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meet the local innovators in the city of lancaster


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Deborah Brandt


Jena Miller Shani Tucker Rachel Phillips Janine Carroll Laura Korzon Theresa Yerger Jon Nixon Kate Walker

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The thinking way Innovation. It’s what keeps the wheels of progress spinning. It’s the product of good ideas that drives us to tinker, experiment, and take risks TO keep us constantly moving forward. We often think of innovation as those “Eureka!” moments popping into our heads when we least expect it… and, in some glorious instances, that’s how it happens. But, more often than not, the great ideas that spark innovation are more than just a solitary, illuminated moment. Most often, the important breakthrough ideas of our lives are built on foundations of community, conversation, and hard work.


Great thinkers about thinking tell us that an idea literally spawns from a new network of neurons firing inside the brain. And, in order to best create those internal networks, it helps to network your brain with the outside world. Connected minds are creative minds—and there

JOEL WALKER, INNOVATOR Fig : Tell us about the kinds of solutions you’re creating. ®

Joel Walker of Industrial Resolution: Most of the specific works that we’ve been doing JOEL WALKER Chief Beard Grower, Industrial Resolution

in the City have been website related. We built the website for Central Market with a custom map module that allows users to identify where each stand is within Market’s historic walls. We’re now working with the Infantree on a new website for the City, which will be built on the Drupal 7 content management system. Our most recent project involved an interactive holiday “photo booth” staged in Spring

MEET the LOCAL INNOVATORS: Look for this seal throughout this issue

is no better example of connected creativity than our very own City, which fosters the spirit of innovation every single day. From the local craftsman using his simple axe to create beauty to the downtown developer restoring abandoned buildings to life in ways never before considered—they are both rebuilding and re-imagining their City for the future. From the physician who saves and improves lives through technology and compassion to the chef who changes the way people eat with the fresh, flavorful food she makes—each and every one of them is an innovator, moving us forward and enriching our lives. And we honor them for it. Here’s to an innovative 2013. deborah brandt & the moxie house team Meet the whole team at

House Breweries Taproom window, allowing pedestrians to initiate a countdown to a photograph and then retrieve their photograph from a website. Fig®: So, how does it feel to be our innovation Issue “cover boy”? Joel: Oh I am so totally flattered by the opportunity. I do also feel a bit sheepish about it. … Am I innovative? I guess I’d have to be to have

LEARN MORE about Industrial Resolution at their website SPECIAL THANKS to Luxe Salon & Spa for helping our cover model look his very best.

gotten to where we are today. But if you want to see the exciting stuff, then you really need to watch my team in action. We rip into each other’s ideas and duke it out, but when the dust settles, we’re left with this concept that is solid as a rock. And then, when we finish building it, people just go nuts.

Celebrate our Diamond Anniversary with us all year long with these dazzling events!

urs a s o n i D d Di



ay 12, 2013 Feb. 9– M

s. paleontologist l food, fossils, and Children become the North Museum of Natura ch at fun, colorful approa This new exhibit e presents a ago. diets from long History & Scienc fossils and dino to learning about

Avenue 400 College 17603 Lancaster, PA



www.northmuseum.or of the Earth by the Museum and Managed Institution. Organized gical Research at the Paleontolo

Did Dinosaurs Poop? February 9 - May 12 Children become food, fossils, and paleontologists. This new exhibit at the North Museum of Natural History & Science presents a fun, colorful approach to learning about fossils and dino diets from long ago. Organized and managed by the Museum of the Earth at the Paleontological Research Institution.

DIAMONDS EXHIBIT Opening June 1 Ancients believed they were splinters from the stars. The real story is just as fascinating. Diamonds is a production of Science North, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada.

GREAT BALLS OF FIRE Opening September 2013 What are comets and asteroids made of? Why did the dinosaurs go extinct? Get the answers in an out-of-this-world interactive experience. A production of the National Center for Interactive Learning at the Space Science Institute.

FIRST FRIDAYS FIVE AT FIVE, 5-8pm March 1, April 5, May 3, June 7. Family friendly fun for only $5. A planetarium program beginning at 5:30 pm is included in the price of admission (limited seating; first come, first served). PLANETARIUM SHOWS Learn about your place in space in south central Pennsylvania’s LARGEST planetarium. Go online for a complete schedule.

04 Open Tuesday - Saturday, 10 am - 5 pm and Sunday, Noon - 5 pm »

Casual upscale dining inspired cocktails & wines private seating for business & entertaining

We insist on using many local ingredients in our cuisine and even our cocktails. Taste the difference of eating locally from our neighbors: Brook Lawn Farm, Linden Dale Farm, Stockin’s Apiaries, Hope Springs Farms, and many others.

Fresh. Refined. Local.

2 East King Street » 717.207.4033 » 05

FLAH_Fig Ad_Feb2013.pdf



3:32 PM



Each one an original

Where art innovates life. 300 Harrisburg Avenue, Lancaster, PA 17603 • 717.299.3000 • Email:

be inspired



Elements of outdoor living

John McGrann


long-term success is recognizing innovative products in an otherwise traditional business and introducing these new ideas to customers each season. Since 1914, Penn Stone has supplied brick, stone, and masonry materials to building contractors throughout Lancaster County. Patio at Penn Stone opened in 2005, bringing stylish, highquality outdoor furniture to Downtown Lancaster and adding a retail store to the mostly-wholesale Penn Stone. The 2013 season brings Penn Stone and Patio together as one brand. Penn Stone: Outdoor Living—a single destination that is Lancaster’s leading source for all hardscaping and outdoor living products. Whether working with a discriminating homeowner or their architect, designer, or contractor, Penn Stone’s knowledgeable team guides customers through the design and selection process as they choose from an impressive range of beautiful natural landscape stone, stylish high-quality furniture, and a complete selection of enhancements for outdoor living: outdoor kitchens, firepits and fireplaces, landscape lighting, planters and fountains, and outdoor art and sculpture. When helping Penn Stone customers create beautiful backyard retreats, John explains, “We’re showing people the ways they can personalize their outdoor space and make it an extension of their home's interior.” From brick walls to stone fireplaces, permeable pavers to flagstone walks, Penn Stone is the place to go for those with a fine appreciation of form and function—and who understand the unparalleled value of local expertise.

190 West Ross Street » 717.735.1922 »


green in celebration of County, Commonwealth, & Country. At, we believe in big plans. Big plans give each of us a platform to dream, to imagine, and ultimately to engender in us the ability to take action. Big plans drive us toward our future, often incrementally and occasionally with gusto. For, the Campus of History has been the Big Plan on our radar for much of the last several years. It has been the culmination of much careful thought and planning, design and—for the last thirteen months—construction. And now, with all the final touches on floors and walls inside the new wing and plants in the ground, our attention can begin turning to other Big Plans—notably for new exhibitions in the Groff Gallery, new programs in Ryder Hall, and new tours at President James Buchanan’s Wheatland.

2013 will be a year unlike any in our 127year history. Visit the Campus of History at the corner of North President and Marietta Avenues—your home for history in Lancaster County. With a 35,000 squarefoot environmentally sustainable facility that hosts a state-of-the-art family history research center and library, expanded and open collection storage—now the home to Lancaster’s own Heritage Center Collections, an archive with over 1 million historic manuscripts, a 250-seat auditorium, and a multi-purpose visitor Commons all nestled on 10 beautiful acres containing President James Buchanan’s Wheatland and the Tanger Arboretum…there’s something at the Campus of History for everyone! There is so much in store, and we look forward to sharing it all with you! We welcome you—come find your place on campus.

Join us for the GALA GRAND OPENING April 27, 2013 or call 717.392.4633 for reservations.

Proud to receive LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) commendation at the Silver level for our sustainable architecture and technology.

Ware Commons 08 230 North President Avenue » 717.392.4633 »

A new home for local history












HOURS OF OPERATION Tuesday and Friday 6 am-4 pm Saturday 6 am-2 pm




A LANCASTER TRADITION FOR OVER 280 YEARS If spring is all about new beginnings, then Lancaster Central Market has been getting a fresh start for nearly three centuries. Forever entwined with the pulse of the City of Lancaster and the steady pace of the seasons, Lancaster Central Market is a place to be seen—and a place to see. It’s the people we know and the food we love that keep us returning here week after week, month after month, year after year. As we gaze past rows animated in gladiolas, strawberry rhubarb pie, and greenery, we’re dreaming of how it will all look and taste on our own tables. Take a moment to meet the standholders who make this piece of Lancaster heritage possible. And take the ultimate lunchbreak—right here in your own downtown. COMFORT BAKEHOUSE

All your favorite comfort foods— meatloaf, burgers, roasted turkey —in a delicious muffin topped with mashed potatoes. Add a savory side dish to complete your meal. SWEET ANNIE PRODUCE


Ben’s philosophy—“The soil transforms into nutrition.” A unique collection of local produce grown and harvested in a sustainable way. KAUFFMAN FRUIT FARMS

For more than 100 years, the Kauffman family has been providing the best seasonal fruit varieties— cherries, peaches, plums, pears, and apples. Enjoy their locallymade cider and apple butter. UTZ PRETZEL

For every snack food under the sun, check out Utz. Pretzels, specialty chips, crackers, tortillas, and cheese balls are in abundance. But be sure to get the fresh, bagged on-site, classic potato chip.

10 23 North Market Street off Penn Square »

real honest food

made from scratch daily

catering available

Stewards of the earth



Fresh Farms Cafe features sandwiches made with fresh, flavorful, and local ingredients nestled in signature flatbreads, wraps, brioche rolls, and panini breads. With over 40 sandwiches to choose from, Fresh Farms Cafe knows you’ll find a great one that becomes your favorite.

621 Harrisburg Avenue » 717.517.8850 »


IN THE WORLD of quality menswear, the pendulum never swings too far from the classics, but Jay Filling is a man who appreciates the subtleties and nuance of men’s fashion. Understanding that innovation is in the details, Filling’s at College Row has perfected the art of service and old world masterful tailoring, while maintaining a youthful spirit and an eye on the new looks making their way to American shores. “We go to great lengths to find the very best,” says Jay. “And when you walk through our door, we’re ready for you.” Family-owned and operated in Lancaster since 1929, Filling’s is anything but a dusty old suit shop. Following their relocation to College Row in 2007, Filling’s has experienced growth and rejuvenation like none in their 84 years of business. “We’re carrying more inventory than ever in our history,” says Jay. “You’ll see fresh new goods every time you come in the store, 12 months a year.”


