do business, which is why their partners and other team members support local nonprofits who are doing good work in Lancaster.

KAREN SHENK, CPA, CVA, CCIFP, CEPA, CFE partner at trout cpa

J Supporting Power Packs Project “Power Packs Project empowers families with education and ingredients to create nutritious weekend meals so children return to school fed and ready to learn. I love seeing the community come together to support the organization and the children that Power Packs serve.”

AMANDA LEHMAN, CPA partner at trout cpa

J Supporting Discovery Corner Preschool, a mission of First United Methodist Church “Discovery Corner Preschool has a 30-year tradition of providing a child-focused, nurturing, and encouraging learning environment, which emphasizes learning through age-appropriate play and activities. As a parent of a DCP graduate and as a former Board member, I have always been inspired by DCP’s commitment to downtown families and all of Lancaster County’s children.”


partner at trout cpa J Supporting HOPE International “I’m inspired by HOPE International’s unique approach to empowering families in poverty. They believe in the inherent talents and skills of individuals and seek to provide access to financial resources. HOPE International goes beyond traditional charity by providing discipleship, support, safe savings options, and access to loans.”








ellow School District of Lancaster faculty along with LINK Business are giving Arisleyda a high five for the impact she is making on the Lancaster community and beyond.

“As a member of the Rotary Club of Lancaster and volunteer at McCaskey High School, I would like to recognize Arisleyda not only for her great work in the Rotary Mentoring Program, but also for all that she contributes to the lives of the students at SDOL.” – Joseph Guarino, Principal / President & CEO of LINK Business “I am never surprised but always impressed by Arisleyda’s commitment to our students. She truly embodies the caring spirit of authentic mentorship, and every student who meets with her leaves feeling seen, heard, and empowered.” - Phil Jago, M.Ed., Coordinator of College and Career Services, School District of Lancaster “Arisleyda always goes the extra mile to provide meaningful experiences for the students at McCaskey. Her attention to detail and skill with managing events complement perfectly her huge heart and love for the young people she serves.” - Alejandra Zavala, College & Career Project Specialist, School District of Lancaster SPONSORED BY:





Job well done


G I V E YO U R E M P LOY E E S T H E G I F T O F S T Y L E , comfort, and collaboration with customizable workplace furniture and architectural interiors products from Benjamin Roberts. Their team of experts can help you craft a space that supports a culture of camaraderie and teamwork—just what you need to get the job done!

Look Your


JOINING THEIR EXPERIENCED TEAM OF MEDICAL PROVIDERS like Rebekah Raysor, RN, Blossom Med Spa is welcoming award-winning plastic surgeon Dr. Paul S. Kim and injectable, laser, and PRF experts Karen Olshanskaya and Nicolette Hartman. They are excited to provide patients the best of care in the warm and inclusive environment that Blossom is known for in Lancaster City. Their entire dedicated staff provides personalized care and extraordinary results. Book your consultation and treatments online at

E From left to right: Rebekah Raysor, RN & Cosmetic Injector; Nicolette Hartman, CRNP & Cosmetic Injector; Paul S. Kim, M.D., Medical Director; and Karen Olshanskaya, PA-C & Cosmetic Injector LOCATED IN





A different approach to finances L A U N C H E D T H I S FA L L , A Woman’s Wealth: Designing Financial Confidence is the first book by Beth Ann Vulopas, Managing Principal and owner of Chestnut Street Investment Counsel. With over 30 years of experience in financial services and banking, Beth knows that although the internet offers a variety of financial tools, people are still hesitant to tackle these important tasks. A Woman’s Wealth is a comprehensive guide to empower women in navigating their financial journeys, addressing both the emotional and practical aspects. Through a combination of compelling stories, artistic elements, and practical worksheets, A Woman’s Wealth provides readers with the tools to cultivate financial confidence for both today and tomorrow. Visit the team at Chestnut Street Investment Counsel or go to their website to get your copy.

The team at Chestnut Street Investment Counsel is committed to helping you know your power and invest in your future. An independent investment management firm located in Lancaster City, they are here to help you take hold of your finances through financial planning, investment management, retirement planning, tax planning, and estate planning.


Managing Principal & Author Beth Ann Vulopas


W I T H LO C A L B LO O M S , ornate arrangements, and distinctive style, Splints & Daisies designs florals as unique as your event. Inquire today and make a statement at your next party, corporate gathering, or special event.




