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Conway Cocktail Kits & hand-crafted cocktails to go.


Ready when you are. 28-30 E A ST KING STREET 717. 393.4000 ANNIEBAILE YS.COM





To-go and delivery options. Cocktails to go. Fresh new look.

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Now, more than ever before, it’s time to support the small businesses of Downtown Lancaster. Use Fig as a guide to keeping it local and helping small businesses get back on their feet.

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support local Dedicated to the restaurants and boutiques of Lancaster City. Sponsored by LCA, LCSWMA, Armstrong World Industries, Murray, Willow Valley Communities, Greenfield and Zamagias Properties.

find the good Inspiring stories of creativity, kindness, and ingenuity. Sponsored by LCCF and High Foundation. PA G E 5 3 - 60

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heritage foods The iconic tastes of Lancaster County that make memories. Sponsored by the High companies. PA G E 6 3 - 70

Supporting learning opportunities in the School District of Lancaster: our Fig 2020 social mission partner, Lancaster Education Foundation. PA G E 72

giving back Making a difference in the lives of others—Patience Buckwalter. PA G E 11

social mission

community supporters

And of course,

great shopping, dining, arts, events, and community— as always. KEEP READING

Dedicated to our community and to the City of Lancaster. PA G E S 91

ON THE COVER: To show our love for the small businesses of Lancaster City, we partnered with Tara from Splints & Daisies to cover the front of Cafe One Eight in a swath of beautiful, locally-sourced flowers as our Fig Industries Art Director Jason James and his dog Pippa enjoyed an afternoon walk.


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WE LCOM E TO THE SUM M E R edition of Fig. Number 58 for me, and a difficult and unusual time for most small businesses in the city—Fig Industries included—and beyond. What started as a surreal and temporary situation in late March quickly escalated into months of uncertainty for the future of our community. I’ve tried hard to stay positive and find ways to support my friends who own businesses, even if it’s simply an ear to listen, as I’ve feared for my team and for the city I love.

And then, I watched as our community sprang into action in creative ways to bring relief to individuals and businesses. We pivoted, learned, and grew. In just three months, our city is operating in new ways—to reach their customers, gather their congregations, and host their events. Call it forced innovation, if you will, but it’s amazing, and it’s working. Now, as I write this—as the City is slowly emerging from quarantine, we find ourselves amidst a passionate call to action for all of us, to hear and join the voices calling for long overdue change to address this country’s long history of racial injustice. Marches and vigils have gathered this community— and communities all over the world—to unite around this critical cause. We have been saddened and we have been inspired. Amongst the turmoil, there is also a great sense of hope. Looking around me, at my team here at Fig, at the City of Lancaster and beyond—I feel it, too. Lancaster is built on ingenuity and collaboration. From day one, one thing that will always remain constant is that this community is extraordinary and we will always come together to support each other—so we can be an even stronger and more resilient city as we move forward. I am incredibly blessed to live and work in this city.


support our city.

This issue may be the most important in our 14-year history. It is dedicated, more than ever, to our resilient small business community and Fig’s mission of supporting local. And it would not be possible without the champions who joined our cause: LCA, LCSWMA, Armstrong World Industries, Murray, Willow Valley Communities, Greenfield, and Zamagias Properties. Like us, these businesses and organizations believe in our city and know that small businesses are our heart and soul. They’ve come together to honor many of the restaurants and boutiques in our Support Small Business section. We are also grateful for the support of LCCF and High Foundation who are bringing you inspiring stories of kindness, courage and tenacity in our Find the Good pages. There are hard days ahead, but there are also hard days behind. Please use this issue as a guide to support the small businesses of our city in new and different ways. Now is the time to rally around our downtown, and everyone in it. We are a strong, resilient city and together we can make a difference. DEBORAH BRANDT & THE FIG INDUSTRIES TEAM

PHOTO: Photo of Deb and Angus captured during the Albright Opticians photoshoot in front of the mural by Adam Serrano on South Prince Street.


The Table Is Almost Set... And you’re invited!

Family owned and operated since 1946, Lombardo’s authentic family recipes put Italian dishes with exotic names like spaghetti, red sauce, calamari, arancini, and cannoli into Lancaster’s culinary lexicon. Generations later, those beloved favorites are still in style and share the plate with delicious new recipes inspired by the contemporary flavors of Italy.



717. 394.3749


Even more in style is Lombardo’s newly renovated decor, wine room, and piano lounge. The updated menu maintains the tradition of “everything fresh” with handmade pasta and the abundance of locally sourced meats and produce made delicious in recipes like bolognese with handmade pappardelle, wild mushroom pasta with homemade gemelli, black truffle and mushroom arancini with tomato and fennel jam, as well as pizza and other entrees in keeping with the flavors of Italy.

There’s always something delicious cooking in the kitchen. Enjoy a great Italian meal with friends and family and share the Lombardo’s tradition of warm hospitality and divine Italian dishes cooked with love. When Lombardo’s reopens this summer, reservations will be required, and limited to three seatings*: 5 pm–6:30 pm, 6:30 pm–8 pm, 8 pm–close

The all new Lombardo’s.  216 Harrisburg Ave Lancaster 

*Reservations required. Seating times subject to PA Health Department Mandates. 216 HARRISBURG AVENUE




Many Hands Make Light Work

Donna Carr from Lancaster Sewists, Phil Lapp, Executive Director Lancaster Masks, and Megan Walden, volunteer and Board Member.

T H I S F E AT U R E I S S P O N S O R E D B Y B L A K I N G E R T H O M A S . The team at Blakinger Thomas Law Firm uplifts the community and assists nonprofit organizations by serving on a variety of boards, participating in charitable events, and providing quality legal services to the community. Recently, they were excited to come alongside Lancaster Masks by donating their legal services to get the business up and sewing quickly and properly.





LANCASTER MASKS I S T H E R E S U LT O F C O L L A B O R AT I O N among a group of caring people throughout the county. Most did not know each other prior to forming this group, but they united to serve a community need. When they began hearing about local hospitals and primary caregivers running out of protective face masks, several prolific seamsters formed online groups, inviting others to join to pool resources, producing masks and distributing them as quickly as possible. These groups soon realized they could be even more effective by combining forces. Coordinating with local entrepreneurs Phil and Annamarie Lapp, the 501c3 nonprofit Lancaster Masks was born. A 100% volunteer organization, all sales proceeds from Lancaster Masks go towards efforts to help Lancaster County open safely.

Support the cause by making a donation at:







Exquisitely Handcrafted.


New to Ream Curbside Pickup Private and Virtual Appointments Available


Jewelry that’s a cut above.

Featuring masterful pieces from artist Henri Daussi

Start a new chapter with us as we celebrate our 85th anniversary in Downtown Lancaster.” Alan and Ricki


Lancaster’s Family Owned Jeweler Since 1935




We’re here for you… At Lancaster Central Market.

Through thick and thin, we do all we can to ensure a thriving market for our neighbors, customers, and friends. When you shop with us you’re supporting local farms, food producers, and makers. It’s our belief that you deserve the very best we can bring to you no matter what. We’re here for you – thanks for being here for us too. Come in for a visit this week – together we can move forward and create an even stronger community than we ever had before. TUESDAY & FRIDAY 6 AM – 4 PM, SATURDAY 6 AM – 2 PM • 23 NORTH MARKET STREET OFF PENN SQUARE • 717.735.6890 •



GIVING BACK Making a difference in the lives of others.

Giving Back: Grape Leaf Cafe PAT I E N C E B U C K W A LT E R has always been intrigued by the role of relationships in the human experience. “I’m just naturally drawn to people. I love relationships and I think they’re so important. If I wasn’t naturally a people person this would have fizzled out but I’ve always known there was something special about community.” The community that Patience found in Lancaster with a newly resettled Syrian neighbor sparked an idea. Patience felt the warmth and reception that her neighbor always offered her. The hospitality and generosity that she poured out when Patience came to visit went deeper than the delectable tea and cookies that were served. The offering of her neighbor’s culture and customs through her cooking and hospitality was a true extension of friendship and community that resonated and radiated differently from other interactions. When Patience offered the idea to her friend about a platform where she and others in the refugee community could cook

and sell their food to members of the community, the enthusiastic response became Grape Leaf Cafe. Patrons of the Cafe and Catering kitchen get to experience various cultures through the language of food. “You’re learning and taking a piece of their story through the food that we share.” The women do their cooking intuitively, using generations of recipes shared via experience, not specific measurements. The result is an authentic outpouring of community translated into every bite. From the success of Grape Leaf Cafe, came inspiration for the Empowerment Center. Through the Empowerment Center Patience is able to contribute her gifting as a people person and her background as a social worker to empower and support refugees and immigrants to find community, purpose, and opportunity in their new home. “Our center and our café can be in any city that has refugees and immigrants. It’s not a giant, complicated formula, it’s just integrating and helping people feel a part of the community.” Learn more about Grape Leaf Cafe at Open May–September J 30 West James Street, Lancaster Grape Leaf also provides catering year-round. LEARN MORE ABOUT FIG GIVING BACK AT FIGL ANCASTER.COM


Growing together. AT T H E V E R Y H E A R T of Lancaster County, Greenfield was born from hard work, optimism, and uncompromising ethics. Created 50 years ago as the home of High Companies, Greenfield has grown into a destination for an eclectic mix of businesses to find their home, grow, and thrive. We are a community of makers and doers who have come together to learn from each other, collaborate, and grow. It’s more than a place to locate a business or start a family—it’s a community of entrepreneurs, teams, and individuals, that have the opportunity to reach their fullest potential.

Learning together. Working together. Celebrating together. Creating together. At Greenfield.

Follow along to see what’s growing at Greenfield. @greenfieldlancaster

Better Living. Better Business. Better Community.






Needs Your Support Fig, as well as many others, has

been working hard for more than a decade to champion the City of Lancaster, and we’ve cheered as it grew and thrived.

When this crisis hit, we shifted gears and started to look for sponsors who cared as much as we do about the city and know that small businesses are the heart and soul of our community—especially those hardest hit— our beloved restaurants and boutiques. The businesses and organizations on this page responded to the call and stepped up to help. Now, it’s your turn. Please support the 60+ small businesses on the following pages this summer and beyond. Look for the Eat Local and Shop Local tags on the following pages as your guide to supporting local. Now, more than ever before, we need to support the independent businesses that make Lancaster City so special. Our very sincere thank you to our friends at Lancaster City Alliance, LCSWMA, Armstrong World Industries, Murray, Willow Valley Communities, Zamagias Properties, and Greenfield for joining us in this effort.

Small Business Champions Cultivating partnerships to ensure Lancaster is a clean, safe, and vibrant City for all. Serving our community through managing trash and recycling, and believing in the importance of supporting the economic recovery of Lancaster County. A 160 year old ceilings and walls manufacturer headquartered in Lancaster that’s committed to making a difference in spaces where we live, work, learn, heal and play. Providing smart insurance solutions and deep expertise to help people and businesses be better prepared so they’re more secure. A vibrant and engaging 55-plus community supporting Lancaster for over 35 years. Residents embrace a Life Lived Forward on campus, as well as in the culturally rich City of Lancaster. Dedicated to the success of Lancaster City through the development of Steeple View Lofts, The Keppel Building, and 101NQ. Cultivating an environment where people, business and other organizations thrive to their fullest potential.


You may have heard that Lancaster’s internationally recognized dining scene is not to be missed. Things may look a little different these days, but we believe our restaurateurs are the best of the best.

Eat Local

They have found innovative and safe ways to serve you and the community all while working to ensure you still have the high-quality experience you expect.