Thanks to advances in the field of inventory management, Filling’s has developed an even more detailed understanding of what customers want and when they want it.

Jay Filling

Distinctive clothing

for men & women

12 681 Harrisburg Avenue » 717.735.9550 »

“Technology has allowed us to maintain a strict and detailed view of purchasing habits and transformed our operation into a tight, inventory controlled operation,” explains Jay. “It’s also opened up new kinds of communication and opportunities to engage with our customers.” The attention to detail and unsurpassed professional service at Filling’s, coupled with their warm, fun, and friendly atmosphere, means that the pleasure of shopping local for fine clothing will never, ever go out of style.

Everyday innovation FORWARD-THINKING FINDS FROM LOCAL RETAILERS Shop smart and creative this season. From recycled bling to clever food products—your local shop owners are in the know and the now.

Sparkly and special, this handcrafted jewelry uses recycled precious metals. From j.a. SHARP CUSTOM JEWELERS.

Bangles—made from recycled land mines—are proof that beauty and peace can overcome the ugliest circumstances. From TELLUS 360.

A reversible dress & sweatshirt pack a 1-2 punch that’s ohso-perfect for travel. From FILLING’S.

Try a meticulously hand-brewed cup of coffee that uses the Individual Cup Drip Brew method, creating a rich, complex, and clean cup profile with striking clarity. From THE BAKER’S TABLE.

Fig and Walnut Paste makes a perfect side at a dinner party this spring. From SEASONS OLIVE OIL & VINEGAR TAPROOM.

The Dr. Hauschka natural skin care line respects the body’s natural rhythms, working with these processes to restore balance and bring about lasting beauty. From CITYFOLK.

These trendy wooden frames hail from sustainable sources. From TELLUS 360.

These clever cloth diapers use either reusable cloth or disposable liners. Choose between high conscious or highconvenience depending on the day. From BELLA BOO.

A solar lantern that offers an ec0-friendly glow and these organic-looking concrete planters reinforced with fiberglass are an ideal marriage of form and function. From PATIO AT PENN STONE. » » twitter @figlancaster 13

RANDALL OYER M.D., Oncology Program Director JAN BERGEN, Executive Vice President, Lancaster General Health

LOCAL INNOVATORS: Randall Oyer, M.D. Jan Bergen

Breaking ground in cancer treatment


Summer 2013

14 The Ann B. Barshinger Cancer Institute will be located at 2102 Harrisburg Pike, Lancaster

LANCASTER GENERAL HEALTH’S latest endeavor to continually enhance the quality of local healthcare, the Ann B. Barshinger Cancer Institute, is a prime example of community-inspired innovation at its finest.

In planning this Institute, we first consulted our community. There were things we hadn’t thought of, and things that were reinforced. But most importantly, we listened to their voices.” - RANDALL OYER, M.D.

“Having this Institute in Lancaster means that people diagnosed with cancer can remain in their home community and still get the very best treatment.” - JAN BERGEN

During the process of designing the two-story 70,000 square foot Institute to provide advanced technology and integration of cancer care, it was the local community advisory panel that truly helped determine how the new building should look and what it should have inside. As Oncology Program Director Randall A. Oyer, M.D., explained, “In planning this Institute, we first consulted our community.” Over the course of six months of meetings, the LG Health team presented lists of questions to the panel, asking for their honest input, and receiving it. As the panel—a diverse group including patients, survivors, and community members from all walks of life—spoke freely about what mattered most to them, the Institute planners listened. “There were things we hadn’t thought of, and things that were reinforced. But most importantly, we listened to their voices,” said Oyer. “You don’t forget the voices.” “One thing that we kept hearing from our panel,” said Executive Vice President of LG Health Jan Bergen, “is that waiting for a diagnosis is so universally difficult.” In response, part of the Institute’s promise to the community is to limit waiting time by producing faster diagnoses. Within the Institute’s new radiation therapy wing, patients will have access to the latest diagnostic and treatment technologies available that lead to earlier diagnoses, less arduous treatment, and quicker recovery. But, beyond the game-changing technological innovations, the Institute will also feature innovations designed with patient comfort and emotional well-being in mind. From chemotherapy suites with natural light and outdoor views to a tranquil Healing Garden where patients and family members can find a quiet space between treatments, the Institute will treat the whole person, not just the cancer. READ MORE » 717.544.5511 » 15

Please join us for an afternoon of fun and adventure on Saturday, April 20 from 11am to 3pm, in the Second Annual Riddle Quest presented by Compass Mark and Harrington Hoists & Cranes. Bring your family and friends. Solve all new riddles in an exciting scavenger hunt to uncover hidden treasures in historic downtown Lancaster. The rewards? New friends, bigger horizons and fantastic prizes!

Brought to you by:



Win Proceeds benefit Compass Mark’s Future Generations helping youth face life’s riddles.

2013 Event & Supporting Sponsors:

16 The adventure begins at The Marriott at Penn Square—Vine St. Entrance » 717.299.2831 »

A sparkle of innovation

Kristan Winand, Ricci Dehl, Andrea Miller Amey, Jude Sharp, Sylvia Weaver

322 North Queen Street » 717.295.9661 » 17

LOCAL INNOVATORS: Kevin Brown James Futty

A new take on a classic THE LIGHT BULB MOMENT that led

to The Fridge: two friends, James Futty and Kevin Brown, decided that instead of a bar, they’d open Lancaster's largest craft beer bottle shop. Tracking down the best beers, making the best pizzas on perfect, handcrafted dough. No set menu— just what’s fresh, what’s local, and what’s inspiring the chef that day.

18 534 North Mulberry Street » 717.490.6825 »

master stylist - 8 yrs HOT HEADS Extensions; Keratin Treatments; Bridal Styling; Curl Cutting; Multidimensional Colors

master stylist- 15 yrs Keratin Treatments; Up Styling; Braiding; Board Certified Hair Colorist; Tailored Women’s Cutting

premier stylist - 13 yrs Global Educator and Main Stage Platform Artist; National and International Trainer of Global Educators; Master Colorist; Advanced Cutting Expert; Master in Blow Dry Styling and Up Styling


the ultimate team

the LUXE team



master stylist - 15 yrs Extension Expert; Keratin Expert; Relaxers; Bridal Styling Expert; Makeup

premier stylist/salon director - 10 yrs Goldwell Ambassador; Wella Color Expert; Redken Specialist; Eufora Elite Team Member; Keratin Treatments

premier stylist - 15 yrs Certified National and International Educator; Globally Certified Cut and Color Expert; Editorial and Platform Artist; Globally Published Artist; Upstyling Expert

824 1st Street » 717.393.3200 »


BRANDON HARTER (left), litigation attorney specializing in cost-effective e-discovery / life-long PC gamer.

Innovation meets experience

KEVIN FRENCH (right), litigation attorney specializing in commercial law and dispute resolution / avid music fan and musician.

At Hartman Underhill & Brubaker, we’re serious but not stuffy. We champion curiosity and active learning and want to keep it kindled for a lifetime. This passion led us to embrace a whole new IT approach leveraging the benefits of digitized files, the latest mobile devices, and even some artificial intelligence software to enhance and transform our research and access to information. And our next-generation law professionals are helping us lead—every step of the way. It’s what keeps us doing the best work for the people who matter most: our clients. 20 221 East Chestnut Street » 717.299.7254 »

FAMILY Friends





S easonal Menu

for 7 years, Annie Bailey’s Irish Pub & Restaurant

e x tensi v e b eer list

has been bringing the luck of the Irish to Downtown

li v e music

Lancaster. Whether you’re taking the inlaws to brunch

P ri vate D ining a vaila b le

or scheduling a midweek business meeting, find good food and warm hospitality here.

28-30 East King Street » 717.393.4000 » 21

INNOVATION IN THEATRE is a hallmark of the Fulton’s artistic leadership. In his own words… Marc Robin, Artistic Director at the Fulton Theatre “There is so much innovation happening at the Fulton these days, from the way we build our productions, to our artistic approach to the shows, to the countless new partnerships that we’ve formed with other theatres and theatre artists around the country. We work very hard every day to become the very best theatre that we can be, which takes a TON of innovation and a TON of collaboration.” “The Fulton is becoming known as a place that’s breathing new life into the familiar classics. With every play and musical we do, we want to produce theatre that is current, relevant, and makes the audience feel they are experiencing the story for the first time. And that is the reputation we are building nationally—that the Fulton is a place to see the shows people really love, done in a way they’ve never seen them before.”

Taking a creative leap MARC ROBIN Artistic Director at the Fulton Theatre

22 12 North Prince Street » 717.397.7425 »

“This is a very exciting time for the Fulton because we’ve worked really hard over the last three or four years to forge new partnerships around the country. We hear every day from people all over the nation who want to be a part of what we’re doing. And so we get to combine the efforts of the very best talent here in Lancaster and some of the best theatre artists nationally to create a truly unique Fulton experience. To have access to so much talent from both Lancaster and the theatre community at large is very humbling and thrilling at the same time.”




Apr. 2




A Chorus Line

YOU are INVITED TO Join the Fig Team at the Fulton theatre!

March 13

Mark your calendar to be the first to see each new Fulton Theatre production this season. The first Wednesday evening of each show opening, join the Fig® team for a pre-show reception in the lobby. Taste local food, sip wine from Pennsylvania vineyards, and enter to win a fabulous Fig® Prize Pack—given away on stage.

April 24

All this at the best ticket price possible— only $25 per ticket for any seat in the house.

June 5



Joseph & the amazing technicolor dreamcoat

Can’t make it to Fig® Preview Night? Ask about the Act Two Pack THREE GREAT MUSICALS. ONE GREAT PRICE. $99 ACT TWO PACK. Call or go online for details.