A ground-breaking opportunity to live above all else. Distinctive 55+ Living in Lancaster CITY You know what you love. An

that maximize one-of-a-kind

short-or long-term care, if needed

elegant home in the heart of our

Lancaster City views with windows

in the future, at no increase to your

vibrant city. Superb hospitality.

stretching from floor to ceiling.

monthly fee. Which means the

Activities that engage your mind,

And, all of our incredible city steps

comfort of knowing your future is

body and spirit. And the comfort

outside your door. Choose from

secure, while you live richly today.

of knowing your future is secure.

16 two- and three-bedroom styles.

At Mosaic, we’re uncompromising when it comes to craftsmanship, beauty, and attention to detail.


U.S. News & World Report, 2023

Coming to the heart of Lancaster, Mosaic will offer exceptional 55+

Plus Willow Valley Communities'

city living with 146 residences

Lifecare, which entitles you to

Apartment selection is available now. For your personal consultation, visit: 888.893.1423

Artist renderings for illustrative purposes.






FOR YOUR SUCCESS Lancaster Bar Association Rob Cronin | Lisa Driendl-Miller

Community Action Partnership of Lancaster County Vanessa Philbert

Lancaster-Lebanon IU13 Brooke Henry | Brianna Steffish

ETOWN SGPS TEAM Chris D’Imperio, Director of Corporate Partnerships Dr. Marcy McCarty, Associate Dean Dave Woffington, Senior Director of Admissions

Lancaster Chamber Abigail William | Heather Valudes

E L I Z A B E T H T OW N C O L L E G E ’ S S C H O O L O F G R A D U AT E A N D P R O F E S S I O N A L S T U D I E S is proud to partner with regional businesses and organizations, including the partners pictured here, to offer relevant and applicable programming for their employees to learn skills and take them directly into their workplace. As an Affinity Partner, organizations’ employees, along with their spouses and dependents, receive a 15 percent tuition discount on all SGPS undergraduate and graduate degree program offerings, as well as the micro-credentialing platform, Etown Edge. Visit to start investing in your workforce! 110 1 ALPHA DRIVE, ELIZABETHTOWN 717.361.1411 ETOWN.EDU/SGPS


Celebrating those who’ve been with The Dudes for

Peter, ‘87

36 years of service

Carlos, ‘13

10 years of service

Kenneth, ‘15

8 years of service

Tony, ‘07

16 years of service

Brian, ‘15

8 years of service

Josh, ‘15

8 years of service

Keith, ‘08

15 years of service

Joe, ‘15

8 years of service

Bill, ‘15

8 years of service

5+ years

Rich, ‘08

15 years of service

Billy, ‘15

8 years of service

Chris, ‘18

5 years of service

Jason, ‘12

11 years of service

Matt, ‘15

8 years of service

Beth, ‘18

5 years of service

W H E N YO U S T E P I N T O T WO D U D E S H Q, one of the first things that greets you is the iconic “Wall of Dudes.” It’s not just a collection of headshots—it’s a tribute to the talented individuals who bring their core values of Quality, Respect, Responsibility, Creativity, and Engagement to life every day. The wall is a high five to the people who make Two Dudes more than a painting company. They make it a community. TWODUDES.COM





THOMAS R. RYAN, PH.D. President and CEO of LancasterHistory

ROBIN E. SARRATT Vice President of LancasterHistory


REA CH HI GH A series brought to you by High Foundation that introduces you to business and nonprofit leaders who are thoughtfully innovating with a spirit of servant leadership.


ancasterHistory’s leaders are weaving together the past and present to tell the stories of our community. Thomas R. Ryan, Ph.D., is the President and CEO of LancasterHistory. With a deep passion for history and community engagement, Tom has led the organization’s efforts to preserve and share the rich history of Lancaster County. Robin E. Sarratt, Vice President of LancasterHistory, works alongside him, developing opportunities for the community to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation for local history. Together, they lead their team of committed professionals in implementing educational programs, exhibits, and events that engage community members of all ages. Originally the Lancaster County Historical Society, Tom began working at the organization while finishing his doctoral dissertation. Over 20 years later, under his leadership, LancasterHistory has expanded its reach and impact, merging with James Buchanan’s Wheatland and absorbing the collections of the Heritage Center Museum and the Lancaster Quilt and Textile Museum. With their latest project, The Thaddeus Stevens and Lydia Hamilton Smith Center for History and Democracy, the organization gives a multi-dimensional view into the lives of two of Lancaster’s most influential figures. Located at the corner of Vine and South Queen Streets in Lancaster City, the center will testify to Stevens’ and Smith’s legacies of creating a more equitable society.