A unique catering company with custom-designed menus that combine traditional dishes from different countries. Whether it’s a food truck empanada party or a multicultural buffet dinner, Global Flavors will create a memorable experience for you and your guests! Also visit Upohar Vegetarian Restaurant, a sensory experience of authentic vegan food from around the world. Open 12-5 Tuesday-Saturday. Curbside pickup available.





Eat Local

Co-Owners Sarmila Shrestha & Chef Mohan Pradhan

C A B A L A R is a local whole animal butcher and restaurant serving lunch, dinner, and craft beer. W H AT ’ S N E W

IN A RELA XED, intimate restaurant setting, Himalayan Curry & Grill features dishes from Nepal and India. W H AT ’ S N E W

• A “Buy a Healthcare Worker Lunch” program supplying over 200 meals to front line workers

• Open for takeout and curbside pick up • For curbside pick up, drivers call and they will bring your food outside

• Take out and to-go options • An outdoor beer garden and green space coming soon 325 North Queen Street 717.208.7344

• Walking customers have the option to come inside for pick up 22 East Orange Street 717.393.2330

B R I G H T, H I P C O R N E R C A F E with locally sourced, gourmet breakfast & lunch, plus sweet treats & coffee. Offering online ordering with contactless pickup, catering.

R A C H E L’ S I S A FA M I LY O W N E D C A F E featuring a wide variety of delicious crepes and drinks for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert.

Takeout | call, order online for pickup at cafe or uber eats for delivery.

W H AT ’ S N E W • Offering unique takeout ideas

W H AT ’ S N E W

• Eco friendly packaging

• Brunch menu available Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday from 8:30 am–1 pm • Boxed, homemade meals with vegan, GF, vegetarian options available • Second location at 420 Pearl Street now open!

• Parking lot pickup • Outdoor patio seating

301 North Queen Street 717.208.3394 commonwealth-lancaster.

2 Locations 201 West Walnut Street 608 Richmond Drive 717.399.3515


S I N C E 19 9 8 , D E A N O B E R H O LT Z E R has been offering Lancaster County hospitality in the very best way—with warmth and elegance. As a pillar of the city restaurant scene, Belvedere Inn is a long-standing local favorite, housed in a Victorian Italianate-style city mansion. They are well-loved for their impressive wine list and imaginative dishes— and, of course, their signature grilled Caesar salad.

Wood-fired pizza Small plates Curious cocktails Happy hour Takeout Outdoor dining

It was only natural that Dean would seize the opportunity to partner with Justin Ang and legendary chef Daniel LeBoon to acquire another Lancaster destination, Carr’s, and turn it into two unique concepts, both launching early this year. Although the timing of the opening of C’est la Vie and Josephine’s has been challenging, to say the least, they have found new ways to serve their loyal following until they can once again fill the bar with friends and laughter. On the following pages, find the taste that fits you best, or try them all.

Eat Local

“For more than 20 years, I have been in love with what really makes Lancaster a special place, the people.” Cheers,

Life is made of the places you go and the people with whom you go. Enjoy the small things in life, in the company of good friends. That’s life!” 16


Dean Oberholtzer 18 NORTH MARKET STREET 717.299.7319 CLVLANCASTER.COM


A D E S T I N AT I O N to complement a perfect night on the town, Josephine’s is a sensory experience that makes dining out more than just a meal. Join them for inspired local cuisine made from scratch by their imaginative chefs.

Shawn McKinny the Chef de cuisine at Josephine’s

LOVE JOSEPHINE’S? Take home the same delicious meals, to go, prepared fresh and ready at their market stand at Lancaster Central Market. (formerly Carr’s).

Eat Local




Eat Local

Lancaster Roll

Simply Fresh.

Simply Authentic. Y U Z U I S D E D I C AT E D T O S E R V I N G T H E I R C U S T O M E R S fresh and healthy meals, prepared by Chef Harry and his team. From artistic Japanese sushi, delicious hibachi, and authentic thai cuisine, there are many ways to enjoy Yuzu—including online ordering and takeout.

We want to thank the Lancaster community for supporting us with words of encouragement and lots of takeout orders. We love our Lancaster community.” Harry and Jessica Chen



Eat Local

FRENCH INSPIRED menu with an emphasis on classical french flavors and influences that pay tribute to the beloved french bistro where good food, good wine and better company commingle to create an unmistakable Joie de vivre!

SHOT & BOTTLE O F F E R S a large selection of Pennsylvania’s finest spirits, craft beer, and wines curated to compliment its homestyle food menu. W H AT ’ S N E W • Offering curbside pick up and take out for food menus and craft spirits

W H AT ’ S N E W • Grab & Go Bistro Take-out

26 East King Street 717.690.2354

• Offering ready-made family meals • Signature cocktail home kits 2 North Queen Street 717.617.2159

J & J M O F O N G O serves authentic Puerto Rican and Dominican cuisine with an array of affordable lunch and dinner options available. W H AT ’ S N E W • Offering authentic Puerto Rican and Dominican take out 604 Manor Street 717. 945.7872


Eat Local

Crafted with Love

C R E AT I V I T Y I N T H E K I T C H E N has always been at the heart and soul of Iron Hill’s culinary offering. When the pandemic hit, that creative spirit was extended from their kitchen to yours, and Iron Hill Craft Kits were born. Packed with all of the ingredients needed to make a meal, you can enjoy the delicious flavors you have come to love from Iron Hill in the comfort of your home. Best of all are the memories that are made cooking with family.







Fantastic F L AVO R S

DE LICIOUS HAND - DIPPE D Hershey’s Ice Cream. Now serving delicious panini, homemade soups and baked goods, and College Coffee Roasters espresso!

On the corner of Lemon and Mary is where I ’ve spent the majority of the past five years, scooping ice cream. Every season since, I ’ve marveled at how fortunate I am to own a small business in Lancaster. While we recently celebrated our fifth anniversary, we have been busy biking ice cream deliveries to your door! This is one of the ways we strive to continue celebrating and fostering friendships with our community—that last longer than any cone.” Dave Brown, owner

Eat Local





Eat Local B L A Z I N ’ J ’ S is home of the hot chicken sandwich. Offering hand-breaded southern style chicken sandwiches, chicken tenders, chicken bites, fresh-cut fries, Azzuries Lemonade (made by a local 10-year-old young lady), salads, and banana pudding.

“ G AT H E R A N D N O U R I S H , it’s our tagline and continues to be what we strive for each day.” W H AT ’ S N E W • Order at the register or call in

• Delivery available via Doordash

• Online ordering available through their website

18 West Orange Street 717.509.4500

W H AT ’ S N E W • Phone and online ordering • Online gift cards on website. (Follow social media for weekly deals and specials.) 15 East King Street 717.945.7197

Outdoor dining now open from 11:30 am –9 pm daily. Also offering convenient curbside pickup & take out.

F L O R A’ S offers an assortment of Latino dishes with an artistic atmosphere to bring you Lancaster’s “Latino experience.” W H AT ' S N E W • Take out Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday from 11 am–6 pm

W H AT ’ S N E W • Comfortably distanced tables for outdoor dining

• Art gallery pieces for purchase and can be viewed online at

• All staff PPE equipped • Online ordering for touchless take out

• Check out Flora’s: The Podcast

26 East Chestnut Street 717.399.4040 Chef Abou Kouyate


306 North Mulberry Street 717 553.5365 Owners Abner & Flora

ever y day is a special occasion New! Another way to experience Amorette. À la carte dishes, hand selected by the chef to showcase the season’s bounty.

Eat Local

401 NORTH PRINCE STREET 717.947.7710



Eat Local Owners Leanne and Robby

THE BRE AD PEDALER is committed to serving the highest quality food available for breakfast, lunch, and weekend dinner.

BAKE HOUSE ON KING provides high-quality, artisan baked goods, specialty loaves, pastries with seasonal ingredients, natural leavening and slow fermentation.

W H AT ’ S N E W • Focusing on providing top quality take out

W H AT ’ S N E W • Items available for takeout • Customers will be able to choose products from window display or disposable menu • Offering pre-packaged items for in-home baking

16 West King Street 717.481.7300

• Ensuring that no detail is overlooked, including their carefully selected menu items down to the specific take out containers that present the dish as if you were dining in the restaurant. 116 West Orange Street 717.693.6266

CHECKERS BISTRO IS S E R V I N G weekly specials along with your favorites, all made with the same attention to quality and consistency you have come to expect.

Authentic Mexican Food

• Outside seating shared with Columbia Kettle Works

• No-contact ordering and curb-side pickup

• Select beers, wines, and cocktails to-go


W H AT ’ S N E W • Open for take-out or delivery through Grubhub, Door Dash or

W H AT ’ S N E W

• Currently offering take-out menu, including soups, salads, sandwiches, burgers, small plates, entrees, various sides, desserts and weekly specials

AT C O C I N A M E X I C A N A tacos and burritos join a full menu of Mexican classics in a low-key space with colorful decor.

• When allowed, a limited number of dine-in tables to follow social distancing guidelines 398 Harrisburg Ave 717.509.1069

112 North Water Street 717.393.9193

Eat Local

Decades is ready to serve you again LANCASTER! W E ' R E H O L D I N G YO U A L A N E , along with a cocktail, appetizer, dinner and dessert. We are thankful and appreciative of our community, and all the heroes who have helped during this time.�

Outdoor Dining & Carryout Available





Eat Local


It’s the city that makes the bowl.

LO C A L LY OW N E D A N D C R E AT I V E LY M A D E , Oola Bowls are made with organic aÇaÍ—a fruit with 5 times the amount of antioxidants found in most berries. AÇaÍ promotes muscle performance and energy production and is high in fiber, Vitamin C, A, B1, B2, B3, and E.


F R E S H FA C E Welcoming new businesses to the City of Lancaster. Bailey and Taleah, New Holland Coffee Company managers

Fresh Face: New Holland Coffee Co. F R I E N D LY, AT T E N T I V E S E R V I C E is what you’ll find at New Holland Coffee Co.’s brand new location nestled in the recently renovated 29 East King Street building.

full bellies and happy hearts as their Lancaster City menu holds some old-time favorites in addition to a brand-new selection of treats.

Since 2005, family-owned New Holland Coffee Co. has been roasting their own coffee right in their New Holland site. Their mission is to provide a gathering place for all; one that holds high-quality coffee, delicious food, and excellent service in an atmosphere that fosters conversation and connections. Some may say it even inspires creativity.

With the grand opening of their Lancaster City location in late May, New Holland Coffee Co. has found a way to service the community safely through their take-out app, Toast Take-Out, launched January of 2020. “We have been so blessed by the support of our community!” said owner, Mark Fisher. “This has been a very difficult time for small businesses, but the community has recognized that and are fighting for our survival!”

Waltzing into this Coffee Shop will offer the delights of modern decor with the smiles reminiscent of your family kitchen. Take a seat and enjoy their freshly roasted coffee or any of their signature drinks that suit a variety of tastes. Hungry? They have you covered with a menu that promises

29 EAST KING STREET 717.459.9127


If you find yourself venturing outside of the city, make your way to their New Holland location which was newly renovated in 2018. Whichever location you visit, the team is very excited to meet you. LEARN MORE ABOUT FIG FRESH FACES AT FIGLANCASTER.COM




An authentic arepa kitchen serving fresh, gluten-free Latin cuisine daily.

Eat Local

Chellas Arepa Kitchen Ranked 44 in Yelp’s Top 100 Places to Eat in 2020

Combining our love for cooking with our Latin heritage, we set out to bring something new to Lancaster. The result was fresh Peruvian cuisine and Venezuelan inspired arepas. We are excited to bring you these flavors at both takeout locations. Our Hempstead location is a BYOB, so you can eat at our picnic tables and play some outdoor games. And the Tellus rooftop has a full bar with draft beers to pair with your Chellas favorites.” Luis



Follow them @chellaslancaster for updates and specials.