Box Office Hours: Mon-Fri 10-5 & 2 hours before shows 23


kid-friendly things TO See & do in Lancaster

WJTL kids cookie break, Proud sponsor of Fig® Family Every Saturday morning 9-noon, tune in to FM 90.3 WJTL or listen 24/7 at KCB entertains, educates, and empowers kids. Join Lisa Landis as she takes you on a radio field trip to family fun places in Lancaster. Join her as she broadcasts live and plays artists like Phredd, The Newsboys, Steven Courtney, Slugs & Bugs, TobyMac, Justin Roberts, Putumayo Kids, and Bruce Fite.

Fig® Family is sponsored by Kids Cookie Break & WJTL

the beadworks


Lancaster’s bead shop and open beading studio where you can make jewelry—no appointment needed! Have a fun day out with friends or family and a great place for birthday parties. Find unique rocks, fossils, and minerals in the Gem Den.

A Paint-Your-Own Pottery Studio: Creativity for the entire family featuring over 250 pieces of pottery with more than 150 glazes to choose from! Birthday parties, girls’ nights, Girl Scout badges, and more.

52 North Queen Street 717.490.6551

16 West Orange Street 717.299.9963

north museum of natural history & science Did Dinosaurs Poop? Children become food, fossils, and paleontologists in this new exhibit at the North Museum. In a fun approach to learning about fossils and dino diets, kids take a digestive journey, traveling as dinosaur “food” from tooth to tush. Open now through May. 400 College Ave. 717.291.3941

Family Fun fest Each month the Family Fun Fest features a wide array of engaging performances, complete with opportunities to meet the artists, take part in creative hands-on activities, enjoy a snack, and bring home a very cool surprise give-away. for info.

24 Listen in Saturday 9-12 »

March 9 Cuentos del Arbol A bilingual musical that celebrates a tree that has sheltered and nurtured countless characters over the years. 11 AM, The Ware Center march 23 The Global Kids’ Animated Short Film Festival Family Fun Fest is sponsored by Fig®


A gift of opportunity Upohar’s experienced cooks are resettled refugee women from around the world. Our innovative business model offers them the opportunity to earn fair wages, rebuild their lives, and become part of our community. And it allows them to share with us the opportunity to experience their cuisines and cultural heritage.

Ethnic Cuisines

Upohar provides catering services for corporate and private events. We specialize in delicious vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free food. Our unique menus have something everyone will enjoy. Contact us to explore possibilities for your next event. » 717.290.6993 » 25

Weddings in the Ballroom

Meetings in the Assembly Room

Celebrate with us

Parties in The Baker’s Table

Celebrations in the Warehouse

Cork & Cap 717.735.2025 Bakery 717.735.1150

Join us this Easter and Mother’s Day for brunch in the ballroom.

26 Located at Urban Place, 480 New Holland Avenue » 717.735.2075 »


Crystal Weaver

As owner Crystal Weaver sees it, Prince Street Cafe is an incubator for innovation in Lancaster. With people gathering in this warm and welcoming space for outstanding beverages and delicious local food, it’s no wonder that stimulating discussions, thoughts, and ideas are always brewing right alongside the rich, gourmet coffee. “All around the cafe, I can’t help but overhear bits of conversation about great things starting,” says Crystal. “New professional ideas, new businesses, new relationships…good things begin here.” Moving to Lancaster over 12 years ago from her family farm, Crystal truly loves the vitality of City life. In fact, one of her earliest goals for the cafe was to draw more people Downtown and serve as a launching pad for discovering the City. In recent years, with increasingly more people visiting her cafe and enjoying all that Lancaster has to offer, “I think we’ve turned the corner on that,” says Crystal. Following a renovation that has enhanced the relaxed and comfortable environment, Prince Street Cafe features even more spaces for lingering, connecting, and innovating. Crystal celebrates her diverse clientele—from the homeless man buying his cup of coffee with dignity to the high-powered businesswoman making deals over double-espressos—and strives to make each person feel welcomed. “We honor our customers with the work we put into this place,” she explains. “Everything we do is very intentional and we don’t take short cuts. I believe that to be successful in this type of venture, you have to put your heart and soul into it.” Looking to the horizon, Crystal sees the year ahead as ripe for further innovation and new ideas. And, for this hardworking visionary with a deep love for Lancaster and its people, the future looks promising, indeed. » » @figlancaster 27

Learn the languages that bring the mind to life REGISTRATIONS ARE NOW BEING ACCEPTED for courses in Latin and Greek during the 2013-2014 academic year and for 2013 Summer Courses. A SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR SPONSORS Campus Grille • the Del Terzo Family • Hagelgans and Veronis, LLP Lancaster Urology - LU • Reach Horticulture • Willow Run Veterinary Clinic

Always far ahead of its time, and with an eye and an ear for the timeless, a true classical education becomes the source of humanly sound and deeply timely innovation. 28 910 Marietta Avenue » 717.397.3223 »


The Lancaster Center for Classical Studies presents spirited courses in the Ancient Greek and Latin languages for public and private school students, homeschool students, and adults. Students discover that the study of Latin and Greek is the key to a deeper and livelier engagement of the mind and to a readier and abler mastery of all other subjects. A diploma program recognized by the Pennsylvania Department of Education is available for homeschool students.

Sunday Is


Sunday is Prime Time night from 1–9 pm.

Your choice of Roast Prime Rib of Beef Au Jus or Pan Seared North Atlantic Salmon for $21.95. Dinner includes choice of garden salad or cup of soup and a pint of house beer or glass of house wine.

781 Harrisburg Avenue » 717 291.9800 » 29

VOICES Silver City Rodeo SILVER CITY RODEO As their music both reminisces about good times gone by and looks ahead to those yet to come, Silver City Rodeo is at its core a celebration of the American spirit. In “Stop On By,” the voices and instruments in this seven-member band—including Neil Martin, Andrew Fausnacht, Karl Diffenderfer, Charlie Maxwell, Kirk Krieder, Molly Holden, and Ben Pierson—join together, evoking late night gatherings when friends are relaxed and loose and the labels have been peeled off all the bottles. Bringing an Appalachian twang to Lancaster’s roots rock scene, Silver City Rodeo originated through two old friends’ love for making music. In 2011, Andrew reconnected with Neil after he returned home to Pennsylvania from the mountains of Kentucky, infusing their alternative country sound with something true and authentic. In songs like “Being Young,” the band throws off the worries of the day in an ode to youth. With a two-step beat that transforms the piano into a plinky saloon upright and the violin into a fiddle, the band captures the feel of stomping boots on a sawdustcovered dance floor. Honoring influences like Johnny Cash, Neil Young, Ryan Adams, and The Decemberists, this group of musical friends has discovered their own way of capturing the glory, pain, history, and joy of an American heritage. For a nation that both reveres the past and leans eagerly into the future, Silver City Rodeo is creating the perfect soundtrack. 30 » twitter @figlancaster »


FIG® EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD! Visit for an exclusive download of a brand new Silver City Rodeo song!

David Dye

Helen Leicht

DISCOVER THE RADIO STATION FOR MUSIC FANS WHO WE ARE Like you, we’re music fans. For more than two decades, countless fellow fans, musicians, and business supporters have joined us in building a community focused on music discovery and connecting artists with new audiences. WHAT WE DO We provide an unparalleled listening experience and a playlist that is broad and composed of international, national, and local artists ranging from brand new on the scene to legendary in stature. Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Adele, The Lumineers, Wilco, Brandi Carlile, Dave Matthews Band, REM, Mumford & Sons, and Alabama Shakes are just a few of the artists you’ll hear on WXPN. HOW WE DO IT WXPN is a member-supported public

Michaela Majoun

radio station. We rely solely on the support of individuals and businesses who believe in our mission and support it with financial contributions.

FREE AT NOON Free live concerts broadcasted every Friday!

Past performers include: Adele, Aaron Neville, Band of Horses, B-52s, My Morning Jacket, Ray LaMontagne, Counting Crows, Dr. Dog, Amos Lee, Citizen Cope, Tori Amos, Guster, and many more! Sign up for the next free concert at

Dan Reed

If you’re a fan of Neil Young, John Eddie, and Tom Petty, you should add Silver City Rodeo’s music to your library. It’s Americana meets roots rock...check them out! -HELEN LEICHT

WORLD CAFE® Mon-Fri 2-4pm For more than 20 years, host David Dye has welcomed live performances and interviews with celebrated and emerging artists including Bon Iver, Death Cab for Cutie, Mumford & Sons, The Decemberists, Joni Mitchell, Black Keys, Elvis Costello, Robert Plant, Arcade Fire, LCD Soundsystem, REM, Feist, Fleet Foxes, Talking Heads, among thousands of others. THE KEY Discover Philly’s Best Local Music Visit WXPN’s local music website each weekday for news, reviews, concert listings, and free downloads of songs from both local and national bands. Exclusive studio sessions with a new band each week. Go to for live streaming and music updates.

IT’S ALL ABOUT THE MUSIC. ON-AIR. ONLINE. ON-DEMAND. » twitter @figlancaster » 31

The Cutting Edge of Culinary MORE THAN JUST A SOURCE FOR FRESH, local ingredients, Lancaster is a community that appreciates exceptional and forwardthinking cuisine. Expressing itself creatively through culinary endeavors, this City is on the cutting edge.


Country Terrine


Sopressata Westphalian Ham


Seasons has been noted as the premier olive oil store in Lancaster County by noted international olive oil expert and author of Extra Virginity, Tom Mueller. Personalized customer service and knowledgeable staff offer unmatched expertise and assistance, including product pairing, recipe, and gift ideas. 36 West King Street

Rooster Street Provisions is elevating the act of butchering, curing, and aging meat in Lancaster into an art form. Collectively known as charcuterie, this laborious old-world craft takes dedication and time. From a dry-cured sopressata to a simple smoked bacon, Rooster Street Provisions knows how to make people happy, which is truly what good eating is all about. Located in Lancaster Central Market 32 Âť twitter @figlancaster Âť

UPOHAR ETHNIC CUISINES Upohar—which means gift in Bengali—offers ethnic food prepared by refugee and immigrant cooks. Through its mission for good, Upohar not only caters delicious and authentic dishes, but it also builds local awareness about global issues. Ethnic Cuisines

CHRISTINA MASER PANTRY “It all started with strawberries from the backyard of my friend who taught me how to make jam. When strawberries were done, I wanted to try other fruits, which led me to local growers, farms, and markets.”