“ The community created this history and has entrusted it to all of us as caretakers,” Tom said. “The Stevens & Smith Center is not just going to be a museum about the two of them. It’s going to be a museum about the ideas they stood for, lived for, and promoted,” says Robin. Tom and Robin hope the Stevens & Smith Center will serve as a safe space for community members of all backgrounds to learn and discuss new ideas. “We want this to be a place that, no matter where you’re coming from, you can feel safe entering this door and exploring these questions. This has to be an opportunity to come in and understand the past to figure out a way through the present,” says Tom. By creating an inclusive environment, LancasterHistory aims to make history accessible and relevant to all and demonstrate Lancaster’s continued significance in the American story. Stay tuned for updates on the opening of the Stevens & Smith Center.

Find out more about High Foundation’s mission to be a Bridge to Opportunity for the Lancaster community at REACH HIGH: STORIES OF LEADERSHIP


G A R D E N S P O T V I L L A G E | F E AT U R E D R E S I D E N T S

We love it here! “We love it here!” is a special series spotlighting Garden Spot Village residents and their love for Lancaster City and County.

A C C O R D I N G T O L A R RY A N D C H R I S T I N E M C H E N RY, some of the best relationships take time to develop. The two first met when a group of friends from church went out together. While they enjoyed meeting one another, neither say they left interested in being more than friends, but after meeting a few more times and getting to know one another, they fell in love and have now been happily married for eight years.

The Spice & Tea Exchange

As the two began thinking about married life in retirement, they looked to Garden Spot Village, a licensed, nonprofit, faith-based continuing care retirement community. Garden Spot offers prospective residents an opportunity to get to know them better. When prospective residents decide they want to move to Garden Spot, they make a deposit on their next home and join the Radar Screen. Larry and Christine are on the Radar Screen and can use the amenities at Garden Spot Village, where they regularly workout, play music, and take classes. “I’m a retired welder fabricator, and they have a complete metalworking shop there for residents to go in and make projects so that’s my thing,” Larry said. In doing this, it’s really confirmed that Garden Spot is the place they want to be—especially because the two love the Lancaster County area. 114

Central Market Flowers on King

Larry spent his childhood coming to Lancaster City with his mother to shop at Watt & Shand and grab lunch at downtown diners. Christine also has fond memories of visiting the city, and she is impressed with how much the city has grown each time the couple comes into Lancaster now. When they get the call about their dream cottage being available, they will be ready to take the next step, knowing they’ll have easy access to all their favorite city spots from the Garden Spot community. “We did a lot of homework,” Christine laughs. “We asked residents, ‘What would you do differently?’ And all they kept saying was they wished they moved here earlier.”

Larry & Christine’s L O C A L FAVO R I T E S

Favorite place to shop: LANCASTER CENTRAL MARKET 23 North Market Street, Lancaster Favorite place to get dinner: ANNIE BAILEY’S IRISH PUBLIC HOUSE 28-30 East King Street, Lancaster Favorite place to enjoy the outdoors: LONG’S PARK (where Larry proposed!) 1441 Harrisburg Pike, Lancaster Favorite place for a treat: LAPP VALLEY FARM 244 Mentzer Road, New Holland Annie Bailey’s Irish Public House


Favorite thing about living in Lancaster: You can get between the countryside and the city in a second





Something In The Way They


T H E R O A D to get your home the way you want it can be challenging. That’s why Ebersole Builders takes pride in taking the stress out of construction projects. With a commitment to excellence and expert project management, their team will be with you every step of the way. Transforming Lancaster’s finest homes!

Ron Good Director of Estimating

Gary Ebersole Director of Dental Construction

Gary Zimmerman Director of Operations



Dale Shenk Director of Business Development



Working together

for you

W H E N L I Z M A RT I N A N D A N DY E N D E R S F I R S T M E T more than a decade ago, they never imagined someday they would be working together. Their companies, both family-owned and operated, have merged to become one of the largest independent insurance agencies in the Susquehanna Valley. Now as a division of Enders, Martin Insurance Agency is even more dedicated to helping you with all your business & personal insurance needs throughout Lancaster County. Call them at 717.340.3444 to get your free personalized quote today! Pictured: Liz Martin, CIC, of Martin Insurance Agency and fourth-generation insurance professional alongside Andy Enders, Esq. of Enders and third-generation insurance professional



FRESH STYLE WO M A N - OW N E D BY M A R G A R E T M I L L E R , Three Little Birds Boutique is celebrating one year in Lancaster, their third storefront alongside Mechanicsburg and Hershey. After a teaching career and becoming a mother of three, Margaret drew upon her passion for art and styling to create this inclusive boutique where locals love to shop. Emphasizing the word “transgenerational,” Margaret strives to curate a selection where both mothers and daughters can shop together, and both find cool and unique stuff they love. And that’s not the only motivation behind how she stocks the shelves. TLB is also built on a commitment to sell quality pieces that elevate women’s wardrobes. “I’m not into fast fashion that only lasts one season,” she shared. “People work hard for their money, so I try to source brands that start at a manageable price point while encouraging our clients to buy less clothing. I want to serve as much of the community as we can in the best way we can with what we offer.”