Eat Local

F O C U S E D O N serving creative contemporary American fusion cuisine and world class cocktails, The Pressroom is open with a limited menu Friday’s and Saturday’s.

T O R R E S FA M I LY B A K E R Y is a Puerto Rican bakery specializing in sandwiches with bread freshly baked daily as well as pastries, fresh coffee, empanadas, and personalized cakes.

W H AT ’ S N E W • Call to order between 3 pm–7 pm

W H AT ’ S N E W • Continuing to bake and design cakes for special occasions

• 100% contactless payment and curbside pickup

• Offering carry out for orders

• Bottled cocktails to go

447 South Prince Street 717.397.4167

26 West King Street 717. 399.5400

W H AT ’ S N E W • Online ordering (encouraged), or order & pay-by-phone is available. • Greek Feast meal packages (for 1, 2, 4 or 8+) are a great way to feed the family healthy, delicious, real food for a great price and large portions. • Redesigned the layout and flow of their facility as well as service procedures and are offering a slightly limited menu, all allowing for safer distancing of team members while working.

S O U V L A K I B OY S is offering Signature Pitas, Greek Salads and ‘Greek Feast’ meals (individual or family-style) thru a newly installed take-out window off the parking lot on James Street. Also taking their food truck to neighborhoods around Lancaster County to serve pre-ordered meals.

• Guest safety always comes first!

1 West James Street 717. 208.6243


Eat Local W H AT ’ S N E W • New takeout window! • Added new food preparation and cleaning protocols • Extra safety precautions to make sure all food orders are handled with the utmost care

S I L A N T R A is offering rice bowls, salad bowls, or “bing” (a scallion pancake made from scratch every morning) filled with rice or spring mix, different protein options, lots of veggies, and topped off with homemade sauce.

• Takeout and delivery available Monday through Saturday 11:30 am–7 pm.

101 East King Street 717.399.1988 Owners Cindy & Sam

PRINCE STREET CAFE is a fast-casual downtown cafe offering fresh, made-toorder food and a full coffee bar. It has been committed to bringing people together and providing a welcoming and safe environment, open daily, since 2006.

108 West Orange Street 717.299.5157

W H AT ’ S N E W • Offering take out & delivery available 7 pm–7 pm daily 15 North Prince Street 717.397.1505


• Breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu available all day • New location now open in Downtown York, PA

A CASUAL BREAKFAST experience on Orange Street dishing up creative, house made menu selections including Swedish pancakes and daily specials.

W H AT ’ S N E W • Take out available Saturday and Sunday 8 am–12 pm • Call to place takeout orders • Check website for updates on hours and available menu

“ T H E T E A M AT S P R O U T B E L I E V E S that food should be fresh, flavorful, satisfying, and should convey a chef’s love of cooking. They are a 3rd generation Vietnamese eatery who prepares authentic food such as fresh spring rolls, french bread sandwiches, entrée salads, soups, rice platters and a variety of noodle dishes.



Eat Local

A Taste of Summer Our mission is to be Lancaster’s choice for simple Vietnamese cuisine for our guests and their families.”



When you set foot in the City’s exciting retail stores, it is an experience to remember. Unique gifts, attention to detail, and that special something you’ve been looking for.

Shop Local

The welcome mat is back out and we assure you the community is working together to keep you healthy and coming back for more.

T E L LTA L E D R E S S offers curated vintage fashion mixed with modern artisan clothing & jewelry, apothecary goods, antiques & gifts. Shop from home 24/7 on their updated website. W H AT ’ S N E W • Convenient local pickup & worldwide shipping • Additional safety measures & cleaning routines • Private shopping appointments 334 North Queen Street 717.621.2973


Owners Leigh & Alicia

Design YOUR


WALK IN AND CL AI M YOUR ST YLE . Festoon is an urban boutique with a curated collection of meaningful goods.

Come see us or shop our fresh new website!

My first priority has always been our customers, who have become dear friends over the past 16 years. Join us for the sensory experience we have in store for you this summer and thank you for your continued support.� XOXO Kathy and the Festoon team

Shop Local





Shop Local

S E A SO N S O LI V E O I L & V I N EG A R TA PRO O M has the largest selection of fresh, premium extra-virgin olive oil and premium balsamic vinegar in the region. CHARLOTTE SHOPPE’S goal is to provide customers with hand-picked, sophisticated, and smart styles. From head to toe you will find a stunning array of footwear, apparel and accessories. W H AT ’ S N E W • Connecting and communicating through social media platforms

W H AT ’ S N E W • Online store is open and available for delivery 36 West King Street 717.396.1380

• Downtown Lancaster store is open for in-store shopping and offering curbside pickup • Several promotions running online and in-store

• Speedy delivery of online orders and curbside pickup Owner Lisa Balaci 32 West King Street 717.569.2060

• Making private appointments available to customers while following safety precautions • Selling non-medical facial masks by designer Debbie Katz

W H AT ’ S N E W • Posting new products multiple times a week on social media • Curbside pick-up or shipping

SC ARLET WILLOW has Lancaster’s largest selection of vintage clothing for men, women, and kids. Items available for curbside pick-up or shipping.

320 North Queen Street 717.945.5883

C U R I O . offers curated drawing and writing supplies, fine art paper and stationery as well as creative workshops and gallery exhibitions. W H AT ’ S N E W • Online events First Friday, Workshops, and weekly Sketchbook Club on Zoom • Creative supplies are available through the webshop, which is updated regularly • Free drop-off delivery to residents within 5 miles of the store as well as curbside pick up and flat rate domestic shipping through USPS 106 West Chestnut Street 717.874-4482


Love Letter To L A N C AST E R Dear Lancaster, There is no other city I’d rather open a business in, and no other community I’d rather fight alongside to keep this dream alive. Your inspiration keeps us motivated, and your support buoys us on the days we doubt. Truly, you are the reason we’re here, and the reason we keep going.” Shop Local

With Love, Rebecca and the team at Ville + Rue

T H E T E A M AT V I L L E + R U E believes you should love where you live. From their showroom filled with inspiration, to their in-home design consultations, their goal is for your home to be a personal reflection of your lifestyle.





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S O P H I E S TA R G A Z E R B O U T I Q U E is based on the principal that the women who make their clothes deserve to be treated with as much dignity as those of us wearing them. Responsiblymade fashion, home and gifts. W H AT ’ S N E W

ELLICOTT & CO is a heritage-inspired general store focusing on men’s apparel, leather goods, boots, home decor and more. 45 North Market Street 717.690.2505

W H AT ’ S N E W • Contactless local pickup during store hours • Private shopping by appointment • Free shipping on any order— no minimums or discount codes needed

• 30-minute in-person or virtual private shopping appointments, 1 hour personal styling appointments, and private shopping parties available 7 days a week! • Contactless pick-up • 15% OFF your online purchase when you use code SUMMERFIG at checkout

M I E S S E C A N D I E S is a Lancaster County tradition of fine hand-made chocolates and serving Penn State Creamery Ice Cream from a 1932 antique soda fountain. 118 North Water Street, #102 717.392.6011

Owner Kristin Snyder 323 North Queen Street @sophiestargazer–Instagram

F R E I M A N ’ S W O R K is accessible to everyone. They have prints, originals, and commission options as well as an online store. W H AT ’ S N E W

W H AT ’ S N E W • Online ordering • No contact curbside pick up and home deliveries • All individual candies as well as molded items and pre-packed boxes will now be behind glass in cases. • Sanitizing following CDC Guidelines


• Developing a personalized approach to art collecting, including a loan program for original works and safe, friendly delivery • Offering FaceTime or Zoom tours of available work 142 North Prince Street 717.435.9591

F R E S H FA C E Welcoming new businesses to the City of Lancaster. Owners, Kathy and Kendra

Fresh Face: Gallery Grow THERE’S A NEW KIND OF ARTIST STUDIO in the heart of Gallery Row. Gallery Grow at 150 North Prince Street invites city dwellers to get creative, sink their hands into fresh earth, and create something beautiful to liven up their living space. An idea that sprung to life from the team at Ken’s Gardens, the Gallery Grow mission is to “joyfully grow creativity in Downtown Lancaster.” The space they have created holds a garden of possibilities—lush greenery, colorful blooms, and stunning containers line the walls and welcome expert urban gardeners, and tentative plant enthusiasts alike to create living, breathing, art projects. Experts are on hand to lead workshops, offer advice and help makers in deciding on a project that best suits their needs. Visitors can walk in with an idea and a plan or on a whim, and walk out with a completed project. 150 NORTH PRINCE ST



The experts at Gallery Grow are happy to set visitors up with supplies and a workstation and space to get creative, or to provide guidance and advice through a project. The boutique houses a large selection of houseplants, succulents, air-plants, pottery, and garden-related décor, making it an urban oasis to celebrate life, growth, and creativity in the heart of Lancaster. They also offer curbside pick up featuring many trendy houseplants, succulents and containers. Please visit Gallery Grow’s online store at to place your order. The family of Ken’s Gardens is excited to join the Lancaster downtown community, and are looking forward to customers enjoying creative experiences in their garden boutique.



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N I C O L E TAY L O R is an upscale women’s clothing boutique carrying ready to wear, casual/contemporary apparel, and accessories along with locally made brands, ethically made in the USA.

S PA C E is downtown Lancaster’s only source for vintage mid-century furniture, home decor, and accessories as well as a selection of clothing, vintage records, and retro video games.

W H AT ’ S N E W

W H AT ’ S N E W

• Shop online 24/7

• Expanded eBay store inventory ( spacelancaster) and have also been selling wares, including furniture on Facebook and Instagram

• Curbside pickup, local porch drop-offs, delivery • Private in-store shopping, virtual personal shopping, private Shopping Parties 325 North Queen Street 717.617.4838

• Free delivery of all furniture within 30 miles of Lancaster city and curbside pickup

• Selling items online as a fundraiser, so far raising over $700 for the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank and selling Space t-shirts, with 20% of the profits going to LancoCares. More campaigns are planned for the future 24 West Walnut Street 717.413.3477

photos provided by @xoxo_by_shelahriley

D E TA I L S believes in celebrating people, moments and all the little bits in between. Their family-owned business has been offering unique gifts, stationery, and home décor since 1996.

W H AT ’ S N E W • Private 50 minute appointments (call or email) • Walk-ins welcome when not at capacity • Shop online 24/7


PA P PA G A L L O has been making women feel fabulous and fashionable since 1991. Featuring a carefully curated collection of women’s casual wear, denim, and accessories.

W H AT ’ S N E W

28 West Orange Street 717.392.0222

30 North Queen Street, #1 717.397.5366

• Private 35 minute appointments (call or email) • Shop online 24/7 • Walk-ins welcome when not at capacity


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shop local


big gif t ideas to

DA ZZL E L IT TL E ONE S specialty toys & gifts for children / fresh kids fashion / baby registry

Creativity on the go.

Always up for an adventure. Specialty Toys & gifts for Children Baby Registry Stylish Accoutrements for Parents

A curated collection of creative toys, quality clothing, and unique gifts for all the little people in your life.

32 NORTH QUEEN STREET MON – FRI 9 – 5, SAT 9 – 4 717.509.5700 690 GOOD DRIVE MON – FRI 11 – 6, SAT – SUN 11 – 4 717.544.3311 BELLABOOONLINE.COM




Celebrating 10 years downtown!