Andrew Martin, owner of Thistle Finch Distillery

THISTLE FINCH DISTILLERY Not just the resurgence of rye whiskey, but also the reestablishment of an entire industry: Thistle Finch Distillery is bringing small-scale production of spirits to Lancaster. Look for their traditional double distilled White Rye Whiskey in late Summer 2013.

Using only seasonal, local fruits and herbs in her delicious jams and sauces, owner and founder Gretchen Maser dazzles with flavors like blackberry with lemon thyme and strawberry with fresh ginger. Find Christina Maser Pantry products at Lemon Street Market, 241 West Lemon Street.

417 West Grant Street » twitter @figlancaster » 33

LOCAL INNOVATOR: Tim Balshi “Education, perfect chemistry, the ability to taste, and the highest standards of fresh extra virgin olive oil and premium balsamic are what makes Seasons unique.” -Tim Balshi

WITH THE CONFIDENCE of a man who knows his product is the finest the world has to offer, Tim Balshi surveys the gleaming stainless steel dispensers— or fusti—at his sleek new Seasons Olive Oil & Vinegar Taproom at 36 West King Street in Downtown Lancaster. When it comes to fresh olive oils, Tim is a connoisseur who never settles for second best: “Seasons Olive Oil & Vinegar was founded on the principle of quality and freshness with the main focus on offering the best olive oils and balsamic vinegars at fair prices to our customer base.” Carrying an impressive collection of exclusive, fresh extra virgin olive oils and traditional balsamic vinegars, Tim is on a mission to educate Lancaster about the health and culinary benefits of his products. “Our mission is to teach our customers about what is fresh and what is real—we know our products on a molecular level.” In the business for 15 years, Tim and his wife Soraya not only own shops in Annapolis, Md., and Bethlehem, they also work with Soraya’s family’s olive grove and mill in Spain. “Standards for olive oil around the world are extremely low and fraud is rampant. ‘Extra-virgin’ just means it’s free of defects. Can you imagine a stamp of approval in the wine industry that says it’s good enough because it’s not defective?” “We take that generic classification and educate our customers about our early harvest ultra premium oils’ character and style. Like wine, the difference between varieties is extraordinary. Our oils are clean and light on the palate—like a fresh fruit juice—which is the way it was meant to be enjoyed.”

34 36 West King Street » 717.396.1380 »

A MARRIAGE BETWEEN THE MODERN, playful spirit of Australia and the timeless

sophistication of the clever Fox, this newest downtown addition is bringing a completely new approach to eating well in Lancaster. Inspired and created by native local Julia Garber and her Australian fiancé Colin Morrell, the café-restaurant—set to open later this spring—will merge two personalities into one unique entity. With a décor designed for quick changes from a casual look for day to one that is more formal for evening, Aussie and The Fox plans for the same space to serve more than one style of dining. In addition, menu selections will give patrons a bridge experience from classic Lancaster favorites to Australian-inspired dishes such as Chicken Meat Pie and the Aussie Burger.


Pictured JULIA GARBER and her grandfather, FRANK FOX. Not pictured COLIN MORRELL.


“You could say that Australians are a laid-back people, and that’s the flavor I bring to our restaurant,” says Colin. “Aussie and The Fox will have an almost tangible feel of warmth, relaxation, and friendliness.” Says fiancée Julia: “For me, this is a dream realized.” After studying for two years at the Design Centre Enmore in Sydney, Julia is thrilled to return home and put her skills to work, creating an innovative space that combines modern and traditional, local and global. Along with her vision for the restaurant’s décor, Julia also brings the support and guidance of her grandfather, Frank Fox, who says with a twinkle: “I’ve never had so much fun as I’ve had this year planning the restaurant.” 38 West King Street » 35


Prana Functional Manual Therapy, LLC


“The Prana physical therapists (PTs) are dedicated to life-long learning. Each PT often takes four to five times the amount of continuing education required by the state, which means we are highly specialized with more treatment techniques in our tool bag to effectively treat a wide range of patient populations.” “Our approach is much more comprehensive, holistic, and hands-on than traditional physical therapy. It may sound cliché, but we treat the WHY, not just the WHAT. We are ‘detectives of the body,’ and it is our job to determine the root of the problem.” “With the changing climate of healthcare, we at Prana are keen on prevention. We would love to change the perspective of insurance companies that only cover injurydriven scenarios… Our bodies are machines, and it’s always beneficial to get a thorough evaluation before asking your body to do different and possibly more straining activities. In addition, since most injuries are repetitive stress in nature, we envision regular maintenance appointments throughout the year with Prana’s skilled physical therapists to avoid more serious injuries. This kind of injury-prevention approach could result in only a few appointments per year versus 12 or more for one serious injury. The end result: decreased health-care costs!”

36 617-A North Prince Street » 717.390.4822 »

MITCH NUGENT, Producing Director PRiMA Arts Inc.


PRiMA is built on the foundation of a vintage art form meeting today’s culture. There are a number of innovations happening in the performing arts and you will likely see them on a PRiMA stage. But even more importantly, the most novel thing we can do is offer a live, irreplaceable moment of pure aesthetic bliss. There’s nothing

like the experience of connecting to a character or the song they are singing on stage—it’s like a warm embrace and a calm voice saying ‘You are not alone.’ This is the power of the arts. The PRiMA experience is for audiences who don’t settle for what is expected, antiquated, the status quo. Have you ever seen Amish people dancing hip-hop in Penn Square? How about a Little Richard character interrupting a Broadway star? If you haven’t checked us out before, give PRiMA a try.” -MITCH NUGENT, Producing Director

PRiMA is supported in part by the following Corporate and Producer’s Circle sponsors: Willow Valley Retirement Communities, Faulkner BMW, Fig® Magazine, & POUR.

717.327.5124 » 37

Work hard / play hard

Play Atomic Robo: Violent Science now on iOS! MARCH 2013

Fig®: Tell us about Second Fiction and your journey in launching this game studio. Allen Clements of Second Fiction: Game development is a fast changing field these days, but as far as I know, we are the only dedicated game studio in Lancaster City. Our foray into video game making has been an exciting one. Having launched our first game as Second Fiction, it seems like we’re really just beginning, even though we’ve been working on a few games now for several months. Fig®: What’s unique about your studio in the world of gaming? Allen: Our name, Second Fiction, implies that story is a deep

38 717.824.3350 »

Allen Clements and Joseph W. Krzemienski with Helsingard Maquette design and sculpture by Steve Becker


and integral part of our customers gaming experiences. This will be most apparent in our next release entitled “Happy Tofu Dragon.” We’ve spent a lot of time creating a whole world and delving deep into characters’ inner workings to create a game that plays like a great book for many ages and gamer types. Fig®: What are the biggest innovations in your studio right now? Allen: Perhaps the biggest technical innovation has been the ability to develop some of our titles using HTML5. While only one of the tools in our toolbox, this technology allows us to develop a game like “Atomic Robo: Violent Science,” and release it simultaneously on iOS, Android, Windows Surface, Windows Phone, and more. To us, this is the innovation of inclusion.


AXE Man : Jonathan Bancroft Colon Breaking technology down to its most essential elements— human energy, a nice tool, and ingenuity—woodworker and artist Jonathan Bancroft Colon brings a humanist view to the table, both literally and figuratively. As an artist who first studied sculpture in Michelangelo’s Italian neighborhood, Jonathan was inspired to return home to Lancaster because of this City's long tradition of honoring the work of those who create. “Four years ago, I began building my home: my staircase, my desk, the trim, the walls, and the bits and pieces of my life that I have created for myself. From my house, I have taken this view of life to my neighbor’s home, my street, Central and Eastern Markets. When I see the beauty of my City, I am inspired to add to its beauty.” His tool of choice: the humble axe. “The axe is the most capable of tools,” Jonathan explains. “Its cutting edge is a threedimensional extension of my will, and—for my ancient craft— there is not a faster or more accurate tool.” In one of his latest endeavors, Jonathan has taken on the work of building all new furnishings for Lancaster’s Square One Coffee shop: the tables, the benches, the stools—everything. “I think of our homes, businesses, and public spaces as the mirrors of ourselves and our culture. I build the tools for everyday living—stages for life to happen.”

LOCAL INNOVATOR: Michael Biggerstaff

LOCAL INNOVATOR: Jonathan Bancroft Colon

“Many people know Nxtbook as the company that digitizes print products so they can be viewed on computers, iPads, iPhones, and Android devices. But with digital publishing evolving at such a rapid pace, we now offer a product called Ubiquity that allows digital publications to be read on all devices. We are also working with many publishers to create a screen optimized digital edition, providing content in an easy-to-view form that doesn’t require the reader to zoom in. Successful publishers realize this is the best way to retain and increase readership, and our role at Nxtbook is to give our clients the tools they need to succeed.” —Michael Biggerstaff, Nxtbook Media

The Bancroft Collaborative, reopening downtown 717.392.6173 » Learn more about Nxtbook at 39






—BRINGING PASSION, TALENT, & DEDICATION TO OUR CLIENTS FOR 81 YEARS— Fine catering that blends timeless classics with modern flair to create fabulous memories.

40 610.647.0160 »

58 North Queen Street » 717.392.7305 » 41

Matthew D. Freedman, D.M.D.

Pictured Left to Right: Patrick Henry, Vice President, Branch Manager, Fulton Bank, McGovern Avenue Branch Alexandra (AJ) Weisensale, NCIDQ Design Principal Interior Planning Group Matthew D. Freedman, DMD Practice Owner Steven Funk Partner Lefevre/Funk Architects Inc. Donald W. Banzhof, III Vice President, Business Development Warfel Construction

42 416 North Duke Street » 717.392.8376 » » Welcoming new patients

Partners in Lancaster’s local innovation A SECOND-GENERATION DENTIST, Dr. Matthew D.