Margaret believes shopping over the last 10 years has become isolated and cold with the uptick in online shopping and big box stores. “I’ve found women still want help with styling, sizing, and just overall support while shopping,” she added. “That’s why I do what I do and why we are growing. I want to put more beauty back into the world by creating these spaces for women.” Along with supporting each store, Margaret also designs and manages production for her own clothing lines with her partner Jess—JoFlower, which represents the beauty in the joys of life, and Straitlaced, which embodies classic design with trend-driven detail. “Because we have three stores, people often think there are multiple owners or that it is a larger business,” she said. “I want people to know TLB is a small business with a great group of managers who work alongside me to create magic for our clients at each location.” Stop by and see the magic for yourself seven days a week at 1200 Gilbert Way. 1200 GILBERT WAY, SUITE D111





dream to life


Lisa Farabaugh, Vice President (left) & Jeff Farabaugh, President (right) will help you build the home of your dreams.

B U I L D I N G YO U R D R E A M H O M E is one of the most rewarding experiences, which is why the Hershey Custom Homes team is dedicated to making your homebuilding experiences an enjoyable one. Jeff and Lisa Farabaugh, along with their talented team, are experts at building quality homes of any size, style, and budget. From the design and land development to the construction and decor, each custom home is uniquely created with your preferences, details, and personality in mind. 717.405.1001



Get into the

holiday spirit

TA K E A WA L K O R D R I V E T H R O U G H G R E E N F I E L D and enjoy the twinkle of 700,000+ lights on display from the end of November through the first week of January during the annual Holiday Lights at Greenfield. This year, you can also enjoy some holiday shopping with Creatively Lancaster’s Makers Market, hosted at Greenfield on December 2, 9, and 16 from 10AM–4PM at 1740 Hempstead Road.



We see the whole picture, not just the numbers. When you speak, we listen closely. Our business advisors and CPAs form a holistic view of your business, then tailor solutions to you, helping you gain a financial advantage and maximize your success. Visit to learn more.

Offices in Lancaster & the Capital Region Lancaster • 717.569.7081 | Capital Region • 717.761.4000


RELIEF IS HERE AFTER RECOGNIZING A NEED to assist people suffering from the most severe cases of treatment-resistant PTSD and Major Depressive Disorder, Les Carlson, Pam Carlson, and Dr. Ryan Kuehner founded the Lancaster Ketamine Institute. As they researched the positive impacts of ketamine-based treatments and realized local medical practitioners were sending patients to Philadelphia and Baltimore to undergo the treatments, Ryan, Pam, and Les began dreaming of what it would look like to offer the service in Lancaster. As a psychologist with a private practice in Lancaster, Dr. Kuehner sees firsthand the challenges these patients are facing. “We saw people that struggled and suffered—people from all walks of life—and this treatment may be their only hope,” Dr. Kuehner said. “Ketamine changes people so they can more easily process pain.”

From left to right: Les Carlson, Pam Carlson, and Dr. Ryan Kuehner

In addition to Ryan’s expertise, Les Carlson brings over 20 years of experience in healthcare commercialization, and Pam has an extensive history of business ownership and leadership as well as a diversified healthcare background. “Pam really runs the entire business, and Ryan and I support things in the background,” Les said. “She is the customer-facing leader both with patients and the staff.” Through the collaboration of their robust team of professionals, patients undergo six infusions over three weeks, followed by a booster protocol that the experts at the Lancaster Ketamine Institute determine. “Our patients come to us broken, and most of them have tried so many different modalities and medications,” Pam shared. “By the end of their infusions, they walk out, and they are smiling. They tell me they feel like a happier, healthier version of themselves.”