Life is precious and short. Celebrate the babies, children, moms and dads in your lives.” Laura Haiges, owner

Style from the start 32 NORTH QUEEN STREET 717.509.5700 LGH WOMEN & BABIES: 690 GOOD DRIVE 717.54 4.3311 BELL ABOOONLINE.COM


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W E O F F E R G AT H E R A N D N O U R I S H , it’s our tagline and continues to be what we strive for each day

THE FRIENDSHIP HE ART GALLE RY & S T U D I O is a creative arts program and gallery for Artists with Intellectual Disability and Autism. In keeping with their mission, “expressing capabilities,” they wanted to find a way to continue supporting the Heart Artists as a means to keep them connected to the program. Guided virtual lessons led by familiar instructors have been created to fill this connection.

W H AT ’ S N E W • Contactless curbside pickup for items purchased through online store • Working to duplicate in-store shopping experiences to virtual shopping • Donating a portion of the proceeds of all Chinatown Market face mask sales to frontline healthcare workers

W H AT ’ S N E W • Patrons are welcome to shop online for beautiful artwork 118 North Water Street, #101 717.945.6904

R E D R AV E N A R T C O M PA N Y Red Raven is a cornerstone of Gallery Row, offering a diverse array of artistic styles of both local and regional artists. W H AT ’ S N E W • “Take Out” Art program: You purchase, they deliver to your doorstep • Wet Paint Wednesdays: Every Wednesday they upload artist’s newly created artwork • Creating new videos each week of artists working in their studios 138 North Prince Street 717.299.4400 Please check the gallery to find their hours and guidelines during these summer months.


Men’s & women’s premium streetwear Apparel / Footwear / Lifestyle 101 North Queen Street 717. 712.6827

B L O S S O M M E D S PA Provides corrective medical grade treatments and services for Aging, Acne, Rosacea, Sun-Damage, as well as how to heal from the inside with Wellness Exams and Vitamin IV Therapy. W H AT ’ S N E W • Virtual Consultations and Online Booking • Purchasing Treatments and Products through Online Store • Contactless Payment/ Checkout Options sanitation • Staff has new COVID 19 protocols to provide clients with a safe environment 2 Locations 101 North Queen Street 717.299.9000 190 Good Drive 717.208.7070

F R E S H FA C E Welcoming new businesses to the City of Lancaster.

Fresh Face: Fern.ish Home L I N D S E Y B A R N E S has always been interested in interior design. From a young age she was drawn to helping her mother decorate their home. As time went on, she found through a retail job that she enjoyed the process of helping customers discover their decorating style and solve their home furnishing dilemmas. Now, a mother of three, this designer is passionate about helping her customers create spaces that they LOVE to come home to. Lindsey believes in filling your home with fixtures and furnishings that make you feel happy. She’s been offering a curated collection of vintage, new, and handmade rugs, pillows, furniture, and accents in her space at Prussian Street Arcade in Manheim, and is excited to extend those offerings and open a truly unique



experience in the new Fern.ish Home location on Harrisburg Avenue. The new store will continue to offer interior design and decorating services, in a one of a kind space that feels more like a hybrid lifestyle shop and home furnishing store. Visitors can expect design inspiration in ever-evolving displays and an eclectic mix of styles and textures. Lindsey is poised to guide customers through the process of finding one perfect piece or designing a fully functional space that strikes the balance between WOW factor and homey, inviting, comfort. The new space showcases an apothecary section with natural products, soaps and basic skincare items, as well as a collaboration with Cool Spring Garden of Manheim, offering beautiful flower bouquets to carry out.


Fern.ish Home invites the community to think of and shop for our homes in a different way. With lifestyle workshops that invite community members to come and learn skills from local makers and artisans, such as candle pouring or flower arranging and opportunities to work with designers and shop for mindful, innovative products for your home. Lindsey and her team are passionate about helping people beautify the places where we live with curated options that cross styles, cultures, time periods, and price points. This boutique experience brings intentionality to finding the cohesion between lifestyle and the places where we live our lives. “I feel like I’m living my dream to help people in my community make their homes a place that they’re in love with!”



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Escape to your Patio Paradise with Penn Stone

We know that family and close friends are more important than ever, and we love helping people create outdoor spaces for gathering together.� John & Mara YO U D O N ’ T H AV E T O PA C K YO U R B A G S T O E N J OY A P E A C E F U L O A S I S . Penn Stone will help you create a vacation destination in your own backyard. They specialize in masonry and hardscaping materials as well as design-focused outdoor furniture and solutions for outdoor kitchens, outdoor fire, landscape lighting, and shade.



Brick & Stone

Fireplaces & Fire Pits

Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor Furniture

Planters & Fountains




Spice of L IFE


S U M M E R I S H E R E ! And everyone knows that warm summer nights around the fire pit are what memories are made of. Make all of your picnic foods sing with carefully selected herbs, spices, and salts from The Spice and Tea Exchange. If you need some suggestions, Judy, Mike, and their team of foodies can help you add just the right amount of spice to your life this summer. Enjoy!

Unique hand blended seasonings Exotic teas Salts and sugars from around the world Shop Local

Accessories for tea lovers

Creating & sharing the experience of a more flavorful life.� Mike and Judy






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50 YEARS OF SERVING the Lancaster community with complete eye examinations and a superior selection of frames for every hero.


29 KELLER AVENUE 717.399.2020





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Beautiful Spaces Make room for beauty in every circumstance and space. We are so grateful for the love and support of the community during this challenging time!” Alison McIndoe

AK Interiors has a passion for creating beautiful, functional spaces for the ones you love. Let them transform your home into a place of beauty and rest. If you’re looking for creative home accessories or a special gift that will delight, find Alison’s curated collection of her favorite finds in her Shoppe on Orange Street and online at Virtual Design Services Available Shop Online

Curbside Pickup Free Local Delivery

Commercial Residential Renovations Gift Shoppe

Tues–Fri 9 am–5 pm | Sat 10 am–4 pm F Free parking in lot 246 WEST OR ANGE STREET




Home has become



Doctor's Office

Simple. Reliable. Fast. Secure. Now, more than ever, your home wifi network needs to work, and work well. Contact RMS to ensure you and your family can communicate, collaborate, work, and learn without fear of losing your connection. It’s WiFi, done the RMS way.





IN SPI R E Se ries

Empowering stories about women who have big ideas and get things done. Y E LE N A KO R A B LI N : TR ADITION B RE AD BAKE RY Bread baking is a tradition that dates back more than 30,000 years, but thanks to its mass production in the early 20th century, the techniques we use today are almost unrecognizable. Yelena Korablin, sole baker at Tradition Bread Bakery (located just 3 miles north of Downtown Lancaster), has experienced the consequences of this drastic change in bread baking first hand. After her husband became extremely ill with digestive issues, the first thing he was advised to cut from his diet was storebought bread. Then, her daughter began exhibiting the same mysterious symptoms and doctors recommended she do the same. As a self-taught baker and bread lover, Yelena couldn’t help but take interest in this frustrating phenomena: why was bread always the enemy, especially considering it was one of humankind’s first foods? Her investigation led her way, way back to traditional bread recipes, far predating the bagged bread we buy in stores today. She learned that by using ancient grains and naturally leavening her bread instead of using quick-rise yeast, she could make loaves that were safe enough for her family to enjoy, ailment free. Science can explain how these age-old fermentation processes make bread more digestible and nutritious, but instinct and sense may tell us another story: one that demonstrates how hitting the pause button, taking the scenic route, and letting love and time do the heavy lifting produces a superior product. Yelena has now manifested this wisdom and experience into Tradition

Bread Bakery, a certified micro-cottage operation that she runs out of her home in the Belair neighborhood. Even through all she has learned and accomplished, she is still humble about her mission. “I’m just a mom who cares about all the kids out there being healthy, being happy, and never getting sick from their food,” she modestly declares. You can read up on ancient grains, order Yelena’s baked goods or purchase a monthly bread subscription by visiting her website,

I’m just a Mom, who cares about all the kids out there being healthy, being happy, and never getting sick from their food.”

TRADITIONBREAD.COM Sponsored by someone who noticed and was inspired.


Right now it's important that we continue to believe in a vision for Lancaster and that we work diligently to make that vision a reality. We do that best by supporting one another, each and every one, throughout the entire community.�





A Heartfelt Thank You! From the city experts since 1982.



717. 299.3433

the puffer morris team

wants to thank those who have kept us safe and kept the city moving during this difficult time. Thank you for your continued dedication to our community.


Love your space “Great design won’t save the world, but it sure helps with staying at home.” Henrietta Heisler

L I K E N O O T H E R P L A C E I N YO U R H O M E , your kitchen is where connections are made. Over the past several months our homes have become our refuge, our office, our learning center, and our favorite entertainment destination. Investing in your home is more important than ever. Create the kitchen of your dreams and enjoy! The kitchen pictured above pairs old and new–versatility, function, and beauty.

Client Testimonials

“I loved the new paint colors we picked – being quarantined at home, I love them even more!”

“Now that I’m home, I have a laundry list of repairs and an even bigger wishlist of changes.”






Culinary creative Hilary Mace (front) making deliveries with her team.

We believe that food is love and that if we all care to share, there will be plenty to go around.�

Scarlet Runner

Delicious and healthy ...for all. 50


C U L I N A R Y P I O N E E R and owner Hilary Mace discovered, in a big way, the joy in giving back and has decided on a fresh take for her catering business. Scarlet Runner will still cater fresh, local, innovative recipes for events and celebrations, and $1 from every meal sold will fuel the free meal program so they can continue their mission. They are also getting creative with a new takeout window at their Lititz Pike location and neighborhood pop-ups.


Scarlet Runner responded to the needs of Lancaster in a big way this spring by delivering food to those in need, to date delivering over 5,000 free meals! (Read more on page 56).

Work Inspired. Work Safe.

DURING THIS TIME OF D I S TA N C E and social uncertainty, Benjamin Roberts is creating furniture solutions that bring our community together in safe, healthy, and inspiring work environments.



Since 1925,

United Way has been there to ensure our neighbors have access to food and other basic needs.

We’re here now. And we’ll be there tomorrow. 52




good. I N T H I S S P E C I A L F I N D T H E G O O D section, we’re highlighting stories that capture a steadfast spirit that lives among us: a deep commitment to our community. Lancaster County has a long history of innovation and resilience. This issue celebrates some of the individuals who are harnessing the present situation to pivot their approach and reimagine how they run their business and the new ways they can strengthen our community.

While we're all facing an uncertain future and sharing common struggles, we’re not all experiencing this crisis in the same way, particularly people of color who are being disproportionately impacted by COVID 19. Creative and empathetic business owners have tuned into the different needs of customers and neighbors, and are adjusting their approach to meet the moment in new and profound ways. Chef Oliver Saye, owner of a local catering business, immediately added a pay-itforward element that has allowed him to nourish

dozens of families suddenly in need of food. The Fulton Theatre, a storied institution in Lancaster, has retooled its costume shop to begin making personal protective equipment (PPE) to meet local needs and also keep people employed. These stories and more are the inspiration we need to see a path forward. We’re all facing new and unpredictable challenges, and our solutions must rise to meet them. As we continue to Find the Good that is emerging during this crisis, we can also find some hope. This hope will help unite energy and purpose across Lancaster County as we continue to build our community’s shared future together. This special section is sponsored by:

Emboldening Extraordinary Community.

Improving the community through leadership and commitment. In partnership with The S. Dale High Leadership Center.


find the good

I love to cook and take care of my fellow neighbors.”