Freedman, D.M.D., learned the most important lessons in dentistry from his father, Dr. Edward S. Freedman, after practicing alongside him for 18 years. From the late Dr. Freedman, he learned to provide compassionate care, to take the time to connect personally with each patient, and to never forget about those who need a helping hand. Most importantly, he learned that “attached to every tooth is a human being.”


Working together with these 4 local businesses, Dr. Freedman’s office understands the power of local talent and professional know-how.

In addition to the caring side of dentistry, Dr. Matthew D. Freedman has also developed a passion for the 21st century technological advances in his field: “In this age of digital files, 3-D imagery, new materials, and even more innovations coming down the line, the practice of dentistry has changed enormously.” To accommodate the new technology that has become a major part of his practice, as well as to provide new treatment areas for his patients, Dr. Freedman has undertaken major renovations at his 416 North Duke Street office. A true believer in keeping it local, rebuilding his office space has served as a prime opportunity to support Lancaster businesses: Dr. Freedman purposefully selected his banker, architect, designer, and builder all from the community he loves.


Honoring the lessons from his father before him while forging his own path to the future, Dr. Matthew D. Freedman is a rare find in this often impersonal world: an exceptionally trained, compassionate professional who truly cares about his community.

416 North Duke Street » 717.392.8376 » » Welcoming new patients 43

44 204 North Prince Street » 717.396.7833 »

In 2012, PCA&D celebrated thirty years of innovation... and we’re just getting started.

Strong thinkers Strong makers Strong communicators

As 2013 unfolds, we’ll announce new initiatives that broaden our programming, deepen our connections to the community, expand our campus, and elevate PCA&D as the premier visual art center in the region. We’ll do it in creative and influential ways, from within and beyond our walls.

We’re the Pennsylvania College of Art & Design— as you’ve never seen us before.

204 North Prince Street » 717.396.7833 » 45

THE SHOPPES AT COLLEGE ROW a stylish destination

Edward Jones


Iron Hill Brewery

In White Salon 717

Bed&Bath Affair

European Eyeware Filling’s

701 Harrisburg Avenue » Leasing call 717.291.9333 »

SO MUCH MORE than just a path to personal fitness, Evolution helps its students become aware of their strengths, limitations, and most importantly, the greatness that lies within. A world-class yoga studio incomparable to anything else in Lancaster, Evolution was founded by Lisa Taylor, a Baptiste-Certified instructor with over 5,000 hours of formal training and study. Offering classes to students of every level—from beginners to advanced practitioners—the style of yoga taught at Evolution is best described as Power Vinyasa. “Vinyasa” is the union of the body and breath, while “Power” refers to the inner strength discovered during the practice. Through fluid motion and attention to the breath, a connection between the mind, spirit, and physical being is cultivated. One of the newest offerings from Evolution—which not only provides power vinyasa classes, but also teacher training, PEAK yoga for athletes, and customized massage—is their “40 Days to a Personal Revolution” program. Creating clarity of mind, body, and spirit, this program includes daily yoga and meditation, a diet and eating plan, as well as guided self-analysis questions to help root out limiting beliefs and patterns. Evolution’s instructors and students are not just experiencing personal revolutions, they are also helping to change the world. Through their work with the non-profit Africa Yoga Project based in Kenya, Evolution is helping to transform the lives of impoverished youth. Lisa Taylor explains, “At Evolution, we’re empowering the individual to empower the community.”


Located in Champion Forge, 398 Harrisburg Avenue » 717.391.1060 » 47

Lan Cult caste ura r l R ’s ow

ampus in C Ma

Where can you find Mendelssohn, marionettes, and the magic of Lake Wobegon?

Garrison Keillor The host of “A Prairie Home Companion” shares the latest news from Lake Wobegon. • APRIL 18 the Winter Center Bach Choir of Bethlehem with the Millersville University Keystone Singers Perform Mendelssohn’s choral masterpiece “Elijah.” • MARCH 9 the Winter Center

At our Spring ArtS And EvEntS linE-up.

Pushcart Players in “Cuentos del Arbol” (Tree Tales) A family musical based on Spanish and Latin American folklore. • MARCH 9 the Ware Center The Cashore Marionettes Amazingly artful puppetry and stories set to classical music. Great for ages 8 and up. • APRIL 6 the Winter Center Millersville University is an EO/AA institution. A member of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education.

rts /mua u d e . lle 1 ersvi -381

mill T




Providing adoption services for more than 65 years


“After nine years of marriage and no children, we pursued our first international adoption from Guatemala. Two more adoptions followed. Recently, we adopted our last child through the County/SWAN foster to adopt program. We give credit to God for putting our family together through adoption. It’s a win/win scenario for everyone! Year after year, Pressley Ridge was there for us all the way—home studies, reports, finalizations, foster to adopt, and post adoption services. We got such quick and excellent service from Pressley Ridge that sometimes we thought we were their only client.” —THE GOOD FAMILY—

foster to adopt program home studies for domestic or international adoption free post adoption services

Learn more about our adoption services by visiting or call Donna Smith at 717.397.5241 x 123


Patti Connell of Land Transfer/LEADS As president of Land Transfer since 1982, Patti Connell has seen a lot of Downtown Lancaster properties change hands over the years. Not just a foremost local expert in title insurance, Patti also has played an active role in the cultural development of the City.


Fig®: How have you engaged in the evolution of Lancaster City? Patti Connell: I have been involved with LEADS—Lancaster Economic Action for Downtown Success—since its inception 15 years ago. We actively strive to make the City a more attractive place to visit, shop, and live. Each spring, we hang flower baskets on the lamp posts in Downtown Lancaster and, each fall, we decorate them with holiday wreaths and garlands. LEADS is made up almost entirely of people with full-time working jobs who have taken this on as a second full-time volunteer job. We would love more volunteers and—of course—more sponsors to help pay for these programs. Fig®: How to do you see the City growing and changing in upcoming years? Patti: Only getting bigger and better—with more restaurants, more retailers, more downtown living, and more visitors making it a true travel destination. I would love everyone to jump on the wagon and help downtown succeed—visit the shops, the restaurants, and the galleries that are available in the City. Come downtown and enjoy the history and all of the fabulous events Lancaster City has to offer!


53 North Duke Street, Suite 320 » 717.397.3300 »

& Co.

photo by Cicero

Your vision...our expertise

We provide quality building solutions for both commercial and residential customers. Whether you’re looking to create a new space or restore an old one, we have the drive and expertise to make your project a success.

On location downtown and beyond » 717.725.6690 » 51

At Fig®, we believe in the power of creative thinking to transform our community. For 2013, we have chosen three new innovative non-profits whose good works contribute immensely to our thriving, local community. Please consider supporting these worthy causes. Join us in welcoming our 2013 Social Mission Partners: Children Deserve A Chance, Aaron’s Acres, and The North Museum of Natural History & Science.


AARON’s acres

Within Lancaster City there is a youth haven sitting on 16 West King Street where education counts and leaders are made. This building is home to Children Deserve A Chance Foundation (CDCF), an organization dedicated to engaging and empowering Lancaster youth with the value of education and hard work. Through mentoring, tutoring, and professional exposure, CDCF provides a holistic approach to developing young public-spirited citizens of scholastic excellence and strong principle. With the ultimate goal of getting students to and through college, CDCF proudly provides merit scholarships, motivational speakers, and educational programs dedicated to literacy enhancement, character development, and entrepreneurship.

Aaron’s Acres provides year-round social and recreational programs to children ages 5-21 with developmental disabilities. The program allows the participants to enjoy activities that “typical” children experience, including socializing, swimming, bowling, arts and crafts, and games. The organization also provides educational and supportive programs for the entire family, including pampering sessions and educational seminars. Advocating the philosophy “Embracing Possibilities Beyond Disabilities”—the professionally trained and certified staff supports each child’s unique needs to nurture growth. LEARN MORE:


THE NORTH MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY & SCIENCE In 2013, The North Museum of Natural History & Science marks six decades of inspiring curiosity and a love of science in children and adults of all ages. Through hand-on exhibits, family-oriented events, and educational programming, they hope to plant the seeds of exploration leading to a lifelong journey of discovery. The Museum houses extensive collections and south central Pennsylvania’s largest planetarium, making it Lancaster County’s best science-based educational resource. The Museum also provides significant community outreach programs including The North Museum Science & Engineering Fair, weekly Afterschool Science Clubs, and “What in the World?”—a career awareness program provided for area students. LEARN MORE:

52 » » @figlancaster

Springtime is nature’s greatest innovation IN THE CITY. IN THE COUNTRYSIDE. Spring is happening. Get out there and watch it unfold. Join the Conservancy in protecting natural lands, greening our cities, and sharing nature with our kids. To learn more about our mission, visit us online at

117 South West End Avenue » 717.392.7891 » 53

The Extraordinary Give

Creative solutions to real problems

In November, the Community Foundation launched the Extraordinary Give, Lancaster County’s first online giving campaign, raising nearly $1.7 million in only 24 hours for local community benefit organizations. For the first time in our community history, nearly 200 organizations came together to crowd fundraise— reaching new donors and promoting philanthropy as a fun, community-wide event. Keeping Families Together

What is it? The Ah-Ha Project provides a connecting point for unique voices of community benefit organizations, businesses, educators, and the community to work together to increase our financial stability and quality of life in Lancaster County. The Ah-Ha Project pushes us to think bigger and challenges us to work smarter. It rallies our community to look for new partnerships and Ah-Ha moments that generate new ideas. It is a way to take action with creative solutions to the real problems facing our community.

Look for Ah-Ha at work across our community A New Approach to Targeting Obesity In 2011, the Community Foundation partnered with Imani EduTainers African Dance Company on a project to get Lancaster City youth dancing, drumming—and burning calories. While promoting African culture, the Dance Company teaches invigorating dance-fitness moves and is currently compiling a fitness DVD to engage youth in a healthy, active lifestyle. 54

Safe Families for Children offers a new kind of foster care program focused on keeping families together. Instead of pulling children away from their troubled family for long periods of time, parents in need are paired with a loving host family that can accept a child into their home whenever a crisis arises. Inspired by a successful national model, Bethany Christian Services now gives parents a safe, reliable place to turn without splintering families. In Tune with Today In our media-saturated world, video games connect kids to information in a way they recognize. Sertoma Club of Lancaster is working to design a video game addressing the dangers of hearing loss and promoting healthy behaviors. It’s no game to give today’s kids a better chance to be healthy, hearing adults. Learning Matters Many parents need education and information to help get their families off to a strong start. Doctors at SouthEast Lancaster Health Services now integrate literacy development into primary care visits. During check-ups, doctors advise low-income families about reading aloud and provide children with developmentally appropriate books.