Lancaster Ketamine Institute is designed to have a spa-like atmosphere. The comfortable recliners, serene lighting, and peaceful music create a calming environment that promotes long-term healing. In addition to the physical design of the space, the team intentionally removes sterility from all aspects of the clinic, including interactions between the staff and patients. The medical team goes to great lengths to ensure each patient is cared for and supported during their treatments, even checking in after the process concludes. They are the only practice in the region owned and managed by a mental health professional and physician. “We want patients to know they’re not alone,” Pam stressed. “Hopefully, people do have a community around them, but that’s not always the case. So we build that for them, and give them the tools and education to navigate through this journey.” Learn more about what they do at



your battery disposal LANCASTER COUNTY SOLID WA S T E M A N A G E M E N T A U T H O R I T Y ( LC SW M A ) is a catalyst in making our community a better place. That’s why they are committed to educating the community on effectively managing waste.

Rechargeable batteries are in many common household items, including power tools, toys, cellphones, laptops, watches, vape devices, and more. LCSWMA is urging Lancastrians to properly dispose of all batteries including those that are rechargeable.

Did you know rechargeable batteries containing metals, such as lithium and nickel, can spark and explode when damaged? When these batteries are in the back of trash trucks or in waste disposal or recycling facilities, they are prone to damage due to the impact from equipment and machinery.

“We’ve always received so much support from the community, and we know once they are aware, they will rally to help by never placing rechargeable batteries in the trash or recycling bins,” he added.

“We are seeing an increase in battery fires,” Bob Barton, LCSWMA’s Transfer Station Complex site supervisor, said. “Although we’ve had a battery disposal program for decades and our staff is well-trained to quickly respond to fires, we are aggressively educating the public on proper battery disposal.” SAFEBATTERYDISPOSAL.COM

Lancaster County residents are encouraged to safely drop off alkaline and rechargeable batteries at LCSWMA’s free Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Facility on the Harrisburg Pike. For other convenient collection points or to learn more, visit





Your journey starts now S I M O N F I N A N C I A L S E RV I C E S has spent over two decades crafting a personalized plan to help people on their journey to future success. According to Christopher Simon, this all starts with a financial foundation. Let him and his expert team get start building one with you today.

Christopher Simon, lutcf

Investment Advisor Representative

Proudly serving Lancaster County and beyond for over two decades.

Securities and investment advisory services offered through Woodbury Financial Services, Inc. (WFS), member FINRA/SIPC. WFS is separately owned and other entities and/or marketing names, products or services referenced here are independent of WFS. Marketing support provided by TruChoice Financial Group, LLC (TruChoice). TruChoice is not affiliated with Simon Financial Services or WFS.





After building your life in Lancaster, why would you want to live anywhere else? Your friends are here. Your interests are here. Your community is here. Townstead Apartments at Homestead Village will give you the freedom to follow your interests while providing you with a practical plan for the future. At Townstead Apartments, your life will blossom.

To learn more about what we have growing on, call 717-584-1629 or go to




Brewed to perfection J U R A Z 1 0 P R E PA R E S B O T H H O T & C O L D B R E W S P E C I A LT Y C O F F E E , freshly ground, not capsuled. At the touch of a button, it brews the full spectrum of hot drinks, from intense espresso to on-trend flat white. It also opens up a whole new dimension of coffee enjoyment with the introduction of cold brew specialties, thanks to the Product Recognizing Grinder (P.R.G.) that recognizes the chosen specialty and adjusts the grind accordingly. Experience a completely new way to enjoy coffee. JURA—if you love coffee.




Did You Know? The JURA Hospitality Center, located right here in Lancaster County, is the only one of its kind in the United States. Experience JURA machines for yourself and bring barista-style coffee right into your home. Does your JURA need a repair? The Hospitality Center is also the only certified repair center in the U.S.



Don’t miss A MOMENT

Owner and Audiologist Dr. Matthew Kaplan with his wife and Managing Director Brandi Kaplan and their three (soon to be four!) children, captured at the new Lancaster Public Library

W H E R E V E R YO U G O and whatever you discover with your family, Kaplan Family Hearing Center knows you want to hear and experience it all. Their customized hearing solutions are tailor-made for your lifestyle, budget, and hearing goals—that’s their specialty.


Don’t miss hearing a single moment of your loved ones’ lives. Schedule a free consultation at

J Hearing Instrument Verification using Real-Ear Measurements



J Comprehensive Diagnostic Hearing Evaluations J Partnership with All Major Hearing Aid Manufacturers J Cochlear Implant and BAHA Candidacy Evaluations J Custom Earmolds & Hearing Protection J Tinnitus Evaluations & Treatment J Cerumen (Wax) Removal WEHEARYOU@KAPLANFHC.COM



Deck the halls I T ’ S T H AT T I M E O F Y E A R A G A I N when the greenhouses of Ken’s Gardens are filled with the deep reds of seasonal poinsettias and other wintertime favorites for you to deck your home for the holidays and beyond. Both their Intercourse and Smoketown locations are stocked and ready for you to shop their locally-grown holiday plants. Gather friends and family for a festive holiday workshop.