Pay It Forward Project Chef Oliver Saye

F O R C H E F O L I V E R S AY E , whose name you may recognize from his delicious ready-to-eat products at Lemon Street Market, paying it forward was something that was always on his mind. But connecting the dots between his catering company and doing good proved to be more difficult than he expected. “I always wanted to,” he explains, “But never really found a way.” Then, at the beginning of the social distancing order in March, a window opened. Around the same time that he started receiving cancellations for all of the events he had planned to cook for, a friend unexpectedly dropped $200 in Oliver’s lap. He knew exactly what to do with it: utilize his passion and experience in preparing ready-made meals to feed those in need. “It was awesome. I mean, I love to cook, so that’s cool, right?” he laughs. “And I also love to take care of my fellow neighbors.” Without a doubt, this was his opportunity to fully manifest the personal motto he lives by: “​E ach one help one.​” As the project saw great success, Chef Oliver began reaching out on social media to friends and followers to support his new “Pay It Forward” project on CashApp, Venmo, and GoFundMe. In less than a month, donors smashed his goal of $2,000 by doubling it. And it’s still growing! In the future, Oliver plans on integrating his “​E ach one help one​” philosophy as a permanent part of his culinary services. As for what the pandemic has taught him? “Make sure you have a plan B. Even a plan c!” He chuckles. “And just be kind to your fellow residents. Really look out for each other.” Neighbors can help Oliver continue to serve hungry families by donating at pay-it-forward-culinary-services-delivery​, or directly to his venmo account: @Oliver-Saye.




Bridge Community Support Project

find the good

Mustafa Nuur

T H I S I S N ’ T M U S TA FA N U U R ’ S first community support project, and it certainly won’t be his last. As Executive Director at Bridge, a refugee owned and run company that hosts cultural events connecting local and immigrant neighbors, one could say with confidence that giving back is his calling. “I was talking to my employees, talking to my customers, and asking them ‘how can I help?’ —one of the first things I realized was that some people couldn’t even get to the grocery store,” Mustafa recalls. So he got to work immediately, fundraising and organizing a grocery delivery service for folks living alone or without transportation. Mustafa also teamed up with volunteers to make phone calls and perform wellness check-ins for these same families. But that wasn’t all—using donations both from the community and his organization, Mustafa was also able to coordinate rental assistance for his employees and staff. “We all try to serve in different ways.” he explains, when asked how he came up with the idea. “For some of us, we have to stay home; some of us do a little more engagement.” By supporting Mustafa and his efforts, you support an entire population. Donate at

Foxduck/CAPLanc Rebecca Wood, Ryan Keates, & Josh Wood

G I V I N G B A C K has always been an inherent part of Foxduck’s culture, made evident by their deep ties to the community and their “highlights program,” in which the company designs t-shirts free of charge and evenly distributes 15% of its proceeds to a series of rotating organizations in need. So when the pains of the pandemic began surfacing, they jumped right in. “We were feeling sad and disheartened by what our invisible community is feeling,” explains Rebecca Wood, who owns Foxduck with husband Ryan Keates and brother Josh. “So we were excited to learn more about CAP [Community Action Partnership of Lancaster County] and how they are helping the community.” Inspired by CAP’s tireless work to continuously provide antipoverty programs under the social distancing order, Ryan designed a t-shirt based on the concept of “Solidarity,” utilizing a wolf’s image to symbolize perseverance, loyalty, stability, and family. 50% of their sales were then donated to the foundation, which ended up totalling $5,123. But it’s not just about t-shirts, the Foxduck family insists. They urge those moved to help to contribute to the Lancaster chapter of CAP directly at c​​.







find the good

Scarlet Runner Food Delivery Hilary Mace

PA R T O F O W N I N G a business is learning to continuously adapt under stressful, unpredictable, and sometimes even disheartening circumstances. But how can a catering company be expected to adapt when large public gatherings—which are at the very core of their offering—are banned from happening, indefinitely? Hilary Mace, chef and owner of the catering company Scarlet Runner, looked this terrifying scenario straight in the face as every last one of her spring clients canceled due to Governor Wolf’s social distancing order. With most of the food already purchased for these events, Hilary knew she’d have to pivot. “I just had this moment where I thought to myself: What can we do to spread this food to people who need it? And what can I do to keep my staff working?” Hilary recalls. Within 48 hours, The Scarlet Runner had been effectively transformed into a contactless food delivery service, donating nutritious, fresh meals to people in need. The response was overwhelming; 8 weeks in, Hilary and her team had been able to deliver 4,300 free meals, thanks entirely to donations made by the Lancaster community. “Knowing that we’re able to help these people is really what’s gotten all of us through this whole thing,” Hilary says. “It’s honestly been the most gratifying experience for me.” While she doesn’t know what the future holds, Hilary is certain that giving back will become a permanent part of her business model. And though her ability to adapt to such sudden and traumatic change so well has been a huge component to her successes, she also stresses how crucial the community’s support has been; while donations have primarily sustained the operation, even the simple act of buying a fresh, vegan friendly, and locally based meal online from The Scarlet Runner is a contribution to the cause. (​​)


2467 A, 3640, LITITZ PIKE


I just had this moment where I thought to myself: What can we do to spread this food to people who need it?”


Commons Food Hub

find the good

Kyle Sollenberger & Crystal Weaver W H E N T H I N K I N G A B O U T local businesses, we'd be remiss not to mention the Commons Company; with ventures like Prince Street Cafe, Merrymaker Catering, and Passenger Coffee Roasters, the certified B Corp not only has a reputation for being a Lancaster staple, but also for nourishing a community-driven culture. So, as the crisis began to develop in mid-March, it was only natural that founders Crystal Weaver and Kyle Sollenberger felt called to help. “We had an overstock of supplies and nowhere to sell them” Kyle remembers. “Peers in the industry also had products they needed to get off their hands and out into customers’... And it’s always been part of our DNA to work with our industry peers, to try and help them where we can.” Born from that ethos was the “Commons Food Hub”—a grocery service that connected customers to local vendors. Folks can order online, drive to either their Lancaster or Lititz pickup station, and pop their trunk for an entirely contactless experience. And with vendors like Rooster Street Butcher, Barr’s Produce, Pine View Dairy, Tomato Pie Cafe, Thistle Finch, and Levengoods, Lancastrians can be certain they’re supporting the high-quality brands they know and love.

Remarkably, within the first 30 days of its conception, Commons Food Hub was able to pay out a businesssaving $100,000 to vendors. Some have even been experiencing unexpected benefits from the program. Says Kyle: “It’s really neat to see these vendors reach new markets...and also just to see the support of the community for vendors they know and trust.”

It’s always been part of our DNA to work with our industry peers, to try and help them where we can.”

In addition to the Commons Food Hub, The Commons Company is also hosting a donation-based Bagged Lunch Program, in which both furloughed and active employees work to prepare 200 bagged lunches every Sunday for The Parish Resource Center, a nonprofit focused on feeding those in need. Those with the means to give can conveniently add 1, 10, or 50 bags to their carts when ordering from the Commons Food Hub online at c​​.



find the good

Fulton Theatre “3G” Initiative Marc Robin

T H E F U LT O N T H E AT R E marquee has an essential message for Downtown Lancaster: W ​ e’re All in This Together​. In line with this belief, plus their newest “3G Initiative” to G ​ ive Thanks, Give Back, and Give Hope,​ the not-for-profit recently made a bold move after postponing their current season: converting their costume and scene shops into gown and mask production studios. Marc Robin, Executive Artistic Producer and CEO of the theatre, took one look at his staff of skilled artisans back in March and knew he’d need a creative solution to keep them working. “Like every theatre organization, you have to think out of the box,” he says. Luckily, creative problem solving is an indispensable component to how The Fulton Theatre is operated. And thanks to generous donors like Ed and Jeanne Arnold (as well as members of the Fulton board), the theatre was able to obtain equipment and funds imperative to seeing that creativity through—in addition to the 500 cloth masks and 200 hospital grade disposable gowns already produced, staff is utilizing a 3D printer and laser cutter to craft plastic face shields for medical facilities other than hospitals who are short on supplies. To help continue this tireless effort, Marc hopes the Fulton Theatre’s “3G” initiative will encourage able members of the community to donate even the smallest amount to help fund materials for their project. Just $5, for example, is enough to back a mask; $10 buys an entire gown. For the Fulton Theatre team, giving back, giving thanks, and giving hope to a town that has supported them since the beginning is a no-brainer. “To be able to give something back legitimately is amazing,” says Marc. He truly believes that “by being the kindest and best versions that we can be, as organizations and as humans, we’ll get through this together.”





By being the kindest and best versions that we can be, as organizers and humans, we’ll get through this together.”

Lancaster Public Library

find the good

Lissa Holland

P E R H A P S T H E M O S T underrated services are those continuing to provide programming that stokes the intellectual curiosity of our community. The importance of staying engaged both mentally and socially has never been more obvious. Luckily, the Lancaster Public Library was prepared for a major shift into the digital world; so when their physical doors closed, a virtual window opened. The nonprofit quickly began redirecting funds towards apps called “OverDrive” and “Hoopla,” which allow users to borrow movies, music, and eBooks with their library cards. And instead of canceling their programming, they took it all online: hosting book clubs, social gatherings, and even a live story time for kids. Executive Director Lissa Holland is an optimist. She sees this unpredictable time as a learning opportunity to help the Library decide how to adapt more permanently to the modern technological landscape. “It really will be a group effort of the patrons and librarians working together to see how to best serve our community,” she explains. In light of recent uncertainties, Lissa is also asking library patrons to evolve along with them. “We’re coming back to a very different environment,” she says. Community members are reminded to check their website for details and plans regarding contactless curbside pickup and external book drops:​.

AutoPilot:Off’s “Creek Don’t Rise” Movement Rasha Clark & David Godin

R A S H A A N D D AV I D , filmmakers and co-founders of the production company AutoPilot:Off, were developing their Lancaster-based feature film “Creek Don’t Rise” when they got word of the social distancing order. Their debut feature, based on a true story, follows a former South-Sudanese refugee who befriends a local Lancaster woman with bipolar disorder as they both cope with being unable to see their children. In the wake of the pandemic, the couple couldn’t help but draw coincidental parallels between their film and the current situation: from the isolation of its characters and real families everywhere, to the importance of cultivating a true sense of community. In response and in the spirit of the film’s message, they turned their attention to their “Creek Don’t Rise” facebook page. Instead of using it for crowdfunding like they’d planned, they began asking for self-shot cell phone videos from followers discussing their definition of community, and how they’re dealing with the fragile emotional and mental state that solitude creates.


By pivoting with ceaseless imagination, Rasha and David are not only perfect examples of the good that creativity can do in times of crisis; they are also advocates. You can help them fulfill their vision and participate in the movement they’ve created by visiting their page, ​, and sharing your experience with a self-shot video of your own. 775.372.7633



find the good

Lititz Community Hub

Ross Kramer, Roger North, Jon Eisenberg: W H AT H A P P E N S W H E N , over the course of two days, three charitable local leaders put their heads together to combine their resources to lift up a community in need? A spectacularly executed collaboration, of course: The Lititz Community Hub.

multiple giving back initiatives. “We consider this both a responsibility and a privilege,” says Roger. As for Water Street Mission, one of the most respected organizations in Lancaster, the Lititz Community Hub has been imperative to their success. “It’s been an incredible gift and blessing,” says Jon. “We are so grateful for the heart of compassion and the generosity displayed by our community, even in this difficult time.”

When Ross Kramer, CEO of Listrak, realized that the company’s full-service kitchen (which served 150 meals a day) would be sitting empty during the social distancing order, he knew something had to be done. That’s when he called friend and Founder/President of North Group Consultants, Roger North.

Interested parties can learn more about how Water Street Mission is serving its community during this crisis at w ​​. To donate food or sponsor meals for this effort, please visit​.