24 West King Street, Suite 201 » 717.397.16291 »

Creative solutions to real problems

24 West King Street, Suite 201 » 717.397.16291 » 55

hand-painted bowls, furniture, & art decor

unique cutting boards

reclaimed wood pieces

Function, artistry, and form

56 15 West King Street Âť 717.371.9864 Âť


Celebrating the great innovators of our time 2013 leffler memorial lecture: Marian Wright Edelman

2013 Ware Lecture on Peacemaking : nobel laureate Leymah Gbowee

Keynote speaker, founder, and president of the Children’s Defense Fund (CDF)

Activist, social worker, women’s rights activist, author, Founder of Gbowee Peace Foundation Africa, and 2011 Nobel Peace Laureate.

Wednesday, March 20, 7:30 PM

Wednesday, April 17, 7:30 PM Both lectures will be held in Leffler Chapel and Performance Center

be a bigger part of the world. » Offering more than 50 undergraduate academic programs 57


local café love

The eclectic crowds. The artful tones and textures. The mouthwatering baked goods encased in glass like museum heirlooms. And that unmistakable morning pick-me-up—the seductive scent of freshly brewed coffee. There’s nothing quite like the atmosphere of your favorite café to inspire you to take it slow or to get you back on the road in the time it takes to sip & tip.

CAFÉ ONE EIGHT 18 West Orange Street 717.509.4500

THE BAKER’S TABLE 480 New Holland Avenue 717.735.1150

Enjoy specialty coffee and delicious food in a comfortable, downtown location. Breakfast served all day. Open Monday-Saturday 7am-8pm.

The Baker’s Table offers savory breakfast and lunch options daily. Be sure to pair a fresh cup of Blue Bottle Coffee with their tempting pastries and desserts.

PRINCE ST CAFE 15 North Prince Street 717.397.1505

ON ORANGE 108 West Orange Street 717.299.5157

An independently owned, downtown coffee shop, Prince Street is proud to be a part of the vibrant community in Lancaster City. Specializing in handcrafted espresso drinks, homemade soups, sandwiches, and an assortment of delicious treats.

Serving breakfast all day! Offering a surprisingly diverse menu including anything from our famous oatmeal pancakes to chilaquiles. See for breakfast and lunch hours.

58 » » @figlancaster

Founder Daniel Miesse, his wife Catherine, and their first born in front of their first candy and cream specific store on North Queen Street in 1878.

Handcrafting memories Non Pareils Hand-dipped chocolates marshmallows Caramels Clusters Cream-filled Candy

735 Lafayette Street » Central Market » 1284 Lititz Pike » 717.392.6011 » 59

Lourdes Torres-Shepard, #7




Dick Whitson, April Exhibit


60 » » twitter @figlancaster

Gini Illick, April Exhibit

CITYFOLK originals, commissioned pieces, limited and open edition prints, books, and stationery.

CHRISTIANE DAVID With a personality as vibrant as her paintings, Belgium born artist Christiane David has taken art to a new level in Lancaster County. Walking into her Lancaster gallery on Prince Street is like walking into an enchanted world of color.

142 North Prince Street 717.435.9591 .........................................


112 North Prince Street 717.293.0809 .........................................

FREIMAN STOLTZFUS Freiman Stoltzfus is continually inspired by his surroundings: music, poetry, the pageant of Pennsylvania’s rich seasons, the architecture of Gothic churches, and the geometric patterns of quilts—to name a few. His gallery features work in a variety of media, offering

An artist-owned gallery & shop in the heart of Downtown Lancaster’s Arts District hosting emerging & professional artists, as well as classes & workshops. Provides a fresh perspective on creative artwork & gift items in a wide range of media & pricing. New, bold exhibits every First Friday. Artists in motion. 24 West Walnut Street 717.341.0028

GALLERY ON MARKET RED RAVEN ART COMPANY Red Raven Art Company offers a diverse array of artistic styles of Fine Art on Lancaster’s Gallery Row. The gallery exhibits works of both local and regional artists, including works by renowned artists CX Carlson and Liugi Rist. 138 North Prince Street 717.299.4400 .........................................

CITYFOLK Standing proud on Gallery Row, Karen Anderer’s CityFolk is a gallery foremost. Representing some of the most respected local and national artists, she injects fun and fine antiques then adds a splash of great accents (inclusive of garden).

You could call CityFolk a lifestyle gallery, Karen just calls it a magical place where art comes to life—because really, isn’t beauty and magic everywhere? 146 North Prince Street 717.393.8807 ........................................

GALLERY ON MARKET Featuring art by Cindy Schlosser and period reproduction furniture by Joel Bare. Substrates include wooden bowls, antique panels and shutters with a unique character all their own, and other antiquing finds. 15 West King Street 717.371.9864

Want to learn more about arts & culture in downtown lancaster? Visit 61

A man of vision ED DROGARIS is leaving his mark on the City of Lancaster— and we’re certainly better for it. We stopped by to ask him a few questions about what pushes him on from one groundbreaking development project to the next. LOCAL

INNOVATOR: Ed Drogaris

Fig® What makes Lancaster so special? Ed Drogaris: Lancaster has a unique patchwork of community attributes that gives it vitality, including an attractive blend of housing stock, historic buildings, creative people, unique character, and work ethic that make it a special place for people to work and live. In addition, we have a number of great “citizen corporations” and venues with the convention center, the ballpark, Millersville University coming downtown, Fulton Theater, LGH, F&M, etc., the list goes on and on. Most cities and towns would be happy to have just one of those resources and Lancaster has many. More and more people are recognizing this and deciding to come here. The youth in particular want to live in an exciting area and Lancaster is continuing to expand its offerings to provide that level of excitement.

Fig®: How has your company helped create and enhance the City we enjoy today? Ed: As a company we have participated in the development of over a million square feet, over half of which has been in the City of Lancaster. In the past 35 years, we have either touched, enhanced, or developed over one hundred properties into single family homes, restaurants, apartments, office space, retail space, commercial space, or industrial space. We also have consulted for a broad range of clients and markets, including public governments and entities at the local, state, and federal levels, as well as private clients including financial institutions and other businesses. While those interactions are not overtly Lancaster-centric, the byproduct has had a positive impact on Lancaster via increased awareness or by maximizing opportunities around Lancaster. We truly believe that a rising tide lifts all boats.

62 33 North Market Street » 717.299.7080 »

Urban development milestones Fig®: You have worked on numerous development projects involving the retrofitting of historic factories and warehouses into contemporary commercial and residential spaces. Does the City continue to have a good supply of these “diamonds in the rough?” Ed: A lot of buildings and properties have been repurposed and renovated; however, there is still an inventory of buildings and opportunities waiting to be rehabilitated. I’m not quite ready to spill the beans on our next development project, but we have two projects that are in process. At our mixed-use adaptive re-use project, Liberty North, we have commenced construction on our 4th phase—14 more high-end apartments, which we expect to 1997

317 N Queen Street 450 N Prince Street

Liberty Place

have occupied by the end of the summer. With some other partners, we are working on redeveloping the Lancaster Press building into 17 for-sale loft-style condominiums and about 30 high-end rental apartments. The residences at Lancaster Press will offer premier urban living in Lancaster. On the first floor, there will be restaurant/commercial space to contribute to the streetscape and community.

with it, they are not able to fully appreciate just how special and unique it is. I would like to encourage people to look at the benefits and opportunities that this area offers to its residents and visitors and not take what we have for granted. I also want to encourage people to think outside the box and be creative. We need to look at all of the assets in our community and enhance them and grow them. There are some things that that could be better in our community, and let’s work together to make that happen. Everyone looks at things differently: some say, “Is this all there is?” and we like to say, “This is what it could be.”

Fig®: Is there anything else about development in Lancaster City that you’d like to share with Fig® readers? Ed: I came to Lancaster in the early seventies and saw a gem in this city. Sometimes when people grow up in a place and are too familiar








Courtyards of Carlisle Frederick St. Lofts 235 N Prince Street

415 N Prince Street

Liberty North

Lancaster Press Building


425 N Prince Street

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Daily Tours Starting April 3 Wednesday-Sunday 11 am – 3 pm


18th Century Tavern Night

Guests are immersed in an 18th Century tavern setting with period board and card games, food, drink, and entertainment. Reservations are required; $40 for adults and $12 for children under 12. Menus and reservation forms will be posted on the Rock Ford website,

64 881 Rockford Road- located in the heart of Lancaster City » 717.392.7223 » »

orchids and orchid supplies repotting and diagnostic services boarding services orchid seminars and tips

lancaster’s full service orchid retail store & greenhouse


Water your orchids early in the day. That way the plant will have time to dry off before evening. Damp leaves in the evening can invite rot and other diseases. TREY PYFER, ORCHIDIST Trey has been raising orchids locally for 10 years.

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In Lancaster, there’s no better place for eyeglasses. – NICOLE D., mother, business owner, Honest Eyes client

Should quality prescription eyeglasses really cost as much as a laptop computer? Of course not. That’s why we started Honest Eyes. We’re different. No gimmicks. No surprise charges. Just hundreds of eyeglass styles and quality lenses for as much as 50% less than traditional retailers. Honestly.

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Commercial Photographers: Dedicated to Lifestyle Marketing, Building Relationships, & Visual Storytelling

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HIC PA 029904

Photography by Lori Stahl

Creativity in construction

“Design details were extremely important to us on this project. Don's entire team understood that and we couldn't be happier with the process or the results.” soren west, president of atomic design

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The block in full bloom A Collection Of


Rachel’s Cafe & Creperie (309) Art & Glassworks (319) Flowers By Paulette (258) The Belvedere (402) Lebzelter’s (300) Mommalicious (310) j.a. sharp Custom Jeweler (322) Radel & Stauffer (332) Prudential Homesale Services Group (345) PA Guild of Craftsmen (335)

Visit the 300 Block of North Queen Street » 69

Dudeism No. 04

May you have spring in your heart & fresh paint on your walls.