Kerry Lapp and Kendra Pepe, two of Ken’s Gardens co-owners



Celebrate joyfully NE STLE D I N LA NCA STE R CO UNT Y, Bent Creek Country Club is a private club with amenities and activities for families of all ages. In addition to the pool, golf course, and tennis courts, the club also boasts several indoor and outdoor spaces that can be booked for events. One incredible space you can host your event in is their newly renovated ballroom—The Room of Joy. Named to honor late club member, Joy Allen, who supported the project along with her son Rob and his wife Tina. With new floors, paint, lighting fixtures, and banquet equipment, it can accommodate up to 200 guests. Whether you are planning an intimate family gathering or a wedding, their team of event professionals will make your event special from start to finish. For booking an event, contact Lexi Villalta at and to ask about membership opportunities, contact Kayla Molitoris at

Meet Banquet Manager, Emmit Jefferies and Director of Catering and Banquet Sales, Lexi Villalta. Emmit is the point of contact onsite during your event, ensuring everything runs smoothly, and Lexi works with members to decide on food and other details during the event planning process while also assisting onsite during your event. 620 BENT CREEK DRIVE, LITITZ




Trusted treatment A P H Y S I C I A N - L E D P R A C T I C E I N L A N C A S T E R for almost 50 years, Dermatology Associates of Lancaster combines their time-honored approach to patient care with the latest in skincare technology. Their providers are continually sharpening their expertise and learning new techniques to bring the best advice and treatments for their patients. Give them a call to see what they can do for your skin at 717.569.3279.

Pictured: The DAL team in their newly-renovated waiting room. Standing, from left to right: Hayley Dietrich, MSPAS, PA-C; Jeanette L. Hebel, MD, FAAD, FACMS; Jennifer A. Sceppa, MD, FAAD, FASDP; Chase Sloat, MSPAS, PA-C; and Christina N. Lawson, MD, FAAD. Seated, from left to right: Amanda M. Conroy, MSN, CRNP; Joanne Smucker Rill, MD, FAAD; and Erica M. Witkonis, MSN, CRNP

132 1650 CROOKED OAK DRIVE, #200 717.569.3279 DERMLANC.COM

From left to right: Kenny, Chris, Mike, and Rich

Elevate your home G I S H ’ S F U R N I T U R E K N OW S you’re only as good as the team behind you. That’s why they are giving a high five to everyone who makes your vision a reality in your home! From the Amish craftspeople and the design team to the sales team and the loading and delivery crews that finish the job—no one touches your furniture except their team. From start to finish, Gish’s has it down to a science. Whether you’re wanting to refresh a few pieces or planning a full room revamp, visit one of their five locations to find the quality styles you’re looking for—including their new showroom coming soon in Kennett Square.

A rendering of Gish’s newest showroom in Kennett Square —their fifth location!

Step into Gish’s, where traditional quality meets modern sensibilities F






It’s Quattro Season Quattro isn’t just an all-wheel drive system—it’s what makes an Audi an Audi. Combining exceptional driving dynamics with extraordinary traction and efficiency, quattro creates a driving experience like no other. The Audi Q5 Sportback combines progressive design, versatility, and elegance—all complementing its

View Our Inventory, Specials & More.

dynamic quattro experience. Now is the time to drive.

134 134 ADDRESS ###.###.#### WEBSITE






LARRY AND CHRISTINE MCHENRY can’t wait to move to Garden Spot Village. The couple is on the Radar Screen and waiting for their next home. In the meantime, they visit Garden Spot Village several times a week. They enjoy walks through the Legacy Garden, dinner at The Harvest Table, and time in the Wellness Center. Christine loves to play pickleball with her future neighbors, and Larry enjoys working in the Metal Shop. Christine says, “When we are at Garden Spot, it’s like we are already home.” Read more of Larry and Christine’s story at





103 South Duke Street Lancaster, PA 17602

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Chef Ryan McQuillan and Director of Restaurants Mia Carlson lead the team who proudly offer cuisine inspired by the rich offerings of Lancaster County. INSIDE THE MARRIOTT ON PENN SQUARE




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