“Since Roger sits on the board of directors for Water Street Mission, he was aware of the challenges in feeding their guests due to the public health crisis,” explains Ross. “I immediately thought about the ‘most vulnerable among us.’ Water Street serves those folks. So, we began a conversation that, within 48 hours, resulted in this initiative.” Roger elaborates. Ross and Roger then reached out to Jon Eisenberg, VP of Advancement, Water Street Mission. And that’s when they hatched a plan: Listrak’s cafeteria, run by Chef Chris Panas, would prepare individually packaged microwavable meals. The North Group would both fundraise for the cause and transport the meals to Water Street Mission; and there, Jon and his team would distribute them to hungry guests. But make no mistake—this partnership was no happy accident. Both Listrak and the North Group are intentionally run with inextricable core values like altruism and compassion. One of Listrak’s core tenets, in fact, is to “give back in the communities where we work and live”; offering employees three paid volunteer days per year. And the North Group credits their faith for the animation of their




Roger North, Founder/President, North Group Consultants; Chris Panas, Executive Chef, Listrak; Howard Kramer, COO, Listrak; and Ross Kramer, CEO, Listrak.

We are so grateful for the heart of compassion and the generosity displayed by our community, even in this difficult time.”

North Group Consultants’ Founder & President, Roger North (back), with next generation team members, (from left to right) Gina Breslin, Jerry Murray, and Amy Clark.

H O P E A N D V I S I O N are the indispensable currencies of leadership. If you are a leader of a business, nonprofit organization, or family, you are not there by accident. Challenging times call you to instill hope, inspire generosity, and cast a hopeful vision of the future. Thank you for providing encouragement to your teams and our community.

North Group Consultants has been instilling hope and encouraging an others-centered focus in the community since 1997. As an organizational health and leadership development firm, North Group helps organizations grow and assists them through various kinds of transition, including generational. This is accomplished through leadership and team development, organizational assessment, succession planning, hiring, and mergers and acquisitions.





We’ve really come together as a community.” Rod Smith



Founders Rod Smith and Bill Collister

Columbia Kettle Works “ E VE RY HOM E B REWE R HA S A R O M A N T I C N O T I O N to turn their hobby into a business,” says Rod Smith, co-owner of Columbia Kettle Works. For Rod and his business partner Bill Collister, that dream became a reality six years ago. Smith remembers the day he and Collister decided to make it happen. “It was now or never,” he recalls Collister saying to him over a shared craft beer at a bar in town. “It was almost immediately after that conversation when we found a great deal on the perfect property for our brew pub.” The original Columbia Kettle Works brewpub opened in the charming town of Columbia, PA, which sits along the Susquehanna River just 15 miles outside of Lancaster City, in 2014. The brewpub developed a loyal following for its constantly rotating list of unique, cuttingedge beers. Then, in 2018, Smith and Collister opened 2nd Gear Lancaster Tap Room to




serve customers within city limits. Located inside the multi-tenant cultural building located at 112 North Water Street, the tap room shares a courtyard with independent theater Zoetropolis, Cocina Mexicana, and Lancaster Distilling. Two years later, the brew pub scene has hit a bit of a pause. Takeout beer became the new norm for a community suddenly under orders to stay home and restaurants closed to the public due to the COVID-19 pandemic. “We’ve really come together as a community,” says Smith. He recalls the time when a neighboring brewery ran out of crowlers, and Columbia Kettleworks was able to give them their own crowlers to hold them over. Then, when they ran out of crowlers a month later, the favor was returned. Columbia Kettle Works cooked down extra beer into hand sanitizer to donate to local EMT and police units and other frontline workers when the pandemic struck.


This feature is sponsored by BSSF. Committed to their profession and to their community, BSSF is proud to support Lancaster County breweries, small and large, who are shaping the impact that the craft beverage industry has on the future of this county. BSSF is your premier advisory firm for accounting, assurance, tax, and consulting services. BSSF.COM

Tastes of


hen it comes to great signature foods, Lancaster County has plenty of delicious goodness to go around. Many of us grew up with, or discovered, food favorites that have informed our childhood and will draw us back in search of the tastes that we’ve come to crave. We are still able to find these favorites because of the hard working families who have kept the recipes alive and have passed them down through generations— many times creating a successful business along the way. We are thankful to them for continuing their legacy and sharing their Lancaster County hospitality by preserving the sweet, salty, smoked, and pickled food profiles that we have grown to love.

Thank you to our editorial sponsor, the HighÂŽ companies: celebrating the City of Lancaster and committed to innovative community leadership, sustainable building practices, and advancement through the preservation of local heritage.

On the following pages, find just a few of the homegrown businesses that have been providing the very best of Lancaster County for generations.



The Wilbur family never imagined that a small chocolate drop would change history. As a family who got their start in chocolate-making by chance, the Wilburs went on to create an iconic chocolate that’s been loved and savored by fans for over a century. As the Civil War was ending in 1865, entrepreneur H.O. Wilbur took a chance on a business opportunity with partner Samuel Croft and started producing molasses and hard candies for sale on passenger trains. Success came easily to Wilbur & Croft, and they expanded within Philadelphia, also adding chocolate-making capabilities to their operations. As H.O. was nearing retirement, he decided to PICTURED ABOVE

HENRY OSCAR WILBUR Founder of the iconic Wilbur Bud

spin off the chocolate business in 1884, elevating sons William Nelson Wilbur and Harry L. Wilbur into leadership roles, which created a true family business with a very literal name—H.O. Wilbur & Sons.

Throughout the dynamic and successful period at the end of the 19th century, the Wilbur sons brought other relatives into the fold, including two of H.O.’s brothers who had received training making chocolate in France and Germany. As a family who relied on their own ingenuity and learned from the world’s finest chocolatiers, the Wilburs are best known for their defining creation: the Wilbur Bud. This velvety smooth drop has a look that’s inspired by a flower bud, and a rich, distinctive taste that’s inspired by a premium chocolate recipe. Today, the Wilbur legacy of craftsmanship and care is still at the heart of every Bud and confection they create—and quality is still the ingredient that matters most. Wilbur has produced premium, American-made chocolate using the same ingredients for over a century. Sustainably sourced cocoa beans. Fine dairy. Rich vanilla. Together, these ingredients make something more: chocolate that



families keep falling in love with—and a taste that’s unmistakably Wilbur.

Stop by Wilbur Chocolate’s downtown Lititz store

As part of the Cargill family of brands, Wilbur is also committed to a promise that guides how they do business. The Cargill Cocoa Promise supports farmer training, farm development, and cocoa community

to see their craft kitchen in action, stock up on your favorite treats, and sample a few Buds! You can also place standard and bulk orders for delivery across the U.S. at

support. That means when you buy Wilbur Buds and chocolate bars, you’re taking an important step to support sustainability and to support farmers and families around the world. 45 NORTH BROAD STREET, LITITZ






Cave paintings in Europe indicate that more than 8,000 years ago, Mesolithic humans collected honey from beehives using a system of ropes and ladders. The cultural significance and symbolism of this “liquid gold” spans across centuries and hemispheres, from the beekeeping laws of Hellenistic Athens to the honey-filled clay vessels discovered in Egyptian tombs. Today, however, the single most universally recognizable totem of honey is far more simple: the squeezable honey bear bottle. What many don’t know is that this classic packaging design came right from the dinner table of the Gambers, Lancaster locals and one of the county’s most successful entrepreneurial families, in 1957. Aptly named “Dutch Gold Honey,” Ralph Gamber’s family honey business began in 1946 when a doctor ordered him to find a relaxing “hobby” in response to his heart issues. That’s when, much to the chagrin of his wife Luella, Ralph ventured off

LANCASTER COUNTY gave us our start, so giving back to the community is really important.”

to purchase 3 colonies of bees at a local farm sale. But due to the inherent entrepreneurial spirit of the Gambers, beekeeping wouldn’t remain a “hobby” for long; before they knew it, the operation had outgrown their home and expanded into its own separate honey house. Nancy Gamber, Ralph’s daughter and now President and Chief Executive Officer of Dutch Gold Honey, remembers her father as a natural when it came to matters of business. “He had a vision for the future,” she recalls. “My parents worked very hard to make the whole company work…that’s why they relied on their family.” And even as the company expanded and shifted into honey packaging, the Gambers held those family and community values close. To this day, Dutch Gold Honey maintains an open door policy for its 100 employees. Additionally, the company has donated $2 million dollars to their community initiative, the Gamber Foundation, which supports charitable organizations across Lancaster. “Lancaster County gave us our start, so giving back to the community is really important,” Nancy explains.

in sales, the company refused to stoop to the level of their competitors—instead, they teamed up with others in the Honey Industry to create the True Source Certification, an effort that advocates for the traceability of honey products, all the way back to beekeepers. It’s more than apparent that Dutch Gold Honey still takes to heart Ralph Gamber’s famous promise: “We only pack the best, let the others pack the rest!” When Nancy became of working age, she was given the vital task of hand painting the eyes and noses of those iconic, squeezable plastic honey bears. At the time, the family business didn’t feel like anything special. But as the years passed, she realized the significance of continuing the Dutch Gold Honey legacy, it’s importance to the Lancaster community and the honey industry at large. “I felt as if this was my path,” Nancy reveals. Dutch Gold Honey’s products can be found on the shelves of grocery stores across the country. But those interested in more rare varietals (or ordering in bulk) can also place orders on their website, And, yes: even online, you can still purchase those adorable honey bears.

But perhaps the most remarkable feat of Dutch Gold Honey was their unwavering commitment to the quality of their product back when a wave of imported, adulterated honey overtook grocery stores. When this crisis caused a noticeable decrease 2220 DUTCH GOLD DRIVE





100 YEARS. Smoking meat is one of the oldest food preservation methods dating back to ancient times. In addition to preservation, it is also an artful and scientific way to add flavor as well as a rich, brown color to meats.

d Sa m Clyde an r ve ea Em m a W


Sam Clyde and Emma Weaver found joy in serving others and a knack for smoking meats. In 1920, they started smoking meats at their family home and selling them at the Lancaster City Northern Market on North Queen Street, moving to Lancaster Central Market in 1929. Business was good for over a decade when Clyde and Emma discovered an innovation which would bring the daily sandwich to a new level: Boiled Ham. In a day where dried beef, Lebanon bologna, sweet bologna, and canned corn beef were brought to the market warm and sliced on site as the staple lunch meats, it

was no wonder that the new method, which included cooking smoked ham overnight with sugar and spices, changed the game for a ready-to-eat sliced meat. They also added cheese to their repertoire. Round wooden boxes of 80-pound cheddars from Wisconsin and 200-pound wheels of Swiss Cheese from Ohio would be delivered to the East Petersburg train station where they would be stored next to large barrels of dill pickles in their basement near the smokehouse. S. Clyde Weaver continued to grow through the years as they expanded into Lebanon, Rosemont, Upper Darby, Coatesville, and Sharon Hill. The year 1961 brought a new building in East Petersburg which included a retail store to better service their customers. This store still serves as S. Clyde Weaver’s main location. As Weavers is always looking for innovative ways to service their customers, they found an opportunity to work with a dairy co-op in Quebec and purchase exceptional Canadian Cheddar in the 1980’s. This particular cheese was perfect for long-term aging. Weavers ages this cheese to 5, 7, and 10 years. You can find it today (named Super Sharp Canadian Cheddar) in any of their stores. In addition to their quality meats and cheeses, Weavers rounds out their offerings with their own confections to include Lancaster County favorites such as shoo-fly pie and whoopie pies. You’ll also be able to fill your fridge with their staple lunch meats, scrapple, bacon, and new, healthier options such as “nitrate free” turkey lunch meat.