70 750 Poplar Street » 717.396.1207 »

A home of great vision Pictured AMANDA BARBER and BECKY BLIMLINE

Beyond dilapidated, the

house that Peter Barber of Two Dudes Painting Co. invited his daughter, Amanda, to view back in late 2011 was the stuff of nightmares. With a destroyed roof and strewn with detritus from the previous occupants, the house would have made most people spin around on one heel and run.


The row house as it was left by previous owners— covered in layers of refuse (including a surprise dog skeleton) and strips of peeling paint.

But, looking past the debris, Peter was able to convince his daughter of this 1905 row home’s unique potential. Trusting his vision, Amanda BEFORE PHOTOS BY TOM BEJGROWICZ

purchased the condemned house through the City’s Redevelopment Authority. And then the real work began. Over the course of a long weekend with grueling 12hour days, a team of family and friends hauled out three 40-yard dumpsters full of junk. Their most unnerving find was a canine skeleton looked eerily like something from an archeological dig. With John Hughes Construction Co. overseeing the technical aspects of the open floor

plan, Team Amanda spent the next six months pouring blood, sweat, and tears into the house. The final result: a clean industrial style featuring reclaimed wood, exposed brick, and metal—the perfect backdrop for pops of bright color and creativity. “This house is even better than what I dreamed,” says Amanda, adding: “I wouldn’t have been able to do this without my parents.”

READ MORE » » » @figlancaster 71

JOHN MEEDER and the City he loves have a lot in common. Both have a burning ambition for urban revitalization, and neither has unlimited resources to do what needs to be done. Most of the projects taken on by Meeder are blighted or have sat abandoned for years. Projects like these can take years to develop, requiring several sources of financing, the collaboration of many people and government agencies, and—most importantly—creativity and perseverance: Arch Street Commons - Once a crumbling, contaminated warehouse, this urban development is now a highly desirable and livable anchor development for the west side of Lancaster. City Crossings – Formerly the burned-out Haddad Shoe Factory, developing this location required 11 sources of funding and extensive cooperation with City officials and other entities.

Building for the future on the foundation of the past JOHN MEEDER, owner of Meeder Development Corporation

The New School of Lancaster - In restoring the blighted building in front of the present day Clock Towers, Meeder designed a plan for parking and access through the timbers without destroying the character of this historic property. >>>


City Crossings 354 North Prince Street

72 25 East Grant Street » 717.394.9500 »

Arch Street Commons

CSC Godfrey Advertising

200 Block of Lemon Street

40 North Christian Street

Historic East Side 100 Block of East King Street

New School

935 Columbia Ave

Christian Street Court – A 57,000 square foot office/retail development, this project revitalized Queen Street retail and moved Godfrey Advertising into upper levels that had not been occupied since WWII. With office entrances off of Christian Street, a whole new destination was created, allowing for the development of Character’s Pub. The buildings are topped off with 190 electric generating solar panels.

Center City Lofts 31-37 North Queen and 25 East Grant Street

Center City Lofts – John Meeder’s recipe for successful downtown living is confirmed here with spacious units, on-site parking, and outdoor decks. Historic East Side Suites – The ultimate collaborative effort, this development is now a source of pride for the City. The retail spaces and offices—including the location for Fig®—extend the downtown area by one block and support further urban development.

Find your home in the city

Image captured at The Lancaster Science Factory. GINGER VOLPONE 717.394.8444 JEFF LEFEVRE 717.468.7781 LOUISE MILLER 717.875.2932 CAROLE KIRCHNER 717.629.8498

Find Prudential Listings in the City of Lancaster Contact Ginger, Jeff, Louise, or Carole to find the best in urban dwelling.

74 717.295.HOME »

REV. LOUIS BUTCHER, Current DMin Student

Innovative. Involved. Inclusive.

Pastor, Bright Side Baptist Church

The son of a preacher, Rev. Butcher has been in the pulpit since childhood. From humble beginnings (six people and $57), he and his visionary church have created a thriving congregation and nonprofit community center that is a model for urban ministry. And now, 30+ years into his pastorate, Rev. Butcher has a new title: doctoral student at Lancaster Theological Seminary. How does he fit it all in? “It would be burdensome if it weren’t so pleasurable,” he says humbly. “You can teach an old dog new tricks.”

Degree Programs

Doctor of Ministry, Master of Divinity, Master of Arts (Religion), MDiv/Chaplaincy, MDiv/MA(R) in Spiritual Direction, Specialization in Youth and Young Adult Ministry

JOIN US ON CAMPUS JULY 15-19 FOR SUMMER ACADEMY 2013! A theological "camp" for adults! Courses, worship, workshops, and more. Visit or email for details.

555 West James Street » 800.393.0654 » 75

March 4-10

First Ever Lancaster Restaurant Week Over 40 restaurants in the City of Lancaster will offer special menus and promotions in the theme of 2013 during Lancaster City Restaurant Week. cityrestaurantweek .................................

March 1, April 5 & May 3

First Friday

The City of Lancaster’s monthly celebration of the arts. 5–9 PM. ..................................

March 15, April 19 & May 17 Music Friday

Live music throughout the downtown. 5–11 PM. ..................................

April 25 – 28

LAUNCH Music Conference & Festival 200+ bands of all genres performing over 1 weekend. ..................................

May 4 & 5

Lancaster Art Walk Head to the downtown galleries to celebrate ArtWalk—a free, contemplative adventure through the city’s bustling arts community.

SPRING EVENTS FIG® PREVIEW NIGHT You’re Invited to Join Fig® at the Fulton Theatre Mark your calendar to be the first to see each new Fulton Theatre production this season. The first Wednesday evening of each show opening, join the Fig® team for a pre-show reception in the lobby. Taste local food, sip wine from Pennsylvania vineyards, and enter to win a fabulous Fig® Prize Pack given away before the show. All this at the best ticket price possible—only $25 per ticket for any seat in the house! Get your tickets at

FAMILY FUN FEST Fig® in partnership with Millersville University This spring Millersville University’s Family Fun Fest features a wide array of engaging performances, complete with opportunities to meet the artists, take part in creative hands-on activities, enjoy a snack, and bring home a very cool surprise giveaway. for more information

March 23 The Ware Center

Global Kids Animated Short Film Festival Featuring eight awardwinning short children’s films from around the world. The twist here is the kids in the audience serve as the judges to select the winning entry.

April 6 The Winter Center

Cashore Marionettes Stories set to classical music explore a wide

March 13


June 5

joseph & the Amazing technicolor dreamcoat

April 24


range of emotions with puppets and actions that are amazingly alive. For kids ages 8 & up, and the hearing challenged.

April 20 The Ware Center

Villepalooza featuring Dancin’ Wheels This family community day presents world-class storytelling, hands-on experiences in art, poetry, theatre, and an outdoor picnic indoors in the beautiful Atrium skylight.

Moxie House LLC has made every attempt to ensure that all information contained in this publication has been obtained from reliable sources, but all such information is provided “as is” with no guarantee of completeness or accuracy. The views of contributors do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of Moxie House LLC. Moxie House LLC cannot be held responsible for errors or omissions contained in, or reliance made upon the contents of, this publication. Copyright: Copyright 2013 © Moxie House LLC. All rights reserved. Photography or page layout contained in Fig® shall not be reproduced, in whole or in part, without the specific written permission of Moxie House LLC. Contact 717.394.7737 or

76 » » twitter @figlancaster

NEUROSURGEONS Eddy Garrido, MD, FACS John A. Gastaldo, MD, FACS Keith R. Kuhlengel, MD, FACS Christopher D. Kager, MD, FACS William T. Monacci, MD, FACS James C. Thurmond, MD PHYSIATRISTS Elliot B. Sterenfeld, MD, FAAPMR Tony T. Ton-That, MD, FAAPMR


PHYSICAL THERAPISTS Robert Gieringer, PT, DPT, CKTP Brian McClenahan, PT, OCS, Dip.MDT Harry Hobbs, PT, DPT

DR. JAMES THURMOND, Neurosurgeon

NON-PHYSICIAN PROVIDERS Kristen O’Brien, PA-C, MHP Lisa Fedora, MSN, CRNP Matthew Miller, PA-C Frank Vespi, PA-C Brandan Lykens, PA-C Alyssa Hachan, PA-C

Minimally invasive procedures can be used to treat a variety of spinal conditions including scoliosis, spondylolisthesis, facet arthritis, traumatic fractures, and disc herniation while providing an array of benefits to the patient. Percutaneous Spinal Fusion is a minimally invasive, but technically demanding procedure that uses fluoroscopy (television x-ray) to place screws into vertebral pedicles through a very small incision to stabilize the spine. Procedures like this are best performed by experienced surgeons like James Thurmond at Lancaster NeuroScience & Spine Associates. Minimally invasive techniques are both effective and much less invasive to the spinal muscles than open surgery resulting in less post-operative pain, shorter hospital stays, and the ability for patients to return to work sooner. To learn more visit

Enriching patients’ lives 40 YEARS of compassionate care and outstanding patient outcomes


A team focused on innovation and quality care. (Standing) Dr. Eddy Garrido, Dr. Christopher Kager, Dr. Keith Kuhlengel, Dr. William Monacci, Dr. Elliot Sterenfeld and Dr. Tony Ton-That. (Seated) Dr. John Gastaldo and Dr. James Thurmond

1671 Crooked Oak Drive, Lancaster, 717.569.5331 » 1510 Cornwall Road, Lebanon, 717.454.0061 77

CENTERED IN CHRIST - TRANSFORMING LIVES - CHANGING OUR WORLD A nurturing and diverse learning environment on four campuses. Lancaster Mennonite School offers a comprehensive, holistic education that includes music, art, FFA, LL League athletics, spiritual formation, and the challenge of advanced placement courses.