2020 marks 100 years of S. Clyde Weaver serving and supporting Lancaster County and surrounding areas. Today, a lot of the same recipes and smoking methods from the 1920’s are still being used—from hams being hand processed to cookies being rolled, cut, and hand-decorated—S. Clyde Weaver stays true to their 100-year heritage. Though their smoking methods have remained virtually unchanged for a century, their way of doing business hasn’t. Weavers is committed to bringing the best of Lancaster County and the region to your table. You can take advantage of their new, curbside pickup or find their online store where you can have products shipped anywhere in the country so you can send a taste of Lancaster County to your out of state loved ones. If you ask S. Clyde or Emma if they thought they'd see events such as we are living in today, they’d say, “No but, how can we help?” The third and fourth generation, family owned team at S. Clyde Weaver recognizes a need to respond to the current health issues so that they may better support the Lancaster community and beyond. “We have had the privilege of serving the community at our 2 stores and 8 market stand locations over these last 100 years. We will adapt and change, while continuing to offer good food and warm hospitality.” You can take advantage of their new, curbside pickup and a wide array of items available for delivery by visiting Don’t forget to send a taste of Lancaster County to your out of state loved ones!

S. CLYDE AND EMMA’S desire to serve continues to be part of our legacy.”





717.392.524 4



Brian Nicklaus and Karen Achtermann, 5th generation owners


HANDMADE Many may remember the year 1931 as the year that the US faced the Great Depression. For the Hammond family, it was a year of rebirth.

European Monks who baked pretiola, or pretzel, for children as a reward for their reverence. To this day, Hammond’s holds true to the centuries-old standards of excellence with their high-quality ingredients and hand rolled products.

Living on the same street on the West End, William Lichty and his grandfather, William Hammond, started a pretzel business out of conjoined garages. The recipe used was based on Hammond’s recipe from his pretzel making days in the late 1800’s.

Heralding the title of oldest family operated, hand-made pretzel bakery in America, Hammond’s is running today under the 5th generation purview of William Hammond’s great-great grandchildren, Brian Nicklaus and Karen Achtermann. Their commitment to the Lancaster community and their family heritage is prevalent in every bite of their hand-rolled pretzels.

This recipe married with the technique used by Hammond’s is reminiscent to that of recipes and techniques used by





If you find yourself on the West End, meander on over to West End Avenue to find the same garage where Hammond’s started, with a few expansions, of course. You’ll be greeted by smiling faces and busy hands that are rolling the day's fresh batch of goods. Take home bags or tins of their crunchy, tasty snacks including: handmade pretzels, seasoned pretzel pieces, dessert pretzels (chocolate covered—yum!) mustards, cheeses, and more! As a Lancaster staple since 1931, Hammond’s looks forward to providing you with the best Pennsylvania Dutch-style hard pretzels for many years to come.

We love:

“My city favorite is First Friday when the city is bursting with talented artists and musicians everywhere!

“I love visiting Lancaster Central Market! Stopping to see some of my favorite vendors and also making new friends while trying their treats. I always enjoy an empanada or gyro and maybe a cookie or two while I shop. In one location, I get gorgeous flowers, herbs, farm fresh fruits and vegetables, locally sourced meats, and always manage to find cute hostess gifts for my next evening out.”

“I love Segro’s Lancaster Hairport. I’ve been going to Al Segro for over 20 years and wouldn’t think of using any other salon for my hair. Never a bad experience and love the atmosphere in the shop. Al is the 3rd generation and his son Vince does my color. Al’s grandfather gave my son his first haircut.”

Amy Harris

Beverly Rubin

Mary Sue Wolf


Perfect night out: start at the Exchange for a creative cocktail and city view, then Himalayan for dinner, and after walking the city, late night and lively libations at Conway Social Club.”

“I love the Central Market. The beauty of the old brick building with the open doorways is a gem and having the fresh produce, meats, cheeses and other items available is a plus for our shopping community.” Carole Revell

There is so much growth and vibrancy in Downtown Lancaster that I cannot even begin to choose one business as my favorite. I love everything about the shopping, dining, art and theater. There is no way I could select just one!” Marilyn Berger

“One of my favorite specialty shops in Lancaster City is Festoon. I can always find what I need, whether it be a house warming gift for one of my clients, a special occasion gift or that very important outfit for that special event. Kathy and her staff go above and beyond to service their clientele.”

“Max’s Eatery is definitely a favorite of mine. The food is phenomenal and it’s family friendly, but the people who own it and work there are what make it extra special! 10 stars all around.”

Cait Carpenter

Marilyn Berger Shank



717.940.14 4 4



LEF continued to assist the School District of Lancaster this spring by shifting its focus to funding for technology so that students could continue to learn from home during the quarantine. The COVID-19 fund has topped $20,000 thus far and continues to grow. Thank you Lancaster!”

At Fig, we believe in the power of a community that works together to identify needs and find solutions—one that creates connections and is passionate about helping its neighbors. Each year, Fig partners with a nonprofit organization working to transform the community. Our 2020 Social Mission Partner is Lancaster Education Foundation. Please join us in supporting them.

Ann Womble, Executive Director

Social mission:

Lancaster Education Foundation

THE LANCASTER EDUCATION FOUNDATION is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting teaching excellence and student success in the School District of Lancaster. They provide enrichment opportunities for students and teachers by engaging in community partnerships, leveraging resources, and advocating for public education.


Venture Grants given to teachers for classroom enrichment and innovative programming


Adopt an SDoL classroom this summer! Donors can sponsor a classroom or a teacher ($250 minimum) for the coming school year. The way those sponsorships are used may look different than in the past, depending on whether school can resume inside the buildings. This will allow grateful teachers to personalize instruction to students’ needs and keep all safely engaged in academic progress. Contributions to Adopt an SDoL Classroom can be made at

8,000 children and teens impacted last year


Classrooms adopted (the 2020 goal is 200 at $250 each)



Dual enrollment students at colleges like Thaddeus Stevens, PCA&D, HACC, Millersville, and many more





College scholarships per year

250k+ Total monetary impact to the district last year

 EITC contributions welcomed

Restored to be restorers

D E S P I T E FA C I N G S T R U G G L E S D U E T O C O V I D -19, many guests at Water Street are weathering the storm by finding inventive ways to show care and love. Their desire to be a part of restoration while they are going through healing themselves has often left us in awe. Jennifer's demonstration of love for those in nursing homes is an example of this. You can find her story at





Your Own

Secret Garden TH E E XPE RI E N CE . TH E TOO L S . TH E K N OW- H OW. Gil knows when it’s time to sell or to buy and where to find your next home. He brings 36 years of real estate business experience to RE/MAX and his clients. Serving all of Lancaster County, and specifically School Lane Hills, Chestnut Hill, and the West End of Lancaster, he specializes in the marketing and sales of fine and luxury homes, smart growth initiatives, historic properties, and land planning and zoning. Call Gil at 717.295.9995 for a list of active listings and tips on when to sell your home.

As your local full service RE/MAX® agent, I make it my top priority to make the process of buying and selling a home as simple and as stress-free as possible. No one knows the area better than our trusted real estate professionals who live and work in our local communities.” GIL LYONS






Congrats! Make Your Mark!

C O N G R AT U L AT I O N S T O T H E C L A S S O F 2 0 2 0 ! Yours is a historic senior class, the largest ever to graduate from Lancaster Country Day, and the only to see your high school years come to a close under such unprecedented circumstances. You’ve met this challenge with all the determination and spirit that we’ve come to expect from you, on the sports fields, on the stage, with Lower School buddies and as Upper School leaders. You are a class of scholars and world travelers. You are a class of teammates and record-setters.

You are civic-minded and thoughtful, guided by principle and conviction. You have made us proud and are a credit to your parents, teachers, and to one another. All of us in the LCDS community—teachers, staff, parents, alumni, and fellow students—wish you the greatest success in college and beyond. We know you will make your mark on this world as surely as you’ve made one on our school. We will miss your lively spirit lighting up the halls, we wish each and every one of you our best, and we welcome the Class of 2020 to the ranks of Lancaster Country Day School alumni.











We live in a world in which we need to share responsibility. It’s easy to say, ‘It’s not my child, not my community, not my world, not my problem.’ Then there are those who see the need and respond. I consider those people my heroes.”

WITF thanks all the heroes in our neighborhood for seeing a need and responding. F Watch Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood on WITF TV at 6am on Saturdays and Sundays, or anytime on the free PBS KIDS Video app.

Fred Rogers







I walk 35 minutes every morning to come to breakfast. It’s always worth the trip, thank you and God Bless you.”

First United Methodist Church


T H E A N C H O R A G E B R E A K FA S T P R O G R A M , an ecumenical non-profit ministry, hosted and supported by First United Methodist Church, exists to serve Lancaster’s low-income, unsheltered, and socially-excluded populations. They serve a full breakfast every weekday, 52 weeks a year. “The outpouring of generosity from the Lancaster community during this health crisis is a confirmation that our mission to feed the food insecure in our city is God's will. The deep empathy of our Lancaster community is sustaining our current budget and providing life-sustaining food for individuals from all walks of life and every socio-economic status. We move forward each day in faith that God will also provide our future monetary needs. We cherish the community’s continued prayers for our staff and guests as we continue to be steadfast in frontline service.”

FIRST UNITED METHODIST CHURCH WORSHIP TIMES (Soon to Restart) Traditional Service Sunday 8:15 am and 10:45 am Contemporary Service Sunday 9:30 am

–Patty Eastep, Executive Director

Sunday School for all ages Sunday 9:30 am

To donate J Mail to: Anchorage Breakfast, 29 East Walnut Street, Lancaster, PA 17602. or online at

Check our website for online worship and updates,




Distinction Design


LO O K I N G F O R A W H O L E H O M E R E N O VAT I O N or simply a room of your dreams? David and his team create spaces filled with texture and color that bring your world to life. They know that the journey is as important as the destination and that details make all the difference. Visit and get inspired.

Although the crisis has affected each of us in different ways, one thing is for certain, the world has changed and home is now more important than ever.� David Lyall





Live (and Love) Downtown

T H E P O I N T at 101 North Queen offers unparalleled modern city living with clean, crisp interiors and luxury finishes that seamlessly reflect the building’s exterior elements. 15 units are planned ranging from 1,800 to 4,000 square feet, including a pair of two-story penthouses. The condos feature large windows that provide spectacular views and natural light as well as oversized outdoor terraces. Private parking is located inside 101 North Queen, on the ground floor, with entry on Orange Street.

Occupancy by fall 2020! Six units sold to date. Call Anne Lusk at 717.271.9339 to learn more and save your spot.

Anne and her dog are enjoying a walk past condos at 101NQ. 100 FOXSHIRE DRIVE

717.291.9101 (OFFICE) 717.271.9339 (MOBILE)



Let’s Work Together!

Is 2020 the year to launch your brand, fortify your place in the market, or take things to the next level? We’d love to work with you! F I G I N D U S T R I E S . C O M


Meaningful and strategic brand design and marketing that elevates ideas, changes perceptions, and inspires action.

Fig Industries is redefining success through social impact and environmental accountability to the communities we serve.





Brand Audit

Packaging Design

Naming & Positioning

Marketing Strategy

Logo Development

Professional Photography

Print Collateral

Launch Planning


the Art of Togetherness

Thank you to the artists who shared their talent and words of encouragement. Adam Serrano

Katie Trainer

Loryn Spangler-Jones

Annajane Dauphine

Keisha Finne

Maria Tomassetti

Chomingo & Esther Rivas Miller

Krissy Whiski

Salina Almanzar Shaun Hogarth

Two Dudes supported this important project, in partnership with Lancaster Public Art, in an effort to support local artists and remind everyone that we are all in this together.