Pre-college Music Division in partnership with Millersville University

Innovative programs Spanish Immersion starting in first grade, Locust Grove Campus

Kraybill Campus (PreK-8) 598 Kraybill Church Road, Mount Joy 717.653.5236 Locust Grove Campus (PreK-8) 2257 Old Philadelphia Pike 717.394.7107 New Danville Campus (PreK-6) 393 Long Lane 717.872.2506

Chinese Language and Culture, New Danville Campus

78 Lancaster Campus (6-12) » 2176 Lincoln Highway East » 717.299.0436 »


Engineering smiles

orthodontic excellence

INNOVATIVE CARE Providing care in Lancaster County since 1921, Long Orthodontic Associates has over 90 years of experience in caring for generations of patients. With Dr. Manish Lamichane, Dr. Eric Howard, and their team providing exceptional orthodontic care, patients of all ages can be confident they are receiving the very best. At the forefront of their field, Drs. Lamichane and Howard are both world-class orthodontists whose expertise is sought after by dental professionals from around the globe. Using state-of-the-art orthodontic technologies, LOA is not only able to offer patients a choice among traditional braces, ceramic braces, SureSmile, and Invisalign clear aligners, but it’s also the first and only orthodontic practice in the area offering 3D imaging and diagnostic services. Far from the dark ages of braces that many adults remember, today’s orthodontic experience often involves much less time in the chair and significantly better results. For example, LOA’s SureSmile system features robotically-shaped titanium wires that more effectively direct each tooth to its prescribed position, allowing for excellent results and shorter treatment time. Another exciting innovation at LOA is the iTero Scanner: a non-invasive device that maps a patient’s mouth using digital photography, producing a highly accurate 3D model without the discomfort associated with traditional impressions and plaster molds. “We utilize technology to provide faster more accurate results,” explains Dr. Howard, “but we also remain true to our core mission to provide compassionate care to every patient we treat.”

LOCAL INNOVATORS: Drs. Howard & Lamichane


Dr. Lamichane adds, “3D planning has changed our profession in so many ways. For our patients, it provides the opportunity to preview their treatment result near the beginning of treatment. This is an important part of the patient-care experience that you receive at LOA.”

Locations in Lancaster, Lititz, and Willow Street »


john G. Swanson, president of Willow Valley Retirement

Management, firmly believes that age doesn’t have to determine someone’s quality of life. Fully embracing a philosophy of “ageless thinking,” John has turned conventional thinking about retirement living on its head.


“We’ve designed Willow Valley Retirement Communities for people, not seniors,” says John. Providence Park—the latest innovation and expansion in a community that never does the same thing twice—will offer a vibrant new chapter in retirement where the living is stylish and the neighbors are extraordinary.

CS: Willow Valley *Profile

Set on 25 scenic acres, Providence Park is located just four miles south of Downtown Lancaster—connecting residents with the cultural, educational, dining, and entertainment opportunities available in the City while surrounding them with the resort-like environment of Willow Valley.

Incorporating the very best of Willow Valley with the very latest research and trends for a new generation of retirement-aged adults, Providence Park will prominently feature a 30,000 square foot clubhouse to support an active, intergenerational lifestyle. Among its array of amenities, the clubhouse will feature a bowling alley, indoor golf simulators, an outdoor swimming pool, tennis courts, and even a vintage arcade—where residents can share classic amusements with their children and grandchildren.

Photo here. Profile coming

While the villas located in Phase I of this exciting new development have already been snapped up, Willow Valley is excited to open Phase II of Providence Park to reservations in Spring of 2013. To join the active adults from 37 states around the nation who chose Willow Valley, visit their website.

Located 5 miles south of The CIty of Lancaster Visit the Welcome Center Open Weekdays 9-5, Saturdays 10-4

Uncommon retirement


80 450 Willow Valley Lakes Drive » 717.464.6800 » »

a Taste of

P ennsylvania

Jim Osborn Chaddsford Winery

Mario Patone Patone Cellars

Mark Harris Paradocx Vineyard

Carley Razzi Mack Penns Woods Winery

Kurt Kalb Borderland Vineyard TM

Lance Castle Black Walnut Winery

Jim Kirkpatrick Kreutz Creek Vineyards

BrandywineValley WINE TRAIL




Valley Forge West Chester

Andrews Bridge Chatham

Kennett Square




8 Esteemed Pennsylvania Wineries Just outside Lancaster, gather your friends, pack a picnic lunch, and tour the wineries of the beautiful Brandywine Valley. Visit eight wineries located in the rolling hills of Chester County. Estate vineyards, charming tasting rooms, and barrel-aging cellars filled with premium wines showcase our unique terroir. Black Walnut Winery, Borderland Vineyard™, Chaddsford Winery, Kreutz Creek Vineyards, Paradocx Vineyard, Patone Cellars, Penns Woods Winery, Twin Brook Winery

8 Wineries in the Chester County Region Âť Follow the trail! Visit for details and events 81

Good things come in small packages

LANCASTER’S OFFICIALLY LICENSED LOCAL MINI DEALERSHIP Since 1968, Otto’s has been dedicated to outperforming customer expectations. We’re thrilled to open our beautiful new showroom in Exton, Pennsylvania, just an hour from Lancaster. Stop in for our famed customer service—leave in style.

82 305 West Lincoln Highway, Exton » 877.688.5787 »


THE CHARTER TEAM believes everyone deserves to Live Some Place Special.

If you take a walk through any Charter neighborhood with President Rob Bowman, he’ll tell you his team is passionate about design and how, when done well, we can “inspire Character to create special places.” Charter’s Walden Neighborhood on the West Shore of Harrisburg—the fastestselling neighborhood in all of Central PA—is a mix of homes, small businesses, and thoughtfully placed open spaces and walking trails that create a special neighborhood. Within a short walk from their front door, homeowners can hit the walking trail, catch up with neighbors in the TerraPark, catch a Pilates class, relax at the salon, work out at the neighborhood gym, and then grab a cup of coffee or homemade sandwich at Sophia’s.



Next up, Charter is opening their newest neighborhood, Grandview, located in Manheim Township. The team has designed a special place that will look consistent with the iconic Grandview Heights neighborhood, incorporating open spaces, sidewalks, and rear entry garages and alleys. Charter Homes & Neighborhoods is the leader in the homebuilding industry with a passion for creating Special Places. Since 1990, Charter has delivered more than 4,000 homes in the most recognized neighborhoods in region. The team earned most major national and regional awards, including the coveted 2013 GOLD National Housing Quality Award, the highest recognition given to a homebuilder, and the only one earned in the country since 2009. Today, the company is selling homes in more than 25 neighborhoods.

800.325.3030 »




Register Online and get $10 off until March 24th. Marathon Coupon Code: 7737 1/2 Marathon Coupon Code: 7738 COMMuNITY SUpporter

84 REGISTRATION NOW OPEN! » Visit to sign up & for more information.

Uncommon education


When Pat Carlisle first walked through the entrance of the Susquehanna Waldorf School, he immediately felt right at home. “I knew my daughters would be cared for—and I was right. They have learned, grown, and matured into the young women they are today.” “There’s really nothing like it,” says Carlisle, now serving as president of the school’s Board of Trustees. “So much of what they do at the Waldorf School is teaching children to be who they were meant to be. It’s about developing the whole child.” Founded in 1987, this PA-licensed private school rooted in the Waldorf educational philosophy has as its mission “to provide a nurturing and challenging environment that inspires our students to reach the highest levels of intellectual, spiritual, artistic, and physical achievement.” Though rich with innovation, this type of learning isn’t new. For nearly 100 years, the Waldorf curriculum has offered a rigorous classical education balanced with imagination and creativity. In addition, Susquehanna Waldorf is proud to institute a dramatic reduction in tuition for the upcoming academic year, making this unique and creative school available to as many children as possible.

JAMES P. (PAT) CARLISLE President,The de Bono Group, LLC


15 West Walnut Street, Marietta » 717.426.4506 » 85

Using the most advanced technology

dental implants bone graf ting wisdom tooth surgery botox tmj disorders


orthognathic jaw surgery oral pathology ROOT CANALS

86 1000 Rohrerstown Road » 717.519.jaws (5297) »


BREAKING OUT OF SCI-FI and into the real world, the engineering geniuses at BMW have once again achieved a mission impossible: reinventing the automobile. After evolving its electric-drive technology, BMW will begin rolling out its eagerly anticipated i3 by the end of this year. Part of BMW's “Project i,” the new electric car will be the company’s first zero emissions mass-produced vehicle with an electric powertrain, and first to have most of its internal structure and body made of carbon-fiber reinforced plastic.

CS: Faulkner BMW *Profile

“This is ‘blow your mind’ stuff,” says Ricky Wood, general manager of Lancaster’s own Faulkner BMW. “At its core, BMW is an engineering company, and BMW doesn’t copy anyone else’s technology—we make our own.” Designing this future-intensive car from the ground up, BMW engineers scrapped everything—including the internal combustion engine—and created an electric car that has no place for gasoline, rethinking the entire automotive concept.

Photo here. Profile For those who can’t wait to taste the LOCAL coming INNOVATOR:

Ricky Wood

future, BMW has already launched its ActiveHybrid3. Satisfying enough for those who might not otherwise be inclined to consider a hybrid, flooring the throttle on this driving machine quickens the pulse as it accelerates the car from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 5.2 seconds. Never an ordinary retail automotive experience, Faulkner BMW not only brings car buyers the future, it also brings a tradition of excellent customer service and attention to detail. In sales, service, and collision repair, Faulkner’s mission lies in its constant commitment to excellence.


1530 Manheim Pike » 717.569.4269 » 87

Presort Standard U.S. Postage

153 East King Street, Suite 212, Lancaster, PA 17602 Get Fig®: Sign up at


Lancaster, PA Permit No. 472


A higher dwelling

exceptional urban reuse of one of Lancaster’s most notable historic properties offers residents elegant original style with the luxury of modern amenities. Walk to markets, galleries, and boutiques. Enjoy live theater, music, and lectures. Visit restaurants, cafés, and coffee shops. Embrace the energy of the City with the comforts of a secure community. Now accepting purchase & lease reservations in THE premier downtown condominium community!

401 North Prince Street » 717.413.2719 »

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