At Two Dudes, we know the power of community and were honored to be a part of this project. Thank you to the artists of Lancaster who prepared these beautiful symbols of appreciation and inspiration for our city.� Two Dudes Painting Company

Keisha Finnie

Katie Trainer Loryn Spangler-Jones

Adam Serrano

Salina Almanzar

Shaun Hogarth

Maria Tomassetti

Chomingo & Esther Rivas Miller

Krissy Whiski

Annajane Dauphine




Sharing the


My greatest joy is being able to create beauty to celebrate the special events of life.” Tara L Folker, Owner/ Designer

Unique florals for celebrating weddings, special occasions, and the people you love.




Tara creating the flower arch on the front of Café One Eight that was featured on the cover.


M MU US S II C C FFO OR R EE V V EE R R YO N E While the Keys for the City pianos may not be hitting the streets this summer, the music in our hearts and our love for this community remains steady and strong. We’re already looking forward to Keys 2021. In the meantime, we still have “Keys 2020 Reimagined” to bring to you. Stay tuned. Be Safe While Keeping it Fonky, Lancaster!


Music For Everyone (MFE) gives BIG THANKS to our sponsors. Their generosity enables us to continue to cultivate the power of music as an educational, community building and public health tool to transform lives, schools and communities.

IN-KIND SPONSORS Benchmark Construction Co. Carper Signs CCS Building Group Dawn Herring Piano Tuning Go Welsh PennStone Two Dudes Painting Company


MFE COMMUNITY PIANO SPONSORS Lancaster City Alliance New Belgium Brewing Co. Steve Witmer S&T Bank Trout CPA

@mfelancaster 85

celebrating 15 years of smiles 15 YEARS

“A lot has changed in the past 15 years, but some things remain the same. We still have the same knowledgeable staff as the day we first opened— and the same dedication to our patients. We look forward to continually serving our friends and neighbors in Lancaster.” CHRISTIAN A. SILVAGGIO DMD Board Certified Prosthodontist






Chef Gabriel Montalvo and Emily Pryzbylkowski

Success Story

EL TORO BARBACOA Open for business 2019 Owners Chef Gabriel Montalvo and Emily Pryzbylkowski Mission To offer an exciting and diverse dining experience by introducing our guests to Modern Mexican cuisine and our take on Regional American BBQ. El Toro Barbacoa is a restaurant all about bold flavors in a small neighborhood with a special destination feel.

“ I T A L L S TA RT S W I T H O P P O RT U N I T Y. And Community First Fund is there for businesses who need the advice and financial help that can make their dreams a reality. For over two decades, they’ve been working hard to transform our community by providing financing for job-creating businesses to start up and grow—bringing new businesses to our city and allowing opportunity, passion, and hard work to do its magic. In 2020, in print and on our social channels, Fig will be introducing you to many of the city businesses that Community First Fund has helped to launch.

Community First Fund’s team are, simply put, way-finders. They managed to get us to our goal even with the many obstacles we faced. The are unlike any other lender because they are more than just a lender, they’re your team.” –Emily



SCORE VALUES SMALL BUSINESS MATTERS Small business is the engine of our national economy through business formation, job creation, and wealth building. Small businesses and their support are critical to vibrant communities in our society. GIVING BACK MATTERS We give volunteers, stakeholders, and sponsors the ability to give back to communities through their support of SCORE. Successful small business owners understand the importance of giving back to their communities. VOLUNTEERS MATTER SCORE is volunteer business people helping small business people solve business problems. Volunteers give freely of their time, energy, and knowledge to help others. SCORE volunteers donate over 1 million hours of their time each year to support their communities.


We believe in the importance, value, and power of diversity —diversity of people and diversity of thought. The diversity of race, gender, ethnicity, geography, and experience is important and valuable in SCORE. We strive to achieve diversity of our volunteer corps, staff, board, and clients.

EXPERIENCE MATTERS A client’s experience matters—the truest measure of our mission and our service—we ensure that our clients have a positive experience. A volunteer’s experience matters—their relevant knowledge, wisdom, and experience serve our clients through mentorship and education. A volunteer’s experience with SCORE matters—we ensure that volunteers find value and satisfaction while engaged with SCORE. RELATIONSHIPS MATTER In relationships, we act with integrity, respect, honesty, purpose, and professionalism. We listen with an open mind, encourage, and openly communicate with all people seeking help from SCORE. Personal, long-term relationships are a driver of small business success. Community alliances are critical to the success of SCORE. LIFELONG LEARNING MATTERS We believe that small business owners who are lifetime learners adapt to change more readily and are more successful. Volunteers as lifelong learners remain relevant, achieve personal satisfaction, and growth.


Annex24 Gallery

Nabors Coaching Group, LLC

Flavors of Morocco

SCORE is here to serve all

small businesses of Lancaster. Own a small business or thinking of starting one? Find your SCORE mentor by calling 717.397.3092 or visiting All services are free.


Grape Leaf Cafe


Yuzu Asian Fusion




It’s Simple...their goal is to help you pursue yours.

At Merrill, they’ll help you get ready for the future with a financial strategy that’s just for you.

Pictured from left to right: Kelly Beitzel, Registered Client Associate Kent Habecker, CRPC ®, CPM ® Managing Director William S. Greiner, CRPC ® Senior Vice President Fiona Grant Boltz, CRPC ® Analyst - Relationship Management

Merrill Lynch Wealth Management The Habecker Greiner Group

Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith Incorporated (also referred to as “MLPF&S” or “Merrill”) makes available certain investment products sponsored, managed, distributed or provided by companies that are affiliates of Bank of America Corporation (“BofA Corp.”). MLPF&S is a registered broker-dealer, Member SIPC and a wholly owned subsidiary of BofA Corp. Investment products: Are Not FDIC Insured | Are Not Bank Guaranteed | May Lose Value © 2019 Bank of America Corporation. All rights reserved.


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We asked, you delivered. W E A S K E D O U R R E A D E R S to send us photos that encapsulated what Lancaster meant to them. We were flooded with inspiring, artistic, and powerful images. We’re happy to share a few of our favorites here, with you.

E Matt Murr

E Luke Jeremiah

Sam Interrante

E Margaret Fox

E Tim Geiger

Summer events F I R S T F R I D AY July 3, Aug 7, Sept 4 5-9 pm Enjoy arts, music, and food in the City of Lancaster. May be digital. Share your artwork @visitlanccity and use #LancHomeArt. Sponsored by LOOP. M U S I C F R I D AY July 16, Aug 20, Sept 17 Music around the city all evening. May be virtual. Sponsored by MFE and LOOP

E Joe Rondinelli

E Phoebe Gilman

RED ROSE RUN Sept 19-22 44 th annual run (going virtual). Proceeds benefit Lancaster Central Market. Sponsored by LOOP.

ON THE FOLLOWING PAG E S , you’ll find our Community Supporters— businesses committed to a thriving downtown. Although they may not be located in the City, they believe in the power of buying local and shopping small. Take time this summer to visit these businesses—and tell them you found them in Fig!



It’s Time Unwind! TO

D AT E N I G H T. G I R L S N I G H T. Time to just get out with friends night. Whatever the reason, lose yourself as you travel back to a simpler time aboard the beautifully appointed first-class Wine & Cheese Train. Only at Strasburg Rail Road.

I’ve tried to put my finger on the one thing that makes Strasburg Rail Road so extraordinary. The fact is, the guest experience is a result of an incredible team of people who individually and collectively go above and beyond to create memories for every guest who visits.” Tony Gebbia, President

Tony Gebbia & Joy Olsen with a glass of wine & cheese plate aboard #88





A Youthful Heart Drs.​Clark McSparren and William R. A. Boben Jr., started the legacy of being part of the Lancaster community.

F O U N D E D 5 0 Y E A R S A G O with a dedication to taking care of children with expertise, compassion, and creativity, Lancaster Pediatrics is committed to helping parents raise healthy, responsible, loving, and independent children.

We care for the children of Lancaster like they are our own. We celebrate when they soar and we are there to pick them up when they fall. We treasure being a part of each child’s life in a meaningful way. That is why we chose pediatrics, so that we can help our community grow healthy and strong.” Pia Fenimore, M.D., F.A.A.P




WARM Welcome

WELCOME TO THE B U L L S H E A D . Modeled after a traditional British pub, the Bulls Head offers great food, friendly conversation, and quality beers. Choose from 14 rotating beers on tap, 2 cask conditioned ales, and 80 bottles.

Carson Keggereis Beverage Director


Susan Stoudt Co-owner with David Stoudt

Brant Dunlap General Manager


Keeping to the traditional practices of a British pub, you will be greeted with a smile from the barman, seat yourself, choose your food and drink from our extensive menu, then place your order at the bar. It’s a great way to meet friends or make new ones while enjoying great beer and food.

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The new Ta yca n.So ul,electrified . Cha d B lo ck

P o rsch e Sa les M a n a ger P o rsch e Bra n d Am ba ssa d o r cblock@ autohaus .com

Dea n F ry

P o rsch e Bra n d Am ba ssa d o r P o rsch e Bra n d Specia list dfry@ autohaus .com




Refrigerators, Dishwashers, Ranges & Ovens, Washers & Dryers, Microwaves & More.



For many years, our family has enjoyed serving the Lancaster community by finding exceptional appliances for great prices. We can help you love your home.�

K&A sales associate Chris, is shown in the 30,000 square foot showroom, ready to serve the Lancaster community.

Amauris Sanchez, President

FAMILY OWNED AND OPERATED SINCE 1976, K&A Appliance Inc. is deeply committed to honest service and complete customer satisfaction. All of their appliances are brand-new, scratch and dent appliances from top brands at discounted prices. While scratch and dent appliances do have cosmetic damage and blemishes, they are all fully functional and come with either the original manufacturer’s warranty or a K&A Appliance Inc. warranty. K&A also has their own in-house service and repair team. Their professional certified technicians are available to service any major brand household appliance, even those not purchased from K&A.




life looks different but at Garden Spot Village it didn’t stop. T H I S S P R I N G , when it felt like the world stopped for many communities around the world, Garden Spot Village residents continued to serve, volunteer, learn, work, and live with purpose. Read their stories and find out how you can explore abundant opportunities to live with purpose in community at

Social distancing was practiced while capturing the images for this ad. 433 SOUTH KINZER AVENUE, NEW HOLL AND




Escape to Your Oasis. Pictured: Bobby Kenyon, Wes Young, Adrian Kapp

dive in!


booking spring–summer 2020 projects now



love stories



Read Phil and Laura’s full love story at

L AUR A BOWM AN AND PHIL DOB IN SON Love was in the air during the summer of 2017, Phil and Laura just didn't know it yet. From craft beer at a local brewery to sunset walks in Clearwater, Florida, these two make love look effortless. Follow Fig’s Instagram to find more about their love story.

Family Owned since 1980, Brent L. Miller is dedicated to delivering the best possible experience and helping you find jewelry to last a lifetime.





103 South Duke Street Lancaster, PA 17602

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Fig Industries is redefining success through social impact and environmental accountability to the communities we serve.

Thank you to our editorial sponsor, the High® companies.

WELCOME BACK! PLOUGH IS A MODERN AMERICAN DINING E X P E R I E N C E in the heart of Historic Lancaster City. They will welcome you in with creatively prepared dishes and warm hospitality. They use local ingredients sourced from Lancaster’s lush farmlands. Take a seat and savor the experience. “Plough is delivering your favorite food and drink with the UTMOST care. Every detail prepared. All safety in place. You are our most important thought. We can’t wait to see you!” –the team at Plough 25 South Queen Street Takeout available Outside dining along King Street Reservations encouraged

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